Commentary on the Mars Surveyor

channeled by Dee

"There is a big announcement coming. It is detailed in the following:

Events are coming to a head. There will some events ahead that will be monumental as far as finding life on other planets and the moon.

Some people will say that the government has known all along and they will be right. The government has long known this...for over 50 years and some longer than that. You will recall Roswell. We don't need to go into detail on that as there is plenty available about that already.

What is not known is about the survivors and the brutality exerted against them for information.  There was much cruelty exerted against my people. Eventually, all died. It was not total cruelty, but lack of knowledge and inability to communicate which was a big problem. and we were trying to protect our own as your people wanted to know everything, but were not ready to know everything. They still cannot handle everything and are not ready to know everything.

A much greater spirituality must be present to know all technology. Your people on earth are much too war-like. Factions exist which would wipe out everything but their own so they could control even their own.

These new pictures will show much. We will not be able to stop it this time. This has all been planned and will go well for you. There will be much excitement. Finally, proof of life on Mars! But! What good will it do you? You will see the destruction of our people.See the monuments and marvel at them.Speculate on what happened. To no avail. We are gone.  No longer living there. We can't!  No air, no breathing capacity to survive without air and water. Even our kind of air which is different from yours.

We must curtail expansion of these missions if we can because your people are not ready to learn all there is to know. Some are, but not enough. Much study is going on, but not enough to allow mankind to know everything.

Details will come out that will amaze and astound you. Do not be surprised. You already know we are here. Now the rest will find out. There will be no doubt. Life exists on other planets. Not life DID exist, but life EXISTS. This will be very exciting for your people.

Your religious people will have to regroup, search for new testaments in old records...perhaps ever revise the Bible. New information is there for the taking.

Of course some will deny that this is true. There will always be doubters and scoffers, but the truth exists.  TRUTH IS!

We are very excited too, but apprehensive. How much will the earths people be able to handle? This will be a good test.

Life exists on other planets. The Bible will have to be rewritten. Big dramatic meetings will have to be held all over the world. Some you will never hear about.

But we will be there in the midst of it all...adding our two cents. (grin) Please put the grin.  It is funny.

The truth is finally here and awareness is finally open for all who who wish to partake of it.

That is all.

Em ne mok to all."



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