AUGUST, 2011


8-1-11 -  I was in Wisconsin, at my New Berlin home.  Coming from the East over the horizon and into our yard came a Battle ship of dark grey color.  Wowing very clearly near the prow of other ship was a blonde man who looked like the terrorist from Norway who just killed 98 people last week. 

There was a man near me who was determined to protect me and I scooted uphill behind the garage before the blonde man saw me.

I was then shown in bright red color in the air that the man intended to kill five specific women.

NOTE:  The TV was on during this dream, so it may have been influenced by whatever was on TV.  I have no idea what was on TV.


8-1-11 - DREAM -  I gave nice haircuts to three young men who were considered bad dudes.  I made their hair perfect for them, and then told each one that they were 'my favorite 'so they trusted me and liked me.  The last one was a race car photographer,  the second one was just a plain young man who wanted to do what he wanted to do.  The first one, was a tall, dark haired man who had some hair that looked like broad blade weeds that were wet, and I had to sweep his hair up against a window and when his hair stuck to the window I could cut it off neatly.

I really liked the way the men felt good when I told each one they were my favorite.


8-1-11 - DREAM -  I was working in an office. I could see on  my telephone that my own number was 4647 -  I did my husband's taxes and he owed 16,000+.  Then I did my bosses taxes and he owed 12,000+.  I was surprised that my boss owed less than my husband.

My boss told me would get his IRIS number for me - or did he mean IRS number?  I don't know.


A HUG PER FAY  DREAM  -  I don't know how this dream started, but I was living in my Father's house on 16th St. (1+6-7 ) and I went upstairs to my bedroom.  

From there I decided to greet my Father because I hadn't seen him for awhile. 

I went to my Father's bedroom where it was darkened and the shades drawn with no sunlight coming in.

I turned on the light so I could see, and a gentle giant of a black man stood up from the side of the bed where my Mother usually slept.  My Father was not in  the room.

I went over to the man and I noticed that he was almost wider than he was tall, he was a big man - but he held out his arms to me and I went over to him and he put his arms around me ever so gently, and I put my arms around him and we had a gentle hug for a few moments and I felt every care in the world leave my body in that moment and his energy came into mine and lifted me up from all my sorrows I ever held within me.

I woke up then, rolled over and went right back to sleep.

Now I was living in what I will cal a hovel of a house.   There was no floor, only mud and ice on the floor, so there was no heat in the house either.  There were several sofas in the room, with blankets on them, a large table to eat at, a radio, and against the back wall was a spinet sized organ to play.

I got a visitor then, whom I will describe as a friend from Australia, whose name is Malcolm Bell (sounds Irish) 

Malcolm is a channeler from down under, who usually channels a being who currently goes by the name of Aranuth.

Malcolm came in and we greeted each other and I proceeded to tell him the story of the gentle giant black man who was in my Father's bedroom earlier in the day. 

Before I could tell him the story though, I had to turn off the radio, ad I tried every knob I saw on the radio and I couldn't turn it off, so I finally pulled the plug out of the wall so we could have total peace and quiet.  I then proceeded to tell him how it felt to be hugged by that gentle giant of a black khan and how all my cares and woes left my body when he hugged me.

Malcolm and I then hugged as well, and he went on his way.

Not soon afterward, other people started arriving, seemingly poor people, all bundled up against the cold weather.  They took their places on my sofas, sandwiched together to keep warm, covered with the blankets, wearing boots against the cold muddy icy floor in my house.

One of the men was a neighbor who looked quite a bit similar to John Wayne.  He had a great number of children, all very young who were very vigorous and active, who were all playing happily out in my yard.  He said that his wife was working to bring in some extra money while he watched the kids.

Not long after that, he spotted his wife outside, hanging up laundry on the strong wires I had strung outside for that purpose.  I could see it was quite windy and the thin cotton clothes she was hanging up to dry, were whipping quite hard in the wind and drying quickly. 

The children played happily amongst the dancing clothing on the lines.

The John Wayne look alike decided he had better go help his wife as she had left work early to do her chores at home, so he got up and went outside, and I invited his wife to come in and warm up.

I asked one of the men who was still wearing his winter jacket and boots and hat to move over a bit and I sat her thin, frail self onto the center seat on the sofa and piled a couple blankets on her so she could warm up.  She hadn't even been wearing a jacket, just a thin cotton summer dress.

When she was settled on the sofa to rest, I went over to the organ to play some music for the visitors.  The music was hauntingly beautiful, in slow movement, in low tones, very gentle and soothing.   As I played, the music slowly began going up the scale and I knew the music would slowly become higher and faster in tone, which would start to wake up their soul to happier feelings.

My female visitor interrupted my playing to tell me she had to leave as her husband had gone home.

 I got up to help her to the door. mad she hugged me back and smiled and said she was going to send me some puzzles to work if I would like that. 

since I love to do puzzles, I agreed I would love that.

We went to the door, and all the laundry had been taken off the lines and even the lines removed.  All we could see was green meadows of green grass as if spring had arrived.  Gentle mountains were in the distance, still with snow on them, but ion the yard was all green, and then a beautiful dark brown horse appeared from around the corner of the house, and he saw the two of us standing in the doorway.

suddenly, the horse became very animated, prancing and dancing around and tossing his head and mane and flipping his tail and he danced and pranced, we could see pure joy in  him.  It was evident that he really loved us and our presence, so my female guest went outside to hug him too and spread the joy!


8-2-11  MEDITATIOM   First I saw a helicopter flying in the sky in the distance.

Second I saw a woman standing by a table with three tiny pink flowers in her fingers, alongside a plate of crystals

Third I saw a red and white zebra facing slightly away from me but looking back towards me.


Zebra, Power Animal, Symbol of Individuality, Balance

By Ina Woollcott

The zebra’s gifts include seeing in black and white, clarity without filters, balance, agility, uniqueness, power, sureness of path, keeping up individuality within the herd.

The zebra's black and white stripes camouflage it against predators, who often cant identify individuals in the herd. However to the herd members the patterns are unique from zebra to zebra, helping to identify one another - they are as unique as our fingerprints. Blending into a crowd without losing your individuality is one powerful aspect of Zebra. Zebras also help us to be supportive members within our communities. These abilities protect them from danger, as well as their agility and speedy.

The stripes also represent the blending and balancing of opposites, yin yang, harmony - enabling us to see a deeper truth.

If this is your power animal, study its ability to survive and flourish in a harsh land. Look at your relationship to the various groups in your life. Compromising in personal relationships can be challenging, but Zebras enjoy challenge as they know that all challenges are a chance for growth. Use your mental ability to work around problems and barriers, rather than confronting them - Zebra will show you how.

Zebras are members of the horse family, living in small family herds made up of a stallion and some mares with their foals. Zebras mix with antelope herds, giving the Antelopes protection from predators because of the zebras alertness. People with this power animal frequently fit the shoes of a kind hearted protector of loved ones, whether family or friends. They make great therapists and are genuinely compassionate towards others.

Questioning reality and illusion is common amongst people with zebra medicine, though an over analytic intellect can be a hindrance for some with this totem. In others the imagination must be awakened.

The zebras pattern of black on white, or white on black implies that what you see is not always what you get. Occult knowledge seen and unseen, dimensional shifts, new journeys and worldly endeavors are all aspects of this.

Zebras are master magicians, who utilize the energy of light and dark to shift realities and expand our consciousness, helping us see past our preconceived beliefs as they lead us into the mystery and magic of the unseen. Zebras seek balance in what they do, and they are sure of themselves, standing confidently in the middle of opposing forces. Those with this power animal are taught similar skills.

When the zebra comes into your life, change is signified in one or more areas of your life and hidden knowledge will be uncovered. Stand strong, develop trust and simply flow with the rhythm of a new creation.



8-4-11 - DREAM  The dream started out with myself taking stitches out of every row of a sweater I had made because I lost a lot of weight.  Then I had to vacuum up the stitches.

Then I taws time to go to the graduation of my kids.

I was very proud of myself because we had to walk 29 miles twice that day to gee there.

Graduation was on a football field and there were many 100's kids on the field.  I was wearing a cap and gown myself as well.  My kids were nun the field too, weaning what looked like dark blue with white piping cheer leader outfits.

I went onto the field to find them and one of the boys gave me a wad of money into my hand just in case I needed to buy something to eat while graduation was going on. 

I took the money and got off the field so the ceremony could start.

Everything felt very happy and successful.


8-4-11 - MEDITATION DREAM -   I got tired very suddenly so I closed my eyes to meditate.

I was immediately informed that we would get the land fro the community by the end of the year.

I then went into a dream in which we were offered land in Hawaii for $4,000 an acre with upkeep costs at  $1,000 a month.  That sounded really good but we had to take a vote on it.

So I and another woman set up a voting sheet on which a woman named Elizabeth would be the key person on the sheet and we would place the AYES to her right and the NAYS to her left.

I was certain that it would be confirmed in the positive.


8=6=11 - I seemed that I dreamed this dream all night, but then I had another dream that seemed the same way.

DREAM 1 - I  was in an audit5oium watching some people talking about having seen a UFO in the sky and nobody wanted to believe them

NNOTE:  Sounds like something I would try to do too.

DREAM 2 - I was working in an office, sending a large size manila envelope to a company in Illinois that had an address like 010101 to get copies of a free article they offered, as many copies as I wanted just by sending in a request.

My high school buddies Nancy and Janice who married George Olson after high school, were together.   _____ died in March of this year or last year and I've never dreamed of them together before - just Nancy.  Now they are together in the spirit world apparently.

I was having trouble getting the stamp to stick to the envelope because I was using 'used' envelopes that weren't in particularly good condition - rather rough paper.

I had to leave the office to go downstairs to get more stamps, and I had to ask Nancy and Janice to step out of other office  (I couldn't leave them in the office alone)  and when I went out into the hall, they had taken an old brown army blanket and made a rather type of pup tent over a sofa to sleep.  The hallway light was turned off, so I turned it on for them until I returned. 


8=7=11 DREAM<, 3 T was with a man, who might have been my friend Irv, but I'm not certain of that.  We were in a room and sorting out balls of light in yellow, mauve, and blue.  I don't really know why.

I dreamed it three times.


8=8-11 - I'm having trouble figuring this out:

DREAM -  I was in a house somewhere with my  baby who was in the bedroom.  A large Mexican man came into the house and started spraying pesticide in clouds all over the house.  I wasn't warned ahead of time that he was coming, and this stressed me out a lot and I finally managed to chase him out of the house.

Then I was in the kitchen, and my ex-husband Jim was on one side of the room and my son-in-law Michael was next to me and both men were trying to offer me liquor to see which one was going to get me on their side.

My daughter Charlotte or Margaret had purred herself at least 5 water glasses full of corn flakes and sat theme round the kitchen but didn't eat any of it, so I foot mad and yelled at her to come back into the room and eat it or she was never going to get any more. (I don't have a daughter or even a relative by one of those names)

Somewhere at this point I half woke up and heard like a half of a bell ring in my left ear and the word UPCOMING was inserted into the side of the dream like a label, and I fell asleep again.

I was still in the kitchen and my ex-mother-in-law (now deceased) was in the kitchen with me.  There were two sinks in the kitchen.  I was using one to do the dishes and she was washing something in another sink on the other end of the kitchen.  We were both using a lot of water and I said to her,  "We're using too much water", but we kept doing it anyway because the kitchen was such a mess, and we were trying to clean it.



8-99-11 - DREAM - I was on my computer, in the kitchen of my house, talking to my brother Marty on an IM on his computer.  I realized that when my brother stopped talking, I could see a picture of my sister Bernice, and it dawned on me that my brother was at our sister's house using her computer.

He was telling me something interesting which I can't now recall and I typed 4888 into the computer IM meaning "I understand" in Spanish.

I got a call from someone who had a dream he was trying to figure out and he asked, "Have you ever dreamed of a white buffalo skin, and several other items, and I said, "No!" and he left the phone and a woman with a deep voice that I recognized as Veronica Lake said, "Almighty then!" and I responded 'quite', like I was English rather than American.

I went back to my brother's IM then, and typed in a story of a man who had just gotten married and he wanted to smoke some marijuana with her to relax, and he carried his bride into the bedroom, knocked over a large white buffalo skin that was stretched on a wooden frame, and when I tell over, it knocked down his precious long stemmed marijuana pipe and broke it.

I thought that was quite funny.

Just then my mother came into the room carrying my little girl baby.  The baby had been chewing on the ends oaf her sweater sleeves, and I decided I would do the baby laundry.  I gathered it together, along with a bathing suit top that a lot of people had worn at a party we had at the house, which made me upset that they shared such an intimate thing, and I carried the baby clothes down to the basement to do the laundry.

Underneath a table was several piles of laundry that were already sorted, and since the baby load of clothes was so small, I decided to put in a white sheet or towels to increase the size of the load and not waste the water or electricity.   I set aside all lathe things that were orange and red into a separate pile.

NOTE  My mother used to call me Veronica Lake when I was a kid because my hair was always in my face like hers was and we were both blonde.

This dream also tells me the White Buffalo is dead.


8-10-11 - This first dream was probably influenced by a song I heard on a commercial as I was falling asleep the hover round wheelchair.

DREAM -  I was in a house and was listening to the hover round commercial song,   I don't know if I was watching myself or another woman but she was decorating the house and she decided she would put up pedestals around the room with vines on top of or hanging from the ceiling above each pedestal.

What she ended up with was beautiful vines draping in a spiral fashion over every pedestal, and there was music from morning to night playing songs of life - including the hovoerround song.  It was beautiful both see and hear - music all lady long.


8-10-11 - DREAM -  I lived and worked in buildings across the street from each other.  I wasn't particularly fond of going to work because all I did was paperwork.   When I was at work, I made sure I had my keys with me at all times, which I double checked when I went out the door.

At home, across the street, there were a lot of issues going on.

I was getting dressed or rather undressed and my husband kept acting like he had something in his eyes and couldn't see that my blouse was barely buttoned in front and he had some guy messing with his eyes, so I went into the closet and put a blue pullover shirt over my white open shirt to make sure I was covered for the public's eyes.

In one of the rooms of our apartment, I looked at the bird cage and saw that the canaries didn't have enough seed to eat, and told my husband to feed the birds, but he was too busy, so I went over to the cage and saw that a huge black bird was in the canary cage eating the canary seed.

I told my husband to feed the vulture large seed, but I saw that the vulture had a lot of big seed laying on the bottom of the cage, but it preferred the canary seed.

I personally liked pumpkin seed that was bright orange inside, but my husband didn't like that kind so wouldn't give it to the vulture either.

The cage door was open and I we surprised that none of the birds tried to leave the cage, but they didn't, there was plenty of seed in the cage to keep them all happy.




DREAM - I was in a large off e building, possibly going for a job interview.  I was standing in a hallway (where I always get messages from spirit guides in dreams)

In the hallway with me were several beautiful women dressed in beautiful business suits.  The one I was most attracted to was a woman who was taller than I was (I'm 5' 10" tall) so she was over 6 ft. tall.  She wore a medium orange dress suit, and had blonde hair that made her glow like she had a halo.

As soon as I saw her, she reminded me of an angel, and the question came into my mind, "Why don't more women get trained in weather prediction type jobs?

We all moved into a large office which had all women in it, women of various ages.

I spoke to the woman in the orange suit.  I told her how beautiful she looked and told her there was a glow about her, and said to her, "I really wanted you to be the weatherman.   She just smiled.

During this brief interchange of conversation, the dark haired shorter woman who ran the office got a hone call, and she stood there with this strange looking phone in her hand.  It looked like a broken stapler about three feet long of a beige color.

She handed me this phone, telling me that I had a long distance call.

I had a hard time trying to figure out how to even hold this telephone because it looked broken.  I could see on the side that the phone number calling me was 5331  (these numbers add up to 12)

I said, "Hello! and the woman on the other end was an old friend I used to work with from Wisconsin.

The woman on the phone said, "I'm very worried about the weather this winter and how cold its going to be when the electricity goes off and there is no heat in the office."

While I was talking to her, I could see between the two pieces of telephone that I was holding tougher, that it looked like a broken electrical transformer and there were large electrical jolts between the two pieces of telephone that made it look like there was a severe electrical problem going on.

I didn't want to believe that there would be such a severe electrical problem that we wouldn't have electricity in winter. That had never happened before.

I woke up and immediately asked Joe if he was awake and he was, and I told him the dream and asked him if he thought it was a warning dream, and he agreed that it was.


8-11-11 MEDITATION  I asked my spirit guide to tell me more information about the weather in December 2011.

It took about a minute of asking multiple times the identical question, and then I saw what looked like a paperback book with a photograph on the front cover of a white sun in a blue sky.  The edges of the sun had wispy white swirls of light on them, all going in one direction like it was spinning and above and below the sun were these words:  TWICE MORE IN 201



8-12-11 - DREAJ - I was shown two elves who looked to be about 14 years old and was told that they were in their 89th year.  That seemed pretty amazing.

Later I dreamed that my friend Alyse came to see me.  She made a comment about sad it was that such a thin man like Norman couldn't get a girlfriend.  I asked her if she had his phone number and she said it was 5722.  Then I asked her if she had my direct number at the office and she said it was 5745.  I said those numbers were right.  I actually couldn't remember Norman's number so I was glad she gave it to me.

As I was waking up, a male voice said I should get the book "Power applies"  and there doesn't seem to be a book by that name.


My husband had to work nights and I was afraid to be alone there that first night.

8=13=11 = DREAM  My husband and I moved into a ramshackle farm house that was unpainted in the ate fall.  The forest in the area was barren of leaves.  The area was very hilly and the house was in the valley below the road with a long dry stone driveway.

I had seen a lot of kids playing so invited them in for pizza, but the pizza didn't go far, just meant that we were friendly folk.  When I cut the pizza, the knife I had disintegrated faster than the pizza did. 

My husband and neighborhood kids left, and my own boys fell asleep on the kitchen floor with small pillows underneath their heads and the dogs fell asleep next to them.

The first job I did was to unravel the sofa cover that was made of yarn, and I saved the red yarn to make something else with it.  We wasted nothing.

Outside on the driveway, I found a unsmoked cigarette, so I broke it apart and saved the filter from the cigarette.  We wasted nothing.

The man next door was rather creepy and he came to visit to say 'Hello".  A woman came too.  I told her I was going to lock the door for the night, but when I turned the key in the lock of the door, she scream, "noooo !"  don't lock the door.  The door didn't even close, much less lock - that's how big the gap was above and next to the door. The door just more or less just stood in the opening on hinges to it wouldn't fall.  She said that the house would catch on fire if we locked the door. 

I could still see the old creepy man lurking outside every time I looked out the window too.

I gathered the laundry , which was all towels of red, yellow, and orange to wash them and threw them into the washer.

I then went outside, and Lizz the carpet layer of the area came past on the highway - driving a long yellow carpet truck.  She waved and I called out to her, "Hi Lizz.  Everyone knew her and her big smile and her black and white hair.  She smiled and waved back and went next door to work.

There was a small town close enough to walk to, but all I did was pick up stuff from the driveway to make sure it was clean and no junk was laying around for people to complain about.

I was still scared to fall asleep wilt the door unlocked.




8-14-11 - This dream is not in my current reality, but it could have been in another timeline.

The dream takes lace in Wisconsin where I used to live many years ago.  I left Wisconsin in 1997.  In the dream, I was living in a house I left back when I was 18 years old, which was in 1958.  That particular house was torn down in the late 1990's and replaced by another one which stands today.

I was living in my Father's house making dinner which was not ready yet for when my husband was to come home from work.

I was in th kitchen and the back hall door was open where there was a small window open letting in a nice breeze.  Since dinner wasn't quite ready yet and still cooking, I went to the window in the hallway and looked out.  While looking out the window, I saw a silver-white UFO fly across the sky heading towards the northwest.

That fact didn't surprise me too much since I knew UFO's existed. but it was rather exciting to see one in the daytime.  They were usually spotted only at night by people who were going from one place to another for whatever reasons.  That was unusual to see them in daytime.

I walked back into the kitchen where my sister-in-law walked in from the front room of the house. The phone rang just then.  It was a long distance call from another sister-in-law so I gave over the phone so the two sisters could converse about family matters - one sister to another. I heard her mention that th eother sister had to make a trip to Superior which was farther north in Wisconsin.

My sister-in-law made a comment about being able to mnnipulate people and I agreed she was good at that and smiled andn walked back to finish making dinner.

My husband walked in from work, and I apologized that dinner wasn't quite done, and we decided to take a pan f hot food with us to go pick up other young relatives who were supposed to be coming in from some kind of basketball tournament.

I packed the hot pan of rice with tomatoes and chicken parts on top of it and we packed it into another container and took with us on a bus my husband drove.  We had to drive south through a canyon to another town where the family ymembers were coming in on a tour bus from a more northern part of the state. 

We started off on this road - a two lane road that went through a canyon which was rather pretty if still rustic.  There were lots of trees on top of the cliffs, and smaller trees on the sides of the canyon and a nice stream of water on one side of the roadway.

As we drove along, I noticed that there was no traffice coming towards us and there were rocks strewn here and there like no one had been this way in awhile to clean up the road.

The frather we went the more rocks were in the roadway, but since we were in a large bus which was sturdy, my husband decided to keep going which got worse and worse, and when we came to a large rockfall, he decided to keep driving on the rocks instead of stopping and backing up.  There was no place to turn around.

It was evident that a flood had come through this canyon and the road was no longer pavement, it was all rocks.  Since our bus could drive over the rocks with no problem, my husband kept going, hoping the road would reappear at some oint, but he was wrong.

We finally came to a place where the rock fall was even worse and a huge rock was right in the middle of the road and there was no way to go aorund it.  By now we couldn't back up either. There were too many rocks in the roadway.

My husband stopped the bus at that point and we decided to get out of the bus and look ahead to see how bad it was.  Evidently, the rock fall had happened some time back because ahead of us were hhovels built on the rockfall by other people who had been this way and were no longer there.

The hovels were round - about 8 feet tall, made of canvas and sticks, each one different from the other, but it was evident that peole had lived there for a time.  I couldn't imagine why the people hadn't just walked back out the way they had come like we were going to have to do.

I decided that we might as well eat some of the dinner I had brought with us because it was still warm, and the rice and chicken looked really appetizing about now.

I offered some of the food to my husband and we were just going to sit down and enjoy it iwhen we heard a car coming up behind us who also had to have driven over the rocks to get that far.

I decided to hide what was iin the food pan rather than inviting whoever was in that car to join us, but we had to get out of the bus and go see who was coming towards us.  At that point I couldn't see wh oit was - but I didn't think it was a good idea to show him or them that we had food with us - not until we knew who they were.

.  We didn't yet know who lived in those hovels either.




8-14-11 - MEDITATION DREAM -  I was in a room like in a school.  One of the girls was going to introduce me to her boyfriend.  He was in a room behind a glass windowed door.

She went into the room with him and left the door open about six inches so I could hear them talkikng.

The man was about 10 feet tall and wore white like a doctor.  He had a ver pointed long nose - not like pinnochio - more like a swordfish but not as long.  I said to myself, "He mujst be an actor". 

A few minutes later, I was in a grocery store, and saw this same guy walking between two rows of food in the aisle.

I had an overripe apple in my hands, so I stuck my finger into the center and pulled out an apple seed and threw it down the aisle towards him so he'd have to pick it up and take it home with him.

8-14-11 MEDITATIVE VISION  I was praying the Lord's prayer and suddenly saw a mother with her little girl.  The little girl was wearing clothing and a baseball cap that were red and white striped like the zebrq mentioned earlier.  The little girl was crying very hrard and was rubbing her eyes.  Her cap was lowered on her head so I couldn't see her eyes.l


8-16-11 - DREAM - My ex-husband Ed came home from prison and married a woman (blonde) who I used to work with.   The next time I saw her, she was laying on the sofa at home and she said she couldnt go to work because she had been throwing up all day.

When Ed showed up, I told him he had better get a job without telling him what I already knew about his new wife.   I was afraid t otell him that I had several men to have fun with.  All he was interested in was makinga play for me. But withinn minutes, he was mad at me and walked out.

I went to work myself, and went up to the sixth floor to look for a doctor named Judy.  I couldn't remember what her last name was.  The elevator was only big enough for two people, so when the elevator came, there was two black women who wanted to go up, so I let them go up first.

When I got upstairs on the 6th floor and went to my office, my boss came in with a camera and an envelope.  He put the envelope on thhe desk and told me it was for m,e, and then he elft on a trip.  I opened the envelope and there was a #400 bill inside it.  (Is there such a thing?) 

I was glad to have it.

****a two dream night - what fun it was

8-17-11 -  dream one had no people in it -I was workikng with color and aimng something at the colors and changing them = they were pastel brown, yelllow and orange, I was throwing or tossikng something at the colors that were like on a carosel and as they turned, I aimed this something at the colors that made them change.  I know I have draemed this before.


I woke up and went right back to sleep and it was party time with
Dr. DAvid.  We were serving desserts to people who were in bed, under the covers in their dance clothes, and we ran up and dwn marble staircases and danced in dance halls of restaurants, and when we came home. Dr. David wanted to go out again, and I had to give him my only set of apartment keys while I stayed home.  When he left, he was wearing a torn off work shirt with the collar missing, and the right sleeve off, and the left sleeve was short.  The back of his blue work shirt looked like he had been crawling under cars all day.  He looked really bad, but I knew he was not going out on a date, he was going to go pupb crawling to pick up who knows what for the rest of the night when most pubs were already closing. 

I managed the building I lived in so I had access to any set of keys I wanted.  At the end, when Dr. dAvid was leaving, I took a plate ofo ocake that was left to take it to my room, and I was stopped on the stairway by an old man who wanted service for his room, some kind of dryer substance fo runderneath a leaking radiator.  It almost seems like it was my Bob the Painter, but I'm not sure. He lived on the first floor and wanted immediate service, and I didn't even know what hardware store sold what he was looking for. 

I just know I woke up happy and had th erest of the night to myself to remember what a fun night it was.



I was living in a city somewhere and the telephone company (remaining unnamed so I don't get sued) was working in tunnels in the street, and then delivery rubber or some kind of plastic bags to mothers with infants to feed them.  (I don't know what connection that was)  But I used the rubber bag thing like a deflated baloon to feed my twin baby boys.  The boys were so hun gry, they eagerly sucked on these rubber things and the bags went down their throats into their stomachs.  Instantly, milk came out of their throats and covered their faces and i tlooked like thye drowned in milk. 

I forced myself awake because it was so frightening to see that.


I was living in an old house with a man and some children.  We were in the kitchen and I fried some flat looking fish that looked orange in the frying pan.  Nobody wanted to eat it.

One of the girls climbed up on the counter to look into the cabinets, looking for some kind of chips to eat.  I suggested maybe we could make some kind of vanilla - cherry drink (not naming the brand) because I didn't really want to eat the fish either to be honest.  I didn't want the vanilla cherry stuff either out of a box.  I was ast my wits end as to what to feed my family these days.

After dinner, I sat and read a thick book which was about world events that seemed likie science fiction, but it was full of maps that showed the world and howlarge corporations of men were moving huge oceans of water from one spot in the world to another that needed the water because it didn't rain where humans needed it most.

My two sons came into the room and I looked at them, they wre about 16 years old and I saw that they had acid eaten faces - both of them.  It seemed they were mean boys - but I woke up before they said anything.



After I fell asleep, I had a pleasant dream in which I was in my apartment showing off my beautiful thinner body to several people, including a nurse who came in.

The nurse took me into another room after I got dressed and introduced me a couple of her friends one of hwom was Chinese and she said owned a pet shop around the corner where she did dog grroming - something I need - a new dog groomer who doesn't abuse dogs.  We sat around on

At some point a woman who looked like Shirley MacClaine came in and a tall man came and gave her a reallyy short haircut with a small pair of scissors and I recalled that I had the vision earlier and hoped that she didn't swallow the scissor and make my vision come true.

When that was done, I went to visit some other people, and there was a short man there who I should probably recognize but don't.  He was very careless about his eating and I had to clean up his bread crumbs.  He had a very sharp saucer and I recall how sharp the endes felt - Thisi saucer was rectangular shaped and pure glass or crystal. 

After he left and I was done cleaninig up after him, my littlel daughter found a large silver bell and she was ringing it like she was getting ready for a wedding.  She was adorable.  



DREAM 1 -  I  was iin a large parking lot and for some reason I didn't have my shoes with me when I got there.  Another woman next to me left her car without wearing her shoes, but I saw her red strapped shoes laying on the floor of her car, so I put them on and walked across the parking lot.  She came back for her shoes and I was wearing them, but she didn't say anything - probably thinking how much my shoes looked like hers but afraid to accuse me of stealing them.

jI iwent somewhere where I borrowed someone elses shampoo, and my hair turned out thick and blonde and shiny and so beautiful, I wanted that shampoo.  My hair even got longer - it was wonderful stuff.

I then went back home to work where I was an apartment manager, living and working in the same apartment on the 1st floor by the front doors. 

There was a hallway on both sides of my apartment be cause I lived in the middle between both doors.

When I got up in the morning, I opened up the door on the right side and saw that the maintenance men had already been at work fixing something - that was theh good part - the bad part was that they left all their cut stainless steel shards and larger pieces they had cut it from and it was all over the floor in the hallway, s oI had  to pick it all up.

While I was picking it up and putting it into my apartment I left the door open and while I was in process of doing that, one of the tenants - a very large tall woman came up to me and asked me to turn off my music in the apartment because they were trying to have a wedding party down the hall and my music didn't match hers.  I said I would, but I noticed she was carrying a newspaper in her arms, and one of the ads was for a new book that had just been published and the title of it was THE SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS.  I iwas more interested in that book than I wias in her wedding, buat I went into my apartment and shut off my radio to please her. 

The woman went back to her party and Inoticed that some other things were now in the hallways.  Some kidsi had left five large stuffed animals in the hallway and I couldn't leave those there either, and they had to go somewhere, so I picked them all up by the ears and placed them in my apartment.

I saw someone put a box into the hallway a few apartments down and leave it there.  It looked like it had a big Road Atlas or somethiing in the box, so I needed to go get that, but before I could, two other men came to my door. 

One of them tracked in large chunks of oblack mud all over my floor.  I yelled at him to STOP because he was tracking it furthur and further into my apartment, but I had no sooner yelled STOP when another man came into my apartment from the other side, saying, "Where does LOFTUS live?

I couldn't remember which apartment LOFTUS was in because he had moved in while I wasn't there one day.  I told the man his name would be listed on the mailboxes out in the hallways, and pointed him in that direction.

Meantime, I had to clean up the mud chunks on the floor.  I can't even remember what he wanted in the first place. 

While I was cleaning up the mud, the other guy came back and said that he couldn't find LOFTUS, so I went out to the mailbox, and the guy had pulled all the name stickers off the mailboxes while he was looking at them.  I could see the name LOFTUS laying there, but the numbers were on separate stickers and there was no number sticker in sight.

Meantime, another man came up to me and said he needed to call someone to send them to send a telegram notifying them of the death of one of my tenants and at the same time, the other guy said he had the phone number of the guy who lived next door to LOFTUS.  I said, "You are going to have to call him yourself - and pointed him towards my telephone -  I ithink I sounded frustrarated and angry at LOFTUS right then - BUT i STILL HAD DTO DEAL WITH THE GUY WHO ONEEDED TO SEND A TELEGRAM NOTIFYING SOMEONE OF THE DEATH.









I was woken up from a dead sleep by a blasting fire siren iin my right ear followed by a man yellling EARTHQUAKE, EARTHQUAKE, EARTHQKE.

I immediately thought it imeant San Francisco, but a fw hours later, there was a 6.0 in Washington DC.  But later we heard there was one in Colorado as well. 

this isi my earthquake page:



DREAM -  I was in a huge hospital, but never saw more than 3 people at any one time.

In the first room, which was like a gymnasium, the room was immense, and besides the leader of the group,, I was the second woman into the room, wearing a leotard, I followed another womanrunning alongside the left wall, and then along the far wall to the far corner, bringing up my energy as I ran as instructed by the leader. 

When I got to the far corner, the first woman turned towards me and made some strange Hindu lookikng gestures towards me, which I assumed I was supposed to repeat back to her, but instead I put my hands in front of me in prayer fashion and bowed to her as being superior to me.

Following that meeting I went to an examining room, where I lay on an examining table waiting to find out whether I had something wrong with my female organs.  I was told that the tests wouldn't be done until the following day.

Meanwhile, as I lay there resting, two women came in, one black and one whiite, and stood facing the windows of this tall building, and sang in acapella fashion - the song was MORE MORE MORE - HOW DO YOU LIKE IT, HOW DO YOU LIKE IT.

It was wonderful and they wre in perfect harmony.  

I didn't think it was my place,k but since I was there, I got up off the table and praised them for their harmony.

The leader who had stood behind my table, asked me if I would like to come and make a speech to the graduating class the following week as the Organist trainor I was.

I beggedoff, saying that I didn't really train anyone but myself, and said,  "I'd really like to be there, and then I could make a

speech the following year. I actually didn't have a clue what they were talkikng about and felt like an intruder in thisi whole scene and assumed they thought I was someone who I wasn't and din't want to embarss myself.





8-24-11 - DREAM - I was in a large hospital and met Norbie and his wife there.  She sat out in the car waiting for him hwiile he and I met inside.  He and I shared a room and hugged each other, but I was quite disconcerted to see that he had had hisnose removed either in an accident or on pupose for some reason.  I then walked back out to the car with him where his wife was going to drive hhim home.


8-24-11 - DREAM - This hwole dream was like being in a fog, and I was watching a group of men singing acapella.  I semed to know which group of men this was, but never saw them clearly enough to identify them.



8-25-11 DDREAM  I was wokring in a small office.  I answeredc the phone and was talkikng to a young man and he told me he'd teach me the meaning of the numbers of my name.

I wrote down all the numbers he gave me, but later when I looked  at a yellow message slip I had written

301  301  301  301  301  301  301    and  merrily  merrily said the Captian

I then heard a female p[olitician read those words on the radio and she tripped over the word merrily  the first time and the hwole audience laughed at her.   The woman was either  Hillary Clinton  or her predecessor -   in the state department

In my office were also two politicians - high ranking ones  (I can't remember who they were but they were the President and someone under him.  On my desk I had a very large black shoe and on the floor ws a black boot.  I tried to quickly hide them and I noticed there was dirt on the desk under the black shoe, which I tried to hdie as well.

I was then told that Carol Hapke was my boss.  She worked in an office down the hall.  I replied.  "That's good!  She taught me everything I know" and felt proud ofo that. 

Later I looked at that brown message slip again, and under the numbers was 6 brown lines with yellow stitches over it like they were done by a sewiing machine and the yellow part was zig zagged over the straight lines.  

There were some black numbers under that in a row similar to the first row of numbers, but I didn't notice what those numbers were.    It semed like the yellow and brown lines belonged to my brother Marty.  I don't know why.


8=26=11 DREA, =  O was om <o;;wailee amd ,u 16tj St/ jpise was re[;aced wotj a dp,e=sja[ed dwe;;omg at 7 [/,/ pm a Satirdau evemomg/

O wemt omtp tje jpise tp oms[ect ot amd f;pwers were de;overed fove ,omites ;ater. fp;;wed bu a cjibbu ,am wjp ca,e tp see wjat O was dpomg/  AT tje ,p,emt. O was wrotomg om pme pf ,u ;ott;e mptebppls wjere O le[t recprds pf wjat O was dpomg befpre O tu[ed tje, omtp a cp,[iter/

Tje [age I showed him had a few numbers on it of maintenance supplies I planned to buy.

This chubby man asked if I had any wood putty, used to hold little pieces of wood together, which could be sanded and painted just like the wood.

I told him I would go to the maintenance closet at the apartment building where I used to work and get him some.

On the way into the mirror to see what I looked like in case I ran into someone.  I was wearing a bright blue tight sweater and blue jeans.  I looked really good for my age (over retiremenmt age)

I noticed that there ws a woman still working in the office. A very large tall woman who robably weiged about 50 pounds mmore than me o rmore.  She looked familiar but I didn't know her name.

So I went into her office and mentioned that I needed a teeny tiny sample of wood putty so she went witih me to theh maintenance room in the basement where iti turned out, the head maintenance man teaching a class to men who didn't really want t be there.

He evidently was a preacher and they didn't want to listen to him preach this ilate on a Saturday evening when they wanted to be home with the wives. and/or girlfriends.

When I walked into the room with the rental agent, I made him see how I looked in my tight blue sweater, and I heard him say to one of the guys on the side that his wife had just told him that she didn't want to get back together with him for at least another 6 mnths.  He was very unhappy.

So I told him I needed a sample of wood putty and he said that was okay and I and the rental agent went to find th ekey box which was in the front lobby.

I wanted to snatch a new set of master keys for the building because I had turned mine in when I leflt the job several years earlier.

We got to the key box on the wall, and it had a small key in it so we had easy access.

As I opened the kiey box, I could hear the head maintenance man preaching a sermon.  Hisi name started with an I and he used to be famous.  (I don't remember what it is right now.  He had his own radio and TV shows.

There were no key sin the box - not even a hangar to hang any keys onto.  He had moved them alll into the maintneance room.  I noticed the mailbox too also had little tiny keys to the boxes, but there was nothing in thhe boxes. The maintenance man preacher had all that under his own control also.

But while I was there, I decided to launder my grandsons pajamas and playclothes.  jThey were all pastel colored with geometric shapes on them.  Meanwhile the rental agent stood by me and waited for me to finish doing the laundry.

She could have left me there all alone and gone home herself, but stood by me to help if necessary.


8-27-11 - DREAM i was typing up lengthy pages about plans of escape and the cost of doing so.  It seemed that I had dreamed this before sometime in the past.  I couldn't really read what I typed but it seemed very familiar.

I woke up and then went into a dream where I was with a bunch of kids, kittens in every room, working on an escape and there was an old woman in a beige coat.  At the last minute, I grabbed a very large book (Atlas sized) of a story book about Donald Duck for the kids, and outside we found cardboard boxes and junk to live with.  I felt a little nuts but I was having fun anyway with the kids.


8-26-11 - DREAM - I don't remember how this dream started, but I came down some stairs and at the bottom of the stairs stood a tall, swarthy man with black hair standing at a large table full of sausages that were uncooked, but he would cook them and serve them on buns with condiments for a price.  I felt quite revulsed by seeing thosse sausages for some reason.

I walked into the next room and someone was selling paint by number kits and I knew my son would want one so I tried to hide them from him.  My son then came into the room and immediately wanted a paint by number kit, and I said he couldn't have one, but I reluctantly agreed he could have the paints as long as he imagined the picture and apinted one hiimself.

We went outside then and my cousin Shirley who had black hair and looked somewhat like Cher was standing outside getting ready to get into a car to go to a wedding.  She had to talk t oeveryone on the street, including climbing into the car and talk to the people sitting in the middle seats, so I got frustrated waiting.

Finally, I and some others got into a car to go to the wedding. Ours was a convertible car and for some reason we didn't have the key to the car, so we called a key man to make us a key.

He came and showed us that with a silver key blank we could make all the keys we wanted to by  starting th ecar, putting a new key blank into the key slot and in five milewss o fdriving, the car itself would make another key.  He called it a 'key a day' kit.  We liked that idea.

So we drove give miles and had a new key.

We then stopped alongside the road because a pretty woman was selling a variety of vegetables longside theh road.  She had quite a few selections all laying on green tables slanted toward the road so one could see them while you were driving by.

I walked along the tables and the table at the end looked like the best sele ction so I asked her if I could buy the whole table's worth of vegetables.  She said I could if I packed the carrots myself, and I agreed, so I started putting th ecarrots into the bag she handed to me, and other people started packikng all the other vegetables and when I got done packing up the carrots, I wondered ifi someone had packed the lettuce and the cabbage, because I looked into my bag and it ws also packed with 8 hot dog buns and 6 bnottles of different kinds of condiments including mushrooms  I had never eaten before. 

I hoped the others had packed all the vegetables, but apparently they were also buying hte sausages because we had hot doog buns.  I was hoping not, but I didn't knoow for sure.


8-28-11 DREAM  Iwas living in my 16th St. house in Milwaukee.  Next door was a 3 story home built around 1900.  It ws surrounded by trees taller than the house and many beautiful bushes.

The woman who lived next door came over and complained that a man had come and told them that they had to cut down all their trees and had given no reason.

That news upset me as much as it did my neighbor, so I went over to her house to see the man who was still there looking at the trees. 

I said to hijm,  "You can't make thes epeople take down all their trees, that's where all the xygen coes from that we need to breathe."

He said, "I understand that," and said nothing further.

I decided that was all I cold say and turned away because he knew what I was talking about was true.

I was still in the woman's yard and saw a little girl step down into a pond between the many trees. The little girl didn't know that the pond was too deep to walk through evidently and she sank to the bottom.

I could see the little girl laying on the bottom of the pond and she wasn't breathing or moving, so I reached down into the pond and pulled the girl up out of the water by her head because that was the closest part of her to me.

I lifted the girl out of the water and she wasn't breahing, so I pumped on her chest a couple of times and she started to breathe and opened her eyes.

Just a moment later, the little girl started to cry, and said, "She doesn't believe me when I say I can't remember."

Another woman walked up to me, not knowing the little girl had just been in the pond and said to us, "There is nothing wrong with not being able to remember all your dreams.  That doesn't make you a bad person."

I was too stunned to answer.



8-28-11  DREAM -I was working in a place similar to Walmart that had a food section where chicken parts were kept inn refrigerators. Nobody was buying the chicken parts so they were sliding out onto the floor. I was hanging out with the older rich women from All My Children TV show here.

At some point, all the young women and young men were called into another room where there was going to be a spiritual ceremony.  I was specifically asked to join the young people at the cremony as well.

At that point, 5 short dark-skinned Hindu women, who were all wearing yellow garlands of flowers in their hair and blue uniforms gathered together in one of the aisles in protest because it became apparent that the owner of Walmart was protesting me being chosen for this honor. She was blonde and she thought she should be chosen instead. She was nott at all meek about her protest.

 I heard one of the Hindu women say, "She's not at all spiritual.

I thought th eceremony was called  lAKSHMI   -  (THE GODDESS of prosperity )

I was supposed to be that other room as well, but these five women were protesting and the older men who were in charge of it were being delayed by the blonde who was protesting louder than anyone else.


NOTE FROM DEE:  I've already researched that women while looking for grants for our planned community at  Earth Mountain View Educational Research Center.

I found out that she does not donate money to non-profits.  Too bad - so sad.!


8-30-11  see:


8-31-11 -  I DREAMED THIS 5 TIMES.

There was a blurry scene of people and the statement over it.


At the end of the fifth statement, the dream voice said, "The leaders will be Biden and Liebermann."

LATER - As I was contemplating the statement - the TV blurted out - 'different than you thougt."

biden and liebermann don'nt see eye to eye on anything:;_ylt=A0oGdVX3O15OyVUAdQxXNyoA;_ylc=X1MDUCMyNzY2Njc5BF9yAzIEYW8DMARmcgNzbHY4LWF0dARmcjIDc2J0bgRuX2dwcwMxBHF1ZXJ5A2JpZGVuIGxpZWJlcm1hbgRzYW8DMQR1bmRlZmluZWQDdW5kZWZpbmVkBHVuZGVmaW5lZAN1bmRlZmluZWQEdW5kZWZpbmVkA3VuZGVmaW5lZA--?p=biden+lieberman&fr2=sb-top&fr=slv8-att&type_param=

I spent all day dwelling on this, even meditating on it and getting some answers that made sense, but I still wasn't satisfied.  Finally, I just got so tired I fell asleep and got the answer in a dream.

The thing that would end the world as we know it that is different than what we thought - is A COMPUTER BOMB.

In my dream, I was working on a large screen computer monitor and looking at my e-mails.  I saw two e-mails that stood out from the others - they had short titles and were multicolored links.

The thing was - there were two of them I had received as e-mails.  If I clicked on one link to look at it, it activated the other one t odestroy my computer and automatically sent the virus on to everyone else on my e-mail address book.

We've probably all had that happen to us before that destroyed our harddrives from wrkikng and had to buy a new computer.

But what if it got into government computers and THIS CAN AND DOeS HAPPEN.  It happened in Iran recently where someone entered their nuclear facility and uploaded a virus with one of those little cheap hand held files that we can transfer files from one computer to another through a USB port.

If those computer bombs got into government computers, bank computers, wall street computers - it would wipe out society ihn minutes.

In my dream,the authorities caught theh man after he jumped into a mdudy river and almost drowned himself.  He was actually the asme color as the mud when they dragged him out.  But it was too late to save the world.  The computer bombs had already done their dirty work.