by Dee Finney

10-1-89 - Dream: I was doing laundry by the colors. I was washing the red and blue first. Other women were looking at the red dresses and telling me they didn't need washing and they didn't need ironing. They were taking them away one by one. They didn't want me to be doing anything. They wanted me to rest so I wouldn't go into labor early. (I was very obviously pregnant)

The story they told was scary because the last women who had delivered early had four babies. One had a monstrous head, two were siamese and covered up and one had a big hole in it's head.

Outside, a bunch of kids were practicing shooting on a range, but they didn't know how to take turns. The cops were there too and they were too close and danger of getting shot or hurt.

The women kept telling me to go lay down so I wouldn't get upset and go into labor. I didn't want to tell them that I was already starting into labor, so I went to lay down.


11-28-89 - DREAM - About the color red for April 3, Orange was March.  I dreamed I was doing all the red laundry. I found wallets with money (pennies) in two shirt pockets and a dollar bill, all belonging to my son Ken. I reminded him to be grateful and remember where they came from.  As I woke up, I saw a brilliant shiny blue book to be read next.  

When I was beginning meditation, I saw a woman's face with a big smile, then a head with double digit numbers across the right side of the forehead and across the top of the crown.


3-23-90 - DREAM - We were cleaning up the piles of laundry and trash at the base of a hill. I had to remind T.M. that the police were coming to inspect in the afternoon.

My daughter was given a blue car so she could learn to drive. Instead, she got into the back seat. The car had no brakes when it was backed up, so it had to be driven forward at all times. when it was driven forward, it had to be driven as straight as a train on a track. It had to follow the road precisely and carefully.

I finished cleaning up the basement and a man came to give us an estimate of what it would cost to set up a radio station in the building. It would be $3117 to set up the station and $300 to $400 per person to run it.

I went outside and was taken for a ride in a huge limousine by three black men like Mafia characters, but Sammy Davis, Jr. was the guy in the right front seat. We had to go up a narrow, black, metal track which the car barely fit on and the soft tires gripped the treads. There was no way you could fall off, even if you went slow.


4-24-91 - Dream: I was in my 16th St. house doing laundry. I heard some people practicing a greeting similar to Heil Hitler. They were saying "Oh! Heil!" They did this several times. I was in the kitchen then and I heard a sound like an airplane coming. I and the other people went to the window to see what kind it was because it sounded so loud. It was huge. It was in the west 1/2 hidden by the trees. What was scary about it was that it had flexible wings like it was animate and I felt also that it could see and was looking for someone. All of a sudden the sky went dark and it was very ominous. As I looked closer, a big black cloud had suddenly appeared and was hiding the plane. But the plane didn't appear again. As the cloud floated to the south, the plane was either behind the cloud and floated away with it, or it had simply become invisible.


6-4-91 - Dream: I was in Russia with Nancy Reagan. We observed Raisa Gorbachev taking in empty canning jars and bottles, boxes, extra clothing to her home as though she was preparing for a long siege of war or future famine which she planned to survive. Being very suspicious of these activities, Nancy Reagan and I determined that she was up to no good and we were determined to thwart her activities. So we sneaked into her house when she wasn't there and saw lots of boxes under her bed. We planned to smash all the empty jars ad bottles so that she wouldn't be ready for what was coming that she was obviously aware of that no one else was.

I entered her bedroom and pulled out the first box. It was full of other empty boxes. I pulled out another box. It contained only dirty laundry. I continued to pull out boxes and found absolutely nothing suspicious at all. I told Nancy Reagan that I found nothing suspicious. We began to feel guilty.

Raisa Gorbachev entered the room and we apologized profusely for being in her room and being so suspicious of her. She was very gracious and accepted our apology and we all sat on her bed and chatted amiably for awhile. Then Nancy Reagan and I left, feeling very bad that we had misjudged her actions previously.

But then, after I got home and started thinking about the whole thing, I recalled all those bottles and jars being brought in, but nothing had ever been taken out. Still, none of them were in the house. So, where were they? Where had they been hidden? Was there a secret hiding place under the floor boards under the bed or a secret passage we didn't know about? Our suspicions were raised all over again. Were we being duped because the Russians were so slick?

NOTE: In August, 1991, the Communists arrested Gorbachev and Raisa and kept them prisoners for three days.


10-15-93 - DREAM - I was taking care of a baby and it kept pooping and I kept changing diapers on it. Unfortunately, I was getting little bits of yellow poop on myself and running out of diapers. The baby's poop became purple then and I had to take all the diapers to the basement to do the laundry. There were so many of them and when I got to the basement, the laundry from the day before wasn't done either.


10-23-93 - DREAM - We had just bought some land and I was asked if we could make Salsa. I said, "Sure!" We can grow our own tomatoes. Just think though of all the vinegar we'll have to buy. I had at least a dozen jars of tomatoes in the sink, washing them and took them out to dry them. The sinks were real deep commercial type. So were the washers and dryers lined up along the wall. They had just been installed on the 1st floor in a huge room.

My intention was to go down to the basement and get all the laundry that was waiting to be done and bring it upstairs to wash and dry it. We'd never have to go down in the dark basement to do it again.


1-8-97 - DREAM/VISION - I was in the basement doing laundry. The washer began the last rinse cycle and began filling with water. The top moved up and down according to the water movement. A voice in the washing machine said, "Trust your sensations."


9-7-97 - Dream: - I was with some women in an office. We were all trying to work cooperatively on projects but their egos were getting in the way and various jealousies of each other. I managed to make friends with my worst enemy (she was wearing all red). The accountant of the place was left out of all this and she came up to me and showed me a project where she would stencil yellow words on burlap to give to people as they donated money to our cause. She felt really good that she was contributing to the cause. I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was my idea she was contributing. I then picked up my stack of laundry to take to the basement to dry. The washing was all completed.

I also saw a drain in the bottom of the sink when the water drained out as it swirled in a circular pattern. This water was blue.

As I woke up, I was seeing two huge triangular planes taking off ahead of me side by side. They were not black. They were white with just enough of an outline to show they were there. I tried to catch up with them to get closer to them, but they were moving too fast upward ahead of me. (I think these two planes were Diane, Princess of Wales, Mother Theresa and have been compared for their compassion for the poor, sick, and downtrodden.)


10-4-97 - Dream - I moved into a different house on the 2nd floor. The same day I moved there, I was supposed to show the other unit to some people. So many people showed up, I couldn't tell who was with who, and because I hadn't seen the whole place myself, I couldn't tell where one apartment ended and the next began. I went through a door into what I thought was the next unit and there was a design on the wall or the floor (not sure which)

These people kept asking me questions about the place I couldn't answer as I was still exploring it myself. I found four kitchens it seemed - like there was a duplicate right and left side, but each side seemed twice as wide as it should.

I finally took them all downstairs and we were outside. I looked back at the house and there was a flat roof on top with no attic.

I went back inside the door where I had originally entered. It was a double-wide door. Some young couples followed me back inside because they were still interested in the house though I wasn't so sure since I hadn't moved any furniture in. I could still go back to where I was staying with some other people.

One of the young men wanted to know what he could do with his friend's "Dotsy". I had no idea what a Dotsy was, so I finally asked him, "What is a Dotsy?" He pointed down and I looked down between the walls into a space that was like a basement laundry. There were three women down there and the laundry tub drain was plugged up. She was plunging it and I asked her if the plunger was working. She said, "No!" I told her she might need a snake then and that she might need a 50 ft. snake because the clog might be lower down in the pipe.

NOTE: A friend has asked if the word might have been "Daath-C" part of the Tree of Life - the Sephiroth.


10-5-97 - Dream - I had two dreams in which I was driving down a highway inside the Sephiroth. I saw 10 sign posts within it and read them all. The only word I can remember is "Supernal".

NOTE: Supernal means "from, or as though from the heavens or the sky; celestial, heavenly, or divine.


10-30-97 - DREAM - I was in the basement doing laundry, getting ready for winter. All I had to wash was heavy winter jackets and navy blue socks.

A mother and her two children was also down there. The mother left and the children had to do their own laundry.

The little girl began to pull her little navy blue socks on top of my navy blue socks. Her sock pile began to fall over because it was piled too high. I told her she was going to have to start her own pile.

I looked over to my right on the white counter and saw that I was ready. My tam and scarf were there, navy blue with a white eight pointed star on them.


11-17-97 - DREAM - I lived in a big old house. It was in Milwaukee I think but not sure, on the south side of the city.

My son Tom and his wife Becky came to visit. I was helping Tom do something that Becky didn't like and then he helped me. I had some bookcases and was rearranging the books and put all the Bibles and religious books on the bottom shelves. Some of them were very old but I considered the knowledge valuable. While I was doing this, Becky went into my bedroom alone which was a huge room.

She and Tom left then and I went to the bedroom to sort clothes I was going to do laundry. I also went out into the livingroom and found 8 pair of socks under the chair cushion. There was a young man there. (I don't know who) I said, "It's no wonder the kids never have any socks to wear because I also started finding lost socks too that I knew I'd be able to match up with other unmatched socks.

I then went back in the bedroom and looked at the bed. Becky had placed marbles on my bed like amulets all over my bed at measured intervals and also around the bed at measured intervals. I then noticed there were little wooden disks and wooden triangles placed in other configurations on the floor apparently as a gesture of warding off what she considered evil. So, I went about picking up the marbles, disks, and triangles and any other object that she might have used against me so it couldn't be done again.

I heard the doorbell ring and went to the door. It was a young couple I had seen before. They needed directions to find Dundee Ave. which I knew ran southeast on a slant from near where I lived. They had come to ask for help because I had helped them once before and they knew I knew how to get to Dundee Ave.

I considered their 2nd request to be an imposition because they should have learned from the 1st time. When they left, the woman went out to the street, but the man hung out by the door trying to think of excuses to look up other places to go to.

I wasn't alone in the house, because I could hear snoring from an upstairs apartment, but I knew that a sleeping man would be no help to me. I tried to lock the screen door but the lock was a little flimsy turn thing and he got the door open again against my will. I said, "I'd appreciate it if you'd go elsewhere to ask for directions in the future."" Feeling a little ominous at this point, I pushed him back with the screen door, the quickly locked it.

Now, he pulled something sharp like a knife out of his pocket and made a horizontal slit in the screen and shoved in a dark book I didn't want.  

At that same moment, a dark haired woman came to the door who also lived in my building and she had 7 or 8 old white haired ladies with her. I couldn't let them stand outside with the menacing man so I had to unlock the screen door and let them in. So, I unlocked the door pushing the man back once more, letting the woman in. I told them to call 911 and at the same time saw another old lady trimming the bushes in the yard and I couldn't let her out there alone either.

One old lady had a cell phone and called 911 and I went outside to protect the other old lady from the man who was now brandishing a visible knife. The old woman had a pair of big shears in her hand but didn't notice the dangerous man.

I heard the siren coming now and dark black cars started coming into the yard first and dark men dressed in black all brandishing knives at me came to help the younger man. I'd say there were 8 or 10 of them.

I saw the police car which was black and white, but one policeman couldn't contain 10 men with knives so I ended up knocking the young man over myself at which point the other men stopped coming towards me too. At that point I woke up.


11-28-97 - DREAM On Friday night, we were supposed to move on Saturday and we had not yet started packing. I wanted everyone to help. We were on Jackson St. in an apartment on the 1st floor, but the back door and into the yard was from my 16th house. I wanted my husband to help and I went to the back door to cal him. I called his name , "Bill". I looked out the door. He looked like, "Tim" from my UFO group. He had two male friends with him, so I knew he would have to visit with them, so I asked my 3 sons to help instead.

I went down into he basement to do laundry. There I found 3 pair of green pants to be washed. I could tell there were things in the pockets. One pocket had sand in it, one pocket had a tarnished necklace chain in it and one pocket had a good necklace chain in it. I discussed the chains with my son Michael. He said it belonged to a girl he knew.

I went out to the Jefferson St. side of the building door with my old boss Tom. He said he would pay me to put everyone's name into the computer and tell him which ones came back with the error code S18 so he could remove them from the list. (The tangent of 18 is 666)

I went then out the front door onto 16th St. to see what my children were doing. My baby toddler girl was playing on the front lawn. I was worried she would run into the street but the other kids said they would watcher.

I then went back down into the basement where I saw Richard Nixon and his wife Pat and a couple other people including a boy and a girl. I was wearing an orange "power suit"' like Pat Nixon and wearing high heeled shoes. She introduced me to the boy and the girl. I think the girls name was Clare. We just said stuff like , "Hello, How are you and things like that."

This meeting had something to do with Richard Nixon's death. In a passage room, I saw my daughter's pink clothing and took it with me. I went up to the 3rd floor then where I was making arrangements for some other people to move. In one of the apartments, in a cabinet door, I could see there was a fire burning. I cold see right through the wood at the "flame"'. I was able to warn them of the fire and we all went out on the balcony through the French patio doors while the man chopped into the cabinet door to put out the flames. Then he cleared out the smoke and everyone was safe.


12-10-97 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. walking up to my house. It was spring and clouds of pollen and tin purple flowers were floating down from the tall trees. I was thinking how fortunate I was to be part of the dream connection.

I went inside the house where the telephone was ringing. It was a woman in California asking for Aaron Security to make a bid on a job for her. Then she asked if Dave could do the job himself because she was looking for someone to perhaps do the job 50 cents an hour cheaper. I heard Dave's voice on the portable communication radio we used. I tried real hard to talk back but the battery was down. I started looking for a spare battery but only found other electronic parts - no batteries.

I was waiting for a man to call me on the phone whom I felt romantically about but I don't know who it was...just a man. The phone wasn't ringing so I toyed with the idea of calling the man instead of waiting.

Then I remembered I had Joe and went upstairs to where he and I lived together and had t go past my antique sewing machine that was piled higher than my head with clothing that needed mending and I made a promise to myself that would I would never call another man until ALL the mending and ALL the laundry was done.


2-6-98 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin. My husband was remodeling the car. It was supposed to be shorter, but there were 3 sets of doors on it. (The 3rd set of doors was added by the driver's wheel - farther forward in the car.) He left for work and took all the money with him.

The kids wanted some ice cream so I looked in my wallet and had only small change, but I had the withdrawal card from the bank, so I said we could all go and I'd stop at the bank and get some money.

I still had laundry to do and by the time I got back outside from the basement, all the kids had left to go do something else.

The car was parked sideways in the garage to work on it, but I didn't have any trouble getting it out and going to town.

I drove into town and spotted my daughter riding her tricycle, but when I got around the corner, she was gone. I also saw the boys on their bicycles but they all went their own way before I got to them.

I decided to go home again because we were in a hurry to get rid of things as Joe and I were getting ready to move to Tennessee to his brother's place before winter set in.


2-18-98 - DREAM - I was 5 p.m. and I was anxious to see Joe at his new apartment. I called him on the phone at 874-5374 = (11) and got Robin (an old friend) I then tried 874=5323 = (11) and still didn't get him. So, I went to his apartment and found his clothes all over the place. I started helping Joe pick up the clothes. Joe was in the bathroom when I got there. We hung his clothes in the closet. There was something large in the center of his closet under a yellow blanket, but hung the clothes on either side of it.

Several of Joe's friend came in to thank me for helping him and hugged me.

NOTE: Joe had a very similar dream at the exact same time about doing his laundry and having trouble with it and needed help because his clothes were all over the place. In Joe's dream, he had a yellow washer and dryer in the center of his closet.


3-3-98 - DREAM - I was moving into a huge yellow apartment. The only furniture in it was a square green livingroom chair. I danced around the apartment happily singing, "la la la la la la". The last maintenance man left while I was there and I cleaned up after him. I then went downstairs where it seemed I was responsible for the public laundry room. A young boy came in and spilled green liquid soap all over the machines, but it cleaned up easily and we were all ready for the laundry to be used.


3-20-98 - DREAM - I had moved into a new apartment and when I got up, the place was full of people I didn't know. They were just having conversations with each other, not with me. Finally, they all left except one and I asked who they all were. The chubby couple I liked were Julie and Jim (I know these people from somewhere and trying to remember from where) The man is quite chubby and she is a 'little' chubby. I discovered that these people were all eating my candy so I put the candy away in the pantry. I thought I heard the doorbell ring twice while some other noise was going on, but I wasn't sure if that's what it was, so I didn't answer it. Later, I went over to the 'listener' button and there was no one there anymore in the lobby. My friend Sue showed up. She was very slim and chic looking. She told me she weighed 118 pounds. I had never been that thin but I used to look good as her and was thinking about that.

She wanted my advice about something. She had been offered a modeling job in a place like Cuba or somewhere down there by some shady people and the money was good. I looked at her face and it was made up pure white with like a spider-web-like effect across it in green. It seemed normal to me until I looked away, then I had to think about whether that was normal or not, then looked back, and it was white with a green spider-web across it. I looked away again, thinking, "She is an adult and can make up her own decisions even if they turn out to be wrong."

The back kitchen door opened then, and the chubby Jim handed me a laundry rack for drying clothes. He had borrowed it and brought it back. He obviously lived in the same building.

A young man came in then who seemed to be my fiance. I wasn't particularly paying attention to him. He leaned over and whispered, "What would you think if someone bought a 1946 Pontiac?" I looked at him quizzickly and he laughed and said, "I was seeing if you were paying attention. I went over to the car shop and bought a 1946 Pontiac. They'll give us 3 weeks to make our decision and they said that you can work part-time for them."

I think I woke up then. I don't recall any more.


3-28-98 - DREAM - I was in the livingroom of my 16th St. house. We were holding a church service there. The pastor sat behind a long table covered by a white cloth on the south wall. His small children sat on little chairs in front of the table facing the people. Several other families were there, also with their children. I was sitting on the floor by the East window, somewhat distracted with a book I was reading. The kids were being disruptive especially the pastor's kids. The pastor took some scotch tape and put it over the mouth of his smallest child like an "X". I decided to help by taking the children out of the room. I got up from the floor and asked, "Who wants to come to the kitchen with me?" One of the more disruptive older boys said he would. I said, "Let's see if we can find something to eat." I didn't know if we had anything at all. I looked in an upper cabinet and found bunches of grapes and bananas. They were all overripe and starting to rot. I pulled out all of them and found a couple bananas that weren't too bad. I took one over to the boy, cut in half lengthwise. He didn't want one served that way. He said, "If you take one that is half brown and peel it whole, you will see an antenna on it." I thought about this and went back to the bunch of bananas in the cabinet and found a couple more bananas that were overripe. I went back with them and held one up to him that was shaped like a bird and showed him. Then I showed him one that was even more overripe and it looked like a yellow and brown bird, and the peelings that were brown and falling off, looked like wings.

My daughter was sitting next to me then on a rack with a stack of dinner plates that were light green. I thought to myself, "Here! All this time I thought we didn't have any plates in the house. My husband must have bought them and had them stashed somewhere."

I went to the bedroom and saw that my husband had bought 4 pair of pink and blue plaid slacks and hung them in the closet. The pattern was like a large diamond shape.

I was sorting out the laundry then and found that I had mismatched some socks and felt very dismayed that I had made that big of an error.


6-8-98 - DREAM - I lived in a huge house which included its own shopping mall. I was cooking two kinds of food. On e kind could be cooked in it's own box. It had a silver lining which was washable. The box opened up flat and was soft like a cushion. I tried to get the hooks to go back together but I couldn't do it, so I had to ask for help from my husband to get it hooked back together. Dinner was almost ready to be served but there was food all over the floor like baked beans and popcorn, etc. I made a decision that we would not be eating dinner until I cleaned up the floor. The house was immense so I knew it could take quite a while. I got a broom and was sweeping the floor and began to find red jackets and blankets mixed in with the food and knew that I was going to have to do the laundry of the red clothes too.

My cousin Shirley came to visit. We discussed how it was Christmas and her mother and my mother were also visiting. My mother said she was going to give me a coat for Christmas. She wanted me to know so I wouldn't worry about getting perfume for Christmas. I was happy about that. Shirley's mother ( her name is Ethel) said she was going to give Shirley a coat for Christmas too, but Shirley refused to accept her Christmas present because she was afraid it was going to be perfume. She didn't trust her mother to give her what was promised. While we discussed this, we were in the shopping mall room of my house looking at the all the coats and perfume counters.

When we came back into the house proper, my husband received a guest who was a boat mechanic. We went outside where my husband's boat was moored. The mechanic said he was going to give my husband a special part for his boat steering mechanism and it would be a free gift and would install it for him. I was happy about it because my husband deserved the gift. (My husband was Joe)


6-22-98 - DREAM - I was in a building in a large city. I managed the building and we were going to remodel the basement. In order to do that, we had to take everything outside. We hooked up the washing machine between the sidewalk and the road so we could continue to do laundry while we remodeled the basement. There was a lot of laundry to do. There were piles of it everywhere and it was really bad. We hauled it all outside and I was going to do it out there.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad so I left the washing machine untended to do that. I couldn't find the bathroom. I stood in the hallway and looked at all the doors. Each one was a different size and I knew where each one went and none was a bathroom. I remembered there was one on another floor so I went in search of that one. Meanwhile, I met some women who had problems and I stopped to listen to them and confront them and give them advice. I then went back outside to throw the laundry into the machine first. I opened the lid and began to measure cookie dough into the machine and saw it float down in deep water. I thought that was odd and looked closer and found shredded bread wrappers with pictures of colorful balloons on them. Now, I was really puzzled and started pulling out this paper. Another woman came along and started pulling toys out of the machine. Taylar - our granddaughter needed to wash her toys and the woman had helped her put the toys in. The washing was done, so I helped her take them out. There was a big yellow truck, some doll puppets, and a huge brown dinosaur.

At this point, someone hollered, "Look! Up in the sky!" I turned and looked and saw a huge blimp in the sky. I remembered having seen one before, but I looked again and there was a blimp in the south sky. In the west, a huge dark green helicopter was hovering, shooting lazer blanks in practice, using the blimps as targets. Between the helicopter and us were piles of hay bales that we could hide behind in case the lazer turned out to be real, so I didn't worry about it.

A young girl came up to me with a job application for a job at another building I managed at 3803 N. Port Washington Road. She had a thick stack of papers which she handed to me which was her application and resume. I told her that I hadn't been expecting her and didn't have a ride up to the other building but perhaps if her father wanted to give me a ride up there, I could show her around. Then I thought better of it, that it was a bad idea and that maybe I could take a walk or take the bus up there. I didn't want to pay for the bus ride both ways unnecessarily though, so I told her I was sorry and couldn't show her the building, but that the next time I was hiring I would call her. I kept her paperwork, and she walked away disappointed.

I turned around and on the corner Joe stood talking to two older women. They looked like they were old friends in intimate conversation with their heads together. I couldn't hear anything they said and I looked at the woman and saw how old they were and thought to myself that I was younger and prettier than they were, so I could allow him to have female friends without me knowing what was being said. However, the shorter one suddenly broke away and came towards me, tearing off her mask, and her old clothes, revealing that she wasn't an old woman like the other one. She was in disguise and would go after Joe and had other intentions than friendship.

(Note: This was prophetic and actually happened)

I had more important things to do and walked back into the building where the workmen were waiting for me to discuss the remodeling project. I noticed that there were no windows down there and told the guys that I hoped it didn't get too cold to work down there, but it was summer and it should be fine.

As I was waking up, I heard one of the men say, "Let me see what you have there!" I looked at my right hand and it was placed on top of an open white box and the title was, "The Mystic".


7-12-98 - DREAM SCENES - (cannot remember a whole story) There was danger from flooding from a plumbing pipe. We were able to cap if off sufficiently and prevent the flood.

I had been doing laundry for other people. All I had left to do was to iron two shirts, but there was so much interference from other people, I was trying to decide whether to iron these two multicolor plaid shirts on the 1st floor where I was, or to take the ironing board and the iron to the 3rd floor where the man's HOME was. I decided I could finish the ironing on the 1st floor. I held up a shirt I had finished ironing. This one too was multicolored man't shirt. It was all water-stained below the chest level.

I was in an apartment with a woman and we were going to look at another apartment for rent. she said, "It seems awfully dark". I knew one wall was all glass windows. I told her, "That's because it's a garden apartment on the lower level." While I was waiting for her, she was in the bathroom which was down 7 steps on a lower level.

Following seeing the water stained shirt, we were standing there and a huge, horrific wind came out of the furnace grid which was on the baseboard by the floor. the grid which was brown began to shudder and flap violently and made a horrific noise and finally blew off. As it did, eons worth of dirt fell on the floor - all brown crud dust. We knew we could clean it up and everything would be fine.

I went to the store and bought myself a makeup kit. I opened it up and it was full of hundreds of colors of eyeshadow and rouge and multitudes of brushes. I was thrilled with it.

I went out on the street and met a woman on the corner whom I knew well. Instead of giving her a Christmas present, I gave her $25 in cash. She was perfectly content with that. She was waiting to catch a bus, so I crossed the street and continued on my way.

I came to a set of shelves on which Christmas presents were being stored for people until they were picked up. There was one there for me from my brother. It was wrapped in green tissue paper. When I first opened it, I thought all it contained was 3 oval bars of soap, yellow, green, and white/pink. I was very disappointed at first, but as I opened it further, I saw a makeup case and it contained hundreds of colors of eye shadow and rouge and a multitude of brushes just like I had just bought. I was thrilled to received it.

I was sitting in the house waiting for the right time to do something, thinking I needed my husband and family to do it with.

A young girl was there who had become motherless. I took her in my arms and cuddled her and comforted her.

While I sat there, my husband and two sons came home. I was dismayed to see that all three of them were injured in one way or another. My husband had a cast on his right foot, one son had no apparent injury, but I knew there was something wrong in his heart area, and the second son had a cast on the left foot. I knew then that I would have to do project myself anyway, that they would be of no help.

I was outside the house, standing in the driveway with plans to go to another state. I knew how to get there and that if I waited, a car would pick me up and take me there, and that if I went now, I would have to walk. There was a dark forest between me and main highway and there was like a red warning flag hanging on one tree, so I decided to stay where I was until a car was provided. I was VERY disappointed.


7-22-98 - DREAM - I was living on the East side. I went into the kitchen. It was a mess but I could smell dirty laundry and knew that I should be doing it. I went to get the baby and went outside with him. Then I realized I had forgotten to take my keys with me.

The lady in apartment 304 was usually home, but she had just left in a horse drawn cab to go somewhere.

So, I walked to the back of the building to find someone home. There was some strange things going on and I was very suspicious. A hug box was being carried into the building that I thought contained something dangerous, by some tall men. A friend of mine jumped into the elevator at the last moment so they couldn't protest so he could ride along to find out what floor they went to.

I had to walk past a dark haired man who was outside the building. He was treating the sideyard as his own apartment. I was afraid to walk past him, but I had to. Once I got inside the building, I had to carry my baby up the stairs. The baby got all wiggly and wanted to fool around on the steps and started to slide down on his belly. I was afraid he would hurt himself on the concrete steps. I no sooner thought that and he hung himself between the railing posts from his suspenders.


8-12-98 - DREAM - I got a job as a salesclerk in a store on a city street. (I don't know what city) I was selling some kind of electronic machine. We had a catalog but nothing in stock. I made my 1st sale for $887.00. He also wanted a T-shirt to communicate the event but I told him we didn't have any in stock.

When the paperwork was done I asked the boss if we had a copy machine. We didn't so he told me to go down to the corner and find a store which had one. I went but I didn't find any. The way back was difficult and up steep stairways and down through tunnels, but I had made my 1st sale and felt proud for the 1st day. All the guys in the office sat and drank coffee while I worked.

I made my 2nd sale at home out of the catalog. This guy wanted a 1993 model for $540.00. I had to figure out if some parts cost extra as addition. Nobody knew and I had to read the manual to complete the sale but I did it as I woke up...wrote down the dream...then fell asleep and went right back into the dream.

I was in the store and the mailman delivered a stack of invoices from the previous week's sales. I looked at them and how many instructions and qualifiers were on the invoices. Mine had been simple sales and no qualifiers. Then I found out that they had filled my order for the 1993 model with a used unit from the back room that never had worked and they tried to pin the other girl's mistakes on me for sales she made before I even started working there, so I left and went home.

At home, we had special cleaning chores to do and special removers. In each room was one last stain removal job to do and I had to teach one person to do it and then make sure it was done right so it wouldn't have to be done again.

We also had to put away the last of the laundry. There was one rolled up pair of boy's socks. I told one guy to put them in the boy's room and just put them on any one of the beds. There were 4 beds in there, one on each wall. The boy I gave the chore to, said that at HIS house, he had done that and nobody would claim the socks. I told him to do it anyway.

A woman appeared then. I think it was my old friend Nancy but it might have been Michelle. We went out on the porch and she asked me to sing a song. It was a romantic, spiritual song and the flowers growing along the porch began to turn and come towards me and I reached my hand out to the flowers and they grew towards me and at the end of the song, I had the beautiful flower in my hand.

So, I sang a second song the same way as other people watched and I sang the song, a romantic, plaintive song and the flowers started to turn and come towards me. I held out my hand and the flower grew towards me and at the end of the song, the flowers were in my hand.

It was so wonderful an experience and to sing to the flowers, Nancy and I began to look for more music to sing so we could do a different song each time. My daughter was playing the piano and we searched for words to more music.


8-16-98 - DREAM - I was in a big city living with my children and other people. I saw that there was a lot of laundry to do, so I told my oldest son Michael to run and get all the sheets and pillow cases off of everyone's bed. While he did that, I went into another room where there was a very old upright desk-type piece of furniture. It had many little compartments in it. In each compartment there was a picture of a person of a different ethnic background and all their little belongings, jewelry, and whatever other little treasures they owned.

My only concern was to get any stray piece of laundry and wash it. I found one dark blue sock that had numerous holes in the sole (soul?) I told a girl there to throw it away. It belonged to an African man (That the first time I can recall throwing any laundry away)

Once I gathered all their laundry, I went outside into the neighborhood and gathered any stray laundry from there to make sure it was ALL done. My own vehicle was out there and I admired it because that was the first time that ALL the laundry was done that had been in it and the windows were so clean I could hardly see them.

I had some blue and white running shoes on and took the off to go barefoot. I put the shoes in the vehicle but they fell out into the street, so I picked them up and set them on the stairs to my house. A woman was going up the stairs and asked if she could help, but all I had were my shoes, so I declined her help. Today...everyone's laundry would be done.


8-16-98 - DREAM - I was in a big city living with my children and other people. I saw that there was a lot of laundry to do, so I told my oldest son Michael to run and get all the sheets and pillow cases off of everyone's bed. While he did that, I went into another room where there was a very old upright desk-type piece of furniture. It had many little compartments in it. In each compartment there was a picture of a person of a different ethnic background and all their little belongings, jewelry, and whatever other little treasures they owned.

My only concern was to get any stray piece of laundry and wash it. I found one dark blue sock that had numerous holes in the sole (soul?) I told a girl there to throw it away. It belonged to an aFrican man (That the first time I can recall throwing any laundry away)

Once I gathered all their laundry, I went outside into the neighborhood and gathered any stray laundry from there to make sure it was ALL done. My own vehicle was out there and I admired it because that was the first time that ALL the laundry was done that had been in it and the windows were so clean I could hardly see them.

I had some blue and white running shoes on and took the off to go barefoot. I put the shoes in the vehicle but they fell out into the street, so I picked them up and set them on the stairs to my house. A woman was going up the stairs and asked if she could help, but all I had were my shoes, so I declined her help. Today...everyone's laundry would be done.


8-21-98 - DREAM - I was with my mother, my daughter and my son Bob. (None were their real age). My mother wanted to visit her sister Ethel and we all went with her. (It seems to me that the other adult people there are all deceased. I don't know who all the children were)  I had let my laundry chore go to go with her, but while we were visiting, we were doing laundry while we were visiting too.

The kids were ice skating, swimming, or hiking while we were there. I was too busy with the laundry to do anything else including visiting.

We were getting ready and I had to find my kids and put away the laundry and toys. These things had to go into special places which were difficult to do, and there as discussion that I should keep some of the dolls which were in boxes.

I then went to find my daughter and found her swimming in the pool. The pool had a colored gravel bottom which was graduated upward towards the other end like a hill you had to climb to get out of the pool. Instead of just yelling at her to get out of the pool, I Picked out the deepest spot in the pool and jumped in. (I cannot say that it felt wet) When I looked for my daughter, I couldn't see her in the pool and couldn't figure out how she could have gotten out of the pool unless I closed my eyes and I didn't remember closing my eyes. But, since she was gone, I had to get out of the pool and go find her. I climbed the gravel hill on the other side of the pool which was very difficult because the gravel was loose under my feet.

I then had to climb a very difficult stairway to get back into the house where my mother had been visiting. There were several drawers in the stack before the stairs started. There were foot holds on the tops of the drawers so I climbed the drawers, I think there were 5, then climbed 5 stairs above that. The drawers were painted red.

When I got up there, I discovered that my mother and daughter had already gone outside. I went back down the stairs forward and attempted to go down the drawers forward and it took a lot of arm muscle to do this on hand rails. I finally turned around and climbed down like a ladder.

I then had to find my son who had gone hiking with some other kids. These kids were hiking in groups and each group was dressed in a different type costume. My son was with a group of kids who were all dressed like green cactuses that looked like green cupcakes with feet and head sticking out of the top and bottom.

I called Bob and tod him it was time to go home, but he refused to go. He wanted to stay with his little cactus group. (Others were dressed like flowers)

NOTE; I think this part of the dream is about the economy in the future.

First I told Bob that he would have to find his own way home, then asked him if had bus money. He said, "No!" I insisted on giving him bus money. I reached into my right hand pocket and came up with a handful of metallic pieces but weren't all coins. I planned to give him a dollar in change even though the busfare was only 50 cents.

A lot of the metal I had in my pocket were various size pieces of gold with engravings on it. These were irregular size pieces of metal and though ere precious gold, could not be used on the bus which only accepts official US coins. I managed to find 90 cents because one of the gold pieces was an Indian head like on a nickel, but was just the head, and not a real coin.

So, I gave Bob the 90 cents and as I left, I thought to myself, "Now, Bob is grown up."  

I went back outside which was now dark outside and was stressed out that I had to get home and get my own laundry done.

To get down from where my son Bob was, I had to go down another strange stairway which I descended in leaps and bounds. There were drawers at the bottom of this stairway too. Because I had more impetus, I got down this stairway much easier.

I didn't see my mother and daughter and began asking where they were and asking the people around if they had seen them because I was to drive them home, but I couldn't find them and woke up.


9-28-98 - DREAM - Most details are gone from the beginning of this dream, but this is the ending.

It seemed I worked and lived in the same building. An old lady needed to do her laundry and was carrying it to the laundry room. I saw that other people had left colorful sheets all over the floor so I moved them all aside so the old lady wouldn't trip and fall.

In a big diningroom, there was a discussion going on about what kind of food to serve. One guy had three tall tubs of something from a restaurant, and we discussed whether it was good or bad, but can't remember what it was. I had a strong vision of a fish fin, it looked like a shark. It was triangle shaped, dark black but not shiny, and 3 graduated slots in it.

I was then working in an office with David (he was in a purchasing job) We had to take turns going to the bathroom so there was always somebody there to man the phone.  

I don't know if this was a separate dream or not, but I found myself inside of a 3 person airplane, sitting on the floor with a skinny teenage boy. The pilot was showing us how it felt to fly (I've never been in a real airplane)

The kid had been up with him before and I was quizzing him on the terminology of the various parts. It felt incredibly wonderful to float on the breeze like a bird, tilting and gliding smoothly between objects as we were pretty low to the ground. The pilot started flying higher then and I was anticipating seeing what the ground looked like from higher up. From my vantage point, I could see only the sky.

Then the pilot took the plane straight up and instead of screaming in fear, I just closed my eyes and experienced the feeling. When I opened my eyes again, I could see the pilot parachuting down off in the distance. He had jumped out of the plane and left the kid and I alone in the plane and the kid had never even soloed. Neither one of us was even a seat, we were sitting on the floor behind the tall stool where the pilot had sat. So, I stood up and picked the teenager up under his armpits and place him on the stool and I sat on the floor next to him. I told him to tell me if there was anything I could do to help.

He said there was nothing I could do. Next thing, we came swooping in to land. It appeared we were coming in to land between two bridge railings and I saw that there were no wings on our plane and we were sliding in on one of those rocket sled test things like they have in the desert. I seemed to be outside of my body watching from a different vantage point and we were sliding backwards strapped into these sled seats. First, when we crashed into the barrier that was meant to stop the sled, I saw the teenagers face for all distorted and then mine went all distorted, my mouth flew open to scream my tongue protruded and my eyes went all weird. There was no pain, and I woke up instantly.


DREAM #1 - I was helping out in various department of a hospital. I knew some of the people in this dream 10 years or more ago, but don't see them anymore.

The 1st department I worked in was for the elderly and I was assisting an old woman in her 80's. She had once been a nurse and was preparing for death and I was helping her get ready for bed. She saw the clock on the wall and knew it was the usual time for her to go to work. She was long retired from work, but nothing was going to keep her from it. She begged me not to tell on her and got out of bed and put on a green hospital smock like mine and went down the hall to do her sworn duty.

I then went to help a woman and some kids with their laundry because my own flowered dress was a little damp yet by the shoulders from washing it and it needed further drying. When I got back from doing the laundry, I asked her if she wanted me to fold it. She said, "No!" But her kitchen was a mess so I helped straighten out her kitchen so dinner could be cooked for her kids.  

I then went into a surgical unit where women were coming in for abortions. I didn't see any of the women themselves. I was in the room where the aborted babies were laying on a board side by side, some in their amniotic bags, and some much larger and they were all alive. I asked the abortion doctor how he could do this. He said, "Oh! It isn't bad unless they scream."

I had a butcher knife in my hand and filleted the largest babies' thigh like it was a chicken leg. It didn't bleed but looked like raw flesh of a dark chicken leg. I knew the baby was alive and wondered why it didn't scream. It just turned it's head away and look away from me. I was grossing myself out at this point and that was bad enough but then one of the aborted babies screamed a tiny shrill scream from it's amniotic sack. It was a blood curdling scream. I was so horrified, I couldn't stand it. I was sickened into almost panic and I was disgusted that this baby had no chance to live even though he was born alive.

I took a towel and wrapped up all the babies into a tight package so I could dispose of the bodies. I didn't know where to take them, but carried them with me everywhere I went, looking for a place to put them down. I asked people for rides in their cars, which they didn't know what I was carrying in the towel for which I was feeling guiltier and guiltier.

Finally, a woman came along who was driving people around voluntarily. She had a big old open black car and she said she'd give me a ride because I had no way to go home again.

So, I directed her which way to go, across a huge intersection with traffic going every which way and down a wide street that was steep to a place I saw ahead behind my building that had a big garden with a hot house in the middle. I told her to let me off by the garden which she did and I went inside the little house looking for a trash bucket from the gardener. I couldn't find one, but in the middle was a large old cardboard box which looked like it was about ready to be thrown away. I opened it and it was full of garden refuse, twigs, branches, dead leaves, discarded plants that were dying. So, I took the towel with the babies in it and hid them in with the garden refuse, hoping nobody would discover them before the trash men came to get the box.

NOTE: I woke up sickened and horrified that I had participated in this. Just standing by and doing nothing was just as much participation as doing it myself.

I wasn't going to write this dream down because that babies' scream had so horrified me. I went back to bed to hopefully dream something else and wipe this dream out of my mind.

Interpretation by Joe Mason


Here's my comments about your Baby and other dreams of 3-14-99 -

Many dreams seem to show our reality as a hospital, as if it is a dimension for spiritual healing. I believe the dream is speaking to your work in this regard. The age of a person in a dream, I think, can symbolize their spiritual level of development. The old nurse may indicate someone on this level, or she could represent a feminine aspect of yourself.

The clock on the wall that she saw, and the green hospital smock that you both are wearing, may suggest that she has achieved the Heart chakra level, which is a symbolized by a 12-petal lotus or "wheel" divided into 12 parts. The word "chakra" means "wheel." Green, of course, is the color of the Heart chakra.

The "work," involves nursing, which can be helping to spiritually heal others, or helping with the birth process. In dreams, birth can symbolize the birth of ideas. Joseph Campbell wrote that the virgin birth is the birth of the Spiritual Man out of the animal man. This happens, he said, at the level of the heart chakra (see: http://www.greatdreams.com/plpath1.htm).

The "kids" can represent others who are on a lower consciousness level or chakra level. You are helping other people in this way. Helping with the "laundry" seems to be the "cleaning of the filthy garments" type of symbolism.

I first gathered the idea from the dream Jeff told me back in 1990. He went to an oriental town dressed all in white. He walked through a restaurant, and continued out into the back courtyard.

A crowd of oriental people were watching a large woman, who pulled up her shirt to reveal her pregnant tummy. He then went into the bathroom. The toilet was blocked up, and urine was on the floor. He looked down, and saw that his white pants had been stained.

I felt that "oriental" referred to "strangers from the east," who's language we cannot understand, meaning a more enlightened spiritual dimension. The "restaurant," I believe, can represent a public food for thought, that is, ideas and beliefs being developed by many. The "bathroom," or "going to the bathroom," and similar symbols, seems to be a play on the "food for thought" symbolism. These are old ideas and beliefs that have been consumed and digested. All the nutrients have been removed. It is time to discharge them.

Some months after Jeff's dream, I began to read the Bible for the first time, and was startled by Revelation 3:1-5:

(1) ". . . I know your works; you have the name of being alive, and you are dead. (2) Awake, and strengthen what remains and is on the point of death, for I have not found your works perfect in the sight of my God."

(4) "Yet you have still a few names in Sardis, people who have not soiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white, for they are worthy." (5) He who conquers shall be clad thus in white garments, and I will not blot his name out of the book of life; I will confess his name before my Father and before his angels."

In Zechariah 3, Joshua has filthy garments after being accused by Satan. By the angel's command, he is helped to get clean garments. He is called a "brand plucked from the fire," which seems to indicate a purification process. The verse is quite significant to me, because Joshua and Zerubbabel in Zechariah 4, are directly related to the two olive trees that stand up after 3 1/2 days in Revelation 11:11. They are also called two lampstands and two prophets. They are the two anointed, of the bloodlines, the High Priest (Joshua) and King (Zerubbabel). 3 1/2 indicates the midpoint of the seven chakras, the point between the third and fourth (Heart).

Your own flowered dress may also be a hint of the chakras, because they are symbolized by the lotus flower in the East, and the rose in the west. The idea that the dress is still damp from being washed, may indicate that you have just recently reached a higher chakra level.

Helping in the kitchen so dinner could be cooked for the kids, is like the "restaurant" symbolism, as mentioned above.

Aborting babies can represent "aborting" ideas and beliefs. We use similar metaphors in our speech, for example, "Don't throw out the baby with the bath water." My guess is that the babies that "scream," represent ideas and beliefs that should not be thrown away, or that they are difficult ideas to throw away.

Cutting into the baby's thigh may indicate that you are examining a belief more deeply. The lack of blood and look of a chicken-leg may symbolize something you determined about the belief. It may lack blood or life, meaning it will or should "die," that is, that the belief should be dropped or changed. "Chicken" could, for example, represent coward-like beliefs.

Your feeling of being grossed out, could symbolize feelings we have as we examine our beliefs and emotions, and find something we do not like. The baby that screamed and had no chance to live, I would think, represents a cherished belief that has to go. It may be a belief, a way of being, that you feel is part of yourself, something that seems supportive, familiar, and comfortable. Yet, it is not good for your evolution to a higher level of consciousness.

Carrying the babies everywhere indicates that the beliefs are always with you. Asking people for rides in their cars in order to dispose of the babies, seems to indicate seeking other belief systems (vehicles), such as churches or organizations, for help in this spiritual process. The other people do not know what you are carrying, meaning that others do not know what beliefs and emotions are deep inside you.

The woman who gave you a ride in the big old open black car, I think, may represent a spiritual being on a higher level. Black sometimes seems to symbolize "invisible." She drove you "down" a street that was steep, indicating that you joined her on a higher level. I had several dreams that were similar years ago. In another, I was quickly going down a stairway, then a man walking slowly was blocking my way. I hopped up on the rail, slid around him, and continued quickly on down. This, I believe, is similar to the "return from the mountain top," that is, the dreams seem to show us finding something on a high level, then returning "down" to the worldly level.

You directed the woman "which way to go." This seems to indicate that you are directing your own path in your spiritual journey, and are helped by higher entities or aspects of your self. Crossing the intersection may be an important "crossing point" in your quest.

The garden and gardener may be related to the many symbols of planting and growing. It is said we sow and reap, for example. The twigs, branches, and dead leaves, reminds me of another dream that Jeff told me. He saw his teen age son with a tree growing out of the top of his head. Some of the branches were rotten, so Jeff started to go prune them. But, he hesitated when he realized that, if he pruned too deeply, it would kill the boy. The idea seems to be that the tree represents the belief system. In your dream, you place the babies with the "pruned" parts of the plants. This seems to fit with the idea that the discarded babies represent ideas/beliefs meant to be discarded.


10-15-98 - DREAM - I had a small canning jar with a couple small fish in it. I took it upstairs to the bathroom. I intended to just sit the jar in the bathtub, but when I got there, the bathtub was full of water almost to the lip. (The tub was rectangle and only 4" deep) The jar slipped and the fish fell out into the water.Then I saw that there were all manner of colors of tropical fish. They were swimming around in the water but some of them flipped out onto the floor and were flopping around. I tried to scoop them up and get them back into the water, but I couldn't do that without hurting them.

But then I saw that they could get back up into the water all by themselves by climbing up a vine that was hanging on the edge of the tub. Seeing that, I decided to leave them alone, but then a huge triangle shaped bug jumped out of the viney area. He was so big and nasty looking, I ran out of the room to get a fly swatter.

For some reason I went to my neighbor's house to get the fly swatter. I was wearing my blue bathrobe and black penney loafer shoes and that's all.

When I got there, I forgot about the fly swatter and was told that a psychic David Bondi was in the basement meditating. I ran down there to see him. He was in a room across from the door and was more or less leaning up against the wall covered with a brown blanket with just his head sticking out. (I never heard of someone named David Bondi)

I began talking to him like he knew who I was and I told him the prophecy of the young Mrs. Kennedy losing her child and demonstrated with my hands how pregnant she was when it happened - 4 to 5 months. When I did that I noted that my own stomach looked kind of pregnant too but not as far along.

As soon as I finished telling him the prophecy, he turned and walked away like he wasn't interested and didn't care, so I did the same and went back towards the stairs. By the stairs was the door to the laundry room. However, the doorway was blocked by boards and bricks with only an opening a few inches high. Certainly not high enough for a human being to get through. Behind the stairway was an opening that was higher, but not a doorway, just a hole with broken boards. I was glad that mine was done because nobody else was going to be able to do theirs if it wasn't already done.

I then went back upstairs. At this point I had some large fish I was supposed to cook for dinner and they fell out of a brown paper bag onto the sidewalk. Dismayed, I bent over to rescue the fish and saw that one had been cut open and it's guts were hanging out. I was so disgusted, I couldn't bear to cut up the other fish, so I left them lay on the sidewalk for the birds to eat. They were all dead already so it didn't seem that I was doing anything bad.

I then gathered up my robe around me and started walking back across a big field to my house. I saw three women coming down the front steps of my house so in order to catch them and see what they wanted, I only glimpsed a peek at the carnival rides being set up in the field that told me it was almost the 4th of July. I also noticed that fresh ground had been laid out for this event.

I ran up to the women and told them who I was. They said that they were interested in buying a house in our subdivision. I explained that I didn't know which house was the model house or where the office was but I assured them that there was one and indicated that it was up the hill and around the corner. (Our street was curved and uphill)

I went up the stairs on the porch to the front porch (door #1) . It was colored brown and locked tight. So, I went around the corner of the porch where there was another door (door #2) This door was white and wide open, so I went into the house.

I entered the livingroom and started walking through the house. Over in the corner, I saw water pouring out of the ceiling. I just screamed, "Oh my God!, the bathtub is running over." I ran up the stairs to the bathroom. Where the tub had been was now a bed and my daughter and her friends were jumping on the bed. I told them to stop and was going to ask about the water and the fish when my daughter's friend (Allison) said something sarcastic. (Her face was small and triangle shaped towards the bottom and just the sight of her made me feel angry) I can't even remember what she said, but I was so incensed by her attitude, I slapped her face. I didn't slap her hard and I know it didn't hurt her, so I slapped the other side of her face too. It wasn't hurting her so I was getting madder and madder. I grabbed her and held her upside down and started slamming her head on the bed. I still wasn't hurting her to my satisfaction and in my increasing anger, I felt like I wanted to kill her. I finally threw her down and walked  out of the room with my daughter and told her, "You are never to play with her again. Understand?"


10-26-98 - DREAM - I seemed to be in a school of some type, one where I lived as well as learned, one where I also taught people and children younger than me.

There was work going on out in the yard and our laundry was hanging on the lines, large items like sheets and blankets. The workmen need the space to work in and shoved out laundry aside, but there was still a white bed coverlet that needed to go out on the line. It was folded in quarters when I found it laying on the ground between two buildings. I had to think about how to hang it up because I had no clothespin so I hung it over the line with half on each side and knew I would have to watch it so the wind wound't blow it away. I sat in the livingroom watching the shadow of the sheet on the wall, blowing in the wind outside in the sunlight.

As I sat there, I saw a little orange kitten come out from under a large livingroom chair. As I watched, 5 more came out, one at a time until there were 6, and then the mother appeared to care for them.

As soon as the cat and the kittens were walking into the next room of the house, a baby golden lion cub came tumbling out from under the same chair I knew it was a lion cub rather than an ordinary cat because of his rounded ears and he was chubbier.

As I watched, another golden lion cub appeared one by one until there were 6. They were very small but I knew they grew to adult size in two months and I knew the mother lion would appear in a moment to care for them in her way.

I noticed then that school was done for the day. I walked out into the lobby and saw some hand drawn pictures done by the students, hanging on the wall up by the ceiling.

I went outside and saw the students going every which direction to go home. But there were 3 boys who looked like brothers who stood closely together and they were waiting for a bus. I saw them originally standing on the main street on the other side of the intersection, but no bus came, so they came over towards where I was standing to wait for a bus.

A huge, oversized - silver bus came along and pulled up to the curb where I stood. He opened the door and waited for the 3 boys to get on. But the boys were hesitant to get on the bus by themselves and I walked over to help them. The bus driver got off the bus to help too and I told him that the boys shouldn't get on the bus without their parents.

While we were standing there, the bus driver came over to talk to me until the boys parents showed up. We went back into the building then and I was telling the bus driver the story of the 3 gods, then of the kittens, followed by the lions. The bus driver was so enthralled by the story, he kept getting closer and closer to me. It wasn't until then I noticed how huge this guy was and that he was wearing a red and white striped polo shirt instead of a green bus driver's uniform. I got concerned about the bus and said, "Don't you have a bus to drive?" He got closer to me and said, "I'm just a student!" I was very uncomfortable having him be that close and expected him to go back out and drive the bus.

Meanwhile, I walked back into my livingroom. There, on a table were three packets of  jewelry belonging to three young girls. They didn't seem to be interested in having the jewels once they got them and just let them lay around on the table. So, I began to put the jewelry back into the cases into the pockets where they belonged. I decided I would keep them myself if the girls didn't come back to get them.


11-12-98 - DREAM - I recall being in a house where I had never been before. Nothing was familiar about this house and each person had their own room. I felt grateful that these people had taken me in. I went across the hall to ask a woman if she needed any laundry done, but she didn't. I felt good about that.

I then went back across the hall to my own room thinking about how grateful I was to have a place to stay and wondering what my mother would think, considering how much she didn't like my 1st boyfriend and that I was now actually living in the same house he lived in.


11-20-98 - DREAM - I was again in the apartment building where the tall people lived. I had not yet started my job as Manager. Two families of people came and asked to see apartments. I went to my desk to see what apartments were available coming up. The chair and the desk were piled high with mail that had to be read. I picked up the list, saw that it was laid out differently from the way I had managed the building the last time I worked here, but I liked the new way.

One of the families didn't want to look at the closest apartment going to be available which was 111. so they had to sit and wait until I was done showing it. So, I took the other family across the hall and took my white telephone with me.

I was kind of in shock when I walked into the apartment. The man who was renting it was there. He had removed all the inner walls and was using it for a pool hall. These tables were square like bumper pool and there were 12 tables (maybe 16)

Someone plugged my phone in for me - but not in 111, but thru a passageway into 110. I looked around the apartment and saw that not only was this guy using his apartment for a business, there were hand prints (dirty and greasy) all over the walls. (Like he was desecrating the temple). I asked the man who was swarthy looking, wearing a grey suit, when he was leaving, thinking hopefully that he was being evicted for treating the apartment disrespectfully. He said he was leaving in January, maybe, but March for sure.

I thanked him for the information and asked for help to disconnect the phone because we were going to leave the apartment.

I saw there were 3 lines to the phone like it was a two line phone. nobody could get to the end where it was plugged into the wall, so I disconnected the wires on the phone end, then walked over to apartment 110, where the wires were plugged into the wall to retrieve them.

The old woman, who lived there was just arriving and got to the wires before I did. The names of the owners of the wires was written on them.  She said, "Who is ZORA EMELYN HENRY?" I knew that was Joe's grandmother , descended from Patrick Henry and I was using HER phone.

I looked at the number of people on the application and I knew I couldn't rent to them. There were 9 people and that was too many for a two bedroom apartment. but I was obligated to take their application and would let them know after that they weren't qualified.

I then went out into the hallway to meet the other family who wanted to rent an apartment way over on the other end of the complex in apartment #101. I had to get walking shoes on to go over there. It was that far.

As I was walking in the hallway, a girl said she needed to see the manager, not knowing it was me. The dryer door in the laundry was off the hinges and wouldn't dry her clothes. I told her I would see if there were two quarters in the office and she could throw her clothes into another dryer (there were 4 in a row) and she could get her laundry done and I would get reimbursed later.

As I was trying to get back to the office there was a rack of leather jackets hanging there, so many I could barely get past them. I was really annoyed because I used to keep the lobby neat and this was unacceptable. I finally got past the jackets into the inner hallway and there were two basketball teams standing there. The head guy said they all wanted to meet me and I looked and they were all 7 to 8 feet tall. I was astounded

I walked back into the office and two girls were gathering up a pile of loose change so I threw my own personal money into the pile hoping they'd come up with two quarters for the girl who needed to finish her laundry.

I then looked at the application for this second family. Knowing the first family wasn't qualified with 9 people, I knew this family wouldn't be qualified either because there were 25 people.

Nevertheless I was obligated to show it to them knowing the COULD divide themselves up into smaller families to qualify.

I woke up as I saw them patiently waiting their turn and getting up to go with me.


12-20-98 - DREAM - I was in a large room. There was like 3 computer-like or information transferring machines in the room. I was working at the central one. The guy on my left was sending information to the woman on my right, but it had to go through my machine to get there. The problem was it had to go in stream-fashion...one sentence at a time and I was trying to figure out how I could capture an entire page if it before passing it on. I was making progress with it but there was just one glitch in my idea yet because I saw a glob of dark jelly on the paper and I didn't want to gum up the machine to do it.

I then went into the kitchen where Becky was doing the laundry and shelling beans at the same time. It was fairly dark in there.

I had a TV set with a big antenna, as I put that in place and affixed the antenna and turned it on and it lit up the whole room.

I thought it was really great that she was shelling beans. I had mine already done and they were in a basket high up on a shelf. I went to look at my beans and they were all moldy because there was tomatoes smashed on the shelf and it had contaminated the dried beans. Now neither one was any good. So Becky had been wise to wait to shell her beans later than me, and I set about to help her shell her beans.

I went to another office type room and the old white haired mean looking boss man came in. I thought he'd be in a better mood if he had some coffee. There was coffee cups sitting around but ever cup to be picked up had already been used. I felt kind of embarrassed that I didn't have a clean coffee cup to give to the old boss man because he looked really mean, so I offered to go look in the pantry cabinet where I was sure there had to be at least one clean cup.

I went into the pantry and it was more like a small parking lot. There were huge Rolls Royces parked in there so close together we couldn't get to the cabinet where the coffee cups were. On top of that, there was 1/2 gallon of milk standing on top of one of the cars for the same reason. We couldn't get past the cars to put the milk into the refrigerator.

Finally I saw that we could get past the cars by going around behind them, but at the same time and a tall dark man looking guy came and wanted to move his black car out of the lot. He bellowed at us, "What are you doing by my car?" I tried to explain to him the problem of getting a clean coffee cup for the boss and putting the milk away so it wouldn't spoil.

He was going to leave so we had room to do what we needed to do, but then I noticed that there was a baby crawling on the floor between the cars and I prayed he wouldn't be run over as the dark man left.


12-21-98 - DREAM - I was working on a page about UFOs, copying and pasting from one web page to another. I copied part of the page, then skipped a section that showed a row of 4 C.D.s. I copies a few more lines below that which were (take 1 line from row 2) and (insert line 6 from column B) sort of thing.

When I was finished I went into a regular dream which began when I was in the bedroom and a man appeared outside who was going to give me an estimate to re-sash all the windows in the house. I was just going to go pee and now I did'nt have time, so I opened the window where he was at, told him, "I'll be right there," and then took a round laundry basket that was blue and had grids on the outside. I planned to pee in it out of his possible line-of-site. I took the basket to a hallway that couldn't be seen from that particular window but as soon as I did, Scott, the maintenance man from Milwaukee appeared in another room with a big grin on his face and I knew I couldn't pee first. I was stuck.

Right after that my husband/companion showed up who had been to the hardware store pricing the parts. Before the two men could present their estimate, my husband showed me a piece of paper with a number on it that the estimate should come close to because he had done his own estimate. The number was $217.42. The other men could only fill in the blank number...their only leeway.

Scott said, "Man! If I would have know you did that estimate, I would have looked at the number first!"

I went outside then. The men's van was a purplish color and really nice looking, but when I got to the rear of it, it was just a hollow shell and had nothing in it. The back doors were standing wide open.

My son Bill arrived and said he wanted to see the lake down the hill. I knew it was 3 miles downhill on a winding road so I suggested that I drive us down there.

The estimator's truck doors were rather sticking out quite far. I went around the truck and discovered that when I slammed the doors shut, the truck became a solid red fire truck.


12-26-98 - DREAM - I dreamed I woke up in the morning feeling like I was starting my period. I asked Joe to bring me a towel because I could feel the blood flowing. After I put the towel between my legs, I got up and saw that the slacks I had worn the night before had blood all over the part where I sat, so I had to do laundry. I noticed that when I started to pick up the laundry, it was black, but I began to pick up other people's laundry as well, it all turned blue. There was a lot of people there and I did all their laundry too.


1-13-99 - VISION - I started to do the laundry and get upset because my husband was throwing stuff in the machine. Then I realized he was helping me and that was okay.



I finished doing a white load of laundry for myself then all that was left was 6 yellow and white pillows and a girl dressed in yellow and white like the pillows.

I was going to have that load watched carefully so it didn't get overly wet nor overly dry. The girl I was going to have to wash separately.

When I was down in the basement, a mother and her two children, a boy and a girl about 4 and 2 years old, came down and went with another woman to go get her laundry. She was going to leave her children with the other woman and they were going to haul her laundry while she went to work. I thought that was a very big responsibility to leave with two little children. The laundry was brought down to the basement and I sorted it out for them. There was no children's or womens clothes, only mens work shirts (red, blue, and green) and mens work pants that were charcoal...greyish black.

Back upstairs when the laundry was done, we had to get dinner on the table. There were several people living here, none that I knew. One chubby woman was waiting for her boyfriend because he had to go out and perform on the piano somewhere.

Meanwhile, she didn't help with the chores, she went and sat outside while her boyfriend slept and I and some kids did all the work.

I was getting a little perturbed at her for doing that. The dinner table was all set and I saw a huge dead mouse laying on the table next to my plate. It was like a cute cartoon mouse. It lay on its side with it's tail curled up in the air like a big question mark ?

I was rather upset and poke it to make sure it was dead. It moved so I wasn't sure. I went to the other side of the room to get something to put it in and when I went back, I freaked out because it was gone. but one young boy told me he had thrown it away for me and I was glad not to have to do it myself.

I had seven colored mostly used up crayons in my hand. I put them on the dinner table so they wouldn't get lost.

There was a tall man there, wearing work clothes. He got on the telephone, was rather whispering on the phone like this conversation was secret and his girlfriend was sitting on the other side of the room and that seemed rude, so I went over to him and playfully stomped on his toes and overheard him talking to his wife, begging her to sign the divorce papers. He kept saying, "When are you going to sign those divorce papers?" I could hear her saying, "I don't know!" I felt sorry for his girlfriend.

I don't recall that we ever ate dinner but the girlfriend was again sitting outside while she waited for her boyfriend to wake up to go out to give his piano performance. It was 9 p.m and he was still sleeping. I was still perturbed at her for not participating in the work, so I picked up the music book and went to the piano with it. I began to play the music myself. It was all chords with whole notes in the beginning. It was simple to play. I knew she would think it was her boyfriend playing and she would get all mad and come running in, thinking it was her boyfriend. And the boyfriend would wake up and be all upset because he'd think someone was taking his place and playing his music.

I woke up playing the music, knowing I wasn't as good as the man, but I was playing it well.



It seems that I was married to my Father OR that my husband and Father were as one. There were some humiliating episodes where my husband demanded something I had and I told him I would hide it in my womb. He said he would take it from me right in front of my friends if I didn't give it to him willingly,so I did. My friends were humiliated for me too.

Then there was a scene where my husband took me to a two story building. He left me in the car while he went inside to do something. I had a mystery novel in the car with me plus another book. I told him he acted like his life was a mystery novel.

I followed him upstairs where he had gone into an upper room. I couldn't see in there and he didn't see me, but he knew I was a witness to him killing another man in the upper room. There were two other men with me in the hallway who were witnesses to this also.

He took me home then to our 16th St. house. He left me with my mother while he went out to the garage to do something.

I knew that if I didn't leave, I'd end up like the man in the upper room. So, I quietly got my two books. One was an address book. I was trying to find where my friend Pat lived because I knew it wouldn't be fair to ask my cousin Shirley to take me in. She had two little children to worry about.

I looked through the address book to find Pat's address. I knew it was somewhere between 81st and 89th Sts. somewhere. I decided to worry about that later.

As I gathered my things together to leave before my Father came in from the garage, I overheard some girls say there was an Indian man down at the farmer's market who painted portraits and they were hoping he would choose them to model for them. I remembered my vision of the Indian man from yesterday and knew he was my guide. I knew I needed to see the Indian man if I could before I went to find Pat and ask her to take me in.

I sneaked upstairs to find my clothes and saw my traveling bags and a laundry basket on the landing by the stained glass window. They were still more or less still packed from the last time I had run away from home in another humiliating episode.

I knew I couldn't linger because it would mean my death. My sweater coat was laying there, my Joseph's coat of many colors so I slipped that on, picked up my two suitcases, slung a third large bag over my shoulder, shoulder , put my two books under my arm and started tip-toeing down the stairs.

I got down to the 1st floor and my mother was in the kitchen area watching the yellow labrador dog miscarry her puppies. My mother was crying. I didn't want my mother to have to watch that happen so I grabbed a cup that was dripping yellow stuff which was the puppies melting. I took it away from her and took it with me.

My mother realized too late what I was doing...that I was leaving for the last time and she'd never see me again.

I ran out the door with the dripping yellow puppies which left a trail I knew my Father could follow, but I had to do this or die.

I could hear my mother screaming after me,"Dolores! Nooooooo!" her 'o' echoing in my ears as I watched the trail of yellow puppy goo drip out of the cup as I ran across the street and between two trees standing tall in the yard of the house on the other side of the road.

As I ran up a red brick stairway which was supposed to be the alley heading east, I was counting the steps, and hearing music at the same time. I was hearing the song Kyrie Eleison by Mr. Mister over and over in my ears, and me, the dripping puppy cup and my stuff went upward. It was a tough climb and I was getting out of breath. I counted the steps up to 110 and there was 1 more step to go...knowing the top step was 111. I woke up as I made the last step.



3-18-99 - DREAM - I was living in an apartment building on Port Washington and Hampton which I managed. I was standing out on the front sidewalk on the NE side of the street. It had snowed, been shoveled and had snowed again and was melting on the sidewalk to slush. I need to ask the maintenance man to shovel again and I knew he wouldn't be happy about it, but it needed to be done.

A young woman came running up to me, wanting to know where she was supposed to park her car. She resembled Monica Lewinski and I had just rented an apartment to her. Another girl who parked in the Hampton Ave. garage overheard her and pointed to the garage door. I quickly said, "No! I assigned her to the Port Washington Ave. garage. The other girl didn't know that the garage existed or thought it was all one garage. (This is a true situation) The Monica-type girl was so excited and happy. She was a delight to see.

I now went across the street on the SW corner of the same two streets. (In reality it is a parkway with a river on that side)

This was a large office building and it seemed I was very well know by everyone. I went up the elevator to my office where I had been assigned a new phone number 2310. There was some kind of mixup with the lines, because a girl wanted to listen in on my conversation from an extension but I was the only one who could hear on this phone. They were trying to figure that out when I went to lunch.

Back down in the lobby, some women had a perfume display on a small round table. There were numerous bottles of various shapes. They were accosting all the women, giving them pretty blue brochures and trying to sell the perfume. One of the salesladies grabbed my arm and asked me if I had seen the perfume yet and I said, "No!" We got over to the table and she said, "They are only $95.00." I knew I would never pay that much money for perfume. She started naming perfumes which I can't remember. I asked her if she had Lantude. She handed me a huge spray bottle 8 times the size of the others named Prondoin. I aimed the sprayer at my throat and it sprayed right on my nose and went up my nose. It was such a delicate scent. I loved it and was going to spray some on both wrists as well when they handed me a letter in duplicate with a bill for the charges of the spray of perfume. The perfume itself was $3.75 but there were so many other handling charges of various kinds, the whole bill came to $78.75. I was astonished. They commented that they had my address wrong so they couldn't send the bill in the mail. They had me at JOYSTAR AVE. so I took the letter, gave them back the top white copy and told them I'd keep the pink copy for record and walked away. They didn't follow me, just went about accosting other women.

I went back to the elevator and was telling some other women about this outrageous charge and wanted to show them the pink copy of the bill, but couldn't find it. I assumed I dropped it on the street so went back outside to find it.

I didn't see the pink piece of paper on the street but as I was walking along the sidewalk I saw that a pool of some kind was being constructed in the road. Alongside the pool was a plastic tarpaulin and I could hear sounds like kittens mewing or babies cooing. I looked under the tarp and saw 5 different sizes of green turtles and numerous smaller frogs. There was a cacophony of sound under the tarp, all these little creatures, anxious to jump into the pool as soon as it was ready.

A young man who worked for me came up to me and showed a small silver post with a screw slot in it, the kind one holds report books together. First he asked if it was the right kind and I said, "Yes!", then he said that it wasn't long enough any longer, so I told him he could use a longer one and that he could use anything in the office he desired. He thanked me and as he turned to walk away, I saw that his left arm was amputated at the shoulder like it had been wrenched off. It wrenched my heart to see it.

I turned and went back towards the office and a woman asked if I would heal her daughter. Her daughter seemed retarded, a rather slow learner. I stroked the girl's belly gently and the girl grew right in front of our eyes into a woman with dark curly hair. There was no resemblance at all to the retarded girl. They went away happy.

Then all kinds of people came along to ask me to go to lunch with them. There were factions though so if you went with one you were automatically the enemy of all the others so I decided not to choose any of them and went by myself.

As I was waking up, I saw three men sitting close together, crying for who would get to hear my prophecies.

I fell back asleep and found myself walking across the lawn to the street. I had an empty laundry basket in one hand. As I neared the sidewalk, I saw a green laundry basket. It was quite large and square.

Inside the laundry basket was a puppy. I looked again and tears came to my eyes because I had told the universe that I wanted a puppy but it would have to appear at my doorstep on it's own.

I got closer and saw it was a black cocker spaniel. That's not my favorite type of dog but I thought to myself, "I can love a dog like this just the same."

However, as I approached the basket, the puppy got scared, split into three parts and jumped backwards out of the basket and hung on for dear life with it's paws on the edge of the basket. Finally, one part made it back into the basket. It looked like a white rat. I was rather disgusted but then saw that it was a white Chihuahua with a white coat and rainbow colored booties on it's feet.

I could watch it any long as the 2nd part came over the edge of the basket. This part was just a smaller puppy...coal black in color, but it wasn't done. The third part came over the edge like a rolled up bathrobe.

I wasn't really interested but the bathrobe opened up and stood up and I saw Becky (my daughter-in-law) She said, "Watch this when it turns inside out." The robe flipped over and became a white chenille robe with lace over it like a wedding veil. She said, "Look at the pattern." The pattern was one of numerous Fleur de lis in many, many squares with lines separating them. She said, "Look at the bottom!" The one right in the center was embroidered or painted in rainbow colors and it began to expand until all I saw was white lace with a rainbow in the center.


3-24-99 - DREAM - I was in Milwaukee. I had just moved back and took over the manager's job again. I don't know what apartment number this was but it was on the 1st floor and there was no privacy. People were wandering in and out at will. Where the windows should have been, it was wide open to the open air. I wasn't settled in yet, had little furniture, a desk, a chair and a dresser and that was it. It was almost noon and I hadn't been to the office yet. Then I realized I didn't have any keys yet either, nor did I have my own keys. I started hunting for my coat figuring they were probably in the pocket. I looked in the closet and saw that Ed (my ex-husband) had been there. He had hung his own four beige coats on the hook by the door and he had thrown all my stuff in a heap at the back of the closet. That was typical of him. I didn't know where he was but he had obviously been there.

I finally found my "Joseph's coat of many colors" laying on the dresser and sure enough there were keys in the right pocket. They weren't on a ring like they used to be though.

I knew immediately that Ed had taken them, and I tried to see what keys were missing. I saw my car keys and there was a bunch of apartment keys and other keys, but no building keys. that was okay because I was in a new building now and the manager had had all the locks changed while I was gone. All of a sudden I spotted a pile of building keys. They were gold and double sided, more or less like a tall...wide Christmas tree.

I was so happy to find them. Now I had access to everything again. I put them in a neat pile on my desk. There were a lot of people milling around.

A guy named David who I used to work with and a woman came in. I was just about to water two vine plants that I had neglected. One branch from each one broke off and I was going to replant them, but instead I gave them to the woman. She smiled and took them and left. David said, "Do you mind if we hang around together? Today is Thursday!" I had to read between the lines on that one. It meant his wife was busy or working and he was at loose ends. However, "Hanging around together" sounded safe enough.

I saw several bosses come in, some were inspecting the building it seemed. They said "Hello!" and moved on. But the head boss came over and said, "We need to discuss this man in your life," indicating Ed's coats. I assured him that Ed would not be back. He seemed happy with that answer and went on about his business.

I continued to try to figure out how I could close the front windows. There were people everywhere in my apartment. Two guys brought in a purple couch and asked where I wanted it. I knew they'd want to put it down somewhere, so I told them to just put it along a wall and I'd move it to its exact position later. They were happy about that. When they sat it down, I adjusted it a little. I was amazed at how light weight it was.

Then a girl called my attention to an animal cage up near the ceiling. Inside the cage I could see black cats, exotic ring tailed monkeys, all small animals that can wreak havoc if they are loose. On the outside was a rod where a bunch of birds were sitting. I looked closer and they looked more like bats in color though they weren't hanging upside-down. A couple came down and landed on my arm and I flung them off saying, "Wild animals have no place in a house." I knew they'd have to be moved out.

I still had to get to the office and I just let the people mill around in the apartment. Except for the purple couch that had just been brought in, there was no furniture. I even noted that there was no washer and dryer to do laundry yet.

I started walking down the hall and it appeared I was inside that underground mall I discovered last week in another dream. I had to walk a long ways through the mall. There were lots and lots of jostling people out here. I assumed my office was at the far end.

I was having trouble getting through the crowds and a big heavy set woman came up behind me. She grabbed me by both arms and said, "Let me help you find a way!" She began steering me between the crowds of people and I was grateful for the fast pace we were moving , but then I noticed that as soon as we went through a door and down a narrow hallway, it seemed more and more nasty looking. The walls were dirty and so were the floors. There were fewer people here but those I saw looked like bad off drug addicts, drunks, and the really bad off people. I was getting nervous that she was taking me the wrong way, so I wrenched myself out of her hands and ran back the way we had come. I ran up a stairway and was now outside. It seemed I was on 108th and Greenfield Ave. I was going to cross the intersection and head east on Greenfield Ave. but a huge construction truck had flipped over, spilling all the construction materials. A bystander said, "When the truck flipped over, the driver ran right into the bar over there." I took a look and sure enough, the truck driver was sitting at the bar, swigging drinks down as fast as he could.

I continued east on Greenfield Ave. which was uphill to 92nd St. I had to pick my way through all the construction materials that had fallen off the truck.

I got to 92nd St. and was about to crest the hill and a man grabbed me by the arm and said, "I want you to see something." I got to the crest of the hill where I could see the entire city in the valley ahead. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and backed up a little and couldn't see it.

He took me by the arm again and said, "Look! I want you to see what a city looks like when it's hit by a nuclear attack!" He made me look again. The tall buildings were standing, just twisted girders of steel, where there was any brick, it was just partial and hanging off, no windows anywhere. It was just total devastation. There were NO people. It was a dead city.


3-25-99 - DREAM - I was on the corner of 16th and Center Sts. There was a lot of work to do out on the streets as well as in the houses. I was doing people's laundry and there was an old man sitting on a bench waiting for a bus. I saw that there were blankets and rugs on the bench and sidewalk and they were dirty, so I excused myself and told the old man that I would wash all these things for him. There was a lot of stuff in the street to pick up and it was difficult to hold it all at once Another woman volunteered to help pick it all up. Both of us were bent over trying to hold it all in our arms. Two men came along and asked what we were doing. I said, "Oh! We're doing the laundry for the Christian children." The man on my side, instead of helping by taking part of the load, gave me more to carry and shoved a Bible in with it. The other man did the same for my female partner. We had a block to walk to the laundry. The street had tilted so instead of a flat sidewalk, we now had an incredibly steep ramp walk to climb. We got to the laundry and I looked over to where the street ended.

There was a wrought iron fence and it was gated so people couldn't come back down unless they knew how to open the gate. I made sure the gate was easy to open and then went to do the laundry.


5-19-99 - DREAM - I was working in an apartment building. I was working with a blonde woman. She was like a security guard of some kind. We heard about a couple upstairs (I can't remember what floor it was) This particular couple was known for fighting with each other. We were going up there to prevent one from occurring. As it turned out, the woman was named Carole. She was a gambler and loved war. To prevent her from fighting with her husband, the blonde woman sat down at Carole's gambling table which was round with a green cloth over it.

I examined their apartment while the others gambled. I saw that there were laundry hookups but they had no machines to do laundry. It was a dark apartment. The only light was over the gambling table.

As the sun came up, the man said it was time to go to bed to sleep because there was a lot of work to be done. The man was in charge of building gardens. These were raised gardens. Carole did the planting of the seeds, but the husband didn't measure anything. These gardens were all raised but at different levels and I saw that the man just drew lines and a corner board but didn't measure so no two levels were even. So no two gardens had equal treatment. It was very difficult to garden this way.


5-23-99 - DREAM - I was in a huge basement doing laundry for other people. I had been asked to dye one load red and was given a bottle of red dye, but I knew that you couldn't just dump red dye in a load that was already washing.

I went over to where the dryer was. It was done, but it had been overstuffed and only part of it was really clean. This was all heavy men's clothes...dark blue and green. I was taking out each piece, checking it to see if it was clean and either hanging it up, folding it, or putting it in a pile for rewash.

The laundry piles of men's work clothes were as high as my head. I said, "What do these people do, change clothes every day?"


8-10-99 - VISION - I was in our Master bathroom/laundryroom. I poured a large capful of bleach into its own cup to do some laundry. I turned around to pour it into the washing machine and the machine was totally full of soapy water. I poured the bleach into the washing bleach dispenser. (I don't know if there were any clothes in the water)


6-6-01 - DREAM - I seemed to be overseeing two groups of kids that formed two baseball teams. I saw them on the field forming a diamond shape. all the kids were within the diamond I saw, and the whole diamond was brown.

Back in the house, the kids were complaining they had nothing clean to wear. Nobody had done their laundry. I'm assuming this must have been a week long baseball camp for boys. I overheard some old woman outside discussing the laundry situation. One old woman said, "I even saw nits in his hair and his laundry bag actually had two spiders in it."

I planned to do the kids laundry, starting with their underwear. Their Jerseys were not like baseball uniforms though, they were more like highschool football jerseys with bright colors. Each kids jersey was a different color and number on it. (I didn't actually see the numbers)

The boys were trying to watch a black and white movie on a small screen like a 13" TV set. The picture was scratchy and the boys were complaining about the quality of the film. One of the boys brought me the movie cassette.  I then saw that the film itself was wound inside a black case the size of a cassette like stereo music though it was slightly larger and much heavier.

One of the boys pointed to me that there was a defect in the film because the cassette itself had kicked out one single blank frame on the upper edge. I took the cassette from the boy, noted how heavy the cassette was, and told him I would try to fix it.  However, I had to do the laundry first.

Other baseball dreams