6-21-15 - DREAM-VISION-EXPERIENCE - I received a folded card from someone, and when I opened the card, the writing began appearing on a very large wall computer.

I started reading it:  "The name of a new candidate has been selected for death ..."

Suddenly a stack of books fell over and one hit my foot.

I opened my eyes to see what I would face.

It was a photo of Pope Francis on the cover of End Times Magazine.  (This is published by Pastor Irving Baxter)

The noise of the books falling prevented me from reading the rest of the message.

After this experience, I opened the magazine to see what was written about the Pope and it was a list of the projects he is currently working on.  One of them is to create a One World Religion based on Christianity, Jewish and Muslims because we each worship One God and its the same God.

 June 20, 2015 at 21:22:53
 Bluefeather. NM,


I Had a VISION In 1993 as I walked to my window on the 5 th
Floor. I was shown clear water. Covering my entire window
Outside and right in front of my face about 3 feet was the POPE
He had a SOLID. RED. CIRCLE of. RED BLOOD in the middle
Of his CHEST that was growing larger in diameter
I sensed that he had been shot with a bullet and was dead !!!!!!!!!

NOTE:  Where and when was John Paul II shot?

NOTE II:  It is common these days to die and be resuscitated in the ambulance and/or operating table.
  • Pope John Paul II assassination attempt

    The first attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II took place on Wednesday, 13 May 1981, in St. Peter's Square at Vatican City. The Pope was shot and wounded by Mehmet Ali Ağca while he was entering the square. The Pope was struck four times, and suffered severe blood loss. Ağca was apprehended immediately, and later sentenced to life in prison by an Italian court. The Pope later forgave Ağca for the assassination attempt. He was pardoned by Italian president Carlo Azeglio Ciampi at the Pope's request and was deported to Turkey in June 2000....

The relationship of St Peter to Jesus, I believe, is similar to the relationship between various Biblical brothers or twins, such as Esau and Jacob, or Perez and Zerah -- the twin sons of Judah and Tamar (Genesis 38). The second born son inherits the Kingdom. The idea is that the Creator conceives of the ideal Son, who must first undergo a karmic stage of development -- symbolically given to the first born. This is the cycle of dealing with the lower three chakras, the animal instincts. Near the end of the developing stage, the first born son is symbolically an "old man." And then, the second Son is symbolically born as the New Child, who will then be the King of the Kingdom -- the name of the tenth sphere of the Tree of Life. During the developmental stage, one is an unconscious co-creator of the reality. Upon reaching the heart chakra, the person becomes a conscious co-creator, symbolized by Lion King. True 'free will' is achieved at that point.

In the case of Saint Peter, the first born stage has lasted some two thousand years, carried on by a 
succession of Popes. The present Pope, Benedict XVI, is the 265th. That number is symbolically coincidental in a meaningful way, because in the original story of the 153 Fish in the Net, the dimension of the Net was 153 x 265, the division of which demonstrates a close approximation of the square root of three (265 / 153 = 1.732). Joseph Ratzinger became Pope Benedict XVI on 19 April 2005, some 82 days prior to the appearance of the Chalfont St Peter crop formation. Some say that he will be the last Pope, based mostly on the prophesies of St Malachy and Nostradamus. See --

Next Pope - The Anti-Pope - The Hanged Man

The Bones of the Triumvir

I do not believe that Benedict XVI will be the last Pope, nor that the Church will cease to exist. The Popes and the Church are likely to carry on into the future for some time. However, I see this as a symbolic truth, representing an advancement in the spiritual development of mankind. As I see it, people will be guided by their own internal authority, rather than accept blindly the authority of the Church.

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                                              Odd Events and Prophecies Fulfilled

Of course, Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation on 11 February 2013, and Jorge Mario Bergoglio became Pope Francis on 13 March 2013. Within hours of Pope Benedict's announcement, lightning struck the Vatican dome twice! --

Vatican Lightning Strike

 This was quite a meaningful symbolic event, especially when viewed in the light of related material. I will elaborate more on that in this article.

Strangely, Pope Benedict said that he had a "mystical experience" in which he received a divine message that fostered the "absolute desire" to be with God in private prayer. He also said that the "charisma" shown by successor, Pope Francis, showed that the resignation was indeed "God's will".

As if to confirm that these events were planned from On High, a man in Spain reported that he dreamed that Pope Benedict would resign and be replaced by a Pontiff called Francis. He had the dream hours before the resignation was announced. It was verified that his girlfriend sent out a tweet on February 11 claiming that earlier that morning her boyfriend had awoken with the prediction.

Having two Popes at the same time seemed to substantially fulfill a Nostradamus prophecy (C5:Q92) --

After the see has been held for seventeen years,
It will change hands five times in a comparable period of time:
Then one will be elected at the same time [as another],
Who will not be too much in conformity with the Romans.

Interestingly, Pope Francis has proved to be not too much in conformity with previous Popes of Rome. 

Significantly, Pope Pius XI held the see for almost exactly seventeen years -- from 6 February 1922 until 10 February 1939. Five Popes held the see between Pope Pius XI and Pope Benedict XVI -- 

Pope Pius XII - 2 March 1939 to 9 October 1958
Pope John XXIII - 28 October 1958 to 3 June 1963
Pope Paul VI - 21 June 1963 to 6 August 1978
Pope John Paul I - 26 August 1978 to 28 September 1978
Pope John Paul II - 16 October 1978 to 2 April 2005

The period of time was not really "comparable" to seventeen years, but primary parts of the prophecy seem to have been fulfilled. 

Scholar, Thomas Jude Germination, points out the significance of the number seventeen --

It happens that the number 17 has a particular relevance to the theme of St. Peter. In the last chapter of John’s gospel, the resurrected Christ appoints Simon Peter to shepherd his flock until his return. Before doing this, however, Jesus instructs the Fisherman to cast his net for a prodigious catch of fish, numbering 153. Adding up the numbers from 1 to 17, we find the sum is 153.

The 153 Fish in the Net story of John 21 is associated with this diagram --

                                            153 Fish in the Net Diagram

Similar stories were told prior to the advent of Christianity. The dimensions of the Net is 153 units in height and 265 units in length --

Fish Net with dimensions 153 x 265

This demonstrates a very close approximation of the square root of three by the ratio 265/163. This makes it especially significant that there were 265 Popes prior to the two we have now.

Note the glyph in the diagram above representing the six disciples is a Seed of Life, which is part of the Flower of Life series. The Seed of Life represents the six days of creation. Many, many crop circle formations over the years relate to the Flower of Life series.

A pre-Christian version of the 153 Fish in the Net story involves Apollo's Omphalos Stone at Delphi --

                                                     Omphalos Stone 

Note the similarity in shape to the dome of the Vatican, which was struck by lightning twice when Pope Benedict resigned.

A dream reported to me in 1990 gave a clue to the meaning of such dome shapes --

I was on a starship in space with other people. An extremely important message was trying to come in but it couldn't until we first ejected the garbage.

I ran frantically and managed to eject it. The message came in over a console with lights flashing. A doctor appeared and led the crew into a bedroom. He began to work on a yard-high mound of jelly-like substance at the foot of the empty bed.

Suddenly, I saw a human-sized hand puppet, a male/female pair with only one hand-hole. They fell back into a vat of water. I went over and looked down at them under the water and knew they had to change. They had to change.

The dome-shaped mound seems to represent our perception of reality; that is, the circle of the horizon with sky canopy. Note that the dream also suggests a change in the male/female duality. That is a major theme in dreams and crop circle formations. 

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                                                     153 - The Resurrection Number

The number 153 is said to be the
 Resurrection Number, because it metaphorically "resurrects" one-third of all numbers via the "Trinity Function" of repeatedly summing the cubes. For example, the first step for number 1776 is --

1776 >> 13 + 73 + 73 + 63 = 903

The full process leads from 1776 to 153 --

1776 >> 903 >> 756 >> 684 >> 792 >> 1080 >> 513 >> 153

The number 153 is said to have "curious properties." One curiosity is that various additions of the three numbers total 666 (135 + 531 & 153 + 513 & 315 + 351). The graphic below illustrates various numbers on a 360-degree circle divided into 40 sections of 9-degrees each --
Aztec Crop Circle with Gematrian Numbers

                                                          Image credit: Bertold Zugelder

The image is a diagram of a crop circle formation that appeared at Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, on 3 August 2004. I call this a form of the Gematrian Wheel.

Note that 153 is directly across (180-degrees) from 333, and therefore has the same tangent. 

Note that 306 is
 directly across from 126, and therefore has the same tangent. The number 666 also has that same tangent, because located at the same position with another circuit around the wheel (306 + 360 = 666). A base ten harmonic of 126 is 1260, which as a number of days in the Bible (Rev. 11:3 and 12:6). Three and a half revolutions around the Wheel finds the number 1260 (3.5 x 360). This is one of the universal "three and a half" references, indicating the midpoint of the seven chakras, i.e., the heart chakra. See --


The Prophecy of the Popes (Latin: Prophetia Sancti Malachiae Archiepiscopi, de Summis Pontificibus) is a series of 112 short, cryptic phrases in Latin which purport to predict the Roman Catholic popes (along with a few antipopes), beginning with Pope Celestine II. The alleged prophecies were first published by Benedictine monk Arnold Wion in 1595. Wion attributes the prophecies to Saint Malachy, a 12th-century Archbishop of Armagh, Ireland.

Given the very accurate description of popes up to 1590 and lack of accuracy after that year, historians generally conclude that the alleged prophecies are a fabrication written shortly before they were published. The Roman Catholic Church also dismisses them as forgery. The prophecies may have been created in an attempt to suggest that Cardinal Girolamo Simoncelli's bid for the papacy in the second conclave of 1590 was divinely ordained.

The prophecies conclude with a pope identified as "Peter the Roman", whose pontificate will allegedly bring the destruction of the city of Rome.


111. Glory of the olive. Benedict XVI(2005–2013) Joseph Ratzinger Proponents of the prophecies generally try to draw a connection between Benedict and the Olivetan order to explain this motto: Benedict's choice of papal name is after Saint Benedict of Nursia, founder of the Benedictine Order, of which the Olivetans are one branch. Other explanations make reference to him as being a pope dedicated to peace and reconciliations of which the olive branch is the symbol. BXVI CoA like gfx PioM.svg
   In p[er]ſecutione. extrema S.R.E. ſedebit.
In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit. In the Lignum Vitae, the line "In persecutione extrema S.R.E. sedebit." forms a separate sentence and paragraph of its own. While often read as part of the "Peter the Roman" prophecy, other interpreters view it as a separate, incomplete sentence explicitly referring to additional popes between "glory of the olive" and "Peter the Roman".
   Petrus Romanus, qui paſcet oues in multis tribulationibus: quibus tranſactis ciuitas ſepticollis diruetur, & Iudex tremẽdus iudicabit populum ſuum. Finis.
112. Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End. Many analyses of the prophecy note that it is open to the interpretation that additional popes would come between the "glory of the olive" and Peter the Roman. Popular speculation by proponents of the prophecy attach this prediction to Benedict XVI's successor. Since Francis' election as Pope, proponents in internet forums have been striving to link him to the prophecy. Theories include a vague connection with Francis of Assisi, whose father was named Pietro (Peter).









The Third Secret Of Fatima Revealed


by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

What I am about to tell you may shock you, or it may leave you with a feeling of exhilaration. I have no doubt it will send a chilling shock wave through some in our society and perhaps that of other countries. For others, it is a time of celebration. I urge you to take caution with this content and remember what I have said all along..."Follow Your Truth, Not Mine Or Anyone Else". Seek And You Shall Find. Find What? Your Truth!

I have wrestled with the idea of... if...when...and disclose the information that has been bestowed upon me. I cannot tell you how humbled I feel, and I must say somewhat fearful. I want to present this in the most honored, respectful and selfless way. I cannot deny the turning of events that have occurred over the last few weeks have given gravity to my motivation. My decision in part, is related to the "secret meeting" between NASA and Russian space experts. I have come to the conclusion, now is the time for disclosure.

I have received information from someone who is somehow close to the Vatican. The less I know, the better. He has pleaded to remain anonymous for fear of being thrown out of the clergy. He came to me because he was aware of my request of information from the Vatican over a year ago, asking for information on the "Third Letter of Fatima". What I received back was more than I had hoped for.

I re-posted this letter last month:

Again, I want to reiterate, I believe all science, and in this case prophecy, should be held to the test of "subject conjecture" and should be seen as an interpretation of material. Having said this, I will disclose what has been sent to me.

Over 30 years ago, Conchita of Garabandal said the "Warning" will happen on a Thursday in April between the 8th & 16th of the month, within the lifetime of Joey Lomangino (now 65) [and before the end of the century according to many sources], on the feastday of a young martyr of the Eucharist & on the day of a great event in the Church.

Our Lady of Emmitsburg Message states "...This is a rejuvenating time but a time of cleansing from the ways of your self..." This Jubilee year seems a perfect time...the Warning would be 04/13/2000. Mirjana of Medjugorge said her first secret, will not be worldwide, but will nonetheless serve to "shake us up". This "secret" might concern some catastrophic event prior to the "Miracle" as described at Garabandal (2nd secret?). Seemingly, the first 3 secrets and the Warning/Miracle must tie-in.

It has been prophesied John Paul II will be the last Pope before the end of time (as we know it) or "transition" is another specific and spectacular promise made at Garabandal. At the time of the apparitions of Garabandal, Pope Paul VI was Pope. Our Lady told the visionaries that, including the present Pope, there would be only 3 Popes until the end of time (the end of the Marian age, climaxing with the Miracle).

John Paul II, who despite all sorts of problems besetting the world and his Church seems to be quite optimistic about the future. He has repeatedly said that the Great Jubilee year will mark the beginning of a "springtime for Christianity". But how can he be so optimistic and so apparently certain of the future?

Since he is a deeply prayerful man - he opens his day with up to two hours of individual prayer then celebrates Mass and prays throughout the day - and he is Jesus' vicar on earth, so he is guided by the Holy Spirit the source of his certainty may be supernatural in nature.

Further, if persistent 'rumors' that emanate from the Vatican are correct, he is also a visionary, purportedly receiving his own visions of his beloved 'Markka' - the Blessed Virgin Mary. In addition, he has read and evaluated Fatima's famous third Secret, yet to be revealed to the world, and may also be guided by its contents. In short, he has guidance that no one else possesses - and he is optimistic!

Fatima's Third Secret appears to involve a supernatural event as inadvertently disclosed by one of the few people alive who have read it - Archbishop Loris Capovilla. Moreover, the Pope has told his close associates not to plan his 2001 calendar implying that he won't be alive by then.

It is possible that he believes Fatima's Third Secret will come to conclusion during the Great Jubilee celebration in the Catholic Church. Year 2000

A star, the Asteroid , will illuminate the earth causing it to appear to be surrounded by flames during a period of some twenty minutes, an event which will spread panic everywhere...This will occur in the near future. When the Asteroid lights up the earth making it appear that the whole world is in flames, many people will wish to die at that shower of fire...a fear which will in fact cause the death of many people; those who are just and who believe will not suffer."

In all prophecies, Jesus says that Divine events will be explainable scientifically for the spiritually weak. So even though God may act through nature, many will attribute these events to "nature" alone. According to NASA the Sun has been entering a very unusual cycle in which it is expected to have unusually large solar storms. Around April 2000 will be a "solar maximum or peak" period of flare activity.

The Garabandal visionaries referenced a bright light in relation to the Warning, and Jacinta (of Fatima) supposedly told a Mother Godhino that a time would come when a warning would be sent to the whole world in which the skies would light up with a bright light shocking the world with its suddenness and magnitude.

Before the "Miracle" will come the "Warning" (the original Spanish term was "Aviso", which translates as "Announcement", "Warning", or "Notification".

It will precede (by between 8 days and 1 year) the Miracle prophesied by Our Lady at Garabandal, which will in turn precede the chastisement.

A flash of brilliant white light (obviously bright enough to attract the attention of the third of the people in the world who will presumably be sleeping) will occur, "like 2 stars that collide and make a lot of light, but don't fall down." (Conchita's description).

Summary: According to the information above, I would suggest we may very well experience the "Warning" in April 2000. I would also state that it appears it will come from the sky. I would suggest the "Miracle" will occur one year later in April 2001. The synchronicity of so many events converging at this time is nothing less than astounding.

A reminder to all, follow the direction of "your" heart, not that of this writing or its author. I would like to state that Earth Changes TV remains open to ALL beliefs and spiritual pathways. NEVER before have so many spiritual disciplines and prophecies come together...than at this very time.

Blessings To All,

Mitch Battros

Producer - Earth Changes TV


The Third Letter of Fatima...12/24/99

by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

For some reason the Third Letter Of Fatima kept coming to me over the last few days Maybe just because it's Christmas time. I'm really not sure of the reason for an insistent inner voice telling me to publish this once again. Finally I am giving in.

Below is a direct response from the Vatican itself. This letter is from the official Fatima Centre in Italy. I had sent them a letter asking to clarify what the "third letter of Fatima" really means. Below is their answer. Perhaps the floods mentioned "oceans will flood whole areas of the earth", is the weather phenomenon we are experiencing today.

Greetings Mr. Battros,

Father Gruner has asked that we thank you for your e-mail via the Internet. In answer to your thoughts, firstly, the Third Secret has never been officially revealed by the Pope or the Vatican, and its contents are only known by a few people connected with the Vatican. Therefore, we do not know exactly what it says.

Cardinal Ratzinger, who has read the Third Secret, said, ";The Third Secret refers to the dangers to our Faith, and therefore to the life of the Christian and therefore to the life of the world."; Father Gruner wrote in his book, 'Jesus Tells Us, Make It Known,' "; Father Alonso pointed out, it (the Third Secret) refers to the guilt of some of the upper hierarchy, that is bishops and Cardinals, for the state of apostasy within the Church today"; (pg. 4). Also, Sister Lucy said that if you want to know what the Third Secret contains, read chapters 8 and 13 of the book of Apocalypse in the Bible. Cardinal Silvio Oddi said, ";The Blessed Virgin was alerting us against the apostasy in the Church"; (Crusader #33, pg. 14).

Sister Lucy said before 1986, ";The punishments predicted in the Third Secret have already begun"; (Fatima Crusader #20, pg. 6). Pope John Paul II allegedly said, when asked about the Third Secret, ";..It should be sufficient for all Christians to know this: If there is a message in which it is written that the oceans will flood whole areas of the earth, and that from one moment to the next, millions of people will perish, truly the publication of such a message is no longer something to be so much desired"; (Crusader #9-10, pg. 8). Dr. Malachi Martin, a priest and ex-Jesuit who apparently has read the Third Secret, confirmed that it is ";..The unprecedented crisis in contemporary Catholicism and the failure of the hierarchy to adequately address it"; (Crusader #54, pg. 94).

Let us continue to pray, especially the daily Rosary, do penance and live good lives as Our Lady of Fatima requested. Please remember us in your prayers, and may God bless you and may our heavenly Mother Mary draw you ever closer to Her Divine Son Jesus.

Sincerely in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Sr. Jane Frances Theresa, S.R.

Apostolic Response

Fatima Centre

Our Lady's Library;


The Third Secret Revealed!


Besides the Message of Fatima given by Our Lady to the general public in the series of apparitions from May 13th to October 13th, She confided on July 13th, 1917, a Secret which was to be given later to all the faithful by Sister Lucy and the Church authorities.

This Secret is divided into three distinct parts and Sister Lucy with the approval of her bishop revealed the first two parts in 1941. The third part was written down between January 2nd and January 9th, 1944, under holy obedience to her bishop and after Our Lady of Fatima appeared to Sister Lucy confirming that indeed God wanted the third part of the Secret to be now written. (This third part of the Secret is commonly referred to as the Third Secret). The Pope and the Bishop of Leiria could read it immediately.

Our Lady asked that this third part of the Secret be made known to the faithful at the latest by 1960. Like the first two parts of the Secret, it is clear, and easy to understand. Like the second part of the Secret it is prophetic. We are now living through the Third Secret. You may be one who needs to know its contents in order to save your soul and your loved ones from eternal ruin.

The Third Secret has been unveiled by Frère Michel, who is most qualified to write this study after 4 years of research. His conclusion is the same as Father Alonso, the official archivist of Fatima for 16 years. You will know when you finish reading this study that you indeed know the substance of the Third Secret.

This is a profound, easy to read, and yet deeply moving study. Because it penetrates with a high degree of certitude the Secret which the Vatican has sought for 34 years to bury, this article is bound to have great impact on the Church, the salvation of millions of souls and ultimately on world history.

The message of Fatima is a heavenly light and occasion of grace and salvation for the 20th century, a Message and an event unparalleled in Church History, the most momentous and important event of our time, which is still unfolding to this day. So, too, this study is momentous and important since it finally tells you the shocking, yet salutary Secret which once it is widely known will deliver the Church and the world from the powers of Antichrist.

At present, these satanic powers seek to drag millions of souls to eternal ruin and the whole world to enslavement to Antichrist while various nations will be "annihilated", "wiped off the face of the earth".

Read these words, meditate on them and share them with others on. It is most important and most urgent that the contents of this study be widely known because it reveals the Third Secret of Fatima.

This knowledge will finally unleash the power that will deliver mankind and the Pope from the chains Satan has bound us in. This Secret is the key to avoiding that which Pope John Paul II at Fatima called "the almost Apocalyptic menaces looming over the nations and mankind as a whole."

The Third Secret Revealed!

by Brother Michael of the Holy Trinity

Part One

Since the Third Secret of Fatima has still not been officially revealed, it seems obvious at first sight, that we can know nothing of its content. This however, is only so in appearance. For if it is true that this vital secret remained absolutely impenetrable in 1917 when it was revealed by the Blessed Virgin to the three shepherd children of Aljustrel, or in 1944 when it was written down by Sister Lucy, or yet again in 1960 at the time when it was to have been publicly revealed to the world by Pope John XXIII, that is no longer the case today. Indeed, for more than 40 years, a number of certain facts concerning it have become known.

They form today an impressive mass of sure information from which the historian can precisely retrace its entire history and expose its essential content with a considerable degree of certitude. Such has been my double concern in writing my third volume of "The Whole Truth About Fatima", which is completely devoted to the mystery of the Third Secret.

It is this minutely detailed demonstration that I shall attempt to present to you while simplifying it and summarizing much of it, for I must be brief. But I will tell you sufficiently about it, I hope, to show you how important this final secret of Our Lady is. How it is at the very heart of the Message of Fatima, and finally why it is urgent for the good of the Church that it be revealed to the world according to the command of the Blessed Virgin.


It was in July/August, 1941, in her third memoir, that Sister Lucy mentioned for the first time the division of the Secret of Fatima into three distinct parts. "The Secret is composed of three distinct matters," she writes, "And I shall disclose two of them." The first is the vision of hell and the designation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary as the supreme remedy offered by God to humanity for the salvation of souls. "In order to save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart." The second, is the great prophecy concerning a miraculous peace which God wishes to grant to the world through the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the practice of Communions of Reparation on the first Saturdays of the month.(1) "If people heed My commands, Russia will be converted and the world will have peace." And there is also the announcement of terrible punishments if people persist in not obeying Her requests. As for the third part of the Secret, in 1941, Sister Lucy declares that for the moment she is not permitted to reveal it.

The Writing Down and the Transmission of the Secret

The dramatic account of the writing down and the transmission of this vital Message begins in 1943. The hour of providence had then struck. Sister Lucy was living at that time in the convent of the Dorothian Sisters of Tuy, in Spain. In June, 1943, she suddenly fell gravely ill. Her condition was so alarming that Bishop da Silva, the Bishop of Leiria/Fatima, became worried. He feared that she would die before having revealed the Third Secret of Our Lady and he sensed that it would be the loss of an exceptional grace for the Church. Canon Galamba, the friend and advisor of the Bishop, then suggested to him an extremely judicious idea, that he at least ask Sister Lucy to write down forthwith, the text of the Third Secret and then that she place it in an envelope sealed with wax, to be opened later.

On September 15, 1943, Bishop da Silva went, therefore, to Tuy and he asked Sister Lucy to write down the Secret "if she really wanted to". But the seer, undoubtedly under the impulse of the Holy Spirit was not content with this vague order. She requested of her bishop a written order, formal and perfectly clear - that is very important. The final Message of the Virgin of Fatima is, as previously were Her other requests, linked to marvelous promises. It is an exceptional grace offered by God to our 20th century in order to meet its most urgent needs. But again it is necessary that the pastors of the Church have sufficient faith and docility to the designs of Heaven in order to be instruments of this outpouring of grace that God wants to bestow upon the world through the sweet mediation of His Immaculate Mother. In 1943, God desired that it be the Bishop of Leiria, who demanded of this messenger the writing down of the Third Secret.

Finally, in mid-October, 1943, Bishop da Silva made up his mind. He wrote to Sister Lucy, giving her the express order that she had besought of him. However, new difficulties would arise. Sister Lucy experienced at that time, for almost three months, a mysterious and terrible anguish. She has related that each time she sat down at her work table and took her pen in order to write down the Secret, she found herself obstructed from doing it. One must, no doubt, see there the last outburst of Satan against the messenger of the Immaculate One.

Guessing what a terrible weapon this great prophecy could set up against his dominion over souls and his plan to penetrate the very heart of the Church, such a trial endured by the seer thus indicated the magnitude of the grandiose event which was about to be carried out, should the Secret be put down on paper.

On Christmas Eve, Sister Lucy confided to her director that she had still been unable to obey the order that she had been given.

Finally, on the 2nd of January, 1944, (this is very little known) the Blessed Virgin Mary Herself appeared again to Lucy. She confirmed to her that such was truly the Will of God and gave her the light and the strength to accomplish the writing that had been commanded.

The extreme care that Sister Lucy then took to transmit it with complete safety to its recipient, Bishop da Silva, is a new proof of the exceptional importance which she attributes to this document.

She did not wish to entrust it to anyone but a Bishop. It was Bishop Ferreira, Archbishop of Gurza, who received from the hands of Sister Lucy, the envelope sealed with wax containing the precious document. He delivered it the same evening to Bishop da Silva.

Concerning the transmission of the Secret to the Hierarchy, it is necessary to underline four facts of the highest importance:

Fact#1. The immediate recipient of the Secret was Bishop da Silva and he could have read it at once. Sister Lucy told him so from the Blessed Virgin. But frightened by the responsibility that he would have to assume, he did not dare, he did not wish to have knowledge of it. He then tried to commit it to the Holy Office, but Rome refused to receive it. It was then agreed that if Bishop da Silva happened to die, the envelope would be entrusted to Cardinal Cerejeira, the Patriarch of Lisbon. It is therefore false to say, as has been so often repeated after 1960, that the Third Secret is destined explicitly and exclusively to the Holy Father!

Fact#2. It is true, however, - I provide several proofs of it in my book - that Sister Lucy wanted Pope Pius XII to know the Secret without further delay. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

Fact#3. Ascertaining that Bishop da Silva persisted in not wishing to open the envelope, Sister Lucy "made him promise, in the words of Canon Galamba, that the Third Secret would be opened and read to the world upon her death or in 1960, whichever would happen first." A series of testimonies which give us an account of the repeated statements of Sister Lucy enabled this fact to be established with absolute certitude.

Fact#4. Finally, this promise to disclose the Secret immediately after the death of Sister Lucy or in any case, "in 1960 at the latest", surely corresponds to a request by the Virgin Mary Herself. In fact, when in 1946, Canon Barthas asked the seer why it would be necessary to wait until 1960, Sister Lucy replied to him in the presence of Bishop da Silva, "Because the Blessed Virgin wishes it so."

Briefly stated, I have established it solidly in my book and we have all the proofs that God desired, willed that the final Secret of Our Lady be finally believed by the Pastors of the Church and made public to the faithful. This was to be done at the earliest in 1944 or at the latest by 1960 because as Sister Lucy further explained, "It would become clearer at that time."(2)

The Third Secret Revealed!

Part Two

I cannot linger here on a still mysterious episode in the history of the Third Secret: In 1957, the Holy Office demanded the text of it, kept until then at the palace of the Bishop of Leiria/Fatima. Who took this initiative? With what intention? A detailed analysis of the facts have enabled me to formulate a plausible hypothesis but I have not arrived at any certitude.

In mid March, 1957, Bishop da Silva entrusted his Auxiliary Bishop Venancio with the responsibility of delivering the precious document to Bishop Cento, the Apostolic Nuncio to Lisbon at that time. Bishop Venancio implored his bishop to finally read the Secret and to make a copy of it before sending the manuscript to Rome, but the old bishop persisted in his refusal. Bishop Venancio, who related this to me in Fatima on February 13, 1983, had to content himself with looking at the envelope while holding it up to the light. He could see inside a little sheet of which he measured the exact size. We thus know that the Third Secret is not very long, probably 20 to 25 lines, that is to say about the same length as the Second Secret. This allows us to reject as certainly inauthentic, several texts much too long, which some forgers have tried to foist upon the public as being the true Secret of Fatima.

On the 16th of April, 1957, the sealed envelope arrived in Rome. What became of it? It was placed in the office of Pope Pius XII, in a little chest bearing the note, "Secret of the Holy Office".(3) It is Mother Pascalina who confided this to the journalist, Robert Serrou who in turn recently confirmed this fact.

Did Pope Pius XII read the Secret?

As surprising as it may seem the answer is almost certainly No. Like Father Alonso, I give several solid arguments for this conclusion; notably the testimonies of Cardinal Ottaviani and Monsignor Capovilla, Secretary of Pope John XXIII, who stated to us that the envelope was still sealed when the Holy Father opened it in 1959, one year after the death of Pope Pius XII.

One understands, therefore, the solemn words which Sister Lucy addressed on the 26th of December, 1957, to Father Fuentes, then Postulator of the beatification causes of Jacinta and Francisco. She said: "The Blessed Virgin is very sad, for no one attaches any importance to Her Message ... Neither the good nor the bad ...

The good continue on their way but without paying attention to the Message ... I cannot give any other details, since it is still a secret ... Only the Holy Father and His Excellency the Bishop of Fatima would be able to know it in accordance to the Will of the Blessed Virgin ... But they haven't willed to know it as they did not want to be influenced."

Pope Pius XII, therefore, without a doubt, preferred to wait for 1960, but he died before then. What a loss for the Church!(4)

The Unanimous and Fervent Anticipation

At the approach of 1960, older ones remember it, the whole Christian people confidently awaited the promised public unveiling of the Secret. And you Italians (here present) you no doubt know that in 1959 there was in the whole country a great movement of devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. For several months, the Virgin of Fatima crisscrossed the peninsula drawing along in Her trail enthusiastic crowds and spreading everywhere Her marvels of grace, extraordinary fervor, miracles of conversion, miracles of doves(5) ... On the 13th of September, 1959, all the Bishops of the country solemnly consecrated Italy to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Unfortunately, the movement was so little encouraged by Pope John XXIII that his silence and reserve could not pass unnoticed.

Pope John XXIII Reads the Secret of Fatima and Refuses to Disclose It

We know that the Pope had the envelope of the Third Secret brought to him at Castelgandolfo on August 17, 1959, by Monsignor Philippe, who was then an official of the Holy Office. Let us notice that this transmission of the Secret to the Sovereign Pontiff thus took on an official character and gathered around it a certain solemnity, which shows the esteem which Fatima was held in that era. Pope John XXIII did not immediately open the envelope. He was content to declare "I am waiting to read it with my confessor." "The reading of the Secret," Monsignor Capovilla stated precisely, "was done a few days later." "But because of the difficulty raised by expressions peculiar to the language, assistance was requested of the Portuguese translator of the Secretariat of the State, Mgr. Paulo Jose Tavarez," who became afterwards, the Bishop of Macao. Later, Pope John XXIII had it read to Cardinal Ottaviani, Prefect of the Holy Office.

Let us open here a brief parenthesis. Certainly we know well that it belongs to the Hierarchy to judge "private revelations". In 1960, it was evident that the Church had already officially recognized the Divine authenticity of the Fatima apparitions, proved, moreover, more solidly than any other by incontestable prophecies and dazzling miracles as Father Gruner has just reminded us. In accordance with the command of the Most Blessed Virgin transmitted through Sister Lucy, the two prelates in charge, the Bishop of Leiria and the Patriarch of Lisbon had publicly undertaken to reveal the complete content of it by 1960 at the latest. For more than 15 years, no authoritative declaration had come out to refute these repeated promises echoed throughout the entire world by Cardinals, Bishops and Fatima experts as renowned as Canon Galamba, Canon Barthas or Father Messias Dias Coelho. The disclosure of the first two Secrets in 1942 with the consent of Pope Pius XII constituted moreover a precedent. So that the faithful perfectly had the right to expect from the supreme authority this promised revelation. They had at least a right to an exact and straightforward explanation on the part of the Holy Father.

Alas, on February 8, 1960, it was all of a sudden learned through a simple press release that the Third Secret of Fatima would not be revealed. It was an anonymous decision, which is by its very nature, totally irresponsible. What were the reasons that had motivated it? The Vatican communiqué had offered only inconsistent, and even contradictory excuses. This anonymous press release even ended in treachery: "Although the Church recognizes the Fatima apparitions She does not desire to take the responsibility of guaranteeing the veracity of the words that the three shepherd children said that the Virgin Mary had addressed to them."(6) Thus, apparently, the Vatican not only assumed as its own the untenable position of Father Dhanis (the detailed exposé and analysis of this incoherent thesis is in the first volume),(7) but this communiqué went even further. It publicly and without any valid reason cast the most ignominious suspicion upon the credibility of Sister Lucy and upon the whole of the Fatima Message!

According to Mgr. Capovilla, several Roman Prelates had been consulted. But what is certain is that the Portuguese authorities in charge were odiously disregarded. Neither Bishop Venancio nor Cardinal Cerejeira had been consulted or notified by Rome.

Upon re-reading and analysing this lamentable press release of February 8, 1960, or even more by studying the miserable article published in June by Father Caprile in "Civilta Cattolica", one is disheartened by the massive examples of incoherence, inaccuracies and falsehoods which have been uttered by responsible authorities in Rome itself on the subject of Fatima. This tells you how much the decision to take no notice of the expressed will of the Immaculate Virgin, Queen of the Apostles, demanding that Her Secret be revealed by 1960, was unjustified and unjustifiable. It is certain also, that it did immense harm to the Fatima cause.

One can say that it was from this date after this public disregard for the "Secret of Mary" that devotion to the Most Blessed Virgin began to decrease in a perceptible and then alarming manner in the very bosom of the Catholic Church. More than ever, the words of Sister Lucy applied: "The Blessed Virgin is very sad, for no one pays attention to Her Message." And this fault, one must dare to say it, was going to have incalculable consequences. For in the disregarding of the prophecies and requests of Fatima, it was the Virgin Mary, it was God Himself who had been disregarded, who had been ridiculed in front of the world. The conditional punishment announced through the maternal warning of the Immaculate One was then going to be carried out tragically, inevitably.

The Third Secret Revealed!

Part Three


Cardinal Ottaviani related that Pope John XXIII placed the Secret "in one of those archives which are like a very deep, dark well, to the bottom of which papers fall and no one is able to see them anymore." We know very well what became of the manuscript of Sister Lucy. One can even discover the essential content of it. What does Our Lady tell us in this warning in which She has given for our age on July 13, 1917? First of all we can establish four certain and objective facts concerning this Secret and which are going to enable us to advance with long strides in the uncovering of the Mystery.

1. A first capital fact: We know the context of the Third Secret. Properly speaking, there is in effect only one Secret, revealed completely on July 13, 1917. Now of this composite entity at this moment, we know three parts of four. We know the beginning, the first two parts of the Secret and the end, which is surely formed by the conclusion: "In the end," Our Lady promises us, "My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me and she will be converted and a period of peace will be granted to the world." It is in this already known context, following the "etc." in the text that Sister Lucy herself wrote concerning the second part of the Secret, that the Third Secret happens to be inserted. Such is the first fact which is for us an important guide post in order to allow us to proceed in the discovery of the content of the last Secret. The latter must correspond with its immediate context and agree harmoniously with the whole of the Message of Fatima, whose coherence is moreover completely remarkable.

2. A second important fact: If the circumstances in which it was revealed, prove to us its fundamental unity, the dramatic circumstances of its writing down unveil to us on their own, its tragic seriousness.

3. A third very illuminating fact: It is on account of its content and on these grounds alone that since 1960, successive Popes have refused to disclose it.

First of all, Pope John XXIII did this, as we have seen, despite the enthusiastic and anxious expectation of the whole Catholic world.

Paul VI adopted straight away the same attitude. Elected on June 21, 1963, some time afterwards he asked for the text of the Secret. This proves his lively concern for this subject. Since no one knew what Pope John XXIII had done with it, they questioned his secretary, Mgr. Capovilla, who indicated the place where the manuscript had been put. Pope Paul VI surely read it at that point but he did not speak about it. You know, however, on February 11, 1967, as the 50th anniversary of the Fatima Apparitions approached, Cardinal Ottaviani in the name of the Pope, made a long declaration on the subject of the Third Secret of Fatima, in order to explain that it would still not be revealed. In my book, I cite and analyze this text, following the Portuguese experts, I am forced to testify that in order to justify at any price the nondisclosure of the Secret, the Prefect of the Holy Office, supreme guarantor of truth in the Church, is compelled to accumulate a mass of incoherencies and patent untruths.(8) And alas, we shall see the reasons advanced in 1984 by his successor, Cardinal Ratzinger, are not any more consistent.

Pope John Paul I was very devoted to Our Lady of Fatima; he went in pilgrimage to Cova da Iria in 1977, and what is a very curious fact, Sister Lucy herself asked to meet with him. Cardinal Luciani went therefore to the Carmel of Coimbra and he conversed at length with the seer. I am in a position to verify that Sister Lucy spoke with him about the Third Secret and revealed to him the essential content of it. He was very impressed by it. He informed his entourage at the time of his return to Italy, how moved he had been and how serious was the Message. He then spoke and wrote about Fatima in vigorous terms and he expressed his admiration and his total confidence in Sister Lucy whom he obviously considered to be a saint. (I shall give in my fourth volume all the proofs of these unpublished facts.) Having become Pope, he wished no doubt to prepare public opinion before doing something. Unfortunately, he was tragically taken away from us before having been able to say anything.

Pope John Paul II, before going on pilgrimage to Fatima on May 13, 1982 asked for the help of a Portuguese translator from the Curia, in order to translate to him certain expressions of the Secret which are peculiar to the Portuguese language. He also, therefore, has read the Third Secret but has not chosen to make it public either.

Finally, we know that Cardinal Ratzinger has read it as well since he told the Italian journalist Vittorio Messori that he had read it. Cardinal Ratzinger has even written about it on two occasions, in November, 1984, and in June, 1985, alluding to its content in very different terms, which for us is significant. In my book, I published and commented on the synopsis of these two successive published versions.(9)

4. The fourth principal fact: the prophecy of the Third Secret has been unfolding at the present time, before our eyes, since 1960. There is, in fact, a timetable, a chronicle in the realization of the prophecies of Fatima.

On the one hand, it is indeed certain that we have not yet come to the time announced by the conclusion of the secret. Why? Because Russia has not yet been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as it must be, and as it will be one day. Sister Lucy made this known clearly even after the Act of March 25, 1984.(10) Russia is not yet converted and the world is not in peace, far from it! Therefore, we are not at the end of the prophecy.

On the other hand, the events announced in the Third Secret do not only concern our future, for we have another guide mark: 1960. The Virgin had asked that the Secret be made public in 1960 because Lucy told Cardinal Ottaviani, "In 1960, the Message will appear more clear." Now, the only reason that might render a prophecy clearer from a specific date onward, without any doubt, is the beginning of its fulfillment. And we have other statements from Lucy saying that "the punishments predicted by Our Lady in the Third Secret have already begun."

The terminus a quo (beginning point) and the terminus ad quem (the end point) of the prophecy having been thus determined, we can be sure that we are presently in the period of which She speaks. So we are living the Third Secret. We are witnessing the events that it announces.

False Secrets and False Hypothesis

Basing oneself on this reliable data, one can discard a whole series of false secrets that have been successively published for 25 years. I cite them all in my work and I demonstrate, for example, that the most famous of them, the "Secret" circulated in 1963 by the German magazine "Neues Europa", and which has been ceaselessly reprinted in innumerable magazines, is a fake. There are in this text, several monstrous errors which prove this sufficiently. Moreover, although it is a matter we are told, of simple "extracts" of the real Secret, these "extracts" are already at least four times too long to fit on the sheet of paper on which Lucy wrote down the whole of the Third Secret.(11)

One can dismiss also, a good number of false hypotheses. Certainly, one is not dealing with a simple "invitation to prayer and penance", as Father Caprile dares to claim!(12) The Virgin Mary would not have asked Lucy to wait for 1944 or 1960 in order to divulge a message that would repeat word for word Her public Message of October 13, 1917!

[Translator's Note: Nor would it explain the extreme difficulty Sister Lucy had from Oct/43 to Jan/44, in writing down the 25 lines of the Secret. If it were only a call to prayer and penance there would be no such difficulty.]

Neither is it a matter of happiness: The Third Secret of Fatima certainly does not accord with the views of optimism of Pope John XXIII, proclaiming that the Council would be "a new Pentecost", "a new springtime for the Church!" If that were the case, he himself or his successors would have revealed it to us. "If it were pleasant," Cardinal Cerejeira said very justifiably, "We would have been told so. Since we haven't been told anything, the fact is that it is sad," Yes, it is obviously grave and tragic.

Neither is it the announcement of the end of the world since the prophecy of Fatima ends with a marvelous and unconditional promise, which ought to be preached in season and out of season, because it is a source of unshakeable hope: "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph, the Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, it will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world."

Would it be the announcement of a Third World War? Of a Nuclear War? It would be sensible to think so, for here the prophecy would do nothing but confirm the most lucid political analyses. Would not the Virgin Mary have predicted this most horrible future war, which so tragically threatens us?

Together with Father Alonso, I think that this is undoubtedly not the essential of the Third Secret. And I say this for a solid reason: Namely, this foretelling of material chastisements, of new wars and of persecutions against the Church, constitutes the specific content of the Second Secret. Have we yet reflected on the terrible importance of these simple words: "The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated"? "The Blessed Virgin has told us," Sister Lucy confided to Father Fuentes, "that many nations will disappear from the face of the earth, that Russia will be the instrument of chastisement chosen by heaven to punish the whole world (for its crimes)if we do not beforehand obtain the conversion of that poor nation."(13) That is why it is to be feared that the word "annihilated" is to be taken literally in its obvious sense: annihilated, totally destroyed. Improbable in 1917, this tragic threat is not any longer farfetched for us today in the Nuclear Age.

It is therefore clear: all the material punishments which still threaten us, even the most dreadful, like nuclear war, or the expansion of Communism over the whole planet, are already foretold by Our Lady in Her Second Secret, and we also know the supernatural means to avert them before it is too late.(14) We can be certain, according to Father Alonso, that nothing about these material chastisements is repeated in the third part of the Secret. Or at least, I would add, if allusion to it is again made (as is quite possible), this will not be the essential message of the Third Secret. In effect, since the Secret is composed of three interrelated but distinct parts and whose date, for disclosure, fixed by heaven were not the same, one can be sure that the third part of the Secret is not going to repeat the same thing as the second in a few lines of space.

The Third Secret Revealed!

Part Four

Doubtlessly, the Third Secret mainly refers to a spiritual chastisement. Far worse, even more fearsome than famine, wars, persecutions, for it concerns souls, their salvation or their eternal perdition. The late Father Alonso, named in 1966 as official archivist of Fatima by Bishop Venancio, has proved that this is what the Third Secret contains. He wrote about it in one of the volumes of his great critical work, consisting of 14 volumes, which unfortunately, he was forbidden to publish. But he was able, all the same, before his death on December 12, 1981, to make known to us his conclusions in various pamphlets and numerous articles in theological journals.

My personal research has only permitted me to clarify, to complete, to be more specific about his thesis which new documents have come to confirm.

Here is the most important: On September 10, 1984, Bishop Cosme do Amaral, the present Bishop of Leiria, Fatima, in the Aula Magna (large auditorium) of the Technical University of Vienna, declared in the course of a period of questions and answers: "The Third Secret of Fatima speaks neither of atomic bombs nor of nuclear warheads, nor of SS20 missiles. Its content, he has insisted, concerns only our faith. To identify the Secret with catastrophic announcements or with a nuclear holocaust is to distort the meaning of the Message. The loss of faith of a continent is worse than the annihilation of a nation; and it is true that faith is continually diminishing in Europe."(15)

For ten years, the Bishop of Fatima kept an absolute silence about the content of the Third Secret. When he opens his mouth in order to make so resolute a public statement, one can be morally certain that he has not said this without having beforehand consulted Sister Lucy. We can be all the more certain of this since in 1981, he had already refuted some false secrets while saying that he had questioned the seer on the subject.

This is to say that the thesis of Fr. Alonso is now publicly confirmed by the Bishop of Fatima: It is the terrible crisis within the Church. It is the loss of faith that the Immaculate Virgin has foretold, precisely for our era, if Her requests were not sufficiently carried out, and it is this drama which we have been witnessing since 1960. The essential having been said, I shall now content myself to mention the principle stages of my proof regarding the true content of the Third Secret.

The Loss of Faith

In the first chapter(16), I set forth the reasons which prove that the Third Secret deals specifically with the loss of faith. It is the principle element of the Secret that we already know. In effect, we know more than only the context of it. Sister Lucy was desirous to indicate to us the first sentence of it, "In Portugal, the dogma of faith will always be preserved, etc." This little sentence which the seer surely and intentionally added when she wrote down the first two parts and the conclusion of the Secret for the second time in her Memoirs, is definitely significant. It provides us very discreetly, with the key to the Third Secret.

Here is the judicious commentary of Father Alonso: "'In Portugal, the dogma of the faith will always be preserved". This sentence in all clarity implies the critical state of the faith which will befall other nations. That is to say that there will be a crisis of faith, while Portugal will save its faith". "Therefore", Father Alonso writes further, "in the period which precedes the great Triumph of the Heart of Mary, the terrible things which are the object of the third part of the Secret, will occur. Which ones? If, 'In Portugal, the dogmas of faith will always be preserved,' one can deduce from it with perfect clarity that in other parts of the Church these dogmas either are going to become obscure or else even be lost."

Most of the experts have adopted this interpretation: Father Martin dos Reis, Canon Galamba, Bishop Venancio, Father Luis Kondor, Father Messias Dias Coelho. Last November 18th, in the course of a conference that he gave in Paris, Father Laurentin declared himself also in favor of this solution.(17)

Let us add that Cardinal Ratzinger has himself spoken in this sense to Vittorio Messori, while saying that the Third Secret concerned "the dangers threatening the faith and life of Christians". Finally, as we have said, the present Bishop of Fatima is still more explicit. He lets it be understood that it is a crisis of faith, on the scale of several nations and entire continents ... such a defection has a name in Holy Scripture: It is apostasy. It is possible that this word is found in the text of the Secret.

The Faltering and Punishment of Pastors

In another chapter(18), I show that there is more: The Third Secret insists surely on the heavy responsibility of consecrated souls, of priests, and even bishops themselves in this unprecedented crisis of faith which has hit the Church for 25 years. I provide several proofs of it, several very clear indications. I must be content here to cite to you Father Alonso: "It is therefore completely probable that the text of the Third Secret makes concrete allusions to the crisis of faith within the Church and to the negligence of the pastors themselves."

He speaks further of "internal struggles in the very bosom of the Church and of grave pastoral negligence by the high hierarchy", of "deficiencies of the upper hierarchy of the Church."

These very serious words, Father Alonso has surely not written and published them so clearly and openly without having carefully considered the whole impact. As official archivist of Fatima, would he have adopted after 10 years of labors and various interviews, various conversations with Sister Lucy, a position so bold on a subject so red hot without being assured at least of the tacit agreement of the seer? The answer does not permit any doubt at all.

This declaration of the deficiencies of the Hierarchy explains the haunting concern of the three seers forcing themselves to pray, to pray much and to sacrifice without ceasing for the Holy Father; the three months of insurmountable anguish that Sister Lucy had to face before daring to write down this text. It explains finally why the Popes since the optimist John XXIII, have hesitated, delayed and ceaselessly put off until later its publication, seeking at all costs to keep it hidden.

A Wave of Diabolical Disorientation

In the third chapter(19), I show that Sister Lucy, without doubt, echoed a theme of the Third Secret in certain of her words and letters where she lays stress on the unleashing of the devil in our era. Already in 1957, she was confiding to Father Fuentes, "The Most Holy Virgin has told me that the devil is about to engage in a decisive battle against the Virgin ... and that he knows what most offends God, and what will make him gain the most souls in the shortest possible time. He does everything to gain souls consecrated to God, for in this manner, he will succeed in leaving the souls of the faithful abandoned by their leaders, thereby the more easily will he seize them."

But it is especially in a series of very little known but very important letters in the years 1969-1970, that she uses some striking expressions to describe the present crisis of the Church. And, let us note it well, through the pen of a soul who is so humble, and so respectful of authority, that such strong expressions are without doubt the echo of the words heard from the very lips of the Immaculate Virgin in Her Final Message concerning the protection of the faith and the welfare of the Church.

"I see by your letter," she writes to a priest, "that you are preoccupied by the disorientation of our time. It is sad, in fact, that so many persons let themselves be dominated by the diabolical wave that is sweeping the world and that they are blinded to the point of being incapable of seeing error! The principle fault is that they have abandoned prayer, they have in this way become estranged from God, and without God, everything is lacking."

The devil is very cunning and looks for our weak points in order to attack us."

If we are not diligent and careful to obtain from God strength, we shall fall, for our age is very wicked and we are weak. Only the strength of God can keep us on our feet."

In a letter to a friend who is zealously involved in the defence of Marian Devotion, Sister Lucy writes:

"Let people say the Rosary every day, Our Lady has repeated that in all of Her apparitions, as if to fortify us in these times of diabolical disorientation, in order that we not let ourselves be deceived by false doctrines ... Unfortunately, in religious matters the people for the most part are ignorant and allow themselves to be led wherever they are taken. Hence, the great responsibility of the one who has the duty of leading them ...

"It is a diabolical disorientation that is invading the world, deceiving souls! It is necessary to stand up to 'the devil'."

On September 16, 1970, she writes to a religious friend: "Our poor Lord, He has saved us with so much love and He is so little understood! So little loved! So badly served! It is painful to see such great confusion, and in so many persons who occupy places of responsibility! ... For us, we must try, as much as it is possible for us, to make reparation through a still more intimate union with the Lord ... It pains me to see what you are saying, but now, that is happening around here also! ... The fact is that the devil has succeeded in bringing in evil under the appearance of good, and the blind are beginning to lead others ... This is like the Lord told us in His Gospel, and souls allow themselves to be taken in. Gladly I sacrifice myself and offer God my life for peace in His Church, for priests and for all consecrated souls, especially for those who are so deceived and misguided!"

We must take a stand against the devil's partisans in the Church

For the confidant of the Virgin Mary, evil is not only in our world "in decadence", "plunged into the darkness of error of immorality and pride". Evil is also in the Church itself, where the devil has his "followers" and his "partisans" who are always "forging ahead with intrepid audacity". Facing them, there are so many "timid persons" who do not have the courage to take a stand. And Sister Lucy is not afraid to state that many bishops are among their number. Moreover, it is not only a question of luke-warmness or of pastoral neglect, Sister Lucy lets it be clearly understood that it is the faith itself that is being attacked. She speaks of "false doctrines" and of "diabolical confusion", of "blindness" and this, among the very ones "who have great responsibility" in the Church. She deplores the fact that, so many pastors "let themselves be dominated by the diabolical wave that is invading the world". Could one better describe the crisis of the Church that has opened itself to a world ... of which Satan is the prince?

But Sister Lucy insists, "The Virgin knew that these times of diabolical disorientation had to come." All these words of the seer and so many others that we can cite, are explained perfectly, and take on great prominence, if on July 13, 1917, in Her Third Secret, the Virgin specifically foretold this "diabolical disorientation" which would suddenly invade the Church, if Her requests were not obeyed.

The Great Apostacy of the "Last Times" Announced by Holy Scripture

To someone who was questioning her on the content of the Third Secret, Sister Lucy one day replied: "It's in the Gospel, and in the Apocalypse, read them." She has also confided to Father Fuentes that the Virgin Mary has made her see clearly that "We are in the last times of the world." This does not mean, one must emphasize, the time of the end of the world and of the last judgment, since the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary must come first. Cardinal Ratzinger himself discreetly alluding to the content of the Secret of Fatima, has mentioned three important elements: "The dangers threatening the faith," "the importance of the last times" and the fact that the prophecies "contained in this Third Secret correspond to what has been announced in Scripture." We even know that one day Lucy indicated Chapters 8 and 13 of the Apocalypse.

That is why, in the last two chapters of my book, I take up the great teachings of Our Lord, of St. Paul and St. John so ignored today! - Announcing the troubles, the heresy and finally the great apostasy which will arise in the Church during the "last times". And the objective comparison of the prophecies of Scripture - very particularly those of the Apocalypse - and the great prophecy of the Virgin of Fatima, at the dawn of our Century shows indeed very numerous and quite striking parallels.

The Third Secret Revealed!

Part Five


We have said enough about it in order to understand that nothing is so important, so necessary, so urgent, than to make known without delay, to all the faithful of the Church, the complete and integral text of Mary's Secret, in its limpid truthfulness and in its prophetic richness and its Divine transcendence. It would be proper here to cite the numerous and solid reasons which underline the urgency of this disclosure. I shall be content at the end of this presentation to mention the principle points.

Why Reveal the Third Secret

1. "Because the Blessed Virgin wants it." We know indeed that Her will has not changed in the least since the moment of Grace of July 13, 1917 when She revealed it to the three shepherds nor has it changed since that January 2, 1944, when appearing to Sister Lucy in her convent at Tuy, She asked her to write down the text of it. Our Lady wills that this prophetic oracle be unveiled, that it be known. And Sister Lucy, Her messenger, has continued to want this public disclosure and as much as she has been permitted, she has urgently requested it from those in authority, this we know.

2. For the good of souls. For contrary to the falsehood so often repeated, the Secret is not intended exclusively for the Holy Father. Like the two preceding ones, it is destined for all the faithful. As sons of the Church, we are all children of Mary. We all have the right to know the salutary warning that Our Heavenly Mother addresses to us in this very perilous hour, in order to help us - we ourselves, our children, all those dear to us - to keep intact and alive in our hearts, the true Catholic faith received from our forefathers.

3. As long as this Secret is not revealed, the peace of the world will remain tragically threatened! I will explain myself. We believe strongly, that as long as Russia is not consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as God requires it to be, Russia will not be converted. And as long as she will not be converted, liberated from its atheistic and persecuting Bolshevism and from the grip of satanic forces which enslave it, the risk of a nuclear apocalypse will remain a terrible threat for the world.

God has willed that the peace of the world depends, in our century, on the ardent filial obedience of the Pope and of the bishops to the commands of His Most Holy Mother who appeared at Fatima. Now, this act of faith, of confident docility towards the Immaculate Mediatrix, through which our pastors shall carry out the consecration of Russia, presupposes also, and I shall even say first of all, the acceptance and the public disclosure of the Secret. It is a lesson of history: Since 1960, the deliberate, contemptuous concealment of the Secret of Our Lady has gone hand in hand with the stubborn refusal to precisely carry out with exactitude, Her other requests. On the other hand, the publication of the Third Secret will be the clear sign that the Church has officially recognized the Divine authenticity and importance of the Fatima Message in its entirety. One of the major obstacles to the consecration of Russia shall in that case be set aside!

4. Finally and especially, for the good of the Church. While the Church, without a doubt, is going through the most serious crisis in her history, while heresies of all sorts are taught and propagated, poisoning everywhere the people of God, while her "self-destruction" continues without let up since 1960, and when the "smoke of Satan"(20) has penetrated into the holy place, to use some expressions of Paul VI, it would be a very great pity and certainly even criminal to continue to neglect, to disregard, to despise the salutary words of the Virgin Mary - concerning precisely this `crisis of faith' that we are undergoing. Since the Queen of Heaven as early as 1917 had foretold the danger and since She had certainly indicated the real causes of it, and moreover, since She had proposed the effective remedies, is it not a terrible shame that these remedies intended to be publicly made known in 1960 have yet to be revealed to us? Is it not scandalous that for 25 years, millions of souls have been suffering in this "diabolical disorientation" and have been running the risk of being lost eternally without the pastors of the Church deigning to accept the extraordinary aid that Heaven is offering them?

We Must Repeatedly Beg the Pope

There now are so many reasons which make it a duty for us to continue to address to the Holy Father our repeated supplications for the disclosure of the Secret of Fatima: It is for the honor of Our Mother, for the salvation of our brothers, for the peace of the world, for the renewal of the Church. Let us not be told, as a recent false report tries to make us believe, that the Fatima Secret cannot be unveiled because "It would risk being misinterpreted!" Is it possible that the Queen of Prophets who foresaw and announced in 1917 so many then unforeseeable events that we have since witnessed, would have failed to foresee this risk, to the point of making Her Secret completely useless for the Church? This is unthinkable! No, Her Secret is clear, with neither the least ambiguity nor difficulty in interpretation, we can be certain of it. Let us dare even to say it! Would it not be rather because of its too great clarity which is making our pastors uneasy? Let us therefore pray untiringly so that the Holy Father can receive from God the light and the strength which will permit him to finally conquer all obstacles. It is already late, but Jesus tells all through Sister Lucy, "It will never be too late to have recourse to Jesus and to Mary."

Finally, and with this I shall conclude, if the Holy Father cannot yet decide to make public the final Secret of Our Lady by exercising his personal authority, could he not, should he not at least allow complete freedom to the Prefect of the Holy Office or to the Bishop of Leiria, or to the seer herself, to obey the expressed command of Our Lady that the Secret be made known to the faithful?

The Third Secret "On The Index"?

For it is an astounding fact, that for more than 25 years, the Secret of Fatima and it alone is in some manner on the Index.(21) Sister Lucy, and she alone is compelled to silence. On November 15, 1966, Pope Paul VI abrogated articles 1399 and 2318 of the code of Canon Law, which prohibited the publication of books and pamphlets which propagate without authorization new apparitions, revelations, or prophecies still not approved by the Church. And this abrogation is now in the new code.(22) So that since 1966 anyone can publish and spread among the Christian people the most fantastic revelations. Any deception, and devilry, nothing is prohibited anymore. Everything is authorized to be published and the `prince of lies' skillfully takes advantage of this license by multiplying throughout the world, false apparitions and fraudulent messages, which spread freely everywhere and lead astray countless members of the faithful. Only that Message, the Secret of Fatima which is most certainly and most unquestionably from God, is the only Message which is scandalously prohibited from being published.

The conclusion imposes itself: It is high time to also let the seer of Fatima speak. And through her the Immaculate Virgin, Mother of God and our Mother, our all loveable and all loving Mediatrix and Coredemptrix. It is urgent to listen to Her since, "She alone will be able to help us" as She Herself informed us on July 13, 1917.(23)

Our Last Hope - Our Lady of Fatima

Her three Secrets reveal to us in fact Her threefold power and Her threefold mission which God has entrusted to Her. God wishes to manifest in a most striking way in our century, this mission of Our Lady. It is through Her, through the vision of hell and the revelation of Her Immaculate Heart, the first terrible and marvelous Secret that He wishes to convert souls, all souls, and to save them, because She is the 'Mother of Mercy' and the 'Gate of Heaven'. It is through Her - the commands, the promises, the threats in Her Second Secret, that He has been seeking to save Christianity, to spare us from horrible wars and Communist slavery! For He has established Her as 'Queen of Peace'. Moreover, it is through Her, through the prophecy of Her Third Secret that He wishes to conquer today that "diabolical wave" surging upon the Church, the impiety that has taken hold, even in the Sanctuary and all the dark forces that have propagated and encouraged the modern apostasy, for She is the 'Defender of the True Faith' and She alone has received from Her Son the power to conquer all of the heresies in the whole world: 'Cuntas haereses tu sola interemisti in universo mundo!'

Our Great Hope!

And this threefold mission of the Immaculate Mediatrix which Her great Secret reveals to us, is also the unshakeable basis for our inconfoundable hope. Yes we can be sure of it when Her Secret will finally be completely unveiled and recognized as authentic, when Russia will finally be solemnly consecrated to Her, and the reparational devotion of the First Saturdays of the month is officially approved, the faithful and powerful Virgin, Virgo Fidelis', Virgo Potens' will accomplish Her wonderful promises.

Filled with joy, we shall then witness the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart, preparing the universal reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Russia, delivered from her demons through a remarkable miracle of conversion, will return to the sheepfold of Roman unity. A period of peace will be granted to the world. The Catholic faith will be preached to all nations. And countless numbers of souls shall go in joy to the Fountains of Salvation in the One Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church of Christ under the guidance of a single Shepherd!

Yes, this hour will come, but we ourselves must hasten it by carrying out with love all the requests of Our Lady from this moment onward.

For She has need of us. "Modern times", St. Maximilian Kolbe used to say, 'Are dominated by Satan and they shall be so even more in the future ... The Immaculate One alone has received from God the promise of victory over Satan, but being in the glory of Heaven, She needs us today, to work together with Her. She seeks souls consecrated entirely to Her and become in Her hands a force to conquer Satan, and to become under Her direction effective means for establishing the Kingdom of God."

The Third Secret Revealed!


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