by Dee Finney

updated 3-3-2008

12-16-99 - Early this morning, I  had a series of visions about Canada.  The first one was of a map of Canada. A brilliant blue color started at the North Pole and flooded down through almost all of Canada. It did not come all the way to the United States border however.

The second vision was a newspaper front page. A huge headline said merely CANADA in huge letters. Below that there were numerous articles about Canada.  There was a blank space in each article headline which means these things have not happened yet but are going to.

After I got up, I went to the television to a weather station and looked at the Canadian weather...  brrrr.  It's already below zero in many areas of Canada.  However, I was looking for the color blue that matched my vision.  It was the 20 degree range.  Not bad for winter... but what if it means summer?  Nothing could grow at that temperature.

However, I decided that I didn't have enough information to get worried about ... YET!!!  So, I went back to bed to meditate on Canada again and see if I could get more details.  See the next section.

12-15-99 - VISIONS ABOUT CANADA - I saw numerous small events which I couldn't read. These were all handwritten on both sides of 3 x 5 cards.  I heard a voice which said that the economics of Canada would not be good, that mail would not get to where it belongs, and that many businesses are going to be affected. This was indicated by several business sized envelopes with big black marks drawn across the addresses as undeliverable. I was told that a plane crash could occur because of delays.  Then I was told that Canada would be divided somehow into three parts... the Native third, the American third, and the 'longhairs'.  I was then shown to look at my older prophecies specifically from 1991 and 1992 which I will provide in the next section. The last vision was of three streetcars... a blue one on the left, a smaller yellow one on the right... and a medium sized yellow one tried to squeeze between them and damaged both of the others.  (This might refer to the country being divided into thirds)
3-3-08 - DREAM/VISION - I was in a kitchen with Whitley Strieber and his wife Anne.  They were sitting at the kitchen table talking to each other. (I don't know if I was actually there or just observing them from a spirit point of view as I didn't say anything to either one.

Whitley was lamenting to Anne how that every time he said something, the ETs made it happen.

Note that Whitley and Art Bell wrote the book, "The Coming Global Superstorm," which was made into the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" .  I have heard them talk about this factor on several radio shows.  

The Coming Global Superstorm by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber (Mass Market Paperback - Dec 26, 2000)
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Right after Whitley said this, I had a vision similar to the one I had in 1999 where the sheet of ice came down through Canada but stayed above the United States border.  This time, the sheet of ice came down further all the way into the United States as far as Oklahoma in an arch.  Fortunately, the coastal states were spared on both sides.

I have to ask, "Are the ETs doing it because Whitley said it, or is it that Whitley gets his information the same way I do, the pictures and ideas are implanted into Whitley's head just like they are into mine.

Older Canadian Prophecies -

12-18-89 - MEDITATION -  (This was channeled from Master Marcus) "The object expected in 1997 will not cause the Pole Shift per se, but will cause a chain of events that will lead to the Pole Shift that will occur beginning in 1990 that will take several years."  (The 1997 object was Hale Bopp Comet)

"As you know, the pole has shifted many times before, but it has been a gradual process of the continents movements over the face of the earth. This has not happened without violence. The land masses quake and quiver and mankind does not tolerate disequilibrium of it's senses and does not have the capability of building to withstand the violence of the earth temors, nor the emotional or mental capacity to deal with the aftermath of particular violent episodes. Many there will be who will survive these events who will wish they had not. The earth and mankind will be shaken along many faces and many will not be able to deal with its effects. It will cause upheavals long many faces, not only the aforementioned but in religion, politics, economics, and philosophical thought."


1-29-90 - DREAM - Edward (my ex-husband) came home. He was real nice and I was pleased. He said he was going to sell our house and we would move to "Prince". I thought he meant Prince Albert, Sascatchewan, Canada, but he didn't say that. He was outside, staining all the white parts brown. He said he would sign a contract as to what he would do.

There was another scene in the distance of a city blowing up and then of a bunch of building falling into the river that he owned. They said "Worth" on them. He said he figured out how to solve the problem. He just sold them to me and his problems were over.


11-11-91 - (This one isn't about Canada by name, but if Wisconsin is like this... so is everywhere else )  11-11-91 - DREAM - There was no work to be had in the country, so I had gone to town to look for a job. There were no longer stores along the main city streets, they were in clusters at intervals. There were big government offices everywhere. Along 17th Street, lawns were being reconstructed and I tried to assist but there wasn't enough grass to go around.

The men were huddled around the bars, not drinking, but checking the stock market, worrying themselves sick if they had lost everything.

It was a well kept secret, but I had been chosen as mediator between sides between our country and the overtakers. The schools were being organized at this moment to march the children to government camps and take them away from their parents.

I managed to sneak up to the 20th street school where my youngest son was in 1st grade. I spotted him and grabbed him by the arm and we rushed down the street together. He said,"'I've been calling you all day, hoping you'd come and get me."

I was watching the other mothers who weren't able to find their children and rescue them before they were marched away to camp. I helped one mother up from collapsing. She was so devastated that her daughter hadn't been seen.

I knew that the secret guns were trained on Madison, (the capital city) and these children were going to be used as hostages.


1-10-92 - Dream submitted by a Cuban prisoner now in an American prison who cannot be repatriated nor released in the U.S.

DREAM - There is a press conference by Mikhail Gorbachev. I am in it as a representative of the prisoners. I ask him if Communism is going to regain its control. He answers me that though it is deemed to never happen, tortures as those inflicted by the policies of Latin American shall come to pass. I help him to get stark naked before he boards a jet plane headed to Canada.


6-5-92 - DREAM - I was with some future oriented people who thought the exact opposite of the way I did. They showed me a map of the way they thought the United States would look after the Pole Shift. The North Pole was south near the border of Canada with the United States. There was a solid sheet of ice all the way down to Wisconsin. There was no water showing anywhere in the United States or Canada. There was no Hudson Bay, no Great Lakes, no inudation in the west. In fact, the whole continent was larger by far and didn't even resemble the one we know now. Where Hudson Bay is, was all dry land and the oceans had gone down so far, the United States was expanded in every direction so the continent was shaped more like a rectangle because the Gulf of Mexico was mostly land also, way down towards South America, though there was still some separation.

I kept thinking to myself, "No! They are wrong! That's not the way it's going to be!"

They felt that Wisconsin was going to be so close to the North Pole and that it was going to be so cold in Wisconsin that they wanted to sell the land they owned near Wauwau.

I wanted that land so bad, I could almost taste it. I knew the person who owned the land and she wanted to get rid of it. I had the deed to the land in my hand and was safekeeping it, then we all went to the courthouse for the signing of the papers.

The real estate people showed me the book that had the drawings of the land and buldings as that group had projected it and I made red checkmarks on all the drawings for what I wanted, knowing that I was going to build it according to my specifications.

The real estate lady asked me if I wanted to see the pictures again and I said, "No! I've seen them three times already."  I just wanted to get over to the court house and get the papers signed.

We then walked over to the courthouse which was ina big circle of hallways. You could get there without having to go outside by following the hallways. I wanted to go down to the ground level then and entered the elevator by myself.  I pressed "1" but the elevator never moved. It was stuck. I could see a huge man standing next to the door. I knew him well and he was Indian. I asked him if he wanted to ride down with me, but the door wouldn't open back up.

Finally, two guys came down into the elevator shaft and got on top of the car and by swaying it back and forth, they forced the car down to the 1st floor and I got off and woke up.


7-27-92 - DREAM - I was with some people making choices between three different things. We were just over the border between the United States and Canada. We were told that we could go ahead and plant the American (U.S.) flag there because they were happy with the choice we made.


10-24-92 - MEDITATION - "I saw a book open up. Alaska was on the top half of the page and Europe was on the bottom half of the page. They were covered in black.  A voice said, "The black means they are covered over...capped so to speak." There were grooves along the coastline going inward. I asked what that meant. The voice said, "That's where the destruction is."

NOTE: Where there is Alaska destruction, the west coast of Canada is also in danger.


NOTE: I haven't completed researching my 93 and 94 journals, so there may be more inserted here later.


10-11-97-  DREAM - I loaded a piece of software into my computer that belonged to Joe. It was a duplicate of what Joe had except his version was American and my version was Canadian. This took many hours. The software was about a foot thick, about a 5x7 rectangle.

NOTE: A couple of days later, Joe gave me some software to use in my computer for web design. I looked at the box and it said it was made in Canada.


1-10-98 - DREAM - I was in process of moving my office from the center of a large building to the front near the street. I had to have it done by Sunday morning and it was a huge job. I man name G.W. who I used to work with at A-C had just come back from 6 months in Canada learning the language of SCAR. Not very many people knew the language but it was going to be necessary in the future. He made a comment that I should decorate in French Provincial and showed me a picture on the front of a magazine. Everything was painted white with gold trim.

NOTE: Coincidentally, SCAR was the name of a male lion in the "Lion King" movie. He killed his own brother, and then lay blame on the Lion King's son who spent many years away from home feeling guilty, then finally comes home and finds out the truth and needs to fight SCAR to take his rightful place as King.

As I walked down the hall I was pulled aside by a worker momentarily and shown a man who was homeless and had no extra clothes. I told her we would get him some clothes. There was someone named Glen who hadn't been around for awhile. He even had a nice suit, so we decided give him Glen's clothes.

Another woman said somebody she knew needed an emergency transplant. They thought that perhaps her own mother could donate the organ. A nurse mentioned a couple things that would have to be tested first and her perdiclars would have to be dirty and something else would have to be clean.

I just happened to be walking with a doctor and his office was right there, so he pulled out my files and showed her that my perdiclars were dirty and laid my files out on the floor. ( I have no idea what perdiclars are)


04-18 - 98 DREAM - by geniac

Last night I had a dream that I was on a bus on a winding mountain road and I had just escaped from a guy that could morph himself into any male human form. I was sitting on a thing right next to the bus driver, with my back to the driver, looking out at the road to make sure the morphing guy wasn't following. There were many other buses of the same type passing us.

I felt some unusual movement behind me and I suddenly realised that the morph guy had made himself look like a bus driver.For some reason he got off the bus, and I took the chance to do SOS on the bus horn, but nobody took any notice.Then there was something about crossing from China to Canada. The border was halfway down the mountain, with China owning the upper half of the mountain and Canada owning the lower half and the little town in the valley at the end of the road. In one of those weird cross-cultural things there was a Chinese restaurant just on the Canadian side.

The town was really high-tech and futuristic, including huge tv video screens and I saw The Spice Girls were competing against each other on Sale of the Century. I found the morphing guy. I used my hand-held rocket launcher to fire off a few into him, but his body contained the blasts; his skin stretching. His eyes was now basketball-sized, so I fired off a heap more rockets point-blank right into his eyes, but the bastard just WOULD NOT DIE.



4-25-98 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin but it seemed some rooms in the house were in other houses I lived in too.

I can't remember exactly how it started but we met three young men from Canada. They seemed to be 16 or 17 years old. They seemed like nice boys and I became particularly fond of the shorter blonde boy. My husband took him to where he worked and he was offered a job in two seconds. I asked him where they planned to stay that night. He said a word that sounded like "ceremony" but I knew he meant a place where people stay who have no home. Even though we didn't know these boys we offered to let them spend the night. The blonde boy said it would be up to the oldest boy what they did and it seems like he said the boys name was "Terra Cotta" or something like that.

The two darker haired boys went off downtown, but the blonde one stayed with us and when I told my kids it was time to start cleaning up, the blonde boy pitched in and worked harder than my own kids did. (My kids were sitting out on the lawn and not participating. I said to them, "It appears you don't appreciate what you have.")

I was standing in the kitchen and my youngest son Bill came in and his feet were covered with strawberries from walking in the strawberry beds. I carried him over to the sink and washed off his feet and called him a pig. He denied walking in the strawberry beds but the evidence was clear enough.

The blonde boy continued to help me clean the kitchen and then we went down in the basement and we cleaned the basement too.

I went up into the livingroom and saw that it was clean but a long low table blocked the doorway and the orange/red carpeting had round circles impressed in it like crop circles so I knew the livingroom needed more work yet.

I went back down to the kitchen and I saw my husband and all my kids coming down the steps. Mike, Ken, and Tom were wearing white tuxedos, the others were dressed normally. My daughter was wearing a purple/blue dress.

I asked where they were going. My husband said they were going to a wedding. I asked who was getting married. He said, "Louis ____" a friend of my father. (long deceased)

The man's male relatives were there and asked if I was coming too. I said, "It seemed I wasn't invited, my husband deemed it that way by not telling me about it.

They all left and I and the blonde boy continued to clean and guest started to arrive from the neighborhood. Some of the guests needed to use the bathroom and they had 5 toothbrushes and didn't know where to put them. I laughed and said, "I have cabinets that don't have anything in them. I opened up the upper cabinet which was empty and laid the 5 toothbrushes on the shelf.

This included a disabled woman we had to set up the TV set special for her. I turned on the TV set and I saw a pale green screen with a UFO hovering on it. Then the screen switched to a map of Wisconsin and the picture was still pale green. This whole thing slid over to the left and the picture was of some animal characters, a lion and some others. They were cartoonish.

I was able to drag the characters around the screen with the clicker thing like it was a computer mouse, but I could get Wisconsin and the UFO back. I tried changing the channel but nothing worked, so I let the disabled woman watch the lion and the other animals play acting.

I then turned my attention back to the blonde boy and was asking him about his family life and how his mother felt about him leaving Canada to seek his fortune. He said he didn't have a mother and got real sad. So I asked him about her and he said she had left the family many years before and he didn't have any contact with her. I felt real bad for him and kissed him on the cheek and wondered if he'd like me to be his surrogate mother. I felt I had more love to give than I was using raising my own kids.

He seemed appreciative to have the attention and the love.

The other two darker boys came by then and Terra Cotta decided they couldn't stay the night and they'd go downtown and stay at the men's shelter.

I asked the blond boy if he was going to work the next day and he said, "Yes!" and I offered to help the other two boys as well.

I said, "Don't forget about us now, please. You know where we live," and at that point I knew our address was on 84th St. (I never lived on 84th St.)


9-29-98 - JOE'S DREAM - This was a flash dream of a map of the State of Washington. It zoomed in on the upper corner of the state where it abuts Canada. Dividing Washington into 10 parts across the top border, the 10th part to the far left, and measuring down 1/2 of that same 10th part, in a jagged line, that section was colored different as though it belonged neither to the U.S. nor to Canada but to a different country.

NOTE: This was important to me because it was near there that I planned to live and Joe didn't know that. Joe related to me that several years ago, he had a dream of the same area I did of a river called the MIR river. He never found one on the map named that. Recently we found out that MIR in Russian means PEACE. In fact, another one of my dreams of the same area showed that Seattle went up in flames. We could see it in the distance as we crossed a covered bridge across the river (unnamed) and our vegetable gardens were on the East side of the river, and then we needed 4 wheel drive vehicles to get up a steep hill to a plateau where we were going to build our house.


12-1-98 - DREAM - I was seeing a series of maps of the United States, Alaska, and Canada. I was shown various types of maps with all the states marked, each section map like Northeast, midwest, western, then other kinds of maps like topography, and other kinds of separations.

I didn't see any disaster or anything, just all the various separations of many kinds.

NOTE: I created a web page about maps. I started with a section of disaster maps from psychics, followed by real maps of various types just like the dream.


11-13-99 - VISIONS/DREAM - I wanted to see the map again but couldn't get it. I saw a black and white blob. I saw a white ktten up high and when it reached down, it turned gray. It did this several times.

I saw the shape like North America with no norther border. Somone drew two eyes in the center of Canada. It ended up looking like a woman reaching out in both directions and her feet were together as Central America.

A short dream at the end was of me at my computer and when I went to leave it, I had to hang two bags of catfood on it to feed the cats.



An ice-free globe would involve major disaster for present civilization. The melting of the polar icecaps would involve a sea-level rise of 50-100 m, which would drown not only many oceanic islands, but most of the densely populated regions of the world. London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Calcutta, Bombay, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, in fact most of the great cities of the world would become lairs for lobsters.

The reverse situation of a new ice age would be nearly as disastrous. Scandinavia, Canada, Germany, and Russia, and vast agricultural lands would be deeply buried under ice. Either scenario could happen relatively rapidly-hundreds, not thousands of years!







































From alt.alien.visitors Fri Feb 24 10:25:02 1995 Path: (Daniel Silva) Reply-To:

Low flyby or perhaps a UFO. Date: 22 Feb 1995 16:20:23 GMT

About a few days ago, I exited my lovely home through the backyard and this was around 7pm or so. It was a normal day, I had just finished school a few hours earlier and phad planned to enjoy a relaxed evening in the company of friends. As I walked out towards my car, I noticed a somewhat bright white light just above a few houses out in the distance. At first I thought it was an airplane and waited for it to fly by or perhaps over my house. I am a very big fan of aircraft, and therefore watching aircraft fly-by was something I always enjoy doing. Anyways as this "UFO" became closer and closer, and let me just give you an idea of where it was comming from. My backyard is facing south (exactly), towards Lake Ontario. The craft was heading in a north/north/west direction. As it came closer to my house, I just stood there and observed this strange white light. As we all know aircraft have beacon lights and this strange craft did not. I still had no idea what this strange craft was. It seemed like a regular airplane, but there were no distinct beacon lights and as it got closer, no sounds were heard. As it continued its north/north/west flight path, it suddenly changed course and it was now flying in a north/west direction, straight towards my house. I thought that this was great, a chance to see an airplane fly over my house. Its nothing special but its always something nice to see. As the craft got closer and closer, I noticed that it was flying much too slow to be an aircraft. And it was really REALLY low. If I'm not mistaken according to Air Regulations, and aircraft must maintain an altitude of 1000 feet above the tallest structure in the area, or something of that sort. Well this strange craft must of been at at least 500 feet, perhaps even lower. It seemed so close when it flew DIRECTLY over me. The strange thing that I find it difficult to explain is the way its shape appear to be in the dark sky and the way the lights suddendly became brighter and then returned to their normal brightness. Allow me to explain. The craft appeared to be somewhat triangular in shape. The reason I say this is because there were other smaller lights in the outer regions of the craft giving it the shape mentioned. And right when the craft "hovered" very slowly above me, its two large ligths became really bright and two columns of light brightned up my whole backyard including myself... I found this very strange... I'm somewhat confused, even today as to the true origin of this craft. Was it really a UFO? I myself beleive it to be such, because how low it was, how slow it was flying and the light configuration. No aircraft I have EVER seen has a light configuration such as that one. Let me try to show you what the craft looked like from the bottom. I must warn you that I am not much of an artist...

o o o

o o

o O O o

o oo oo o

The smaller o's represent the smaller lights that I mentioned covered the outer region of the craft. The two large O's represent the two large lights I spoke of. Those two large lights were at first turned off, but when the craft was directly over my house, they were turned on and they were quite bright. Much like the type of lights you would find at a baseball stadium but they were round. So these two lights were turned on for about a few seconds or so, and I could see these two columns of light shining down on my kneighbours houses as it flew over me. The lights were then turned off and the craft continued its north/west heading. To this day I still do not know what this craft was. I know what I saw and I would like to perhaps undergo hypnosis. I fear that I might have been abducted,but it did not appear to me at the time that I had lost any time. From what I've read about Abduction cases, victims recall time lapses when an abduction takes place. I did not noticed this or even suspect it. Is there anyone out there who could perhaps explain to me what it was that I saw and if there is a slight possibility of an abduction? This message is not a fabrication of my imagination. I know what I saw and I am telling the truth. If there is anyone out there, perhaps a UFO expert in the toronto area that would be willing to speak to me about this incident, I would deeply apreciate his/her remarks and perhaps a number where he/she can be reached. If you plan on replying to this message, please do so privatly. I am not yet familiar with the internet and searching for a message directed to me in public mail, might be somewhat of a disaster. Thank you for your time in reading my message, if in fact you did and I hope that someone out there knows what I'm talking about and clears up some of the doubts that I have. Thank-you...

Daniel Silva...


From alt.ufo.reports Sun Jun 11 21:21:15 1995

Subject: Green UFOs over Toronto Airport?

From: (Daveb Edwards)

Green UFOS over Toronto Airport?

Here's a sound byte I picked up from Toronto Canada radio station 680 June 10 at 5:00 pm.

~Date: June 09 1995

Time: Evening (time not given)

Place: Pearson International Airport


Multiple UFOs (green colored lights) were reported at Pearson International Airport. The lights were seen to move vertically as well as traversing the sky. Multiple witnesses observed lights performing unusual maneuvers, non-conventional near an airport. Radio report said this material was to appear in the Toronto Sun daily newspaper.


Called the SUN and editorial department said the item was on page 16 in the SUN Flashes column. Purchased said paper, did not find it. (Perhaps the wrong edition?)

Called Pearson International Airport. They would neither confirm or deny the report. I was given a number in Ottawa that turned out to be Department of National Defence. I called that number and was told that no reports of the incident had been reported to them.

Will report back if I can find out more.


From alt.ufo.reports Tue Jun 13 11:05:44 1995

From: u9308403@muss.cis.McMaster.CA (J.A. Culig)

Newsgroups: alt.ufo.reports

Subject: Toronto, Canada Sighting

Yup, thats right, a sighting in TO. I just heard this briefly on the radio this morning (about 7:10 am, CFRB), so all of my details are going to be kind of iffy. Apparently, at about 9:45 pm, Friday June 9, 1995 a UFO was sighted over Toronto Canada. The object was an orange/red light that appeared for a few seconds, streaked erraticly through the sky, and seemed to disappear skyward. This object was apparently sighted by a number of people who then reported this to a local radio station (I think, and BTW, CFRB is Canada's largest station). Apparently a witness called Glen Crauter (spelled right) and told their story, and shortly afterwards, a few more callers phoned in to confirm this. The object has been explained by the scientific community as probably being a meteorite about 1 foot in diameter. This would account for it's speed and colour, however NOT it's erratic side to side movement.



From alt.paranet.ufo Sat Jun 17 21:03:41 1995

From: aw560@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Mike McLarty)

Subject: UFO Report - near Rosetown, Saskatchewan

The following is a statement given by a witness to a UFO sighting near Rosetown, Saskatchewan to an RCMP officer, and has been re-typed to as closely resemble the original as possible.

Should any investigators in the area of the sighting who may not be aware of this, wish additional information for follow-up, please advise me by e-mail at either:


Note: "?" = unreadable due to poor photocopy "#" = information which was severed in accordance with the Privacy Act "*" = information which I deleted to avoid potential pestering of reporting personnel

- although the witness indicates the object made a 45 degree turn, I believe he may mean as much as 90 degrees, since he stated that the object's turn was from either "north by northeast" or from "northeast to northwest", which is greater than 45 degs


~Date: 95-01-30

Time: 1419 hours

Place: 5A15

On 95-01-29 at approximately 7 p.m. I was heading east on my grid near my farm. As we were driving home I noticed a flying object just to the south of the grid. It was travelling in a north by northeast direction. It was travelling very slowly for a flying object. The object then proceeded in the direction at approximately 50 mph. This is very slow for a plane to be travelling and it was only about 300 to 400 feet above the ground. The object was flying over my uncle's cattle.

The object was followed by us and then it made a quick northwest direction turn. The object continued to fly in that direction, but the turn was similar to a 45 degree angle. This object flew off in this direction. I figure we got to within about one mile away from it before it took off in the opposite direction. I've never seen a plane do that sort of turn before and I don't believe it could unless it flared up and this object didn't flare up and turn. It is possible it could be a gyrocopter or a helicopter, but the turn it made was too sharp for a copter, I feel.

Q. When/where exactly did you see this object?

A. One mile southeast of my farm on 95-01-29 at 7 p.m. We followed it east on my grid one mile and we stopped and watched it. The object would have crossed the grid I was on, right where I was sitting when I decided to watch the object. The object then continued northeast for about one mile and then it made its sharp turn and continued northwest.

Q. How long did you see this object?

A. About five minutes.

Q. Can you give me a description of the object?

A. No, not really. It had red lights, blue lights and white lights.

Q. How many lights would it have had?

A. Six for sure, two of each. The blue lights were flashing irregularly.

Q. How bright was the light?

A. Just like regular aircraft lights.

Q. Any shape of the object?

A. No, that's the bad part.

Q. How many objects?

A. One.

Q. Altitude of the object was?

A. About 200 metres.

Q. What color was the object?

A. I couldn't make it out.

Q. Did it make any sound?

A. I never opened a window and it was too windy.

Q. What was the condition of the sky?

A. It was clear, but it was at dusk so we couldn't see stars yet.

Q. Who all saw the object?

A. My wife ########################, my children. Also of course myself.

Q. Anything else that stuck out about this object?

A. We don't get many planes that low at that time of day in this area. Also, the unusual turn that this object made. It was like a 45 degree angle from northeast to northwest.

Signed: Cst. R.T. ***** Signed: #######

1448 hours


From alt.ufo.reports Sat Jun 17 21:05:24 1995

Subject: Toronto UFO update

Date: 16 Jun 1995 01:35:16 -0400

Ok, here' the Toronto UFO update so far as I can piece it together... First the TO SUN clipping (not edited except for my spelling  mistakes)


Tue Sep 26 10:57:02 1995

You can add this one to your list;

I live across the street from a power substation. The station is located behind the back yards of houses across the street. The substation is connected to the power grids by high tension wires on high towers.

I got up at 02:00 am on Saturday to go for a leak. Since it was  supposed to rain on Saturday morning and I had to go somewhere, I took a look out the window to check on the weather.

Moving from left to right following the power lines was an oval shaped mutedly bright object with diffused yellow and blue lights on the underside. Looking it at from the second floor of the house, I could estimate that from where I was standing in relation to the object, the image of the object would fit into a 2" space between my thumb and forefinger, that's the only way I could estimate size.

The object move back and forth slowly, hovered stationary, then moved off towards the north. I don't know how long this took place exactly, but it couldn't have been any more than a minute and was probably only 30 seconds or so... BTW, my window is north facing, and the object did not make any noticable sound (at least not through my closed window).

Anyway, I don't want to see any investigators, but you can use this for general data if you want.

If you need some sort of background, I'm 42 years old, and work as a computer programmer. Since I saw that, I got intensely interested in the subject and have looked at newsgroups. I'm also writing a program to catalogue and track ufo info.


"Any sufficiently advanced technology | ai542@FreeNet.Carleton.CA is indistinguishable from magic." | (Vince Grienti)

--- Arthur C. Clarke | Nepean, Ontario CANADA


- SKY SHOW - Streaker has folks freaking -

by; Wendy Levant and Andrea Schaffeler

The X-files was still beaming out of TV screens across Metro on Friday night when a flash in the sky startled Deyberth Rivera, 14, and Kristen Little, 12.

But they weren't the only ones who caught sight of an unidentified flying object about 9:45 p.m.

Sun reporter Joe Warmington was on the 401 headed for Kingston when he saw a green streak hurtling across the sky.

"It moved extremely fast and looked like something with a tail, "Warmington said.

"I have never seen anything like it, " said Barb Rushworth, who was staying at Lake Loughborough, near Kingston. "It was so big and looked like it was going to land in the lake."

-"Spectacular Flash"-

Norm Crawford, 33, a TTC Driver, also saw "a pretty spectacular flash" in the sky.

"It's definitely something I've never seen before," he said, describing the bright white flash he saw about the same time at Victoria Park and Laurance.

Rivera, who saw the strange object from his balcony at Laurance and Orton Rd., said: "All of a sudden I saw an orange light comming out of the sky at an angle going down. Suddenlyit took a sharp turn, went strait up, swung back and fizzled out of the sky.

But the Canadian Forces Base in Trenton didn't seem too alarmed. Capt. Yvon LaRose said it was likely just a meteorite.

Robert Garrison, a professor of astronomy at University of Toronto, agreed with LaRose's assesment. "The described observations are consistant with that of a meteorite, " Garrison said, although he didn't know what to make of the gyrations.

"A piece of rock the size of my fist could have created a fireball, and it would have appeared greenish or orangish."

He described the occurence as very common.


Sorry about the article, but I don't think the Sun will ever win a prize for literary achievement :)

Anyhow, it would seem that the ball was either green, orange or both (changing colour?), and seemed to move around up and down while traversing the sky from one point to another before either a)fizzling out, or b) leaving the atmosphere.

Also, there seems to be quite an amount of witnesses for this one.

So, untill the objects verticle movements are explained this one remains in the UFO category.

I think the TO chapter of MUFON should be informed so they can get an investigator looking into it.

Also, there seems to have been a similar sighting in California a little while back, as there seems to be some talk of that here too.

- Bruce



On Tuesday, October 15, 1996, at 11 p.m., Yves Anger of Montreal and his girlfriend were driving west on Highway 40 near Trois Rivieres, Quebec (population 52,508) when Yves spotted "three unknown objects in the northern sky." The condition of the sky was clear, he reported, and the UFOs "were triangular in form, very big" and had "a variation of green, blue, red and yellow lights blinking." One of the objects then aimed "a terrible light" at their car and kept them bathed in its incandescence for "at least 20 minutes." The three UFOs were seen by 60 other witnesses.

(See the newspaper Journal de Montreal for October 18, 1996.)



On Saturday, November 23, 1996, about an hour after dark at 5:30 p.m., Gordon T. looked out the window of his third-floor apartment in Sudbury, Ontario (population 97.604) and "saw a ball of light about the size of a dime held at arm's length. It drifted across the horizon at eye level." (Gordon's apartment is 50 feet above ground). The UFO "drifted like a balloon across the horizon," he added, "It seemed to stop once or twice but may have been moving away from me. It lasted for about ten minutes and moved from north to south," heading for Georgian Bay and Lake Huron. (Unsolicited Email)

A second Sudbury man also saw the object and notified MUFON Ontario. Sudbury is the premier nickel-mining city of Canada and is located 258 miles (373 kiolmeters) north of Toronto.


On Monday, November 4, 1996, at 8:45 p.m., Mrs. Ginette C., 32, of Gatineau, Quebec was driving home from the grocery store with her son, age 4. After parking her car, she made two trips into the house with bags of groceries. As she started up the walkway to the house a second time, with a grocery bag in each hand, a huge triangular vehicle appeared over the roof of the house. Ginette described the UFO as "triangular...five times bigger than the full moon, dark with three globes of white light under each corner and one smaller (light) in the middle of a reddish color. The red one blinked repeatedly. The UFO was 300 feet (95 meters) wide and 50 feet above my head and was totally silent."

Ginette stared at it open-mouthed for three minutes. Then she overcome her suprise and paralysis and, not taking her gaze off the UFO, walked to the porch. She managed to open the door with one knee and yelled for her husband. Thinking there was a problem, Mr. C. appeared with their other son, age 7. "Look! Look up in the sky!" Ginette shouted. They both got a clear view of the UFO before "it turned to the south and flew towards Ottawa." Gatineau (population 73,479) is in southwestern Quebec, just north of Ottawa, the national capital. This case was investigated by Denis Marquis and Gilles Latour of the CEIPI ufological study group. According to Marquis and Latour, "The description is consistent between all of them." (Many thanks to CEIPI for this story.)


From Thu Dec 5 04:26 CST 1996

Subject: UFO UpDate: Sighting: 11-29-96 - 00:10, Ontario, Canada

Sighting: Nov 29, 1996 - 12:10am Railroad track, in bush between Burton & Art Bag, near Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada.

Two-man train crew, conductor ############ and engineer ############ on CN train # xxx, travelling north from the railyards in Barrie to Capreol, near Sudbury, saw an orange and green light come down out of sky. They "thought it was going to crash". They observed the light through the right (engineeer's side) window. The light hovered approximately 600 yards from train over tree-line for about two minutes. They described the it as "being the size of a street light at 600 yards". The light flew off at 45 degree angle to the west.

Train was travelling between 20 and 30 mph on 'slow section' of track.

Reported to Todd Fraser, MUFON Ontario, Sudbury.