channeled by Dee

I was hearing several people talking, both male and female.  The female said, 'I just want to be with my own people."

I heard a male from the dark ages of mankind before written history.  He said, "I am from your history." I then saw a man wearing a beige suit. He was tall and thin.  I heard the date, February 13, 1938.  The man said, "I was programmed that night."  (NOTE: I was born on Dec. 26, 1938. My mother said I was born 3 weeks late)

The high pitched British voice then came in and said, "One of you should have a 'DO' list. It's probably all right.  You've worked hard together. Even when you were apart. It was a long time coming. The zero hour. It was always meant to be - for you to meet. You shouldn't worry so much about what's going to happen. It's all planned out way in advance. So long ago, it would make your head spin. Today, for a fact, was planned many years ago. Yesterday...same thing. The secret of a lifetime is that it's planned before you are born. It's called 'pre-planning'. (Grin)

So sorry! Couldn't help it. My sense of humour is so silly. The one thing they let me have. Otherwise I was so dry! Wet behind the ears, they say! So many statements you have. Cliches they call them. You never finished that list, did you Dee? How clever that have a whole list of statements you can just pick out of a hat and use.

So different from our perspective. Nothing left to chance. All pre-planned. Even the death. It's unique in the universe. Being able to pre-plan your life. Oh! Gosh! You forgot something? Just stick it in a dream and you'll remember to do it. It's so funny...this dream business. Your minds are so agile. They dance around and around and we throw in a little dance and your mind dances to it. It's so funny. Even those who are not pre-planned to dance, we can do this to. Forget it? Uh! Uh! We remind you. A little dig here, a little dig there and do it. So amazing. So amusing.

You think you don't have anything to do with us! Bing! There we are. In other universes, it's the same. All pre-planned. The little dances from day to day. Just little reminders to keep you going.

The tragedies you ask? Yes! Even those. They could all be avoided with extra pre-planning. Death is so easy for you. One time...two times! It doesn't matter because you can do it again so easily. The lessons you learn from these lifetimes are so simple and you make them so hard/difficult (Just trying to get the right terminology there) It seems so awful...death!  But it is so easy. The body just lies down and stops and you just step out of it and continue on. Not the same with us. When we die, we die. That's it! No soul to continue. So that's why we work so hard to live. Pak se! I will help you spell here. It's hard for us to continue and we must live a long time to continue and get everything done right. That is why we help you. You have so much fear and there is no need to be because you cannot die. Yes! The body lies down but you do not. Just stand up again and go. Even in little pieces, you just walk away.

I wish more people/humans would understand that. It is so easy for you. Continuous lifetimes either here or there. You have many people/humans/entities to choose from to live with.  Pak easy. We will show you.

The next time you see a death...well maybe you won't see one soon...but when you do...just look at the body and you will see a shimmer and the real body will come up out of the dead body. It is amazing to watch. For us...we laugh...because it is a joy to see you come home and be with us.

Yes! We are running out of time. Time! To move on. I cannot get used to it. You run by these clocks of yours...daylight...darkness...sleep...awake!  Those bodies of yours are so annoying to me. We wish to talk with you and you are busy doing something else. Hah! Hah! I should laugh. I will get the hang of you say in your cliches. Hah! Hah! So much for that! I am in a good I not?

Yes! For you too...Pak long!  (grin)



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