by Dee Finney


updated 5-4-2001

These messages were received by automatic writing during meditation:

Thank you! There is much information to convey.  We will begin!

It is known that you wish to find the Ark of the Covenant. We will assist with that endeavor. 

Please refer to a map of  (edited out) It is a simple matter to locate the city where the real Ark was taken, however not so easy to access. 

There are many copies of the Ark available. Many believe they have the real thing but they are not.  Consider yourself fortunate to be one of the few who have access to the real knowledge. 

Let us begin with this bit of information.  The location is in inner  (edited out) , located along an area that has long been traveled. Inside the border of  (edited out) are many escape routes people have followed for many centuries. 

A long time ago, some men came to us to tell us they needed help to escape with some goods and we were willing for a price. However, the price was never paid as they were killed before payment was made.  

However, this item is priceless and more valuable than anyone could possibly pay even if they had the money. The price to pay for this little, or shall we say ... this not so little gem is PEACE!  Until there is such, the item shall remain hidden.

That is no secret. Peace is the something that everyone wants. What we have would or could cause the biggest war of all, yet it is the one thing that only Peace can buy, because it is only Peace that will bring it forth. 

Put out the word and then we shall return.

Thank you!

The Mob



Hello! How are you today?  The reason for coming today is two-fold. Firstly to explain Ron Wyatt's  findings which are phenomenal. However, we must persist in telling you that the Ark of the Covenant is not where it is supposed. It is as we stated earlier in (edited out). 

Man has been quite inept in his excuses, but non-the-less what is real is real and what is not is not. Copies are everywhere, even when assumed to be the real thing. How easy it is to make a copy of the Ark of the Covenant and leave it in a prominent place for others to discover. Then they stop looking. That is a good game, such as looking for the Holy  Grail, for none will find the Holy Grail either until they look within.

People say it's in this place or it's that, but everyone carries the Grail cup within, all their own. Each has their own Grail cup ... full to overflowing of the most wonderful salvation of Truth.  

Look within!  That is always the best place to start when searching for anything.

With that, I shall leave you for today. 



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