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11-29-02 - DREAM/VISION - I saw Sylvester the Cat and Speedy Gonzales standing near each other.  What was unusul about this scene was that Sylvester was attached to a silver bar like an antenna that was adjustable. It seemed similiar to a crucifix.  (It was pointed upward on a slant, approximately towards the 2:00 position on a clock.) Speedy was standing and watching with his eyes bugged out like he was scared.

Sylvester frequently appeared in cartoons with a meal-to-go, Speedy Gonzales. In shorts such as Road To Andalay, Mexican Cat Dance, and Cats and Bruises, in which Sylvester tries to capture Speedy during the Cinco de Mayo festival, the supersonic rodent-the fastest mouse in all Mexico, in fact-simply wears out the relentless cat. And the more Speedy sped, the more out-of-whack Sylvester got -- in It's Nice To Have A Mouse Around The House, Granny hires Daffy Duck to exterminate Speedy, who has driven Sylvester to have a nervous breakdown.

Cinco De Mayo is celebrated on May 5th every year.

Cinco de Mayo

Mexican Catholic Church,

Deming, New Mexico,

circa 1910-1919.

The Northern Great Plains, 1880-1920

Mexican troops under General Ignacio Zaragoza successfully defended the town of Puebla on May 5, 1862, temporarily halting France's efforts to establish a puppet regime in Mexico. With the U.S. absorbed by the Civil War, Emperor Napoleon III hoped to create a French sphere of influence in Latin America. The victory is commemorated as a national holiday in Mexico.

The Mexican victory at Puebla was short-lived. French reinforcements seized the town in March 1863. The following June, Maximilian, younger brother of Emperor Franz Josef of Austria and a member of the Hapsburg dynasty, was crowned Emperor of Mexico. He remained in power until 1867, when Napoleon III abandoned his Mexican adventure and withdrew his troops.

In the United States, Cinco de Mayo has become an occasion to celebrate Hispanic culture in general. Fairs commemorating the day feature singing, dancing, food, and other amusements and provide a means of sharing a rich and diverse culture.

Thursday, May 1, 2003 New Moon

Friday, May 2, 2003 Free Public Observing Tonight at Lucile Miller Observatory

Beginning At 7:30 p.m.

Saturday, May 3, 2003 Possible New Moon Inter Club Stargaze

At Doughton Park Picnic Loop

Contact Jeff Whisenant if you are planning to attend

Monday, May 5, 2003 Eta Aquarid Meteors Peak in Pre-Dawn Hours

Tuesday, May 6, 2003 Lucile Miller Observatory is available for Your Group This Week!

Thursday, May 8, 2003 Catawba Valley Astronomy Club Meets Tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Lucile Miller Observatory

Friday, May 9, 2003 First Quarter Moon

MayDay is a powerful holiday, filled with legend and tradition that goes back farther than most recorded history. One of the most famous is probably the Maypole, a tall pole of oak adorned with a hawthorne garland and many brightly colored ribbons. The ribbons would be held by the many participants who danced their way around the Maypole in opposing directions, weaving in and out until the people were almost arm in arm and the Maypole was woven with bright springtime colors from top to bottom. The Maypole is actually a symbol for fertility of the land, and the ribbons being wound represent the movement of energies between the Earth and the Sky (The Goddess and the God) that causes the plants to grow and the world to re-awaken. The Maypole, associated with May festivals, is tracable to an ancient Greek figure known as a herm, named for Hermes. The earliest form of a herm was simply a wooden column upon which a ritual mask was hung. The Maypole, a phallic symbol, represents the masculine. The soft, colorful ribbons represent the feminine. The union of the two symbolizes the union of the God and Goddess.

In ancient Egypt there was the Dejed-piler resembling a stylized tree. It was decorated with a Tet Knot (bow) and Dejeds (flanges) to represent the union of Isis and Osiris.

The Year is divided into Quarters by the Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and the Fall Equinox. Halfway beteen the Solstice and and Equinox is the Cross Quarter. These Quarters and Cross Quarters are called the Wheel of the Year of the Sun.

MayDay (Beltaine) is one of the 4 Cross Quarter Sun Celebrations in the Wheel of the Year. It is halfway between the two Quarter Sun Celebrations, Spring Equinox (Ostara) and Summer Solstice (Litha). Exactly opposite November 1 (Samhain (SOW-in/Ireland) ) on the wheel of the year.

This year the Cross Quarter is on May 5, 2003, when the Sun reaches 15 degrees Taurus but it is always celebrated on April 30/May 1.

This is the time considered by some to be the start of spring.

In the highlands of Scotland and England all the Cross Quarters are considered times of being able to cross over to the "other world".

The full moon in the month of May is called the Flower Moon. This year the Flower Moon is 10:36 PM May 15, 2003.


Of interest, is the fact that Mars will be closer to Earth than it has been in almost 6,000 years. Mars is known as the planet of war. So, perhaps we will be heading into a severe conflict by 2003. The planets and their alignments do seem to have a profound effect on us and it will be interesting to see what develops. It could be that prophets and stargazers will come together in the events they predict.

Lynne Palmer’s predictions are equally dismal. "The New York chart has some rough aspects coming up, scary ones," she says. "New York City has to be very careful of more air crashes and sleeping terrorists. And charts for the US have very bad, very deep problems, very bad. The aspect of Saturn and Pluto are coming back next year, even worse than now. The really rough period is going to be from February 2003 going into 2005. Pluto is ascending. Pluto rules missiles. We could have a nuclear attack or germ warfare."

02 February 2003 12:00 AM Jupiter at Opposition in Cancer Mag -2.6

Feb. 2, 2003. Jupiter reaches opposition, when it is at its brightest. Major events in the world? Note that this is Groundhog Day in the U.S., and a day after Yeltsin reaches 72 years old, note that Revelation 7:2 is about a star rising. Possibly major events concerning Russian President Putin, the Antichrist, who is a Satanic imitation of Christ.

The full moon of February, 16 2003

March 28, 2003. Venus and Uranus have a very close visible conjunction in the morning sky, only .05 degree separating them. Significance: Venus lights up Uranus - Uranium? Atomic weapons? War? More trouble with these Muslim terrorist wack-jobs?

16 April 2003 Evening Mercury is a good evening sky object

21 April 2003 Night Lyrid meteor shower ( max. either 21 / 22 Apr ) radiant near Vega

22 April 2003 Night Lyrid meteor shower ( max. either 21 / 22 Apr ) radiant near Vega

07 May 2003 07:52 AM Transit of Mercury

May 7, 2003. Mercury crosses in front of the Sun. Could be a transition time for the world.

May 15, 2003. A total lunar eclipse seen in North America and South America. Could be a time of change for the West. And May 31 there is an annular solar eclipse seen at very Northern lattitudes - Greenland and Iceland. Note that Mars, associated with war, is getting steadily brighter in the sky, peaking in brightness in August 2003. This could mean war in the world. Possibly more problems with Al Qaida, and Islamic terrorism.

16 May 2003 03:14 AM Total Lunar Eclipse visible from Europe. Totality ends 04:07 GMT

31 May 2003 Annular Solar Eclipse from Northern Scotland. Max duration 3 mins. 37"

2003 May 31 and 2003 November 23 -- Two opposite polar eclipses in the same year -- a double "polar solar" -- and each in the corresponding warmer half of the year. The May 31st event is an annular solar eclipse that starts at the northern tip of Scotland and actually moves westward across Iceland and southern Greenland. The November 23rd eclipse is total, lasting up to 1 minute 57 seconds as it sweeps across Antarctica near the Amery Ice Shelf. Partial phases of each eclipse are visible from the respective Poles themselves.

Asteroid Positions in May, 2003

Asteroid 2001PM9  EARTH 2003    04/17.74241    Nominal distance from earth.  115923 Minimal expected distance from earth. 0.115877

June 9, 2003. Pluto is a opposition, its brightest (which is very dim) on June 9. Note that Revelation 6:8 is the Fourth Horseman, Death, which corresponds to Pluto. Death could be riding hard then, possibly disease epidemics. And Hell rides with Death. Note that Pluto is near the Star Sabik or Eta Ophiuchi then in the Constellation Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer. Putin, the Antichrist, I would associate with the serpent. There may be more Al Qaida problems then.

June 24, 2003. Saturn in conjunction with the Sun; a strong Satanic energy. Economic problems? Stock market crash? Possibly more Al Qaida and Islam terrorism problems then.

July 25, 2003. Jupiter and Mercury have a close approach within .4 degree.

12 August 2003 Midnight + Perseids meteor shower peaks. Visible for a week either side of peak.

14 August 2003 Evening Mercury is a good evening sky object

Mars no longer "reigns by good fortune" as it does in Quatrain 10.72 -- the great King of Terror quatrain. The "before and after" period of 1997-2003 has ended.  On August 27, 2003, Mars will be at its closest opposition to earth in over 5,000 years. Mars will be on his "most horrible throne."

Aug. 27, 2003. Mars is the closest to earth that its been in centuries, and at its brightest, it could mean a major war somewheres in the world. Mars comes to its closest point to earth at the same time it is at opposition, adding up to the brightest it has been since 1988. Note that around this time the world population reaches 6.3 billion, and in Revelation 6:3 the second horseman War starts to ride. So major wars in the world may begin then, possibly an India-Pakistan war or more trouble with Muslim wackos. Note that Uranus (Uranium?) is at opposition, its brightest, on Aug. 24. Nuclear weapons set off? Nuclear war? Note that in Sept. 2003, the Galileo spacecraft crashes into Jupiter; this could relate holographically to events on earth connected with the rise of the Antichrist.

28 August 2003 12:27 AM Mars in Aquarius at Opposition - 25.11" Mag -2.9. Closest approach this century

Regarding the famous Quatrain 10.72 (King of Terror quatrain): My viewpoint is that "Mars reigns by good fortune before and after" 1999 seventh month means that humanity will be able to wage war without suffering the dire consequences of nuclear war from the first bright opposition before 1999 seventh month (which was April 1999 -- when Operation Allied Force began in Yugoslavia) and the last bright opposition (August 2003). After August 2003, war will turn nuclear and bio-chemical weapons will be used as well. Either this, or there will be no more wars after August 2003.

03 November 2003 Night Taurid meteor shower peaks. Slow and bright. ( Comet Encke debris ). Several days either side

Nov. 8, 2003, total lunar eclipse over N. America and Europe, and in Dec. 2003 a 666 day interval date, possibly significant events concerning the Antichrist at that time. Saturn is high in the sky (its hightest point in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere in 30 years) and at opposition Dec. 31, 2003. And Dec. 11, 2003, Pluto is in conjunction with the Sun, the Fourth Horseman Death and Disease could be riding hard. Watch for Satanic events then - economic and/or stock market crash, trouble with Red China or Muslim crazies. Big problems are likely then, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

09 November 2003 01:07 AM Total Lunar Eclipse visible from Europe, America, Africa. Ends 01:30 GMT

17 November 2003 Midnight + Leonids meteor shower. Temple-Tuttle debris, orbital period = 33 years

09 December 2003 Evening Mercury is a good evening sky object

13 December 2003 All Night Geminid meteor shower peaks around Dec 13-14. Radiant near Castor. Asteroid Phaethon.

31 December 2003 All Night Saturn at Opposition in Taurus. Mag -0.4

Feb. 2004. 3 1/2 years into the End Times period dominated by the Antichrist, if the End Times began in August 2000. A key event related to the Antichrist may occur. This could be an attack and takeover of the Middle East by the Antichrist. This begins the last 3 1/2 years of the End Times, when the Antichrist will be at maximum power, and the earth will be struck by all kinds of disasters, weather changes, storms, earthquakes, volcanos, meteors hitting earth, plagues, global warming raising the sea level.


The following plots show the positions of planets projected on to the ecliptic at 1 month intervals. Planetary data were read from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's ephemeris DE403 (the more recent version being DE405).

The colours used are yellow (Sun), purple (Mercury), pink (Venus), blue (Earth), red (Mars), orange (Jupiter), green (Saturn), grey (Uranus) and brown (Neptune). The first point of Aries (the direction of the Sun as viewed from the Earth at the time of the northern vernal equinox) is towards the right. Relative sizes of Sun and planets are not to scale.

Positions in 2003:

Jan - Feb - Mar - Apr - May - Jun - Jul - Aug - Sep - Oct - Nov - Dec

Positions in 2004:

Jan - Feb - Mar - Apr - May - Jun - Jul - Aug - Sep - Oct - Nov - Dec

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This transition period we live in is called the Shift of the Ages. Grand cycles of time are ending and new ones beginning, roughly all at once. Life as we know it is ending, and existence as we remember it from beyond time and space is beginning to replace it. We're moving into fifth-dimensional consciousness and beyond.

From a cosmic perspective, we are experiencing the end of grand cycles of time on the order of thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of years and even more. The 2,160-year zodiacal ages are equal divisions of the 25,920-year precession (cycle) of the Equinoxes. In this context, we're moving from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age. Also, a whole precessional cycle is ending, and a new one is about to begin - sort of a Galactic New Year.

Even larger cycles of time connect us with vast cycles of the universe, as recorded in the Hindu tradition. Three of these are also coming to an end. The building block of the Hindu - or Vedic - timekeeping system is a cosmic cycle called a Yuga. These cycles relate to the creation, preservation and destruction of the universe. The length of each Yuga varies from 438,000 years (the Kali Yuga) to 1,752,000 years (the Satya Yuga). Most Hindu sources agree we are at the end of the Kali Yuga, which is also the last Yuga in the entire cycle of Yugas. The overall cycle, called the Mahayuga, is roughly 4,380,000 of our years, and that cycle is also coming to an end. We will soon begin a new Mahayuga.

There is one more. We are approaching the completion of a major cycle for the planet Earth herself. This 4.4 billion-year cycle is called a Kalpa, or Day of Brahma, the prime creative force of the Godhead. A Kalpa equals 1,000 Mahayugas or divine ages, a major universal cycle. The Earth is now entering a Day of Brahma, when the cycle of human soul evolution makes a quantum leap out of the darkness and into the light.

We are about to experience an eclipse series that will impact all of humanity, with a significant spotlight on the United States. The current window of transformational alignments actually began with the Full Moon on October 21, 2002, and lasts through the Spring Equinox on March 20, 2003.





Friends and Beloveds,

Humanity---according to all pundints, past, present and future, state that we on Earth are heading for a "showdown." Either humanity AS A WHOLE will advance into the New Paradigm of heaven of Earth via a grand, full-blown CONSCIOUSNESS transformation or great physical earth changes? The CHOICE is ours individually and collectively. Each of us has a CONSCIOUS choice. These many individual conscious choices add up to create the CRITICAL MASS for the outcome!! I know what I am choosing!!! What do you choose? Bless your heart. We can do it. We are One...***Michael

May, 2003 Predicted Upheavals

There follow four predictions about next May, 2003's upheavals, as told by Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Native teacher Nestor NightOwl, John Kimmey, and psychic Marian MacNeil¹s Star Visitor guide, Neuman.

Very recently I received a communication from venerable UFO researcher, Dr.Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., emeritus Professor at the University of Wyoming. Dr. Sprinkle and I are old friends, and I count him a mentor, he having been in UFO research since several decades before the modern era of interest in UFOs/Star Visitors.

Dr. Sprinkle passed on to me a personal message from his "Higher Guides". Among the contents of the message was a warning that there will be a momentous global event during May, 2003,seven months away. I do not choose to divulge most of the personal message, but feel that one element of it must be shared widely with those who are inclined to attend to it. This 05/03 Event will be of either geophysical or societal-political devastatingness. The message was not detailed, but Alternative One seems to indicate a geophysical disaster affecting the Earth and a sizeable percentage of humanity, which would not survive the disaster.

Alternative Two seems to be that if the geophysical disaster is averted, the surrounding circumstances will be such that the Old Order will crumble, and the government will have to acknowledge Star Visitor reality. That is tantalizingly all the details that were relayed. Apparently, humans have some potential, mostly metaphysical and spiritual I suppose, to avert the crippling planetary geophysical disaster. In so doing, a "better" upheaval will occur in the societal-political order, as the Establishment's efforts to control global information, technology, wealth and political control are radically diminished by the inability to any longer maintain denial of Star Visitor presence. Disclosure will destabilize the building New World Order/Cabal.

Like you I am tempted to fill in the dots with a plausible scenario which fits the available 05/03 data. One such scenario _could_ involve a near-pass by a planetoid object, which sets off massive geophysical calamities. And if collective human (and apparently enlisted Star Visitor assistance) focus succeeded in averting the object from too close a pass-by, then the resulting fact of helpful Star Visitor intervention surely would make clear globally that "they are here". (And not as invaders, as the Cabal have been trying to propagandize.) Thus, the UFO Cover-Up would be broken irretrievably. And the beneficent nature of the Visitors made apparent to all.

That is likely not the only scenario that could fit the advisement that the Higher Guides provided through Dr. Sprinkle. But it is a plausible one. At any rate, I feel that Dr. Sprinkle is sufficiently unimpeachable, that I tend to take soberly what he relates. And thus I pass this advisement on. Please do not ask me to press Dr. Sprinkle for more details. He values his privacy, and I do not pester him. The information is shared, because those who are forewarned can more prudently prepare. As a follow-up to my October 10 posting about Dr. Leo Sprinkle's Higher Guides's prediction for May, 2003, I am now presenting Dr. Sprinkle's follow-on letter further clarifying the message.


16, October, 2002

Friends and correspondents:

This letter is a response to several requests for further information about a "reading" that I conducted for Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

I sent an audiotape, with comments from my "inner guides" about the potential for Richard's work with "StarKids". The message included what  seemed to be some "Oh, by the way...." comments on May 2003: Possible destructive events that could affect Planet Earth and/or Humanity. YIKES! At the time, my conscious thought was that the comments could have been influenced by my recent reading of Blindsided, by Marc Hazelwood, or my earlier reading of Zetatalk, by Nancy Leider. Both writers present information, from different sources, that the "tenth planet" (Marduk, or Nibiru, a la Z[echaria]. Sitchin) is headed our way and shall cause much death and destruction.

My own personal bias is rather different: that Planet Earth and Humanity have many good years ahead. (The Vedic literature contains references to 3 and 4 thousand years, etc.) I believe that the "destruction" that shall occur is to the "world view" that our culture maintains: the overextended patriarchal system that has dominated our institutional society. (The man "owns" the women and children, and most use violence to maintain his position. Thus, exploring becomes exploiting, whether it be in science/religion/ nature, etc.) In my opinion, the ET strategy (a la Jim Deardorff [atmospheric scientist, Oregon State University]) is to minimize our awareness of the ET presence and to maximize our awareness of ourselves.

When we ride our rockets (Look, Ma, no hands!), then ETs issue warnings (Watch out! You'll fall & hurt yourself!") Are ETs mentors or tormentors or both?? Is light comprised of waves or particles or both? Does Leo know what he's talking about or not? Well, I am a person of integrity, but my "readings" have been known to be wrong. (Marilyn and I are still waiting for the predicted benefits - 1998 & 1999 - of some minor investments.) My best guess? In June 2003, the political & military leaders (who according to Zecharia Sitchin, are aware of the planet & potential destruction) will climb out of the underground facilities and face -----not a planet of destruction, but----a world of dilemma: When to release information about  "free energy", ETs, etc? If I'm wrong ----sorry about that! Otherwise, we UFO contactees/abductees/experiencers face a similar dilemma: How to keep on keeping on, spreading the word,

in Love & Light,


[R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Psychology,


Richard Boylan, Ph.D. continues:

While in the Hawai¹ian Islands (10/02), I contacted my Native American shaman friend, Nestor Night Owl. He was anxious to talk because he had gotten a very strong vision about next May being a time of great upheaval. I compared notes with him, sharing what Dr. Leo Sprinkle's Guides had told him about next May and the upheaval, physical or socio-political, that would occur then.

Nestor then went on to report a conversation he had with John Kimmey, the only Euro-American to have been extensively taught inner secrets and prophecies by the Hopi traditional Elders.

Nestor shared that John, too had gotten the sense that next Spring will be a time of great upheaval.

(And I know that Marian MacNeil's Star Visitor guide, Neuman, also stated that next May would be a very dark and challenging time for the people of  Earth.) Thus, multiple indicators point to that period as a time to hold ourselves in appropriate readiness.

As a spiritual teacher, Nestor made the point that the most important thing is to keep in the light, hold one's integrity, operate with spiritual vision, and trust in and follow Spirit's guidance.²

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.



From: "Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC"
Date: Sun Dec 8, 2002
Subject: Revised, Edited: Major Message for Humanity and Healing

Report: Priority: Extreme

I begin this narration by expressing thanks to Tunkasila (Grandfather Cosmos) and Maka Unce (Earth Grand-Mother) [traditional Native American spirituality understanding of Supreme Source] for the healing described below.

Since November 22, I had been troubled by severe pain down the outside length of my left leg. This pain became so severe that by November 29th, though of stoic nature, I could not take it any further. My physician prescribed first one, then another synthetic narcotic pain-killer. These somewhat muted the pain, but did not eliminate it. The pain wore on for days more.

On last Thursday (Dec. 05), I drove over to Sonoma County, CA on ACCET business to the home of Marian MacNeil, the new Secretary-Treasurer of ACCET, to deliver the Secretarial materials to her. (I am Vice-President of ACCET.) Marian is the Deputy Moderator of UFOFacts e-list. [Her address: macki58@h...] She is also a certified hypnotherapist, psychic and energetic-healer. Ancient Celtic/Wiccan culture would describe her as one of the "Wise Old Women". [Not many of these escaped burning at the stake in late Medieval times.]

Marian is also an experiencer, and has had repeated visits in person and by telepathic communication with the Star Visitor who calls himself Neuman. Neuman is very much a solid flesh-and-blood Star Visitor whose face features a sloped-down rostrum something like a limp dolphin beak or an overgrown bird beak. Otherwise he has rather humanoid features. Though he frequently chooses not to appear on-site visibly but rather to make contact telepathically, he is a 3-D being, as I understand it.

After completing our discussion of business, Marian asked if I'd like to hear from Neuman. I agreed and the telepathic dialogue began. Some of the dialogue was personal, so I'm only sharing those parts which are of public informational value. Before long into the dialogue, Neuman directed Marian to pause and immediately prepare for healing work. Marian took me into a different room, where I sat while she placed hands on my head and neck. Neuman indicated that a healing would begin at once and flow to me through Marian as "conductor". I must say that I could feel the force in real time and the pain stopped at once!

We then adjourned back to the other room, where Neuman resumed his messages and responses to my questions. These I now share with you.Neuman identified his home star system as in the galaxy adjacent to the Milky Way, if you were to view it from the perspective of proceeding from Earth straight out from Galactic center to beyond rim, and then looking to the nearest galaxy on one's right. Like many other Star Visitors, he reported previous incarnations on other planets, in his case in the Arcturus and Alpha Centauri systems.

In response to a question from me, Neuman affirmed that yes, he knew my departed friend Dr. Michael Wolf and Dr. Wolf's frequent Star Visitor companion, "Kolta", a Zeta Reticulan.

When I asked Neuman to comment on the predicted upheavals for May, 2003, he responded that the upheavals will be social, physical and political. They represent a choice for humanity: the outcomes are humanity's responsibility.

He characterized the geophysical component of the May upheavals as "Earth entering her 'menstrual cycle'," i.e.,sloughing off of old potentials that no longer are life-supporting, to make way for truly life-supporting resources.

Part of the upheavals will involve tectonic plate movements, resulting in earthquakes on a scale that have not existed since humans started doing measurements in this Fourth World cycle. But such epic plate movements have occurred in Earth's past, beyond the historical memory of current humankind. The current Richter Scale, which only goes up to 10, will be inadequate to describe the magnitude of such plate movements and fissures. These geophysical events will of course include reactivated volcanoes and lava flows. (I commented to Marian that my recent trip to Hawaii Island, where Kilauea Volcano is actively erupting and sending lava flowing, made me reflect on how the villagers there have learned to take lava flows in stride, and move to a new location as flows threaten an existing village. Flexibility and awareness are hallmark attributes of those who will transition into the coming Fifth World.)

Neuman also stated that a large planetoid fragment is on its way in "back towards Earth", (thus suggesting its orbital path brings it close to Earth.) In its travel, it will dislodge from current position several fragments in the Asteroid Belt. Apparently the large planetoid will not strike Earth but come close. However, one of the sizeable asteroids dislodged will travel to Earth  and strike in the South Atlantic Ocean between lower Africa and lower South America. While Neuman did not spell out the consequences of  this asteroid strike, he did comment that it would serve as a "wake-up call" for humankind. Neuman also said that the Star Visitors will take care of other rogue asteroids set careening by the pass-by of Planetoid "X", so that those on trajectories towards populated locations on Earth do not arrive. When I asked if humans would notice the Star Visitors at work averting threatening asteroids, he replied that "those who look up to the sky will notice," and will note the helpful influence of the Star Visitors. But not everyone looks up to the sky.

NOTE FROM DEE:  It is appropriate that I insert this recent experience here as humans are not the only ones worried about what is coming:

12-23-02 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house and was strying to move some skirts on hangars from one spot to another and it was too dark to see easily so I reached over to the light switch to turn on the light.  The bulbs immediately blew out. I was only a few feet from the diningroom light switch, so I reached around the corner and got a huge shock from the switch because the cover was off the switch and I caught my gloveon the loose screws.  

I got really angy and went back out into the parlor  where there was a large elf statue hanging from the wall or sitting on the stairway railing post.  I was so angry, I ripped its arm off and went to hit it on the head with its own arm because I thought it was a doll.

The elf started to speak like it was alive and I instantly apologized and said I was sorry.

The elf said, "If anything happens, will you protect us?"  He indicated with his head, gaze, and gestures, that the trouble was going to come from the sky toward the east.

I said, "Of course I would."

He said, "... and I could see this on his teeth - ...'Well Reuters News Path just announced ...."  and nothing further came.

I woke up all upset that he didn't finish the message.

NOTE: I jumped up and turned on the TV .... Nothing there. I went to the computer to get the latest news - nothing there either.

A couple days later, I was laying in bed worrying about how I was going to help the elves and a voice said, "The angels will be coming to help YOUR people."

He also stated that "the government knows about [the Planetoid], and is not telling the people anything about it." Because of this governmental dereliction of duty to public safety, "the people will eventually stop paying attention to governments," because the governments knew but did nothing to warn the people.

Neuman also foretold that as Earth goes through major upheaval/renewal in May, moving her tectonic plates and rearranging the contours of Earth's surfaces, there will be a reduction in density of everything as we move towards a "fifth density" level. Just as the Earth lightens up and becomes more comfortable after stretching and rearranging herself, so, too, humans will note their bodies and bones becoming more spongy, less dense in this transformation process. The rest of material Earth will also have a less-dense, more porous/spongy quality to its solidity.

I thanked Neuman for these communications, which dovetail well with the four prophecies I have reported earlier [see last post], and with various future visions which experiencers have been shown by Star Visitors during encounters.

Healing By a Star Visitor


Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


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...planetary gravitational influences are of no consequence. However, PEOPLE can talk themselves into all sorts of bad things, so if we THINK that May 5, 2000...

Tides and May 5, 2000

... shows the locations of the planets and the Sun and Moon on May 5, 2000 ... any unusual enhancement of gravitational influence at the time of any planetary alignments ...

May 5-16 Planetary Alignment -- Scientific & Spiritual Musings

May 5, 2000 Planetary Alignment Cataclysms?

Re: May 5-16 Planetary Alignment -- Scientific & Spiritual Musings.

Spiritual Teachings: The Great Planetary Alignment on May 5, 2000

Entrance Grand Planetary Alignment - May 5, 2000. ...

May 5, 2000 Grand Planetary Alignment & Solar Eclipse August 11, 1999...

On May 5, 2000, a planetary alignment of the Earth, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn occured. ...

All about the Eclipse of August 11, 199

Planetary Alignment - May 5, 2000 (Alignment Links)

... PLANETARY ALIGNMENT LINKS. Ken Kalb: Author of the book The Grand Catharsis, Ken is the founder of the movement for raising consciousness ...

The Grand Planetary Alignment of May 5, 2000 -- ...

Is the Planetary Alignment of May 5, 2000, the Star of Promise of the Messiah's Return? Behold, Mankind! Behold! ... 6406/planetaryalignment.html

Planetary Alignment on 5 May 2000

Planetary Alignment. ... The Sun, the Moon, and the five naked-eye planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) will be `lined up' on May 5, and earthquakes ...

The True Armageddon & May 5, 2001 - The Paul Solomon Source ...

Armageddon, Second Coming, John Peniel & May 5, 2001. ... of the spiritual war which is already begun, and has been for the time since the prophecy was given ...

More on John Peniel, Second Coming,Hall of Records & May 5, 2001

... The date to look for the building of the new is May 5, 2001. Then you will find the beginning of a period of peace. Q-4. By the prophecy of Edgar Cayce, in 1998 ...

May 5-16 Planetary Alignment -- Scientific & Spiritual Musings.

Spacewatch Friday: The Great Planet Alignment of 2002 Peaks ...

... long-awaited gathering of the five naked-eye planets reaches its peak May 5-6 in ... this graphic shows the alignment on three nights in May ...

2002 Planet Alignment Press Release

... EXTRAORDINARY PLANET ALIGNMENT PEAKS SUNDAY AND MONDAY, MAY 5-6. Contact: Robert Roy Britt, Senior Science Writer

LodeStar - Planetary Alignment - April 22 thru May 16, 2002

... May 5 triangle of planets, are of great significance for Israel and the world, and the very nature of the triangle over Bethlehem.....the same alignment ...

2002 Spring Planets

... April 18, April 25, May 2, May 5, May 5 (zoom), May 5 (from space), May 5 (orbits). Click on and print the charts to see the planetary alignment around 9:00 pm ...

Planetary Alignment May 2002

... Alignment May 2002 Images taken on consecutive days. May 2 May 2nd 2002, May 3 May 3rd 2002. May 4 May 4th 2002, May 5 ...


SubMillimeter Array Project. Calendar History WEEKLY CALENDAR OF THE SUBMILLIMETER ARRAY PROJECT MAY 5 - 11, 2002 ... Bench alignment of chopper started. ...

News and Events - A World Class Pageantry - The Planetary ...

... The alignment of planets began in early January 2002, when the four planets were ... The Astronomical observation last May 5 started as early as 4 pm when members ...