12-1-00 - I can't remember the whole dream, but at the end I was being chased through an old house.  I wanted to escape up the stairs to the floor above, but the people chasing me were too close to go through the door to the stairway which they would have heard.

I ducked into a small hallway that had walls of wood paneling. There was a tiny alcove, not even as deep as I was in my physical body. I leaned back into the wall and became part of the wall itself.

I woke up, rather surprised at what had just happened.  I closed my eyes again and I could see people walking slowly by me in the dark, trying to figure out where I went..   it kind of freaked me out and I opened my eyes again and wipe this out of my mind.


12-1-00 - DREAM - My mother and father decided to sell their second house ... (which was actually my aunt Ethel's house) on 57th and National Ave.

I needed to go over there and make sure it was clean for people to go through on a tour.  

I entered the house and to my surprise it was full of furniture and I was feeling a sense of dejavu because I recognized all the furniture there. An antiques dealer would have had a field day in the house.  

I went into the Master bedroom and there was a clock ticking in there that was so loud, I couldn't believe that anyone could possibly sleep in that room. I knew I wouldn't be able to. I thought ... "maybe one gets used to that noise after awhile?"  I saw the tall highboy dressers with lots of drawers in them, and an old fashioned dresser with a high silver backed mirror behind it with a ornate wooden frame. The whole top of the dresser was full of little ceramic dolls ... the tallest one was probably only 3 inches tall. I was trying to figure out how my Mother and Father had gotten all this furniture in the house. I was thinking that perhaps every time they came here, they brought one piece with them, and over time it accumulated to this extent.  

I actually wanted to keep all this for myself, but my Father was going to sell it.

I went back out into the livingroom ... it was more of a lobby type room at this time where people were gathering.  We used to call this type of room , 'the parlor'.  On the wall was a huge picture of Martin Luther King. I was very surprised.  

At this point I had three tiny purses in my hand which belonged to my daughters  (I don't really have three ... only one)  I placed their purses on a flat surface (I don't know what the piece of furniture was under that long cloth that covered it ... it may have been an old stereo-hi-fi)

I turned around to face the women who were taking the tour of the house. They all had placed their purses in rows on top of the long narrow table that was in the center of the room.

Each purse was different and lay over flat ... not standing up full of stuff. This was like a display of the different types of purses that one could have ... a couple even had gold sequins and glitter on them.

The last thing I asked was, "Well! How did you like the tour?"


12-1-00 - DREAM - I was in a house with T.J. It was very early morning. There were 6 girls also staying here ... supposedly my daughters.

In the center of the room was an old record player that played 33 1/3 type records.  It wasn't working.

We invited a young man to come over and fix the record player ... I don't know what was wrong with it.

When the young man arrived the insides of the record player had disappeared and only the outer frame and covering was there. I didn't know how the insides could have vanished.

Three of my daughter then came out of the bedroom. They were chattering like girls do. They were all teenagers.

The young man looked rather startled to see the girls.  

I told him, "Just wait! There are more!"  

In a few moments, a second set of three girls came out of the bedroom area, these girls were younger ... like 10 through 12.  These girls were all chattering too and combing their hair still.  

The young man looked really startled to see so many girls all chattering at the same time.  I looked at him and said, "It's a party!" and I danced a couple steps in front of him and laughed.  He was rather startled and I laughed again.

I then had to clean up the house after the girls left for school.  I noted that the cats and dogs had eaten some of the people food and there were crumbs on the floor.  I saw several clumps of cheerios in a couple spots, a clump of butter in another spot, and some bread that had bite marks in it.  (These are all things I can't eat because of allergies and cholesterol)

I cleaned up the floor and table of crumbs and got ready to vacuum the floor.  It was evident there had been a bankquet in this room.  I was missing one piece of equipment ... the vaccum cleaner ... I had to bring it in from the garage. Then I would be ready to clean the floor on final time.


12-2-00 - DREAM - I was in the livingroom of my16th St. house. I was planning to go shopping and buy a new coat and was looking for some money to buy one with. I sat on the couch and spotted a thin, dark grey hardcovered book laying there. It seemed it had been left there probably accidentally and I found it before it could be hidden again. I picked it up and saw that it was titled, "MY BOY" and the whole front cover had a picture of DD on it.

I was stunned to have found this book and planned to take it with me on the shopping trip so that the book disappeared from the house without anyone knowing I had it.  However, my friend Michelle came into the room and I told her about the book and she grabbed it from me. She told me she was going to read it first.  I didn't want her too, but she ran out of the room with it before I could stop her. I was forced to go shopping without it.

I went to Teutonia Ave. and found it to be very crowded.  I passed the dime store and the candy store which were brightly lit inside. I had to make a conscious decision not to go in there and buy anything though it was attractive to me.  The street was so crowded as I made my way through the people.  A young chubby kid said to me, "You should be on the left side", and it was then I saw that there were two aisles on the street with a row of clothing hanging between the rows. I was indeed going against the traffic where I was.

By then I had already found the checkout line which was the other direction. These women had picked out coats to buy. They were facing opposite from me and were standing so close to each other, there was no space between them at all. I couldn't even imagine standing in a line like that.

There was a used clothing stall outside on the street, so I went over there to see what they had. They had  lot of evening gowns, party gowns, homecoming dresses, blouses, and coats. Knowing how styles changed, I looked for my size and took a couple dresses down from the rack and held them up to myself, still on the hangars. They were knee length but I figured I needed something longer than that. I then found three blouses which were my size. There were two white ones and a silver one.  The silver one looked like one I had owned myself, previously.  I took all three of them, then went to look at the coats.

I met several women, plus two clerks. The head clerk was civil and polite, but when I asked her about a 'blessed event' in her life, she brightened up and started telling me how excited she was and her whole personality changed and her attitude changed completely.

I then looked at my shoes and saw that I was wearing a pair of light blue dancing slippers that had long ribbons to tie them on. They were so long, I had to knot them three times and still worried about tripping over the ribbons. The ribbons were meant to be tied and wound up the legs like dna, not just tied in knots on the feet. While I was trying to figure this out, my friend Alyse was sitting in a chair like a throne. She was trying to explain to me how I should tie the shoes. I looked at her and saw a slit down the side of her neck that was oozing blood. It was a surgical line and it was opening up. I could see blood oozing from a slit that went from her left ear all the way to her waist down the left side.  The slit was getting wider and wider and bleeding more and more.  She told me not to worry about it, but I was starting to freak out because she was splitting open all the way down her body.

I had to leave and woke up.


12-3-00 - DREAM - I was working on a computer ... typing on it about ETs.  I was expecting that what I typed about would  be true ... that what I type IS true.


12-3-00 - DREAM - I was living in this California house. I saw a pretty blonde woman coming down the road, wearing a light beige coat. I thought she was coming to visit. She walked past the front door and went up the driveway towards the back of the house.

I was puzzled and went outside and followed her around towards the back of the house.  

She had walked past the house towards a large shed in the back of the house (this doesn't really exist)  She was smoking a cigarette.

I think I saw a man on a tractor heading back through the orchard as well, but I'm not sure if I'm just imagining that.

I called out to her and asked her if I could help her and suddenly I saw that fire was coming out of a cupula on top of the shed and then saw fire in spots in the grass in the yard.

I thought to myself , 'Oh no! Her cigarette ashes set the shed on fire.

At the same time the woman saw me and ran towards the front of the house.

I thought she was going to call for help in the house.

I saw a blonde horse standing over the fire in the grass which is just the opposite of what horses normally do.  I was hollering FIRE, FIRE, FIRE, and at the same time running over to stomp out the fire where the horse was standing.  But there was nothing I could do to put out the fire in the shed. I kept hollering FIRE, FIRE, FIRE, hoping the blonde woman was already calling the fire department.


12-3-00 - DREAM - I was in an apartment I had recently moved into. I was planning on looking for a cheaper apartment because I was going to retire and collect social security.

I had other options, like asking the landlord if he had another building I could manage instead of just living in an apartment. I also had a friend who was retired and could ask her to live together.

I was talking to the friend (I think it was June) and telling her that cheaper apartments were available a little farther north ... I mentioned some streets in Milwaukee where there are cheaper neighborhoods with little shopping mall type streets.  Her feelings looked hurt that I didn't ask her to live with me.

There were several children in the apartment I assume were mine though I didn't recognize them. At least I was taking care of them and feeding.  I had a plastic bag full of baloney ground up and mixed with Miracle Whip which I love.  Being in a bag doesn't work very well and the baby couldn't serve any baloney to herself, but she ended up with some on her tray anyway. I figured she could feed herself with her fingers so I went around the table to serve baloney to the others as well.

At the same time, I loaned my house keys to one of my other kids and they didn't bring it back. I was looking through all kinds of small drawers looking for keys, shaking the drawers to listen if I could hear keys clinking together.  

I knew I could easily call the locksmith and have him come and key up the house locks, but it would be a lot cheaper to find the keys I already had.


12-4-00 - DREAM - I was working on a computer and putting my name on a line to show who I really was. When I had my name in place, others were putting their names on the same screen. Their names were all ET-like.  At no time did I ever see anyone.


12-4-00 - DREAM - (Gross)  I was living in a house with other people. I was doing normal housekeeping duties. In one room, two people were dancing. I was alone and didn't have anything else to do, so I went to the window to look outside. As I stood there, I was thinking, "I want to see something close up!"  At that moment, I saw a dark grey cat, a grey German Shepherd dog, and another grey cat surrounding some bushes.  One cat hissed, the dog howled, and the other cat on the end of the bushes caught a mouse and I saw it hanging from his mouth.

I then was shown a close up of the mouse, but in half so I could see it's inner meat that the cat was going to eat. It was red like horse meat is. I could see all the bones, teeth, meat, etc. It was really gross. I forced myself to stop looking at the closeup view of the mouse.

I then went into the other room and started to tell some people what I had just seen. I told them about the cats and the dog and mouse and then said, "And ROV showed me a closeup of the mouses innards" (I was almost going to say that ROV and Alyx showed me", but changed it to just ROV after I realized that Alyx wouldn't do something so gross, only ROV would.

I then went back to the other room, looked at the clock which was twenty minutes to 7. I knew I had a football game at 7 p.m. and started to pull my uniform out of the closet. I pulled out a Green Bay Packer yellow team shirt, then looked for the pants and only found green shorts ... not long pants. I didn't know if I could play the game in shorts.

(I think this was another ROV game since, ROV loves hot pants :-)  

I woke up, got up and looked at the clock. It was twenty minutes to 7 a.m.


12-5-00 - DREAM - I was in a house on 16th St in Milwaukee ... not the one I grew up in. I heard an airplane in the sky. It sounded odd so I looked out the window to the south and saw a small plane going west.  The plane was loud and sounded rather like a lawn mower  to me.  Then as I watched, the plane turned to the north, then turned again to the east and started to descend at an angle rather ominously.  It never recovered and finally hit the ground and exploded.

I had never seen a plane hit the ground like that before ... nose first ... and was rather shocked.  I wanted to run outside, but thought ... call 911 first.  So, I ran to the phone and dialed 911. The man who answered the phone said, "Which department do you want?"  I said - Fire department.  He said, "Okay! What's wrong?"  I said, "There's been a plane crash near 16th and Clark."  He said, "Okay!"

By then, the other people in the house had already run outside ahead of me. I ran outside towards where I saw the plane come down and didn't find anything.

I heard the fire department engine sirens going around the block. They didn't find the plane either.

I walked as far as North Ave. without finding the plane, (about 5 blocks) . I was really puzzled.  I came to the intersection where another man was talking animatedly to someone from the fire department.  He had seen the plane come down and crash and he had been looking north from where he was.  We tried to describe the plane and the angle it had come down. We didn't quite agree with the angle but it was close.  

None of us could figure out how we could have heard, and seen the plane crash and nobody could find it.

NOTE: After I woke up, I found out that the alarm clock had gone off and it didn't wake me up. Maybe that was the noise in my dream?


12-5-00 - At the end of this dream as I was waking up, I saw the words ... memorize this ... "A purple spleck on a ....."

DREAM - I was living in a house with many other people, including children and adults. My mother said she was going to go into the basement to do laundry. Another woman a few minutes later said the same thing.

I went into the kitchen to fold blankets and laundry so that we could eat breakfast. There were blankets everywhere, towels, washcloths, etc. Besides that people were standing around talking to me.

I could hear the washer in the basement which was off balance.  It would start and stop as my mother or the other woman would move the load of laundry around in the machine to balance it.

I was attempting to fold blankets and towels and make piles of them on the kitchen table. None of them were even ... there were straggled corners and limp ends and the piles would kind of flop over into each other.

The kids were annoying and getting in the way. I told them to go to their room for awhile and they went into the wrong bedroom. I went into the bedroom to admonish them and it was dark in there. I discovered that they hadn't gone into the bedroom, they had gone outside to play at a neighbor's house.

I was getting angry that they wouldn't obey me, then decided I was better off temporarily that I didn't have to watch them, the neighbor could watch them.

I went back to the kitchen to fold laundry again, and discovered that some of this stuff was really old and limp, had holes in it, etc. and wondered why I was even keeping it.  I decided to be grateful to have it and shut up.

Some neighbor kids came into the house then and started to walk through the kitchen. I was so frustrated by then, I was thinking, "If they ask for something to eat I'm going to kill them!!!!"  but then thought, "I can't think like that, this isn't their fault."  Meanwhile boxes of pencils, pens, and other writing things were falling over and I had to set them aside.

I was just going to carry a pile of blankets to the bedroom, when an old woman handed Joe a small saucepan, large enough to cook something for about a 1/2 a person. Besides that it was really old, part of the side was bent over, and there were water built up in a pile on one side that looked like a stalagmite from a million years. I knew I'd never use it and almost told Joe to throw it away, when I picked up a glass of water to take a drink and the glass I was using was in the same condition. It had stalagmites in it that were taller than the kettle the woman had just given us.

I was so frustrated by now, I wanted to cry.

As I was waking up, I saw the words, "Memorize this ... "A purple spleck on a ..... "  

I woke up more exhausted than when I went to sleep.  And more frustrated.


12-5-00 - I had just finished watching the TV show One Life to Live. I was tired, so went to bed to take a nap. The show is on the air here from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

12-5-00 - DREAM - I was watching TV and was watching One Life to Live.  The two characters, Asa the Patriarch, and Max, his pretender son came to contention and started to argue.  

Somehow, the two characters came into my own livingroom from the TV set and I was peering out at them from a hidden place behind a tall wing-backed chair.  I was hoping they could see me.

They were arguing, and I hid because I didn't want them to know I was there.

I could hear them now, but not see them. I then heard a gun shot, then silence.  I crouched down even lower on the floor.  I was afraid I would get shot also if I looked.  I heard nothing further.  

Finally, I got up to look and found no one. The TV was on and a long haired boy was on the screen and he jumped on the bed into the arms of a young blonde woman on the screen.

I looked on the clock and it was 10 minutes past two and the next show was on, which is General Hospital.

I don't know who got shot ... the Patriarch or the pretender son ... scary thought.....


12-6- 00 - SYMBOLIC DREAM - I was in a large place that was both indoors and outdoors. My ex-husband Ed was with me and I believe he represents ' the evil one' as he used to call himself Satan on occasion when church-like topics came up. He knew the Bible better than anyone else and could use it against me very well. He wore a light brown/tan shirt and pants.

There was another young woman there whom I called my daughter. I don't know what her name was. She and I got together to get away from my ex-husband by rolling on the ground with our arms together stretched out, holding hands ... rolling sideways like a ball ... or perhaps more like a bicycle wheel.  It was very slow going and I commented, "Why is this taking so long?"

We ended up by a large pool where it seemed that Jewish boys went to school. There were many young Jewish boys there. I don't know how we ended up there but we did. It seemed we had gone the wrong way. It was the opposite way of where I had wanted to go.

Once I stood up, I realized where we were, and I commented in a distraught way, "I keep forgetting about my daughter ... her name is Laura, I keep forgetting about my daughter, her name is Laura!"   (Laura means laurel)

I then came to a man who had some fish-like creatures on an ironing board. They were not dead I noticed and were jumping around like they wanted to speak, particularly the white one. The man was about to cut their heads off. I couldn't bear to watch. (I say they were fish-like because they had fish tails, but their heads were all different and separate from the fish body like humans, but not quite human either.

I walked on and met a young boy who was speaking Hebrew words. He translated what he was saying when he greeted people. He was saying, "Happy New Year"!

I walked past the young boy and came to church-like room that was dimly lit. There were many men inside. (I didn't see any women there) An elder came up to me who had seen me rolling on the ground with my daughter. He asked me to come into the church and testify about my life. I said I would. My husband said he wouldn't enter the church.

I was very distraught that my husband wouldn't enter the church, but didn't really expect that he would. That wouldn't go with his reputation which preceded him wherever he went.

I can't recall how it ended. I was no longer with my ex-husband, but he continued to live with his reputation ahead of him as he went.


12-7-00 - I'd have to say that the night was one of the more pleasant nights I've had in a long time. All the dreams were positive and uplifting.

The first dream was about my recognizing that I had the healing touch and that by touching someone, their pain would go away.

The second dream was about people being on the path and that more paths were being developed in the countryside. The paths went in several directions and were developed from old railway track right of ways.

The third dream was about being on a path and that the path was strewn with a white powder so that it was easy for everyone to follow. I just had to make sure that I didn't get too far to the right on the path and fall off a cliff. Everyone was young and happy along the path.

The fourth dream took place in a house with other women which I can't make too much sense of. I was making sure that the children's jackets were hanging in the right place, that the towels and new pink washcloths were put in the proper drawers.  I then took the garbage outside and all I had was a single green bean can. I laughed when I went outside and told my husband, "I don't know why I felt compelled to take out the garbage... it was only one can."  The men and boys were all outside playing on the lawn while the women were in the house.

I showed an apartment to some kids. The light was a little dim in the place. The kids didn't care. I told them there would be more light when they moved in. They understood that that would be the case also.

When I went outside, the weather was perfect, warm and breezy. I met a man who asked me how I was feeling and I told him that the weather was perfect. I was walking along painfree and happy with the wind blowing in my face. That's about the best I've felt in a long time.

Unfortunately, then I had to wake up.


12-7-00 - VISION - I was laying in bed and heard a telephone ring just once. I knew the phone was off the hook, so I knew this was my inner telephone which I experience from time to time.  I said mentally, "Hello! I'm ready for the message!"

I started to see movement that was going very fast, but didn't recognize what it was.  I knew though that it meant 'people counting ballots'. Then I heard a gunshot.  


12-8-00 - I was listening to the radio. I had on Coast to Coast and Pamela Stonebrook was on. She is featured on this page:  REPTILIANS  I was falling asleep, waking up, falling asleep, waking up while she was on.  

DREAM - I was in a car in the alley behind my 16th St. house where I grew up.  I saw the moon in the sky to the west.  There was also something else in the sky which I didn't recognize and wondered if anyone else saw it.

The object then moved towards the east and I was looking at through the southern window of the car.  Now that it had moved and so had the moon, I wondered if anyone else noticed this strange event.

Suddenly a flash of white light came from the object and I thought, "Oh oh! They are taking our picture!"  The light didn't just flash though, it came towards me more slowly and spread out so that it enveloped me. I started to feel movement and my vision was going away towards white.  I started to feel like I was blacking out except it was more like whiting out. I lost consciousness completely.

What seemed like only a moment later, I found myself in bed, wide awake. I don't know how much time had gone by. It could have been just a flash of a second.  Pamela was still on the radio.


12-8-00 - DREAM - I was upstairs in an apartment building. There were two women with me, a white one and a black one. The white woman said, "Don't tell so n so (name unremembered) that I took the ____ from the bathroom" and she giggled.  As we went down the stairs the black woman turned around and giggled and showed me that she had the ____ herself.  

I saw a bunch of cigarettes on the steps and kicked them down the stairs ahead of us.

The farther down the steps we went the more things I found to take down the steps with us.  These were all shiny new things we could use when we got to our own place.  

A man met us half way down the steps to help carry the 'things' some of which were new kitchen pots and pans with shiny silver covers.

We got down to the sidewalk and there was an animal cage just to the left of the building. There was blood gushing out of a pipe ... a lot of it. I ran over there and a young girl was inside the cage, pulling something out of the pipe.  She called it a scuzzy bone.


12-8-00 - DREAM - I was laying in bed with Joe and there was a higher level to the bed behind the headboard.  There was also a higher mattress on another bed next to us to the right.  

My mother was at the door and wanted to know what would we do if a hole was in the bed on one end. I discussed this with Joe, knowing that I would just turn the mattress around. I didn't see any problem with it.

I then decided I wanted to move to the higher level of bed and pushed myself backwards ... uphill ... so to speak.  I didn't go all the way to the top level, but ended up on a slanted part so that my head was much higher than the rest of my body.  That felt rather comfortable.

I then talked with Joe about buying larger furniture for a larger livingroom we had on the right side of the house which we didn't live in.

There was a woman in the kitchen as we went through the house ... the housekeeper / mother.  As we went towards the other livingroom which wasn't used, I saw that there were holes in the woodwork from carpenter ants and woodshavings on the floor in the hallway.

I was stunned when we came to the livingroom.  It was huge, carpeted in brand new brown carpet.  (I still remember the dream when that room was carpeted. )  However, I could see that the house itself was old and not taken care of very well by the owners.  I looked at the carpet and it looked like an unmowed lawn ... there were ant hills all over it.  Then I saw on the left were tiny men skirmishing with each other.  They were about 3 inches tall.  They were dressed like old fashioned farmers with big blockbuster type guns like in the old days. They spoke in German and I knew that these were just men ... citizens ... not in any formal army ... but they were ready to fight if necessary.


12-8 00 - I didn't see anything meaningful in this dream. It had a totally other worldly feel to it.

DREAM : I was walking around this place in my new pink bathrobe and blue slippers. I lived here but so did hundreds of other people and visitors alike. It was home to me but it was like a big resort place also.

In the beginning I was like at home with my kids. There was so much work to do I couldn't do it all alone. There was so much laundry to do, it was overwhelming. I noticed that I was even washing new clothes that had been tried on but never worn. I was going to wash the dark blue clothes first. There were other women helping with this chore. Because there was so much work, I let them take over and started wandering around the buildings, feeling like I was losing my mind. There were a couple times I felt like I was losing my mind because of a sense of unreality.  (This is the second dream I've had like this recently)

I was thinking I should see a doctor and get a pill of some kind to make me feel more even ... emotionless because this place was so overwhelming. As I wandered around I planned to stop if I met a doctor (I assumed it was a female) and ask for help with my emotions.

I went through the kitchen area after I saw my kids eating snacks. Everything was being readied for dinner. There were dozens of long banquet type tables here, all set for dinner. The food hadn't arrived yet. I thought I might help by making the coffee I headed for the food preparation area.

In the food preparation area, there were people from Peurto Rico working. They were very kind to me as I walked around. I didn't see where the coffee pot was.  One of the young boys was helping and he dropped a heavy pot of dark green soup all over the floor. He kept apologizing as his mother helped mop up the green mess. I had to walk through it to get to the next area.

I went through a hallway where some Puerto Rican people were living ... like maids quarters or something except the whole family lived here. I saw a litter of tiny puppies, and two adult dogs, one looked almost like a short-haired  weiner dog but was a little shorter and taller ... I don't know what it was really. The father looked like a German Shepherd /Yellow Labrador mix.  The puppies were yellow and very little. The woman said they were German Shepherds.  I had wanted a Yellow Labrador so I decided I wouldn't ask for one of these when they were old enough.

I picked up some junk on the floor beyond where the boy was picking up the soup mess and then looked for a trash receptacle and wasn't finding any.  I finally came to the food preparation area and headed towards it thinking that there had to be a trash receptacle there.

A taller, large black man was the head cook here it seemed and when he saw me heading for his area wearing my bathrobe and slippers, he pulled down an overhead huge sliding door right in my face.

I got angry and demanded, "What are you doing?"  He pulled the door up again a little and I said to him, "How dare you pull the door down in my face?" I raised my voice a bit more and said, "I OWN THIS PLACE!!!!!!"

He said, "I apologize Ma'am" and held his arm out for me like a gentleman does to guide me around on a formal tour. I took his arm like a lady does. He showed me how the original mansion was constructed back in the early days.  

There was a raised concrete area with a name and the date 1921 where the original owner had parked his shiny car to show it off. Around this area were shiny copper pipes and mahogony walls, and I could see a huge boiler room off around a corner where the whole place was heated by means of copper boilers and copper pipes going throughout the whole building.

I was very impressed.  When this part of the tour was over, the man let me wander around by myself. I was still looking for a trash receptacle and not finding one. I was finding dishes of various kinds of prepared foods everywhere.  One short man ahead of me emptied some garbage right into another dish of food because he couldn't find any trash receptacle either.

I finally went outside and headed for where I lived. It was raining heavily outside. A short, cute Puerto Rican girl saw me walking out on the porch area with my slippers on and there were others walking out in the rain, and she commented, "I don't know how these white people can walk out in the rain. They must be crazy!"

At that point, I thought she was right. I was feeling quite overwhelmed by all this and felt I needed help.

When I was walking up the sidewalk towards where I lived, water was running down the sidewalk like a river and it was hard to walk upstream against the movement of the water. I commented to myself, "This must be how it feels to swim upriver."

Here too there was food everywhere in the gardens, swelled up in the water soaked area. I saw macaroni, spaghetti, rice, green things growing, and then shrimp of several kinds.

I finally got back inside and told the people about all the food outside that no one ever need starve because there was food everywhere.


12-8-00 - Three Visions Prior to Sleep

#1 - I saw two Mayan Chiefs with full regalia on their heads. It was colorful with lots of red, blue and gold

#2 - I saw two rose bushes full of thorns, but with pink roses at the ends of the branches

#3 - I saw George W. Bush. He said, "I love family and kin, but that has to end!"


12-9-00 - There was more to this dream than this, but I only remember the end.

DREAM - I was in a shopping mall, in a store like Sears.  I was going through the furniture department, walking along looking at the different types of couches.  There were a lot of different types and colors.  By the time I got down to where the stereos were, I finally saw a salesman who was taking a swig from a gigantic bottle of water.  I was glad that I wasn't being hounded by salesman ... I hate that. I like to look at leisure and make up my mind what I want before I talk to anyone.

I turned and started walking back along the furniture in the opposite direction. At the end was an old fashioned grey, wooden New England type set. I decided I didn't want any of these anyway, I really wanted a new bed ... and my mind was thinking about a headboard with a carving of a sun with rays coming from it.

I also wanted to see a price list which enumerated the different types of furniture and the cost.  When I was looking at the grey wooden couch, someone either gave me a price list, or it appeared in my hand out of nowhere. I don't recall seeing any people. The furniture list turned into a list of the types of ETs there are with descriptions.  Though I knew that's what it was, I couldn't read any of it.


12-9-00 - DREAM - I was at my 16th St. house where I grew up.  My mother was there and we were discussing a family reunion which was going to be held on Sunday ... tomorrow.  The family hadn't been together in a long time and I was looking forward to it.  It seems there was going to be a family baseball game and that would really be fun. (In actuality, except for my mother and me, everyone older than us is dead and has been for quite some time)

I was thinking about my Aunt Ethel because we hadn't seen her in a really long time. She passed away about 40 years ago. Then my mother told me that Aunt Ethel wasn't dead, she lived in a house near a nursing home and she had the nursing home's phone number.  She told me that Aunt Ethel had been trying to get into the nursing home for 3 years and there hadn't been an opening yet, so she might be there or she might not.

I decided I wanted to go find her and if I did, I would bring her to the family reunion.  My mother, the cautious one, was thinking that Aunt Ethel would be too embarrassed to suddenly reappear in the family when they thought she was dead. I was thinking, "So what if there is embarrassment ... you get over it.  The important thing is to be together."

My Mother told me that it would cause too much commotion to go get her on the day of the reunion. I said I would go look for her now if she wasn't yet at the nursing home. She would be surprised that I knew how to drive and be happy to see me. She was always my favorite aunt. I thought I would just hang out in the neighborhood until she went to the store and then I'd spot her and bring her home.

I walked into the diningroom where we were cooking a huge piece of beef in a gigantic glass bowl on a gas jet which passed for a  stove. It was plugged into the wall.  I saw a stream of bloody, beefy water streamed across the floor in several directions.  My mother and I were looking to see where it was coming from and I saw that the bowl that the meat was cooking in was tipped over and the water was running over the edge.  I couldn't just grab it and tilt it back up because it was hot, so I had to get some hot pads for my hands.  By the time I got the hot pads, the bowl had completely tipped over and all of the liquid ran out onto the floor.  I managed to tip the bowl back up then and pull the plug on the stove. (Note it was a gas jet stove but electric)

Then I had to sweep up the water so it would go down the drain and I grabbed a broom to sweep it.  My mother stopped me and said I should use a push broom instead. She ran to an attic-like room to get it.

Meanwhile my old friend David appeared and made a wise-crack about something I can't remember. I felt rather pissed off and didn't have time to listen to his prattle jokes.

At the same time I heard my tiny daughter who was about 3 years old singing a little ditty from behind the barn. She was singing, "I'm a virgin, I'm a virgin". I ran around the corner to find out what she was doing and there was two other little kids there, a boy and a girl". The little girl was singing, "I'm a virgin, I'm a virgin" . I wanted to holler at her, "You'd better be!"  She was only about 3.  The little boy sang something equally nasty about his body parts and I reached out to slap them in the face because they were singing now like they were taunting me. I couldn't slap them because they raised their arms to thwart me. The little girl started to sing about 'hanging jewels'.   I grabbed one arm and was just about to slap her face when she and the little boy sang something about some islands off the coast of Russia.  I couldn't quite understand what they said about the islands, but I woke up before I could ask a question.


12-10-00 - Was sick when I went to bed, so I worked on pulling in colors for along time.

First dream was about 'What is a ballot?" This was like an internal process of my mind, not visual.

Second dream was about counting ballots. This was like an internal process of my mind, not visual.

Third dream was about a woman with stomach problems... wonder why.... ack ....


12-10-00 - DREAM - Was somewhere strange with Blair from One Life to Live television show. She was wearing a purple and white diagonally striped outfit with a headmask on in the same color. On her blanket on the gurney she was laying on were weird statements ... I can't remember them.

.. sounds like more election stuff.


12-11-00 - To begin with, I was having a vision of a darkened room with people, all dressed in dark blue, who were bent over like they were sneaking in, and going towards the right. At the end of the group of the people, were many small children.  I wanted to look to see where they were going, but knew that if I turned my head or my eyes to look, I would lose the vision.  I felt physicall compelled to swallow at that point and lost the vision.  However, then the visions started again and I looked to the right and was seeing many children and adults in a large room. They were all sitting at round table and were exchanging Christmas gifts, wrapped in colorful Christmas paper and bows.

Joe and I both had trouble sleeping during the night. Joe fell asleep right away and as usual started groaning out loud. I couldn't get warm or comfortable so I was laying there thinking. All of a sudden I started thinking that someone might come into the room with a gun and chase Joe out of bed and I was trying to decide whether I should hide under the covers or get up and hide through the bathroom and run out the front door and across the street.  I was really upset that I was thinking this negative way, but couldn't get it out of my mind and go to sleep.  Then Joe started hollering for help in his sleep and I jabbed him to wake him up.  I asked him if he was awake and he mumbled, "yes!'  I then asked him what he was dreaming. He said he was dreaming that his brother was laying in the bed where I was and Joe had pulled a gun out from under the mattress and he and his brother were fighting over the gun and his brother wouldn't let go of the gun.  So maybe I was picking up on what Joe was dreaming or OBEing or whatever that was.

I fell asleep briefly and so did Joe and started hollering again so again I had to poke him awake and that of course woke me up.


12-11-00 - DREAM  - I was at a family reunion  birthday type party and was standing out in a large yard with some other people. I and my daughter was standing in a little group with two other mothers with their daughters. We were standing very close to each other.  Someone else made some kind of comment so we broke up the group and I and my daughter went inside the building which I think was a school and my Father was inside sitting in a row of chairs with other older people and us younger people took up chairs in rows facing him.  He was actually on the other side of a short wall between us and him.

He started telling the people what a great dancer his sister was and how she was a great teacher and had taught him to dance when he was young. I hollered over to him that I thought HE was a great dance teacher because he had taught me to dance when I was young.  He took that as a clue to ask me to have a dance with him right then. So I got up and went over to the other side of the wall where he was sitting.  He held out his arms to me and I held out my arms to him.  However, he was frail like he was before he died and I was afraid he would get all out of breath from his heart.  He started backing up so I had to go farther and farther into the space where he was away from the other people.

He disappeared into a doorway and came right back out dressed in a funny red and white  checked clown costume with wig, huge shoes, etc.  He started dancing like a clown and clacking his feet together in the air.  I was shocked and astounded at his behavior.  I said, "Oh my gosh! You have more energy than I have."  He laughed and danced some more.

I couldn't dance like that so I went to sit down.  Somehow he got behind me and for some reason  my clothes slipped off as I sat down on his lap.  I was thinking, "He's my father ... it's okay if he sees me naked ... and at the same time was embarrassed.  

It seemed we were behind the wheel of a car somehow too, and I said to him, "Just don't poke me in the ribs, just as he started poking me in the ribs. Again, "I said, "Don't poke me in the ribs" and woke up feeling like someone was jabbing me in the ribs and I was trying to move away from the poking because it rather hurt.

After that I couldn't go to sleep again either.


12-11-00 - DREAM - In the beginning I remember walking a long way in the dark, going to a school ... can't remember what I did there, then walked all the way back home in the dark. I have a memory of having my photograph taken there. In one photo was a full shot where I was sitting on a low wall with another woman which overlooked a huge valley. I was wearing a pink and white flowered dress. That looked good, but I was wearing a red haired wig with long curls and when i looked at the photo I didn't particularly like the hair.  I then saw a photo of just my head where the head was cut off and someone commented that the picture should have been expanded to show the hair. I was rather proud of how far I had walked.

I was then alternately cleaning the house, getting ready to do laundry, and laying out my blue bathrobe on the floor in the front hall, preparing to go upstairs and my four infant babies who were very small. I had to make sure I had four baby bottles so I could feed them.

I heard my older children come home from school, but they didn't come into the house.  I went to the back porch which was enclosed. I noted that the back door was not locked. There on the enclosed porch, my children were watching a small television I had bought them.  I asked them why they hadn't come into the house. They said they were playing checkers ... on a red and black board.

I pointed out to them that I had installed a new black telephone for them to call each other from the back hall to the upstairs bedrooms so they didn't have to yell through the house at each other.  They were very pleased at that.  I told them, "All you have to do is yell ' phone ' and then pick up the phone and you can talk quietly to each other on the phone.  They really liked that gift.

Then I seemed to have a vision, but this may be part of the dream, but I don't think so. I was given 4 books for children to read ,  'My First Jewish Child's Prayers', 'The Kama Sutra', 'Farlist', and 'These are the things I did in College, read this so you don't have to be sent to the Dean'. The Jewish Child's Prayers was a small white child's size book, the other three were paperbacks about 6 x 8 inches and were very shiny covers in a yellow/brown tone.


12-12-00 - DREAM - This had a nightmarish quality. I was planning to leave home because I was unhappy there. My children were each coming to me in turn to tell me that my Father/husband  was abusing them. Secretly, each in turn, I took my children aside in their bedrooms and whispered to them that they should start getting some clothes together because we were going to run away together. My son Ken who had the most clothes, but nothing that fit really well, said that he was going take 3 garbage bags full. The others didn't specify what or how much they were going to take but said they would be ready. We would leave quickly and suddenly with no warning.

At one point, I was driving down a hill quite fast and we had to stop when we came to a long narrow stone bridge. The roadway down was flooded with dark water so we had to wait until all the people coming up the roadway were off the bridge. There was a very long line.  

Before anyone could cross that bridge, they had to write down who they were and where they lived and the reason they needed to cross the bridge. My son Ken wrote ... 'running away to die'.  I thought to myself, "At least he's honest".

At one point, I was in a parking lot where there was a blue Volkswagon car.  It belonged to my Father. I went over to the car and saw that there were two sets of keys in the car.  One was my Fathers keys, and one set belonged to Joe. I wanted to duplicate a set of my Father's keys, but decided I should leave Joes' keys there. This was a plan for the future, and I had to figure out how I was going to duplicate my Father's keys.

At the end, I was going down the house stairs to go outside and a friend of mine from church named Judy, who was considered a big mucky-muck type person there, whispered to me that she was going to call me at 4:30.  My Father said, "What did she say?"  I told him honestly, "She's going to call me at 4:30".  He merely answered, "Oh!" I thought it best to be honest than tell a lie and make him even more suspicious of me.


12-12-00 - VOICE - The case will be pardoned.

Vivaldi had a triple bypass


12-13-00 - DREAM - I was at home in a large building.  I was having some kind of party or reunion.  My sister and her husband came and we had a group hug. Other people were arriving, some of whom I knew very well, some whom I didn't. One man who came looked really familiar. He was about 6 inches taller than I. He said his name was Dennis. He acted like he wanted to have a relationship with me, however, he met up with another woman who was very like me and he moved on to her really quick.  

My sister was going to heat up some food for breakfast and didn't take the plastic wrap off the food when she put it into the toaster, so I had to rescue it quickly.  It was already burning when I grabbed it out of the toaster. Where it wasn't burning, it was pretty much black.  Someone else had already made a lot of sandwiches. I can't remember what the stuff was between the bread ... a mixture of ground meat of some kind mixed with mayonnaise.  

When I grabbed the plastic wrapped bread out of the toaster, and put out the flames, I turned and saw out the window that some kids had set the chimney or other square thing on top of the neighbor's roof on fire as well.  

My old painter Bob showed up with Pizza bread, about a 1/2 a loaf.  I knew I could only eat the topping off of it and it wasn't enough to share with anyone. I let him have it himself.

I was troubled about the relationship that Dennis was having with the woman. He took her swimming to teach her how to swim. He took her in another room to have his way with her.  When I would see her out of the corner of my eye, she would be crying like she was being tortured, but when she met me directly, she would smile and act like she was enjoying herself.

Someone told me that Dennis lost something in his car ... like his wallet or something. Then when I met him in the hallway again with the woman, he told me that he had lost his wristwatch twice, and I had a vision of two women's wristwatches in my mind. I tried to ignore him and since the woman was smiling at me, I allowed their relationship to continue without saying anything to her.

I had to clean something ceramic ... seems like it was the stain on the back of the toilet, but the toilet was taken apart and we had to bring the pieces back together so I could scrub the stains off.

I was troubled by the loss of time by Dennis but there was nothing I could do about it, and I decided to ignore that until something else went wrong that was worse. I wouldn't interfere.

NOTE:  The name Dennis is named for St. Denys  (Dionysus ? )


12-13-00 - VISION - After I woke up, I heard a telephone ring loudly in my left ear. I mentally stated that I was ready for the message. When I saw was a white piece of paper with large writing on it like kids use in 1st grade. It was about Chief Seneca of the Aulumuth History.  I saw his picture and it was indeed Seneca, and I've had visions of him before. I decided I should study what this might be about.

Seneca from the Aulumuth History (See Seneca)


12-13-00 - DREAM - I and a bunch of other women who were all in my UFO group in Milwaukee found out through a guy who knew someone else through the computer that there was going to be a class on Hebrew and Egyptian fabrics or clothing so we decided to go. One was going to be at 11 a.m. and one was going to be at 4 p.m.

So, we met at 8 a.m. on the corner of Calhoun Rd. (172nd St.) and Beloit Rd. (a diagonal street that goes for many miles towards the west)

We must have met in a van of some kind though I didn't see it. One of the women (I think it was Monica apologized for being late because she had been at Bonnies, but had not brought Bonnie with her;) It was only 8 a.m. anyway, plenty of time to get there.

So, we decided to get going and one of the women asked which class we were going to.  The driver said we were going to the Egyptian class at 11 a.m.  One of the other women said, "Oh no! I dodn't want to go to that one, I thought we were going to the Hebrew class at 4 p.m." Another one said, "Oh no! I don't want to go to that one. I want to go to the Egptian one."

So, there we were stuck, undecided which class to go to because some wanted one class and some wanted the other.

Another woman said, "I don't care about either one. Let's just wample the Chincese cookies.  There was a box of delicate yellow flowered material, the box being divided into 4 square pieces on the right hand corner, an Egyptian section down the left  side, and a Hebrew section across the top. (or it was reverse of the Egyptian and Hebrew)

She picked up one of the Chinces squares and I started to chuckle because underneath was a single circular cracker that showed several rings of dough.  That's all there was to eat, 4 circular crackers, one under each square.


12=14=00 = DREAM  - This was about counting UFOs and wasn't really a dream per se - no people or anything.  A voice at the end said, "It doesn't really matter whether you are counting Irish UFOs or Chinese UFOs, it's the results that matter.


`12-15-00 - DREAM - We were in a courthouse of some kind at first, then I joined a cop and went to a woman's house in a fancy neighborhood to investigate something. Instead of parking in the street or in the driveway, the cop deliberately pulled up onto the grass next to the road in front of her house. He did it on purpose. He said that's what he did in these neighborhoods. When we went inside we asked if we could use their bathroom.

In the bathroom, the woman had a cot of some kind, perhaps for massage or something. At firsts it was me, the cop and another guy in the bathroom all at the same time.  Then a young man of the house walked in to find out what we ere all doing in the bathroom at the samet ime.  The cop and I were laying on the cot and another guy was going on the toilet. We toild the guy it was okay because nobody was looking.  So, the woman ofo the house sat down on the toilet and nobody looked, then the guy went and nobody looked.  

I told the cop he could go ahead of me, but he said I oculd go first, so I did and nobody looked, then the cop went and nobody looked.

We then went to the woman's office and it turned out we were checking a log book ofo elections to find out if they had signed off on the election 10 days before, and they had.  The name was Michalalak or something likek that. We couldn't actually read the signature.


NOTE: In Wisconsin, farmers have windbreaks between fields. They usually consist of long rows of piled up stones  of various sizes and shapes, which the farmer has picked up out of the field when it's newly plowed. Where these stones originally came from who knows, particularly since the glaciers went through and picked up stones and carried them with them.  On the long rows of stones are trees growing through them, brush, weeds, etc.

12-15-00 - DREAM - I was in a large field. The soil was rather reddish, and I saw here and there stones or rocks that were squarish. I assumed that the farmer hadn't had time to remove them from the field yet. Some were rather on the large side, others easily carried by one person.

A woman stood by the edge of the field watching me. She told me that we needed to go look at what some developers were doing back in the woods.

The woman, myself, and a man (I have no idea who he was) walked over to the woods which was on a high hill on the other side of her farm field. The trees were tall, probably 50 to 100 feet, widely and pretty evenly spaced with no brush between them. They were about a foot across in diameter ... and all the trees were the same. The trees were about 15 feet apart.  The hill was quite high and I could see where someone had pulled away the topsoil which was thin and underneath the soil was a huge pile of round stones (no square ones like in the field) There was no dirt between the stones ... just stones on stones.  

The woman told us that the developer was blowing up the stones and taking them out of the forest so that he could build houses for people to live in.  We walked up to the top of the hill and back in the woods we found huge holes that were over 100 feet deep where the developer had removed the stones somehow between the trees -... most of the trees remained on the hill but there were big ravines between hills that were artificial that the developer had made in order to provide views for the people who would live in the houses he was going to build. A few trees were just barely hanging onto the stoney soil under them and they hung precariously over the gaps on the other side of them. It was quite beautiful back in the woods even where the artificial ravines were made, but to think that houses would be build back in here and have these beautiful trees ripped out, leaving just stones beneath them made me wince. I couldn't imagine how someone would get such an idea to destroy a forest and the natural landscape just to build houses for people to make money.


12-15-00 - DREAM - I was being driven to work by a man who looked like Mickey Rooney. He was supposed to be my boyfriend. He said he was running out of gas so he stopped at the entrance to Sears and told me he would leave his car there while he tried to get more gas for it. I said, "Okay!' and went into Sears.

I wasnt' inside of Sears very long and people who thought that my boyfriend had abandoned his car at the doorway to Sears were all upset and wanted me to do something about it.  I assured him that he hadn't abandoned his car, he was merely trying to get more gas for it.

I started walking towards where the car was, and I saw the man who looked like Mickey Rooney outside the store by a back area ... a back room with an outside entrance.  He was on the outside and a woman who must have been his wife was on the inside.  He was telling her he had to leave her, and I could see she had big ear plugs in her ears so she couldn't hear him. He was hollering at her, "I have to leave, I have to leave," and she wouldn't have any of that, so she kept saying she couldn't hear him. I felt sorry for her that she had to go through that.

I then went upstairs where I was supposed to be working and lay down on the couch to take a nap. There were beds up here too, but I didn't like the way the mattresses were placed. One was on the floor, one was crooked on the bed, so I took my nap on the couch.

Finally an old wizened woman came in the room, saying she had the mail for me. I told her I didn't want the mail, I was already way behind with my work. I took a quick glance at it, but didn't read it.  None of it was in an envelope.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad so went towards where the bathroom was.  Another woman ran in right before me, so I had to wait. Across the hall was another room where I saw some young girls.  I could hear incredible piano music being played. I walked close enough to see a young teenage girl playing the piano so fast I had never heard anyone with such talent.  Then she stood up and let her younger sister take over and without a break the sister played the same music just as fast and well.  Over next to them, I saw a young boy about age 10. He had an old fashioned ink pen in each hand and was writing with both hands at the same time.

I woke up with the music ringing in my ears.


12-16-00 - DREAMS - I was analyzing a long form about ETs and UFOs.

Dream 2 took place at a computer. I had a long tabulated form on the computer. I went to click SAVE and hit the wrong button so that when it saved the page, I no longer had the original, I had a copy that had electronic marks across it and could no longer be changed.  The buttons which would save it  again or to get the original back no longer worked. I continued to play with this page on the computer until I woke up. I never got it to work again.

Dream 3. I was in an office at a desk. A man brought me a form on which he had written the names of two people who were absent that day. He asked me to do something for him, and while he did that, I used whiteout to go over the two names on the paper. When I did that, it created a thick pad of white almost like cement. I wanted to duplicate the form, but it no longer looked the same with all that white stuff on it. I ended up with a copy that was so different from the original, I spent the rest of the dream trying to fix that.  I never got it to look original either.


12-16-00 - DREAM - I was working on the computer all day and it was at the end of the workday and time to go home, except I was already home because I worked at home.  I got up from the computer and was thinking about making plans for dinner because the sun was going down.  (It really was going down while I had this dream during a nap)  In order to shut down my computer, I had to punch in the numbers 4 1 2 6.  But I didn't do that. I went to the window to look out at the sunset.

In the corner of the room was standing a man named David who I used to work with.  He said, "How prepared are you?  I keep telling you to practice blowing your bugle every day!"  

I reached out and wiggled my fingers in his face, because his advice seemed silly and I didn't want to hear it.

I started thinking about the empty extra rooms we had built on the house and thought I could get some extra couches and put them in those rooms and put white sheets over them because when we needed them we could just put the sheets upstairs in the attic where we stored all the other things we weren't using at the moment.

I went into the bathroom and saw some buttons on the hot and cold water faucets.  So I punched them ... 4 1 on the hot water faucet and  2 6 on the cold water faucet.  When I hit the 6, a loud bugle blasted in my ear.  

I thought to myself ... "Oh how stupid. I was supposed to do that on the computer."  

So, I went back into the livingroom to  do just that and woke up.

The moment I woke up, these words came into my head:  "There is a new slate of Continentals!  Armageddon!!!!"

NOTE: The pages I've worked on in the past are these:

Trumpets     Armageddon  

I noted what time it was when I sat down at the computer to type this:  4:26 p.m.

NOTE:  In the concordance I found these references:

41 hagiotes {hag-ee-ot'-ace}

AV - holiness 1; 1

1) sanctity

2) in a moral sense: holiness


26 agape {ag-ah'-pay}

AV - love 86, charity 27, dear 1, charitably+2596 1,

feast of charity 1; 116

1) brotherly love, affection, good will, love, benevolence

2) love feasts


In 1988, K Endate & K Watanabe discover asteroid #4126 Mashu


12-17-00 - I had 4 dreams about recounting all the ballots for the 2000 election for President.  It was being done in secret and was being paid for by Rockerfeller.


12-18-00 - DREAM - This was very strange. It had no sense of reality to it at all.  It was about people with cars which were wearing out. One took their car to a place where they went through a long hallway that was white.  One could not just take their car ... one had to give the women who worked on the cars ... a clothespin ... one of the kind with springs on it.  

I went to the place to see what it was like. I entered the hallway which went all the way through the building and out the back. I handed my clothespin to a woman who was hanging from a hook on the side of the wall ... which looked like a regular hook you see in clothes closets. I also caught a glimpse of some small girls hanging from other hooks also awaiting people with their vehicles and clothespins. All the hooks were on the left side of the wall. I didn't specifically look at all the hooks, but out of my peripheral vision, I saw pastel and white clothing hanging from these hooks all the way down the hall.  The right side wall was plain white with nothing on it.

Farther on down this hall were many hooks with things hanging on them, but I didn't look up ... I was looking down on the floor and all along the floor in front of each hook were tiny horses. These looked like toys that kids like to play with.  However, the last horse was pink and it was the size of a child's bicycle and had a wheel on it like a bicycle as well. I picked up the pink horse with the wheel and dragged it out the back door with me and down the sidewalk.  I assumed that my clothespin gave me the right to do that.



12-19-00 - After watching the movie "The Patriot" twice, I dreamed about the constitution most of the night.

Dream 2 - I was looking out the window and saw a small black cloud coming from the north. There was a tiny cartoon-like tornado coming out of the cloud and it hopped and skipped all over the valley. I saw then that next door, a truck was blown sideways against the house and was leaning against it.  I went next door to see if I could help in any way. I even asked if they needed any ditches dug. I looked out their window and saw that it was pouring rain.

NOTE:  My friends husband had a serious car accident which totaled his car today. They had to use the jaws of life to get the doors open. That might have been the tornado....


12-19-00 - DREAM - I saw a piece of paper or a computer screen. It said, "A DOG CAT STORY! #14"

NOTE:  So far 5 puppies born today ... the other dog is about to deliver.


12-20-00 - DREAM - This dream was politcal ... about a difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.  In fact, the U.S. was divided between the north and south on  a  line that ran all the way across the U.S. on Highway 265 from Hawaii straight across the center of the U.S. and then down the U.S. east of the Mississippi towards the western part of Florida.

I was showing a man a map of the U.S. about Highway 265 and how it followed a line on the palm of my hand across the U.S. and I saw that he had a line across the palm of his hand that was very similar.

We were outside in the yard when I was showing him this, and there was a donkey directly ahead of me. In the yard, near me, was a bag of chips that were triangular shaped. I grabbed them so the donkey wouldn't get them and all of a sudden a donkey appeared behind my left shoulder so closely, I shoved the bag of chips under a blanket that was laying across my lap so he couldn't get them.

NOTE: I don't see a highway across the U.S. that matches this description. Highway 265 in Arkansas goes north and south, and Highway 265 in Missouri is too short, so this has to be symbolic for something else that divides the nation.

See House File 265 - Electric Lighting Bill

The 265th District Court is in Dallas, TX

Law Title 15 - Section 265 - Central Zone time change

National Security Memorandum 265

History 265 - History of Women in America

Joe Mason Interpretation:

The donkey, though Democrat also represents Typhon-Set. This is also a political event ... a war between good and evil. Like the war between the north and south ... divided by the Mason-Dixon line.

Having the donkey both in front and behind me, is like the statement on the Pollen Path page where the God walks both before and behind the man.

The triangle is a spiritual symbol and represents energies that the bodies use.


12-20-00 - I fell asleep with my right nostril stuffy -  DREAM - I was in an apartment and my right nostril was stuffy, so I picked at it. I went and looked in a mirror and saw some stuff on the end of my nose. I looked closer and it looked like rice. I picked it off my nose and then looked at my finger. It had tiny little worms of several kinds ... very minute, but nasty looking.  Ack!

I went into the other room to look for something to unstuff my nose and found my Father putting some kind of chemical on the floor of the kitchen which was being remodeled. It was white and was a sealer of some kind.  I went over towards the stove and my robe brushed against a can and knocked it over.  I thought the can was closed but when I looked, all the rest of the sealer ran out of the can onto the floor.

I was dismayed, but I told my Father that we would now have the best sealed floor in the country.

I then saw a white pillow with a blue ribbon bow on it like a gift and on the blue blow it said: CHIP


12-20-00 - DREAM - I was in an apartment and some people came over to visit. I sat on the couch with Bonnie and was telling her my 265 dream. I went into the other room to get my journal for the past year. It was in the bedroom.

I came back out into the livingroom, looking at the pages in my journal. Almost every page had a drawing on of wonderful beings, masters, entities. One even was of a king-like being with a hippopatamus behind him.  These were wonderful experiences I had written about.

I sat back down on the couch after Bonnie made her son move over. He had been sitting on the spot where I had gotten up from. I showed her some of the pictures in the journal, some of which I had cut out of magazines and comic books. It was a wonderful journal.

I can't remember why I did this, but I went to get a box of 'stuff' because I still needed something to unstuff my nose. I recall I was looking for something called 'thame' .  I know what 'thyme' is but never heard of 'thame'. In the box I found four small packets which were made of brown paper folded over into a little container with powder in it. One of them was named 'thame'.  I smelled it and the odor was very faint but pleasant.

My guests left then.  I went back to the bedroom with my journal to put it away. I couldn't believe how messy the house. I was more than dismayed. I said to myself, "Oh my God! We're going to get kicked out of the house because it's so messy!"

As I woke up, I heard and saw 8 symbols zip into my computer and I saw a huge green picture ... it was the color of the inside of a cucumber. I don't know what the picture was, just the color. They felt like energy and I felt great.


12-21-00 - I had two long dreams just to get the word kabalists  regarding the U.S. original government and a phone number which I didn't get and the dreams disappeared instatnly. While I lay awake, the number 324 jumped into my head, and then 'Foxworthy Overview Museum'... ????


12-22-00 - DREAM - I was in a room with a shelf bookcase type thing full of various kind of pickles, and on a counter there was a large jar with candy in it ... like peppermints sticks, etc.  I woke up and that's exactly how my mouth tasted.


12-23-00 - DREAM - I was in a large city somewhere and went into a tall building. There were other people around but I didn't know anyone. I went to the elevator which went to the 12th floor. Another woman got on the elevator as well and she looked petrified to be there, so I took her hand in mine and told her she would be okay.

The elevator was a little shaky I admit and part way up, I think it was the 9th floor ... the elevator stopped, the door opened, and two men came in with huge fans that were plugged in. A small boy stood there and was rather amused that the women were a little afraid.

We got off the elevator on 12 and went down the hall. As it turned out, it was a hospital of some kind and I was working here as an aide.

The pregnant woman got into a bed and I was assigned to take care of her. In this hospital, each person had their own aide for the whole time they were there and they were not only to take care of their physical needs but be their friend as well.

I actually got into the bed next to her, wearing my pink fuzzy aide robe. I don't really know why she was there, but she was pregnant.

Other women came into the room who may have been patients, but they weren't in bed. I could tell the aides from the patients because they were wearing pink robes like I was.

The pregnant woman had a notebook which itemized some of the things she had done in her life and there were checkmarks on the things she hadn't done also.  I looked at the notebook and saw that the things she hadn't done were because she had stopped herself from doing them. It wasn't that she was stupid ... she just hadn't followed through for one reason or other.  I told her she could still do those things. She wanted to read right then. She said she had found a magazine about sex so she was going to read that.

Another woman stood at the foot of the bed. She was looking at a book. On the bedcovers, on top of the legs of the pregnant woman, there was a large book which stood up and the pictures on the cover were dancing animatedly and then the book itself began dancing and threw itself off the bed at the feet of the woman standing at the foot of the bed.  The woman ignored it.  I told her ... "The book just threw itself at you. That means you are supposed to read it."  Just then I saw a copy of Stephen King's new book on writing.  (I got two copies of it in the mail myself and haven't had time to read it yet) I knew that this woman was supposed to be a writer, not just a reader.

There were a couple older women who came into the room as well. They were wearing pink robes like aides and they were laying around on couches, all reading books.

Before I woke up, I saw a row of books about mystery, about intrigue, about Italy, supposedly the type of books I'm supposed to write myself.  The only thing stopping me is myself.


12-25-00 - DREAM - I was in an old house somewhere in the country. It didn't seem like it was my own house, but I didn't feel like just a visitor either. I was in the bedroom at first and a dark haired woman came in and started to become friendly. Then she was called out into the kitchen where some other women were, so I knew she wouldn't be coming back in. I felt somewhat grateful for that.

I went to the kitchen where some other women were having breakfast. I went to look for the bathroom and saw that a young girl was sitting on the toilet, so I would have to wait. At that point there were some other people in the house.

However, when I went back into the kitchen, all the women were gone and I saw that the table was gone also and that the beige carpeting had been freshly vacuumed.

I went into the livingroom where a couple women were sitting around, and saw a big black bug on the wall ... I was thinking it was a black wasp.  It flew down onto the floor and I had to look really hard to find it, and it flew into the other room.

I followed it into the other room and got my can of bug spray to spray it which I did. I was feeling really squeamish about it because the bug seemed bigger now.  I got a close look at it after I sprayed it, and it looked like a black stickman with black ski poles. I couldn't at that point see it's wings.

It was sitting on the back of a coat, which was hanging on a chair at this point. I felt so squeamish about spraying it again or hitting it and I saw a big turkey carcass thawing out on a butcher block behind me and I didn't want to get spray on the turkey.

All the women were gone now and so were all the vehicles so I assumed they went shopping.  But two men were conversing in the livingroom. I asked them if they could help me with the bug. The shorter man came into the other room and just told me to hit it and walked away again. That wasn't much help. I went back into the other room and the taller man didn't seem to want to help either, just give a lecture about something.  A woman came into the room where the bug was. She had a rolled up booklet, like the Jehovah Witness Watchtower and she used that to swat at the bug. I didn't see it again so I don't know if she got it or not.

I then saw two vehicles pull into the driveway. I saw several people run into the garage. As the people came back out of the garage door, I saw a short woman throw something round at a big van or something ... it looked as large as a grapefruit.

Three black men came out of the garage and then I noticed there was a tall white whitehaired man wearing a beige suit in  front of one of the black men and the way they were walking, it seemed that one of the black men was holding the tall white man hostage with a gun. I was thinking he was a politician.  The white man said, "Where's Oklahoma?"  I pointed with my thumb behind me and said, "About 3,000 miles that way." That was an exaggeration, but he got the point.

Suddenly, another black man, who acted like he was a cop, F.B.I. or something came around the corner of the house and got between me and the people, and we backed up into the house further.  He then asked me if there was another door in the house. I pointed to one directly behind us, but there was a third door on the far diagonal end of the house and he headed for that one, just as I woke up.  

NOTE:  Joe brought this stick man up. This isn't the same but a good representitive

Women of the Wasp????

Sierra Leone - Black WASPs news  November 18th, 2000 - Western Area Security Patrol (WASP) vigilantes clashed with heavily armed robbers in various parts of Freetown Tuesday night. WASP spokesman said the group captured 7 armed robbers in military uniform. 6 more escaped. The vigilantes claimed to have captured 120 more robbers in eastern Freetown after exchanges of fire. "Anyone who challenges WASP and is caught will be executed," WASP Captain Manderah Kamara said. Kamara attributed the violence to factions "within or outside Sierra Leone" opposed to the military government. WASP has recently strengthened its presence in Freetown.

Anzca, Peru - Long man with bird head  The long man of Wilmington This is an example of what the black wasp looked like ... except the black wasp was skinier and pitch black in color.

NOTE: The last time I dreamed about Oklahoma, 45 days later the Oklahoma bombing occurred.  I also noted after this dream, that if I was actually IN Oklahoma in this dream, the door at the exact diagonal I pointed at would be Missouri.  Thus we have Keating as the whitehaired man ... and the other door would be in the direction of Ashcroft who was chosen by the Bush administration for Attorney General after Keating of Oklahoma had been said to be his first choice.  Jessee Jackson doesn't like Ashcroft's record towards black people.


12-25-00 - DREAM - I was working for an organization that oversees charity work ...I was sort of an attorney or advocate who investigated various people who were asking for money or other acts of help.  My job was to judge in advance whether a group or individuals were working for the 'good' or 'evil' in asking for money.

One group worked on the pyramid plan, and I fell for that one 3 times myself, to my own embarassment.

There are some groups and individuals I will withhold so as not to embarrass or encourage them, but there were good ones in this dream as well as bad ones.

At the end I was in front of the ultimate judge Oprah Winfrey. I was able to assist her in seeing that she wasn't always right in turning away people who were asking for help, because she didn't have the time to spend with them on an individual basis like I did.

On the other hand, a couple organizations which I saw as nuisances were highly looked on by other people. for one reason or another of personal preference.

At the end, some people came in and showed us that they had collected $13.46 for children and that was a good case.

On the other hand, a woman who Oprah saw as a mental hospital escapee, I took the woman into the bathroom and made her look into a mirror, and the woman came back into her normal self. That was a feeling of triumph.

The last case I was privy to was a case where some people were asking for money from Oprah and Oprah told them, 'You were supposed to turn in a report on May 1, 1946."

That was quite a shock and I woke up with that date fresh in my mind.

Letter from David K Niles to Matt Connelly


DEBUNKING A MYTH:  - J. Robert Oppenheimer's Political Philosophy


12-25-00 - DREAM - I was dreaming about surfing the internet for something ... the topic of which I've already forgotten, but at the end, the dream said, "The red and black checkerboard is the answer to your symbolism of which you seek." , then the dream said, "T.J. says, 'All you have to know is the name 'Mason' and you have all the truth you need."  (That means that the red and black dreams I've been having are all related to the red and black checkerboard symbolism, and that the name Mason is related to Freemasonry, the Templars, the builder's glyph, etc." )  Sometimes it really pays to dream. :-)  That was my Christmas dream from the spiritworld.  :-)


12-26-00 - DREAM - Joe and I were in a white car, which we were driving laying down ... like we were sleeping in bed.  We drove along the coastline of a lake or ocean and came to a resort that stuck out into the lake. The whole area was white like ice but it wasn't cold. The temperature was such so that it was just at the freezing point but that it wouldn't freeze us like we were.  

The resort stuck out into the lake in shallow curves. There were 3 of these curves with coves between them. The whole thing was white. We were here for healing so that our lives wouldn't be foreshortened.

We knew we couldn't stay in the freezing water for long and the dream changed scenes so that I was now on a computer and looking up a series of organizations called 'SHARE SHARE foundation'.  I had to eliminate  a couple places that didn't fit and then count how many of these SHARE foundation places there were .  The number came to 168.

168 is 2 x 84 . 84 is 12 x 7 which a musical computation ... there are 7 notes in an octave.


12-26-00 - Michelles DREAM - We were outside and I looked at the sun. The sun started to change and I pointed at it to everyone else and hollered, "look, look!"

The sun had many rainbows around it and then turned black in the center. The black part changed into a profile of an indian man. The indian man spoke, "My name is Shiva! I am the creator of the Universe. I'm here to tell you that a storm is coming and that you need to hide to survive it.!"

We all became frightened and ran into the house. The house was long and narrow and all the walls had picture windows in them.  We could see outside and saw that it was getting windier and windier as we ran through the house.  We were still running when I woke up.


12-27-00 - DREAM - It seems I was in the hallway of two different apartment buildings. In the first one I was going to my apartment and trying to sneak past someone elses apartment who I think was an attorney. It seems he had some kind of mental problem. I didn't want to disturb him while he was ill.  Another man came and carried him down the hall after I went past. It seemed there was some kind of relationship between him and I but I don't know what it was.

After I walked down the hall, thinking about asking someone to take me to the grocery store, there were some other people in the hall, and someone said, "Oh! You forgot your keys in the door."  I looked back and there were some strange looking keys hanging in the hallway door I had just come through.  These were not apartment keys, but building keys.  Another person went and got them out of the lock and brought them to me. There was a mailbox key, what looked like a long elevator key, and some other kinds of keys which I didn't immediately identify.

At another part of the building, I stopped at my mailbox which was stuffed full of mail. There was another woman with me. It seems I used to know her at work, but I can't remember her name. I pulled out a lot of mail, some of which seemed to be handwritten reports about the building which points to the fact that I probably was the manager or had some official function here.  I didn't stop to read them, but was wondering why I was getting these reports. Two of the sheets seemed to point out that I either owed money for 3 days or that I was being credit for 3 days. I didn't read it to see but was concerned about what this was.

A third scene was in an office setting and I was sorting out the days work, which would consist of typing out some other people's letters or reports they had handwritten, and a couple other smaller things to type. I didn't look at these closely in advance. I just piled them in the order I wanted to work on them.


12-27-00 - DREAM - It seems I was in Milwaukee at the beginning, but the city wasn't familiar at the end. I started out for a walk, but coming home I was on a scooter of some kind that I sat on with my legs on either side, just using my feet to propel me because my left knee hurt when I walked. (This has been true recently)

I came west on Center St. to 17th St. and turned left. I don't know why I didn't turn left at 16th St. which would have been the street I lived on. It seemed I was talking on a cell phone for a moment because when I came to the first alley going south on 17th St. a vehicle of some kind ... it was rectangular ... not like a regular car ... it had to go through a big puddle. So I backed up out of the way of the spray.  Some of the spray got me anyway and I was talking into the phone describing what was going on.

I continued on down the street after the car passed and now there was a gentleman to my right. From here on, my vision was blurry like it is without my glasses, and I didn't ever see anyone straight on ... only out of my peripheral vision.

The gentleman, who was older, but not old was asking me about the building we lived in together in an apartment house. This is a stretch, because I lived in a house on 16th St., not an apartment.  I lived in apartments on the east side of the city in later life which this now seemed to have switched to.

I said I liked it all right and that nothing was falling apart.  He disagreed with me and pointed upward. We were rather inside a building, yet outside of  our apartment building.  The ceiling seemed to have holes in it and was at least 50 feet high.

At this point, he had to turn right, on down the next street which was 14th St. and I said I was going to turn left through a passageway between buildings.  I told him this was a shortcut that had been newly paved.  That part was true in the dream, though not in real life.  

I was still on my sit upon scooter and made my way slowly between the buildings.  However, I now came to some steps which I managed to climb, still seated upon the scooter somehow.  I got to the top of  the steps but it wasn't going the right direction, so I started to descend the steps which was now more like a ladder with small flat steps.  I was making it but it was very tricky and I woke up.

It was so cozy and warm in bed , I decided to close my eyes again, and went right back into the dream.

I was now at the bottom of those same steps and coming into a garage-like area, but there were no cars in it.  To the left, I could see a big red door at the end of the garage area and headed that way.  Before I got to the red door, however, I saw a stairway off to the left which went up higher. At the top of that stairs was a yellow door. I assumed that the red door went inside the building on the first or lower floor, and the stairway would take me to the door that went outside.

My eyesight was very blurry now, and a woman was behind me. She didn't seem to be in any hurry, and allowed me to take my time climbing the stairs with the scooter still between my legs.

I opened the yellow door and it was very bright outside, yet the air didn't feel any different than it had in the garage. I seemed to be at the bottom of a stairwell, so took one step up and it became brighter, and another step up and it became brighter still... so bright that I couldn't see at all.

I turned to the left and was in a hallway that led to a bathroom. Remembering that I had gotten myself wet on the street earlier, I stopped in the bathroom to wash my hands and clean my garments of any spots.  However, when I turned on the water, the dirt from my clothing got on the carpet.  Now I had to clean the carpet, and I noticed that the toilet was overflowing onto the carpet as well.  A stream of urine ran down the carpet and off the carpet onto the shower stall floor.

I could overhear a voice in the other room which sounded like my ex-husband Jim. He was saying that it was okay because our son Bob or Mike (sorry kids! I forgot which one did this) had missed the toilet when they were younger too, intimating it was him that did it this time.

I pulled up the carpet and threw it into a second bathtub which was behind the first bathtub.  I decided I would soak it before washing it. When I did, some dirt splashed over into the shower area over to my left, so I had to clean that too.

So, I turned on the water in the shower and the dirt splashed up onto the wall.  When I went to wipe the wall, the wall tiles were stained. I knew I'd never get the stains out so didn't try. I just ran the water to clean the dirt off the floor.

I then turned left again and was in a hallway that went down a stairs, then a straight way, then back up a ramp or stairs ... my eyes were blurry so I couldn't tell.

I went down the stairs and heard someone behind me whistle for a dog.  I saw the dog come running down the ramp/stairs with something in his mouth.  The dog seemed to be a skinny wire-haired terrier.  He dropped the things he had in his mouth on the floor by accident.  Somehow I saw the objects clearly. They were old-fashioned screw-on earrings that were silver and had George Washington nickels glued on for the decorations. I was going to rush forward and get the earrings but the dog picked them up again. I was going to tell him to drop them in my hand but didn't want to get bit. At the same time, I heard a girl from behind me and up the stairs call him and he ran with the earrings up the stairs.

I began to climb the ramp then, with the scooter still between my legs and I then woke up again and I was facing the window with the sunlight streaming in.


12-28-00 - DREAM - I was on a computer,  honoring people on their birthdays, which was nice because I just had a birthday myself.  Then the dream switched to real people, and we were going to have a birthday celebration, but that meant completely rehabbing the house and cleaning it.  There were a lot of people there ... all people I used to work with at AC in the 70's and 80's.  

In one scene, the men were doing all the actually physical labor of fixing things, and I was doing all the cleaning, including crawling around on my hands and knees and scrubbing things that hadn't been done in a long time. I had a baby in a high chair, and all around the baby and underneath a lamp where a man sat was all full of nasty feeling spider webs with thousands of tiny spiders all over them.  It felt really nasty to pull all those spider webs down, but it had to be done.

In another scene, we were going to have cake, and I had to make sure that everyone had forks.  The people were all sitting at a large heavy wooden rectangular table and each person had their own utensil/tool drawer in front of them. I had to make certain that everyone had the right tools to be able to eat. This was more like a work table than an eating table but served to do both.

As I cleaned, I discovered that the back section of a small chair had a huge burn hole in the back of it, looked like it was from a cigarette. There was nothing I could do about that, but I made sure the cushion was at least on straight.

At the end of the cleaning scene, I went outside where two white bulls with huge horns were penned in behind some peeled bark sticks which weren't very sturdy. I was afraid of the bulls, so I and some other people ran through a herd of hundreds of young horses which I was also afraid of but less so than the bulls.  By the time I got through the herd of horses, I could see a large field, which was more like the African Savannah and it contained young lions or female lions and foxes. (I was trying to think if they were wolves, but I'm more sure they were foxes)

I didn't know which way to go at that point and woke up.


12-28-00 - DREAM - I was investigating something ... probably politics.  I discovered that whether I went left or right, it was exactly the same, the same color (red), the same depth, the same intensity.  I was rather surprised to discover this.


12-29-00 - DREAM - I don't know where I was, but it seemed I was in a small town. There was no conversation. I placed a numbered peg into a box. I was number 7. When I put the peg in the box, I was at the upper edge of the box. The picture was then pulled back to show that the box was larger than I first saw and there were more numbered pegs than I thought and not only was I not the only number 7, I saw another number 7 over to the left which seemed to be on the same level as my number 7 which was on the right. From this higher perspective, I saw that the numbers went all the way up to at least 49 and that pegs were not only placed in the spaces like I had, but on top of the other numbers, so that other people with a number 7 could place their peg on top of mine, and a number 9 could place their peg on top of another number 9. There were both left and right numbers, not in any particular order though. I didnt' see that there was any sort of order, just that the numbers seemed to be placed in order ,


12-29=00 - DREAM - (This dream analyzes the above dream.)  I was in my New Berlin house with my family in the livingroom. The telephone rang and it was Terry.  He told me that my dream was about 'seraph accounting' (which I knew meant angelic)  and that it was about the left brain and right brain.  I was writing this down on a very small piece of paper. Under that, Terry said that if anyone asked who he was, I could say his name was Le Rou ( I was thinking Le Roy which means 'the King' ) and that for short I could call him 'h.h.h.h.h. '  I hung up the phone and at that same moment, my old friend Virginia Reed came in. She was SO happy.  She told me she had met a new man and wanted to tell me about it. Meanwhile the men in the room (my husband and son Ken) were trying to listen to some classical music on a radio and kept interrupting her.  She said that the man had read her horoscope when she met him.  I waved my finger under her nose, teasing her about being naughty because she was a very strict Christian before. She laughed and said, "No! He says we are naughty when we don't look at our horoscopes!"  She was serious when she said it, so she didn't get that I was teasing her to start with. Then she said that they went bicycle riding and he helped her tie up her bicycle with a green length of cording.

At that point, I wanted to hear more about her getting married and the men kept interrupting, so I got up off the couch and took her by the hand and said we should go outside and talk.  So we went through the long hallway towards the back of the house. It was strewn with small toys. I could see that my kids were still quite young. One of them was being smart mouthed, and I flipped a wet rag down his back for it.  Just before we got to the back door, I saw that we had built on an additional room and I opened the door. It was already lit inside. I grabbed Virginia by the hand and dragged her inside. I said, "Let's hide in here. It can be our hideaway room."  I heard the men coming down the hall behind us, on their way to the garage where they always gathered to tinker on the cars and talk shop.  I tried to quickly close the door so the men didn't know we were there, but the lock clicked as the door shut, and one of the men opened the door and saw that we were inside.

I told him that we wanted to be alone and talk, so he closed the door again and locked it somehow so the kids and the rest of the men couldn't open the door and disturb us.  I saw then that the room was furnished with old furniture. I chose a big old golden brown leather couch to flop down on and she chose the brown, red, and yellow plaid couch to sit on. I said, "Okay! Now tell me more about getting married."  She said, "No! I was trying to tell you about the 'upliftment of women'.

I then started to wake up again, thinking about the 'seraph accounting' and remembered that I had tried to tell Joe about the 'seraph accounting' while we were in bed and that someone had gone through the house and turned on the kitchen light and that I had asked him if he had gotten out of bed and gone into the kitchen and turned on the light and he said , "No!"  Did I dream that too? When? Or did I wake up somewhere and that happen and then went back to sleep and dreamed about Virginia?  No! because Terry had called me on the phone in the same livingroom Virginia came into.  I'm really confused ........


12-30-00 - DREAM - I was looking at a white screen similar to this one, but on it was a series of vertical bars of various widths and heights. I didn't know what they represented, but at the end a voice said, "You can add these to Star Force 9".

I'm assuming that means they represented space ships. There were 75 of them.


12-30-00 - DREAM - I don't know where I was. I seemed to be with a small family and they were accepting me as part of their lives. The woman was tall and blonde. She was about 6 feet tall it seems. Her husband was tall but had a big beer belly. They had a small child whom I didn't see ... he was in bed. The child was just waking up and the husband slapped him and the child went back to sleep. I didn't actually see the slap itself, but I saw the man swing his arm at the child. I never heard  a noise or actually see the child either, just the blankets on the bed.

The woman was trying to leave me alone with the husband for some reason. I found her sleeping in the closet, sitting on the floor with her head against the wall. She was trying not to interrupt whatever I and the husband were doing, which was nothing. I wasn't attracted to the man at all. I pulled her to her feet and gave her a hug and told her to go to bed.

There was a scene where I was pricing a piece of beef steak. It was raw when I started and cooked by the time I was done adding the numbers because I couldn't add the two numbers properly. At the end, I had to have help adding the numbers and it came to $15.00.

That was the whole dream... dumb.


12-30-00 - DREAM - This dream seems to take place in Milwaukee, WI.  The time was early morning, around 8 a.m. I was supposed to be getting ready for work, but I kept getting interrupted by phone calls from my bosses and other people.

One of the men who called said his name was Dan and he was calling from Cincinnati. I recognized his voice. While I was talking to him, another boss took over the phone and was asking me about work in the office which I was supposed to have done. I knew it was finished. I hadn't left anything undone.  I told him I'd be there as quickly as I could.

The television in front of me also had a mouse pointer on it to change the channels and the channels were all the Milwaukee, WI numbers that I remember, both UHF and VHF.

I was trying to change clothes but there were other young men in the apartment and I didn't want to get naked in front of any of them, so I was trying to change clothes in the closet.  In front of me, one of the young men was wearing a bra under a dress and was proud of it.  All I cared about was finding something to fit me.  I was wearing a white sundress and trying to find something suitable for the office.  I finally found a nice black flowered skirt, but was still looking for a blouse to go with it. The sundress wasn't suitable and I didn't want to wear the sundress under the skirt and blouse either. I just couldn't get any privacy to change clothes.

Somehow, I was then seeing the work I was supposed to be doing in the office.  One of the bright blue files I saw, had the label HAARP FILES inside.  There were also files on other related topics. (Can't remember exactly what though)


12-30-00 - DREAM - (This dream was so real that I almost freaked out when I woke up to find I wasn't really there )

I was visiting Milwaukee and was going back and forth between my Father's houise on 16th St., through a passageway to another house I was visiting farther south on 16th St.

I decided to go see my Mother and when I got there, I remembered that the stuff I was telling her about, I had photographs of myself doing it, so I was going to go back and get the photographs and bring them back to show my mother.

I was running back through the passageway when I heard my Father call my name from behind me. I stopped and turned and saw my Father coming through the passageway. There was another man behind him but I didn't get a good look at him. My Father was dressed like a farmer with long striped farmers clothes. He asked me where I was going and I told him I was going to get the photographs to show my mother and he let me know that it was better to see me in person than in a photograph.

He put his arm around me and we walked back through the passageway with our arms around each other, to the other house where I was going to get the photographs. He went into another house with the other man in the same complex and I continued on my way. (There were 3 houses in this complex)

When I got into the other house, there were a lot of women there and one woman confronted me. She was a rather large, older, dark-haired woman. She was very accusatory and asked me if I remembered the girl named Light ..smith or .. something who was selling jewelry.  I vaguely remembered such a girl ... a pretty young girl, blonde and thin.  The woman said, "Well when she came to deliver the jewelry, she had her cards inside the package that dealt in magic and her services as a witch."

I apologized and said that I didn't have any control over what she did. However, she was so angry, she wanted to kill her for being a witch.  I could see the anger was way out of control and that whe was really going to do something drastic.

The woman then started directing her anger at me because I had introduced the young girl to her in the first place.

I hadn't known about the witchcraft or magic practices, so I didn't feel the anger was well placed against me also, but I said I would do something about it.

I went back through the passage towards my Father's house which was now like a hallway instead of outside and the two houses were so connected it was like one big house with a long hallway between.

In my Father's house were all the tall and big and important men that I've known in my life ... men who could handle a short, fat, older woman with no problem. One of the guys I knew was even a cop, but he went upstairs.

I wanted to grab the woman's purse, but I knew that was illegal.  Nobody could lift a hand against this woman even though she was a threat to everyone around her because she might have a weapon in her purse.  I felt absolutely helpless.

The men turned on the TV. I don't know what show it was, but the women in the other house came throuh the passageway  to watch the show, including the dark haired woman. She sat down on the couch with another girl I knew well from AC who had been gone a few years. When she sat down, she had a large bag-like thing on her lap made of cloth, and I grabbed it and got it away from her.  Once I had it in my hands, I saw that it wasn't her purse, it was just a soft pillow. I said, "Oh!", felt embarrassed, and gave it back to her.  I then fluffed a pillow behind the other girl like I was just making them comfortable and started back through the passageway towards the other house.

I was trying to think of anything I could to get that woman's purse away from her so she wasn't a threat to anyone but I couldn't think of a way.

I went back to my Father's house, and the woman was now sitting on the floor in front of a table and she had a black thing in her hand like a portable telephone and she had it plugged into the edge of a table.  It had some kind of a power pack on it and it wasn't a normal phone.

She started to tell me that she was going to call a friend of hers who was a Marine. He would know what to do about this witchy girl. She said he could do a 'serve'.  I was thinking she meant 'like an intervention'.  I used that connection and asked her ... "Oh! Does he know Joe?"  I couldn't think of Joe's last name. I said, "Joe was a Marine,"  like all Marines know each other. I felt stupid that I couldn't remember Joe's last name. I knew that if I called Joe the Marine, he would come running to help me out, but I couldn't think of his last name.  I knew I had left all my phone books back in California, and maybe my own Joe would be upset that I was calling the other Joe to help me, but I had to get help.

I ran back through the passageway to the other house, racking my brain, trying to think of Joe's last name. I knew I had a small black phone book in my purse, but it only had new numbers in it, not people I had left behind. I found the Milwaukee telephone directories on the floor under the telephone table and grabbed the one that was for residences. (Milwaukee has two large books, a residential and a business. Unless Joe was still selling cars, I'd never find him that way in the other book).  In my mind I was thinking that Joe's last name started with the letter 'D'.  I kept racking my brain , "Joe and Robin ... Joe and Robin "  his girlfriends name ... but I couldn't come up with his name.  

I went through the phone book and finally found the "D" section.  I figured if I saw the name I'd know it was him, so I looked at every name on each page.  The names looked like icons on a computer ... not like printed words.  I didn't find his name.  There were so few names starting with the letter "D", I couldn't believe it.

I was so disappointed not to find Joe's name in the book, I started putting the book down, and as I did, I remembered Joe's last name ... 'Kaiser' and as soon as I remembered it... I woke up.... shocked to find myself laying in bed.... That's how real the dream was at that point.


12-31-00 - DREAM - I was working on a computer screen and clicking on every article line on the screen. When I clicked on the line, the entire line or paragraph was moved to another screen. I don't know what the topic was, but I did this for a long time. I knew that when the lines were put on the other html page, I could redesign it when I went to it. My job was just to move them for now.


12-31-00 - DREAM - I was managing an apartment building in Milwaukee. Actually I was managing two of them, but not doing anything in one of them. I had already moved to the new one, but hadn't taken the furniture yet. It was owned by the same people, so they knew what was happening.

I was standing in my new apartment, which was devoid of furniture so far, and people were coming through, visiting with me, or just talking with each other.

One of the people who came to the place was my old friend Meera. (I hadn't seen her since 1984, but had talked to her on the phone in 1991 when we ended up working for the same apartment people briefly. Then she moved to California and I lost track of her. She doesn't know I live in California now either. Meera is quite psychic, so if I dreamed about her, she will have dreamed about me as well.)

Some other people came in also and they talked with each other, but not with me. I was busy with customers at the time. It seems that one of the women was the same dark haired woman who was angry at me from yesterday's dream about the witchcraft topic.

There seemed to be a problem with the lights in this place and the whole place was going to have to be renovated to be livable.

Then an older couple came in and wanted to see an apartment. Right behind them showed up Asa from One Life to Live TV show. He decided he would come along for the tour of the apartments that were available. The woman was concerned about how to get their car into the garage. I was pointing out how to drive in the alley behind the building and told her I would show her from the garage end how the cars came in and out.

We went out the front door and the mailman was just coming down the street. I excused myself for a moment and went over to the mailman and told him that my last day at the old building was today and asked him for my stack of mail. My apartment number was 172. He handed it to me. It was held together with a rubber band because there was so much of it. It also had an antennae stuck on top which I had to fold over in order to carry the stack of mail. We conversed for a moment and he clarified with me that I would be living in the Port Washington building henceforth. He also delivered to my new building.

I said I would be living in the new building permantly and then realized I was going to have to ask my sons to please move my furniture over on Saturday. I hadn't told them yet that I was moving again.

While I was standing outside the building. I saw that on the outside of the building it said that the manager lived in apartment 51, but that apartment was empty. There were men on the outside of the buildinng, painting the woodwork and changing it from orange/brown to white.  They needed to get into each apartment to do the inside of the woodwork, but they weren't going to have access to the apartments. I told them they were going to have to do the whole job from the outside. They weren't too pleased about it.

I looked at the rental roster which was being held by someone or sitting on a counter. I was kind of laughing because nobody was renting any apartments in either building. I wondered how upset the landlord must be that the building was sitting just about empty.

I then had to go across the street to an apartment that a tall black woman was moving into from my own building. Hers was the apartment that had to be renovated that I was moving into. She didn't answer the door so I had to go deep into her apartment to get her attention. That didn't seem to bother her. We discussed the lighting situation that was bad but I knew it was being renovated anyway, so that was not her responsibility to take care of.  I noted that it had orange flowered wallpaper on the ceiling. It was peeling off and I looked underneath the wallpaper and saw that the ceiling itself was covered with a white linoleum covering which was buckling like it had water above it that was trying to seep down through it. That's why the wallpaper was peeling also from the dampness.

I then went back to my own building where the shower was running and my brother was going to take a shower. In the shower, there were huge puffs of hot air coming from openings in the wall. We discussed that with another guy who was in the apartment. It felt rather good. They were like jets of hot air that went all the way across the room.

I don't know what happened to the old couple. I guess I left them standing on the sidewalk. They didn't follow me back inside.


12-31-00 - DREAM - I was working on a computer where I could type someone's name and it would make a file with their name on it. Then when I went somewhere where the same person's name was, I could just save it into a file with the same name.  I was told that I should keep the Connecticut Gate open.

I was then with Joe and we were going to a restaurant but we weren't in the same car. I was driving a car right behind Joe like we were in the same car, yet I controlled my own car.  I was trying to direct Joe to the restaurant because he had never been there before, but it was difficult because there were no signposts up to show the way. He had to follow my directions without knowing where it was and he was very hesitant to follow my directions.

As it was we had to make two left turns to get there from where we were. Making right turns were impossible because there were detour signs up in that direction. Joe finally made the first left turn and I followed him. Coming up to the next intersection where we had to make the second left turn, I was having difficulty with the brakes on my car. I managed to stop all right but by the time we turned left Joe and I were in the same car and now he was driving me too. I was still in the same position behind him. I asked Joe what had happened and he said that my car needed a change of oil.

We turned the corner successfully but there was no place to park in front of the restaurant.  There was a fire hydrant and numerous NO PARKING signs. That was followed by numerous cars parked in front of an old age home with people sitting on benches waiting for buses in front of it.  I told Joe ... "Don't park in front of the Old Age Home."

There was plenty of space to park on the other side of the street going the other direction.

We were coming up to a bridge and I told Joe to turn around and go the other way before we got to the bridge, which we did.  

However, when we got back to the restaurant, which was a self-serve place, they were doing inventory and the section where I wanted to get some food was being counted, though the rest of the restaurant was still open for selling food. I didn't want to get just root beer, or something like that. I wanted something more substantial. The woman, dressed in white, tried to suggest several other things to eat.  She said, "You could try the pumpkin pudding!" which was in a coin operated machine like bubble gum comes in.  I didn't like that idea either. Then I spotted some 'bridge mix' that looked good. Lots of chocolate covered things in a bag ... but it looked like there was an apple in it and I didn't really want an apple.

I remembered again that I had to keep the Connecticut Gate open and I woke up.

NOTE: I did a web search for ' Connecticut Gate open' and a lot of church related pages came up. I decided after long searching that the reference may have meant 'A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court' in which there is a gate and two people from the future come through.