The Secret Key

     The Mars photos on this page are from and can be found at the NASA/JPL mars site PDS MAP A PLANET. (Viking Mission) There are NO Mars pictures in the book, there are only the coordinates to the areas where the structures are located. 

     The Adventures of DIANA, the Underworld is a book of a fictional story of a girl who journeys to the end of the world and beyond!

     The Mars pictures on this page prove at last, that we are NOT alone in this vast universe!

     The interpretation of each of the pictures are mine and are not necessarily the correct one.  We still have a lot to learn about Mars.

     All fiction has some truth in it!  It is up to you to decide what you want to believe and what you don't!

     In The Adventures of DIANA, the Underworld, there are many secrets.  On page 248 of the chapter called MARS, you will find the coordinates to many never before seen faces, buildings, and structures on Mars.  To use the coordinates you have to go to JPL/NASA Mars Map A Planet site on your computer., and click on the planet Mars.  Then click on Viking, then Easy.  Try to get as close to the numbers in the coordinates as you can and then use the arrows (right, left, up, down, etc.) to zero in on the target.

     NASA is NOT hiding anything from the public, and never has, as you will see.  And I am not telling you anything that is secret.  I am just POINTING OUT what is there already in the PUBLIC'S view for anyone to discover, just as the "Face On Mars" was discovered. 

     Some of the faces and structures are easy to see.  But some are not!  Some of you will see them and some won't.  You can not see them if you are not a believer, because you will tell yourself that nothing is there.  But if you have an open mind you will do well.  Christ once said, "For those who believe, no proof is necessary.  And for those who do not believe no proof is possible."

     I would like to point out that some of the craters and other constructed areas are covered with a metal that has a corrugated construction to it.  And in one picture it seems that a giant crane of some sort is being used to put up a roof over a crater.

A-1. I call Mars the Halloween Planet.  You will see why as we go on.  Mars is kind of exciting and scary.  The face in photo A-1 is obviously a great leader!  Perhaps a general or leader of many armies.  He is wearing a decorated helmet .  This face may be someone's home. Or just a fancy air or exhaust vent to an underground city.  Note the entrance way at the bottom?  And notice how the helmet flairs out on it's left side.  I have seen this on several faces. 

A-2  This building looks a lot like an alien called the gray.  It is huge.  Perhaps it is a HQ. of some sort.  Or maybe something like city hall.  Notice all of the openings!  The windows have no glass.  So perhaps it was built when Mars had a very worm climate.  On the other hand maybe the Martians use force fields for their windows and door ways.  To the left of this structure are two more quite different ones.  One is a half human face and next to that one is a dog!  I suspect that they are all houses. 

#A-3      This building looks very oriental.  Note the arch!  It is of a special type used in ancient Earth buildings in China.  The building has a cover over it that was partly destroyed.  Many of the structures on Mars are in craters similar to this one, probably built there to protect them from the wind.  Or they may have been put there to make them harder to see.  This structure is of a newer material then some of the others, as it seems to reflect light.


#A-4.    This face structure is similar to A-1.  Notice the helmet!  it is of a different type then in A-1.  It also has the flowing part to it's left.  And it is on the left side of a crater as in A-1.  The eyes nose and mouth seem to be windows and doors. 

A-5,       Now this is an interesting structure!  It seems to be a human man with a baseball cap on backwards!  He is drawing an alien face or a happy face!  There are also other houses in the photo.  There is a lion, bear or bull.  And there is a rabbit and a moose!  Which is not visible in this close up.  I made all of the pictures up close so that it would be easier for you to see. 

A-6.    I like this one it kind of looks like a spaceship!  These are actually buildings in a Martian crater.  If you look close you can see that they are standing in water!

A-7 is a more modern house.  There are several of this type all around Mars.  Some look like frogs.  Some look like they have long noses.  Notice the windows and doorways!  The long nose houses may have a connection to the ancient Aztec of Earth, as do the rabbits. 

#8.     This skull is smashed in.  It seems alien but also may have a connection to the ancient Aztec of Earth.  Note the other structures in the crater!  They look just like ruins that one sees when flying over Jerusalem and other ancient Earth cities. 


    A-9 The waterfall is called the waters of Diana in my book.  The water seems to come up from the ground, then run to a gully where it forms a fast moving river then heads to the waterfall.  The waterfall itself drops for anywhere from two to five miles.  At the bottom of the falls the water seems to soak into the surrounding soil to continue underground.     

#A-10.      The Sea Horse is amazing!  Are the Martians telling us that this area was once an ocean?  And why does it look just like a sea horse from Earth?  Do our sea horses come from Mars?  I have also seen crabs.  Many of the structures on Mars are of things found on Earth.  Cats, mice, pigs, rabbits, cobras, frogs.  Perhaps Earth and Mars have more of a connection then ever thought of.  But no matter where it originated from, it is very beautiful! 


     If anyone would like to order the book, The Adventures of DIANA, the Underworld, where the coordinates to the Martian structures are listed you may do so by calling-----888-280-7715.