Kundalini Complications

Not everyone gets them this bad!!!


This is a partial list of the complications that can arise from a Kundalini awakening, particularly if one tries to force an awakening that their mind and body will be unprepared for when overwhelmed, or worse, by a premature Kundalini eruption:

Many of the cases at this webpage in Sweden INVESTIGATION AND DIAGNOSIS OF 76 CASES OF KUNDALINI AROUSAL by Marja Savola also point out the hazards of a prematurely awakened Kundalini. More disturbing is the fact that many people taking meditation or yoga classes are not forewarned about the potential for Kundalini complications. When the fireworks start, the teachers, and most Gurus, are powerless to help (Spiritual Abandonment is more widespread than you would imagine) in spite of any assurances to the contrary. I have heard from many people who have found this out to their dismay.

1. An overload of one's nervous system with the potential to cause a break with reality, necessitating a hospital stay and medical treatment. In her warnings about Kundalini even madness is claimed to be a pitfall for a person who unwittingly forces an awakening without a guru (though having a guru is no guarantee of a trouble-free awakening: see Jerry's Kundalini Experience, A.D.'s When The Serpent Bites), and Kundalini And The Guru. I know from personal experience that if you force Kundalini you can overload your nervous system to the point that you feel like you are walking a tightrope between sanity and insanity for days, weeks, and in extreme cases, even years.

2. Short or long-term disorientation where one spaces in and out of higher planes and is rendered unable to focus long enough to be able to work. I have seen a number of cases where people have been debilitated by Kundalini and struggle for years trying to correct the imbalances, often with no success and much despair.

3. Sexual dysfunction: I know of several people unable to have normal realationships with their partners due to the workings of the Kundalini current in the genital areas. I have read of others with the same conditions. This usually passes in time, but I know of indiviuals who have been burdened with it for years.

4. Gastro Intestinal Disorders: I once had a condition that a Guru in India said was caused by my raising Kundalini energy pressing upon the colon area. Other people, like Jerry (see his story in the link above), have suffered worse fates.

5. Severe anxiety: when Kundalini becomes overwhelming, it can make one feel as though they are on the brink of losing their mind, and cause constant fear.

6. Nightly dreams where one leaves the body; in some cases a person feels as if they are being tormented by negative entities that seem too real and cause one to wake up in total fear, thinking they are doomed to experience these hellish dreams over and over.

7. Excessive Kundalini building up in the head when one tries to study or read for extended periods of time along with waking up all through the night from the increased Kundalini energy flowing into the brain (this can put an end to a person's pursuit of higher education, as I can attest, and leave one tired all day from insufficient sleep).

8. Problems that surface years after the initial awakening: If you are having what you consider to be a flawless Kundalini experience, do not think you are out of the woods. I had what could be considered an ideal Kundalini awakening for about 7 years until things went awry; after 30 years of Kundalini rising in me I am still limited by my once flawless awakening.

9. Disturbingly, some peoples' egos seem to expand along with their consciousness when they have what they consider to be an advanced Kundalini awakening. I was somewhat shocked when I first came across this, being of the mind that Kundalini would purify any blocks within people and fashion them into human beings equivalent to the Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama of this world. Not so; some of the poorest representations of spiritual growth gone wrong have been people with advanced Kundalini experiences, or alleged to be fully enlightened, some of the finest have been those with the most challenging and problem-ridden Kundalini awakenings.

10. Lastly, the worst and most puzzling complications (and contradictions) are the cases where some Spiritual Masters with fully awakened Kundalini, and revered for their enlightened states, have committed unenlightened actions against students, revealing character flaws that once seemed impossible in individuals said to be united with the Divine. For example, examine this widely reported account, and the websites of ex-Sahaja Kundalini Yoga practitioners, and  by ex-Siddha Kundalini Yoga students, both of which expose many problems within Kundalini Yoga organizations. These are only a few of the many disturbing reports of enlightened beings not living up to the claims of Kundalini--or the claims of higher consciousness "cleaning house" and making us better human beings.

Perhaps this is why the Hindu Masters strongly advised following strict moral precepts when on the spiritual path. Perhaps more emphasis on trying to live a live of Love, and working on being a compassionate, decent person is the most important component in making a person spiritually, mentally, and morally sound.

In spite of these complications and contradictions, I still believe higher consciousness is the destiny of all beings, and that in the future with greater understanding, scientific validation, and proper preparation, it will usher in a Golden Age.

For anyone having Kundalini complications, see the Kundalini Survival Guide, be cautious in what you try to correct your condition, try to live a life of Love, and do not lose hope in yourself or in the blessings your awakening will one day bring forth. Take hope and inspiration in the writings of  who emerged from a nightmarish Kundalini disaster into an awakening that blessed him with bliss filled days and nights to the end of his life.

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