THE VISION - 11:11

by Doug Taylor

On 9/11 at 11:11 pm I woke up from a vision screaming my head off. Scared my wife to death just about! I proceeded to write down the vision in full detail with colors.

On 10/11 the vision was spiritually interpreted.

On 11/11 the first step in accordance to the vision was taken.

On 12/11 the second step in accordance to the vision was taken.

Can't wait to see what happens on 1/11.

But I would like to share the entire vision and occurrences up to this point to receive your input.

May I?


Doug Taylor


Subj: The Vision

Date: 97-01-01 07:20:06 EST

To those that are interested.

As I mentioned, on the night of 9/11 my wife and I had retired early. I quickly fell into a deep sleep. A vision came to me in this manner. I found myself walking down a long road. There was a friend beside/behind me. The friend never showed his face but I felt his presence near me always. I never knew the friends name. We were walking in search of a group of people that would understand if not already know the upcoming turn of events. I remember vivid pictures of our travels as we walked for miles on end... searching. I remember looking in dark abandoned homes and buildings for this group of people. I remember walking thru an old abandoned amusement park with broken down rides, rusting yet colors of  yellow, red, blue, etc., could still be seen.

After days of traveling we came upon this old gray house. I remember lifting the outside trap door to the basement up. I and the mysterious friend proceeded into the cellar of the house. There we found a crowded area full of people, young, old and children. The only light was by candle. The people appeared to be dazed or in a trance of some sort. As I walk thru the crowd I saw a man over in the corner dressed in a reddish shirt and what appeared to be blue jeans. The man stood out above all others and appeared to be some kind of leader. We made eye contact but never spoke. The eye contact was unusual as if I could see fear in the mans eyes from my being there. Immediately the vision changed to a large prominant building, official looking. Tall, brick outside with a large entrance made of sculptured wood and painted white. There was a white podium just outside the front door. A crowd had gathered for some reason at the large building as if to see or hear something important. I and the mysterious friend were in the middle of the crowd. The friend was still to my left and behind me.

As I glance off to my left I could see thru a front window. The man in red and jeans was being held by two other men dressed in suits. It's as if the man in red and jeans was being arrested. In a moment the front door opened and a prominant man stepped out. He was wearing a gray suit, white shirt and red and gray stripped tie. The prominent man walked up to the podium.

As the man raised a pen or pencil to write or sign a paper that was laying on the podium, a bright white light came down from the sky and covered the entire left side of my body. It was warm and inviting and in it was the strength I needed to make a stance. My right arm and immediately raised and I pointed my index finger towards the prominent man at the podium. These are the exact words that I uttered directly to him.

"I told you in my word, you felt me in your spirit, behold I show you my return." (I still get goose bumps everytime I repeat that quote)

Then my arm fell to my side. I quickly glanced to my left again and saw the man being held drop to his knees. Then the light went away, the vision stopped and I woke up screaming, half in tears yelling to my wife did you see it?, did you see the light?, it came right thru the window!

It was a vision I told her. I looked at the digital clock and it read 11:11pm. I was so upset with what had happened that I couldn't go back to sleep.

As you can see the vision was so real that I can state it again and again exactly how it happened. But I think it is only one part of several parts that will be revealed to me. I do believe that what ever the prominent man of power is going to do will be done between 1997 and 2000.

The vision was shared with a spiritual lady on 10/11 and I have her interpretation written down. However, I would prefer to wait on comments from the group before I share it with you.

I will add this, on 11/11 I picked out the powerful computer that I am using now. On 12/11 the entire computer was hooked up and on line. And now I am part of a discussion group that understands the same things that I do and share the same concerns. I feel that my vision was a form of direction in what I must do and I must do it over the next year as additional visions are revealed to me. It is funny that the first vision, the tools and the contacts have been established in a specific order.


Subj: The Vision part 3

Date: 97-01-01 09:12:29 EST

Ok, for those of you who have read my last couple of entries, and haven't made the connection yet... here's some help.

Please read the other entries first before continuing.

Vision occurred on 9/11... refer to Revelations 9:11.

Vision ended at 11:11pm when I awoke and glanced at the clock. Reference the 11 gates especially the 1997 gate to open.

Vision was interpreted first time on 10/11... refer to Revelations 10:11.

Major decision to purchase high speed computer was made on 11/11... refer to Revelations 11:11.

On line and working as of 12/11... refer to Revelations 12:11.

And yet to come as I mentioned, looking ahead at 1/11... refer to Revelations 1:11.

I am going to be very busy over the next three years if not longer. Who knows where this is going to take me.

Thanks for listening and I appreciate feedback.


Subj: Special Thanks!

Date: 97-01-01 15:58:09 EST

To those of you that are interested in sharing THE VISION that I am in the middle of. Thanks for welcoming me to the group and I will try not to bore anyone. Hopefully thru the grace of God we can shed some light on things to come in such a way that people will take note.


More food for thought... In one of my earlier messages I mentioned a song called "In the Year 2525" well there is also a movie that more than covers the INTERNET dating back to early 70's. Don't know the exact year but the title was COLOSSUS or maybe COLOSSUS 2000. I have only seen it once in my life. If you get the change take a peek, you'll be surprised at now right on the writer was. However, it does leave you with a very real sense of where we are headed.


Here's another tid bit... in my last message I ran the dates and relations up to 1/11. Don't know how the following fits in yet but 2/11 is my long lost uncle's birthday. He has been lost since September 1943. He was a merchant marine and the last know sign off of a ship was in Philadelphia around the time... you guessed it the so called USS Eldridge issue.

I am in the process of trying to locate any information about him but 50 years is a long time.

Again thanks for allowing be to become a part of your group.

May God Bless each of you!

Doug Taylor


PS- Almost forgot this, I also happen to have an e-mail thru AOL. It is, well would you look at that! That's the number the AOL server assigned to me when I first logged on. Funny how it agrees with the initial VISION date.






Date: 98-03-23 11:19:44 EST

From: JMason4557

BCC: Dee777

In a message dated 98-03-23 04:41:04 EST, you write:

Subj: Follow up

I do not have a problem with you publishing any of my past, present or future writings. I appreciate the fact that you, after a year, are one of the trusted and understanding few. I will take a look at the URL's you suggested.

Now, how may I be of service?>>


Dear Doug,

Wonderful! Thanks.

Dee and I know lots of understanding people concerning the great changes. The few are on the way to becoming the many, I do think.  

I am pasting the set of e-mail posts I received last year from you. Dee will post them on our page that has the 11:11 writings -

We will also link it from our main page.

You can be of service to us (and humanity, in my view), by sending any  additional information concerning The Vision or similar material, including  other dreams or visions, interpretations, insights, prophecies, etc. Whatever  you feel is important for other people to know.

You can send it via e-mail, snail mail, or whatever way is best for you. Also,  please let us know if you want your name on it, and if you want your e-mail  address included.

You could also be of service by informing other interested people about the greatdreams website, if you feel it is worthy. Also, if you know of other sites that have important material about the earth changes, you could let us know,  so we can link them. We have a great many links already. If you know of other  people who have had important dreams, visions, or experiences, we would  appreciate hearing from them.

Dee and I have been following these things very closely for many years. We feel that revelations are coming like puzzle-pieces from many sources. Our hope is that by posting these things on our site, it will help in putting bigger pictures together.

We want it to be a resource for others.

I had a dream voice message sometime ago about the Phantom of the Opera. I wrote some ideas that came with it. It is somewhat similar to your vision, in the sense of the man in the basement. My writing about the dream is at -

The idea I have about your vision is that the man in the basement is Satan. He works "underground," meaning in the unconscious. But, in my view, I believe Blavatsky was right, Satan represents the "opponent" force, rather than an actual evil being. In some cases Satan can manifest as very real, from what I have heard, but I feel it is somewhat of a deception. The  of Job and the verses about Joshua in Zechariah 3, give some clues, I think. Joshua is accused by Satan who is standing next to the Angel. Joshua has filthy garments. The Angel commands that he be given clean ones. He is called, "a brand plucked from the fire."

Just yesterday, I wrote an interpretation of Dee's dreams that included the above verse, and how it is related to Rev. 11:11. See -

Dee had another dream of a man being held prisoner in a basement, but it seems a bit different than your dream.

Some of Dee's ideas about the dream are similar to my Phantom of the Opera interpretation. I don't know if you agree, but the idea is that everything created is from God, and done for an ultimately positive purpose. So, in this view, Satan is also part of God's creation and plan. The feeling I have is that the "opponent" force functions to set challenges up for us in order to learn and grow spiritually. As suggested in Zechariah 3, it seems to be a purification process.

We are open to other views, and your's are welcome if you want to send them.

Best wishes and regards,

Joe Mason


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