The Bones of the Triumvir

“In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock among many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people.”

                                                            ― St. Malachy O’Morgair


Date: September 30, 2004 at 13:51:37
From: Ev,
Subject: Can anyone interpret this?

A room suddenly appears and in this room are 24 aged men in white robes, seated in very ornate, high-backed chairs. Before them is a table, and appearing on the table are two rows of polished stones. 24 of the stones are white and 24 of them are black, and a small wooden box is next to these. The box is very plain and not decorated. Then the scene changes and the men are walking away from their chairs, in two lines, and are leaving the room.

The scene changes again and someone walks into what seems the same room, but can only be seen from the back. He is wearing a much different robe. It has deep colored swirls that look something like the designs seen on peacock feathers, and a large emblem on the back. It appeared to be printed in gold and comprised a sort of circle with dashed and dotted lines and two horn-like protrusions above it.

But this time there are no chairs in the room. The table is still there, but the polished and colored stones that were there before are now gone. And the wooden box seems to have grown in size and is at least half the size of the table.

Suddenly, the scene changes again and a large hand places a large black stone into the box. But this stone is not polished and has many sharp and jagged edges. And a deep voice speaks out, "Let it be So-o-o . . . . " At this point, all that can be seen is the large black stone, but now, it seems 50 times larger and fills the back of the room. The voice sounded very ominous and final.

-- Ev


Dee's Dream: 10-19-97 VISION - I was seeing the College of Cardinals meeting. They were all standing up in a tier of three high and were electing a new Pope. They were all wearing mitered hats and red robes.

Date: October 02, 2004 at 18:05:07
From: Joe Mason,
Subject: Next Pope Anti-Pope Hanged Man

URL: The Bones of the TriumvIR- Apokalypso



Your great dream and the responses are a synchronistic coincidence that helps confirm in my mind that the election of the next Pope will bring profound change.

Last night, Dee reminded me that MetPhys (Robert) had discussed the meaning of the Hanged Man. She suggested that I should send that information to him. I planned to do it this morning. But first, I took a quick look at the posts on Syzygy Dreams, and found your incredible dream post and the responses.

I intended to send MetPhys a copy of the e-mail that I sent to Norma's e-mail group two months ago, which, in part, speaks of the Hanged Man and how it may relate to the next Pope/Anti-Pope. I am placing that e-mail below.

For reference, Norma's web site is at:

and MetPhys's (Robert's) web site is at:

A major part of the material in this post concerns the myth of Saint Peter being hanged inverted on a cross, and that his bones will be discovered near the time of the last Pope. This is said to be the basis of the Hanged Man Tarot card.

Certain Nostradamus quatrains and events indicate that the bones are not those of Simon Peter the fisherman, but rather, those of Simon Magus (or Magnus), the Gnostic magician, who was crucified upside down on Vatican Hill by Nero Caesar.

Nostradamus C5, Q92 indicates that a Pope will hold the office for 17 years prior to the election of a new Pope who will not conform. This prediction came true when Pope Pius XI served from February 11, 1922 to February 11, 1939, i.e., 17 years to the day. Some say he was murdered.

It is probably not a coincidence that the numbers 1 through 17 add to 153, a number associated with Peter the fisherman.

Add to this the prediction of St. Malachy, indicating that John Paul II will have two successors elected at the same time. One will be the Antipope, and take the name, Peter. He will eventually reveal the whole truth of Christian history and bring back some of the old interpretations, which will be quite upsetting to many. One might say that he will turn things upside down.

I should have mentioned in my e-mail that certain words in this material can carry symbolic messages. The name Peter or Petra meant rock or stone. The alternate meaning, according to H.P. Blavatsky, was "interpreter." This relates to the interpretations on stone tables passed down by the hierophants to the next chosen interpreters.

She supported this by writing about the words of Jesus in the Bible, "Upon this rock I build my church." The Catholic church claimed that this referred to Peter, who supposedly became the first Pope. The church claimed Divine authority from those words.

Blavatsky wrote that the meaning actually referred to the petra - interpretation, that is, Jesus was saying that he came and laid the foundation upon which others would build.

Other supporting quotes attributed to Jesus are:

"The stone that the builder's rejected has become the cornerstone" {Matthew 21:42 and Psalms 118:22)

"Show me the stone that the builders rejected; that is the keystone." (Gospel of Thomas, Saying 66)

Zechariah 4:9 is also supportive:

"The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house; his hands shall also complete it."

The verse is quite significant, I believe, because Zerubbabel and his High Priest, Joshua, are the two anointed, and associated with the two olive trees that stand up in Revelation 11:11.

It is also significant that Zerubbabel will become the Signet Ring of the Lord when heaven and earth shake (Haggai 2:20, 23). According to Blavatsky, the Signet Ring of the Lord relates to the Tetragrammaton, the four Letters of the Divine Name, the "Father's Name" mark on the forehead in Revelation 14:1 of the 144,000 to be saved.

Peter the Rock is featured in the 153 fish in the net story in John 21. The older version has the Omphalos Stone at Delphi as the central stone. The geometry starts with a Flower of Life type glyph. See:

It seems significant that the number 24 and multiples were featured in your dream. I believe it was pointed out that it could relate to the 24 elders and their thrones in Revelation 4:4. The images in the verses are quite tied in to the "heavens," including the Zodiac and seven stars, known back then as the "planets" as the orbs that moved about among the stars, and after which the days of the week are named. Most likely, the 24 correspond to the day and night, divided into 12 hours each.

This "heavenly" image is also in the context of the Tabernacle, which is the basis of the Temple of Solomon. Some say the ruins are below the Islamic Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. A close look at the camp positions of the Tribes in Numbers 2, and the description of the New Jerusalem in Revelation 21, make it clear that these images indicate the order of the heavens made apparent on earth.

The Tabernacle includes a rectangular room called the Sacred Place and a cube shaped room called the Holy of Holies. Inside the cube shaped room was a very well known box, the Arc of the Covenant. Inside the box was the famous stone table, the Ten Commandments. Some say this is one form of the Omphalos Stone.

The total black and white stones as 48 seem significant to me. The Mega Glyph crop circle formation of 2001 had 408 circles plus a 72 foot central circle. I believe it is related in part to the 153 Fish in the Net story. The 408 number suggests 17 x 24.

Adding the 24 aged men to the number of stones gives 3 x 24 = 72, the number of Divine Names, and a base Gematrian number, being the number of degrees between the points of a five-pointed star.

For more information about the above, see:

Combinations of these various numbers may produce other interesting connections. For example, 24 x 72 = 1728, or 12 cubed, which one could call a box. The square of 12, of course, is the basis of the 144,000, being 12,000 people from each of the 12 Tribes.

The large hand placing the big black rock into the box at the end of your dream reminds me somewhat of Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the freightening image reported in the Book of Daniel. A stone was cut out by no human hand and struck against the iron and clay feet of the image, shattering it. This stone became a great mountain that filled the whole earth. (Daniel 2:34, 35).

I included part of this in the "Lazarus" article (see link above).

For information about the Tree of Life and how it relates to the Tarot cards, see:

Interactive Tree of Life

Also see:

... The Roman Catholics are said to regard the Tarot as the Devil's picture book; 
the Qabbala, although evident throughout the Christian/Judaic Old Testament,..

... 17 - TAROT - THE STAR - THE FISH HOOK. Star 17 ... K12). The water is reflected,
personal existence, symbolized by the Hanged Man. It ...

In your dream, the robe worn by the person with deep colored swirls like designs on peacock feathers reminds me of Joseph, the 11th son of Judah, with his Coat of Many Colors. He is associated by some with the central sphere of the Tree of Life. He became a ruler in Egypt long ago via his ability to interpret dreams. My guess is that the large emblem on the back of the robe with two horn-like protrusions, is related to Isis. See:

She corresponds to Mother Mary and other similar figures, and perhaps to Mary Magdalen. This is the Woman With Child of Revelation 12.

The interpretation of the Hanged Man Tarot card given on the above linked Interactive Tree of Life, is surrender, change of viewpoint, where human will surrenders to Divine will, represented by the tree/cross. It shows a polarity reversed, inversion, reversal, mirroring, and seeing the other point of view.

The polarity reversal is related to "The Tipharet Helix." See:


"The numerical interplay in the tree is subtle. The "left" pillar, coming down from Keter, begins with odd numbers, and the "right" pillar begins with even numbers. But at Tipharet, the polarity reverses. This is Karmic mixing; showing that everything becomes its own opposite in time."

[end of excerpt]

About five months ago, a helix of this type appeared in the crops -

Double Loop, 9 May 04, Tegdown Hill, Patcham, nr Brighton, East Sussex

The Hanged Man is card number 12, which associates with the Zodiac, a cycle of completion, and a balancing of the archetypes.

The fact that in your dream, the big black stone is not polished and has many sharp and jagged edges, may be a big clue as to the meaning. Thinking of it as an interpretation, it could relate to Islamic ideas replacing older Jewish ones. It is said that Islam means submission, and "Muslim" literally means in Arabic, "surrendered to God."

The Kabah is a cube shaped structure in Mecca. Kaaba means cube. The Black Stone of the Ka'ba is said to be a dark meteorite. See:

My sense, however, is that your dream is pointing to the future or present rather than the past. I believe the dream speaks of new interpretations being sent into the world from the Beyond. They are coming in various forms, such as crop circle formations, UFO/ET events, symbolic events, channeled messages, inspired artistic material, and especially dreams.

The true meaning at this time is quite rough, like a diamond in the rough. In time, we humans on the earth plane will hone it down, shape it and polish it to a beautiful jewel, as we learn to be conscious co-creators.

I thank you, Ev, and the others, for posting this dream-related material for all to see.


Subj: Hanged Man = Kether into Daath + 153
Date: 8/2/2004 

In a message dated 7/11/2004 7:51:45 AM Pacific Standard Time, Norma writes:

<< Subj: 11 July....Organizing Anew >> (snip)

<< Today's 163 sum = Mildness Pillar. This is the middle pillar on Tree of Life, that avenue of mediation or balance between Pillar of Severity and Pillar of Mercy. Heretofore, the middle pillar had a gap where the dormant sephiroth Daath is located, directly below Kether or #1. Humanity is experiencing this dormant sephiroth awakening, as mass consciousness begins to realize Oneness Consciousness, all as One, a Whole. Daath is translated as "Knowledge". Direct knowledge of self as Self, as One, is the mirror of #1 Kether; this mirror or self reflective awareness as Knowledge, links #1 with Daath:

Daath sum is 34 = One.

( This is a meaning of Tarot card The Hanged Man, where his illuminated crown of head is reversed, or at Daath position on the Tree. ) >> (snip)


Hello Norma.

Thank you for this. It connects VERY well to various aspects of my 14 year symbol search. In addition, it puts various puzzle pieces together VERY well.

The material is extensive, so I can only give a few hints here. Start with this: 
The Tree of Life Crop Circle Formation

One of the ideas presented is Kether (or Keter) moving into Daath (or Daat), as indicated by the Mandelbrot Set crop circle formation.


Two Related 1991 Crop Formations

In retrospect, a very astute observation was put forward in an article by crop circle researcher, Mark Styles. He pointed out that the 1991 Barbury Castle triangular crop circle formation was very similar to the lower triad of the Kabalistic Tree of Life.

He presented an equally astute theory in the article regarding the Mandelbrot Set crop circle formation which also appeared in 1991, on August 11. He showed that the Mandelbrot Set formation is similar to the Kabalistic Tree of Life, except for the top circle, which is Keter, the Crown, the One Source is "missing." He suggested that this may mean that "Keter is moving into Daat."

In 1992, I read the articles in the crop circle journals about the Kabalistic Tree of Life connections to the 1991 Barbury Castle triangular formation, and to the Mandelbrot Set Crop formation. A dream of a young man seemed to confirm the "Keter moving into Daat" interpretation of the Mandelbrot Set formation. The details of this will follow.

[from Mark Styles] You may be thinking that the Mandelbrot Set does not contain the uppermost "Keter" part of the Tree - surely this is an important part of the cipher? Could not the reason for this be, as Kabbalistic teaching tells us, that "Daat" (Knowledge), the non-sephira, is the point where Keter (the divine will of God) can enter when the time is chosen to interfere with existence? It is quite possible that discovery of the Mandelbrot Set, in an attempt to recreate the order observed within the apparent chaos of nature's systems, has actually caused Keter to enter Daat and communication of the angelic kind to begin.

As we can see, once the Tree is in this interference mode, it resembles the Mandelbrot Set precisely (figs 4a, b, & c). The Mandelbrot Set could be described as demonstrating the order behind the apparent chaos of nature. The same is true of the Tree of Life, and that order is "God". Kabbalism tells us that we are all part of that supreme order and collectively are "God".

[end of excerpts]

More recently, I wrote an article about the Mandelbrot:

The Mandelbrot Set Crop Circle Formation

Near the end of the article, I mentioned the same concepts of Mark Styles. After briefly mentioning the similarity of the Menorah to the tree of life, I wrote this: 

A chain of incredible coincidence happened as this article was being prepared for this web page. Part of this relates to an article that I printed out months earlier, but did not read until this page was under construction. The article, which is actually chapter five of a book, makes extensive comparative analogies between chaos theory, fractals, and the Mandelbrot Set, to the Tree of Life. The author, T.J. Germinario, has a very extensive and sophisticated knowledge of these subjects. See:

Apokalypso - The Year of Jubilee, Chapter Five, A Season in Hell

[end of excerpt]

The story I have not told in an article is that other incredible dream-coincidences happened with another chapter of T.J.'s book, titled -

“The Bones of the Triumvir”  – on the theme of St. Peter’s tomb in the prophecies of Nostradamus

He makes a very good case that the bones of the "Great Roman" were not those of Peter the Fisherman, but those of Simon Magus, the Gnostic who chose to be crucified upside down, which became the basis of the Hanged Man tarot card.


Because Pius XI was assassinated on the anniversary of his papal coronation, his reign lasted exactly 17 years. It happens that the number 17 has a particular relevance to the theme of St. Peter. In the last chapter of John’s gospel, the resurrected Christ appoints Simon Peter to shepherd His flock until He return. Before doing this, however, Jesus instructs the Fisherman to cast his net for a prodigious catch of fish, numbering 153. Adding up the numbers from 1 to 17, we find the sum is 153.

The prophetic significance of the number 153 apparently relates to the succession of Popes who trace their authority to St. Peter. In that context, the 153rd Pontiff was Leo IX (1049-1054), who initiated the so-called “Reform Papacy” of the 11th Century. While the Reform movement was ostensibly aimed at rooting out corruption within the Church, it’s principal thrust was the concentration of power in the hands of the Pope and his circle of Cardinals. As we mentioned earlier, this was the era in which the dogma of a celibate priesthood was imposed. It was also the period during which the Papacy took on the trappings of a temporal monarchy, including the appropriation of the imperial purple vestments worn by the Roman Caesars. In this
regard, critics of the Vatican’s absolutism have frequently invoked the image of the purple-arrayed harlot of Babylon in Chapter 17 of the book of Revelation – another instance in which the number 17 strangely prefigures the Papacy’s approaching apocalyptic crisis.

The ominous import to the Vatican of the number 17 and its derivative 153 was evidently not lost on Nostradamus. In the 92nd Quatrain of Century Five, he very clearly refers to the assassination of Pius XI as setting off a sequence of calamitous events, the consequences of which are only now becoming apparent.

"After the see has been held for seventeen years,
It will change hands five times in a comparable period of time:
Then one will be elected at the same time [as another],
Who will not be too much in conformity with the Romans."

Pope Pius XI held the Keys of St. Peter for exactly seventeen years from February 11, 1922 to February 11, 1939. During the two decades beginning with the last year of his successor's reign, there were five occupants of the Papal throne, beginning with Pius XII, who died in October 1958, followed by John XXIII (1958 - 1963), Paul VI (1963 - 1978), John Paul I (Aug.-Sept.1978), and finally John Paul II, elected on October 16, 1978. The latter, being the first non-Italian Pope in over four-and-a-half centuries, is often identified by Nostradamus’ modern interpreters as the one who is “not too much in conformity with the Romans”. But a more careful reading of this stanza suggests that the French Prophet is instead referring to the Pope who will be elected after the reign of Polish Pontiff. Interpreted in this manner, this Quatrain also conforms to St. Malachy’s prediction that John Paul II would have a pair of successors, both elected “at the same time”, one of whom would be an Antipope.

Historically, Antipopes have been associated with disputed papal elections in which two candidates both claim victory. Thus, the last true Pope, Malachy’s “Peter the Roman”, will be elected “at the same time” as another candidate, an Antipope who will also claim the papal throne. St. Malachy calls this Antipope “the Glory of the Olive Tree”. Since the Olive Tree typically appears in Scripture as a symbol of the Jewish people, Malachy’s prophecy clearly suggests that the Antipope will be a Jew who has converted to Catholicism. In this sense, he will be the diabolical mirror-image of
Peter the Roman, who, despite his epithet, will be break sharply with the conformity of the Roman priesthood by seeking to restore it to its Jewish roots.

Thus, the symbolism of the inverted crucifixion is directly linked to Gnostic teaching regarding the irredeemable corruption of the material universe. The pictorial representation of that teaching survives today in the image of the Hanged Man appearing in the deck of Tarot cards, which were originally used as teaching aids by medieval Gnostics, such as the Cathars of southern France. One of the philosophical consequences of viewing mundane reality as essentially demonic is the belief that reality can manipulated by the invocation of demons. For that reason, there has always been a strong nexus between occultism and dualistic creeds, such as Gnosticism. In fact, the storied feats of Simon Magus were attributed to his skill in manipulating the power of demons. For that reason, Simon served as the model for Goethe’s demon-invoking character Faust.

[end of excerpts]

The dream part of the "coincidence" was from Dee's friend, Michelle. The day after reading the above article, she reported a dream, dated, 1/5/03. This date seemed quite coincidental, as it relates in my number systems to 153. Also "coincidental," Nostradamus was born in 1503. Dee included Michelle's dream in her article:

YOU GOTTA BE JOKING!!! The Beast of Revelation


A very weird dream

Pope Paul and President George Bush

DREAM: Paul and I had moved to a place in the mountains. It was a VERY HIGH elevation. Paul was really excited about the move and didn't seem nervous at all. I, on the other hand, realized it would be a pain because even though the views would be incredIble, and the area was so SO SO very nice, it would mean a long trip up and down a difficult mountaIn-pass to get to the village.

WE were looking for the very house we were going to live in. But it seemed like everything was so expensive if we wanted to live in a big BIG house.

We were in a car being driven by a real-estate agent around the neighborhood, and she was pointing out the houses that were empty. Most still had furniture in them so they they looked occupied. The previous owners left stuff in them so that "the people down the hill wouldn't think that since so many houses were empty that the hill was going to slide down on top of them" And we were told that if the people who lived at the bottom of the hill realized how many houses were empty up the hill they would be very scared.

SO.... we looked at several houses that were empty but had furniture. The first one had a field-stone type siding (or it was made of field stone, but I remember thinking that when you got up close you could see it was siding). It was a nice house for size, but the view was limited by some big rock wall, and for some reason the master bedroom was OUTSIDE. It was made like a carport.

I said.. "This is not good. I would have to have that finished in or move the bedroom inside if we consider this house. The agent said, "You can't do that right away. It will take a long time to move that bed inside. So if you don't want to sleep out here, you shouldn't buy this house.

We drove to the next house. This one once belonged to a woman who lived there for some time, but had moved. The house was all painted in different shades of brown & yellow. It had all this old Colonial furniture it in and it was like 200 feet long, but only 12 feet deep... like a really long trailer. I HATED the shape. and I really didn't like the colors of the walls.

The Agent kept calling them "Golden" but I kept saying they looked like baby poop yellow ... and if they were really gold they wouldn't look like poop.

Then we walked into the back yard. In the back yard there was a hill that went up behind and made the view go from an incredible mountain view to a view of a hill going up behind the house.

On the top of that hill was a beautiful big house. It had old cape-cod type clapboard around the whole thing. BIG windows that looked out on the most incredible mountain view and it was both Paul and my dream house (at least in the dream!)

We asked the agent if they could show us that house, as it was clear from the windows that at least part of it was empty.

The agent we were with refused, saying she only sold REAL estate. She said that REAL estate wasn't always so perfect, but that it always had potential. The house we wanted to was a "pipe dream". She said that millions of people try to buy it each year, but it has been empty for over 2000 years! And we were wasting out time. We couldn't buy it.

Paul said that we had more than enough money and we had a lot of great ideas for fixing up the house.

The agent told us to talk to "Judy" if we wanted the house, but that it was a waste of time.  (The name Judy means "praised")

We walked over to this woman named Judy. She had a southern accent and Paul seemed to know her, though I didn't think she was one of the 2 Judys he use to be engaged to, he seemed to really agree with everything she was saying. I took him to the side and said... "What are you doing? If we look too anxious they will bring up the price and we won't get the house." Paul assured me he knew was he was doing.

Anyway... we were standing behind the house at the bottom of a hill still. And Judy said we had to climb up the hard part of the hill and go in by the front door. But I noticed there was a back door made of glass that was not a hard climb from where we were and we could get inside from there then climb the stairs in the house to get to the front. Judy didn't like this and insisted that the only way to get into the house was the front door. But I opened the back door and we were inside. She was pissed off about that.

Just inside the back door there were rooms that were all connected that had big glass panels and you could look out and see the valley below and it was a gorgeous view. But Judy said that the view was not necessarily included. That not everyone gets the view.

She seemed upset that I had seen the view (I think paul did too). She said the view was for people who bought from her "agency" only. To which paul said, we love this house already. Just because of where it is. We want it and we will pay the asking price. (I remember thinking he shouldn't have said that, but he wanted the house desperately. He whispered to me, we will tell her what ever she wants, and after the papers are signed it's our and we can do what we want with it.)

She said she was really upset that we went in by the back door - that because we did, we would see the last things first and that was going to mess up her sales pitch. We couldn't see the whole house before she told us "the catch".

What is the catch? I asked. She was very hesitant then she took Paul to the side and whispered something to him. As she did.... I noticed that the carpet was getting wet.

Soon there was an inch of water on the floor. I said to her.. "What is going on?"

She said.. "OH NO! Looks like a pipe broke."

We ran to the next room to find an old maintenance man standing next to a brass pipe that was coming out of the floor. The pipe was pouring water on the floor. The pipe itself was made of 3 shiny brass pieces and a rubber hose that connected to it where the water should flow.

When we walked up to the man he looked at me and said. "If you don't want to see this house flooded and destroyed, you need to bring Rov here to fix this pipe. I just stood there stunned for a moment that he would know Rov. The water was getting deeper and the guy fumbled to put the pipes together but they didn't go.

So I looked at Paul, and Judy shouted... "Get Rov or the water damage will be unfixable!"

So Paul nodded and I called for Rov. Rov, The Lightbeing came into my body, (This is a channeling method I use. But in the dream I was still standing there beside Paul and Rov). The old man tried to hand Rov a wrench. He didn't touch it. I was about to grab it myself and try to fix the water when Rov said. (and I quote) "I know you, Old Scratch. I don't do work for evil!" and he refused to do anything.

Old Scratch said, "If you don't fix it, the water will it will destroy the foundation of this house and the whole thing will fall down the hill! IT is already happening!"

Rov said. "Let it fall. You will not destroy your mansion of lies! Your greatest tool! I say let it fall, we will be all better off!" And Rov refused to do anything.

Then the old guy looked at me. "Do it! You can fix it yourself!" he said. Paul and I looked at each other and trusted Rov then said... "No"

The man grunted with disgust then he put the pipes together himself and stopped the water.

Then he called to someone to mop up the mess and Pope Paul and President George Bush came in and started to mop up the water.

We started to walk away. Rov said... "What you want this house for anyway? You know it's not real. It will look like any house you want it to look like, but it is really just a place of lies. It has form - but no substance. It tells you it is your place at the very top of the hill, but it is really a slide to the very bottom of the hill."

At that point, Judy came back over to us (Rov was now walking with us) and she said, "You know, we have another offer on this house. It's better than your offer but If you come see my boyfriend who is singing in church I will put your offer in front of theirs."

"What kind of singing is he doing in church?" I asked. "Morris dancing," she said.

I said, "That's dancing - not singing."

She said, "he sings and dances. It's going to be a great time."

Rov said with a laugh, "Has Morris dancing ever been considered a great time?" and he laughed. "I guess she is saying he's coming with bells on!"

(I didn't know what he meant in the dream.. but I looked up Morris dancing on the web and found this....Morris dancing is a form of ritual folkdance which comes from the Cotswold region in western England, between Oxford and the Welsh border. It is ritual as opposed to social dance ...The dancers usually wear bells at their knees and often wave hankies.)

Paul said something about how we should go out there just one night so we can get the house. Rov said.. "Sure!.. Yeah!"... and he opened a door and behind the door were wall to wall people all talking about buying the house. All of them each talking about some special deal they have that promises they will own the house. Many of them even waving papers that they said assure them 100 percent they own the house already!

I said to Rov.. "They can't all own the house."

Rov said, "No one owns this house. This house is not real. You can't buy a house on the hill with money, promises or Morris dancing!"

Then Judy said. "So you say, but look at the abundance!" and she opened another door.  Behind that door were rows and rows of refrigerators. From old iceboxes to modern ones. All different types and sizes. Judy practically sang out like Julie Andrews singing the Sound of Music... "Look at all of these. They belonged to all the previous owners of this house. They left them here full of food and good things for the next owners!" She looked at Rov and said.. "So much for the nay-sayers. How many refrigerators do you see? And these a just owners since Refrigerators existed!"

Rov laughed again and said "Open one!"

I tried and Paul tried, but they wouldn't open.

"They will only open for the owner of this house!" Judy yelled back at Rov.

"No one can own this house! It is not here. It is empty, an illusion! There are no refrigerators in HELL!" and he opened one of the fridges and inside was fake food and some old plastic broken toys.

"Let's go. Huh - you two" Rov said to me and Paul and we agreed.

"Come back!" Judy hollered. "If you don't I'm going to have to sell this house to someone else! You are going to lose your dream house!"

I hated the inside of the house, and Paul did too... and we both realized that we couldn't fix it up, even if we bought it because it would never really be our house. BUT when we went outside, I almost wanted to go back. The house was so beautiful on the outside.

I felt relieved that Rov showed up and got out of the deal on the house.

Go figure Anyway.. that's the dream

[end of excerpt]

I hope you can see the astonishing connections here.

Thanks again.

Regards and best wishes,

Joseph E. (Joe) Mason

Date: October 02, 2004 at 14:59:11
From: Pam,Az,
Subject: Can anyone interpret this?


Changes in Empire and at Home
The first Roman invasion of the lands we now call the British Isles took place in 55 B.C. under war leader Julius Caesar, who returned one year later, but these probings did not lead to any significant or permanent occupation. He had some interesting, if biased comments concerning the natives: "All the Britons," he wrote, "paint themselves with woad, which gives their skin a bluish color and makes them look very dreadful in battle." It was not until a hundred years later that permanent settlement of the grain-rich eastern territories began in earnest.

In the year expedition was ordered against Britain by the Emperor Claudius, who showed he meant business by sending his general, Aulus Plautius, and an army of 40,000 men. Only three months after Plautius's troops landed on Britain's shores, the Emperor Claudius felt it was safe enough to visit his new province. Establishing their bases in what is now Kent, through a series of battles involving greater discipline, a great element of luck, and general lack of co-ordination between the leaders of the various Celtic tribes, the Romans subdued much of Britain in the short space of forty years. They were to remain for nearly 400 years. The great number of prosperous villas that have been excavated in the southeast and southwest testify to the rapidity by which Britain became Romanized, for they functioned as centers of a settled, peaceful and urban life.

The highlands and moorlands of the northern and western regions, present-day Scotland and Wales, were not as easily settled, nor did the Romans particularly wish to settle in these agriculturally poorer, harsh landscapes. They remained the frontier -- areas where military garrisons were strategically placed to guard the extremities of the Empire. The stubborn resistance of tribes in Wales meant that two out of three Roman legions in Britain were stationed on its borders, at Chester and Caerwent.

Major defensive works further north attest to the fierceness of the Pictish and Celtic tribes, Hadrian's Wall in particular reminds us of the need for a peaceful and stable frontier. Built when Hadrian had abandoned his plan of world conquest, settling for a permanent frontier to "divide Rome from the barbarians," the seventy-two mile long wall connecting the Tyne to the Solway was built and rebuilt, garrisoned and re-garrisoned many times, strengthened by stone-built forts as one mile intervals.

For Imperial Rome, the island of Britain was a western breadbasket. Caesar had taken armies there to punish those who were aiding the Gauls on the Continent in their fight to stay free of Roman influence. Claudius invaded to give himself prestige, and his subjugation of eleven British tribes gave him a splendid triumph. Vespasian was a legion commander in Britain before he became Emperor, but it was Agricola who gave us most notice of the heroic struggle of the native Britons through his biographer Tacitus. From him, we get the unforgettable picture of the druids, "ranged in order, with their hands uplifted, invoking the gods and pouring forth horrible imprecations." Agricola also won the decisive victory of Mons Graupius in present-day Scotland in 84 A.D. over Calgacus "the swordsman," that carried Roman arms farther west and north than they had ever before ventured. They called their newly-conquered northern territory Caledonia.


Date: October 01, 2004 at 16:25:53
From: Stardanya,
Subject: Papal Election process

But the ending of the dream sounds like the Anti Pope is on the way.

Date: October 01, 2004 at 09:52:57
From: Anna in MN,
Subject: Can anyone interpret this?

Doing my thoughts cold before reading anyone else.

Sounds like a council of elders, maybe elders of the Akashic library. Black and white stones are for a "vote". They place their stones in the box, and the vote is tabulated afterward.

The other figure??? Another type of ascended master, but why he is alone?? Maybe he is the one who counts the votes.

The large hand with large black unpolished stone? Maybe someone else overrides the vote, and makes some sort of unilateral decision, some sort of "no" vote. But it doesn't seem to be the usual way or person or situation. The unpolished stone seems very significant to me, and I flash on something like a block of lava or similar. Just my take on it, FWIW.

Date: October 01, 2004 at 16:01:56
From: Bedysa,
Subject: Can anyone interpret this?

King Arthur and blood line order connection



Date: October 01, 2004 at 16:42:47
From: liz_renton_wa,
Subject: Can anyone interpret this?
The unpolished stone to me represents the primodial evil that is involved,.. it is in the raw form. The polished form being that of the magnatude of a mortal doings,..this is not of mortal doings.

Don't Vatican priests elect the next pope by dropping white or black stones into a box?

I have had the words Leo, pontifical, and martyr come to me in the past couple of days. Leo particularly. Then I did some searching and it seems there is a priest, Leo somebody, who is supposedly in line for the pope.

Date: October 01, 2004 at 10:42:20
From: fcolo,
Subject: Pope?

It is my understanding that when the Cardinals vote they use a pen and paper and then the paper is burned. May take several votes but the process is the same.

October 01, 2004 at 02:47:53
From: Linda/GibsonsBC,
Subject: Pope?



How Popes are Elected (see link above)

Also: Here's a list of 30 Cardinals appointed by Pope John Paul II, one of which will be voted to succeed him. No "Leo" here. However, there is also a 31st cardinal named "in pectore" and not made public.

VATICAN CITY -- Pope John Paul II named 30 new cardinals on Sunday, as well as one unnamed prelate. Here is a list of the new "princes" of the church, who will be elevated at a consistory on Oct. 21.

--Monsignor Jean-Louis Tauran, France, Vatican foreign minister

--Monsignor Renato Martino, Italy, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace

--Monsignor Francesco Marchisano, Italy, Archpriest of St. Peter's Basilica

--Monsignor Julian Herranz, Spain, head of the Vatican Office of Legislative Texts

--Monsignor Javier Lozano Barragan, Mexico, head of Vatican office of Health Care

--Monsignor Stephen Fumio Hamao, Japan, head of Vatican office of Migrants

--Monsignor Attilio Nicora, Italy, head of the Administration of Patrimony of the Holy See

Residential archbishops include:

--Monsignor Angelo Scola, Italy, Patriarch of Venice

--Monsignor Anthony Olubunmi Okogie, Nigeria, Archbishop of Lagos

--Monsignor Bernard Panafieu, France, Archbishop of Marseille

--Monsignor Gabriel Zubeir Wako, Sudan, Archbishop of Khartoum

--Monsignor Carlos Amigo Vallejo, Spain, Archbishop of Seville

--Monsignor Justin Rigali, United States, Archbishop of Philadelphia

--Monsignor Keith Michael Patrick O'Brien, Scotland, Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh

--Monsignor Eusebio Oscar Scheid, Brazil, Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro

--Monsignor Ennio Antonelli, Italy, Archbishop of Florence

--Monsignor Tarcisco Bertone, Italy, Archbishop of Genoa

--Monsignor Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson, Ghana, Archbishop of Cape Coast

--Monsignor Telesphore Placidus Toppo, India, Archbishop of Ranchi

--Monsignor George Pell, Australia, Archbishop of Sydney

--Monsignor Josip Bozanic, Croatia, Archbishop of Zagreb

--Monsignor Jean-Baptiste Pham Minh Man, Vietnam, Archbishop of Ho Chi Minh City

--Monsignor Rodolfo Quezada Toruno, Guatemala, Archbishop of Guatemala

--Monsignor Philippe Barbarin, France, Archbishop of Lyon

--Monsignor Peter Erdo, Hungary, Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest

--Monsignor Marc Ouellet, Canada, Archbishop of Quebec

Named for special service to the church:

--The Rev. George Cottier, Switzerland, the pope's personal theologin

--Monsignor Gustaaf Joos, Belgium

--The Rev. Thomas Spidlik, Czech Republic

--The Rev. Stanislaw Nagy, Poland

Date: September 30, 2004 at 17:18:45
From: Circe,
Subject: Can anyone interpret this?

can give a hint - go to the Revelations of St. John and find the chapter after the Letters to the Churches. 24 thrones around One on the Throne.

The rest is for you to interpret.

Date: September 30, 2004 at 17:35:19
From: Circe,
Subject: What to do, if I'm seeing this correctly.

You will get a lot of help on what may be about to be felt in your being, if you go to a site I recommend - because you're going to have to dance this out - Dark is Given, Required to Prove is Light.

Search Alloya Ye Ra Ha and read her Mission of the One Star - her experience is most revealing in the coming emotional "Dance of Life".

Example for guidance = I had to get a wisdom tooth out years ago, and was given a shot then the Dentist left to attend another patient. When he returned I was shivering in fear YET I KNEW I WAS NOT AFRAID. His response - "Oh, that's just the adrenaline in the injection!"

That taught me a lot, because we will feel what is being "injected" into us, but we can dance, and know it's not real - just an injection!

Note - WE MUST ALLOW THESE EMOTIONS TO FLOW THROUGH US. Don't deny them or you will be psychically hurt and you don't want the emotions flaring up in company - GET UP AND DANCE - STAB THE AIR - DO THE INDIAN WAR DANCE - YELL AND ENJOY IT - the emotions are as entities that want to be recognised as they enter your blood.

If Hate enters, it's to show you its opposite, so snarl and bite an imaginary foe - grunt at the Devil - behind him is a treasure he's guarding - for you - it's called Cosmic Love - not just love.

p.s. Toutatis helped to push upper beings into us.


Date: September 30, 2004 at 14:37:14
From: Teri,
Subject: Sure...since you asked...

The 'men' have voted. The time for the 'split' is at hand. The evolving Light Beings have been begging for this to happen. They are very tired. There will be no more 'easy' chances to wake up. You either found your inner connection by now or you didn't (it is possible many have found it, but are not yet conscious of it...but will be in the days and weeks ahead.)

There is no good/evil except in 3-d. These 'men' that you see do not bother with such things as 3-d, except to make decisions about the game. Everyone here has played to their level best. It is like at the end of a test when the teacher says: Okay, pencils down, time is up.

The ride through the 'birth canal' is about to begin!


Date: October 01, 2004 at 16:37:28
From: liz_renton_wa,
Subject: Re: Can anyone interpret this?

Yes! it has but evil at this point is more prevalent. The light is still there yes your correct.It is always there. Mind set is the major emphasis on this growth of evil. The robe and swirls on the back with emblem with horn like protrusions. Hmm Doesn't make me guess to much. Satan/evil is trying to sneak into the light. We need to get it back into the box so the balance stays in check.


HI Liz, had vision week or so ago where these men stood guard outside of this house I was in with others. There was going to be an invasion from a army. The next scene shown to me was a very large open pit where a very large cache of deadly weapons were discovered and were being taken away. At the very bottom of the pit were bodies being taken out.
I had to sit on the vision for a few days to figure out what it meant as it seem symbolic. The men outside the house were guardian angels protecting me and others from the army of evil. The pit is hell and the bodies were satan and it's group. The weapons being taken away meant that darkness is being taken away by the blanket of Love that is now wrapped around the planet. Evil did panic with desperation and let loose all it could, but didn't grow. As for Ev vision it seems to be saying the same thing just in a different way. The natural disasters that are here and will get extreme the next few years is not of evil, it just the world we live in.



POPE PREPARES FOR DEATH. compiled by Dee Finney. Pope John Paul II. ... The headline

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Opus Dei Grows in US
... OPUS DEI AND THE POPE ARE TRYING TO DESTROY THE USA. I have told you the stealth
and purpose of Opus Dei is to take over the world for the Pope. ...

... I saw the Pope walking with them..rushing through.. the Eagles flew away..the Pope
touched my hands as I walked up to him..he said something to me.. ...

... sort of coup by the Antichrist. He is expected to come to power in the Vatican
as Pope Peter II. One heavenly indicator is the intersection ...

... I saw a Pope who was at once gentle, and very firm.... ... We must pray so that the
Pope may not leave Rome; countless evils would result if he did. ... - 

... is taken over by Germany and part of France passes under its control; Rome is pillaged
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Prophecies on the end of the millennium - on 1999-2000
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45 Prophecies on the end of the millennium - on 1999-2000
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He asked the Pope to crown him emperor. The Pope ... - 

End Times Prophecy at Fatima
... 1917. Yeltsin (who is no friend of the Roman Catholic Church) is doing something
which Pope John Paul II very much wants him to do. ...

... Even the Pope was concerned that it is He. When I read some of the clues as to who
it is, the Pope fits very well. See: DEATH CALLS ON THE PHONE. ...

... It has been prophesied John Paul II will be the last Pope before the end of time
(as we know it) or "transition" is another specific and spectacular promise ... - 

... I then saw that the Pope was sitting at a desk in room 110 where we used
to have choir practice in high school. The Pope was upset ... - 

... They rapidly gained him the notice and smug patronage of the Roman Catholic Church,
and he even obtained an official audience with Pope Leo XIII in 1887. ...

... 1) I've been watching a literal pissing contest between the Queen of England and
the Pope. ... The Pope has a scandal sheet and they are comparing notes. ...

... the world. The third secret was supposedly read by Pope John XXIII to a secret
conclave of cardinals in the Vatican in 1960. A decision ...

... Pope John Paul II's condemnation of using embryonic stem cells for research represents
the view of those who see fetal and embryonic life as morally equivalent ... - 

... In a "Back to Genesis" article that discusses the Pope's recent announcement concerning
evolution, Morris presents a picture that could could have come from ...

... Jesus then said: "My Son, Your Pope, John Paul II is about to make and important
announcement which will involve My entire Church. ... - 

... RETURN TO GOD! Oh, my little ones, PRAY FOR MY BELOVED POPE! Know that he and
I are praying for you. This message is very, very, very serious. ...

YOU GOTTA BE JOKING!!! The Beast of Revelation
... Immediately, I saw President Bush sitting in the oval office, behind the desk alongside
the Pope. The pope had the Beast's face. A very weird dream ...

Ascended Master Padre Pio
... virtue. Pope Paul VI said of him "Padre Pio was a man of prayer and suffering."
He was loved by all who had the honor to know him. ... - 

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... The Tarot Card references to Checkerboard The Mitelli Tarot (1664), in excluding
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The Bee-Hive Crop Circle Formation
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Bloodline) VICAR OF CHRIST = 151 (another title for the Pope) JESUS IS LORD ... - 

... OPUS DEI GROWS IN US. ... betray the Pope. I fully expect George Bush and the FBI
to wimp out on this one just like the Feds wimped out on Abraham Lincoln. ... ... - 

... ecclesiastical recognition since 1987), and who has experienced visions of Jesus
and the Virgin Mary, has also expressed great concern about the Pope and is ... - 

11:11 - What Does it Mean?
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founder. ----It has no Pope.---It has no hierarchy. Just a lot of scriptures. ...

... Listen to your leader on earth, My Pope son, John Paul II. He sits in the Chair
of Peter, My first Pope. Assist him. Honor him. Obey him. ...

... The mastiff would be the symbol of the Devil or evil, and the pope would be changing.
Rome would no longer be the home of the Catholic Church. ...

... splits in My Church. I call on My people to follow My laws and that of
St. Peter's successor, Pope John Paul II. To be My servant ...

... obviously something decisive happened: two of the Templars returned to France and
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... Who are the Illuminati? The Illuminati Bloodlines. ENCYCLICAL OF POPE LEO
XIII ON FREEMASONRY IN ITALY calls the Masons - 'Satanic'. ...

... of the predicted "Antichrist 3" (a term used by Nostradamus), WWIII, or the
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... The conversion of the Julian dates into the Gregorian dates had, in fact, been imposed
by Pope Gregory XIII in October 1582 but, in fact, was not adopted in ...

... [R] you said once previously that a supernova was expected around the time of
when the pope passes away .... does this mean ... [Blue] .... ...

... 8. The May 1998 lengthy apostolic letter Dies Domini ("The Lord's Day) released
by Pope John Paul II, calls for Christians to return to worship on Sunday and ... -

... was speaking about needing to speak to 3 witnesses about President Clinton and ended
while President Clinton was giving a speech about Pope Paul coming to the ... -

... priesthood and its first Pontifex Maximum. This title, survives today and
applies to the Pope. Also, the pontiff is usually surrounded ...

... General Berthier from France, during the Napoleonic Wars, was sent to the Vatican
in 1798 to seize Pope Plus VI, and he was dethroned and banished into exile ... - 

Revelation 11:11
... are actually destined to conjoin in that sign on October 19, 1995 -- a date which
falls neatly within the interval of deadly peril to the Pope which the ...

... Pope Urban II, organized the First Crusade in 1096, calling the Jews "an accursed
race, utterly alienated from God" and urged the Crusaders to "start upon the ...

... 20 (Sunstar) -- In 1965, before the UN, Pope John Paul VI stated, “You must strive
to multiply bread so that it suffices for the tables of mankind,” and ...

Cinnamon Buns and the BeaST
... During the fervent Crusades of Medieval Europe, the Pope ordered seven cathedrals
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... and semi-gnostic heresies, had implanted itself in the Churches of Asia Minor, and
a most religious and orthodox letter was given to Pope Saint Eleutherius by ... - 

... Fatima it took 21 years for the prophesied sign to occur and 64 years for part of
the third secret (which apparently involved the shooting of the Pope in 1981 ...