"...everything that the Japanese were planning to do
was known to the United States..." ARMY BOARD, 1944

Pearl Harbor One - Dec. 7, 1941

Pearl Harbor Two - Sep. 11, 2001

Pearl Harbor Three -   ????????

2-14-07- VISION - I saw a human-faced Spiderman in costume, standing in a carpet store with a man and a woman. He was rolling out a 3 x 4 ft. Oriental magic carpet in front of them.

A moment later, I saw the center of the carpet - it was a gold octagonal shape.


At the end of a dream this morning, the actor John Lithgow walked by carrying a sign with the Feb. 07, 1941 and a couple of words I didn't catch.

So, I searched the internet to see what happened on that date.  Below is what I found.

Keep in mind that John Lithgow played the part of the Commander of the Aliens who came to observe earth in the TV program  "Third Rock".

This letter references he same date in 1941 - Feb. 07, 1941 -

Magic - the security designation given to all decoded Japanese diplomatic messages. It's hard not to conclude with historians like Charles Bateson that "Magic standing alone points so irresistibly to the Pearl Harbor attack that it is inconceivable anybody could have failed to forecast the Japanese move." The NSA reached the same conclusion in 1955

Another Pearl Harbor Referenced Dream:

7-21-07 - DREAM - I was living in a small house and had a new job, to which I had to be there at 9:00 a.m.

My mother brought me an envelope addressed to my cousin Dennis B. I t was already addressed and stamped.  (Dennis was a paratrooper in the Vietnam War and is a great patriot) (Dennis is named for St. Denys - The French used St. Denys as a war cry.)

Mom gave me a 1/2 of a liverwurst sandwich to send to him, but I accidentally cut it diagonally and got liverwurst on my fingers so I couldn't send him the sandwich. (Liverwurst is German)

My aunt Doris stood up. She was very thin like in her younger years, and she clearly said in a German accent " ZET".  (Zet is an astrological program with which you can determine future dates for prophecy) (Doris means 'of the sea')

Next I had to deal with what I thought was a German hamburger which was oblong, but it turned out to be a chocolate covered, chocolate mousse filled type of dessert bun. The bun was formed in the number 8 on top.  I ate the chocolate mousse from it for breakfast. (The number 8 may refer to a date, or the infinity-eternal symbol)

It was 8:40 a.m. by now and I had to get dressed quickly and get to work for my first day there. I had a black and blue tweed skirt and a sky-blue blouse, over which I wore a matching long vest coast of black and blue tweed.  I didn't yet have my shoes on though.

A Japanese man then walked in and brought me my baby who needed his diaper changed. The Japanese man looked like my dentist, Dr. Yamamoto.
(Yamamoto had said, "I wonder if an aerial attack can't be made at Pearl Harbor?"  It was Imperial Admiral Yamamoto, who conceived, designed and promoted the Pearl harbor attack, cautioned against a war with the United States)

The baby needed his diaper changed, and I took the dirty diaper to the bathroom to wash it out,  I called the diaper tenueno - which I found on a Spanish page for intestinal health)  (That's what President Bush is having done this morning and Cheney is President during that time) 

I couldn't rinse out the diaper in the bathroom because my friend Theresa's husband David was in the shower. He stuck his head out of the shower curtain when I walked in.  (Theresa means 'reaper'.  David means 'dearly loved') 

So I had to go to the kitchen to wash out the diaper, and while I was there, I scrubbed out a glass cooking dish in which a turkey had been cooked.

On the way to the kitchen, out the window I saw a white airplane go by and on the side of the plane was the name  HAO. 
  Apr 22, 1943 - Lt. John S. Stewart, 76th Fighter Squadron and Lt. Chin Hao, Chinese Air Force, flew a reconnaissance mission over Lashio, Burma. This flight was one of the first missions involving both Chinese and American personnel.

Crews remember the strange name on the airplane, “Ding Hao” which meant “very good” in Chinese.. P-51 Mustangs - photos

By now is was 9:20 a.m. and I was still barefoot and the baby had to be cared for.  I didn't know what to do next so I woke up.

I'm hoping that the first vision 'Octagonal' and the second dream '8' are not connected. Octagonal also refers to the number 8, which would be 8/8 - possibly August 8th.  Got my fingers crossed that I'm wrong.


1-9-09 -  DREAM -  I was on a military ship in the harbor at Hawaii.  There was a large group of military men on board the ship, but the ones I was looking at were not in military uniform, they were dressed in black wet suits.  There was a series of events being planned, but today's was all set to take place.

NOTE: Remember that President elect Obama was supposedly born in Hawaii, and several main politicians said that 'something' was going to happen as soon as Obama is elected that will force him to make unpopular decisions, thus I am posting this now to make sure the dream gets posted before the election. Others have said that a 'false flag' event will probably occur this coming weekend, before the election so that President Bush will have to take action in place of Obama before he leaves office.

back to the dream:

The head guy of this particular group was large - very impressive.  He jumped off the ship into the harbor - and at that moment I saw the date December 24, 1901 and then a large bull's eye target.

The dream changed and I was with this same man and his wife, and they invited me to go to a concert with them.  I could barely walk and I really didn't feel like following them, so I told them I was going to go home and change clothes.

I reached what I thought was my apartment #12, but when I entered the door, there was a black family living there.  The picture window out to the yard was really large and there were a lot of kids looking in the window to see what was going on. 

I woke up to a song being sung by kids called 'Soldiering'.  I remembered it from when I was a kid. I was born on December 26, 1938, and grew up during WWII.



"Lili Marleen" (a.k.a. "Lili Marlene", "Lily Marlene", "Lili Marlène" etc.) is a German love song which became popular on both sides during World War II

The first recording of Lilli Marlen, 2, August, 1939, Electro Studio, Berlin.

The words were written in 1915 during World War I by Hans Leip (1893-1983), a school teacher from Hamburg who had been conscripted into the Imperial German Army. Leip reportedly combined the names of his girlfriend and another female friend. The poem was later published as "Das Lied eines jungen Soldaten auf der Wacht" ("The Song of a Young Soldier on Watch") in 1937 now with the two last (of five) verses added. It was set to music by Norbert Schultze in 1938. Tommie Connor later wrote English lyrics.

THE SOLDIERING SONG Video by Demon Hunter



7-1-09 -  There have been recent implications on the internet radio - warnings that North Korea was going to attack Hawaii on the 4th of July.  I had this dream this morning.

7-1-09 -  DREAM - I was in Milwaukee, WI, working at A-C  (Allis-Chalmers)  I was going on a trip and before I did that, I had to go outside and water the plants so they would survive while I was gone. 

When I was out on the sidewalk, I was checking where cars were parking because nobody was supposed to park right in front of the doors to the building. There was a very wide access sidewalk - large enough for a bus to park there.  The trees and plants were on the sides of that access spot.  Cars could stop and discharge passengers there, but no one could park there.

I looked in both directions to check where the plants were, then I set about to water each plant individually with a very large plastic cup full of water.

I then went to the airport where I was meeting Todd (Trevor St. John)  (from One Life to Live TV show).  I got there first, and Todd's ex-wife Blair (actually Kassie DePalva) was there standing in front of the doors to the airport lobby.  She asked me what I was doing there and I told her I was meeting Todd and he was taking me to Hawaii.   She nodded and walked away - when I thought she would be jealous that he was taking me somewhere. He was actually taking me farther than that - like Japan and other places..

Then I saw Todd coming across the parking lot towards me.  He was dressed in a bright blue suit jacket - that was so bright, it was almost iridescent - it was so outstanding and out of place next to other people, that's all I could see. It really felt uncomfortable.

After he arrived, I was looking at the itinerary of what Todd was going to be doing on this trip.  There were many items on this page and I was bringing them all together in one paragraph because he was going to be doing all these things at the same time.  So the page had the name Todd on it numerous times (over 20)

I can't remember what any of the things were that he was going to do, but when Todd does things, he does them  - big - and there are always people upset, angry, and he always regrets getting caught doing them and everyone is 'always' angry about what he does.

NOTE:  The boy's name Todd is pronounced tahd. It is of Middle English origin, and its meaning is "fox". The name possibly refers to a fox hunter. It remains a dialectal word for a fox in some parts of Britain. Tod is a Scottish nickname for a clever or wily person.

Astrologer Dr. Louis Turi has posted these dangerous dates for July and August of 2009

July 1 /2/ 19/ 20/ 30/ 31
August  1/ 2/  15/ 16/ 27/ 28


August 8th anniversaries

9/11 occurred on Mohammad's birthday

This is my first Pearl Harbor Dream

 A list of August 8th events:

1912: Titanic sinks

On this day, the luxury liner R.M.S. Titanic sinks just two hours after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic. When it first left port at Southampton, England, the Titanic barely escaped a collision with the steamer New York. The regal ship, which carried 2,200 passengers and crew, was considered the most luxurious ever built and unsinkable. However, just before midnight on April 14, 1912, the Titanic collided with an iceberg about 400 miles from the coast of Newfoundland. Slightly over two hours later, in the early hours of April 15, the ship sank. The ship was woefully unprepared for such an emergency, and more than 1,500 people died aboard the ship as it went down or froze to death in the icy North Atlantic waters. Most of the 700 survivors were women and children.

1994  More than 120 countries around the world finally sign the new GATT World Trade Treaty after negotiations which lasted for seven years.

1989 Britain's worst football disaster at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield when 95 football fans are crushed to death shortly after the start of the FA Cup semi-final match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. Most of those killed are from Liverpool.

1986 USAF planes based in Britain, bomb Libya in retaliation for various acts of international terrorism thought to have been ordered by Libyan dictator Colonel Gadaffi.

1959 In London, the Cambridge University boat sinks during the running of the annual University Boat Race on the River Thames.

1955 The first McDonald's hamburger store opens in California. Founder is a food mixer salesman called Ray Kroc.

1949 The official end of the Nuremburg War Trials in Germany.

1923 The drug insulin, discovered by Dr F.Banting, is first made available to the public

1912 First edition of the British newspaper Daily Herald.

1912 The world's first 'unsinkable' ship, the passenger liner Titanic, strikes an iceberg in the North Sea on her maiden voyage and sinks within 3 hours. At least 1,500 passengers and crew are killed. There are 732 survivors.

1865 America's 16th President, Abraham Lincoln, dies less than 24 hours after being shot at Ford's Theatre in Washington by John Wilkes Booth.

1793 Bank of England issues the first £5 notes.

1755 In England, Dr Samuel Johnson's dictionary is first published. It contains explanations and meanings for 40,000 different words.



It had been predicted that Hawaii would be hit by at least one missile on July 4th.  Either North Korea couldn't get their missiles that far, or they didn't try - which was it? 

N. Korea Fires 7 Missiles Off Eastern Coast

North Korea Saturday fired seven ballistic missiles off its eastern coast over a stretch of several hours, violating the U.N. sanctions and sending an apparent message of defiance to the United States which commemorated its Independence Day.

"North Korea fired two missiles toward the East Sea from the Gitdaeryong base near Wonsan, Gangwon Province, between 8:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. today. And it fired another one into the East Sea from the same site around 10:45 a.m.," Yonhap reported citing an official at the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

All the missiles are estimated to have a range of 400-500km, covering the entire South Korea within the target range.

South Korea's foreign ministry lashed out at the reclusive neighbor's ballistic missile launch, calling it a clear violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions that ban the communist nation from any activity related to a ballistic missile program.

"It is a provocative act that clearly violates U.N. Security Council resolutions 1695, 1718, and 1874 that bar North Korea's every activity related to ballistic missiles," the ministry said in a statement.

"The government expresses deep regret over North Korea's continued acts to escalate tensions in Northeast Asia in ignorance of the U.N. Security Council resolutions and urges North Korea to faithfully implement the resolutions," it added.

The launches came two days after North Korea fired four short-range cruise missiles and will likely ramp up the already charged tension in the region as Washington tries to solicit support for strict enforcement of the U.N. sanctions on Pyongyang for its nuclear test in May.

The official said the North shot three more missiles from the same site at around noon, at 2:50 p.m. and at 4:10 p.m., adding the military is analyzing the exact type of the missiles and North Korea's intentions.

The authorities said the missiles are apparently ballistic ones, probably a Scud type, given the trajectory and flight distances. But they did not rule out the possibility that what the North fired might have actually been Rodong missiles, a modification of Scud missiles.

The North is believed to have about 1,000 ballistic missiles alone ― including nearly 700 Scud missiles of various types and 320 Rodong missiles.

Previously, North Korea test-fired a long-range Taepodong-2 missile, along with several short-and mid-range missiles, on U.S. Independence Day in 2006.



1904 - The Japanese destroyed the Russian navy in a surprise attack in undeclared war.

1932 - In the Grand Joint Army-Navy Exercises, 152 aircraft carrier planes caught the defenders of Pearl Harbor completely by surprise. It was a Sunday

1938 - Admiral Ernst King led a carrier-born airstrike from the USS Saratoga successfully against Pearl Harbor in another exercise.

1940 - FDR ordered the fleet transferred from the West Coast to its exposed position in Hawaii and ordered the fleet remain stationed at Pearl Harbor over complaints by its commander Admiral Richardson that there was inadequate protection from air attack and no protection from torpedo attack. Richardson felt so strongly that he twice disobeyed orders to berth his fleet there and he raised the issue personally with FDR in October and he was soon after replaced. His successor, Admiral Kimmel, also brought up the same issues with FDR in June 1941.

7 Oct 1940 - Navy IQ analyst McCollum wrote an 8 point memo on how to force Japan into war with US. Beginning the next day FDR began to put them into effect and all 8 were eventually accomplished.

11 November 1940 - 21 aged British planes destroyed the Italian fleet, including 3 battleships, at their homeport in the harbor of Taranto in Southern Italy by using technically innovative shallow-draft torpedoes.

In a letter of January 24, 1941, the Secretary of the Navy advised the Secretary of War that the increased gravity of the Japanese situation had prompted a restudy of the problem of the security of the Pacific Fleet while in Pearl Harbor. The writer stated: "If war eventuates with Japan, it is believed easily possible that hostilities would be initiated by a surprise attack upon the Fleet or the Naval base at Pearl Harbor. . . . The dangers envisaged in their order of importance and probability are considered to be: 1) air bombing attack; 2) air torpedo plane attack; 3) sabotage; 4) submarine attack; 5) mining; 6) bombardment by gunfire." The letter stated the defenses against all but the first two were then satisfactory.

The Secretary of War replied February 7, 1941. Admiral Kimmel and General Short received copies of these letters.

11 February 1941 - FDR proposed sacrificing 6 cruisers and 2 carriers at Manila to get into war. Navy Chief Stark objected: "I have previously opposed this and you have concurred as to its unwisdom. Particularly do I recall your remark in a previous conference when Mr. Hull suggested (more forces to Manila) and the question arose as to getting them out and your 100% reply, from my standpoint, was that you might not mind losing one or two cruisers, but that you did not want to take a chance on losing 5 or 6." (Charles Beard PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT AND THE COMING OF WAR 1941, p 424)

March 1941 - FDR sold munitions and convoyed them to belligerents in Europe -- both acts of war and both violations of international law -- the Lend-Lease Act.

23 Jun 1941 - Advisor Harold Ickes wrote FDR a memo the day after Germany invaded the Soviet Union, "There might develop from the embargoing of oil to Japan such a situation as would make it not only possible but easy to get into this war in an effective way. And if we should thus indirectly be brought in, we would avoid the criticism that we had gone in as an ally of communistic Russia." FDR was pleased with Admiral Richmond Turner's report read July 22: "It is generally believed that shutting off the American supply of petroleum will lead promptly to the invasion of Netherland East seems certain she would also include military action against the Philippine Islands, which would immediately involve us in a Pacific war." On July 24 FDR told the Volunteer Participation Committee, "If we had cut off the oil off, they probably would have gone down to the Dutch East Indies a year ago, and you would have had war." The next day FDR froze all Japanese assets in US cutting off their main supply of oil and forcing them into war with the US. Intelligence information was withheld from Hawaii from this point forward.

14 August - At the Atlantic Conference, Churchill noted the "astonishing depth of Roosevelt's intense desire for war." Churchill cabled his cabinet "(FDR) obviously was very determined that they should come in."

On October 16, 1941, the Commanding General, Hawaiian Department [Short], and the Commander in Chief of the Fleet [Kimmel], were advised by the War and Navy Departments of the changes in the Japanese Cabinet, and of the possibility of an attack by Japan on Great Britain and the United States.

18 October - diary entry by Secretary of Interior Harold Ickes: "For a long time I have believed that our best entrance into the war would be by way of Japan."

November 24, 1941, the Chief of Naval Operations sent a message to Admiral Kimmel in which he stated that in the opinion of the Navy Department, a surprise aggressive movement ... by the Japanese . . . was a possibility.

November 27, 1941, the Chief of Staff of the Army informed the Commanding General that hostilities on the part of Japan were momentarily possible.

On the same day (November 27, 1941) the Chief of Naval Operations sent a message to the Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet, which stated in substance that the dispatch was to be considered a war warning.

November 28, 1941, the Commanding General received from the Adjutant General of the Army a message stating that the critical situation required every precaution to be taken at once against subversive activities.

The Navy Department sent three messages to the Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet; the first of December 3, 1941, stated that it was believed certain Japanese consulates were destroying their codes and burning secret documents; the second of December 4, 1941, instructed the addressee to destroy confidential documents and means of confidential communication; and the third of December 4, 1941, directing that in view of the tense situation the naval commands on the outlying Pacific islands might be authorized to destroy confidential papers.

On December 6, the Japanese government began sending a long message to its diplomats in Washington. The last part of that message arrived in the early-morning hours of December 7. Japanese diplomats Nomura and Kurusu prepared for a final meeting with Secretary of State Hull, knowing that they were being ordered to break off all negotiations with the U.S. What they didn't realize was that the same message had been decoded and rushed to President Roosevelt and to the high commanders of the U.S. Army and Navy. The U.S. was now aware that Japan might strike somewhere in the Pacific, but a warning did not reach Pearl Harbor until nearly 8:00 a.m., Hawaii time. By then, Nomura and Kurusu were in Secretary Hull's office, and Japanese bombs were falling onto the neat lines of U.S. warships in Pearl Harbor's "Battleship Row."

At about noon E.S.T. (6:30 a.m. Honolulu time) December 7, an additional warning message indicating an almost immediate break in relations between the United States and Japan, was dispatched by the Chief of Staff. . . . The delivery of this urgent message was delayed until after the attack.

The Commanding General [Short], the Commander in Chief of the Fleet [Kimmel] and their principal staff officers considered the possibility of air raids. Without exception they believed that the chances of such a raid while the Pacific Fleet was based upon Pearl Harbor was practically nil.


At 7:58 A.M., the alarm went out: "Air raid, Pearl Harbor. This is not drill!"
Later that morning, the magazine of the USS Shaw exploded after being struck by a Japanese bomb.

Aboard a Japanese carrier before the attack. Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku hoped that a quick, surprise attack
on the U.S. fleet would make the Americans petition for peace, leaving the Pacific open for Japanese expansion.

One hundred and eighty-three aircraft took part in the first wave of the Japanese attack: "It was like the sky was
filled with fireflies," bomber pilot Abe Zenji recalled. "It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen."

At 7:56 A.M. the USS Arizona was rocked by two explosions. "The bridge shielded us from the flames," Pfc. James Cory
said.  "I think that at this moment I wanted to flee, but this was impossible. You're on station, you're in combat."

photos and text from:,9171,849707,00.html

Excerpts from the report of the Commission headed by Associate Justice Roberts which investigated and fixed the blame for the disaster at Pearl Harbor:


FBI Works to Thwart 'Mother of Satan' Bombs
QUANTICO, Va. (Feb. 18, 2007) - Kirk Yeager makes bombs from the stuff found under kitchen sinks. He does it to help the FBI defend against what officials say is the next frontier for terrorists in the United States

Ten years ago, peroxide-based bombs were mostly the work of young pranksters. But the easy-to-make yet deadly chemical cocktails were embraced in the late 1990s by Palestinian militants and suicide bombers bent on killing large groups of people.

Now, Yeager says, the "Mother of Satan" explosives are considered the most likely weapon that terrorists will use against the U.S., more so than a nuclear or radiological "dirty" bomb.

"Every serious terrorist group knows about them and knows how to make them," Yeager said. The forensic scientist heads the explosives unit at the FBI's laboratory in Quantico, Va., about 35 miles south of Washington.

"Bad guys are bombers. You don't have to have the level of sophistication to make a bomb that you need to get nuclear materials," Yeager said.

The bombs are made by mixing chemicals that are used in common household items, including hydrogen peroxide and paint thinner, and easily found at drug stores or hardware stores. Experts know them as TATP, short for triacetone triperoxide, and HMTD, or hexamethylene triperoxide diamine.

Recent cases of explosions or thwarted attacks with TATP or HMTD in the U.S. include:

-Millennium bomber Ahmed Ressam. He was carrying HMTD among the 124 pounds of explosives in the trunk of his car when he was arrested near the U.S.-Canadian border in December 1999.

-Richard Reid. The would-be British shoe bomber tried unsuccessfully to detonate 8 ounces of TATP hidden in his high-top sneaker during a Paris-to-Miami flight in 2001.

-University of Oklahoma suicide bomber Joel Henry Hinrichs III. He used TATP to blow himself up near a packed football stadium in October 2005.

-College student Matthew Rugo in Texas City, Texas. He was killed last July when a plastic storage container of TATP that was mixed in his apartment exploded. The FBI has not found any connection in the case to international terrorist groups, but the investigation continues.

Additionally, counterterrorist authorities say terrorists planned to mix a solution similar to TATP in last summer's thwarted attacks on as many as 10 London-to-U.S. flights - leading to the crackdown on bringing liquids aboard airlines.

Also, ecoterrorists and animal rights extremist groups such as Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front are believed by authorities to use peroxide-based explosives.

Yeager, 41, who helps the FBI solve bombing cases by investigating the crime scene debris, is the only U.S. official who makes TATP and similar explosives in mass quantities.

His interest in bomb-making began at Cornell University, where he earned his Ph.D. in organic chemistry. He honed his skills at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, one of the nation's top centers for explosives research and testing.

Yeager's brews are used for testing and training police officers and bomb-sniffing dogs. Until recently, authorities knew little about peroxide-based bombs because they are too volatile to handle casually. Moreover, TATP in particular is hard for dogs to detect.

Over the past year, the FBI and Transportation Security Administration have trained dog teams to sniff out the chemical cocktails at 75 airports and on subway, train and bus systems in 13 cities. The government pays up to $50,000 to train each of the 420 teams currently in action.

"It's a threat that's not here right now, but we see it coming," said Dave Kontny, director of TSA's national explosives detection canine teams. "So we're better off to have these teams."

John Rollins, a counterterrorism expert at Congressional Research Service and former U.S. intelligence official, said TATP and other varieties of peroxide-based bombs are most likely to show up in the hands of homegrown extremists and other splinter sympathizers of international terrorist groups.

The larger and centrally organized groups, such as al-Qaida, are more interested in "big bang" weapons that he said would cause widespread deaths and economic losses.

But aspiring terrorists, Rollins said, "would lean toward this because it's so readily available, it's so hard to detect."

"It certainly would be enough of a bang to draw attention to their cause, and shake the foundations in the short term of society's belief that the government can protect the United States," Rollins said.

Associated Press writer Matt Apuzzo contributed to this report.

Copyright 2007 The Associated Press.

Bush’s National Security Strategy
Is a Misnomer

by Charles V. Peña

Charles V. Peña is director of defense policy studies at the Cato Institute.

Executive Summary

The Constitution of the United States of America makes clear that one of the paramount responsibilities of the federal government is to "provide for the common defense." In the past, the primary threats to the United States and U.S. interests were hostile nation-states. Today, the real threat to America is terrorist groups, specifically the al Qaeda terrorist network. Therefore, al Qaeda, not rogue states, should be the primary focus of U.S. national security strategy.

Many people mistakenly assume that al Qaeda hates the United States for "who we are" as a country. But the reality is that hatred of America is fueled more by "what we do," that is, our policies and actions, particularly in the Muslim world. That does not mean that the United States deserves to be attacked or that the attacks of September 11, 2001, were justified. But if the United States is to take appropriate steps to minimize its exposure to future terrorism, it must correctly understand what motivates terrorists to attack America. The obvious conclusion to be drawn by American policymakers is that the United States needs to stop meddling in the internal affairs of other countries and regions, except when they directly threaten the territorial integrity, national sovereignty, or liberty of the United States.

Thus, 9/11 highlights the need for the United States to distance itself from problems that do not truly affect U.S. national security. Much of the anti-American resentment around the world, particularly in the Islamic world, is the result of interventionist U.S. foreign policy. Such resentment breeds hatred, which becomes a stepping-stone to violence, including terrorism.

But the new National Security Strategy promulgated by President Bush in September 2002 does just the opposite. It prescribes a global security strategy based on the false belief that the best and only way to achieve U.S. security is by forcibly creating a better and safer world in America's image. A better approach would be a less interventionist foreign policy.

It is too late to stop al Qaeda from targeting America and Americans. The United States must do everything in its power to dismantle the al Qaeda terrorist network worldwide, but the United States must also avoid needlessly making new terrorist enemies or fueling the flames of virulent anti-American hatred. In the 21st century, the less the United States meddles in the affairs of other countries, the less likely the prospect that America and Americans will be targets for terrorism.

Full Text of Policy Analysis No. 496 (PDF, 26 pgs, 152 Kb)

© 2003 The Cato Institute


Reprinted from THE FUTURIST, July-August 1989


[EDITORS NOTE: Seems that the government didn't read this article]

The Growing Threat of Terrorism

By Marvin J. Cetron

Summary: International terrorism will continue to grow into the twenty-first century. Increasingly, homegrown terrorism will be a problem for the United States.


There can be no doubt that terrorism will continue into the next century. It is the primary way in which the weak and disenfranchised can ensure that their voices will be heard and that governments will feel the pressure to meet their demands, even when they are counter to the will of the majority. It is a war of psychology and perception. The terrorist's message to the targeted government is, "No matter how big and powerful you are, no matter how small we are, we can hurt you if you don't do what we want."

Bombing, assassination, and kidnapping will continue because they carry the terrorist message effectively. These crimes instill fear in the populace, because they never know when they will be hurt. As a result, citizens question the true power of their government.

Terrorist attacks are effective because the terrorist can use any damage done anywhere to get his or her point across. Since it is impossible to guard every person, every bus or every place of business in a country all the time, the terrorist merely has to wait for a convenient moment to strike. No act of terrorism is ever "senseless," since a climate of fear and mistrust is precisely what the terrorist wants.

In 1986, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff lumped all forms of Third World violence together under the term "low-intensity conflict." According to the joint chiefs, "Low intensity conflict is a limited, politico-military struggle to achieve political, social, economic, or psychological objectives. It is often protracted and ranges from diplomatic, economic, and psychological pressures through terrorism and insurgency. Low-intensity conflict is generally confined to a geographical area and is often characterized by constraints on the weaponry, tactics, and level of violence." Former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger says that "low-intensity conflict [is] the most immediate threat to free-world security for the rest of this century."

Since the 1960s, low-intensity conflict has undergone a worldwide revolution in its scope and organization. The United States and Great Britain organized special operations military and paramilitary forces to deal with insurrections in the Third World, while the Soviet Union began teaching the Palestine Liberation Organization how to fight effectively after Israel's victory in the Six-Day War in 1967.

Terrorist activity has always had its roots in specific political or religious conflicts within specific geographic areas. But when nations saw the chance to extend their spheres of influence without expending their own troops, they fostered this covert warfare, raising levels of training and even developing weapons specifically for terrorism and counterinsurgency. The quantum leap in the level of terrorist activity from 1960 to the present — both in numbers and sophistication — has left the superpowers struggling to catch up.

New Weapons
The traditional weapons of the terrorist were cheap, readily available, and would do the job. They ranged from the knife to the small automatic rifle to the plastic explosive. But now that they have the money and technical facilities of whole countries to back them, terrorists have a whole new range of weapons to use against a completely new set of targets:

  • Stinger hand-held rockets. Small, light, and powerful, Stingers can be used — with almost no training — to knock out an airplane.
  • Computer viruses. Viruses are programs that destroy data stored in a computer's memory. It is relatively easy for a programmer to write a program that will tell the computer to erase its memory or otherwise render its programs useless. What makes these viruses so hard to trace is that they often contain timing instructions, so that it might be months between the time a virus is introduced and the time it is triggered. The programmer simply embeds the codes into an otherwise harmless program, then tries to get the program into a victim's computer.
  • Electromagnetic pulse generators. Put a pulse generator on the power line to an important computer, and the pulse will wipe out the data in the computer's memory.
  • Chemical and biological weapons. Chemical weapons range from old-fashioned poison in the water and nerve gas to a new Liquid Metal Embrittlement agent (LME). Applied with a felt-tip type pen, LME is a clear, invisible substance that changes the chemical structure of a metal so that it is no longer resilient and flexible. The result: The metal can fracture under stress. Trucks, airplanes, or bridges would be vulnerable to catastrophic failure without advance warning.

The standard chemical weapons are frightening because they can be concocted from cheap and readily available materials. Common pesticide and fertilizer components can be used to make poison gas, while deadly chlorine gas can be obtained from the electrolysis of ocean water.

Some 20 countries are now developing chemical weapons, and at least 10 countries are working on biological weapons, according to CIA Director William Webster.

Chemical and biological weapons may become the "nuclear weapons" of small countries, since they are weapons of mass destruction that are easier to come by than nuclear weapons. Perhaps industrialized nations should consider banning from their schools and universities students from developing countries manufacturing biological or chemical weapons, since you can't produce these without a substantial technical education.

Unlikely Terrorist Acts

Marvin Cetron says there are five terrorist attacks that are unlikely to occur in the near future in the United States, since such actions would be absolute acts of war, requiring, high-power, violent retaliation:
1. There will be no attack on the U.S. Congress.
2. There will be no nuclear attack on any U.S. city.
3. Though there will be threats, no one will poison the water supply of a whole U.S. city.
4. The will be no well-coordinated, general attack on transport (e.g., blowing up railroad bridges), communications (destroying telephone centers), or the electrical power system (destroying many line transformers) to cripple a large part of the United States. Though small-scale individual attacks could occur at any time, a coordinated nationwide attack is beyond the means of most likely terrorist groups in the next decade.
5. No violent attacks or hostage taking will take place at TV or radio stations or newspaper offices, because terrorists know they need media publicity. The American media stick together against all outside attack.

  • Nuclear Weapons. Technically, it is horrifyingly easy to produce an atomic bomb: Actual plans for building a bomb have been printed several times. The hardest part is obtaining the teaspoonful of weapons-grade plutonium that will produce an explosion the size of that produced by the Hiroshima bomb. Nuclear energy plants produce this substance as waste material. Though waste-storage sites and transports are closely guarded, there is at least 100 pounds of plutonium missing from various sites and shipments around the world. That's not very much over the course of the 40+ years since the development of nuclear power, but it means that it is possible that there are terrorists in possession of both the knowledge and the materials to build atomic bombs.

The Coming Rise in Domestic Terror
The biggest change in low-intensity conflict in the next decade will be an explosion in the incidence of domestic terror in the United States. Security measures currently in place around the world will help slow the spread of international terrorism, but the frustrated in the United States will begin to take their cue from terrorists abroad. Some of the groups that have already begun terrorist-type actions include:

  • Antiabortionists. Planned Parenthood offices and women's health clinics that offer abortion have already been bombed. Attacks will get worse because religious groups believe that God's law puts them above civil law and other people's rights.
  • Drug dealers. Terrorism by drug dealers will aim at breaking the resistance of city and state governments and law enforcement agencies. It will be sponsored by organized crime and "disorganized crime" — the kind of crazed violence observed in crack users that stuns those who haven't seen it. The methods may be inspired by the international terrorists, but the organized-crime armies have been trained and weaned in Colombian drug wars.

The U.S. government can muster tremendous resources to fight terrorism within its borders, and national leaders have always had to deal with threats from other countries. Few city mayors or state governments, however, are psychologically prepared or fiscally and strategically able to deal with sustained pressure from terrorism.

  • Counterterror from the right. In Colombia, people who got tired of police inability to deal with terrorism have formed death squads to "help out" the police. The same thing could happen in the United States.

New Targets
Many vital industries and resources are staggeringly vulnerable to attack. Even if there were the will to do so, it would be expensive and inconvenient to guard every office and factory. But some changes will have to be made to reduce their vulnerability to crippling terrorist attacks.

Computer attacks already account for some 60% of all terrorist attacks in the world. Twenty-four computer centers were bombed in West Germany in one year. Italy's Red Brigades and France's Action Directe have both targeted computer systems in Europe. It is only a matter of time before someone takes advantage of U.S. computer vulnerability.

France and Spain have already felt the terror when antinuclear groups broke into nuclear plants to protest their operation. These groups only shut down the power, but there is the threat of reactor meltdown and widespread radiation damage due to terrorist attacks on these facilities.

Only two pipelines supply virtually all the natural gas to the northeastern United States. Both are regulated by high-pressure pumps that are manufactured in foreign countries, with replacement times of more than a year. Both pipelines are essentially unprotected.

Two bridges, one over the Ohio River near Cincinnati, the other over the Potomac River near Washington, D.C., handle all the north-south railroad traffic in the eastern United States. Neither is guarded.

Fewer than 10 regional switching stations control virtually all the telephone communications in all the large cities of the United States. In May 1988, one of these stations caught fire in Hinsdale, Illinois, a suburb southwest of Chicago. It is an automated facility, with a single watchman on site and an overseer who monitors warning lights in a facility 100 miles away. By the time the technicians actually believed their warning lights and summoned help, the station was destroyed, plunging one-third of all western Chicago phones into silence. Because the station was between O'Hare Airport in Chicago and the regional air traffic control center in Aurora, Illinois, O'Hare was without much of its air traffic controls for hours.

Even with round-the-clock work crews, it took three months to repair the station. Phone service was not fully restored until August. With no phone transmission of any kind, many computer networks also went down. Only cellular phones using satellite transmission, such as car phones, were unaffected.

The telephone switching station fire points to a vexing problem for the increasingly high-tech industrial United States. There are fewer and fewer individuals who monitor the safety of the nation's highly automated industrial facilities. The human overseers who are there have enough experience with faulty equipment that they often distrust malfunction signals. The telephone overseer in Illinois disregarded his first "fire" signal because there was an electrical storm between his office and the switching station, and he knew that could cause a false display. Another problem is that these automated systems often have security systems that are tied to regular electric and phone transmission lines. If something happens to the electrical or telephone system, the security people are often "left in the dark."

Fighting the Plague
An effective war against terrorism must be fought on two fronts: the military and the political. Until very recently, the U.S. approach to fighting terrorism was completely defensive and reactive. According to Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, formerly chief of the CIA, "As late as 1980, there was no focused, ongoing intelligence-collection effort to try to pin down the scale of terrorist activity." In 1981, the Reagan administration set about correcting this situation. The president called on the State Department, the CIA, the FBI, and the military to pool their resources. They formulated strategies for dealing with terrorists and insurgents. From this brain trust came the notion of low-intensity conflict.

Police, military, intelligence, and security people are on alert now around the world. They look for concealed weapons, check for correct ID and passports, and watch borders for movements of known terrorists or suspicious characters. These measures should help prevent incidents like the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon.

In combating terror, it is important to recognize that terrorists themselves differ widely in their motives and level of commitment. On a practical level, this means that some activists will be more open to dissuasion and more reachable than others. We can stop some violence — and we can tone down other acts — by our response to terrorist actions.

Fawaz Younis is a terrorist. He was the leader and spokesman for the group that hijacked and destroyed a Royal Jordanian airliner, and he took part in the hijack of TWA Flight 847, in which a U.S. Navy diver was killed. Younis was tracked by the FBI and CIA, then set up and lured into a trap. Arrested in international waters off Cyprus, Younis was brought by the Navy to stand trial for his crimes and was recently found guilty in a U.S. court. However, questions about the method of his arrest and the conditions under which he made a confession raised the serious possibility that Younis might be freed by a judge before he ever faced trial.

Alberto Franceschini represents a different type of activist — one much more like the type we are likely to find within the United States. One of the three founders of the Red Brigades, the terrorist organization that killed Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro in 1978, Franceschini was betrayed and arrested. In prison, with time to analyze his experience, Franceschini decided to give up terrorism. "Armed struggle was useless," he says, "because Italy wanted not a revolution but simply to live well." Franceschini contrasts his Red Brigades with the Basque separatist movement, which has "a broad social base extending from the bourgeoisie to the proletariat . . . it is an independence movement, with deep cultural and historical roots, something the Red Brigades lack."

If we can better understand these different types of terrorism, we will be better able to deal with them. Younis is typical of international terrorism today. He is motivated by deep-seated nationalism and religion; for that reason, his political movement has widespread popular support. There was little question of his guilt, since he freely admitted his part in terrorist activities. Convicted in his trial, he will likely be seen by his supporters as a martyr to his cause. If he had been set free, he would have declared it a victory for his movement and vindication of their point of view, not a failure of the U.S. justice system.

The types of terrorists likely to surface in the United States in the next decade will be closer to the Franceschini type than to that of Younis. Like the Italians, most Americans want only to live well, so that violent activists must by their nature be tiny groups trying to impose their extreme views on the majority. In order to defeat terrorism, that majority must be unflinching in the face of extreme, unrelenting, painful attacks.

The justice system must never waiver in dealing as harshly as possible with those who resort to violence to enforce their will. Groups that advocate or condone violence must never be underestimated or overlooked. Granted, the most deeply committed of the terrorists will never be fazed by the threat of punishment. But group members may be persuaded to abandon violence. An activist faced with life in prison for terrorist acts may well decide that the risk is not worth the possible benefit gained.

The most dangerous of homegrown activists in the United States are, by this reasoning, the collection of groups with religious motivation, such as the antiabortionists. These groups, which have already been involved in a number of violent incidents around the United States, take God's word as their stepping-off point. It is but a small step for the most-fanatical antiabortionists to say that their stance is not merely prolife but pro-God; for them, violence, even murder, may no longer be a crime but a necessary if regrettable means to a necessary end. In this, they have much in common with Moslem fundamentalists, who swore to kill writer Salman Rushdie when his novel The Satanic Verses seemed to grant their religion less respect than they felt it was due.

If ever we let know terrorists go free because of a technicality of the law, we only convince them further of the rightness of their cause. If ever we negotiate with kidnappers, we only demonstrate our weakness and their correct selection of a target.

Former French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac made a statement about dealing with terrorists several years ago:

When you negotiate with people who take hostages, you are obliged, in the negotiation, to give something. It may be just a little…but you have to give something. Once you have given something, the kidnapper gains from his action. So what is his normal…reaction? He does it again, thinking that it is a way of obtaining what he cannot obtain by other means.

So you get caught in a process…. You can get two, three, or four hostages freed. But you give the kidnapper an inducement to seize another four, five or six. So it is an extraordinarily dangerous and irresponsible process. That's why I don't negotiate.

Unfortunately, Chirac forgot his high principles when he was losing a presidential election and negotiated the release of three French citizens held captive in Lebanon in return for paying off a French loan in Iran.

Winning the War Against Terrorism
War with terrorists is a bit of a high-wire act. A country's response to a terrorist raid must be tough enough to encourage its allies and to convey the message that the country won't stop fighting after the first black eye. And the terrorists must be told that the nation will not be intimidated, no matter what the threats or crimes. On the other hand, the response must not be so harsh that the allies desert the cause or the terrorists and their backers are forced to escalate their response, starting a war.

U.S. law enforcement authorities will have their hands full coping with the new tide of domestic terrorism in the next century. Swamped by this flood of stateside terrorism, local governments and police forces will press the federal government to enact laws that allow extraordinary measures to be taken in certain situations, the new legislation will define terrorism and clarify the duties of federal and state authorities. Meanwhile, the decriminalization of drugs will take away the motivation for drug merchants to conduct a terrorist war against law enforcement authorities. After a number of attacks on industrial sites, the United States will finally get smart and post security forces around computer centers, reservoirs, electrical power stations, and phone switching stations.

Make no mistake about it: Terrorism is here to stay because it is still a useful tool for conveying an old message. It will take 10 to 15 years before the United States can get its act together to end the new terrorism. In the meantime, the best remedy against future terrorism is better preparation now: The United States must prepare psychologically, socially, and militarily. Security systems in the public and private sectors must be rethought — and hard questions about laws and theories of justice must be asked.

About the Author
Marvin J. Cetron
<>, Ph.D., is president of Forecasting International Ltd., which for four decades has been tracking the key forces changing our world. His most recent special report for the World Future Society, "50 Trends Now Changing the World" (2001, 28 pages), is available from the Futurist Bookstore for $8 ($7.20 for Society members), cat. no. R-2369.

This article is excerpted from American Renaissance: Our Life at the Turn of the 21st Century, co-authored by Cetron and Owen Davies.

(Reprinted from the July-August 1989 issue of THE FUTURIST.)






The September 11th Terrorist Murder of 3,000 Innocent Americans and the Setting up of Sleeper Cells in America... Brought to you Through the Indolence and Corruption of the US Department of Justice and Immigration and Naturalization Service.

9/11 Mastermind: Original Plan Involved 10 Planes and Combined Attacks When US Department of Justice was Using its Resources to Silence Whistleblowers Newswire September 21, 2003

WASHINGTON -  Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks, has told American interrogators that he first discussed the plot with Osama bin Laden in 1996 and that the original plan called for hijacking five commercial jets on each U.S. coast before it was modified several times, according to interrogation reports reviewed by The Associated Press.

At the same time, the US Department of Justice and INS were using their resources to threaten, terminate and silence USDOJ employee and Whistleblower Caryl Leventhal.  While an employee of the USDOJ's Immigration and Naturalization Service, Ms. Leventhal attempted to stop the selling of Green Cards and issuing of visas without proper background checks.

Ms. Leventhal was physically threatened, brutalized, terminated and threatened with arrest and prosecution if she didn't stop in her efforts to keep terrorist sleeper cells from being set up in America.

Mohammed also divulged that, in its final stages, the hijacking plan called for as many as 22 terrorists and four planes in a first wave, followed by a second wave of suicide hijackings that were to be aided possibly by al-Qaida allies in southeast Asia, according to the reports.

Over time, bin Laden scrapped various parts of the Sept. 11 plan, including attacks on both coasts and hijacking or bombing some planes in East Asia, Mohammed is quoted as saying in reports that shed new light on the origins and evolution of the plot of Sept. 11, 2001.

INS Actions aid Muhammad and Malvo in Murder Spree that Kills 10 in Maryland and Virginia Newswire October 27, 2002

Both psychologically and physically, John Allen Muhammad, 41, and John Lee Malvo, 17 were joined at the hip. Muhammad was the Nation of Islam Al Qaeda sympathizer who chose that name as a sign of kinship with the Arab terrorists who murdered over 3,000 innocent Americans on September 11, 2001. Malvo was the sociopathic illegal alien from Jamaica who the US Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service set loose on the American people.

They were bound by a hatred of Americans and in a very real sense, fed off each other to form a lethal combination of terrorism.   

But on October 24, 2002 the Associated Press reported that a Justice Department official defended the Immigration and Naturalization Service's decision to set John Lee Malvo free even though the Jamaican teenager faced possible deportation.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, rejected criticism voiced by Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., who attacked the INS decision. Tancredo made his charge shortly after Malvo, 17, and John Allen Muhammad, 41, were described by the leaders of a state and federal police task force as the two individuals responsible for the deaths of 10 people in a series of sniper shootings that terrorized the Washington, D.C., area.

The Justice Department official said the agency acted properly in Malvo's case because it does not require the posting of bonds for juvenile immigrants who are arrested with their parents.

In this case, Una James, Malvo's mother, who was also accused of entering the United States illegally with her son, was required to post a $1,500 bond, pending a Nov. 20 deportation hearing. Malvo, then 16, was released into the custody of his mother, which is standard INS policy, the official said.

James and Malvo were cited by a Border Patrol officer in January for illegally entering the United States after Bellingham, Wash., police investigated an incident at a homeless shelter where they were living. They told the officer that they had arrived in the United States as stowaways on a ship filled with Asians, Tancredo said.

Although the Border Patrol officer who cited them in Bellingham listed them as stowaways, the Justice Department official said they were not stowaways under U.S. law. A stowaway does not have the right to be released on bond, the official said. The Justice official said that after their arrest, another INS official reclassified their arrest to allow them to be released, pending their November hearing on the illegal-entry charges. This was done, even though the officer who arrested them described the two as likely to flee.

This is standard INS practice to reduce caseload, even at the expense of safety to Americans.

In the legal profession, judicial ethics is little more than the appearance of propriety. Put simply, fingers can't be pointed at you  as long as legal technicalities can be manipulated to validate your actions. It has nothing to do with common sense, justice, safety or not acting like a bureaucratic robot. And since the USDOJ INS writes their own legal guidelines, they build in clauses to cloak themselves behind this appearance of propriety whenever things go wrong.

Well things went very wrong.  But a bureaucratically traitorous US Department of Justice and their Immigration and Naturalization Service continues to be more interested in using self-serving regulations to cover their errors in common sense.  They continue responding to terrorism by  ripping away American liberty and waiting for more of us to die.




Gunman kills five in random attack in Utah shopping mall

SALT LAKE CITY -- A gunman entered a shopping mall and began randomly opening fire on customers last night, killing five people and injuring many others before he was killed, police said.

More than three hours later, police were searching stores for shocked shoppers and employees who were hunkered down awaiting a safe escort from the Trolley Square mall.

"We have six fatalities and multiple victims at hospitals," police Detective Robin Snyder said. "They were found throughout the mall. "

The two-story enclosed mall, just southeast of downtown, is a refurbished old trolley barn, with a series of winding hallways and about 80 stores.

Barrett Dodds, 29, owner of a store selling antiques, said he saw a man in a trench coat exchanging gunfire with a police officer outside a card store. The gunman was backed into a children's clothing store, he said. "I saw the cops go in the store. I saw the shooter go down," Dodds said .

Barb McKeown, 60, of Washington, D.C., was in another antique shop when two frantic women ran in and reported gunshots. "Then we heard shot after shot after shot -- loud, loud, loud," said McKeown . She and three other people hid under a staircase until it was safe to leave.

Many employees and shoppers were afraid to leave the scene even well after the shooting stopped. Police searched the mall for people who were still hiding.

"This is a huge area to cover," Snyder said.

Streets were blocked outside the mall as police swarmed the scene. Dozens of people lingered on the sidewalk, many wrapped in blankets.

Utah authorities guard against backlash

(Salt Lake City-AP) February 15, 2007 - Salt Lake City authorities are assuring Bosnian immigrants they won't stand for any backlash against them after a Bosnian teenager shot five people to death in a crowded shopping mall Monday.

Mayor Rocky Anderson is condemning critics who have lashed out at Bosnians in blogs, e-mails and phone calls. Anderson says they've jumped to "unjustified, outrageous conclusions" simply because a Muslim was involved.

The police chief says investigators still haven't determined the motive for the attack.

The teenager (Sulejman Talovic) shot nine people, five fatally, at the Trolley Square mall. He died in a shootout with police. He and his family emigrated to Utah as war refugees in 1998.

As many as 10,000 people from the Balkans, many of them refugees and some Muslim, have made Utah their home.

Posted 10:34pm by Chantelle Janelle


Lessons from a Muslim Youth's Killing Spree in Salt Lake City

Written by Dave Nalle
Published February 15, 2007

On Tuesday evening Sulejman Talovic headed to Trolley Square Mall like many other Salt Lake City teens. But instead of a credit card and iPod, he had a shotgun and .38 caliber pistol hidden under his black trenchcoat - plus a backpack full of ammunition.

Within minutes five shoppers were dead and four injured before Talovic was held at gunpoint by off-duty police officer Ken Hammond until more officers arrived, at which point Talovic was fatally shot when he refused to surrender his weapons. Law enforcement officials say the body count could have been much higher if Officer Hammond had not been armed and on the spot to intervene.

Little is known about Talovic's background, except that he was an 18-year-old Bosnian Muslim who recently immigrated to the U.S. with his mother. Apparently he had trouble in school and was moved from one school to the next until expelled from the school system altogether. It’s mostly speculative what sort of resentments he may have harbored toward the U.S. or American citizens as a result of his religion and growing up in the midst of the Bosnian conflict. But he clearly suffered from the same kind of teenage alienation that has driven other young spree killers, perhaps exacerbated by his background and experiences.

It's possible that Talovic represents a growing trend deeply concerning law-enforcement: the “perfect storm” combination of teenage anger and alienation typified by Columbine killers - with the sense of persecution and identification with terrorists felt by some young Muslims living in Western countries. This combination is a literal recipe for the kind of sudden, minimally planned, individual terrorist action which is very hard to predict or prevent.

The anger of Muslim youth has been amply demonstrated by occurrences like riots and violence in France, and smaller-scale incidents in virtually every European nation, such as the murder of film director Theo van Gogh in Holland and the attacks on the London mass transport system in 2005. Law enforcement officials in England, France and other European countries are taking Muslim youth volatility in their countries very seriously.

This problem is obvious in European nations with relatively large numbers of Muslim immigrants, but the threat is also very real in the United States and Canada. In December, Chicago police arrested Derrick Shareef for plotting to carry out a hand grenade attack at a local mall. Fortunately, the person he approached for buying grenades turned out to be an FBI informant, and Shareef was arrested before he could do any harm. 

Concern about this type of threat is very high in Canada where a group of young Muslims were arrested last summer for plotting to carry out truck bomb attacks in Toronto. Canada's intelligence service has studied young, alienated Muslims who are receptive to the message of Jihad. They believe that one of the major factors in motivating attacks is 24/7 access to the messages of Jihadist “spiritual leaders” who are promoting terrorism via the Internet. These leaders spread anti-Western propaganda and play on anger over the conflicts in the countries from which young immigrants come, to encourage them to express anger and frustration through violence.

Major terror attacks have traditionally required considerable organization and planning, and involved specific and identifiable leaders who were directly involved and promoted and organized attacks. Although some of those terrorist plots were successful, they were vulnerable to exposure by informants or to discovery by law enforcement. This dynamic seems to be changing, as the combination of direct access to leadership through the internet and a population of alienated Muslim youth in Western nations makes it far easier to launch sudden and highly effective attacks, organized in isolation, and without the vulnerability of a terror network or support structure. These attacks may be smaller in scale, but they are much harder to predict and prevent, making them potentially highly effective.

Many teens in America are already alienated from their parents, their schools and society. Factors like religion and ethnicity can further isolate them from their peers. Some may even embrace radical Islam when it is not part of their family or cultural background, because they identify with the enemies of the society from which they feel alienated. Add to this the availability of advice, leadership and encouragement from online provocateurs and you have a powerful mixture for generating domestic terrorism on a scale and with a frequency which dwarfs any threat that Al Qaeda or other groups can generate from beyond our borders.

Because terror-prone youths work in isolation and are hard to identify and apprehend before they act, merely increasing domestic surveillance and monitoring everyone in the at-risk population is not a terribly effective method for preventing violent incidents. As shown in Salt Lake City this week, the most effective way to discourage this sort of violence or stop it in its tracks is armed citizen response. 

Had Officer Hammond not been armed and present, the death toll at Trolley Square Mall certainly would have been much higher. Hammond happened to be an off-duty police officer, but any trained and armed citizen could have stopped Talovic just as effectively. Utah has a law which allows any citizen over the age of 21 who receives formal instruction before carrying a concealed firearm - a legal option valid in 35 states and under consideration in most others.

The ineffectiveness of normal police methods in pursuing potential terrorists has resulted in increasing infringements of the rights of citizens:  to the point where the price in the destruction of the values on which our free society is based is higher than we can really afford to pay. The presence of armed and trained citizens is a deterrent to crime and terrorism, and creates the potential for immediate response. This is far more effective than all efforts by law enforcement to find and identify potential terrorists who are not part of large organized groups, and it comes from protecting and preserving citizen rights, rather than restricting them. It's a far more appropriate response to this threat for a society which values freedom.

These lone-wolf terrorists are a more real and immediaate threat to US citizens than Al Qaeda has ever been. But as demonstrated this week in Salt Lake City, real homeland security against such threats lies in giving citizens the ability to defend themselves and others, not in wiretaps and warrantless searches.


Omaha Mall Gunman Left a Suicide Note

Posted: 2007-12-06 17:17:24
Filed Under: Crime News, Nation News
OMAHA, Neb. (Dec. 6) -- The teenage gunman who went on a shooting rampage in a department store may have smuggled an assault rifle into the mall underneath clothing, police said Thursday.

Police Chief Thomas Warren said the young man "appeared to be concealing something balled up in a hooded sweat shirt" he was carrying, according to a surveillance video.

Moments later, as gunshots rang out over Christmas music, those at Westroads Mall huddled in dressing rooms and barricaded themselves in offices as the shooter, 19-year-old Robert A. Hawkins, sprayed the third floor of Von Maur with gunfire. When the shooting was over, Hawkins killed himself.

His victims included six store employees and two customers, police said.

The customers killed included Gary Scharf, 48 of Lincoln and John McDonald, 65, of Council Bluffs, Iowa. The employees killed included Angie Schuster, 36, of Omaha; Maggie Webb, 24; Janet Jorgensen, 66 of Omaha; Diane Trent, 53 of Omaha; Gary Joy, 56 of Omaha; and Beverly Flynn, 47, of Omaha.

The mall was closed Thursday as authorities continued to investigate what may have motivated the teen to go on the shooting spree. The shooting spree was Nebraska's deadliest since January 1958, when Charles Starkweather killed 10 people in Nebraska and another in Wyoming.

Hawkins apparently had a troubled past. He recently split with his girlfriend and been fired from McDonald's. He also had a criminal record and had left or been kicked out of his parents' house.

He dropped out of Papillion-La Vista High School as a senior in March 2006, principal James Glover said Thursday. While he wasn't a loner, he had a very small group of friends and was not involved in extracurricular activities, Glover said.

"It was never a situation where he was out of the loop because people were picking on him," Glover said.
Debora Maruca-Kovac and her husband, whose sons were friends with Hawkins, welcomed him into their home and tried to help him.

"When he first came in the house, he was introverted, a troubled young man who was like a lost pound puppy that nobody wanted," Maruca-Kovac told The Associated Press.

About an hour before the shooting, Hawkins called her and told her he had written a suicide note, Maruca-Kovac said. In the note, which was turned over to authorities, Hawkins wrote that he was "sorry for everything" and would not be a burden on his family anymore. More ominously, he wrote, "Now I'll be famous."

"He had said how much he loved his family and all his friends and how he was sorry he was a burden to everybody and his whole life he was a piece of (expletive) and now he'll be famous," she told CBS' "The Early Show," Thursday, describing the note. "I was fearful that he was going to try to commit suicide but I had no idea that he would involve so many other families."

Records in Sarpy and Washington counties showed Hawkins had a felony drug conviction and several misdemeanor cases filed against him, including an arrest 11 days before the shooting for having alcohol as a minor. He was due in court in two weeks.

Maruca-Kovac told the Omaha World-Herald that the night before the shooting, Hawkins and her sons showed her an SKS semiautomatic Russian military rifle — the same type used in the shooting. She said she thought the gun belonged to a member of Hawkins' family, but didn't think much of it because the gun looked too old to work.

Mickey Vickory, who worked in the store's third-floor service department, said she heard shots and went with coworkers and customers into a back closet, emerging about a half-hour later when police shouted to come out with their hands up. As police led them to another part of the mall for safety, they saw the victims.

"We saw the bodies and we saw the blood," she said.

Keith Fidler, another Von Maur employee, said he heard a burst of five to six shots followed by 15 to 20 more rounds. Fidler said he huddled in the corner of the men's clothing department with about a dozen other employees until police yelled to get out of the store.

Witness Shawn Vidlak said the shots sounded like a nail gun. At first he thought it was noise from construction work at the mall.

"People started screaming about gunshots," Vidlak said. "I grabbed my wife and kids. We got out of there as fast as we could."

The sprawling, three-level mall has more than 135 stores and restaurants. It gets 14.5 million visitors every year, according to its Web site.

It was the second mass shooting at a mall this year. In February, nine people were shot, five of them fatally, at Trolley Square mall in Salt Lake City. The gunman, 18-year-old Sulejman Talovic, was shot and killed by police.

Copyright 2007 The Associated Press.

Omaha gunman freed from centers, homes

By ANNA JO BRATTON and NATE JENKINS, Associated Press Writers 34 minutes ago

OMAHA, Neb. - The young man who killed eight people and committed suicide in a shooting rampage at a department store spent four years in a series of treatment centers, group homes and foster care after threatening to kill his stepmother in 2002.

Finally, in August 2006, social workers, the courts and his father all agreed: It was time for Robert Hawkins to be released — nine months before he turned 19 and would have been required to leave anyway.

The group homes and treatment centers were for youths with substance abuse, mental or behavioral problems.

Altogether, the state spent about $265,000 on Hawkins, officials said.

On Thursday, while some of those who knew Hawkins called the massacre Wednesday at a busy Omaha mall unexpected, not everyone was surprised.

"He should have gotten help, but I think he needed someone to help him and needed someone to be there when in the past he's said he wanted to kill himself," said Karissa Fox, who said she knew Hawkins through a friend. "Someone should have listened to him."

Todd Landry, state director of children and family services, said court records do not show precisely why Hawkins was released. But he said if Hawkins should not have been set free, someone would have raised a red flag.

"It is my opinion, it was not a failure of the system to provide appropriate services," Landry said. "If that was an issue, any of the participants in the case would have brought that forward."

After reviewing surveillance tape, a suicide note and Hawkins' last conversations with those close to him, police said they don't know — and may never know — exactly why Hawkins went to the Von Maur store at Westroads Mall and shot more than a dozen people.

But he clearly planned ahead, walking through the store, exiting, then returning a few minutes later with a gun concealed in a balled-up sweatshirt he was carrying, authorities said.

Debora Maruca-Kovac, a woman who with her husband took Hawkins into their home because he had no other place to live, told the Omaha World-Herald that the night before the shooting, Hawkins and her sons showed her a semiautomatic rifle. She said she thought the gun looked too old to work.

Police believe Hawkins was using that AK-47 when he stormed off a third-floor elevator at the store and started shooting.

Police said they have found no connections between the 19-year-old and the six employees and two shoppers he killed.

"The shooting victims were randomly selected," as was the location of the shooting, Omaha Police Chief Thomas Warren said.

Acquaintances said that Hawkins was a drug user and that he had a history of depression. In 2005 and 2006, according to court records, he underwent psychiatric evaluations, the reasons for which Landry would not disclose, citing privacy rules.

In May 2002, he was sent to a treatment center in Waynesville, Mo., after threatening his stepmother. Four months later, a Nebraska court decided Hawkins' problems were serious enough that he should be under state supervision and made him a ward of the state.

He went through a series of institutions in Nebraska as he progressed through the system: months at a treatment center and group home in Omaha in 2003; time in a foster care program and treatment center in 2004 and 2005; then a felony drug-possession charge later in 2005. Landry said the court records do not identify the drug.

The drug charge was eventually dropped, but he was jailed in 2006 for not performing community service as required.

On Aug. 21, 2006, he was released from state custody.

Under state law, Landry said, wards are released when all sides — parents, courts, social workers — agree it is time for them to go. Once Hawkins was set free, he was entirely on his own. He was no longer under state supervision, and was not released into anyone's custody.

Asked whether the state should have watched over Hawkins after he was released, Peterson said: "When our role is ended, we try to step out."

About an hour before the shootings, Hawkins called Maruca-Kovac and told her he had written a suicide note, Maruca-Kovac said. In the note, Hawkins wrote that he was "sorry for everything" and would not be a burden on his family anymore. More ominously, he wrote: "Now I'll be famous."

"He had said how much he loved his family and all his friends and how he was sorry he was a burden to everybody and his whole life he was a piece of (expletive) and now he'll be famous," Maruca-Kovac said on CBS' "The Early Show," describing the note. "I was fearful that he was going to try to commit suicide, but I had no idea that he would involve so many other families."

The shoppers killed were Gary Scharf, 48, of Lincoln, and John McDonald, 65, of Council Bluffs, Iowa. The employees killed were Angie Schuster, 36; Maggie Webb, 24; Janet Jorgensen, 66; Diane Trent, 53; Gary Joy, 56; and Beverly Flynn, 47, all of Omaha.


Nate Jenkins contributed to this report from Lincoln, Neb. Associated Press writer Oskar Garcia in Omaha also contributed.


Police seek link in Colo. attacks; victims ID'd

DENVER — Two teenage sisters, one of them home from an overseas Christian mission, were identified Monday as the fatal victims of a gunman who terrorized a Colorado Springs mega-church Sunday and may be linked to deadly pre-dawn shootings earlier at a religious training center 80 miles away.

The girls' father is among three others who were wounded, the Colorado Springs Police Department said.

A female security staffer at the 7,000-member New Life Church shot the unidentified gunman dead in the 1:15 p.m. MT incident Sunday, police said.

The police chief of Arvada, a suburb north of Denver, said at a briefing Sunday he has "reason to believe" the unidentified shooter in both killing sprees may have been the same.

The two cities' police departments continue to investigate whether there is a connection. The two religious facilities are not related.

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter, a former Denver district attorney, said Monday the Colorado Bureau of Investigation ?will specifically be conducting forensics analysis? of evidence in the shootings.

The Associated Press reported that a house near Englewood, Colo., about 15 miles south of Denver, was being searched early Monday in connection with the shootings.

The violence began shortly after midnight Sunday in a dormitory at the Youth With A Mission training center in Arvada and ended about 13 hours later at New Life, about 80 miles south.

Brady Boyd, senior pastor at New Life, said today the plainclothes security guard who killed the intruder "was a real hero (who) probably saved 100 people."

The gunman "had enough ammunition on him to cause a lot of damage," Boyd told reporters outside the church.

The pastor said the unidentified, volunteer guard normally works as his personal security at worship services and was stationed in the rotunda.

He said she heard the initial gunshots outside and "rushed toward the attacker and took him down in the hallway" before he could get 50 feet inside.

But the man, described by witnesses as dressed in a dark overcoat and brandishing a large rifle, already had shot five people.

Boyd called the shootings "a senseless, random attack" by a man with no connection to his church.

He said New Life members are praying for the killer's family.

Colorado Springs police said Stephanie Works, 18, and Rachel Works, 16, died in the hail of bullets as New Life was emptying after Sunday worship.

Their father, David Works, 51, was hospitalized in fair condition today with two gunshot wounds.

Boyd said the family have been New Life members for about a year and a half.

Two others were treated for their wounds and released: Judy Purcell, 40, and Larry Bourbannais, 59.

Boyd, who said New Life "looks like a war scene" in the shootings' aftermath, said one of the girls recently returned from an overseas mission for New Life.

He said her service was not related to Youth With A Mission, an independent, non-denomination group with 1,110 centers and "bases" in 170 countries.

Two staff members at that group's Arvada missionary campus were killed in the 12:30 a.m. MT attack Sunday: Tiffany Johnson, 26, of Minnesota, and Philip Crouse, 24, of Alaska.

Two others staffers were wounded and hospitalized: Dan Griebenow, 24, of South Dakota, and Charlie Blanch, 22.

Boyd, who became pastor at New Life earlier this year, said the church intentionally beefed up security for Sunday's worship after hearing about the attack at the Arvada missionary campus.

He called the church security detail's handling of the incident, including evacuation of hundreds still in the church, "supernatural and unbelievable."

"None of us grew up in a church where that was a reality. Today it is," Boyd said. "Unfortunately we're a target because of the size of our church, because of the national attention we have received in the last year and a half."

Boyd's predecessor, New Life founder Ted Haggard, resigned the ministry in scandal in November 2006 after a former male prostitute in Denver accused him of having a three-year paid sexual relationship with him and of using illicit drugs.

Haggard, a married father of five and former head of the National Association of Evangelicals, admitted buying methamphetamine but denied having gay sex.

A church review board found him guilty of "sexually immoral conduct."


Dear Readers:

When I wrote in one of my newsletter titled "Lord Of Hades" Dated of December 4th 2007 ( "This trend promises to be tough for many of us, especially during a waning moon so be VERY careful of what you do or say during Pluto's jurisdiction. Be ready for the police to act unwisely and for the worse element of our society to kill innocent people. If you are in a difficult relationship do NOT stir troubles and AVOID any and all confrontations. With Pluto in charge EMOTIONS rules NO common sense is left to a choleric soul and control is a MUST!"


I don't think I exaggerated a bit by witnessing once more another "Death Wish Generation" kid's rampage.  

The shootings left four victims and the 19-year-old gunman dead, and six people were wounded. Luckily for many people the Los Angeles police arrested a 21-year-old Loyola Marymount a University student in connection with an online threat to shoot people on campus. In case you forgot, the massacre at Virginia Tech is also the result of "The Death Wish" generation.

Gunman kills 2 at missionary training center.

The young killer had asked for housing for the night and opened fire when the missionaries refused. I wish I had the DOB of this kid but I can only go with his age and indeed his UCI denunciate his Pluto (death) was located in the deadly sign of Scorpio and the tremendous destructive forces involving such a placement. It is common for those desperate kids to wear black as the description of the man fit these deadly characters walking our streets -- in his early to mid-20s, dressed in a dark coat. A simple refusal is enough to unleash the deadly sleeping bomb and born in 1988 his Dragon's Tail (past lives) was located in the pious sign of Virgo (Virgin Marie).

I teach my students that anyone born with a Dragon's Tail in Virgo carries a tremendous amount of past lives as a female and "served" the church as a nun.  Many times the soul will be "dragged" to where it once was, sure, secure and comfortable or in any of the millions of convents she operated. The role of such a pious soul was to HELP anyone in trouble where no questions were asked. The refusal triggered a very deep subconscious "disgusted" feelings against an organization that "supposed" to help those in trouble and during a Plutonic time, the deep rooted emotional deadly feelings were unlashed. Now be sure none of the psychologists or psychiatrists investigating this awful case can enter the archetypal realm of consciousness and come to the fact of what really transpired the way I do.

Traditionally educated and with no "Cosmic Consciousness" what so ever, they can only use logic and their rigid "accredited" training and will find plausible excuses for his actions. As usual, chances are such a soul may also be a victim of the medical system and walked around with "legal" drugs in his system. As a rule, operating near the Dragon's Tail past lives energy can only bring serious troubles to the soul but like the majority of the world's population the gunman had no awareness of his natal Dragon, his past lives and the "Cosmic Code".  All elements were there to produce the deadly results but as always regardless of my OBVIOUS predictions and constant pleas to raise this world spiritual awareness, those in power are NOT listening to me. I am confident with the New Age of Aquarius to breach the door of ignorance and further this rare wisdom as more and more people are signing up to my newsletters. Slowly but surely I am getting a voice and as always each time you forward my work to anyone in power, the more you are helping me in my mission.

All those vulnerable kids are very concerned in helping this sick world but working for Neptune (deception/illusion/religions) is a lost cause and the universe itself is there to "wake them up" with serious omens. After all they are working for God, how come such a tragedy happened in the house of God? How come working so hard volunteering for the "Life Church" we are not protected by his son Jesus the savior of the world? In all actions good or bad, there is ALWAYS a valid reason and Pluto's power is unknown to those good pious kids. What they do not know is that; they are MANIPULATED and even abused in they own innocence and as a paycheck promised hell if they do not fear God.  Not knowing of course that their instinct of conservation (fear of death or denied the golden doors to paradise) is what the manipulative "Church Inc" has used for centuries to build his humongous wealth worldwide.

All denominations are doing the same; Scientology, Mormonism and over 875 other different denominations in the US are fully active "training" innocent young souls to serve God for free.  Anything to do with Neptune (Pisces) is DECEIVING and may take years for the soul to free itself from his grasp. Many other souls don't have this luxury and fall prey to Neptune's deadly powers and poisoning tools. All that is confined such as churches, asylums, hospitals, jails, and synagogues are under his misleading jurisdiction. All places where drugs (Neptune's favorite toys) are legally or illegally used are his castles where the soul quickly falls in despair and madness. The only way out is suicide…but how many traditionally educated good Doctors are aware of such an old disappeared wisdom?

But the Doctor himself is not aware of his own subconscious drive, his Neptune position in the chart and the incontrollable imagination fueled by deep unconscious fears of death and that IS the very reason why he BECAME a Doctor!

But what is really AMAZING is this FACT! The Rev. Ted Haggard, an evangelical Christian leader ousted in 2006 after allegations that he had been a client of a male prostitute from whom he had purchased drugs, founded the non-denominational New Life Church. After his firing, Haggard admitted to undisclosed "sexual immorality" and called himself "a deceiver and a liar" in a letter to the congregation.

All about Neptune's endeavors are simply to be regarded with suspicion, not to be trusted, illusory and indeed misleading and the plain fact is there to see with the "seed/the founder" himself.  Knowing such a fact how can anyone join such a group? Only a vulnerable, innocent kid with pure intentions!

Who is there to wake them up and teach them? The parents? You must be joking they are probably religiously poisoned to the core for years themselves. Dead end and as terrible as it is and as mentioned in my book "The Power Of The Dragon" ALL " Death Wish" generation children have been victimized by the church in previous past lives and are, subconsciously aiming for religious groups. Anyone who read my book is aware of this fact but are you?  

Now as promised let's investigate another "death Wish" generation kid's motivation by looking at his Dragon's Tail. Robert A. Hawkins, 19 killed eight people and then himself at a Nebraska mall.

Born May 18, 1987 Robert was born with a Dragon's Tail in Libra. This position make the subject unlucky with partnerships or the law if there is no wisdom of the Universal structure.

PLANET     POSITION        (HOUSE)     
Sun                  26Tau33  (1)        (Self) To establish emotional, financial and spiritual stability.    

Moon                  27Cap46  (9)       (Colleges/Universities/education). Depressions-A very powerful drive to gain recognition – Capricorn (Head of evil in Christian theology)

Mercury     08Gem51  (2)       (Money/Self Esteem). A Dual personality

Venus      00Tau37  (1)      (Self ). Tenacious in all affairs of love, reluctant to let go.    

Mars                  27Gem57  (2) (Money/Self Esteem) Mars means danger/weapons, Gemini rules the mind and the hands.     
Jupiter     17Ari55  (12)     (Subconscious Motivation) Grandiose expectations, must find oneself. International fame/un-fame).
Saturn      19Sag28  (8)     (House of Death) Karmic Location of Saturn and with Sagittarius a strong drive for recognition.    

Uranus     25Sag52  (8)     (House of death) Uranus rules surprising shocking eccentric behavior involving death matters.     

Neptune     07Cap38  (9)     (Colleges/Universities/education). Deception/illusion/confusion.    

Pluto                08Sco04  (7)     (Facing the public/partnerships) Regeneration house. Losing a partners stimulated the deadly action.    
Dragon's Head    09Ari14  (12)     (subconscious Motivation) Wanting to find self and a drive for leadership.    

Dragon's Tail      09Lib14  (6)     (House of work/service to the world) Negative affliction with the Dragon's Tail affecting relationships and actions. O.J. Simpson was also born with the Dragon's Tail (karma/negative) in his 6th house of health, action and servicing the world.     
RULER OF CHART:     Uranus     The explosive supremely eccentric unpredictable planet Uranus rules the chart.    
IN CRITICAL DEGREES:     (Mansions of the Moon): Pluto ( Deadly motivations regulates the emotional response to life/dramatic upbringing.        
MOON PHASE:     Disseminating (Waning moon/depressions/guilt/a short life)        

'I've just snapped', I know everyone will remember me as some sort of monster; I can't take this meaningless existence anymore. Just think... I'm gonna be [expletive] famous," teenager writes his friends according to his handwritten suicide note released Friday.

DT – Lot of elements are in action such as the Plutonic trend in action this day but ruling the chart "unpredictable" Uranus indeed made him "Snap". His very recognition driven moon (emotions) in Capricorn (getting to the top of the mountain of fame) fueled his action.

"I know everyone will remember me as some sort of monster" indeed depict a full awareness and heavy guilt produced by his hidden Dragon's Head in Pisces. His hidden Dragon's Tail in Virgo (like the Gunman that killed 2 people at the missionary training center) Hawkins did not have much self esteem and felt he was living in a corrupted world. Everything and everyone never understood his "female" sensitivity and simply responded to the very powerful Plutonic trend.

Mrs Maruca-Kovac is a medical nurse and she explained that Hawkins had been treated for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and depression but was not taking any medication. She said he also had a drinking problem and would occasionally smoke marijuana in his bedroom.

DT- Note that his hidden Dragon's Tail in Virgo is against anything non-natural and he was subconsciously aware of the damage any drugs can do to both his physical and spiritual selves. Sad enough the Hidden Dragons Head in Pisces is also extremely addictive in nature and he probably (as many kids of his age) believed that pot is a natural safe drug. This Dragon in Pisces also supports alcoholism guilt and religious endeavors.

"he was sorry for everything, that he didn't want to be a burden to anybody, he loved his family, he loved all of his friends. He was a piece of shit all of his life and now he'll be famous." Mrs Maruca-Kovac thought he was improving. "He was depressed, and he had always been depressed," she said. "But he looked like he was getting better."

DT - Obviously there is a serious conflict in the chart with the drive induced by the Moon (emotions) in Capricorn (over achieving) and the hidden Dragon's Tail (nefarious) in Virgo (perfection/lack of self esteem/depressions). ." Mrs Maruca-Kovac is obviously (like all accredited mental workers prescribing anti depressants) unaware of the hidden forces regulating the subconscious drive induced by the "universal Code" interacting with Hawkins' UCI.

This kid was lost; he had NO way of regenerating his spirit and NO one to tell him the depth of his soul. An Aries Head (I am one of them born with a Dragon's Head in Aries) DEMANDS to find the golden key to what it means to be human, and then fulfill its purpose to become a leader in a particular field of action (in my case a leader of the mind). No institution, no school or University was available to him and no one had the answers he was so desperately looking for. Questions such as;

Why am I so depressed all the time?
Why do I feel so worthless?
Why am I so sensitive?
Where do I belong?
What is my purpose in life?
What can I do to make it big?
What do I have to escape reality with pot or drinking?
Why am I here on this hell?
Why everyone hates me?
Why was I born to do?
Why do I want to kill myself?
Who am I?
Is there anyone out there to help me?

Now do you the reader understand why it is SO important to have Astropsychology accepted as a solid disciple in ALL our colleges and Universities? But wait a minute building more churches or large buildings to accommodate sports and religious fanatics pays back and is this nonchalance more important than the welfare of our children fragile psyche and their future? Until then more "Death Wish" generation kids and innocent people will die and how many have to go before someone in power listen to me and help me to turn things around?

This is a DISASTER; funds should be spent wisely for the future and not to numb an unconscious society and irresponsible ignorant political, scientific and religious leaders. Instead those in power are receiving ridiculous honors pertaining to natural events making millions taping on your fears and ignorance of the Universal scheme of things.

Gore, U.N scientist accept Nobel Peace Prize; Al Gore and the U.N. climate panel's chief scientist accepted the Nobel Peace Prize today for sounding the alarm over global warming. I believe in the human genius, the Age of Aquarius and his advanced technology to reverse this situation in time but who is there NOW for the kids? Many of those kids have the UCI to make a serious difference for Mother Earth's welfare and should be encouraged to work in that direction NOW! Spiritual pride and honors are given to the already famous but Mother Earth do not need Al Gore or anyone else to take care of herself trust me. But it is still a good fear plate to tap on because again who wants to die asphyxiated?   Manipulation, greed, power and ignorance rules this lost world but the real future is the children, Mother Earth has been there for billions of years and she will be there well after all of us are gone to the other side…

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi
----- Original Message -----
From: Heather

I have highlighted the part pertaining to senator obama's fate and sent it to Oprah Montel Williams and other media surely they cannot ignore this how could they live with themselves if they do nothing about it.


 DT note – "But as I watched Oprah embrace Obama as thousands of people went crazy, I found myself wondering how many votes a hug is worth…" Oprah is simply responding to "The Universal Code". She was born in February and Obama was born in August and the "Law of 7th) is in full action because there is so much more in the "Law of Attraction" than you realize. The physical attraction is OBVIOUS and she is simply in love with him. To dedicate so much energy to help Obama political endeavor is purely "emotions" driven and depict the large amount of time they spent together in private. Then the stars did what they do best. Obama is an Aquarius Dragon Tail and Oprah is an Aquarius and she is right on his Dragon's Tail. Thus the attraction is simply incredible, magnetic and most of all KARMIC. My first 2008 "Cosmic Code" newsletter is dedicated to both of them and the shocking karmic results are ahead of us. Don't miss it.

We are getting close to 2008; don't miss your first "Cosmic Code" newsletter – Sign up NOW!





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Defense Secretary Gates Meets With Pakistan President Musharraf Mon.
The MIT Tech, MA - Feb 12, 2007
Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates made an unannounced trip to Pakistan on Monday for talks with one of America's most complicated partners. ...
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US Officials Worried About Iranian Involvement in Iraq
Voice of America - 3 hours ago
Defense Secretary Gates told reporters at the Pentagon Thursday there is evidence of Iranian involvement in sophisticated explosive devices that have been ...
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Defense Secretary Gates said the Russian leader's speech reminded him of the Cold War, but said it is time to move on. ...

Secretary Gates Recalls Cold War in Rejecting Putin Remarks - Feb 11, 2007
US Defense Secretary Robert Gates has urged NATO nations to work with Russia on security matters, saying, "one Cold War was quite enough." ...
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