by Dee Finney

These are some of the dreams and visions I had about sound this month, January, 2000. Obviously when a particular subject keeps repeating oneself, one MUST do something with it. What follows makes sense to me since it is out of my own experience.

1-1-2000 - DREAM - This was a lucid dream though I don't know how lucid compared to others. I had a box like a game boy and the number 72 was coming down and I was lining them up starting at the top, all the way across and then filling the rows from the top ... down.

NOTE: I did a web page called 72.htm. It's about the number 72 and the Names of God.

1-4-00 - VISION - I saw the name Leadbeater and heard the tone "Middle C".  After I heard it I went to the computer to do a search for that subject and when I did I got an e-mail from my friend Tami telling me she had a vision of me and a twig snapping.  She interpreted that as something major ending. While I thought about it, it came to me that I was making a major breakthrough.  I think it is about sound and healing.

I created this page about it.  http://www.greatdreams.com/sound.htm

1-8-00  - DREAM - All I recall is seeing boxes named 'SOUND'. I woke up and with my eyes still closed, I had a vision which again was a box and it said, "PUT SOUND IN BOXES'.

The following was made into it's own web page because it was so outstanding. This is also about the sound of "C":


I still hadn't connected what it meant to put sound in boxes until I stumbled across the name Vairagi in a book about Extraterrestrials and then when I looked up the word on the Internet to remind myself what it was, this is what I found:

Standard Chart for God-Worlds

The Planes of Evolution

Note that there is more than one opinion on the placement
of some levels of existence See *

13. Supreme Sugmad The All Loving Glory HE UUUUUUUU
12. Sugmad Sugmad-Living Reality  HU - music of god
11. Sugmad World Sugmad Lok music of universe
10. Anami Lok Anami Lok sound of a whirlpool
9. Agam Lok Agam Lok music of the woodwinds
8. Hukikat Lok Hukikat Lok thousand violins
7. Alaya Lok Alaya Lok deep humming
6. Alakh Lok Alakh Lok heavy wind
5. Soul Sat Nam single note of flute
* Etheric Saguna-Saguna Brahm buzzing of bees
* Causal . .
4. Mental Brahmanda Brahm running water
* Subconscious . .
3. Causal Maha-Kal-Par-Brahm tinkle of bells
2. Astral Sat Kanwal-Anda roar of surf
* Etheric . .
* High Physical . .
1. Physical Elam thunder sound

When one is meditating, and you hear a sound, you can know that you are at a specific level as named above. You can direct your soul to go to a specific level by chanting the name and asking your guide to help you get to that place.

You will find below some other names of levels which groups have named differently. There are many dimensions within levels, so one needn't be too concerned that one is wrong or one is right. Remember though that each level has gradiated dimensions from low to high so if in doubt, always ask to go to the highest dimension possible.


Cosmological Correlations

Radhasoami Version Eckankar Version

(as given in With a Great (as given in Dialogues with the Master in India by Julian P. Master by Paul Twitchell) Johnson)

5. Sach Khand (vina) Sach Khand vina
4. Bhanwar Gupha (Sohang) Sohang (Bhanwar Gupha) flute
3. Daswan Dwar (sarangi) Deswan Dwar violins (stringed instrument)
2. Trikuti (Brahmananda) Brahmanda (Trikuti) drums/thunder
1. Sahansdal Kanwal Sahasra dal Kanwal bell sound

Radhasoami Cosmologies

Version #1: common
in Beas groups
Version #2: common
related in Beas groups
Version #3: common
related in Agra groups
particularly Soami Bagh
9. Anami Lok . . .
8. Anami Lok Agam Lok . .
7. Agam Lok Alakh Lok . .
6. Alakh Lok Sach Khand . .
5. Sach Khand Sach Khand Bhanwar Gupha lit., "Truth Region;" soul/God union
4. Bhanwar Gupha Bhanwar Gupha Maha Sunn lit., "whirling vortices"
3. Daswan Dwar Daswan Dwar Daswan Dwar lit., "tenth door;" beyond mind
2. Trikuti Trikuti Trikuti lit., "three prominences;" causal  region
1. Sahans-dal Kanwal Sahans-dal-Kanwal Sahans-dal-Kanwal lit. "thousand petalled lotus;" astral region

(sometimes it is mentioned in Soami Bagh literature that there are two "anamis"-- one right above Sach Khand and the final, great anami at the very end)


ECKists believe that the body is separate from the more sacred and immortal inner soul, which is eternally cyclical with no beginning or end. Through a process called "Soul Travel", a person can explore other planes of existence. This process is not limited to just the astral plane, but allows you to explore any of the Gods worlds as well. There are Twelve planes in which the soul must travel through in order to get to the Sugmad. The first four planes are that of the psychic world and the higher eight planes are of the spiritual world. They are:

13. Supreme Sugmad HE UUUUUUUU
12. Sugmad HU
11. Sugmad World music of universe
10. Anami Lok sound of a whirlpool
9. Agam Lok music or the woodwinds
8. Hukikat Lok thousand violins
7. Alaya Lok deep humming
6. Alakh Lok heavy wind
5. Soul single note of flute
4. Mental running of water
3. Causal tinkle of bells
2. Astral roar of the sea
1. Physical thunder

Each of these worlds has a regular name, a classical name, and an associated sound and light. It is impossible for a chela to enter a spiritual level without first discarding their mind and continuing into their soul or Tuza. This is accomplished through a series of over one hundred spiritual exercises which assist the chelas in their spiritual journey to one of the two levels of consciousness, which are self-realization, and God-realization. There is also a great deal of importance put on dreams and ECKists are taught to be aware that the Eck master may join them in their dreams to help lead them on their inner journey.

Somewhat based on the Hindu tradition, Eckankar also has a similar idea of karma. It is through attachment to any of the five passions (anger, greed, lust, undue attachment to the physical world, and vanity) that one develops bad karma. Their whole idea of reincarnation is based on this "debt" of karma which accumulates in your current life but can only be paid off in your next life. Once all the accumulated karma is paid off the chelas can reach Self-realization in their present life, thus breaking the cycle of reincarnation.

What is the Light and Sound of God?

Often called the Holy Spirit, the Light and Sound are twin aspects of God. Known in Eckankar as the ECK, It sustains all life.

The Light of God has appeared to many saints and mystics. Saul of Tarsus had a dramatic encounter with the Light of God on the road to Damascus. Moses saw It in the burning bush.

Eckankar teaches how to recognize the Light of God. Sometimes It comes as an inner Light of God. Sometimes It comes as an inner scene or vision. It can be a flash of blue or white light. It appears in many ways.

The Sound of God was the rushing wind that visited the disciples during Pentecost. Some hear It inwardly. It can be heard as rushing water; the single note of a flute; the music of violins, woodwinds, or bagpipes; or even the buzzing of bees.