Blue and Janet Swerdlow

Some thoughts for 2004

Hi All ... yes has been a while .... have had a long break .... I can't really say a rested one ... not with the birth of our new daughter (2nd
child) .... all is well she is almost 3 months of age now .... but they sure need every ounce of attention and love .... also other projects and
interests took up what little time I had left ...

Thanks for all the emails received whilst I was having a break .... sorry to those who I did not manage to reply to ... to some degree I did
not wish to answer or reply if I am not centred .... and I can tell you the last 7 months+ things have been hectic and topsy turvy ...

Anyway I can't promise anything, but there is much from Blue to tell, but no time to tell it ... the more I pushed it aside ... the more the
voices in my head kept growing and growing .... so finally I took some time out a couple of weeks ago for myself (now that our new born is
finally managing to sleep right thru the night) .....

below is something from Blue ... new for 2004 ..


Blue ... whilst I have been away, I have been asked this question countless times ... that if I was to collect a dollar for everytime I
was asked it ... I'd be a millionaire by now ... the question is in general as follows ... and also applies to myself in more ways than one...

question asked :
"Blue/R ... am letting go and open ... going with the flow ... following synchronicity ... but it seems the more I let go, the more I ignore the
distractions and just let go and trust ... the more the universe gives me a big bite up the arse .... what's going on ... this letting go and
trust business does not work ...?"

... the human instrument was never meant to function on its own ... as a separate entity ... but was intended to serve as a mirror to its divine
self ...

your minds and hearts are rapidly oscillating and never sit still and constant enough in their feelings and thoughts to create your desired
outcomes.... you oscillate between polarities ... constantly creating both polarities ... though this is the design by nature in the physical
realms .... the issue to do with your question is that you are creating a rather chaotic state where in an instant .... consciousness begins to
create but never finishes, because the moment it begins to create and draws the necessary ingredients toward itself, your mind and/or hearts
are already elsewhere ...

but why Blue?? ... why do we keep flip flopping and unable to laser focus on what we want ...??

be carefull here ... to "want" is a dangerous verbalisation ... to want something means you do not have it ... how is that for affirmation ?
.... but we understand what u ask ... the answer to your question is rather simple ...

either you do not know what you want due to you unable to feel it, sense it .... thus you need to be in touch with your feelings, you need to
articulate ...

also ... doubt and fear and trust are the major key players .... as soon as these enter the door of your heart ... you begin to vasilate, to flip
flop in uncertainty .... "should i" or "shouldn't I" etc ..

yeh yeh ... but how do all these who ask get out of the rut of this flip-flop situation ?

truelly your consciousness is compelled to create immediately any thought or feeling that is held for any length of time ... and here the
answer is to hold thoughts and feelings constant and perfect without allowing doubt to enter...

LoL .. Huh!! easier said than done!!

...millions of years of establishing the habit of doubting make it rather difficult to throw out that habit in a day ... a week ... or a
year in your time and making .... you must establish a discipline ... a routine ... of hourly realigning the mind and heart by seeking a moment
of stillness and sincerely praying ... we use the word "praying" as many understand this terminology but you can choose whatever terminology you
feel comfortable with ...

please understand that routine and discpline or not necessary ...however are useful tools for those who have not control over themselves
or little will power ...

any examples of a prayer you can give us to assist or get the idea ??

"..father, mother, god, centre yourself within my being and direct my every thought and feeling, and enable me to be a pure mirror of your SELF..."

so ... the simple answer is to focus with full intent and desire like a laser beam ... for hours on end on what we desire the manifested outcome
to be ....?

initially yes ... but also you must let it go ... i.e. you must focus and keep your mind on it ... keep your heart on it ... i.e. feel it, sense it, smell it
with every fibre of your being and at the same instant ... allow the outcome, release any attachement ... and simply trust and allow whatever the
outcome for there is much synchronicity even if the outcome was not what you intended ... but can lead you to the intended ... like a stepping stone ...

many confuse the first step as if it were the last step, the final outcome ... this is how the flow, synchronicity play out .... for they are markers
of the template design ..

why is it those with ill-intention (bad guys) always get what they want.... uncondionally they are following the same process as above ....
they know what they want, they focus on it, they action it, articulate it and last but not least they have and know no fear ...

uh... say that again ... "markers of the template design" ... ?? what the hell language is that ??

your oversoul, before you chose to inhabit a physical body template, knew already it's mission, it's goal, the lesson, the reason for it's
body manifest at this moment of your time ... thus when you are in the flow ... on your path so to speak ... things will appear to come easily
.. i.e. no friction ... the parts of the puzzle falling into place ...things happens as if by magic .... and you call this synchronicity ...
the less informed called it co-incidence ... but there is no such thing ...

when you are going against the flow of your purpose (oversoul) ... then you enter much mine-fields ... or what you think you want isnot really
what you want ... it is what fear wants ... what ego wants ... or what others want of you ...these can be family , govt, friends, your
boss/workplace etc etc ...

everything becomes hard, struggle, as if you are banging your head on brick wall as you term it .. nothing goes your way ...

there are synchronistic events which are major markers or signposts and others which are minor .... sometimes the minor events ... can be
skipped or not travelled ... i.e. go against it ... but however you eventually still reach the major signpost along your journey .... however ...
if you ignore too many major signposts .... you will live a shattered life ... and you will blame your creator which is in fact you in any case..

but if our oversoul already knows what we came here for .... why is it we forget ?

this is a complex answer, however we will keep it simple .... it is called free will .... pls do not confuse this with free choice .... for if you
already knew the outcome, there would be no experience and no learning and no growth .... where would the fun be in it all ?? .... the
dire circumstance that the majority of your population faces now in your time is that of "choice" .... i.e. the deck of cards has been stacked
against you ... not in your favour .... odds against you... and when you are faced with little or no choice ... then free will becomes almost
pointless ...

Blue my fingers are aching and u know I hate to type ... can we finish it up here ... I should ahve known not to enter these sessions with you
..;o) tsk tsk ..

as u choose ... the above answers your initial question .... we finish up with re-iterating that when a non-physical intelligence or being or
consiousness gestalt is half operating in the physical it uses event/markers as signposts or a way of telling the time .... we have
spoken this previously ...

the universe to some degree is a clock ... and events such as comets or supernova or such are telling these beings what time it is .... as they
do not comprehend time ... it is meaningless to them ... but rather they use the universe and events within as their marker ....

so when Haley's comet came by your system ... this was a major marker ... it allowed those in the unseen to know that time was at hand ....
but understand that you manifested these markers and continually choose to do so and they are continuosly changing ....

Blue ... why r u changing the subject ... what r u trying to tell us

there are many comets on trajectory ... how ever due to events since 2001 .... a comet is on direct path ... in your timing will be with you
late 2007/early 2008 .... again as we have said before .... it is up to you (Earth) to make the choice .... the slate needs to be wiped clean if
your current continued path of world control continues ... for it is not designed for this .... and currently the beast has strangle-hold of your
planet either by proxy or directly ...however should humanity awaken en-mass ... then this comet will just be another fly-by comet ..

your scientists assume they know where all the comets are .... but then out of the blue one appears in your skies unknown ... so how is it they
they know .... they either know and do not tell you ... or they really do not know ...


Wake Up Call

by Janet Swerdlow

What you draw to yourself is an absolutely amazing and perfect depiction of what exists within your mind-pattern. From the moment
that you are conceived until your departure from this plane should you so choose, you are the center of your universe and everything
does revolve around you!

The power that is in your mind is astounding! Even without conscious direction, the power that flows through the instrument of your body
creates and shapes everything that exists in your world. Your thought power brings everything to you.

Without conscious guidance, your power can create through building or destruction. Most people are great at building through destruction,
because this is exactly what happens when your mental capabilities run rampant and unchecked.

Visualize yourself standing still, with a volcano of never-ending, undirected lava flow-like fountain of power pouring out every pore of your
being and into the world around you. Where does it go? What does it touch? What does it do as you stand there, silently observing?
What kind of havoc are your undirected, misunderstood mental powers wreaking upon your personal world?

As you stand there, observing the very world that you have participated in creating, from world geography and political structure to your
health, home, relationships, and finances, what do you see? Everything that exists is somehow touched by you and what you have allowed
to exude through your being, whether conscious or unconscious. And, now you complain because of what your life is?

Well, this is your wake-up call, loud and strong. The more undirected energy is "dumped" into the world, the worse it becomes and the
harder it is to extricate yourself from this personal and global situation. You have a responsibility to clean up yourself, thus reining back in all the
undirected and misdirected energy that has spewed forth from you.

This is not an easy task for most people. Pulling back in all that you have cast out means reviewing all to which your energy was attached. This can
happen with the strength of one thought, or you can spend eons of time moving through this. It is always your choice.

Most people like to look at what they have done and the damage that has ensued. Regardless of their words, they enjoy their discomfort and
wallowing in the products of their creations. This is what they know and this is what they keep. The strength of the mind-pattern that created the
seeming chaos and mess holds it to them, and on some level people purposefully keep it that way.

Stay in the drama, yell "woe is me," blame the world, wallow in self-pity, cry endless tears of inner pain, curse God and humankind alike, along with a few aliens, hybrids, and Reptilians just because you know they exist, too. How low can you sink, how much suffering can you tolerate, knowing that it is inescapable? Even with physical death, if this is your mind-pattern, your life will follow you beyond this plane, eternally haunting you with increasingly more viciousness and destruction!

The closer you are to crashing through your own self-imposed ceilings, the louder the internal cries that stop you from making your getaway into a liberated plane of existence. You create your own mental traps, you allow the self-sabotage, you accept the self-doubts that rear their ugly heads, you stage the outer world to appear as though it is unnavigable.

What happened to your faith in Self, Oversoul, and God-Mind? Who "took" it from you, or rather, who did you willingly give it to and why? Who is really your worst enemy? Would you dare point the finger at yourself??

When you have had enough of it all, you will pull in your unchecked, misguided energy and power. You will loosen its hold on all that is around you. You will pull it into your self to examine exactly where this energy went and why. You will do this so that you never, ever have to experience this again. You have done it once, so why continue to repeat the patterns? You will do this so that you can explain to your Oversoul and God-Mind what happens to undirected flow of God-Mind-what happens to it, how it transforms as it exudes and is "tainted" as it passes through every cell of your being on every level.

You give it all to your Oversoul and God-Mind so that it can be recast and you can follow it upward for a change instead of allowing it to pull you down into your own seemingly self-destruction. You know what happens with chaos, so now you can explore order. You know what happens with self-destruction, so now you can explore self-enhancement. You know imbalance, so now you explore balance.

You can go into your genetic structure and remove all that your soul-personality no longer needs. You can break the genetic chains that you have chosen to enslave you so that you are no longer at their mercy. You can open the DNA that holds your rightful heritage. Learn about who and what you are. Know that no one and no thing can put you down or "make you be a certain way." Reaction is totally your response-no one "makes" you behave or feel a specific way.

Are you willing to take responsibility for conscious directed power that flows through the instrument that is your physical body while on this plane? Are you willing to throw off the cloak-and - dagger mentality in exchange for the creative, talented, mantel that is rightfully yours?

No one can stop you from creating the path that you desire except you. The world is your oyster. Accept nothing less than the best, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Make what was once your ceiling now your floor. Consciously make your choices, be unstoppable in reaching your goals, align yourself with your Oversoul and God-Mind to clean up the "past", and set your "future" in motion.

Put all your abilities to positive use, create your path, refuse to let the outer world stop you. Move forward with the strength and determination that puts you firmly and sure-footed on your narrow, focused, refined path into continually deeper levels of existence within the Mind of God, and thus within yourself.

[Editor's Note: This article was reprinted with permission from the author. Janet Swerdlow can be reached by email at janet@janetswerdlow.com or you can visit her website at http://www.janetswerdlow.com.