3-23-00 - DREAM - I can't remember much of the dream, except that I was working in an office and telling a woman that I liked the standup files in a square bucket next to my desk which made it easy to get at the purchase orders in the files.

At the end of this dream, I had a vision of what looked like electrical connections on the bottom of a radio or some other communication device.  The word  PKEA 4 was on the side of it.   (I recall seeing this word before)   (The lines below were solid, not disjointed. They were like liquid solder laid down in a path between the two large hexagons.)

              / /
             / /

   / /

  \ \

/ /

    \ \

|  |
|  |
|  |
|  |


Appeared near the sun on  4/5/00 11:06UTC


Kent Steadman of cyberspaceorbit.com received  this e-mail: 

Date: 11/9/01 10:45:22 PM 

I work with the author of Ringmakers of Saturn, Dr. Norman Bergrun. Looking at all the great images at this site. . .your solar images have sure caught my attention. I have forwarded this site on to Bergrun, he will should enjoy seeing all of this as I have in the morning.

As reported in Bergun's book, now 15 years old, these Electromagnetic Vehicles (EMVs) are located at our Sun, Earth's moon Saturn's rings, Jupiter's rings and any place they else they would like. In other words they are everywhere in varying sizes. They are very basic. Good all around reliable transportation. 

If you are not familiar with Bergrun's work, here is his updated work related to Ringmakers of Saturn. A second NASA image validates EMVs at Saturn's rings from Voyager 1. Cylindrical (or cigar shaped) space vehicles. That is what your you are seeing in those exciting solar images. http://www.anomalog.com/RoSP23870.html

Thanks for the great site here...really good!

Here is the whole frame:  http://www.cyberspaceorbit.com/20000405_1106_c2big.jpg

On April 1st, I experienced this:

4-1-00 - EVENT AND VISIONS - I had a Kundalini event. I was sitting at the computer typing and felt a sudden burning that started at the base of my spine, ran up my spine into my head and made me instantly dizzy. Then a headache began instantly which spread out from the top of the spine and spread out in a fan shape in both directions. I felt sick to my stomach when the headache got strong so I had to go lay down.

VISION - I saw a man and a woman dressed white. They asked me to join them. I saw that I was also dressed in white.

VISION - I was in the middle of a battle. Both sides lined up with shields and spears and marched towards each other. Everything was white.

Then the horses and 2 wheel chariots arrived from each side and they began to clash. They looked like the Romans and Egyptians.

I was told to turn right, which I did and let the battle rage on while I stood on the sidelines and watched.

VISION - I saw the Tree of Life from the embroidery project I'm working on. I was seeing the bottom of the tree where it comes up from the roots out of the ground.

VISION - I saw a box of junk stuff. In the midst was a container of white tooth floss. The cover was red and green plaid.

VISION - I saw a baby quilt with embroidered stuffed animals all in white. The quilt was tilted so that it was a diamond shape. The white Teddy bear was in the top corner, and the white lamb laying down was in the left corner. (It didn't notice the other two corners.)

VISION - I saw these words: open/ / delicate/ US

April 1, 2000

VOICES - "We are not trying to fool you. Sometimes it seems we're trying to fool people, but we're not! We're not fooling."

Another deeper male voice said, "You're not going to be able to resolve this."

NOTE:  Some of these visions don't seem to fit, but when analyzed metaphorically with mythology, they seem to fit a war scenario.

Then these pics appeared from SOHO on April 3, 2000





The Sun Cruiser History

FULL STORY - 5-15-00



Subj: May 2003 Dream 
Date: 2/21/2002 4:36:28 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: foreverblue@gmx.net
Reply-to: foreverblue@smartgroups.com

Last night my son went thru his "don't wanna sleep" moods again ...... I finally got to sleep at 5am in the morning, but had to be up again for work at 6:30am ... slept in till 7:40am ....... now somewhere between 5am and 7:40am ....(I must have been out like a light cause I even did not remember turning the clock alarm off) ......... but what I did manage to scrape in rememberance was this way out of this universe dream ......

Here is what I could recall/piece together ...  [dream starts somewhere here]

I am driving in my car somewhere but seem to be in a rush (I assume I was going to work) ....Ii was listening to the radio and a news bulletin is announced ........ the announcer sounds very serious with his old deep croaky voice .......

The bulletin from what I can recall went something like this .......

The Casseopeans have met with the "Council of 9" ..... the Casseopeans have stated that the "Council of 9" have till the end of May 2003 to surrender and dismantle all their nuclear weapons of war, stop transmissions of all mind control frequencies, seize all actions of war on earth and allow all citizens to be free unhindered ....

.... in the next 2 weeks the Casseopeans will be commissioning the Andromedans to stand by and take action, protection if necessary ........ positioned between the moon and the sun ........ the Andromedans will be employing 12 metaplasmic to magnetic conversion devices positioned all over the earth .... these will set up a harmonic grid frequency which will resonate with earth to disrupt all "Council of 9" frequencies and setup a threshold shield around earth by April 2003 ......

... should the "Council of 9" not heed the Casseopean warnings and stop as requested.... and resist .... the metaplasmic engines will begin to pulse the earth grid in May 2003 ........ will cause friction and tension within and without the earth ..... wiping the earth clean ..... and preparing for new life ......... as this bulletin ended, I turned to the passenger seat, and a man was sitting there to my surprise and he had shades on (he kinda looked like bono from U2) ...... and he turned to me and said .... "let the ultra-violet light your way" ....... [I woke up ,... end dream]

so ... I asked Blue what to make of it ....... Blue said that the C9 have had a frequency fence/shield setup for 10,000yrs plus .... it seems we are on a knives  edge ...... and the Elijovium (Jehova stream) .. the main body of the C9 are preparing for final control .... they've position themselves, and have nuclear devices ready and deployed ...... and are simply awaiting the right time ...... they do not want to let go of all they have built to manipulate and control over millenia and are going to go out fighting ........

Simply the Andromedans who lets us down in the past, sold us out .... are back to assist ... but the Casseopeans who are far advanced will make sure they commit to their promise to police ....... Blue also said that this pulsing if it occurs turns Earth into a huge magnet attractor ............. (all I could think of was maybe to pull the asteroid in)

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