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"The unintended result of banning assassinations has been to make U.S. leaders perform verbal acrobatics to explain how they have tried to kill someone in a military operation without really trying to kill him."

12-4-01 - DREAM - I was in the city street behind a car belonging to a political fleet of cars which drove politicians and dignitaries from one place to another in Washington, D.C.

I stood behind the car as it signaled with its lights what it was going to do. I knew that at some point, it was signaling that whoever was riding in the car would be changing seats.

I was then inside the car, in the back seat and had moved way over to the right in case someone should want to kill me, I wasn't sitting in the same place I had before.

We were driving up hill at great speed, faster than the traffic. There were 5 intersections we had to go through and the lights were red, but they turned green just before we got to each one.

Finally, we pulled up to a building on the left side of the street and there was a man standing in the street. It looked like Larry C. from apartment 207 at Juneau Village, but I keep wanting to say Tony Blair.
10-12-08 - A  friend of mine had a dream that Vice President Dick Cheney was assassinated by a trusted Swedish staff member, and the government didn't do anything about it, and just announced that Dick Cheney had had a heart attack and died.


Check out this page from 2008 about assassinations:


John Leary's Recent Messages -

Thursday, June 21, 2001:

Prayer Group:

Jesus said: "My people, you have witnessed many changes in recent years that have stripped away many of your traditions. Many of these changes have been planned by evil influences in order to strip away your reverence for My Real Presence in My Blessed Sacrament. I have left you a treasure of My love in the My Real Presence in the Host. Just as I asked My apostles to eat My Flesh and drink My Blood, many in your day do not believe in My Real Presence in the consecrated Host and Wine. Those, who believe in Me, will be rewarded, but those, who are of little faith, will scatter."

Jesus said: "My people, you have begun searching for more renewable sources of power that do not add to the green house gases. Once you start to realize the effect of your energy production on your finite planet’s atmosphere, then you will be more committed to solving your energy needs. The cost of these alternatives may be high at first, but when you see the temperatures warming to cause weather problems, you will have no other choice."

Jesus said: "My people, there will be some changes in leadership in various nations and church organizations that will change the current political landscape. The trend of this change will be to bring about a new world order that will prepare the way for the Antichrist and the coming tribulation. People in power will have tremendous pressure placed on them to follow these evil one world people or they will be removed even by assassination."

Jesus said: "My people, armies of the evil ones are massing in secret areas of your country and other countries as they prepare for a world takeover. When these unknown armies are given a sign, they will quickly kill many and imprison many of your citizens. This beginning of your tribulation will follow these signs in the skies that I have warned you about before. Time to prepare for this onslaught is growing short for Satan’s time is running out. Call on My help every day to prepare you and guard your souls from the evil ones."

Jesus said: "My people, just as people on such fast rides are shaken and taken to the limit of their endurance, so you are seeing signs that your tribulation is about to begin. Many have been impatient for events to begin, but when they do start, you will be frightened at the speed of these events. Just as a roller coaster ride starts, there will be no getting off. You will have your faith tested even with your life for what you believe. With My grace I will help you to stand up to these evil ones and the Holy Spirit will give you what to say in your time of trial."

Jesus said: "My people, the evil ones are preparing your demise in secret as they will proclaim an emergency to declare themselves rulers over your government. All those, who do not go along with this coming new world order, will be imprisoned and some killed as an example for the rest. Your nation will become a nation of prisons as your enemies will strip you of your freedoms and your possessions. You cannot believe that your own leaders will sell you out for money and power, but your sins are calling down this justice of My wrath. Your affluence and power will fall by the wayside as your nation will be brought to its knees."

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines assassination by referring to the verb assassinate, which is defined as "to injure or destroy unexpectedly and treacherously" or "murder by sudden or secret attack usually for impersonal reasons." In other words, assassination is murder—killing a person—using secrecy or surprise. Assassination stands in contrast to murder without surprise (e.g., a duel). Also, assassination is not murder for personal gain or vengeance; assassinations support the goals of a government, organization, group, or cause.

Assume that assassination is "deliberately killing a particular person to achieve a military or political objective, using the element of surprise to gain an advantage." We can call such a killing "sanctioned assassination" when a government has someone carry out such an action—as opposed to, say, "simple assassination," killing by an individual acting on his own. Then the question is, should we allow the United States to sanction such activities? And, if we allow the government to sanction assassination, when and how should do it?

Is It Legal?

You might be surprised to learn that there are no international laws banning assassination. The closest thing to a prohibition is the 1973 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes Against Internationally Protected Persons, Including Diplomatic Agents. This treaty (which the United States signed) bans attacks against heads of state while they conduct formal functions, heads of government while they travel abroad, and diplomats while they perform their duties.

The Protected Persons Convention was intended to ensure that governments could function and negotiate even during war. Without it, countries might start a war (or get drawn into one) and then find themselves unable to stop because there was no leader at home to make the decision to do so and because their representatives were getting picked off on their way to cease-fire negotiations.

But other than these narrow cases, the Protected Persons Convention says nothing about prohibiting assassination. Even then it applies only to officials representing bona fide governments and "international organizations of an intergovernmental character." So presumably the convention shields the representatives of the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the International Red Cross, and, probably, the PLO. It does not protect bosses of international crime syndicates or the heads of terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda.







Robert F. Kennedy Memorial - Man's Inhumanity to Man


HEZBOLLAH - An Experience - What's really going on?

1-13-94 - DREAM - T.M. and I went up to the 4th floor at A-C on 70th St. T.M. pushed some buttons on a computer on the wall. The picture on the computer showed a map of the U.S. The eastern part showed people with guns indicating assassinations and civil uprising.

NOTE: Several things have happened that would fit this category, but the closest thing to this is the airplane bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001, and airplane bombing of the Pentagon, and someone sending anthrax laced letters all over the East Coast during the ensuing months, which they think was an American..

10-22-98 - DREAM - I had trouble falling asleep, but went into a dream where I and 5 other people were laying on a sidewalk trying to go to sleep and having trouble doing so. When I fell asleep in the dream, I woke up in the physical.

While I was laying awake, I remembered that one of the guys on the sidewalk had had a rifle. Suddenly I had a vision wherein I was way up in the sky looking down on the scene of J.F.K.'s assassination, from the vantage point of behind the picket fence and I saw the shooter with a rifle behind the picket fence aiming over the fence.

9-19-99 - DREAM - I was working on the files on the assassination of Yitzak Rabin and lining them up.

NOTE: I actually was doing this before I went to sleep: (ASSASSINATIONS)

10-4-99 - DREAM - I was creating a web page about the assassination of JfK.

10-29-00 - AFTERNOON NIGHTMARE: I was the manager of a school/apartment. I lived on the third floor. The 1st floor was the school, but also apartments. As manager, part of my job was to watch everything that went on that affected the other people who lived there and went to school there.

I went into a rather dark apartment on the 1st floor, which was a mess. It seemed as though the people had moved out fast, but there was a lot of stuff left behind. What there was left behind was disorganized and jumbled. I looked around quickly, then went up to my apartment on the third floor.

At this point I felt like my right ear was burned. I touched the top of my ear and it felt a little hot and swollen. I went to my neighbor's apartment to ask her if she could look at my ear and see if it was burned because I couldn't see behind my ear by myself.

She looked at it and said there was a row of white dots all along the top back of my ear like little blisters like it was burned. I wanted to see this for myself and found a double sided mirror, one side of which was like a closeup mirror while the other side was regular.

I went into the bathroom, turned on the light of which there were two. I stood with my back to her big mirror and held the magnifying mirror in front of me so that it would magnify what was reflected in the big mirror. This worked well as any woman who has tried to see the back of her head to check her hairdo will testify. But it wasn't bright enough to see if my ear was burned.

So, I took the double sided mirror back to my own apartment where I thought the light would be brighter so I could see better. However, when I was in the bathroom, the whole fluorescent bulb above the mirror was missing. Someone had taken it. Thus is was darker in my bathroom than it had been in the neighbor's bathroom.

My neighbor who was trailing after me was delayed in the hallway by a couple people. She came in then and said, (unnamed female) was looking for me. I asked her why.

Her answer astounded me. She told me that in the 1st floor apartment where I had been earlier was was disorganized and jumbled with stuff, was the scene of an assassination.

I hadn't seen that there was a dead body in the apartment, but the woman and her boyfriend had been there hiding and had seen me there. They thought I saw them assassinate the dark haired guy who was the master mechanic for the building.

I knew this woman well. She was well respected by everyone. She was a spiritual person ... or at least presented herself that way.

Knowing that she and her boyfriend were looking for me made me fear for my life. I knew that this was all about the website that had been created and the teachings being presented there. I knew I had to get out of there if I wanted to live.

I hadn't witnessed the assassination, but I had been in the apartment and the killers had seen me there. Thus, I would be next to be assassinated unless I left.

I went out into the hall and went towards the stairway that went down to the 1st floor. Just before I got there, a tall, really handsome blonde guy was coming up the stairs. I knew he was looking for me. This was the nameless woman's boyfriend. He was one of the assassins.

He came up to me and smiled broadly. He was about the same height as me. I'm 5' 10" tall... he was about the same ... give or take an inch.

I knew what he was there for ... he was about to wipe me out like the guy on the first floor.

However, I saw my son (whom I shall not name for good reason). coming up the stairs to visit me. Numerous other people were on the stairs as well coming up to the third floor which as far as the stairs went. These were all students.

I felt that the safest place for me was with the students. Nothing could happen to me while I was surrounded by the students.

The blonde guy came up to me, trying to befriend me. He tried to hold my hand and get cozy. He began to sing to me. He had a beautiful voice and sang beautiful words ... but I knew he was there to assassinate me and I couldn't allow that to happen if I was to do the job I had come there to do.

I went to the stairway, and the blonde guy couldn't do anything but follow me, but he couldn't do anything while I had the students there.

I told my son to follow me and went to the stairway and descended the stairs as fast as my feet could go. That was fast. I was now on the second floor, and descended one more stairway the same way ... as fast as I could, with my son and the blonde guy behind him ... all the way to the 1st floor. The stairway was full of people, both ascending and descending. I still felt safe with them around.

Down on the 1st floor, the school rooms were. The principal's office was right across from the apartment where the master mechanic had been assassinated.

There I saw the spiritual woman who was doing a wonderful job out in the hallway with the other people, pretending to be something she was not. She was a co-assassin and wanted me dead. She smiled at me with a frozen smile while her eyes were wishing me death.

I knew that I could not be her friend and never could and I would have to leave the school/apartment building. The competition over the website had to be left behind.

NOTE:  I would have done more research than I did, but I picked up a virus from a site that was carrying a virus.  I don't want to accuse anyone, but I have a feeling it was the "History Channel"  It wouldn't allow me to go back to my search engine once I was in the site.

Anyway - at least McCaffee notified me immediately of the virus and I stopped researching that topic.   I could double check where I got the virus from,  but I don't want to risk my computer again by antagonizing the people further.


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