2-13-06 - SPIRIT MESSAGE  23 - 11:01 - 11:11 a.m.  

"Thank you for coming. We have more to say regarding the terrorism message of yesterday (See Spirit Message #22)

You can relax. You are safe. However others in big cities can be hit imminently by attacks, but there is still time to prepare.

Mainly, get foodstuffs into your home for storage and everything you need for at least a week, plus more if you can afford it.

When attacks go off, trucks will stop delivering goods to those cities.

Electricity and water will be shut off

You must prepare like you would for an earthquake. Your home could be damaged as well.

Know where the gas shutoff valve is.

Know how to shut off contaminated water if it is running at all.

Know to boil water before drinking or cooking.

Have bottled water already in storage for drinking.

If you can, have large containers of water for flushing toilets.  It can get most unpleasant and unhealthy to live with unflushed toilets.

Then too, think of your pets. Have enough food and water ahead for them as well.

Also have medications in advance. If necessary, ask your doctor to provide quantities of medications for 'just in case' scenarios whether he believes in it or not.

Please tell your neighbors to prepare as well, also family members if they live in a dangerous area.

Even though people in outlying areas will be safe, they also need to prepare for such a scenario. Stores will empty of provisions quite quickly.

Gas stations will close. Banks will close.

Have cash on hand, just in case you can purchase foodstuffs or other goods.

Credit cards, ATMs, banks - all will be down at least temporarily.

Plan ahead for at least a week.

Lastly - remember New Orleans - Many people still can't go home, many never will. Give some thought to where you might go if you have to leave the area. Give this some forethought.

NOTE: Atlanta came into my mind here.  (Since I could have been 'thinking' here, I don't want to misquote the message.)

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If you can leave the big cities' crowded areas now, please do so. Move at least 50 miles if you can handle a commute on a daily basis.

If you are retired, just go to a nice warm climate and relax. You will enjoy your remaining days in comfort.

We bid you adieu for today.

Sananda - with love