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Dee's Vision of Judah

Dee's 1998 dream voice message:  

"The lioness of Judah can only get half way over the fence."


8-24-98, 3:37 p.m.

Dee found a dream she had in 1990:  


10-6-90 Dream: I went to a book store. I was shown a list of books that were esoteric. The first one was priced at $933. I asked for lesson 21 from a series of lessons. I picked out a library book. It was green, very thick. I had to have it and even considered not returning it. It as Volume I of a 2 part series called AVALON. I knew I already had part II. Inside were mathematic computations and a lot of handwritten notes. I HAD to have it.



Byron's 12-12 Dream - MESSAGE FROM HEAVEN - 3-23-98

Subj: England / Great Britain
Date: 98-02-20 12:09:26 EST
From: (Bryon Smith)

A Very Long Ride 2/20/98

England / Great Britain

This was a massive dream that went on all night long. I would wake up go back to sleep and it would continue. It is so long in fact that I won’t be able to write it all down here today, but will try to give the more important parts.

I was riding along with some guy in what I first took to be a commuter bus, like a Greyhound. We were traveling across country toward the East. We went on the highway until the highway ran into a set of rows of vertical stones that also ran along to the East. The driver picked paths as best he could and at first all of the rows were clear for a distance but the further we went the more of them became blocked. He would pick a path and go as far as we could and then pick another path and go as far as we could. We went like this until we were confused and had to stop and get out to look for a path to take the bus through. It was during one of these that we got back in and I told the bus driver that I was getting frustrated and could use a cold beer. He just smiled and looked to his left. The entire left side of the front of the bus was now a bar with several tapers. I looked around and now the bus appeared to be like one of those large motor home buses used by celebrities. I didn’t actually take a beer though and we didn’t go far until we were stopped again by the same thing, rocks in the road.

Once again we got out and searched trying to find a path. I climbed up on a tall rock and finally could see there was a highway to our left, just North of where we were. I climbed down and went up into the bus and this time took the driver’s seat. The driver then got in and told me to go ahead and see if I could get us out of there. I had to backup a ways and finally found a path over toward the highway only to discover there was a large ditch between the rocks (where we were) and where the highway was. There was no way to get there. Once again we got out and walked all around. Now the rocks in front of us had changed or we were actually past where we had been stopped before, I’m not sure.

Now we met another group of people here who were our friends but we did not really know any of them. We only knew our objectives were very similar and we were all trying to get somewhere and to find something. I discovered a cave with running water in it ahead of where the bus was parked. There was a pool of water. The bus driver and I both went into the clear shallow water and was searching for something. I found some strange crystals. They were a brown color but they were like glass or quartz. I gave one to the bus driver and he said that it was important. I looked around and found what looked like a piece of toffee candy laying on one of the rocks in the cave. I picked it up. It was also brown like a "Sugar Daddy" candy. (I don’t like toffee or Sugar Daddy) I pointed it out but did not touch it. Then I turned around and saw another one and pointed it out and did not touch it. Some of the others came in to see what I had found. There was three holes into the cave area where the water was. One from the North, one from the West and one that went out the East. Now I climbed up to look out the East window of this cave and saw there was no way to get the bus through there and out to the other side. The bus driver and I returned to the bus and he said "just jump her off there and go like hell toward the road, we have nothing to lose now." In other words we would either make it with the bus or we would be on foot.

I put it in gear and gave her all she had and off into the big ditch with shallow flowing water we went. The next thing I knew I was riding along on a set of boards I guess. They ran different directions but I was on a set that ran to the East. They were like little highways. I went until we came to a place where we had to turn to the North East. My bus was smaller now and it was as if I was riding up on top of it and could see a good distance. The bus driver was behind me. We came to a place where the road turned back East again and then I found myself in a new place riding on what looked like a surfboard with iron train wheels on a set of mini iron rail road tracks.

These tracks went different directions and my bus driver was gone. Now there was a girl there who was surprised to see me but appeared to be delighted just the same. She was calling to me from my right just beyond the Southern most track. She was showing me which track to get on. I moved my board over a track or two and went for awhile until I came to a little hill. I stopped and looked where that track I had been on ran right into another track and then into a place where the ceiling came down. "That looks like a prescription for disaster" I said aloud. I picked up my board and moved to another track to the South. I went under that area and came out at a fence on the other side fully expecting that young lady to meet me and show me where to go. "Good Lord, I’m in England" I said. "I didn’t expect to come this far."

I looked around but did not see the girl there to meet me. I walked along to the South since that fence ran North and South and since I remembered her being South of me. I found my way into a set of tunnels that I took to be drainage ducts. I walked a distance until I came to a section where many of these ducts came together in a larger room. I went to the left and found a place there were several people came through. Two young boys moving in the direction that I had just came from. Then a man came in with a boxer dog that he said was a security dog. He stood with his dog on the other side of a concrete window where he spoke with me. He told me it was there to hunt down people who were sneaking in and out of these tunnels. He said the dog knew who should and should not be there and with that the dog jumped up to a concrete window and sniffed me. He appeared to be happy with me and I petted the dog on the head. Then while the guy was telling me that not just anyone could command the dog the dog came around to me and I commanded him to go check the tunnels where the boys had just gone. He ran and caught one by the leg, then I guess he let him go, I don’t know but the other one ran and the dog returned to me. I sent him out again up the same duct and I knew there was something wrong with those two that I had just seen. The dog didn’t like them either.

Then the dog’s master came up and I turned the search back over to him. I went on my way out the East passages until I was once again outside. There was rail road tracks, highways and fences everywhere. There I encountered a man who acted as if he knew me and he told me to follow him and he would get me out of there. I told him I had to meet up with that women and at the time it was as if I knew her address and I told him I had to make a call back to the U.S. to tell my friends where I was and what was going on there. I followed this guy to another set of gates near a set of rail road tracks and two of them had train cars on them. There was a fence there and a set of gates. There were people being checked there by British policemen. It was then I noticed that my new friend was carrying two black gates large enough to cross a road. Suddenly I saw I was doing just like him, I had two gates. In my confusion about the gates I didn’t notice that he had turned and gone behind the guards while they were checking other people. I found myself past the guards in a parking lot like area holding my black gates. It was then I noticed I was also wearing a police style black gun belt but with a western revolver in the right hand holster.

I saw the direction the other guy had gone and he had crossed the rail road tracks running toward the North toward what looked like a bridge or overpass. I passed through another gate right past the guards who saw me but didn’t say anything. I ran after my "new friend" but could no longer seen him. I climbed up on what looked like a bunch of gates like you might find in a live stock auction and ran along the top of them until I found myself under the bridge.

I looked down and saw there was a drop of about 10 feet or so to another set of gates. On top of them I saw the two gates the other man had been carrying. He had thrown them down flat on the other gates and evidently had jumped on them to get down from the place where I was now standing. I did likewise throwing my gates down flat and then jumped on them.

I climbed down into a passage and found myself between two concrete braces that evidently held the bridge above me. There was a kind of platform under there and someone was cooking something. I saw what looked like a pot roast over a pan of broth heating on a open fire. There was another pan to the left (North) of it with something else in it. There was another man setting on the far side of the pans and he spoke with a very strong British accent. He asked me who I was and what I was doing there. I mentioned the other man’s who had lead me in there and described him and told him the guy was suppose to help me find someone.. The man pondered for just a moment and asked me if I would like to join him having some of his meat. I looked at it, it looked all right to me but this guy was spooky and I declined. I wanted out of there ASAP.

Hearing some sounds I turned and looked behind me. There in a pit with water in it and a very slick steep wall up one side made of mud was a man doing his best to climb out but each time he would make a short distance up he would slide right back into the water.

"Thank me then." The man said on the far side of the pans.

"Thank you, yes I guess I should thank you." I said more out of fear than anything.

"Yes I think you should." He added.

I looked at the food and realized this meat he had offered me was very special to him. It was hard to get and rare to say the least and he had just offered to share it with me. "Thank you for the offer of the meat" I told him again.

The man smiled then and his eyes became suddenly very large. "Now let us see if we can find your friend."

"You know him ?" I asked.

"I know him." He answered.

Then we climbed out of this place to an area still under what appeared to be that bridge. It was fenced in on two sides and there was a small stream of water flowing along on the West side. The entire center was short green grass. I got the idea this was also a drainage area when the rains were heavy. Perhaps this is why the other man had built him a place up above the ground and between the fences.

"Where are you Gar (Gair)" as he pronounced the short for Gary. The man walked all around that grassy area calling and looking everywhere including up toward the bridge. I followed along watching and wondering what was going on. I even thought for a moment it might be an ambush because evidently that guy in the pit had wandered in here and found himself in a pickle. Then I realized this guy had offered me meat and was calling the other guy evidently by his real name.

At this point I woke up and when I went back to sleep the dream picked up right where it left off. I was there at the bridge but I took to the air and flew up above the bridge. "England, I can’t believe this, how did I get here ?" I said to myself as I flew East to some buildings. These were residences and some what you might call Duplexes and Quads. People lived here in these stone and wood frame buildings. I flew down to an open window of one of these buildings. I had the sense that the girl spirit was flying along behind me, watching, trying to guide me to see something.

I stuck my head in the window and I saw a hallway and between the hallway and the two rooms on each side was a staircase that lead down to the bottom floor. Someone was in that room and I pulled back for a moment and watched.

A women came out of each of the upper floor rooms into the hallway. I flew in the window and saw they were cooking something in a pan over a heating stove. Both of them spoke with very distinct British accents.

"I see you are cooking on your heating stove." I said and pondered for a moment. "I used to do that myself."

"We thought it would cook faster on the heating stove." One of the women said.

There was more to it than just cooking faster. Something was trying to get my attention. I had just come from a place under a bridge where it was obvious the man who was "cooking" there was doing so in secret. There was something very important about that meat. It was not exclusive however these women also had meat cooking over their heating stove. I took a close look at the pan on the heating stove and then flew back out the open window the direction I had come.

As I flew up into the sky I thought to myself "is this really England or is it just a segment of something made up to appear like England ?" I looked and in every direction and as far as I could see there were buildings. I thought if I am I must be in London.

I flew to the South down a street to a set of larger buildings. I entered one and went down the hallway near the end. Something caught my eye to the right and I turned. There was a beautiful thrown covered with red and gold and jewels. It sat in a display location in the main hallway. I turned to look around and when I looked back it appeared someone was setting in that thrown wearing a gold mask. I looked at the hands, it was a women. She was clothed from head to foot in royal robe. She blended into the thrown with the same colors and same patterns and you had to look close to even see her there. The gold mask and her hands actually gave her away.

I watched but she did not move. I flew up and touched her mask thinking she must be a mannequin. Suddenly she started to sing "Oh no don’t let the rain come down.." over and over as she removed her mask and I flew back away from her just watching and listening to her words over and over again.

Byron's Dream Link Web Site



The House Dream
From Dreaming Conscious Site


The House Date: N/A

Dream :

Dream1: I have this house where I used to live all my life before my family moved out. This house has been in 6 of my dreams. Each dream has a place around the house. For example, my first dream took place at the left rear of that house during the 2nd week of April. In that dream, there was my old friend, Leo. Then Leo transformed into this jolly Santa Claus. Then this Jolly St. Nicholas turned into this very old man with long beard wearing a wooly robe. He stands by the lemon tree near the left rear of the house. He reminds me of Merlin. This character turns around to the lemon tree and left. I looked down and saw he left a neat arranged set of weapons (amulets, hand axes, scabbards). I grabbed them and followed him.

Dream2: THe 2nd dream takes place in the back of the house (adjacent to the place in the first dream) during one of the day in first or 2nd week of May. This same character, Merlin, was digging up a hole in the yard. I helped him by decorating the hole with my fuchsia sheer shawl. He has that anvil but it's divided. He put the divided anvil in that hole and walked back to the lemon tree. I look at the anvil and feel something was missing. The sword is missing.

Dream3: The 3rd dream took place by the garage, which is opposite of the lemon tree, during the 2nd week of June. In that dream my sister and I were playing with one of my Tarot decks, called the Ancestral Path. The card was spreading on the ground and I looked to the right rear of the house and saw a black car and a RV.

Dream4: The 4th dream and I remembered it took place on the night of the full moon in July and it happened between the right rear of the house and the front yard. I was dreaming that my brother in law, Jayson, came to me with a news that he's renewing his vows with my sister Angie. I was so happy for him that I stood between Jayson and ANgie and embraced them.

Dream5: The 5th dream took place in the front house. During the full moon in August. Jayson and I were being interrogated by this guy from Backstreet Boys, the one with blond hair. And he called me names that I don't like. THen this huge woman came out of the front door...she doesn't care what this guy from Backstreet boys called her. I was angry.

Opinion: I think the house represents me. And the dreams around the house may be the lessons I seek to make a complete circle. And the inside of the house is my heart...and my desire. This guy in the house could be my goal...a guy that I want to have a spiritual relationship with. Maybe completing all the lessons around the house will bring me inside the house and be with my soulmate?


Subj: The House Dream and the 1999 Solar Eclipse

Date: 98-08-29 06:02:11 EDT

From: JMason4557

Dear Justin,

Hi. Joe Mason here. Remember? We met on the Giza chat last Monday.

I just took a closer look at your web site. Looks good.

"The House" dreams fit well with my research, which is based on dreams and  coincidences. The symbols seem to chain together into meanings. Recent  material has led me to believe the great Solar eclipse in 1999 is a major event.

"The House" dreams had "Leo" (the friend). The sun in Leo is major in the  eclipse. Leo transforming into "jolly Santa Claus" is significant, I believe.  Quite a few dreams have "Christmas Symbolism." I belive this indicates the  birth of the Christ-Self. Another theory is that Santa Clause is Cronus/Saturn,  Father Time. This may fit with the dreamer's feeling about the dreams - that  they are "the lessons I seek to make a complete circle."

Our December 25 celebration came from the Roman Satunilia. Gifts were  exchanged, and everyone was considered equal on that day. Saturn was associated with a Golden Age. Saturn is also major in the eclipse.

The "lemon tree" may be related to the other "tree" symbols involved in the chain of dream-coincidences.

Leo/Santa looking like "Merlin" is quite connected. The Grail legends are part of the "coincidences" involved in the eclipse. The eclipse shadow strikes land at Cornwall, which is associated with the Grail legends.

The divided anvil, missing sword, hole in the ground, Ancestral Path, and Tarot deck also seem to fit.

The part about "Jayson and Angie" and "the guy" in the house, with whom the dreamer feels she will have a "spiritual relationship" may connect with the many "duality" symbols involved with the changes coming. A solar eclipse, of course, as a marriage of sun and moon, is similar in symolism.

The dreamer's feeling that "the inside of the house is my heart...and my desire," may fit with related symbolism. In my "dream-coincidence" theory, the "11:11" connections relate to Revelation 11:11. The timing of the eclipse is 11:11 a.m. The meaning seems to be that humanity will make a leap to the heart chakra. See:

11:11 - Humanity's Leap to the Heart Chakra

Duality symbolism is part of the Rev. 11:11 message, in my theory, as the two trees/lampstands/prophets connect to Joshua and Zerubabbel in Zechariah 3 and 4. Joshua is the inside "Priest" self, and Zerubabbel (seed of Babylon) is the outside "Governor." The inside Priest, as I see it, is the Higher Self, who resides in the Lotus of the Heart. This is from the "chariot" anology from the Upanashads. The outside governor corresponds to the charioteer, the intellect.

Joan's site is the best one about the eclipse:

The Lost Covenant - Solar Eclipse 1999 and the Grand Cross Alignment

I have started a page about it:


I wrote about "Christmas" symbolism in this article:


You will find some Tarot deck connections at these sites:

Deathwalking with Diana: Dreams & Visions of a Resurrected Grail Myth

The Tree of Life Crop Circle Formation

Maureen's vision seems to connect with Nostradamus:

Century 2, Quatrain 28

"The last son of the man with the Prophet's name

Will bring Diana to her day of rest.

At a distance they wander in frenetic grief

Delivering a great people from ruin."

Dodi Fayed's father is self-made billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed, who owns London's fabled Harrod's department store, the Hotel Ritz in Paris and has 11 homes around the world.

"The House" dream #5 happened during the full moon in August. The Roman goddess, Diana (Artemis to the Greeks), of couse, is the moon goddess. This may connect with this quatrain:

C10, Q70

"In 1999 and seven months

from the sky will descend a great terrifying King

Who will resuscitate the great King ANGOLMOIS.

Before and after, Mars reigns happily."

In July, 1999, there will be a lunar eclipse, followed by the great solar eclipse in August. Joan says ANGOLMOIS means - SANG, LION, SOLOMON - Blood of the Lion, Solomon. Leo is also the lion, and is connected to Judah of the Royal Bloodline of kings (see Genesis 49:9).

This is the "Ancestral Path," I think. Judah is the leader of the 12 Tribes that correspond to the Zodiac, as indicated in Numbers 2. The Grand Cross alignment of the planets during the lunar and solar eclipses have this symbolsm - the four major Tribes, the Four Living Creatures.

I found a dream on-line, where the dreamer was told he was descended from a king. My snail mail friend, Katherine, dreamed of recovering an emerald ring, as a king and queen stood behind her.

It goes on and on. My collection of material on this is quite extensive. Thanks for providing yet another connection.


Joe Mason


Subj: dreams
Date: 98-08-30 12:45:39 EDT
From: (Maureen Heffernan)

Hi Dee,

Been reading through your dreams and my instincts are kicking in that I have tuned into something dear to my heart,(soul)2 years ago I dreamed that I was calmly following a female gold lioness.She was BEAUTIFUL. So physical but yet eherial and Powerful.She showed me her paw. On a nail was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen It was composed of all jewels and some I had never seen and the band was jeweled also but the whole thing was moving, liquified,shimmering. As I would reach for it she would stand up,open her mouth and take my head in it. I could feel one tooth penetrate my crown center and the bottom tooth enter my throat center. It did hurt,lasting for about 10 seconds. She would then calmly get down and start walking away. I would watch her and the moment I decided to take a step forward (because I simply had to have that ring at all costs),she would slowly walk back to me and stand up. I would lower my head and she would bite again. I would endure it and this kept happening maybe 4-5 times.

The following day I went into a store and saw a poster that shocked me. It was of the male lion of the tribe of Judah with a chain with 2 keys hanging from his mouth.He was wearing a crown and also his right front leg was extended forward with a jeweled bracelet on it !!! Below was written,"I am the alpha and the omega and died but AM aagain. Fear not, I hold the keys to hell and death. I live."

But this was not the end. I went to Philadephia to visit my Bishop for a weekend. I told her nothing of this. After she said mass I was spinning and slightly dizzy with a burning crown chakra. I then told her of the "ring" but not the poster. Minutes later she informed me , "no dear, it's not a ring, it's your crown!!!"I then recalled that at the beginning of the mass after invoking the archangels Michael,Gabriel,Auriel and Raphael that she invoked Arial (and another). I looked it up and Arial = lion angel and also the antique name for Jerusalem,, and also means altar hearth.

Just wanted to share that with you and ask if you know of any mailing lists that I could get on pertaining to this or spiritual similarities.

More Light.

Rev. Maureen Heffernan


Subj: lion dream

Date: 98-08-30 15:37:33 EDT

From: (Maureen Heffernan)



Hi Dee,

You may certainly post my dream on the site. The poster was from a religious store in town, could probably track down the authour if you like. They came in different colors. I remember the catalogue. I am an ordained catholic priest of the Malabar Rite,(NOT Roman rather , liberal catholic) of the Free Church of Antioch. One of our healing sacraments deals with the chakra centers.

Recommend any decent mailing lists I can connect up with, like Grail, astrology, , , your sites????

(Also had 2 visions with the sacred Heart and this 4th chakra involving the return of the Christ is absolutely right on!) The return is "within" just as the kingdom of God is.

Am attempting to send you a scanned image of the lion, dove behind it.

Interesting I'm a taurus.

Also sending you,

More Light.

Rev. Maureen


Maureen sent Dee the lion picture today, September 14, 1998 via snail mail:  

Fear not: I am the first and the last:
I am He that lives, and was dead;
and behold, I am alive for evermore. Amen;
and have the keys of hell and of death.
Revelation 1:17, 18



This morning I read page 222 of Bloodline of the Holy Grail, which speaks of Religious art:

"Just as the lily was the accepted symbol of Mary's virginity, so the rose was the symbol of her beauty. She was often depicted holding a rose, or in a rose garden, as in the Madonna of Cesare de Seso, and The Madonna of the Rose Bush by Martin Schoen. The two concepts both derive from The Song of Solomon 2:1 'I am the rose of Sharon and the lily of the valleys'. From very early on the lily was called the 'fleur de Marie', and it was for this reason that the gladiolus lily (in its Judaic fleur de lys form) was adopted by the Merovingian kings to signify their Messianic descent in France."

I remembered that Dee had a dream with the fleur de lys symbol.  She had a dream on 7-25-98, with this line:  

"So he started cleaning his house and I climbed across his couch which was the only place to walk. It was soft and brown with a fleur de lis pattern on it."

This is her third dream on the 25th, which is clearly related to the first one.  The dreams have many earth change symbols, such as elevators, marching bands, a parade, a ring, a marriage proposal, Christmas music, a school, marching East down a hallway , a Father, an icy trail, snow, a flight of stairs, a mess being straighten out and clieaning in the house, a stairway into a dark pit-like place, maintenance men, circles, and rectangles.

The third dream ends like this:  

"I went back outside where a large rectangle field was being harrowed flat and being readied for the fall. All the crops were done.

I was presented with 4 different round fruit rinds upsidedown, each nested inside the other, and I knew the harvest was over. All that was past was past."

"The Harvest" is a major symbol of the earth change. It is suggested in Luke 4:25, and repeated in James 5:17, 18:

"Elijah was a man of like nature with ourselves and he prayed fervently that it might not rain, and for three years and six months it did not rain on the earth.  Then he prayed again and the heaven gave rain, and the earth brought forth its fruit."  

These are two of the twelve verses with "3 1/2" symbolism I have found in the Bible. The main one, of course, is Revelation 11:11.


Subj: Re: Comment and Dream

Date: 98-10-18 12:54:08 EDT

From: Dee777

In a message dated 10/18/98 11:37:58 AM Central Daylight Time, Katrina writes:

<< Here is a recent dream of October 17, 1998:

I was in a jewelry store.I went to leave, but on my way out I saw a vile about an inch in diameter, overflowing with thick, rich blood. I went outside and saw a few people with objects that looked like Etch-A-Sketches, but they were meant for predicting the future. I went back in and asked the girl behind the counter to get me one. She went away and came back to tell me that I could have one, but that they were all defective. I did not take one, but noticed that the floor was becoming saturated with that same thick, rich blood, and it was rushing toward me very fast, but I quickly jumped out of the way, and was not touched by it.


[Dee answers]

The only thing I can relate this to at the moment is the "Holy Grail". The blood of Jesus Christ when he was on the cross and stabbed in the side by the guard, was caught in a vial by Joseph of Aramithea. The 2nd coming of Christ is supposed to happen very soon, and perhaps this dream because it was in a jewelry store (fabulous treasures there) relates to that.???

Just asking. That's what I'm feeling.

Love, Light, and Joy



[I found this dream in my files on 10-24-98. I had saved it about two years ago from the Dream Weaver site.]

I lived in a beautiful apartment in Prague. It had a courtyard adjoining other apartments in the back. I was chasing a mouse. It was frustrating. I discovered a lion in the living room. I realized 'it was a lion I was chasing not a mouse!' I was excited to find the lion and went to tell a friend. I was running through cobblestone streets and out of the gates of the city.

I found myself in Egypt, near the nile. I wanted a room for the night. I went to a booking agent and he said there were no rooms. There was a plain looking mid 50's slightly overweight woman standing at the desk (reminds me strongly of my mother). She overheard my conversation with the agent and then offered me her place to stay. She gave me the key and pointed towards the p lace. I went to find it. I was by the bank of the Nile. There was a tidal wave coming, everyone was running away - although not very frightened because this was an annual natural occurence. My friend pulled me up on a bank just before the wave hit. I was safe.

I went to my room. It was very beautiful, peaceful and simple. The walls were light blue. There were two smallish windows. Through one I could see the full moon. The air was beautiful. The sun had just gone down. I looked around the corner of my window and discovered my room was in the Sphinx. I could see her giant face above me. I fell asleep with a very deep feeling that I was in just the right place.

I had this dream 10 years ago. The image has remained vivid.

I had a dream that I got into the shower and in the soap dish there was a mini turtle. I ran out of the shower screaming. Meanwhile, the same night my friend also had a a dream about mini turtles. I was wondering what turtles in a dream mean and also what it means that we both dreamt about turtles on the same night. We were not talking about turtles that day because we thought back to see if we were.



Date: 98-10-19 23:54:42 EDT

From: Dee777

10-11-98 - DREAM - I was seeing several e-mails on a computer and it seemed it was a series of arguments about various subjects, but I was seeing only the titles of the arguments and not the arguments themselves.Then it got to the bottom and it said, 'STOP MAIL' STOP MAIL'.

I then went outside and the whole air was dark brown. I thought that was really strange so I looked up into the sky and saw a full, complete, total eclipse of the the sun. The sun was very small, so the moon covering it looked even smaller. I could see the golden corona of the sun around the moon which looked like a round dot.

Then suddenly, it looked like the sun exploded and dozens of small 5 pointed golden stars flew out of the sun in every direction.

I said, "Oh my God! The sun is exploding!" But after the stars flew out of the sun, the sun, still in full eclipse was still there.

I called it to everyone's attention who was nearby and then went back into the building.

My apartment was full of people. Everyone I've known in the last 20 years was there and lots of children I didn't know. Everyone was standing around talking and it had a party atmosphere.

An insurance agent of some kind came in and said he needed to see me. He showed me a sheet of paper with brown writing on it. It was the verbatim arguments of three women of which I was one of them according to him. I saw the names of the other two women and as I recall they were psychic-type women.

According to the insurance guy, I was determined the victor of the argument and as the one who was vindicated, I was being given an award.

He handed me a tall grey metal box that was very thin but wide and I opened it and it was an apartment key box with all the keys hanging on pegs inside. I thanked him and noticed that on the very bottom of this box were two extra keys and padlocks. They were very small less than an inch long. I asked what they were for. He told me they were for the two storage rooms in the basement that the outside contractors used for themselves that no one else had access to. He said that I may as well avail myself of the material there rather than use my own.

I was really pleased with that, so I went downstairs and opened the door. Inside, it was like a grocery store, not that there was a lot of stuff, but what was there was BIG, and on top was the biggest bottles of yellow mustard and red ketchup I've ever seen.

I went back upstairs where the children were getting out of hand. All the kids were in the bedroom on top of the bed and they were trying to do every thing all in the same space. Some were trying to get their homework done, some were trying to build things with legos, some were playing with dolls and some were searching through a big mess of toys trying to decide what to play with.

So, I had to separate the children depending on what task they were doing. The ones who needed to finish their homework were moved out to a white counter in another room, and the other children were moved to different areas depending on what they were doing.

Then I went back to where the older teens and the adults were still chatting and our grandson Ethan came in singing a little song, "Jesus loves me and I let him in." It had a 3rd line which I can't recall, but I asked him if he would sing it to the whole group. At this point I called him Bill and told the group that Bill wanted to sing for them. I picked Ethan up so he was at their level and everyone gathered around and Ethan sang his little song,"Jesus loves me and I let him in," plus the 3rd line I can't remember.

The instant he stopped singing, one of the women in the group whom I knew well, began to pass out what looked like menus and I thought it was for a pizza place. Then she sat down in front of the windows. She was blonde with curly, shoulder length hair, wore a peach colored dress and peach colored lipstick to match. As the sun streamed in the window behind her, she literally glowed with a translucent quality, that surprised even me. She began to tell the women that she had set up a shop at a place that looked like HALL on the sheet but she said Pizzaro where they could learn to look like her.

and I woke up.


10-18-98 - DREAM - I was working on a web page that was showing me prophecies about the sun. The first one was dated 4-14-98 and the following one was dated 5-15-98. The one for 5-15-98 said, "The sun is going to do something it's not supposed to do."

I tried everything I could to pull up these files, but I couldn't get them to come up. I got frustrated and got up from the computer and found out that my boss was questioning my loyalty to the work I was supposed to do. To test me, they sent two good looking men to my apartment to tempt me. Neither one actually came into the apartment but appeared at different doors. I ignored both of them.

I was told then that a phone call had come in for me across the hall. I went across the hall to take the call. I noted that all the furniture and the phone was black ebony. I also noticed that I had a feeling that I had to keep this phone call a secret from prying ears.

I picked up the phone to take the call. Rather than hearing someone speak, I saw the message in the air like it was a typed paragraph. It said, "Practice typing the letter to "The Earl of T______. You will be asked to type this letter verbatim in the future. You will be tested on the sun information for the 4-14-98 and 5-15-98 dates."

After I woke up, I was think about this dream and a vision appeared as a typed paragraph, "When the sun does not feel like its out there or back there, or will not be there, people go crazy."

NOTE: I looked up previous dreams from 4-14-98. It was a web page about Avebury, England. I did not record anything on 5-15-98. (I obviously could not remember the dreams that night) I then went on the computer and looked up the sun activity for those two dates. On both dates were violent explosion on the sun. The recent dreams about the sun are posted above, of the sun coming up and going back down, and the other one of a total solar eclipse where the sun exploded and many stars shot out of it.

by Dee

If you have questions or comments, please


"Think on these things.."watch the skies..In 1974 I dreamed I walked outside & looked at the night sky. Suddenly I saw a large 'chariot' pulled by 4 horses running from horizon to horizon in an arc in the sky. There was a huge trailing banner attached to the chariot..It said in large letters..1984.

NOTE: In 1984 the world energy frequencies began a gestault of this accelleration into the next century. I'd had several more dreams since then of seeing some huge event or events, taking place in the sky..usually in cartoon animation figures! Strange sight..Don't believe everything you see! I felt that this was a staged spectacle for effect. It seemed like a holographic projection coming from somewhere. People are EXPECTING THE BIG SHOW, so we will probably get it. Be an observer see through the illusion. Great things are happening in unseen worlds of this planet system. Much aid is being given. It cannot stop all that comes, but much has already been avoided that could have become cataclysmic before now. We must change with changes & frequencies,or shed this shell & change in other realms. Many will not be back to earth. Many will stay as volunteers on all dimensions to aid the evacuation of many long time 'visitors' that got stuck here in a mental field warp. All will eventually clear..The' onion is peeling' layers of illusion from minds. Great JOY is an AWAKENING to our truer nature. No one is truely alone ever..We can blend & weave energies to supercede much. All is in often goes in circles. Mother earth must go through it's needed changes. We are along for the ride. This is a dangerous planet on which to take a body, but it can sure be exciting! Open hearts & loving minds are crucial at all times. We must be watchful. Watch the symbols & perceive greater meanings. Stressful or fearful dreams can shake us so much, that when something does happen, it has less effect on you than the dream. It can prepare you to cope with whatever comes. Imagination is strong. Healing can be painful or non..Healed, feels good! We make choices, but this is happening. We must change. We are being changed. Earth changes us.

Jan Ingersoll <>
Saturday, November 22, 1997


Subj: 11:11

Date: 98-08-08 20:33:31 EDT

To: JMason4557

Hi :)

Several times over the past few months I have turned my head to a clock which reveals the 11:11 time (and I'm not normally a clockwatcher, I don't even wear a watch) and have wondered if it had significance. I was surfing the net and discovered your page - interesting!

I also had a dream of two suns. One seems to fade then return to equal intensity with the other; at times my mind's eye seems to go 'crosseyed' phasing the two suns together - but this could be my own internal fear trying to 'normalize' them into one sun.

Just as a note I seem drawn to the Native American 'way', I feel at home when I think of them, earth, etc.; I'm captivated by all things universal; and my favourite games are trying to figure out puzzles - figures huh!?!

Gone surfin' poof!




Dear Maureen (Tig),

You asked a while back about the "Lion and Rose Symbolism," and about my posts concerning the 1999 eclipse. I will paste in the posts below. I am sending this to the 13Th Tribe list also (Hi Winifred and all!). I believe I sent some of it to the list before, but I'll re-post it, along with a writing I just finished for our earthchange list. First, I'll paste in some of your e-mail post:


rose symbology has seemed to follow me around. They both trigger (tigger) a strong reaction in me. Andsince I am of celtic/european anscestery, and have most certainly have had a past life in this regard, it is all the more interesting.

I will have to see if you have any dreams on your site involving these themes.>>


Unfortunately there is not a lot of dreams about these symbols posted on the greatdreams site. Most of the information is in various articles, which often speak of dreams, among other things. You will see in my writings about the eclipse that the Lion symbol is VERY HUGE. I did not include the "Rose" symbolism, yet it is there via the Grail legends and their association with such things as: Rosicrucian, Rose Croix, Christian, Rosenkreutz, Rosen-kreutzers, etc.

The Rose is said to be "the Western Lotus." I mentioned this in my article about Crop Circles as Chakras, and pointed out that the Rose had appeared as a crop formation. It DID have the "right" number of petals, in terms of the Rosicrucian symbols. That article is at:

You can look at pictures of the Rose crop formation at:

I also mentioned the Rose in my Hale-Bopp article. I'll paste in that part here:


Century V-31

Through the Attic land fountain of wisdom,
At present the rose of the world,
the bridge ruined, and its great pre-eminence Will be subjected,
a wreck amidst the waves.


The Nostradamus quatrains are of great interest to me. Many of the words and phrases he used are very similar to dream symbols, and seem to carry grander meanings than those given by most interpreters. For example, in Century V-31, he mentions "the Attic land fountain of wisdom," and "the rose of the world," and "a wreck amidst the waves." My dreams and others clearly indicate that there is a metaphor concerning a simple house-shape. The triangular "attic" on top of the square represents Heaven above earth. The book, Flowers In The Attic seemed to pick up on the theme. After telling a friend at work about this symbolism, she soon talked to a friend, Mary, in another state. They began to speak of dreams, and Mary told my friend that she had recurring dreams of trying to get to the attic, but there was a problem with the ceiling/floor in between. In her last dream, the floor was damaged, but was being repaired. I made contact with Mary, and told of my dreams and coincidences concerning this. I asked her if she saw any flowers in the attic.

She wrote back and told me that sometimes in the dreams she is in the attic. She opened drawers of wooden furniture and found things inside. She could only remember one of the items she found in the drawers. It was a beautiful rose made of jewels. Each petal was a ruby, and the flower was surrounded with emerald leaves. Later, I read a report that a mystic in Russia had written a book called, The Rose of the World. It has not been translated into English. It is about a huge change coming to earth. The major religions of the world are each a petal on this Cosmic Rose. They will retain many of their traditions, but there will be major changes and a unity. Someone told me that a western mystic saw a Rose in Heaven. I believe it was Blake or Dante. "Waves" have appeared in many dreams. In one of the dreams, a bomb was dropped, and Navy ships went in reverse over the horizon. A tidal wave broke the windows of a hospital, but instead of water, a green, jelly-like substance came in, along with a dead boy.

There are also dreams and books about three waves, or the third wave. Could it be then, that Nostradamus tuned into the same dream symbols that are apparent now? If so, conventional interpretations may not be right, or only partly right. My feeling is that symbolic events happen all the time, and we seldom recognize them. Many of the interpretations of the predictions may well come to pass as actual events, but the events themselves may carry an even deeper, and more important meaning.

[end of paste]


In 1990 I had two dreams that indicated a flower shape, and also a closed aperature, like that on a camera. After reporting this via snail-mail to a few people, two of them wrote back telling of their dreams. Jan, from Alberta, said she saw a lotus with heiroglyphic-like symbols on the petals open up like a camera aperature. Katherine of New York State dreamed of looking down her spine and seing a rose open like the aperature of a camera.

One version of my flower dream is on our Welcome Page:

It shows faces in the petals. Two weeks after having the original dream, I woke up on October 31, 1990 "knowing" the meaning. On one level it is a symbol of the Oversoul, with each petal-face being a reincarnational or focus personality sent out into space-time. Greater Consciousness has a similar arrangement, perhaps having many "flowers within flowers." I later colored the flower as you see it on the page, based on Black Elk's vision of hoops of the nations forming one Grand Hoop, and the horses and riders from the Cardinal directions (which are symbolic of the "colors" of the races).

Dee and I made use of the Flower symbolism on our Positive Co-Creation Page:

The story by Seth, "You Are A Flower," is worth a read. You may know that the Rose is also associated with apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Sometimes they are patterns on her clothing, and/or the smell of Roses is picked up by witnesses. One researcher visited the site of the apparition at Garabandal, Spain several years after the event. The smell of Roses was still very strong, he reported. He took a piece of bark from the area and brought it back to the U. S. He handed it to a friend and asked if he smelled anything. "Roses," the man said!

In the incredible story of the 1531 apparation near Mexico City, the Virgin appeared for the second time to the Aztec Indian man. She called him up a hill, where he saw a garden in the desert, where no garden can grow. Flowers were everywhere, including Castillian Roses. She picked up a bundle of flowers and told the man to take them to the priest. He wrapped them in his cloke made of catcus, and took them to the priest. He opened the cloke, and the flowers fell out. And then, the great miracle was revealed. Impressed on the inside of the cloke was a painting of The Virgin, the only image of her depicting her with-child, that is, pregnant! There is a sun-burst around her with a crescent moon under her feet. This seems to point to The Woman With Child in Rev. 12, clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet. The image, called, "Our Lady of Guadalupe," is still on display in Mexico City. Parapsychologist, Scott Rogo, recounts this story and others in "Religious Miracles."

I just did a search for "Our Lady of Guadalupe." Over 3,000 sites came up. Go here to see them:

Northern Light Search: "Our Lady of Guadalupe"

One of the links is this page, showing the man with the Image and Roses:

After my flower dreams, I had some other dreams that had "faces" in a circle, and I knew it was related to my dream-drawing. In one dream it was a huddle in a football game. In another, a voice said, "Let's put our heads together." In another it was like a board of directors setting at a round table. Later, I wondered if King Arthur's Round Table was a similar symbol. In some stories the Holy Grail is upon The Table inside an Emerald.

To me, the ultimate meaning of The Rose, is "God," or "All-That-Is." It (S/he) is ONE, yet MANY at the same time.

I had another coincidnece in 1990 about circles in a ring with faces, in the form of 7 pennies around a dime. It fitted inside a symbol of the Tantric Phallic Egg, the core of the unfolding Cosmic Forces at the beginning of Creation. Each coin says, "Out of Many, One."

Another interpretation is this - In the Babylon-divided time cycle, all us "petals" are scattered to the winds. The Great Change involves putting the "petals-heads" together again, to form a reflection of the Great Cosmic Rose.

Interestingly, I read a similar interpretation about the Emerald. In some stories it was brought in a magical cask from Sirius. In another, it fell from the crown of Lucifer. The Emerald is The New Jerusalem too. The Great Emerald became broken into shards. We each have a shard of the original, pure, green stone. When we connect together, similar to the way people hook up to a central computer with modems, the Emerald is put back together once again.

Well, now that I have given proper coverage of The Rose and Flowers, I'll go find my postings about the eclipse, which includes "Lion" symbolsm, going far, far back in time. The writings are pretty long, so I'll send them in two parts.

My best to you and all my fellow Petal-Shards,

Joe Mason


Yesterday I found an interesting dream on the Angelic Inspirations site:



I was at this church gathering people up for communion. I found myself rushing by and missed the opportunity to share the wine that was being handed out, but instead found myself next in line to receive the "white host" from an older man dressed in priest robes. Suddenly "words" filled my head and I felt a complete renewal and holy quality inside and surrounding me. Light radiated from my body.

[end of dream]


It fits well with recent syncronicities that tie in to the symbolism of the Holy Grail. It seems to be major, and related to the crop formations and the Great SolarEclipse and Grand Cross alignment of 1999.


Subj: lion dream

Date: 98-07-08 04:15:23 EDT

From: Michele Quinn


I meant to send this dream to you in my last post, but forgot. I thought maybe I could go back to sleep and send it tomorrow, but.... I didn't send this dream with the original set even though I had marked it to send. I think I left it out at the last minute because I didn't understand it myself. So many of your messages have contained something about lions that it must be time to send this:

May 7, 1992

I live in an upstairs flat. Am going somewhere down a sidealk corridor. Wearing a T-shirt with a picture of something on front. Someone female comments about liking it. Young male points out something on the top of the picture; when I examine it I say it is a dock in the harbor. We walk on talking, chatting. I'm going downtown. He goes too. He feels like someone who belongs with me for unknown reason. - "I" become "she"...She realizes it's late - 8:00pm. She should have been home hours ago. What happened to the time? She's on Broadway now, but doesn't know in which direction, right or left, lies her destination. He might help, but she is anxious, thinking which way is east, west? I must go home. So she thinks to reboard a bus to go home. He transforms into a tiger and leads her to a park where they lie down together. She is amazed to find that she transforms into a lioness. Then there are dozens of people turned lion/tiger in the field, and she is overwhelmed. They gather around trying to keep her and paw at her, but she transforms back into a person and must get home. (She calls home and says - so it's twins?) [There is something confusing here - it seems as though she herself was the one who was pregnant, who should have been giving birth, but the twins somehow got born without her being there (and in this scene, she is not pregnant)] She finds herself at home. Goes up the stairs, dark and eerie. Husband is there, mother and girlchild (sleeping). She feels she is going to transform into a lioness again. Her mother reveals that she herself transforms. It is likely that the daughter will also. What seemed normal and loving to her in the young man who transformed seems unsettling in herself. The face of the mother and the woman are nearly identical, both are blond.




Subj: Re: Notes From Joe Mason

Date: 98-07-12 05:43:58 EDT

From: Michele Quinn

The "eclipse" dream happened April 18, 1992, along with a dream that I only remembered that I was at a luncheon, not eating, and that I was talking to a child about something exciting and important - the night I recorded it, I noted that I thought the something was myths.

I'm returning from a long journey on foot, alone. Scaling a brick and cememt wall or tower that I had gone down with no trouble, although I knew the bricks had been a little loose. Going up they tend to crumble and fall away so that I have to be extremely careful. I reach the top where too many fall away, and I fear I won't be able to make it, but there is nothing to do but go on. I face the fear and concentrate on my movement. I make it.

Below me where I had been was a stoney field bordered on the left by a forest. In the field are wild beasts (bear or boar?). Three of them. I am going to take a shell from the ground. Prehistoric scene. The beasts are charging around keeping me from the shell. But I take the form of a bird of prey and swoop at them. They are frightened enough for me to take the shell.

I begin to rise from the earth with a precious stone or shell in my hands. I'm singing and thinking as I keep rising higher that I must not be afraid when I don't stop rising like I always have been before - I must let myself go on to whatever is out in space in darkness this time. As I rise, I can see more and more of the earth, further trees and mountains. Then a dark line begins to descend (like a computer screen, top half being colored in solid from top to bottom). As it reaches the outline of the trees and valleys and mountains,it fills in the sky area but doesn't cover the earth. I'm feelig puzzled, interested, surprised. I return to a university that is unknown to me. There are several buildings and I go into one and ask for the anthorpology department. A woman at an info desk points the way to her right (my left) into a corridor where there is an elevator. A professor says he is going that way, I can follow him. We come into a corridor to the right where I say, "how about the ape man?" (meaning the professor dealing with the history of early man). He says he's in the 4th room. He actually names the first three also and their specialty. I take the shell down to the 4th door and notice he is on the phone, so I wait outside until he is finished. I go in and up a ramp to his desk. I walk around to the right (his left) and lay the shell on his desk. A tour of half a dozen little boys comes in, but I don't want to talk about this important matter of the shell and the beasts with this distraction, so they are sent along to the next office. The shell has become a woven shell-like shoe, or maybe ivory or bone, with the remains of a skate blade of the same substance - it has been carved. Then it becomes plastic-like. The professor examines it, comments about fingerprints on it. I say excitedly - ape-like fingerprints? He becomes excited - yes, yes. He is realizing this is a treasure - a monumental discovery.


Riven Dream

Ok, this is weird. I was in like the sequel to Myst and I had found a linkinng book to a weird Island, I was searching around with 2 other people and we found this concave there was a structure in it, we decided to climb the structure, and a door opened up. We went through the door and ended up in a tunnel. At the end of a tunnel was a crank, I cranked it and i came upon a war of people with bows and arrows, I suddenly pulled out a bow and shot a couple people. I went through a couple more places like that by the crank, but settled on a gun fight. I was in a pool fighting a dragon, when i turned into a porpoise and the dragon turned into a sword fish, we battled it out and I won. I met up with one of the other people, the other had vanished from my dream. I was now a human again and I started walking down a row of forts, walking past the corps of the bad guys. I took a left turn and came upon some more forts, but there were minigunners from Command & Conquer, I threatened them of and they got mad, then I woke up.

Joe's note:  Riven is a computer game.

The next few posts are from the Dreams & Interpretations posting board at the Waking World site.

Holding the Grail

This entry submitted by Kiki Kay on 5/8/98.

Message: Recently, in waking life, I experienced a strong sense of the importance of the events occuring around me. Everything had a numinous quality, which I have felt on other occasions. Events from a waking vision, of a few years ago and symbols which have been close to me, converged. I was about to start a class the next day at a retreat centre and that night I had this dream; "I was floating above a place half way been the retreat centre and the monastary. I was somewhat transparent or disembodied. I was over a field and to the left of the monstary. As I looked down towards my left hand I saw that I was holding a chalice and I heard thewords "The Grail, the Grail." I knew I was Holing the Grail and knew when I awoke of this as extremely important. I'm unsure of how to move with the experience, to take it from the numinous to the human level. I began to look through books and my body expressed resistance and blockage. The access to the image in the right way usually frees me up. Feedback on interpretation of the dream or symbol would be appreciated.

Thanks, Kiki


Solar Eclipse 1999 - Final Quest for the Holy Grail

This entry submitted by Joe Mason on 7/19/98.

Message: I just found Kiki's "Holy Grail" post. This is a BIG find for me, because I am writing an article about the 1999 Solar Eclipse, and its connections to legends of the Holy Grail.

My partner, Dee Finney, and I created a site called, Dreams of the Great Earth Changes. (

The Grail connections to the earth changes has become more intense for us recently. Dee created a page with links on the subject (

My article is still rough, but you can take a look, if you wish. (

Nostradamus C10, Q72 speaks of 1999 and seven months, and gives a coded word. That word decodes to "Blood of the Lion - Solomon." In July of 1999, there will be a lunar eclipse, followed by the great solar eclipse the following month. At that time, the planets will move into a Grand Cross in the heavens, pointing to the Zodiac signs that correspond to the Four Living Creatures of Ezekiel and Reveltion. The Four signs/Creatures are related to the four major Tribes, as indicated in Numbers 2. Each major Tribe has two other Tribes with them, for the total of 12.

The eclipse strikes land at Cornwall, where Joseph of Arimathea brought the Grail, and perhaps the Holy Bloodline - the children ofJ-e-s-u-s - to England.

Joseph of Arimathea established the nearby Glastonbury Tor. That site is at one corner of the "Wessex Triangle," where most of the crop circle formtions have appeared. As the shadow of the moon moves away from the sun, the "Diamond Ring" effect will take place . . . at 11:11 a.m.

People all over the world are having "coincidences" about 11:11. I wrote an article about that too. (

Don't worry, the meaning is very good - a leap to the Heart Chakra by humanity en mass.

Joe Mason


Ruby encrusted sword

This entry submitted by Ali on 2/14/98.

Message: I had the strangest dream - it went like this. I was playing basketball and when I received the ball it turned into a ruby encrusted golden sword. The hand was so beatiful all sprakling with gems (rubies) I looked down and noticed that the ball was now a sword and decided to keep playing, swirling the sword around at people and heading for the ring, i jumped up high and dunked the sword into the ring, when I looked down from my high dunking posiiton, i saw that the ring had turned into a space in a stone foor, below the space was a stone carved face, and as the sword fell down in went into/through the stone carved face, i heard some words - this is where you will find your husband (i dont have one) and I was then in a strange place, a cage, with wire mesh sides and 2 wolves pacing around the cage trying to get it, i have a sense of fear as i write this and i experienced fear when it was happening, i push and poke at the wire trying to get the wolves away, then I am driving a small car (someone left the keys in it) and the wolves are chasing me, i stop in town when i think I have lost the wolves, and the police are there - i go to the bottleshop to pick up some drinks and try to loose the police....thats about all i recall at this point - its so strange -

Any insights anyone ????

Love Ali


the ruby sword

This entry submitted by Cally on 2/15/98.

Message: To Ali - I am not at all a dream interpretor but read this post often because I am interested in my own and others' dreaming patterns..and I just wanted to say I find that dream of yours really fascinating! It has a real Arthurian feel about it (excalibur) and the wolves not only add a kind of fairy tail feel, but are really powerful spiritual images. I will watch this space with interest in seeing how some of the more enlightened members of this group see it!


Subj: 11:11

Date: 98-11-28 04:48:51 EST

From: Tierra2

To: JMason4557

Wow --- it's 4 am and I just followed your link in the 11:11 folder --- I don't have the strength right now to read it all....but it all sounds incredibly fascinating and so many of the things you talk about are a "part" of my life. I too have had a "great dream" which I will never forget --- it was almost like a vision -- but it definitely occurred during sleep. I only wish I could remember how long ago it was. It involved a Crystal Rose with petals unfolding as I reached to touch it's center....above it (the rose) and myself....was a "star ship" beaming light down upon the rose. I have become incredibly drawn to all things "Arthurian" in the last two years especially.....the sword Excalibur.....stories of the Grail and the legends of Merlin. I was you know where one can purchase the Arthurian Tarot Cards?? I have been drawn also to have and to work with them. I saw them in a catalog once and now have lost it.

Anyway.....have you ever been on a show like Art Bell? I'd love to hear you do an interview on all your theories : ) : )



Subj: By the Way....

Date: 98-11-28 04:51:15 EST

From: Rosestar11

To: JMason4557

By the way....this is the screen name I use most often.....I made up this screen name in "honor" of my dream/vision and my 11:11 experiences : )



In a message dated 98-11-28 04:48:51 EST, you write:

<< Subj: 11:11

Wow --- it's 4 am and I just followed your link in the 11:11 folder >> (snip)

<< I too have had a "great dream" >> (snip)

<< It involved a Crystal Rose with petals unfolding as I reached to touch it's center >>



Dear Laurie,

Thanks for writing and telling me about your wonderful dream. The dream and your other experiences help to confirm some  of the theory that has come my way. I would like to add your  above e-mail to the page, if it is okay. I can take the name off  of it, if you wish.

The rose, of course, is big in the Grail stories and the secret orders  associated with them. I wrote a few things about the rose in this article:

Dream and Nostradamus Connections To The Anomalous Object

Near The Hale-Bopp Comet  (no longer available)

Here's the excerpts from the article:


(Nostradamus) Century V-31

Through the Attic land fountain of wisdom,

At present the rose of the world:

The bridge ruined, and its great pre-eminence

Will be subjected, a wreck amidst the waves.

The Nostradamus quatrains are of great interest to me. Many of the words and phrases he used are very similar to dream symbols, and seem to carry grander meanings than those given by most interpreters. For example, in Century V-31, he mentions "the Attic land fountain of wisdom," and "the rose of the world," and "a wreck amidst the waves." My dreams and others clearly indicate that there is a metaphor concerning a simple house-shape. The triangular "attic" on top of the square represents Heaven above earth. The book, Flowers In The Attic seemed to pick up on the theme. After telling a friend at work about this symbolism, she soon talked to a friend, Mary, in another state. They began to speak of dreams, and Mary told my friend that she had recurring dreams of trying to get to the attic, but there was a problem with the ceiling/floor in between. In her last dream, the floor was damaged, but was being repaired. I made contact with Mary, and told of my dreams and coincidences concerning this. I asked her if she saw any flowers in the attic. She wrote back and told me that sometimes in the dreams she is in the attic. She opened drawers of wooden furniture and found things inside. She could only remember one of the items she found in the drawers. It was a beautiful rose made of jewels. Each petal was a ruby, and the flower was surrounded with emerald leaves. Later, I read a report that a mystic in Russia had written a book called, The Rose of the World. It has not been translated into English. It is about a huge change coming to earth. The major religions of the world are each a petal on this Cosmic Rose. They will retain many of their traditions, but there will be major changes and a unity. Someone told me that a western mystic saw a Rose in Heaven. I believe it was Blake or Dante. "Waves" have appeared in many dreams. In one of the dreams, a bomb was dropped, and Navy ships went in reverse over the horizon. A tidal wave broke the windows of a hospital, but instead of water, a green, jelly-like substance came in, along with a dead boy. There are also dreams and books about three waves, or the third wave. Could it be then, that Nostradamus tuned into the same dream symbols that are apparent now? If so, conventional interpretations may not be right, or only partly right. My feeling is that symbolic events happen all the time, and we seldom recognize them. Many of the interpretations of the predictions may well come to pass as actual events, but the events themselves may carry an even deeper, and more important meaning.

[end of excerpt]


The rose is said to be the western lotus. It is often shown with five petals. A crop formation appeared that seemed to be such a rose -

The Rose Crop Formation  (no longer available)

The rose connection to the Grail legends probably goes far back. Verse 2:1 of the Biblical Song of Solomon says, "I am a rose of Sharon, a lilly of the valleys."

In September 1990, I dreamed of a circle with curved lines inside, and a voice said it was like an aperature of a camera. A month later I dreamed of interlocking rings in a circle forming a flower shape, and drew one version that was also like a closed aperature. About a year later, I reported the dreams to some snail mail dreamers. Katherine wrote back, saying that she had a dream of seeing a flower open like an aperature, as she was looking down her own spine. Jan wrote and said that he dreamed of a lotus flower open like the aperature of a camera. Each petal had a special symbol on it, like ancient letters.

I wrote a little more about the rose in the e-mail data on the eclipse page, including the Virgin Mary associations.

Dee bought some Arthurian Tarot Cards. She says it was from either Barnes and Noble or Amazon Books. Maureen's dreams and experiences involving the death of Princess Diana included the Arthurian Tarot Cards -

Deathwalking with Diana: Dreams & Visions of a Resurrected Grail Myth

Diana represents the Queen of Hearts, the Grail Queen.

Dee created a great page with links to all the King Arthur, Holy Grail, and Knights Templar sites that she could find -

King Arthur and The Holy Grail

The major arcana of the Tarot Deck, of course, is associated with the 22 paths of the Tree of Life. There were some "coincidences" involving this in the crop formation -

The Tree of Life Crop Circle Formation

I am flattered that you think I should be on Art Bell. I would love it, but it's not easy to break through the wall. Dee and I have sent a number of things to him, but we have never received a response. I submitted several pages for links from Art's site not long ago. I got an e-mail from Keith, saying that the first link (our main page) took so long to load, it crashed his computer. I guess he didn't bother to check out the others, including the eclipse page.

The page is long loading, but not many people have reported a big problem with it. Oh well, we'll keep chipping at the wall.

Please keep in touch.


Joe Mason



Subj: Re: 11:11 and The Rose

Date: 98-11-28 19:56:50 EST

From: Tierra2

To: JMason4557


I'd love to have you include my dream on the website! : ) It was a dream/vision that is still so vivid to me that if I had any kind of artistic talent....I could paint it....and would never be able to match the beauty of the image. It was very I reached to touch the hair was blowing around my face.....and there was a backdrop of stars....of the heavens....with this beautiful "star ship" above the whole scene. Words don't quite do it justice.

I really don't mind if you put my e-mail name on it, unless you think there's a good reason not to : ) Thanks so much for the links.....I'm about to go read them now!

I will keep in touch.




JoyDLight - 12-3-98

JoyDLight just called me to tell me of a magnificent venture into the astral plane - she was told specifically to send this to you, Dee, and you, Betty! I was told then that I could share it with others if I so chose.

She was told by God to lay down at 2 p.m. - she went through a purple (horizontal) tunnel for a distance, with scenes from her lifetimes passing by so fast they were a blur. Then the tunnel flipped to vertical and she went up through dimensions until she was in front of the throne of the IAM THAT IAM!

She had been there before but from a distance. This time, she was up close - the IAM was a huge golden light in an oval shape (vertical like human form would be) and there were angels hovering around overhead.

There was lightning flickering over all this scene, over the throne. Standing near the throne were ArchAngels Michael (with his sword), Gabriel (with his gold horn) and Raphael (who looked genderless - beautiful!).

She saw an arc of golden light reach out from either side of the IAM's light body like arms - the arms gathered all the planets and stars in the Cosmos close to the IAM, along with planet Earth. The Gathering! The coming together of all creation!

Joy looked down through the clouds at Earth and saw a gold cord that connected Earth to the throne of the IAM. She found herself sliding down the cord, then back up, three times. It was as if she were being shown the connection, then having it verified 3 times over.

Next she saw herself at my house; we were watching the storm of storms in the west! Awesome spider web lightning with no sound, rainbow colors in the clouds. Then the clouds, lined with silver and gold, parted and we saw the God Ship coming down through the clouds, coming in Glory!

It is shaped like the old fashioned tops we had as kids back in the 30's that you pump with a little plunger on top and they spin, making whistling sounds and colorful. Except the Ship did not make any sound - it is a silvery lavendar color - 3 levels at the top and 3 levels at the bottom with a larger level separating the upper and lower levels.

It is huge! Will not touch the earth! It will have to hover!

Then Joy was at the Rapture with Jesus in the clouds, clouds of pink, gold, silver - Jesus had a golden aura around him. They were looking down at Earth.

She watched the bones coming out of their grave! Any house or structure built over a cemetery will be in big trouble when those bones are ready to rise from their grave! <grin>

She heard a sound behind them and when she turned to look, she saw multitudes of souls rushing to be rejoined with their bones - as soon as they were joined, they turned instantly into light bodies!

Then those still in physical were raised through the clouds where they, too, were instantly transformed into their new light bodies.

That is all she was able to tell me of her experience. It was not a dream! It was a vision! Plain and simple!




Subj: 12/3/98 VISION

Date: 98-12-23 16:05:08 EST


I feel I should explain about what happens when the God Ship comes as some are getting concerned about being whisked up from their new homes, jobs, families, etc. It will be here for some time before the Rapture as the Word of God has to be spread to all corners of the globe - the Trinity family will be a great tool in getting this done! The spreading of God's Word!

But life WILL go on in a normal fashion - well, NEARLY normal!  

<smile> It will be even better!

The Ship is coming in peace, carrying God's messengers of peace and love to all mankind, and for no other reason! It will be here for as long as it takes to reach and inform ALL people of God's love and plan for spiritual salvation - THEN will come the Rapture.

After Tribulation will be the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - he will walk the earth for the thousand years of peace in the New Heaven and New Earth (New Jerusaleum).

So everyone PLEASE enjoy your homes, jobs, children, friends, families and life! We're going to all be around for some years yet! The best is yet to come! A new beginning!


12/6/98 - Vision #2

JoyDLight was shown a group of circles with a beam coming down from it - the Trinity channel logo. She was carried up through the beam where she met with Jan and Paul Crouch on top of the circles. They all hugged. Then all the Trinity channel people appeared around them, sort of like a choir, as if preparing for a group picture.

A Dove flew down and picked up Joy, Jan and Paul and carried them up through another beam above the group where they created the Trinity Ship.

In the next scene, Joy found herself in a rectangle - the sides or walls were gold, the inside was purple. The end wall was the 11:11. She saw the back of Jesus, he was facing the 11:11. He placed his hands into the middle of the 11:11 (much like an elevator door) and as he opened the 11:11, the numbers 12:12 appeared above them. This seems to us that he was preparing or opening the doorway to the next level of our ascension.

Next she was hovering over the Pyramids and the Sphinx - the real thing! Not just a thought form! She saw an assortment of pyramids floating around them - some purple, some gold, some both colors.

Her attention was brought back to the Pyramid of Giza. She found herself, like Superman, folding her arms to her sides and then she flew headfirst through the Pyramid, making a hole all the way through it. We wonder if this represents the opening of the Hall of Records.

Then she went into a deep sleep for over an hour, waking with a pounding headache! Most likely from hitting the Pyramid headfirst! <smile>

In an earlier vision, she saw pairs of flames - each flame was an assortment of different colors - blue, gold, orange, purple, etc - she recognized them as twin flames coming together.

Each flame joined with its mate, making one flame! We are being reunited with our twin flames in this lifetime! Maybe not in physical body form but when we leave this lifetime, we WILL be rejoined with our soul mate! Our twin flame! Something I for one am looking forward to with GREAT eagerness!


A response to an e-mail from a friend in answere to her questions re: resurrection 12/8/98

She said:

<<I do not believe that dead bodies will rise from the earth. Why would anyone want that? Ick! I believe when we're done with these 3rd dimensional bodies, we drop them and go on to a higher vibratory frequency.>>

My response:

But they WILL rise, Teresa! I had a problem with this all my life until recently I was able to ask Spirit/God and the explanation was that each body is created with a soul that is accountable for each body's decisions, choices, actions, deeds, words. BUT our SPIRIT does not remain in those bodies! We have as many as 12 selves alive at the same time in order to learn our lessons or just experience life!

There are 7 levels to each dimension - we can have another self on each level, all at the same time. When our other self dies, its soul goes to the realm where souls go to wait for the Second Coming of Christ, then each soul that has ever been given to a body is rejoined with that body. Bodies that are cremated will be rejoined with their soul too. Not even a piece of ash is left unnoticed by God!

When the bodies are raised from the grave, they will be made whole, in perfect health! And will go to wherever their idea of heaven is. They were tools our Spirit used to experience life with but as each lifetime came to its close, we disconnected and went on to other adventures but the personality and consciousness that was that body lives on - just as our Spirit does.

That is how it was explained to me and I have to believe it as it came from Father/God - I certainly didn't make it up and I had no clue as to what happened to bodies and the Bible DOES speak of the graves giving up their dead.


Subject: last nights dream

Author: <V...

Date: 1/4/99 1:38 PM

Hello my friends;

this morning when I woke up his popped into my head. Thought I 'd share it with you.

Come to me ye round table knights.
beacons of hope and pillars of light
reach out your hand and a circle we form
to push back the darkness and ease the forlorn.
Rise again for the time is near.
when the trumpet will call and we will step forth
and prophecy will be once more
Camelot will live again.

I tried to write it as close to what I heard as possible. But somehow it did'nt come out quite the same in the translation. Ha ha!!!! One of these days i'm going to buy a brain recorder and just let the thoughts flow out without being lost. Hee Hee!!


Subj: Signs in the Heavens
Date: 99-01-14 12:20:50 EST

I had a dream this last summer and I was hoping you could shed some light on a possible meaning of this dream. First of all this dream is recurring, though I'm not sure how many times I've had it, it has definetely been more than once. Also each time I have the dream it seems there is more revealed to me.

It takes place at this old farmhouse in Michigan where my mother's parents used to live, except the yard and barn are a little different in the dream than in real life. The yard is much smaller, along with the barn; and the barn has ivy growing all over one side. The dream starts with me standing in the front yard around dusk. I wander inside the house where my parents and aunts and uncles, from my mothers side of the family, are sitting around the kitchen table, in very dim light, playing cards. I wander back out to barn and while looking at the side covered in ivy see a door which is not normally there, yet in the dream I know where it's at. I open the door and walk into an old unused bathroom. The water in the sink works, but there is no water in the toilet.

It is at this point which the dream ended previously. When I had the dream this last summer I looked in the toilet and there was water, but it was very stagnant. I look at myself in this mirror which is also very dirty, then proceed to go to the bathroom. I walk back outside the barn, and notice a small crowd of people in the front yard. I walk over to where they are and realize that they are all looking up at the sky. While trying to figure out what they are looking at I see a bright light in the sky. I ask what's going on, and the person beside me nonchalantly replies that it is the end of the world. Suddenly I realize that the moon is unbelievably close to the earth, it seemed less than 30 miles away, and all of a sudden lots and lots of meteorites start flying through the atmosphere and hitting the earth. I run inside where all my relatives are still calmly playing cards and excitedly yell about whether they know what is going on outside. They calmly reply that they do and continue playing cards. This is when I woke up. When I woke up I had this unbelievable weird feeling-goosebumps, watery eyes, hair standing on end - and was wide awake and very excited. I remembered everything so explicitly as if there was some monumental importance to it. That same day I talked to at least 3 people about the dream experiencing the same weird feelings, and at this very moment while writing this letter I'm experiencing the same indescribable feeling.

Hope you can help.  


Subj: Thank You for the wonderful Site!

Date: 99-02-07 04:13:56 EST

From: Steve D.

Dear Joe, Your 11:11 Site was an answer to prayer. I was born Sept 11 at 11:12 and lived on 11th street in our small town on the 30th parallel (same as Giza Pyramid) in Texas. I have had UFO experiences all my life, and 11 was always my magic number. Thursday night, February 4th, I dreamed of the number 11. A cross bar was then drawn over it (making the 11 look like two T's standing together), and there was what looked like a stylized "2" to the lower right. A voice spoke the word "Pi" in the dream. I got on the Internet and found Pi written (exactly as I dreamed) as the Uncial Form of the Greek Alphabet. Could TT2 (Pi) be another way of writing 11:11? Pi is also the Golden Ratio 1.618. Do you know of any connections between 11:11 and the Golden Ratio? Is it any accident that

I find your site two days later? I hope to hear from you. Sincerely,

Bobbie Ammons RN, Maggie Valley, NC


Subj: Note From Joe Mason About "11 & TT2" Dream

Date: 99-02-07 16:23:21 EST

From: JMason4557

In a message dated 99-02-07 04:13:56 EST, you write:

<< Subj: Thank You for the wonderful Site!

Dear Joe, Your 11:11 Site was an answer to prayer. >> (snip)


Dear Bobbie,

Thank you for writing. Your dream is quite interesting. My guess is that it is symbolically related to Revelation 11:11 and the Solar eclipse in August. Revelation 11 speaks of the two trees/lampstands/prophets who lie dead for 3 1/2 days. Divide 11 by 3 1/2 and you get Pi (just as with 22/7). This is sometimes called "near Pi," or "Pyramid Pi," and was used by the ancients.

The great change clearly seems to be about a duality balance. The two "T's" and the "2" may indicate this, as do the two trees in Revelation 11. The two trees "stand up" in Revelation 11:11.

A form of the Tau is a "T" - shape, or a tree with a split trunk. The "11" with the crossbar in your dream may indicate this, that is, two "T" - type Tau trees "standing up." The Tau is a symbol similar to baptism, a spiritual death/rebirth. I spoke a little about it in my 1992 article for the Dream Network Journal:

Crop Circle Mystery

Recently, I have written a series of articles that explain my 11:11 experience in detail. They start here:

Humanity On The Pollen Path - Part One

They lead in to the eclipse story:


You will see some information and a link to Joan's great site:

The Cross, the Tau, the Total Solar Eclipse

She explains many things about the eclipse, including the "Grand Cross" and "Tau" alignment of the planets during the eclipse.

I haven't developed the "Tau" part of my story yet, but I will get to it sometime. Here's two sites that show Tau-like crop circle formations:

Charlie Knoll Tau Formation of 1993  (no longer available)

Ring Around T-Junction, 1993  (no longer available)

It is my understanding that Pi is not the Golden Ratio, which is also called Phi and the Fibonacci Constant. I do have a "coincidence" story about it's connection to the "11:11 Doorway in the belt of Orion." It is too long of a story to tell here, but it is related to the Sri Yantra, which geometrically contains the Golden Ratio. I explained the great Sri Yantra coincidence in my "Pollen Path" articles. A crop formation that appeared at Arrus Hill about five years ago had a wide ring with an offset Star of David inside. The geometry demonstrated the Golden Ratio. The star fits with the two major triangles of the Sri Yantra. The geometry of the Sri Yantra also connects to the Grand Cross of the planets during the eclipse, which symbolizes the Four Living Creatures (Merkabah) of Ezekiel and Revelation. The Giza complex also demonstrates the Golden Ratio. Dee created a page that has information about it -


The Golden Ratio is also demonstrated in a five-pointed star. Such a star also gives the ancient "Gematrian" numbers. I explained this and its crop circle connections in this article:


Thanks again for sharing your dream. Such dreams are quite important now, as they seem to be revelaing symbolic parts of the puzzle.

Best wishes and regards,

Joe Mason


Subj: Tree Dream~

Date: 99-02-03 00:44:04 EST

From: (Jan Ingersoll)

Hi Dee and Joe~ I haven't had time to read the 'Tree Dream' section yet,but was so surprised to have this dream this morn.of 2 Feb.99~

Very strange dream this morn.2 Feb.99. It was so real,I felt everything..

Dream:I noticed a growing,soft lump right on my a bubble about half the size of an egg. It was pushing on me and tight,so I decided to try and burst it. I found a small head or hole in it,so gently began squeezing it. Suddenly it opened wide and a transparent liquid gushed out..all over the floor..copious amt. I looked inside of the ruptured bubble and saw white crystaline stuff..Then I saw something green,stuffed inside. I started pulling it out and it was like a TREE branch or new rooted shoots with leaves! I pulled out a huge handful of green leafed branches and made a bouquet of them. I then presented them to my hubby. I felt relieved of the pressure then,though I could see more green shoots were growing there..over my heart..thymus.

The 'plants' were like a part of me........ I felt good when I awoke..refreshed,though I had only slept 3hrs. Now that was a different dream for me!!*S* I do dream of 'operating' on myself,occasionally,but have never been so 'merged' with the plant kingdom~

It's 18d below zero this morn and going down~ Light the Way~ Jan :o)


Subj: [earthchanges] Fwd: August 11 Solar Eclipse / SwissAir 111

Date: 99-01-31 20:54:51 EST

Dee wrote:

According to Joan Sckrubulis, symbolically and physically, our planet will undergo a crucifixion in space - its side pierced by a heavenly lance - the pointed cone of eclipse shadow. As Christ was crucified long ago, so too will the Earth bear its cross as the third millennium draws near.

K. wrote:

The theme of crucifixion forerunning resurrection is central to any maturing theology. Codices associated with Teotihuacan portray the Feathered Serpent resurrected as the bright and morning star, Venus, following penitence and crucifixion.

Coccoon, the movie about the leader of an ancient expedition salvaging his crew who had been dormant in pods beneath the oceans, was nothing short of a crucifixion of sorts. In order to live again, the crew were secreted in coccoon-like pods from which they would be resurrected.

Crucifixion of the coccoon is fundamental to emergence of new life resurrected from a chrysalis state. Breaking the life sustaining envelope in which the fetus is nurtured always precedes emergence of an independent life. In our present state, we favor the notion that humanity is the pinnacle of evolution without contemplating the possibility that our biologies are chyrsalis pods from which an evolved race will emerge.

I had a dream about emergence of an energy body from a "crucifixion" on January 15 which led to the recent insight that our present humanity is the pod from which the chrysalis of future race is being born.

1/15/99, 2:15am

K. D.

I just woke up from one of the most remarkable dreams of my life.

I was on a city street when a gang threw an ax which chopped off my head. Rather than fall over dead, I remained conscious and picked up my head. I thought, "Well, I seem to be functioning so I'll just continue." People talked to me and acted like everything was normal. I looked in a mirror and saw that it looked my head was still in place, but I knew it couldn't be my flesh-born head because I was carrying it around. Since the head in my hands was flesh, I knew the head people saw was an illusion. When I looked in the mirror, I noticed that the illusional head looked younger than my flesh head. I thought that there might be some kind of amulet at work, a magical process that nobody else knew. I kept my head with me for a day or two while continuing to function normally.

After a few days I had to go to an office building, so I drove my car. It was very hot and I started to leave my head in the car then thought, "Oh, I better take my head just in case." I grabbed my head and went into the office building where it was cool.

I had trouble finding the office I was looking for, so I was in the building for a long time. I noticed little veins were starting to show on the face of my flesh head which I was carrying in my arms. "It's a good thing I brought my head into the cool office; it was way too hot to leave it in the car." My health began to degenerate at that point and I got scared. I went to visit my friend G_ who let me stay in her extra bedroom. In the middle of the night I started throwing up and went to the bathroom and realized I was going downhill fast.

A sense of nausea and weakness began to overcome me, and I knew I didn't have much longer. I thought it was time to face the music of the inevitable and needed to take care of business. I woke G_ up and told her I was in bad shape and needed to use the telephone to call my mother and my son. At first I started to call my mother then thought I had better call my son first, just in case. But I didn't have the number so I had to call information.

I ended up going outdoors to look for something and walking about a block away from the house, knowing I was like a zombie. As I was walking through the neighborhood carrying my head, it began to distintegrate and fall to the ground in pieces. At first I threw it away then thought, "Great. This is a chance to check for implants." So I ran back and went through the liquifying goosh around the skull bones and found that there had really been implants. I grabbed the implants to save them for science then thought I had better take the bones so they can see where the implants had fit in.

I stopped to use the bathroom in the bushes behind a car and laid my purse on a lawn. A guy came by on a motorcycle and grabbed my purse. He laughed as he drove away going through my purse and throwing things away. Then he laughed and tucked something in his pocket and threw my purse down.

He had just dropped a passenger off at a house where this had happened, so the passenger who was a young Black man had watched this confrontation. When I ran over to grab my purse, the Black man started to get antagonistic. I told him what was happening and that I was fading fast, only had a few hours left. I started to talking to the Black man while I went through the contents of my purse the motorcyclist had left. I found all of my valuables and wondered what he had stuffed in his pocket, then I noticed a $50 bill that had been hidden by my driver's license. I had more money than I thought. All the while I had been talking to the Black man. I told him he should help me, and I would like to have sex -- one last wish. Remarkably, he thought it was a good idea. I could not imagine that he could find the distintegrating flesh appealing, but thought maybe he was oblivious of it like others were of my head. We went into his house and had sex, which was satisfactory.

When we were done I knew I had to hurry, so I started walking back to G_'s house. I walked through an old mansion occupied by a cult while looking for a pay phone. Walking through the mansion's large yard, I noticed people meandering around the house and yard as if nothing was unusual. "They have no idea of life and death," I thought. I remembered moments of sensual pleasure, standing on wet grass, smelling oleander trees in bloom.

I thought about incarnating again and looked into the future to a time when my new parents were expecting me. Their energy was clear, conscious, and I sensed the world differently when I came back into life. I had a sense of satisfaction that I had worked out so many issues during this life, and that I would be able to move into the future in new ways.

I finally found a pay phone where a group of young military personnel on leave were gathered. I told them I had to find the telephone number for my son. Throughout this time I was nauseated and throwing up chunks of my distintegrating stomach. They found that the number I wanted was secret and nobody would tell me how to reach my son.

My body was getting thinner and animals were beginning to sniff at my legs, taking little bites. I had no sense of pain when the animals ate my flesh but I knew that I had to keep the flesh long enough to make my calls, so I shoo'd the animals away. I looked in the mirror and saw that my stomach was quickly melting. Looking down, I could see the bones sticking out of the front of my legs like an overcooked turkey at Thanksgiving. Oddly, the flesh stayed on the back of my legs.

Then I realized that I needed to call the Red Cross who can contact security lines, so I called information and got the number. But when I started to dial the number, I was so weak that I kept getting the right number mixed up with wrong numbers written on the phone. I was having trouble reading.

I was panicked that I was getting confused and the flesh was rotting so quickly. I still had to call my mother and make out my will! On the other hand, I was relieved because I knew there was enough money to pay for the phone calls and get everything done before the flesh fell apart. The $50 ensured I had plenty of cash without going to an ATM. I thought over my finances and figured out how to make sure my son didn't have to pay any bills on my estate.

At that point I woke up because I think my boyfriend turned up the volume on the TV. I was so freaked out over not getting the number right that I actually woke up yelling for M_. I had never had a dream like this before.

After waking up I realized that if people could still see my head after the flesh was cut off the same things could have happened to my body if I had stopped to think. If I could maintain the illusion of one body part, I could do it with the entire body. It was like a magical body inside the flesh body. I didn't have any sense of grief or remorse about losing the flesh, as long as I was able to function the way I needed in order to meet my needs.


Joe's note, 2-14-99:  

The above dream contains significant symbolism . . . some rather obvious, some not. In my "Humanity On The Pollen Path" series of articles, I mentioned how money can be a symbol of karma. Using an ATM or a charge card can show "a debt to be paid later." The "extra money," and not having to use the ATM card, seems to show a positive karma that has been built up.  I had a similar dream about two months ago, where I found extra money in my wallet.  

The motocycle seems to be a "duality" symbol, indicating two wheels revolving in tandem. Sex with the black man, I would say, is a duality bond with one's "Ka," the divine double . . . in this case, the male counterpart of the dreamer.

The "Red Cross" may connect with the Knights Templar, The Rosicrucians (meaning rose cross), and the Bloodline of the Holy Grail.  

The replaced head, I think, is related to the idea that we are unconscious co-creatures during the time cycle . . . that events, our "fate," is controlled elsewhere. The "lion" and "king" symbolism are related. The lion eventually slays the dragon of conditioned beliefs, to recover his "royal power, crown, and kingdom." This corresponds to parts of Revelation, such as:  

Rev. 3:11 - ". . . I am coming soon; hold fast what you have, so that no one may seize your crown."

Revelation 17:17 - ". . . for God has put it into their hearts to carry out his purpose by being of one mind and giving over their royal power to the beast, until the words of God shall be fufilled."



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