The head of the dove is in Texas and the wings go up to Maine and partly into Canada
The coloring represents spiritual type heat
I wasn't told whether the heat was good or bad!
I didn't see Florida, so it was not included.
Neither was Alaska or Hawaii shown to me.

The Earth-Keeper Chronicles - February 4, 2009

"Now, approximately 5 miles from the area of Galveston Island, an ancient ceremonial Pyramid complex existed in a coastal region, now submerged and covered in the sedimentary silt and slime of the ages below Gulf waters. The Crystal Skull now called Max was among the 13 skulls located within it. The Moody Gardens Pyramids have taken on the multidimensional energies of the submerged Atlantean complex and are now fully formatted to play a major role in the Cosmic Trigger. This energy transferal was completed when the ancient skull Max, indeed of Arcturian origin, was taken into the Moody Pyramids for ceremony!"


And so we speak this moment of what may be termed the 'Heart of the Dove'. On the winter solstice of 2009, the 'Heart of the Dove' will be activated into parity field. On the spring solstice of 2010 it will join with the Head of the Dove in the in the Crystalline Activation of the Cosmic Trigger.




compiled by Dee Finney


Taurus.svg Cancer.svg

I had two dreams back to back today.

In the first one I was working on a computer devising sentences about 'vases' in space. Each sentence was a different description of the same basic thing. When i was done with the sentences and looks at them all together, it took on the shape of a UFO.

I got up, went to the bathroom, thinking about that dream and I didn't feel like getting up though I usually am up by then, so I went back to bed and instantly fell asleep.

I found myself in a classroom, telling the class about the statements I had made about the vases in space.

And then I had a map of the United States I wanted to show everyone. I would have liked to have made copies of it for all 30 students in the class, but I knew that took a lot of ink to make that many colored copies, so I asked the teacher if we could just pass it around so everyone could see it. The map was of the United States and it was obviously in the shape of a dove with its head in Texas. 

Then, I was like in the air looking down on a highway. It had a lot of
traffic all going the same direction - like they were following me - and
there was a little blue Volkswagon going faster than anyone else. It seemed
quite dangerous for the little blue Volkwagon weaving in and out of traffic
so I encouraged it to pass us all by.

end of dream

At 2:30 p.m. I meditated on the map again and asked to show me the map again to see if there were more details I missed.  I saw the pink map again with a small plant growing out of Missouri with 3 leaves together.

I'm comparing it to J.J. Hurtak's vision of the dove in his book The Keys of Enoch in which he talks about the return of the Dove and the Nephites and how people will be transformed spiritual in the areas in which he has drawn circles. His drawing is on page 49 of his book if anyone wants to compare the maps.

J.J. Hurtak's dove has it's head in Guatamala, and it's wings extend into Canada on both sides.  The drawing he published is a black and white line drawing with precisely placed circles near the center of the United States showing where people will be spiritual transformed.

Even I don't live in a spiritual-heat area in either map, and I am acquainted with many spiritual people in other areas - other than what either map shows, so I'm not certain exactly what my map is showing.


Explanatory Study of Keys 1-0-4 and 1-0-5 of the “Book of Knowledge, Keys of Enoch” by James Joseph Hurtak published by the Academy of Future Sciences.  This book is written in a scientific spiritual language giving the Cosmological and Scientific codes for the evolution of mankind into higher consciousness.  It is written in seven levels.  This explanation is not the ultimate level.  The final level of understanding of all the keys is achieved through their applied technology not by any one individual in particular but by a collective of scientists working in 64 different aspects of ‘applied’ science.

 The explanation of these two chapters came as an assignment given to me by Dr. RA-Ja ‘Merk’ Dove of the Aquarian Perspectives Interplanetary Mission.  This information will bring a better understanding to Aquarian scientists working with higher spirituality.  It is of little or no value to current Earth scientists that hold a materialistic scientific viewpoint.  If these subjects may sound funny to these materialistic scientists it is of no importance to me, that is their problem: They still need to work their psychologies through present and future several other reincarnations before they are ready to understand and appreciate this Light.

 First published in this website on the day of our Lord of Light Jesus Sananda, Commander-in-Chief of the Lightworkers, April 20, 2002.

Removed form the Web on June 23, 2002, by request of Dr. J. J. Hurtak.


editors note: Dr. J.J. Hurtak does not allow anyone to quote his book or use any photos out of it.

 The Initiation

"Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American StarSeed"
Introduction to Part Three: "Return of the White Dove"

By Jon-William Brown

Journal Excerpt: March 19, 2000-Spring Equinox

After returning to Boston in the Spring of 98' from a trek to Tennessee, Florida and back to California again, I settled down alone for a time in New England and had much time to reflect on my travels across America. In light of the "focused intent" projects and initiations that I had been processing since June of 97, much information was being revealed in regards to the "power of thoughts and projected feelings," the premise of my current manuscript, "Atlantis Rising." I naturally gravitated towards similar projects and participated in an event initiated through the internet called, "The Great Experiment", sponsored by author's James Tywman, Doreen Virtue, and Gregg Braden. This so called scientific study called for group experiments in focused meditation and prayer and their planetary impact due to mass projected "thoughts of global peace". This particular event evolved around James Tywman being at the United Nations along with other Ambassadors from around the world while thousands came together with a synchronized "focused intent" meditating and praying for world peace, while certain scientific studies were to be evaluated in an on-going experiment conducted at Princeton University. I myself, along with countless others who documented their experiences via the internet, witnessed a tremendous amount of energy shifts during the event on April 23, 1998. An event that was to leave residual effects on me and many others for months to come.

I am now compelled, again, to tell the story of my experiences prior, during and after this time period in April, 1998. I'm sure that once you will read this shortened version adapted from my journals, you 'll understand how it all relates to the events that are about to take place, and why I am driven to do

The following meditation was performed at the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. during the "March For Peaceful Energy" on October 24th, 1998. It was recited by Sister Jenna of the World Spiritual Organization. This meditation was delivered without text, notes, or "speech." It was delivered precisely, clearly and unrehearsed during a state of meditation that lasted approximately eleven minutes. The written text here was captured from the video of the event. During this meditation,...a pervading silence and a feeling of peacefulness fell upon the area surrounding the Capitol Building that left many there to witness it stunned and speechless..... I was one of them.

My shared experience of this time period follows this meditation. In light of recent developments concerning both planetary and social events, I offer this meditation today, and every day hereafter, as a reminder that "Peace Prevails on Earth! "

Sister Jenna: Meditation for Peace
Photo by: © Jon-William Brown-1998

Meditation is a process of thinking,...
and of feeling.
One of the most powerful forms of energy, which can transform energy... is thought itself.
This meditation is to go out to matter, to nature, to the world, to the universe.
We contribute thoughts of Peace to the World As we sit here in silence.

In silence, I turn my attention within myself, For I choose to create through the power of my mind.. A simple Power of Peace.

Who "I Am' is the spiritual energy within, that sits very quietly, behind my eyes. It's from this place, That I can create thoughts of Peace. For myself... for matter... for nature, For the world... for the Universe.

What is original and true within myself, Is the deepest Nature of Peace.. The feeling of silence.

And at this time... as I begin to quiet my mind, And bring my thoughts into a place of silence. Into a place of peace within my heart. I gently send Peaceful vibrations, In the form of Light.
To every human being..
In my Global family.

This peaceful energy within myself.. Is what I use to bring peaceful energy on my global planet.

With the power of my mind,.. and with the power of thought, I stop the voice of my mind.. And I send the silence outside- Transforming Chaos into silence,.. Transforming Peacelessness into Peace.

"I Am" that Peaceful Energy
I am silence...
I am,....peace.

And when I am peaceful,..
Then there can be Peaceful energy in the world.

Let me always remember,.. In order for peaceful energy to exist,
Let it start with me-

The instrument for real Peace.

During the summer of 98, I felt compelled to work with the reigning transmuting energies in a creative, yet spiritual-political way. Six months after my experiences with the "Great Experiment" (within 24 hours to the day), these energies were to culminate for me in Washington, D.C on October 24th. A lot of the guidance I was receiving from my inner sources at the time pointed me in this direction. A balance that is not always easy to find in dealing with such spiritual/political matters. It was here that I made contact with D.C. Solar national advocates for renewable and alternative energy sources. The movement embraced the understanding of a peaceful world through peaceful energy in contrast to a national energy plan based on fossil and nuclear fuels due to their effects on the environment, the planet, it's inhabitants, and it's centralized control of the mass population, let alone it's connection to the war machine and big business exploitation. Before long, what began for me as a sponsored artist to create a design of a logo for the event to be held in Washington , D.C. called the "March for Peaceful Energy" on October 24th 1998, turned into a full fledged organizational effort as a regional coordinator.

During the first phases of my involvement I shifted through ideas for the initial logo for the event. Late one night, I was walking the streets, barraged by mnay impulses of energy while contemplating a design. At one point, I stopped at a travel agency window and as I stared in, my eyes became transfixed on this picture of a "white dove". Little did I know what kind of "trip" I was in for. Something on a sub-conscious level inside me 'clicked". I quickly hurried home to work, and by the time the sun rose that morning, the result was the "Solar Dove".

Soon after, I had the privilege to meet David Crockett Williams of (G.E.A.R.) and by then I had become fully involved in an internet based organizational core that spawned from Boston to California. This group went on to form the foundation of the movement and drafted what was termed the "Citizens Peaceful Energy Plan" . One of the events for the March that I lobbied for and was involved in organizing was a group meditation for a "spiritual addition to the program". I then had the honor of speaking with Sister Jenna of the Brahma Kumaris Organization and with her help, co-ordinated a global meditation for the event scheduled at 11:11 a.m. on the morning of October 24th, 1998 at the Capitol Building in Washington. This event was promoted through the internet as a synchronized worldwide meditation. What it was to me was an opportunity to create a conscious, focused "grounding" of these reigning, universal, transmuting energies of the Blue Ray in the nations capitol of the most influential country on earth. Spirit had guided me to this balance of a spiritual-political action based on focus intent, thought, and prayer to a place that could capture and utilize it's full potential due to the state of influx and it's major role to determining peace or war in the world. I walked away from the event and D.C. exasperated, yet replenished. There were many conflicting energies going on inside me during this time, but I walked away feeling confident that the "White Dove" was somehow significant in 'grounding" these energies at our nations Capital that had been working through so many people over the months since April, and long prior. By the time I reached California in November, Capitol Hill was in chaos, on the verge of impeaching it's first president since Andrew Jackson and the country teetered once again on the brink of war.

After leaving my home in New England and spending this time in D.C. assisting in the organizational efforts, it was time to make a decision. I was to either return home, or go on to California for a "reunion" of many sorts.. My guides called for a reunion in California and more work in the "grounding" of these transmuting and cleansing universal rays of energy. Upon arriving, the first book that "literally fell into my lap" and given to me to read by a teacher and spiritual counselor of mine was called "Return of the Dove". It was the story of Nickola Tesla, the master energy alchemist and inventor of the alternating electrical current. For those that are not familiar with the story, the "white dove" was considered by Tesla his "soulmate", and constant companion. Again, after almost six months to the day of arriving in California, the grounding of these energies culminated for me once again on April the 4th, Easter Sunday, 1999, after a twelve day intense telluric geomantic process which incorporated the creation and activation of a 'twelve around one' (a foundation based on sacred geometry) energy vortex, activating an 'energy portal'. The focused intention of this particular experiment was to geomantically align magnetic fields and ley lines, activate them within a certain window of time in order to form a cosmic alignment and linkage to a planetary "Light Energy Grid Matrix". In the process a "third initiation" resulted, a transconfiguration. Based on my own and other channeled information, I was guided to these foothills in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in six and twelve month intervals (master numerals of sacred geometry) since September of 1997, to energetically charge a sacred parcel of land by working with 2D elemental forces, the Spiritual Hierarchy, and the crystal quartz that embeds this parcel of land and waterfalls. The crystal quartz was used for frequency and vibrational tuning and communications. The very first radio transmitters were 'crystal quartz based'. I was also guided to utilize quartz for my own chakra alignment by tuning into the spiral energy flow by grounding to the crystal core energy of the Earth and drawing it up through my spinal cord, thus, activating the "kundalini serpent". Then, exiting it via my crown chakra to the heavens above, creating an endless loop of cyclic, spiral energy, attuning all chakra centers to the current vibrational frequency of the universal flow of 'chi" (energy). This, according to the guided sessions (of which were audio-taped), was to ground an anchor to the new planetary Light Grid, clearing an opening, and establishing a portal doorway for a future union with the Hierarchy. I was also told by my guides to continue to document this process as I had since June of 97, and to record by any means possible my time spent there during the twelve day isolated period of the activations. In so doing, I documented channeled information during this time period via an audio recorder, through every step, including the activations themselves. Until this day, no one has heard these recordings in their entirety, nor have they been transcribed. Like many others that have come and gone before me, I wish the spirits guides, and caretakers of this sacred land many blessings of peace, light and love.

The following information is presented here to cover these events as they have evolved since the first meditation/prayer event on April 23, 1998, demonstrating their continuous synchronicity of correlating events. James Twyman, Doreen Virtue and Greg Brayden are now sponsoring the 'Great Experiment 2' on..... when? Easter Sunday, April 23rd, 2000.

March, 2000


Two years ago on April 23, 1998, hundreds of thousands of people in over eighty countries stopped to pray peace for ten minutes. The goal was to show scientifically what the mystics and the sages have always said, that a focused 'feeling based' prayer is the most powerful force in the universe. James Tywman, one of the sponsors of the vigil, was at the United Nations in New York with nearly forty ambassadors when the vigil took place. Minutes before it began a woman stepped into the center of the circle and said these words:

"Four years, four months, four weeks and four days ago, a group of Hopi elders came to the UN to give their vision of the New World. One of the things they said was, 'Fours years, four months, four weeks, and four days from now, something would happen at the UN that would change the world.' This is the day these great people prophesied."

Now, two years later, at the dawn of a new millennium, I continue to vibrate to information that is astounding and simply put, amazing. Validation after validation. I have been reading of the 'Peace Wave' and the 'split' in Giant Rock, with its ancient prophecy fulfilled. I read on about the 'Integratron' where the Great Experiment '2000' is to take place on April 23rd, and once again, the reference to Nikola Tesla is there regarding the basic principles in which the building was designed.

Then there was more. I came across a message board at James Tywman'a web site, and I read the following.

Dear new friends,

Having just become aware of this message board today, this is my first post. I hope that it is appropriate to post here, the following vision and channeled messages.

I recently was sent to James Tywman's article (Ancient Prophecy Fulfilled- Giant Rock Splits). I got angel bumps when I read of the ancient prophecy being fulfilled and felt a deep resonance with the event. I shared the article on three other message boards to spread the word. A day later, I received a vision which I am enclosing as well as subsequent channeled messages which were posted about the event which will happen tomorrow, march 11th, at 11:00 AM pacific Time.


Giant Rock Vision

Posted on 3/4/2000

When I read about the Giant Rock prophecy and the splitting of the Giant Rock recently, I resonated deeply with what I read and with what was shown in photos. I had no idea why. I had never heard of the prophecy before.

I laid down for a nap this afternoon and immediately received a vision. I saw the sparkling interior of the newly split rock, and while focusing on the white granite, I saw a large bird begin to emerge like the image you eventually see when focusing on those 3d pictures that look 2d initially. The bird resembled a huge dove and the energy radiating from it was in shafts of glowing light- the creator's unconditional love and hope. I also strongly intuited that this bird was a phoenix escaping from a shell in which it had long been imprisoned, awaiting release at the appropriate time when the planet and humanity were ready to ascend- to rise as a phoenix from the ashes of our struggles.

As I write, the bird is still emerging from the giant egg- very slowly like a chick hatching from an egg. It's wings are unfolding as it emerges, and I can see that they will be of a massive wingspan. The feeling I'm getting is that this process will take about a week and is a prelude to the May 5th event. I can feel enormous hope and expectation around the dove's emergence here on Earth and beyond the veil. I don't know what the final vision outcome will be when the dove-phoenix is free of the rock and is ready to take wing, but I can hardly wait. I would dearly love to be present at the site of the Giant Rock at the emergence time. Is there anyone reading this post who lives near the area and could take part in a week or so? At this time I'm not being given an exact date of the final emergence, but I have a strong feeling that if someone makes the commitment to be a physical observer, they will be told of the time and date.

Giant Rock Dove-Phoenix Ascending Saturday

Posted on 3-10-2000 3:44 PM

Dear Family,

I received today that Saturday, Mar 11th at 11:00 AM (Pacific Time) is when the Dove-Phoenix of the Giant Rock will be ascending. She/He is actually ready now but the Universe is waiting for a time when more people who resonate with this occurrence will be able to take part either physically by travelling to the area or spiritually by tuning in' at 11:00. (I will be doing the latter.)

The Divine feminine energies of the Elohim spoke to me when I asked if there was information to be shared about the event happening tomorrow. Lady Amethyst spoke for the group saying that the ascension of the Dove-Phoenix is an event that all may participate in by giving verbal intent to take part. She said that those who observe without giving intent will be just that, observers. Those who feel the urge to take part more personally will be ascending with the dove-phoenix. I was shown this massive, beautifully radiant white bird- larger than the original Giant Rock 'egg', rising upward steadily like a rocket with all those who had given intent rising with it. The bird is so powerful that any number may be uplifted with it simultaneously. This event is part of the ascension of humanity and the planet. It is one of the forerunner events. Once intent is given to personally take part, to ascend with the bird at the appointed time, it is just a matter of allowing oneself to flow with the energy and purpose of the event, to see and feel oneself there taking part, then to let go of all expectations and flow in love and trust.

Lady Amethyst said that for each who gives intent from a pure heart for personal participation will experience in unique ways what will transpire. Revelations, insights, personal releases and cleansing, healing, increased vibratory frequency, any number of occurrences may result. For each involved there will be a personal benefit. Some may also receive gifts or long awaited requests. She said, the participation in whichever form, or not at all, will depend on the individual. each must honor what their heart shares about this event. If I receive any other information, I will share it here before 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.

In Loving Anticipation,

Once again the Dove re-appears to guide. After my experiences with the first Great Experiment, the activation in Washington DC, Tennessee and California, I could not ignore such co-inciding events. For three years now I have allowed this process to play itself out through synchronicity. I have learned and been rewarded much by their lessons. Everything within my being tells me that something is going on here that simply cannot be ignored. If the intuitive nature is what we are claiming it to be, then faith would now choose my path once again. I began to play closer attention to the interactions. In the meantime, the process continues to play itself out daily within each of us. Each clearing, transmuting his/her own karmic patterns in cycles of ebb and flow. There are tremendous energies reigning down on this planet at this time, unlike ever before in it's history. We are moving into an era of even more accelerated cycles of energy. Battles and wars are being waged in order to make way for the new energies. There is no where else to turn and hide, no place to go. There is no running away. There is only the final confrontations to be made in order to break free of the net that binds us from going home in eternal peace, freedom, and love. The cosmic time table is set in place. Humanity stands at the threshold for a quantum leap in consciousness. Understanding the synthesis between science and spirit behind such a process is critical.

The following relationship that developed between Angelynne and myself laid the foundation for what lay ahead.

March 20th, 2000

I have found this correspondence most profound. The following are excerpts from the response I received via e-mail from Angelyyne in regards to the "Dove-Phoenix" and the "Great Rock Ascension" message posted on March 10th and the Emissary of Light web sight...interjected thoughts and excerpts from my journals and manuscript.

Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000 23:53:06 -0800
From: "*****"
To: "Jon-William"

Dear Jon-William,

Thank you for your kind words! When I posted the vision and messages on James Twyman's message board and received no replies, I didn't post the two subsequent ones, which are included below.

For the past 7 years, I have also been what my guides call a Universal Channel. I was approached by Archangel Michael at 5:30 in the morning 7 years ago and was asked if I would consent to carry out lightwork assignments on behalf of the Creator. I had never channeled before in my life nor did I have any background in metaphysics. I initially said I thought he had the wrong person! That was my first experience with the Spiritual Hierarchy who I've worked with closely since that morning. Because I'm still teaching and the teaching profession would frown on my lightwork activities, I always use the name one of the groups I channel gave me two years ago - Angelynne.

I went to your web site and am very impressed with what you have shared. I can see how the Dove-Phoenix vision and subsequent messages fit well with your words and intent. I do have a question. Why did you not include Lady Amethyst's name? She is one of my guides who is part of the Divine Feminine Energies of the Elohim. She would have no problem with your using her name.

When I went to the part of your web site with your biography and picture, I got massive angel bumps. Maybe it was the music, I don't know! I received very strongly that your instinct to include my visions and messages was 'right on'. Please do not feel you must include the following messages. I'm sharing them with you as they did follow what you have. (I'm receiving that the White Rose vision is important).

The following are two transmissions that took place on the days following the ascension vision from the Great Rock that Angelyyne has shared, but withheld from the message boards.

Posted by Angelynne (g0001) on March 13, 19100 at 02:11:37:

Dear Family,

I am asking for help from my friends on the other side of the veil in relating my experiences about the Dove-Phoenix ascension. With me are the Divine Feminine Energies of the Elohim, the Great White Brotherhood of Light, and the Anasazi.

I had expectations before tuning in at 11:00 yesterday. I expected to see the magnificent, glowing white Dove-Phoenix wings outspread ready for liftoff. I didn't see the bird at all. When I tuned in I saw only a stunningly radiant white light fringed with rainbow colored light, emanating from what I assumed was the heart of the Dove-Phoenix. The light was blinding bright, but somehow didn't hurt my eyes. I instinctively knew that I needed to become one with the light.

I found myself rising in a sort of 'bubble' within the stream of light energy. I assume this to be my merkhaba. I only was aware of it at the beginning of the journey. I was moving upward but not straight upward. It felt like I was in a sort of tube with a very large diameter. It was pointed in an upward direction but had twists and turns so I could not see the end. I seemed to float gently along and focused on flowing as my guides had instructed. I was able to speak with my guides as I progressed forward in this light tube. Those of the Divine Feminine Energies and the Great White Brotherhood were with me, but seemed to be 'outside' the tube. I had been told that the destination of the Dove-Phoenix was the Great Central Sun. I was also told to forget about time and space during this journey.

While in the tube of light I receive several gifts. The first was a knowingness that the light energy of the Dove-Phoenix was igniting each of my cells. I was told that the ascension process would cause cellular transformation and that it would manifest from the inside of my physical body outward. I also received what felt like a wash of energy from inside the tube, ahead of me. It was liquid energy, like liquid light, but not the sparkling white liquid I usually see as liquid light. I could feel it covering the outside of my body but simultaneously the inside as well. I was told this was for healing and cleansing. A few minutes later, I felt what looked like gold dust softly descending from the ceiling of the tube. It not only covered my body but was absorbed into my body. I was told this was to facilitate the manifestation of monetary abundance that I was co-creating.

At the end of the tube of light which was reached over an hour after I entered, there was what I can only describe as a massive gate of shining golden colored material. I put my hand on the gate and it opened. This is where everything gets difficult to remember. I know I was talking with someone on the other side, but can't remember clearly what was said.

I was in a deeply altered state all day and evening yesterday. Each time I checked in to see what was happening, I always found myself back in the tube of light where my guides spoke to me more about my upcoming contract and life changes. Today I felt quite disoriented, dizzy, spacy. Throughout the afternoon I napped and received many waves of what I can only call ecstasy. A profound love, peace, joy filled every cell of my body. With each wave I shared the energy with people I know, the planet, the grids... It was a wonderful experience that I didn't want to stop. As well this afternoon, a new group popped in. They said that they are the Anasazi. They showed me a vision which I am still trying to understand. They said that they also were present at the ascension event yesterday.

I know there is more that is not coming to mind at this time. Much of what I learned was personal, about my future work and contract. I am still deeply in the ascension energy. It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. I hope others who participated will share some of their experiences. I was told that all would be quite personal and unique.

Sending Waves of Ecstasy to All,


Posted by Angelynne (g0001) on March 13, 19100 at 12:29:30:

In Reply to: Giant Rock Dove-Phoenix Ascension Experience posted by Angelynne on March 13, 19100 at 02:11:37:

Dear Family,

When I checked on the Giant Rock this morning I saw where the Dove-Phoenix had emerged from the interior of the stone, a glowing white rose in full bloom. It radiates the same unconditional love rays of energy of the Dove-Phoenix - the Creator's unconditional love - and the energy of transformation and ascension. I was told by the guides that were present during the ascension process that the rose will remain as a symbol of what has taken place. The energy of ascension and transformation will continue to emanate from the Giant Rock so that at any time we may tune in and raise our frequency, our spirits, and to travel yet further on our ascension paths by being one with the rose. In becoming one with the White Rose this morning I saw and felt the same rose in my heart chakra and was filled with its incredible energy. I felt the same waves of unconditional love that I had yesterday, but calmer today, easier to integrate physically. I received to let the energy flow through me, to allow the changes to proceed that were initiated on Saturday. I feel much calmer, much more grounded today than I did during the past two days, but equally elated. I thank Spirit/the Universe/the Creator for giving us this gift and for leaving us a lasting remembrance of an unforgettable experience.

May the fragrance of white roses fill the air on desert nights,

This was not the end of the transmissions as more was to follow that only contributed to the confirming aspects and synchronicity of our work.

I'm also including a message about the Dove-Phoenix that might be of interest that I forgot to send last night. It didn't receive much attention on the KMB. Spirit had told me before hand that there was someone 'out there' who needed the information, but most people wouldn't be drawn to it. That is exactly what happened. Don't feel that you have to use it. It is for you.

So, as a good brother and friend of mine would say, 'what else do you need, a burning bush?" I want to highlight a couple of points here that I find most interesting...if they are not self evident by themselves. The first thing that struck me was the fact that she has mentioned Archangel Michael, The Great White Brotherhood, and the Elohim, all sources that I have been working with. Many of my journal entries in my manuscript confirm this. But first, I want to go back to last evening when I tuned into the World Puja broadcast and reiterate what their message was and how it all encompassed the 'heart"...and look at the amazing synchronicity that exists here. The continued transmissions from Angelyyne sent to me not three hours later, but yet dated on March 13th,..

"I didn't see the bird at all. When I tuned in I saw only a stunningly radiant white light fringed with rainbow colored light, emanating from what I assumed was the "Heart" of the Dove-Phoenix...She goes on and mentions several more important correlating relationships to my experience shared in the "Return of the Dove". "I had been told that the destination of the Dove-Phoenix was the Great Central Sun.". The following is a quote from a "transmission" taken from my journals on April 4th, 1999, Easter Sunday, following the culmination of the twelfth activation at Celestial Falls, California.

This process takes on a much more expanded realm of consciousness that is more universal in nature, then personal. Once the soul, or energy points are aligned within oneself, the portal is then cleared for the connectedness of cosmic consciousness. It then becomes something connected to beyond the 'self". A fusion, .....a soul fusion. A monadic essence. A supreme consciousness that is eternally accessible through the alignment and activation of the chakras, and magnetic energies within ones body. For one sacred surroundings, the power places, become a vortex of conscious spiral energy, emanating from the Great Central Sun, fusion with the central star,...and harmonizing with the universal, eternal,..sound.

Shes goes on and states: "The first was a 'knowingness' that the light energy of the Dove-Phoenix was igniting each of my cells. I was told that the ascension process would cause cellular transformation and that it would manifest from the inside of my physical body outward. ..

A quote from the "Return of the Dove"...
"It is important for the grounding of these energies to take place within certain "time frames" and "windows within cycles of energy" in order to activate DNA codes on a cellular, intuitive and etheric level....

She then sums it up beautifully by stating, In becoming one with the White Rose this morning I saw and felt the same rose in my heart chakra and was filled with its incredible energy. I felt the same waves of unconditional love that I had yesterday, but calmer today, easier to integrate physically. I received to let the energy flow through me, to allow the changes to proceed that were initiated on Saturday. I feel much calmer, much more grounded today than I did during the past two days, but equally elated. I thank Spirit/the Universe/the Creator for giving us this gift and for leaving us a lasting remembrance of an unforgettable experience.

May the fragrance of white roses fill the air on desert nights, Angelynne

The "White Rose", the heart of the "White Dove". This is the message. This will be the focus of many during the Great Experiment 2. Many of my sources are telling me this now...That this event is critical in being a final anchor of these transmuting rays of energy that have been reigning down on this planet over the past few years now. This indeed Has Been an experiment, but even more so then most realize. The energies that have been being grounded by lightworker conduits all over this planet for years now, have been consciously used to set in place the new energy matrix. A new energy grid based on the electromagnetic properties that exist within each and every one of us. But a very important element to connecting to this grid is the heart chakra, the solar plexus. The "white dove" is showing us this. This is what the "Peace Wave Initiative" was about. To go beyond the "thoughts of peace", to the root, and the 'feeling of peace" within us. To "become this peace". It is one thing to know of this. It is another to create it. To manifest it at will. To achieve the balance of attainment through the connection of this energy grid system within ourselves, and as a conscious, collective entity. There is a science to this a process, an art. Until now it has been lost. Now, the energy cycles have accelerated, we are transmuting,...and we stand at the brink of zero-point manifestation. The Great Experiment is just that, a great experiment to achieving a Quantum leap for humanity.

Two years ago these sources stated that these transmuting energy rays were about to reign. They told us to "Be Ready! Many sources confirmed this, including James Tywman. And reign they have, tearing at not only the inner cores of our own personal lives and karmic debts, but to the most fundamental elements of society and it's institutions.

A quote from my manuscript dated April 9th 1998, eleven days prior to the Great Experiment.

I have continued the research, in the most objective way possible, into the teachings, transmissions, and channelings of such "spirits of light" The documentations have intensified over the past several weeks to the point, although not intentional, of experiencing several "channeled receivals" myself. These transmissions correlate to several others that I have witnessed and read about, and all seem to be saying the same thing. That very important information and energy is poised and ready to rain down on this planet over the next few months. Preparation for the receival and acceptance of this is of the most profound significance. They say to be ready..... be prepared. I only report this as what is being received and only to inform in the most objective way possible.

In what first appeared as a faint hint and glimmer of hope for me within the series of work entitled "Faces of God" ten months ago with the images of "Ares" the God of War, "Zeus" and "Thanatos", has now emerged, been re-defined, and made them selves known through and beyond the ancient archetypes, the great myths, to the remarkable assimilations and incarnations of the Underworld Gods Thoth of Egypt , Mercury of Rome, and Pathagoris of Greece. In the mystic powers of Hermes, The Enlightened One, Moses, the Master Jesus, and the rebirthing manifestations of the Lord of Death and the warrior and overseer of Earth's "Great Transformation" ... Archangel Michael.

There is only one path left for me to choose. I am to go to California one more time............



Tuesday September 26, 2008

Today is the first day of Rosh Hashana which creates very powerful energy. In my wake-up dream this morning, I saw the white dove from last Friday followed by the map of the dove from The Keys of Enoch. I heard: "This is the Time of the Return of the Dove". The map points to the Yucatan Peninsula - Quetzalcoatl and Mayan Calendar Prophecies. This area is being hard hit by earth changes - washing things away.

Monday, September 6, 2008 the Dow dropped 777 points - the worse single-day loss ever on Wall Street. The cover art from the Keys reflects 7 flames moving into the dove. 777, Qabbalistic Writings of Aleister Crowley.

The Return to Light as Time and the Physical Experiment ends ... links to:

  • 2012 and related - 12 major grids points around one which is the Great Pyramid, hourglass, time, consciousness computer
  • Orion (Osiris) and Sirius (Isis)
  • The return of consciousness spaceships monitoring the experiment and bringing it to closure
  • The head of the dove contains crystal knowledge that re-seeds (recedes) humans now

We are almost out of here. The program has activated its shut down sequence. This guides the energy work people are doing in preparation for closure, when they hope to guide and help other souls move beyond fear.

All goes back to alchemy or chemistry in the land of Khem (Egypt) which allegedly emerged out of the Atlantean grid - Tehuti and the Zep Tepi (sounds like a rock group) ----> Thoth and the Egyptian Pantheon. Khem - also spelled Chem - is the Egyptian word for "black" which takes us to the void, eye, Iris, Isis, etc. In ancient Egypt, Khem or Min, was the god of reproduction; as Khnum, he was the creator of all things, "the maker of gods and men".

The Hebrew alphabet contains encoded Keyz of Light. I spent 5 years in Hebrew school, ages 6-11. Since that time, I have always seen a flaming Hebrew letter called Yud or Yod (10) -- Yod in Astrology Golden Yod

Alchemy, Astrology, Star of David

See map at:


The Planets Crystal Grid System, The Return Of The Dove
Febuary 22, 2008

Upon the re-opening and reactivating of the first Crystal Portal on the Greek Island of Ithaca, in the late summer of 1997, heralded the subsequent receiving of the channelled downloading of precise information with the whereabouts of the dimensional and inter-dimensional crystalline portals that were to be re-activated on the planet. These were shut down or 'capped' for quite obvious reasons at the‘end times' of the continent of Atlantis some 14,500 years ago, owing to the continued misuse and abuse of same.

These major portal de-activations were instrumented or ‘capped' by the Titans and Co-Creators in those years gone by, as the fifth dimensional plus grid of energies that they supported were continually abused by those who chose personal aggrandisement and untoward deviation from the true pathway of light expression and progression. This ‘fifth dimensional' crystal grid system was also the very means that the beloved planet received her light-bodies or Merkabah. The capping and subsequent closing of the then crystal grid system, therefore negated the planet's 'ability to ascend' as she no longer had that just and divine facility. It was to be ‘on hold.'

The resultant methodical, geometrical and mathematical precise reactivations or ‘decapping' of the circa 15 dimensional crystal portals and the nine inter-dimensional crystal portals continued over several years with much downloaded data from our off planet team of fellow travellers headed by the one known as Zeus, or more familiarly as Metatron.

These crystalline portals when in full alignment would once again further enhance and assist the planet's light body acquisition and restricting also the use of these energy gateways from further abuse by the beings of 'lesser light.'

The much emphasised cleansing and releasing of 'lesser or negative' energies and old patterning on both a personal and global nature continues, as we are all very well aware. There are very few upon this beautiful planet who are 'immune' to these momentous changes and co-resultant ‘feelings and shifts.' They are, and will continue to be, most obvious in their continued evolutionary flow and momentum - ascension into all that is!

The planet has had for several years, namely since May 2000, her divine right and re-ability to accommodate her own mighty light-bodies and the cementing of the planetary Crystal Grid System with the Christ grid via those de-capped and reactivated crystalline portals. The continued energy ‘shifting' is now more pronounced, and is the preparing of the way for THE inevitable shift in mass-consciousness. These Christed energies, or "Return of the Dove," have become most accessible to the many aspiring souls, starseeds, and countless light-workers upon beloved Terra at this now momentous time in both hers and our ongoing evolution and ultimate ascension. We ARE the host of Christed beings that walk daily upon our beloved planet, Mother Earth.

It is apparent and an ongoing inevitability that more groups of ‘light-workers' will be so guided, in ultimate highest good, to these crystal portal areas. They will assist further with the updating and maintenance energies in accordance with the grand divine plan, for this is so and will be the way of things.

The dimensional crystalline portals were activated out of Ithaca/Moscow/Poland, 29.8.97. Auckland/Vanuata/Brisbane 4.1.98. Equador/Guinea/Haiti,9.2.98.
CanaryIsles/Rio deJaneiro/Capetown, 24.2.98.
London/ St.Johns/Canary Islands,1.3.98.
Istanbul/Tibet/ SriLanka,14.3.98.
Oslo / London/ Palermo, l6.4.98. Bordeaux/Madrid/Palermo,26.4.98.
Hawaii/ Mexico/ Brisbane, 11.5.98.
Tokyo/ Malaysia/ Solomon Islands, 1.6.98.
Further were activated in the U.S. and Canada, namely out of NewYork/ Memphis/ Bermuda, 29.8.98.
Edmonton/ Moosenee/ Chicago was in 26.9.98.
SanFransisco/ Houston/ Vancouver was 22.8.98.
Further dimensional crystal portals were activated on the 9th.and12th.July.1998 from Perth/CapeTown/Seychelles
and Perth/Uluru/ Christchurch.

Then followed a most precise and systematic opening of nine inter-dimensional crystal portals out of Stonehenge, Perth, Uluru, Christchurch, Egypt, New York, Stockholm and the Canary Islands. These were all duly completed in the year 1999 as was absolutely necessary to comply with the universal and planetary sacred geometry.

The trigger point' and grand finale of crystal portal activations was successfully and gloriously achieved in Anchorage, Alaska , during that magical 7 planet lineup, specifically between May3 - 5, 2000 when the heavens and the Earth were once more in perfect alignment for all that surely is to be!

The "Return the Dove," is the injection of pure Christ energies into beloved Lady Gaia's beautiful ascending planet, hosting the many Christed beings that walk daily upon her. Mother Earth is again resplendent with her crown of crystal portal jewels affording the Crystal Grid System it's every powerful potentiality so to be.

(c)2008 Alec Christos Gabbitas for the Universal Mind. * 17 Viking Ct, CT10 1RF, England, UK. 20.7.07 * Email: * (please copy and share, affording due credit to it's source, and also to Lady Isis and The Light Circle Ezine) *


The Return of the Firmament of the Dove

Tyberonn a message from  Metatron  channeled by  Tyberonn
Thursday, 5 February, 2009 
The Return of the Firmament of the Dove ~ The Cosmic Trigger of March 2009

Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I greet you one and all! Dear Ones, we sense each of you as you read these words in your present moment. Take a moment to feel our energy form around you as we embrace you in grace and love. We know  each of you, by name, by vibration and by heart. Do you truly realize how much you are loved, and that we are always with you ? Indeed, we are ever with you. Now we speak this moment on a topic of great interest, that which may be termed the Return of the Dove. Masters, the Coming of the Dove is the return to the Magno-Crystalline Firmament as  a requisite consummation of the Ascension. It is the crowning completion of the Crystalline Grid, and its time is nigh.
The dawning of this return is  a sacred oath fulfilled, a promiose kept. Its beginning phase is occurring on the March 20th Equinox in 2009, in which long dormant magnetic codes will be reactivated in specific generation points on the earth.   Indeed, this equinox will initiate an incredibly intense energy for 21 days in fervid momentum through the post equinox full moon on April 9th. Dear Ones, all of you will discernibly feel the piercing frequency generated. It will be the most powerful and compelling magnetic wave-force released on the planet since the fall of the Firmament in the antediluvian age ( an era in which the earth's magnetic field was exponentially stronger than in current times). This release will be triggered by a download of cosmic crystalline energies received in specific pyramidal transmitor complexes . The purpose of the download is to  reseed and activate ancient  magnetic codes across the length and breadth of the planet.

The Firmament of the Dove
We have spoken to you previously about the rebirth of the new Planetary Firmament. This will externalize as two elliptical bands of iridescent frequencial arches that will encircle  the earth  as it did aeons ago.  One of these is Electro-Magnetic in Nature, and the other Crystalline.
These will revolve above the 144 double-penta dodecahedron of the 144 Grid. In highly technical terms, which we realize will be meaningless to many, the firmament will perform the function of transducing supra-crystalline frequency oscillations in a piezoelectric step-down to interface the grid, thus enabling full circuitry integration of the gamma-crystalline energies of the Unified Field from Tula, the Great Central Sun. In more understandable terms, the firmament will transform powerful celestial energy waves into a benevolent form that can be more easily received on the earthplane.
So in a manner of speaking, the firmament is an enormous transformer and surge protector ! It is what will make the 144-Grid truly crystalline. In kind you may consider, in similar analogy, that the 144-Grid is your planets new server program, called Windows 2012, enabling a vast array of new programs for humanity and the Earth!
Now, the initial phase of the new Firmament will begin with downloads of Akash or adamatine essence received thru  specific portals . These activating light-energy downloads will be received primarily through the major Phi Pyramidal octahedron energies and structures across the planet. This will in turn activate a magnanimous fountaining of  ancient magnetic codes within key storage sites, some of which have not been heretofore recognized.
Indeed these energies, once synergistically combined and harmonically attuned over the few next years with the crystalline activation, will be the fabric of the New Earth, and will benefit the planet in serendipitous ways, embellishing the planetary grid- portals to the splendor of the crystalline frequency.
Pyramidal Receival and Distribution
Among the receiving points of the March 20-April 9 Cosmic Light Triggers are :
The Pyramids of Giza
The Moody Gardens Pyramid Complex of Galveston, Texas
The Louvre Pyramid in Paris, France
Chitzen Itza in the Yucatan
The Summum Pyramid in Salt Lake City
The Meru Phi Temples of Thailandand  Cambodia Bourobudur in Java, Indonesia
The Brihadishwara and Airateswara Temples in India
The Red Pyramid at Dashur.
Receival will also occur in certain powerpoints and natural pyramidal mountains emitting the octahedronal phi such as the Walsh Pyramid in Australia, Mt Edith Cavell in Canada, and the Materhorn in the Alps. These will also receive the crystalline magnetic trigger. The targeted magnetic codes that will awaken have been reticent on the planet since the initial days of Mu, Rama, Ignacious and Atlantis, aeons ago.
The primary receiving points of the Cosmic Trigger are Giza and Moody Gardens, both aligned and harmonically attuned tri-pyramidal phi complexes. It is in fact the trinity aspects of combining three pyramids within these two complexes,  that uniquely equips them to be the primary receival units. These will in turn distribute the energies to the other complexes through harmonic oscillation. Pyramids are indeed master receivers and transmitters.  When they are triangulated, as they were in Atlantis and Rama, they are infinitely more vibrant and capable.
Ancient Contract of the Earth-Keeper Guild
Many of you will be drawn intuitively to participate in this as part of an ancient contract, a sacred promise kept. Especially those of you with lifetimes in the Guild of Earth-Keepers and the Guild of 777, which includes segments of the Templars, Druids, Olmecs, Indigenous Shaman, Mayans, Hopi, Essenes, Egyptian, Atlantean Enochians, Thothians and the Atla-Ra. In these lifetimes the Guilds worked to raise the frequencies of terrestrial electromagnetic energies in the form of leylines, earthen grids, vortex-portal systems and sacred geometric temples after these conscious energies were transferred into the Earth  from the 'break-up' of the  firmament.
The Antediluvian Firmament of Pre-Duality Earth
Now, we have told you that the original firmament was composed of two elliptical energy bands, emitting protective fields around the earth. The two bands of the original firmament differed in frequency and composition from the arcs of the new arcs being formed in the present Ascension. The ancient firmament had one arc that was electrical in nature the other magnetic. One emanated the energy of crystalline platinum, the other of crystalline gold. The two created a synergetic crystalline field within zero point energy that permeated the earth and allowed for ontological, fully aware, consciousness in a unified, (non-polar) multidimensional state before the planet became a world of duality.
When duality was chosen, the firmament fell by design, and was replaced by a planetary grid. Your ancient text refer to this as the 'Fall of Man', we prefer to say that the Earth became a unique school at this time for soul growth amid those souls who chose the linear expansion experience of humanity within the grid system.
The ancient firmament served in a unique capacity that not only fine tuned Cosmic and Crystalline Light, but sustained all life in a manner similar to the sun. The elliptical arcs of the firmament brought in a polished visible flashing aspect of Adamantine Essence (Akash) that often appeared as glittering etheric particulate. This essence  enabled consciousness to fully transform resonate divine thought into instant material manifestation. It was how beings entering the pre-duality earth manifested physical and semi-physical bodies. It appeared in the skies as two elliptical arches that glowed at night in iridescent colors similar to what you call the northern lights or Aurora Borealis. The elliptical bands intersected and swirled and revolved in a gyroscopic manner around the planet. The width and omnipotent frequency of the elliptical bands vacillated and created an audible tone with the creative light vibration of OMM. It danced in the sky often forming and emitting kaleidoscopic eddies that appeared as a luminous angelic-white dove spiraling in brief flight across the heavens. A sense of protection and empowered well-being radiated the planet.
The  'Ascension Firmament' of 2012
The new 'Ascension Firmament' of 2012 will entail a combined electo-magnetic band in a single unit, and will be synergistically paired with an arc of crystalline frequency. It will indeed sustain mankind and enable a quickening of thought manifestation for those capable of raising the MerKiVic energies to the highest level, the level of the 24-point star. And Dear Ones remember as you work to raise the MerKaBa into the MerKiVa, that these are Metatronic geometric templates, necessary for you to rise into higher dimension. They are in zero field, devoid of gender format, neither feminine nor masculine, but of the Divine Integrity of your non-polar, integral soul! Approach their formation as such, in pure balance!
The Awakening of the Dove - Magnetic Fountains
There are 14 primary sacred code points that will cascade the awakened coded magnetics into the grid for the initial phase of the magno-electric band of the new firmament. These are:
1) Mull, Scotland
2) Chan Chan, Peru
3) Humac, Brazil
4) Nagasaki, Japan
5) Huace, Spain
6) Ekaterinburg, Russia (Ural Mtns)
7) Bethlehem, Israel
8) Yellowstone, Wyoming-USA
9) Kilamanjaro, Tanzania
10) Iceland
11) Kona, Hawaii
12) Mt Cook, New Zealand
13) Great Artesian Basin, Australia
14) Sri Lanka
These areas will spiral energies that will cover the planet and rise to the ionosphere. This release will be an extraordinary form of refined magnetic energy, uniquely capable of harmonizing in synergistic utility with Crystalline Energies. 
Gestation of the Crystalline Arc
The Crystalline Energies will in kind be initially activated in gestation for the second band of the new firmament between the trigger dates of the September Equinox of 2010 and the 10-10-10. This then is the second stage of the initial forming of the new dual-arc firmament. It will require time to integrate. The Firmament of the Dove will not complete itself until all the Master Atlantean Crystals are empowered and the 144 Grid is in full function on December 21, 2012. Indeed the new firmament will require just under two years after the Ascension to obtain full power and harmonic function with the grid. It will go into 50% power in March of 2013, and achieve full power in September of 2014.
The March 09 Cosmic-Trigger
So the March 09 trigger is a predestined revitalization of sacred encoded technology. The Atlantean Masters knew of the code and utilized it in their technology. The unique electo-magnetic field from which this energy springs was understood by the Atla-Ra, Druids, Mayan and certain other guilds including the inner chambers of the Templars. Those of you who spent lifetimes in these guilds will feel a deep distant memory of this predestined event, and it will compell you to be  apart of this. You will know deep in your heart that this unique magno-code  due to awake from dormancy, is the father of the source you once called upon  in smaller form, to work with leylines, dragon lines, vortexes and earthen grids.  And while only a small sect of savants and secret societies knew how to tap into this energy, your early work laid the ground work for this omnipotent release. You knew of but have not yet expereinced its full power, because it has remained largely dormant for millennia upon millennia. This March you will feel for 21 days its full potency, and this you have waited and prepared for in many lives. It is an expereince you have earned, that you have worked toward.
The opening  triggered by the 09 March Equinox will be the first 'full-throttle' flow of this energy since the Atlantean era. It affords numerous benefits and benevolent secondary-effects beyond the primary cause of  transferring the sacred magno-concentrate to the firmament. Among these is a greater  awakening of the  magnetic helix strands of the 12- strand human DNA  and a key unification effect on the collective mind of humanity. All life on Earth, all energy on earth in every kingdom will be affected, indeed it is a multidimensional Global Event.
The Intergalactic Forefathers
During the 21 days, the magnetic shield around the planet will be somewhat opened and weakened slightly in a rebooting effect. During this time there will be literally thousands of ships from the Intergalactic Command of Ashtar and the Intergalactic -Brotherhood of benevolent Masters brought to the periphery of the planet to provide stability and protection and oversee the transition while this phase of 'open portals' occurs. In fact these Star Ancestors are your extra terrestrial origin, and all of you co exist within them. They are always helping your planet in numerous ways, but in this planned scenario, they will be present in vastly greater numbers to oversee the magno-shift. It may surprise you to know that many of you will simultaneously be aboard the starships , in multidimensional aspect, to supervise and observe  this long anticpated occurance.
The gathering will begin on the February 9th full moon eclipse. It affords a grand opportunity for those of you who are empaths to MerKiVicly experience your Sirian B, Arcturian and Pleadean aspects.  
Galveston Island - Head of the Dove
The most aligned receival point of the Cosmic Trigger to activate these points in the Americas is Galveston Island, within the Moody Pyramid Complex. This unique trinity pyramid complex is in a direct alignment to Giza, and correlates to magnetic north. It is the combination of the three pyramids in-situ within a synergistic tri-harmonic alignment that allows their greater facility and power. As the Atlanteans and Orion Masters knew,  pyramids in specific triangulation are extremely potent when celestially aligned and carefully placed in relation to one another. We will speak more on this later.
The New Earth
The world remakes itself now and whether or not humanity in micro or macro is supportive of expansive change or against it, it is truly a moot issue as the inertia of time-chronology speeds past more quickly today than it did yesterday (in linear terms). All is quickening, time is accelerating as the Ascension draws nigh. So as time reshapes itself it will also reshape the experience of mankind, of visible and invisible forces of nature and that of the face of the Earth itself.
Yet the heralded Ascension it is not an abstruse complexity of prophetic biblical script, but rather a natural and requisite expression of accelerating planetary consciousness.
It is Jacobs ladder, and Dear ones, when you are on a ladder, you are ascending, descending or standing still. It is one of the three you see. It is always so. Masters, are you ascending the ladder?
MerKiVic Expansion into Collective Mind
While on this journey of ascension,  mankind can experience the multidimensional aspect of the Unified Field within the Crystalline Vibration and be able thru MerKaBic and MerKiVic geometric expression to revisit many of their co-existing articulations within multidimensionality and parallel. And at  each of these junctures another layer and aspect of awareness is realized. As such mankind is given the opportunity to rise above duality and integrate and retrieve the fragments and unite the full soul into the Seat of Power of Divine SELF within the eternal NOW. This is the MerKiVic expansion into collective Mind. This will be a focal role of the 12-strand DNA unification that can begin in MerKiVic state within the activation of the 2009 March Equinox.
Many many of you are now drawn into this awareness, driven by the flames of inner desire for Universal Truth. This is why your present spiritual communities are especially teeming with healers, channelers, teachers, facilitators, Grid workers, Earth-Keepers and Light Practitioners of every kind.  Because those who have opened and sought diligently the burning call of Divine Spirit into their lives cannot help but glow in its glorious flame, and expand to share it with others.
Sacred Sites as Tuning Forks
The Grid Points, power nodes, sacred sites , phi complexes and portals that dot the planet in specific patterns and specific purpose are the distribution mechanisms of the higher energy required to upshift the resonant frequency of your planet. They are tuning forks, inspired by perfection of First Cause. The exude the energy of 'home', of well-being, and those of you who enter into them in spiritual intent recognize this immediately. Accordingly one cannot help but want to be within them and absorb the pattern emitted within such areas in order to grow into and share the expansion of perfection. Those who dedicate themselves to this tuning can experience a nearness to Source that they feel is less available to them elsewhere. But the truth is that these fine-tuned energies are osmotic frequential schools, and once absorbed, once matriculated, the energy is retained within the established individuals MerKiVa.
Many areas on the planet have then already ascended, via portal-lattices that may be called the stairways to heaven, but other areas require a bit more work.
Specific areas that are a bit more dense now require more work to clear, and as a tertiary  effect of the March Cosmic trigger and harmonic magnetic code awakening, the portals referenced in the Homecoming of the Metaphorical Dove, will bring in the lighter energy for that specific purpose. You see global frequencial balance must be attained. Each of you Earth-Keepers play a role in this. Indeed you become portable resonators.
Lightening Dense Energy 
The Moody Gardens Pyramid complex of Galveston is one such area. Among this powerful complexes myriad utility, is its correlation to serve in lightening an area of 'energetic density', the area of Houston, Texas.  Houston is in many aspects the corporate 'Energy Capital of the World', if one considers that your planet is driven by the hydrocarbons of oil and gas. Most of your Global Oil Companies are located or represented in this area. But let us be clear, it is not your use of hydrocarbons as a power source, per sei, that is the principal polluter of the energies of which we speak, rather it is the greed and manipulation of distributing them.    Indeed there are far better sources of energy available, but Dear Ones, the Earth, the sentience of the planet, does not release any resources unwillingly.  We tell you the same dense aspect requiring clearing exist in Wall Street (New York) and many of the corporate centers around many of your major global cities. It is not the business or industries themselves, not the day to day workers, but rather the greedy tactics of the profit plans.   It is not to imply that equitable returns on investment are not just, indeed abundance exchange is appropriate in the new paradigm, but the distribution and exchange must be befittingly balanced in the new energy, for the desired perfection. That is why your economies are rebooting. As such specific new -missioned portals are forming around the planet to lighten these energies in tandem with the rebooting. Many existing portals are taking on new roles, and many new ones, such as Moody Garden Pyramids in Galveston, Texas have assumed these clean-up roles over the past few years. Other similar cleansing unit portals are emerging in major industrial and corporate cities across the planet in order to expedite planetary balance.
Anchoring the Dove
Now in 2005 the channel with the Beloved Ronna Herman, conducted a ceremony within the Moody Gardens Pyramids to bring in the Golden Spiral. This was especially important, and all involved had a special role in this activity, an ancient contract was being completed. But we will tell you that other ceremonies had occurred previously, and the 2005 event has sparked many others to recognize the importance of these geometric Crystalline Light Temples.
The Philanthropists who funded, originated and completed the project were extremely advanced souls. On an intuitive level, they understood the greater purpose of this complex. Shortly after completion, the ancient crystal skull Max, who is indeed of Arcturian construct, was taken into the complex for ceremonial attunement and anchoring of intent, by Joanne Parks, the caretaker of this potent crystal skull at the request of the most advanced of the founders. There was indeed great purpose in this event. It was a homecoming, in effect. We tell you that an entourage of Arcturians joined them, and are involved in the refinement of the energies along with those of Sirius A and B. It  is why Master Dolphins are inside the Blue Pyramid, the Aquarium unit. It is why the location is located on the beach front of the Gulf of Mexico but was undamaged by the recent ( and future) Hurricanes.
Pyramids themselves are extremely powerful sacred geometric engines that by their nature and construct penetrate, receive and culminate higher dimensional forces. They are celestial transmitters of the supreme Gestalt that you think of as GOD.
This very description of deity may not be understood by some of you, but nevertheless, you should not try to objectify the energy of ALL THAT IS.   God is an omnipotent energy, the sum of all consciousness, and whose whole is far far more than the sum of its parts. Your ancients have always known that 'ALL THAT IS', can be accessed in stepped down format on the Earthplane through specific matrixes of geometric focus. Your 144-Crystalline Grid is one of these and your MerKiVa is another. The two are intricately magnetically interconnected. The grid is the living conscious MerKiVah of the collective Earth, of which mankind is an intimate part.
The Three Pyramid Alignment
Now the three Pyramid complex on Galveston Island was indeed built in a strategic alignment, and for philanthropical and frequential purpose. One unit is an aquarium housing Master Dolphins, another is a bio rainforest with a geological cave containing massive clusters of quartz crystal, and the third is an academic museum pyramid, glassed in copper tone.
Appropriately constructed and spiritually intended pyramids on the Earth plane become living conscious energies, capable of myriad properties that are unrecognized or disavowed by your mainstream academia. And while the intent for which they are employed affects the interface of these conscious living geometric batteries, their very design will not allow for denser energies to culminate or expand within them. Yet when approached with appropriate intent, the energy within pyramids stores and transmits data similar to quartz. According to how they are aligned both terrestrially and celestially they can create electromagnetic anomalies, an aspect that alters gravity and dimensional time. Both weightlessness and a time distortion occur at specific frequencies within them, both slowing and accelerating light and fluxing the ionic ratios within and around them. 
Ancient Atlantean Pyramid
Now, approximately 5 miles from the area of Galveston Island, an ancient ceremonial Pyramid complex existed in a coastal region, now submerged and covered in the sedimentary silt and slime of the ages below Gulf waters. The Crystal Skull now called Max was among the 13 skulls located within it. The Moody Gardens Pyramids have taken on the multidimensional energies of the submerged Atlantean complex and are now fully formatted to play a major role in the Cosmic Trigger.
The Moody Garden Pyramids are axialtonally attuned to the energies of the Giza complex and to a potent degree to the Yucatan Pyramids. We tell you that Pyramidal Temples exist in timelessness and co exists in parallel dimension within the timeless void. This is why the Pyramids at Giza can never be accurately aged because once constructed they surmount linear time and the nature of their energetic geometries supra-impose in parallel and emit etheric doubles in multi -dimensional timelessness. The paradox is that once built, they always existed.  It is in fact this aspect and locale that inspired the philanthropical reconstruction of pyramids in this precise location for the Restitution of the Sanctuary and Sanctity of the Dove.
The Coming of the Dove offers an energy portal and dimensional expansion to you that can faciliatate a richer more rewarding sojourn with infinite ways in which to ascend Jacobs Ladder. The pre-Ascension brings a quickening and crucible that activates the expansion of TRUTH and the fire of AGNI within and without, and in so doing will allow you to choose a reality rather than have one chosen for you.
Participation in  the March Cosmic Trigger
Indeed this is a Cosmic Trigger in March and April is monumental event for the family of man, and it is a family of which we speak, one of which you are all a part. You can participate in this event, if you are so compelled, (and many of you are) by meditative visualization of all humanity connected in love.
We offer this exercise to take part in the trigger.   The Process   Form the MerKaBic star tetrahedron, the 8-pointed star around you, and begin toning the OMM. Practice the infinity breath and convert the 8-pointed star to the 12-pointed star of the MerKiVa.
If you are in Western Hemisphere, focus on and visualize  the Moody Gardens Pyramid complex in Texas. If you are in the Eastern Hemisphere, direct your energy process to the Tri-Pyramids of Giza. Picture the Blue Pyramid in Galveston and the Kings Pyramid in Gizaq as simultaneously receiving the initial spiral of energy.  Then visualize all 3 pyramids in each complex circulating the energies, and see the Giza complex harmonically connected in a golden qaxialtonal line to the Moody Garden Pyramids complex and vice-versa.
Once connected visualize these two connecting to every pyramidal complex forementioned across the globe. See  all receiving the golden spiraling energy download and glowing in great intense light,  covering the planet .
Then place the Earth (and Grid) in an enormous Octahedron, as you see in your minds eye the Cosmic Trigger of Celestial Crystalline Light flow through the Pyramidal Phi Complexes and Octahedronal power points.   Feel the upsurge flow of the awakening coded electro-magnetics of the earth rise through your own physical forms and chakric systems. Absorb the energies and beam them to all around you.
 Next, focus on the 14 sacred code-magnetic springs fountaining energy into the heavens. Visualize the upward flow of these energies to the 144-Grid encapsulating the Earth. Place a golden Arch, a glowing Elliptical Band forming around the planet and grid. See it as gold in color, then tone the Omm amid a sense of joy and love.
As you tone, visualize the Platinum Ray of the Crystalline Field flowing the soft nurturing energy of the Divine Feminine through the Golden Arc and swirling around it to form the crystalline band.
Practice this as often as you can during the 21 Days of the Dove.
And we tell you in humor and light that while these Golden Arches are not for fast-food, billions will be served!    Closing
In truth your Cosmos, your macro and micro reality is Metatronically formulated in the Unified Field . And Dear Ones, know  this energy is within and without EVERYTHING, including and especially YOU!!!
It is the energy you call God, it is All That Is, All That Was and All That Will Be. It is acutely aware of each bird that falls and  each flower that blooms in verdant fields and arid desert. So never doubt this TRUTH :  Creator God knows each of you by name.    
You are all powerful divine spiritual beings, an intricate and vital spark of the 'All That Is'. It is time to remember. It is the Return of the Dove. The Ascension is occurring, one heart, one mind at a time. And Dear Ones, it is on course. Do not doubt it.    In closing we ask you to focus on joy, and be the change you desire.
You ARE Beloved!  I am Metatron, and I share with you these sacred Truths.   And So It Is.
Planet Alert March/April 2009

Planet Alert
March/April 2009

Listen to an April 2008 audio recording of Mahala on the Humanity101 on Talkshoe Radio show.   This may take a few minutes to load.   Click here to download the recording.
Listen to a beginning of the new year, 2008 audio recording of Mahala on the radio progam.   This may take a few minutes to load.   Click here to download the recording.

Hi Everyone! I had a wonderful trip to Mexico last month, and would like to thank Carol Heywood-Babrauskas for making it possible. She is a wonderful person, and has also written a book. The web site for that book is Check it out. I enjoyed Mexico very much - the warm weather, the ocean, the beautiful flowers, the beautiful scenery, and the people. I loved Puerto Vallarta and would like to go there again sometime. I also liked Yelapa which is a small village without any cars. It is very rustic and interesting. The only way to get there is by a water taxi from Puerto Vallarta. Yelapa is where we spent most of our time. To get to the house we stayed in we had to walk up 200 stairs. What a climb.
The first day we were in Puerto Vallarta we went shopping and exploring the city as a group. We stopped for lunch and one of the women there told me that Yelapa is located at the bottom Wing of the Dove. This information is from the book, The Keys of Enoch. If you have that book check out page 315. She also told me there is a huge vortex in Yelapa and surrounding area. I really felt the energy when we got to Yelapa and I was spaced out for at least three days.
Before I left home I printed out a channeling by Metatron through Tyberonn. Check out I didn't read the channeling until after I was in Yelapa, then everything started to fall in place. I realized that one of the reasons we were there was to help anchor the energy for this upcoming equinox and the coming of the Dove. The return of the Dove is the return of the Magno-Crystaline Firmament. It is the crowning completion of the Crystalline Grid. If you haven't read that channeling, it is very interesting.
Quote from the channeling: "The opening triggered by the March 20, 2009 Equinox will be the first full-throttle flow of this energy since the Atlantean era. During the 21 days, after the Equinox, the magnetic shield around the planet will be somewhat opened and weakened slightly in a rebooting effect. During this time there will be literally thousands of ships from the Intergalactic Command and the Intergalactic-brotherhood/sisterhood of benevolent Masters brought to the periphery of the planet to provide stability and protection and oversee the transition while this phase of open portals occurs."
From The Book of Knowledge-The Keys of Enoch: "The Brotherhood will land in America. They will come within the formation of a magnificent 'Dove' - whose head of crystal knowledge will be over the Yucatan peninsula, whose wings shall sweep across the Eastern and Western flank of North America, whose feet will land within the pyramidal area of the Bermuda Triangle and the ocean area near Mazatlan." Another quote: "The Brotherhood will bring the new Law and educate Man to build temple communities of Light. And Metatron said: A new meridian of time will come and the foundations of the Earth will be shifted to a new magnetic foundation as the orbit of the Earth is reset within the ocean of Light." The Aquarian energy is in effect right now to build the communities of Light.
The Crystalline Grid was destroyed at the time of Atlantis and is what caused the great flood. There were different factions that were fighting at that time for control of Atlantis, and like Edgar Cayce said in one of his books; they tuned the crystal too high and that is what caused the destruction. I know that Beings have been working on restoring the Crystalline Grid for several years now. This grid is Electro-Magnetic and Crystalline in nature. Our bodies are also changing from a carbon based one to a crystalline body. We also have magnets in our brains along with crystals. I was told a long time ago to take silica cell salts to help my brain become more attuned to the higher vibration energy. I'm not telling anyone to take silica; I'm just sharing what I have taken over the years.
Now we have the return of the Dove to set up the firmament for the New Earth. The 21st and 22nd chapters of Revelation in the Bible talk about the New Heaven and the New Earth. It says, "and then I saw a new heaven and a new Earth; for the first heaven and the first Earth had passed away, and the sea was no more". Sounds like a dimensional shift to me. The spring equinox on March 20, 2009 is the beginning of the New Heaven and the New Earth. It will take until 2012, or longer to complete, but this is the beginning. I'm really excited.
We still have to complete the 19th and 20th chapters which, in my interpretation of Revelation, is the downfall of the controllers. This is the process we are going through right now and there is still lots of violence on Earth which will continue as long as we are going through the downfall process. It could get worse before it gets better. Time will tell. Right now there is the possibility of a war with Korea. I just read an article from the Internet about how North Korea has put their troops on alert and warns of war danger. There are still five planets plus the node in Aquarius which is right over the Koreas. Mars is also in Aquarius and that has been considered the war planet for a long time. This is a very powerful full moon (March 10). There will be different trigger points that will be activated as time goes on. Somalia also falls under this energy.
In my January article I talked about the war that culminated on the Sun on November 22, 2008. The negative entities that lost that war were teleported to Earth and continue to fight. They are very violent and are trying to stir up trouble all over this beautiful planet. First they stirred up violence in India and tried to start a war between India and Pakistan. Then they stirred up the Middle East (Israel) and tried to start a major war there. They did cause a lot of damage and loss of life but they could not get the war to spread to the rest of the world. Now they are working on Korea. Will they be successful in stirring up that war?  The final war is supposed to be between Gog and Magog, which could mean North and South Korea.
The 17th and 18th chapters of Revelation talk about the destruction of Baghdad (ancient city of Babylon). This was prophesied to happen and it did. The 19th chapter of Revelation talks about the continuation of wars, and the 20th about the downfall of the controllers. This is definitely in process right now. Then we have the New Heaven and the New Earth.
Another interesting event was the appearance of a brilliant Light green comet in the heavens for the whole month of February. It was at its closest point to Earth in late February. Was that comet bringing the green light body for Mother Earth? Was it bringing green light to our heart chakras? Green is the color of our heart chakra and inside that chakra is a beautiful bright pink light, which is the color of love. Pictures have been taken of thought forms that are brilliant pink when people think loving thoughts.
I was told a few years ago that just before the beginning of the new century the leadership of this world would be changed from male to female. Archangel Ariel is female and is considered the Dove. The male part of her is Uriel. Ariel is now the Goddess in charge of Earth. The Dove is the symbol of peace. Before too long we will be living in peace. Of course that depends on us. We need to find and express the peace within us first before it can manifest on Earth.
On November 9, 1998 the earth's magnetic field went to zero magnetic energy. This is when solar energy came into earth to plant the seed for a new Earth. Then the triple circle magnetic (feminine) energy started coming into Earth very strong at the time of a lunar eclipse on July 28, 1999. It's my understanding that this is when the earth opened her body to this strong magnetic energy.
Before that there was a total solar eclipse over Mexico City on July 11, 1991. There was an ancient Mayan prophecy (there are different systems) that the ships of light would return over Mexico on that day. They did return as witnessed by everyone who was watching the solar eclipse. There were thousands of pictures of space ships taken on that day. On that day the Mayans moved into what is called the sixth day. The sixth day refers to the sign of Virgo, the goddess, and also ended a 2,160 year cycle. It takes 72 years for a fixed star to move through one degree of the zodiac. (30 degrees per sign - times 72 years = 2,160 years).
I was told by my guidance several years ago that they measured a 2,160 year cycle by the star Regulas, the royal star of the Lion, moving through one zodiac sign. Regulus had been moving through the sign of Leo since, or before the birth of Jesus. Leo rules the heart and love energy. Jesus was called The Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He came to teach us about love. That was his only commandment - love one another. You first need to learn how to love yourself, and then you can love others unconditionally.
The Book of Knowledge says that the Sphinx symbolizes our body of space and time within the Lion solar evolution that must be conquered by Man before he can wear the face of brilliance and indwell in the presence of the Master. This means that we need to overcome our animalistic characteristics like violence, and war, and accept our shadow side. The vehicle of the Sphinx sits on the threshold between our zero point evolution and higher light technology, as the stepping stone to other consciousness zones. The Sphinx has the body of a lion and the head of a woman. This means it symbolizes the signs of Leo the lion and Virgo the Virgin.
I believe that when the Earth moved into zero degree energy in November of 1998, Regulus moved onto 0 degrees Virgo. Now Regulus has started its journey through the sign of Virgo. We are now in the Age of Virgo. This does not negate The Age of Aquarius. There are cycles within cycles. That monument was put there to let us know when we moved into the age of Virgo. This is when the feminine energy within everyone would become dominant. It is now becoming the dominant force. Our president Obama is pushing for a new health care system. That is such a Virgo characteristic. Saturn is in the sign of Virgo and has been there for a couple of years. There is a strong Virgo energy out there right now.
We do live in interesting times. The financial system is falling apart and the new will be born from this downfall. It's time for the old way of doing things to collapse because it doesn't work anymore. How will the new energy manifest? How will the system be different? Does anyone know? It's like the Phoenix that burns and is reborn from the ashes. Now we have the Earth about to be reborn into a New Heaven and a New Earth. Isn't that exciting? So Be It!         I send you my love and blessings!
                                       *****Mahala Gayle *****

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a message from  Metatron  channeled by  Tyberonn
Sunday, 18 October, 2009  (posted 20 October, 2009)
Greetings, I am Metatron, Lord of Light. I greet you once and always in unconditional love.

And so we speak this moment of what may be termed the 'Heart of the Dove'. On the winter solstice of 2009, the 'Heart of the Dove' will be activated into parity field. On the spring solstice of 2010 it will join with the Head of the Dove in the in the Crystalline Activation of the Cosmic Trigger.

Masters, we tell you that quickening changes are occurring throughout the planet, and among the most relevant is the balancing of the planetary energies. Areas that are considered overly industrial, overly corporate, overly dictorial are being immersed in a softening energy. This is indeed a crucial aspect of the 'Return of the Dove', for indeed the Dove brings in a gentle nurturing, that termed feminine, and thus the balance of the masculine overage. Ascension is harmony, and harmony bequeaths symmetrical balance within the polarity of the planet.

Feminine Balance

But let us be clear, while the influx of feminine energy is necessary to achieve energetic equity on the planet, do not misinterpret that feminine energy is better than masculine, rather it is what is needed to balance the current overage of masculine.

You see LeMuria was out of balance in an overage of feminine energies, and masculine flows were fluxed into at that time to achieve parity. So we tell you Dear Ones, the desired energy of the planet is one of balance, neither male nor female, but of balance.

In truth the ushering of the Crystalline Age raises the planet within that termed the 5th dimension to an initial accessible field of non gender in non- duality. You see crystalline energy is zero field.

As such certain nodes on the planet are now being activated for this purpose. These will serve as influx portals to bring the balancing frequencial fields into synergy for the crystallization of the planet. You must understand that the Unified Crystalline Field is the epitome of balance, indeed it is a non dual, non-polarity frequency, and it is zero field. Thus these 'feminine' nodes will bring in an enormous influx of that termed feminine energies between the December Solstice of 2009 and the spring equinox of 2010. Certain nodes will be the major facilitators, and indeed will disseminate this energy globally.

Heart of the Dove

One such primary node exists within the 'Hill Country' of Texas. Called Enchanted Rock, it is a unique and potent energy source that is being activated in the fore described role of planetary balance. It serves as the capstone of the Hill Country vortex.

Enchanted Rock is closely connected to the Sacred Goddess Energy, and to the Emerald Crystal of Atlantis. This we will speak more of later in this assay.

So understand that Enchanted Rock is indeed the epicenter of a powerful vortex-portal complex that is being vaulted in mega status in what is termed the 'Return of the Dove'. It can be said that Enchanted Rock is the Heart of the Dove', for it is intricately involved in softening and balancing the energy within this critically important area of the Americas.

The Dove Energy is feminine, but better said, it is nurturing and balanced. You humans assign genders to attributes that in higher dimensions are not gendered at all.

Parity Calibration of Gender

We tell you that those seekers who visit and do ceremony on Enchanted Rock are capable of balancing their fields into parity calibration within its unique inner field. That is to say, those overly masculine in frequency as well as those overly feminine in frequency can achieve harmonic stasis and proportion within the immediate vortex of Enchanted Rock.

Now, Enchanted Rock is natural sacred geometry. It is a half-sphere dome, not unlike a massive version of what caps many of your sacred geometric churches in Europe. However it is a dome that covers a full square mile and is composed of unique violet-pink granite that is over 1 billion years old, as such it is among the oldest domes on the earth.

How could it not be sacred? We tell you it is a living Cathedral, with a mission!

The Heart of Texas

The hill country region is in itself a very unique area in the 'heart' of south central Texas. As the channel has told you, this specially coded land is a somewhat triangulated region of approximately 200 miles on each side. This encompassed region has a uniquely condensed energy field, much much higher in frequency than the surrounding area. Sensitives in the area can easily discern the subtle nuances in the energy which creates a sense of well being. This field is plastically fed by a webbing of hydrolines and a major telluric ley line that traverses from the Yucatan into San Antonio and Austin as it encircles Enchanted Rock and the waters of New Braunfels. It can be said that every river and stream within the aquifer fed area is in fact a hydro 'ley' line.

Masters, such energy fields exists in pockets all over the world. They are indeed special, they are alive, and they are absolutely involved in the ongoing graduation of the planet.

The 'Return of the Dove' Vortex in the hill country of Texas, as we have said is under a special mission of balancing energies. But in fact it does more than just that. Indeed it has for millennia been directly related to the higher quality of life and sense of well being of the triangulated 'hill-country' region.

Hydro Lines Enhance Well-Being

It is this very energy that has drawn intellectuals, artists and free thinkers to this area. It is why the area is noted for its quality of life, universities, artists and musicians. The harmonic frequency of this energy field is uniquely conducive to creativity, especially music. Are not Austin, Kerrville and Luckenbach renowned for their music venues and festivals? Is San Antonio not recognized for its culture and artistic expression in the area you refer to as the 'Riverwalk'?

Indeed the water that flows throughout San Antonio is very beneficial, it is charged from the earthen spring-pools of a potent ley-energy aquifer. It creates a plasmic field that brings a joy and tranquility. It is why the area is considered so 'charming' in your vernacular.

You see, this water is exceptionally ionic and carries an electromagnetic charge that is very beneficial for both the physical and etheric bodies. The aquifer charging zones, or springs, found in New Braunfels, San Antonio and Austin are exceptionally powerful and healing. Yet they also promote exuberance and well being.

Atlantis in Texas

The indigenous have always recognized subtle energies of the living earth. And so the Native Americans of southwest Texas were well aware of the energy of Enchanted Rock. They recognized and held the lavender granite rock in awe as did the Atlanteans before them.

Yes, we said Atlantean. The fact that the land areas of Texas were habited by the Atlanteans should not be too surprising to you, there is indeed logic to it.

You see, this part of Texas was along the land bridge that connected Atlantis to the Yucatan, sea levels being much lower before the demise. Even then the Enchanted Rock was recognized as a natural amplifier, and thus the leys that ran thru the Pyramids of the aquifer enhanced Yucatan were connected to the aquifer enhanced areas of the hill country.

The cave labyrinths below the Yucatan still in fact connect into the hill country as well as the areas of Santa Fe, Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Shasta, Arkansas and Sedona.

We tell you that there was a pyramidal complex located very near Enchanted Rock that was used ceremonially for the calibration of Crystal Skulls in alignment to the energy of the granite dome cathedral. The Pyramid was aligned between the energetic ley of Yucatan and of the Pyramidal complex near Galveston island, triangulated with the two.

Additional there is a massive underground chasm containing a Temple complex with a smaller version of the Emerald Crystal of the Divine Feminine near the area of the sacred spring waters of New Braunfels. It is still somewhat accesible throught he cave network of the area,

The Energy of Enchanted Rock remains very much attuned to that of the Crystal Skull, the 13th paradigm pattern of the Divine Human.

Crystalline Structures & Leylines

Your geologists have correctly told you that Enchanted Rock is actually the obtrusive portion of a massive, ancient lava (magma) flow. The greatest part of Enchanted Rock is actually below the surface. And when magma is held under, it solidifies more slowly into coarse-grained rocks with larger, visible crystals. These are intrusive, or plutonic, rocks of which granite is the most common example. Some of the finest examples of crystals, such as quartz, topaz and tourmaline are formed from chemicals that have been dissolved in solutions within rock cavities. Here, they have both space and time to grow. Enchanted Rock is, in a sense, a massive grouping of crystals, and it most certainly contains hollow pockets of prolific quartz crystals

Now, the electrics you refer to as ley energy, (leylines) are a great part of the dynamic of Enchanted Rock. In this area, the ley energies are intertwined with the more feminine hydro line ley energies. This effects the manner in which they are absorbed, amplified and conducted by the mineralogy and shape of the physiographics of Enchanted Rock.

Granite, as the channel has explained, contains a high concentration of quartz. This mineral compound is quite unique and is known to be a transmitter, receiver, amplifier and conductor of current. Very few materials can match the energy transmission of vitreous quartz, especially in the ultra-violet and infrared ranges. We tell you that quartz also stores energy and high dimensional light. Quartz is capable of converting energy to electricity.

Granite domes, conical and pyramidal shaped mountains also have this property of energy conductivity and storage. The conical shape influences the manner in which the energy is conducted.

Natural Capacitor

Now, the differentiating characteristic of Enchanted Rock is that it is a natural capacitor. Granite enhances this ability. The domed shape of this living stone allows the dual charges and integrates them in microbalance. It is capable of infusing beneficial electromagnetic and light energy to all who go there. This transference occurs in very low amperage, suitable for human physiology in such a way that the body physical is balanced and restored. This charging is congruous, evenly distributed throughout the body physical. The etheric body, the Chakric system, is also balanced and robustly so.

The geometrics of this area are spherical, thus the balance, but a tetrahedron and hexagonal matrix are enclosed within the sphere.


This region of the United States particularly benefits from this balancing vortex. It is emerging into greater potency in preparation for the planetary ascension. The 'Return of the Dove' has the role of bringing higher dimensional feminine energy into an area that has had an imbalance over the past 500 years.

Enchanted Rock is in essence a satellite of the Emerald Energy of the Divine Feminine, and that is being activated in the quickening of the winter solstice of 2009.

In the scope of North America this energy is being fed into Sedona, Monterey, Santa Fe, Shasta and Tahoe in the west, and Atlanta, New York and Carolina in the East.

Enchanted Rock is connected globally and hemispherical in this role. It is the manifold apex of numerous triangulated fields on a massive scale that includes Uluru, The Tor, Table Mountain, Samaipata and Sinai.

2010 holds much in store in the Crystalline Activation of the Cosmic Trigger, the Dove is intricate to this activation.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths.

See  for other topics by Metatron


Aquarius (constellation)
List of stars in Aquarius
Abbreviation - Aqr
Genitive - Aquarii
Symbolism - the Water-bearer
Right ascension - 23
Declination -15
Area - 980 sq. deg. (10th)
Main stars - 10,22
stars - 97
Stars with
known planets - 5
Bright stars - 2
Nearby stars - 4  β Aqr (Sadalsuud) (2.9m)
Brightest star - EZ Aqr (11.3 ly)
Messier objects 3
Meteor showers -
March Aquariids
Eta Aquariids
Delta Aquariids
Iota Aquariids



Visible at latitudes between +65° and −90°.
Best visible at 21:00 (9 p.m.) during the month of October.

Aquarius is a constellation of the zodiac, situated between Capricornus and Pisces. Its name is Latin for "water-bearer" or "cup-bearer", and its symbol is Aquarius.svg , a representation of water.

Aquarius is one of the oldest of the recognized constellations along the zodiac (the sun's apparent path). It is found in a region often called the Sea due to its profusion of constellations with watery associations such as Cetus the whale, Pisces the fish and Eridanus the river.

 Notable features

See also: List of stars in Aquarius

 Planetary systems

 Deep sky objects

There are three deep sky objects that are on the Messier catalog: the globular clusters Messier 2, Messier 72, and the open cluster Messier 73. Two well-known planetary nebulae are located in Aquarius: the Saturn Nebula (NGC 7009), to the southwest of η Aquarii; and the famous Helix Nebula (NGC 7293), southwest of δ Aquarii.



Aquarius pours water from a jar into the mouth of the southern fish, as depicted in Urania's Mirror, a set of constellation cards published in London c.1825

The stars of Aquarius can be seen as resembling the figure of a man, and, when fainter naked eye stars are included, it can take on the image of a man with a bucket from which is pouring a stream of water. The water flows southwards into the mouth of the southern fish, Piscis Austrinus.


Diagram of an alternate way to connect the stars of the constellation Aquarius. The water bearer is shown running while holding a vessel and spilling some water out of that vessel.

The stars of the constellation Aquarius can be connected in an alternative way, which graphically shows the water bearer running while holding a vessel from which water is spilling.

The water bearer's head is formed by the quadrangle of α Aqr, γ Aqr, η Aqr, and π Aqr: α Aqr being of the third magnitude. Star ζ Aqr, lodged within the quadrangle, represents an eye.

The water bearer's torso is formed by the stars α Aqr and β Aqr, with β Aqr being of the third magnitude.

The water bearer's left leg is formed by the stars β Aqr and ι Aqr, whereas his right leg is formed by the stars β Aqr, ν Aqr, μ Aqr, and ε Aqr, with these last two stars representing a foot.

The water bearer's arm is formed by the stars α Aqr, θ Aqr, and λ Aqr, with λ Aqr being the hand.

The water bearer is holding a vessel, perhaps a jar, which is formed by the stars ψ¹ Aqr, φ Aqr, λ Aqr, τ Aqr, and δ Aqr. The open top of the vessel consists of the triangle of stars ψ¹ Aqr, φ Aqr, and λ Aqr.

Water is being poured from the vessel in a pair of streamlines. The streamline on the left is formed by the stars ψ¹ Aqr, 98 Aqr, 99 Aqr, and 101 Aqr. The streamline on the right is formed by the stars ψ¹ Aqr, 88 Aqr, 89 Aqr, and 86 Aqr.


Aquarius is named GU.LA "The Great One" in the Babylonian star catalogues and represents the god Ea himself.[1] It contained the winter solstice in the Early Bronze Age.[2] In Old Babylonian astronomy, Ea was the ruler of the southernmost quarter of the Sun's path, the "Way of Ea", corresponding to the period of 45 days on either side of winter solstice. In the Greek tradition, the constellation became represented as simply a single vase from which a stream poured down to Piscis Austrinus. The name in the Hindu zodiac is likewise kumbha "water-pitcher", showing that the zodiac reached India via Greek intermediaries.[3]

Aquarius is sometimes identified with Ganymede, a beautiful youth in Greek mythology with whom Zeus fell in love and, in the disguise of an eagle (represented by the constellation Aquila) carried off to Olympus to be cup-bearer to the gods. The constellation of Crater is sometimes identified as his cup.

Aquarius has also been identified as the pourer of the waters that flooded the Earth in the ancient Greek version of the Great Flood myth. As such, the constellation Eridanus the river is sometimes identified as a river being poured by Aquarius.

Aquarius may also, together with the constellation Pegasus, be part of the origin of the myth of the Mares of Diomedes, which forms one of The Twelve Labours of Heracles. Its association with pouring out rivers, and the nearby constellation of Capricornus, may be the source of the myth of the Augean stable, which forms another of the labours.


As of 2002, the Sun appears in the constellation Aquarius from February 16 to March 11. In tropical astrology, the Sun is considered to be in the sign Aquarius from January 20 to February 18, and in sidereal astrology, from February 15 to March 14.


^  a. The dates of Aquarius for tropical astrology are approximate, typically either from January 21 to February 18, or from January 20 to February 19, depending on the exact time the Sun enters the sign each year, which varies slightly from year to year within a small range.

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According to UFOlogists there are endless examples of evidence of ancient ET visitation on primitive pottery, too. In Gold of the Gods, again by author Erich Von Daniken, there is a photograph of an old Mayan vase depicting what  certainly looks like a female astronaut. The flying figure appears to be wearing some of the attributes of the profession- a broad belt around her stomach and a apparatus strapped to her back. Pottery festooned with similar ‘space- people’ exist , too, on show, says the author, in museums in Turkey and Madrid.

Ancient astronauts


Paintings from Val Camonica, Italy, c.10,000 BC, have been claimed to depict extraterrestrial visitors. It has also been posited that they show gods or other mythological persons from religions of that time.
The Dogū (土偶) has been speculated to be an Ancient astronaut that visited earth during the Jōmon period of Ancient Japan; it shows features claimed to resemble a space suit, goggles and a space helmet.

According to ancient astronaut theories, intelligent extraterrestrial beings (called ancient astronauts or ancient aliens) have visited Earth and this contact is connected with the origins or development of human cultures, technologies, and/or religions.

Some of these theories propose that deities from most—if not all—religions are actually extraterrestrials, and their technologies were taken as evidence of their divine status.[1][2]

These theories have been popularized, particularly in the latter half of the 20th century, by writers Erich von Däniken, Zecharia Sitchin and Robert K.G. Temple.[3]

Ancient astronaut theories have been widely used in science fiction. Such theories have not received support within the scientific community, and have received little or no attention in peer-reviewed studies from scientific journals.


Ancient astronaut adherents often claim that humans are either descendants or creations of beings who landed on Earth thousands of years ago. An associated theory is that much of human knowledge, religion and culture came from extraterrestrial visitors in ancient times, in that ancient astronauts acted as a “mother culture”. These ideas are generally discounted by the scientific community.[4]

Ancient astronaut theories also may include the idea that civilization may have evolved on Earth twice, and that the visitation of ancient astronauts may reflect the return of descendants of ancient humans whose population was separated from earthbound humans.[citation needed]

Proponents of ancient astronaut theories point to what they perceive as gaps in historical and archaeological records, and to what they see as absent or incomplete explanations of historical or archaeological data. They cite evidence that they argue supports their assertions, notably, archaeological artifacts that they argue are anachronistic or beyond the presumed technical capabilities of the historical cultures with which they are associated (sometimes referred to as "Out-of-place artifacts"); and artwork and legends which are interpreted as depicting extraterrestrial contact or technologies.

Scientists maintain that gaps in contemporary knowledge of the past do not demonstrate that such speculative ancient astronaut ideas are a necessary, or even plausible, conclusion to draw.[4][5] The scientific community remains generally skeptical, and the dominant view is that there is no evidence to support ancient astronaut and paleocontact theories.

Scientific consideration

In their 1966 book Intelligent Life in the Universe[6] astrophysicists I.S. Shklovski and Carl Sagan devote a chapter[7] to arguments that scientists and historians should seriously consider the possibility that extraterrestrial contact occurred during recorded history. However, Shklovski and Sagan stressed that their ideas were speculative and unproven.

Shklovski and Sagan argued that sub-lightspeed interstellar travel by extraterrestrial life was a certainty when considering technologies that were established or feasible in the late '60s;[8] that repeated instances of extraterrestrial visitation to Earth were plausible;[9] and that pre-scientific narratives can offer a potentially reliable means of describing contact with outsiders.[10]

Additionally, Shklovski and Sagan cited tales of Oannes, a fishlike being attributed with teaching agriculture, mathematics and the arts to early Sumerians, as deserving closer scrutiny as a possible instance of paleocontact due to its consistency and detail.[11]

In his 1979 book Broca's Brain, Sagan[12] suggested that he and Shklovski might have inspired the wave of '70s ancient astronaut books, expressing disapproval of "von Daniken and other uncritical writers" who seemingly built on these ideas not as guarded speculations but as "valid evidence of extraterrestrial contact." Sagan argued that while many legends, artifacts and purported OOPArts were cited in support of ancient astronaut theories, "very few require more than passing mention" and could be easily explained with more conventional theories. Sagan also reiterated his earlier conclusion that extraterrestrial visits to Earth were possible but unproven, and perhaps improbable.


Pseudoscientific concepts
Intelligent extraterrestrials visited the Earth in ancient times and profoundly affected the development of human civilization.
Related scientific disciplines
Year proposed
Original proponents
Charles Fort,
Erich von Däniken
Subsequent proponents
Robert K. G. Temple, Zecharia Sitchin, Richard C. Hoagland, Burak Eldem

Ancient astronaut theories have been advanced by the following authors (listed by year of initial publication):

Erich von Däniken

Erich von Däniken was a leading proponent of this theory in the late 1960s and early 1970s, gaining a large audience through the 1968 publication of his best-selling book Chariots of the Gods? and its sequels.

Certain artifacts and monumental constructions are claimed by von Däniken to have required a more sophisticated technological ability in their construction than that which was available to the ancient cultures who constructed them. Von Däniken maintains that these artifacts were constructed either directly by extraterrestrial visitors or by humans who learned the necessary knowledge from said visitors. These include Stonehenge, the Moai of Easter Island, The great pyramid at Giza, and the Ancient Baghdad Electric Batteries.

Von Däniken claims that ancient art and iconography throughout the world illustrates air and space vehicles, non-human but intelligent creatures, ancient astronauts and artifacts of an anachronistically advanced technology. Von Däniken also claims that geographically separated historical cultures share artistic themes, which he argues imply a common origin. For one such example, is von Däniken's interpretation of the sarcophagus lid recovered from the tomb of the Classic-era Maya ruler of Palenque, Pacal. Von Däniken claimed the design represented a seated astronaut, whereas the iconography and accompanying Maya text identifies it as a portrait of the ruler himself with the World Tree of Maya mythology.

The origins of many religions are interpreted by von Däniken as reactions to encounters with an alien race. According to his view, humans considered the technology of the aliens to be supernatural and the aliens themselves to be gods. Von Däniken claims that the oral and written traditions of most religions contain references to alien visitors in the way of descriptions of stars and vehicular objects travelling through air and space. One such is Ezekiel's revelation in the Old Testament, which Däniken interprets as a detailed description of a landing spacecraft.

Von Däniken's theories became popularized in the U.S. after the NBC-TV documentary In Search Of Ancient Astronauts hosted by Rod Serling and the movie Chariots of the Gods.

Critics have argued that von Däniken misrepresented data, that many of his claims were unfounded, and that none of his core claims has been validated.[14]

 Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin's series The Earth Chronicles, beginning with The 12th Planet, revolves around Sitchin's interpretation of ancient Sumerian and Middle Eastern texts, megalithic sites, and artifacts from around the world. He theorizes the gods of old Mesopotamia were actually astronauts from the planet "Nibiru", which Sitchin claims the Sumerians believed to be a remote "12th planet" (counting the Sun, Moon, and Pluto as planets) associated with the god Marduk. According to Sitchin, Nibiru continues to orbit our sun on a 3,600-year elongated orbit. Sitchin also suggests that the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is the shattered remains of the ancient planet "Tiamat", which he claims was destroyed in one of Niburu's orbits through the solar system. Modern astronomy has found no evidence to support Sitchin's claims.

According to Sitchin, the Sumerians relate how 50 Anunnaki, the inhabitants of Nibiru, came to Earth approximately 400,000 years ago with the intent of mining raw materials, especially gold, for transport back to Nibiru. With their small numbers they soon tired of the task and set out to genetically engineer laborers to work the mines. After much trial and error they eventually created homo sapiens sapiens: the "Adapa" (model man) or Adam of later mythology. Sitchin claims the Anunnaki were active in human affairs until their culture was destroyed by global catastrophes caused by the abrupt end of the last ice age some 12,000 years ago. Seeing that humans survived and all they had built was destroyed, the Anunnaki left Earth after giving humans the opportunity and means to govern themselves.

Robert Temple

Robert K. G. Temple's 1976 book, The Sirius Mystery argues that the Dogon people of northwestern Mali preserved an account of extraterrestrial visitation from around 5,000 years ago. He quotes various lines of evidence, including supposed advanced astronomical knowledge inherited by the tribe, descriptions, and comparative belief systems with ancient civilizations such as ancient Egypt and Sumer. His work draws heavily on the studies of cultural anthropologists Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen.[15]

His conclusions have been criticized by scientists, who point out discrepancies within Temple's account, and suggested that the Dogon may have received some of their astronomical information recently, probably from European sources, and may have misrepresented Dogon ethnography.[16][17][18]

 Raëlian religious movement

Raëlism, or Raëlianism, is a religious movement created by Claude Vorilhon, better known as Raël. Raël claims to have encountered extraterrestrials on a number of occasions. On one such occasion, he claims that he was informed that humans were created by an advanced extraterrestrial humanoid race, the Elohim, using their knowledge of DNA and genetics. The Raëlian movement also argues against evolution and supports human cloning. Evidence cited by proponents

 Religious texts

Proponents cite ancient mythologies to support their viewpoints based on the idea that ancient creation myths of gods who descend from the heavens to Earth to create or instruct humanity are actually representations of alien visitors, whose superior technology accounts for their reception as gods. Proponents attempt to draw an analogy to occurrences in modern times when isolated cultures are exposed to Western technology, such as when, in the early 20th century, "cargo cults" were discovered in the South Pacific: cultures who believed various Western ships and their cargo to be sent from the Gods as fulfillment of prophecies concerning their return.[citation needed]

Flying machines are sometimes mentioned in ancient texts; one example is the Vimanas, flying machines found in the Sanskrit epics of India. These tales range from fantastic aerial battles employing various weaponry, to the mundane relating simple technical information, flight procedure, and flights of fancy. (See also Vaimanika Shastra, a text on Vimanas supposedly "channeled" in the early 20th century.)[19][citation needed]

In the Biblical Old Testament, the Book of Ezekiel tells of a flying object seen as a fiery whirlwind which when descended to the ground gave the appearance of being made of metal. It is described among other things as a wheel within a wheel containing four occupants, "living creatures", whose likeness was that of man. The passage goes on to say that wherever the wheels went the creatures went, and when the living creatures were lifted up the wheels were lifted up. [20] The book of Genesis(6:1-4) also tells us of such an encounter where the "sons of heaven" had intercourse with the "daughters of man" which produced the Nephilim. [21] The apocryphal Book of Enoch tells of similar flying objects and beings called "the Watchers" who have mutinied from "heaven" and descended to earth, but goes further in that Enoch is taken on journeys to various corners of the Earth in the object and at one point even travels to the heavens.[22] In several chapters of the Old Testament God is depicted as traveling as a column of smoke and/or fire[23] and making the sound of a trumpet.[24] These descriptions also describe Yahweh as having a physical presence,[25] rather than an abstraction. Yahweh is described raining lightning[26] and stones[27] down upon the enemies of the Hebrews. However, descriptions of the Hebrew God have also featured protecting wings and outstretched arms in the Psalms, features which may be considered contrary to theories of mechanical manifestations of God.[28][citation needed]

Additionally, the characteristics of the Ark of the Covenant and the Urim and Thummim are identified as suggesting high technology, perhaps from alien origins.[29]

 Artifacts and artwork

Alleged physical evidence includes the discovery of artifacts in Egypt (the Saqqara Bird) and Colombia-Ecuador, which are claimed to be similar to modern planes and gliders,[30] although these have been interpreted by archaeologists as stylized representations of birds and insects.

More support of this theory draws upon what are claimed to be representations of flying saucers in medieval and renaissance art.[31] This is used to support the ancient astronaut theory by attempting to show that the creators of humanity return to check up on their creation throughout time.

Other artistic support for the ancient astronaut theory has been sought in Palaeolithic cave paintings.[citation needed] Vondijina in Australia and Val Camonica in Italy (seen above) are claimed to bear a resemblance to present day astronauts.[citation needed] Supporters of the ancient astronaut theory sometimes claim that similarities such as dome shaped heads, interpreted as beings wearing space helmets, prove that early man was visited by an extraterrestrial race.[32]

 Nazca Lines

The ancient Nazca lines comprise hundreds of enormous ground drawings etched into the high desert landscape of Peru, which consist primarily of geometric shapes, but also include depictions of a variety of animals and at least one human figure.[33] Many believers in ancient astronauts cite the Nazca lines as evidence because the figures created by the lines are most clearly depicted or only able to be seen when viewed from the air. Writing professor Joe Nickell of the University of Kentucky, using only technology he believed to be available to people of the time, was able to recreate one of the larger figures with a reasonable degree of accuracy[34]

 Monumental architecture

Evidence for ancient astronauts is claimed to include the existence of ancient monuments and megalithic ruins such as the Giza pyramids of Egypt, Machu Picchu in Peru, or Baalbek in Lebanon, and the Moai of Easter Island.[citation needed] Supporters contend these stone structures could not have been built with the technical abilities and tools of the people of the time and further argue that many could not be duplicated even today. They suggest that the large size of the building stones, the precision with which they were laid, and the distances many were transported leaves the question open as to who constructed these sites. These contentions are categorically rejected by mainstream archeology. Some mainstream archeologist have participated in experiments to move large megaliths. These experiments have succeeded in moving megaliths up to at least 40 tons, [35][36] and they have speculated that with a larger workforce larger megaliths could be towed with ancient technology. [37] Such allegations are not unique in history, however, as similar reasoning lay behind the wonder of the Cyclopean masonry walling at Mycenaean cities in the eyes of Greeks of the following "Dark Age," who believed that the giant Cyclopes had built the walls.


Other than the proponents' own interpretations of ancient writings and artifacts, there has yet to be found any hard evidence to support the ancient astronaut hypothesis.

Alan F. Alford, author of Gods of the New Millennium, (1996) was an adherent of the ancient astronaut theory. Much of his work draws on Sitchin’s theories. However, he now finds fault with Sitchin’s theory after deeper analysis, stating that: “I am now firmly of the opinion that these gods personified the falling sky; in other words, the descent of the gods was a poetic rendition of the cataclysm myth which stood at the heart of ancient Near Eastern religions.”[38]

A 2004 article in Skeptic Magazine[39] states that von Däniken plagiarized many of the book's concepts from Le Matin des Magiciens, that this book in turn was heavily influenced by the Cthulhu Mythos, and that the core of the ancient astronaut theory originates in H. P. Lovecraft's short stories "The Call of Cthulhu" and "At the Mountains of Madness".

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