by Dee Finney

The Hopi creation myth depicts three chambers underground, where animals develop into humans, and progress upward, with the help of Spider Grandmother. Then, she comes again, this time assisted by birds. (the descent of the Deity into the field of time, according to Campbell. And feathers represented Truth to the Egyptians). Seven humans are shown ascending to the surface and sunlight. The entire shape is like a plant, with the leaves at the surface.

From:  Joe Mason

Humanity On The Pollen Path

The Hopi Creation Myth of Spider Grandmother

I realized (in 1990) that the Hopi depiction fit well with the 3 1/2 symbolism. Three chambers are shown underground, connected by vertical tunnels. From the top chamber, another tunnel leads straight up to the surface of the ground.  

Book of Revelation 11:11 - 13

11: And after three days and a half the spirit of Life from God
entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and a great
fear fell upon them which saw them.

12: And they heard a great voice from heaven saying onto them,
"Come up hither. And they went up in a cloud; and their enemies
beheld them.

13: and in the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the
tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of
men seven thousand; the the remnant were affrighted, and gave
glory to the God of heaven.

Insects are shown in the bottom chamber, animals in the middle chamber, and humans in the upper chamber. The chambers and tunnels, along with leaves at the top, resemble a large plant.

A large spider with a cross on its back is depicted at several places. Near the upper chamber, various birds, a tree, and a twelve-petal sunflower are depicted inside rectangles. Seven human figures are shown climbing in the tunnel from the third chamber to the surface. A small group of humans are shown standing on the surface, with rays of light from the sun striking them. A giant rooster is also standing on the surface.

The text next to the depiction tells the Hopi creation story. The Creator placed insects in the earth and told them to figure out the meaning of life. After a time, the insects still had not found the meaning, so Spider Grandmother was sent to help. She helped them move up to the next chamber, where they became animals. Again, they could not find the meaning of life, so Spider Grandmother came again, and helped them to travel up to the third chamber, where they became human beings. After more time passed by, and the humans had not figured out the meaning of life, Spider Grandmother came again, this time assisted by birds. The people climbed up to the surface, and then Spider Grandmother taught them how to weave.

Sometime after I read the Hopi story of creation, a young lady told me about a dream of a spider, and how her friend had the very same dream on the same night. Other dreams and coincidences concerning spiders and weaving followed. After experiencing the coincidences concerning the Joseph Campbell book, I realized at some point that the Hopi myth fit well, because the key point is after the third chamber, or 3 1/2. By 1993 I realized several other things in the Hopi myth fit even better with the ideas. I will speak of those connections in their place, as I continue telling my story.


Jeff's 1990 dream:

When I lived in Oakdale, my son's best friend, Jeff, lived next door. Jeff was 16. He and his family had problems...he had several fist fights with his father. He fought other kids several times. He had a very violent, angry temperament. One day, he came over and told me that he had a dream....

In the dream, he was looking out the front window of his house. He saw his ex-girlfriend, Terra, kissing his worst enemy. He ran out and started beating the kid up, pounding his face. He heard the voice of my son, T.J., say, "Beat his ass Jeff!" Suddenly, the boy's face transformed into his best friend.

He stopped and asked Terra what was going on. She walked into the house, and he followed. He kept asking what was going on...suddenly he felt a spider on his hand....it was a black widow...he flicked it off, and it immediately landed on the had of a younger kid (perhaps his brother). He kept following the girl, and then felt a sting on his hand. He woke up, and sure enough, a real sting was there...a huge red bump about the size of a quarter. It was there for weeks.

I asked Jeff if he knew why that spider was named the Black Widow. He didn't know. I explained that the larger female kills the male after sex, and plants her eggs on the corpse. The offspring grow by feeding from the body of their dead father.

It struck me that a spider leaves a thread between points. My feeling was that this symbolism may also refer to the collective unconscious, and to how our thoughts/actions influence others.

In late 1990, I was handed a book called, "Tantra For The West," which had a depiction on the cover that was very similar to a split-ringed crop formation that had appeared in England that summer. I had also dreamed of a similar pattern some months prior. On page 17 of the book it says that the word "tantra," comes from Sanskrit, and means "to weave." Interestingly, in the Hopi story, Spider Grandmother eventually teaches people how "to weave."

Later, I read an article in a crop circle journal. It was an interview with Isabella Kingston, a psychic who has been accurate in predicting crop formations. One of the things she predicted was that some would find Sanskrit and Hopi Indian correlations. In my case, the prediction came true. The "correlation" is the idea "to weave."

Spider Grandmother is depicted with a cross on her back. In "The Sacred Symbols of Mu," Col. Churchward shows some spider glyphs that also have a similar cross. One myth says that the spider made the roads so cleverly that no man could find the beginning or end thereof. Another says that the spider would have mounted to heaven, but was held out by the cold.

In the Nordic myths, the three Norns of Fate weave at the root of the great tree. They are associated with past, present, and future.

In an African myth, Spider travels up into the sky and brings down a box. When he opens it, all the stories escape and run all over the place. Spider catches a few, his wife catches a few, and the villagers catch a few. But all the rest of the stories ran all over the entire earth.


Melissa's dream - two girls dream the same dream:

In early 1991, my son's girlfriend, Melissa, told me a dream-coincidence experience. Her sister, Christy, had been missing for three months. Melissa dreamed that Christy came with a huge spider in her hands, and said, "This is our spider. Only you and I can touch it. If anyone else does, they will die."

Later that day, Christy's best friend called, and told Melissa that she had a dream during the night. Christy had come with a spider in her hands, and said, "This is our spider, only you and I can touch it."

The two girls had the same dream on the same night! I showed Melissa a depiction in a myth book of the Hopi creation myth of Spider Grandmother, who helps us in an evolutionary process of learning the meaning of life, and eventually teaches us how "to weave." Similar symbolism is found universally, such as the Norns of Fate in the Nordic myths, and Athena in the Greek.

I have also been following the crop circle formations for many years. In 1993, the Bythorn Mandala appeared.

Bythorn Mandala Crop Circle Formation

It is very similar to a Yantra to Kali. (see "The Tantric Way."):

Kali Yantra

The reversed, five-pointed star, such as that in the formation, is an esoteric symbol of the Kali-Yuga, the time-cycle we are in. (see Blavatsky's, "The Secret Doctrine," page 5):

The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky, vol 1, page 1

According to the Sussex Circular, dowsing revealed a pattern of a spider web.

The following year, on an important date, August 11, the Spider Web crop formation appeared next to the ancient stone circle called, Avebury.

Spider Web Formation - Avebury, August 1994


Sparky's Dream

One day at work, around 1993, I noticed that my friend, Sparky, had a book with a picture of a spider in a web. I mentioned the above two dreams of the girls, and the Hopi myth. Sparky doubted that such things have any meaning. About three weeks later, Sparky told me that his wife had a dream. She was in the living room, and took a picture off of the wall. There were hundreds of spiders on the wall, behind the picture! Then, there were thousands of spiders all over the living room! A man came in, and started killing the spiders. She told him to leave them alone; they would not hurt anybody.

Sparky said this was strange, because in real life, his wife is terrified of spiders. I suggested to Sparky that the dream may be saying that, behind our "picture" of reality, a whole lot of "weaving," that is, planning, is going on.


Around 1993 I had another dream about football. I had joined the team just before the final big game. The opposing team was very good, and expected to defeat us. I got in line with the team near the edge of the field. I started to write a check to the head coach, Mr. Web, to pay for my equipment. But, the assistant coach, Mr. Noon, reminded me that he had paid for the equipment, so the payment should go to him. I wrote the check, but I could not sign it, because threads had been woven like a web on the signature area of the check. I cut them off, and removed them, then signed my name.

After I recorded the dream, I recalled that there are 43,200 seconds in a day up until "noon" (60 x 60 x 12). The Number 432, often with various zeros attached, is a universal cycle of time number.


Lorna's Dream

around 1997

I was entering the bathroom and saw two black widows mating. The one on top was larger. I screamed for my husband, Mike, to come kill them and they parted from each other and ran in opposite directions.




J. Ivey's Dream:

I am sitting with a man (I am not sure of his identity) around a camp fire. We are discussing everyday mundane subjects. A large white spider crawls up, (I am not frightened) the man with me suggests that these spiders are good to eat. I then pick up the spider and take a couple of bites and it is rather good. While I am enjoying my spider meal another spider lowers itself down a web just behind my left shoulder. This spider is larger more menacing and has large fangs.I am almost paralyzed with fear and I recall waking myself up trying to run away.


Joe's comment:

Sometimes inspired material seems to correspond to dreams and myths. The one that comes to mind concerning the above dream, is" Little Miss Muffet."

Little Miss Muffet
Sat on a tuffet,
Eating of curds and whey;
There came a spider,
And sat down beside her,
And frightened Miss Muffet away.

Little Miss Muffet Painting
Nick's Spiders
Spiders Lesson
Misty morning spiders
Spider Characteristics


Tarantism The dancing mania, extremely contagious. It broke out in Germany in 1374, and in France in the Great Revolution, when it was called the Carmagnole. Clergymen, judges, men and women, even the aged, joined the mad dance in the open streets till they fell from exhaustion.

Tarantula This word is derived from Taranto the city, or from Thara the river in Apulia, in the vicinity of which the venomous hairy spiders abound. (Kircher: De Arte Mag.)

Tarentella or Tarantella. Tunes and dances in triplets, supposed to cure the dancing mania.



Jessica's dream on the Pufori posting board:

I have had many dreams as well as waking encounters with Spiders...In one of my dreams, I was besieged upon by a Black Widow...It was trying to bite my Daughter, and I stepped in between, I was convinced that the venom would not harm me. It did not, and the spider became my friend. It protected me...I have been leery of spiders for as far back as I can remember..when my Daughter was an infant in her crib...a Spider dared to come down on a web and head straight for her. I killed it with my bare hands. Believe me..I was terrified of spiders until that incident, in 1972. I would be pleased to hear any suggestions as to the meaning of this dream!!!!!


Jan 17, 1996 Dream from a posting board:

So last night, I slipped into this dream...First of all, I was in grade school again, playing on the merry-go-round and talking to the woman who was my math teach in high-school. She began to ask me if I remembered the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, and I,  having been scared shitless of Freddy Krueger as a little girl, said yes...

Suddenly,I was living in a house with a roommate named Cherry...supposedly I was in one of the movies. Cherry was a tall, beautiful blonde who she always seemed to be sunbathing in the light of the living room window; the kind of girl who always gets killed first in slasher movies. She was lying in the living room in a bikini and when I turned my back, she vanished. I didn't see it, but somehow, I knew that she'd been pulled through the floor.

Suddenly, her boyfriend was standing beside me, and since I was frightened, I grabbed onto him. He was crying; calling her name, but after awhile he looked at me and said, "I think this means we should kiss." So we did.

The next thing I knew we were in the bedroom, and he'd pushed me down, telling me about all the things he was going to do to me. But amidst all his lurid talk, he began to yell and strike the floor with one of his shoes. He was trying to kill a Black Widow that was making it's way onto the bed. I stepped on it and pulled him into bed with me. I don't know what I was thinking; it was like I suddenly had no morals at all. Then my mother and sister came into the house and started putting away groceries. I could hear them through the wall. My father walked into the room and I woke up as he screamed my name...

3-11-92 - DREAM - I was in Washington State in a house with my family. The house actually belonged to my husband, but I was looking through it, trying to find a place to store long spaghetti. As I opened each cabinet, I saw that they were too short to put the spaghetti in and had no backs on them. They were open to to the house insulation and spiders and webs and mouse turds were evident.

I was looking through more cabinets as 3 girls announced they were going for a bike ride. I ran after them, hollering, "Not until you go over the safety rules." They didn't want to listen and kept right on going and before they got half way down the block, they already had an accident, the front girl riding into a big rock and the second girl riding into her and falling on top of her, followed by the third girl doing the same. The safety rule was to ride single file, with a large enough space between so that if one has a mishap, the next one in line has time to stop and avoid colliding with the one ahead.

All the girls were brought back to the house and patched up and lectured about safety and listening to their elders.

Then another girl came up to me and told me that the people who had built the house had come and removed all the short 15" cabinets because I didn't deserve them, and all they left in place were the 24" ones, the ones wide enough to store the spaghetti.


12-20-97 - DREAM - We were inside the garage in New Berlin. Joe was painting the walls light orange and some of the orange was getting on the white trim edges. He needed to wipe off these orange marks but didn't have a clean rag. I volunteered to do the cleanup because I had a rag, but I had a hard time finding a clean spot on the rag to do the job neatly because it had some paint remover at one end and it was soaking through and would also take the orange paint back off.

We overheard a conversation between my son Tom and his father asking Tom what his greatest wish was for his birthday. Tom said his greatest wish was to go to the ballpark at the stadium and watch the baseball championship game. His father told him in order to do that, he would have to clean out the inside of his car first.

I volunteered to clean out Tom's car. It was worse than we suspected. An old tire inside the car was full of spider webs and dead bees and spiders and there were piles of leaves too. Becky (his wife) decided to help too, so we were busy cleaning and Tom came out to go to the game and we weren't done yet.

Joe slipped a $1 bill in the tire edge to pay for his part of the work which I noticed and pocketed. Tom was so happy and excited to go to the baseball game, he couldn't wait for us to get done and started to back out of the garage and I was still half in the car.

I warned him to be careful because he might run over my toes with the wheels and we quickly got the rest of the dead leaves out of the car.


1-15-98 - DREAM - I was in the kitchen of my 66th St. house. Joe went into the bathroom which was adjacent to it and started screaming at me about how filthy and disgusting the kitchen floor was.He said,"There are bugs and mice running all over in the corners. I hadn't seen it, so I looked and he was right. It was horrible. I saw bugs and spiders and little tiny baby mice all over the corner of the floor by the stove. Then I noticed all the other trash on the floor including blankets. I swept all of it into the corner. Then I asked who was brave enough to pick it all up. We had a bed in the kitchen at this point and there was junk all over the bed too. So, we started a cleaning campaign and cleaned off the bed. A man was in the pantry and asked permission to throw away some trash from there too and I said, "Yes!"

Then we called in a "trash" woman and she came in and took away all the trash and tied the blankets in a knot with all the mice and vermin inside.

I looked then to see if all the mice and vermin were gone and they were, but I saw a little purple fish. I ran and got a little silver kettle and put water in it and we put the fish in it but it just swam right back up into the air again. then, I looked up and a whole row of purple fish were swimming in the air up by the ceiling and the front two looked like Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse and they were carrying little bouquets of yellow flowers and leading the parade and they came away from the wall and headed towards me.


2-12-98 - DREAM - I was working in an office where I was doing some typing. I seemed to be working in an office where reporters came in and needed their reports typed up quickly. I was told that the woman I would be typing for normally came back with 35 pages of notes.

The envelope came to me and I pulled out the reporters notes and opened them up along with a cassette tape of more notes she had made. She had obviously already typed up most of her own notes and they just had to be entered into the typesetting system of th newspaper. I glanced at her notes and immediately started laughing. I knew I was going to enjoy working for this woman because she wrote with a sense of humour and not grumble like her previous typists had done.

The problem was there wasn't any typing paper and the typewriter was ancient and not electric. I knew a guy who worked in an office on the 4th floor so I decided to go up there and borrow some typing paper.

As usual in other dreams, I got on the elevator and pressed 4, but the door opened on 2 and I had to walk up the rest of the way. I walked into my friend's office. I had worked with him before. He was a thin man with a moustache. I don't know his name. His job was to interview people for jobs in the company. I asked to borrow some typing paper. He aid, "I might as well give you everything I have because you'll be back again and again because your office doesn't supply anything you need."

He began taking out big sheets of newspaper that had printing in Green. I think it was the _____Post. About 50 sheets of typing paper was between each wrapped sheet of newspaper. He was true to his word and gave me all the typing paper he had , right down to the package it originally came in.

I thanked him and walked across the office to speak to two cleaning women. These were two lesbians who were so close to each other, they seemed to be one person. They moved in unison with every movement. Their faces were obviously different, one more feminine, one more masculine. They looked familiar. I said, "Don't I know you when I worked in "Marshall?" They responded, "Yes! We remember you well," and they smiled. "That was 5 months ago," they said.

I started to tell my male friend that these two women had come to work with a baby strapped to the woman's chest. They shushed me because they were still doing that and showed me in secret. They said, "The baby is 11 months old now." They were so happy together. I smiled at them and left the office to go back to my own.

I went downstairs and went to my desk. I put the first sheet of paper into the typewriter. The paper was so thin, it was like spider's web threads woven together.

I pulled out a drawer to my left to put the paper in and the whole desk was broken and started to fall apart. I was thinking to myself that this newspaper was so poor that they couldn't provide decent furniture nor paper for their employees.

The Goddess Pallas Athena, also known as Minerva to the Romans, was the weaver among the Olympians, as Vulcan was the smith. The peasant girl, Arachne, offended Minerva by declaring that her own weaving was superior. The goddess challenged the girl to a weaving contest. They finished their work at the looms at the same moment, and Arachne's work equaled that of the goddess. Angered furiously, Minerva slit the web from top to bottom and beat the girl on the head with her shuttle. Arachne was furious, disgraced, and hanged herself. Minerva's heart was then touched, so she lifted the body from the noose and sprinkled it with a magic liquid. Arachne was transformed into a spider, and she retained her weaving skill.

This is, of course, how our word, "arachnophobia," fear of spiders, came to us.

3-1-98 - DREAM - (A bizarre dream with incredible symbolism) I was walking down 20th St. where I had gone to school. I was in the street like I was driving my car but not actually in a vehicle. A car was coming up behind me, but it didn't want to pass me. I wanted to let him get by me and began walking on sofa and sofa cushions along the curb. This went on for blocks, but the guy wouldn't pass me even then.

I came to a house then. It didn't feel like it was home, but I acted like it was. I was cleaning in the livingroom and saw that the rubber plant was dusty and had spider webs all over it. So, I took two green square rags and wiped all the dust and spider webs off the rubber plant. I then noticed that my rags had hundreds of spider eggs on them which must been under the large leaves and had been attached to the strands of the webs. These eggs were huge and it was apparent that these eggs were about to hatch.So, I told my little son to take the rags out onto the lawn and shake them so the spider eggs would be dispersed in the grass and the little spiders could go elsewhere and make new webs.

My son did that and brought the green rags back to me with no eggs on them. My son, on his own recognizance called the library and was told by them that these spiders were deadly. I got all panicky about that information, but I was at that point standing in a concrete box-like structure, head-high, which was just barely large enough to turn around in. Behind me, up on an electric pole was two electric lineman repairing the electric lines, wearing silver helmets. One of them said, "No! That's is not true. Spiders are helpful to mankind."

I went back into the house and a little boy came to the door. He asked me if I would pretend to be his mother. I said, "Yes!" and play acted being his mother and he was happy. Then his father came to the door and the little boy told his father that I was play acting to be his mother. The father went away and came back with a shotgun and while I was standing in the doorway he shot at me. I didn't get hit, but I play acted like I was shot dead and fell in the street like I had been killed. The little boy cried out, "Father! You killed my mother just like last time. The father threw himself down in the street with his shotgun in his hand, face down on the road, he pounded the ground and sobbed loudly.

I left there and met a very small woman waiting for a bus. she said her evil husband was after her. I agreed to help her get away from him. The bus came along and we got on. I was feeling safe and thought everything was all right. The woman was sitting about half way back in the bus and I was way in back.

Then I noticed that someone had placed two large boxes on a table right behind the small woman's seat. The boxes were about 3 feet in height x 1 1/2 feet x 1 1/2 feet. I thought at first they were large enough for a dwarf or small person to fit inside, but then thoughts suddenly that they could be bombs.

I told the woman frantically that we had to get off the bus because the boxes might contain bombs. She was very reluctant to get off the bus, but I convinced her it was best....just in case...and we got off. I heard someone say, "Oh! It's just a vampire and a ghoul." They had loosed them from the boxes on the bus. I was glad we got off the bus anyway. We saw the woman's evil husband coming down the street. He was a normal sized guy with really dark brown hair and wearing and brown suit.

There were three apartment buildings along the street and each one had a long glassed-in entrance in front. I told the woman, "Hurry! Let's go in here," and entered the 1st building. she followed me but was reluctant and moving very slowly. I could see that her husband would catch up to her if she didn't move faster. We went through that building and into the 2nd one. When we got through the building #2 and were coming back to the lobby, I could see her husband entering building #1. I kept urging her to move faster, but she showed no concern for her safety enough to move faster. We left building #2 and entered building #3. She was still moving so slowly. I was getting very frustrated. She had told me she wanted help but was doing nothing to help herself. Coming out in front of building #3, I could see her husband entering building #2. I kept encouraging her to move faster and she wouldn't and her husband was catching up to her.

I had already gone through all three buildings and I went back to her in the 3rd building and then came to the front the second time. By then, I was so frustrated, I said I would never try to help her again.

Instead of leaving the third building, I went up the elevator to the top floor. I don't know what number it was. From an apartment in the rear of the building, a huge gay man opened the door and asked me if I wanted to party with him. He was a huge, oversized man...not only taller than normal but big all around in a fat sort of way...not muscular. He used exaggerated feminine mannerisms and voice.

I said, "No thanks! and went toward the front of the building with the man following me. The whole front of the building was glass. I could see it was nighttime and everyone could see inside the glass walls where we were. I said, "This is the typical way gay people are living now, so everyone can see them."

I met another gay man there. He was also very large like the 1st guy but with masculine mannerisms. So, I paired the two men up and they went to the back of the building to party together.

I went towards the elevator where I met some other gay couples I had known. I wished them well and got on the elevator, leaving them behind to party with each other and left the building for home.


3-20-98 - DREAM - I had moved into a new apartment and when I got up, the place was full of people I didn't know. They were just having conversations with each other, not with me. Finally, they all left except one and I asked who they all were. The chubby couple I liked were Julie and Jim (I know these people from somewhere and trying to remember from where) The man is quite chubby and she is a 'little' chubby. I discovered that these people were all eating my candy so I put the candy away in the pantry. I thought I heard the doorbell ring twice while some other noise was going on, but I wasn't sure if that's what it was, so I didn't answer it. Later, I went over to the 'listener' button and there was no one there anymore in the lobby. My friend Sue showed up. She was very slim and chic looking. She told me she weighed 118 pounds. I had never been that thin but I used to look good as her and was thinking about that.

She wanted my advice about something. She had been offered a modeling job in a place like Cuba or somewhere down there by some shady people and the money was good. I looked at her face and it was made up pure white with like a spider-web-like effect across it in green. It seemed normal to me until I looked away, then I had to think about whether that was normal or not, then looked back, and it was white with a green spider-web across it. I looked away again, thinking, "She is an adult and can make up her own decisions even if they turn out to be wrong."

The back kitchen door opened then, and the chubby Jim handed me a laundry rack for drying clothes. He had borrowed it and brought it back. He obviously lived in the same building.

A young man came in then who seemed to be my fiance. I wasn't particularly paying attention to him. He leaned over and whispered, "What would you think if someone bought a 1946 Pontiac?" I looked at him quizzickly and he laughed and said, "I was seeing if you were paying attention. I went over to the car shop and bought a 1946 Pontiac. They'll give us 3 weeks to make our decision and they said that you can work part-time for them."

I think I woke up then. I don't recall any more.


6-6-98 - It was pouring rain outside when I went to visit my mother and brother Marty at the 16th St. house. So, when I went inside, I found my light blue bathrobe to wear, while my clothes dried. However, I didn't wear it, I just carried it on my arm and walked around in my underwear. My brother said to me, "I remember how you are, you always want all the lights on", and I retorted back, "That's because I can't see!"

Some people came to the house who were new in town. The woman needed a job, but I noted that she wasn't in as desperate straits as she thought because her husband was working.

I asked her what she did. She said a term I couldn't understand, then showed me some rubber spider samples. I wasn't very impressed with that. Then she showed me how she stamped circles on towels, sheets and table cloths for resale. I told her that would be popular if it was spring and the consignment shops were open. They would be happy to have her work for them an hour a week to carry her crafts.

As they left, another man said she looked very familiar and she argued that she was assured she had her own unique face. I assured her that she did.

The house now had become a school and I walked to the door with them and there were many other younger students there. I slipped on two blue rubber bands which were on the floor. My son Tom was there and he picked them up. The maintenance man called my son Tom, "teacher" and then when he saw me, he said, "We should be calling YOU teacher"!

I thanked him and went to get a broom to sweep the long hallway and I noted I was still carrying my blue bathrobe and not wearing it.


3-4-99 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin. I had been studying something spiritual. I was with the same people or the long dream. In place of my husband was a huge egg. The top of the egg was cut off and inside the egg was a web like a dream catcher or spider web. The web was getting bloody red and I was thinking I had seen this before somewhere and woke up.

NOTE: While I was thinking about this, I had a vision which was a picture opening up showing me a country lodge. The lodge grew in length while I watched.


4-18-99 - LONG DREAM - Not all details are remembered.

I went to visit my old maintenance man Joe and his girlfriend Robin. We were sitting in his livingroom. There was a big window up high facing the building next door. All of a sudden a man from the passageway between the buildings began hitting the window with a long stick. I got real concerned that the window as going to break and get glass all over us. Joe said not to worry because the guy was after Robin, not us, and the last time the guy had broken the window, the glass pieces were only 1/4" big. Just then the window cracked and spidered out in every direction. At that point, I could see the man. He was standing on a platform of some kind just below the window ledge. He kept beating on the window until it cracked into so many pieces, it all fell out. At that point, I could see there was another layer of safety glass in the window between him and us.

At that instant, I saw Robin and this guy and some other people out on the platform. They looked like they were in a past-life movie and it was very violent fighting and it was all black and white, not colored.

I said to Joe, "Is this real?" He said, "I guess so. That's why I'm not worried. It doesn't involve us!"

I went into another room which seemed to be an office/living quarters and my own stuff was everywhere. I needed to get some work done and my clothes were piled everywhere. So, I made a pact with myself to get better organized and moved my purse and clothes into my bedroom which was an adjacent room.

I got a phone call then from a woman who wanted to discuss a list of chemicals and planning chart for the movement of the chemicals from one place to another, the cost of the trucks, the drivers, the containers, etc. She was going to tell me the names of the chemicals. I said, "Hang on! I've already got them written down in order." I went to get an older piece of paper on which all these chemicals, trucks, and men were itemized from the time we did this before, so all we had to do was plug the new numbers into the next column on the paper.

Joe wanted to see the list, but just then the lights blew out above where I was standing. Joe said he would help put new bulbs in. He took down the white bell shaped fixture which was full of little black bugs so I could wash them before he put the new bulbs in.

I thought to myself, "How come the building down the street doesn't blow out the lights as often as we do?"

We got the lights changed and then I had to go downtown. I was at the courthouse, standing outside on the portico. There were about 1,000 or so stairs down to the street.

A woman came up to me and called me by name. (It wasn't Dee or Dolores) I said, "No! That's not my name anymore. I was rather angry about this. I said, "Your friend Pat...the judge, just changed my name. Now my name is....", and I couldn't think what they had changed my name too...all I could think of was "Ahriman!" (this is an ancient name for Satan) I was very upset about it. I wanted to go down to the street but it was so far down I thought maybe I should find an elevator. These stairs were wide but very small steps and if you started down, the next stopping point 18 steps down and the next stopping point was at 19 steps down. I didn't want to go down that fast.

I went to my office then and my honey Joe was with me. A young gal walked by who was wearing a short skirt and 5" high heeled all strap light blue shoes. Her legs looked incredibly good and Joe was rather gawking at her legs.

I saw that and looked down at my own legs. I was wearing the same color but had on long slacks and flat heeled sandals. I decided to go to the closet and get out my own high heeled shoes so he could see how great my own legs looked when I wore high heeled shoes. I knew I couldn't borrow that girl's shoes because her feet were way smaller than my own.

I went back to my private office and saw the lights were off and everything was locked which was wise because I hadn't actually been in the office and we wouldn't want others to see what was in my office.

When I got to my desk, there was a business card on the corner from the insurance agent who had been there while I was in the outer office. On the back side of the card, the insurance agent had written down my position, what I was getting paid per month and a couple other numbers which had to be analyzed by a small machine I kept in a locked closet.

My title was Negative Casualty Commissioner and I got paid $128 a month to do this job for them.

NOTE: A dream from 1990 showed my title as Director of Casualty.

I had to unlock the closet to get the machine to analyze the other numbers. I had a large ring of keys and picked out the proper gold key to open the door to the closet where I kept the office supplies. Just as I opened the door, an old white haired man who was my boss came along and stood behind my left shoulder. I opened the door and turned on the light. This closet turned out to be the bosses bathroom. The whole back wall was a mirror with a sink and toilet side by side in front of it. My boss said, "We should get you your own mirror!" I told him I wasn't looking for the mirror, I was looking for office supplies .

He went into the bathroom to pee and look at himself and I went to another large closet where I kept office supplies. However, when I opened the door and turned on the light, the back wall had one of those white boards you can write on with black marker.

On the right side of the board was a chart on which was written:

ACAD 8,000,000 (AKKAD was ancient IRAQ/Babylon)

GENERAL: 36,000,000

16,000,000 LAS VEGAS

I looked up to the top of the board and the title of the board was DEATHS!


9-17-98 - DREAM - I was in a large room like a schoolroom or laboratory. I was looking around to see what I could take with me. I saw a glass vase with plants growing in it while I was looking for something to put some beautiful tall cut flowers which I hadn't realized earlier had been given to me. Somehow the flowers had been preserved because they were hidden in a tall brown paper bag. I was anxious to get them out into the open for everyone to see.

I saw that the glass vase was suspended in mid-air, kept from falling only because there was a long vine growing from it that was entangled in other things way in the back where I couldn't see.

I tugged and yanked on the vine to dislodge it so I could use the vase and a hundred or more bugs came up and hovered in the air over the vine.

(NOTE: This is related to the Holy Grail story.)

I was so grossed out I ran to get the bug killer before the bugs dispersed all throughout the room. I looked in the bottom of every cabinet for bug killer, but the only spray I could find was room air freshener. I figured that if I doused them with enough air freshener they couldn't fly and that would solve the problem just as well as killing them. So, I let loose with the air freshener spray and not only got the bugs so they couldn't fly, but discovered that the light chandelier also had cobwebs with spiders on them and the air freshener made those visible too so I could eliminate them.

by Dee



2-21-99 - DREAM - I and a whole bunch of people and kids were taking a small open train from one part of town to another. It was like the train had to be held together by sheer will. There was a whole bunch of kids who had no parents and my own small daughter was sleeping and then I discovered she had smeared grape jelly everywhere.The train was about to start and a friend volunteered to help get my daughter ready while I cleaned up the grape jelly from a kitchen galley area.

The train was about ready to leave and my daughter still did have her shoes on. I told her to carry her shoes which were brown combat boots. We all had to run to use the bathroom before we left too and it took some time for each of us to find a bathroom in time.

I scrambled to help some other kids to get into the train cars who didn't have parents and we all seat belted ourselves in. Even the seat belts were rickety and you had to hold them together with your hands.

Bear, from One Life to Live and some other kids were fooling around and climbing under the seats on the train cars. I noticed that under the seats were webbing like spider web dream catchers. They were very fragile.

The train started off and went around a huge bend to the right. We had to hang on for dear life as we went around the curve. We were not outside, but inside a building. I noticed that many of the kids didn't have shoes on. Some were sticking their feet down to the floor and I had to tell them to keep their feet up. There were only silver bars under the train cars...no floor.

Finally, we went into another room and the whole train started falling apart. A lot of the cargo cars separated from the front of the train. I was hanging onto the car ahead of me and I finally let go and let the front of the train go on without me and stayed behind with all the other people and a car load of canned peaches and pears which all fell to the floor and rolled towards me. I noticed too that many of the young girls had broken radios and stereos along and all had been left behind.

A guy nodded to me that I might like to keep a particular nice looking gold boombox for myself, but I declined, already feeling guilt for even considering it.

My old friend Meera came along then and handed me a little compact case with a tape in it. She said, "I think you should have this. It's a seminar by Babaji." It was playing when she handed it to me. It was a love song playing. I began to see the words on a piece of brown paper. I couldn't read all the words because I had a hard time focusing on a whole sentence at once, but the gist of the song was, "You know that I Love You.! I thanked her and we all pitched in to get ready for the next train run.

The last thing I saw was my piano and my son wanted to place a train rail section on top of the piano bench to sit on. It didn't look very comfortable but we let him have it.

by Dee


I was in a city and some strange stuff occurred which I can't remember.

Night came and all the people were laying prostrate on the ground, around a square grassy area in a park, but holding hands with each other, (It seemed like it might have been 4th of July of something) They were all singing, "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord, etc. Glory, glory, glory, Hallelelujah!"

While they were singing, I was seeing a star bouncing up and down in the sky. I pointed at it and hollered, "look! a UFO!" But when they turned to look, it wasn't there. That happened a couple times.

Then I saw the star cluster the star had come from, and the star cluster turned sparkly and golden and turned into a huge sparkling golden wooly spider like a Tarantula

The Tarantula started crawling east across the sky, at the same time I was running east along the sidewalk , being half-dragged by a guy who looked like Sean Connery from the movie, "Last Crusade" where he was looking for the Holy Grail.

The man was telling me he was going to have to teach me something... in German. As the spider followed us across the sky, the man hid himself under a piece of paper on the ground. When the spider stopped, he again ran until we came to the next intersection. He asked, "What should we do now?" I said, "You may as well start teaching me to understand German so I understand the basic language," knowing that wouldn't help me to understand the big words I was going to have to memorize later.

All this had to do with a date I saw written prior to the dream starting. which was 8-18-1888

I'm still checking out that number.

This is the second time I've dreamed this exact music too.

Here is the series of dreams, this music was in before.

Not that long ago.




5-6-99 - DREAM - I don't know where I was. I was in a large building and it seemed that every which way I wanted to go, my way was blocked by chains and gates. There was a stairway down and that was so chained and gated nobody could possibly go down it though I thought I saw someone dressed in black walk by down at the bottom.

I came to an area where there was a new born baby laying in a little baby chair. It's right eye was distorted and very small and it sat there all alone. I beamed a big smile at it and it's right eye went back to normal and it suddenly had little wire rimmed glasses on.

There were some women in the hallway beyond, pretty girls all with scowls on their faces and I beamed them a big smile and then they would smile. It seemed like such a chore to be the only one smiling.

In the livingroom where we were expecting guests, I spotted a huge black spiderweb from the wall to the ceiling. I quickly got a broom to get it down. As soon as I did though, I noticed that there were millions of gold stars on the ceiling and just the slightest brush with the broom would knock them off and leave a black streak from the broom so I had to be ever so careful not to knock the stars down.

I saw that there was no clock in the kitchen or the livingroom but there were two upstairs, one in the bedroom which I left there and one in the hallway which was shaped like a teapot with strawberries around the rim. So I took the one from the hallway to put it in the kitchen.

Someone said, "You can't take that clock! It belongs to Mary." I said, "Mary can get another clock."

(I woke up here, Joe kissed me goodbye and left for work and I went right back to sleep. It seems that the dream continued. )

I was sitting on a chair and looked at my legs. It seems they were extra long and thin compared to reality. I began to see red veins very prominently on the skin and the more I looked closer some of the veins were dark blue and instead of veins they looked like racing stripes on a car and I realized that every time I did something that caused me to strain my muscles beyond their limits I got another stripe like a badge of honor.

I went outside then and a small midget appeared. He was normally shaped, just very small...about 24 inches. He said he had come to hook up the telephone wires.

I thought we were already hooked up but I took him into a work area where the wires were. I noted he had no tools belt like regular telephone guys, but amusingly thought that if he carried the tools real telephone guys did, he wouldn't be able to move.

In the work room there was a man standing, facing the place where the wires were hooked. He was wearing a green work uniform.

Between the two of us, we lifted the little guy up to the wires and he hooked them up. He then had to date and time stamp his work order. Actually the man in green did it, he said, "Here! Let me time stamp it for you!" and he did. I looked at it and it was facing the other way. I could see it was 3 something. I started turning it around. I thought it said 3:33, but when it came full around, it said 3:30.

The dream continued but my friend Michelle appeared and it seems I was telling her the previous dream. One of my children brought in a bowl of something to eat. It looked like multicolored Jello flowers and I didn't want to taste it but it was actually good and tasted like jello.

My son Bill wanted breakfast and was going to pour his own milk but the cereal box was in the way so I had to help him. I saw a piece of toilet tissue on my pants leg and when I picked it off, it was made of soft gauze. I turned it over and there were 3 pictures on it, a dove, a heart and a hand.

(I got the impression that the kidney stone I passed yesterday was to help someone else...maybe Stan Deyo who is suffering with one right now) (That's just a guess)

I then looked where the gates and chains had been previously and they were just strands of flowers.

Michelle said, "All those chains were of your own making!"

and I woke up.


6-2-00 - VISION - I saw my bedroom wall which is wood paneled and it was festooned with huge long spider webs over the bed.


6-25-00 - DREAM - This dream seemed to be manipulated because I was working with people, and other scenes were inserted into it as visions. By the time I realized this, the whole dream disappeared and I could remember nothing.  There were scenes where my arms were pinned down and I realized I was laying on my arms in the physical and couldn't move them. In the inserted scenes, I was like in a box pinned against the side of the box with the alphabet printed down the side of the box next to me. It was very strange. There was also a scene where a baby was handed to me and he needed his diaper changed.

Dream #2 - was a case of my admiring a woman because she got new appliances for her kitchen. She had a dishwasher with cartoons painted on the face of it. I looked closer and it was a picture of a man and woman dressed in clothing of another century. Then I realized she had stolen it and I saw a trail of muddy footprints going through the yard where she had dragged stuff in that she had stolen.

I was in the kitchen of my 16th St. house I think and my Father came in to tell me to come outside and work in the forest with the others. I was standing right in front of a clock on the wall. I looked up at it and saw a golden spider crawling up it.  I had difficulty reaching up, but I reached up and pressed my finger on the spider to kill it. As soon as I did, I saw a second golden spider crawling up the face of the clock, so I reached up, again with difficulty and pressed my finger on the spider to kill it.

NOTE: I realized in further dream scenes that I was dreaming about my arms being pinned beneath me in the physical and I couldn't move them.

I went outside with my Father and he showed me where to work in the forest and when I went there I saw him coming down the road in a big tractor, so I hid behind a big fir tree so he couldn't see me because I was afraid he was going to run me over.

Then I saw along the road as I went down it very fast in a vehicle that there were many people along the road with piles of stuff and I realized that it was ALL stolen.  I tooted the horn of the car to show them that I was getting out of there.

I woke up and went to the bathroom. When I went back to bed, I was having a series of short dreams and visions that were scenes of describing the dreams above to another person. He asked me who had the keys to the car and I realized that my Father had the keys to the car and I came to that realization when he asked me to come work in the Forest and I saw the clock with the spider on it and I had trouble raising my arms to kill the spider.

I then realized I was inside a blue car because the whole inside of the car was blue and it had NO steering wheel. I couldn't have even started the car myself as there were NO controls whatsoever, no door handles to get out ... nothing.  I was going West down a narrow alley and I knew I was on the East side of the river and if the car kept going I would end up in the river.  I desperately tried to think how I could steer the car so that it would drag alongside the alley to slow it down and there was no way to do that. I then though about hitting the brake to stop the car and I was just going to do that when a woman stepped in front of my car and I knew I was going to hit her if I didn't stop the car ... and I woke up.

I immediately started having a vision of job categories. They were numbered and in alphabetical order, in paragraphs on a screen. It seemed that I could choose whatever I wanted but the screen moved to a section that had publishing type jobs in it.


9-9-00 - DREAM - I was with a group of people who were going to go through a huge building on a tour or something. We had to go through a narrow dark hallway to get into the building. There was a contest going on within the building but I wasn't told the details before I went inside.

After I got inside, I somehow ended up in a huge square room that was spinning to the left.  The room was wood and glass, but mostly glass.  Embedded in the glass were wire grids which looked like octagons connected to each other with wires in a spider-web-like pattern but not exactly. 

There was no apparent door in this room and around this room was two more glass enclosures with the same wire grids in the glass.  My job (the contest) was to figure out how to find the door so I could get back out of the room so I could join my friends who were on the outside looking in and watching me. I could see a blonde woman standing on the outside peering inside.

In order to find the door, I had to spin the room at the exact rate of torque speed or whatever you call it so that the matching grids on all three glass walls formed a different geometric shape.  I wasn't told what this shape was in advance ... I had to watch for it and when the doorway appeared I could slip through it to be with my friends.

I must have found the exact rate of spin because I was notified that I was the winner of the contest and I suddenly found myself in another room. As winner, I had to press my name and the date into a white machine and the information would be recorded on a plain piece of glass which would be added to a whole series of other glass pieces of which the room was made.

I pressed into the machine - D A BAUER - and the date was 5 00.

Obviously everyone had the same opportunity to win the contest and I wasn't told what the prize was ... just that I was back with my friends and was happy again.


12-28-00 - DREAM - I was on a computer,  honoring people on their birthdays, which was nice because I just had a birthday myself.  Then the dream switched to real people, and we were going to have a birthday celebration, but that meant completely rehabbing the house and cleaning it.  There were a lot of people there ... all people I used to work with at AC in the 70's and 80's.  

In one scene, the men were doing all the actually physical labor of fixing things, and I was doing all the cleaning, including crawling around on my hands and knees and scrubbing things that hadn't been done in a long time. I had a baby in a high chair, and all around the baby and underneath a lamp where a man sat was all full of nasty feeling spider webs with thousands of tiny spiders all over them.  It felt really nasty to pull all those spider webs down, but it had to be done.

In another scene, we were going to have cake, and I had to make sure that everyone had forks.  The people were all sitting at a large heavy wooden rectangular table and each person had their own utensil/tool drawer in front of them. I had to make certain that everyone had the right tools to be able to eat. This was more like a work table than an eating table but served to do both.

As I cleaned, I discovered that the back section of a small chair had a huge burn hole in the back of it, looked like it was from a cigarette. There was nothing I could do about that, but I made sure the cushion was at least on straight.

At the end of the cleaning scene, I went outside where two white bulls with huge horns were penned in behind some peeled bark sticks which weren't very sturdy. I was afraid of the bulls, so I and some other people ran through a herd of hundreds of young horses which I was also afraid of but less so than the bulls.  By the time I got through the herd of horses, I could see a large field, which was more like the African Savannah and it contained young lions or female lions and foxes. (I was trying to think if they were wolves, but I'm more sure they were foxes)

I didn't know which way to go at that point and woke up.


1-5-01 - DREAM -  I was working on a computer screen, on a page about spiders, filling in all the empty spaces with black marks until there was no space left.


1-5-01 - DREAM - I was working on a web page about spiders. The page was complete and I wanted to put a picture of a huge black spider in the middle of it, and I spent what seemed like hours, moving the text and trying to draw a spider with black marks, then decided to just go find a picture of spider and inserted it in the center.


2-17-00 - DREAM - I was in a city with some people. We were cleaning up the house and this was a total have to go to the bathroom dream. I had to go pee really bad and all the bathrooms were otherwise occupied or didn't have a proper toilet to use so I could never go.

In one scene, my friend Kimber was crouched on the floor getting ready to pick up her son Luke's toys. The toys were all animated. There was a circle of toy soldiers surrounding a huge animated black spider. The soldiers were going to attack the spider from all sides and it seemed that they were all afraid of it also.

A girlfriend asked me to go to a movie with her, but things kept happening and we never went and then she had to leave.  

Then the Queen of England happened to come by and she heard about my not being able to go to the movie with my friend so she said she would go with me. So, we were walking down the sidewalk... she was several steps ahead of me.  It had just rained and when she turned the corner to the left, I made a misstep and stepped right into a puddle of water with my white high heeled shoes which had a black stripe across the  toe.

The Queen, dressed in a pink suit, hat, and shoes, said to me... "Let that be a lesson to you ... when someone asks you to do something, do it right then, because they won't always be with you."  

I said "Yes Ma'am, you're right!"

I don't recall going into the theater but then found myself high on a hill with two men. We were going to play music together and I was going to be the piano player.  As we finished playing, the one man said, that it was time to go home, so I turned around and played the song, "Good Night Ladies" and sang, "Good night ladies, good night ladies, good night Ladies, It's time to move along."

As I was playing a blue airplane buzzed us and the other guy waved at him and I saw the shadow of the plane go over where we stood.

I turned and saw the plane go really low and buzz a house, then the plane looked like it was red, white, and blue checkerboard like a racing plane, and it buzzed some other people in a park.  It made a sharp right turn, buzzed some cars and trucks on the street and landed right in the middle of a busy street.   I heard an announcer on a loud speaker say, "Ladies and Gentleman, that's what happens when you fly too low."

NOTE:  A fiery crash of a Emery Express plane occurred today in flames when their load shifted on take off, but I don't think this dream was connected to that.


5-8-2001 - DREAM - I was in a large building like a school. I was helping to clean up the floor, put away the toys and change clothes. Then my son Ken, who was about 4 years old came and stood close to me. I saw some yucky brown stuff which mothers are obligated to remove for their children. So I cleaned out what I could reach. at the same time, I noted that he had two large moles by his left ear, one was above and one was in front of his ear.

Then an earwax plug-like thing came up by itself and was so prominent in his ear, I was able to get ahold of it and pull on it. When I did, there was a nasty sucking sound and I pulled out a big glob of nasty chartreuse green slimy stuff.

That was bad enough but then it happened again and I was able to pull on the second plug-like thing. this time, along with the nasty sucking sound, it took a tremendous pull like pulling his brains out, came this huge slimy bright green and black spider web looking substance. It had a definite shape like when you see spider webs in the corner of a window.

NOTE: After I went to back to bed, I got a headache in the lower back of my skull on both sides. It felt like stuff was being rearranged.  Yuck!


8-11-00 - DREAM - I was seeing numerous objects which resembled snowflakes but were black and more like spiders. I was told there were 3300 of them. If they are spiders, they are all in my house. Yuck.


1-16-02 - DREAM - This takes place in Milwaukee but has no sense of reality to it.

I was living in a very large home. It seemed to be summertime. There was going to be a week long program for all ages of people from children to grandparents ages. Within that week, there were many types of things to do from games, toys, books, pencils, and drawings for the kids, all the way to dancing lessons, and theatre for the older people. To participate in everything cost $400 and I thought that was really expensive, but I decided to participate as a teacher and helper in the children's programs.

There were many people I knew in the beginning as I was trying to find my purse and shoes. Kimber was there and my cousin Shirley. We wree all going to do something different, but were all participating. 

I put on some lipstick and no sooner did I do that, a seven foot tall man tried to kiss me on the lips.

I turned my face so he kissed my cheek instead, admonishing him that I didn't want to mess up and smear my makeup.

I was barefoot and asked advice if I should wear shoes. the people suggested I should and also a sweater. I had 3 pair of shoes to choose from. I chose the Indian moccasins. I also chose a sweater that had geometry on it, including turquoise triangles.

I needed to get my purse and then drive down to 12th St. The others were ready to go but I had to get my purse so Kimber and Shirley left ahead of me. I quickly peeked into the room where the kids supplies had already been delivered. There were many puppets in the center which were very colorful, all of the boxes of books and pencils surrounded them.

I then turned to go past the old people who were preparing to go. the old people did a meditative ceremony first, which included some kind of magical quality to it, where the old man was raised up off the ground by the old woman and then lowered to the floor

I tried to go a different way but a man who was dressed in white, had blocked it off with sheets becase he was practicing his magic show for the kids.

So I had to go a different direction and go through the long way around.

The first place I went through was a flower shop where a tall black woman was standing, holding newborn twin babies. I asked her if I could go through the mall behind the flower shop. She said, "Yes!" so I found my way through the flower shop and the back door came out in a bridal shop. 

There was an older black woman standing there, waiting on customers. she looked a little shocked to see me come out of the flower shop because the door was so narrow. I had to go through the door sideways.

In the bridal shop, I met two young women I knew who were wearing white flowers in their hair. I admired their hair so much. The 3 of us joined up and walked through the bridal shop together.

At the other end of the bridal shop, we came out first in the courtyard of a large apartment building which had a huge blue pool in it. There were no people by the blue pool and we just walked by and opened another set of doors which went into an indoor zoo.

There was such thick spider webs overhead, we had to duck under them to walk under for quite aways so we didn't get he spiderwebs in our hair.

There were many people standing along this walkway, including some tall men who were wearing matching sweaters to what I had on which were white with turquoise blue triangles on them. I felt better that they were wearing identical sweaters to mine and I wasn't the only one.

I gradually woke up at this point. 


12-30-02 - DREAM ENDING - I was asked to help with the rehearsal for a large wedding.

I was handed a long white runner and told to place it on the floor and place some objects on it to represent the brides.

The objects looked like huge white tarantula spiders, which morphed into giant crab-like things with snapping teeth.

I knew I couldn't deal with this by myself and screamed and woke up.


3-1-03 - DREAM - I seemed to be at the home of Todd from One Life to Live TV show.

I was going to go shopping with a young woman. She had served some red berries slurpy stuff with red wine and she needed to get more. I told her I like the store she shopped at. She was all happy because I liked the store she shopped at.

She had a huge kitchen. I walked through it and there were two carafes of wine on the counter that stood  5 foot tall on the counter. one was full and the other one was 1/2 empty. She needed to replenish that wine.

I couldn't imagine how anyone could pour wine from those carafes. They'd be too heavy to lift, much less pour anything out of them without spilling.

There was a party going on and I placed a large inflatable mattress on the floor that was large enough to hold dozens of people.

I began to inflate it, then invited everyone to join me because it was warm and everyone did, but just for a moment. Then we had to leave because the place where we were - everyone had to be out by noon and it was 11:30 a.m.

So, everyone left except me and Todd's little boy Jack. Jack came into the room, pushing a box of ice cream slurpys that was 3 feet in length by 6" deep by 2 feet wide. I told him he couldn't have that many at once, so I took him and the box back to the kitchen. I met Todd in the hallway, who was standing there with a friend. He wanted to know what I needed so I told him I needed to put these ice cream slurpys back. So he said, "Follow me! " to show me the way, but it would have been stupid to walk all the way down to the other end of the hall to where he was going, when I was already by the kitchen door, so I just went into the kitchen. He ignored the fact that I hadn't followed him, and showed me where the slurpys box went. He not only had an upright freezer, the cabinets were also freezers and he opened one of the lower cabinets which had an entire shelf full of 1/2 gallon boxes of strawberry ice cream. I couldn't imagine having that much ice cream at once.

He slid the slurpy box behind the door and then closed it and slurpy box fit perfectly. That really astonished me, that he had so much freezer space.

I then walked down the hall between Todd and his friend and touched Todd's back with my left hand. He was wearing a black silk shirt and it was slippery so I rubbed his back a little. He said he appreciated that because no one had touched him in a long time.

He left with his friend I went on with my tour of the house and grounds my myself.

The house was on the edge of the ocean and there was a safety fence so the kids wouldn't fall of the cliff into the water. I met some people out in the yard who were also walking around the man showed me there was a gate in the fence so he opened it and I walked through and got on the rocks side of the fence overlooking the ocean.  

It was really dangerous here. the rocks were loose and of various colors. One large pink rock slid down near by. It looked similar to limestone, but I've never seen pink limestone before.

Near that one, was a white marble stone started to slide. This stone was shaped like a carved elephant with flecks of purple and green in it. It was a magnificent piece of stone. It was really dangerous here, despite the fact that someone had put a woven walkway along the rocks for more safety, so I climbed up on the rocks and went back to the house.

Back at the house I met a little girl who said she had to go to the bathroom. I thought I was following her carefully, but I ended up on the lower level - the basement? Here, everything was made of ugly brown stones and there were huge spider webs with dozens of brown spiders in them. There were closed doors to the rooms down here which two live gargoyles at the tops of the doorways that were live and opened and closed their mouths ominously.

I figured I must be in the wrong place it was so nasty and backtracked my steps and discovered my error and got back up to the 1st floor where the little girl had gone.

There was also a black wrought iron gate to prevent kids from falling down the stairwell so I clambered over it and got back upstairs.

Now that I was on the 1st level, I was near the front door and two teen boys came up to me. One was obviously in pain. He had broke his wrist in two places, while playing baseball and he needed help desperately. He was wearing a gold bracelet on the wrist that was broken and I was going to suggest that he take the bracelet off, but figured it was more important to call an ambulance for him so the EMTS could stabilize his arm with a wrist board.

I ran for the phone to dial 911 and woke up.


10-22-03 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building and I was inside the apartment of an older black woman. A lot of work had been done in this apartment looked really nice. 

The woman was having her niece move into the building as well and she would be renting an apartment right down the hall.

We were waiting for that apartment to be finished being painted. 

We decided to go down the hall and take a look at the apartment so she could see what she was getting to work with.

We semi-closed the door as we left the apartment, leaving the door ajar just a couple inches. 

Then we walked down the hall and opened the door of the apartment which would belong to her niece. 

Stunned or shocked would be small words for what we felt when we looked inside the apartment which was one very large room. The entire floor was covered with cockroaches and large spiders. 

The cockroaches were bad enough, but the spiders which had hard shells on their backs and long furry legs were in the process of giving birth to more spider eggs as we watched. 

One blue spider closer to us ejected a huge mass of white spider eggs until her shell was empty. I looked at the spider's shell and she had tiny cockroaches crawling on her shell both inside and out. 

I knew we were going to have to spray and spray and spray and spray to get rid of these creatures.

I woke up knowing that this girls name started with - something like Zeilweiger. (the actress)


1-20-04 - DREAM - I don't know where I was but a woman was cooking something and she was so lazy that she was actually incorporating a spider into the batter.

I grabbed a spoon and saved the spider and after I did the spider transformed into a beautiful orange pattern of 12 butterflies - 4 down and 3 across.

I took that mat of 12 butterflies with me as I exited the building.


I was coming around the side of the building and there was a spider web that was so large nobody could walk through it. It wasn't in typical spider web design however, It started at the base of the building and multiple strands went up in a fan or ray shape to another building.

Spider Array

It would have been a terrible thing to tear it down because it was so exquisite, but a totally blundering blonde girl stumbled and fell backwards into it and it didn't get destroyed.

I woke up before I could determine how to get through without taking it down.

I knew I had been given this privilege because I had saved the other spider.

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