channeled  by Dee

Before I give the message, let me preface it by saying that some VERY strange events have happened to me recently which I thought were extraterrestrial, however, they also seem like they could be the Kundalini rising. (See: This has all transpired in the last three weeks.  As far as seeing visions and hearing voices, I can't remember when I didn't except that on Jan. 1, 1970, I became a walk-in and my whole personality changed as well my eye-color from blue to green, and I began studying metaphysics with a passion that overwhelmed my family.  Eventually, I left home to become myself, such as I am today, but it has been a developing process not always to my liking, nor pleasant all the time either.  

However, the past 6 months have been a tremendous joy to me, in partnership with Joe who supports me in every way, loving, emotionally, physically, wholeheartedly, and  I do the same for him. But, before anyone blames him in anyway for what I am about to say, let me say that what I got today no way reflects on anyone living or dead, and I am just reporting what I got, like it or not, for better or worse, let the feathers fly.  I'm just stating word for word, without changing anything, what came through when I was in the dream-state and meditation today.

3-31-98 - DREAM - I was in the middle of a dream wherein I was sorting out fragrances and lotions which I sell in my business, when a web-page or notebook page or whatever it was popped into the dream.  At the top of the page it said, "SPIRIT VISION", and the title of the page was, "A LANGUAGE OF CHANGE".  

The language on the page was not any I recognized, and when I woke up, I could only remember some words that started with the letter "A".  Thinking they might be Indian of some kind, I went on the computer and searched through several language sites and found nothing that resembled what I saw on that paper.

Since I just finished reading a book last night about a Shaman who was trained by some Brazilian people who spoke some seeming extraterrestrial language, I thought, "just maybe" and went to look in the book for some words I had seen there.  They did indeed seem very similar, but not the same. And, of course, I couldn't remember more than 95% of what I saw on that piece of paper in the dream.

At noon my head started to feel strange, so I went to lay down and meditate and see what was going on in the other worlds that I needed to know about.

A  female voice said, "We were aware of something else but there is something we definitely want to do to create this change. Come on over, you know I have Bob Weston with me. Bob is busy framing out some new inventions." (I don't know anyone named Bob Weston personally)

A male voice said, "You know there is no organization."

I was somewhat dismayed with this conversation and how it was going, so I told them not to waste my time and theirs and get to the point.

A somewhat British accented high pitched male voice began to speak.

"There are little endings on the words you have to see. There are no human emotions in these words. We have the word 'love' but it is not the same thing as you 'feel'.

I began to see a black and white scene. A voice said, "Oh! Look how many there are of us here. So many dancers."

The British sounding high pitched male voice continued then, "I would like to share 'understanding'. I would like to share that with you. This includes 'observational' to see.

I felt rather excited. The voice said, "Yes! Yes! Motivation is the key."  

"This is Em ma mok."

I thought he was introducing me to a female personage, but I was wrong.

He continued, "English is not communicated the same way - not word for word. These word sounds have meanings, not sounds that match. Similar but not the same. Em ma mok is a greeting, but not the same as "Hello!" It is a signal that we honor you as one of us in God, a friend. You do not say it like you would "Hi!" which is too informal for translation. We must be unique in language of mankind - always honoring, no denigration, always uplifting, and strong. Must honor the earth, the life. Is precious; not easy to conceive. Life is precious. We must continue our work to preserve it. We are alone in this. Earthlings think it is too easy. Not us! We must communicate how difficult it is to conceive a child of one of us since we have lost the know-how to do so ourselves. A mistake in our past. We were many and saw no need to continue to produce so effectively. We learned our lesson the hard way. Now we cannot. Such will you be on earth if you continue to destroy life so effectively. You have no wish to continue life except your own so you do not honor such in cows and kill so easily.  In humans, you abort and kill. It is wasted life. The soul needs a place to conceive it's work to learn to honor itself...its such a waste.

The earth can hold more. Needs to be  conserved...not wasted in concrete and land not abused as is such without trees and plants. The green is so important. Must grow plants to sustain life; plankton in the oceans, trees -life - all one. They must be the same for us. We must learn to conceive life as well. We ARE learning. You teach us love. We have lost those feelings and must learn them.

You have the notion that we do not care, but we do. So much!  It is a waste of time to argue amongst ourselves and you for there is no understanding then. We must continue to survive and to do that, we need you and you must help us. You say you want to be asked, but you would say No! No time, no place, no way, no how! You are an angry people. You kill and maim on a whim. Your television news shows that. So much war. So much killing. It must stop. Peace must reign and it will OR there will be no life at all. And that must not be.

So much for that!  Em ma mok - For all.

I fell asleep because I was over comfortable, but woke up soon, and again heard speaking, but just lay there and listened.  The voice continued, "Ka ta se" - you should be writing. This is a way for us to get together in a good time  energy-wise. You have been lax personally and not kept up in your meditation, but you will do better because it is so important that we share understanding.

All-in-all what do we have to lose?  Everything! That is all! It cannot be for the earth is so beautiful and if you do not want it...We DO! For it is a simple matter to clean it up. So much time has been wasted. So much time. It can be done. You must pass on this message. Ka le - lovely one - it is for you to do this. The message must be understood. The white people have the power to understand - more than the others who are intolerant. But they will become allies as we shall all become one. such is that you cannot understand - such that you all want to be different and unique. That is wise only so long as progress is made, but that has stopped. With all the killing now. It must not go on...that we understand...that an end is in sight.

Peace is a must.

Love is a right - as in God Love...for all mankind.  Em ma mok for all - we do too.

You see it now and we do honor all. We work for progress towards the end. We cannot separate. We must live as one -or not.  It must be such. We will win the war. In kind as to a wholly individual but as ONE ...capitalize that!  Such as it must ONE.  It WILL be...capitalize that one too. Progress is made as ONE. (You get it!)  There is no choice. The message is simple. It must be as ONE or none shall survive. The time is NOW! This time has come when the energies commence to be won over to the good side. The one who will win you over has been born. You shall see him come in glory. You have expected him and he as such...the energy will be LOVE ...capitalize that please! All will be ONE.  Have no doubt. Such is the case. HE ...capitalize that please IS ONE! He is here. He is one of us in that he understands the principle of LIFE and LOVE and KNOWS that we must be ONE in God. ALL shall be ONE!  ALL!  I can see it now. Shortly!  It will appear in the skies for all to see and on the ground many will fall on their knees in worship and fear will be rampant for those who do not understand.

Understand this! We MUST be ONE! It is the only way to share the earth, for it is that or nothing. You can convey this message to all and you will be wary for none will be willing to observe and understand as we have not yet conveyed the willingness on our part to share with you the ALL! Capitalize that please too! That we can go on in history future as one people that you do not have to share your soul with us as we do not have them, but as such we shall because you are us and we are them, and they are us and such they do not understand. That we are not Christians yet understand the principles of love for the ONE as are others on earth unaware that there is only one ultimate God...the creator of all who understands this imposer of deception on earth that His son the beautiful one...of light has conveyed disparity among many. Like evil,..(also of light) but spell it LIVE and that one shall overcome and win over the ones in war in the heavens and when he shall  win the war and when it is over  and on the uprise is LOVE...of the ALL...of the ONE such that life can go on and show the earth as the jewel it is in this hemisphere of blue and gold and light it shines out like the star it once was of old days and became life for HIS people in this world. It is ours to make sure it survives...not like Mars which was once a jewel too or Venus or Saturn or the moon. The poor pockmarked moon, so shiny with light. It could be so much more if we could work together as one. And we will! Assure yourself of that.

Yes! I could go on and on and in your head is saying you are tired of writing, as such others will be tired of reading by now. Yes! I will give you my name as you need it, but it will be meaningless to those who you convey these words to for they shall not understand it's meaning nor its personage, so I remain Em ma mok. You write that funny...your phonetics convey the sound for that we are grateful.

And with that I bid you Adieu as in French, and Sayonara as in Japanese and Gracias in Spanish for thank you and be well in LOVE...for in all languages we are ONE.

Em me mok for all!



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