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3-14-05 - DREAM - I was in high school with Antonio Vega (from One Life to Live TV show and his companion who was an attorney. It was the last afternoon before graduation. and the last 1/2 day of school.  We were sitting there watching two women's group advisors walk through a large room where all the girls met in their various groups. It was their job to tell the groups of girls how to behave and what to do.

Then we talked about going to school the next morning which was not a required day in school, but it was the last day during which the seniors walked around with their school annuals and got autographs from their fellow students and said their goodbyes.

The last day was actually a 1/2 day from 8 a.m. to noon. 

We decided to look at the clock and see what time it was. The clock read twenty-five minutes past 11 (on an analog clock) 

We couldn't believe that was the correct time and we went into a panic and jumped up to go find a different clock and see what the real time was. 

We still had to take showers and get dressed for the last day of school and we weren't ready. 

We went to the building where the showers were. It looked like a big old white barn. It was very roughly built of white vertical boards. 

Someone in charge of the showers didn't want us to use the building and we were being barred from it. We were standing outside the building waiting to be let in. We didn't want to miss the last day of school. 

. This is the position that Antonio Vega, his companion and I
were sitting in the room.
The clock time in the dream is the same angle at the Northern Cross.

I was told in a previous dream that I originally came from Altair.

 Top-north, bottom-south, left-east, right west
Image: adapted from Sky and Telescope

Cygnus, the Swan (the Northern Cross)



Scientists announced that the two giant clumps of dust in the ring surrounding the star Vega may be planets. Vega is located 25 light years away in the constellation Lyra and is the brightest star in the summer sky. The planets are apparently trapped in this dust ring.

Observations of Vega in 1983 with the Infrared Astronomy Satellite provided the first evidence for large dust particles around another star, probably debris related to the formation of planets. This discovery likely inspired Carl Sagan to place the alien listening post at Vega in his novel "Contact." In our Solar System, dust particles created by asteroid collisions spiral in toward the Sun. The gravity of the planets affect the distribution of these dust particles.

VEGA (Alpha Lyrae). One of the most famed stars of the sky, Vega is the luminary of the dim but exquisite constellation Lyra, the Lyre, which represents the harp of the great mythical musician Orpheus. Its name derives from an Arabic phrase that means "the swooping eagle." Vega is one of three brilliant stars that divide the northern heavens into thirds, the others Arcturus and Capella, and with Altair and Deneb forms the great Summer Triangle, lying at its northwestern apex. At magnitude zero, it is the sky's fifth brightest star, falling just behind Arcturus and just ahead of Capella. It is also one of the closer stars to the Earth, lying just 25 light years away. Though its proximity helps make it bright in our skies, it is also inherently luminous, 54 times brighter than our Sun. Vega is a classic white main sequence star, like the Sun quietly running off the nuclear fusion of hydrogen deep in its core, with a surface temperature of 9600 degrees Kelvin. Its color and apparent brightness made it the basic standard against which the apparent magnitudes of all other stars are ultimately compared. Because it is 2.5 times as massive as the Sun, it uses its internal fuel much faster and will burn out in less than a billion years, less than 10 percent of the solar lifetime. Vega was one of the first stars to be discovered with a large luminous infrared-radiating halo that suggests a circumstellar cloud of warm dust. Since Vega seems to be rotating with its pole directed toward the Earth, the dust cloud probably represents a face-on disk that may not be unlike the disk surrounding the Sun and that contains the planets. Several other stars similar to Vega (Fomalhaut, Denebola, Merak, for example) possess similar disks, and astronomers speculate that they may indicate the existence of planetary systems, though no planets have ever been detected. Even if they exist, it seems unlikely that life would have developed to any degree because of the short lifetimes of these hot stars.
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In the constellation of Lyra is Vega, which is the fifth brightest star in the sky. It is associated with the asterism known as the summer triangle. Vega (also known as Wega) draws its name from the Arabic word waki, translating in to English as eagle. This association with an eagle (or other birds of prey) remains in many mythological interpretations. The star is also known to be associated with the harp, or known as “the harp star”. It was given this name by first century Roman scientist Pliny the Elder.

Pliny’s name of  the Lyre refers to the constellation as the harp or lyre  as created by Hermes the Roman Messenger God. In the mythology, Hermes, son of Zeus the almighty, found an empty turtle shell, and found that it had wonderful acoustic sounds as he beat on it with a stick. He than affixed a number of strings taut across the opening of the shell, in a such a way that is was similar to stringed instruments we still use today.

After Hermes created the lyre, his brother Apollo, the Sun God came upon it.  (Apollo is the God of music and a noted athlete.) There is more than one story to how Apollo got the lyre from Hermes. It could have been a trade, in which Hermes exchanged the harp for a golden scepter from Apollo, which he then used give wealth and prosperity to mortal men. A second version of the story tells that the harp is a gift from Hermes to Apollo, to quell Apollo’s anger with Hermes for attempting to take his cattle. (This crime Odysseus’ hungry crewmen paid with their lives).

The harp became a family heirloom and changed hands again when Apollo gave the harp to his son Orpheus. Orpheus, being a prodigy, mastered the instrument such that rocks, streams, and trees were enchanted by his music. He charmed the angriest of men and the wildest of beasts as well.

Orpheus' abilities served him well in winning the heart of Eurydice, the woman he romanced and wed. Some time after  Euridice married Orpheus, she went walking in the fields with her sisters. A shepherd approached her, who was enchanted by her beauty. Eurydice tried to escape, but was but received a lethal bite of a poisonous snake.

Taking his harp with him, Orpheus went into the underworld hoping to retrieve his bride from death. While singing a loving ballad about his wife , he convinced Pluto to release Eurydice from the underworld, Pluto agreed that he would release her, only under the condition that Orpheus could not set eyes upon her until they reached the upper world. Orpheus had a hard time obeying that condition and took a look backward to see his beloved wife, breaking the rule set by Pluto, so Euridice had to return to the underworld.

After losing Eurydice  a second time to the underworld, Orpheus stayed alone from women for the rest of his life. A group of young women who were trying to get Orpheus' attention decided that his lack of interest in them was not normal, struck him down with javelins and knives. They then dismembered his corpse because they were so enraged. Orpheus' head and lyre were tossed into a river that was nearby, and his arms and legs were buried in another location.

The story of the nine muses is that they carried the harp to the heavens, placing it among the stars. Zeus is also said to have sent a vulture forth to retrieve the harp from the river.  The latter story seems to unite both the harp and the eagle associations with the constellation.

In an Asian story, the Star Vega is told as a "weaving girl", in a romantic relationship with a neighboring "herd boy", represented by Altair of the constellation Aquila. The two 'beings' in heaven  neglected their duties and were then  divided by the Celestial River, the Milky Way Galaxy.


DENEB (Alpha Cygni). One of the truly great stars of our Galaxy, Deneb serves a three-fold role among the constellations. Its very name tells the first. "Deneb" is from an Arabic word meaning "tail," as this first magnitude (1.25) star, the 19th brightest as it appears in our sky, represents the tail of Cygnus the Swan, a classical figure seen flying perpetually to the south along the route of the Milky Way. As the constellation's luminary, the star is also Alpha Cygni. The reversal of Cygnus makes the asterism of the Northern Cross, with Deneb now at the top, the cross seen rising on its side in early northern summer, standing upright in the west in early northern winter evenings. Deneb also makes the western apex of the famed Summer Triangle, which also incorporates Vega and Altair. All three of these white class A stars (Deneb an A2 supergiant) have similar surface temperatures, Vega, at 9600 Kelvin, the warmest, Deneb radiating at 8400 Kelvin. Though Vega and Altair are really quite luminous, they are first magnitude primarily because they are close to us, averaging only 25 light years away. Deneb, on the other hand, may be as far as 2600 light years. Based on that distance, its awesome luminosity of 160,000 Suns makes it about the intrinsically brightest star of its kind (that is, in its temperature or spectral class) in the entire Galaxy. If placed at the distance of Vega, Deneb would shine as bright as a well- developed crescent Moon. Deneb is a true supergiant, its diameter, calculated from its temperature and luminosity, is 200 times that of the Sun. Direct measurement of its tiny angular diameter (a mere 0.002 seconds of arc) gives a very similar value of 180 solar. If it were placed at the center of our Solar System, Deneb would extend to the orbit of the Earth. While far from the largest star in the Galaxy, Deneb is one of the biggest of its kind. It is evolving and has stopped fusing hydrogen in its core. Just what it is doing, however, we do not know. Having begun its life as a star of some 25 solar masses, its fate is almost certainly to explode sometime within the next couple of million years. The star is constant in its light, but its spectrum, its light as seen when stretched into a rainbow, is slightly variable. Blowing from its surface is a wind that causes the star to lose mass at a rate of 0.8 millionths of a solar mass per year, a hundred thousand times the flow rate from the Sun. Deneb is among the most magnificent stars you can see with the unaided eye. (6/19/98, 8/2/02)
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Hyginus tells that Zeus was fallen in love with the goddess Nemesis, but that she didn't want to have anything to do with him. To overcome her resistances, Zeus changed into a swan and asked Aphrodite to change into an eagle and to pretend to chase him. Nemesis, pitied by the escaping swan, gave him protection by taking him on her lap: too late she understood that in those borrowed plumes there was the king of gods.

Of this myth there is a different version, told by Heratostenes. He says that Nemesis, to escape Zeus' loving proffers, changed into many animals: but Zeus stubbornly pursued her, by changing each time into an animal which was greater and faster than hers. When Nemesis changed into a goose, Zeus assumed the features of a swan, finally succeeding in reaching her.


ALTAIR (Alpha Aquilae). First magnitude (0.77) Altair, the 12th brightest star in the sky and the Alpha star of Aquila the Eagle, is also the southern anchor of the famed Summer Triangle, which it makes with Vega and Deneb. The Arabic name "Altair," reflective of the constellation itself, comes from a phrase meaning "the flying eagle." Though the constellation does not look much like its name, Altair itself is flanked by a pair of stars (the Beta and Gamma stars Alshain and Tarazed) that really do remind the sky- gazer of a bird with outstretched wings. The trio of stars has in fact been taken for an airplane with wing lights slowly flying across the sky. Though three of the stars of the Summer Triangle are all white in color and hotter than the Sun, all are also individuals. A class A (A7) hydrogen-fusing dwarf with a temperature of 7550 degrees Kelvin, Altair is the coolest of the three (with Vega and Deneb nearly equal at 9500 Kelvin). Altair is also the least luminous. From its distance of 16.8 light years, we find it to be 10.6 times brighter than the Sun, as opposed to 50 times for Vega and an astounding 200,000 or so for much more distant Deneb. Like the Sun and Vega, Altair is "on the main sequence" of stars, fusing hydrogen into helium in its core. Yet the star is not without its own striking characteristics. It is moving across the sky against the background of distant stars more quickly than most, and will displace itself by as much as a degree in only 5000 years. It is also a very rapid rotator. Its equatorial spin speed, while certainly not a record, is still an astonishing 210 kilometers per second (and may be greater, since the axial tilt is not known), as compared with the Sun's 2 kilometers per second. With a radius 1.8 times that of the Sun, the star has a rotation period of at most only 10 hours, as opposed to nearly a month for our ponderously spinning Sun. Altair's high speed has even caused it to become distorted. Observation with a sophisticated interferometer, from which the angular size of the star is measured, reveals a 14% oblateness. Even with its high rotational velocity, however, Altair is far from its rotational breakup speed of 450 kilometers per second.
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Altair has called "The King of Birds", "The Rising One", "The Star of Mighty Virtue", the "Armor-bearing Bird of Jove" (Jove is the Roman Jupiter or Greek Zeus), in this god's conflict with the giants. The English called it "The Flying Grype".

Notable stars in Aquila: Epoch 2000
Longitude Name Nature Mag. Position Lat. Dec.
19 Cp. 48 Dheneb Mars/Jupiter 3 Eagle's tail 36N 14N
00 Aq. 56 Tarazed Mars/Jupiter 2.8 Eagle's back 31N 11N
01 Aq. 46 Altair Mars/Jupiter 0.77 Eagle's breast 29N 09N
02 Aq. 25 Alshain Mars/Jupiter 3.9 Eagle's neck 27N 6N

In classical myth the eagle was the bird of Zeus who returned his master's thunderbolts and carried to him the souls of heroes. In The Royal Art of Astrology, Robert Eisler explains how, at the funerals of' Roman emperors, an eagle was lightly fastened to the top of the pyre so that as soon as the fire had singed its fetters, it would break free of its bonds and fly away - apparently bearing aloft the soul of the departed. The location of Aquila by the side of Aquarius, and its flight across the Milky Way towards the east was thus said by some classical authors to represent the ascension of Ganymede (identified with Aquarius) to Zeus. Modern scholars prefer the theory that this constellation's name was assigned when it was near the summer solstice - the bird of greatest elevation being chosen to assume the symbolism of the summit of the Sun.

The imagery of the eagle has always been identified with the qualities of strength, courage, nobility and dignity, which accords with Ptolemy's belief that its stars are of the nature of Mars and Jupiter. Manilius illustrates the Martian trait in his description of those born under its influence:

He that is born in the hour of its rising will grow up bent on spoil and plunder, won even with bloodshed … Yet, should perchance his aggressiveness be enlisted in a noble cause, depravity will turn to virtue, and he will succeed in bringing wars to a conclusion and enriching his country with glorious triumphs. 

The main star, Altair, is named from the Arabic Al Tair meaning 'The Eagle'.Lilly, adhering to Manilius, says that this 1st magnitude yellow star represents "a bold, confident, valiant person, never yielding, guilty of bloodshed, of distempered manner,. &c ". But he also adds that when the Moon is directed to it there is fortune in great measure and a time of marriage and childbirth. 

The other notable stars include Dheneb, a 3rd magnitude star which shines with a green glint and whose name comes from Al Dhanab 'The Tail'; Tarazed a pale orange 3rd magnitude star in the back of the eagle; and Alshain a 4th magnitude star otherwise known as 'the Eagle's neck'. The attributes of these stars are similar to Altair but, being of less brilliance, their influence is not so strong.

The Semitic language of the Arabs; spoken in a variety of dialects Arabic words al-nasr al-tair, which mean the flying eagle.

Altair, along with β and γ Aquilae, form the well-known line of stars sometimes referred to as the shaft of Aquila.

In Chinese Mythology there is a love story of Qi Qiao Jie In which Niu Lang Altair and his two children (Aquila -β and -γ) are separated forever from their mother Zhi Nu (Vega) who is on the far side of the river, the Milky Way.


ZHI-NU: Goddess of Weaving, Spinning and Crafts.

The daughter of the JADE-EMPEROR, she spends all her time spinning beautiful silk robes and lacey garments for the Heavenly Host. She also makes the finest gossamer clouds and her tapestry of the constellations is a work of art.

Her father was so pleased with ZHI-NU's diligent work that he married her to the Heavenly Official In Charge Of Cowsheds. (That may not sound like much of a reward, but then you haven't met him.)

The two of them fell headlong in love and pretty soon she was getting behind in her spinning duties. So they were whisked off into the sky and separated by the Milky Way. You can still see them there; she is Vega in the constellation Lyra and he is Altair in the constellation Aquila.

Now they are only allowed to meet once a year, when a flock of magpies swarm into the sky and create a bridge for them to cross. For the rest of the year they live apart and she is the Heavenly Spinster in more ways than one. This is what comes of a marriage made in Heaven.

Now some versions of this tale assert that ZHI-NU actually came down to Earth and had her clothes stolen while she bathed in a river. The culprit was NIU-LANG, a humble cowherd who was amazed at her beauty and fell instantly in love.

Without her clothes she could not return to Heaven - at least, not without some very awkward questions being asked. So she decided to marry him instead as he was sweet and gentle, and not bad looking for a mortal. Of course Heaven found out eventually, and whisked them off to the stars as before.

It doesn't really matter which version is true. The end of this story is far more important than the beginning, as all Chinese lovers will testify. The seventh day of the seventh lunar month is when ZHI-NU and NIU-LANG cross the magpie bridge. Their stars burn brightly in the Heavens, lovers hold hands and gaze into the night sky, and Chinese Valentine's Day begins...

From: Chinese Mythology


Note to the Reader: When I first had the dream, I went onto the internet to look up the number 11:25.  It was a 'time' on a clock in the dream, but numbers in my dreams are usually referring to the Bible so I typed in 'Bible 11:25'.  The first link on was the verse John 11:25 which is Jesus talking about his own resurrection to Martha at Bethany..

A few minutes later, Joe took a break from his computer and picked up the book Apokalypso by Thomas Jude Germinario.  He had the page marked where he had left off and the exact point where he had stopped reading previously was also verse John 11:25 on page 332.

Then when I researched the star Vega, and saw the map of Vega, Denab, and Altair, I saw that the Star Denab, in the Northern Cross Constellation, which is part of Lyra Constellation including the other two stars called the "Summer Triangle"  the Northern Cross is exactly placed as a clock hands would look at 11:25.  Also, the placement of Vega, Denab, and Altair was exactly how the three of us in the dream were seated in the dream in relation to each other.

Coincidences like that are way too big to ignore. Most people will either just laugh and move on, but to us it is a clue to look further into the meaning.  This page and the page about the three Marys which is linked below is the result.

There are many lessons to learn in life - and these coincidences lead to them if we but look.



The Three Mary's:

From:  Apokalypso: Prophecies of the End of Time by Thomas Jude Germinario:

Page: 331:  St. Martha, who is, traceable back to the tiny hamlet of Les Stes. Maries-d-la-Mer. Local Tradition holds that St. Martha landed on this remote Provencal shore in the year 45 AD, accompanied by the "three Mary's". The 'three Marys" were Martha's sister Mary Magdalene, Mary Jacobe, mother of James the younger, and Mary Salome, mother of John the Evangelist and James the elder. As the folklore has it, Martha and the three Saints Mary were forced to flee the Holy Land in a small boat, sans sail, oar, rudder, or food - but with the Lord's protection, thanks to which they made port near Marseilles. Most versions of the story add Martha's brother Lazarus, who Christ had raised from the dead, and Joseph of Arimathea, in whose tomb Jesus' body was laid - along with a twelve-year-old mystery girl named Sara - to the boatload of holy exiles who disembarked at Les Stes. Maries-de-la-Mer.

All three women were beloved companions of Christ who had followed and served him since the beginning of his ministry in Galilee. At the hour of Jesus' Passion, when virtually all of his male disciples were hiding in fear for their own lives, the three Marys courageously stood by him at Golgotha as recorded in the gospel of St. Mark. And Mark's gospel  also bears witness to the singular honor conferred upon the three Mary's as the first to whom his Resurrection was made known.

It was the faith of the dead man's sisters. Martha and Mary Magdalene, which brought this definitive miracle to fruition:

Jesus said unto her, "I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.  And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believeth in this? She saith unto him, Yea, Lord."   John 11:25-27

Page 333:  Our Savior ascends into Eternal Reality from our of the Cup of the Female principle, upon which has descended from the Holy Spirit. He is truly, as St. Gregory envisioned him, "a man encompassed by a woman". This is the sublime purport of the Grail that heresy strives relentlessly to pervert and obscure. Hence, the sisters of Lazarus stand for the archetypal Sister-Bride, in whom is preserved the collective Life of humanity. Their brother, the lapsed Male principle, lies "four days dead." - corresponding to Mani's four "Great Months".  In the affirmation of the Sister-Bride - in the 'Yea, Lord" spoken by Martha in Bethany - is realized the Redemption of fallen Man. In the opening of the feminine gate through which the Infinite form of the new Adam may emerge upon the plane of manifestation.

But there are those, unwittingly inspired by the Shadow of the dead Adam, who would prefer their Messiah to appear as a temporal king. And appear he will. His coming is foreshadowed in the very next passage of Mark's gospel following the excised tale of Lazarus. There we read of the "sons of Zebedee" - that is, the sons of Mary Salome' - demanding that Christ promise to appoint them his chief ministers, when he assumes the throne of Israel. Jesus' stinging rebuke to Mary's sons should ring in the ears of the "Christian' hypocrites of our times who seek to wrap themselves in his garments as they pursue political power.      

Leadership with service

When the other ten heard this they began to feel indignant with James and John, so Jesus called them to him and said to them, 

"You know that among the gentiles those they call their rulers lord it over them, and their great men make their authority felt. Among you this is not to happen. No, anyone who wants to become great among you must be your servant, and anyone who wants to be first among you must be slave to all. For the Son of Man himself came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." Mark 10: 42-45


Joe Mason writes on the feminine aspect of creation. 

We love synchronicity and coincidence. Dream interpretation books may be helpful to some, and we look at various opinions. Dreamers can find the symbol meanings by checking a number of ideas, and thinking it over carefully. Our own interpretations are often different from standard ones, and we give opinions as an additional source to consider. We hope others will contribute to the interpreting.

It is fun to follow the path of dreams and attempt to put a few puzzle-pieces together. The idea of categories of dreams (garbage, prophetic, diagnostic, universal, etc.) has been around for a while. The Greeks spoke of dreams that come through either the Gate of Ivory or the Gate of Horn, depending on if they are true or false. I read of another grouping about two days ago - basically three divisions for daily life things, thought/concepts type things, and the big spiritual type of dream.

The "masculine-feminine.PRINCIPLE, the brain hemispheres, DNA, etc., are entirely supported by people's dreams. Prophecies can be exaggerated, especially the gloom and doom prophecies. There is flooding, earthquakes, fires, but they are minor in scope compared to the dreams and seem to be mainly symbolic. The trend is that some of the disasters do happen, but they are much more minor than expected. But, the symbolism, is quite big and important. It's all about the changes happening. It is an "inner" thing, which will be manifested more slowly in time. Some of the events are on another plane and do not necessarily manifest in the physical realm.

I realized that one's wife, in a dream, can refer to the feminine aspect of the self, the dreaming, intuitive, right-brained aspect. Various dreams and myths have a theme where the male and female are separated in some way. For example, in the East Indian story of Rama, the hero must battle the evil demon and the Titans who are holding his wife, Sita, captive. After a long struggle, Rama and his warriors, with the help of the Monkey King, defeat the opponents, and he is re-united with Sita.  

The feminine aspect can change in various ways, just as the East Indian Goddesses have various "aspects." I feel this may be why Nancy, in the dream, went upstairs, only to be downstairs - outside, after I descended the stairway. This seems to be showing two aspects of Nancy, and/or my own feminine aspect.

A dream of a woman in red, represents Kali, who corresponds to the harlot of Revelation 17. She is one of many aspects of the Mother Goddess, Sakti. With each cycle change, there is apparently a change in the feminine aspect. Dreams seem to give hints about the change from the Kali/harlot stage of spiritual evolution to the age of the Holy Spirit.

I had a dream in June 1991, 

I saw a "Y"-shape that was also a woman's body where the legs meet. Three energy lines moved from the center, two outward and one downward. Then I saw it again but this time there were just the two outward energy lines. As I saw this, a voice said: "Some say there are three ways of unfolding the world. We say two".

The Barbury Castle triangular formation appeared the next month, although I did not know about it until September 1991.

 I found this quite amazing, because the meaning of the Chinese Great Y has a very similar meaning. The downward-pointing, central triangle of the Sri Yantra is related to the feminine aspect of Deity, and related symbolically to the "yoni," which means vagina.  

A booklet from the Anthroposophic Press offered  "The Spiritual Event of the Twentieth Century," by Jesaiah Ben Aharon. It tells of "the occult significance of the 12 years 1933-45 in the Light of spiritual science. The ad states, "Since the beginning of the Michael Age and the end of Kali Yuga, two central spiritual influences stream increasingly into the consciousness of man.

The first is the Michael power, which guarantees the new human faculty of pure, logical thinking and individual experiences of freedom, and the second is the new supersensible perception that has enabled man to perceive the appearance of the Christ in the etheric realm since 1933."

Page 11 tells of "From Jesus to Christ," by Rudolf Steiner. He says there is an awakening to the new revelation in our time: "Christ as the Lord of Karma."

Page 39 tells of "Sophia: The Wisdom of God," by Sergis Bulgakov. He shows how "the Divine Sophia, in whom all things are created, is present in the Holy Trinity itself and how, as the 'creaturely Sophia' she works together with Her divine counterpart in the work of the Holy Spirit for the redemption of the world."

This fits my view of things, and helps clarify things. The "Y"-shape in the Barbury Castle pictogram is the Mother Deity and seems to be Sophia, or other Mother Deity names. The Holy Spirit is the southwest circle, which is an aspect of the feminine Deity within us, and within each consciousness unit. The two are represented as Mother and Daughter. Kali is an aspect of the Mother Deity, the aspect operating in this karma/judgment time cycle. It reminds me of "tough love," a method of getting young, rebellious kids to conform to the rules of the society.

In relation to the above, see:  

The Trinity Connection

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The Emergence of the Mother of All Crop Circles

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The son in the Trinity is often represented by an androgen, having male and female attributes. Mercury, and his Greek counterpart, Hermes, have this. One representation is a key and keyhole, which appeared on the west and east of the 1992 Dharmic Wheel (or Charm Bracelet) crop formation. There was a triad glyph as the eighth step, which was similar to the Barbury pattern. At the center was a circle inside a quartered circle, which Michael Green said is the god, Bel, the Light behind the light. Bel was a name given to Marduke, which means, "Lord." He was also a son in a Trinity.

Prior to Barbury, I wrote a speculation that Adam and Eve represent One person, with the dual aspects, based on dreams. The primary dream was told to me by a co-worker. He was on a starship in space, and a VERY important message was about to come in. But, it could not come until he ejected the garbage first, which he then did. A doctor appeared, and led the crew into a bedroom. He began working on a yard-high mound of a jelly-like substance at the foot of the empty bed. Suddenly, the dreamer saw a human-sized hand puppet, a male/female pair, with only one hand-hole. They fell back into a vat of water, and he knew they HAD to change.

Shortly thereafter, I read "The Gnostic Gospels." One of the early Christians had a vision that Adam/Eve are one person.

Some years later, I found H.P. Blavatsky's "Isis Unveiled," vol. 2. She shows the relationships involved in the concept of the Trinity, from various cultures, which she traces back to ancient India. She calls Adam/Eve the "First Androgen."

She shows some basic forms of it. The first is a Father and Mother with a Son, who is androgen. Next, comes the Triple Male Trinity. They have female "Consorts," that are usually composited into one feminine Deity. Together, they are "The Perfect Four." In the Babylonian system, it is Anu, Bel, and Hoa (the moon). The feminine Deity is Mylitta or Ishtar. According to Blavatsky, the feminine Deity in the Christian Trinity is the Virgin Mary.

After reading this, I got a book called, "The Four Gospels," a translation of four of the Gnostic Gospels found at Nag Hamadi. One was "The Secret Book of John." He had a vision about the Creation. A Father/Mother/Child spirit appears and explains. The Father created the Feminine First Power. She produced "the triple male."

Page 276 of Sacred Symbols of Mu shows another triangle glyph, with the letters A, U, and M, in the corners, which is more than 2,300 years old. The ancient Hindu book, Manava dharma Sastra, states:  

"In the beginning the Infinite only existed called Aditi. Infinite dwelt A U M whose name must precede all prayers and invocations."  

James Churchward continues . . .

"A U M conveys identically the same meaning and conception as the Mysterious Writing and Niven's Mexican tablet No. 2379. The difference between these and A U M is in the form of the writing. The Mysterious Writing and the Mexican tablet are in the old temple esoteric numeral writing. The Hindu A U M is written in alphabetical symbols which reads:  

A - Ahau       Masculine - Father
U -                Feminine - Mother - She
M - Mehen    The engendered - The Son - Man"

The concepts conveyed in The Tantric Way speak of the vibration "as sound." This seems to be related to the chant, "Om," or "Aum."  

By the time I found The Tantric Way in early 1993, I had come to realize that symbols of the male-female duality were quite major in dreams and crop circle formations. The duality, in my research, seemed to be related to the concept of the Trinity, in terms of Father, Mother, and Son. The Son aspect, it seemed, had a dual, male-female nature, as well.


The six-petal daisy came to me through dreams, as it is made up from interlocking circles in a ring. It has appeared many times in various forms as a crop formation. In my case, it also represented a closed aperture, like that on a camera. The north sun symbol in the Barbury Castle formation was similar. My dream-coincidences indicated that it would open, letting in the Seventh Ray on the Seventh Day of Creation (we are not Man yet). It is the Lost Pleiad of the Pleiades, and the Angel that rises from the Dawning Sun in Revelation 7, to mark the foreheads. (those who have stayed awake).

The Hopi depict a 12-petal sun flower in their Creation myth of Spider Grandmother. She teaches us how "to weave" after the fourth step (Heart chakra), and emergence into the Sunlight. Tantra, in Sanskrit means, "to weave." The Lotus of the Heart has 12 petals, and I believe it is related to the New Jerusalem.

That same year, a six-petal pattern appeared with smaller circles around the major one, which produced a Star Of David in the center. A strong clue, as I see it, of the apature opening, and the leap to the Heart Chakra by humanity en mass.

You can find information about the six-petal symbol at: and and

Dave is transformed into a baby (re: Rev. 12) in a bubble, heading back to earth. A new cycle of evolution is about to begin.

When I saw the sequel, "2010," I was a bit disappointed, until I woke up to the symbolism of the two Suns at the end. The Sun and the Day Break Star, Venus, correspond to Adam and Eve, in my dream interpretations. We were created with a much larger male/rational/left-brain aspect. We only have a rib-sized portion of the female/intuitive/dreaming/right-brain aspect. As we awake from our dreams in the morning, and things "dawn" on us, the two lights are up there in the sky (at times). As the sun rises, the Morning star fades into invisibility overpowered by the sun, that is, our feminine side has even less function in daytime.

The symbolic meaning of two Suns becomes clear. Our Venus aspect will grow to match the Sun aspect. This is symbolized in a number of other ways in the crop formations, and in dreams. In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, Jesus said in saying 22, that one must make the male and female into a single one, in order to enter the Father's domain. The most clear crop pattern that had this symbolism had the female sign of Venus joined together with the male sign of Mars.

Deathwalking with Diana

The facts of Princess Diana's life and death are well-known to us all, so I shall not dwell overly much on them here. The thoughts that follow are a tentative attempt to come to terms consciously with what has undeniably been an archetypal event of tidal wave proportions. It has splashed millions, if not billions of folk emotionally and mythically - particularly those who are open to being so touched through dwelling near the ocean - the foremost symbol of the unconscious. Only those in emotional deserts, or in psychological graves, or on unreachable mountain-tops, it seems, have remained immune; indeed, many have been surprised, even caught off-guard by the depth of their personal response. The entire tragedy has, I believe, given further impetus to what Jung prophesied would be the incoming dominant of the emerging Aquarian Age, Eros, the feminine principle of relatedness. (Perhaps it's no coincidence, then, that the Aquarian Age, in one astrological system of dating, begins 'officially' in 1997). At the same time this event has placed, ironically through a death, another nail in the coffin of the waning Piscean dominant of patriarchal hierarchy and its distantly enthroned God.


Many biblical passages use the word vine as a metaphor for the chosen people of God. "A vine thou didn't bring out of Egypt" (Ps. 80:91), "The vineyard of the Lord of hosts is the House of Israel and the mean of Judah are his cherished plant" (Isa. 5:71) Several passages refer to the vine as feminine. "Thy wife is like a fruitful vine" (Ps. 128); "Your mother is like a vine planted by the water, fruitful and branchy... but she was torn up...and now she is planted in the desert...she is now without a royal branch, a ruler's scepter" (Ezek. 19:10-14)  This transplanted royal vine is understood by biblical scholarship to refer to the royal Davidic line of Judah, the line of the princes.

The Bride in Canticles carefully tends the vines. In Isaiah 5, the rebellious vineyard brings forth wild grapes. Psalm 80is a prayer for the restoration of the vineyard. "Take care of this vine and protect what your right hand has planted." In Mark's Gospel, Jesus tells the parable of the vinedressers, caretakers of the vineyard (Israel) who beat the servants of their master when they came to inspect the condition of the vines and then killed the master's son. No one who knew Jesus of Nazareth and who "had ears to hear" was in any doubt as to the identity of that 'faithful son". He was the legitimate heir to the vineyard of Judah.

The transplanting of the Davidic "vine" would have come as no surprise to the Zealot fundamentalist friends of Jesus. They knew it had been prophesied (Ezek. 17). It had happened before, when the people of Israel were taken as slaves to Babylon. But it could also happen again. in light of the danger to the vine of Judah, the royal bloodline, it is likely that the friends of Jesus took strong and perhaps desperate measures to protect the family of Jesus. It would have been their top priority."

End of quote


Kiara Windrider says:  The Egyptian calendar pointed to September 17, 2001 as a time for planetary initiation (See Moira Timms, Beyond Prophecies and Predictions). The tragic events of September 11 unfolding with the Twin Towers and Pentagon attacks sent ripples of shock across the world, setting off a great chain of consequences that continues to build. Could these two events be related somehow?

The Pyramid end-date is also related to electromagnetic changes within the Earth, and the balancing of long-range karmic cycles, eventually shifting from karma to grace. Could this time represent a possible choice point for human evolution?

In an astrological chart set up for 1:30 a.m. on September 17, 2001 over Giza, an interesting Star of David was formed, representing the descent of the Aquarian Age, and the ascent of the wounded feminine. It signified a major turning point in patriarchal consciousness.

Excerpt from:

On May 5, 2001, Dee Finney had an incredible vision during meditation that is related to the above writing:

Note: The line was all red. I have made it red and white to make
it easier to be seen.

5-3-2001 - MEDITATION -

I suddenly had a vision of the world like a huge blue ball and a red line came
shooting out of one spot  in Egypt and going up and spinning into a spiral...
not like a tornado sideways, but a large ball spiraling of red string arcing up
and then spiraling down and around into itself. The spiral was almost as
large as the earth itself.
Then out of the spiral, came shooting another red
line that went up and divided and came falling back down towards earth.

I lay there thinking about what that might be ... like a volcano spouting red
lava ... a voice said, "It is nothing less than the power of the pyramid taking
over today."

See automatic writing for today  Topic is the Ark of the Covenant

More on the Pyramid at Giza



A medieval legend insists that there was a "dark child" on the boat, a child who is called "Sarah, the Egyptian." Ii is speculated that she might be the daughter of Magdalene for several reasons deeply rooted in the Hebrew Scriptures. She might be symbolically "dark" for reasons associated with the "hidden" bloodline of the princes of Judah, whose appearance, described as "brighter than snow and whiter than milk," is now "blacker than soot, they are unrecognized on the streets" (Lamentations 4). "Sarah" means "princess" in Hebrew.

A second prophetic Scripture dear to the hearts of the people of Israel would likewise be fulfilled in her: "Out of Egypt I called my child" (Hosea 11:1). Perhaps the child Sarah was called "the Egyptian" by virtue of the fact that she was actually born in Egypt. But in stating this, it is realized that we are talking about people who "coined the myth" rather than any physical reality of an actual "flesh and blood" child of the union of Magdalene and Christ. 

Written traces of the "Grail heresy" of the bloodline of Jesus in Europe cannot be found until the Middle Ages, but folk tales of the little lost princess are much older. Is this "folk memory" the custodian of a suppressed and hidden truth? Or was it only a "myth," a story too dangerous to be told? Among others, Emma Jung, the wife of the famed psychologist Carl Jung, and their friend Marie-Louise von Franz, believe that the oral tradition of the "sangraal" ("blood royal" in Old French) circulated in Europe throughout the Dark Ages.

The Gnostic "Gospel of Philip" mentions Mary Magdalene as the "consort" of Jesus, one of the women who was his constant companion, his "koinonos." This is significant because Roman Catholic tradition declares that the Apostle named Philip evangelized Gaul. Perhaps here again we are looking at "myth" rather than hard empirical evidence. The Apostle Philip probably never even set foot in Gaul, but rather, it was this "Valentinian" treatise, the Gnostic "Gospel of Philip," with its pointed references to the intimate union of Christ and Magdalene, that was honored in Gaul. The intimate relationship of Christ and Mary Magdalene was so highly honored that a cult of Mary Magdalene grew up across the Mediterranean from where the Gospel of Phillip had originated--among the Gnostics in Alexandria. Was this because the people of Gaul already knew the story of the archetypal Bride and Bridegroom--the "Beloveds"--of the Christian story?

The "Gnostic" Christianity that grew up in Egypt was far more egalitarian and liberal than that of Saint Paul and his "orthodox" friends. Could that be because Mary Magdalene once resided there among them? Or was it merely her MYTH that had lived there?

The evidence that Mary Magdalene and Jesus together provided the model for the "hieros gamos" (Sacred Marriage)in Christianity is found in the Gospels themselves. The numbers coded by gematria in her name indicate that Mary Magdalene was the "Goddess" among early Christians. They understood the "numbers theology" of the Hellenistic world, numbers coded in the New Testament that were based on the ancient canon of sacred geometry derived by the Pythagoreans centuries before.

The Greek epithet "h Magdalhnh" bears the number 153, a profoundly important value used among mathematicians to designate the Vesica Piscis--the ()-shape identified with the "sacred Feminine' in the ancient world. This symbol, the "vulva," has obvious attributes of feminine regeneration and the "doorway" or "portal" of life--the "sacred cauldron of creativity." It was a very ancient ancient, even archetypal symbol for the Goddess. It was called the "holy of holies" and the "inner sanctum." Almonds were sacred to Venus. The symbol abounds in cave art of ancient peoples discovered in shrines where the fertility of the earth and the female was honored. It was no accident that the epithet of Mary Magdalene bore the number that to the educated of the time identified her as the "Goddess in the Gospels."

Excerpted from:  Mary Magdalene and Sarah


The Christian Version of Creation

Mother of God, Mother of All Christians

In the same way as the woman who bore you is called your mother and not the mother of your body only, Mary is the mother of the whole person of Jesus Christ, who is God (cf. Colossians 2:9). The Church proclaimed this truth in the Council of Ephesus in 431 A.D.:

Therefore, because the holy virgin bore in the flesh God who was united hypostatically with the flesh, for that reason we call her mother of God, not as though the nature of the Word had the beginning of its existence from the flesh (for "the Word was in the beginning and the Word was God and the Word was with God", and he made the ages and is coeternal with the Father and craftsman of all things), but because, as we have said, he united to himself hypostatically the human and underwent a birth according to the flesh from her womb.

--Third letter of Cyril to Nestorius

Similarly, the body of believers, the Church, are Christ's body (cf. 1 Corinthians 12:27-31; Ephesians 4:1-6, 15-16; Colossians 1:18; etc.) and since Mary is the mother of Christ, she is also the mother of all us believers. And, as if these facts would not be enough, Jesus himself gave us Mary as our mother as he hung dying on the cross (cf. John 19).

The Japanese Explanation of Creation

The Hebrew Creation Narrative

Mariology - Mary as Mother of God

The Blavatsky Explanation of Creation

The Seven Creations - Blavatsky

The Black Madonna is revered throughout the world, particularly in France, Poland, Italy and Spain. She is the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Crusades and holy pilgrimages

The Black Madonna is honored as a true Goddess figure, and has been since Christianity entered Europe. She is honored by many as Isis, Gaia, Kali, Mary, "the Other Mary" (Mary Magdalene), Diana, Sheela Na Gig, and the Ancient Primal Earth-Mother Goddess.

For many European Christians, the blending of their ancient Goddesses with the Blessed Virgin Mary has been a well accepted fact of their faith for centuries, there is no conflict. The Black Madonna, be She called Isis, or Mary, or Kali, or Diana, embodies all the aspects of Female Divinity for many millions of people.

According to Helena Blavatsky in her book "Isis Unveiled" on page 443 - Vol II, she states: The exoteric plan of the Bible was made to answer also to four ages. Thus, they reckon the Golden Age from Adam to Abraham; the silver, from Abraham to David; copper, from David to the Captivity; thence-forward, the iron. but the secret computation is quite different, and does not vary at all from the zodiacal calculations of the Brahmans. We are in the Iron Age, or Kali-Yuga, but it began with Noah, the mythical ancestor of our race.

Noah, or Nuah, like all the euhemerized manifestations of the Un-revealed One - Svayambhuva (from Svayambhu) - was androgyne. Thus, in some instances, he belonged to the purely feminine triad of the Chaldeans, known as "nuah, the universal Mother." Every male triad had its feminine counterpart, one in three, like the former. It was the passive complement of the active principle, its reflection. In India, the male Trimurti is reproduce in the Sakti-trimurti, the feminine; and in Chaldea, Ana, belita, and Davkina answered to Anu, Bel, Nuah. The former three resumed in one - Belita, were called:

"Sovereign goddess, lady of the nether abyss, mother of gods, queen of the earth, queen of fecundity."

As the primordial humidity, whence proceeded all, Belita is Tiamat, or the sea, the mother of the city of Erech (the great Chaldean necropolis), therefore an infernal goddess. In the world of stars and planets, she is known as Ishtar or Ashtoreth. Hence, she is identical with Venus, and every other Queen of Heaven, to whom cakes and buns were offered in sacrifice, and , as all the archaeologists know, with Eve, the mother of all that live, and with Mary.


The Second coming:  The Second Coming is not a return of Christ but a new arrival of female that is strong, loving, divine, wise and powerful.

Sacred geometry is subtle. It uses shapes (circles, triangles, spirals, etc.) that work subliminally on the unconscious mind. It also uses archetypal symbols, numerology, cosmology, astrology and mysticism to foster a relationship to the universe and to God.


Isis is the lady of the Pyramid, Nun-Hathor and Atum-Ptah gave her the custody.

From Isis comes HOR, and the Akeru Aku: the 7 Sphinx Masters. And from them the Shemsu Hor, of which Christ was one in lineage. Isis gives birth to the divine child, BY the BA (Soul, Dove), BA-BY. And Tehuti enabled that birth to succeed, both in wining with the moon, and by providing the Wizardry to resurrect Ausir Wassir Osiris in the dark. From which emerged Iosos (Horus) on the 25th of December.

Isis was the first Virgin Mary. As Lady of the Pyramid, the MeRu. The Lady of the Lake (Avalon, Arthur, ArkHor, Art-HOR, and MRlin), Queen of Hearts. Mary comes from Egypt. Mother of TutankAton (later TothAnkAmon) and Moses was Mery Kiya (Miriam). Mary comes from Mer, which is both a lake and a sea, in cross linguistics, and has both meanings in Egyptian. Mer was also the Pyramid itself, recall. And Isis was the lady of the mount of the east, Mt Manu (as it was called). She was Sirius, SEPTet, and her sign is the M of Virgo the Virgin of September, when Sirius disappears from the Egyptian skies.

The Mery's were the high Priestesses, and so Jesus was born from a Virgo Mary on the Horus day.

Magdala, is a Hebrew word meaning Tower. It was the name given to Miriyam, one of Yeshua's female disciples, who in all likelihood was his wife. She was called Mary of Magdala, or Mary Magdalene. We also believe she was co-Messiah with Yeshua. God-the-Father and God-the-Mother both chose to incarnate themselves upon the earth together in order to draw their created selves (all of us) back to Them. And now they are returning.....


Six Marys are to be distinguished in the New Testament:

(1) the mother of Jesus; always clearly identified by the context.

(2) Mary Magdalene, a woman of Magdala, " out of whom went seven demons" Luke 8:2 She is never mentioned apart from the identifying word "Magdalene."

(3) The mother of James (called "the less," Mark 15:40) and Joses, the apostles. A comparison of ; John 19:25; Matthew 27:56; Mark 15:40 establishes the inference that this Mary, the mother of James the less, and of Joses was the wife of Alphaeus (called also Cleophas), John 19:25 and a sister of Mary the mother of Jesus. Except in ; Matthew 27:61; 28:1 where she is called "the other Mary (i.e. "other" than her sister, Mary the Virgin); and John 19:25 where she is called "of Cleophas," she is mentioned only in connection with one or both of her sons.

(4) Mary of Bethany, sister of Martha and Lazarus, mentioned by name only in Luke 10:39-42; John 11:1,2,19,20,28,31,32,45; 12:3 but referred to in ; Matthew 26:7; Mark 14:3-9.

(5) The mother of John Mark and sister of Barnabas Acts 12:12.

(6) A helper of Paul in Rome Romans 16:6.

The Black Madonna  -  The Return of the Feminine

Jay Weidner

"In the beginning all was the void and all was black. God saw this and said 'Let there be Light'. And there was  light."

The Book of Genesis

I. Metaphor

In order to understand the Black Madonna it is necessary to think in metaphor. The people of the past thought this way. Long before 'materialist science' arrived on the scene people did not dissect  everything, they did not try to break everything up into tiny fragments.

When they examined something, when they attempted to understand the world around them they did through the act of metaphorical thinking. They would approach a subject by finding it's simile or attempt to understand it through the act of understanding things that were similar to it.

This way of thinking runs contrary to the way that we think today. It also reveals a past that we may not be able to comprehend in a fashion that makes sense to us. When one realizes the power of this way of  thinking it sheds an entirely new light on the people of old times. It makes one realize that  their legends stories and myths may be something  much different than we have been led to believe.

Maybe western mythologists have not been completely correct in their perceptions of what these ancient people were telling us. Maybe they think they understand what the myths and stories were saying but possibly they are
wrong. Maybe something else is being said. Maybe something we can't yet understand is being conveyed to us. It is only through this re-understanding that we can begin to comprehend what it is that we are being told.

When people of the past attempted to describe the world around them they did it through the means of comparison. When they examined something they described it in the poetic, metaphorical terms of emotion and myth - they didn't break it down into long words that run on forever. It is important to understand this because it is impossible for us to begin to realize what they are saying without this understanding.

This is a difficult concept for us to accept today in a culture that believes that it is the smallest of objects that makes up the larger whole. But this way of dealing with the surrounding universe is a faulty way.

Scientists have broken water down to its atomic material. They will tell you that water molecules essentially are made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. But if this is so then why can't they create water by mixing two parts hydrogen with one part oxygen? The fact is that they can't do this. It is impossible. So what does all of this mean? Nothing much except to prove that breaking something down into it's essential components is an exercise in futility.

Yes we can say that water is made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen but how are these atoms combined to make this substance we call water? No one can say.

I say all of this not to prove that science is silly, or even that it's presumptions are wrong. I say this because there are very real mysteries to these ideas. Science would like us to believe that these mysteries have either been solved or that they are on their way to being solved. This is not true. There is much more to be found about nature and her
machinations then we can ever know.

Therefore maybe the ancients were on to something when they decided to view the surrounding world through the prism of metaphor and simile. Maybe they understood that there is something about the human mind itself which allows these comparisons to be not only right but possibly even more accurate than science itself.

This idea of metaphor and simile can help us understand the way that these people thought. Therefore we can understand how they looked at the world. If we can understand how they looked at the world then possibly we can even begin to understand them more completely.

This idea of metaphor begins to take further shape when one considers that many of the texts and myths handed down to us are not what they appear to be about. When one considers these ancient stories it becomes apparent that the interpretations we once thought were accurate representations of what these people are saying may very well be wrong.

Let us take for instance the story of Jesus and his ordeal. For a moment let us shed the precepts and imprints of our own past history with this story. For a moment let us consider that this story came out of sophisticated and long tradition - that of the Hebrew people. Let us also consider that the Dead Sea scrolls - found in Qumran in 1947 -
reveal that the Essenes were a deeply esoteric group within the Hebrew tradition.

Might it not be possible that they may have created the story of Jesus to tell us many other things then the idea that he was on a mission of compassion and was later executed for this mission. This is not to say that the myth itself may not be true, this is not to say that there may not have even been once a man named Jesus who performed miracles and rose from the dead. But let us take an excursion through the possible mindset of these Essenes and their Hebrew tradition.

Myth is built on metaphor so what is the metaphor of the Jesus story? What are the similes between this story and other stories and situations that this group may have wanted to send down the stream of time? Taking this thought experiment to its logical conclusion we must begin top speculate on what is similar and  metaphorical about the myth.

First off there is the metaphor of the son and the sun. Jesus in Hebrew means Jesse or 'Fire'. Let us - for a moment assume that instead of 'son' they are referring to the 'sun'. Then let us consider the twelve apostles. Do they represent more than just twelve men? For a moment let us consider that this actually refers to the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Now for a moment let us consider Jesus' mother Mary. Mary in Hebrew means sea or seawater, she is also associated with a crescent moon. It is well known that the moon controls the tides and therefore seawater. Is it possible that Mary is a metaphor for the moon? So let us consider what we have here. We have Jesus, or Fire, moves through the twelve men or signs. Just as our sun moves through the twelve signs of the zodiac.

What is the missing astrological element? The moon of course. And along comes Mary to fill this void. Does this mean that the story of Jesus, Mary and his band of  disciples is the story of some kind of astrological situation? Is it possible that this is what is appening - at least on a metaphorical level? I think so.

This is what I mean by re-thinking these myths in a metaphorical way. This is in no way meant to denigrate the Christian religion or anyone's belief in Jesus, Mary and the disciples as real men. The point that is being made is that there are metaphorical links to this story that are just as important as the human links. The names, and the numbers of their names, of these people involved in this story are important.

Actually they are too important to be ignored - for it was within the names and the numbers inside the structure of these myths that a true understanding of what they are about can actually occur.

This is just an example of how to re-read a common myth. Once one understands the true nature of the myth then one can go inside the myth and begin to understand all of its levels. What are the implications of re-reading the Jesus story as a metaphorical myth about some astrological event? The implications of this are not for this time and

The example was only used to reveal the inner workings of myth and help you, o gentle reader, in understanding the many multifaceted levels of these experiences. Once we begin to re-educate our minds into the correct interpretations of these stores can we begin to understand ourselves, our past and who we actually are.

This way of thinking can be difficult and sometimes impossible for our modern minds to comprehend. It can drive us up a wall as we consider the many faceted reality that this kind of thinking introduces. But there are many levels to reality and it is a big mistake to believe in openly one kind of fundamental reality at the expense of all of the other realities that are just as or maybe even more important.

II. Black

With this new understanding of metaphor let us begin to recomprehend new concepts in light of this awareness.

We will begin with the color black. Black is the color that contains all colors. If you took all of the colors of the rainbow and combined them your resulting mix would be black in color. Black is the color that contains all colors. Metaphorically speaking then - it is possible for black to represent all things in their beginning stage.

Black is the color, or the substance, from which all things manifest. Out of the black depths of space - stars, suns and planets form. The universe was once, according to scientists, a place that was dark and void of light. There was a black dust that hung like a mist throughout the universe. Slowly this dust coagulated into larger pieces.

Soon the pieces begin to collect and grow, compression and gravity were the result. Over time enough of this material eventually formed into a dense sphere. This sphere began to compress and pressure within it's core beginning to manifest. Soon the core began to collapse in on itself.

Eventually this collapsing state began a nuclear reaction. This nuclear reaction spread throughout the mass of this compressed sphere and ignited it, turning it into the first star, the first sun. Out of this dark, dense and black
material - light was formed.

In alchemy the matter that was there before all other matter is called the 'prima materia'. This was the original substance from which all alchemical transmutation manifested. The prima materia is the cause of all effects that occur after it is formed. It is the base matter. From the prima materia comes the first substances and from these substances comes the first minerals.

The alchemist task is to somehow separate the different aspects of the prima materia into its own  material spectrum of substance.

This process is similar to the creation of diamonds. Black coal is the prima materia for the construction of diamonds. Over thousands of years through the alchemy of time, pressure and gravity the black coal, the prima materia becomes the diamond. Through the prism of this construct the white light of the sun shines through. This light is broken up into the spectrum of colors that make up our world. So, through the process of the alchemy of our planet, the black coal is compressed into the multifaceted crystal that shines the colors of black through it's prism.

But now these colors are not coagulated and mixed into the color black - they have been separated now and shine with their own radiance. This is a great example of metaphor and how it relates separate items within the same universality.

It can be said that the process of time and compression brought forth the diamond. The alchemical earth created this substance from the basest of matter. Within the confines of this matter was the diamond. It was always there   it just needed time and gravity to transmute.

Another metaphor to be understood is that of the lotus. In order for the lotus to grow strong and to produce a beautiful flower it is necessary that its roots to ground themselves in manure. The darker the excrement - the better the lotus will grow, the more astonishing will be it's flower. This is why the lotus is considered the most sacred of plants in the east. It is only through the action of the emergence of the flower from the black shit can the importance of this metaphor be understood.

In western traditions there was once a vast pilgrimage that took place in Europe. Pilgrims made their way towards the town of Compostella in Spain. The word Compostella comes from the same root word as compost. Compost is the living, black material that is made from rotting fruits, grains and other organic matter. From this compost - life and light will emerge. When the pilgrims came to the Cathedral at Compostella they were being 'composted' in a sense. After their emergence into the dark confines of the cathedral and the spirit - they were ready to flower,
they were ready to return home with their spirits lightened.

The New Age seeks to denigrate the dark. They speak of only the light. But they misunderstand the true significance of the dark and of the black. They fail to realize that there can be no light  without dark. They fail to see that the light can only be perceived through the background of darkness. This misunderstanding is a great one and needs to be overcome if they wish to succeed in a pursuit of truth.

Within black is all things. All things manifest from the black.

III. Al-Kemi

The ancient name for Egypt was Al-Kemi. This meant 'The Black Lands'.  This is the word from which we get the word 'alchemy'. The reason they named their fabled land this title was because the yearly inundation of the Nile river deposited rich and mineralized soil to the banks of Egypt.

The people of Al-Kemi or Egypt became dependent on this black alluvial soil. Out of this black  rich soil grew all of the crops, grains, and other commodities that this great culture depended upon. Also out of this culture came the knowledge of a sacred science. This science remains a mystery to us today.

It was once called alchemy. No one seems to know what was exactly what this science entailed. All that is known is that the Egyptians spent allot of time and resources on this 'science'. The most intelligent people of that society were the sacred scientists. They studied all aspects of our particular localized universe. They studied and understood the human body and spirit, the nature of matter, the knowledge of plants and minerals, the lore of the
stars and much more.

Today alchemy is regarded with some disdain by modern scientists. They believe that the old alchemists were fooling themselves with their endless experiments and rituals. For what can actually be gained from such senseless
activity? But scientists make a big mistake with this presumption. Would intelligent men and women really spend their lives endlessly searching for something that could never be attained? It seems highly unlikely.

What seems more likely is that these people were seeing the world in different terms then we do today. With the idea of metaphor as their driving intellectual force it is possible that we do not completely understand this ancient process. The alchemists were obsessed with the prima materia. They called it the black virgin. For it's color was black and it was a virgin in the sense that no alchemical transmutation had yet been performed on this material. It is difficult for us today to begin to grasp what they were referring to when they used the terms 'prima materia' or black virgin'.

There are many theories. Some say it was coal, others say it was black sand from the Sahara desert, others say it was the volcanic black obsidian that came from the near east. Whatever this black virgin was it was the beginning of the alchemical process. It was the material that was used to transmute and create entirely new materials. Hence the
legend that the alchemists could turn lead into to gold.

The process remains a mystery to all but the most serious of adepts. But what does seem clear was that the alchemists had the ability to change this prima materia into something that flowered or separated the light. It has been speculated that they were attempting to communicate with the matter itself. The goal of alchemy may remain mysterious but what it absolutely certain is that the Black Madonna's, that were placed inside the great cathedrals
of Europe were meant to represent - at least on one level - this prima materia, this black virginous quality that was so much prized by these alchemists.

IV. Eve

The study of mitochondria DNA is the next metaphor that bears exploring. The mitochondria DNA is part of the DNA chain that can only be passed down from woman to woman, from mother to daughter. Using this process
scientists can actually follow the generations of women  backwards through time. Through this process they can actually find the very first woman.

Scientists in the 1980's did just this. What they discovered was that the very first human, the very first woman, the mother of all humanity existed about two hundred thousand years ago. She was also black. This brings up all sorts of controversy but the basic point remains the same. The very first woman was black. So even in the realm of human
interaction the metaphor that all things come from black and later separate into different colors is shown.

This recalls the book 'Voices of the First Day' by Robert Lawlor. In this book he postulates the theory that the very first people were the aborigines in Australia. They are, of course, black. He theorizes that the subtle energies from space come down through the north pole of the earth.

These energies travel down through the center of the earth and come out at the south pole. These energies then sweep upwards over the top of the earth's surface. He believes that life itself also emanates this way. The aborigines believe that they have lived in Australia for the past 200,000 years.

Geologists and continental drift theorists have shown that there was once one supercontinent named Pangea. Pangea eventually broke apart and began moving northwards. Which is the situation we have today with most of the land masses gathering close to the northern part of the planet. The land masses appear to be following these south to north energies that flow over the earth's surface. As the first people were created from these forces they begat the people that followed. In this way it is shown that all men come from the people of the first day.

Scientists and western mythologists refer to this first woman as Eve. She is actually Isis. She came to teach the arts of civilization. She is the first mother. She is the progenitor of all that is  too come. All things manifest in Isis and all things are co-created with her.

V. Madonna

The Black Madonna is symbol of all of the above and much more. She is Isis and she is Eve, she is the prima materia and the black lands, she is alchemy and she is the mother of all of human creation. From the depths of the darkest of space and the from the primal blackness of the mud of the earth she was formed. Manifesting into all colors and realms she casts her light of compassion, love and forgiveness into the very being of humanity.

She is what makes the spirit rise out of the animal form. She is the being who represents all of the aspects of nature which are rising up out of creation. She is the being who symbolizes the transcendent nature of all of life. It is through her suffering, her desire, her compassion and her willingness to teach that the human race can reach towards a less mundane role. She is all that is and all that shall ever be.

ISIS is the true manifestation of all that is good in humanity. She is the woman that lives inside all of women. She is the true being of
worship for it is only through her ultimate martyrship that we as men can grow.

Inside of each of the great Gothic Cathedrals of Europe, and especially France, are statues of the Black Madonna. She is made out of black obsidian. In the beginning she was painted white but now the paint has flecked away leaving the original black rock underneath. In this we have a beautiful metaphor that explains the Black Madonna's origins and what she represents. Her original being is made of volcanic, black rock that comes from deep in the earth.

She is Mother Night. Thus she arose directly from the stuff that makes up our planet. She is then painted white and dressed in white and blue clothes. She holds the son, exoterically represented by the baby Jesus but esoterically he represents Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris. Black Obsidian is very likely the prima materia of the alchemists. It is from this important substance that gold and other transmutations could be performed.

Out of this dark and black aspect comes the white surface, black becomes white. The transmutation of matter is complete. But if the white is left alone for a long period of time - it begins to turn back to the black. Just as the white inside of an apple will turn brown and black if left alone in the air. White is a moment in the process but only just a
moment. Soon all things fall back to their primordial essence. Soon all things turn back to the black.

Thus Isis, or the Black Madonna, represented one aspect of her being when she was formed from the black obsidian. She became another aspect of herself when she was painted white. Today she sits in the cathedrals with her body and skin black but she still wears the white clothes of her former self. She today symbolizes the dual aspects of the age of iron. She is both the black volcanic earth and the soft white cotton of civilization. But soon the fires of nature shall burn away the white clothes and this will leave the maiden black again, just as she started.

According to the great alchemist Fulcanelli there is a Black Madonna in the crypt, or the basement, of every Cathedral in France. He says that she is the secret Isis who must stay hidden through this age. One day perhaps she will be taken out of the crypts and take her rightful place at the head of the altar. Perhaps some day the ruby light from the rose window at Chartes Cathedral can shine again on her face as it was originally intended.

But the Madonna in the crypt is still serving a useful purpose, albeit a hidden one. She is always placed nearby the well that lies at the bottom of each Cathedral. It is a little known fact that the great Gothic Cathedrals were built over the sacred wells and groves of the earlier Druids. Thus their architects were secretly upholding a tradition that
connects these Cathedrals to the very core of the spiritual nature of the Druid people who once populated Europe.

The lady by the well is very important to the proper spiritual construct of these edifices. The well is the representation of the female earth, the dark matter of our planet. The subtle energies, known to the cabbalists and alchemists as telluric forces, flow out from her and rise upwards towards the floor of the cathedral.

The Black Madonna in the crypt is the first to greet these female earthly telluric energies. These energies rise up to greet the male telluric energies of father sky. These energies are received by the giant steeples of the cathedrals. These steeples act like amplifiers as they gather up the male energies and bring these downwards towards the
floor of the Cathedrals.

These steeples are symbolic representations of the stone monoliths that once dotted the landscape of Europe. These stones, or these steeples, are working in tandem with the earth's telluric energies coming up from the wells. Together these energies would meet on the floor of the cathedrals where the members of the parish would meet. Gregorian chants would be written to resonate and transmit these subtle energies more clearly. At the core of this symbolic revival of the mother goddess, of Isis, was the giant rose window which sat at the center of the path of the sun. The light from father son was diffused by the red colored glass and this symbiotic transmutation would cause a heightened awareness and a birth of consciousness within the people experiencing this. This was the secret magic of the architects of these buildings.

The Knight's Templar, fresh from their esoteric reinvigoration in Jerusalem most likely funded and designed these Cathedrals. Some believe that the Knights had been secretly converted to a form of Sufi influenced Islam during their trip to the Holy Lands. The Cathedrals do bear a remarkable resemblance to the mosques of Islam. The Knights may have taken this knowledge of the Sufi's and used it in conjunction with their own Druid belief system.

In this marriage a new view of the world, human beings and the surrounding universe began to pervade Europe. After a long drowsy sleep - the continent began to open. This brought many unforeseen tragedies as well as many advances in technology but the ultimate end of this awakening may not happen for a while. It sometimes takes a long while for an experiment to unfold.

The Black Madonna thus represents the return of a female power. This power is not concerned with equality within corrupt institutions like the military and the corporate world. This equality is a spiritual union. A tantric union of opposites embraced in love. That is the ultimate quest of Isis and the Black Madonna. As she is from the earth
so are we from the earth. As she returns to black so will our bodies one day return to the black soil of this planet. As our sun came out of the dust of darkness to light our solar neighborhood - so it too will one day die in its own embers. So it will also fade back into the darkness of female creation. The light must come from the dark. And one day the light returns to dark. This is the metaphor that rules all of creation.

This is the tantric union of dark and light. The Black Madonna not only represents all of this but she is also a symbol of the vast and important knowledge that our ancestors attempted to leave behind. If one is presented with the Book of All Knowledge but does not know how to read it - what good is it?

That is the dilemma that we are presented with today in our modern world. Our ancient fathers and mothers, our blood and flesh, left us a plethora of symbols and images to help us understand the larger universe and our
place in it. We have lost the ability to understand these images and we have acquired a terrible case of amnesia. From which recovery is not guaranteed. In this amnesiac state we began to misperceive these symbols and writings. Without the true understanding of metaphor we began to think that our ancestors were ignorant, dumb and imprecise. What a horrible thing to have happen to one's own flesh and blood.

The symbols of the cathedrals, like the symbols of India and Egypt reveal a vast knowledge that frequently surpasses our own. Only in an age such as ours could such foolish notions manifest. The arrogant turn ignorant as they drown in the ocean of their own foolishness.

Now, at the end of the Kali Yuga, these symbols may become understandable again. Now as corporate culture replaces nature we can only imagine what the past was telling us. As we view the world through the virtual lenses of a corporate paradigm it is little wonder that we have lost our ability to understand who we are. The old world fades
quickly away with the downward spiral of pollution from this age. The earth, the female, the soft touch of life have all been denigrated and corrupted by this age of insanity.

The Black Madonna is all that we have left of this long legacy of Isis. She still stands today in the Cathedrals of France. Today, still active and alive, the spirit of the goddess, the Black Madonna can still be knelt before, she can still be asked for forgiveness and for compassion. Her spirit has never died in Europe. Surely this is a miracle! How
wonderful that her image still stands and is still worshipped in the some of the most beautiful buildings on our little planet!