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It took 28 days or "1 moon" to make
a canoe. After burning the middle they
would scrape the ash away with shells.

from: Timucua Indian Program

Pre-European Florida-1565


Canoes were made by felling large trees, letting them sit for three months or so until they were dry, and the burning the insides out of them. This process had to be carefully watched.  Earliest people used dugout canoes. Native men would make a canoe from one tree using no metal edged tools. After felling a great tree, they hollowed it by putting rosin on one side and setting fire to it. The tree was burned in small sections and the resulting coal scraped out with shells. A large canoe could glide quietly along with twenty men.

Canoe travel on rivers, lakes and possibly the ocean provided the principal means of transportation. There were no beasts of burden in North America and it is not certain if the Lenape people used their dogs to carry things as some tribes did. What had to be transported was carried on people's backs or in canoes. Canoes were made from the trunks of trees such as Tulip Tree, Elm, Oak, or Chestnut. In fact the Lenape name for the Tulip Tree is Muxulhemenshi - "Tree from which canoes are made."

Birch bark canoes were not used in the Lenape homeland because the type of birch growing there is not suitable for canoe making. In this illustration, a tree is being felled by means of fire set against the base of the trunk. Wet deerskin has been wrapped around the trunk to keep the fire from spreading upwards. From time to time the fire will be doused and the charred portions adzed away. By repeating this process the tree is finally burned through and falls for lack of support. In making a dugout canoe, a suitable tree trunk is selected and one side is adzed flat. Small fires are set to burn into the trunk, thus helping to hollow it. Charred parts are adzed or gouged out and the hull is finally planed smooth.

There is no single origin or model of the canoe! The canoe with its various shapes and forms and sizes was a common watercraft of numerous aboriginal groups on the North American continent and its design characteristics depended in part on the area of intended use. Some canoes had a high bow and stern, others had bows and decks partially or completely covered as in a kayak. East coast canoes or those used on the Great Lakes were large and sturdily crafted canoes; others used in the interior and on the prairie were small and essentially single person or even single crossing crafts.

The early model canoes were made of readily available local materials: a light wooden frame or skeleton (often cedar) with a birch bark exterior or skin. The canoe was designed to travel the diverse waterways of the continent- from large lakes to fast and/or shallow, marshy rivers including the possibility of frequent portages. By necessity, therefore, the canoes had to be light-weight, yet rugged enough to withstand the often dangerous sections of interior waterways

Most Indian canoes were small, light, and fast. They'd carry a few people rapidly up and down rivers and lakes. The Iroquois built big, 30-foot-long freight-carrying canoes that could haul 18 passengers or a ton of merchandise. But even they could be portaged by just three people.

The Indian canoe was a tough light wooden frame with a skin of bark -- usually birch. Sometimes the bark was put on in one piece and pleated to take up slack as it was contoured. Sometimes it was sewn in sections and caulked with spruce gum. The techniques of sewing, binding, carving, and selecting and preparing materials were very sophisticated. Designs varied from tribe to tribe, according to local conditions. But even the kayak in the far north, covered with animal skin instead of bark, reflects the same concepts of shape and propulsion.



RESISTANCE  - Canoe travel is limited by skin friction and wave making resistance. Skin friction is the major form of drag at recreational speeds and is affected by surface texture and hull size. Wave making is a limiting factor only at higher speeds and is affected by length, width and shape.

SKIN TEXTURE  - determines the thickness of the boundary layer of water carried by the canoe. Rougher surfaces carry a thicker boundary layer, increasing drag. Gel coated canoes have less skin friction than rubber or sheet metal ones. New or freshly sanded hulls are slicker than scratched ones.

CANOE SIZE -  Smaller canoes have less skin per payload than larger ones just as a sphere encloses more volume per surface unit than a cylinder. Larger canoes have more surface area and, hence, more skin drag, than smaller ones.

VOLUME -  Canoes displace water equaling the weight of hull, passengers and gear. Canoes should float intended loads safely, but excess capacity with its increase in wetted surface requires extra effort to achieve tripping speed.

WAVE MAKING and LENGTH  - Wave making limits maximum canoe speed and is the major resistance source at higher hull speeds. As speed increases, the distance between the first and second bow waves expands until the canoe drops into the trough between the waves. The canoe has reached maximum speed. [Compute in mph by multiplying the waterline length's square root by 1.40.] Longer Canoes are faster than shorter ones, but require increased effort at given speeds due to greater wetted area.

SHAPE: LENGTH to WIDTH RATIOS;  - Waterline length divided by waterline width is a rough measure of canoe efficiency. Flatwater racers have ratios of 7, and efficient tourers are near that. Asymmetry, placing the widest part of the canoe aft of center moves water around the widest portion of the hull more slowly.

HANDLING  - Seaworthiness and handling, the way canoes react to paddle and water, is effected by in water and above water shape.

STABILITY  - is most effected by cross sectional shaping. Resistance to roll in an upright canoe is maximized by flatter bottom shapes. Resistance to capsize increases with flare above waterline.

CROSS SECTIONS  - Elliptical bottom sections, minimize shoulder wetted surface area to reduce drag. Soft chines increase seaworthiness in beam seas and heel predictably for advanced paddling techniques. Flare above waterline resists pitching and directs waves outward.

TRACKING  - Tracking, or course stability, is effected by length to width ratio and fineness of lines. Long, slim hulls stay on course better than shorter, fuller ones. The most significant factor in canoe misdirection is paddler caused yaw.

YAW and ROCKER  - Bow paddlers have little effect on tracking, but stern or solo paddlers sit aft of rotational center, and stroke misdirection is amplified. Carrying the paddle behind the torso ends the stroke in an arc and pulls the stern towards the paddle. This rotation is yaw; paddler caused misdirection most often corrected with the J stroke. Lessening stern rocker resists yaw, but lessening bow rocker has little effect. Increasing bow rocker allows the bow paddler to initiate turns and increases speed by reducing wetted surface and displacing water downwards more gradually.

Native Americans Making a Yurok Canoe

In 1968 some Yurok elders (Dewey George and Jimmy James) made a dugout canoe
that can now be found at the Redwood Information Center.

The canoe is 3.5 feet wide, 1.5 feet deep and 18 feet long (they made it from a half of a solid redwood log).

Some of the traditional features of a Yurok canoe that this canoe has are: a square prow, a seat and foot
braces in the back and a gradually curving under side.

The Yurok people would build their canoes from coast redwood trees because not only did the Yuroks
have a lot of them but the trees' wood was resistant to rotting and insect damage.

The Yurok people had very small tools such as elkhorn wedges so they would almost always find a tree that
had already fallen down.

If you go too see a canoe already made, you should notice that there is water in it. This is so the wood does
not dry and split.

It takes between 350 and 500 hours to make a birchbark canoe, depending on the size of the canoe and the complexity of the design.  Professional canoes can cost from $300 a foot and up. It takes an expert.


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Hull International Canoe Polo Challenge 2000 - The Hull International Canoe Polo Challenge is one of Europe's premier International events. It takes place right in the heart of the city of Hull, Yorkshire, and attracts many spectators for this exciting and colourful spectacle. Have a look at our website and you may decide to pay us a visit for real!

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Kayak Polo. Pag de Adrian Rodriguez. - A little page about canoe polo. Here you can find some images and links to other canoe polo sites on the web.

Kayak Polo. Pag de Adrian Rodriguez. - A little page about canoe polo. Here you can find some images and links to other canoe polo sites on the web.

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Marah Wooden Boats - Custom cedar strip canoes and sea kayaks. Finished boats or plans, kits and construction help. Located in the Seattle area.

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oregon river excursions - southern oregon whitewater rafting on the north umpqua river in douglas county . canoe camping on the lower umpqua river. mountain biking tours & water fall hikes

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Outdoor Planner - Check out our checklists and product reviews. Visiting this site will feel like sitting around a campfire sharing your best outdoor stories.

Pacific Currents...a coastal kayak compnay - Pacific Currents is dedicated to providing the highest quality sea kayak instruction in the nation. Have classes from beginning to ACA Instructor Certification.

Paddle to the Headwaters marathon site - Paddle 34 miles through ancient Redwood forests in this canoe and kayak marathon race and fun paddle Memrial Day weekend May 27 and 28, 2000. In Fortuna, California. Includes Water Sport Show, Races, Demos, Merchandise, Micro-Brews and Barbeque. chat board and informaition resour - is Maine's newest paddling resource featuring a chat board directory classifieds and general paddling information.

paddlers notice board - a notice board for all british paddlers with information on all the diciplines, local water levels and much more.

Paddling in Sondrio Province (Central Alps) - the rivers of Sondrio's Province rivers maps advice for paddlers photos address and tourist information. You will find a form to subscribe the Mailing List "canoakayakitalia" (300 members)

PaddlinPaul's Paddlin'Page - A personal page with thumbnailed pictures and some links.

Pathways Canoeing Tours on Bowron Lakes - Experience the world-renowned Bowron Lakes wildlife sanctuary by travelling one of the most outstanding wilderness canoe circuits on the planet.

Pete & Ed Books Canoeing Club Links - Hundreds of canoeing kayaking and sea kayaking clubs indexed by state/country.

Pete Bouma's Canoeing photos - Photos of whitewater kayaking incluging waterfall descents in Ireland and Scotland

Phuket Paddles & Pirates - Follow Dave Stibbe & Frank Wolf on their 3500km sea kayak odyssey from Phuket, Thailand to Bali Indonesia. Departing Vancouver, BC, January 29, 2000

Portland Outfitters Inc. - Portland Outfitters is a family owned and operated livery on the Delware River. We are licensed to operate within the Delaware River National Recreation Area. Our river front landing makes for an ideal day on the river!

Precision - The newspaper of British canoe slalom

Ramblin' Uptown Muskrats Canoe Club - The Ramblin' Uptown Muskrats Canoe Club was founded in 1995 in Pitt County North Carolina. The purpose of the club is just to have a good time in a canoe. The founding members of the club genuinely enjoy being outdoors find pleasure in discovering what's around the next bend in the river and take delight in the fact that Native Americans and settlers plied the very same - this is a small site that contains various small movies of kayaking and rafting the steep creeks of the northwest.

RI Canoe/Kayak Association - A website for disseminating current information particularly to members of the Rhode Island Canoe/Kayak Association but contains much that is of interest to the paddling community as a whole. Updated daily.

RiverCityKayaks - Handcrafted wood sea kayaks at an affordable price!! $895-$1895, Eight models:singles to a triple, Free shipping and an excellent return policy.

Rivertripper's Base Camp - Photo journals of various wilderness canoe trips, gear list, links, recommended reading, and other information about canoe tripping.

Roger and Debbie's Kayaking Page - Information and links to kayaking subjects. Site concentrates on kayak camping on the rivers of Michigan and Indiana. Includes pictures and stories describing trips.

Safety Sponsons, Kayak and Canoe Rescues Safety - Comprehensive canoe and kayak rescue safety, stabilizing inevitable water inside to permit towing and paddling to safety.

Schmidt's Canoeing Service - Schmidt's Canoeing Service offers canoe trips for groups and individuals on the Fox River in Elgin Illinois, Which is 30 miles northwest of Chicago.

Schmidt's Canoeing Service - Schmidt's Canoeing Service offers canoe trips for groups and individuals on the Fox River in Elgin Illinois, which is 30 miles northwest of Chicago.

Secret Mountain Wooden Boats and Emporium - The design building and restoration of wooden boats is the companys main purpose. Helping the paddling sport to grow and inform others is the bonus of fun.

SEE-Kayak Directory - A comprehensive directory of sea kayaking related web pages. Listings of manufacturers clubs outfitters sources of kits and plans. Kayaking techniques and other resources for paddlers. Submit your sea kayak site.

Single Blade Symposium - The site is used to promote a festival style event to raise money for the Gull River Restoration project though sponsorships and particpation fee. For the particpants there will clinics on safety and technique, as well as demonstrations and social events on and of the river.

Stavsudda Kajakdepå - Idealiskt för den som verkligen vill skärgårdspaddla och slippa dyra, krångliga biltransporter och långa transportpaddlingar. Här har du omedelbar närhet till fantastiska paddlingsvatten i Stockholms skärgård.

Stella canoe club - South Africa - A view of Stella Canoe club in Durban, South Africa

Steve's Huron Village Canoe Restoration Page - See the restoration of a wood canvas canoe built in the 70's by the Bastien Brothers of Village Huron Quebec.

Stillwater Paddles - The Stillwater Paddle is an ergonomically correct canoe paddle designed for optimum control of your canoe during recreational and long distance paddling on flatwater.

Stratford/Perth Canoe Centre - Canoe Programs for kids and adults, Outrigger program and Adventure Canoe Triathlon Canoe Centre.

Stratford/Perth Canoe Centre - Canoe Programs for kids and adults, Outrigger program and Adventure Canoe Triathlon Canoe Centre.

T. Parkin Hunter's Home Page - The goal of the site is to provide information useful to canoers kayakers and birders in South Carolina. The site is the home of the Internet Edition of the Palmetto Paddler the newsletter of the Palmetto Paddlers Inc. a Columbia South Carolina based ca

Technical Help for Outdoor Adventurers - A place to get help from professionals.

The Bayou City Whitewater Club Network - The Bayou City Whitewater Club Network features access to river gages in various states current nws wx forecasts over 2000 paddle-related links in 27 different categories and more!

The Bear Paw Canoe Company - Information about canoeing canoe building and The Bear Paw Canoe Company

The Bracer Canoe Backrest - Innovative canoe backrests that also serve as portage pads.

The Celtic Kayaker - The Celtic Kayaker is a site devoted to kayaking and paddle sports in the Florida Keys. It will be updated on a regular basis with links news weather and nature related material to promote paddle sports in the Paradise of the Florida Keys!

The Domain of Watery Dreams - A quick detour for the whitewater enthusiast

The Great River Rumble - An annual one week trip on the Mississippi River camping at night. Typically 150 people or so.

The Home Page of Keech T. LeClair - I have a section on Open Canoe Whitewater Slalom Rcaing and a second section on our Open Canoe Whitewater Paddling School

The Jersey Paddler - The Jersey Paddler is the nation's largest canoe & Dealer with over 900 canoes & kayaks instock. We have a large selection of accessoris and offer you to try before you buy.

The Kayak Cover Company - My site describes and pictures the kayak covers which are made of brightly coated polyester.

The Kayak Hut - The Kayak Hut is a fun little site to help people, and give them a good, kayak-oriented site to look at!

The Kijik Canoe Company - The Kijik Canoe Company builds and sells quailty Cedar Canvas Kevlar and Fiberglass canoes as well as providing related products and services.

The Missouri Whitewater Association - The MWA is the largest paddling group in the state. With over 400 members willing to float anything with a current there are plenty of trips stories and a few white lies. Stop on by.

The Narly Green Canoe - The Narly Green Canoe, images suitable for wallpaper and useful links to elsewhere on the web, downloadable wav files of the sounds of the Loon. Changes coming to make this even more useful.

The Newfound Woodworks, Inc. - The Newfound Woodworks manufactures high quality cove and bead cedar strips that are provided with our canoe, kayak, and rowing boat kits based on designs by Guillemot Kayaks, Laughing Loon, Redfish Kayak, and Bear Mt. Boat Shop.

The Paddling Pages - Personal page devoted to kayaking whitewater-related links outdoor gear & clothing and general paddling information. Also included is a link to original mathematics lesson plans with a kayaking theme.

The River of the Double Bend Campground - The River of the Double Bend Campground in Trent, South Dakota has camping, tipi and canoe rentals. Come and enjoy the serenity of The Big Sioux River while camping and take one of our favorite canoe excursions.

The Timucuan Paddle Page - A site dedicated to paddling in N.E. Florida's Timucuan Preserve. Photos, stories and maps.

Think Rain Designs - Features gifts for paddlers - canoe,kayak,whitewater and touring paddlers. Clocks,mugs,crafts and more.

Tim's Home Page - A site about kayaking in Newfoundland with special emphasis on icebergs and whales.

Tindak Dinamik Adventure - Kayaking in Malaysia whitewater flat water and sea kayaking. Plus natural adventure

Tip Central - A site for kayakers outdoors fanatics and general fun-lovers.

Tupelo's Kanoe Krew - Kanoe Krew is a group of friends in and near Tupelo, MS that enjoy canoeing, whitewater rafting, camping, and other outdoor activities. This site is focused on rivers in the Mid-South and Southeastern United States.

Turtle Paddle Works by Jodie-Marc Lalonde - 4 Classic Designs to Choose From Currently we have three (3) canoe paddle designs available in your choice of Ash, Cherry or Walnut. And NEW for 2000 a Greenland Kayak paddle. All turtle Paddles come with a lifetime warranty against breaking while touring.

Turtle Tours Kayak Adventure - Nevis West Indies - Turtle Tours run half day kayak adventures along the coast of Nevis West Indies where you can enjoy the clear clean waters of the caribbean and see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Tutor's Home Page - Kayaking - personal home page including a kayak section with photos

Two Dog River - Two Dog River is a work of fiction by Richard Day, which presents outdoor adventure in the wet and wild world of kayaking

Two Dog River - The epic whitewater novel about whitewater rafting and kayaking - take the journey!

Tyone Boats - Manufacturers of plywood and cedar strip canoes and kits for the UK and Ireland. Also sailing rigs, paddles and North canoes.

United States Canoe Association, Inc - Offers a comprehensive overview of canoe and kayak marathon racing in the USA. Insurance coverage for events. Youth Activities in racing. Membership in USCA. For Sale items.Merchandise. Contacts and E-mail addresses of officers and committee people. Jim Mack, Executive Director, USCA

University of St Andrews Canoe Club - Lots of useful kayak links as well as some great photos, river guides, trip reports and canoe polo.

USA Canoe and Kayak - USA Canoe Kayak national federation web page

Vortex Spring - We are located in Ponce de Leon,Fl. Vortex offer diving,camping,lodging and swimming. We also have paddle boat and canoe rentals.

Waquoit Kayak Company - Describes area to paddle, rates, tour description, boats available for sale, links to manufacturers, shows small sailboats

Water Walker Sea Kayaks - Offering a complete line of high performance fiberglass sea kayaks by Janautica at surprisingly affordable prices. Our site includes specs photos prices faqs and links to other paddling sites.

Wave Ski Karma - Welcome to Wave Ski Karma - the ONLY wave skiing publication in the world! You'll find everything you want to know - and more. Check it out!

Welcome To Inc - Races in the united states, competitive and leasure. Pictures and Promotions, you'll leave with a smile on your face.

Western Red Cedar Canoe/Kayak Strips - RavenWood Services manifactures and sells quality bead and cove strips made from Old Growth Western Red Cedar. We are located on the West Coast of British Columbia and sent our boat strips throughout North America

Western Red Cedar Canoe/Kayak Strips - RavenWood Services manifactures and sells quality bead and cove strips made from Old Growth Western Red Cedar. We are located on the West Coast of British Columbia and sent our boat strips throughout North America

Whole Earth Outfitters Kayaks Canoes - Whole Earth Outfitters provides a secure on line shopping location to purchase canoes, kayaks,camping gear,kayak kits, outdoor accessories, paddling gear, tours or lessons.

Wilderness Bound Video Productions - Wilderness Bound specializes in researching historically significant canadian rivers and guiding clients on film making projects in the Canadian Arctic. Its most recent accomplishment was the making of the award winning film "An Arctic Journey" Canoeing the Hood River.

Wood River Canoes - Website on making birch bark canoes and about Wood River Canoe Company

Wooden Canoe Heritage Association - The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association Ltd. (WCHA) is a non-profit membership association devoted to preserving studying building restoring and using wood-canvas cedar strip and birchbark canoes and to disseminating information about canoeing heritage in North America.

Wooden sea kayaks by One Ocean Kayaks - A site dedicated to design and construction of high performance wooden sea kayaks. Plans and manual for One Ocean Kayaks designs are available to do-it-yourself builders including detailed how-to tips, articles about sandwich core principles, epoxy, abrasion fabrics, material resources for builders and hundreds of pictures of kayaks under construction

Woodstrip Woodworking and Boat Building - Quality how-to books about woodstrip woodworking and boat building. Use woodstrips and epoxy to build canoes & kayaks, rowboats & sailboats. Plans included with most books. Online ordering available.

Zeballos Expeditions & Kayaks - A full service kayak outfitter providing rental, tours, water taxi and tour van with kayak transport anywhere on Vancouver Island BC








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