9-1-05 - THE HOUSE ON THE HILL - DREAM -   I was working in an office with my friend Alice. My desk was right outside the bosses office and I felt quite intimidated to be there.

I had a lot of junk in my desk like colorful wicker placemats of various sizes that looked Mexican or Aztec.

In my right-hand drawer, I had two broken gold bracelets, both with chains on and long gold flat name-type sections but not inscribed.

I asked Alice if I should keep them because they were heavy and real gold and she suggested I do because they had value in the gold, so I did.

Alice introduced me to a man who sat to my right but back one row of desks.

He was very hard to look at and they called him One-Eyed Jack. His right eye was normal but he wasn't looking at me, so I didn't see that one. His left eye was huge and there was non skin on the eyeball on the side so I could see the whole globe of his eye with its veins. It looked sightless with no pupil, but I had the feeling that he could see everywhere with it and just never said anything like he was a Watcher.

Alice told me that T.M. and Softly's contracts had been picked up in Wisconsin, and the company was going to be paying for their gas.

I thought that sounded very ominous and I wondered how Softly got to work with T.M. at all.

Alice said she was going to be working in THE HOUSE ON THE HILL and asked me to go with her.  I accepted, of course.

Alice said she had the option of taking a shower every day at work but there was a fee of $67 a month for that privilege, so she decided to get u pa little earlier and take her shower at home.

I thought that sounded wise. Besides that, I wouldn't appreciate getting dressed and work and feeling all damp when I went into the office.

We went outside and got into the car.  We got to the place quickly. It was in a heavily forested area and a narrow driveway went up into the forest past rows of huge brick buildings. It seemed all dark up there and ominous and the driveway was very steep.

The car was driving silently and then seemed to disappear from around us and we kept floating along upward on the winding driveway and the brick buildings changed to smooth white concrete that seemed self-luminous.  We were now inside the building and the driveway seamlessly flattened out after we went into a wide doorway that had no door on it.

There were concrete lampstands along the walls and the whole area was bright - self-luminous inside.

Alice got ahead of me and I saw that she was getting smaller and smaller in comparison to the concrete tables she was going past.

I was afraid to follow her so I just watched her ahead of me getting smaller and smaller. She seemed to get the idea herself as she was no long even head high to the table top and she backed up and came back to where I was standing, growing in size as she floated black to my position.

She said that everything would have gone back to normal in about 15 minutes anyway.

However, Alice and I went into a right-hand room and she, I, and everyone else had changed and no longer looked like normal humans. We all had large egg-shaped heads with no hair. Our clothing was a one piece colorless suit like skin - that was tight on our bodies.

Everyone sat at a long table in the room off to the right and we joined them at their meeting.

I woke up as I entered the door.


67 - AgrippaV

Acts 25:13, Acts 25:22, Acts 26:1, Acts 26:28, Acts 26:32

Acts 25:23, Acts 25:24, Acts 25:26, Acts 26:2, Acts 26:7, Acts 26:19, Acts 26:27

Alice getting smaller and smaller - is like Alice in Wonderland


I had this airplane dream just before I woke up.
I was sitting in the back of an airplane - it seemed like it was probably a 6-seater. There was a row of people behind me and a row in front of me.
The woman next to me said that the woman sitting in front of us was her sister and she was a photographer.
A few minutes later, the woman decided to introduce her sister to the people behind us. She said to the others, "This is our photographer!"
Everyone clapped for her.
I said to her cheerfully, "You didn't tell them who she was!"
I knew she was her sister and I thought she'd like to brag about that.
So she said, "This is Anita Kelley (Kelly) sp?
She still hadn't told them she was her sister. I was going to do that but I woke up instead.
The woman Anita Kelley wore glasses and the woman next to me didn't.
They both had dark hair and seemed to be in their twenties.


9-4-05 - DREAM -  I woke up feeling like on drugs. The dream felt like I was on drugs too.  It was one of the most bizarre dreams I've ever had.

It wasn't cartoonish specifically, though it had elements of that in it.

In one hallway, I saw three colorful balls rolling down the hall by themselves, and I decided it would be fun to kick them to make them go faster, and when I kicked the first one, it turned into a pink rabbit and stuck to the wall and said something to me I can't remember.

Later in my new apartment, I discovered that the front door was gone and out in the hallway it looked like vandalism had taken place. I wanted to call 911, but there was a whole crew of painters out there, painting the walls a light green color. They were coming down the hallway pretty fast and I was going to ask if Bob the painter was with them. I thought I saw him, but then a bunch of women painters blocked my view and started painting a new wall across from me, so I went back into my apartment.

I needed to change clothes, because I didn't know if I was manager of this building or not, and I wasn't dressed to go the office.

When I went back into the apartment, it had been completely redecorated in a lovely peach color.  It was so pretty, I wanted to thank the decorator. She was sitting on a sofa - she looked rather like Doris Roberts - the mother in Everyone Loves Raymond, but probably was someone else. I went over to give her a big hug and when I did, she changed into a tiny brown teddy bear who jumped up and while it was flying through the air, said to me, "Nobody asked you to hug me."

I was rather stunned by that, but decided to change clothes then and went into the closet to find a different blouse to put on. I picked out a long sleeved multicolored shirt. The cuffs on the sleeves looked rather tight and I saw that they were held closed by some green gardening tape. So I removed the tape and I still couldn't get my hand into the cuff because it was buttoned shut.  Instead of messing with that,  I threw it aside and decided I would just put on a red short sleeved blouse instead.


9-5-05 - DREAM - I don't know what town I was in, but I'm pretty sure I was somewhere in California.

I was walking down the street towards a building on a hill that was similar to a dinner theatre.

I saw a handsome man coming down the street from the opposite direction. He was going to be the star of this program. I knew he had just lost his brother in a skiing accident and it was very sad for him as it had just recently happened.

We both went into the building. The actor went backstage to prepare for the show and I entered the theatre part to greet my friends who were already inside the building.

The meal they were serving was ethnic, some kind of meat, I think it was lamb, rolled up in some kind of pastry.

Since I can't eat pastry, I begged off eating the meal and went outside and stood on the front porch of the building to enjoy the fresh air as night fell.

As I stood there, the actor came outside as well. He was dressed for winter and wore skis too. I watched as the actor hung in the air like he was really skiing. I was thinking he was probably like on a blue screen, though I didn't see one.  I could hear beautiful music playing and lyrics about life and how precious it is. He was acting hanging in the air and moving side to side simulating the act of skiing though he really wasn't.

When the music was over and the show was done, the actor went backstage and I went back into the theatre as we were going to have a 'meet and greet' with the actor.

I went back inside and asked my friend Diane if she had seen the act on film and she answered, "Yes!"

I told her I had seen him outside in the real, actually doing it and that I was very impressed by him.

At that moment, the actor came out from behind stage to greet the people. He was dressed rather like a Russian Cossack, all in black winter garb. He was very handsome and we all applauded at his appearance.

The audience didn't applaud very loudly as they had only seen him on film, but I saw the real thing, so I applauded extra loudly to try to make up for the others.

I thought he deserved high awards to do what he did right after the death of his brother.

The applause made him very happy.


9-5-05 - NAP DREAM

This seemed to be a tablecloth I was supposed to make and was showing the design to another woman on a table:

**I know this is going to sound awfully strange, but the pattern 
is very similar to the silver marcasite & garnet cross I always 
Love & Light


9-6-05 - DUMB DREAMS -  I had several dreams in a row about training about how to be a detective. These were big fat pink mice - maybe they were actually rats, but they were cute rats. 

In the last dream, I was molding people to be detectives and these were like a stick of butter but different nasty colors of gray and brown - more like clay I suppose. Once I had them molded the way  I wanted them, then I had to wrestle one of them. It was so awful an ordeal I woke up screaming Joe's name for help.

In the last dream, I was roasting a chicken while starting my job as a detective. I had a brand new computer with a 19" screen and I was investigating what kind of new programs were on the computer that were different from my own. I found one that looked like it created stained glass windows from pictures. I opened that program and inside that program was about 20 other programs. 

I didn't have time to look at these because I was trying to roast that chicken. 

Finally the bottom of the chicken was done to perfection but the top was still raw. It was hot to the touch, but raw still. I was really upset with it and  I had to figure out how to remedy it.

Meanwhile, I had to fix my hair so it looked pretty for company. I wanted to put it up in a pony tail with curls on the end. I needed help to do that because I had so much beautiful blonde hair. 

Some other young girls came over who had straight blonde hair and they helped me get my hair put up properly. One young girl said it was appropriate to put a little piece of hair attached to a bush outside the house to honor the goddess of beauty.

I thought that was a neat idea. Then I fed the girls. Because the chicken wasn't done, I fed them breakfast sausages and peas. It didn't look all that appetizing but it was food. 

I was then in a car with folders on my lap that contained all the bills I owed. I figured that now that I had a job, I could pay off the bills in each of these folders at the end of each month.

That made me really happy.


9-9-05 - DREAM -  My husband Edward and I were sledding in the snow. We went a long way and went through a hole in a fence and kept going down an icy path along a concrete wall.  We came across a herd of cattle laying on the ice, and there were some people and some dogs laying in the ice as well. I was afraid of the cattle, but we rescued the people and the dogs anyway. I carried the puppy to the lady's house.

We took the people to their house and went inside, where I admired their huge house. There wasn't much furniture in it, but the rooms were larger than normal homes we see on a daily basis.

The two men left the house and the woman and I and her children began to make friends with each other. I was carrying a tall stemmed plant for some reason, trying to keep the stem straight and keeping the plant from tipping over as I moved from place to place.

She asked me if I wanted to see something. I said, "Sure!" and we went over to a large glass case that was like a museum diorama or animal cage. Just as she was going to point the object out she wanted me to see, her son moved the outer glass door and when it shifted I couldn't see into the glass case at what she was trying to show me.

I was trying to figure out where I knew this woman from. She was blonde and pretty - around age 30 or so, but I couldn't remember. It seemed like I bought my first bird cage and bird from her, or she was a friend to my friend Kathy who lived on Fitzgerald mountain.

NOTE: Fitzgerald mountain is in Arkansas

(I've never been there)

We were getting along really well. I was helping her with something while she was doing the dishes. All of a sudden she got mad at me and said, "Thanks for helping me do the dishes.!"

It dawned on me that I should help her do the dishes instead of what I was doing.

I started to wash a water glass. I was planning to wash the glass, a small glass bowl, a larger glass bowl, and then a large glass bowl. There was no light over the sink and I asked her if I could have some light.

She was getting madder and madder at me and I now see hatred and murder in her eyes for asking for 'light'.

We started arguing and I said, "I know what the problem is, you're jealous of me!"

She looked at me with such hatred, I decided I would get out of the house before she did something terrible to me. I stepped out into the back hall where my brown tweed winter coat was hanging on a hangar.

I put my coat on and stepped outside even though I was barefoot.

The men were just arriving home from somewhere when I went out the door.

Then I had a tremendous vision of the sky and something exploded violently in the sky.

In the center of the explosion was the word COSMIC.  Off to the side, it said, The Pope meets Dee - 856 days.

I was then told that this was a cosmic event, not meant to be a long term friendship.

Calculation results

From date: Friday, September 9, 2005

Added 856 days

Resulting date: Sunday, January 13, 2008

Balloon-borne Experiment with a Superconducting magnet Spectrometer (BESS) and the Alpha Magnet Spectrometer (AMS) on the Space Station.  The data from these projects are used to search for signatures of exotic matter (dark matter and cosmological antimatter), to investigate cosmic ray transport processes, and to quantify the charge-sign dependence of solar modulation.   BESS has flown annually since 1993.  AMS-01 flew in the STS-91 shuttle payload bay for 10 days in June 1998, and AMS-02 is to be launched to the Space Station in January 2008. 

ABSTRACT: the Alpha Magnetic Spectrograph (AMS) is a composite particle detector to be accommodated on the International Space Station (ISS) 
in 2008. AMS is mainly devoted to galactic, charged Cosmic Rays studies, Antimatter and Dark Matter searches. Besides the main classical physics 
goals, capabilities in the field of GeV and multi-GeV gamma astrophysics have been established and are under investigation by a number of groups. Due 
to the unsteadiness of the ISS platform, a star-mapper device is required in order to fully exploit the intrinsic arc-min angular resolution provided by the 
Silicon Tracker. A star-mapper is conceptually an imaging optical instrument able to autonomously recognize a stellar field and to calculate its own 
orientation with respect to an inertial reference frame. AMICA (Astro Mapper for Instruments Check of Attitude) on AMS is responsible for providing 
real-time information that is going to be used off-line for compensating the large uncertainties in the ISS flight attitude and the structural degrees of 
freedom. In this paper, we describe in detail the AMICA sub-system and the accommodation/integration issues.

NASA’s first trip to Mercury in 30 years — and the closest look ever at the innermost planet — is set for Aug. 2, with a predawn launch of the MESSENGER spacecraft from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla. MESSENGER will conduct an in-depth study of Mercury, the least explored of the terrestrial planets that also include Venus, Earth and Mars. After a scheduled 2:16 a.m. EDT liftoff aboard a Delta II launch vehicle on Aug. 2, the first day of a 13-day launch period, MESSENGER’s voyage includes three flybys of Mercury in 2008 and 2009 and a yearlong orbit of the planet starting in March 2011.

SUNRISE is a high resolution balloon-borne solar telescope aiming to study the structure and activity of the magnetic field in the lower solar atmosphere. These questions are of fundamental importance for understanding the higher corona extending into the heliosphere and interplanetary space.
The SUNRISE investigation is a joint project with contributions from the US (balloon, gondola, SUPOS, and telescope mirror), Spain (magnetograph) and Germany (main telescope, post-focus unit, image stabilization). German institutions providing hardware will be the Kiepenheuer-Institut für Sonnenphysik and the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research as PI institute. DLR funding will also include an industry contract covering the main telescope. The project shall result into a balloon flight in 40 km altitude over Antarctica in January 2008.
SUNRISE will for the first time allow observations of the Sun with a resolution of 35 km in a spectral range which is not accessible from the ground. The project shall also demonstrate the feasibility of a space-borne 1-m solar observatory .



9-10-05 - DREAM - It seems that it was spring, the season where the grass was green but that the rain could turn to ice very quickly.

We were at a place that was like a simple church overlooking a valley from high up. The building where I was working in was on top of this hill and there was like a 30 foot drop off to the valley. 

It was either late Sunday or early Monday and we were preparing for a ceremony that was to be held on Thursday.  I was going to play the organ and I and 5 other women -  a total of 6 - of us were going to sing a couple religious hymns before the ceremony. We hadn't rehearsed together yet.  The 5 women were busy and didn't have time to rehearse with me. It seems though, I was the only one who didn't know the music. 

I sat down to play the organ and I had two people sitting on either side of me, helping me decide which songs to sing. 

As it was, I needn't have worried though, because I heard the other 5 women singing in harmony with each other off in the distance and they already knew their parts. It was only I who wasn't ready.

I told the women that  they should each carry a pen to write things down during the ceremony. 

Sitting along the edge of the ridge, overlooking the valley, all the men were watching something in the valley and they were all wearing yellow straw hats. Even I had one on and it was hard to keep our hats on because there was a strong wind blowing. 

I saw T.M. sitting along the ridge - to the immediate left of the Grand Master who I called Grandpa.  Grandpa was wearing a larger straw hat than the others, more like a cowboy or farmer would wear with a large round crown on top. The other men all wore hats that were flat on top. Mine was flat on top as well and  had to hold my hat on my head because the wind was so strong.

The old grandpa's hat blew off and flew across the ridge and I caught it because the wind was blowing towards me. 

All the men told him to go lay down and rest because he had broken out into a sudden sweat from weakness. A couple men walked him back towards the building where I was and I put his hat back on his head for him - like I was crowning him. Then the two men walked Grandpa back to his own room.

I was looking at him, trying to figure out who he looked lie - rather like a combination of my Father, Asa - the patriarch of One Life to Live, and the old limping movie star - Walter Brennan.  A really likable guy. 

I was standing there looking over the valley and an older skinny man walked by and went down into the valley. He was using what looked like a fly fishing rod. On the end of the line was a noisy creature that made a nasty long sssss sound as he whipped the line out. It looked like a snake to me, but I didn't see it close up.

Then man kept throwing the line out with the snake on the end of the line and then the man was followed by a group of long-legged yellow-gold chicken-like birds. The birds all walked after the snake man. It rather seemed like he was training the chickens to follow the snake and the snake on the fishing line was the bait.  The birds were not allowed to catch the snake - just follow him.

Another man was watching the chickens  and he chose two of the young ones to take home with him. He said they were a mother and daughter but they both looked very young to me.

I briefly had a vision of how to tell a male from a female in a chicken. It had something to do with a quarter opening.

Then just as the man with the two young chickens walked by, we had a brief rain shower.

Suddenly, some of the rain turned to ice along the edge of the ridge where I was standing. 

Some young girls were standing where I was only closer to the edge and it was apparent that the ice was too dangerous to stand on and they could easily slide off the edge of the precipice into the valley below which was at least 30 feet straight down below.

I quickly grabbed a hold of the girl's collars and pulled them back to safety, but they liked the danger and didn't want to obey the rules about staying back off the ice. One couldn't see everything going on in the valley unless one stood right on the edge.

Finally, an older female teacher came along and admonished the girls about standing on the ice on the edge of the precipice and sent them to their room.

I was glad of that and it was then I noticed that the ice only formed a rectangle shape about 3 feet out from the edge, but the one foot rectangle right on the edge was soft and the rain went right into the soil keeping the grass green.  It wasn't as dangerous as it first appeared.

Then a couple who seemed to be in charge of maintenance came up behind me. They were an older couple and had witnessed all that had happened and they started adjusting the doors along the side to make sure they were working perfectly. They had the power to close off the doors that slid across the opening and preventing us from seeing what happened in the valley.

I was glad they didn't close the door because it was interesting watching the man with the snake train the chickens.


9-12-05 - MY NAME IS KATIE

DREAM - My name is Katie and I'm an investigative reporter.

The story started simply enough. There was a really bad storm, possibly a tornado in it and somehow a body ended up 60 miles away in an airplane. I needed to know how that happened.

I started to write about that and try to find out how a storm could not only carry a body 60 miles, but deposit it inside an airplane. It seemed very suspicious.

I started out not feeling very well that day and went to work late. In the office, people were complaining about work conditions, especially about the parking conditions in winter. Indoor parking was so expensive and outdoor parking was next to impossible without walking for blocks to the office.

While I was in the office, I got a warning letter against my life and I decided to write the warning in red ink on my upper thigh in case anything happened to me.

One of my female friends came into the coat room while I was doing that and I explained what I was doing. She told me I was wanted in the President's office.  So I put on a nice dress and went to see the boss who happened to be a large-size chubby Jewish guy.

He started complaining to me about how everyone thought he was such an ogre and he was going to prove to the employees that he wasn't such a bad guy. He said, "I'm going to provide indoor, heated parking for everyone." 

He smiled and got up and left the office without reprimanding me for being late to work.

"What a nice guy," I thought. .

I wasn't feeling very well still, so I decided to check myself into the hospital for tests.

I was laying in bed then, with my hospital gown on and a large size nurse came into the room. She pulled the drapes closed and started to prepare a shot of some kind for me. I didn't know why.

I said to her, "I'm feeling a lot better now. I think maybe I don't need all these tests afterall. "

She made a non-committal comment and continued to prepare the needle. She pulled up the sheets off my legs and took an alcohol soaked swab and wiped down a spot on my shin on my left leg and as she gave me the shot in my leg, she said, to me, "You're allergic to this you know!"

I was expecting a great deal of pain to get a shot in such an odd spot, but it didn't hurt all that much. The nurse pulled the sheets back over my legs, and said, "You'll be getting some well needed rest".

She no sooner walked out the room and closed the door, I started feeling rally strange and woozy and I realized I didn't have a nurses call button by my bed, so I quickly pulled back the sheets and yelled out loud - "KATIE!  CODE BLUE"

I ran as fast as I could to the hallway, knowing the shot I had just been given was killing me.  I pulled the door open as fast as I could, and felt my throat closing.  I croaked out the words KATIE!  CODE BLUE! "  and started to fall on my face in the hallway.

End of dream. I woke up with my heart pounding in fear. The question is, "Who is Katie?"


9-13-05 - DREAM - I was supposed to go on a date with Norman M., but when I got to his house, one of his buddies was there and a short chubby blonde girl who was either his ex-wife or girlfriend or perhaps his sister.

I also found out when I got there that he did service calls to go out and start cars for people.

While I was at his house an old Jewish woman called to have her car started and then she walked into the house and also showed us that the lower bracket that held the license plate on the car had fallen off.

So instead of going on a date, we all went out to fix the woman's car.

The only problem with that was, the men decided they wanted to sit by the river and watch the water flow by.

It was really cold out and they had a man-made cave dug part way under the road on the bluff above the river. It was too cold for me to sit outside and watch the river and I noticed that he had a lot of fashion magazines with pictures of women in them, so I picked all those up and took them away and told him I would sit in the car where it was warmer.

So Norman gave me a ring of car keys and then he gave me another ring with his house keys on it and I and the other woman left.

As we left the other man said, "There are 17 cities under threat of terrorism."

(I was rather lucid when he said that - half awake0

Back in the dream, the woman and I went to a restaurant where we saw that the restaurant was open and the key which was a long Master key and a book of receipts lay on the floor at the entrance. The ultimate self-serve I guess.


9-14-05 - NIGHTMARE:  I was living in a very large apartment building with my husband Jim and the kids who were all very young - all under 5 years old.

My daughter was playing in her dresser drawer counting all her money. She had a large box of gold coins all lined up perfectly in rows.  On of the boxes she had with some trinkets in it was broken in half and I told her she needed a new box to put them in.

I went into the kitchen and two of the boys were sitting in high chairs eating finger foods happily.

I then went down a long hallway to another apartment to help someone else with their baby.

While I was there, I got a phone call and the woman said, "Do you remember how a, b, c, & d were hurt?"  I said, "Yes!" and she said, "Well now G is!
I dropped the phone and went running back down the hall with a pink baby blanket tangled in my feet. Instead of taking it off so I could run faster, I just kept running that way.

When I got back to my apartment, strange women were carrying furniture out of the apartment. I didn't know them.

There was no furniture in the apartment that I could see.

I said to one woman, "What happened? What happened?" She looked at me but didn't answer.

I went into the bedroom and there on the bed lay my husband and an old doctor laying side by side.

I was hysterical. I could see that my husband had his arms together wrapped in something that looked nasty and brown, but I couldn't see any details of what was wrong.  I was still hysterical.

I cried out hysterically, "What happened?  What happened?"  They didn't answer but just kept talking together with each other.

I screamed, "Why are you treating me like I'm not here?"

There was still no answer. They didn't even acknowledge my presence.

Then I heard my husband say hysterically to the doctor, "I already lost all my fingers, why now my thumbs?"

I was freaked out. I had gone through the ordeal with him of having his fingers cut off of one hand. His girlfriend had gone through the ordeal of him getting the fingers cut off the other hand. But they had all been successfully sewed back on and I wondered if they could sew his thumbs back on.

I was too hysterical to ask and woke up at precisely 3 am.


It's a miracle: mice regrow hearts

August 29, 2005
SCIENTISTS have created "miracle mice" that can regenerate amputated limbs or damaged vital organs, making them able to recover from injuries that would kill or permanently disable normal animals.

The experimental animals are unique among mammals in their ability to regrow their heart, toes, joints and tail.

And when cells from the test mouse are injected into ordinary mice, they too acquire the ability to regenerate, the US-based researchers say.

Their discoveries raise the prospect that humans could one day be given the ability to regenerate lost or damaged organs, opening up a new era in medicine.

Details of the research will be presented next week at a scientific conference on ageing titled Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, at Cambridge University in Britain.

The research leader, Ellen Heber-Katz, professor of immunology at the Wistar Institute, a US biomedical research centre, said the ability of the mice at her laboratory to regenerate organs appeared to be controlled by about a dozen genes.

Professor Heber-Katz says she is still researching the genes' exact functions, but it seems almost certain humans have comparable genes.

"We have experimented with amputating or damaging several different organs, such as the heart, toes, tail and ears, and just watched them regrow," she said.

"It is quite remarkable. The only organ that did not grow back was the brain.

"When we injected fetal liver cells taken from those animals into ordinary mice, they too gained the power of regeneration. We found this persisted even six months after the injection."

Professor Heber-Katz made her discovery when she noticed the identification holes that scientists punch in the ears of experimental mice healed without any signs of scarring in the animals at her laboratory.

The self-healing mice, from a strain known as MRL, were then subjected to a series of surgical procedures. In one case the mice had their toes amputated -- but the digits grew back, complete with joints.

In another test some of the tail was cut off, and this also regenerated. Then the researchers used a cryoprobe to freeze parts of the animals' hearts, and watched them grow back again. A similar phenomenon was observed when the optic nerve was severed and the liver partially destroyed.

The researchers believe the same genes could confer greater longevity and are measuring their animals' survival rate. However, the mice are only 18 months old, and the normal lifespan is two years so it is too early to reach firm conclusions.

Scientists have long known that less complex creatures have an impressive ability to regenerate. Many fish and amphibians can regrow internal organs or even whole limbs.

The Sunday Times


9-14-05 - DREAM - I was working on a web page on the source side.

I was deleting all the pictures that had the same identical word in the description thinking they might be all about the same thing. Then out of what was left, I started deleting all the pictures that had another word that was the same on all the files.

Then it dawned on me that if I did that, I wouldn't have any pictures at all.

Then I remembered that if I didn't save the page, nothing would change and if I didn't upload the file to the directory, the page that was already on line with all the photos would stay the same.


9-16-05 - I went to bed at 6 p.m. feeling ill from a sinus infection. Woke up at 12:38 a.m.

 DREAM - I was out in the country. The scene had the feeling of an old cowboy movie, but I was participating in it.

I was standing outside and I saw a couple older skinny sinister type men come up the road.  I hid behind a tree to watch what they were doing. It appeared that they were looking for someone.

A went into the barn for safety. I told a couple of the young women inside about the bad men outside and instead of being afraid, they went outside and made friends with them.

Inside the house, dinner was being made and three stoves were being used with the ovens on and it was hot in the kitchen.

I decided I would set the table for dinner and I looked for plates and all I found was fancy -shaped platters to put the food on the table, but nothing to eat off of.

I went into another room where my sister-in-law was still doing the dishes, from the last meal so I started to help with her so we'd have clean plates for the next meal.

The plates supposedly been washed but when I went to dry them with the dish towel, there were still bits of food here and there. I decided to just wipe the bits of food off rather than make her rewash the plates.

One of the ceramic bowls had the bottom cracked, so I decided to throw it away. I looked for the trash bag and when I found it, it was full of old loaves of bread and a bag of salted pop corn.

My sister-in-law said that was the food for the pigs. I said I remembered that and stuck the broken bowl into the pig sack too.

I went back to drying the dishes so we could eat dinner.

After dinner I seemed to be in an old-fashioned train car and there were men in there, sharing drugs.  One guy didn't have any legs of his own, but had prosthesis inside pants and boots that he could put on.  He also had a fake cleft palate devise he told another guy. He was the guy stick it into his mouth and I was surprised it didn't choke him. The other guy said, "It taste like junk food."

I went into my living room and turned on the radio. I could hear a man broadcasting but a lot of the broadcast was scratchy. I tuned it the best I could and left it on because my husband lived across the street and might be listening to the same thing.

I decided to just listen and woke up.


9-16-05  6 a.m. to 7:26 a.m.  I took some anti-biotics medication at 6 a.m. and decided go back to bed to catch up on some sleep.

DREAM - I was walking down a city street and saw Martha Stewart standing there talking to another woman.

As I crossed the street to my own car, I saw a blonde woman sitting in her car with two little black girls who were identical twins. She wasn't watching them and the little girls were hanging out of the windshield of the car that looked like it had been rolled down - (not broken)

I called to Martha Stewart to look what was going on. The blonde woman didn't pay any attention at all.

I went to my car and got into the back seat where I was taking care of a little black girl myself.

All of a sudden, the twin girls from across the street were standing outside my car. I was concerned for their safety, so I pulled them into my car through the open window and the twin girls stood up in the front seat of my car watching me take care of the little black girl in the back seat.

I don't know what happened to all that, but all of a sudden I was home in bed and the phone rang and it was my friend Michelle and she started chatting non-chalantly about what was going on in her life.

All of a sudden it dawned on me that she couldn't have called me because my phone was actually off the hook.

So I butted into her conversation and said, "Did you call me or did I call you?"  She said, "I called you!" 

I said, "You couldn't have! - the phone was off the hook and its still off the hook on top of the telephone and I knew I hadn't hit redial to call her.

Then it dawned on me that I was holding the phone receiver in my hand, how could I be hearing her? So I lowered my hand and discovered that I was holding  a long silver  envelope opener against my head. How was I hearing Michelle's voice through an envelope opener?

Of course I couldn't, now that I knew it wasn't a telephone.

So then, my old friend Irv came over for a visit and he saw my medical file on the table. He picked it up and wanted to know why I had it.

I said, "We keep our own medical records these days."

He said, "This is from Happy Days Clinic!"  I said, "Yes! It is!'

He continued to look at the file and then said, "I'm not going to take you to the store to buy chips anymore!" I said, "That's okay. I have a car and I can drive myself these days!"

I started hearing the voices of some children from the back door area, so I went to the back door and I could hear a whole bunch of kids outside, waiting for the bell to ring so they could go back into the school after lunch recess.

I then noticed that my back door was slightly open like kids were leaning against it. I tired to close the door and couldn't because kids were sitting down leaning against it.

I yelled, "Get away from my door. I'm trying to close it. But they didn't

I heard some noise in a lower cabinet, so I yanked open the cabinet door and two boys tumbled out. They ad big green balls in their hand similar to the size of a soccer ball, they were softer like a balloon.

I told them I was going to call the police on them for breaking into my house.

They begged me not to and asked me to play ball with them instead.

I didn't want to play ball, but I hit the ball away and one of the boys ran after it and hit it back.

He said it would be fun if I learned to play ball, so we continued hitting the ball back and forth until I woke up.


9-17-05 - DREAM - I lived in a large apartment complex in a big city. I was supposed to be at work and here I was still in my apartment with rollers in my hair trying to decide what to wear.

Normally, the lunch hour is over at one o'clock and here it was almost 2 o'clock. I was figuring if I got there by 2, they couldn't get too mad at me as long as I made it to the meeting.

I picked out my clothes and my outfit was yellow blouse, brown skirt and I was trying to figure out what jacket to wear.

I have a memory here of seeing my Father's closet door open and all the clothes were either gone or all fallen on the floor and I didn't have time to concern myself with it. I had to get to work.  (My Father's closet was at home, not in my apartment)

I took all the rollers out of my hair and brushed it out. It didn't turn out anything like I expected it to. In the reflection I saw it colored red on top and black around the edges and it was about 4 inches too long and needed cutting.

Trying to decide what to wear and doing my hair had taken so long, it was now 3:30 p.m. and I had missed the meeting so there wasn't much point in going in to work, to actually work, I would just show up for party hour and go out and have some fun. It was Friday night and the partyers went to Burkes before going home if they even went home.

So I went to work and talked to girls in the office who were getting ready to go home. Nobody was going to Burkes so I decided I would go by myself.

I was headed down the hallway then, planning to stop in the lady's room and go pee one last time before going to the bar.

I saw a bunch of good looking men and the hallway and knew they always looked over the women in the halls to check them out, so I looked around myself to see who they might be scoping out.

Directly ahead of me was a nun, dressed in a floor length white habit with a veil and hood on it. I had a sudden twinge of envy that hit me while looking at her, then I noticed some of the other women who came in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Then I realized that I myself was the new girl on the block so I stood up straight and walked more proudly so they would see me too as someone to admire.

I came to the lady's room then and went inside. This was a large lady's room and there were several rooms within the large room to choose from. All the stalls were open so no one had privacy unless you chose the dark, sheet covered stall at the center to be alone in the dark.

I decided not to use the bright open one with the youngest chatting girls in it and picked one that the more sophisticated women used.

I sat down to pee and two other young women came in and asked if we allowed smoking in there or should they go outside.

I told them it was okay to smoke if they wanted to.

So while I was sitting there the other girls started talking about Heidi, who I knew well. They wanted to know what she did and why she had the job she did, etc.

So, I rather butted into their conversation and told them why Heidi had the job she did and made as much money as she did because she put out extra effort to get the job done right, because she was a single Mom and had to support her kids.

(I knew I was talking about Holly from A-C, an expeditor who was tough, but  really did her job well.)

I somehow get from the lady's room to the bar and some men overheard me extolling the praise of Holly and what it took to do a job well and right. One of the men said to me, "If you update your resume, I'll make sure you really get the job you deserve."

That made me feel really good.


9-18-05 - DREAM - I was living in Milwaukee. WI.  I was working in an office and I noticed that a machine that sat on a shelf overhead was shooting out faxes onto a table lower down. So I went to see what the faxes were.

The fax I looked at was from the purchasing agent in the company. He said he noticed that I had ordered a box of 12 yellow markers. I thought he was going to demand that I send 11 of the markers back out of the box of 12, but the fax surprised me because there as a sample marker of every color they made and he wanted to know if I wanted to order a box of all those other colors too.

Considering that black and yellow was all I ever used, it was tempting to order different colors, but the samples would last me over a year all by themselves and my yellow ones was probably a lifetime supply, so I decided not to do it.

I found out that my mother had taken my kids to the zoo. I knew that was a fun outing and wondered how the animals acted when it snowed. I think except for polar bears, the rest of them all lived in heated buildings on near to normal as possible. I remember penguins kept in a sealed building with its own snow and ice and water to swim in. It was neat to see.

I wasn't too concerned about them until I noticed that it was snowing out. That wasn't scary either until I noticed how deep the snow was getting in the street.

Then I started to wonder if my mother had taken the kids on a tour with a guide or had just gone by herself. I wondered if the tour guide was competent enough to make sure they all got home okay in the snow or if she was wandering around in the snow with the kids all alone.

So I got into my car outside and started driving to see how bad it really was.

The further I went the deeper the snow got. I wasn't afraid to drive in snow. I had done it many times before, but this deep snow was becoming more ominous.

I went up a hill and as I crossed a bridge, I could see the TV and radio tower for WTMJ station ahead of me, shining magnificently in the distance, but my radio started crackling ominously then and all of a sudden I came to a snowdrift that was so deep, I knew I shouldn't try to drive through it.

So I stopped and reversed direction and drove backward until I found a sport wide enough and safe enough to turn around and go forward again.

So I d rove back home again through the deepening snow. It was dark by the time I got home and my mother and the kids hadn't arrived home yet.

I went to the lobby of my building and all of a sudden my son Mike walked in all dressed for winter. He was all grown up. He said he was okay and would make sure the others were okay too. I was glad of that.

I wanted to go back outside in the snowstorm too but I couldn't find any dry boots. I found two left shoes and boot, but I remembered that the right shoe and boot were next to my bed, so I went back upstairs to get them.

I decided to go down the street to the restaurant because I was hungry. This was a huge restaurant, but there were no customers in it but myself.

I asked the waitress if I could use the restroom first and she pointed over to a sign that said F for female.

Instead of a separate room, there was a line of open seats with cups in to pee in. I had to use 3 of them to relieve myself. This would have been in full view of other customers if anyone else had been there.

I then went over to the counter, thinking about asking for a  piece of pie.

But then, my doctor walked in and I knew he tracked my blood sugar. He sat at the counter along with the waitress and myself. I felt too guilty to ask for pie in front of my doctor, so I didn't know what to ask for and woke up.


9-19-05 - DREAM - I was living in my New Berlin house. I was alone there.

I heard a loud commotion going on out in the street. I went out on the porch and looked down on the street where there was a bunch of foreign-born women yelling at each other. They looked European - like Romanian, etc.

One of the women had a tiny little girl with her. The little girl was dressed in raggy-looking clothing.

I mentioned to this woman to come up on the porch. It took some  convincing to get her up there, but finally she came up on the porch.

I told her I would take care of her little girl, that the little girl would always be hers, but  I would care for her.

She agreed without hesitation.

I thought to myself, "I take in stray cats and dogs that have no home. The woman agreed so easily, I thought to myself, "It was meant to be."

So I took care of the little girl in the in the living room. She was very happy with me. She finally lay down to take a nap.

I then went into the office to do some work on my computer. While I was sitting there working on a web page about the little girl, I heard a noise. I looked over and there was a large box there with a hole in it with a piece of tape partly over it.

I didn't pay too much attention to it, but went back to working on the computer, making sure I had all the information I needed about this little girl. I had multiple pages by now.

I heard a noise by the large box again and again I looked at the box and again I saw the hole in the box with the tape partially over it.

NOTE: It wasn't until after I woke up, that I realize that the box was large enough to hold a human being and there was probably someone in the box.


9-20-05 - DREAM - I was living in Wisconsin, in New Berlin with my husband and 5 sons.  (My daughter was not mentioned in the dream)

I was researching the missing storm named Linda (means snake) on my computer.

(We went from Katrina to Ophelia)  (Katrina means 'pure' and Ophelia means 'serpentine') 

Somehow my computer program got messed up and it got onto my TV as well and that was all messed up as well. 

We were taking care of a bunch of prisoners in our home.  (Prison planet)

At the same time I had to do the laundry. Everything was full of mud and no one had anything clean to wear.  All the dirty jeans and throw rugs were in the basement by the two washers and dryers I was using.

I was going to throw the jeans into the washer and I discovered that nobody had gone through the pockets and the pockets were full of wallets and money.

So I asked my son Ken to go through all the pockets and remove the wallets and money until all that was left was the mud which I could wash out.

Then I went back upstairs to cook dinner.

I had several stoves, so that was no problem. I was cooking huge roasts of meat, turkey, goose, and chicken.

While that was cooking, 6 large colored geese came walking through the room and got stuck behind a bush.  (I don't know how a bush got into the house either) and then a huge ugly white snake came through the room and raised its ugly head.

My sons picked up the snake and threw it out the window into the backyard.  The geese remained in the house.

I started setting out the silverware for dinner on the table and lay out a row of knives to cut the meat. Then I realized it wasn't safe to give knives to prisoners and picked them up and put them away again.

I woke my husband up and told him I had cooked everything but the potatoes so he got up to do that. My son Ken put the plates on the table and put the roast meat on the table.

Then we started gathering around the table to eat and  I saw some blue rice and tiny onions on the platter. Nobody wanted to eat that and it got pushed aside. So we ate meat and potatoes.

I saw then that my husband gave knives to the prisoners to eat their meat with afterall.

After dinner, I started washing the dishes and while I was putting soapy water into the sink, in the next room, there was soapy wash water getting deeper and deeper on the floor. The more dish water I used the deeper the soapy water got on the floor. I was starting to panic about the flood, when the whole bottom of the refrigerator fell off and some kind of gas was escaping into the air.  I was afraid that gas was going to kill us.

Then I managed to get back to my computer and discovered that the missing storm wasn't Linda, it was LIGNAS ________.

NOTE:  From the Latin Uncia (or a twelfth part), an inch is 1/12 of a foot. In French, the unit for 1/12 foot is the pounce. In Spanish, it's the pulgadas. A 12th of a pounce is a ligne, and a 12th of a pulgadas is a Lignas. English inches were traditionally divided into 12ths, not 16ths as we do today. Thus, the Lignas is no longer used as a unit of measure.

Also from the Latin lignum "wood" and ligneus "made of wood". A board foot of wood is defined as 1/12 of a cubic foot.



Goose in its origins is one of the oldest words of the Indo-European languages, the modern names deriving from the proto-Indo-European root, ghans, hence Sanskrit hamsa (feminine hamsii), Latin anser, Greek kh鮼/i> etc.

In the Germanic languages, the root word led to Old English gos with the plural g鳼/i>, German Gans and Old Norse gas. Other modern derivatives are Russian gus and Old Irish g驳s.

In non-technical use, the male goose is called a "gander" (Anglo-Saxon gandra) and the female is the "goose".

Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)

Geese in cooking

Missing image
This goose was exposed near a stand selling produces such as foie gras.

Geese can be roasted as a whole bird, though their size precludes this preparation except for banquets and other festive meals (such as on Christmas).

Geese are used for the production of foie gras.

Geese in fiction and myth

When Aphrodite first came ashore she was welcomed by the Charites (Roman "Graces"), whose chariot was drawn by geese.

There are Mother Goose tales, such as a farmwife might have told; there is the proverbial goose that laid the golden eggs, warning about the perils of greed. And there is the goose as a veiled reference to the penis in the verses

Goosy Goosy Gander, where dost thou wander?
Upstairs, downstairs, in my lady's chamber.

The geese in the temple of Juno on the Capitoline were said by Livy to have saved Rome from the Gauls around 390 BC when they were disturbed in a night attack. The story may be an attempt to explain the origin of the sacred flock of geese at Rome.

There is a tale of Trickster and the geese in the North American Trickster cycle [1] (

Liliane Bodson and Daniel Marcolungo, L'oie de bon aloi: Aspects de l'histoire ancienne de l'oie domestique [The goose in ancient life and folklore]. Vise (Mus饠Regional d'Archeologie et d'Histoire de Vise), 1994, discusses the image and lore of domestic geese in classical antiquity, with a separate chapter on the goose in folklore.

Other meanings

Goose can have some other meanings in slang.

- Sumerian for "heaven", a sky god, father and king of the gods. He is the son of Anshar and Kishar. He lives in the third heaven. The Eanna in Uruk was dedicated both to him and consort. His first consort was Antu. They produced the Anunnaki - the underworld gods, and the utukki - the seven evil demons. His second consort was Innina (Ishtar). He is a god of monarchs and is not friendly to the common people. He is a "King of the Igigi". He is assigned the sky as his domain in 'Atrahasis'. His 'kishru's (shooting stars) have awesome strength. He has the ability that anything he puts into words, becomes reality. He is Niudimmud's (Ea's) father.

When Anzu stole the Tablet of Destinies from Ellil, he called for one of the gods to slay Anzu and thereby greatly increase his reputation.

He gave Marduk the four winds to play with. He made a whirlwind and a flood wave and stirred up Tiamat on purpose. When Tiamat's retaliation for Apsu's death was discovered, Anshar sent him on a peace mission to her, but he returned unsuccessfully. He helps form a princely shrine for Marduk prior to his battle with Tiamat, and gives him the Anu-power of decreeing fates, such that his word is law.

He calls Dumuzi and Gizzida speak on Adapa's behalf.

He and Earth father the Sebitti. He gives them fearsome fates and powers and puts them at Erra's command, to aid in killing noisy, over-populous people and animals.

He agrees to send the Bull of Heaven after Gilgamesh on Ishtar's behalf, if she has made sure that the people of Uruk are properly provisioned for seven years. He decrees that either Gilgamesh or Enkidu must die for the slaying of Humbaba and the Bull of Heaven. He sends Kakka to Kurnugi to tell Ereshkigal to send a messenger to receive a gift from him.
(See also the Sumerian An and the Hittite Anus)

Symbol: sacred shine surmounted by the divine horned cap.
Sacred number: 60
Astrological region: heavenly equator
Sacred animal: the heavenly Bull


Origin: Sumerian storm god. Stories of Zu the dragon were being told from about 5000BC when the Sumerians  settled in Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia is now called Iraq. Zu is also known as  Anzu. 

Myth : He stole the tablets setting out the laws of the Universe. The sun-god Ninurta was ordered to kill Zu. They fought, and Ninurta won. Ninurta and Marduk are sometimes interchanged in this myth.


Type: Worm 

Origin: The Babylonian story of creation, Enuma Elish, told of this serpent-like creature, the Mother of the gods. 

Description: Her scales were tough, and could not be broken by weapons. 

Myth : She is a personification of the sea. She appears in the creation myth Enuma Elish: Tiamat lived in the primordial chaos that existed before the creation of the world. She mingled with Apsu (a personification of fresh water), and the first generation of gods was born. One of these gods, Enki, killed Apsu. Tiamat wanted to avenge Apsu by destroying the gods. She gathered an army of monsters, including 11 dragons. The older gods were so terrified when they saw Tiamat, and her army, that they accepted the offer of the younger god Marduk. He offered to kill Tiamat on the condition that his supremacy was recognized. Marduk killed Tiamat in battle and used her body to make the universe. He used the blood of Kingu, leader of Tiamat's army and her second husband, to make mankind. The same Marduk has also executed Lamia, another monster.

photos from:

The M Factor - How modesty works for W

The new Bush regime is aggressively modest. Gone is the "Blue Goose," the huge royal podium. Gone are the strains of "Hail to the Chief," and the ruffles and flourishes. Bush moves around without a large retinue. He defers to the people he meets. His mark, as the columnist Marjorie Williams has said, is "flamboyant humility." This is Bush's key to defusing the anger of Democrats, like starving a fire of air. Showing humility-being civil, polite, unassuming, non-threatening, unobtrusive, attentive to law, and respectful of others-has made George W. Bush what he is at the moment: the most powerful man in the world.

From 1994, when he took on Ann Richards, through 2000, when he took on Al Gore, into 2001, when he played off an imploding Bill Clinton, Bush has risen and thrived by opposing people who tried to be oversized, and goading them into new heights of folly and arrogance. Life-sized, he sometimes attempts to be smaller. Canny, he sometimes plays dumb. Al Gore and Bill Clinton tried to know and do everything; Bush accepts his own limits. Clinton and Gore claimed credit for everything, to the point of self-parody; Bush happily ladles it out. Clinton and Gore tried to overwhelm others with what they saw as their virtues; Bush likes to let people be surprised, as they slowly discover his own. Clinton used public disasters as occasions to emote; Bush's reactions are more restrained. He chose not to exploit a recent school shooting. Said an aide, "He thinks it's inappropriate to make himself the bride at that wedding." Bush often chooses not to answer his critics, counting on their stridency to be counterproductive. As he turns his cheek to his enemies, their blows land on themselves. Humility so far has done very well by this president, giving him a rise in record time to the heights of power, giving new meaning to what the meek will inherit. Less is not only more; it can sometimes be everything. So it has been for George Bush.

Elected governor of Texas in 1990, Ann Richards had become a Star, a darling of the glitterati on the two coasts, a legend in her time and in her own mind. Fully aware of her rock-star status, she took Bush's run against her as an affront, calling him "clueless" and "Junior" and "Shrub." Trying to rattle him, she showed her contempt at all moments. By contrast, Bush stayed relentlessly civil, always addressing her as "Governor Richards." Asked about her attacks on himself and his family, he denied any ill will toward her: "I find her to be an interesting soul." In their debate, Richards tried to provoke him, to no avail. "She was so consumed with him, I knew that we had her," said Karl Rove later. At last, she blew up and called Bush a "jerk" at a rally. He won by seven points.

9-21-05: 2:22 a.m. DREAM I was in the hospital laying in bed. I had had two tubal ligations or surgeries to remove pregnancies from both fallopian tubes.

I didn't know how that was possible because  I hadn't had sex in many years.

While I lay there resting and recovering, they brought other women in from surgery. Most of them recovered quickly and they packed their bags, got dressed and went home.

Then a woman came in - around age 28 or so. She had had her surgery too. Her mother came in to see her and the younger woman became hysterical, wondering why this had happened to her. She wondered if it was because of her past. She was trying to come up with a reason for this horror of have happened to her.

She then got dressed, still crying, and I could hear her outside, still crying, huddled against the side of the building.

I felt so sorry for her, I put on my coat and went outside to try to comfort her.

I asked her in my arms while she cried. I then offered her my phone number if she wanted to call and talk again. I had a hard time coming up with my current phone number. I told her that I had moved frequently in recent years. She was reluctant to take the number but did anyway.

I then went back into the hospital, took off my coat and crawled back into bed, my stomach still aching from the surgery. I wasn't recovering as fast as the younger women.

The doctor came in to talk to me. He said that I not only had a pregnancy in each tube, I had a lemon tumour in the center which still remained.

I was too stunned for words.

I woke up and my stomach still ached all over like I really did have the surgery. The aching last over 1/2 an hour and then faded.


9-22-05 - DREAM - I was in a small town somewhere with either a male companion or my husband. We were supposed to be helping other people to do a project. There would be 12 projects in all. Each one would consist of helping them remodel and paint the place where they worked.

The first place we were going to paint was St. George & the Dragon and Bartholomew with a companion dog - painted on a white wall.

First we had to paint the walls. The problem was there were extra large, tall and wide walls make of stucco-like - rough concrete or stone. It was not easy going because the walls were so rough.

There was the person's project and we were to help. The real problem was to keep the person interested and finish the job once it was started.

Someone decided they would write an article for the local newspaper to help motivate them. That easier said than done. They gave me an 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper to write on but didn't give me a decent pen to write with.

So I began writing the article in large letters and when she printed the article, it came out in a tiny 8-point text and the whole article in the paper was only about an inch tall.

I recall looking into another room and seeing strange reptilian-like creatures there, but not like anything I've ever seen before. They were creepy and slimy looking. I believe they were the woman's pets.

On the way to the 2nd place, we were driving behind the people who were driving a vehicle that was more or less like a gypsy wagon. It was motorized like a truck, but had a big box on the back with all their stuff in. Just before we caught up to them, their vehicle tipped over in the road and we had to help them pick up their stuff and decide where to put everything before we could do their project.

This would not be an easy project and we had to 12 of them.


9-24-05 - DREAM - I was growing a lot of small plants in pots on a coffee table.

The prize was in the center, it was vine that two prominent leave, sticking out above all the others. Those two leaves looked like the perfect foot prints of a man colored bright blue.

My friend Alice came to visit and I wanted to show her my prize vine that I was so proud of,, but the plant couldn't be seen when she arrived.

So I had to move all the plants out of the way before the prized perfect footprint leave could be seen.


9-25-05 - 1:29 a.m. - I had two dreams, the first one dovetailed into the second one though I woke up to a loud noise in between dreams.

DREAM - I was with my family though they didn't look like my real life family. I was told I should learn all about different breeds of dogs because this would be important to me later.

Then I was getting ready to sing in a concert and this was important to me.

I woke up to a loud knock in the furniture across the room from me, then fell back asleep.

DREAM - I was sitting in a small office, being trained by a woman to answer phones and dispatch locksmiths to work on cars.  (I did this for 7 years in real life)  One young woman called in and tried to describe a key she needed by name and got really snotty with me when I didn't know what she was talking about. I questioned my trainer to see if she knew what this key was and the nearest I can come to it is this shape. ^

I then was asked to accompany a young woman to the old A-C building where I went to work. I wanted to go to the 9th floor where I used to work, but she insisted she wanted to walk along the 5th floor, so I agreed.

The A-C building was several blocks long so it was a long walk. When we got off the elevator, the walls were covered in soft grey fabric, then when we went into the next section, everything was pastel colored in various colors from office to office. It was set up rather like a mall.

The inner walls were all about head high so you couldn't see over them, but didn't go all the way to the ceiling.

In all the offices in the front part, all the people had their dogs on leashes like it was dog visiting day at the office. I saw many different kinds of dogs.

Then I noticed that these people weren't just working in offices, they were selling home crafts that they had made themselves.

In the first few offices they were selling hand-made pastel colored clothing and other hand crafts, then it went into wood working items men had made.

At the same time, we now moved from the dog section to the bird section and everyone had brought in various kinds of birds. They had varied types including chickens. Some of these birds made sounds like doves also and made cute cooing noises.

I was hoping we would come to a jewelry section too. It seemed to me I remembered someone had told me they did that up here too.

I went around a corner in this maze and heard my name called - "Dolores!"  So I went back and there was a young, skinny, dark haired woman sitting there. She called me "Dolores Penney". I assumed she thought I was from J.C. Penney Co.  She asked me very brattily about what someone could do if they didn't know how to start their car but needed to get somewhere by vehicle.

I recognized the voice as the same snotty person who had called me on the phone earlier.

I said to her, "I would tell the person that if they didn't know how to drive a car, they shouldn't try to start it either." and I walked quickly away so she couldn't ask me any more antagonistic questions.

I continued walking through the maze, looking for the jewelry section, but instead I found a booth in the hallway down by a guy who wasn't there. It was rather dark in his booth. He was a UFO researcher who gave lectures around the country whenever he could. He had posters and brochures stuck to the wall saying that he had  lots of photographs of UFO and to call him if you would want to see the photos. He lived in California and that's where all the photos were from.

I thought I would get the phone number and call him, but woke up too soon.

At 4:30 a.m. I went back to bed.

DREAM 9-25-05 - I went over to my Mom's house and I was anxious to tell my Mom and brothers about my dream.

I saw that my brothers were in their room listening to the radio. The room was massively big and they each had a wall full of ham and shortwave radios and they were all on.

But I started telling them about my dream and though I was doing a good job of story telling and I started hearing a strange sound that was getting louder and louder.

I looked over on the wall farther and there sat a Japanese kid - teen - or young 20's with more radios than my brothers and hew a splaying them so loud in Japanese he was drowning us all out.

So I went to tell my Mom the dream and she said she had to check the dogs first.

(note: My Mom hated dogs and she was afraid of dogs, so couldn't imagine what kind of dogs my Mom would have.)

She left the room to go to the back door and a couple little girls who were there said, "They aren't really dogs. They are goats."

Even so, when my Mom let the goats into the house, I was stunned to see them. They were standard height - about hip high on me - but they had very small heads in proportion to their bodies. and their bodies were like a high humped circle with curly wool/fur on it, but were only three to four inches wide.  I touched them and the wool/fur was soft and they tried cuddling up to me. They were a soft grey color and their faces were rather adorable - rather more like llama or alpacas.  But they were so narrow and bony feeling under their wool/fur, it rather freaked me out.

NOTE: A dreamer friend of mine also dreamed about dogs that were really goats tonight as well.

Either I woke up and went into another dream and went into the kitchen to cook dinner.  I had a large circular barbeque grill and had hamburger steaks - there were bones in them but were hamburger. The heat was on high and too high and the dripping grease made the flames even higher. I put barbeque sauce and cheese on top of the steaks thinking that would make them better, but the flames were burning everything.

That forced me to take the hamburger steaks off the grill too soon so the meat was burned on the bottom but raw on top.

I thought if we ate them fast they would taste good anyway.

My husband Ed took one and stuck his finger into the barbecue sauce. I don't know if it was still too hot or was too spicy, but Ed stood there with the barbecue sauce on his finger and said, "You always did like your barbecue sauce hot."

I didn't know whether that was a good thing or a bad thing, but it didn't seem he wanted to eat the steak.

So I looked to see what else there was to eat and all there was a couple potato chips.


9-26-05 - DREAM - My name was Dolores Bauer. I was shown this on writing on a computer about a lot of different jobs I did. I couldn't really read anything but my name.

I saw my reflection in the mirror . It kinda looked party like me, but also like a couple friends I used to have as well.

At one point, then I was a waitress wearing a Bavarian Alpine kind of outfit wearing a heavy sweater, tan shorts - long ones and thigh high colored socks with brown hiking boots.

After I set the table for a young couple to have dinner. I went into the office to do payroll. I had all the hours written down, but I didn't now what the wages were. My boss was outside so I couldn't ask him. I finally settled on $1.50 an hour and figured I'd do the payroll with that amount and my boss could adjust it up or down on the next check.

I can't remember how the dream ended.



Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 6:11 AM
  Subject: [greatdreams-forum] Sick of Dreaming?

  HI all:  I don't want to be awake - I'm really tired, but I can't close my  eyes either, because I'm sick of being in dreamland too.

  I just spent the last half hour looking at a blackening sky, screaming at  people to get in the basement - that a tornado is coming.  I get all those people
  inside the building and run outside and find more people oblivious to the blackening sky and the tornado coming, so I get all those people into the
  building, then look outside and see more people that don't see the blackening sky and have to go rescue them too.

  Every time I went around the building, it looked a little different - and  more people needing rescue. 

  Finally, in the dream, I'm screaming, I don't need this anymore, I don't  need this anymore and run through a door and there is Tom Cruise, standing in
  front of a theatre with a brightly lit marquis and singing, "Its the movies, its  the movies."

  I open my eyes for real, but I'm so tired I have to close them again.  Then I start seeing injured people with blood running through bandages and its worse
  and in the dream I'm screaming, "I don't need this anymore, I don't need this anymore" and force myself awake.

  I close my eyes, and the scenes are worse, more injured bodies, then I start seeing ugly wounded body parts and I'm screaming, "I don't need this anymore, I don't need this anymore."  I force myself awake again.  

  I was so tired, I closed my eyes again and start seeing myself going through a dark doorway behind three men and I say, "Oh no - I'm not going in there"
  and force my eyes open again.

  I make myself get up and turn on the TV and they are showing St. Charles Louisiana, and looking for dead bodies.

  There is just no end to the horror, awake or asleep.




9-28-05 - 2:24 A.M. DREAM - this is vague except for the end. I knew I was in space on a spaceship and was working with a creature that spoke perfect English but he was bright green and furry like a teddy bear. His head was perfectly round. He wore no clothes but there was no evidence of sexuality. I felt he was male from the voice tones.

I don't know what we were doing except keep track of things. 

I woke up because I had to go to the bathroom. I couldn't get it out of my head that it was Saturday for some reason and I had to do a lot of thinking to figure out what day it really was. 

9-28-05 - 5:55 a.m.  DREAM - I was driven home down a new highway that was deep black colored. We were in the left lane like it was a freeway until a red car zipped past us in the grass on the left going the other direction.

We didn't know if he was using the wrong road or if we weren't really on a freeway, so we quickly moved over into the right lane just in case it was us that was wrong. We never did see another car. But as soon as we pulled over into the right lane, there were huge long water puddles standing on the road which forced us over into the left lane again.  with driving in the left lane, only the right wheels were in the water and it sounded weird to have the water splashing under the car as we drove through it at high speed.

We then came to a section of road then that had a variety of yellow signs painted on the road. It seemed there was a new sign every few feet with a line across the road both before and after it. Sometimes the lines were only six feet apart and we had to keep constantly reading the road instead of watching where we were going. My driver said we should keep track of how many road signs there were. None of them said, "Stop"

We ended up in a restaurant. I felt like I was working here but didn't own it. They were supposed to be serving dinner but there were no lights on. The sun was going down and the air where the sun beam came in the window looked like it was smoky from cigarettes but I didn't see anyone smoking and it didn't smell like cigarettes in there.

I finally found some light switches on the wall but they didn't work. People were already eating their food but sitting in the dark. Finally, by feeling along the wall in a hallway that was dark, I found another light switch and that one worked and lit up the area over the dining tables. The people were almost done eating by then. One guy asked if he could have some more corn. The bowl was just about empty with a few kernels of yellow corn on the bottom. I wasn't sure if I should take the bowl to the kitchen and get it refilled or just bring a new bowl.

A woman sitting at the head of the table said, "We're only supposed to serve full ears of corn."

I still didn't know what to do, and my attention was diverted to another table that was full of stuff and it seemed that the mail was being delivered. 

Someone brought in a couple messages written in black marker on bright green paper. Everyone had to see these two messages so I was trying to figure out if I should just leave them on the table or hang them up on the wall. 

I saw a bulletin board then and thought it would be a good place to post the notes, but a someone else quickly posted a red card with a stylized black deer running in the center of it like it was a Christmas card.

The green messages were more important so I posted those messages instead so everyone could see them and know what to do.

both of them said to be alert for something to happen between 1 and 1:30 a.m.

I woke up and it was 5:55 a.m.