by Dee Finney and Joe Mason


"If you build it, they will come!"

In 1990 a report came over the television that it was the first anniversary of the San Fransisco earthquake of 1989. This set into motion, memories from eight years prior. A relative and I had experimented with a ouija board back in 1982, and one night we were told that there would be an earthquake in 1989. This was followed by the numbers, "9" and "3." We asked what that meant, and the answer was spelled out, "nine, three."

This was so strange. Could that strange communication in 1982 have been not only a prediction of the earthquake, but a hint that it would occur during the World Series baseball game? Baseball has nine innings, nine players, three strikes, and three outs. And it is played on a diamond!

In 1990 it seemed very farfetched, yet it was interesting. Events to come via "dream - coincidence," entirely supported my thoughts. Baseball itself, believe it or not, is symbolic of something very, very grand. Connections to the prophecies of Nostradamus and Ezekiel support it, along with ancient Gematria, but it was the dreams of other people that eventually convinced me.

Earthquake and Baseball Connections

In the book of Ezekiel, there are these significant verses -

3:12 Then the Spirit lifted me up, and as the glory of the Lord arose from its place, I heard behind me the sound of a great earthquake; (13)it was the sound of the wings of the living creatures as they touched one another, and the sound of the wheels beside them, that sounded like a great earthquake.

This stuck me as quite coincidental. The prediction from the ouija board back in 1982, with the "nine, three" message gave me the feeling that the strange prediction indicated that the earthquake would occur during the World Series baseball game, with its nine innings, nine players, three strikes, and three outs.

Prior to reading Ezekiel I found a book called Nostradamus And The Millennium. Quatrain 83 of Century Nine was given -

The sun, twenty degrees into Taurus,
there will be a great earthquake;
the great theater, filled, will be ruined.
The air, heaven and earth, will be dark and obscure,
as the unbelievers call on God and the Saints.

The interpretation of this quatrain is a prediction of a large earthquake that would occur while thousands of people were at a modern sports stadium. The book was published two years prior to the San Fransisco earthquake.

There is a possible baseball connection in geometry. The four bases and pitcher's mound of the baseball field form a quintuplet set. There is a player assigned to each of these. The remaining players are the three outfielders and the shortstop, who are not assigned to a base or mound. This is, then, the 5-4 code of baseball. One can envision it in the illustration above, as the "four wheels" moving into the positions of the three outfielders and shortstop.  

The movie film, Field of Dreams, was an inspired work, the idea coming from the dream-Spirit reality. In the film, the farmer hears a voice speak to him in the corn field, saying, "If you build it, they will come." He hears this again a second time, and sees a vision of a baseball field lit up with lights in the corn fields. He builds the baseball field, and then spirits, former baseball players, come to play the game, including the spirit of his own father. Other baseball films also may have come from the other world, such as Angels In The Outfield.

All this may seem farfetched, even outrageous . . . to think that a sports game could be symbolic of grand, cosmic ideas . . . that events are happening and movie films are being created which carry the geometric symbolism, yet people are unaware of it.


Coincidence: Roger Maris and Me

Shortly after I read Ezekiel, another baseball connection occurred. I was working with a mechanic on the night shift, when he opened a drawer of his tool box. I noticed a magazine in the drawer, and asked if I could see it. It was a Reader's Digest. I saw the list of articles on the cover, one of which was 'Roger Maris and Me', by Andy Strasburg.

As a boy in the early 1960's, Andy Strasburg was a fan of the New York Yankees baseball team. Roger Maris was a top star in baseball, and broke Babe Ruth's home run record during that time. Andy went early to see some of the games, and met Roger. The great baseball star gave Andy a signed ball, and later a signed bat. Andy became Roger's biggest fan. Andy asked Roger for one of his home run balls. Roger said that he did not have any, so Andy could only get one if he caught one himself during a game.

Some years later, in 1966, Roger was traded to the Saint Louis Cardinals, and Andy went off to college in Akron, Ohio the following year. Andy told some of his new friends at the college about his friendship with Roger Maris. They did not seem to believe him. Later, Andy read that the Cardinals were going to play the Pirates in Pittsburg on May 9th. Several of his friends joined him, and they drove the several hundred miles to attend the game.

They arrived early, and stood in the stands near the field watching the players warm up. Roger, wearing his number 9, suddenly saw Andy. He approached the young men, saying, "Andy Strasburg! What are you doing in Pittsburg?" After Andy's explanation, Roger signed baseballs for Andy and his friends.

Andy was superstitious about baseball, so he went out to the right field stands, and sat in seat 9, Row 9. In the sixth inning, Roger came to bat, and hit a long ball into right field. Andy and the people around him, stood up, reaching for the ball. Andy said it was like "slow motion," as the ball sailed directly into his hand. It was the first home run that Roger had hit in the National League . . . the many others were in the American league.

Andy concluded that a miracle had happened . . . that it was far beyond coincidence that number 9 hit the ball to to him in seat 9, row 9, on May 9th.

I, of course, felt that it was also beyond accidental coincidence that I had found the article at that time, as many symbolic connections had come to me over a period of some two years.

The number nine is considered very significant in myths and religions. Joseph Campbell points out how many important numbers, such as 108 and 432, add to nine. Over the months I had noted this many times, including crop circle events, dreams, myths and religions. Among the Biblical examples are 144,000, 1260, 360.

The most ancient form of Gematria, has all its numbers divisible by nine, and adding to nine or a multiple of nine.


Cliff's Incredible Baseball Dream

In 1993, Cliff, a friend of my son, visited with us, and stayed for the night. In the morning, he came and told me about his incredible dream -

I was at a rowdy, drunken party and saw Danny O'Daniel, a boy I knew in school. My cousin came, and asked me to go play baseball. I left the party and went to find my baseball mitt. I opened the door of a parked car, to look for my mitt, but a man was sitting in the driver's seat, and I saw no mitt. I ran some distance, and opened the door of another parked car. The same man was sitting in the car! And, there was no mitt. I knew that I had to return to my home, to find my mitt, so I began walking toward home, which was across town.
Just before reaching home, a strange woman in a very strange car, came driving erratically down the street. The vehicle swerved back and forth, going up on the sidewalks. The car was very narrow, and had six single seats. The woman's skin was grayish, her eyes were bloodshot, and she wore blue jeans. She was otherwise quite attractive. She pulled a cord to honk the horn. She drove by me, saying that she had a tiff with her "old man" over her little girl.

I arrived home and the strange woman drove the strange vehicle into the driveway. Another car pulled up, and a man got out, shouting, "Street patrol!" He explained that the strange woman had taken the strange vehicle from a rich man's house, and they came to return it.

I walked toward my car, which was gray instead of its real color, red. As I approached, the car door opened, and a man got out. It was the same man who had been sitting in the other two cars! I saw baseball mitts in the seat of the car. The man had been setting on them! I pushed him and said, "No wonder I couldn't find my mitt!"
There were three mitts on the seat . . . my old catcher's mitt, that had the leather of the webbing cut out, a blue mitt that did not belong to me, and my mitt, the one I had been looking for. I took my mitt from the car.

The man who had yelled, "Street patrol!" drove off in the long, strange car. The man who had sat on the mitts drove off in the "street patrol" man's car. The strange woman got into my car, stood up with her upper body protruding through the sun roof, and buckled the seat belt around her waist. I went off to play baseball.

Cliff's amazing dream contained the symbols that appear in cosmic events, although Cliff was not aware of them.. The "baseball" symbolism was especially significant. This was a verification from the dream world.

In the dream, there is a suggestion of three stages or steps prior to "playing baseball." There were three vehicles involving the three mitts. Baseball, therefore, in the dream represents the fourth step, which is the Heart chakra consciousness.

The strange woman, I felt, symbolised Kali, the harlot of Revelation 17, that is, the energy of our time cycle. That energy is indicated by the "rowdy, drunken party." The kings of the earth become drunk on the wine of the harlot, which evokes the emotion of fury or wrath. Kali is said to evoke the emotion "tamasisk," which means fury. At the end of the three-stage cycle, Kali, the harlot, is deposed.

The strange woman in the dream told Cliff that she had "a tiff with her old man over her little girl." I believe the "little girl" refers to the feminine aspect within humanity. During the three-step time cycle she corresponds to the "daughters of the harlot," or as it is phrased in Zechariah 2:7, "those who dwell with the daughter of Babylon." When the Kali-harlot aspect changes at the fourth step, the "daughter" also changes to the positive. Indications are that the new "little girl" is the aspect of The Holy Spirit within.

The "old man" could perhaps be the Father God, but, more likely, I think, the Demiurge god. My dreams and coincidences indicate that the Demiurge god is symbolised by the Swastika, and represents the consciousness gestalt of mankind. The Demiurge god is a deity subordinate to the Supreme Deity, as creator of the physical world. He is often symbolised by craftsmen. He can do "good or evil."

In Cliff's dream, he traveled home after looking in the two cars. This "returning home" symbolism has been in many of the dreams people have told to me. I believe it represents returning, or becoming aware of, or "remembering" our spiritual origins.

I think that in dreams, throwing or catching objects can symbolize ideas or thoughts being sent or received. The implication in Cliff's dream is that we have been prevented from receiving a certain knowledge during the three-stage time cycle, but the ability will come at the fourth step. In baseball, the pitcher stands on the mound in the center of the four bases to throw the ball. The pitcher's mound is elevated slightly to a level higher than the rest of the field. In terms of the related symbols, the pitcher's mound corresponds to the top of the pyramid, the bindu point or creative center of the Sri Yantra, the throne in Heaven centered between the Four Living Creatures and The New Jerusalem, or the center of the celestial vault, the pole star center of the Zodiac.

"Danny O'Daniel" in Cliff's dream, also seemed suggestive. Cliff told me that Danny O'Daniel was a real person that he knew from school some years before, but that he was just an acquaintance, not a close friend. Just prior to Cliff's dream, I had read the parts of The Book of Daniel that tell about Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the frightening image (Daniel 2:33-45). The image had a head of gold, breasts and arms of silver, belly and thighs of bronze, and feet of part iron, part clay. A stone was cut out by no human hand and struck against the feet of the image, shattering it. the stone became a great mountain and filled the earth.

Daniel interpreted the four metals to represent kingdoms or ages. The fourth kingdom-age would be a divided kingdom. In those future days the old kingdoms-ages will be destroyed, and God will set up a kingdom never to be destroyed.


From: Milamo@aol.com 
Subject:. Headin' for Home ..

Wouldn't you know .. Abner Doubleday was (supposedly) into "the occult".  He was (??) supposedly involved in the early membership of The Theosophical Society.

Notice .. within his last name .. the word .. "double". As in ... hitting a "double", in the game of baseball.

Yes .. Abner invented the game of baseball.

A diamond .. as in baseball .. is a square .. rotated-by .. half-Pi Radians of arc.  A baseball diamond.

Second base is .. located .. Pi Radians (arc) from "home" .. from Home Plate .. which, BTW .. is a pentangle.

The Pitcher's Mound is .. 60 feet plus 6 inches .. from "Home".  There .. you have the "rank" numbers, in the Sumerian pantheon .. of Anu and Adad. And, of course .. 60 X 6  =  360 .. a "full circle".

If you "hit a double" .. you travel .. Pi Radians (arc) .. from "home" .. to second base. Hmmmm. 

"Travel" .. and .. "arc-distance" .. oh, but, of course .. you are a "baserunner" .. and you "circle the bases".

A baserunner "circles-the-square" .. the baserunner "circumscribes" the_square_'diamond' .. the basepaths !!

The base-running metaphor in the game of baseball, is a great analogy for orbital-periods in the cosmos. 

From solstice to equinox, for example .. is half-Pi Radians of arc .. one "season" to the next .. in Earth's orbit around The Sun.

From our Sun to Solar Apex .. is half-Pi Radians of arc, around Galactic Center.
That's like going from "home" to "first base" .. for our Sun .. hitting a 'solar single'.

Hitting a double .. is like half an Earth precession cycle, too.  A "journey" of .. 12960 years .. for the "Wobble" of Earth.

All right .. way to go, Wobble !!

From ALNITAK to Galactic Center .. in ecliptic-longitude .. is .. 179 (deg)  X  17 (min)  X  42.03420079 (sec)  W.ALNITAK .. =  127910.073  W.ALNITAK.

So; I will now compare the 12960 years of a half-precession of Earth .. a double for "The Wobble" .. with .. this Grid LONG of Galactic Center, as of Jan.1, 2000 :

127910.073 / 12960  =  9.869604401 ... exactly Pi Squared.

Now .. think of a baserunner .. hitting a double.

From home to first is half-Pi Radians (arc) .. and from first to second .. is .. another half-Pi Radians (arc). The baserunner has gone .. how many Radians of arc ?  Pi.   (3.141592654 X 57.29577951)  =  180 deg.

In terms of the "squared" basepaths .. what has been 'traveled' ?

A .. "square angle" .. a right-angle. From home to first .. a straight line.

From first to second .. a "perpendicular" line .. of the same 'distance'.

Isn't_this_a 'way' of describing ... "Pi Squared" ??!!

   -- Michael L.M.





7-5-88 - DREAM - I was in a motorcycle race. There were 3 motorcycles on each team, the good guys vs the bad guys. I was the third person on the good guy's team. I had on 3 pairs of shoes and they had to be on in a certain order, the most secure ones in front, followed by less secure and least secure, but they were all strapped together. The bad guys were ahead of us for quite aways, but some oncoming cars with their headlights made them scared and we got in front of them and were able to stay there. Everyone slowed down and I got in front and as soon as I did my shoes started to come off. We all stopped and she put me in my correct place and I did so gladly because I knew I was out of control.

The bad guys came up behind us but didn't want to be so they stayed out of sight. We couldn't continue until our leader got her paycheck cashed.

I went to a baseball game which turned into a horseshow and met some people. I was told that people greet each other by raising the right hand and touching fingers to show they meant no harm. I avoided meeting people because the area looked ominous and unfriendly. I finally found an area (a row of houses) I thought I could deal with. The fences were difficult to get through and a young boy tried to help me.

He then said that I should put a muzzle rope on a mule to train and control it. When I did, the rope became a hose and the hose was the birth canal for the mule which was to give birth to 12 snakes. The first snake was born. It had a 'wise...all knowing" look about it. It had a long fin on top like an eel. The rest of the snakes began to be born but they all withered and died immediately. but the one snake (the first one) stayed healthy and strong.


8-6-88 - DREAM - The dream was likened to a Nancy Drew murder mystery by me. I was moving into a new house. An old man had killed a woman and buried her under a sidewalk and had not been found yet. Then there was a younger man and when I got up in the morning, the house was so dark, I opened up the doors and the blinds to let the light in. He didn't like it because he was so used to the dark. Then an investigator came and I asked him if he could take the lock off of the refrigerator door which was crystal clear. There was nothing inside of it. He said he could but he seemed to think there was some kind of danger in that. then a woman called on the phone who was a relative and she said she wanted the lock opened on the front gate of the estate. The investigator said he knew how to do it and I said I wanted to go along and watch. I said I hadn't know there was a lock on the front gate. We went outside and there was a whole town which belonged to the old man whose family I was marrying into. As we drove along, I wondered where the front gate was. My daughter was sitting next to me holding a new baby which I was going to take care of. The baby kept looking at me and saying, "Hi Bitch! Hi Bitch Hi Bitch!". I was very uncomfortable about that. I knew that the baby had a twin which was smaller and was like a deaf mute. It couldn't speak above a whisper.

As we drove along, we came to a place where a dog was under the car, unseen, but snarling and growling. I likened it to a Nancy Drew murder mystery where the heroine was in danger. After we passed the shopping center, I saw the chain link fence and it began to look familiar. I remembered that the ocean was on the other side of the fence. So was the cemetery with all the gravestones. We came to the place where the gate was supposed to be. The gate was wide open, in fact, there was no gate, just a place where people could pass freely back and forth.

I saw a riding rink where horses with riders were being trained. I was surprised. I said I used to play baseball there.

Then I saw a children's merry-go-round. There were many children on it. None of them could speak above a whisper. Next to it was a barn, children running in and out screaming and crying at the tops of their lungs. I said it was all in the way they were brought up by the parents.


In late August, 1990, my coworker, Jeff, told me that he had a dream:

"I was with Joe (Mason) and Glen (another coworker) working on a machine that handled metal rods. (in reality, we had such a machine at work for cutting rods to make mortar shells in our ammunition plant) We were in the parking lot of Candlestick Park, where the San Francisco Giants baseball team plays. Some bullets landed around us, but they fell spent, as if they had no power. I looked up and saw a soldier dressed in a white uniform, parachuting down in the sky. He had a very modern rifle, with scopes and a laser on it. But it was not him shooting. Some other soldiers, in regular uniforms, were parachuting down above and behind him, and they were shooting at the white paratrooper with regular rifles. I knew that the white paratrooper was going to take me hostage. I was very frightened, so I laid down on the ground, with my feet pointing toward him. He landed on the ground, came to me, and made me stand up, taking me hostage."

Interpretation -  I speculated that the dream might be related to the events in the Persian Gulf at the time. Iraq had invaded Kuwait about three weeks prior. The U.S. forces were outnumbered, but had more modern weapons, such as laser-guided bombs. Jeff pointed to his chest and said, "Yeah, the white soldier had a new weapon that could put a laser light on you." An air war seemed to be likely. And there were thousands of hostages being held in Iraq.

But, the dream could be interpreted in another way. White represents purity and truth. Things from the sky are from "heaven," or higher levels, representing messages from the Divine. The soldiers could represent the battle of new and old ideas and beliefs. The new ones are outnumbered in terms of earthly believers, but they are of a more pure "light," and relatively invulnerable to old beliefs. The light forms a red cross over your heart, indicating emotions. Jeff is taken hostage, meaning that he is captivated by the new ideas. This forces him to stand up, or support the new ideas.

In the following months, as the Gulf War unfolded, I found it very interesting that the Iraqi weapons, such as the scuds, were ineffective, they fell down spent.

Dream by Jeff - Interpretation by Joe Mason


6-4-91 - Dream: I was sitting in the livingroom and suddenly the "Avatar" was sitting on the right side of my chair. A rustling sound preceded his appearance and then he was suddenly there. He was wearing all blue and a hat like a mailman. I was shocked. I said, "How did you get in here?" He just smiled. I said, "I know who you are. I wanted to meet you. I saw your ad in a magazine. I know where you live. You live on Pierce St. right across from the three domes (this is a botanical garden in Milwaukee, WI) I wanted to manage those apartments. He looked surprised that I knew that much about him. He started to make moves on me that he wanted to make love to me, but I put him off. He took off his hat and his hair was exactly like TMs when I first met him. He suddenly became more handsome. I asked him if he was married. He didn't answer but made more sexual moves on me and became younger. At that point I couldn't recognize him anymore and I put him off by asking him, "How does your group feel about weight loss?" He answered "It doesn't matter what you weigh."

I heard another rustling sound and a man suddenly appeared behind him who was older. It had first appeared that the man came from his back like a clone except he was 50 years older. Then they separated. I heard another rustling sound and seven more men appeared in the diningroom. I could hear them discussing ancient history.

My livingroom door opened and a man named David and another girl came in. David look startled that I had so many men in my apartment. He turned around and left. The girl came over, like she was a reporter and she wanted the men to discuss current events. The men began discussing baseball. The girl got disgusted and left.

The the "Avatar" who was now himself again, said to me, "If you want to know how a country or city is now, just state the name and direction and you will be shown. I said, "Paris. East" A heavy wind came up and almost blew me over.

I woke up from the wind blowing, feeling quite disoriented.


11-8-93 - DREAM - I was working for a woman who had an accent. I had completed everything I was supposed to do, so I packed up all the newspapers and material I had in a large brown valise and boarded a bus which I thought went west. I was riding along feeling good and enjoying the ride when we went up a long hill which I recognized because I had gone that way before and I realized I wasn't where I was supposed to be. I asked the driver where we were and he said 55th and Hampton. Now I knew I was on the wrong bus because I had gone northwest instead of west. To get where I wanted to end up, I would have to transfer to a bus that went southwest or stay on the bus until it went back to where it had begun it's trip. I didn't want to transfer to a strange bus on a strange route, so I stayed on it for the return ride.

Now, I was back where I started and took the valise back into the house. While the scene took place, I had a radio like for the locksmith I work for that you could talk into and get answers and they were talking to me and telling me what to do, but I couldn't make out what they were saying because I wasn't concentrating on just them because there was so much other activities going on.  

The woman I worked for gave me an award for completing my work, but she said she hadn't been able to give it to me sooner because I hadn't reported in. She looked at the valise I was carrying which had all the material in. A male friend of mine was supposed to have compiled all the information and come up with a final report and he hadn't done it. His excuse was that he had used the time to listen to a baseball game and he didn't know what the outcome of doing the work was, so he didn't do it without knowing the results ahead of time.

I knew I to start the bus trip all over again and leave this woman with the accent, but my daughter wasn't read to travel. I wanted her to have clean dry underwear and her socks and shoes on, and she couldn't find any of that. So, I spent a great deal of time looking for that and not finding it.

Finally, I was exasperated and told her, we're going, read or not, you'll just have to go naked.


08/25/96 WEDDING??? I must preface this dream by saying that I am married, but not happily so, and have never worn a wedding dress. So, here goes: I'm at some sort of fairground, with my kids. But we seem to be here for a wedding -- I have two white wedding invitation cards in my hand, even though they look like tickets to an event or business cards, or perhaps even like appointment cards from a doctor or dentist's. Anyway, we're rushing about, trying to get to where we're going, whatever it is --the event. I manage to find a ticket booth (or is it a food stand?), to inquire where the wedding is taking place and whether I have to show my tickets to anyone. There is a young girl working there, with blonde hair tied back in a ponytail and maroon coloured baseball cap. She tells me, in no uncertain terms, that I have only one invitation (or ticket) that's any good. She doesn't offer an explanation or anything, it's as if she can only see one. I can't understand why she's saying this, when I quite obviously have two - I hold one up in each hand to emphasize this point to her, but she refuses to acknowledge what is so obvious to me. She acts as if she could care less about the whole thing, so this makes me a bit angry with her. "Look", I say, trying to reason with her, holding up the two tickets, "you can see quite clearly, there are two!" Suddenly, now, I'm wearing a wedding dress, I can see the white veil where it drapes at the sides of my face. "This is MY wedding! How can you tell me that only I'M invited? There has to be someone to come WITH me, wouldn't you agree? Would it make sense for me to come by myself??" She becomes quite cool with me at this point, and walks off to carry on with whatever she's doing in the booth, decidedly ignoring me. This infuriates me beyond belief, and I start to yell at her. As I do I can't believe the words that are coming out my mouth (I never talk like this to anyone in real-life, and seem to be aware of this in the dream), at the same time I am wondering WHY I am so angry with her. "Listen, you little b...,why are you behaving like this. I don't deserve this kind of treatment! What did I ever do to you? I'm just asking you to straighten this out!" She comes back over to the counter, looks at the tickets, and still insists she only sees one. Exasperated with me, she walks away again. I start to curse at her so much, I don't know where the words are coming from, "Why, you f...ing selfish little b....", etc. Then I notice some of her co-workers are asking her if she needs help with the crazy woman in the wedding dress, sympathizing with her. At this point I realize this isn't going to get me anywhere--unkind words always make everything worse. I just can't understand why she's being so nasty to me. Upon waking, I realize the girl  in the booth looked a lot like I did at her age.

by anonymous


8-25-97 Dream: I was on my first day of a new job. I walked along a long sidewalk toward the building where I would work. There was a baseball game being played outside the door. All the people were wearing grey uniforms. I was listening to people tell me what was going on in the area as I walked along. I was pushing some kind of cart ahead of me with equipment on it, including a brown telephone. I went into the receptionist's desk to tell her I couldn't get the labeler to work so she could get me a new one or have mine fixed. She started to complain that she didn't know who I was because I wasn't wearing a name tag and I began to tell her the problem was the labeler. An older woman interrupted to tell her and a couple other girls that my name was Dolores. One of the girls, wearing a golden brown dress told me her name was "Goldie". The woman behind the counter who was wearing a blue dress said, "Goldie! Dolores is taking your old job. It pays real well, doesn't it?" Goldie made a sarcastic type face and said, "Yeah! it really does." Then she said, "I can hardly wait for the company dance next Friday night." I could see that Goldie had moved to the personnel office. Then I started to worry that my husband was going to screw up everything so I couldn't go to the dance. Then, I remembered that he was in prison for 23 more years and I didn't have to worry about him anymore. (That is a true fact about my ex-husband. I had divorced him.)


9-20-97 - Dream - I was at work and my boss moved me upstairs to work in the same room with a woman named J.C. She pretended to be my friend but she really wasn't. She told me she would destroy me. I told her, "You will regret it if you try." She grabbed my hand and I made a fist around hers and dug my thumb nail deep into her flesh.

She began to say bad things to me and I took a yellow, long-handled dust mop and pushed it at her mouth. She asked me why I didn't hit her. I said that I didn't want to go to jail.

I then took my hand held radio (communication radio) and several other things and took them downstairs where there were a lot of people. Joe was there and was lining up a bunch of boys who were a baseball team and was going to take their picture.

Outside the picture window behind the boys was a baseball diamond.


11-4-97 - DREAM - (I'm not certain of the order of the scenes) I was getting ready to go to work. All my friends were wearing big bouffant slips, so I decided to dress just like them. We each wore a different color though. Red, white, and black, and mine was brown. Then I tried to find a skirt and blouse to wear to match in brown and had no choices. So, I put on a black, very high heeled boot/shoes. I had long legs and did not wear stockings. I then picked out some multicolored jewelry to wear.

The men admired my legs, the women were jealous that I could look so good. I then went outside to go to work. I was going to go through a gate or hallway and three young people got up in a window and asked me if I would buy a ticket to a baseball game. I didn't want to go to the game but agreed to buy a ticket since the money was for charity. The kid in charge of the red tickets pulled up the ticket and the stub, then instead of giving me the ticket, ran off with both parts.

This started a loong scene where I had to confront the parent of the boy and try to get the ticket back.  

I then walked along the sidewalk and in the window of my West Allis house was a 68 year old woman. She made a little speech, lamenting nearing the end of her life. Her face was all wrinkled and I wondered how I was going to look when I reached the age of 94 because I was going to live that long. I allowed the woman to sit on my front porch and watch the cars go by. I took a folding chair and went inside the house.

I don't recall how I got there, but ended up on the back porch of the house where a mafia- type hit killing took place. Two men were grabbed and rushed inside. Two men with guns and I were left outside on the porch. I got down on my knees and hid my eyes so I wouldn't see the shootings and hoped my life would be spared. I heard two shots inside. I kept my head down, praying I would be spared. I heard footsteps coming back outside and waited for my head to get blasted with gun, but nothing happened.

I kind of half raised my head and saw the 2 men behind me flash FBI badges. They said they were in on it and just wanted to get the witnesses. I still held my head down and I couldn't see any faces and they gave me a necklace and some loose stones of light green gem stones which looked like eggs. I took them and waited for all the men to go away.

I then went back into the house and typed up all this on a computer and tried to save it so I would remember it. I saved it with the date 10-07-79.


12-12-97 - VISION - I was in a large stadium. There was a children's baseball game going on. Some ran home standing up, some slid in feet first, and some dove in headfirst, but they all reached home. At the end of the game, the coach came forward and said, "Good game guys!"


12-20-97 - DREAM - We were inside the garage in New Berlin. Joe was painting the walls light orange and some of the orange was getting on the white trim edges. He needed to wipe off these orange marks but didn't have a clean rag. I volunteered to do the cleanup because I had a rag, but I had a hard time finding a clean spot on the rag to do the job neatly because it had some paint remover at one end and it was soaking through and would also take the orange paint back off.

We overheard a conversation between my son Tom and his father asking Tom what his greatest wish was for his birthday. Tom said his greatest wish was to go to the ballpark at the stadium and watch the baseball championship game. His father told him in order to do that, he would have to clean out the inside of his car first.

I volunteered to clean out Tom's car. It was worse than we suspected. An old tire inside the car was full of spider webs and dead bees and spiders and there were piles of leaves too. Becky (his wife) decided to help too, so we were busy cleaning and Tom came out to go to the game and we weren't done yet.

Joe slipped a $1 bill in the tire edge to pay for his part of the work which I noticed and pocketed. Tom was so happy and excited to go to the baseball game, he couldn't wait for us to get done and started to back out of the garage and I was still half in the car.

I warned him to be careful because he might run over my toes with the wheels and we quickly got the rest of the dead leaves out of the car.


12-28-97 - MEDITATION - The following events took exactly an hour.

I lay down n the bed and went into meditation. I called METATRON. the figure which appeared looked like a young teenage boy, wearing brilliant green sparkling earrings and a long billed blue baseball cap. He turned to his right (my left) and sat down at a computer. I saw these typed words.

"These four things are needed to sail the ocean: HARMONY , _______, ________, BLISS.

I slipped into a little dream in which I was in a small apartment having a discussion with someone in which I was supposed to remember what I was told. (I don't) I went outside on the street corner. I was going to cross the street but a huge dark green truck like UPS came along. They pulled up so close to me and I knew someone in the truck wanted to know what I just learned.

I fell on my knees in the street and crawled around the corner in the gutter trying to avoid getting run over by the truck. It was very difficult to pull myself back up to a standing position back on the sidewalk.

I half woke up, remembered the dream and fell back asleep and had the same little dream except it ended with two dark green trucks coming to find out what I knew. I again fell to my knees in the gutter ad it was even more difficult to pull myself back up to a standing position after I got away from the trucks.

I woke up and again saw the typed statement: "It takes 4 things to sail the ocean, HARMONY, _______, ________, BLISS."

What came to mind was, "Wisdom, Peace, Beauty, Strength


Dream 1/6/98 Gathered in a group of people we waited "Evien and Myself" Outside waiting for the ship to land. Groups of 8 maybe sometimes more were taken at a time. They Called us "Operators".


This is your soul group, a network of lightworkers scattered strategically across the world who have shared your dream, and whom you will be working on something with.

Dream In the bus a woman driver started talking to me and asking questions. She Voiced her questions where as I replied by only looking into her blue eyes. She dropped me off and I turned around and Said Thank you as I peered into her eyes again and she left after she answered my question of where the bus went next. The Women has told me on the bus that The Groups of Operators were being transported for "Missions/jobs" and at the time I didn't quite understand why so I felt like I was being used in some way.

Interpretation - This woman is a guide, your own higher self,or possibly an ascended being, attempting to communicate a message to you .Are you moving, or planning some kind of physical/metaphysical journey ? If not, it looks as if you are going on one !! It seems to me to be a message preparing you to be "transported". Everything from this point on relates to the future.

Dream I ran down the street and ended back where I had been before just on the other side of the landing area this time. I ran across a BaseBall field that was behind me praying that no one would turn on the lights above. I came to a place in the tree's where computer equipment was being stored and protected and jumped a fence behind the area. I ran through someones house through the back door or window through to the front door which was all open.

Interpretation - This is the journey you will be making.

Dream -I ran down another street and Watched 3 people talking on the other side of the fence which was in front of me. 2 of the ladies were homeless and building a shelf when the 3rd came over and started taking down the shelves. She asked them," Why are you building this when you know I will most likely have to take it down when your through anyway". The Ladies Replied, " They are so tired and without a home, been through a hard time, we're trying to help them out".

Interpretation - These may be the 3 Fates, the sisters of wyrd, fortune, and destiny. They are prophesying for you, and like all prophets they speak in such a way as to guide you to unravel the mystery yourself. If you dont understand, dont worry, time will shed its light upon the matter. :-))

by anonymous


1-30-98 - DREAM - I was writing a letter to my mother. N.M. came to visit and my brother came  over. I told N.M that my brother Marty had all the Seth books. Marty said he didn't know if he had them anymore. I told N.M. that Marty had more books that I had. I felt proud of that. Everyone went outside to play baseball but me. I had to go to the bathroom then and there . There was strange man and woman I didn't know living there. The man was in the bathroom and threw him clothes all over the place. I had to kick them aside to close the bathroom door, which was a swinging door that opened both ways and didn't lock.


2-9-98 - DREAM - I was playing bit parts in a comedy movie. It seemed at first it was called "Dream Time". At first it was Jack Lemon it seemed, but also seemed like Joe. He was married to another woman and we were sneaking around so she wouldn't find out about me. After a few scenes, it seemed like we were playing the movies scenes in reverse order and sometimes I was male and playing the Jack Lemon part where the woman was sneaking out on her husband and other times I was the female. In one scene I had to change clothes in a bedroom where there was a huge closet as big as another room where hundreds if not thousands of costumes were hung up to choose from. In this room too, they wanted to test me to see how strong I was and had multiple types of weight training equipment and a smaller room in which a fake football team was standing all in costume and I was supposed to see how many I could knock their heads off with a baseball bat.

Before I came home, I had a confrontation with the other wife while I was female. Her really tall, good looking husband was telling me she was acting crazy and she would dart forward, present one personality or another. He never knew which one she was going to be. Her child's diaper was disgustingly full of poop and she was too lazy to change his diaper.

I told her before I left that I could do it for her, but I had my own child to get home before he did the same thing to himself and I carefully stepped down from a stage-like area, to keep my balance and take my child home.


3-30-98 -- NOTE: I was thinking about the GAP7 plan from our web site and I saw a white brochure type booklet. It opened up to the middle where it showed the town in Arkansas where some girls were murdered last week.

It showed photos of a baseball team, a football team, a choir, a cheerleading squad and several other pictures of teams of people and the question was asked, "When people are so willing to work together for good, what causes two little boys to be left out so things go wrong?"

Other examples of similar problems were presented on other pages. These were problems being presented to which answers needed to be found.


5-8-98 - DREAM - I was in a hotel. It was hard to tell what I was in charge of, but walking around with a notebook and pen. I went into a large room with a maintenance man who asked me to examine his genitals because he thought something might be wrong. I thought we ought to close the door because his wife was right there in the hallway and so were several other people. I closed the big black door only to find that the whole wall was see-thru. "A lot of good that did", I thought. The man's wife called him then and he ran out into the hall to see what the problem was. I grabbed my notebook and pen and followed him out into the hallway. Because of my slight delay, he was already talking to someone when I caught up to him. At this point I discovered I had an open box of oatmeal with a crushed top which fell off and I dropped the box on the floor. I picked it up and couldn't get the lid back on the box because the box top was crushed.

There were hundreds of people in the lobby, so I went outside and around the side of the building. At the back of the building was a huge area where a bunch of women were having a heated discussion. One woman in a beige dress wanted to sue her boss because he had hugged her too tight and her breasts hurt her.

While I was listening to this discussion, a long, sleek beige limousine pulled up which was open on the sides like the San Francisco cable cars. Along the top were a string of blue balls in a fringe which gave it a Spanish look. On this car also were 2 small boys who were like luggage porters and door openers.

This limousine was kind of like a game ride where people could go for a ride which was like a skill game where someone would throw baseballs at the car while you were inside to see if you could catch them. While I watched, someone was firing baseballs at the car faster and faster and they were all landing accurately inside. Then the car pulled away and the two small boys jumped in at the last second as it pulled away.



6-27-98 - DREAM - This dream began at my New Berlin house, but my family was not inside the house. The people in the house all had malformations of the head. One person had growths all over her head like 'elephant man'. They were so numerous, there was no normal place on her that I could see. Another woman had a head that looked like it was sculpted out of wood, too small for her body. She had wooden skewers through her skull making a frame-like device that held the bones together. She said, that this was the first time she had been out of her house in 4 years. I was so grossed out by those two women, I had to force myself to look at them. I knew there was a reason I had to do this. A man there had just shaved off his beard and he had cut off huge growths from his lower face that had been like long tentacles. I was so grossed out by this man's growths, but I had to prove to him that he was still loved despite his deformities and I did that by eating something totally gross looking that touched his face.

We then set about to repair a table lamp that was broken, and we did that by taking another broken table lamp and trying to make them fit together. (I don't recall if we were successful or not)

I then went outside and walked around the house to the front which faced west. I saw my family down on the lawn about 40 feet from the house. I saw a huge yellow UFO appear in the northwest sky suddenly. I stood there in awe with my mouth hanging open. I hollered at my family to look. As we watched, the yellow UFO morphed into a rocket shape and a big American flag appeared and waved in the wind. We were so shocked, we couldn't believe our eyes.

Then, a big rocket appeared in the western sky. It was going upward, but getting closer and it seemed ominous. Then another rocket appeared and crossed paths with the first rocket and instantly a huge silver flat-faced balloon shot up out of the 2nd rocket and the balloon had the face of an astronaut on it with an American flag behind him. Again, my family and I stood in awe of this spectacle, and not knowing what else to do, we started to applaud loudly.

Just then, another spacecraft appeared in the southern sky. As we watched, another second spacecraft appeared. Again, an American flag shot up from the 2nd spacecraft like it had confronted the 1st one and won. Again we applauded loudly.

As I sat there on the patio, an astronaut appeared on the lawn up on the hill behind the house. He was in black and white (not color like the rest of the dream) It was Wally Shirra (I later found out he was born March 12, 1923, so he is 75 years old now) I recognized his face and knew for certain it was him. I was as positive about his name as I am about my own. He was wearing one of those puffy white spacesuits like they wear in outer space. It had black bands around his upper arms, and waist, and by his ankles. I saw his face clearly, so I know he was not wearing a helmet.

He began to speak to me. I was in awe but tried to answer his questions. (I can't remember what we said) When I tried to talk, my lips would move, but my teeth weren't moving and I was mumbling like I was half asleep. I was so discomforted about speaking to the famous Wally Shirra in a mumbling way, I finally apologized to him and said, "I'm sorry, but I feel like I'm half asleep." He said in return, "Oh! Then, I won't bother you." and he evaporated in front of my eyes. I was so disappointed. I felt like I had chased him away by being rude. I felt really bad. But then I wanted to tell someone about my "dream".

The scene changed and I was at a large school. As I walked across the schoolyard, there were many children playing there. I picked up things they dropped, patted some on the head as I went by, and smiled at each one in turn. Off to my left, the female teachers were playing baseball out on a field. They were all wearing white tops and longish black shorts.

As I got to the school door, the double doors closed and I saw that there were no handles on the outside to open the doors. However, when I tried to pry the doors apart in the center, I discovered that the doors pushed inward very easily.

I stood there in the hallway, looking for someone I could tell my Wally Shirra dream to. The teachers started to come in from the baseball game, but now they were all wearing long shimmering robes of multicolored purple, blue, and rose. They were all talking amongst each other in a group and some of them started to disperse to go up a stairway. So, I quickly ran towards them, hollering, and waving my arms wildly. "Ladies! Ladies! I want to tell you about my dream. It was about UFOs!"

They all instantly were interested and wanted to hear my dream.

There was a large conference room right there, so I entered it and found it to be full of the male teachers, all sitting on the floor facing the front like they had just been lectured to from the podium. They were all dressed in longish black shorts, and white nubby cotton tops, just like the female baseball players had been earlier.

I told them that I had something to tell them and they all moved back to make a square opening in front for the female teachers to come in.

For some reason I wasn't shocked, but as the female teachers came in, I saw that they were all wearing pajamas and robes and were all crippled in one way or another. The tallest of the women had no hair and was on crutches. She looked like she had cancer and was under treatment for it. She spoke to me, seeming to be referring to the earlier part of my dream about the light we were repairing. She told me that if I needed parts to repair anything, there was a junk yard on 108th St., that carried all kinds of parts and could probably get me anything I needed. As she spoke, I started to wake up and was dismayed that I hadn't told anyone my dream yet.


NOTE: Interestingly enough, 108 is the number of Goddesses in the Hindu religion.



8-27-98 - DREAM - I then went into another dream in which I was like a concierge for a huge hotel and apartment building.

Ed McMahon came with an entourage of young men and his grandson. When Ed McMahon came up the steps, I was standing outside the restaurant part with my boss. He shook my hand limply and kissed me on the cheek. A taller, younger man was with him and when I told them they could have anything they wanted, the young man made an innuendo like that included ME in a hotel room.

I ignored the remark and we entered the restaurant and the men lined up to get their food..this was a ala carte type line like it was a salad bar. One of the cooks asked me how to serve the man. I told him also to serve them anything they wanted. My memory is that each man took a salad plate and took only small amounts of fruit of various kinds.

Ed McMahon's grandson was another matter. He appeared to be about 10 years old . . . a mean little chubby kid. He took two huge platters, one of which had a half of a watermelon on it, unsliced, the other platter had the other half of the melon, all cut up into little triangle shaped pieces. There were what seemed to be hundreds of them.

The boy couldn't handle what he had taken so I rescued the half melon and put it up on a high counter for safe keeping and then helped him to balance the other platter so the pieces wouldn't fall on the floor.

We then went outside and the boy was much younger now, barely more than toddler age and was throwing a ball like a baseball in various directions and he was doing it dangerously and several cars almost hit ether the ball or him.

I rolled the ball in several directions myself in an effort to distract him. I managed to keep him distracted enough so that he didn't get hurt nor did he hurt anyone else.


2-20-99 - (I titled this 3 THEATRE DREAMS )

21 Theatres - by Heyerdahl

200 Theatres by Three Sisters

There were two huge bright orange threshing machines which almost ran us down. we nearly ran over a small boy on a tricycle making a quick U turn. My son Bob was there walking up a path on a high hill. I wanted to take him with us in the car so he wouldn't get hit by something, but my husband said, "No!" He's going to play baseball with the other boys and I agreed but just then he turned around to come back down the hill and I wanted him to come with us.

200 Theatres were going to be built in a square in a park where there were only two right now.  


4-9-99 - DREAM - I and some men were working in a large garage-like area. Someone said, "Let's tell people they need 'blah...blah...blah!" on their cars and they'll believe us, and we can take their orders and put, 'blah...blah...blah!" on their cars and make all the money. So, the men went out with their idea, told everyone they needed 'blah...blah...blah!" on their cars and 100% of them said, "Okay!" and we got the orders. My job was to number the invoices so we knew whose orders to do first. I started at 1 and was up to 25 when they came in with more orders. It was a great idea.

My father came in with then and we were underground in a big cavern-like place with a big rock wall. He was going to help us dig for oil. However, there were people living above us. So, I told my Father that someone told me there was an identical spot duplicated in the other side of the space. He thought for a moment and said, "Yes! You are right!" So we went over there. We stacked thousands of 2 x 3 cards of Indians ...like baseball cards...and began turning them and they went down into the ground like a drill going through butter. I said, "I'll bet nobody ever thought of drilling for oil using Indian baseball cards before."

Everyone agreed. When we were done drilling, we turned the stacks the opposite direction and they came back up and went through the ceiling where the people were. We were all elated. Then I saw seven different colors. I was very impressed. This was a first.

I wanted to repark my car from behind my Father's house to the front of the house. I looked to make sure there was a spot available there and there was, so I had to make a U turn to turn the car around. It was parked on the edge of a deep snow drift and it was a tight squeeze getting behind the wheel, but I made it. I managed to start the car with one turn of the key, flooring the gas pedal and holding it down, and the car roared into motion and I steered it out of the snow bank and into the traffic lane successfully. I could see the lights of the cars behind me with plenty of room to spare.

I intended to go one block south and go around the block, but I was behind a school bus and people walking and there wasn't a good opportunity to turn, so I continued to follow a woman who was walking who had gotten off the bus and came to a T shaped crossing where I intended to turn around. When I got there, other women were standing and things were held together with thin rubber bands which I thought needed replacing. It had turned from winter to spring as I went south and everything was lovely and green and blooming here.

I woke up as I decided help these woman get thicker rubber bands to hold things together.


07/07/1999 -  I had a dream I was in bed just talking with an old boyfriend. I dated him all through high school and into college. There were other people in the bed too. It was weird. They were friends of my husbands but they knew I was there; we just were in our own worlds. Then the bed turned into being at a baseball game. I remember in my dream  saying that if my husband catches me in bed with this other guy I'm in big trouble.

NOTE:  This friend that was with me--the guy, shares my birthday. I had always felt a strong connection.  E.O.D.

Interpretation:  The man/friend in bed with this woman is symbolic of the male/female duality since he shares her birthday.  There aren't enough details here to make a complete analysis however. The bed turning into the baseball field is reminiscent of the Field of Dreams since the bed is where we dream.

Interpretation by Joe Mason


June, 1999 - I want to relay this extremely vivid and realistic dream I had about a month ago (sorry no exact date to give). I will attempt to recount it as accurately as possible.

It began with me playing softball on a dirt field. I was trying to work out what position I was going to play with a "faceless" friend. At the moment I decided where I was going to play, I became aware of someone leading a large group of people down a street towards the ball field. I could see the persons face leading the group, he had a strange joyous, yet quizzically frightened facial expression (my best description, sorry). I noticed he seemed to be gliding towards the field, then directly to me. It seemed as if he floated right through a car (this did not seem to concern me for some reason). I could not take my eyes off him. It was then that I became more aware of the large group of people gliding behind him, they had similar expressions. He was my focal point though. I seemed to know him but could not place his face. I immediately moved toward him. As I moved toward him, I levitated and rose up approximately 2 feet off the ground. I began to glide off with the group following him. I think most of the people I was playing softball with followed and they also seemed to levitate. We moved down a street that ran parallel to the dirt field. An over whelming feeling over joy overcame me. I was near the front of the group. I turned to the group (everyone was still gliding) and I rose twenty feet into the air. I looked at everyone and everyone looked at me. I opened my arms wide, I had a tremendous look and feeling of joy that just poured out of me. I said nothing, but I knew everyone understood me. That may have been the greatest feeling I have ever experienced. I came back down to the group and proceeded down the street. I wondered what was going to happen next. We went further down the street. The next thing I remember, everyone was sitting down gathered around a small group of people facing the larger group. There was an empty chair in the middle of the small group. I anticipated seeing a wise old person sitting down and speaking to us. To my surprise a child about 6 years old appeared. I was disappointed for a brief moment. Then the child began to speak to us and I realized this was more than just a child. I did not hear (or do not remember words) but I knew he was imparting wisdom that we all wanted to hear. The dream ended there.

NOTE: When I awoke I knew it had some special spiritual meaning, but I do not know exactly what. MM

Interpretation -  I have a few ideas about parts of your dream. Your "faceless" friend seems to be your Divine Ka, the Divine Double. Other names are the Self, Higher Self, Soul, or Oversoul. The large group of people, I think, indicates humanity or a large part of humanity. The leader, with the "strange joyous, yet quizzically frightened" expression, may be a real leader of some kind, either on this side or in the spiritual dimension. The last sentence of Revelation 11:11 is, ". . . and a great fear fell on those who saw them." In the solar eclipse article, I spoke of Franks Casket revealing the possible meaning of  the "King of Terror" in Nostradamus C10, Q72, about "1999 and seven months." The King of Terror is Jesus. The meaning is that, when enlightenment comes, it is frightening at first. Also, I had a dream of "Fear Beast Mountain," about eight years ago. When I first read Zechariah 4, about two years later, I felt it had a similar meaning in the part about Zerubbabel making the great mountain into a plane and bringing the top stone forward. In the last verses of Haggai, it says that Zerubbabel will be made the Lord's Signet Ring on the day heaven and earth shakes.

It makes sense that the leader is Zerubbabel, in terms of meaning. He is the governor or King, in the Judah (Lion/Leo) Bloodline, the leader (see Numbers 2, about the camp positions, and when the Tribes set out on the march.

It is quite interesting that he seemed to float right through a car. My own dreams indicate that a vehicle can symbolically relate to the Four Living Creatures, as they have "Four Wheels." I found later that the idea is quite ancient. In Sanskrit, it was called the "vehana," or vehicle, indicating the Sakti through whom the Logos, The Word made flesh, is manifested. "Ezekiel's Wagon" seems to have the same general meaning.

The part of the dream where you floated up, opened your arms wide and felt tremendous joy, reminds me of Joan's  Sckrabulis 'interpretation of the Grand Cross and Tau during the eclipse. It is the crucifixion in space of the planet Earth. Her site is linked from the eclipse page.  http://www.greatdreams.com/soleclps.htm

This part of the dream - -----------

<<The next thing I remember, everyone was sitting down gathered around a small group of people facing the larger group. There was an empty chair in the middle of the small group. >> ----------

This brings to mind the camp positions of the Tribes in the Bible in the book of Numbers Chapter 2, as the small group of people. It is also in Revelation 4, stated in a different way. The Four Living Creatures and the 24 elders are around the Throne.

The Throne, would correspond to the Tabernacle, the Temple/Tent in Numbers 2, as it was envisioned as reflecting "Heaven," with the Tabernacle in the center of the Zodiac. So, the empty chair in your dream would correspond to the Throne in Heaven.

The six year old child that appeared would be Jesus returned, or something similar, perhaps Christ consciousness generally. To me, this relates to the child of the "Woman With Child" in Revelation 12.

It also fits with the Son of Man in Revelation 1:13. The double edged sword issues from his mouth. This seems to indicate that something will be spoken that will change everything.

The "six" years of his age may symbolize the six stages, or Ages, or days of creation. It has a correspondence to the 3 1/2, as I suggest near the end of the Pollen Path articles, based on the formation at Old Sarum, and Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the Ages in the Book of Daniel. These two articles have a similar suggestion:


The Trinity Connection

Interpretation by Joe Mason


Play Ball - 02/08/2000
From: ladybee

I am at a Ball Game and it is time out. One of the players is hurt!!! I go to the Docs office and find more players down . One sends me a signal to go to third. I look ahead and I am on first. ahhh he wants me to run and slide into third. I shake my head and look at the coach. Ahhh now she knows what she is talking about. Hmmm then they start talking about the construction business. Somebody says something about commercials and its all in who ya know. Now I am really shaking my head. What kind ah ballgame is this?

Hmmm can I pull up short and stay on second??? Gosh that homebase sure looks good. Now what's my picture doing. Shoot fire guys thats a signal I never have seen before. Hmmm Lets see I scratch my foot and let go of my leg while crawling in the ditch all the time. Hey now they want to hand me a shovel too.

"Wait a darn minit." The batter is standing at the plate all alone. Who's in the field. What side are we on anyway? Will we win. Is that picture gonna click that camera or is he going to throw the ball to the home team. I look at the scoreboard and see the wieners are ahead 6 to 2 . Do A's have 2 and the wieners have 6. Ohhh not so bad hey!!!
End of  dream


3-6-00 - DREAM - I was living in a house somewhere which also had a factory and a baseball field on the property at the other end. I seemed to be in charge of getting everything straightened, cleaned, and the color scheme changed. I also found some rectangular orange and green baskets I can only describe as plastic strawberry baskets. These had been thrown in the front window. There were several of them that were large about six inches across, but a few were smaller also, about two inches. This seemed to be very important.

I got several large containers (bags) of blue and yellow yarn which I was going to make into furniture covers. Another change I made was to take off an avocado green cover (like drapery material) and changed it to gold brocade material. I let the kids have the avocado green piece to play with. They asked to have a livingroom chair covered in the bright yellow.

There was a young girl there who needed to take some yellow medicine on a daily basis. This medicine came in a green plastic container on which was a button so she could press it and self-dose herself. Unfortunately, she didn't go to the bathroom first, so after she took her medicine, she laughed really hard and peed her pants.

When I took her to the bathroom, I noticed that part of the house was closed off with a drapery curtain. This part of the house was just past the bathroom ... like an extension of the house. It wasn't being used probably because it was winter and it was hard to heat all that house. I was thinking that I like to be able to see into the entire house. I didn't like having any part of it closed off. I would see to that when spring came and it didn't have to be heated.

On the other end of the house was a baseball field. There were men in uniform playing a game. I assumed they worked in the attached factory. One guy had a small green apple and batted it with his bat. It flew over and landed in the front of my shirt. They were joking about the ball, and I held it in my hand and said, "If there be any man here, let him step up to the plate!" We all laughed.

I can't recall what was in the factory, just that I had to make sure that it was in good order and clean.

In the livingroom, a young woman came in with some poodle puppies They were really fat and one little yellow puppy jumped up on the couch and I was trying to control it and make it stay on the floor. I asked her where she had been keeping the puppies because I hadn't seen them since I was there and she lived with us in the house. She wasn't making any sense with her excuses, about where she had been, but she was there now and that's what counted.

As the dream ended, I walked into a part of the house or an attached mall-like place where a bell carillon was playing. The bells were large and small, all tuned to play songs. Some of the bells were hidden in the branches of green Christmas-like trees. It was playing, "Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord" Glory, glory, glory, Hallelujah!" I woke up with the bells ringing in my head. It was a happy wake-up feeling.


6-6-01 - DREAM - I seemed to be overseeing two groups of kids that formed two baseball teams. I saw them on the field forming a diamond shape. all the kids were within the diamond I saw, and the whole diamond was brown.

Back in the house, the kids were complaining they had nothing clean to wear. Nobody had done their laundry. I'm assuming this must have been a week long baseball camp for boys. I overheard some old woman outside discussing the laundry situation. One old woman said, "I even saw nits in his hair and his laundry bag actually had two spiders in it."

I planned to do the kids laundry, starting with their underwear. Their Jerseys were not like baseball uniforms though, they were more like highschool football jerseys with bright colors. Each kids jersey was a different color and number on it. (I didn't actually see the numbers)

The boys were trying to watch a black and white movie on a small screen like a 13" TV set. The picture was scratchy and the boys were complaining about the quality of the film. One of the boys brought me the movie cassette.  I then saw that the film itself was wound inside a black case the size of a cassette like stereo music though it was slightly larger and much heavier.

One of the boys pointed to me that there was a defect in the film because the cassette itself had kicked out one single blank frame on the upper edge. I took the cassette from the boy, noted how heavy the cassette was, and told him I would try to fix it.  However, I had to do the laundry first.

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