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SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS                                                     AUSCHWITZ DWARFS


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February 13, 2013


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2-13-13 - WEIRD DREAM -  I was in the country somewhere - and the people (I only saw men) were three feet tall with strangely shaped heads - more like odd shaped dwarfs.
The heads were rather pointed on top, and their faces looked wizened (similar to the kids we see with the disease that makes them older than their age by 80 years or so.

I woke up at exactly 3:33 a.m.

I went back to sleep immediately, and started dreaming about teen age boys and men who were short for their age. 

We had a grocery store nearby that was walking distance, and I wanted to get some cheap candy for a snack.

One of the men had a type of motorcyle that seemed too small for me to ride on the back of, so I just walked through the fields as a shortcut to the store and ended up buying a bag of pink fake peanut shaped candy.

I then walked back home, again through the fields that had plants that were quite well grown.

When I got home, one of the teenage boys was laying sick on the couch, evidently had had an accident in his pants, (some yellow stuff like babies do)  so I went upstairs to find something one of my boys could give to him to wear home- and I found some old cut off jeans.  (My son Michael had three pair of cut off jeans with the whole behind split in half - like they had been cut in half deliberately.  His good jeans were way too tall, and I saw a pair of jeans that glass root beer soda bottles for feet - I had no idea why he would do something like that.  

I finally found an old pair of cut off jeans that would at least cover the sick kids behind so he could at least go home to his own Mom, and carried the three pair of cut off jeans that were ripped in the back end to throw them away tucked under my right arm at the elbow.  My son Michael could get along fine without them.  He had plenty more good pants in the closet.

I gave the worn, but good enough cut off jeans to the other teenager there to give to the sick kid, and I woke up as I reached the 1st floor.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? 

NOTE:  Many years ago, when I lived in Wisconsin, I had a dream where I went down a ladder into the basement of a hardware store.  There, I met many dwarf men who welcomed me into their world where they lived.  I again climbed the ladder back into our own world.  I felt very privileged to have met them.


5-1-95 - DREAM - I was in high school where there was a curved twin staircase going up to a bridge across the upper floors from one side to another. I was like a tour guide for a woman who wanted to go upstairs and experience the view and the show on the other side.


It cost 10 cents to cross the bridge and see the show. I gave her some sheet music to hold while she went up, so she wouldn't feel conspicuous being alone.


When you crossed the bridge, you faced a series of doors which all opened at the same time like a horses gate at a race track, to let people into the inner viewing area.

Inside, each person was given a big cigar and a tour. I said, "The only thing worth 10 cents was the cigar." I took my cigar even though I was the guide.


On the other side, a lot of people stood around talking. I went over to a couch where two people were sitting. The woman was trying to get some information from the man. I told him to be careful what he said to her because she might not be human. She got all upset because I sounded accusatory. I told her there was only one way to tell and that was to look at the bottom of the foot. The alien would have a blue birth-mark on the bottom of the heel.


Then it was his turn to be upset. He admitted that he had the mark and was all upset because he didn't want to be known as an alien because that was a derogatory remark. He wanted to be human.


I tried to calm him down. I told him it wasn't a bad thing to be an alien. The world was waiting for one of his kind to step forward and make themselves known.


I went on then to a circular tunnel, I came to some children that were Siamese twins. They were awaiting separation operations.


I met a woman there who was the mother of 3 sets of these Siamese twins. Each set was joined in a different place. The most successful separation operation would be the two who were joined at a finger.


The two best likely were joined at the top of the head.


She was there for a show put on by a group called Transformation. Each person was one we would call a freak because there was something wrong with them.


She took her 3 sets of Siamese twins out for all to see. The ones joined head to head, walked out with one balanced on top of the other.


There were dwarfs and one without arms or legs, just slits in the body where his arms and legs were supposed to be. He was waiting for surgery by displaying himself as part of Transformations.


NOTE: In the late 1990s, and in 2000, these exact operations were performed to separate Siamese twins ... now called 'Conjoined twins' and they were successful. There were many TV shows on showing how the babies were before and after surgery . It's pretty amazing how the medical world can transform these birth tragedies into successful lives for these babies.


Diminutive humans who have allegedly been encountered in or near caverns in various parts of the world, including northern California and the south-eastern Arizona / south-western New Mexico region and in some in connection to UFO's, although most reported 'dwarf' sightings in connection to UFO's are actually sightings of the saurian 'greys'. These should not be confused with the small 'elementals' or 'nature spirits' which some believe are ethereal in nature yet have the ability to appear in solid or semi-solid form at times.

The Dwarf races are allegedly just as human as surface peoples but average between 3 to 4 ft. in height, although at times they have been seen as small as two feet. As with the 'giants' or 'Els' this diminutivity may have resulted in a genetic anomaly which ran it's course due to the separation of their race(s) from the International 'gene pool'. They allegedly live in subterranean systems to a large extent as a 'protective' measure. And as we've said, some allegedly possess 'aerial disk' technology and interplanetary travel capabilities.



Aegir (Eagor) - Germanic god of the ocean, and husband of Ran. His nine daughters, known as the "billow maidens", directed the swirling waves under his orders. He was sometimes depicted as a very old man with white hair and claw-like fingers. Whenever he left his glistening underwater palace it was with the single-minded purpose of destroying ships and their crews. To placate him the Vikings often sacrificed some prisoners before setting sail.


Heimdall (Heimdalr) - (Norse) He is said to be the son of nine mothers. He lived at the foot of Bifrost, the rainbow bridge, and guarded it. He was known as the watchman of the gods. Heimdall was the keeper of the Gjallahorn, the "ringing" horn, which he was to sound when Ragnarök, the end of the world, was near. In an Irish myth he is called Rígr, and is considered the father of mankind. He consorted with three women, from whom descend the three classes of mankind: serf(thrall), freeman(karl), and nobleman(jarl).


Jotunheim - (Norse) The abode of the giants. It is on the edge of the ocean, far to the northeast. It is one of the nine worlds sheltered by the cosmic tree, Yggdrasil.


The others are:


Asgard, the home of the Aesir gods
Vanaheim, home of the Vanir gods
Alfheim, home of the "light" elves
Nidavellir, home of the dwarfs
Midgard, home of humankind
Svartalfheim, home of the "dark" elves
Hel, home of the unworthy dead and
Niflheim, the region of everlasting cold and endless night.


Odin - Also Odhinn, Woden, Wodan, and Woutan. He is the supreme god and oldest of all in Norse mythology, god of wisdom, poetry, magic, and war. He belonged to the Aesir race of gods. Among his many names is All-father, for he is the father of all the gods. One story about him relates how he acquired great wisdom. Supposedly he gained this wisdom when he hanged himself on the world tree for nine days and nights and was pierced by a spear. This was a spiritual death in which he sacrificed himself to himself. Another story about his acquiring wisdom is that he sacrificed an eye for the privilege of drinking from Mimir's, fountain of wisdom. He had two black ravens, Huginn or Huninn (Thought) and Muninn (Memory), who flew forth each day to gather the news of the world to bring back to Odin. His greatest treasures were Sleipner (an eight-legged horse), Gunger (a spear), and Draupner (a ring).


Skadi (Skade) - A giantess, called the 'snow-shoe goddess', and thus the embodiment of winter. When her father Thiassi was slain by the gods for stealing some golden apples from Idun, Skadi wanted to take revenge so she armed herself and went to their stronghold where she demanded a husband and a belly full of laughter as compensation. The gods thought it wise to reconciliate and offered her a marriage with one of them. She was free to marry any god, but had to chose from those
eligible without being allowed to see anything but their feet. She noticed a very elegant pair and, convinced that their owner was the handsome Balder, she choose them. Unfortunately for her, those feet belonged to the older god Njord. The belly full of laughter was provided by Loki, who tied his testicles to a goat. The marriage between Njord and Skadi was not a happy one. She wanted to live where her father had lived, in the mountains, and Njord wanted to live in his palace by the sea.
So they agreed to spend the first nine days in the mountains and the following nine days by the sea. This arrangement did not work out very well, and they separated.

Eventually, Skadi left Njord for the god Ull.


Surtr (Surt) - (Norse) Surtr (means "black") was a giant who lived in the extreme south, and whose flaming sword guarded Muspelheim. In Ragnarok, he is the one who sets the nine worlds on fire; all the gods, frost giants, the living, the dead, dwarfs, elves, monsters and animals would be consumed. Then the earth would sink into the cosmic sea and another would arise, all fresh and green, to begin again.



All around her the entire city was exploding apart with ear piercing thunder. Yet through all of this the little group manages
to stay one step ahead of the flying chunks of debris and fire. They run down the street to escape the ManDwarfs but as
they round a corner they run right smack into a band of very angry Dwarfs and another skirmish begins.

Colorful bright laser flashes zip back and forth until the last ManDwarf hit’s the ground. Once again good triumphs over
evil and the little troupe resumes running down the burning streets of the doomed city.



There is reason that you all separate during your travels and your destination. There is a necessity for two teams to cover different places of entrance and exist. You will be used as a human double terminator. These double terminators are what would be referred to as twin flame or soul mate double terminators as in crystalline structures. You will be sending and receiving two by two onto the places and from the places. You will be used as transmitters and receivers in varying degrees of emanations and radiations. Why this is will not be clear to you at the time. There are other pieces of the puzzle we shall place together to put this into understanding. You are to bring back with you different sectors of rock, of dirt, of sand, to be held, to be placed in sacredness within your world, within your household, within your being.


The dimensional rifts that you will experience walking between the world will be issued in your waking states and in your sleeping states. You will be downloaded continually through this experience. There may be some time of dizziness, some time of nausea, some time of great tiredness upon the body. This will not be due to all the traveling. This will be due to the energies you will be experiencing. The essence of Merlin awakens. The essence of Camelot awakens. These energies live in a dimension that is of a slightly different octave than this earth dimensional frequency that you view. There were times in evolution, in history that these dimensions merged and became one. It is the same with the dimension of the fairies, with the dwarfs, with the trolls, with the leprechauns, with the dragons. It is a dimensional flux.


After the time of Wesok, the full moon in May this dimensional flux will be initiated in several placements upon Earth where the dimensions and the worlds will stand side by side. The experiences you will have will be phenomenal in nature, but you must close your Earth eyes and open up the eyes of the child within you, the eyes of the imagination and the eyes of Light.


You will be drawn to many people. Each one of them you will radiate a gift to them and their lives will shift as will yours. You will find that when you return from the quest for the Holy Grail of self that once again you will feel not fitting in to your world. For many individuals travel the world and come back throwing their hair up, experiencing their joy in such travel. They have not been touched by the land, by the energies, by the secrets, and by the Light. They have walked upon it blindly and not seen what truth it has to offer. You shall come back different as you are already knowing. For one of you there will be great mourning within your heart as your heart grows sad in leaving the place that you once loved. In another one there will be great joy that you walked upon it once again. And in another there will be great celebration as a reuniting with kindred spirits and souls come together.




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