by Dee Finney



Meditation:  I meditated on a vision my spiritual teacher had about the Green Dragon coming up out of the sand in the Middle East.

Q. Is this dragon the same as referred to in the Book of Revelation - Chapter 12?

A. The Chinese are gathering forces against the U.S. which was not meant to be.  I saw an ugly, dark man with only four teeth. He said, "I have all the vegetables imaginable for humankind."

A. It was made by India for use in World War III.

Q. Will the Chinese get involved on Iraq's side?

A. They are already involved.

Q. When will the first bomb be dropped?

A. Would you like to see what it looks like? I then saw the side of a large building. It was a horrible mess. The voice said: "It is not nice to see."

A. I am going to arrange the opponents." I saw a long list of names and between each one, it said, "Range".

A. Voice said, "This is as close as it will come." I saw a black gun, tied back with a thick rope, very taut.

A. Voice said, "Everyone will be afraid of it." I saw a square drawn by hand rounded at the corners, like it was a blank stamp on an envelope.


12-12-91 - VISION - I was resting and found myself on an ocean shore. High waves were coming in. I felt I was on the Atlantic ocean on a cape. The voice said, "This is called, "The Cape of the Clear Water." "The pivot point of the next axial shift will be 43 degrees from the south pole and southwest China.


4-22-92 - DREAM - I was taking over a white house I had just bought. There were many apartments in the house and there was a good side and a bad side. Before I even moved in, I evicted everyone who lived on the bad side. There were men, women, and children. They looked like poor whites. Some official went to the top floor and herded them all out at once.

I then went to inspect the building and met the people on the good side of the house. They were very nice people, some from every nation, Chinese, Japanese, etc.

I looked at the plumbing facilities on the bad side. The people just used buckets underneath the toilet seats and didn't have plumbing. My comment was, "At least they didn't have bugs."

I went to my apartment, one that was very familiar and have been in many times before. When I've been there, it had many wonderful rooms, living quarters, that any person who would ooh and aah over. I always had loved looking at it. NOw that I owned it, I thought to myself what a good time I would have furnishing it, a piece at a time as I could afford.

But, when I went to look at the rooms, to my dismay, the rooms were full of furniture, unmatched, and just setting around any old way like an antique storage room.

I looked at the furniture, and there was nothing wrong with it, but it was of varying styles and wasn't coordinated and nothing stood against the walls where it belonged. So, that would be the first thing I had to do, was to look it all over, sort it, try to coordinate it, and put it where it belonged.


8-30-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin. I had a dream within a dream.

I went to a large gymnasium/auditorium type place where people from many countries had gathered together to sign an accord of some kind. It was getting down to the time when the last holdouts were finally coming forward to sign. The gathering of the Chinese decided to withdraw one last time for a conference before they signed. They withdrew into a place in a building. There were many of them, probably 25 to 40 of them.

We waited for them to re-emerge and come forward and sign the accord, but suddenly we heard a huge explosion from the place they had gone to.

We all ran to see what happened and we looked into the building. There was nothing left. The Chinese had committed Hari Kari so-to-speak and annihilated themselves, rather than sign the accord.


10-13-92 - DREAM - I was in a big school on Wisconsin Ave. I was helping other people pass their tests and give them their grades. I had a huge piece of property that was not developed and my desire was to formalize it, but I walked across it and up a hill to the street where I met people who were playing hooky and entering contests. My two brothers were in front of a ski-shop and they were promoting a 'ski on jello" fun event for late November. I walked on up 16th St. at that point with a lot of foreign people who were on tour. I came to a pile of books that had been set outside and began to look though them.  

Some Chinese men decided to do the same. I glance through the books which were used and set them aside for the men, but I kept two well-worn math books for my children.

I then went on and helped some teenagers with some balance lessons and gain their awards for completion.


11-2-92 - MEDITATION - "The Goddess Norelle, who was in charge of this project has lost her strength."  You would never make it to Wausau."

"Saddam Hussein and the Chinese have gained strength. There is danger of nuclear war."


4-25-93 - DREAM - We had a new baby just born. She was born 9 months to the day of another baby girl, named Emily. The baby weighed 9 lbs. when it was born and was almost the same size as the other one, and they were both dressed in pink dresses, so they looked like twins.

We also had an adopted chiense little boy. He was under two years old. All 3 children had coal black eyes.

I had never taken care of twins before and these kids were a handful, because everyone went away and left me by myself with them. Both the little girls kept crawling under the Christmas tree, trying to ptu the pretty lights into their mouth.

The Chinese boy just wandered around, not knowing what to do.

All 3 needed to be fed. I carried them all to their crib and put up the safety rails, to lay them down, so I could get their bottles for them.

When I came back, one of my bigger kids had come home and put the safety rails back down because he didn't think it was good to pen the babies up.

I was pretty upset because I didn't want them endangered.

I also remembered at that moment that I hadn't telephoned anyone in Washington State yet that I had the babies.

What a handful they were, but they were beautiful.

NOTE: In 1997, we had a granddaughter born and they named her Emily.


7-12-93 - DREAM - I was clerking in a store. A black man was hiding atop a cabinet waiting for closing time to rob us. I discovered him and several people managed to get him down, beat him up a little and get him out of the store. I was the redecorating a room for some Chinese people. They didn't understand English very well so protested and I did the work for them. Throughout this, the Chinese didn't understand our ways and went on strike 4 times. I had to do everything for them.


4-19-95 - VOICE - "We are going to give youa series of events for you to record."

"China and North Vietnam will side together against the U.S. for making nuclear weapons."

"There will be a war in Guatemala with 7,000 deaths."

Then they showed me a handwritten list of 25 events to come, none of which I could read. I asked them to please make it clearer.

They said, "You will be afraid of the final warnings, so we have brought a holy woman into the community.


5-10-95 - DREAM - I hink I was in an apartment building on 16th and Clark Sts. in Milwaukee. Rather than 1 large brick building, it was a series of huge wooden houses attached to each other.

Joe, my maintenance man was with me and we were inspecting the place. I was trying to figure ouut how I could live in two attached apartments ... specifically 101 and 102.

Finally, we went out the back door and around the north side of the building. The wooden building, which was an assortment of houses attached in a row, were all painted forest green and the Asian people of various countries ... meaning Chinese, Japanese, Phillipino, Korean, Vietnamese ... each had built porches, gardens of amazing complicated structures on the alley side and each one was more beautiful than the last.

They all invited me to visit the place, but I declined. I went back into the building then where I had exited and Joe and I went for a walk over to 17th St. to where the elderly people lived in their low-income places.

We went into a building where I was amazed how small the units were. They all had their windows and doors open to the hallway trying to get a breath of air because the units they lived in were so small.

Each person had a bedroom and bath and they all opened into a hallway with a common livingroom and kitchen. None seemed happy because it was too hot in there and there was no air movement.


10-15-97 - DREAM - Over and over and over I was told to copy the Pickard Website  until I could do it effortlessly. I don't know how many times I did this, but I would wake up, fall asleep and keep doing it under the instructions of someone.

#2 - DREAM - I went down to 61st and Center Sts with a woman  to have my car looked at to see what was wrong with it. The man there realized the car had been worked on there before. He was going to determine if it needed to be replaced or not.

From there I went with the same woman and Becky. They wanted to look at jewelry, but that seemed a waste of my time and I met some other people I decided to go to the fair with. A man named Norman decided he wanted to go to Capital Drive.

I escaped from his car at a garage when he stopped for gas. I got to the bathroom and found I was naked. I ran from the bathroom to bathroom to hide myself until I made it somewhere on the East side where I got another car

As I drove on Center St. a grey car pulled out in front of me and blocked my car. So, I came to a stop so I wouldn't hit him, he pulled out a machine gun and started to shoot at me through the windshield. I shone a flashlight in his face and he couldn't hit me.

I escaped and went up to Capital Drive where it was dark. I forgot to signal my turn and I didn't have my headlights on. I was surprised I didn't get arrested. I drove back down to Center St. where another car pulled in front of me and started to shoot at me through the windshield. Again I shone the flashlight in his face and he couldn't get me.

This happened 4 times total. Each time the shooter was oriental.

I then got out of my car and ran up the stairs to escape but the Orientals followed me. I saw the boss man Chairman Mao and some of his henchmen coming up the stairs. He intended to kill me personally.

A tall, thin, Chinese man and a tall, thin, Chinese woman came down the hall acting like they were drunk. They blocked the stairway where Chairman Mao was coming up.

The Chinese woman began to sing a Chinese religion song which by tradition forced Chairman Mao and the others to put their hands up in the air and close their eyes. When they closed their eyes, the all, thin, Oriental man told me to run to the right down the hall and go into another room and use the Pickar technique to escape.

#3 - DREAM/VISION - I saw a list of numbers from 1 through 36.

#2 had the word "Processing" next to it.
#14 had the word "Order" next to it.
#34 had the word "selection" next to it.
#35 had the word "wisdom" next to it.


2-6-98 - DREAM - I spent the night at the computer, working on a web page. I took a file from Joe's computer and attached it to mine. They told me that the file I needed was as rare as Chinese pastry. They showed me how to attach the file and rearrange the list. (I don't know what the subject of the file is)


3-11-98 - NOTE; I was thinking about sending a message with all posts on these messages when I got a voice message, "There are earlier writings which are not yet known".

 I could feel the size of the man who was giving me the messages. He was very large in stature. It felt as though he were larger than myself and I am nearly 6 feet tall myself.

I was then overhearing a teenage couple. They were sitting at a long table. "I'm going to stay in high school," she said. He answered, "Then I'm going to stay with you."

I was then hearing something in Chinese but could not understand it.

VISION: I was seeing Todd from "One Life to Live". He was standing up and his female attorney who was sitting down. She said, "If I were you, I would get the heck out of Dodge."


12-18-98 - DREAM - Joe and I were in bed sleeping in one of the bedrooms I grew up in as a child. The door was closed. I heard a noise by the door and immediately felt scared. I crept out of bed and snatched open the door. There was no one there. The light was on in my Father's room so I went across the hall and a young Chinese girl was just crawling into my Father's bed. (I did not see him in bed with her.) She was all upset. I asked her what was wrong. She showed me a note she had received. It said something about a man with a beard had been seen with a young white boy and now the government wasn't going to pay the Indian Tribes rent.

I didn't understand that. She was still upset so I asked her if she wanted to crawl into bed with me. She said, "No!" so I left the room.

For some reason I went into the other bedroom I slept in as a child. The door was closed and I was down on my knees doing something on the floor and I heard a noise by the door and got all scared again. Since I was right by the door I snatched it open and there was no one there. But the light was on in my Father's room soo I went across the hall and the Chinese girl was just crawling into my Father's bed. She was all upset. I asked her what was wrong. She said that she had been accused of taking 9 different kinds of cheese. I hadn't heard of more than 7, so I didn't understand that. I again asked her if she wanted to crawl into bed with me. she said, "No!" I left the room and when I opened the door to my own room I woke up.


1-7-99 - DREAM - I seemed to be the manager of an apartment building. I was walking in the hallway trying to decide if I wanted to go to the bank or the post office or both. It was a pretty long walk so I decided not to, but would wait until I had my car and drive there.

I had a small enamel white kettle with a red rim that some green vegetable had been soaked in. The food was eaten but the liquid was still in it. I was trying to figure out where I could set it down without taking it all the way back to my apartment.

I set it down by a stairway. I saw some old people leaving through a dark brown side door, but they slipped out the door before I could speak to them.

Another old couple was moving some antique furniture out of their crowded apartment. I thought I saw that they had an ironing board with a colorful orange cover on it. I needed an ironing board, so I spoke to them and said, "Are you getting rid of this stuff? I need one of those!"  I touched what I thought was the ironing board, and it turned into a Chinese lacquered cabinet of orange with black serpents painted all over it. I was disappointed that it wasn't an ironing board, but these people now though I had knowledge of ancient Chinese mythology and creation from the serpents and I heard the husband and wife saying to each other, "I'm really impressed with her, she has all this knowledge about the serpents.

They were taking their stuff outside to a rummage sale and they had a round table with piles of old magazines on it. I was interested in the magazines. They had green pages with piano music on some of the pages. They wanted me to have the magazines but they wanted $1.50 each for them. They didn't have that much value to me and there was a woman watching over the rummage area so I couldn't just take them.

I walked over further where there were clotheslines hung with clothing and colorful sheets hanging. I was looking for patterns of fabric I could use for quilts. I saw some I wanted but I didn't have my purse, so I went to get it. The purse was stuffed with cash and checks so I went back to buy the dresses and sheets I liked. Just as I got back there, other women were buying what  wanted.  I was just a moment too late. I was disappointed. Most everything had been sold before I came back with my money, so I bought nothing and started walking back home.

I came into my own building and saw some tall college-age men coming towards me. They were all about 9 feet tall and so handsome with booming bass voices. They were alternately reciting Shakespeare-type poetry and talking about how they wanted a friend who could be a non-sexual friend to just enjoy their company.

I didn't feel old, but figured they would see me as 60 years old and they wouldn't be interested in letting me be that person. I felt disappointed that I was too old to enjoy that relationship with them.

When they reached the door, they turned around and began coming along behind me. I walked through a large wooden door that had a black serpentine wooden handle in the center of the door. I pushed open the door and went through. Instantly I saw that my clothing was falling off. I clutched my bra to my body to cover myself. I knew these guys were right behind me and would be coming through that same door in a second and I didn't want them to see me this way. I saw some maintenance room doors on the right and quickly pushed open a rickety wooden door and rushed through it. As I did, I saw it was a stairway going up to the next floor. As I came to the stairway and began to go up it, a beautiful young, lithe dancing girl with long dark hair separated out of myself.

I was able to speak with her as she gracefully moved alongside of myself.She was totally naked and I saw that she had white sesame-like seeds hanging all over her body around the waist and up her body to her neck, and around her neck. I was rather grossed out and asked her what it was.She said, "These are seeds. If you take a few and put them on your livingroom table and sprinkle Folic Acid on them, they become human fetuses.

That made perfect sense to me and I knew I needed to pass that information along to a good friend of mine who wanted to be pregnant.

NOTE: When  I talked to my friend in the morning, she told me that her doctor had just recommended the same thing to her the day before.


4-20-99 - DREAM - At the beginning of this dream I remembered I had a new baby but that I couldn't remember having fed her. I went to get her out of her crib and she was only two inches long. I felt really guilty for having neglected her, but I was so busy trying to clean my huge house, I didn't have time to feed her. I asked my grown daughter to give her some cereal and handed the baby to her to feed. Meanwhile I was doing the dishes and wiping crumbs off of all the surfaces where the other kids had eaten which seemed to be everywhere there was a flat surface including the bed which I had to do before her father came home again.

While I was cleaning and doing the dishes, I managed to spill and knock over 5 jars of strawberry jam at various points in the dream.

My daughter took the baby away with her and then brought her back again. she was about 6 inches long now. It seems my daughter had been to school and all the kids were from various foreign countries.

After my daughter gave the baby back to me, a whole bus load of foreign students and teachers came to the house to see how we were doing things here. I wasn't ready to have them see the house because I wasn't done cleaning yet. It was evident that harvest time had arrived because there was a table outside lined with many plants and there were what looked like garlic bulbs laying on the ground that had been cut from the plants. (This is not the way garlic grows) I cleaned this area as well and gave the baby back to my daughter to feed while I was doing this. I told her to give her some cereal. She was now about 8 inches tall.

At this point, I saw the babies name was p-b____  and had an instantaneous flash vision of an Indian chieftain wearing a war bonnet. Immediately following it, I had a vision of the name of the country China and that she was ready to go to war.

I continued to clean and knocked the 5th jar of strawberries to the floor. I was full of strawberries all over my hands now. I had to continue cleaning but I discovered that the baby still hadn't been fed and she was now about a foot tall, so I went to get her.

As I was putting her into the highchair to feed her, she said clearly, "WITNESS!"  I was shocked. I said, "Oh! You can talk!" and she clearly again said, "WITNESS!" and I put her into her highchair to feed her.


4-27-99 - DREAM - I was in an office and my old friend Sandy gave me a hand typed manual that had been done in Chinese in black paper with white ink. There was a man of some kind on one of the sheets in the middle of the book. I had a translation sheet there and was translating from Chinese to English and didn't want anyone to know I was doing this. I was running out of time before other people showed up and might ask what I was doing. I stood up when other people began arriving and looked at some files at the back of this manual which were in English. Inside the files were forms for personnel to fill out . I looked to see if there was anything of a secret information nature there and there was nothing but blank forms.

NOTE:  The U.S. government discovered a Chinese spy at one of their government offices and accused him of stealing secret nuclear information.  I believe this investigation was ongoing when I had his dream.


5-26-99 - DREAM - EVER SEE A BUILDING SING?  I was standing out on the sidewalk in front of a building that had wide double doors made of steel and glass. I remember thinking, "This building looks like an auditorium.  Then the front of the building morphed so that it looked like the face of a sad dog was inside the building. It was blue and white, cartoon-like, not like a brown dog. It sang a song like, "Don't Let The World Get You Down!!!   When the song was done, I went inside the building and it was a large restaurant.

The head owner/chef was Chinese. One of the waitresses which was from another foreign country had quit. She was of Jewish nationality. the owner decided to shift the position of the other waitresses who were sitting at a square table. The girl who was Korean or Asian was very upset to be shifted to a lessor position. I asked the owner/chef if Alice (the waitresses name) could work from a different position which was better though the table was scorched in front of her. He said, "No!" He turned the light off in the kitchen and was bemoaning his fate. I took the Korean girl by the hand.She seemed very frail. I wanted her to come with me and encourage the restaurant owner/chef to remain open. I pointed out to him that is was almost noon and the lunch crowd would soon be in. The clock on the wall showed about 5 minutes to 12. He was shaking his head in the negative. The Korean girl, instead of standing with me in support of the Chinese owner/chef handed in her resignation and walked out. The Chinese owner/chef closed the restaurant. He would no longer serve the people.


5-26-99 - EXPERIENCE/VISION/DREAM - In the physical world, I went online and was contacted by a male friend who said he had a dream page, so I went to look at it. I liked it and asked him if he'd like to join my dream web ring. He said "Yes!", so I put him on it. I then got really tired so I lay down to see what was going on in the spirit world I needed to know.

As I lay on the bed, I heard three high pitched beeps. They kind of ended like a truck backing up type of beep, but the pitch was higher than that. I was hyper-alert to hear it again but I didn't.

I then had a vision of the dream page I had just looked at on the computer. On the page it said, "These dreams on this page are worth $1,075."  It was written in red.  I then saw the date "1199" .  I rather thought, "WOW!"  Three dreams are worth $1,075." Thinking about that and that date, I slipped into a dream.

In the dream, it was Saturday and I was working in an office. I was working at my own pace in the Purchasing office. I was a typist clerk. The boss was R.R. or someone like him. . . tall, dark, large, Italian, Mafioso type person. He said he had been called by a buyer in France who wanted a price on a piece of steel. It was my job to type up the request and get the price and the boss wanted it TODAY!

I was more interested in telling someone about my Chinese Restaurant dream of this morning which I new was prophetic and Joe wasn't interested for some reason. . . even antagonistic, saying he wanted to sleep and I should be more considerate. I wanted to tell the others on-line who also have prophetic dreams.

So, I got up from my desk to go find someone to tell my dream to. I went to another building. I didn't see the outside of it or perhaps it was just another room in the building I was already in.

I saw two things  . . . a church-like window high above my head and a white diamond ring I wanted.

As I gazed up at the window which I'm remembering as blue, red, and other colors in a sort of Fleur de lis pattern surrounded by diamonds, but perhaps I'm remembering that because I want it to be that.

I heard a woman's voice say, "Be careful of  E and B. They work on the dark side."

I turned and I was in a room with some dark skinned women. Not, black, but they were kind of brown. They were either French, Italian, or Mexican and I keep thinking Haitian, Voo Doo, though that wouldn't fit the dream.

There were actually two women here, one thin and one more chubby. The dark skin and black hair felt comfortable like I was like that too though I didn't look down to see.

They were eager to support me emotionally with my dream so I didn't go over to the dark side.

My boss called me again. He said he realized it was Saturday and if I would get him that price for the man in France, he would give me my choice of rings for free. I had already seen the ring I wanted. It was #15. (pictured above)  The boss told me that all I had to do was pick out the ring I wanted and he'd send in the steel plate for that ring and order it for me.

He reached in his pocket and brought out a big ring of rings. There was like a steel plate. . . the rough shape of an artist's easel for each ring but all the ring samples were also on this ring. He dropped the ring of rings on the floor and I bent over and picked it up. I told him I wanted #15 and showed him the ring I wanted on the end and he could give me this one, so he did, and I put it on  my right hand.

Instead of going to work though, I went to a large school with the women. Out in the school yard was the statue of the head master who started the school. It had his name, the country. . . FRANCE, and the dates May 25, 1189 - Nov. 11, 1199.

I said, "Who is the head master of this school?"  The women didn't know the answer, but then I was by the door which was supposed to be locked, but the door was propped open by a small round stone, about 2 - 3 " round diameter. Two little giggling girls were holding the inner door open as well. So there was an outer and inner door in order to get into this school.

We went inside and went upstairs. This was like a bathroom area and there was a shower stall with the shower head stretched way out on the metal conduit so that the water was spraying full force on the hallway floor.

Being the maintenance supervisor that I always am, I went into the shower stall to put this shower head where it belonged. It would not cooperate with me. It was like a snake and I struggled to subdue it and finally did.

I then went with the two women into a side room where I was going to tell them my Chinese dream. We were standing together and I said I wanted to take a shower first. I took off my clothes and wrapped a towel around me and walked across the hall to the shower stall where I had struggled with the shower head.

When I got into the shower stall, a maintenance man who was dark skinned and chubby that matched the color of the chubby dark skinned girl, came into the shower. At this point, I was holding the towel in front of me and told him to get out so I could take a shower. He didn't say anything but seemed leave, but I heard a sound behind me and there stood a tall dark - black haired man like the black man on One Life to Live. (His name is              ) He had a black mustache and beard kind of like a goatee. He said in a low pitched voice, "I'm the Head Master. You can get down on your knees and suck me off."

I didn't see his face clearly, but I said, "Yes!"  and I dropped to my knees in obedience. I grabbed him and pulled him down on top of me. He was like in shock or something from the eager sounds I heard coming from his throat. He started kissing me between my breasts and I could feel his mustache and beard scratching me. It felt good and agony at the same time and I realized he was sucking on my chest like he was trying to suck my heart out.

I pulled his head up to my mouth and we started kissing passionately, open mouthed, sucking and breathing each other's breath. I was having a wonderful time and we kept this up until I gradually woke up with a headache like my eyeballs had been sucked out of my head.


5-31-99 - DREAM - I was sending links of metaphysical and ESSIAC (every 3rd link) to my friend Ruth. As I was waking up, wondering why I was sending these files to Ruth. I had a vision of the word 'CANCER'.

I then went into a dream in which I was putting away or sending underwear to the top of a desk which was representing a post office box. There was a hole in the door of this upper desk which we hadn't repaired and it would have to be repaired before I moved out.

All of a sudden it seemed there was a 'ghost' in the upper desk and while I was storing the underwear into the desk, it actually pulled a white bra into the hole.

Then the door evaporated completely and handed me three little objects like a receipt. The only object I recognized was a large chinese stamp with the number 7cents on it.

On the floor was three books that had to be taken back to the library was a huge picture book with a black and white picture on the front of an Indian Tribe.


6-1-99 - DREAM - In a dream I was introduced to a man where I was in a car garage where you could get spare cars delivered so you didn't have to sit around and wait.

The young solid blonde kid who delivered the cars called himself GODZILLA.  Through these men, I got access to ALL the e-mail name lists to ALL the masters. I saw one name as mhkte@gte.net

NOTE: I tested this e-mail name and it bounced as no one by that name.

In the garage, I met a little red guy about 6 inches tall who was in a cage with a little 6 inch white guy. These guys were considered servants. The little red guy tried to reach up and get out of the little cage. I slapped his fingers and commanded him, "You have to stay in there for the duration!"

Later, he was in the kitchen and he was pretty magical. He could leap up onto the cabinets and in one leap and could control objects with just a thought and undo accidents.

The little red guy, whose e-mail name was bangbang@atomic.bomb complained to his supervisor that he was tired of all these spiritual beings gathering together because he had to work harder and harder. His superior was a Chinese guy with a solid build.

I was able to lucid dream and save the master e-mail list so I can call it up at will.

NOTE: I had a final vision "CANNON ARRESTED".


7-3-99 - DREAM - In this dream within a dream, there was an ice storm and I was helping rock a car back and forth with my hands to move the car from where it was stuck so it could go forwards.

It seems I woke up and went about my day and the same thing happened for real. I'm not sure this was Joe (my honey) but I think so. There had been an ice storm and the event was the same as my dream, so I planned to go out and help rock the car, to get the car unstuck and move it forward, but he was racing the engine as hard as he could and it broke out of the ice drift and shot forward while I was still several feet away.

I noticed then that the left half of the car was missing and Joe was driving just the right half of the car.

I mentioned this to him. He said, "Yeah! Some thieves came along and took that half, but that was okay because that was the half that came from T.M. I was worried about the stuff I had in the car and he said, "You don't have to worry, your driver's license, keys, and all that is in the garage. I saw it there. They didn't take that.

I was relieved. We went to a restaurant then for breakfast. It was run by a Chinese guy. It almost seems that this was not a normal scene because it has blue overtones in my mind. The Chinese restaurant owner had a blue flame coming out of the stove, however he refused to cook because I had dreamed of a fire and he believed in my dreams. He was told by the owner that he HAD to feed the people but if Dolores' (me) dream said there would be a fire if he cooked, he was NOT going to cook no matter what anybody else said.

I looked out the door and saw a dark atmosphere outside and knew he had just prevented a huge fire in his restaurant.

I then went home and was in the livingroom, looking down into my fish tank. I had lots of goldfish in it, and they seemed to have human expressions on their faces. Half of the water was gone. I saw this and felt like I had just awakened and had forgotten I was working on the fish tank. I took a black kettle (that's what I normally use) to go get some fresh water and dozens of fish jumped out of the fish tank into the kettle to go along for the ride so they'd get to the water sooner. I kinda freaked out but knew they'd be okay if I got them to the water quickly.  There were so many goldfish, a few fell off the rim of the kettle on the way to the water spigot. I saw them fall and decided to keep going and pick up the fallen goldfish on the way back to the tank with the water.

The water spigot was in the middle of the livingroom floor. There were several other people there to help me.  I turned on the water. Inside the kettle, the water was white and thick. It looked like oatmeal color to me.

A whole bunch of goldfish fell out of the kettle on the floor. I had to hurry to get the water back to the big tank and I had to concern myself with the goldfish that were still in the kettle too.

A young man standing there said, "Don't worry!"  He took a slotted spoon and scooped some fish back into the kettle, but there was a huge black wide mouth bass amongst the fish now and he didn't fit in the spoon and fell out, knocking some other fish back onto the floor.

I had to hurry back to the tank and at the same time, I saw the young man struggling with the black wide mouth bass. It's huge mouth was gaping open. It wouldn't fit in the spoon, so the young man tried to use a larger flat cooking spatula and the big fish just slid off. He tried and tried to get this fish on the spatula, but the fish began to fall apart. I could see its spine and bones back by the tail, it's flesh was turning white and falling off the bones. It was dying. The big mouth just gaped open.

I couldn't stop to worry about it. I had to get the little goldfish back into the tank with fresh water. I knew too, that these fish would grow big like that one day too. I couldn't sacrifice all the little goldfish to save one big black wide mouth bass.


8-12-99 - (This was one of those weird events where I got too tired to sit at my computer and was forced to lay down)

8-12-99 - VOICE - "He moved the girl he mothered to Washington".

8-12-99 - VISION - I saw a girl dress all in white, sitting on the floor on the right in lotus position. A voice said, "If you want to think of East as good and West as bad, there is a new cosmic concept!"

8-12-99 - VISION - I saw a Chinese girl sitting on the floor in lotus position on the left, wearing a white tunic and black loose fitting pants.

8-12-99 - VISION - I saw the words, "COSMIC ENERGY"

8-12-99 - VISION - I saw a woman's hand from the left, holding a round silver clasp. (These are usually used on children's clothing) It has a bump in the center and holes for sewing thread around the edges.  I heard the words, "Cosmic Energy"

8-12-99 - VISION - I saw a car going down the road with a woman hanging out the right front door. She was hanging onto the car but had her legs bent like a leaping deer.

8-12-99 - VISION - I saw three Chinese women levitated above the ground in lotus position. They were on the right and seated in a triangle shape with each other.

8-12-99 - DREAM - I washed my hair and set it in ringlets all over my head with bobby pins.  I then wrapped my head in a yellow bandana.

I went to see a friend of mine who looked at my hair, took a comb and some kind of gadget to wrap some of the top hair which showed above the bandana and shoved a wooden-like skewer into it. She had to actually pound it in.

Another woman came to visit who lived in the same building. She sat facing me. She said, "You know I broke up with my boyfriend! I live above Monique and David. His mother said I'm responsible for David's diabetes."  She paused and then laughed. "Well! We did have 12 martinis you know. I LOVE those little onions!"

I was rather astonished at the amount of martinis she consumed.

The the other woman came back and tapped on the skewer in my hair and took it out. We then proceeded to take the bandana and all the pins out of my hair. My hair was still rather wet and it hung limp, half way down to my waist. It looked rather black while it was wet.

The woman said, "Do you want me to cut your hair?"

I said, "No! But I have to do something with it."

My hair was hanging straight down in every direction off the top of my head, including in my face.  

I said, "I just don't know what to do with it!"



9-3-99 - DREAM - This was a long disjointed dream, perhaps several dreams.

I was walking west on Lincoln Ave. and discovered that T.J. and Sabrina had moved into a white house on Lincoln Ave. right by my doctor's office.

I had been sitting in the waiting room of the doctor's office with another woman. There were a lot of kids playing there.

A magazine I was holding started making a crying noise like a child. I opened it up and saw a gold hair barrette shaped like a large gold folded ribbon with a gold mirrored makeup compact on it.

The woman I was with took the magazine and the compact and put it back together and gave it back to the nurse who worked in the doctor's office.

I was disappointed I couldn't keep it, and the nurse was surprised it had been returned to her.

I then walked home which was out Lincoln Ave. to the west. I was sitting outside, at a small square table looking at a piece of cardboard where I could see that the package for the compact/ribbon hair barrette had originally been bought, paid for and wrapped up at my house.  While I was looking at it, three small Chinese ladies came up to me and returned the hair barrette which the nurse sent over. I showed the Chinese women the original cutout cardboard and they smiled that all was right and proper now.

I was then in a house and saw that T.J. had moved in. There was no parking places outside so the owner showed him that he had a garage place inside the building that neon of s had seen before. So T.J. backed his beautiful new blue truck into the garage space which it fit perfectly into. (The garage was a separate building built into the basement of the house)



I was walking towards home and when I turned the corner, in my yard, along with my two dogs, a white terrier/poodle mix named Coco, and my treasured Collie name Duchess (her real name was Duchess, Lady of Shadow Lane) (both dogs now deceased) AND what looked like a baby black goat.

Yet, it didn't look quit like a goat either, more like a skinny Scotty Terrier, yet not quite like that either. It's head looked like a long narrow baby horses head with a larger snout and mouth. It was built solid, sturdy, and was pitch black and ran as fast as the dogs could chase it, and it climbed the fence and jumped over into the arms of a girl walking by.

I slapped my left thigh with my left hand and both dogs came running to me, bounding around playfully to greet me. I walked up to the fence and apologized to the girl for my dogs chasing her pet.

I had no idea what kind of animal this was and told her I wanted one. She said, "Oh! They are only $25."

I instantly knew I had to have whatever they were. I asked her if I could hold it and she held it up to me and plunked it on my chest like a puppy. It felt heavy. She assured me it only weighed 25 pounds. It snuggled up to me like a lovable puppy, BUT, it wasn't a puppy.

I asked her what is was.  She said they were called ISSAQUAH EQUINE!

I just knew I had to have one. I walked along with her to her house and lo and behold, she had more of them. She had three black colts, the same size I had held. The two parents were there too. One was a pitch black stallion and the mare was golden with a white snout and mouth. They were a little larger than a full size large goat, maybe a little taller.

The girl said she had been just like me, and her and her sister Susy went to the woman's house with the intention of getting just one baby and ended up getting the whole family... two adults and 3 colts. "The woman had more!" she said.

But she had to built tall fences because these animals could climb fences, they had to be caged with a top on it, not just side fencing.

That sounded expensive to install, so I went back home to think about it.

I went into the house (nowhere I have ever lived) I saw some stray candy wrappers on the floor and bent over to pick them up and they blew away from my outstretched fingers. As they tumbled, they glinted rather in rainbow changing colors. I started to laugh as every time I got close to picking them up, some breeze came out of nowhere and the wrapper would roll and glint with different colors.

Finally, I got all the way across the room where the sun was shining in and I was able to pick them up. I carried them to the kitchen to throw them away and have some cereal for breakfast. I was intending to have some Rice Krispies as I usually do.

My mother was there . . . in the guise of Victoria Carpenter from One Life to Live (TV Show) She was eating breakfast while doing some accounting paperwork. It looked like she was eating a bowl of cottage cheese with a half canned peach on top upsidedown.

That looked kind of good. I told her I was going to eat breakfast and she handed me her bowl, telling me she had had enough. When she handed the bowl to me, it looked like a bowl of 100 or so miniature white chinese fortune cookies with a half a sun on top, but it morphed instantly back to cottage cheese and a half a peach when I looked again.

We started to talk about food and she mentioned a neighbor who didn't care what she and her husband ate as long as they ate something and she told me that it was apparent that nutrition didn't matter within marriage.


October 27, 1999 - DREAM -  It started out at home, that I had forgotten I had a job and was walking around in my green and white striped bathrobe. (This is my own). After I remembered that I had a job, I was making excuses in my mind that other people get sick and don't call in and one missed day wasn't so bad, etc.  However, once I remembered I had a job, I had to go in which I did and then tried to pretend that I had been there all the time, they just hadn't seen me.

I was on my way to my office and kept getting waylayed by various people who wanted me to look at this or that and give my opinion on it like it really counted.

I had to walk through an auditorium/lunchroom type place and I was still changing clothes from my bathrobe to office attire. I was naked from the waist up, but holding two short sleeved sweaters in front of me, one beige and one white one. I was trying to pretend this was normal and everybody did this.  

I saw someone was taking care of my baby daughter and feeding it some milk from a bottle. Other people were keeping me so busy I couldn't do this myself so I relented and allowed others to do this. I tried to keep my eye on who had her, but finally I lost track of her completely. A lot of the people had left and I had no idea where she was.

I went into a closet like area where other clothes were hanging on hangers and pulled one of the sweaters over my head. However, when it came down over my body, it wasn't at all like the sweaters I had been carried. This outfit was green, orange,and yellow and was like a Halloween costume and it seemed Chinese. It went all the way down to the tops of my shoes.  I started to laugh because I had never seen anything like this before.  Some men came by and asked my opinion on something they were doing and I showed them my outfit while laughing, and they laughed too, but as they walked away, I heard one guy say, "That really wasn't funny at all."

At that point, a woman came near me and showed me that her skin was hard like stone. However, she was walking around okay anyway like everyone else.

A moment later, I was nearing my office and a woman, dressed like a detective with a slouch hat pulled half way over her face and a trench coat on, came up to me and told me that my baby had been taken to the hospital.  It had been found out that someone who had been feeding her, had put liquid chalk into the bottle and was attempting to fill my child's system with chalk to make her like stone and kill her.   However, they were able to pump her stomach at the hospital and that she would be fine.  

I thanked the woman and continued on towards my office. I passed by my bosses office whose door was open and I could hear him talking to someone on the phone. I sneaked past his door and got to my own door. There was a mailbox on the outside wall there and there were gifts and flowers all over the place. I couldn't even get in the door without picking them all up and carrying them.  However, other women were still asking my opinion on things and stopping me from actually going into the office.

At this point, I started having visions within the dream, rather superimposed over the scene. The first one was "The Chinese Phonic Afterlife".  

After I got into my office, there were stuffed animals all over the desk and I had to rearrange them on the floor behind me. There was a big colorful rabbit and one was a white elephant pulling a white two wheeled cart behind him.

I finally managed to turn around to begin work and saw another vision as I woke up, it said, "The Phonic Life".


Note: I've probably forgotten some details... like the things I was asked my opinion on, but the visions of the Phonic Life were very prominent towards the end and I know they are correct.


11-4-99 - VISION/VOICE - "Just because of Korea, Russia, and China...I wouldn't necessarily condemn New York, Washington, and New Jersey."

(There was another statement like it but I can't remember it)

NOTE: Does this refer to the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City, and the Pentagon in Washington, DC.  on Sept. 11, 2001?  The third plane crashed in Pennsylvania - heading for Washington, Dc. it is thought.


12-2-99 - DREAM - ET Dream twice - I was dreaming of a web page about an ET with the date 1977 on it and that it might have a different name also and perhaps a different language as well.


12-2-99 - DREAM - I went with a male friend to a large house where there was a very large man living. He was supposed to be the ET from the above dream. The deal was made to buy a car from  him for $300.  My friend had to leave the room and left his check book on the long diningroom table and I ended up signing my name in the check book for the car because we couldn't wait for my friend to return. I saw that I had a very large amount of money in an envelope at that time also.  I told nobody that I had this money.

The man turned out to be a 7 foot tall Chinese man and when my friend left, he took it upon himself to think that he was going to be able to make love to me . . . and I let him in no uncertain terms that this was NOT going to happen and told him off. He had actually grabbed me by the legs and pulled me on the floor.

I was very afraid at that moment and went outside to wait for my friend.  Outside in the alley way, there was a couple of items that had been thrown away. One was a bunch of red fireworks type things that were tied together. . . about 3 feet long... and  I saw a mirror-like thing on the end of a large barrel that was laying on its side and I was able to pry it loose and stand it up against the building. The mirror grew in size when I stood it up. It was at tall as I was. When I did that, I saw that there was a pink web-like covering over it and I was able to get this off by pulling upward on it. When I did, the mirror was incredible... it was so clear... yet it made everything in it very small...rather like a fun-house mirror.  So, when you were standing in front of it... a 6 foot person looked 6 inches tall and very far away.  

I saw some people coming down the street and began to laugh how little they were in the mirror.  It also then appeared that people acted like their real selves in the mirror... and one of the adults actually got down on the floor and acted like a snake-type creature.

The original tall 7 foot man came out of the house and he was now 7 inches tall and he wasn't so obnoxious when he saw how little he was.

A man there showed me a book that was red and it was full of secrets about the Chinese man and his people. He was anxious to tell these secrets but couldn't and I agreed to keep the book for him. He left me with the book. Even the pages inside were all red. I could see no writing, but the secrets were there... hidden.

I then went to a house. . . which looked inside like the layout of my New Berlin house, but this was a little different.  A home decorator came in to make recommendations for the remodeling ... color changes, etc. At first it looked like a simple matter of adding a contrasting color to a sofa pillow. The pillow and couch were all green, so I told her it would be nice to put a yellow or orange fringe on the pillow and she agreed. However, then we saw how much remodeling really had to be done. The backs of chairs looked like they were shredded by a large cat ... or lion.  Huge shreds. The walls looked like wallpaper and were also green and had imprints in them like the owner had used a hot iron on them and burned the outline right on the walls and floor.  I noticed that the ceiling of the diningroom had rounded angles at each corner... like you might see on a second floor room because of the roof coming down in the corners... but this was a first floor room and I knew there was a bedroom with a flat floor above it. The decorator lamented that the ceiling was 18 feet high.  I assured her that the bedrooms above it were only 8 feet.


12-8-99 - DREAM - I was seeing a web page of links about China, then came across one with 40 links about China... at this point I became lucid and was trying to think about those links and each link I clicked on with an imaginary mouse clicker created a sharp stabbing pain in my leg above the knees about mid-thigh.


12-29-99 - DREAMS - I think this might be Y2K related but don't know for certain.

I was seeing a computer screen with empty boxes representing various countries. It began with Japan and then China. The boxes seemed to be sized according to the problems they had. It was my job to close the box with a pin prick like it was a balloon. I bypassed Japan and China, continued on down the list of smaller boxes by pinpricking them and eliminating them. I didn't pinprick Japan and China because I would feel too guilty if I did that.

I then went into a people dream in which Japanese and Chinese people were involved. There was a major man and woman couple. I'm not sure the man was of that nationality but the woman was Japanese, very pretty. We went into a large room where I was to choose from handmade cloth goods of various kinds which I did. I chose various things and what I didn't choose, other women were allowed to pick from and take with them. I was going to let go two large square dark red hot pads with black insulation on the back, but at the last second decided to keep them. When I left the room, all the goods were left on a pile by the side of the road for others to take.

During this time, the male companion of the Japanese woman was with me and he acted like he had chosen me over her. However, when I was finished choosing goods, she dove out a window seemingly to her death, but we didn't see her after she landed on the ground. Her male companion, though he looked like he was sick or dying, decided to go after her, and scaled down the side of the building after her and fell the last few stories down. We didn't see him again either.

I was rather sad to see him go and was worried he was dead, however, another young man came along to take his place and I soon forgot about him.

We then took a lunch break and again there was a Japanese woman and other people at these round tables which were set with lunch and each table had a round cheesecake. We all loved cheesecake, and though there were other tables, the Japanese woman and I decided to share one slice of cheesecake so I divided it into quarters and we each got a quarter of it. I scooped it up into my mouth with my fingers. There were other tables with other cheesecakes we could have gone after but didn't. We just stayed at our own table.

The choosing of the goods began again with the Chinese people. There were many people there of Chinese ethnicity, and they followed closely behind my choosing of goods. They quickly took everything I didn't choose.

Finally as I was waking up, I had a vision of two words, 'YOU'RE HYPNOTIZED'.  I then was back to the computer screen where the empty boxes were and I pinpricked China and woke up instantly.


1-17-00 - VISIONS -  I saw myself being dressed by someone else. They put me first into a dark blue sweater, followed by a dark blue quilted jacket with a square edged front edging of flowers. I was thinking it was Chinese.

I then saw a sports-type scene and a voice told me that _____ Mason was chosen for the team. He came in #18.


1-21-00 - DREAMS - I was seeing a computer screen with animated red lines going across the screen. The term used was '240 cycles'. I don't know what it referred to.

Another dream seemed to be about the Chinese people or China, but I can't remember the dream at all.

I decided to look up the term "240 cycles" on the internet. Besides some junk files, one file was about music, one was about tachychardia of the heart, and one was about NASA.

I wanted the one about music to be the right one so I spent the morning looking up files about music theory since I'm working on a file about sound.

I still didn't feel comfortable about the meaning of the "240 cycles" so I decided to meditate on the term.  This is what I saw and heard:

#1 - I saw four sizes of bullets or missiles, starting with a small one on the left getting progressively large towards the right.

#2 - I put my thumb on the 1st one and a voice said, "Oh! That's the micro-lockout thing."

#3 - Then I saw some guys . . . older teens or young 20's. There were 5 of them. Three of them were sitting on a long table with their legs hanging over the edge. Two were standing. . . one to the left, one to the right. They were wearing baseball caps on backwards, at least had on white shorts. They wore T shirts and oversize sports shoes. They were having an argument or loud discussion with each other.  (I couldn't understand the words.)

#4 - "Nuclear weapons!"

#5 - "Funerals!"

#6 - Two men were arguing with each other. One said, "Can you tell me what's going on here?" The other guy said, "Bills and more bills!"

#7 - "Rumours of war!"

#8 - "The legal system is messy!"

#9 - I saw an older man sitting behind a large desk. He was wearing a medium blue long sleeved shirt. I think he wore a tie, but not sure. He was in a large business type office, but I couldn't see the background walls of it. He said in a deep voice, "You asked a question and the answer was 'No'! Now the answer is 'Yes!' Can't you wait until you notify your own countries men?"

#10 - I saw a man in a white shirt sitting on a long table similar to the young men earlier. He said, "It's coded in 3  . . . Agnus Dei!"   (The meaning of Agnus Dei sacrament)

NOTE: According to the tradition, the Agnus Dei sacrament has not been used since 1964 and since only a Pope can consecrate the wax used in this ceremony, and no Pope has done it, there is NO Agnus Dei available. It is only done during Easter week Saturday.

#11 - I saw the words ...' It's the 4th move Mr. Schultz!'

#12 - "It goes into effect at 90,000 hours"  

NOTE: (This meditation was done on 1-21-00 at 12:30 p.m. PST.)  90,000 hours - 3,750 days.  3,750 days = 535.71428 days.  535.71428 days from today = June 18, 2001

#13 - "This hurts me more than it hurts you. You don't know a mosquito from a missile!"


2-3-00 - DREAM - I worked in a factory building and was in charge of maintenance. I saw some women go into the tool room, so I quickly followed after them to tell them that we didn't welcome visitors there. I went inside and to my surprise, found that the shelves were empty. All the tools had been removed, and everything obviously had been moved professionally and labeled and categorized as it had been moved.  I followed on down another aisle and found that some women had set up the room as a warehouse for other things so the space wasn't wasted. One table had grouped magazines, 6 for 88 cents which were tied together and you took your chances what you got as you couldn't see what the inside ones were, only the outer ones. I thought that was rather a clever idea.

I found out then from one of the workmen that a 10 year old boy had killed some classmates and he hadn't been caught, but another boy had taken his picture at a party. It just had to be developed and we could see what he looked like. So, we got the pictures developed and I looked at the photos.  He looked like an ordinary child, not someone who would commit murder.

Strangely then, the child who had killed came into the room where I was and demanded a drink of water for his father. There was none to be had where we were. I volunteered to take him across the street to where the offices were as I was going to go over there to go to the bathroom anyway.

This gave me a better opportunity to get to know the boy to see if he really was a killer and why he would do such an awful thing. He would be picked up by the police on the other side of the street then also.  As we were crossing the street, the boy and I were talking and he wanted to know what time he was going to get the water and I said it would be about 7 p.m.  He got so distressed that he had to wait for the water that he started to beat his head against a brick wall.  I looked at the clock and it was only 5 minutes to 7.  The child couldn't even wait 5 minutes or less for the water. I was astounded that the child was so impatient.

When I got to the other side, I took the boy to the bathroom with me and the cops came and took him away for the murders. What makes a child get so impatient?  I didn't understand.

The men said they would do me a favor and get me some stamps while they were out, but then I realized I had to go to the bank anyway as I had to deposit my paycheck. However, I didn't have the check in hand yet, only some white fake dollars in my wallet. I put them in there to pretend I had money when I really didn't because it made me feel better.  I then went through the desk drawer to make sure the paychecks were in there.  I saw 5 that had typed envelopes and two that had envelopes with the names hand written in green. Mine was one of the typed ones.

While I stood there, my mother showed up at the door. She didn't look so good. I asked her how she was. She said, "Not so good! Could you come and visit me?"  I said I would and she left to go home and wait for me.

As I headed for the bank, I met a woman friend who was married to a Chinese guy.  They had had a disagreement and when they met, he presented the back of his neck for her to kiss out of respect. But then he stood up and presented his butt for her to kiss right out on the street. It looked like she was going to do it.  I couldn't believe it.

While I stood on the corner, I saw that the building was for sale. I thought it would be a good idea to invest in it, because there would always be a use for a good building.

I gradually woke up after that scene.


3-5-00 - DREAM - I was at home, but working on my computer. People I had worked with over the years were visiting. One man, quite old with white hair,  never said a word ... and I can't place his name, but when he left with the others, he called them to wait for him. So I know he could speak.

One man gave me the name of a religion which I think had the word "Gaia" at the end of three words.  I told him I wasn't familiar with, that it was either a new religion which I didn't know of yet, or it was very ancient and nobody remembered it.  However, I was sitting right by the computer and was going to type it into a search and look for it.  I couldn't get the mouse to click on the right words so didn't get to look for it right then.

Everyone left and I went out on the front porch.  One person, I think a female black person ... it was hard to tell... was wearing an all body suit of blue and white stripes with a cap to match. She make a huge leap over the gutter in the street and then ran up the stairs to the porch where I stood by a telephone.  Many other people of several nationalities also came up on the porch to use the telephone. At the end, a Korean woman - perhaps Chinese ... it was hard to tell ... she had a roundish squarish face came to use the phone. She had to sit down on the chair there. She didn't look well, so I asked her if she was all right. Another woman who came with her said, "She just came back from the dentist and he gave her a little white pill.  When she took it, her knees became liquid."  

I woke up at that point.


5-14-00 - DREAM - Today was Mother's Day. (It really is) I had just moved from one apartment building to another several days earlier. I had done some laundry in the old building and had forgotten to take it out of the washer. I was assuming now that someone probably took it out of the washer and left it lay there somewhere and I needed to retrieve it.

In the new place T.J. and a friend showed up to help me arrange my furniture or something and he saw that I didn't have any sheets or blankets on my bed, so I told him about leaving them in the old place.

I got a ride over to the old place to retrieve my laundry. I can't remember who drove me or if I drove myself. The car got stuck under the garage door so nobody could go in or out while my car was there. So then, someone got stuck behind me, then someone got stuck behind them, etc. Then my ex-husband with my son Bob on the back of the motorcycle came by on the way to my new place and spotted me standing in the street. They stopped to find out what was wrong. More and more cars were now in the way of going where they belonged and one of the women from the building whom I knew well came out to complain about the commotion.  I got out of the car and she saw me and came towards me to hug me, then discovered that I was the cause of the commotion so I had to basically beg her to forgive me.  She did so reluctantly. She didn't really want to but finally did.

So then we set about trying to figure out what was wrong. My ex-husband found that the lights on the back of a red car had been deliberately turned off, so he managed to get them turned on again.

I discovered that my green sheet was still in the dryer. I took it out and it was burned in some places. I had gotten there just in time. The washer was spouting steam in several places. I thought that was probably good because the released pressure had prevented it from exploding.

Back outside my friend Kimber showed up in a bright red shiny car that was larger than everyone elses car. She volunteered to drive me away from there, so I got into her car and we just barely made it out between the other cars. Her car was huge. We made several right turns and ended up back at the new place.

I went into the basement in the new place to continue doing my laundry there and heard some loud noise from upstairs. Suddenly then, several Chinese or Asian looking young boys/men came downstairs into the basement to practice their war games.  They all wore black loose suits like Karate type outfits (I'm not familiar with that type of clothing) They also wore black helmets and black goggles and carried black guns that shot needles which they called stun guns. They didn't even have to face to person to shoot at them. They could aim the gun backwards over their shoulder and still hit them. They showed me how they did this and hit one of their own kids in the forehead with a needle from the gun.  When it hit the kids forehead, a sign came down from his forehead.  The sign was in two parts. The print was tiny so I couldn't read it... but it was a sign non-the-less.



7-7-00 - DREAM - I was at work in Milwaukee, WI.  I obviously had a bad working record in the past but at this point I had been there every day and felt good about that.  Joe was there in this dream too.

The dream started out in the basement where I was helping to move gloves that were hanging from gold hooks from the ceiling to more appropriate places for people to use. The male gloves and female gloves had to be kept separate.

I then went upstairs to the office I worked in.  It was time to get the mail which was part of my job.  I was looking at myself in a full length mirror. I was wearing a white dress with a tied self-belt, had blonde hair that looked really good. I appeared to be about 42 years old ... the period when I feel I looked my best as an adult. The shoes I was wearing were my tan indian moccasins like I wear now though.

As I went to get the mail, I saw myself in another mirror and saw that I was also wearing under the dress what looked like a black Chinese outfit that I've seen in movies, which hung about 3 feet lower than the white dress and beneath that I was wearing maroon colored slacks so I was wearing several layers of clothing.

I felt really beautiful and I said, "Hello!"  and smiled to all the men workers I remembered from back then also. They all acted surprised and happy to see me because I hadn't seen them in a long time. I went out of my way to show my old bosses that I was still around and still looked good.

I went down to the mailroom to get the mail and found that they were expanding into a printing place where they printed people's books, so all the mail had been moved to another area. I met one of the girls I used to know and she was happy to see me. She had a similar job to me and told me where the mail had been moved to ... to section 9.

I went to section 9 which was just down the hall, and the mailroom was now about three feet up from the hallway, so I knocked on the door and a midget tall woman came to the door. I asked her about the mail and she told me that there wasn't any that day, so I left and went back towards the office.

On the way back, I went past the area where new employees were talked to and trained. Here there were older woman training very young girls ... barely more than 16. They were all wearing flowered dresses of various colors. Nobody seemed to be doing anything, but the older women were very busy talking to these young girls and the young girls were very eager to learn what to do.

I had to go past a place where many men were having a conference and moved their chairs to the center of  the walkway. I knew a lot of these men ... engineers I used to work with over the years. They all had to move their chairs to let me go past so I got to say 'Hello" or "Hi!" to many of them.

I then reached the back hallway area where all the walls were a reddish-rose color which I've never seen before, but I felt like I'd been there before and it was a shortcut back to where I worked ...

and I woke up.


8-15-00 - DREAM - I was seemingly in my New Berlin house and getting ready for a meeting. I was given some large sheets of paper which were copies of some writing which someone had done at another meeting and then xeroxed.  These papers were to be copied and distributed to the others who were coming to the meeting and they weren't very clear so I was going to type them up first so they could be read more clearly. One of them was a recipe for some kind of dessert with cherries in it, like some kind of pie or cobbler. The rest was on large sheets of paper written almost edge to edge in scribbled handwriting which would have been hard to decipher.

I was just beginning to set the table for dinner before the meeting and Anna Hayes came in.  I was busy so didn't talk to her directly, but she sat at the table and told us that Tom someone wasn't coming to the meeting because he had to take care of his small son and she would excuse him just this one time, but normally he would have to attend all the meetings.

While she was telling us this, I was washing my hands with a small piece of soap that changed colors, first red, then blue, then green, then crystal clear as it got smaller.

I then noticed I had some bottles of Chinese medicine in a basket of little things I had by the kitchen sink and one of them said T3 on it. I was surprised because my friend Michelle and I were talking about T3 just yesterday which is an enzyme needed for people to make their Thyroids work properly and keep the metabolism working correctly, thus the weight would be proper for the person.

I opened the bottle of T3, expecting to see pills in it, or capsules. But when I pulled out what I thought was going to be a capsule, it was a long colored plastic post with a twisted spiral rubber band around it, and next to it was a long thin silver nail. For every rubber banded post was a silver nail.


8-25-00 - DREAM - Though there were people in these dreams, there was no sense of reality to them. They were about survival. The people in the dreams were movie and TV actors. The father was Asa (the patriarch) from 'One Life to Live'.  The boy/child who wanted to go to college was an 8 sided figure with red marks inside of it, like a hockey puck. It cost 8 quarters to go to college. The Mother, who was in a black car, only had 6 quarters which I asked from her. She gave me the 6 quarters and I had to provide the other two. The Father didn't want the child to go to college, and when I was in the house, the Father caused a lot of ice to appear on the windows, then melted it quite quickly. There was a Chinese woman (television newscast reporter) She was sweeping the garage floor, so I volunteered to sweep the remaining ice off the driveway that my Father had left behind.



11-14-00 - DREAM - I was in a house with my kids and some friends who seemed to be in their teens. We weren't moved in yet but there was a variety of things they had to attend to and needed to eat, so I was trying to find them something to eat so they could keep doing what they were doing.

One boy who seemed to be my grandson Nathan said that he was working for a locksmith which was great. He was in training. He didn't have time to find something to eat so I asked him if he wanted some ham or baloney. But he didn't. He was a picky eater. I didn't know what to give him.

Meantime others were arguing over where to put the radio as the furniture wasn't in place yet and the drapes weren't even hung properly yet either.

I got sidetracked myself then and was in a room where a percussion band was playing. There were a lot of guys and they sounded great. For my part I was playing what looked like a hollow yellow apple that had a little wooden thing in it that went clunk clunk right at the end of the song.  All I had was turn my hand and it rather played itself.

The band broke up for a break and they started talking about wanting to get a stereo player so they could listen to themselves. I told them I'd donate one because I had three of them and was getting a new one for Christmas anyway.

I went into the closet to pick out a stereo and found the oldest one there. My daughter had her arm wrapped around it.  I looked at it, and it was light tan, like from the 50's and it only played 33 1/3s records.

So, I thought about it again and figured I'd probably have to give them the best one that played CDs. That's the only way they'd be able to hear their real selves.

So, I then went back to the kitchen to feed whoever was there and there were some kids. So I gave them stacks of cereals bowls with cornflakes, peaches, and milk poured over them. Some of the stacks of bowls were two feet high.

But I still didn't know what to feed my own kids.  I found some crunched cans of Chinese food, and they said that was fine with them. We opened the cans into the kettles on the stove and it looked fine.  

I woke up with the taste of Chinese food in my mouth.


12-13-00 - DREAM - I and a bunch of other women who were all in my UFO group in Milwaukee found out through a guy who knew someone else through the computer that there was going to be a class on Hebrew and Egyptian fabrics or clothing so we decided to go. One was going to be at 11 a.m. and one was going to be at 4 p.m.

So, we met at 8 a.m. on the corner of Calhoun Rd. (172nd St.) and Beloit Rd. (a diagonal street that goes for many miles towards the west)

We must have met in a van of some kind though I didn't see it. One of the women (I think it was Monica apologized for being late because she had been at Bonnies, but had not brought Bonnie with her;) It was only 8 a.m. anyway, plenty of time to get there.

So, we decided to get going and one of the women asked which class we were going to.  The driver said we were going to the Egyptian class at 11 a.m.  One of the other women said, "Oh no! I don't want to go to that one, I thought we were going to the Hebrew class at 4 p.m." Another one said, "Oh no! I don't want to go to that one. I want to go to the Egyptian one."

So, there we were stuck, undecided which class to go to because some wanted one class and some wanted the other.

Another woman said, "I don't care about either one. Let's just sample the Chinese cookies.  There was a box of delicate yellow flowered material, the box being divided into 4 square pieces on the right hand corner, an Egyptian section down the left  side, and a Hebrew section across the top. (or it was reverse of the Egyptian and Hebrew)

She picked up one of the Chinese squares and I started to chuckle because underneath was a single circular cracker that showed several rings of dough.  That's all there was to eat, 4 circular crackers, one under each square.


12=14=00 = DREAM  - This was about counting UFOs and wasn't really a dream per se - no people or anything.  A voice at the end said, "It doesn't really matter whether you are counting Irish UFOs or Chinese UFOs, it's the results that matter.


2-5-01 - DREAM - This dream began with a computer screen of some topics which had been introduced in an earlier dream I think. I had to rearrange them in some order.  Included in these links were to other pages I had already done.

The dream then switched to a people dream in which I was cooking in a small kitchen, and was making dinner for the family.

Somewhere during the process, Edward - my ex-husband showed up and there was a discussion of his world travels. While he told about his world travels, there was another woman between him and I. He told about places I knew he had never been to. Neither the other woman or I was given the time to tell about our own world travels, such as little as they are. All I could do was sit on the side and hope that this unexpected visit went well. I was expecting trouble with him as his visits were always stressful.

At that point, Edward left the house without saying a word and a very tall man about 7 feet tall was trying to show me something on a very high shelf which was even higher, but I don't recall what that was.

I looked at the clock and saw that it was 7 p.m. and then remembered I had to feed the people who were left in the house and as I asked the children whether they wanted Chinese or American food, which I saw was stacked on top of each other on the stove. The kettle of Chinese food was actually on top of the American stew.

I started to wake up as I was pondering this.

While I was waking up, a computer screen appeared in a vision. It said, "With your permission, we'd like to begin a discussion of the world travels of Magellan.

An outline of a study of Magellan and all the places he traveled in the world appeared like on a sheet of paper or computer screen.

The outline faded quickly but I understood that I need to know about this world traveler.

Magellan - World Travels


2-18-01 - EXPERIENCE - I heard knocking above my head and to the left. Just to make sure it was real, I asked Joe if he heard it and he said , "No!"  So, I quieted my mind and said I was ready for a message, thinking I was probably too late already.

However, I started to see a screen that looked like melting ice coming down in rounded sheets towards the bottom. I then saw a huge rectangular box that looked like sand ... with no tracks in it ... just plain sand.

A voice said, "This is about Arnold Scwartzenegger and his playboy status. We expect you to write about it."

NOTE: I don't mind being asked to do something, but 'expected'???? Especially when it's so negative ???

The news was that 3 women accused him of groping them during a TV production, which he denied. So, there it is, and that's all I found.  I thought it was much worse that he helped Mary Bono get through a bill about trade with China.





3-1-01 - DREAM #1- I was working on a web page, rearranging links, developing a theme, but as soon as I woke up, I couldn't remember what the topic was. I tried really hard to remember but it escaped me. I thought perhaps I could dream the theme, but I dreamed doesn't make any sense to reality at all.

DREAM #2 - I was standing in a garage with a husband figure. There were no cars in the garage, but there were low cabinets all around the sides.  Every few minutes a Chinese or other Asian man would bring in a small gift for us. He was rather tiptoe in with his head bowed and place a gift on the counter. He wouldn't say anything, rather avoid looking at us, though we could tell he knew we were there.

I looked at several of the gifts, one of which was a fancy box of pencils that cost $116. These gifts, I knew were way over the means of these people, but they gave them anyway to gain favor with us.

The scene changed and I was inside the house with my first husband Jim, but we weren't married to each other.  We had just moved in.

He said, "I never want to live in an apartment again." (This doesn't make any sense to me, since he never lived in an apartment in his whole life)  I said, "Me either!" In my mind, however, I acknowledged, that he never had to live anywhere he didn't want to, but my whole future was tied up to him and his wanting me to be there. He could do whatever the heck he wanted despite what I did. I don't recall what else I said to him ... but it was like fishing for a compliment to see how he felt about me.  He said, "I joyfully anticipate the future." That was great, but it meant to me that he was going to be going about life in a positive way, no matter what, and I had to watch my Ps and Qs so that I was always in good stead with him or I'd be out the door.

The whole situation had a gangsterish feel to it because we weren't going to be going out together, but separately, and we were both wearing black.  He was wearing a black overcoat, and was going to be going from bar to bar, working the neighborhoods and making his presence known.

I was getting dressed up all fancy to go dancing, dressed all in black with a black petticoat made of black lace, and had someone help me pick out the prettiest black dancing shoes made of fancy straps and slippery soles on the shoes.  

I brushed my hair out real pretty. It was kind of fluffy to start with, but when I brushed it back real well, it looked black and shiny. I hadn't yet put on my earrings, but I was going to wear diamonds.

As I walked down 4 steps, my petticoat fell down around my feet and my whole leg showed as I stepped down, because the slit in my dress came apart as I was walking.

Before I left to go partying, I visited with some other women who had to stay home and nurse their babies. I was crocheting them afghans, making them larger so they could wrap them around themselves and the babies and stay warm and cozy.

I had three afghans started, which were stored under the sewing machine. I tried to separate them from each other, but the threads were all wound around each other. As I separated them, one of the threads were wound around a red cat, who didn't appreciate being yanked on.  

The cat ran into the next bedroom over with the thread wound around him. There was a young couple sitting together on a daybed. I asked the young man to please untangle the cat from the thread so I could continue working on the afghan for the nursing women.

NOTE: I don't know why this dream had a gangsterish feel to it. It as rather unpleasant to feel this way.


4-10-01 - DREAM - (I had been listening to Art Bell with Phillip Hoag who wrote "There's no such thing as Doomsday". It's about survival)  I was in the country, living on the edge of the ocean. I don't know the family I was with, but we had been discussing survival techniques and the phone rang. The man handed the phone to me and I picked up the receiver and a man's voice said, "You got any money?!"  The phone went dead and I woke up.

I went back to sleep and was with the same family. This time the man seemed to be fishing, but it turned out that his little girl was at the end of the fishing line.  He threw her out as far as he could, then dragged her back in as fast as he could. The little girl was picking up what I thought were fish on her way in, but it turned out that what I thought were fish were child-size dolls. The first one was Chinese. The second one was Japanese. I could see others under the water as well, but I woke up before she could bring them in.


4-25-01 - DREAM - I was in a large office building.  I was some sort of secretary it seemed. I noted that I had some papers I was trying to put away in a cabinet to keep them away from the prying eyes of some Chinese workers. 

I went to another office where I was shown a demonstration of a machine that could sort 7 different sizes and shapes of papers into one file, completely alphabetized and enumerated properly.  However, after I complimented the inventor of that machine and told them that I hoped the inventor had been awarded millions of dollars, we could never duplicate the feat of that machine again. The rest of the tests that we did with it, it could sort papers into alphabetical or numeral orders and separate them successfully, but it could never sort them together, only separate. 

Finally, I went back to my own office and found that two Chinese workers were snooping around my desk, trying to find the papers I was carrying with me all the while.  I had a pile of shoes/sandals under my desk with colorful straps on them, and offered them all to them, but they said they didn't want them. They were only interested in the papers I had.  

I went on trying to sort clothing, curtains, and various odd shaped pieces of material with other people, but we couldn't find anything that matched that could be used to cover the windows or the tables and we had to finally give up, because we ran out of things that matched.


4-27-01 - DREAM - This seemed to be a web page, but it might have just been a screen with 3 columns of information regarding China.  I worked with the page until all the information was in the center column. I was  so certain I was really doing this, that I was shocked when I woke up and the entire dream and all the information instantly evaporated from my memory in less than a second.  I tried really hard to bring it back into my memory but to no avail.

NOTE:  On the weekend of 4-29-01 - Chinese hackers wiped out 14 U.S. business websites.  According to what I heard on 5/1, that the date 5/1/01 was the date that Chinese hackers were going to take down an enormous number of U.S. websites. When I signed on to AOL, it wasn't able to perform several functions. 

I then went into a second dream in which I was seeing statements about China again, but I really feel like these were different statements than in the first dream.  However, one of the statements was about a recall of some kind of product called Ethylene.  (Ethylene is anti-freeze)

Foreign companies pay attention to China's ethylene market


Although Chinese mainland actively expands product capacity of ethylene, there are 3 million tons shortfall for the demand until 2002, so foreign companies pay attention and invest to the petrochemical enterprises in main land.

It's known that, the product capacity of ethylene in China was 4.3 million tons last year opposed 7.78 million tons of demand quantity of last year,3.3 million tons discrepancy between supply and demand. It's estimated the capacity would increase to 5.05 million tons this year. But by 6% up year-on-year of demands, the raw material supplies seriously lack and depend on import. The capacity will be only 6.25 million tons in 2002 while the demands will arrive to 9 million tons at that time, with 3 million tons shortfall.

The five headship international petrochemical groups, such as SHELLBASF, BP-ANOCO, DOW, EXXON-MOBIL etc., plan to build huge petrochemical centers respectively in Huizhou in Guangzhou, Nanjing in JIangshu, Jinshan in Shanghai, Tianjin, Quanzhou in Fujian, which total capacity are 3.3 million tons and will be started in 2005-2006.


4-27-01 - MEDITATION - I wanted to know why I dreamed about the alley of carrots.

In the meditation, there was a girl who had a wrestling championship belt, and she crawled underneath me, she didn't even try to win.

I then thought the word 'China' because that's what my dreams seemed to be about, and when I thought the word 'China' I heard a loud bell ring like when you hit the bullseye. 

Then a male voice said, "The Second Torah broke".

End of meditation

We also eat carrots, and it isn't just to see better in the dark. For Ashkenazi Jews, carrots symbolize the Yiddish word "merren" which also means more. We want more of all the good things in life. More health, more happiness, more success. For Sephardic Jews, carrots are symbolic of the phrase "Yikaretu oyveychem" which means may your enemies be cut down. We ask that those who wish bad for us not get their wish, that they don't succeed.

Traditionally carrots, which were associated with gold, a symbol of good fortune, and regarded as a token of prosperity for the coming year.

The Sadducees were a sect of Jews -- wealthy and upwardly mobile -- who rejected the Talmud and said they were bound only by the Bible. They disappeared with the destruction of the Second Temple, in the year 70.

Their enemies, the Pharisees, focused on study, developed the Talmud and are regarded by contemporary Orthodox Jews as their predecessors.

"What the Pharisees created 2,000 years ago was actually a mutation of Judaism. It was the Sadducees who represented `Torah-true' Judaism," Maslin told Reform rabbis at their annual gathering last week.

"But the Pharisees convinced the people that there was a second Torah -- an oral Torah -- given at the same time as the first," Maslin said.

"And through this mutation called the oral law, a revolutionary shift from the Jewish orthodoxy of the day, they absolutely abrogated certain provisions of the written Torah that were impossible to live by in their modern world."

Furthermore, he added, "while claiming to be the sole heirs of the Pharisees, [the Orthodox] totally misunderstand what Pharisaism was all about, that it was a revolution against scriptural literalism and that it preserved Judaism by creating a virtually new Torah."


6-6-01 - DREAM - I was walking down the hallway of a large building, probably an apartment building with a man I assumed was the janitor, but he looked like the reporter Bernard Shaw.

I was showing him that I only had two gold keys which looked like mailbox keys, that I had lost my apartment keys. I rather pictured the lost keys in my mind then as to their shape, the regular apartment keys and the Master building keys with the large square heads on them.

I somehow was then in my apartment, planning to get dressed for the day. I was attempting to pull my nightgown and robe off over my head for some reason together and was having great difficulty. I then discovered the reason, I had a pullover brown sweater on over it.

However, my boss walked into the room and I sat down on the bed and decided I would wait until he left before I changed clothes.

He walked past me sitting on the edge of the bed, past an ironing board which was standing open between me and the window and he went into the closet.

I don't recall what he did in the closet but I was observing then an IM (Instant Message) on a computer between two people. the whole thing was in red - I was between two people - Solitaire and Solitaire 13. Unfortunately, I don't think I could read the words they were actually saying.

I was then in the kitchen setting my hair so it would be curly. I was sitting at the kitchen table. I had jelled my hair and was attempting to wind my hair around small round black and red Chinese boxes that were about 3" across. They did n't have covers on them. I had one done and was attempting to do a 2nd one and just couldn't et it to work. I finally gave up and decided to do it the old fashioned way with just the jell and the giant size gold bobby pins I had.

A young black woman came into the kitchen then, stood close behind me and held me in her arms and was trying to cajole me into giving her my car keys. She said she would go get me the best tasting pizza or anything else I wanted to eat. I noted that she had a single rose petal attached to the front of her throat.

I finally told her, "If I need anything, I am capable of driving myself to go get it."

She got mad and left, leaving me alone to finish setting my hair.

At some point, I recall seeing the sky divided into two on an angle, pitch black on top and bright red on the bottom.

NOTE: Bernard Shaw was CNN's principal Washington, D.C., anchor. His regular co-anchor assignments included Inside Politics, the nation's only daily program devoted exclusively to political news, airing weekdays at 5 p.m. (ET), and CNN Worldview, a half-hour international newscast that examines major stories and issues around the world, airing weekdays at 6 p.m. He also co-anchored CNN&TIME, a weekly prime-time investigative newsmagazine, airing Sundays at 9 p.m.

On Feb. 28, 2001, Shaw will stepped back from his duties at CNN to write his autobiography and other books, and to spend more time with his family. Shaw had been a member of the CNN anchor team since the network's inception in 1980.

On Jan. 16, 1991, Shaw was one of three CNN reporters who captivated a worldwide audience of more than 1 billion with continuous coverage of the first night of the Allied Forces' bombing of Baghdad during Operation Desert Storm. Shaw was in the Iraqi capital to update his exclusive interview with President Saddam Hussein conducted in October 1990.


2-15-02 - DREAM - I don't know what city I was in, but it had to have been Wisconsin. I knew all the people and my kids were grown - like teens and older.

I was in process to rent an apartment for myself, and most of my kids were with me except for Bill - He had gone to rent a small apartment of his own. His older brothers thought this was a sign of his being mentally ill, but I said, "No! He just wanted to get away from his Father and stand on his own two feet and that's a GOOD thing!" Naturally I would say that because I was doing the same thing.

I started out in the courtyard of a huge apartment complex. These were huge buildings, but beautiful and ornate. I was looking to see what kind of people lived in these buildings. At first, I didn't see any white people and wondered if I would be accepted in a place like this - then I saw a woman who looked just like myself at the other end of the courtyard and knew that these buildings were well integrated.

I then was driving along the street and was almost got run into by my first boyfriend Roger and a buddy of his. They were driving along the street on some kind of bicycle - carrying a political sign, endorsing someone. I didn't pay attention to the name on the sign. 

I said laughingly - "Oh! I should have known it would be someone like you!"

He got off the bicycle and sat down to talk to me and my kids. He had grown a great deal since high school - he was rather giant size and had a deep suntan like he was outside all the time.

I walked into the building to pay the landlady and get the keys to my new apartment, which was number 33. 

Just as I was going to walk into the apartment, a Chinese woman pushed past me and walked into it ahead of me.  Someone said, "No! This isn't your apartment, this is 33 north, you will be in 33 south."

I felt confused, I didn't know there were two buildings. 

So, I, my kids and friends I had accumulated along the way started to leave the building and someone said, "Why don't you pay your rent to the landlady as long as you are here?

That was a good idea, so I stopped at a counter to write a check for the rent. It was going to be $175." That was really cheap for what I was going to be getting. The woman I was with was concerned that I had spent all my money, but I told her, "No! I made sure that I set aside enough to pay the rent."

I wrote the check - then we went out to the car and the parking lot was at the top of a hill with rolling hills and valleys al around us. It was a beautiful scene.

All of a sudden a storm was coming and a huge wind came up. The kids ran for the building to keep dry. They got way ahead of me. I saw a driving rain coming and the wind came, along with a whirlwind which came out of the north, they way my children had gone. I couldn't get to either building without getting soaking wet. 

I looked at that and someone behind me said, "If you close those windows and save the property, you will be known as the "Hero of ____ Hill" 

I couldn't just walk away and let the building be destroyed by the wind and rain, so I ran into the building. the painters/maintenance crew had gone home and left al the lights on and windows open, but on the hallway side, where people could get in, they had closed the door and put up a protective door - to keep out intruders. But I couldn't close the windows if I didn't go through this extra barrier door. The door had a small emergency knockout piece of wood in the center, which I easily kicked out, but the hole was low to the floor and small -- like for a large dog and I didn't want to get on my knees to get in there, so I moved the whole barrier door and walked around the side of it. 

Once inside the apartment, all my friends came in behind me. This apartment was huge and a duplicate of what I was going to be moving into.

The rooms were huge and there were room dividers over head made of glass or crystal which one could pull down.

I went to the kitchen where the windows were open and the floor was made of thick crystal - overlaying a colored underlayment. I was barefoot now and walking on the crystal floor was exquisite feeling. 

But the windows were up high and open and there were stained glass shutters to close over them with brilliant colors. I had to pull up a chair and stand on it to close the shutters.

Meanwhile, there were other people there now, watching me, including Seth from One Life to Live and he was standing there, twisting a elegantly carved wooden pillar. 

I was so upset, I had to stop him and I needed up taking an iron frying pan and slamming it into his nose like he was a pig.

"Golden SUN Crop Circle Anchors the
inner Christ, Awakens The Inner Child, Bridges Earth with the Heavens.
On the Mayan day 1 CIMI (May 4, 1998), between 2 and 4 am, a 33 petaled
crop circle appeared in a field of golden rape seed (Canola Oil), near Silbury
Hill in Sommerset, England. The circle, the first of the season, appeared the
very evening there was a powerful ceremony during the 3rd Annual Mayan
Dreamtime Festival in Glastonbury. This crop circle is intimately linked to the
Mayan Calendar by the frequency of 33. The master number 33 represents
Christ consciousness and the awakening kundalini. The 33 is the 13 numbers and the 20 Suns in the Tzolk’in, a
sacred calendar for the human being. The 13 numbers are our spirits and the 20 Suns are our bodies. When we
merge spirit with our body, we activate the sacred 33 within our 33 vertebrae and our kundalini. The Mayan day, 1 CIMI, represents energy flowing from the great creator creating a bridge between the worlds. Those who stood inside the circle could feel a powerful flow of energy from the cosmos entering the circle. Many felt childlike, charged, healed, healthy and strong. "

See 33 DREAM



DREAM - I was working in an office. My mother was overly concerned about her time cards of what she had done with her life, so I took the sheets of 'times' posted and put it into the middle of a 3-ring binder I had on my desk.

The boss came into the office and I figured I'd better get my own work out of the desk drawer and work on it. I pulled out the stack of purchase orders that needed working on and decided to put the work into chronological order t work on them. 

The oldest one I had was written in 1970 and hadn't been typed yet. I sat there for a moment trying to decide if I should type 1970 in the date at the top of the page or type today's date 3-31-02.  (It's Easter Sunday)

NOTE: I didn't start working in the purchasing department of A-C until 1973, so I don't know what this 1970 date signifies. 

As I woke up, I heard a man say, "And a man from England jumped into Central China and became GOD!"


Subj: 'Digital Angel' lands in China 
Date: 4/2/2002 12:58:58 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: ciprian_11@hotmail.com
To: Dee777@aol.com

Hi Dee today i read the news bellow and thaugt you might find it interesting
since your eater message also included China as a point, its funny that this
article is actually called . digital angel "lands" in China,perhaps this
matter also has something to do with your message?

Best wishes/Ciprian
'Digital Angel' lands in China
Will implantable tracking chips be used by totalitarian government?

Posted: March 28, 2002
1:00 a.m. Eastern

Editor's note: The April issue of WND's monthly print magazine,
Whistleblower, takes an in-depth look at implanted chips, futuristic
surveillance technologies and the virtual end to privacy. One of the
companies profiled in that issue is the subject of this report – Digital
Angel Corporation, manufacturer of the "Digital Angel" tracking device.
By Sherrie Gossett
© 2002 WorldNetDaily.com

Making good on its promise to "achieve a global presence," Digital Angel
Corporation – manufacturer and marketer of high-tech, implantable devices
for tracking human beings – has opened a research and development facility
in Shen Zhen, a special economic zone near Hong Kong, hoping to cash in on
vast markets in China and the Far East.

As WorldNetDaily first reported, Digital Angel is a sophisticated,
miniaturized tracking device intended by its manufacturer for subdermal
implantation in large numbers of human beings. After heavy publicity, the
manufacturer last year deflected criticism from privacy advocates and
Christians concerned over biblical prophesy by removing all references to
human implantation from its website and literature, only to re-introduce
human implantation – with a product called VeriChip – after Sept. 11, due to
the nation's new preoccupation with security.

Dr. S.G. Chen, with more than 15 years experience in high-level research and
development, will lead the Chinese facility, which will be part of the
Applied Digital Research Group. This new office will oversee production of
Digital Angel products and carry out research and development of new
products of the Applied Digital Research Group.

Also serving as a sales and marketing office, the facility will coordinate
efforts in three northeast provinces of China.with joint-venture partner
Shenyang Duouyuan Digital Communications Net Corporation.

"This new facility and the additional strengthening of our Research Group is
a key move in furthering our position as the preeminent advanced digital
technology development company," commented CEO Richard Sullivan on the new
plant. "Dr. Chen and his team will have immediate access to our OEM partner
in China for existing Digital Angel products and the development of new
technologies as well."

Sullivan believes this direct access will ensure the partner meets "our
aggressive production needs." The Shenyang Duouyan Digital Communications
Net Corporation provides the main facility, equipment and working capital to
manufacture, promote and distribute Digital Angel products in the three
northeastern Chinese provinces.

The Chinese program will follow the company's usual Phase 1- Phase 2
approach. Phase 1 of the partnership will be deployed in the second quarter
of 2002 and focus on Digital Angel applications for the shipping industry
within the targeted geography.

Phase 2 will focus on people and medical applications of Digital Angel for
the region, which comprises roughly 15 percent of China's 1.3 billion

"We are truly impressed with Digital Angel technology and look forward to
this joint venture," said Shenyang Duouyuan's president, Chen Zhen. "We
believe Phase 1 revenues from tracking and monitoring logistics for over 10
million shipping containers transported within our rapidly expanding
industrial region, could potentially exceed $200 million annually within the
first 2 years of deployment."

The emergence of Digital Angel has met with protests from civil libertarians
in the United States who are concerned over potential involuntary
applications of injectable tracking chips. But an area of even greater
concern may be its use in China. After all, China currently has one of the
world's worst human rights records. Over the years, human rights
organizations like Amnesty International, Freedom House and the Laogai
Research Foundation have documented widespread persecution in China of
political dissidents and religious persons. Such persecution routinely
includes surveillance and arrest of innocent persons who are then sent to
slave labor camps, mental hospitals or "re-education" facilities.

Time will tell if the injectable chips will be used eventually to track the
movements of dissidents, in order to round up friends, family members and
locate secret meetings. Recent news reports have documented Christian
believers using cell-phone codes to arrange secret prayer meetings, and the
rural government officials committing protesters to psychiatric facilities
where they are "treated."

The April issue of Whistleblower – titled "BRAVE NEW WORLD: Welcome to the
era of implanted chips, universal surveillance, man-and-machine hybrids and
the end to your privacy – is available at WND's online store, ShopNetDaily.

Sherrie Gossett is a Florida-based researcher and writer, formerly with the
South Florida Sun-Sentinel, and a contributing reporter to WorldNetDaily.



I was supposed to meet my daughter-in-law Becky for dinner. I got downtown and I as rather leery of the neighborhood. I was hoping that people in the stores would be watching out for my safety - just in case.

I stopped in the corner bar to see if she was there. The bartender must have been alerted that I was coming. I didn't know him, but he recognized me, probably from description. He said that Becky went t the jewelry store.

I left the bar and and went to the jewelry store, which was like next door. There was Becky, picking out something new to wear. From there we went to a restaurant which was like next door to the jewelry store. We are going to get just a hamburger.

I don't remember eating it.

From there I was driven to an apartment building in what seemed like a big round car that seemed to be all windows. I realized I didn't have my seat belt on, so I looked up to my right and the seat belt seemed like it was a black ribbon. I pulled down the end, which just had a simple gold hook on the end. After I hooked in the seat belt, then the driver who seemed to be Norbie from Conscious Development; he hooked on his seat belt as well.

He drove me to my apartment building. I don't know what happened to him, but I went upstairs to my apartment. I lived in apartment 11, which I think was on the 3rd floor, though it might have been the 4th.

It seemed like only women lived here, but the maintenance men were male.

I was going to be moving from one apartment to another and decided I would do the laundry to get ready to do that. All the towels were white and as long as I was going down to the basement I gathered the white towels from the other women as I went down the hall.

The elevator was busy with other people going up and down, so I walked down the stairs. Along the stairway, were numbers on white round stickers. Some of them were coming off, so I picked them off and took them with me to throw away in the basement.

I also met some young black women on the stairway who begged me to fight to get my job back as manager. I promised I was doing that.

I got down tot he bottom of the stairs, but it was confusing here. There was a piece of gold tubing for a stairway railing and it seemed that the stairway went on down into the darkness and I knew that wasn't where I wanted to go. I met a Chinese woman here and she warned me not to go too far down. I realized I was already too far and climbed back up to the next floor and that was the basement.  The Chinese woman was able to go outside from that level - it was ground level which was below the basement of the building.

Here, on the way to the laundry room, I met T.M. (the teacher) who was one of the maintenance men. I told him I was on my way to the laundry room to wash the white towels. He said he had one in his apartment also, which needed to be washed.

T.M.s apartment was in the basement near the stairs, so we went there to get it. Instead of giving me the towel, he climbed into his bed and pulled a heavy brown blanket over his head.

On the floor was some kind of brown basket and something fell out of it. I never did get a good look at it, but it was either a head or a football helmet. For  some reason it didn't want to stay in the basket and while I was trying to get this bucket to stay upright, T.M. lay in the bed, covered up.  I was a little puzzled by that.

Anyway, I retrieved the towel and went back out into the hall and accidentally made a red mark on the wall about head-high with something I was carrying.

Then I noticed there was lots of red marks on the wall that the maintenance men had made. They looked rather like Navajo drawings. Some of them had been painted over with white paint, some only partially painted over.

I put the towels into the laundry room, then went up to the 4th floor. The hallway was very narrow. All the doors were open. I could see al the way down the hall to apartment 12 which was the bathroom for the whole floor. There was a woman standing in front of a mirror - and she was stark naked.

I was kind of shocked because the door was open. Then I noticed that all the doors were open and all the women were running around in white bras and panties.

I got down to room #12. I walked in and realized that I was wearing a white bra and panties too and we were comparing waist sizes which somehow were all 24 inches. The naked woman looked like 'Our Miss Brooks' the teacher. I realized too, the way we were dressed, we had on more cloth than women wore to the beaches these days.

Somehow I got back to my own apartment #11 and then down to the basement again to meet T.M. and we started off driving up a mountain road together.

The road was on the edge of the mountain, going around to the right as it went.

This car too was round and all glass and it seemed that I had my own gold steering wheel like we were driving side by side.

I was a little fearful driving up the mountain as I couldn't always see the road very well unless I lowered my hands an as we were always going to the right, we were always turning - not going straight and it was hard to see the road that way.

As we drove along, we came to a wider stretch of road with white marking alongside the road. I asked T.M. what that was and he said that was an Indian reservation.

We continued on and came to another wide stretch of road with white markings along the edge of road. But here 3 older Indian men sat cross-legged in a triangular shape. They were dressed in full regalia like they were all Chiefs. I asked T.M. what that meant. He said that having 3 Indians sitting at the entrance to the reservation meant that there were 15 Indians in residence.

That puzzled me, but we continued on and finally got to the top of the mountain. I knew we were at least as high as 4,000 feet altitude. The air was rather misty like we were in a thin cloud layer.

At the end of the road, we had to make a sharp right turn, which we turned on a dime by putting pressure on our left foot.

Here was a large blue lake, which was beautiful. Because of the mist I couldn't tell how large it was, but I was dismayed because right there was a large group of men dressed in black uniforms of some kind, and they were lined up, shooting guns out over the lake.

My impression was that they were skeet shooting for practice, but I wasn't certain that's what they were really doing. The guns might have been real shooting practice by a secret military group.

As T.M. and I went along the shore of the lake, I woke up.