channeled  by Dee

His greeting sounded like 'Ob Sok De"

"There is no need to be afraid, even though he doesn't know which direction he is going. It's unnecessary to worry at all since this is like child's play to us.We have not even begun to get serious. No kidding! Don't worry a bit. This doesn't hurt. Hah! Hah! Not at all. It seems we've only begun when actually we began many years ago. Somewhat ages ago actually. It's been a joy but takes so long.

Humans are so active in their own lives. They have no time to get quiet and find out what's really going on. Subdue oneself is the key. Get quiet and observe.  Just look around. The birds, the trees, the flies, the flowers. They all have a life and all this goes on around you which you walk around practically oblivious to all of it.

Someone told me once to observe a snake and see how it slithers side to side in order to go forward. An amazing concept how that works. It seems we all do that. Bob this way and that and eventually move forward a bit. What a concept. Much harder than just deliberately stepping forward.

Yes! You ask what am I getting at. No beating around the bush for you. Get right to it. Don't waste time or paper or ink. People don't want to read gibberish. So! On with it you say. I know how to deal with you better day by day.  Get down to business! Don't beat around the bush.

Ah! The concept of love as we were speaking yesterday. There are so many kinds as you say. One kind for animals, one kind for people, one kind for things. One kind for friends differs than that for one's family. So complicated to learn all that.

Feelings are difficult to convey from one to another. We speak of LOVE - capitalize that, but to convey the feeling is more difficult. That is why we have to become human to examine that feeling and take it back with us so that we KNOW what it "feels" may quote that please!

It is so hard/difficult to acquire a feeling one does not have unless one examines it, plays with it, learns what it feels like. Humans have lifetimes of experience to do this. We do not. We come and we go and that's it. No multiple lifetimes to try things out and see how they work.  We are working very hard to do this. It is very difficult to assume that we should automatically know what you know just because we have massive technology. The two do not go together. Not at all.

Yes! I know I am getting long winded. You tend to remind me to hurry on with it. So! I will let you go for now and we will carry on the conversation again tomorrow.

Yes! I hear the name KRYON as well. He is calling you and you should talk with him.

Be well!

Em ne mok to all!"



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