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NOTE:  I have tracked earthquakes around the world ever since Joe Mason and I started this website.  I also feel symptoms of them since I moved to California, with pains, dizziness, tones in the ears, etc.  The longer I live here the more sensitive I get to quakes.  I finally told spirit that I didn't want to feel the symptoms unless the quakes were over a 5.0.  That stopped most of the symptoms, but aI still feel the big ones.  Lots of people do, so I'm not th eonly one.  But I also dream earthquakes in advance as well.  They are no talways as large as I seem to dream them, bu t I can tell you , they continue t oget worse over time.  Statistics and ata prove that out to be true as well.




10-19-11 DREAM I was standing about half way up a very steep hill in a small town somewhere.  I sawa green car coming down  the road from the top and it made a screeching fast left turn at an intersection about half way up the hill from me.  I expected it to flip over and fall down the hill but somehow it managed to stay on all 4 wheels and keep going.

I went home to a house that was being remodeled.  Everything in the kitchen had been removed.

A woman came over to look at the kitchen and pointed out to me a spot along the wall where she had a piano in her house.  I said, "That's where I would have had the refrigerator. "

The refrigerator was along anothe rwall and I couldn't keep the door shut tight and somehow a long-haired red weiner dog got into the refrigerator and grabbed a large roasted turkey leg and started runing around th ekitchen with it.  It almost looked like the dog had the turkey leg half way down its throat.

Thedog chased around th ekitchen, slamming into the walls everywhree and nothoing slowed it down foro oquite a while.  It was making quite a mess because bits and pieces of the turkey were flying off of it.

Finally the dog stopped running because there was nothing left of the turkey leg.

I had to clean up the kitchen then that was littered with red bits of the turkey everywhere.  It was hard to sweep it up because the mess was stickey even though the pieces were small - like sand bits.


10-21-11  NAP DREAM   This dream feela similar to the turkey dream above because of the hill in it.

I was in a very large house and when I looked out the window, I could see a beautiful lake that reflected a very pale blue sky.

There was some kind of party there and afterward I was cleaning up and collecting all the books and magazines the people had left behiind.

I stoped to talk to my son-in-law Michael when it was over.  He was sitting on the stoop outside before leaving.

After he left, I was standing on a very steep hill, walking backwards down the hill next to a large parking lot, but looking up the hill where I had come from.  Several brown cars came racing down the parking lot, determined to cut me off beforee I reached the driveway that came out onto the road just before the next intersection.  For some reason they decided they couldn't beat me to the driveway entrance and they stopped just short of it.






Turkey Earthquake 2011: 7.2 Quake Near Ercis Causes Death, Damage

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CNN reports that a 7.2 earthquake has struck Eastern Turkey, making it the most powerful earthquake to hit the country in ten years.

The quake was felt in the provinces of Diyarbakir, Erzurum, Siirt, Mus and Agri, according to Bloomberg News.


ANKARA, Turkey — A powerful 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck eastern Turkey on Sunday, collapsing dozens of buildings into piles of twisted steel and chunks of concrete. Desperate survivors dug into the rubble with their bare hands, trying to rescue the trapped and injured.

State-run television reported that 45 people were killed and 150 others injured in the eastern town of Ercis, but scientists estimated that up to 1,000 people could already be dead, due to low housing standards in the area and the size of the quake.

Ercis, a town of 75,000 in the mountainous province of Van close to the Iranian border, was the hardest hit. It lies on the Ercis Fault in one of Turkey's most earthquake-prone zones. The bustling regional center of Van, 55 miles (90 kilometers) to the south, also suffered substantial damage.


Up to 30 buildings collapsed in Ercis, including a dormitory, and 10 buildings collapsed in Van, Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay said.

Rescuers in Ercis scrambled to find survivors in a flattened eight-story building that had shops on the ground floor, television footage showed. Residents sobbed outside the ruins, hoping that missing relatives would be rescued.

"My wife and child are inside! My 4-month-old baby is inside!" CNN-Turk television showed one young man crying.

Witnesses said eight people were rescued from the rubble, but frequent aftershocks were

hampering search efforts, CNN-Turk reported.

"There are so many dead. Several buildings have collapsed. There is too much destruction," Zulfikar Arapoglu, the mayor of Ercis, told NTV television. "We need urgent aid. We need medics."

The quake's epicenter was in the village of Tabanli, 10 miles (17 kilometers) from Van.

Turkey lies in one of the world's most active seismic zones and is crossed by numerous fault lines. Sunday's earthquake struck in the country's most earthquake-prone region, around Lake Van near the border with Iran.

U.S. scientists recorded eight aftershocks within three hours of the quake, including two with a magnitude of 5.6.

Atalay said authorities had no information yet on remote villages but the governor was touring the region by helicopter to assess damage.

Authorities did not provide a casualty figure but the Kandilli observatory, Turkey's main seismography center, said the quake was capable of killing many people.

"We are estimating a death toll between 500 and 1,000," Mustafa Erdik, head of the Kandilli observatory, told a televised news conference.

In Van, terrified residents spilled into the streets in panic as rescue workers and residents using their bare hands and shovels struggled to find people believed to be trapped under collapsed buildings, television footage showed. At least 50 people were treated in the courtyard of the state hospital, the state-run Anatolia news agency said.

There was no immediate information about a recently restored 10th century Armenian church, Akdamar Church, which is perched on a rocky island in the nearby Lake Van.

Serious damage and casualties were also reported in the district of Celebibag, near Ercis.

"There are many people under the rubble," Veysel Keser, mayor of Celebibag, told NTV. "People are in agony, we can hear their screams for help. We need urgent help."

"It's a great disaster," he said. "Many buildings have collapsed, student dormitories, hotels and gas stations have collapsed."

Houses also collapsed in the province of Bitlis, where at least one person, an 8-year-old girl was killed, authorities said. The quake also toppled the minarets of two mosques in the nearby province of Mus, reports said.

NTV said Van's airport was damaged and planes were being diverted to neighboring cities.

The earthquake also shook buildings in neighboring Armenia. In the Armenian capital of Yerevan, located 100 miles (160 kilometers) from Ercis, people rushed into the streets fearing buildings would collapse. No damage or injuries were immediately reported. Armenia was the site of a devastating earthquake in 1988 that killed 25,000 people.

The quake also caused panic among residents in several Iranian towns, close to the Turkish border, and caused cracks in some buildings in Chaldoran and cut telephone links, Iranian state TV said on its website.

An officials said the quake was also felt in Salmas, Maku, Khoi and several other towns in northeastern Iran but no damage has been reported.

Turkey sees frequent earthquakes. In 1999, two earthquakes with a magnitude of more than 7 struck northwestern Turkey, killing about 18,000 people.

More recently, a 6.0-magnitude quake in March 2010 killed 51 people in eastern Turkey, while in 2003, a 6.4-magnitude earthquake killed 177 people in the southeastern city of Bingol.

Turkey's worst earthquake in the last century came in 1939 in Erzincan, causing an estimated 160,000 deaths.

Istanbul, Turkey's largest city with more than 12 million people, lies in northwestern Turkey near a major fault line. Authorities say the city is ill-prepared for a major earthquake and experts have warned that overcrowding and faulty construction could lead to the deaths of over 40,000 people in a major quake.


3 pm NEWS


Istanbul, Turkey (CNN) -- Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said 138 people are dead and 350 people injured in the wake of Sunday's earthquake -- the most powerful to strike the country in more than a decade.

Ninety-three were killed in Van, while 45 were killed in Ercis, he said, adding that those numbers are expected to rise.

Rescue teams will work through the night to save people who are still trapped in the rubble, Erdogan told reporters.

Citizens were using flashlights and shovels as they clambered over collapsed buildings looking for survivors.

The U.S. Geological Survey initially reported the quake had a magnitude of 7.3, then revised it down to 7.2.

Roughly 20 aftershocks rattled the region, one of the nation's poorest. The largest had a magnitude of 6.0.

Erdogan said 55 buildings collapsed in Ercis on the north shore of Lake Van, while the Turkish Red Crescent had said earlier that some 25 apartment buildings and a student dormitory collapsed in the town.

Local rescuers took many wounded people out of the dormitory, the Red Crescent statement said, without saying exactly how many.

A health services building also collapsed, along with part of a hospital, CNN sister network CNN Turk reported. At least two doctors were thought to be in the rubble of the health services building, the network said. The injured were being treated in the hospital's garden.

Official rescue efforts were under way in Ercis, said CNN Turk reporter Sevda Incesu, but residents were also conducting efforts of their own. Ambulances were having trouble getting into town because the roads were littered with rubble, she said.

Woman pulled from rubble in Turkey
Erdogan views Turkey quake damage
Turkey earthquake damage 'massive'
Magnitude 7.3 quake hits Turkey

Video footage from the scene showed survivors freed from the rubble being loaded onto stretchers amid a crush of rescue workers and bystanders. Heavy equipment was used to sift through rubble as residents gathered around small fires.

10-35-11 BEWS

ERCIS, Turkey — Officials say the death toll in the powerful earthquake that hit eastern Turkey is now 432.

The prime minister's office on Tuesday also said 1,352 people were injured in Sunday's 7.2-magnitude quake.

Earlier, rescuers pulled out a 2-week-old baby girl, her mother and grandmother alive from the rubble of an apartment building. The quake has toppled some 2,000 buildings in the mainly Kurdish area.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

ERCIS, Turkey (AP) – A 2-week-old baby girl, her mother and grandmother were pulled alive from the rubble of an apartment building on Tuesday in a dramatic rescue, 48 hours after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake toppled some 2,000 buildings in eastern Turkey.

Television footage showed rescuers in orange jumpsuits applauding as the baby, Azra Karaduman, was removed from the hulk of crushed concrete

and metal. A rescuer cradled the naked infant, who was wrapped in a blanket and handed over to a medic amid a scrum of emergency workers and media. The state-run Anatolia news agency said the baby was in good health but was flown to a hospital in Ankara.

Authorities said the death toll had risen to 370 as rescuers in Ercis and the provincial capital, Van, raced against time to free dozens of people trapped inside mounds of concrete, twisted steel and construction debris. At least nine people were rescued on Tuesday, although many more bodies were discovered.

Authorities have warned survivors not to enter damaged buildings and thousands spent a second night outdoors in cars or tents in near-freezing conditions, afraid to return to their homes. Some 1,300 people were injured

The baby's mother, Semiha, and grandmother, Gulsaadet, were huddled together, with the baby clinging to her mother's shoulder when rescuers found them, emergency worker Kadir Direk said. There was a bakery at the ground floor of the building, which may have kept them warm, he said.

Hours after the infant was freed, the others were pulled from the half-flattened building and rushed to ambulances as onlookers clapped and cheered. The mother had been semiconscious, but woke up when rescuers arrived, Direk said.

"Bringing them out is such happiness. I wouldn't be happier if they gave me tons of money," said rescuer Oytun Gulpinar.

Workers could not find the baby's father and there were no other signs of life in the shattered building, he said.

The Hurriyet newspaper reported the family live in Sivas, central Turkey, but were visiting the girl's grandmother and grandfather.

Firefighters and rescuers ordered silence while they listened for noise from other possible survivors in the large 5-story apartment block, parts of which were being supported by a crane.

Nine-year-old Oguz Isler was rescued along with his sister and cousin, but on Tuesday he was waiting at the foot of the same pile of debris that was his aunt's apartment block for news of his parents and of other relatives who remain buried inside.

Turkish rescue workers in bright orange overalls and Azerbaijani military rescuers in camouflage uniforms searched through the debris, using excavators, picks and shovels to look for Oguz's mother and father and other relatives still inside.

Dogs sniffed for possible survivors in gaps that opened up as their work progressed.

"They should send more people," Oguz said as he and other family members watched the rescuers. An elder cousin comforted him.

Mehmet Ali Hekimoglu, a medic, said the dogs indicated that there were three or four people inside the building, but it was not known if they were alive.

The boy, his sister and a cousin were trapped in the building's third-floor stairway as they tried to escape when the quake hit. A steel door fell over him.

"I fell on the ground face down. When I tried to move my head, it hit the door," he said. "I tried to get out and was able to open a gap with my fists in the wall but could not move my body further. The wall crumbled quickly when I hit it."

"We started shouting: 'Help! We're here,'" he said. "They found us a few hours later, they took me out about 8 1/2 hours later. ... I was OK but felt very bad, lonely. ... I still have a headache, but the doctor said I was fine."

"They took me out last because I was in good shape and the door was protecting me. I was hearing stones falling on it," the boy said.

The government's response to the quake appeared to be well-coordinated because of the country's vast experience in dealing with killer quakes and their aftermaths. Hundreds of rescue teams from throughout Turkey rushed to the mainly Kurdish area, while Turkish Red Crescent dispatched tents and blankets and set up soup kitchens.

But there was still no power or running water and aid distribution was at times disrupted as desperate people stopped trucks even before they entered Ercis, leading some residents to complain that they could not get tents and stoves for their families. The Milliyet newspaper on Tuesday reported fistfights in front of some aid trucks.

"The aid is coming in but we're not getting it. We need more police, soldiers," resident Baran Gungor said. "People from nearby towns and villages stop the aid trucks on the road and loot tents and stoves."

Hundreds of tents were erected in two stadiums but many preferred to stay close to their homes for news of the missing or to keep watch on damaged buildings.

The government said it would set up temporary homes and would begin planning to rebuild destroyed areas with better housing. Turks across the country began sending blankets and warm clothing.

The earthquake's epicenter was the village of Tabanli but damage there was minimal; No deaths were reported and its mud-brick homes were relatively unharmed.

Turkey lies in one of the world's most active seismic zones and is crossed by numerous fault lines. In 1999, two earthquakes with a magnitude of more than 7 struck northwestern Turkey, killing about 18,000 people.

Istanbul, the country's largest city with more than 12 million people, lies in northwestern Turkey near a major fault line, and experts say tens of thousands could be killed if a major quake struck there.


Associated Press writers Suzan Fraser in Ankara, and Christopher Torchia in Istanbul, contributed to this report.



7-20-99 - DREAM - I don't know where I was, but was with a group of younger adults.

A signed up for a shrimp cocktail luncheon with some young women. Then I looked up the address of a religion group I was interested in visiting.

I got into my car to drive there and the street when I needed to turn right was called "The Street of Lights". There were many men hitchhiking in this area but they were all going a different direction.

I saw my husband standing in the same area and tapped on the right side door and he came running over and jumped into the car with me. I wondered what the hitchhikers thought about my decision to pick up the one man.

When I got to the Street of Lights, the intersection looked like this:


As I made the right turn I had to join the flow of traffic going the same way without causing them any distress or making them slow down. I was actually pushing the car at this point and the road went uphill, so it was very difficult to get up to speed which was 35 mph.

When we got into the city portion, the street had all huge buildings, all churches and cathedrals. I remarked to my husband that I remembered having been on this street before. I wasn't interested in any of these. I was looking for a small group I had seen advertised. They didn't have their own building, just an upper room rented in another building.

When we found it, it was very different than I expected.

Now, I met a tall handsome man, about 7 feet tall with curly blondish red hair. He had a beautiful face. I treated him like my son. He was married to an older woman with dark hair, but he had a lot of female admirers and I saw him go into the ladies room to pee twice and before the door was even closed, he went to the front of the line to pee in the sink because he was in a hurry and in both cases, the girl standing in line at the sink not only let him get in front of her, but lovingly put her arms around him and helped him hold up his penis.

I was a little distressed to see that because he was a married man, but I didn't say anything.

we had to go through a small hallway with a swinging door on each end. When the doors swung open, they just missed hitting the other swinging door and there were 4 of us standing in this hallway. There were people going both directions.

We all stood there, laughing, saying, "Out or In! In or Out!" We got that straightened out and I went into the cafeteria where the shrimp cocktail was going to be served.

I had offered to drive the young man's wife to a place she needed to go, but then I remembered the shrimp dinner i had signed up for.

I offered the woman my car but the man didn't think that was a good idea either.

I went over to the long table where the plates of shrimp were lined up. Nobody had taken any. There was a huge bowl of cut up fruit and nobody had taken any of that either. I saw a plate with rolled up turkey sausage, and I decided I would eat that like everyone else had. I really didn't like shrimp anyway.

I then went into another room where laundry was being folded. The woman there was ironing and she said she liked a certain style of pressing. I agreed I liked that also. She stepped away for a moment and I picked up a dark blue sweater and it was sticky with jelly and so was the next one, so I took them to wash them again. That left nothing for the woman to press.

There was a big sweatshirt there with the whole front rubbed off. I wondered how that was done until I saw a man hugging his wife and rubbing himself against her. Then I knew! I threw the sweatshirt away. Washing it was not going to restore the fabric to new.





October 23, 2011
US “Earthquake-Weapon” Strikes Turkey After Iraq Invasion
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
A ‘flash’ report received in the Kremlin today from the Black Sea Fleet states that the United States has attacked Turkey with one of its feared “Earthquake Weapons” in retaliation for that Eurasian nation’s massive invasion of Northern Iraq this past week.
According to this report, Russian monitoring stations in and around the Black Sea began monitoring a “rapid” heating of the ionosphere over the past 36 hours that culminated a couple of hours ago with a massive 7.3 magnitude earthquake striking eastern Turkey.
Important to note is that the heating of the ionosphere is a “trademark” of the “Earthquake Weapon” employed by the United States from their HAARP facilities located around the world and controlled from their main base in Alaska and was last detected being used this pat March against Japan and causing a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake leading to the deaths of over 36,000.
As we had, also, reported on in our 14 January 2010 report US Quake Test Goes “Horribly Wrong”, Leaves 500,000 Dead In Haiti about these weapons:
The purpose of this attack, Russian Naval Intelligence officials say, was to “severely disrupt” Turkey’s massive ground invasion of Northern Iraq this past week in response to Iraqi Kurdish rebels killing of 26 Turkish soldiers on 4 days ago.
The “greater fear” of the United States, this report continues, is that Turkey’s invasion of Iraq will lead to a larger Middle Eastern war as Turkish military sources blame the growing power of the Kurds on Israel, but which publically they are only acknowledging as “other powers.”
Virtually unknown to the American people is that shortly after the US-led invasion of Iraq hundreds, if not thousands, of Israeli Special Forces troops poured into the Kurdish areas of Northern Iraq in order to build a “power base” to counter Turkey, Syria and Iran. This past August Iran further reported that Israel had, also, begun deploying drones to Northern Iraq too.
Russian intelligence analysts have long warned that the Americans “master plan” for the entire Middle East (some say the whole world) has been to partition the entire region back into its original tribal boundaries versus those currently existing drawn by the former British Empire in the aftermath of World War I that saw the defeat of the Ottoman Empire.
The success of this US “master plan” cannot be doubted as in the past 25 years alone they have succeeded in breaking apart the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya, with plans currently in place to divide Turkey, Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia next.
Turkey first became aware of the US plot to destroy them in 2006 when during a speech at NATO's Defense Training Center in Rome an American Army Officer used a map showing 18 cities in Turkey clearly marked inside an area labeled as “Kurdistan.” Though the then US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld “apologized” for this map Turkish military officials were put “on notice” as to the true designs the Americans have against their nation, and which this latest attack is but one of many examples.
Though the full ramifications of this US strike against Turkey have yet to be evaluated, Russian Naval authorities have “cautioned” the Kremlin in this report that more attacks, if not outright war, should be considered as “imminent.”
October 23, 2011 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com.
[Ed. Note: Western governments and their intelligence services actively campaign against the information found in these reports so as not to alarm their citizens about the many catastrophic Earth changes and events to come, a stance that the Sisters of Sorcha Faal strongly disagrees with in believing that it is every human beings right to know the truth. Due to our missions conflicts with that of those governments, the responses of their ‘agents’ against us has been a longstanding misinformation/misdirection campaign designed to discredit and which is addressed in the report “Who Is Sorcha Faal?”.]




9-10-11  DREAM

- Joe and I were sleeping in our new apartment. The whole apartment was painted light yellow. We woke up in the morning and when I opened the bedroom door to go out into the hallway, I felt like I was going to meet other people there.

It was a huge apartment.

I went back to bed which was by a window. I saw that our neighbors were already up and outside. These people seemed to be in their 20's. One girl had her hair braided into one braid in the back and had a big pink balloon tied to the braid.

It seemed the wall between us disappeared so I could see everything this woman did. She was talking in English and then would throw in a comment in French or spoke English with a french accent. I was intrigued by that.

Finally she went up some stairs speaking something in French.

I got up to get some breakfast and the kitchen was a mess. I wanted to cook some sauce on the stove and couldn't find anything to cook in. everything was plastic . A woman came in and found a container I could cook with at the bottom of a pile of small sieves which were stacked on inside the other.

But when I went to stir the sauce, I was holding a big chicken or turkey leg and then I saw a huge roasted chicken which had been sitting out on the ironing board all night. I thought about cutting it up to eat it but the thought was disgusting so I threw it all way and began to clean the kitchen instead.



    MARMARIS, Turkey (AP) -(October 5, 1999) A quake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.2 hit the popular southern coastal resort town of Marmaris early today, ...
  2. DUZCE, TURKEY - 7.2 EARTHQUAKE - 11-12-99

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    DUZCE, Turkey (AP) - (November 15, 1999) After two major earthquakes in the past three months, terrified residents of this northwestern Turkish town are ...

  3. TURKEY - 5-1-03 - Children trapped as school collapses in ...

    Two massive quakes hit north-western Turkey in 1999, killing about 20000 people. The Government and rescue services, including the military, faced severe ...
    At least 84 people are confirmed dead and 390 injured after a powerful earthquake hit Turkey's eastern province of Bingol early yesterday. - The Sydney ...

  4. EARTHQUAKE - TURKEY - 7-1-04

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    Jul 2, 2004 – The PKK led a 15-year armed campaign for self-rule in Turkey 's southeast until 1999 when it announced a unilateral truce following the ...


    Jun 21, 2005 – NOTE: Turkey dreams are always negative in my case. They also are negative when other dreamers I know have them.

Impenetrable darkness to envelop Earth on March 29 -

Earthquakes are frequent in Turkey, which is located on several seismological fault lines. Two massive quakes killed more than 18, 000 people in 1999. Source: ...


In this dream, I am visited by my aunt Doris who is deceased many years. I don't think ..... The enemy from the north refers to the areas of Syria, Turkey, and Iraq. ...


STS -107 SHUTTLE TRAGEDY OF FEBRUARY 1, 2003 AND DREAM ..... Earthquakes are common in Turkey, which is criss-crossed by geological . ...



DREAMS OF FLOODS, HURRICANES, TORNADOES, AND OTHER NATURAL . .... NOTE: during that same day, I realized that the Turkey earthquake was quite ...

Pole Shift - When, Where, and How

2-14-11 - NEW POLESHIFT DREAMS POSTED ON 2-13-11 BY OTHERS 8-26-10 .... She had to tell me her dream. She said ..... [Total: c Africa, Turkey, Russia] ...


12-25-09 - NAP DREAM - I was getting down to the bottom of the grid pattern and it was ...... Araphat Turkey Giza Montserrat Spain Sri Lanka Bali South Pole ...


The phone rang in the dream, so I picked it up and said, "Hello!" ..... Henze, who was the Central Intelligence Agency station chief in Turkey from 1974 to 1977,



If this dream was a warning, we'd all better heed it's message. ...... aid to suppress opposition to the staunchly conservative regimes in Turkey and Greece. ...


12-25-00 - DREAM - I was in an old house somewhere in the country. It didn't seem like it was my own house, but I didn't feel like just a visitor either. I was in the bedroom at first and a dark haired woman came in and started to become friendly. Then she was called out into the kitchen where some other women were, so I knew she wouldn't be coming back in. I felt somewhat grateful for that.

I went to the kitchen where some other women were having breakfast. I went to look for the bathroom and saw that a young girl was sitting on the toilet, so I would have to wait. At that point there were some other people in the house.

However, when I went back into the kitchen, all the women were gone and I saw that the table was gone also and that the beige carpeting had been freshly vacuumed.

I went into the livingroom where a couple women were sitting around, and saw a big black bug on the wall ... I was thinking it was a black wasp. It flew down onto the floor and I had to look really hard to find it, and it flew into the other room.

I followed it into the other room and got my can of bug spray to spray it which I did. I was feeling really squeamish about it because the bug seemed bigger now. I got a close look at it after I sprayed it, and it looked like a black stickman with black ski poles. I couldn't at that point see it's wings.

It was sitting on the back of a coat, which was hanging on a chair at this point. I felt so squeamish about spraying it again or hitting it and I saw a big turkey carcass thawing out on a butcher block behind me and I didn't want to get spray on the turkey.

All the women were gone now and so were all the vehicles so I assumed they went shopping. But two men were conversing in the livingroom. I asked them if they could help me with the bug. The shorter man came into the other room and just told me to hit it and walked away again. That wasn't much help. I went back into the other room and the taller man didn't seem to want to help either, just give a lecture about something. A woman came into the room where the bug was. She had a rolled up booklet, like the Jehovah Witness Watchtower and she used that to swat at the bug. I didn't see it again so I don't know if she got it or not.

I then saw two vehicles pull into the driveway. I saw several people run into the garage. As the people came back out of the garage door, I saw a short woman throw something round at a big van or something ... it looked as large as a grapefruit.

Three black men came out of the garage and then I noticed there was a tall white whitehaired man wearing a beige suit in front of one of the black men and the way they were walking, it seemed that one of the black men was holding the tall white man hostage with a gun. I was thinking he was a politician. The white man said, "Where's Oklahoma?" I pointed with my thumb behind me and said, "About 3,000 miles that way." That was an exaggeration, but he got the point.

Suddenly, another black man, who acted like he was a cop, F.B.I. or something came around the corner of the house and got between me and the people, and we backed up into the house further. He then asked me if there was another door in the house. I pointed to one directly behind us, but there was a third door on the far diagonal end of the house and he headed for that one, just as I woke up.

NOTE: Joe brought this stick man up. This isn't the same but a good representitive http://www.culture.fr/culture/arcnat/lascaux/en/

Women of the Wasp????

Sierra Leone - Black WASPs news November 18th, 2000 - Western Area Security Patrol (WASP) vigilantes clashed with heavily armed robbers in various parts of Freetown Tuesday night. WASP spokesman said the group captured 7 armed robbers in military uniform. 6 more escaped. The vigilantes claimed to have captured 120 more robbers in eastern Freetown after exchanges of fire. "Anyone who challenges WASP and is caught will be executed," WASP Captain Manderah Kamara said. Kamara attributed the violence to factions "within or outside Sierra Leone" opposed to the military government. WASP has recently strengthened its presence in Freetown.

Anzca, Peru - Long man with bird head

http://www.greatdreams.com/lgmnwil.gif The long man of Wilmington This is an example of what the black wasp looked like ... except the black wasp was skinier and pitch black in color.

NOTE: The last time I dreamed about Oklahoma, 45 days later the Oklahoma bombing occurred. I also noted after this dream, that if I was actually IN Oklahoma in this dream, the door at the exact diagonal I pointed at would be Missouri. Thus we have Keating as the whitehaired man ... and the other door would be in the direction of Ashcroft who was chosen by the Bush administration for Attorney General after Keating of Oklahoma had been said to be his first choice. Jessee Jackson doesn't like Ashcroft's record towards black people.

NOTE: Oklahoma is having a whole slew of people being killed in their death chamber during January.

12-28-00 - DREAM - I was investigating something ... probably politics. I discovered that whether I went left or right, it was exactly the same, the same color (red), the same depth, the same intensity. I was rather surprised to discover this.