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The Return Of Merlin

By Deepak Chopra

1. a. There is a wizard/spirit inside all of us that knows everything, when it wants to know.

b. The body and mind can sleep but, as we get in touch with spirit it can remain awake even when we're sleeping.

c. The spirit knows the secrets of immortality.

2. In order to get in touch with the wizard/spirit we have to regain our innocence, our childlike

qualities. Have no judgements, no labels, no classifications, etc.

3. Your body and mind may leave this plane of conscious-ness but, the soul is immortal.

4. We are NOT the roles we play.

5. To be fully alive we have to be dead to the past. Have " Life Centered Present Moment Awareness " = " Living in the Now ".

6. We have access to the totality of knowledge in the stream of collective consciousness. We

acquire centuries of accumulated knowledge in relatively moments that last micro seconds.

7. There is a well, a spring of life within us, where we must go again and again to wash off our toxic experiences.

8. There are two kinds of power -

a. Power of the ego (temporary) - that comes thru control, manipulation, and need for approval.

b. Self power (power of spirit) - that comes thru bonding (true love). This power is permanent and can help you get anything you want whenever you want it.

9. Knowledge & Intention have their own infinite organizing power.

10. All of us have a dark side (a shadow self). It is the diabolical in the midst of the divine. We must embrace this dark side and become intimate with it and not deny it to ourselves.

11. As we peel the layers of our soul we discover ancient places, and ancient times.

12. There is wisdom is unpredictability, in chaos, in confusion, and in uncertainty.

13. We have restlessness and discontent inside of us but, without them there is no creative force. We should embrace the restlessness and discontent inside of us.

14. In every adversity, in every disaster, there are the seeds of greater benefit.

15. In order to find freedom we have to make the choice between known and unknown. Known

being the past, embrace the unknown.

16. Narrow threads of time are part of a web that extends into infinity. Every event reflects every

other event. There are infinite versions of every event depending on the observer. The REAL me is outside of time. Life is magical, mysterious, wondrous, and miraculous. Lose the magic, and you lose life.

17. We are ALL on the path to enlightenment. We are seekers. You will see clues (coincidences/synchronicity). Be alert to the clues.

18. There is an eternal clash between ego and spirit.
Ego - Argumentative, defensive, aggressive, serious, etc.
Spirit - Detached (the observer), laughter, lighthearted, carefree, etc. In one there is peace, harmony, and love, in the other fear and hostility.

19. Anything that you perceive as evil, is a projection of our own dark side.

20. We are our essential nature as spirit, is that, it is already free. What we want is complete freedom of the spirit. The journey is the destination and the destination is the journey.

21. Archetype energies that stoke the fire of life in the basement of our souls.

a. Creative Energies

b. Balancing Energies

c. Destructive Energies

22. In order to find fulfillment in life we must let go of our need for security.

23. The earth is our mother, this gentle planet which is our womb and also our extended body. When we fear, she trembles and dragons are released.

24. When you decide to breakout of the psychological mind be prepared for fear, then confront the fear, criticism, etc. It is then we can escape the psychosis of the collective mind to our freedom.

25. We have to balance the forces of the mind, body, spirit, and environment.

26. A relationship is a mirror of both love and hate. Relationships are mirrors of ourselves, and we are attracted to individual's qualities we want in ourselves.

27. A true hero is someone who can stop playing all control dramas ( IE: stubbornness, fickleness, unreliability, confrontation, intimidation, etc. ) because, when there are no control dramas all there is love. A true hero is also someone who can take ordinary acts and give them mythical meaning.

28. Restore the feminine energy within ourselves. Now is the time to honor the feminine in ourselves, in our species, and in our world. The feminine intelligence of the universe can help us heal the psychosis of the collective mind, because the feminine is nourishing, contextual, relational, intuitive, holistic, and wise.

29. In order to release the spirit it must first go thru the dark side of the mind.

30. Critical Mass = Collective Consciousness. Together we can all dream a new reality thru the purity of our hearts.

*A Return To Camelot*


Note, December 6, 1998:  I found this at Cariel Quinly's web site:

Remember Avebury is considered the internal Heart Chakra of the planet, along with Glastonbury (the external Heart chakra).

Cariel, a crop circle researcher, will be leading a tour to England for the Great 1999 Solar Eclipse.


The first "Tribes" site I linked above, very carefully explains the Biblical verses concerning the Royal Bloodlines, and the covenants or promises that God made with the patriarchs over the years, starting with Abraham. There were two parts of the promise - one for the kingly office to the Judah bloodline, and the other ..


The idea is that this symbolism is found worldwide in various forms. In the Egyptian myths, there are seven nodes along the pole that supports the balance where the heart is weighed against the feather in the Judgment scene. The Swallower beast's snout cuts across the pole between the third and fourth node, and the judgment seat is also positioned at that level. Joseph Campbell outlined the various forms, which mythologists call, "an elementary idea," in his The Inner Reaches Of Outer Space. It is sometimes shown as the midpoint of seven, such as 35 years in the life of a man of three-score years and ten, which was the approximate age of Jesus and the Buddah at the times of their important.   

I began to find other 3 and 1/2 references in the Bible, some involving dreams and coincidences. (the 42 months of Rev. 11:2 and 13:5, the 1260 days of Rev. 11:3 and 12:6, the 3 years 6 months of James 5:17 and Luke 4:25 refering to Elijah's prayers, and the "times, two times, and half a time" of Rev. 12:14 and and Daniel 12:7).


I wish I could tell you the full story, because it is much more convincing. One of the ideas in my essay was that the harlot of Rev. 17 has the same meaning as Kali in the eastern traditions. We are nearing the end of the Kali-Yuga, the Age of Iron, and will return to the Age of Gold. The four metals associated with the "frightening image" dream of Nebuchadnezzar are the same in the Hindu cronology. Kali is thrown down at the end of the cycle. Kali (the harlot) represents karma or judgment, and it is this "beast" that is thrown down at the end of the cycle, as indicated by Rev. 17:11. It seems to be the "Swallower" of the Egyptians, an "eighth that belongs to the seven." The harlot symbolism seems to mean that we "pay" for the "fornication," meaning the duality bond in the time cycle. We "kings" of the earth give over our "royal power" to the beast until the words of God are fulfilled. (Rev. 17:11) Kali wears a girdle of severed human hands. As the instruments of our works, it indicates the karmic function. Kali invokes "tamasisk," emotions of fury, which corresponds to being drunk on the wine of the harlot. The 12 stars of Rev. 12, andthe New Jerusalem fit with the idea of the Heart chakra level, which has twelve petals on the lotus, with a Star of David inside.

I sent a copy of my essay to only three people, one of whom was John Crowe of the COSMINAR organization in Essex. Two weeks later, the Bythorn Mandala crop formation appeared. It was a ten- petaled lotus, with a five-pointed star inside. It is associated with Kali and the third chakra. Some say it is associated with Shiva, and Kali is his consort. Both are destroyer gods. It sounds negative, but it is not.  Shiva is one of a trinity of gods, the other two being the Creator and Sustainer. Realities are created, sustained, and then destroyed, as the next creation cycle comes. It is also called "death or destruction creation," and equated to a seed growing into a plant. The seed is destroyed in the process of the plant's growth. I do think this is the context of the "end of the world," that is, the old cycle is destroyed, not the earth itself.

The star in the Bythorn Mandala was "reversed," that is, two points (horns) pointed north (up). That is an esoteric symbol of the Kali-Yuga according to Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine.


From: The Unbroken Circle of Truth


The HOLY GRAIL is within you then and you will forever drink from the spirit of GOD.......ALL THAT IS.......THE UNBROKEN CIRCLE OF TRUTH. 



Waves of beautiful light spreading in ever-widening circles to cover the earth.  The power and majesty become unified, the LIGHT PREVAILS.  The fourth and fifth dimensions happen in the blink of an eye. 


Your sword of TRUTH must slay the word which is alive and which binds you to matter.


You become the HOLY GRAIL, drinking from the CUP OF GOD, the thought of ALL THAT IS, unlimited thought, liquid and ever flowing in magnificence.


From: A Powerful Meditation


Though the center of our tapestry has the appearance of a rose, it is really symbolical of the HEART SYMBOL which was given earlier in this book. 


Our circular tapestry is now nearing completion and it is hard to tear your eyes away from the beautiful center which is causing a soft musical hum and appears to be vibrating ever so softly; however, as we begin to look out from the blue-rose center, we can see strands of silver lying underneath, with strands of gold above and interwoven within these radiant strands are every color in the rainbow in a subdued tone.


These life-giving colors contain within them the power to transform your personal world into one of pure GOLDEN LIGHT. 

[end of paste]


To explain a little, I'll paste below a recent e-mail I sent to my friend David:


I had a sync involving Joan Sckrabulis's web site about the 1999 eclipse -


I exchanged a couple of e-mails with Joan, and she said she would send me her book, "The Lost Covenant."

A couple of days ago, Dee asked me if "gyre" is a proper word. It was in the article Maureen sent to us - a Jungian interpretation of "flying saucers" and the changes coming.


I know Maureen pretty well, so a typo-mistake seemed unlikely. I did a web search and found John Adcox's site:


He was inspirted to write a book (The Widening Gyre) about the return of King Arthur (as in the return of Christ sense), from this verse:



by William Butler Yeats

TURNING and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of i{Spiritus Mundi}
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?


Maureen had also written two articles for The Dream Network Journal about her dreams and experiences involving Princess Diana. She is a Celtic Shaman, as well as a Jungian PhD. Part of it came from Arthurian Tarot card interpretations. We recently linked to the expanded article at her site:


It basically speaks of the changes coming in terms of the Grail legends. The Queen of Hearts, symbolized by Diana, is the Grail Queen. The symbols of the alchemical marriage are part of it.

Most of the crop formations have appeared in the Wessex Triangle, one corner of which is marked by Glastonbury Tor, the mythical site of the Holy Grail. I also told John about Dennison Tsosie, and his book, "Spirit Visions, the Old Ones Speak." He is a Navaho man who cannot read or write, yet he started having visions and his wife helped him write the book. Here's some quotes:


Page 118: "The Grail is abundance for all Mankind, a time when all man will believe in the same Source. It is the return of Nature, the return of the Golden Age, the return of the Gods to Earth. Paradise regained. Mankind will be one with God."

"The Grail is also a bloodline. There was a time when beings you called Sons of God and Angels walked on earth. They were from another plane. They wished to manifest in physical form, and they combined with Mankind, to create beings who were half 'God' and half man."

"There are still many things that exist on the earth plane that are yet to be discovered, such as the Cup of Christ - things which people's belief systems will manifest."

"As people come to believe in something, when the belief energy is strong enough, it will be manifest."

[end of quotes]


Right after I spent several hours reading John's book, Joan's book arrived. The last part of Joan's book tells the story of the Lady clad in white, Galahad, Percival, and the Ship of Solomon. Galahad is told, "It (the Grail) is given to thee that when thou willist thy soul shall depart from thy body. And it shall leave thy body behind and shall ascend with the glory of angels into Paradise at thy command."

Joan concludes this part of "On the day of the Great Coming Forth - " The planet Mars, ruler of Aries, will rise in the West along with Arcturus, the Bear Guardian and Spica, the Virgin goddess. Imagine Taliesin and his dark Lady (Morgue-Anna) wielding their wands of silver and gold as they harness the Quintessence of Sun and Moon untied within the eclipse shadow as it strikes land ar Carleon, the Circle of Lions, surrounded by countless knights and damsels who await the Grail King's return."

Here's one of our email exchanges:


[Joan] >


[Joe] Perfect!!!! That moment is called "The Diamond Ring." I saw it in one of Arthur Clark's shows, and that was the term he used. "Coincidently," Dee put a "Diamond Ring" on our site just before I received your e-mail. I told Dee how the Diamond Ring is at the beginning of "2001: A Space Odyssey." She is watching the video again right now.

[end of exchange]


Joan sent a long letter with the book. She has many numbers in the book, the same "Gematrian" numbers Carl Munck speaks about in "The Code." She said many of the important ones concerning her interpretations of the eclipse came in dreams. I recently read an article in a crop circle journal by two German researches. They report that the crop formations are showing ancient numbers in their geometry and positioning. Again, they are the same numbers, basically those divible by 36.

Joan is working on the second book now. All this started for her back in 1982, during a lunar eclipse, when she felt energy pouring into her.

I wish I could tell you more, because there is MUCH more. I will begin soon to put it all up at the site. All the above seem to be key insights into the meaning of the changes, the crop formations, and the great 1999 ecipse.

[end of e-mail paste to David]


I just had an on-line chat with Kent. When I mentioned the Princess Diana connection, he sent this:


Century 2, Quatrain 28

"The last son of the man with the Prophet's name
Will bring Diana to her day of rest.
At a distance they wander in frenetic grief
Delivering a great people from ruin."


(continued in Part 2)

Wow! I just searched my "Diana" files, and lo and behold:

"(Dodi) Fayed's father, self-made billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed, owns London's fabled Harrod's department store, the Hotel Ritz in Paris and has 11 homes around the world.  Mohamed Al-Fayed had been friendly with Diana's father, the late Earl Spencer. "

I'm sorry this is all a bit scattered. I will put it into a more clear article sometime  soon. I just wanted you to know what is happening now.

The alchemical trinity symbolism was part of the meaning of the great triangular Barbury Castle crop fomation of 1991. Here are a few pastes from my article

at http://www.pufori.org/trinity.htm - (this page is no longer available)


The Trinity is a common link to almost everything we are seeing, I do think. For example, the activity at Giza involves the Trinity of Osiris/Isis/Horus. The Apollo moon landings were precicely timed so that the belt of Orion or the star Sirius were aligned at the horizon or at 19.5 degrees, the tetrahedral point found by Richard Hoagland's team in the geometry/mathematics of Mars. Those stars, of course, represented Osiris and Isis. Hoagland also shows how the Mars monuments connect to the Giza monuments, and to the Barbury Castle pictogram. Also, an overlay of the Cydonia region of Mars, matches point-for-point with the ancient sites in the Wessex triangle.

A few days ago, I found another great connection in the quatrains of Nostradamus. It is in Century 4, Quatrains 28-33. This concerns the theories of alchemists about the sun (sulfer), the moon (salt), and Mercury (quicksilver). The glyphs on the corners of the triangle of Barbury are said to parallel these alchemical signs.

I believe it is symbolic of reaching the Trinity level of the Christ-Self, and eternal life. Nostradamus also said in C10, Q74 - "The year of the great seventh number accomplished, it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter, not far from the age of the great millennium, when the dead will come out of their graves." (this seems to be a metaphor about the death/rebirth of changing, transforming).

There were six steps on the ratchet/Mercury spiral of Barbury. The angle from the center of the triangle to the southwest corner was at 120 degrees. From that point to the center of the ratchet, it was 108 degrees, a mythical/Gematrian number. 120 is a tetrahedral point. 120 x 108 = 12,960, six raised to the fourth power times ten, and half the precession number. Divided by the six arcs, it is 2,160, six to the third times ten, and the number of years in one Zodiac Age. [Plus the moon's diameter, and related to the 60 perimeter stones of Stonehenge in a circle, 60 x 360 = 21600, its lattitude in "The Code]

There was an additional clue in the date the pattern appeared, July 17, 1991. Read Genesis 8:4, where the Ark landed on the 17th day of the 7th month. Blavatsky tells how the Patriarchs represent Zodiac signs. For example, Judah is Leo. In Genesis 49:9, he is called a lion's welp, and he stoops down like a lion and lioness. (i. e., like a Sphinx). Noah is Pisces. These are strong clues that our Age is coming to an end, and Aquarius is near. (if not already begun). The Sphinx may well represent the same thing, that is, the Ages from Leo through Pisces, and the beginning of Aquarius.

[end of pastes]


The square footage of the circles in the Barbury formation totaled 31680, six miles in feet. It is an ancient Gematrian number. The "alpha" or word meaning of 3168 is "Lord Jesus Christ."

In Joan's book, she shows the number also figures in the earth and moon size relationships. It is the circle of the earth with a square around it, with a smaller moon circle attached on the right. Another circle is drawn around the earth with the circumfrence passing through the center of the moon circle.

Each side of the square has the earth's diameter, for 4 x 7920 = 31680 miles. The radius of the earth plus the radius of the moon gives 3960 + 1080 = 5040. 5040 x 2 Pi = 31680. (Pi here is the near Pi value, 22/7).

5040 is also interesting. In the ancient numbering systems, the zeros are often place-holders, and the non-zero numbers have a meaning. 54 is half 108, what I call an in-between point in the Gematrian system. Like the other in-between points, it has a "666" tangent. The same is true of the angle to the moon symbol in the Barbury formation, 234 degrees (the reverse of 432). 666 is mentioned in Rev. 13:18, and 13 x 18 = 234. In Carl Munck's "Code," the exact global location of the Sphinx is 5400. 666 aso figures into the eclipse, in Joan's work, as the "majic square" of the numbers 1 through 36 used by the ancient Greeks for the sun, Helios. Adding the numbers 1 through 36 total 666. Carl also notes the 54 holes at Stonehenge in some of his calculations. There were 56 holes in a circle, but the two in the pathway are not counted in the calculation.

The little story by Yeats at the beginning of this writing indicate the Sphinx and the falcon. Horus, the son of the Egyptian trinity, is depicted with a falcon head.


In Joan's material in the chapter called, "Seer with the Open Eye." She speaks of the universal eye symbolism, including "The Eye of Yahweh in the Sky " as symbolized in a total eclipse of the sun. Then -

"More significant than the phsical life sustained by its stable orbit and its regulation of the Earth's wobbling poles, the Moon impacts the soul of humanity in a psycho-spiritual sense. When the great change occurred, the change we refer to as the Great Deluge or Pole Shift, a spiritual center of inner vision, known as the Thrid eye, was dramatically altered. This center resides in man just above the bridge between the eyes. It is the organ of spiritual sight, clairvoyance, and intuition. It is sometimes referred to as the pineal (aiyn) gland. In Sanskrit, it is the Ajni or Agni (OGni) center, the word Agni indicating sacred fire. After the Great Change had occurred and a new dispensation established, the instinctive, involuntary use of this center began to dimish markedly allowing its force to be applied to the higher aspects of mind: reason, abstraction, idealism, self-determined evolution vs. evolution by proxy. The alchemy of a total eclipse contained the ingredients needed to jump start the powers of the higher mind."

After covering the worldwide use of "eye"- related words, she continues -

"The covenant between Providence and humanity - the total solar eclipse - marked the Bulls eye - the Utchat - the Eye of God - that great and blessed Chakra in the Sky - which appeared at the beginning of a new cycle in the evolution of humankind."

"On August 11, 1999, the Blazing Eye in the Sky will appear in the aspect of a Total Eclipse of the Sun auspiciously joined to a planetary cross- the mark of redemption, as well as a planetary Tau, the badge of initiation. 'Symbols of the past,' Eliphas Levi observed,' are prophecies of the future.' We stand on the brink - the precipice of a great and awesome change."

I wish I could have covered this subject more throughly and clearly. There is still about a year and a half left before the great event. I'll be working on it.

(Continued in Part 3)  


If my theory holds true, we are being informed about the real meaning of our myths and religions. We will find that they all had some truth and came from the same basic source. The Sacred Symbols will be newly understood.

Prior to the Roman Empire, the Celtic race populated Europe and the British Isles. In the fourth century A. D., Christianity began to dominate the area, as the Catholic Church of Rome forced the issue. The old religions did not die completely. Another form of early Christianity, the Gnostic, also stayed alive. The Grail legends that came centuries later, are said to be a mixture of Celtic and Christian. It was a way of keeping the older religious systems alive. There is a very good article about this by by Vincent Bridges at this site:


Click on "Articles," then "THE HIGH HISTORY OF THE HOLY GRAIL."

Bridges concludes -

"In the Grail, we see, even at this late date, the radiant quality of that early church. The importance of the Grail, for us now, as we plunge into the next cycle of spiritual evolution, lies in its symbolic nature. Within the Grail can be found a synthesis of all western mystical and magical traditions. It is the source of that underground stream of meaning that flows through the occult and esoteric teachings of the last two thousand years.

The Grail is all things to all people, and to all it is The Mystery. "

The quartered circle crop formations may have a tie-in to "The Mystery." Another form of the quartered circle could be the Four Living Creatures of Ezekiel and Revelation. In Rev. 4, they are around the throne.  According to a book I am reading by Daniel Walsh, "Lost Tribes of Israel Study Maps," this symbolism is explained in Numbers 2. The Twelve Tribes are set up in quatrants in their encampments around a central meeting place. Each quadrant has three Tribes, with a leading Tribe for each. The leading four Tribes and their symbols are:

Judah - Lion
Ephraim - Ox or Bull
Reuben - Face of a Man
Dan - Eagle

When the Tribes set out on the march, Judah was the lead Tribe. I am finding the book quite well-researched and informative. The author has a site at:


Also see:


Judah, then, as the leader, can in the grander sense, be thought of as representing mankind, or the path of mankind in spiritual evolution.

The theory that is developing in my work, is that the solar eclipse of 1999 has the same symbolism in the Grand Cross alignment of the planets during the eclipse. The planets will align with Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and Scorpio, which was at one time symbolized by the Eagle. Scholars say that these Zodiac signs mark the positions of the solstices and equinoxes during the Age of Taurus. They also aligned in a similar way during the Age of Leo, and will again in the Age of Aquarius, as the signs are 90 degrees apart from each other. The Sphinx, as the lion/man, may represent the Zodiac Ages from Leo to Aquarius.

I've posted Joan's site before, and we have it linked on greatdreams, but I'll give it again here, as it relates to the above -


Daniel Walsh also shows evidence that some of the Lost Tribes traveled to England, landing at Cornwall. Some were at Troy long ago, and a few of these made the long journey by sea, led by Brutus and Corineus, from whom the names Britain and Cornwall derive. The two were from the Tribe of Judah. The Royal family of England to this day, Daniel says, is of this blood-line.

Over the centuries, other Lost Tribes eventually became the Celtic race, and that is still the blood-line of the peoples of Europe and the British Isles.

Volume 4 of Daniel's book traces the journey of Joseph of Arimathea to England. The map shows the landing at Cornwall, seeming to be very close to the same spot shown on the map in Volume one. The paths of St. Paul's travels are also shown. He landed at southern England too, but on the east side. Daniel's theory is that St. Paul traveled to the various lands to inform the Lost Tribes about Jesus and the meaning - that God's "divorce" from, and scattering of, the Losts Tribes was over.

The legends in southern England do seem to support some of the story. Joseph of Arimathea is said to have planted the Thorn Tree and brought the Holy Grail. The search for the Grail in the Arthurian legends is said to have started at Careleon-Upon-Usk. Careleon means "Circle of Lions."

The Lion-Judah-King connection goes far back, to at least Genesis 49:9, 10.  There is a question as to who is the rightful King, and part of that comes from the strange birth of the twins in Genesis 38, from an even stranger conception.

The twins came from Judah and his daughter-in-law, Tamar, who had disguised herself as a harlot in a plot. When she gave birth, the hand of one infant (Zarah) came out of the womb, and the midwife tied a scarlet thread on the wrist. The hand retracted back into the womb, and then the other baby (Pharez) was born first. This caused some doubt as to which child was first-born, and the next ruler-King of the Judah Tribe. The genealogy given in Matthew 1 traces this"royal blood-line" from Abraham. Pharez and Zerah are listed, but Pharez is in the blood-line leading to King David, King Solomon, on down to Jesus. In the battle of Jericho, there was only one family that helped Joshua and his army, the family of the harlot who lived in the walls. As a signal to thespies, she put a scarlet thread in the window (Joshua 2). Daniel says that this symbolized "Zarah of the scarlet thread," indicating the rightful ruling bloodline. Daniel also points out that the Jericho harlot, Rahab, is listed in the genealogy in Matthew 1:5.

My guess is that this symbolism is related to the meaning of the harlot of Revelation 17, and the "kings of the earth" who "fornicate" with the harlot, giving over their "royal power." (Rev. 17:17). In the Genesis 38 story, Judah is tricked by Tamar, the putative harlot, into giving her his signet, cord, and staff (Gen. 38:18). Compare this to Gen. 49:10, where the ruler's staff is between the feet of Judah, the Lion. Rev. 21:24 indicates a change in the "kings of the earth," as they bring their light and glory into The New Jerusalem.

The "rightful ruler" symbolism might be even older, as the Sumerian stories of Enlil and Enki seem to hint. They were brothers, sons of the Father God, Anu, and were involved on earth with mankind. Enki loved mankind, but Enlil had rulership. In 1990 a crop pattern appeared near Milk Hill, that was an ancient alphabetical writing. Michael Green interpreted the "multiple agriglyph inscription" to have the symbol of the Deity on each end, ringed circles, with the words, "Ptah" and "Enki" between. Ptah was the ancient Egyptian creator god of wisdom, and Enki was the Sumerian god who loved mankind. So the meaning given was, "The Creator, wise and loving."

I do believe the dream/unconscious realm is trying to turn our attention to this symbolism at this time. Although it is too involved to recount here, I had a dream about six years ago that led me to the story in Genesis 38.  The dream had similar symbolism. The woman corresponding to the harlot was being taken away by a white sheet-like object that turned blood red and descended from the sky. Dee had a dream some two years ago, where she was told to read the Book of Judah. Of course, there is no Biblical Book of Judah. More recently, she dreamed of a voice saying,  "The lioness of Judah can only get half way over the fence."

Some people have wondered why most of the crop formations are appearing in southern England, especially the more important, complex ones. My theory is that the reason is related to the above stories. Most of the formations have appeared in the "Wessex Triangle," one corner of which is marked by Glastonbury Tor, said to have been built by Joseph of Arimathea.

Some 70 years ago, Katharine Maltwood discovered that the landscape around Glastonbury forms the signs of the Zodiac. See:


Some call the area "The New Jerusalem," which is also similar geometrically to the Zodiac.

The wheel type crop formation that I mentioned above -


may be related in several ways. It may relate to the quartered circle as the four major Zodiac signs and Tribes, and the planetary alignment of the 1999 eclipse. The formation was reported on the 17th of July, 1997. The very important Barbury Castle triangle of 1991 also appeared on the 17th of July -


Interestingly, if you take four of the Barbury Castle shapes, and overlap them like two Stars of David, the pattern is like The New Jerusalem Plan. Then, spred them apart and overlap the north (sun symbol) circle, to form a Teutonic Cross-like shape. Then, "lower" the bases of the triangles, foreshortening the triangles, so that two circles overlap on each corner. It looks similar to a pyramid from above with a cross-shape on top. Now, read Ezekiel 1:1-25. It seems to fit the discription of the Four Living


The date of the formations may be related to Genesis 8:4, where Noah's Ark landed on the mountains of Ararat on the 17th day of the 7th month. According to H. P. Blavatsky, the Biblical Patriarchs represent Zodiac signs, and Noah is Pisces. Therefore, the July 17 date may symbolize the end of the Age of Pisces.

The formation appeared in Somerset, that same area of Southern England associated with the Grail legends, and where the Zodiac is carved into the landscape. Remember, the Zodiac is similar to The New Jerusalem, when the four overlapping triangles for "fire, air, water, and earth," are drawn inside.

The solar eclipse next year seems to be "coincidentally" related to these stories in a number of ways. This page shows the path of the eclipse shadow passing over Europe and Cornwall -


Compare it to this map of Cornwall -


Added to these "coincidental" associations, is the timing of the eclipse at 11:11 a. m. As I mentioned in my first posing on this subject, "11:11" symbolism has been very big for a number of years. For those who missed the first posting, I'll again give the link to my "11:11" article -


We have some other "11:11" material on our connections page -


The theory that came out of my 11:11 experience indicated that the Great Change involves a leap to the Heart chakra level of consciousness evolution by humanity en mass. The symbolism of the Holy Grail, in my view, is the same thing. It is about achiving the Christ-Self level of spiritual evolution. In the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, Jesus is quoted as saying, "He who drinks from my lips will be as me, and I, him." We are all "kings of the earth," in my theory. We are all members of the Lost Tribes in the sense of being born under one of the Zodiac signs. We all have the Royal Blood, as we came from the same source. We have given over our "crowns" and "royal power" for a purpose for a cycle of time. A hint is given in

Rev. 3:11, I do believe: "I am coming soon; hold fast what you have, so that no one may seize your CROWN."

For those of you who missed the first posting and wish to see it, go to -

http://www.yahoogroups.com/earthchanges In the "search" field, type in "Holy Grail." A list of links will come up.  Click on "Digest 1." My post is the first one:

1. Grail Connections to the 1999 Solar Eclipse

From: JMason4557 <JMason4557@xxx.xxxx

My guess is that this "rightful king" symbolism is related to the duality

of the self, given in a number of ways, including:

male - female
left brain - right brain
sun - moon
son - daughter
outside self - inisde self
rational thought intuitive - gnostic thought
conscious mind unconscious mind - connected with collective unconscious, i.e., the All

The two trees/lampstands who stand up in Rev. 11:11 seem to be related.  The "male/left brain/rational" side has been dominant in the cycle of time.  The Great Change involves the symbolism of the "female/right brain/intuitive" side growing to match the male side, achieving a balance. In 1992 a crop formation at Tweksbury had the male/female signs of Mars and Venus joined together.

Hints are given in Zechariah 3 and 4, which speaks of the two olive trees, Joshua and Zerubabbel. Joshua is the brand plucked from the fire, his filthy garments becoming clean ones. Zerubabbel (seed of Babylon) makes the great mountain into a plane and brings forward the top stone. In the Book of Haggai, Zerubabbel is the governor and Joshua is the high priest, similar to outside-inside self symbolism.

Similar symbolism is given in the very ancient Upanishads. The body is the chariot, the intellect is the charioteer, and the rider is the (higher) Self, who resides in the Lotus of the Heart. The Four Living Creatures are also known as "Ezekiel's Wagon," or the Merkabah, which means "four-wheel chariot." The spirits of the Living Creatures are in the wheels.

In the last part of Haggai, Zerubabbel becomes the Lord's Signet Ring on the day Heaven and Earth shake. According the Blavatsky, the Signet Ring of God is the Tetragrammation, the four letters of the Divine name, and the "Father'sName" mark on the forehead in Revelation 14:1.

In the unbalanced, "male" cycle, we are "unconscious co-creators" of the reality, so that events seem accidental, and "fates" befall us. Beliefs and emotions residing "underground" or in water in the unconscious rule our"fate," and we have great difficulty discharging those emotions/beliefs that cause negative creations. In the Great Change, mankind will become "conscious co-creators," as the abilities to "swim" and "breathe under water," i. e., navigate the unconscious realms, will vastly improve. We journey to the Underground, Land of the Dead, to recover the prize. The "Lion King" wins the battle in the end, and recovers his crown, royal power and Kingdom. Mankind will learn how to bring the ideal Kingdom, The New Jerusalem.

Back in 1990, an idea suddenly came to mind, as I was watching a music video of a woman driving a motorcycle with a man riding in back. It could be thought of as a duality symbol, with the feminine, intuitive self leading. The thought came that the lion could be viewed in the same way, because the female lion gathers the food, a dream symbol often indicating food-for-thought. As so often happens, a coincidence soon followed. My niece brought a book from the library. I found an article by Ernest Hemingway in which he told of a dream. A lioness was his fiance, and prepared his food. When I read Genesis a year or two later, I noticed that in Gen. 49:9, Judah couches down as a lion and a LIONESS.

I had another coincidence about lion symbolism. After telling two people about a story I had read, a TV show came on with a children's story having the exact same symbols. This is the story in my words, originally from Nietzsche's "Thus Spake Zarathustra" -

You are born a camel. You get down on your knees and a load is placed upon you (the conditioning of childhood). When you grow up and leave the family home, you become a lion, who eventually runs into a dragon. On each of the dragon's scales is written, "Thou Shalt" (the conditioned beliefs).  The lion slays the dragon, and then transforms into a baby. This is a "rebirth," where you are now operating from your own heart's center, rather than from the childhood conditioning.  The heavier the load, the stronger the lion.

A quote attributed to Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas, is also revelant -

"Lucky is he who eats the lion, for the lion then becomes human. Foul is he whom the lion eats, for the lion still becomes human."

The Sufi, who used dreams extensively, say the lion represents the Higher Self.

When the film, "The Lion King," came out, I felt it would carry some of this symbolism, as artists often pick up inspirations from the unconscious/dream realms. It fit oh so well! It had an Egyptian theme, with the Father Lion as Osiris, and Scar, his evil brother, Typhon-Set. Simba is Horus, who sees his father in the stars, i. e. Orion. With the help of the lioness, and the shaman-baboon (Thoth), Simba returns to confront and defeat the evil Scar (Mark of Cain), recovering his royal power and Kingdom.

I am in the process of writing an article about these subjects. This post and the previous one about the Grail, are a short preview, so to speak. If any of you have any insights about these matters, I would appreciate hearing them.

Keeping vigil,

Joe Mason



I believe most Christian people want this balance and harmony too, but perhaps they need to be more tolerant of other views. I found a part of the Bible that may suggest this also, in Isaiah 65:17-25:

17 - For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.

18 - But be ye glad and rejoice for ever in that which I create: for, behold, I create Jerusalem a rejoicing, and her people a joy.

19 - And I will rejoice in Jerusalem, and joy in my people: and the voice of weeping shall be no more heard in her, nor the voice of crying.

20 - There shall be no more thence an infant of days, nor an old man that hath not filled his days: for the child shall die an hundred years old; but the sinner being an hundred years old shall be accursed.

21 - And they shall build houses, and inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of them.

22 - They shall not build, and another inhabit; they shall not plant, and another eat: for as the days of a tree are the days of my people, and mine elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands.

23 - They shall not labour in vain, nor bring forth for trouble; for they are the seed of the blessed of the LORD, and their offspring with them.

24 - And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.

25 - The wolf and the lamb shall feed together, and the lion shall eat straw like the bullock: and dust shall be the serpent's meat. They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain, saith the LORD.




Subj: Re: Your Great "Movie Underground" Dream

Date: 97-11-30 07:36:06 EST

To: JMason4557@aol.com

Dear Joe,

I just got through going through your letter & most links..what a lot of info! It was all facinating & a good review for me. I have been through all these studies & subjects over the past 28yrs. You are really well studied,besides your perception of meanings. It is so nice to find a person like you. I appreciate the links. We are Art Bell show junkies, but i can't get into the chat rooms or archives with this webTV.

I like your interpretations..pretty much the same as mine. I mostly relate 'hell' or the 'underground' as most earth reality in the 'mass mind'..maya worlds. This includes the lower astral planes as well..sub-3.5? We cannot maintain forms on any of these worlds without a certain amount of maya-illusion. We do not necessarily have to be in the grip of 'mass mind'. The 4th chakra-HEART is the KEY PORTAL for the changing & enlightening.

I liked the DIANA symbolisms. I also thought a lot about that event & mother THERESAs. Both were caring people on opposite ends of the feminine aspect. One was RICH,one POOR in 'things'. One was an earthly VOLUNTEER,one felt TRAPPED by birth & royal circumstances. She left earth YOUNG. The other was trapped in an AGING FORM etc. They did also represent similarities. The RELIGIOUS NUN was so ingrained with her discipline thought that she is having MORE DIFFICULTY ADJUSTING on the 'other side'..old programs. She was shocked at what she is learning & unlearning now. Of course she had a wonderful heart.. Diana had NO TROUBLE adjusting. She is FREE,except for concern for her children..(My friend & i got this info in meditation. We often do this with our loved ones or get relay info on those leaving earth. Personally,i can't tell if a person is in form or on other dimensions,as it is all spirit to me,unless someone tells me they are not 'here'.)

The stuff on 11:11 was very interesting to me,as it has been a focal # for our groups for yrs. Here is some additional info as personally given to us by our Egyptian Coptic master teacher in 1970.

After the A-BOMB was dropped & WW11 ended in 1945, a council was held of world spiritual teachers,leaders,masters... They thought the world needed help now. They earnestly prayed for God to send the 'messiah' soon, to help earth. (As said before,all ernest thoughts, prayers, beliefs, MUST be answered, fulfilled to the 'letter of the law'. The answers do manifest..but not always as you think. Promises ARE kept. There are GREATER PROMISES that are now fulfilling . They do superceed what man can think to ask for. It is a GIFT..This gift of CONSCIOUSNESS-the Christ essence,the HEART opening connections-as 'SPIDER WOMAN' weaving the world..UNITY-balance of M-F principle. The POLE SHIFTS WITHIN..)

In 1949(4 yrs.later.Heart?) a group of 22 earth masters were secretly called from all over the globe. 22 is the MASTER no. of manifestation & great responsibility. They were given airline tickets to Redding Calif. They never knew who paid for or arranged all this. They came in at night & given lodging. The next morning they were taken by jeep,deep into the forested hills around Mt.SHASTA. They were circled in meditation in a clearing when a great wind came,blowing trees flat to ground. A round SPACESHIP appeared out of the VORTEX wind. They were in awe. They were sitting about .5 mile from the ship,but were shown everything clearly in their minds. They were shown 2 babies that shown so brightly they appeared as TWIN SUNS..male & female . They were told that this was the answer to the prayer in 1945..a MESSAGE OF HOPE for the world..BALANCED ENERGIES..a BLEND of HEAVEN & EARTH. They understood the babies to be from a 'earthly mother' & a 'space father'. This was a dimensional ship & the babies were taken back into the ship. They disappeared in a vortex...The prayer had been answered with a manifested message. The 22 had varied reactions to this.. Our Egyptian teacher carried this close to his heart until he passed away in 1976 at well over 100yrs.

The coptic brotherhood has revered this date since 1949. This event was to be SYMBOLIC in nature,although some didn't understand that at the time,or even now. It was given as a SIGN..in reality,the promise to aid earth in this time was already in process when they prayer was made. The Creator KNOWS the needs of creation. Consciousness awakens AS A THIEF IN THE NIGHT.. The EVENT was planned & given as a NEW BIRTH OF TWIN SUN as one action on NOV.11,1949(7X7)at 11am... 11:11:11th hour. 11 is creative & mystical..harmony..Christ consciousness to some. The WEB weaves this round the world. LOVE is the heart sign..the glue that keeps the web whole in patterned forms. 4 is the no. of earth. 7 is the no.of Saturn.the outer boundary of form structure. 7+4=11. The world is now in the '13th' hour (overtime),as given to me..13 or 4+9 relates through URANUS,a very erratic,electrical function. This relates to the AQUARIAN vibration. SATURN also is an old ruler of AQUARIUS,so there is the MIDPT of manifest FORM between the principles of Sat-Uranus. There is a portal gateway to be passed through. The asteroid CHIRON orbits between these planet forms. Chiron was half man-half horse & HEALER. He shot ACHILLES in the HEEL..Vulnerable spot!

I have another significant dream to relate. I'll e-mail it separately..HAPPY TRAILS! ,,not trials.. Jan :)


Subj: [earthchanges] Re: Ancient Numbers and Another Grand Cross in 1999

Date: 98-07-11 13:00:17 EDT

From: Dee777@aol.com

Hi all:

Here are some great pages about astronomy and archaeology.  Some of the info is mathematical, so you might want to put on  your scholarly hats for these. (Thinking caps???)It was a big stretch for me. :-) But it's great info.



In a message dated 98-07-05 17:50:54 EDT, you write:

<< Subj: Ancient Numbers and Another Grand Cross in 1999

Date: 98-07-05 17:50:54 EDT

From: JMason4557

To: johnboy

Dear John,

WOW!!! You have found some amazing things, and have presented them very well.

I was led to your page while doing a web search for "Bethlehem." I wanted to link a site that had a little information on the subject from the page I am working on.

Well, it wasn't quite what I was looking for . . . it was MUCH more - and it fit well with the subject of my page. So, I linked your Star of Bethlehem Page


Star of Bethlehem Magi Astronomy astrology pi archaeology bible capstone great pyramid sphinx and a few of your other pages. To say-so myself, the information on my page is also quite amazing. You might want to take a look:


Michael Morton has an article in Part Two of the page about a "Code" connection between Bethlehem and Rennes Le Chateau. You'll notice that these "Gematrian" numbers are not like the Greek or Hebrew systems - they are basically multiples of 36, such as 72, 108, 144, 216,

360, 432, 2160, 1296, 25920, etc. Of course, I found some of those numbers on your pages. Constants, such as Pi and the Radian are part of "The Code" system of the ancients.

I haven't mentioned it in the article yet, but in some cases the "near-Pi" number from 22/7 makes connections. I did not know about "Pyramid Pi." Thanks for the information.  An example is, 31680 / 28 = 1131.428571 / PyramidPi = 360. 31680 was the square footage of the cricles in the Barbury Castle crop formation of 1991, and is said to be an ancient sub-lunar distance. 3168 in Gematrian means "Lord Jesus Christ." 31680 (also six miles in feet), can be derived from a box around the earth, with each of the sides an earth-diameter of 7920 miles. Or, the earth and moon can be placed side-by-side, and a circle drawn around the earth that passes through the center of the moon, and then calculate the circumfrence -

Earth radius = 3960

Moon radius = 1080

Total radius = 5040

2 x 5040 = 10080 x PyramidPi = 31680

In the ancient system, sometimes the zeros are said to be ignored when figuring the meanings. Harmonic or fractal numbers are a part of it too.  So, for example, 5040, 54, and 5400 can have the same "meaning." 5400 is the Coordinate Intersect of the Sphinx in "The Code." 108, of course, is the number of names for the Goddess in India. In the system I developed (because I haven't found a standard for some of it), 54 is an "in-between"Gematrian number, with the "666" tangent.

I stopped work on another article to do "The Code" article. There are LOTS of connections on your pages, so I will be linking to them. This is the site under construction:



The planets will be alligned in a Grand Cross at the time of the eclipse, pointing to the Zodiac signs that you mentioned on your pages. Thanks a bunch for that information. I have suspected and speculated about the Sphinx having the four symbols rather than two, but I never found any confirmation. Of course, these are also The Four Living Creatures of Ezekiel and Revelation. The Twelve Tribes correspond to them, as outlined in Numbers 2. There are three Tribes in each Quarter, with a lead Tribe in each. The four lead Tribes were symbolized by The Lion, The Ox, the Eagle, and The Man. They were told that when they set out on the march, the Tribe of Judah goes first. Thus, Judah is the leader of all the Tribes, which I feel has a universal, Zodiac symbolism - in other words, all humanity.

"Coincidentally," the eclipse shadow strikes land at Cornwall, where legend says Joseph of Arimathea landed, carrying The Holy Grail, and/or Royal Bloodline of Jesus (and Judah). It goes on an on.

I hope you find my pages as fruitfull as I found yours.


Joe Mason




Date: 98-07-20 08:21:39 EDT

From: Winifred Barton

To: 13thtribe@telos.ca (13TH TRIBE)

Council Chamber #11 - Halls of Amenti


This Chamber is paved with the imperishable EMERALD TABLETS OF THOTH.

To be counted among the SCRIBES of the AGES, now coming forth to greet

the 21st. Century is to appreciate the rare privilege of being

chosen/choosing, to restore the Emerald Bridge between dimensions to

bring in the New Heaven and the New Earth.

The CROWN OF LIFE comes in the form of Crystallized Fire which radiates

Supernal Light from the auric field of around A Being to extend like a

Sephira of Crystal Fire.

When such Sephira swirl in a Common Central Orbit, they form a WHITE

VORTEX through which NOW we can see The Emerald Bridge spanning

dimensions both forward and backward so that we can "Time Travel" at


In physics this is called COLD FUSION. In philosophy we understand that

the Liquid Word of Solar Logos, having completed its "hot" (+1) outward

flow, (as from a firey volcano which mobilizes matter) now organizes

and crystallizes into perfected SOLAR LOGIC (-1) in a way that any

reasonable person can understand. The Victory of Light over Darkness in

the perfect timing of a "Big Ben Universe" at (+1)+(- 1)=0

"When one crystal bell rings, they all start to ring" was the Nobel

Prize winning theme of the Marcel Vogel Crystal-izer. It depicts a

series of pyramids; some facing up, some down. These triangles can beam

energy down from above for up from down below. In the Egyptian thesis

this is shown as black or white triangles (units of thought) beaming

from the eyes of the Priestesses in an illustration of mind over


The Lords of Time have long since unloaded their "BUNDLES." They have

strung them out across the web and burned them into CD ROMS. Today, this

July 19, 1998 - We, the 13th Tribe of Levi are in a position where we

can trace this "Golden Chain of Thoth-Hermes" back to the dawn of human

history when The Eternals from Sirius and Orion came to drop their BIG

BUNDLE at the conjunction of the Cosmic and the Physical River Nile.

The Lower Nile was then charged with the Vitality of Osiris. The

ultimate EMULSIFICATION as God was torn apart molecule ny molecule,

Trusting in his SOUL-MATE - ISIS - Queen of Heaven and of Earth to

magnetize all his Vital Parts back together again by the POWER of the

Supraordinate Factor - Divine Love.

Dive Love is THE LEAVEN in the "clay bread." It is served across

infinity by the 13th Tribe of Levi. The bread rises with heat then it

crystallizes (2.10/10.2.) Matter is the setting for the Crown Jewels of


Once Osiris and Isis (Of The Mother Planet SIRIUS) are reunited - as

they were on Midsummers Day 1998 - the rest of the Neutron Tent expands

like a balloon. The SCRIBES have made careful and colourful tapestry

squares in countless hours of spiritual devotion. These are like quilt

pieces which when sewn together in TRUTH form THE EMERALD BRIDGE, the

reintegrated "Emerald Tablets of Thoth-Hermes."

We make our EMERGENCE and complete our journey into spacetime by

absorbing their jewels of Cosmic Knowledge; understanding that in so

doing, together, WE - (formerly Us and Them) have cut the path to the

COLD FUSION of dimensions. The route was published in the "Chronicles of

Star Ship Galaxia" on the Internet in 1995, and repeated to the 13th

Tribe in 1996-7.

All Birthrights are tailored towards Justice: AK KA BA is inviolable.

Each can find his birthright enscribed in the cubical wavefield thought

of the Emerald Tablets.



Year 24, Month of Bilan, Moon Day.

TO KING MIDAS: Time is Art. The Rivers of Gold which you produce are

primarily intended to design the setting for the CROWN JEWELS. Your

12.12 Sephira has demonstrated its skill in fine artwork, now for the

Ultimate Challenge. THE APOLLIANS will provide the most delicate and

intricate lacework for each jewel settings at 3.3 specifications.

Heartiest congratulations to all Council 12 Members!

oxo - Satyrn - (The Heavyweight.)



Bartonian Metaphysical Society,

Box 415, Frankford, Ontario,

Canada, KOK 2CO

Established December 7, 1967

Phone: (613) 398-0331



"By their fruit shall ye know them."


By Kent Steadman

Something occurred with the Soviet Cosmonauts in the Salyut 7 that orbited the earth in 1985. This is a rather hushed secret that has been leaked to the west . . .

The six Soviet Cosmonauts in 1985 saw "celestial beings" on the 155th day aboard their orbiting space station.

This was first reported by Cosmonaut Vladimir Solevev and Oleg Atkov as well as Leonid Kizim. This is what they said, "What we saw were seven giant figures in the form of humans, but with wings and mist-like halos as in the classic depiction of angels."

As the Cosmonauts were performing medical experiments in Salyut 7 high above the earth, a brilliant orange cloud enveloped them, blinding them temporarily, and when their eyes cleared, they saw the angels.

The heavenly visitors, they said, followed them for about 10 minutes and vanished as suddenly as they had appeared. However, 12 days later, Cosmonauts Svetlana Savitskaya, Igor Volk, and Vladimir Dzhanibevok, who had just joined the others on the space station, also saw the beings.

"They were glowing," they reported. "We were truly overwhelmed. There was a great orange light, and through it, we could see the figures of seven angels. They were smiling as though they shared a glorious secret, but within a few minutes, they were gone, and we never saw them again."


In a message dated 98-08-02 13:43:58 EDT, you write:

<< Subj: August 12, 1998 ??

Since 12/12 1996 (over a year and a half now, I've had a vision of a

circle within a triangle. At the top point of the triangle was

12/12/97 (which became significant when I discovered the 13th/Cube et.

al.). In the "4 o'clock" spot was 4/12/98 (which turned out to be

this Easter Sunday). In the "8 o'clock" spot is August 12/98. What

might be the significance of August 12, I wonder? Any resonance? >>


Dear Polly,

I believe your visions are related to various messages coming in many ways.

Our friend, Todd Jumper, has visions of geometric shapes, one of which is

similar to the one in your vision:

Symbols seen on February 26, 1997


Another friend, Judy Bebee, has had many visions, and relates them

to crop circles, among other things. The triangular crop formation that

appeared at Barbury Castle in 1991, Judy says, represents the

"ARC OF THE COVENANT, the actual realignment connection." See:

Crop Circle Translations


The crop formation is one of many that are similar to the shape that you

saw in your vision.

In "The Sacred Symbols of Mu," Col. Churchward speaks of the symbols

he found all over the world in his 50 years of research. A simple ring or

circle, or a circular ring with a dot inside, represents the One Deity,

according to the ancients. A triangle represents "Heaven." The circlular

shapes inside the triangle represent "The Deity in Heaven."

I don't believe Churchward lists the reverse - the triangle inside the circle,

but it has appeared as a crop formation.

There are many ancient glyphs with two interlaced triangles (a Star of

David) inside a circle. The single triangle is often depicted above this

shape. It shows the emanation of creation, that is, the Deity produces

the the circle with star, which produces the reality.

H. P. Blavatsky's, "Isis Unveiled," has the same, or very similar depictions

and interpretations.

In a book called, "The Trantric Way," the sphere and triangle are related to

the Mother Goddess, who creates (generates) creation. The sphere

represents Her unmanifested state, and the triangle represents Her

manifested state.

In both Chruchward's book and Blavatsky's, the triangle is also shown with

the letters "AUM" in the corneres. Churchward explains the ancient


A - top - The Father (and)

U - bottom left - The Mother (engendered)

M - bottom right - The Son, Mehan, Man

This would correspond to the alchemical signs in the Barbury Castle

crop circle formation, like this:

North - Sun - Sulfer

Southwest - Moon - Salt

Southeast - Mercury - Quicksilver

Mercury, like his Greek counterpart, Hermes, has both male and

female attributes. This seems linked to Blavatsky's claim that the

"Son" in the Trinity is "androgen," having both male and female

attributes. Adam/Eve, she said, represent "The First Androgen."

(i.e., "they" are ONE person).

I like Blavatsky's explanations best. The Deity is One, but manifests

as Many/All. The Male Deity attribute conceives of (by thought, or

dreams) the ideal Creation, as The Word. This implants the Seed

into the Womb of the Mother Deity attribue, and then She gives

birth to the Creation, as The Son, The Word Made Flesh, The Logos.

It all seems to be about funcitions of creation, symbolized in this

"human" way.

The numbers, sometimes dates or times, "12/12, 12:12," and "11:11, 11/11,"

are also very major symbols. Byron had a "12:12" dream:

Byron's 12-12 Dream - MESSAGE FROM HEAVEN - 3-23-98


Another man had a very powerful "11:11" dream/vision:

Vision of 11:11


August 11th or 12th is also major. Some say August 11 was the day

of the year the Mayan Calendar started, in terms of the present time

cycle, and may be the ending point too.

I believe much of this is related to the Great Solar Eclipse that will take

place on August 11, 1999, at 11:11 a. m. The planets will be aligned in

a Grand Cross at that time, pointing to the Zodiac signs that correspond

to the Four Living Creatures of Ezekiel and Revelation. Some call it

"Ezekiel's Wagon," or "The Merkabah," which means "four-wheel chariot."

The Zodiac signs are often shown with four overlapping triangles inside

the circle. The triangles are labeled, Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. The

(Lost) Tribes of Isreal also have this arrangement, as spelled out in

Numbers 2. The major sign in each triangle is said to be Leo, Aquarius,

Scorpio (an Eagle in ancient times), and Taurus. These are the symbols of

the major Tribes, as the Four Living Creatures - The Lion, The Man,

the Eagle, and The Ox. During the Age of Tarus, these signs aligned

with the solstices and equinoxes. The same signs also align in such a

manner during the Ages of Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

The eclipse shadow strikes land at Cornwall, where Joseph of Arimathea

brought The Holy Grail and/or the Royal Bloodline into England.

I have started an article about the eclipse at:



Joseph of Arimathea had twelve followers with him, and they were given

twelve "hides" of land. Joseph built Glastonbury Tor. It has been pointed out

that most of the crop circle formations have appeared in the "Wessex

Triangle," one corner of which is marked by Glastonbury. Some call

Glastonbury, "The New Jerusalem." See:



About 70 years ago, Katherine Maltwood found that a sacred Zodiac was

hidden within the Glastonbury landscape:



It all seems so "coincidental" and symbolic. The Zodiac of

Glastonbury will mirror the Grand Cross in the Heavens at Eclipse

time. John Michell drew a diagram called, "The New Jerusalem Plan,"

based on St. John's vision in Revelation 21. This "Plan" is said

to represent the order of the Heavens made apparent on earth.

The diagram has twelve circles in a ring, with four overlapping

triangles forming a twelve-pointed star inside. Each star-point

touches one of the circles. It is quite like the depictions of the


I first saw the diagram of The New Jerusalem Plan in a crop circle

journal. The article said that a similar design has been found by

dowsing within crop circles, and at ancient sites, such as Stonehenge

and Avebury. I was amazed, because I had drawn a very similar shape

based on my dreams.

Joan Sckrabulis points out that there will also be a "T"-shaped

alignment, or Tau symbol in the sky. She says in her book,

"The Lost Covenant" -

"Symbolically, and physically, our planet will undergo a crucifixion

in space - its side pierced by a heavenly lance - the pointed cone of

eclipse shadow. This remarkable portent is a harbinger of upheaval

and denotes the disintegration of old, worn out forms. Yet, it promises,

paradoxically, the influx of a Sublime Quintessence and initiation into

a new life. As Christ was crucifed long ago, so too will the Earth bear

its cross as the third millennium draws near."

Joan's web site is at:

The Lost Covenant - Solar Eclipse 1999 and the Grand Cross Alignment


Another interesting thing . . . the clock face seems to follow this

Zodiac/New Jerusalem symbolism, as it has the twelve hours

around the circle.

Your "8 o'clock spot" is exactly one year, minus one day from that time.

Perhaps there is a "12 o'clock High," in 1999, and a return to the top of

the triangle, or a return to the Sun, The Father. Circles also represent time

cycles, like the "end connected to the beginning," or "the return Home."

I once read a channeled message from "The Space Brothers" -

"The Midnight Hour approaches."

Regards and best wishes,

Joe Mason




Subj: [earthchanges] Re: Most serious message from God! (UFO RELATED)

Date: 98-08-05 22:53:41 EDT

From: Dee777@aol.com

Reply-to: earthchanges@yahoogroups.com

To: earthchanges@onelist.com, ufos-unbound@onelist.com

From: <Dee777@aol.com>

Hi all:

I am reposting this message from Elliemiser because I

was given three visions this morning telling me that she

is right. I didn't ask for these visions and I was not

meditating at the time, just laying in bed thinking about

something else. So, I am trusting them.

Love, Light, and Joy


<< Subj: Most serious message from God!

Date: 98-08-04 17:43:47 EDT

From: Elliemiser

I have finally been given permission today to share what I

have known since 1994! Thank God!

God is sending his vehicle of choice - a Ship (flying saucer)

that I refer to as the God Ship, specifically for these

reasons. To speed up spreading the gospel throughout the

world and the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit throughout

all mankind!

He will be assisted by his most enlightened, spiritual beings

from the 8th dimension who will travel on flying platforms

to reach all corners of this world to speed up the spreading

of the gospel.

This will be as in the days of John the Baptist, preceding the

coming of Jesus in his clouds of glory (as in Rapture of the


In the days of old, when Moses walked upon the Earth,

God could not allow any man to look upon his face

without dying so God shielded himself by the use of a Merkaba

(a space ship). So shall it be in the events to come.

The schedule of events will be:

1 - A storm of storms;

2 - Flyovers of space crafts;

3 - Arrival of the God Ship;

4 - God Ship sits suspended over Earth for 3 days;

5 - Door of God Ship opens;

6 - The ISIS (my fatherís ship) and Rainbow Ships arrive;

7 - Elijah returns;

8 - The Gospel is spread to all mankind - pouring out of the

Holy Spirit;

9 - Rapture;

10 - Wedding;

11 - Last moment (reunion with family and friends of Old!);


Now a brief explanation of what is meant by the storm

of storms! There will be spider web lightning with snaps, pops

but no thunder; movement of trees with no wind - NO DISASTER


Rev. 19:7 - Let us be glad and rejoice and give glory to him, for

the time of the marriage feast of the Lamb has come, and his

bride has made herself ready.

The God Ship has to remain suspended for 3 days in order

to stabilize the energies of this planet.

Then the door to the Ship will open, revealing three enlightened

beings from the 8th dimension who will be recognizable as


With the arrival of the ISIS and the Rainbow Ships, carrying

the Archangels, landings and contact with our space family

will begin.

The wedding refers to Jesus and his Church being united!

It is a very distinct possibility that the Church will be represented

by a human female entity of Godís choice. No, not me! I am

the Secretary! <grin>

Until now, it could not be revealed that the 11:11 was missing

the zero in the middle (11011) indicating the Stargate through

which the God Ship would come! 2 Peter l:10-11 (11011)

2 Peter I:10-11: For this very reason, my brethren, be diligent;

for through your good deeds, you make your calling and your

election sure; and when you do these things, you shall never

fall, for by so doing, an entrance shall be given freely to you

into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus


For believers, there is nothing but rejoicing on the way!

Dictated by God in Love and Light,

Transcribed by ElAmppa >>


Subj: King Arthur and Tintagel

Date: 98-08-07 11:22:10 EDT

Archaeologists Find New Link Between King Arthur and Tintagel



LONDON (AP) -- A sixth-century piece of slate inscribed in Latin could

more closely link the legendary King Arthur to his reputed birthplace

at Tintagel Castle.

Researchers said Thursday they had unearthed a stone bearing a

1,400-year-old inscription resembling the name Arthur at Tintagel, a

windswept ruin that sits on a rocky outcrop in southwest England.

Geoffrey Wainwright, chief archaeologist for English Heritage, a

government-backed conservation agency that manages historic properties

and advises on conservation policy, called the artifact ``a find of a


Although there is no evidence linking the stone directly with King

Arthur, the slate is proof that the name Arthur existed during the era

in which he reputedly lived, Wainwright said.

``It proves for the first time that the name existed at that time and

that the stone belonged to a person of status,'' he said, adding that

the discovery will ``enhance the strong Arthur legend.''

The slate, which measures 8 by 14 inches, bears the inscription

``ARTOGNOV,'' which is Latin for the British name Arthnou.

Archaeologists found it July 4.

The first connection between Arthur and Tintagel Castle was made by a

Welsh author in the 12th century.

According to one story, Merlin the Magician disguised Arthur's father

to allow him to enter Tintagel and seduce a duke's young wife,

Arthur's mother. In another version, Arthur was found washed ashore by

Merlin in a cave below the castle.

Today, the Tintagel area embraces the legendary connection with King

Arthur. A local guidebook notes: ``Fact hereabouts is tremendously

hard to separate from fiction.''

Copyright 1998& The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This

material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

(Aw, shucks. This is from www.cnn.com)


Note, Tintagel is in Cornwall.


Subj: Trinumerology

Date: 98-08-07 17:13:44 EDT

Steven! The trinumerology for the August 12, 1998 date is incredible!

Right from the initial #963 I was blown away - since my Dan Millman

numerology #is 369. Every word was excitingly meaningful to me. It

was my initial exposure to Millman's convincingly accurate numerology

system about 5 years ago that got me started on "new age" stuff - so

I'm fascinated to know of this new system.

Also enjoyed the Galactic Federation/13th Tribe readings. I would

most definitely like you to do a personal interpretation for me -

please e-mail your mailing address, and suggest a suitable donation to

do readings of the following:

1) Polly McLeod (usual) (or Pauline Margaret McLeod)

2) I Found God at The Endup (the book I wrote 2 yrs ago)and

3) RV There Yet? (the book I'm writing now).

When you tell me the amount, I will immediately mail you a money






August 9, 1998

6:54 a. m.

I just searched and found the letter from Paul Rydeen, that had the dream about the Falcon (Horus) and the number 7920.  In the letter, dated July 22, 1995, Paul spoke of a few symbolic movies.  This part is much more interesting now:  

"Speaking of movies, there's a new baseball movie called A Kid in King Arthur's Court. During a little league game, an earthquake splits the playing field open and a kid falls into the crack.  He somehow goes back in time and ends up in medieval England, where he helps the Knights of the Round Table with his street-smart Walkman / Gameboy wisecracking.

The Lion King is just basically the old Osiris / Set story, as I see it. They're remaking the original Planet of the Apes, I just read.  In fact, there's a whole slew of SF movies coming our way in the next year, not to mention TV shows.  Thank The X-Files.      

I was watching one of the Star Wars movies on TV the other day.  When they show Han Solo's ship, I wondered how it got its name.  It didn't take too long to remember who the Millennium Falcon was - it's Horus, herald of a new age."  

There is a baseball / earthquake connection, which I need to compose. Part of it concerns the "World Series" earthquake of 1989 in San Francisco.  

The reason I searched for Paul's letter, is because I wanted to include his dream in the e-mail I am composing for the earthchanges mail list.  There is a Ford Falcon in the dream, which he interpreted to be Horus, who "spews out a New Age."  I want to include the dream, because I am commenting on the huge ground marking that appeared in Australia.  It was the figure of a naked man with the head of a bird.  A photograph of it is at this site:  

Australian Land Marking - 2 1/2 Mile Long Man, with Bird's Head

The head is quite like depictions of Horus.



I am walking along the edge of what is supposed to be our new house. It doesn't really look
like it. It's right on a busy street, maybe near Grandma Johnson's old house. I'm sort of both
inside and outside at once, as if the basement merges into the yard. I walk along a sand-filled
trench looking for dinosaur tracks. I kick back several inches of sand to find the hard surface
below. Instead of dinosaur tracks, I find astronaut tracks fossilized in the bedrock.

I push a large, empty, off-white fiberglass linen cart out of my way. It rolls through the sand,
down toward the street. It keeps on going, and I worry it will cause an accident. It looks OK,
but then a car crashes into it. It's a little white four-door car, a miniature Ford Falcon. This must
be Horus, the Millennium Falcon who, descending, spews out a New Age. I go down to inspect
the damage.

The driver is an actor - hence, not what he seems - named Kirk, which means 'church'. Kirk is
OK, but the car has heavy damage to the left side, which is where the cart hit it.

Kirk comes back later with an inflated estimate of $7920.00. Kirk wants me to sign the estimate.
I tell him I can't admit to fault, but I will give it to my insurance company for review. They'll
probably want to negotiate, I tell him. I go ahead and start to sign it as an acknowledgement
rather than agreement, but stop when I get grease all over the page. The grease is from some
green shop machinery the previous owner left behind. His name was Champion. I hand the
estimate back to Kirk, unsigned.

Out front, I see Kirk's car. Now it's an early '80s Monte Carlo, all hot-rodded up, still white.
Kirk points out the damaged rear quarter panel. 'Make sure they know it's a fender,' he says,
as if the insurance agent wouldn't know what a rear quarter panel was. There's no way I'm
allowing my insurance company to pay $7920 when the whole car is not worth half that much.
Even if it's the Monte Carlo I'm paying for, it's too much. I haven't forgotten the Falcon.

The fact that it's a different car now, a substitute, bothers me. 'Monte Carlo' (Mount Charles)
refers to a Mediterranean (Middle Earth) gambling resort. It's a gamble all right, a gamble on
their part. This seems to be a scapegoat, a 'pharmikon' substiture for a real sacrifice. The
inflated repair bill seems to be the price they want me to pay for searching for those dinosaurs
tracks, for discovering the truth. The astronauts, the future, where here first. They weren't
allowed to set foot on the moon in Apollo 13, but they did set foot on the earth, once. The
record lies beneath the sand. It was in our past.


Horus graphic holding the Ankh symbol 

Ankh symbol


Meaning: While the origins of the ankh may be obscure, the meaning is certainly clear - "life". It is with this basic connotation that the sign is carried in the hands of many Egyptian deities.

The ankh may represent the life-giving elements of air and water. It was often shown being offered to the king's lips as a symbol of the "breath of life." Anthropomorphic pictures of the ankh sometimes show it holding an ostrich-feather fan behind the pharaoh in a variant form of this idea. Similarly, chains of ankhs were shown poured out of water vessels over the king as a symbol of the regenerating power of water. Libation vessels which held the water used in religious ceremonies were themselves sometimes produced in the shape of the ankh hieroglyph.


http://cropcircleconnector.com/1998/dadford98.html - Ten-Pointed Star Crop Formation with Ankh Symbol


Appearance: The origin of the Isis knot is unknown but it may be a variation of the ankh, which it resembles except that its crossing arms curve downward. The tiet was often shown with the ankh and djed signs as early as the Third Dynasty. The hieroglyph is usually translated to mean "life" or "welfare."

Meaning: It may be because it was so often paired with the djed pillar (a symbol of Osiris) that the tiet came to be associated with Isis. The djed and the tiet used together often alluded to the binary nature of life.

The tiet was often called the "knot of Isis" and the "blood of Isis." Complex myths surround these names, but it is uncertain whether they came about to explain the established epithets or if they truly relate the origin of the tiet. As it was called the "blood of Isis", amulets of the sign were often fashioned from red stones such as carnelion and jasper, or from red glass.

Cerne Giant at Dorset


In a message dated 98-08-07 08:16:06 EDT, you write:

<< Subj: [earthchanges] Re: World's Largest Artwork is still a mystery

The attempt to claim that a two and one-half mile long drawing

on the desert floor, which can only be seen from the air, was done by

the town of Marree residents as a tourist attraction or by an Army

Engineers Group passing by the area, is ridiculous. >> (snip)


Dear EarthChangers,

It is no surprise that an attempt was made to debunk this huge land

marking. It has happened before. This one appeared in 1990:

ilyes on the Oregon Sri Yantra


The ancient east Indian symbol was 1/4 mile square, with 13.3 miles

of lines. Architects said that it would take between 75 and 100 thousand

dollars just to survey something of that size.

A news story appeared internationally about the ground marking on

September 14, 1990. Some weeks later, a little story appeared in

the Oregon newspapers, reporting that some people had been found

guilty of creating the marking. They were fined $50.

I had quite a "coincidence" with this. In 1990, I made a drawing that

came to me in an inspiration. I placed nine circular objects on a piece

of paper in a diamond arrangement, like this:

          O   O
       O   O   O
          O   O

Comparing it to a Tantric Yantra, I drew various triangles around sets

of circles, until I had a 14-pointed star. I colored the 14 triangles on

the outside of the diamond-shape.

I first saw a picture of a Sri Yantra in March, 1993, in a book called,

"The Tantric Way." By that time, I knew that the pattern had appeared

as a land marking, but I had not seen a picture of it, so I did not realize

the shape I drew was the same as the central part of the pattern.

I then looked back at my notes and found my drawing. It was dated

September 13, 1990. I then found the newsletter report I had received

from Pat Delgado in 1992 about the land marking in Oregon. It was

quite a "coincidence," because I had made that drawing the DAY

BEFORE the news story of the Oregon ground marking came out

in the newspapers!

At the time I discovered the "coincidence," I was writing an article,

based on my dream-coincidences, theorizing that the Great Earth change

involves a leap to the Heart chakra level of consciousness evolution

by humanity en mass.

I found another "coincidence" when I read about the meaning of the

Sri Yantra. One of the meanings is that it represents a path through the

chakras, from outward - inward, in nine steps. The four "T"-shapes

are "gates," by which to enter, and head toward the center, to the "Bindu,"

a single point representing Union with the One, the Light Beyond all Colors.

The outer part of the star, with the 14-points, represents the Heart chakra!

The article is now at:

11:11 - Humanity's Leap to the Heart Chakra


In case you did not take a look at the huge land marking that

appeared in Australia, I'll place the hyperlink here:

Australian Land Marking - 2 1/2 Mile Long Man, with Bird's Head


The bird's head on the figure of a man looks quite like depictions of Horus.

He is, of course, the "Son," in the Egyptian Trinity, along with Osiris and


You can find graphics and information about Horus at these two sites:



(Note the Ankh he is holding in his hand)



This is a good place to tell of a wonderful dream-coincidence.

I sent a letter to Paul, a snail mail friend, in 1995. Paul

is an expert on the symbolic works of Philip K. Dick, author of

"Valis" and other books. See:

Philip K. Dick: The Other Side - by Paul Rydeen


I mentioned to Paul in my letter, that I was researching the work

of Carl Munck, including the ancient number system called Gematria.

I briefly explained the system. Paul wrote back, saying that the

system did not seem right. Paul said the Gematria he was familiar

with had numbers like 111, 666, 777, and 888.

Paul also sent several of his recent dreams. The final dream was

this one from July 9, 1995, titled, "The Sands of Time":


"I am walking along the edge of what is supposed to be our new house.

It doesn't really look like it. It's right on a busy street, maybe near

Grandma Johnson's old house. I'm sort of both inside and outside at

once, as if the basement merges into the yard. I walk along a sand-filled

trench looking for dinosaur tracks. I kick back several inches of sand to

find the hard surface below. Instead of dinosaur tracks, I find astronaut

tracks fossilized in the bedrock.

I push a large, empty, off-white fiberglass linen cart out of my way.

It rolls through the sand, down toward the street. It keeps on going,

and I worry it will cause an accident. It looks OK, but then a car

crashes into it. It's a little white four-door car, a miniature Ford Falcon.

This must be Horus, the Millennium Falcon who, descending, spews out

a New Age. I go down to inspect the damage.

The driver is an actor - hence, not what he seems - named Kirk, which

means 'church'. Kirk is OK, but the car has heavy damage to the left

side, which is where the cart hit it.

Kirk comes back later with an inflated estimate of $7920.00. Kirk wants

me to sign the estimate. I tell him I can't admit to fault, but I will give it

to my insurance company for review. They'll probably want to negotiate,

I tell him. I go ahead and start to sign it as an acknowledgment rather

than agreement, but stop when I get grease all over the page. The grease

is from some green shop machinery the previous owner left behind. His

name was Champion. I hand the estimate back to Kirk, unsigned.

Out front, I see Kirk's car. Now it's an early '80s Monte Carlo, all hot-

rodded up, still white. Kirk points out the damaged rear quarter panel.

'Make sure they know it's a fender,' he says, as if the insurance agent

wouldn't know what a rear quarter panel was. There's no way I'm

allowing my insurance company to pay $7920 when the whole car is

not worth half that much. Even if it's the Monte Carlo I'm paying for,

it's too much. I haven't forgotten the Falcon.

The fact that it's a different car now, a substitute, bothers me.

'Monte Carlo' (Mount Charles) refers to a Mediterranean (Middle

Earth) gambling resort. It's a gamble all right, a gamble on their part.

This seems to be a scapegoat, a 'pharmikon' substitute for a real

sacrifice. The inflated repair bill seems to be the price they want me

to pay for searching for those dinosaurs tracks, for discovering the

truth. The astronauts, the future, where here first. They weren't

allowed to set foot on the moon in Apollo 13, but they did set foot

on the earth, once. The record lies beneath the sand. It was in our



The number, 7920, caught my attention. It is divisible by 9 and adds

to twice 9. It is also divisible by 36. That fit my system of testing for

a Gematrian number. I searched and found a copy of Carl Munck's

newsletter that had a partial list of the Gematrian "Alpha," or "Word,"

meanings. 7920 was not listed, nor was 792. BUT, this one WAS listed:

396    = Classical earth radius (3960 miles).  

I realized then, that 7920 is the diameter of the planet earth in miles!

I sent a letter back to Paul, informing him of this "coincidence." He

answered my letter, saying it was quite an "eye-opener," because the

word, "Gematria," literally means, "measuring the earth!"

I also felt that the "Monte Carlo / Mount Charles" in his dream may have

suggested Carl (Charles) Munck, and his "Code," which is based on

the Great Pyramid (mountain-like) at Giza being the Prime Meridian.

Other dreams and coincidences have suggested strongly that various

things concerning money in a dream, can represent karma, which is not

a reward / punishment system, but a learning one. In some of the dreams,

it is a credit card . . . a debt to be paid later. So, my guess about the

bill for the damage in Paul's dream, is that it refers to karmic debt, perhaps

for him personally, but more likely for mankind generally. In that he had

"insurance" to cover the bill, even if unfair, would then mean that enough

positive karma had been built up to "pay" for it.


I believe this "Horus" symbolism fits with the other "Trinity" connections

we have been seeing for quite some time. I wrote a little about it in this article:

The Trinity Connection

http://www.pufori.org/trinity.htm(Pufori is no longer available)

The article was from an e-mail in 1996. Jeroen, the owner of the Pufori site,

was posting some of my writings at that time. There are a few minor mistakes

in it, and it needs updating. The link to the Dream Network Journal article is

now at:

Crop Circle Mystery


The Barbury Castle ("Trinity") crop formation is at:

Barbury Castle Pictogram


I included some "Trinity" information in my "11:11" article:

I'll paste in that part here:


(speaking of the 1991 Barbury Castle crop formation)

<<The three glyphs at the corners have parallels in alchemical signs,

corresponding to: North = Sun/sulfur. Southwest = Moon/salt. Southeast =

Mercury/quicksilver. I believe this is related to the alchemists work on

transmutation, and creating a substance which gave eternal life. At one time, it

centered on "The Hell Fire Stone," cinnabar, the ore of mercury, which is

mercuric sulfide.

A book I have, "The Prophecies of Nostradamus," by Erika Cheetham, says

that C4, Q 28 through 33 are occult quatrains and probably describe

Nostradamus' attempts to discover the elusive philosopher's stone which

transmutes all other metals into gold, described as the sun.

[Note: Horus is a "Solar" Deity]

C4, Q31 says, "invited by his disciples to become immortal," so it seems

related. "His body in the fire," matches a number of things. In Zechariah 3,

Joshua is called a brand plucked from the fire. He and Zerubbabel seem to be

related to the two olive trees in verse 4, which is related to Rev. 11:11. Isaiah

4:4 speaks of being cleansed by a spirit of judgment and burning. Eastern

depictions show Kali seated upon a copulating couple on a lotus in fire. In

Black Elk's vision, the Blue Man stands in flames where three streams meet,

and is struck in the heart by Black Elk's lightning-tipped spear.

In the months following the appearance of the Barbury pattern, a

correspondent sent me a photocopy of some material about the New

Jerusalem. It was from Manly P. Hall's, "The Mystical Teachings of All Ages."

By chance, another Cosmological depiction had a design in the center that was

almost exactly like the Barbury pattern. It was the Trinity.

Several years later, I read a report where the writer was also lead to the same

page of the book. Around that time, a friend sent me an article from "UFO

Encounters, where a man had a vision of a sphere inside a tetrahedron, and

this lead to a search, which eventually led to the same depiction, but this time

in another book - "The Magical Qabbalistical, and Theosophical Writings of

Georgius von Welling on the Subject of Salt, Sulfur and Mercury".

A photograph was shown in the article of a pattern that appeared on the back

of the hand of a UFO/ET contactee. It was seven circles in a ring around a

central circle. Another photograph showed a crop formation of the same

pattern. The writer pointed out that this same pattern is in the cosmological

diagrams in which the Barbury/Trinity shape is positioned.

I wish I knew more about this. My guess is that the alchemists picked up on a

symbolism from the dream realm that is returning, this time in crop formations,

as well as dreams and other events. Regardless of the validity of the metal

transmutation, I believe there is a truth about the Trinity and the idea of

eternal life. The sons in trinities often have to make a descent into Hades or

the Underworld, or be tempted/confronted by "evil." >>


The huge figure that appeared in Australia also resembles a giant chalk

figure in England, known as Long Man of Wilmington. The only depiction

I could find on-line, was on this page:

The Universe in the Classroom, Summer 1995


This page has some additional information:

Encyclopaedia of the Celts: George, Saint - Glaistyn


Unfortunately, the graphic on the page above is not very detailed.

The unusual private parts of the Long Man of Wilmington are virtually

identical to the depiction of the huge man in Australia.

Such "phallic" symbolism was extensively used by the ancient

people. The "Lingham and Yoni," of course, are major in east

Indian religions. They are often used as symbols of the Father

and Mother Deities and the corresponding functions of Creation.

As I was composing this e-mail, another "coincidence" came.

After looking at the depiction of Horus in the above link, I noticed

the Ankh symbol in his hand. A link from that page goes to a

page about the Ankh:

The Ankh


I recalled that this symbol had appeared next to a major crop circle

formation that recently appeared. I could not recall which formation,

so I searched and found it on this page:

Dadford, nr Silverstone, Buckinghamshire  Reported 4th July.


VERY "coincidentally," that formation, in my theory, is related to

Gematria. It is similar to the Bythorn Mandala of 1993:

The Bythorn Mandala Crop Formation


and the Spider Web formation that appeared next to the ancient

stone circle called Avebury in 1994:

The Spider Web Crop Formation


and this one in 1997:

A Crop Circle at Bourton, Nr Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire reported Formed 13th July.


and a second one in 1997 next to a grid pattern:

Crop Circles of 1997 Etchilhampton (1), Nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 1st August.


and another that appeared this June:

Ivy House Farm,  nr Marlborough, Wiltshire.  Reported 21st June


The grid formation is mentioned "as a pointer to 2012" in this

"end of time" article:

The Strange Attractor Crop Formation and the End of Time


The "Gematria" connection is this - I dreamed of a "Wheel," in 1994,

and knew it was about the Gematrian system of numbers. Using a

calculator, I analyzed the tangents of the numbers, and formed my

"Gematrian Wheel." It is a 360-degree circle divided into ten parts,

of 36-degrees each (as suggested in the star formations). The

sequence of numbers begins with - 36, 72, 108, 144, 180, 216, etc.

The second revolution around the Wheel is then - 396 (earth radius

harmonic), 432, 468, 504, 540, etc. And so-on. These numbers are

all divisible by 9 and add to 9 or a multiple. Except for the numbers

ending in zero, all the numbers have just four tangents, and only two,

if you ignore the plus/minus signs. Multiplying the two tangents

together gives a number that is the square root of five, which itself is

the tangent of the speed of light in air.

Full revolutions on the Wheel, produce the same numbers with a factor

of ten - 360, 720, 1080, 1440, 1800, 2160, etc. The "base-ten harmonic"

continues, so that, for example, 144000 is 400 times around the Wheel.

In the theories of Carl Munck, these numbers were used, along with

various constants, such as Pi, to position the ancient sites around the

world at exact coordinates. We have the information at:



The ancient sites, it seems, are related to the "grid shift" that will be

involved in the earth changes. More on that "coincidental" finding


Keeping vigil,

Joe Mason


Forwarded Message:

Subj: Re: Eclipses

Date: 98-08-10 13:44:45 EDT

In a message dated 8/10/98 9:56:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time,

I am a citizen of earth, and as such any eclipse has equal rights of

influencing me where ever I am on the earth......However, I know

of no eclipses coming up in the UK.......so what does all this mean?

I understand the total solar eclipse would represent the most

dramatic ecliptic event, and probably only occurs once in a lifetime

in the UK.......Perhaps those outside the UK would like to know

that there will be this singular event tracing across the Southwest

tip of Cornwall in August (11th, I think) 1999. It is anticipated that

at least 5 million, and maybe 10 million will squeeze into the area

for the event......some may have even heard of Pink Floyd, who

hopefully will perform for the event.


Since the calculation of the Eclipses is GMT... Greenwich Mean time

from England, I don't know why you would not be affected by them.

One was Sunday and it was in Aquarius.

One is coming up on the 21 of August and I believe that one is Leo.

And one is coming I again believe Sept 6 and that is in Pisces.

Where do they fall in your chart? That is where is it efffecting.

BUT if you use the energy in a positive way you will dispurse anything

negative that may occur from any happening.

If you have a MARS thing happening to you. Instead of waiting for

someone to get into a fight with you or read end your car, go out

and do heavy duty exercise or something constructive using your

body in a positive way. You will then use the positive side of that

energy and make use of the transit.

Same with the eclipse.

Aquarius means to me, computers. SO I am working on my

computer. Fixing it up. Adding and deleting programs.

Leo is in my house of career. I am working on my web page

and knowing it will be out there allowing me to share my talents.

And Pisces . . . that falls in my house of creativity. Again I know I am

going to be working on my web page and by that time it should be up

and running so I am taking these eclipses and doing constructive things

with them.

Hope you can understand this better and make use of the energy that

will be happening around the world.



Dear Deni and A. B.,

A post about Eclipses was forwarded to me. You might find this article interesting:



A. B. Turnbull, I believe we had some prior communication.


Joe Mason



Subj: Re: LegendLand 2

Date: 98-08-22 22:06:29 EDT


Co-Creating the New Millennium

Group Field Dynamics and Dimensional Plane Realities

Hello, again. I am working on a new group

consciousness lightwork project called LegendLand and I invite you to

participate. This is a second email of our compilation of our ideas and

definitions that we

generate, based upon our activities as Lightworkers and Lightbearers.

By these actions do we set up up a reality, like a finite reality,

called LegendLand. We can define some terminologies and organize the

kind of collective reality we want to have. Here is some draft material

we have so far put together.


Legend - A guide, or remembrance of things done, equating the material

world values with the spiritual world values we admire. For example, the

Sword of Arthur - Excalibur - in the Legend of Camelot is a mirrored

reflection of the double-edged sword of his life, in which he both

inspired a shining change in spiritual values and hopes in the outer

Wasteland of his kingdom, but he also lost out on the love of his life,

Gwenivere, by devoting himself exclusively to his spiritual projects.

LegendLand - A dimensional plane of reality or legend of mythology into

which we can project ourselves as energy presences and operate within

the dimension without physical bodies.

The Dreamtime, for example, is our immediate access to LegendLand,

wherein we can project ourselves as energy presences and, by do doing,

prepare a personal reality that it is more meaningful to us. We can,

for example, go into the potential future or into the existant past, and

prepare areas to allow us to mirror our activities better in the present

so we can manifest what we want and need.

NEW - Manifest - I suggest instead of saying manifest what we want and

need, we say

manifest what we desire, be it for the highest common good and mission


transforming earth into unconditional love. When we say we want


it's so weak the universe responds with, "Ok, you say you want this - so

what -

you don't trigger me into action .....However, if you say I am

attracting this into

my life, then that is a powerful instruction for me to assist you."


San Graal School of Sacred Geometry

Close to the Heart

The True Meaning and Origin of the Holy Grail..
A Golden (Mean) Fleece.. Braid of Gold


Subj: [earthchanges] [Fwd: Mathew 25-Earthchanges List]

Date: 98-08-05 07:58:38 EDT

Hi All!

Please enjoy this message as it is filled with good news! Must run off

to work, please excuse the short note.

Wayne (The Master's Humble Vessel)


Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1998 00:13:28 EDT

Subject: Re: Mathew 25-Earthchanges List

<< The following was posted to the earthchanges list by Dee. Since the

time of its post we have had a number of people inquiring about it. I

am interested in the portion of your of 8/3/98

in which you state "The message is VERY serious." and "I wrote it

exactly, word for word, as dictated by spirit....". My question is: may

I have a copy of the original message to which you are referring to in

the above quote? Thanks much! If you would like I can post it to the

earthchanges list.>>

Hello Wayne!

The original message was very brief and exactly as I was told to

post it - it was:


Matthew 25:6 - And at midnight there was a cry, Behold the

bridegroom is coming; go out to greet him!



There was a follow-up message which was:

Subj:=09 Followup message from ElAmppa

Date:=098/3/98 5:57:00 PM Central Daylight Time

I KNOW the message I posted earlier will raise a LOT of

questions! I am hoping to head them off with this brief

followup message.

The message, obviously, is a quote from the Bible. I was not

told WHY to post it, just to DO it and do it NOW - so I did!

It is time to rejoice! I believe it has to do with ascension into

the 5th dimension reality!

To me, the bridegroom represents God and the bride represents

his children - humankind! I believe it means we are ready for the

big change! A time to celebrate! It is NOT a message of gloom

and doom! Quite the opposite!

That is all I can think of to say at this time. The full meaning

will be known very soon! Stay in the LOVE - that is the key!

Keep your little lights shining brightly! Let's bring it on down!

It's celebration time!

God always saves the best for last!>>

AND THEN, this morning when I awoke, I was told to post a

final message - one that should raise a LOT of eyebrows but

so far I have had only one negative reaction and that was from

a preacher - which is to be expected! <grin>

That message is:

Subj:=09Most serious message from God!

Date:=098/4/98 4:43:41 PM Central Daylight Time


I have finally been given permission today to share what I

have known since 1994! Thank God!

God is sending his vehicle of choice - a Ship (flying saucer)

that I refer to as the God Ship, specifically for these

reasons. To speed up spreading the gospel throughout the

world and the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit throughout

all mankind!

He will be assisted by his most enlightened, spiritual beings

from the 8th dimension who will travel on flying platforms

to reach all corners of this world to speed up the spreading

of the gospel.

This will be as in the days of John the Baptist, preceding the

coming of Jesus in his clouds of glory (as in Rapture of the


In the days of old, when Moses walked upon the Earth,

God could not allow any man to look upon his face

without dying so God shielded himself by the use of a Merkaba

(a space ship). So shall it be in the events to come.

The schedule of events will be:

1 - A storm of storms;

2 - Flyovers of space crafts;

3 - Arrival of the God Ship;

4 - God Ship sits suspended over Earth for 3 days;

5 - Door of God Ship opens;

6 - The ISIS (my father=92s ship) and Rainbow Ships arrive;

7 - Elijah returns;

8 - The Gospel is spread to all mankind - pouring out of the

Holy Spirit;

9 - Rapture;

10 - Wedding;

11 - Last moment (reunion with family and friends of Old!);


Now a brief explanation of what is meant by the storm

of storms! There will be spider web lightning with snaps, pops

but no thunder; movement of trees with no wind - NO DISASTER


Rev. 19:7 - Let us be glad and rejoice and give glory to him, for

the time of the marriage feast of the Lamb has come, and his

bride has made herself ready.

The God Ship has to remain suspended for 3 days in order

to stabilize the energies of this planet.

Then the door to the Ship will open, revealing three enlightened

beings from the 8th dimension who will be recognizable as


With the arrival of the ISIS and the Rainbow Ships, carrying

the Archangels, landings and contact with our space family

will begin.

The wedding refers to Jesus and his Church being united!

It is a very distinct possibility that the Church will be represented

by a human female entity of God=92s choice. No, not me! I am

the Secretary! <grin>

Until now, it could not be revealed that the 11:11 was missing

the zero in the middle (11011) indicating the Stargate through

which the God Ship would come! 2 Peter l:10-11 (11011)

2 Peter I:10-11: For this very reason, my brethren, be diligent;

for through your good deeds, you make your calling and your

election sure; and when you do these things, you shall never

fall, for by so doing, an entrance shall be given freely to you

into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus


For believers, there is nothing but rejoicing on the way!

Dictated by God in Love and Light,

Transcribed by ElAmppa


Well, that's it, Wayne! The whole ball of wax, so to speak!

I stand firm in my belief that what was given to me was truth

and it should be proven before the end of this year - most

likely before the end of this month! My PERSONAL feeling -

not given by God!

You have my permission to post any, all or none of the above!

Let your Spirit be your guide! And thank you for your contact

and query!

Blessings of peace, love and joy!



BBC News - Sci/Tech - Millions to descend on Cornwall for solar eclipse  


Forwarded Message:

Subj: sun-son-doom

Date: 98-08-30 04:30:29 EDT

From: Phikent

To: Dee777


The sun "dies" for three days on December 22nd, the winter solstice, when it stops in its movement south, to be born again or resurrected on December 25th, when it resumes its movement north.

In some areas, the calendar originally began in the constellation of Virgo, and the sun would therefore be "born of a Virgin."

The sun is the "Light of the World."

The sun "cometh on clouds, and every eye shall see him."

The sun rising in the morning is the "Savior of mankind."

The sun wears a corona, "crown of thorns" or halo.

The sun "walks on water."

The sun's "followers," "helpers" or "disciples" are the 12 months and the 12 signs of the zodiac or constellations, through which the sun must pass.

The sun at 12 noon is in the house or temple of the "Most High"; thus, "he" begins "his Father's work" at "age" 12.

The sun enters into each sign of the zodiac at 30°; hence, the "Sun of God" begins his ministry at "age" 30.

The sun is hung on a cross or "crucified," which represents its passing through the equinoxes, the vernal equinox being Easter, at which time it is then resurrected.




LegendLand - Co-Creating the New Millennium


Subj: Re: Titanic Diana Synchronicity II- the conjunction of bad events

Date: 98-09-06 00:31:25 EDT

>Any one else have any prophecies or indications of something BIG to

>happen TOMORROW on Sep 5 1998??

Hmmmmmmm. Just looked in the ephemeris and it has the prenumbral eclipse

listed as occurring on the 6th of September at 11:11 GMT. (11:11?) Let's not

forget all this portense could be a 'good' thing? <G>




Introductory Astronomy, APAS 1010, U. of Colorado


A line extended southward from the pointer stars of the Big Dipper passes into the

midsection of Leo, the Lion. Covering some 60 degrees in longitude in the sky, it is one of

the largest constellations. (For hHow many days would you expect that the sun would be in


Lio assumed great significance during the Age of Taurus, between 4000-2000 B. C. when

many of the constellations were named by people living in Mesopotamia and/or Egypt.

During the summer dry season lions of the desert would come into the valley of the Nile at

the time it flooded, close to summer solstice, hence the symbolic importance of the sun in

Leo at summer solstice. The face of a Lion was always carved in the gates that opened

irrigation canals of the Nile valley. Many found in Mediterranean cities had water gushing

out of the mouths of lions in their fountains. The Egyptian Sphinx may also have the

symbolism of a lion.

During the Age of Taurus, the solstices and equinoxes were marked by four major stars,

the so-called Royal Stars: Aldebaran; the brightest star of Taurus, Regulus, the brightest

star of Leo; Antares the "heart" of Scorpius, and Fomalhaut near Aquarius. At certain

latitudes, Fomalhaut was too low to be easily seen, and Altair in Aquilla was used as the

star of winter solstice.

The resulting synthesis of animals became the Griffin, hind legs and wings of an eagle

(Aquilla) head and forelegs of a lion (Leo), and the tail of a scorpion (Scorpio).

The lion was the symbol of absolute sovereignty power, and kingship. The sun in the lion

carried out that symbolism. At summer solstice near the tropic of Cancer, the solar lion

controlled the zenith of the heavens at noon.



Carolyoga--Shekinah wake-up vision

Hello Caroling,

I just read your "Carolyoga--Shekinah wake-up vision" page. I found it

while searching for "Shekinah" on the www. A "coincidence" was

involved relating to an interpretation of Shekinah. So, I thought you

might want to hear about it.

A little background first - I am a dream researcher. I also research

many other related fields. My partner, Dee, and I have a large site

called, Dreams Of The Great Earth Changes (http://www.greatdreams.com)

"Coincidence" is a major aspect of my work, which I sometimes call,

"the dream-coincidence theory."

This morning, I read a few pages from a book, that spoke of the concept of

"YHWH" and how the idea of the Shekinah came from it in ancient times.

I'll give the details in a minute.

Dee also had a very similar Shekinah dream on 9-12-97:



I first read the word "Shekinah" in "The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of

Enoch" in early 1991. The idea fit very well with various dreams that

seemed to be speaking of a great earth change, and that the feminine

aspect of the Creator is major in it, along with the feminine aspect of

human beings. Also, there were clues that the feminine aspect is

related to The Holy Spirit in Christian terms.

Dr. Hurtak speaks of the Shekinah in the Prologue of the book, starting

at the bottom of page v, and the top of page vi -

"The Shekinah (Divine) Presence, the feminine aspect of the Godhead,

exists in all creative orderings of all dimensions, and is the Power

through which we are respatialized to partake of the "virgin birth" of our

embyro godself."

After we woke up this morning, Dee and I checked our e-mail. Dee read

an e-mail that informed us that one of our links did not work. The link

is in my article, 11:11 - Humanity's Leap to the Heart Chakra

(http://www.greatdreams.com/1111.htm) This is that part of the article:

"You can also find information about the Shekinah from a Mormon

perspective at: http://www.pe.net/~minnie/shechinah.html"

I mentioned to Dee that I had read the "Shekinah-YHWH" connection

about half an hour prior. So, I called up Alta Vista and did a search for

"Shekinah and Mormon" in English. Your page was number 5.

A dream or vision of Shekinah is, of course, of great interest to me.

Thank you for sharing it.

Now, back to the book I read this morning. It is "Bloodline of the

Holy Grail, The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed," by Sir Laurence

Gardner. Although I have read to page 221, I felt like reviewing

some of the material from the beginning. I started reading the

beginning of Chapter Two, "In The Beginning," on page 15.

Chapter One had reviewed the history of the Hebrews, including

their time in Egypt. Sir Laurence is a bright scholar, and gives some

VERY interesting theories, some based on ancient, non-Biblical

documents. For example, Moses was the Egyptian Akhenaten,

who became Amenhotep IV, and Tutankhamun was his son.

Chapter One ends with the historic period when King Saul united

the tribes around 1055-1048 BC. David of Bethlehem, a descendant

of Abraham, married Saul's daughter to become King of Judah.

In other parts of the book, he speaks of the tradition and importance

of the feminine bloodlines, tracing to Egyptian origins. At that time,

"The Bloodline of the Holy Grail had begun."

Chapter Two speaks of the period after the Israelites returned to

Canaan. The Hebrew belief in a male god, Jehovah, caused

problems with other belief systems in the region at that time -

"On the wider contemporary stage it was generally understood that

the creation of life must emanate from both male and female sources.

Other religions - whether in Egypt, Mesopotamia, or elsewhere -

accordingly had deities of both sexes."

King Solomon, the son of King David, was an advocate of religious

toleration. ". . . Jehovah was given considerable importance - but

other gods were acknowledged as well." Sir Lawrence says, ". . .

Solomon's legacy was crucial to emergent Grail lore because he

was the true advocate of religious toleration.

The primary female deity in the area was Ashtoreth, the equivalent

to the Mesopotamian Ishtar. In Syria and Phoenicia, she was called

Astarte. I'll quote the next parts:

"The Holy of Holies, or inner sanctuary, in Solomon's Temple was

deemed to represent the womb of Ashtoreth (alternatively called

Asherah, as mentioned several times in the Old Testament).

Ashtoreth was openly worshipped by the Israelites until the 6th

century BC. As the Lady Asherah, she was the supernal wife

of El, the supreme male deity, and they were together the 'Divine

Couple'. Their daughter was Anath, Queen of the Heavens, and

their son, the King of the Heavens, was called He. As time

progressed, the separate characters of El and He were merged

to become Jehova. Asherah and Anath were then similarly

conjoined to become Jehovah's female consort, known as the

Shekinah or Matronit."

"The name Jehovah is a late and somewhat Anglicized

transliteration of Yahweh, which is itself a form of the

four-consonantal Hebrew stem YHWH into which two vowels

have been rightly or wrongly interpolated. Originally, these

four consonants (which only later became a sort of acronym

for the One God) represented the four members of the

Heavenly Family: Y represented El the Father; H was

Asherah the Mother; W corresponded to He the Son;

and H was the Daughter Anath. In accordance with the

royal traditions of the time and region, God's mysterious

bride, the Matronit, was also reckoned to be his sister.

In the Jewish cult of the Cabbala (an esoteric discipline

that reached its height in medieval times) God's dual

male-female image was perpetuated. Meanwhile other

sects peceived the Shekinah or Matronit as the female

presence of God on Earth. The divine marital chamber

was the sanctuary of the Jerusalem Temple, but from

the moment the Temple was destroyed, the Matronit

was destined to roam the Earth while the male aspect

of Jehovah was left to rule the heavens alone."

Sir Laurence has some of this material on the Nexus site:

The Grail Bloodline


I am reading his book because my dream-coincidence research

has led to the solar eclipse of 1999, and how it relates symbolically

to the Grail legends. I have started an article about it at:



I'll link your Shekinah Vision page to my Grail page, if you do not mind.

The images on your pages are of interest to me. Several are

generally circular in shape, and have ten parts. This fits well

with a dream I had, from which came "The Gematrian Wheel."

The story is told in this article:



I hope this gives you some additional insight as to the meaning of your

Shekinah Vision.

Best wishes,

Joe Mason


Notes concerning the above writing:  

The daughter, Anath, Queen of the Heavens, may fit with the Princess Diana connections, as the name Ana or Di-ana seems related.  

On page 18 of Sir Lawrence's book, he speaks of changes in Hebrew beliefs developed during their 70 years of captivity in Babylon, around 536 BC. Sumerian and Mesopotamian stories were integrated, including The Garden of Eden, Flood, and Tower of Babel legends. Other versions of the Adam and Eve story are found in Greek, Syrian, Egyptian, Sumerian, and Abyssinian (ancient Ethiopian) writings.  In one version, Cain and Abel had twin sisters, Luluwa and Aklemia.  

Another account speaks of Adam's first consort, Lilith, who was the handmaiden to Matronit. She left Adam because he tried to dominate her, and she considered herself equal.  Eve was her replacement.  A depiction of Lilith, dating from around 2000 BC is on page 205 of the book. She is shown naked, with wings, and standing of the backs of two lions. Sir Lawrence says, "Although not a goddess in the traditional sense, her incarnate spirit was said to flourish in Solomon's most renowned lover, the Queen of Sheba.  Lilith is described in the book of esoteric Mandaeans of Iraq as the 'Daughter of the Underworld'. Throughout history to the present day she has represented the fundamental ethic of female opportunity."  

When I first read The Song of Solomon, I felt that the Queen of Sheba was indicated in the opening verses:  

Verse 1:5 - "I am very dark, but comely, O daughters of Jersualem, like the tents of  Kedar, like the curtains of Solomon."  

Verse 1:6 - "Do not gaze at me because I am swarthy, because the sun has scorched me. My mother's sons were angry with me, they made me keeper of the vineyards; but, my own vineyard I have not kept!"  

The Queen of Sheba is said to be from ancient Ethiopia. I saw a TV program about a sect of Ethiopians who had Jewish beliefs, and claim to have the Ark of the Covenant.  Legend has it that the Ark was taken to Ethiopia back in King Solomon's time, by the Queen and her son by Solomon.  Another TV program showed evidence that the Knights Templar traveled to Ethiopia some 800 years ago, or so, in search of the Ark.  

The idea of Lilith as the "Daughter of the Underworld" fits with a few ideas.  My dreams indicate that the underworld symbolism is related to the unconscious, collective unconscious, or dream-spirit realm. On the cover of Joan Sckrabulis's book, "The Lost Covenant," these words are printed:  

"In 1999 and seven months, a terrifying King will descend from the sky . . . and arouse the slumbering Lion at the Center of the Earth."  

This fits with my idea about the meaning of the lion-king symbolism, as a change in mankind - from unconscious co-creators to conscious co-creators of the reality.  


Subj: Willow, and 44's

Date: 98-09-15 20:13:18 EDT

Dear Dee and Joe:

Thank you for sending the links to the Holy Grail/Return of Christ dreams

and visions. I was particularly happy to see Joe's info on willow tree, because last beginning perhaps a year ago, the word "willow" kept grabbing my attention, enough that I was curious to express... Hm............. wonder what this means.

I guess I heard the word in meditation a few times... then when a new shampoo, "Willow Lake" or Willow *something* was introduced... I noticed my *odd attention* to it. I was even compelled to write an e-mail to a stranger who had "Willow" in the screenname... but the person never wrote back.

Now that I think of it, the other times willow has been present in my life... in the mid-60's in New Jersey, we belonged to a "Willows swim club." And, among the only trees that my parents added to our suburban landscaping were... 2 willow trees.

Earlier this month, my husband's daughter relocated to an apartment complex closer to our community. When driving there to do some child care this summer, I would just *love* driving into the community, with big willow trees gracing a pond by the entrance. AND, a home a few blocks from me, that I regularly pass on the way to some errands, had removed a huge row of willows that had been in their back yard. I felt sad every time I passed it.... feeling... "Why would anyone want to remove beautiful willows???"

For some years now, I have consciously made the decision to *own my royalty*. I was born ____ King ____... and when getting married, chose to forego the "____" and just keep using King as my middle name, which originated from my paternal grandmother. When I first came online in 1997, I chose to incorporate "King" into my healing modality/expression, Reiki... so am "Reiking".

Somewhere in the dreams I have read today, you mention "Keeper of the Keys".

In 1991, I was with a visionary friend of mine Claudette at the downtown Baltimore library, for a presentation on the latest Crop Circles by a Mufon group (there were some notables there that day, including Linda Moulton Howe.) After leaving the library, we went across the street to the Basilica of the Assumption, the first Catholic basilica in the US. Claudette had her usual sense of visionary connection to Mary... and some angelic presences. We made plans to return to the area nearby in Baltimore called Mt. Vernon, a few days later.

Mt. Vernon square has an obelisk (round) monument to George Washington, and it is actually the "first" Washington monument. Natch, I feel it's a high energy area. Also in the area is the beautiful Mt. Vernon Methodist Church, with wonderful rosette stained glass windows. Peabody Conservatory (world reknowned music school) is in that area alsol

When we returned to the area a few days later, we felt compelled to visit the Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church. It was close to "public hours closing time", but we were allowed in; signed a guest book in the rectory, and went into the sanctuary. It was old, grand... and empty of other visitors. I felt the overwhelming urge to just fill up the space with song... but before I did... I heard the words very clearly, "Keeper of the Keys".

I sang what is called "The Peacemakers Planetary Anthem", which has the tune to the National Anthem, but different words, by Stephen Longfellow Fiske.

Oh say can you see, by the one light in all..

A new world to embrace, by the call of all nations.

Where our children can play, in a world without war.

Where we stand hand in hand, in the grace of creation.

Where the rivers run clean, through the forests pristine,

Where the cities stand tall, through the clear skies of freedom.

Oh say do our hearts swell with love and joy forever,

On the planet of our birth, blessed with peace, here on Earth.

It was a keen, hi-energy experience for me. When I sing like this,

energy flows out through my hands if I am holding them outward.

Claudette and I went outside, and then noticed on a bronze placque,

that Francis Scott Key had died on that site... that had formerly been the homestead location for his wife's (I believe) family.

Key... s ....

It was not long after that that someone gave me a book about crystals, and some link with (ascended/awakened) beings in what we perceive of as "spacecraft" or UFOs. In the introduction of the book, it was dedicated to "the Keeper of the Keys", and I think there was some decided link to what sounded like Egyptian names. (I have to dig up this book!... somewhere in my stuff!)

Right now, I still have a big interest in Crop Circles. Crop Circle researcher (and leader of the Stonehenge Global Healing Meditation of 7/29/98, Cariel Quinly (also developed of the Crop Circle Cards oracle deck) is coming to Maryland next week for a program on the '98 crop circles; the program will end with a "heartlink nightwatch" under the stars to connect with the divine intelligences who so make up curious about UFO phenomenon and crop circles.

Interestingly, Cariel ended up coming to do this program in the Baltimore area because her daughter is getting married, right in Mt. Vernon (Peabody area).

Vortex. Vortex?????

I certainly am interested in more conscious communion with the "Galactic Federation"... or whomever/whatever they are called. A series of synchronicities led me to meet the (Sedona Journal) channel, Ashtar Athena, about a year ago at a concert by Richard Shulman (composer/musician... amazing "Ascension Harmonics... attunements in music."

I was compelled to ask Ashtar-Athena about the meaning of 44... that I had been seeing for years. While I understood a sense of meaning about 44 (which I will write about separately), she told me generally that it was a number of great meaning for the "Galactic Federation." I need to find out more about this, because since February of this year... I've been seeing 44's like crazy again.

That began right around my birthday (2/2), when a few different people gave me hummingbird birthday cards and gifts. (I had no previous attachment or interest in hummingbirds.) But then I went to a Reiki student's home for a massage, and she was also wearing a h-bird T-shirt, and had a whole roon of h-bird collectibles.

Later I learned that h-bird means joy and abundant energy in Native American tradition, and to the Mayans, means entry into the "Fifth World" / awakened consciousness. Barbara Hand Clow does a good summary in the book "When Lightning Strikes A Hummingbird" published by her company, Bear and Co.

I was stunned though, when I was also told that hummingbird is the last card in Jamie Sams Medicine Cards deck... and it is # 44!

Now, the reason that I am going into all of this is that... when reading Joe's things about willow and cedar... and the lion laying down with the lamb... 44 popped up right into the forefront of my consciousness...

the four legs of lion...

the four legs of lamb...


So, hope you found this interesting, entertaining, or whatever!

Thanks once again for your unplanned participation in helping me reunite with Joan Sckrabulis, also of Maryland... ONLINE! We got acquainted in 1990, and that was when I first heard of her Cosmic Cross of 1999 discoveries.

Bye folks...

Elaine King _____

(Reiki Master/Teacher)

Bel Air, MD

[from our web page:]

7:04 a.m.  Joe's notes:  

I wrote down some of Dee's visions and voice messages. As she was seeing and hearing these things, I was reading Daniel Walsh's "Lost Tribes of Israel Study Maps" Volume 3.  Just prior to Dee's message about the Willow house, I read the part on page 2 about King Zechariah being a "willow tree". He was the king captured by Nebuchadnezzar in the fall of Jerusalem. His sons, the Royal bloodline, were killed. This was the line from the Pharez, the line from his twin, Zerah is called the "cedar" tree.

The Volume is titled, "Jeremiah's Journey". His mission was to "deliver" the never-ending Davidic line to the Zarah Branch.  The map shows the journey eventually reaching Cornall and Ireland.

Dee and I both dreamed the gold and red ring as possibly being King Solomon's ring. The bloodline is traced in Matthew 1 to Abraham. The Old Testament traced Abraham to Adam, which mean "RED" as well as "MAN". the "Blue Willow" may fit with the Pharez line.

Dee said the branches of the willow come down toward the ground, and the cedar branches go straight up. This may have a "Heaven and Earth" symbolism. The bloodline of Pharez, the willow of earth, ended with the fall of Jerusalem. Jeremiah's mission was to marry one of the daughter's of the Pharez line to a son from the Zarah line. This is like combining the two lines into one.

Suddenly, it hit me, the two bloodlines of the Lion of Judah, the willow and the cedar..ARE the two trees that stand up in Revelations 11:11  !!!!!



Date: 98-09-15 22:56:50 EDT

From: Dee777


Thanks for such a wonderful letter. I can hardly do it justice to answer it.

You mention the "Keeper of the Keys". Strangely enough, in my job of managing apartment buildings over the last 12 years, I was always the "Keeper of the Key's" and for years had to walk around with huge rings of keys. My dreams still show me doing that and having the keys to various things like apartments, cars, secret hidden boxes, etc. I recall, however, having dreams of being given rings of keys by my Father long before I ever started that particularly career.

Joe has explained to me that certain events in people's lives are not just

plain events but are symbolic of bigger things in history.

I too have had a big affinity for the Willow Tree. In 1960 I started a Willow

tree from a mere twig, and by 1990, this tree was so big it had taken over

the entire front yard. I still have a love affair with the Willow tree, and

there were two of them in the yard in the house where Joe and I first lived.

What is strange is that we had an opportunity to rent a different house and

guess what we have in the front yard...two huge cedar trees. Coincidence?

Certainly a synchronicity.

Speaking of your name "King", one of our favorite Bible verses is:

Revelations 3:11, "I am coming soon, hold fast to what you have, so

that no one seize your crown."

In these days and times, with all the fear that is going on all around us,

this is particularly important not to be swayed by all the doom and gloom

soothsayers. Not that we don't see the same dire visions and dreams,

but find them to be symbolic and not literal. Thought is creative, thus,

if we keep our own crown and hang onto our own royalty, we shall be

"saved" by our own positive thoughts and get through any possible

trials and tribulations with flying colors.

Joe has been studying Crop Circles longer than I have, but in going

over my dream journals, I've found that I've dreamed images that

match Crop Circles and so are other people. We have just started

collecting them. The url is: http://www.greatdreams.com/ccdrm.htm

and there are more on the front page at http://www.greatdreams.com

that other people have collected in the Crop Circle section.

I love the words to the music you sent. I've copied them to our front

page and will attempt to find a midi file to match. Hopefully. I change

music frequently, but it will be a nice statement where I have the flages

flying right at the top of the page.

I love your hummingbird story. We hung up a hummingbird feeder

on our front porch and I put red Gatorade in it instead of the red

KoolAid they sell you that is so expensive. These little lovely birds

come and hover in the air sipping that sweet nectar every day, and

it's such a joy to see them come.

One vision that I don't have posted yet is this one:

I saw an oval gravesite and a white arm was digging down into the

grave and brought up what turned out to be a wooden cradle with

the baby Jesus in it. That was followed by seeing another oval

grave and on top of the grave lay a lion side by side with a lamb.

We are so close to the second coming of Christ, you could almost

hold your breath that long. It's THAT CLOSE! I am thrilled with

the thought.

Love, Light, and Joy




Excerpts from:  In Quest of the Grail

"Our Lord's principal mission in entering this World as an incarnate Man was to establish His Church as the vehicle for attaining the Oneness of humanity, which is the precondition of His return. Accordingly, our Quest of the Grail cannot proceed without reference to the Church, cannot proceed without engaging Her both in Her purest ideal -- corresponding to the archetype of the Blessed Virgin -- and in Her fallen and degraded state of harlotry in history. As the Virgin, She lovingly guides Her children toward the fulfillment of their spiritual destiny, but as the Whore, she blocks the way to their salvation and, ultimately, offers them up in abominable sacrifice to her procurer, the Prince of this World.

I am certain my reader has some acquaintance with the romantic literature of the Grail which vividly portrays the treachery and danger attendant upon the pursuit of that glittering icon. And here we begin to descry the source of this deadly peril, because in this selfsame path to Our Lord, we must inevitably encounter -- within ourselves -- his most bitter and implacable rival. Before we drink from the golden Cup of our celestial Wedding feast, we must first drain the gall of another cup -- the envenomed blood of a dynasty founded by our great-uncle Cain. To the ultimate scion of that damned lineage, prophecy informs us, the Church-cum-Whore must first be joined in a calamitous tryst -- a tryst destined to be "uncovered" in the impending Apocalypse.

The Dynasty of the Beast

If St. Malachy's epithet "the Eclipse of the Sun" means anything at all, it indelibly marks the Pontiff whom it describes as a bellwether of sorts, destined to lead his flock in the most profound shadows of spiritual opacity.

Minotaur. Like Theseus, we must find the end of the magical thread somewhere close at hand if we are to have any hope of following it out of the maze. And this is precisely where our bellwether Pope becomes so useful to us, because the trajectory of his exit from this World must merge, at some point, with the route of Antichrist's entry -- just as the circuits of the Sun and Moon must cross during an eclipse. From this point of occlusion -- if we can detect it -- might it not be possible to grasp the end of a "thread" traceable back to its origins? Let us see."


The above site is part of the Apokalypso site. This excerpt applies to the St. Malachy predictions:

"The Fall of the Papacy

Our prophetic voyage begins with the Old Testament visionary Daniel and the 12th Century mystic St. Malachy. While in an ecstatic trance, St. Malachy saw all of the Popes from his own time down to the last Pontiff, whom he called "Peter of Rome", i.e. Pope Peter II. Malachy uncannily names John Paul II "of the Solar Eclipse" -- such an eclipse actually occurred on the day of the Polish Pontiff's birth! And Malachy's designation for the predecessor of the the current Pope, John Paul I, accurately predicts that he would reign for only a month. We then pursue this theme into the obscure prophecies of Nostradamus, whose Quatrains depict the assassination of John Paul I in chilling detail and reveal the threat of assassination which would also hang over the head of his namesake successor."


Nostradamus and the King of Terror by William Henry

"Who then, is the King of Terror? The King of Terror has been interpreted as an asteroid or

an alien invasion in July, 1999 which will result in the destruction of millions of lives.

Terror can certainly mean chaos, degeneracy, This, however, may not be quite what

Nostradamus had in mind. Growing up in Southern France, Nostradamus certainly knew

the legend of the Holy Grail. In her book THE HOLY GRAIL, Norma Goodrich tells of

an French author who recounts his traumatic first viewing of the Grail in his work the

Grand-Saint Graal. ?In 717 AD, this Frenchman was paid a visit one morning by a

beautiful young man. After a brief interview, the beautiful young man bent down and blew

in the face of the Frenchman causing his Ďvisioní to become one hundred times stronger.

His vision enhanced, the author was able to recognize the young man as none other than

Jesus.. .  .

Corroborating the identification of Jesus with the King of Terror is the famous English

runic object known as the Frankís Casket, dating to around AD 700 and named after the

man who donated most of it to the British Museum. The front of the box (below) has a

scene of the Adoration of Christ. The main inscription can be read clockwise round the

box. The text us a riddle about the origins of the material (a whalebone) from which the

box is made:"

"The fish beat up the seas unto the mountainous cliff; the KING OF TERROR (Jesus)

became sad when he swam onto the shingle."


Subj: T2k: Countdown to string of planets

Date: 98-12-21 18:48:26 EST

forwarded from another mailing list. -- jlr

On Dec. 22nd it will be winter solstice. From there it will be 500 days to the 5th, May 2000, which will give us a new presentation of the alignment known to us as the Star of Bethlehem, with its pearl necklace like effect positioning of the visible to the naked eye planets.


However, 268 days before this on the 11th Aug 1999, the entire Eurasian continent will experience a total solar eclipse.

Mythical Eclipse 1999

The time span between eclipse and pearl string of planets reflects almost perfectly the pregnancy period of women. Mother Earth seems to be bearing a new age!

Take care and prepare.

The CountDAWN

"Be happy, to have the chance to experience life today."

"Chance favours prepared mind."





2 Cor. 5:6-10

"For we must all appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things DONE in HIS body, according to that he has done, whether it be good or bad."



Rollin McCraty & Deborah Rozman

Institute of HeartMath

Members of the Institute of HeartMath with new studies on the heart and intuition. They are finding the heart generates an electro-magnetic field that is 50 times stronger than the field generated by the brain. (How do heart waves compare to brain waves? Are they measured in the same way? And if the brain and heart generate separate fields, does that lead to interference? We'll ask.) They say this field is full of information. What kind? This field is best tapped when our emotional field is coherent. Which feels clear and in sync. Our heart's EM field can affect, and be registered by, other people's brain waves. Is this then one of the mechanisms of our intuition?

Institute of HeartMath (IHM) - Heart Intelligence is the final frontier in human development. The non-profit Institute is dedicated to multi-disciplinary scientific exploration of the heartís role in health and regeneration, development and intelligence, personal fulfillment and interpersonal evolution, and spirituality and common sense. Through rigorous scholarship and heartfelt service, our programs and intellectual capital is disseminated throughout the world to restore hope, repair the wounds of the past, bring ease and elegance to meeting the challenges and opportunities of the present, and unfold the promise of the true potential of human beings.


The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse

From Solisí Biblische Figuren.

In the allegory of the four horsemen—according to the mysteries of philosophy—is set forth the condition of man during the stages of his existence. In his first and spiritual state he is crowned. As he descends into the realm of experience he carries the sword. Reaching physical expression—which is his least spiritual state—he carries the scales, and by the "philosophic death" is released again into the higher spheres. In the ancient Roman games the chariot of the sun was drawn by four horses of different colors, and the horsemen of the Apocalypse may be interpreted to represent the solar energy riding upon the four elements which serve as media for its expression.


From:  Four Creatures

Next, the four creatures were linked to the four evangelists, as shown by many European church sculptures and objects. This interpretation is used to explain a vision in the latter, "Christianized" (Grail quest) part of Le Morte d'Arthur.

And at the secrets of the mass they three saw the [white] hart become a man, the which marvelled them, and set him upon the altar in a rich siege; and saw the four lions were changed, the one to the form of a man, the other to the form of a lion, and the third to an eagle, and the fourth was changed unto an ox. Then took they their siege where the hart sat, and went out through a glass window, and there was nothing perished nor broken; and they heard a voice say, "In such a manner entered the Son of God in the womb of a maid Mary, whose virginity ne was perished ne hurt.'


'And well ought Our Lord be signified to an hart, for the hart when he is old he waxeth young again in his white skin. Right so cometh again Our Lord from death to life, for He lost earthly flesh that was the deadly flesh, which He had taken in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary; and for that cause appeared Our Lord as a white hart without spot. And the four that were with Him is to understand the four evangelists which set in writing a part of Jesu Christ's deeds that He did sometime when He was among you an earthly man ...'

Book XVII, Chapter 9

The Tarot incorporates the four creatures rather extensively. . . .

A.E. Waite connects the Wheel trump card with that of Ezekiel's vision:

The four Living Creatures of Ezekiel occupy the angles of the card, and the wheel itself follows other indications of Levi in respect of Ezekiel's vision . . . But this is the Divine intention within, and the similar intention without is exemplified by the four Living Creatures.

In his description of the Hierophant trump card, from which the sidebar images were taken, Aleister Crowley states:

Around him are the four beasts or Kerubs, one in each corner of the card; for these are the guardians of every shrine.

And writing about the Wheel, he says:

In the corners of the card are the four Kerubim showing the established Universe...

The British Musuem calls these the Four Sons of Horus. The relevant Egyptian, Babylonian and Sumerian mythologies will be included after further research.


Subj: My Thoughts, 1-11-1199, 11:11
Date: 99-01-11 23:18:13 EST
From: William H

I too am aware of the 11:11enigma and have 'seen' it for the past twenty-three or so years. Luckily, I grew up in a 'receiver' town (New Orleans), that was full of people that could hear. Anyway, here's what I have come to believe and what I would like investigated.

My Beliefs:

o Karma and Reincarnation are real. Souls are removed to learn and advance and are provided with many attempts to understand. Some 'get it' and, unfortunately (despite our best efforts), some don't.

o Advanced souls (that have figured it out) need not return, but have 'purchased tickets' ( remember that Karmic Bank Account) to return for this most interesting earthly transition. (These must be really tough tickets to get.)

o The CCCC gives clues to those of us riding it out in this little boat; we just don't always see them.

o Those with tickets usually get the clues but the best is when we sneak in friends who have just figured it out.

o You create your own reality.

My Speculations:

o The current age's digital clock's 11:11 (mirrored two-bar, dot), reflects the Mayan eleven/eleven (mirrored two-bar, dot), which reflects the I-Ching # 61 (mirrored two-bar, dash).

o I-Ching # 61 is Chung Fu / Inner Truth. SUN, "THE GENTLE, WIND" above with TUI, "THE JOYOUS, LAKE" below conveys the massage: "The wind blows over the lake and stirs the surface of the water. Thus, visible effects of the invisible manifest themselves." This explains the enigma of the 11:11; it is God's breath on the back of our necks. A message for those who will hear.

o The following historical documents are key:

- St. Malachy's prophecies of 111 Popes
- The end of the Mayan calendar, 1992 - 2012
- The Nostradamus prophecy of Century X/72

o There is something going on with synchronous word confirmation when you hear it.

o 11:11 lasts 60 seconds twice a day; perhaps we should listen to the appropriate communications channel during this interval. So, which channel?


William Hale Helmer

11:11 PM


Subj: [Fwd: [ISO] The Grand Cross of August 17-18, 1999]

Hello Everybody! I found this posted to another list and thought it was

quite an interesting astrological interpretation of the coming "Grand

Cross". It adds to all that Chris has been posting on this subject. This

might be worth saving and checking back on come next August.


The Grand Cross of August 17-18, 1999

by Rick Riedel <Riedel@drizzle.com>

During the two days of August 17 and 18, 1999, one of

the most powerful and fearsome configurations known to

astrologers will make itself shown in the heavens. This

configuration involves the participation of all the major

planets except Pluto and two minor asteroids in one of the

four fixed signs of the zodiac. This forms a "Grand Cross,"

where all of the planets are either square or opposite each


Although apocalyptic prognosticators get excited about big

conjunctions, like the one approaching in Taurus on May

5, 2000, these have historically been markers of a changing

of the guard, rather than precipitators of actual events. The

conjunction is classically the mark of the end of one cycle

and the start of another. The massive "Super Conjunction"

of February, 1962 was an example of this. Not much happened

on the conjunction itself, but within 18 months, John Kennedy

was shot, then the war in Vietnam escalated and soon, people

were walking on the Moon. The Grand Cross is, instead, a

configuration found in the middle of the cycle; the power

point of the cycle.

The likes of the configuration that will be occurring in

August of 1999 has not been seen in recent times. There

was a weaker version of this configuration on January

11, 1910. This was in cardinal signs and included 7 major

planets and 1 of the asteroids. The Grand Cross is part

of a "crossing over" to a new era or age. It is to be noted

that the first air transportation service, utilizing dirigibles

in Germany, was established on this date. It is easy to

see how the advances in technology transformed the world

from a horse-and-buggy condition to the high-tech world

we live in now. The Grand Cross coming this next August

is much more powerful and features 9 major planets, the

Moon's nodes, Chiron and 2 of the 4 asteroids in fixed

signs. It will take someone with more sophisticated computer

software than I have to research how long it has been since

this configuration was last seen. It will affect everyone and

everything. The Grand Cross can occur in any of 3 modes;

cardinal, fixed or mutable. These correspond to the 3 gunas

of the Vedas or rajas, tamas or sattva. This one is in the

tamasic, or fixed signs. These are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio

and Aquarius. The fixed signs have long been recognized

as crucial in the experience of mankind. The Sphinx is a

composite of the fixed cross. It has the head of a man

(Aquarius), the front paws of a lion (Leo), the body and

rump of a bull (Taurus) and the wings of an eagle (Scorpio).

Here is the lineup:

In the earth sign of Taurus, we have Jupiter and Saturn.

These two giants classically rule the everyday, down-to-

earth concerns of society. The stock market, housing,

crop abundance or failure, money and the sense of comfort

or anxiety over these things are under the influence of

Jupiter and Saturn. In the Grand Cross, they represent

the Earth and her relationship to humanity. All of the

planets can operate in positive or negative ways. Here

we have either the reverence for Mother Earth and her

resources or the final destruction of plant and animal

species, the fouling of air and water and, possibly, Her

revolt against this disrespect.

Opposite these two, in the water sign of Scorpio, we have

the Moon, Mars, Chiron and the asteroid Juno. Here we

see the pressures brought about by the New World Order.

The police state. Repression, control, the wounded psyche

of a frustrated, confined society in fear over crime, change,

and the reluctance to part with the "old way" of doing most

everything. Even though this may be the area that precipitates

the crisis envisioned by this planetary configuration, there

is the least amount of staying power here. It may be that

some action by the ruling elite will trigger the situation,

but there is little here to sustain it. On a positive note,

here we have the courage to pour forth energy and healing

from the millions of light workers out there, and the

inclination to step forward to teach and heal those who

are feeling fright and suffering.

Square to this opposition, we have Neptune and Uranus

in the air sign of Aquarius. The two slowest-moving and

influential planets in this configuration are here representing

the New Age; The Age of Aquarius. This is the social

awareness, the group-conscious energies that today can

be seen in reams of channeled material, world meditation

days and the trend away from consumerism, materialism

and the quest for power. At their worst, these two planets

represent fixedness of thinking and reluctance to move on.

At their best, they fuel the paradigm shift, the jump to the

next quantum level, the leap to the next dimensional


Opposite this is a stellium in the fire sign of Leo. The

Sun, Mercury,Venus, the asteroid Ceres and the North

Node of the Moon occupy the sign of self-conscious

identity. Here we have the leaders of our governments

and religious organization. Here, too are the creative

abilities of light workers everywhere. The self-assurance

that comes from connection of the personality with the

soul. This is the self-confidence that comes from hours

spent in meditation; from lessons learned via discrimination

and experience.

All of these planets are involved in a configuration that

forms a cross, the arrangement of stress, tension and

power. In the cyclic view, this is the position like that of

a person pedaling a bicycle when the pedals are perfectly

parallel to the ground. This is the time to apply maximum

power to the pedals. It is here that the champion asserts

himself and the pretender finds that there is not enough

strength to push the crank another turn. This is the eye

of the needle, the point of focus for all of the cosmic energy,

both entering and leaving our lovely planet. We all have

to go through this funnel; the New World Order and the

New Age; both will find this as the make or break moment

that will decide the destiny of us all.

The one notable exception in this configuration is the

planet Pluto. Motionless in Sagittarius, Pluto is ceasing

its annual retrograde motion, a position of great power.

In 1978, Pluto moved inside the orbit of Neptune, and,

for the next 20 years, from this unusual vantage point,

has traced out it's defining pattern of evolution for society

as a whole. This phenomenon happens once every 250

years or so and these periods have been remarkable in

human history. The birth of Jesus Christ took place during

one of these periods. Pluto will be emerging from its inner

position at the time of the Grand Cross. It is the one light

of hope during this configuration. Hopefully, it signals

the growth of societal consciousness to the point that

world destruction or enslavement will be eschewed in

favor of enlightenment, discrimination and brotherhood.

Pluto makes a wonderful trine aspect to all the planets in

Leo. This emphasizes the ability of each individual to make

their own choices during this crisis. Pluto is also making

a beneficent sextile to Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius,

indicating the power of the coming New Age will have a

chance to assert itself.

Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that there is an eclipse

at 18 degrees Leo 21 minutes on August 10, just a week

before. This is not just any eclipse, either. This eclipse is

the first in a new cycle of 19 Saros cycles, a further

indication of a new beginning.

Seers have had some things to say about these two days.

The California psychic, Charles Jeron Criswell King,

popularly known simply as "Criswell," says that, time

and time again, he has dreamed of a day when people

will speak to one another, and when they talk about

tomorrow, nothing will come out of their mouths.

That same day, Criswell predicts, what he calls a "black

rainbow" will encircle the earth, and will slowly suck

away most of the air in the atmosphere. Men everywhere

will die in the streets. But the disaster will last only a

short while, with survivors coming back afterward to

rebuild the earth. Criswell says this day will be August

18, 1999. Criswell knew nothing of astrology and it's

anyone's guess as to where he came up with this date,

as he made his prediction sometime in the 1950's.

Nostradamus, usually vague and metaphorical, comes

right out and says:

"The year 1999, in the seventh month

There will appear in the heavens the

sign of the King of Terror

When the great leader of the Mongols

(Orient) is reborn And Mars (war)

reigns supreme once more" X, 22

Although moderns would see the 7th month as July, the

writings of Nostradamus were translated from Old French

and the term "sept" is involved. First and foremost

Nostradamus was an astrologer, and possibly stuck to

tradition, counting months as "moons" or lunation cycles.

In 1999, the Grand Cross occurs a week after the 7th

Moon of 1999, the eclipse at 18b21. This is the "sign of

the King of Terror" referred to above. The "leader of the

Mongols," in the opinion of many, refers to a "Lord of

Darkness" or non-physical being. I would be inclined to

think that this refers to solar flares, of which there have

been many; a pattern which began in August of 1998. A

very large flare could certainly generate the "black rainbow"

envisioned by Criswell. In any case, Nostradamus sees

this time span as being important, and we would be

remiss to ignore him.

It always seems like prophecies are usually gruesome, but

because of free will, and because of the rapid changes

going on here and now, predictions are always suspect. It

is safe to say, however, that the planets will continue on

their present track and enter into this Grand Cross

configuration no matter what else comes to pass. It is

best, then, to be prepared and watchful as the time

approaches. We could be talking about anything from a

pole shift to political upheaval. Personal experience tells

me that political tensions are more likely than physical


Keep in mind that these two days are not a flash in the

pan. Rather, the planets assemble, one by one and

tension builds as yet another planet enters a fixed sign.

These two days (actually 2 1/2 days, when the Moon is

in Scorpio. This is from August 16th at 3:40 PM, PDT

until 3:31 AM, PDT on August 19th) are simply the peak

of the energy push. Anyone born under any of the fixed

signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius will be profoundly

affected during these two days. Some interesting political/

economic leaders born under fixed signs are:

Bill Clinton (Leo)

Hillary Clinton (Scorpio)

Saddam Hussein (Taurus)

Tony Blair (Taurus)

John Howard - Australian Prime Minister (Leo)

Prince Charles (Scorpio)

Bill Gates (Scorpio)

I'm sure there are more, I just don't have their birthdays.

When confronted with challenges such as this, there is a

tendency to react with fear and trepidation. If indeed the

New World Order will use this opportunity to make their

final moves towards power and control, fear is their primary

weapon. The magnificent trine of the powerful Pluto to the

"personal planets" of the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Leo

will be felt by each and every individual who honors light

and freedom as a connection to their inner spark, their

own soul. Be it in silent meditation, or via caring, encouraging

contact with close friends, it is the self confidence and

optimism of individuals everywhere that can distribute the

transformative power of the Divine energy presented through

Pluto, the one planet that stands apart from the strife and

pressure of the Grand Cross. We can all hang on to our

personal connection to The One Creator. If ever there was

a time for a "world meditation day" this is it. The best times

for this would be at the traditional times of sunrise, noon,

sunset and midnight, as at these times, there would be a

fixed sign rising, no matter what your location. I never make

predictions; nobody really knows what will happen. This is

a free will zone and this does make the outcome uncertain.

All we can do is realize that this powerful astrological

configuration is going on and be ready, in body, mind and spirit.

R. R.

Sunday, January 17, 1999


Subj: calendersign newsflash #2: The power of eclipse in 200 days

Date: 99-01-23 11:04:40 EST

From: calendersign@vip.at (CALENdeRsign)


this is 2nd news-flash of Calendersign: 200 days before the solar eclipse. Earth again bives us some remarkable days for calendar: The end of Ramadan will show the reaction of the Islamic world to Americas bombing of Iraque. Februar 2nd is aproaching so it will be ÆDay 333" in the countdown to the Year 2000.

And in 200 days an event will take place wich will effect one sixth of

mankind: The total solar eclipse on August 11th, 1999 will be

experienced by approx. 100 Million people in the zone of totality and

1000 Million people in the outlying zone.

The centre line of this last darkening before the year 2000 will strike

theTeufelstein (Lucifers Rock) in Styria/Austria, which as a calendar

was used in stoneage to observe planet Venus, the morning star, once

revered as the Goddes of love and sexuality. Venus, Aphrodite, Ishtar,

Freya and Lucifer were some names of that Goddes of love, because itís

periode of visibility lasts 260 days and correspondends to the pregnacy

period of women.

And exactly after one pregnancy period after the eclipse on Luciferís

Rock on May 5th, 2000 the recoming of the Star of Bethlehem with a

necklace-like pearlstring of the naked eye planets will take place.

The eclipse looks like a signal from brother Sun and sister Moon: Mother

Earth is bearing a new child. A new age.

More in formation about the power of eclipse and events in:


The CountDAWN to doomsday



In a message dated 99-01-22 17:15:04 EST, Milamo writes:

<< Subj: Some Pi-Faced Musings

Date: 99-01-22 17:15:04 EST

From: Milamo

In the past I've written some short pieces regarding what I refer to as "public-event synchronicities". These events seem to impact the consensus mentality or consciousness, and they also seem to involve cosmic or cosmological (pertaining to our common Earth-human cosmology, I would say) parameters in terms of gematria and/or "Code"-related (Munck matrix) numbers.

One of the current topics of interest is the coming Grand Cross of 1999 in August. This will include a magnificent total solar eclipse on August 11, 1999. The peak Grand-Cross planetary alignments will happen in mid-August ... about a week after the eclipse.

I decided to do a "count-the-number-of-days" thing for the period from August 12, 1983 ... to August 11, 1999. The August 12, 1983 date was when the last major nodal activity (event) apparently occured involving The Montauk Project. (This has been described by Al Bielek ... it is probably archived in the Art Bell radio program files on the Internet ... http://www.ArtBell.com).

The number of days (including leap days) for this period is 5843. I applied James Furia's "musical pi" ratio, of (360 / 84) ... to this number 5843. [Furia uses the 84 notes comprising a circle-of-5ths in music, divided into our node number for degrees on a circumference, 360. He calls this ratio, "musical pi"]. I also applied the number 144 ...

5843 / (360 / 84) X 144

= 5843 / 4.285714286 X 144

= 196324.8

Notice the digital order of 196324.8 ... I see two important numbers embedded (encoded in plain sight) there. I see 1963 and 248. The year 1963 is the year JFK was shot, and 248 is a good approximation of the Grid Point Value of The Great Pyramid [248.0502134, or (2Pi) Cubed].

Let's add 1963 and 248 ... just to see what happens :

1963 + 248 = 2211

Now, there we have 22 and 11 encoded in plain sight. The number 22 is the circumference of the classical approximation of the Pi constant ... 22 / 7. Of course, then, the number 11 is the semi-circle ... exactly half of 22. So; we have 2211 referring to a circle and ( "plus ?") a semi-circle. We're discussing cosmological things here. One of those things is time-cycles ("circles") or periods-of-time .... like numbers of days.

I've written, before, about a date when there could very well have been a secret landing of a probe on Mars. [This date is noted in the book, "Alternative 3"]. This was (and still is) May 22, 1962. Exactly .... and I emphasize *exactly* ... one and one-half cycles of Earth-years from that date, is when JFK was shot in Dallas. November 22 of 1963 is precisely one and one-half years from May 22 of 1962. We're talking a "circle and a semi-circle" here, aren't we ?

Now ... let's add together our cosmological numbers for a circle plus a half-circle :

360 (degrees on a cirdcumference) + 180 = 540

This is a base-ten harmonic of 54 and of 5400. The number 5400 is the Grid Point Value (Munck) of The Great Sphinx. The Sine (standard trigonometry function) of 54 is precisely one-half of the Phi constant (The Golden Section) :

SIN 54 = 0.809016994

= 1.618033989 / 2

The exact number of days from May 22 of 1962 to November 22 of 1963 was (and still is) 549 days. Let's add 549 and 540, because both of those numbers are telling us about "one and one-half" cycles (circles of time) :

549 + 540 = 1089

The number 1089 is the Square of 33 ... of course a very significant number, to many people. [ If Jesus Christ was crucified (whether or not he survived the crucifiction) in 33 A.D., then he was apparently 40 years old at that time, according to a mounting tide of evidence ]. The number 40 is very important, of course. There's the "40 days and forty nights" of The Great Deluge. And, being a Sitchin buff, I think of the Rank number of EN.KI. of 40. And, "coincidentally", it was apparently EN.KI. who gave the instructions to Noah on how to build the boat.

Just very recently, I noticed that the alpha-numeric "sums" of the words FACE and PI ... add up to 40 :

F (6) + A (1) + C (3) + E (5) = 15

P (16) + I (9) = 25

25 + 15 = 40

Now ... why am I calling your attention to Pi and Face ?

Here's why ...

Pi X 'The Face' = 3.141592654 X 656.56127

= 2062.2648063 .... I call this, "Pi Face" :-)

= Surface Area on a Hemisphere (base-ten harmonic), in Square Degrees

= (2Pi) X [ 57.29577951(deg) X 57.29577951(deg) ]

If you were standing on the surface of Mars, at Cydonia, looking toward 'The Face', you would be (roughly speaking) seeing a 3-D profile of a hemisphere.

I've mentioned the number 5760 before ... in direct connection with my "Cydonia-Giza Equation" ...

656.56127 X 27.58106915 X 5760 X (Pi Cubed)

= 248.0502134 X 5764.166073 X 2261.946711

And I've noted that 5760 is the number of years from the beginning of the Hebrew Calendar, in 3760 B.C., to the year 2000 A.D. of the modern calendar. And I've noted the nodal regularity of 5760 relative to 360 .... 16 X 360. (four-squared) X 360 = 5760. A Cross symbol gives 4 square angles of 90 degrees each .... 4 X 90 = 360. What would we see if we subtracted 5760 from the number 5843 ?

5843 - 5760 = 83

The number 83 is the alpha-numeric sum of THE CIRCLE :

T(20) + H(8) + E(5) = 33

C(3) + I(9) + R(18) + C(3) + L(12) + E(5) = 50

For the alpha-numeric purists ... I kiddingly refer to you as "reductionists" ...

8 + 3 = 11 .... the semi-circle.

Some purists don't reduce 33 ... so ; 33 + 11 = 44

The number 44 refers to two circumferences of 22 each ... two circles ... the reciprocal of a half-circle, right ? If we add the two 4s that are encoded in plain sight within 44 ... we get 8. The number 8 is one-half of 16 ... and 16 is (four-squared).

Here are some other words that add-up to 83 with THE :

LION ... L(12) + I(9) + O(15) + N(14) = 50

SNAKE ... S(19) + N(14) A(1) + K(11) + E(5) = 50

APPLE ... A(1) + P(16) + P(16) + L(12) + E(5) = 50

The lion can be 'king' or 'kingship'. [BTW; does a certain movie come to mind now ?] What is the Sumerian (see Sitchin)  number for Kingship on Earth ? The number 50, of course. But when we mention The Enlilship, we ought to give equal time to "the other side of the aisle", so The Serpent (Enki) faction is here given the equal number in SNAKE.

And it was supposedly Eve who ate the APPLE ... upon the suggestion of a SNAKE ... which greatly upset the acting holder of Kingship-on-Earth at the time of that Garden of Eden incident.

If the word PI sums to 25 ... isn't it at least poetic that 2Pi would "equate" to 50 as CIRCLE ... as in ... 2Pi X Radian (deg) = 360 degrees ? [There are 2Pi Radians on a circle].

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

© copyright 1999

This email post may be copied and sent freely, as long as the author's name and copyright notice are included. Thanks.


Subj: Quatrain X72, Crowley, Eclipse, Men-An-Tol a.s.o.
Date: 99-03-02 02:57:55 EST
From: GeReOn@projectduat.com (GeReOn)
To: jmason4557@aol.com

Hi Joe,

I've launched my own website recently.

The Uprising Phoenix - www.projectduat.com/GeReOn

The dream of 25./26. Dec. 1998 and the Crowley/Eclipse-Connection is included in the News section. I've also a new interpretation of Nostradamus X72 in "Future Prophecies".

Perhaps it is of interest for you.

So long GeReOn


Subj: Eclipse 1999
Date: 99-03-04 17:57:17 EST
From: skysprouts@thenet.co.uk (brett kellett)
To: jmason4557@aol.com

Dear Fellow Light Workers, Dreamweavers, Channelers of the divine purpose for this planet.

Something exciting is happening,(can you feel it ). We are arriving at one of the most important key moments of our incarnations. We are being asked to fulfill the reason we are here on dear Mother Earth right now. The year is 1999 with all it's 666 implications, we're at the end of the Millenium ( no accident this Gregorian calender), did you know that Chiron becomes exactly conjunct with Pluto on the night of the 31st December 1999.

Many earth Chakras have been activated by many light workers and indigenous people working with spirit through their physicality.

This land England (Angle-Mois) has been the center for crop circles, UFO visitations, an upsurge in spiritual and interdimentional investigation and Earth healing and activation groups. Many if not all of the web of lay lines and energy vortexes have been worked upon prayed upon and activated with love for love. Stonehenge has been reactivated by very focused light inspired people at every full moon for over 4 years. . The serpent is awake and feeding Avebury. Much more is ready accessible.

And this year is the year of the Eclipse - no ordinary Total Solar eclipse for this eclipse happens when the planets are in the formation of a Grand Cross, such a configuration has not happened, as far as astrologers can compute, for longer than the beginning of this millennium.

The Planets are majorly in fixed signs. The Cross is the astrological symbol for the Earth. We are in the sights of the Cross hairs of the Gods, the planets. The Earth is the target - we are the target, we have to live our responsibilities we have to be the answer to our ancestors prays. We have to work with this amazing energy this amazing opportunity.


Marcus Mason and Brett Kellett have been looking at what is triggered within and on our dear Mother/Lover ( for she is so responsive) as this Eclipse passes over millions of people more people than an eclipse has for many thousands of years, as it passes over the very foundation of the present world civilization.

What we have found is AWE-INSPIRING, it triggers many very key power points in the Land and Sea scape in the Atlantic, Mexico, England and Asia in fact all over this planet. For example at the moment of the Greatest Eclipse near Rimnicu-Vilcea in Romania the Jupiter anticulminate line goes exactly and I mean exactly through Palenque the Mayan ceremonial site in the Yucatan, Mexico.

This is just one of many 'spot-on' planetary hits to major earth centers we have discovered to date, using astro-cartography, the geographic location of planetary alignments.

We are setting up a web-site to keep you informed and will tell you of it soon. We need LIGHT-WORKERS, EARTH-WORKERS to help us fulfill the VISION. We need people to stand on the Earth with feet rooted, being with spirit and with each other.

This is a time of open portals a time of potential difficulty and fixedness ( grand cross in fixed signs) when by empowering ourselves with SWORD OF ARTHUR the sword of truth ( Pluto in Sagittarius) we can use it to create a vortex of ascension into our future our destiny ( Pluto trine the north node) our collective empowerment. to expand this frequency of the love vibration on this heavenly body of Earth ( Jupiter trine Venus).

I had a dream that this time is a time to work with our `family` with our spiritual brothers and sisters to connect in a very focused way to build a Cathedral of love for us all to pray and be within.

The two most important times as we see it are 11:03am U.T. (G.M.T) which is the moment of the greatest eclipse of the moon over the sun and 11:11am U.T.(G.M.T) when the eclipses path is just over the Bulgarian/ Romanian border.

We invite you to come and join us in working with these energies in a very focused way and to go to the sacred places of power that are triggered at this time, to ground and be with this energy. Well where-ever you are at this time you will be where you have been guided consciously or unconsciously to be , the really important thing is to link-in to hook-up with all the many thousands maybe millions of light brothers and sisters (and spirits) who will be 'attuned' at that time--then YOU WILL NOT STAND ALONE.

In England we are planning a camp, an Eclipse Camp, for the week surrounding the 11th August. The location is a very beautifully wild place on the South Devon ( Deva land) coast. The place is called Prawle Point ( the most southly point in Devon) it holds a raw and very clear beautiful energy and has the sea on three sides.It should be possible to see the shadow of the eclipse approaching and watch it as it passes on to France across the sea.

Our intention at Camp is to focused on creating a totally cohesive center of openness, strength ,joy and love calling in all spirits who share our vision to ground this Eclipse and Grand Cross and moved through it's fixedness, connecting with the many centers as they become activated by the passing of shadow of the eclipses path across the globe. As a main focus of the camp we will have a Sun Lodge (Tipi) and a Moon Lodge with a fire burning in each continually.

The maximum number of people will be about one hundred and there will be a marquee for cooking and eating, toilets etc. We will bring in lots of food so that those of you who are coming from other lands do not have to struggle with heavy loads. Also some limited tent space may be available. There will be a cost approx.of one hundred pounds per person for the seven days ( we may extend the days to ten, to be there for the time when the Grand Cross is most potent).

You are invited!

It will be most wonderful to share this time with you.


Brett Kellett and Marcus Mason.
Please email skysprouts@thenet.co.uk or Telephone/Fax (0)1364 72404


Subj: What does "Zerubian" mean?
Date: 99-03-27 05:51:16 EST
From: zerubben@juno.com (zerub b william)


Before we quote this passage, which is much more detailed in the book, we must inform you that the author of the book wants to make clear that what you are about to read is a portion of his "MYTH" and is not to be taken as a dogmatic truth. It is much more important to look for the spiritual meaning of what is here being said. And to apply the mystery to your own self. What could it all mean?

*The following is from the ZERUBIAN MYTH..........and a very interesting part of the myth.


"Many have asked us what the word "Zerubian" means. Admittedly it is a word that can make ya giggle. Most will be surprised to find out that the word actually comes from the Bible. What? Yep, it comes from the Christian Bible. However, the name came to the author in a very strange way. In July of 1998 on the 26th day a supernatural event occurred in the authors life, one of many. While the author of the Zerubian Mysteries was receiving revelations for his book in the basement of an old hospital where he worked as a security guard, all the power went out. As he walked down the dark basement hallway to get to the stairs he heard a voice, the voice of a female. The voice was unclear but it seemed to be that way on purpose. Then it spoke again but this time with clarity and said; "Light will come forth in the darkness." As the author got to the stair way, next to the elevator, the voice stopped. [note: The author now considers this incident to be some kind of initiation.]

"He went upstairs to the first floor and everybody was looking outside. A bizarre wind had picked up out of no where and the sky became overcast, which was strange for July. He went out a back door of the hospital and to his surprise a spiral of wind swept right in front of him full of leaves and dust. As he looked up he noticed a shinny disk about fifteen feet over his head. At that instant dust filled his eyes and he had to close them. Upon clearing his eyes the female voice said to him: "Zerub, it is me...Mishel-lea, your third Translator." After this, the sky cleared, the sun came out, and the author received a feeling of inner peace.

"That same day he went to a female friend of his who told him: "You know that book your working on? A name came to me.......you could call it the Zerubian Mysteries." He then explained to his friend what had happened and what he had seen. Three days after this event the author had a dream. In this dream an ethereal being appeared to him which was in the form of a 'Grey'. The author explains that in this dream he was standing in a light and the being opened a book and pointed to a passage for the author to read. The passage read;

"This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts...................The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house; his hands shall also finish it; and thou shalt know that the Lord of hosts hath sent me unto you."

"The morning after this dream he found where this passage was in the Bible and he showed his female friend. That same day his female friend got on her computer and typed out the verse and they contemplated it together. After this series of occurrences the author felt compelled to name the revelations he received: "The Zerubian Myth, The Book Of Zerub".

Since then the authors three Personal Translators have given him further revelations regarding the word "Zerubian" and the word "Zerub". Here is three points of that knowledge:

1.) the word 'zerub' means 'seed' in the Hebrew
2.) the English word 'Zerubian' is equivalent to the Hebrew word 'Zerubbabel'
3.) the word 'Zerubbabel' means "seed which gives LIFE to Babylon"

"And according to the prophecy of Zechariah chapter four God calls Zerubbabel [the Zerubian message] to come forth to [help] finish building the "house" [human body/consciousness] by planting the seed [zerub] of Quantum-Level-One knowledge [Kingdom of God knowledge] [those having seven eyes, open energy centers- shall see it]."

*There is much more to this story but this is the basic facts regarding the word "Zerubian" and the coming forth of the Zerubian Mysteries.

*For more information please write to: zerubben@juno.com


Subj: Found Your Web Site
Date: 99-03-22 16:04:28 EST
From: Michael
To: JMason4557

Dear Joe,

I just happened to be surfing the web and came across you site about 11:11. I am a practicing Psychic and host a small web site where I do free readings for people, sort of as public service ( you can find it at this link, READINGS BY MICHAEL.) But like many others "as noted in your site" I also am haunted by the Number 11:11. For many years I have struggled to figure out the meaning of the enigma, and have always fallen short. I have also exhausted almost all paranormal means by which to decode the true meaning of the Number and have still fallen short of any solid answer.

When I came across your site I was amazed at what I read, and soon realized that I was not alone. I found it very informative and mind boggling. I don't know if you came across any new subject matter relating to 11:11. If so could you please send me the links, as I am still gathering as much information as I can on the subject, and you input in particular would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.




Subj: Thanks for your reply
Date: 99-02-19 05:20:01 EST
From: Paul R.
To: JMason4557@aol.com

Dear Joe Mason,

Thanks for your reply. I went ahead and forwarded your message to my dad. I'm sure he will be glad to hear from you and will check out your web pages. It is interesting to note your mention of Revelation 11:11. I'm sure this will spark my dad's interest.

Right now we are in the age of Pisces (the 12th sign, which is also the 1st) and will be entering the age of Aquarius (the 11th sign, which is also the 2nd). So Aquarius is like 11_2 or 2 elevens (11:11). 211 is a BIG number in my dad's "system".

Anyway, I'm sure my dad would like to send some of his material to you. His e-mail address is ___ if you would like to send him anything.

Also, my dad often refers to Acts 1:11, which states that Jesus will return in the same way as he was seen going into heaven.

In my dad's system, a three digit number can 'represent' a four digit number. The number that is in the middle is shared by both numbers that are on the outside. Therefore, 111 is like 11_11 or 1111.

Once again thanks for your reply,



Date: 99-03-15 18:47:34 EST
From: Paul R.

Hi, Joe ...

I'm Paul R. (Paul R's Dad); evidently, Paul must have sent you some "info." (I don't know just what he told you, but he, evidently, mentioned "ACTS 1:11"; there's a lot of hidden info. regarding "111", and the date of Jesus' Ascension).

I had an experience on 5/23/96 (A VERY BIG DATE), that got me to investigating; I feel very strongly that there is information hidden within the English language, and hidden within numbers (i.e., "numbers within numbers"), that points at Jesus' Return in the very near future ... (yes, I know about Matthew 24).

Please, do not dismiss what I'm about to say, but, there is also very strong information which points at Jesus representing the sign of Pisces/representing the zodiac ... not in a "daily newspaper horoscope" kind of way (I'm not into astrology), but in a way that recognizes Jesus/ God as The Master Creator of, and the ONE Who is responsible for, "the heavens", the earth's orbits (both counter clockwise, and clockwise) around the sun; ... the ONE Who is responsible for the division of the heavens into "12" segments; and The Master Creator of, and the ONE responsible for the universe, and of all things. Jesus Is LIFE; ... all of Creation/ all of Life speaks of The Glory of The Lord; all of Creation/all of Life points at Jesus' Conception, Birth, Life, Death, Resurrection, Ascension, AND RETURN ... !!!!!

I wonder if we might could exchange phone numbers; ... I really would like to talk with someone about "what appears to be going on, here" ... !!!!!

Paul R.


Subj: 11:11 4thD gateway
Date: 99-03-26 10:57:02 EST

I am not sure if this will be helpful or not, but please contact me or put me on your mailing list so I can get more info or access to your book ASAP.

You may already know all this stuff. I am not excessively interested in sciences or learned in metaphysics. I am currently seeking the state of being referred to as Avatar or Christ consciousness. My soul twin went into non-physical by choice on 10-31-97, when the veil was thin. He has guided me on my journey, which has been like a whirling dervish.(Seth, Abraham, Merlin, Kryon and now Solara and many others).  

I trust my inner being and am currently seeking to provide "Camelot" for those who are wanting it in the area I have been guided to. I learned about the 11:11 gateway through Kryon, who says it's a brief lifting of the veil. Solara added the specific date and purpose, which was to access ones vibrational frequencies to 4thD reality,because we're raising the whole planet to a star.

For those of us spoiled brats wanting to have harmony and create our own playgrounds or wonderlands, I felt this gateway would allow us to pull in one of the best probable realities given all the possible ones. (I have had visions before I find the information I see) For those wanting it I think we have a doorway for more time in the reality I've been thinking would occur the ascension takes place 2012. It allows us more time and we get to stay here while some from our groups ascend, some stay some go to other realities or dimensions but it's about magic and fun for us! All realities have occurred there's so much going on I don't seem to be able to quench my quest.

Christi Lemire-Crystal-Merlin?


Subj: Another one seeing 11:11, 1111, 1212, 12:12, 1010, 10:10
Date: 99-03-30 17:46:21 EST
From: Glenn S.
To: jmason4557@aol.com

Hi, My name is Glenn. I live in St. Joseph, Mo. I've been seeing these numbers and hearing them for 20 years. I thought I was totally insane. I've asked at least a 10,000 people if they have seen any of these numbers. I typed in enigma, spiritual 1111 on this computer at school and I found that there are many sites on this subject. Some of them are too weird for me to believe. My story- I'm a recovering drug-addict that got clean 0n 12-12-87. I go to a 12 step program called Narcotics Anonymous. They have 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, and 12 Concepts. Not unusual to hear , "Have you read you're 12 by 12"?

I associate 1111 when I see it to something positive happening in my life. On New Years eve Dec. 31, 1998 at 11:11, there was a circle around the moon that was unbelieveable. It wasn't one of these indian summer type circles, it was a circle as big as the earth I believe. I took many people outside and showed them what I was seeing. Some said it was Jesus coming back through a portal, some said it was angels coming through, some said the weather was going to change drastically in 3 days (It did), some even said they saw a disc shaped object. I saw a big huge circle in a cloudless sky around one of the brightest moons I had ever seen in my lifetime. Since that revelation occurred, my life just seems to be getting better. I gamble at Harrah's and have won continuously since that date, playing roulette with the number 11, 12, 21,and 22. I'm getting straight A's in college, things just seem to be falling my way, it is really, really weird. My friends wonder what I have. I tell them it's the 1111 thing. They tell me that they don't see it(the number 1111 or any other numbers) or they also tell me not to get involved in some cult and commit suicide and think I'm going to get a ride on a UFO.

Please e-mail me back and tell me what you think. I wrote John Ramses once, but he only e-mailed me back once. Thanks! Sometimes struggling, but always growing, step by step forward, sometimes with ease, sometimes with two left feet.


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