2-14-06 - 11:05 a.m. - 11:33 a.m.

"Welcome!  There is much to be said.

You are working on a terrorism page which began with the symbolism of the 'black snake' in England.

As you know, the Hopi prophecy assigns the 'black snake' serpent to the Muslim religion. This, of course does not mean that all Muslims are terrorists and one must distinguish between them.

In other words, one must protect against terrorism and at the same time respect the Muslim religion. This is not an easy thing for a cvilian to do.

In America, people behave more civilized for the most part than do people in Islamic countries. We do not see, for instance, all the males running around waving guns in the air or throwing rocks at soldiers who are on duty as you do in Arab countries.   The United States would not tolerate such a thing. Yet, there are those in the United States who wouldn't hesitate to shoot you in the head at the appropriate moment.

Therefore, one must be aware that those appropriate moments must be prevented at all costs.

Governments have that job. The military has that job. The CIA and FBI have that job, as well as the Homeland Security department.

But 'you' have that job too. You, as a civilian can be the eyes and ears of the governmental groups.

This is not to say that people need to be spying on each other, but if you see something suspicious, do not hesitate to report it.

We would like to think that if you saw someone delivering a ton of nitroglycerin to a neighbor's house, you would tell someone. That is an extreme example, of course, but just to give you an idea that in today's world, you cannot just sit and watch TV and not pay attention to what is going on around you.

If your neighbor's have a pattern of what they do from day to day, we are sure that you know what that is - you know which cars belong in which driveways - you know which people belong in the houses.

It is apparent that if there is odd traffic at homes during the night that there is something strange going on there. Most people sleep at night. Most houses don't have cars driving up and people running in ad out every few minutes all night long. This scenario is most likely that of a drug dealer.

That is a reportable situation. The police will handle such a thing and will make sure that the traffic is or is not illegal.

We are not suggesting that you personally go up to the door and ask the people if they are dealing drugs.

That is but another example of an odd situation that you should be noticing and telling someone about.

You may or may not notice if someone is sneaking a small package into their house that contains a gun or bomb making material, but you might notice that their behavior towards you is odd, or that they have strange friends who show up at odd times and don't act normal like you would expect a person to behave.

Everyone acts strangely sometimes, but watch for patterns. Watch for oddities in patterns. Watch for details that are out of place.

Don't be afraid to be wrong. If you suspect something, tell someone. Mention it at least to someone you trust who might be able to corroborate your suspicions.

Muslims live in nice neighborhoods. Their children are well behaved and go to school regularly. Muslims are in all races of people. They are not all Arabs. Muslims can be black, white, or brown.

We are not suggesting either that you be suspicious of all Muslims any more than we would suggest that you be wary of any particular group, but as you know from watching and readings the news, certain groups are more prone to do violent acts, not just by color of their skin.

We just suggest to be watchful for your own safety's sake.

Always be aware - no matter where you are.

In love, we are


Black Snake in England