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The Presidential Election on November 7, 2000, was thrown to the
Supreme Court and then the electoral college to settle. The vote was
too close to call in several states, particularly Florida which went to a
recount which was stopped by the Supreme Court, being requested
by the Republicans who won by an extremely narrow margin because
not all the votes were counted.. Several inequities were discovered
due to bad ballot design, thousands of ballots were thrown away
because old people and others punched two holes instead of one in
one county.  Lawsuits were filed immediately to ask for a second
election in that county which was turned down. Nearly 60 lawsuits
were ultimately filed by both sides both to count the votes by hand
and to not count the votes by hand. In the end, the Supreme court
decided the election.

Though Al Gore won the popular vote across the U.S. the electoral
college was forced to elect George Bush because of the way it works
by state rather than popular vote.  (unless lawsuits fixes the inequities)

The dreams and visions below came both before and after the election
which tell a story you can't get from the ballot box.


Vice President Just Misses being Assassinated

2-27-07 - Afghanistan

South Asia News

Bombing rocks US base in Afghanistan
during Cheney visit

Feb 27, 2007, 6:47 GMT

Kabul - A suicide car bomb blew up Tuesday outside a US military base near Kabul during a visit by US Vice President Dick Cheney, causing several casualties but not harming the vice president, officials said.

'I can confirm there was an explosion near Bagram airfield at 10 a.m. [0530 GMT],' US forces spokesman Master Sergeant Richard Simonsen told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

'Initial reports indicate there were some injuries, but it did not impact on the vice president,' he said.

A spokesman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force said the explosion was caused by a suicide car bomber.

The CNN television news network reported that two Afghans died in the blast at the main gate of the primary US military base in Afghanistan but there was no evidence the attack was directly aimed at Cheney, who was on the base at the time.

The US official arrived in Afghanistan Monday from neighbouring Pakistan.

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Blast in Afghanistan as Cheney visit

February 27, 2007 - 5:39PM

A blast near the gates of the main US base in Afghanistan, where US Vice-President Dick Cheney is visiting, has killed 20 people, according to media reports.

The cause of the explosion outside Bagram airbase, 60km north of Kabul, is not yet known.

Cheney stayed at the base overnight after planned talks with Afghan President Hamid Karzai were delayed by weather.

"The vice-president is fine," spokeswoman Lea Anne McBride said.

An official at the base confirmed the blast, but had no details.

A Pakistan-based news agency quoted provincial governor Abdul Jabbar Taqwa as saying 20 people had been killed in the blast.

Bagram is a sprawling complex and the main gates are some distance from offices and living quarters.

An Afghan official said the explosion occurred inside a shipping container, but gave no more details, the Pakistan-based Afghan Islamic Press said.

Some containers are used as shops in the market lining the road to the base. Others are carried on trucks to bring supplies into the base.

A Reuters correspondent travelling with the US delegation said they were not aware of the blast until they heard sirens and were told by a military spokesman that the base was "under attack".

"We were told there was a 'red alert'," Caren Bohan said.

"There was a commotion, but it ended pretty quickly. We didn't hear any bomb or anything like that from where we were."

Bagram district governor Kabir Ahmad said the blast was a suicide attack.

"It was a suicide bombing. It took place between the main gate and the gate guarded by American soldiers," Ahmad said.

"We don't have an exact figure but it's said that two have been killed and about 18 wounded."

He said all the dead and injured where Afghans.

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Cheney OK After Suicide Blast in Afghanistan
Taliban Claims Vice President Was Target
BAGRAM, Afghanistan  (Feb. 27, 2007) -- A suicide bomber attacked the entrance to the main U.S. military base in Afghanistan on Tuesday during a visit by Vice President Dick Cheney , killing up to 23 people and wounding 20.

Cheney was unhurt in the attack, which was claimed by the Taliban and was the closest that militants have come to a top U.S. official visiting Afghanistan. At least one U.S. soldier, an American contractor and a South Korean solder were among the dead, NATO  said.

Cheney said the attackers were trying "to find ways to question the authority of the central government." A Taliban spokesman said Cheney was the target.

About two hours after the blast, Cheney left on a military flight for Kabul to meet with President Hamid Karzai and other officials, then left Afghanistan.

The vice president had spent the night at the sprawling Bagram Air Base, ate breakfast with the troops, and met with Maj. Gen. David Rodriguez, the commander of U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

He was preparing to leave for a meeting with Karzai when the suicide bomber struck about 10 a.m., sending up a plume of smoke visible by reporters accompanying him. U.S. military officials declared a "red alert" at the base.

"I heard a loud boom," Cheney told reporters. "The Secret Service came in and told me there had been an attack on the main gate."

He said he was moved "for a brief period of time" to a bomb shelter on the base near his quarters. "As the situation settled down and they had a better sense of what was going on, I went back to my room," Cheney added.

Asked if the Taliban were trying to send a message with the attack, Cheney said: "I think they clearly try to find ways to question the authority of the central government."

"Striking at Bagram with a suicide bomber, I suppose, is one way to do that," he said. "But it shouldn't affect our behavior at all."

Maj. William Mitchell said it did not appear the explosion was intended as a threat to Cheney. "He wasn't near the site of the explosion," Mitchell said. "He was safely within the base at the time of the explosion."

There were conflicting reports on the death toll. Karzai's office said 23 people were killed, including 20 Afghan workers at the base. Another 20 people were injured, it said.

A statement from NATO's International Security Assistance Force said initial reports were that three people were killed including a U.S. soldier, an American contractor and a South Korean soldier. U.S. officials indicated that they planned to update that death toll.

Associated Press reporters at the scene saw at least 12 bodies being carried in black body bags and wooden coffins from the base entrance into a market area where hundreds of Afghans had gathered to mourn.
Friends and relatives cried and moaned as they carried or drove the bodies away from the base. Two men came to the base entrance crying and wringing their hands, one of them screaming, "My brother!"

A purported Taliban spokesman, Qari Yousef Ahmadi, said Cheney was the target of the attack, which Ahmadi said was carried out by an Afghan called Mullah Abdul Rahim from Logar province.

"We knew that Dick Cheney  would be staying inside the base," Ahmadi told AP telephone from an undisclosed location. "The attacker was trying to reach Cheney."

Mitchell noted that Cheney's overnight stay occurred only after a meeting with Karzai on Monday was canceled because of bad weather.

"I think it's a far-fetched allegation," he said, referring to the Taliban claim. "The vice president wasn't even supposed to be here overnight, so this would have been a surprise to everybody."

The explosion happened near the first of at least three gated checkpoints vehicles must pass through before gaining access to Bagram.

The base houses 5,100 U.S. troops and 4,000 other coalition forces and contractors. High security areas within the base are blocked by their own checkpoints. It was unclear how an attacker could expect to penetrate the base, locate Cheney and get close to him without detection.

"We maintain a high-level of security here at all times. Our security measures were in place and the killer never had access to the base," said Lt. Col. James E. Bonner, the base operations commander. "When he realized he would not be able to get onto the base, he attacked the local population."

Khan Shirin, a private security guard, sobbed near the body of his relative, Farvez, a truck driver and the representative of transport association that hauls goods for the base. Shirin said many of the people killed were truck drivers waiting to get inside.

Ajmall, a shopkeeper, said the "huge" blast shook a small market where he has a stall about 500 yards from the Bagram base. Ajmall, who goes by one name, said those wounded were taken inside the U.S. base for treatment.

South Korea's Defense Ministry said one of its troops stationed in Bagram, Sgt. Yoon Jang-ho, 27, was killed in the explosion. South Korea has about 200 engineers and medics in Bagram.

Cheney later flew by plane to Kabul, 30 miles south of Bagram, to meet Karzai after a planned meeting on Monday was canceled because of bad weather that prevented the vice president making the trip to the capital.

Cheney was met by guards with guns drawn on the tarmac and was rushed by ground convoy to the presidential palace, where he and Karzai walked a long receiving line and past oriental rugs laid out on the wet, stone pavement.

Five years after their fundamentalist regime was toppled, Taliban-led militants have stepped up their attacks and Afghan, U.S. and NATO forces are bracing for a fresh wave of violence in the spring.

Such an attack, the closest militants have got to a top U.S. official visiting Afghanistan, will likely have propaganda value for the resurgent Taliban movement.

In January 2006, a militant blew himself up in Uruzgan province during a supposedly secret visit by the U.S. ambassador, killing 10 Afghans.

There were 139 suicide bombings last year, a fivefold increase over 2005, and Rodriguez has said he expects the number of suicide bombs to rise even further in 2007.

In the southern Afghan city of Kandahar, meanwhile, a suicide attacker targeting Afghan police blew himself up, wounding three people, said police officer Abdul Nafai.

NATO-led troops patrolling the city also fatally shot a civilian who drove too close to their convoy, police said, the third such fatal shooting this month. Squadron Leader David Marsh, a military spokesman, said soldiers had given signals for the car to stop but that it kept approaching.

Associated Press reporters Amir Shah in Bagram and Noor Khan in Kandahar contributed to this report.
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Of course, there's a lot of attention focused on the November 7 US Presidential election, which takes place under the aegis of the Sun-Uranus square, the Jupiter-Pluto opposition and Mercury's direct station: the results won't be known right away, that's for sure. Last year, in my Year 2000 Forecast Highlights, I wrote that "George W. Bush's chart has better transits than Al Gore's at election time." (This assumes, of course, that the charts for the two candidates are based on accurate birth data.) With Saturn transiting over his Venus on Election Day, Mr. Gore appears to be in for a letdown - a personal rejection in what amounts to a popularity contest (the popular vote). Whoever is reckoned the loser should immediately demand a recount: this will be a stolen election, as happened in 1960.


Stress, deception, mental lapses of President all take their toll.

by Jeff Davis

AN ARTICLE LAST October reported "An uncivil war rages inside the walls of the West Wing of the White House, a bitter, acrimonious war driven by a failed agenda, destroyed credibility, dwindling public support and a President who lapses into Alzheimer-like periods of incoherent babbling.

"On one side are the dwindling numbers of die-hard loyalists to President George W. Bush, those who support his actions and decisions without question and remain committed to both Bush and scandal-scarred political advisor Karl Rove. On the other side are the increasing numbers of those who say Rove must go and who worry about the President's declining mental state and his ability to restore credibility with Congress, our foreign allies and the American people.

"The war erupted into full-blown shout fests at Camp David this past weekend where decorum broke down in staff meetings and longtime aides threatened to quit unless Rove goes. Insiders say Chief of Staff Andrew Card now leads the anti-Rove legions and has told Bush that he wants out of the high-pressure job. White House staff members say the White House is 'like a wartime bunker' where shell-shocked aides hide from those who disagree with their actions and office pools speculate on how long certain senior aides will last."

Last September a tabloid reported that Bush had fallen off the wagon and was dealing with his mounting problems by hitting the bottle. Bush's frequent accidents, repeatedly falling off his bike and passing out and hitting his head during the Super Bowl, suggest a possible drinking problem. (ILLUSTRATION: Bush -- is he an "anger management case"?)

Working for a drunken moron is a high-stress job. After six years of a bloodstained roller coaster ride in a mist of Bourbon fumes and gibberish, George W. Bush's White House staff may be coming apart at the seams. The endless string of crises would exhaust anyone. Over the past year there have been an increasing number of stories filtering out of Bush's bunker -- of aides and administrators with drug and/or alcohol problems, not to mention simple exhaustion-related problems such as falling asleep during meetings.

In an article entitled "Senior White House Staff May Be Wearing Down" Washington Post reporter Peter Baker notes "Andrew H. Card Jr. wakes at 4:20 in the morning, shows up at the White House an hour or so later, convenes his senior staff at 7:30 and then proceeds to a blur of other meetings that do not let up until long after the sun sets. He gets home at 9 or 10 at night and sometimes fields phone calls until 11 p.m. Then he gets up and does it all over again.

"Of all the reasons that President Bush is in trouble these days, not to be overlooked are inadequate REM cycles. Like chief of staff Card, many of the president's top aides have been by his side nonstop for more than five years, not including the first campaign, recount and transition. This is a White House, according to insiders, that is physically and emotionally exhausted, battered by scandal and drained by political setbacks."

The same article notes "The succession of crisis after crisis has taken its toll. Some in the White House sound frazzled. While there are few stories of aides nodding off in meetings, some duck outside during the day so the fresh air will wake them up. 'We're all burned out,' said one White House official who did not want to be named for fear of angering superiors. 'People are just tired.' White House officials are never genuinely away from the job. Tied to their BlackBerrys and cellular telephones, they are often called to duty even during rare vacations."

The result is that the Bush White House is starting to make stupid, careless mistakes. There was the uproar over an Arab-owned firm taking over management of some American ports. A mindless blunder that a competent administration would have avoided. A coherent administration would not have dug in its heels and tried to spin its way out of the Dubai-ports fiasco. The Bush administration is neither competent nor even coherent. They only dropped the planned Dubai-ports deal after expending valuable political capital and credibility that they could ill afford to lose. One can only imagine how frustrated any White House staffer who advocates reason and sanity must be.

The war in Iraq drags on and on, with the once-mighty U. S. military on the ground but helpless to stop the slide into civil war. Energy prices are going through the roof and will now rise again over the coming summer.

Ninety percent of the homes in New Orleans have yet to be demolished, let alone rebuilt -- if that ever happens. The clean up appears to be going as ineffectively as FEMA's emergency response. Dubya's popularity poll rating at 34 percent is now the lowest in the nation's history since the time just before Nixon's resignation. Vice President Cheney managed to shoot a man down in Texas and saw his popularity drop to 18 percent, just slightly better than Saddam Hussein -- who unlike Cheney never personally shot an American.

Cheney was either planning to cover up his shooting mishap or he thinks so little of Dubya that he didn't tell him of the incident until 18 hours after it happened. One of Bush's few remaining Black quota hires in his administration (after the departure of Colin Powell) was arrested recently for stealing from several major department stores last month, and the White House only got around to commenting on the incident last week.

Bush's White House staff is never genuinely away from the job. They are on twenty-four hour call by a mentally-challenged and often slightly hysterical boss who interrupts their dinner, their church attendance, their vacations and their sleep without consideration with demands for them to come in to work or else he deprives them of sleep with his long, rambling phone calls about nothing in particular. A more sane administration would hire more staffers so that they don't work their people into the ground. Perhaps, there is so much dishonesty in the Bush administration, that a new staffer might learn a fact -- say, about the Plame affair or the Iraq war -- which Bush wants to bury.

The neocons and talk show hacks insist that the 9-11 disaster and flooding of New Orleans were "unavoidable" and many simple-minded Americans buy this propaganda. If George Bush had bothered to listen to his own staff, the 9-11 hijackers might have been deported and enough helicopters might have been made available to New Orleans to repair the levees before they collapsed.

George Bush ignored a national security memo dated August 8th, 2001, warning of a terrorist attack possibly with hijacked airplanes. He failed to deport suspicious Mid East "students" in the month before 9-11 even though he could have. He failed to arm the pilots. And he failed to deport Arabs recently in flight school.

Just before Katrina hit, the whole nation saw the weather reports. Bush could have rushed in buses to evacuate people with no transportation, imposed martial law to prevent looting, and moved in helicopters and federal troops to make up for the 35 percent of the Louisiana National Guard which Bush had sent to Iraq. Some experts say the levees could have been saved if enough helicopters were available to drop reinforcing material on the weakened sections. The levees collapsed hours after the worst of Hurricane Katrina blew through. Just ten helicopters dropping reinforcing material could have prevented the worst of the flooding.

Bush also raided the budget of the Army Corps of Engineers, who were supposed to be reinforcing the very levees which failed. Bush used the diverted levee funds for the war on Iraq. Bush's staff members actually put together a DVD for him showing the cable news reports on Hurricane Katrina because Bush was too busy enjoying his vacation to pay attention to a serious national disaster. Bush's infamous remark "Heckuva job, Brownie" is undeniable proof that Bush is a clueless buffoon.

Thanks to George Bush, we suffered our greatest military disaster since Pearl Harbor and one of our greatest cities was 90 percent destroyed. We were also lied into a war of aggression against Iraq and our soldiers are still dying there today. Given one gigantic incompetent blunder after another, supplemented by needless blunders of judgment such as the Harriet Miers nomination and the Dubai Ports fiasco and the continuing Open Borders problem with Mexico, it's no wonder White House staffers are nearing the end of their rope. These people are apologists for the greatest out of touch idiot who has ever sat in the Oval Office. Perhaps they should have thought of that before they took the job.




May 22, 8:38 PM (ET)


CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) - President Bush suffered cuts and bruises early Saturday afternoon when he fell while mountain biking on his ranch, White House spokesman Trent Duffy said.

Bush was on the 16th mile of a 17-mile 

hile Biking
  ride when he fell, Duffy said. He was riding with a military aide, members of the Secret Service and his personal physician, Dr. Richard Tubb.

"He had minor abrasions and scratches on his chin, upper lip, nose, right hand and both knees," Duffy said. "Dr. Tubb, who was with him, cleaned his scratches, said he was fine. The

Secret Service offered to drive him back to the house. He declined and finished his ride."

Bush was wearing his bike helmet and a mouth guard when the mishap occurred. Duffy said he didn't know exactly how the accident happened.

"It's been raining a lot and the topsoil is loose," the spokesman said. "You know this president. He likes to go all out. Suffice it to say he wasn't whistling show tunes."

Bush left Crawford shortly after the bike mishap for Austin, where he was attending a private party of his daughter, Jenna, who graduated from the University of Texas earlier in the day. When he arrived in Austin, Bush was not wearing any bandages, although scrapes were visible on his right temple and on his chin.

As he departed from the presidential helicopter with his wife, Bush paused to give photographers a chance to take his picture, then shrugged, waved and got into a waiting limousine.

Earlier this month, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry took a spill from his bicycle while riding with Secret Service agents through Concord, Mass., about 18 miles north of Boston. Kerry fell when his bike hit a patch of sand. He was not injured.

Told about Bush's mishap, Kerry said, "I hope he's OK. I didn't know the president rode a bike."

Copyright 2004 Associated Press. All right reserved.



By Teresa  Hampton, 
Editor, Capitol Hill Blue
Wednesday, July 28, 2004, 08:09 p.m.

President George W. Bush is taking powerful anti-depressant drugs to control his erratic behavior, depression and paranoia, Capitol Hill Blue has learned. 

The prescription drugs, administered by Col. Richard J. Tubb, the White House physician, can impair the President's mental faculties and decrease both his physical capabilities and his ability to respond to a crisis, administration aides admit privately. 

"It's a double-edged sword," says one aide. "We can't have him flying off the handle at the slightest provocation but we also need a President who is alert mentally." 

Angry Bush walked away from reporter's questions. Tubb prescribed the anti-depressants after a clearly-upset Bush stormed off stage on July 8, refusing to answer reporters' questions about his relationship with indicted Enron executive Kenneth J. Lay. 

"KEEP THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS AWAY FROM ME," he screamed at an aide backstage. "If you can't, I'll find someone who can." 

Bush's mental stability has become the topic of Washington whispers in recent months. Capitol Hill Blue first reported on June 4 about increasing concern among White House aides over the President's WIDE MOOD SWINGS AND OBSCENE OUTBURSTS.

Although GOP loyalists dismissed the reports an anti-Bush propaganda, the reports were later confirmed by prominent George Washington University psychiatrist Dr. Justin Frank in his book, "Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President."  Dr. Frank diagnosed the President as a "paranoid meglomaniac" and "untreated alcoholic" whose "lifelong streak of sadism, ranging from childhood pranks (using firecrackers to explode frogs) to insulting journalists, gloating over state executions and pumping his hand gleefully before the bombing of Baghdad" showcase Bush's instabilities.

"I was really very unsettled by him and I started watching everything he did and reading what he wrote and watching him on videotape. I felt he was disturbed," Dr. Frank said. "He fits the profile of a former drinker whose ALCOHOLISM HAS BEEN ARRESTED BUT NOT TREATED." 

Dr. Frank's conclusions have been praised by other prominent psychiatrists, including Dr. James Grotstein, Professor at UCLA Medical Center, and Dr. Irvin Yalom, MD, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University Medical School. 

The doctors also worry about the wisdom of giving powerful anti-depressant drugs to a person with a history of chemical dependency. Bush is an ADMITTED ALCOHOLIC, although he never sought treatment in a formal program, and stories about his cocaine use as a younger man haunted his campaigns for Texas governor and his first campaign for President. 

"President Bush is an untreated alcoholic with PARANOID and megalomaniac TENDENCIES," Dr. Frank adds.

The White House did not return phone calls seeking comment on this article. Although the exact drugs Bush takes to control his depression and behavior are not known, White House sources say they are "powerful medications" designed to bring his erratic actions under control. 

While Col. Tubb regularly releases a synopsis of the President's annual physical, details of the President's health and any drugs or treatment he may receive are not public record and are guarded zealously by the secretive cadre of aides that surround the President. Veteran White House watchers say the ability to control information about Bush's health, either physical or mental, is similar to Ronald Reagan's second term when aides managed to conceal the President's increasing memory lapses that signaled the onslaught of Alzheimer's Disease.

It also brings back memories of Richard Nixon's final days when the soon-to-resign President wandered the halls and talked to portraits of former Presidents. The stories didn't emerge until after Nixon left office. One long-time GOP political consultant who – for obvious reasons – asked not to be identified said he is advising his Republican Congressional candidates to keep their distance from Bush.

"We have to face the very real possibility that THE PRESIDENT of the United States IS LOONY TUNES," he says sadly. "That's not good for my candidates, it's not good for the party and it's certainly NOT GOOD FOR

© Copyright 2004 Capitol Hill Blue

From Capitol Hill Blue

Bush Leagues
Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries White House Aides
Publisher, Capitol Hill Blue
Jun 4, 2004, 06:15

President George W. Bush’s increasingly erratic behavior and wide mood swings has the halls of the West Wing buzzing lately as aides privately express growing concern over their leader’s state of mind.

In meetings with top aides and administration officials, the President goes from quoting the Bible in one breath to obscene tantrums against the media, Democrats and others that he classifies as “enemies of the state.”

Worried White House aides paint a portrait of a man on the edge, increasingly wary of those who disagree with him and paranoid of a public that no longer trusts his policies in Iraq or at home.

“It reminds me of the Nixon days,” says a longtime GOP political consultant with contacts in the White House. “Everybody is an enemy; everybody is out to get him. That’s the mood over there.”

In interviews with a number of White House staffers who were willing to talk off the record, a picture of an administration under siege has emerged, led by a man who declares his decisions to be “God’s will” and then tells aides to “fuck over” anyone they consider to be an opponent of the administration.

“We’re at war, there’s no doubt about it. What I don’t know anymore is just who the enemy might be,” says one troubled White House aide. “We seem to spend more time trying to destroy John Kerry than al Qaeda and our enemies list just keeps growing and growing.”

Aides say the President gets “hung up on minor details,” micromanaging to the extreme while ignoring the bigger picture. He will spend hours personally reviewing and approving every attack ad against his Democratic opponent and then kiss off a meeting on economic issues.

“This is what is killing us on Iraq,” one aide says. “We lost focus. The President got hung up on the weapons of mass destruction and an unproven link to al Qaeda. We could have found other justifiable reasons for the war but the President insisted the focus stay on those two, tenuous items.”

Aides who raise questions quickly find themselves shut out of access to the President or other top advisors. Among top officials, Bush’s inner circle is shrinking. Secretary of State Colin Powell has fallen out of favor because of his growing doubts about the administration’s war against Iraq.

The President's abrupt dismissal of CIA Directory George Tenet Wednesday night is, aides say, an example of how he works.

"Tenet wanted to quit last year but the President got his back up and wouldn't hear of it," says an aide. "That would have been the opportune time to make a change, not in the middle of an election campaign but when the director challenged the President during the meeting Wednesday, the President cut him off by saying 'that's it George. I cannot abide disloyalty. I want your resignation and I want it now."

Tenet was allowed to resign "voluntarily" and Bush informed his shocked staff of the decision Thursday morning. One aide says the President actually described the decision as "God's will."

God may also be the reason Attorney General John Ashcroft, the administration’s lightning rod because of his questionable actions that critics argue threatens freedoms granted by the Constitution, remains part of the power elite. West Wing staffers call Bush and Ashcroft “the Blues Brothers” because “they’re on a mission from God.”

“The Attorney General is tight with the President because of religion,” says one aide. “They both believe any action is justifiable in the name of God.”

But the President who says he rules at the behest of God can also tongue-lash those he perceives as disloyal, calling them “fucking assholes” in front of other staff, berating one cabinet official in front of others and labeling anyone who disagrees with him “unpatriotic” or “anti-American.”

“The mood here is that we’re under siege, there’s no doubt about it,” says one troubled aide who admits he is looking for work elsewhere. “In this administration, you don’t have to wear a turban or speak Farsi to be an enemy of the United States. All you have to do is disagree with the President.”

The White House did not respond to requests for comment on the record.

© Copyright 2004 Capitol Hill Blue


The Surfing The Apocalypse Network


Posted By: HallowsEve <Send E-Mail>
Date: Tuesday, 25 May 2004, 1:29 p.m.

There is something wrong with George W. Bush. It was clearly and undeniably exhibited last night. I felt so bad for the man I nearly shed a tear. I could hardly sit down. The man is definitely affected somehow. If the pretzel incident was actually a seizure, then the bicycle event may have been also. I see no way that he can go into debate season in his current condition. I fully expect him to be deposed someway or another. There are many theories about the Dem’s possibly switching to Hillary on short notice; The Repub’s may do something similar.

I have a lot of negative opinions about this man and his administration. My mind is now in a state of flux. Last night’s speech finally fully convinced me that King George is indeed losing his mind. He was completely unable to convey any meaning or emotion in his “speech”. Eyes ALWAYS on the teleprompter screens, he stumbled along as a 4th grader reading from a textbook. He seemed to have had little to no understanding of the subject matter as he read along. Here are some things I noticed:

 He had to wait for the teleprompter several times during the speech. He literally seemed to not know even a single word prior to reading it. When one gives a speech about a subject, one’s inherent knowledge of the subject is reflected in the smoothness of the delivery. For instance, if I were speaking about astrology and had a prepared speech, I would not need to read it verbatim because I have an understanding of the topic. Now, I realize EVERY word is dissected regarding pres. speeches which requires sticking to the script, but this was pathetic. George’s delivery was so absent that it was clear that he has even less input and interaction with “Administration Decisions” than has previously been accused. The “seizure theory” or something similar is the only explanation that seems feasible to me. There was no smoothness of the delivery, just a monotonous, child-like reading. He mispronounced “Abu Ghraib” 2 times (seriously stumbling the first time~ as if he'd never heard or seen or said these words before)in 2 different ways which is strange considering how many times the words should have already passed his lips in the course of analyzing this situation with his team.

 He was able to be passionate with his standard catch-phrases such as “We will not relent” and “The killers expect America to retreat”, but when it came to the informational parts he was completely incapable of any more than straight reading.

 There are 3 teleprompters typically, one in the center and one on either side. Teleprompters are semi-transparent screens that, as inconspicuously as possible, scroll the text of a speech for it’s reader. Every modern president has used them. George was incapable of looking at anything but the prompters. He would turn his head, but his eyes lingered until a moment where he could finally shift them to the next screen.

Watch the video. Watch his eyes and listen to his complete lack of delivery. Listen to him stumble on the words “completed” and “detainees”. I felt like I was watching a poor, tired old man who is well past his mental prime. I now understand why he could not testify alone in front of the 9-11 whitewash committee. I now understand why this man CANNOT be president a second time. He is damaged goods and my heart, finally, goes out to him. 10~31 ~O~

January 13 2003:   President Bush fainted at the White House at 5:35 PM EST.  After a thorough examination by the White House doctor, he was pronounced fit with bruises on his left cheekbone and lower hip.  The official explanation was that he choked on a pretzel. 

According to news reports, President Bush choked on a pretzel and fainted on Sunday (1/13/02) in the White House residence when he was alone.  No one heard him hit the floor when he fainted and fell.  He regained consciousness on his own later.  He awoke with the pretzel dislodged and told the First Lady what had happened.  The White House nurse on duty was called in.  This situation was very serious because President Bush could have died if the pretzel did not dislodged from his throat when he fell.  No one came to help him.  Even the First Lady was in an adjacent room, she was on the phone and didn't hear the President hitting the floor.

On 17 Jan 2002, Jeff Greenfield, CNN's political commentator, appeared on the "Imus in the Morning" Radio show and said he had spoken with Dr. Henry Heimlich (the inventor of the Heimlich Maneuver) about President's choking incident.  Dr. Heimlich told Greenfield that President Bush's life was probably saved when he hit the floor.  His fall dislodged the pretzel.  Had he not fallen, he could not dislodge the pretzel nor could anybody come to his aid in time since the President was all alone.  This time he was lucky.  President Bush suffered only a red scrape on his left cheek from the fall.

Where were the Secret Service agents and why didn't  they come to save Bush? According to USA Today's article  on 1/15/2002, "Secret Service agents keep Bush in view when he's in public, but he has more privacy in the residence of the White House. Usually, one agent is at the top of the staircase that leads to the private quarters. But agents don't patrol the rooms, nor do they open doors to check on the President and First Lady.  There are alarm buttons throughout the private rooms to summon agents."

The  USA TODAY article only revealed how the secret service agents keep a watch on the President in the White House.  But, what they didn't know is how would invisible personnel illegally keep the US President under 24/7/356 constant surveillance even in the White House.  If President Bush had unfortunately suffocated on the pretzel, can we accept that the death was the result of natural cause?   No!, Absolutely not.  Why?  Because invisible personnel (involved agents and police of surveillance station/system) who spying on the President must saw him faint, No matter who are secretly spy on the President, they are bound by law to provide assistance to the President when he is in danger. If they didn't provide assistance and caused the President to die, they are responsible for President's death and are murder suspects.  Because they could intentionally just watch the President to die.






First Lady Laura Bush Tells of Night in Bunker 
Mon Feb 11, 2002 9:25 PM ET 

By Steve Gorman 

BURBANK (Reuters) - First Lady Laura Bush said on Monday she and the president were rousted from their White House bed and rushed by Secret Service into an underground bunker the night of Sept. 11 because an unidentified plane was approaching. 

Appearing on NBC's "Tonight Show," Mrs. Bush told host Jay Leno the alert turned out to be a false alarm as the plane was identified as "one of our own" -- a U.S. fighter jet patrolling the skies over Washington after the day's suicide hijacking attacks on New York and Washington. 

The first lady's debut on late-night TV had its lighter moments, too, as she traded quips with Leno and displayed a pretzel like the one her husband choked on last month. She joked that President Bush is now "practicing safe snacks." 

But the most compelling moment came when Leno asked her about her experiences the day suicide hijackers slammed jetliners into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon (news - web sites) and a field in rural Pennsylvania -- the deadliest attacks ever on American soil. 

Mrs. Bush said she learned of the first plane hitting the Trade Center while she was en route to Capitol Hill for a hearing which was then canceled, and that she found many of her young staffers gripped with fear when she returned to the White House late that afternoon. 

"Finally, when it was time to go to bed, the Secret Service said they wanted us to sleep in the underground bunker under the White House, and we said, 'No,"' Mrs. Bush recalled. "It had been such an unbelievably horrible day for our country, and we were just going to sleep in our own bed, and they could come and get us if they thought there were some threat." 


Mrs. Bush said was "sound asleep" and the president was "almost asleep" when breathless Secret Service agents "burst into our room and said, 'Mr. President, Mr. President, a plane is on its way."' 

She said it was assumed the aircraft was a U.S. fighter jet on patrol, but as a precaution the first couple gathered their pets and "walked down into the basement in our pajamas." 

She said they were just about to "fold out the roll-away couch in the bunker, when "they identified the plane as one of our own." 

Mrs. Bush, casually dressed in a blue blouse and black slacks, joined pop princess Britney Spears and the rock group Foo Fighters for the second in a series of 11 Leno-hosted NBC specials highlighting the Winter Games in Salt Lake City. 

Mrs. Bush was in the "Tonight Show" studio audience for two previous appearances by then-presidential candidate Bush in March and October of 2000. But her appearance Monday marked her own late-night debut. 

While politicians have become regular fixtures on the late-night talk show circuit during campaign seasons, appearances by first ladies are rare. 

Former first lady Hilary Rodham Clinton drew big ratings with appearances on the CBS "Late Show with David Letterman and the "Tonight Show" on Jan. 12 and Aug. 11, 2000, respectively, while campaigning for the U.S. Senate. 

In his opening monologue, Leno poked fun at some of the Olympic events -- saying the cross-country skiers "look like skiers who just can't find the lift line" -- and joked about heightened security at the Games, as well as on his show. 

Directing the studio camera to zoom in on a clutch of Secret Service agents standing in the wings, Leno said, "That's the guy who patted down Britney Spears five times," eliciting a slight grin from one officer.

"We got a smile, ladies and gentlemen," Leno said, as he managed to crack the all-business demeanor of the security detail. 

 By Mike Allen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, January 14, 2002; 

EAST MOLINE, Ill., Jan. 14--President Bush sent a big bag of pretzels back to the press cabin on Air Force One this morning with a note scrawled in black on the plastic: "Chew slowly."

Heading off on a two-day, three-state swing through the Midwest, Bush joked twice today about a fainting spell Sunday night that must have been scary at the time but by morning's light sounds a bit bizarre. The White House announced Sunday night that Bush had lost consciousness for a few seconds while watching a National Football League playoff game in his bedroom, alone except for his two dogs. The cause was a pretzel that had gone down the wrong way, the White House said. Medical tests showed he was fine.

Bush fell off his couch and as a result had an angry red patch on his left cheek when he spoke to reporters as he boarded his helicopter on the South Lawn of the White House this morning.

"I hit the deck," Bush said, "and woke up, and there was Barney and Spot showing a lot of concern. I didn't realize what happened until I looked in the mirror."

Bush said his glasses had cut the side of his face. "I feel great," he said. "I had good blood pressure last night, good blood pressure this morning."

The White House physician, Richard J. Tubb, examined Bush at 7 a.m. and found his blood pressure and other vital signs were normal, White House press secretary Ari Fleischer told reporters aboard Air Force One.

"At this point, the doctor does not see a need for additional tests," Fleischer said. "If anything else develops, he hasn't ruled it out."

Speaking at a John Deere plant here in an address that was billed to be mostly about the economy, Bush first had to address the pretzel issue.

"If my mother is listening, 'Mother, I should have listened to you: Always chew your pretzels before you swallow,' " the president said, echoing words he used at the White House this morning.

"When I work the rope lines, people bring their children. I always turn to the child especially the teenagers and say, 'Listen to your mother. It's the best advice I can give you.' I obviously needed to do the same thing last night. But I'm feeling great. I'm so honored to be here.

Bush then launched into his text, covering the gamut of political agenda items including economic stimulus, the signing of the education bill that dominated much of last week and the importance of opening up international trade.

"I'm confident we've got to get my friend [Russian President Vladimir] Putin to buy John Deere products. I'm confident what this nation needs is to level the playing field and have trade that'll create jobs all across America."

© 2002 The Washington Post Company

Friday July 20 , 2001

Genoa Protester Who Was Shot Is Dead - Police

GENOA (Reuters) - A protester who was shot on Friday during rioting at a Group of Eight summit in Genoa has died, an Italian police spokesman said.

Earlier, a Reuters photographer saw the protester get shot twice by paramilitary police after throwing a fire extinguisher at a police van as anti-globalization demonstrators clashed with police in the port city.

Genoa summit: Anti-aircraft guns and 150,000 protesters await world's leaders

By Stephen Castle and Frances Kennedy in Genoa

20 July 2001

Another mass demonstration for the White Overalls

Five dummy bodies with their hands bound behind their backs dangled limply from a crane in a central piazza in Genoa as a greeting to world leaders who will arrive on Friday morning for what may be their last Group of Eight summit.

In a city deserted by its 900,000 inhabitants and made surreal by a military presence not seen since World War Two, it hardly seemed to matter that the protest was organised by Iranian dissidents and was unrelated to fair trade, debt relief or the spread of AIDS.

This northern Italian port, with its history of insurrections and trading wealth, has become an international stage and also, possibly, a battlefield.

Today the big boys will step into the spotlight: the leaders of the world's seven richest nations plus Russia, arriving in private planes and being escorted at high speed to the £200m luxury liner where most will lodge for their own safety.

The players until now have been the police – 18,000 in all, from carabinieri in spanking new uniforms to grey suited Guardia di Finanza – and the protesters, expected to number up 150,000, who yesterday piled off special trains and buses carrying sleeping bags, dogs, plastic shields and banners.

In a climate of trepidation, the Italians have imposed unprecedented security measures at immense cost. Anti aircraft missiles have been installed at the airport, roads and train stations have been closed and the Red Zone surrounding the summit venue is off limits.

All the city's hotels have been commandeered for delegations and the press.

The pressure of the anti global protesters has prevented Genoa showing off its new splendour, the result of a £60m facelift. The gala dinners, shopping trips, and photo opportunity walkabouts of past summits have been cancelled for fear of disturbances.

The leaders will move between the magnificent Ducal Palace with its frescoed ceilings and sumptuous furniture and the Port Authority building, in bullet-proofed cavalcades.

Determined to disrupt or at least distract attention from the G8 leaders hardline, anti-globalisation movements were yesterday finalising tactics. Protesters in Che Guevara T-shirts, fatigues, and pink dreadlocks rehearsed attempts to break down the steel grates surrounding the Red Zone. Luca Casarini, media-savvy leader of the Tute Bianche (White Overalls) at HQ at the Carlini stadium, admitted that violence was probably inevitable.

"There will be 10,000 of us, unarmed, using our bodies as weapons against guns and batons. We will push until those infernal barriers around Genoa come down and the Empire will know it is a little weaker" he said.

Some world leaders have expressed impatience with the protests that have dogged a string of international gatherings over the past 19 months.

"We are seeing a worrying trend where the only way some people think they can make a point and get it across is through violence ... in a way that is profoundly undemocratic," Tony Blair said yesterday.

The special police squad, the Digos, are most fearful of the so-called Black Block, and they are not alone.

"I saw those guys in action at Gothenburg and Salzburg and they are mean. They don't publicise what they do, they don't plan in any great detail, but move in small numbers, that's their strength" said Mike, an Austrian protester. "I fear that this will end in blood."

But for what? Romano Prodi, the European Commission president, described G8 summits as an "extravagant and excessive machine". He said: "This kind of seige atmosphere can hardly help us tackle humanity's greatest and most widespread tragedies such as poverty and disease."

When the meeting ends on Sunday, we can expect a communique, agreed by officials, or "sherpas", days in advance.

Andrew Pendleton, a spokesman for Christian Aid predicted: "If you compare last year's communique from Okinawa with this year's, you'll probably find the biggest difference is in the syntax".

Since presidents Giscard d'Estaing and Gerald Ford rubbed shoulders at the inaugural G7 meeting at Rambouillet in 1976, this has been one of the most elusive as well as elite gatherings, its trademark the "informal fireside chat" rather than action plans.

This weekend's G8 will finish with a series of press conferences all carefully honed to produce messages to appeal to national audiences. As far as the official agenda is concerned the main focus will be on debt relief and the launch of a $1.5bn global fund to combat Aids and other serious diseases, a pre-agreed plan.

But even these have been greeted with cynicism rather than enthusiasm by many campaigners. Mr Pendleton said: "I've lost count of the number of times it has been announced already."

But while the sight of protesters besieging summits underlines the growing distance between the political elite and the citizenry, divisions are growing in the ranks of protesters themselves with many worried that the increasing violence is counter-productive in terms of public sympathy.

The EU has already decided to move all its summits, gradually, to Brussels. Meanwhile, the next attempt to agree a new trade round by the World Trade Organisation will take place in Qatar – where even the boldest protesters will struggle to make their voices heard.

Author of Bush biography commits suicide


SPRINGDALE, Ark. (AP) - The author of a book about George W. Bush has killed himself, police said.

James Howard Hatfield, 43, wrote Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the making of an American President in 1999.

The unauthorized biography accused Bush of covering up a cocaine arrest. But during interviews about the book, Hatfield lied to reporters about his own criminal past.

A hotel housekeeper discovered the man's body about noon Wednesday, Springdale police Detective Al Barrios said Thursday. Barrios said the man apparently overdosed on two kinds of prescription drugs.

Police don't suspect foul play.

AP-WS-07-20-01 0709EDT

West Wing Reopened After Car Scare

The Associated Press

Thursday, July 12, 2001; 2:12 p.m. EDT

WASHINGTON –– The West Wing of the White House was partially evacuated for about an hour Thursday after a car parked on the driveway nearby raised suspicions. Authorities checked for explosives and found none, and the building was reopened.

"It's all clear," said Secret Service spokesman Tony Ball. "It was a false alarm."

President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney remained at work inside throughout the check.

While security precautions are always high at the White House, it was perhaps the first time that a portion of the building was evacuated. The car was parked on the driveway during a Rose Garden ceremony at which Bush discussed Medicare proposals.

People were asked to leave the press office and briefing room of the West Wing, the closest offices to the driveway. Offices also were evacuated in the Old Executive Office Building, which faces the driveway.

Press Secretary Ari Fleischer said offices on the north side of the White House, the side closest to the vehicle, were evacuated. The Oval Office faces south; Cheney's office is in the middle of the West Wing.

Vehicles on the White House grounds are routinely checked by dogs trained to smell materials used in explosives.

© Copyright 2001 The Associated Press

NOTE: On CNN, a female reported was heard to say, while laughing, "Oh, well! Bomb sniffing dogs are allowed to have an off day once in a while. "

My comment:  A dog trained to sniff for bombs in the White House would not be so untrained as to make mistakes. Ever! If that dog is not removed from service, then we know that this matter has been swept under the rug so as not to panic anyone.

Plot to assassinate Bush - reports

The Group of Eight summit is meeting between July 20 - 22 in Genoa, Italy. Leaders from Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States are expected to attend the summit.

June 21, 2001

Bin Laden: Believed to have a network of guerrillas

MOSCOW, Russia -- Osama bin Laden has threatened to assassinate U.S. President George W. Bush at a G-8 meeting in Italy, the head of Russia's Federal Bodyguard Service has said, according to reports.

The Associated Press said Yevgeny Murov was quoted by Itar-Tass news agency as saying: "Bin Laden is threatening the American president, but we know what international terrorism is today and therefore all the bodyguard units concerned are preparing for this.

"We view the threats as totally serious, but hope that with joint efforts we can solve all the problems."

The Group of Eight summit is meeting between July 20 - 22 in Genoa, Italy. Leaders from Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States are expected to attend the summit.

Murov -- Russian President Vladimir Putin's chief bodyguard -- did not elaborate on the threats. He said agents from Russia's Federal Bodyguard Service have travelled to Genoa to coordinate with their counterparts from the other nations taking part in the summit to investigate the threats.

Reports in the U.S., German and Italian media have said bin Laden may be plotting against Bush and other world leaders coming to Genoa, the Associated Press reported.

Bin Laden has been indicted by the United States for allegedly masterminding the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam which killed more than 200 people.

He has taken refuge in Afghanistan, where the ruling Taliban movement has refused to hand him over to Western powers.

Some Genoa organisers fear a possible assassination attempt and have said they might move the summit venue to a cruise liner offshore or a military base, Reuters reported.

Italy's new interior minister promised tight security for the summit, with soldiers and a large police force.

Wednesday, February 7th , 2001


The White House has been put on high alert and a gunman has been taken into custody after shots were fired near the building.

President George W Bush was taken to a secure location in the White House as Swat teams descended upon the man.

The security service said they were confident there was one gunman only. Some reports said it was a young man, about 17 years old, who was shot and injured in the leg by security staff as he tried to breach the security fences.

There is some suggestion he may have been involved in a suicide attempt.

"There is a subject outside the fence on E Street side of the White House, (it is) a possible suicide attempt," said Sgt Michael Smith of the US Park Police.

"Shots have been fired, the subject has been shot in the leg, (he has) non-life threatening injuries and medics are on the scene."

Later the man was taken to George Washington University Hospital.

Security staff take positions at the White House

A witness said: "He was just standing in the street and randomly firing a few shots. I heard three shots and there were no officers on the scene."

Police arrived on the scene about a minute later, and the gunman jumped into a bush. "Police were telling him 'It does not have to be this way'."

The incident came hours after President Bush held an event promoting his tax-cut plans on the south lawn, some 200 yards from the fence, but a secret service source said he was never thought in danger.

Dozens of officers, some carrying automatic weapons, fanned out around the building with others positioning themselves on the roof of the Executive Mansion

Thursday January 4 1:34 PM ET

Officials: Bush Boat Fire Was Arson

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - A blaze that destroyed a motor boat that was co-owned by President-elect Bush resulted from arson, fire investigators said.

Last month's blaze, previously considered an accident, was set on board the 22-foot HarrisKayot cabin cruiser, the state fire marshal's office said Wednesday.

The co-owner of the boat is commerce secretary nominee Don Evans, Bush's former campaign chairman and a longtime friend. Evans had registered the boat and the two shared an insurance policy.

``Both families used the boat,'' Bush spokesman Dan Bartlett said. ``The president-elect and Mr. Evans are anxious to learn of the findings of the investigation,'' he said.

State fire marshal spokesman Mark Hanna, whose office is investigating the fire, said it was common knowledge at the marina that the cabin cruiser was owned by Bush.

``We find it hard to believe that out of all the boats at the marina that someone would pick that particular one to set fire,'' Hanna said.

Secret Service spokesman Tony Ball said the agency is monitoring the investigation because it involves the president-elect, but it is not taking part.

The boat was at Yacht Harbor Marina on Lake Travis, about 15 miles northwest of Austin. Firefighters responded to the blaze at about 10 p.m. Dec. 16, just four days after Bush won the presidency when the U.S. Supreme Court (news - web sites) reversed Florida's court-ordered recount of presidential election ballots.

The blaze spread to three neighboring boats before firefighters were able to control it. One of those was destroyed and the other two were damaged.

Bush's boat, which can accommodate up to 14 people, sells for $30,000 to $40,000, according to dealers. It had not been driven in about a year, according to the marina's manager.

``It was charred, ruined and destroyed,'' Hanna said.

Investigators have not determined what was used to start the blaze, which Bush's office at first thought accidentally began while someone was winterizing the boat.

``We checked into that, and we have determined that there was no way that could have happened,'' Hanna said. ``The fire started somewhere in the center of the boat away from any possible source of accidental ignition.''

Gore moves ahead in Florida recount

If you count dimpled chads plus the votes the Florida Supreme Court gave him, the vice president is leading Bush by 96 votes in the latest tallies.

By Anthony York

Jan. 4, 2001 | As President-elect George W. Bush puts the final touches on his Cabinet, the media recount of Florida ballots continues. And using the most liberal of estimates, Vice President Al Gore has now taken a narrow lead in the unofficial statewide tally.

According to the official certified tally, Bush beat Gore by 537 votes in Florida. But Gore gained 120 votes in an unofficial look at Hillsborough County's disputed presidential "undervotes" by the Tampa Tribune. A net total of 97 of the new Gore votes were from dimpled chads. Gore picked up 28 votes from ballots with various types of hanging chads. Bush had a net gain of 5 votes from 89 ballots that were clearly punched through but were not read by the machine. In a Dec. 30 article, the Tampa Tribune included the dimpled chads to come up with the total figure of Gore picking up 120 votes county-wide.

A recent recount of ballots in Lake County by the Orlando Sentinel gave Gore an additional 130 votes. Lake uses a computerized optical-scan system, so chad interpretations did not come into play.

If you add the 250 additional Gore votes from Lake and Hillsborough to the votes the Florida Supreme Court ruled should have been included in the final count -- 215 additional votes the vice president gained in Palm Beach County that were disallowed by Secretary of State Katherine Harris because they were late; plus 168 votes Gore picked up in the partial recount of heavily Democratic precincts in Miami-Dade, which were also disallowed -- Gore is ahead by 96 votes in Florida.

If you throw out the net 97-vote gain Gore received thanks to dimpled chad ballots in Hillsborough, Bush leads Gore by exactly 1 vote.

And the vote counting continues. The Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post and the Republican Party have begun a review of an estimated 20,000 ballots that were rejected by voting machines in Palm Beach County. A consortium involving the Washington Post, New York Times, Associated Press and Wall Street Journal is also in line to count the state's 40,000-plus undervotes, including those in Palm Beach. Further inspections are scheduled to examine ballots in a number of other counties including Alachua, Miami-Dade, Broward, Pasco, Santa Rosa, Osceola, Okaloosa and Highlands.

Here's the breakdown of the Tampa Tribune's recount in Hillsborough County. Salon will add county-by-county breakdowns of vote tallies as they become available.

Hillsborough County

Total undervotes: 5,533

No mark: 3,655

Punched clearly but not tallied by machine:


Gore: 42

Dimpled chads:

Bush: 660

Gore: 757

Hanging chads:

One corner detached:

Bush: 11

Gore: 16

Two corners detached:

Bush: 3

Gore: 4

Three corners detached:

Bush: 67

Gore: 61

Pinpricked ballots:

Bush 91

Gore 119

Total pickups:

Bush: 879

Gore: 999

Total Gore gain: 120


1-16-2003 - Todd : I had a dream the President announced we were going to war, then during the announcement he was assassinated.- dont remember much except he was shot in the head

Dee777: that fits with the scenario of Presidents elected in a 0 year

Todd : doesnt always mean he will literally be killed- spiritually it might show he is making a bad decision

Dee777: well, that's a given - but other people have been dreaming of his assassination as well

Todd really - ok - I remember in the dream my wife told me the president was just assassinated so I turned on the TV and they were showing it everywhere

Dee777: that's important to know. Of course, you are right, it could be a spiritual death as well.

Todd : or people seeking to remove him as the head

Dee777: yes - that too

7-22-01 - DREAM - I was living in a house I've never lived in before, but my ex-husband was re-painting the entire inside of the house black.  It looked really nice so I didn't question it.

I rather felt like I was in a semi-stupor and didn't really notice what was goin on.

I had a housekeeper because I was too busy playing with my kids to do housework.

A young women with dark hair, who was one of my overseers or something noticed a pipe that went from the 1st to the 2nd floor and started twisting on it until it came dislodged. I grabbed it from her and put it back together.

My husband told her that it was an air pipe and it was inspected every 20 days by an outside inspector. I thought the pipe was more likely a communication tube between the 1st and 2nd floor.

The housekeeper was kind of perturbed with me because I never did any housework, but I told her it was more important that I play with my kids than do housework.

At the same time I spotted a couple of used menstrual pads on the floor and kicked them aside. She aid, "The least you could do is pick up the things you don't use anymore," so I picked them up and threw them away.

I went into the bathroom and found that the clothes hamper was full of water, which my husband had done. I picked it up and dumped the water down the sink. There was no laundry to do.

I went to turn the light on in the bathroom and the light didn't come on. I tried two different switches and neither one worked. I had to assume that my husband had turned off the fuses and I'd have to turn them back on myself.

An older man came into the house then, wearing an overcoat. He showed me a contract with 4 names on it. He asked me if I had ever seen it before. I said I didn't remember.

He said that the woman who had taken the air pipe apart was leaving an was being replaced. I didn't have much choice in the matter, but that was okay with me. She as rather destructive and unknowledgable.

We went into an office that was down a few steps from the rest of the house. The young woman scratched out her name and initialed it with another fake name she made up like ' green turtle' or something. The attorney said that was okay with him.

I was rather glad to see her leave since she had pulled my air/communication pipes apart.

Then my new overseer came in. It was a black man ... the newscaster Bernard Shaw. He scrawled his name in large letters over the top of everyone elses. I was rather appalled that my contract was so unprofessional looking, but the attorney said it was still legal.

Then the attorney handed me my contract and Bernard Shaw (who I call Bernie like they did on CNN before he retired) and I walked back up the stairs to the main house side by side. (He was on my right side.)

I then looked out the window and saw a tow truck with a black car hoisted up to take it away. I was afraid it was my car, but when I looked closer, I realized it was my landlord's car. It looked more like a hearse than a tow truck and the car was hoisted half way inside. (He is very sick both physically and mentally these days, due to old age)

I then looked around the corner and saw my own car. It was light aqua in color with a white stripe on the side like the 1957 Chevrolets had. It was a station wagon.

I then went outside and saw that my husband had repaved the whole parking lot which was large enough to be a church or mall parking lot. There stood my aqua and white car and 4 others (who I assume was my housekeeper and overseer) There was room for lots more cars as they were angle parked in painted rows.

The whole parking lot was paved with what looked like dark blue and white abstract design. There may have been a specific design but from my perspective I couldn't tell what it was. I would guess Fleur de les but I can't say for certain)

I then went into an office building and lots of people were crossing in to go up an elevator. I was just watching from the lobby.

I saw President Bush come in with Laura Bush who looked young enough to be her own daughter. the people were so eager to get on the elevator, they didn't leave any room for the Bushes, but then some realized that the Bushes had just lost one of their daughter and they made room for them. Someone handed Laura Bush a yellow rose which she accepted with a look of interminable sadness on her face and they got on the elevator and I woke up.

2-10-01 - DREAM - I was in a first floor apartment or store front with a huge window overlooking the street.

In front of the window, parked at the curb, was a long, grey, wooden, buckboard wagon. On the wagon was a large, silver, old fashioned tape recorder - the reel to reel kind.  

I wanted that tape recorder really bad; so bad I was willing to steal it.

Just then three men and a boy  (a young man) came from across the street and stood behind the wagon like they were getting ready to leave, but the boy, who was dressed in a long black winter coat, came up to the left side of the window where I stood, and rang the doorbell to the apartment upstairs. (There must have been a stairway to the upstairs to the left of the window)

I turned around and left the window and saw that I was in a huge hall like an auditorium with lots of people in it. It was not very light in it and the people were just milling around. It seemed to be Presidential event.

There was a table there, a square card table. On the table was a series of rods made up of three straightened out coat hangars. Three wires were taped together at one end and loose on the other.  The one I picked up was black on the end either with tape or black paint ... for about 6 inches. The object of these rods was to push them up a tube which was curled over at the other end. When you pushed the wires up the tube, the curled head was forced to straighten out.

I then saw a map, which I believe was New York State. The City appeared to be along the Hudson River and I knew that this rod was to be inserted so that the wires went from west to east along the street pointing towards the Hudson River.

Just then, I saw that the rod had the letter B at the end, which was multicolored like a Fruitloop. The letter B started to sing, "I hope you know I am, for I am a bleeding star."

Later in the morning, I was still tired and lay down, hopefully for a nap.

At this time I had a visions of two black web urls on a page.

I couldn't figure out what that meant, and I then had a vision of the United States with a pinwheel over the state of New York. The whole thing was white.  I looked for the meaning of a pinwheel and only came up with the meaning of the Swastika - both positive and negative which spin like a pinwheel. Thus I don't have the explanation for this vision as yet.




7-22-01 - DREAM - I was living in a house I've never lived in before, but my ex-husband was re-painting the entire inside of the house black.  It looked really nice so I didn't question it.

I rather felt like I was in a semi-stupor and didn't really notice what was goin on.

I had a housekeeper because I was too busy playing with my kids to do housework.

A young women with dark hair, who was one of my overseers or something noticed a pipe that went from the 1st to the 2nd floor and started twisting on it until it came dislodged. I grabbed it from her and put it back together.

My husband told her that it was an air pipe and it was inspected every 20 days by an outside inspector. I thought the pipe was more likely a communication tube between the 1st and 2nd floor.

The housekeeper was kind of perturbed with me because I never did any housework, but I told her it was more important that I play with my kids than do housework.

At the same time I spotted a couple of used menstrual pads on the floor and kicked them aside. She aid, "The least you could do is pick up the things you don't use anymore," so I picked them up and threw them away.

I went into the bathroom and found that the clothes hamper was full of water, which my husband had done. I picked it up and dumped the water down the sink. There was no laundry to do.

I went to turn the light on in the bathroom and the light didn't come on. I tried two different switches and neither one worked. I had to assume that my husband had turned off the fuses and I'd have to turn them back on myself.

An older man came into the house then, wearing an overcoat. He showed me a contract with 4 names on it. He asked me if I had ever seen it before. I said I didn't remember.

He said that the woman who had taken the air pipe apart was leaving an was being replaced. I didn't have much choice in the matter, but that was okay with me. She as rather destructive and unknowledgable.

We went into an office that was down a few steps from the rest of the house. The young woman scratched out her name and initialed it with another fake name she made up like ' green turtle' or something. The attorney said that was okay with him.

I was rather glad to see her leave since she had pulled my air/communication pipes apart.

Then my new overseer came in. It was a black man ... the newscaster Bernard Shaw. He scrawled his name in large letters over the top of everyone elses. I was rather appalled that my contract was so unprofessional looking, but the attorney said it was still legal.

Then the attorney handed me my contract and Bernard Shaw (who I call Bernie like they did on CNN before he retired) and I walked back up the stairs to the main house side by side. (He was on my right side.)

I then looked out the window and saw a tow truck with a black car hoisted up to take it away. I was afraid it was my car, but when I looked closer, I realized it was my landlord's car. It looked more like a hearse than a tow truck and the car was hoisted half way inside. (He is very sick both physically and mentally these days, due to old age)

I then looked around the corner and saw my own car. It was light aqua in color with a white stripe on the side like the 1957 Chevrolets had. It was a station wagon.

I then went outside and saw that my husband had repaved the whole parking lot which was large enough to be a church or mall parking lot. There stood my aqua and white car and 4 others (who I assume was my housekeeper and overseer) There was room for lots more cars as they were angle parked in painted rows.

The whole parking lot was paved with what looked like dark blue and white abstract design. There may have been a specific design but from my perspective I couldn't tell what it was. I would guess Fleur de lis but I can't say for certain)

I then went into an office building and lots of people were crossing in to go up an elevator. I was just watching from the lobby.

I saw President Bush come in with Laura Bush who looked young enough to be her own daughter. the people were so eager to get on the elevator, they didn't leave any room for the Bushes, but then some realized that the Bushes had just lost one of their daughter and they made room for them. Someone handed Laura Bush a yellow rose which she accepted with a look of interminable sadness on her face and they got on the elevator and I woke up.


4-8-01 - DREAMS

I slept too long, so forgot this dream, it was about spirituality and the number 40 and the game of golf.

There was a vision within the dream, of Nancy Reagan being in a small upper room. She was dressed all in black, with long black gloves. She was smoking a cigarette in a long holder. She was intensely beautiful.

In the last short dream, I was in Milwaukee on 12th St. and Vine . There was an army jeep and a guy mowing bushes. Some other army jeep went by towards the west on Vine St. and the army jeep guy who was mowing bushes took off after him and flew the jeep up into the sky. They were shooting at each other with machine guns. From overhead and behind me, appeared a silvery-blue jet plane which chased the jeeps, and then from behind me overhead came the ugliest khaki-colored Star Trek type battleship plane which was going to shoot at the silver-blue jet and all of a sudden it crashed into the streets of Milwaukee. There was a bunch of kids playing out in the streets near the school there. I hollered at them to go home and woke up.

NOTE:  Paul and Michelle called and said they saw me on the ship last night, that I was wearing a long gown and a hat, that I told them I was staying until Wednesday to party because my work was done for the night.  They were working on some kind of electronic project together.  I can't remember any such scene, though I thought I saw them both a couple days ago in a dream.  I'll watch for time warp scenes for a few days to see. 


2-11-01 - The dream took place in an apartment building/factory. For some reason, I was not allowed to see the people's heads ... most the people I saw were from the neck down.

Everything took place at night. Everything was closing down. It seemed to be winter and was icy outside on the ground.

In the apartment, I was living with a black woman. She answered the phone and deliberately gave fake medical information to someone who called.  I told her henceforth she would have to have her own phone in her own room and would no longer be allowed to answer my phone.

At the same time, I could see that someone named Thomas was moving and his name was being taken out of the personal phone directory by another woman.

I then went downstairs and it was closing time for the stores, churches, factories, etc. I volunteered to help turn out the lights. The lights in the church was already dimmed.

As I walked through the store, all the plants that were left were pretty crummy. Anything good was already gone. The Christmas Pointsettias were losing their colored leaves.  Still, we were told we could help ourselves to the plants that were left. They looked pretty bad, but I figured that if I took some home and replanted them, they could be renewed.  One of them which had full grown 'bushes' in it were criss-crossed and I was told it was a bad mis-alignment.

While I was there, I saw that my laundry was done, but hadn't been taken upstairs yet. I picked up all my aprons which were neatly folded on the floor and put them over my right arm to carry them.

I went to start turning off the lights and the women who worked during the day were coming back in to take the rest of the plants and told me to take what I wanted.

Some of the maintenance crew was still working and I couldn't turn off all the lights, though I started to.

Some women came in, wanting to look at an apartment. I showed them number 5 which was on the first floor. The man who moved out even ripped out the plumbing in the bathroom when he left.

I told the women I could show them something upstairs, but I had to get my keys.

I went up the stairs to the lobby where the office was and on the way, I was shown that it was icy outside, a cold rain was freezing on the ground. I saw out the window that the women's car was still running in the parking space outside. The car was a long, beige vehicle.

As I came back down the stairs which were steep, I saw that the stairs were nearly hidden, and my senses tell me that they were colored red and green plaid. The steps were divided ... there was a stairway to a technology lab to the left which was brightly lit. The stairway was alarmed so no one could go down it unannounced and there were warnings posted to that effect.

I continued on down the stairway to the maintenance area and found that the safety railings were coming apart and were disintegrating. I saw that it wasn't safe and tried to take the broken part with me, and it seemed like it fought me like a snake... but I won.

I showed the broken parts to the maintenance crew and he said he would put new ones on but they had to be ordered.

Ahead of me, I could see an old man whose pants were falling down. I could see he was wearing four layers of pants. His basic underwear was dark blue plaid. He wore other underwear over those, then his regular pants. His dress pants were just pulled on over his work pants. I couldn't see this man's head.  

One of the men was re-wrapping the safety posts in the aisles with shiny new paper because the old Christmas paper was worn out. He then put a fancy gold dome cap on them so they looked liked ziggurates.

I continued to walk along the aisles towards where the light switches were, in order to turn off another one and some men ahead of me were wearing coveralls over their own clothes. They were made of ripped and torn American flags. (I couldn't see their heads either)


1-28-01 - ( I'm going to put all the details in this dream, though I know them well, the readers of this dream won't, and they are important to follow in detail in the business world. )

DREAM -  I was working in a large manufacturing plant, very similar to what I worked in, in the 70's and 80's in Milwaukee, but it was not the same company from the looks of it, though it was an old company.

My job, as purchasing clerk, which I also did in the 70's and 80's, was to prepare the paperwork for my boss and follow all the procedures, so he could just get on the phone and talk with his buddies and go to lunch, and go visit their plants and chit chat. He had the fun part of the job. I actually did all the work, outside of the manufacturing process itself which the hard working blue collar workers did.

I was handed 3 blank purchase orders, along with handwritten notes by the engineer, to manufacture something very precious, and in an extreme emergency situation.  Nobody was going home until they were done with this. As it was, it was just before a Holiday, on a Friday, and everybody else was gone besides the engineer, my boss, and me. And we only had 3 days to get it done.

I looked at the paperwork carefully.  The purchase orders, for which we had to go out for bids on, was for a casting of Lady Liberty.  A large one. (You can see Lady Liberty on our old U.S. silver dollars).  This one would stand alone, like a statuette. It would be about a foot high ... similar to a Oscar statuette, but female.

The engineer was trying to explain to me how a casting was made from the pattern.  The pattern is constructed in two pieces, such that when the wood is put together, you pour the metal inside of it, and when the casting is pulled apart after the metal cools, you have a perfect statuette or metal part which is then machined and polished for use in conjunction with other parts.  I already knew all this from having been in the business for 11 years, but the engineer didn't know I knew this. So, I was patient and listened to his explanation. This pattern was constructed like a round box in two parts.

After he left my desk to go talk to the boss,  I looked more carefully at the paperwork on my desk and there was a requisition to go out for bids for 'serial literature', of which there was also to be 3 , but in 15 chapters each. In big letters, attached to the requsition was a note that said, "Include LOC". That meant we were to go to a manufacturing place named LOC along with other places to bid.  (LOC (Library of Congress)

I was ready to type up purchase orders, and then realized my boss would need a pattern card attached to it so he could see who manufactured it before and thus know immediately who to send the bids to.

I went to the file cabinet to find the pattern card which was numbered '1058'.  When I opened up the pattern card file, all the numbers were in the 8000's range. These were old green battered file cabinets, so this company had been in business a long time.  There were no longer any low range numbered cards.  That's how long it had been since one of these Lady Liberties had been manufactured.  


So, I had to get a brand new card (these are light green) and attach it to the requisition and purchase order and notes to give to my boss.

I went over to where the cards were stacked. I saw lots of old cards, for parts which we no longer manufactured. Even so those should have been in the file cabinet for record, but weren't.

My boss was then walking around. We made some chit chat. He told me that I was looking particularly good ... I was wearing high heeled shoes and a dress. He commented that he had taken another female worker with him in his earlier days and people had commented how fat she was and he was glad that I wasn't.  (He named names, but I'm not including them here.) (What a chauvenist)

We also discussed how another co-worker had jammed the the cards into the file cabinet drawers so tight that you could hardly get them out again when you needed them. (This is really true to life conversation in the office)

Being done with my part of the work, I was ready to go home for the weekend Holiday.

For some reason, there was a little girl there, and she wanted to carry her Teddy Bear home with her, so I took her by the hand to lead her to find the Teddy Bear.

The scene switched and I was now outside, walking along a quiet country lane, a narrow path for cars, but not a main road. I saw what looked like an orange cat fur carcass in the bushes. I looked closer, thinking the cat was dead, but it wasn't, it was just resting, all laid out flat. When I looked closer, I saw that it had 9 companions. There were a total of 10 cats of various colors, all laying in the bushes resting. I counted them.  (I wonder if this was the two Presidents 'George Bush' of which I was comparing yesterday when I saw them on TV)

I walked a little further, and came across 10 more cats, all resting in the bushes. These all looked similar to the other cats, all different colors and patterns. A little further was 10 more cats, all similar. I realized at this point, all these cats were mine, resembled mine which I fed every day at home, but I obviously wasn't feeding these, they were hunting and feeding themselves.  So, there was a total of 30 cats, in 3 clusters of 10.

I was getting close to home now, and saw that a farmer had placed a large log across a muddy section between a field and the road, between the bushes.  I could resist walking on it to see if I could balance on it.  A bush was overgrown on one side, so it wasn't easy, but I managed to walk easily on this log and balanced. I was pretty proud of myself.

Just as I was doing this, an old white, battered car came along the road. It was the newspaper delivery car. I saw that the driver was female.  She stopped the car at the mailbox to deliver a paper, then started to get out of the car, waiting to speak to me about something. She was wearing large round sunglasses, looking rather more like a cop, than a newspaper delivery person.  She was patiently waiting for me to climb the hill, up to where she was parked, but I was already lucid and waking up and I didn't get that far ... and woke up.

I did this page on FREEDOM


HOTLINE ON RELIGIOUS LIBERTY The Court of Appeals reversed. 827 F.2d 1058 (6th Cir. 1987). Each of the three judges on the panel delivered a separate opinion. The first said that compelled exposure to ideas with which one disagreed was not unconstitutional. This judge distinguished Spence v. Bailey, 465 F.2d 797 (6th Cir. 1975), in which the Sixth Circuit had held that a student with religious objections could not be compelled to participate in ROTC classes, on the ground that it involved more active violation of religious beliefs than did "mere" exposure to religiously conflicting ideas. Similarly, Barnette u W:Va. Bd. of Educ., 319 U.S. 624 (1943), holding that Jehovah’s Witnesses could not be compelled to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, was distinguished on the ground that the mandatory recital of the pledge compelled an affirmation of loyalty which the assigned readings did not. This judge apparently would uphold an objection to being forced to read offensive selections aloud or, perhaps, to answering examination questions about objectionable selections.



Race, Gender and the Deception of "Freedom"


12-17-00 - I had 4 dreams about recounting all the ballots for the 2000 election for President.  It was being done in secret and was being paid for by Rockerfeller.
12-14-00 - A friend of mine was watching CNN and saw an announcement that Judge Ginsberg stepped down from her position because of the Supreme Court decision against the Gore recount. Nothing ever appeared in the news nor explained on television afterward. What was this she saw? A squelched news story? A vision?
12-12-00 - VOICE - "The case will be pardoned".
NOTE: Perhaps this means that G.W. Bush will pardon Clinton?
12-10-00 - DREAM  - First dream was about 'What is a ballot?" This was like an internal process of my mind, not visual.

Second dream was about counting ballots. This was like an internal process of my mind, not visual.

As I woke up I had a vision of a page on which was  a list of Senators and numbering them, as though each Senator was being marked as to whom he voted for in the electoral process.

12-8-00 - VISION - I saw George Bush standing in front of me. He said:  "I like kinship and family!" But then he singsonged "But it's gotta stop!"  He said it like he was very disappointed, but understanding of a truth.

Channeled predictions  - by anonymous

Date: 12/7/2000

My mother and I have started channeling various guides who are giving us some  pretty cool info. These guides say that they are from the light and are our own personal guides. We are trying to be very carefull not to get info from pranksters or other lower level entities. I hope this isn't too far off subject for this list. I want to put it out there anyway.

They have been telling us of things to come in the very near future. We haven't been going long enough to verify any of the predictions but we won't have to wait very long.

First of all they say that VP Gore will indeed win the election. The courts will make some sort of ruling that will swing the vote count to his favor. They said that it was decided by the secret government months ago that Gore would win.

Gore will preside for an undisclosed, but short, period of time and will then be moved to another reality. I guess that means he will die. Or at least that is what we as the public will be told. Joseph Lieberman will then be president.

I told them that I had heard of a man who was made privy to the changes to come to the planet and that this person would become president and that he would then help prepare the people for what is to come. I asked the guides if Lieberman was this man and they said "yes."

From: Tothian   In April 2000, while taking a nap, I was half asleep. I saw a picture of the presidents, from Reagan, to Bush(Sr), then Clinton, then the President Bush (Jr)... I think I saw the years, or a timeline or something, because I saw the years 2001 - 2003, and I saw him (GWB) being shot in the head & killed. I do like him as a President(and I knew I would), so I felt a sad kind of feeling when I saw that "vision". 

It had a 'Kennedy ' feeling to it. 


Florida young woman prophetic dream  : Mr.George W. Bush wins

Date: 12/20/2000 1:28:49 AM Pacific Standard Time

From: fwng8854@nifty.com (Hiroyuki Nishigaki)

To: Dee777@aol.com

Dear, sir

Newstips from my book

(1) Florida young woman prophetic dream (Nov 12th night): Mr.George W. Bush wins  , , , the defect and good point of new US President  . . . like a young charming giant brown bear who has not grown strong and sharp claws yet.

Holy spirit hints of odors of presidential election. It depends upon which is stronger and more beautiful, efficient.

GEORGE W. BUSH /sacred yellow (young giant brown bear who has not grown strong and sharp claws yet)
VC ALBERT GORE /transparent and nimble  (old decent but tough lady),
Clinton/green white + sacred blue.

I have written as follows in my 2nd book (Rejuvenation and Unveiled Hidden Phenix, How to Good-bye Depression) sold by Amazon.com (pub date: summer, 2000)-

"Two kinds of holy spirits have guarded Mr.,George W. Bush since last spring. The sacred yellow holy spirit- like Indian summer approached, touched him last spring for the first time, and made him twinkle beautifully and strongly.  In addition, he had begun to climb the tensed rope which the universe hung over from the sky since last summer. But, sometimes he was about to get down from it suddenly."

I was invited to the radio talk shows in Baltimore on Nov 10th and in New York on Nov 1st, and talked about the above mentioned subjects in my broken English.

Such a talk show got an encore and was rebroadcasted during the presidential election. Many American seemed to feel amazing to hear that Mr.George W.Bush looks like a young charming giant brown bear who has not grown strong and sharp claws yet.

After all , Supreme Court played the part of strong sharp claws in Presidential Election. Mr,George W .Bush's holy spirit is like a young giant brown bear who has not grown strong and sharp claws yet. But, Mr,George W .Bush's holy spirit is charming. It is his defect and good point. Other people are inclined to want to help him naturally. In other words, such a charming is a hidden different strong secret weapon.

The winner, Mr, George W. Bush should show the generosity over Mr,Albert Gore  (who failed to become the so-called pregnant President after all) in turn. For example, he better treat him the same as Japanese Emperor. Japanese Emperor has not power but honor. Mr, George W. Bush and Congress can confer him with honorable President for 4 years by law. Mr, George W. Bush gives him a room in White House and often hear his advice. If he can do so, he can heal the dislike (after the vote) for both of them and deserve US President. To the contrary, I think Mr,Albert Gore better become a drunken driver and be arrested by police once. If he do so, he will be able to understand the hearts of losers and of unfortunate people, and be able to hear others' opinions more seriously and patiently. Then, he will be loved by more American men and be elected the next next US President.

Miss, Loli (in Palm Beach county, Florida, U.S.A,

URL: http://www.geocities.com/loliemargaret ) dreamed about Mr.George W.Bush as a bear on Nov 12th night. She had not heard the radio talk shows. I am surprised at her excellent dreaming ability. Her dream suggested that Mr.George W.Bush might become an US President because the bear (Mr. Bush) did not drown in the Florida Ocean and kept on floating.

At last, her prophetic dream has been proved correct.

<The whole personality of this bear is friendly, childlike, and not too smart, like a giant Winnie the Pooh. As it floats backwards, it floats out over the ocean and then begins to descend. Mike says, "It's gonna hit the water" and as he says this, it plops right into the ocean, though the bear just floats, surprised, but unaffected>

Please, visit my site (http://hometown.aol.com/nishigaki2/index.htm, title: About the Holy Spirit of US President) if you want to know more.

PS: Needless to say, it is OK with me that you will amend or edit these more decently or humorously following your thoughts if you want to share these with other people.

Hiroyuki Nishigaki, in Japan, author, How to Good-bye Depression, on air at 13 radio talk shows in America,

E-mail: fwng8854@nifty.com /



Date: 12/5/2000 11:55:27 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: russ.michael@vpn.at (Russ MICHAEL)

Friends and Beloveds,

This is truly hard to imagine (if you are unaware of the "hidden government"

but***THE LIGHT IS SHOWING WORLDWIDE!! Please keep it shining by a continuous forwarding of this message***(A "masterpiece" of clear thinking)***LOVE***Michael


Von: Bettye Johnson <goldenspirit1@earthlink.net>

An: Russ Michael <russ.michael@vpn.at>

Datum: 06 December 2000 03:54

Subject: FW: Swedish scholar looks at U.S. election

Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000
From: "McCloskey, Elizabeth" <mccloe@health.co.kitsap.wa.us>

Comments from a Swedish scholar:

1. Imagine that we read of an election occurring anywhere in the third world in which the self-declared winner was the son of the former prime minister and that former prime minister was himself the former head of that nation's secret police (CIA).

2. Imagine that the self-declared winner lost the popular vote but won based on some old colonial holdover (electoral college)from the nation's pre-democracy past.

3. Imagine that the self-declared winner's 'victory' depended on disputed votes cast in a province governed by his brother!

4. Imagine that the poorly drafted ballots of one district, a district heavily favoring the self-declared winner's opponent, led thousands of voters to vote for the wrong candidate.

5. Imagine that that members of that nation's most despised caste, fearing for their lives/livelihoods, turned out in record numbers to vote in near-universal opposition to the self-declared winner's candidacy.

6. Imagine that hundreds of members of that most-despised caste were intercepted on their way to the polls by state police operating under the authority of the self-declared winner's brother.

7. Imagine that six million people voted in the disputed province and that the self-declared winner's 'lead' was only 327 votes. Fewer, certainly, than the vote counting machines' margin of error.

8. Imagine that the self-declared winner and his political party opposed a more careful by-hand inspection and re- counting of the ballots in the disputed province or in its most hotly disputed district.

9. Imagine that the self-declared winner, himself a governor of a major province, had the worst human rights record of any province in his nation and actually led the nation in executions.

10. Imagine that a major campaign promise of theself- declared winner was to appoint like-minded human rights violators to lifetime positions on the high court of that nation.

None of us would deem such an election to be representative of anything other than the self-declared winner's will-to-power. All of us, I imagine, would wearily turn the page thinking that it was another sad tale of pitiful pre- or anti-democracy peoples in some strange elsewhere."


The following was an excerpt from an email I received. Interesting!!!!

My sister in Ohio said the local paper...a very highly regarded one (Knight Ritter) The Akron Beacon Journal, had an article that people have admitted they were flown to Florida, put up and fed at the expense of the Bush campaign, to create small riots around rural voting places to frighten voters, and many places closed down when this happened. Interesting eh?


11-14-00 - DREAM - I was with my husband in a big old green wooden staved 1 1/2 ton truck in the right hand driveway of our property. It was really like an old buckboard that you hauled junk or farm produce in.  He wanted to drive it over to the left hand driveway of the property and put it in the garage. It was dark out and the traffic was heavy going both ways, from the right and from the left. He just couldn't get out on the road and get the truck over to the left.

He asked me if I knew how to drive the truck and I said, "Yes!"  I knew I could get over to the left hand driveway with no problem.

So, I got behind the wheel which wasn't easy. He had the seat pulled all the way forward, so I adjusted the seat all the way back so I could stretch out my legs. Then I noticed that he had the mirror adjusted upsidedown and so that all you could see what your own face reflected back at you. He couldn't see the road behind him at all. So, I adjusted the mirror too.

I turned the key and the truck started easily. I pulled the truck out to the edge of the road, and a fast car came from the left. That was the only car there was, so I pulled out onto the road and drove over to the left driveway, got out of the truck, and pushed the truck up the driveway because the left side of the driveway had a huge snowdrift in it.

I pushed the truck all the way up to the right hand door of the garage and stopped it.

I looked up into the back end of the truck and there stood George Bush complaining that he wanted the truck parked in the garage in the left hand door with only 6 inches to spare on the left. But he hadn't told me about the snowdrift on the left. There was no way to drive through that.  The whole left hand side of the driveway was covered with a snowdrift.

After I saw that, I was shown that the snowdrift had gotten there little by little, not all at once, but eventually got too deep to drive through.



11-10-00 - VOICE/VISION - I did some research on the curse of the Presidents elected during a 0 year which is a legend about the Indian Tecumsah, then when I went to bed, I heard a voice say, "He's got the blood test on him."  I instantly saw the face of Tecumseh looking at me.



DREAM AFTER THE ELECTION 11-29-00 - I was at a computer, looking at the election results.  I then had a vision within the dream showing me red boxes of all the states where Vice President Gore was missing votes that hadn't been counted.  It was like looking at a red light show ... as each red ray came up from the space that hadn't been counted yet.  The last I saw was Michigan and Wisconsin.


DREAM AFTER THE ELECTION - 11-29-00 - I went to a place where the 'gay' votes were being counted that hadn't been counted before.  To do this, each vote was a white bead and there were thousands of these ... they were blown into the air by puffs of air and allowed to land wherever they did. Nobody really cared who got them.  


Date: 11/26/2000

From: anonymous To Dee777@aol.com


I just took a look at your election dreams link. I very rarely talk about my dream visions online but this one I have had every night for almost two weeks and after reading about the dreams others have had I thought I would share mine. In the past I have had dream visions of the world trade center bombing and the okc bombing.

This is the dream vision:

I am in a large cemetery wearing a long old fashioned black dress, carrying a rosary and a book that looks like a bible but is not, in my left hand. I should say here that I am not catholic or even Christian and really don't have much knowledge of the rituals of the catholic church. I see a crowd of people and I start walking southward towards them. I look to the left of me and see many many tombstones. As I walk along I go from old tombstones to newer. I can see in front of me and to the left of me, but not behind me or to my right. I get closer to the crowd of people and I can see they all wear modern dress and are gathered around something.

I walk up to them and realize I can see them but they cannot see me. They are gathered around a hole in the ground, a grave, and I realize it is a funeral. I look down into the grave and I gasp, but when I wake up I can never remember what I see there. I cross myself in the catholic manner and say "god help us all now" Then I begin to recite the Hail Mary. How I know it I have no idea because I have no familiarity with it. When I am finished saying it, I always wake up abruptly.

What it means I have no idea, but I do know it is somehow connected with this election. I have a feeling the cemetery is Arlington National but I have never been there so I can't say for sure. It's just that name that keeps popping into my mind.

DREAM AFTER THE ELECTION 11-25-00 - I was standing on 17th St. looking south towards the next intersection and saw red lights flashing ahead. I couldn't see what was wrong so I asked some people who could see the intersection.  Someone said that Mrs. McCain had an accident and the car was pretty badly smashed up.  It seemed it was taking an awfully long time to take care of the car and the victims and the red lights were flashing even brighter, so I asked again what was going on ...  and someone said, "Yeah!  They are sewing up the election."

VISION AFTER THE ELECTION - 11-25-00 - I saw a micro-wave oven, and inside the oven was a black typewriter with two micro-tiny cartoon-like black bulls (like Ferdinand) typing, "the name of the winner is ....."

NOTE: In the cartoon movie Ferdinand the Bull: Ferdinand is a quiet, peaceful young bull who only wants to stop and smell the flowers. But, when he is stung by a bee, the townspeople believe he is ferocious and take him to the bullfight ring!

VISION AFTER THE ELECTION - 11-25-00 - DREAM - I was looking at a computer screen and the page was like a Thesaurus - the word I looked up was "the winner is"

One the reverse side was a list of words all meaning the same as, "the winner is"

DREAMS AFTER THE ELECTION - 11-24-00 - 4 FLASH DREAMS:  A big green reptilian was going to become President of the U.S.


From Anonymous: To: Dee777

Dear Dee:

Just woke up. I had a dream last night. In the dream, I was dating George W. Bush's younger brother (I don't know how many brothers he has, it wasn't someone well-known) or perhaps it was his cousin. Anyway, it was apparent in the dream that I was marrying into the family. G. B. Senior and G. W. Bush was there in the car with me and we were going to a restaurant to meet many people. G. W. Bush was very friendly with me, which was surprising. He wanted the vote count to end, not surprising. But I am Chinese, as you know, so I thought those blue blood would not accept me to marry into the family. However, both Senior and Junior loved me. They treated me very well. There were all sorts of people in the party, many different races. G. W. Bush just wants a good time, he told me.

I ran into my mom and cousins at another table in the same restaurant. It was a Spanish restaurant. My big boss, the rich Hong Kong guy, was there too sitting at the party next to the Bushes.


I was in someone elses house, helping them getting ready to move. I didn't know who I was helping until the very end.  I went in one room where two sets of cabinets were. One set of cabinets was full of sticky brown fingerprints and I said perhaps we should clean it first, but I was told that the old cabinet wasn't going, only the new one.  

I looked in the drawers inside the new cabinet, and the drawers were all full of sand, grit, and stones. None of them were clean.

I went out in the yard where there was a tropical garden. I had a shovel to dig up the plants that would be going, but I realized that it was too cold where we were going to take these plants with us. I saw that some plants had been cut down and were sprouting anew. I found a white statue of an American Eagle on a pedestal, so I took that along as well.

Back in the house, the people were making sure that they had their winter clothes because it was going to be cold where we were going.

The men all left early, leaving the women to do all the work of the move itself. I had a feeling they were going to bring a surprise back with them, but didn't know what it was.

Finally, we were about ready to leave, and I walked outside and there stood George Bush, Sr. former President, wearing his heavy winter blue ski jacket. He was leaning over signing something. Whether it was an autograph or contract I couldn't tell, but we were ready to go.


11-6-00 - BY DEE -  VISIONS - As soon as I lay down, I started to see a picture of an inaugural type parade it seemed with many flags flying in the cars that went by. A voice said, "This is very important." I acknowledged that the election was very important.

Then it went to a gray sky picture ... the voice said, "The library of Texas came at a very high price ... and all I could see was the top of a man's head and an a gray cloudy sky.

I then saw a convertible car full of men that seemed to have Teddy Kennedy in it and the sky was gray and ominous as well. It seemed to be like a funeral procession.

I went back to bed and was troubled over how I would tell people this. Then I saw two bald, large headed pasty white ETs, wearing long dark blue velour robes. One said, "You want the truth?  The Mahatma is coming."

Eventually I went back to bed again but still couldn't go to sleep. I was seeing various scenes in different places, some outside, some inside.  I saw some young girls and women, all wearing white dresses with dark blue polkadots on them.

I still couldn't sleep. Then I saw a bunkhouse type room full of cowboys in brown leather clothes and cowboy hats.  One tall man said, "We know you really want to know the truth."

The scene shifted either in the same room or another livingroom. There was a couch there with people sitting in it, but the people had blue donkey heads and elephant heads.  One really big guy standing in front of the couch pointed to the next room and said, "The doctor will be in there for two days yet!"


10/27/2000  by j-n - VISIONS - I went to my room for a basic healing ritual using incense and meditation.

Moments after the clearing was done, I began to have visions of George Bush. I could clearly see his face, and I began to feel his emotions and his personality. I felt a man who is motivated by sheer greed. I felt no compassion. I felt an extreme superiority complex, and I picked up the impression that there is either a real or perceived sense of him being of a "royal" bloodline. I felt a man who can smile and wink and say, "Hey, it's nothing personal," as his two thugs shoot you in the back of the head.

I then had visions of another man. It took me a minute or so to figure out that it was Dick Cheney. He was in a crowd, like reporters trying to get to him or he was making his way through a group of senators on his way to make a speech. I'm not sure. I didn't pick up much in the way of emotion on him, only that he seemed to be a focused, no nonsense business-type.

I believe it was at this point that I saw a very stormy ocean, with huge waves crashing all around and up onto the shore with great force. I felt great human suffering and the death of many people within it.

I then put forth the thought of Al Gore, and the ocean scene went away. I saw Al Gore in what may have been a military uniform, or some sort of clothes that put off the impression of authority. I felt an extreme lack of emotion. Very cold hearted, yet I also felt an extremely focused sense of "personal destiny as granted by the gods" or a marching towards victory for his "god".

I then had a vision of Joe Lieberman, and I saw him crying. I felt emotions of what I can only describe as morbid grief, guilt and regret. The emotions where saying, "I could have stopped it. I should have said something."

I ended the meditation.

I got no sense of who won the election. But I came away from it with the very strong sense that we are coming up for a pretty rough ride, regardless.

With love,



10-22-00 - by A.F. - DREAM - As many of you know, I have had dream visions for a good many years now, and they can be somewhat on the confusing side, at least for me. I had one about Bill Clinton that I am still waiting on, and I had another one last night about the Bush Family. It was the second time I had been to this vision location, and George Bush Senior was running a repair show much to my surprise, I had never seen who was running the place in the previous vision, with George Jr., looking a little worse for wear, assisting his father.

There was a big shop and rows of Cat generators of the type found on many smaller vessels such as "Mud Boats" for supplying drill rigs, were being assembled by teams of mechanics, some with Caterpillar uniforms on. I talked with young Bush, who was a little embarrassed about his current situation, and he finally told me he had to use PAL Oils to get this job done. I patted him gently on the back and told him that was what the oils were for, to get things apart, and told both the younger and older Bushs I would help them all I could. George Bush senior was a little on the autocratic side, but I have seen worse, and told both his son and myself quite frankly we had to be ready to go by June 6th, or we were all lost... The year was not mentioned.

The building detail I am sure I could recognize, and I had another dream of an area I thought possibly was on the Gulf because of a Southern Deputy I talked with on this beach, but this hammers it in. I never called either one Mr. President either. Three small pieces of the puzzle comes together and the Gulf states got thumped by the sea also.

So, those of you in the Texas coastal areas are in for more hurt, but like Texas always does, you were proudly fighting back. I will not vote for you governor Bush but that does not mean I do not love you, for my tears tell a different story...

I trust this dream, people, for many reasons because of all I have seen now. I am not shown everything, as some seem to be, just my own participation for the most part in certain areas I frequent or might travel to. The dreams of the famous were non existent until the presidents dream, a dream about the heads of state being lectured on the changes, and this one, and all of them were OBE¹s.


7-28-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were walking through a field that had a lot of bushes and underbrush in it. A short black bull was by one of the bushes and I was quite intimidated by it. Joe wasn't afraid of it and told me to just go around the other side of a bush. That worked fine but the bull was following us and I had to keep finding more bushes to go behind.

Then a second black bull appeared and that made it even harder.

I know if the bull turned into a wolf or the wolf just appeared but he was more aggressive. There was a black, round back chair in the field and Joe told me to swing the chair at the wolf to control it, so I did. I kept swinging the chair at the wolf's head until I subdued it. Joe was never afraid nor was he attacked. It just followed us.


7-28-99 - VISION - While I was thinking about the above dream, I slipped into a vision in which I saw a man with a tattoo on each shoulder, dressed all in white and he was going to show us how to keep the wolf subdued.

7-28-99 - VISION - The same tattooed man gave us two small books which were shorter than his fingers which were to teach us how to subdue the wolf.

7-28-99 - VISION - The same tattooed man continued to help us stave off the wolf.

NOTE: Joe says that his boss had a dream in which he was dressed all in white and had tattoos on both shoulders. Perhaps psychically I was seeing Joe's boss in these dreams and visions.

Bush Beats Gore in Presidential 'Blue Blood' Stakes

October 17, 2000

LONDON (Reuters) - If royal genes have anything to do with electoral success, then Republican U.S. presidential candidate George W. Bush will be the next man in the White House, Britain's blue blood bible said Tuesday.

Burke's Peerage, a revered guide to the breeding of the aristocracy, said both Bush and his rival Al Gore are of royal descent, but investigations deep into their heritage show Bush has far more noble and royal connections.

Bush is closely related to every European monarch on and off the throne -- including the King of Albania -- and has kinship with every member of Britain's royal family, the House of Windsor.

He is a 13th cousin of Britain's Queen Mother, and of her daughter Queen Elizabeth and is a 13th cousin once removed of the heir to the throne, Prince Charles.

Bush's family tree can be documented as far back as the early 15th century.

He has a direct descent from Henry III and from Henry VIII's sister Mary Tudor, who was also the wife of Louis XI of France. He is also descended from Charles II of England.


"It is now clear that Mr. Gore and Mr. Bush have an unusually large number of royal and noble descents," said Harold Brooks-Baker, publishing director of Burke's Peerage.

"In point of fact, never in the history of the United States have two presidential candidates been as well endowed with royal alliances."

Brooks-Baker said there had always been a significant "royalty factor" in those who aspired to the White House, with Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, among others, all boasting blue blood links.

Democrat candidate Gore, who is currently lagging Bush by one point in opinion polls ahead of U.S. elections in November, has a less illustrious gene pool.

Being a descendant of Edward I, he is also a cousin of former U.S. president Richard Nixon, who resigned from the White House in 1974 for his part in the Watergate scandal.

But Gore does have direct links to the holy Roman Empire.

He is a descendant of Roman Emperors Louis II, Charles II and Louis I and is therefore also a direct descendant of Charlemagne -- the eight-century Emperor.

The problem is, Gore's Charlemagne links also make him a cousin of George W. Bush.



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