2-1-02 - NIGHTMARE - My ex-husband Ed came home - he met me and my friends at a bar. The bar bill came to over $500, just for all my friends to have one drink.

I gave Ed two $1 bills from my wallet because that was all I had. Then I signed my last check in 3 bank accounts and gave it to him. That's all I had left.

Ed left and I hung around the restaurant. I had ordered a fish fry dinner and they didn't want to serve me because of my high bar-bill, but they finally agreed to serve me. But I had to wait for a long time to get it, because I was waiting for it in the outer lobby and they served it in an inner booth with my pink bar-bill receipt on top of it. So my fish dinner was actually sitting there waiting for me all along and I didn't know it.

Meanwhile, there was an elevator incident where two young women wanted to use the elevator and another woman who had an evil look on her face pushed the emergency button and stopped it from going where they wanted to go and they got stuck between floors.

I also saw a receipt with my name on it that said, 'The Microsoftwarehouse wolf' was coming and he was right over the hill. That really scared me and I couldn't for a long time figure out what that was about.

I didn't want to to go home because I knew Ed would be there demanding money, so I went to work.

On my desk was a brand new typewriter. It was like a microsize red-maroon color and it was one-touch typing and I didn't know it. Besides that my old typewriter had been so old it took a heavy touch, so when I put the first form into the typewriter, and put my fingers on the typewriter to type, just resting my fingers on the keyboard automatically typed out my Father's name and address on it.

So, I had to get out some more forms to work with. I saw they were all connected and self-carboned so I'd have to have a real light touch to type on this new typewriter.

We were starting work at 7 a.m.

At the bar where I was waiting for my dinner a woman came who was delivering hard-bound 3 ring catalogs to a race track in Tennessee. She was giving them out to lots of people, so I took one with me.

As I woke up, I saw a kids' drawing of the 'Microwavewarehouse wolf'. It was all black and looked like it had been blasted with a shotgun.


2-1-02 - Starting meditation at 7 a.m. to see what was going on.


2-1-02 - VISION - A wolf-faced man came and said, "Who was watching us when we were watching and were proud."

I could only see his right eye open on his furry face. He seemed angry.


2-1-02 - VISION - I saw a note: A study of the 200 - 400- 600 and the manifestation of ______________ (couldn't remember what was going to be manifested)


2-1-02 - DREAM - I was in a house which we shared with other people. I met my brother Marty in the hallway. We discussed whether my computer was was safe. I said it was. He said he kept his in a case. I went to the closet to make sure my computer was safe in it's case. I saw the pink case under the sink but when I opened it, there was an antique clock in it. (I didn't notice what time it said). I knew I had to go look for it.

My Mom came then and asked if I wanted my hair cut. She took a scissors and cut my hair at chin length. It didn't look too bad when I looked in the mirror, but there was a couple stray ends so I took the scissors to follow my mother have her trim the ends a little.

As I was walking through the hallway, my brother asked me if I had given the antique mirror to my daughter yet. I said, "No! I can't trust her with it yet. Anyway, this way, we both get to enjoy looking in it."

He thought he heard a phone ringing, so he went to see who was calling and I continued on through the hallway.

At that point, the scissors broke in half and I was holding the two halves, trying to put it back together.

My brother had told me to watch out for the mean woman who lived in the next room to me, so when the door opened, as I went by, I saw the short, fat, old woman come out of her room carrying a flash camera, my instincts went into alert.

She raised the camera to take a picture of me, right in my face, so I went into a defensive mode and started using Karate chops on her and ran down the hallways towards where my mother was - about 4 steps down. I jumped down the steps two steps at a time, and woke up.


2-2-02 - DREAM - This seemed it was something like the Dionne quintuplets in that there was 9 and then one died and then there were 8 and then ????

NOTE: This was not a people dream - just a comparison between comets and numbers.


2-2-02 - DREAM - Something really terrible happened between this couple, but XMAS had to be celebrated so they finally agreed to celebrate it together because it was too late to do anything else.


2-2-02 - REAM - Joe and I were driving north through California and we stopped the car to get out and stretch our legs.

We went around a corner on the path to the right and came across a deep canyon cut out of red rock. We were right on the brink of the canyon and I looked tot he right and there was a brand new - never driven on - concrete bridge span across the canyon. It had no railings and no wires, or pillars, it was a single concrete span - brilliant white, gleaming in the sun.

I was astounded to see this. I told Joe, I didn't know this was here. He said, "You can see it if you go up highway 3__ (16?)

I was so breathtaking, I could hardly believe it was there. I blinked my eyes and it was gone like it had been in another dimension.. Still I could remember it so clearly and we went home and I was telling people about the white bridge over the canyon

At the same time, one of the visitors named Geri whose husband is named Daniel was telling her husband that they only had 70 days to get ready to go somewhere. Everything she picked up and ate, caused a huge green stain around her mouth and on her tongue - it was various shades of green. I could hardly look at her. I just wanted to remember the bridge.


2-2-02 - DREAM - I went out on the front porch and I saw a huge black cloud coming up in the east. I said to Joe - "That's where the Water Treatment Plant is." I could see the black cloud going up with tremendous speed and the cloud was billowing up to the north - there the smoke met with a regular white cloud in the sky where the smoke merged with the cloud and it became a cloud of black and white geometric shapes. It was quite remarkable to see.

Then a work crew showed up in front of the house and they started working on tree that was barely more than a few years old. They were bending the branches all the way to the ground, tying ropes to them, landing them and letting them spring back up again. there were many smaller broken branches lying on the ground as well which they had trimmed off.

A whole crowd of people and kids was gathering to watch the smoke and the work on the tree and I saw that our daughter was among them. I knew she was enjoying herself, but she was way too young to run around unattended. So I grabbed her and picked her up and carried her back to the house, promising we would sit on the porch and watch.

I went into the house with her to look for a chair I could take out on the porch to sit on. There were so many people in the house, I could hardly find anything to sit on. There were little plants growing everywhere, including on benches I might have been able to sit on.

I finally found an odd shaped tricycle made out of wood for the daughter to sit on, so I picked it up to carry it out to the porch.

As I was walking through the house, one of the young men said, "Hey! There is a real estate lady on the phone..." I answered, "Tell her I need a house twice as big."

I heard Joe laughing . "That's what my mother always used to say."

I then went out on the porch which was an indoor/outdoor type of room. This room all by itself was larger than the whole house was. It was like I was seeing it for myself for the first time and I was astounded.

The north wall had a tremendous set of dishes which were all cobalt blue. I know know how many place settings there were. It stretched all the way across the room in 5 tiers like an upsidedown pyramid for at least 100 feet.

I carried the child who was now more of an infant and went and sat on the couch near to where Joe and another man were sitting and talking by a window facing south. I sat next to a young man on the sofa and the baby seemed like she was tired so I took a small tan blanket to wrap around her and sat down.

I sat there, watching Joe and the other man talk and saw all the old wooden antiques sitting on the window sill.

The baby started to point out which direction the wall with the cobalt blue dishes was. She said, "That is Oklahoma, and that way - (toward the smoke) is Morgan."

I knew that wasn't right, and I said, "That is Oklahoma (north) and that is 76th St. (east)


2-3-02 - DREAM - I went to a bar to enjoy some music for the evening. It was dark out and late and it looked like the roads were icy so it didn't seem safe to go home. So I decided to spend the night as they had an adjoining Inn.

I tried to settle in on the cot in the room, but now the music seemed too raucous to sleep to and I found a gadget that had all the different types of music to choose from, so I could pick my own that I was in harmony with.

Then my friend Mary arrived and it was too icy for her to go home too so I offered to share my cot with Mary and her infant.

In the morning when it became light out and we awoke, I got involved with Mary, and the infant and some children, and the infant's Grandfather - or at least an old man.

We were traveling on the road and found a place which I think was my own bookcase and by the foundation were some plants growing that that broken off a larger one that had died during the ice storm. So Mary and I and the infant got down on our knees in the dir and I separated what was left of the new little shoots coming off the old plant to replant them. There were two different plants growing together - an old jade plant that has succulent soft leaves that can be grown from a single leaf stuck in dirt and it rerooted. In the same pot was a horrendous-feeling sticker plant which seeds were contained in circular balls which clung to everything it touch and hurt to the touch.

So Mary and I and the infant took the jade plant leaves to the house to plant them. When we got there, the old man grandfather was there and he gave each of the children that was there 3 of the leaves. he told the children to plant the leaves 3 to a pot and there were 4 pots so that made 12 leaves they planted.

I looked at my skirt hem and all around the edge, I had these pricker balls attached that I had picked up when I separated the plants so I started  pick them off my skirt and put them in a pile.

I was rather dismayed that all I had left was this pile of weedy sticker balls - then Mary showed me something. I was looking at them like they were a weed and she showed me a full -grown plant which these seeds would eventually become. First she showed mea  small plant which was divided into 12 sections, but when it was full-grown, it had a center similar to a huge sun-flower surrounded by these sticker seeds on the edge. It apeared there were 360 of them, in a perfect circle. Even these weeds grew in perfect geometry.

Then I saw that the infant and I had become soiled with water and dirt so I decided to take the infant upstairs and change our clothes. The infant was dressed all in white, so it really showed the dirt.

As I carried the infant upstairs, it suddenly spoke to me and showed me a secret. The infant said, "My grandfather made sure I would always be cared for he gave me all these bottles of fragrance which are placed everywhere. I looked and sure enough, there were tiny bottles of fragrances of various kinds hidden in all the corners and out of the way places.

The baby grabbed one as we walked by and I was afraid I might be allergic to it, but the infant sprayed it into the air and it was the sweetest, most wonderful scent I had ever smelled.

We continued on upstairs then, where there was a crowd of women waiting to help us change clothes.

There was a bunch of fashion model dolls standing on the shelf from which to choose and whatever we picked would be made to fit us.

The infant chose one that had red curls and a red coat and ruby slippers.

I woke up just as the old man grandfather showed me what looked like Sears and Roebuck tool department which I could choose from, but all these tools were wooden. There were hundreds of them.


2-4-02 - DREAM - I was writing an article about different levels of furniture, having difficulty choosing the correct paragraphs. So I decided to go to the library and research it.

I took a bus West on Center St. I meant to get off the bus at 108th St., but I was too busy being friendly with the other riders and the bus driver and forgot to pull the cord to signal that I wanted to get off the bus.

But the time I pulled the cord, the bus had crossed a bridge and the buss dropped down about 50 feet to leave me off since it was flying in the air once it crossed the bridge.

I got off the bus and had to walk back across the bridge. The bridge was strange cause the wheels of the bus actually rode on the railings of the bridge.  Now that I was walking, I was between the railings, trying to figure out how the bus stayed up there without falling off.

I woke up before I got to the other side of the bridge.

NOTE: I was thinking about the dream and had a vision that showed me that my article got published in Time-Life magazine.


2-4-02 - VISION - I saw a King wearing a gold crown, wearing a purple robe, riding a white horse across a bridge through a forest. - like the King Arthur days. He was followed by a bunch of other riders.

I was told that his name was Tucker Billy.   (Prince William?)

He raised his right arm in a solute or greeting as he came towards me.


2-4-02 - VISION - An ET or myself was laying on the top of a cab of a silver 18 wheeler truck. A man ina silver space suit was standing on the top of the hood of the engine. He was going to work on the engine. I was handing him a tool.  There were several other 18 wheeler trucks in the background.

NOTE:  Eight tractor trailer trucks piled up in the fog on I-80 on 2-4-02 West of Salt Lake City- at least 3 people were killed.  I discovered this after I came back into the livingroom and turned on the TV set.


2-4-02 - VISION - I saw a young blonde girl with long hair, wearing a yellow sweater and blue jeans, sitting on top of the 18 wheeler truck, looking like she was wondering what she was doing there.


2-4-02 - VISION - I saw the top of an 18 wheeler truck with the number 242 over it.

NOTE: I assume that meant the date and the event was imminent.  And it was.


2-4-02 - VISION - I saw my friend Michelle dragging out her carpet cleaner for the umpteenth time.

NOTE:  When I talked to Michelle later, she said she had been thinking about doing the carpets, but didn't feel well enough to do it and decided not to.


2-4-02 - VISION - I saw four colored photographs of groups of people - some standing - some sitting on the floor.

I could tell why they were there.  I got the impression that this was a hostage situation and there was torture involved.

NOTE:  There was a hostage situation going on in Pakistan of a journalist at the time, but I couldn't see the people clearly enough to tell who they were.


2-4-02 - VISION - I saw the TV commentator - Tim Russert - defending someone for doing something.

NOTE: I asked what the person had done and I got the answer 'conflagration'.  Tim Russert is on 'Meet the Press' on Sunday - so I will have to wait to see what he talks about.  Unfortunately, we missed the first show Tim was on.


2-4-02 - VISION - I saw a short file cabinet - The top drawer was open and I saw two forks on the left side on top of papers, facing up and towards the front.

NOTE; Maybe I was just hungry?


2-5-02 - EXPERIENCE - I heard the word Hezbullah loudly in my head while I was making scrambled eggs on the stove.



2-5-02 - VISION - A Black newspaper headline - Process for Provera goes bad.

NOTE: I looked this up on the Internet and found pages of horror stories about Provera, which I sent out to my female friends.


2-6-02 - VISION - I saw a webpage with the words - One more time around for FOXFIRE.

NOTE: I have a survival page and am working on it again.


2-6-02 - VISION - I saw a set of white earphones get yanked out from under a box.


2-6-02 - VISION - I saw a young child go up some steps, put aside a gate and go up into an attic -like area with a railing along it. My feeling is that it is like a library.

NOTE:  There was an announcement of a missing little girl, age 7, in California. They don't know what happened to her. She disappeared out of her bed in the middle of the night.


2-7-02 - DREAM - I was in a large school like place. There were 16 women and 100 men lined up in two different scenes. All of a sudden we were in Europe and were in a hotel. There were 16 people on a bowling team. We were all wearing light orange bowling shirts and brown slacks and white socks. I was very confused there. I didn't know how we had gotten to Europe as I didn't remember flying and as the team members started changing clothes after the tournament, then it seemed to me there were 16 women in orange shirts and 100 men in white shirts.

It didn't make sense to me. One of the men on the bowling team was a UFO research/speaker. I think his name was Frank Stranges.  (The picture on the Internet looks like him too)

I felt very confused and I knew I wasn't wearing my own clothes and I didn't have matching white socks on or my own underwear.

Frank came over to me and tried to grab a kiss while I was sitting on the sofa. He asked for my name and phone number. I found a hotel receipt which I was trying to write my name on. I wrote Mary - Annie Finney. I told him that wasn't my real name - just the one I was using.

The women went with me to the hotel bedroom so I could put my own clothes back on. All our own underwear and socks were laying in individual stacks on the bed - 16 stacks of underwear and white socks for every woman on the team.

Several of the women went with me to the hotel bedroom as I changed clothes. One woman said they had taken her blood pressure and it was 90 over 84. I figured mine was probably 190 over 84 and I laughed aobut it. I was feeling rather confused and groggy and that I probably needed something to eat.

I was trying to figure out too how they had gotten me to fly to Europe in the dark because I don't fly. Then I was thinking that maybe flying at night might be better because you can't see how far up you are.

In one bedroom scene earlier, there was a woman on our team who had been jailed for killing her own son because he was violent and then they took the rest of her kids away from her. I tried to sympathize with her and told her that I would kill someone if they took my kids away from me too. I was trying to make her think I understood how she felt.

I remember looking in the mirror in the hotel bedroom and saw that someone had cut my hair and it was shaped rather like a short puffball on my head, but it didn't look bad.

I woke up to the alarm clock, feeling very groggy unlike my normal self where I wake up during the night several times with dreams and have to go to the bathroom.

NOTE: This might have been an abduction/contact experience of some kind


 2-7-02 - DREAM - I called an Internet site kind of phone for a government office. but a woman answered it and I saw her on a screen. She said she had put me on the records on 2-12-36.  That wasn't my birthdate and that's where she was supposed to be putting me through to. my own records.


2-7-02 - VISION - Check again into RING OF FIRE



2-7-02 - VOICE - "I knew she was right into the intelligence of Al Queda (sp?)"


2-7-02 - VISION - I saw a woman walking on the street carrying a large black leather bag -like a purse with a handle, but it appeared to have nothing in it. The vision was scanning her from the bottom of her dress to her neck. The color of her dress was dark maroon - which seemed to have a tinge of black in the color - About every foot was a thin band of black, yellow, green, blue. It was an odd pattern for a woman to wear as women don't usually want to wear dresses with sideways stripes because they think it makes them look fat.


2-8-02 - DREAM - (I woke up so scared, I've forgotten the whole dream)  I was in a school, getting ready for a dance or banquet. I was going to go to the store to get something for the party and decided to go to the bathroom first.  When I got into the bathroom, one of the stalls had no toilet, but as I stood there, two maintenance guy/plumbers came into the bathroom carrying a toilet. They had a teen age girl with them. I tried to leave the bathroom so they could do their work, and they all came back out of the bathroom with me. They were all standing in the hallway outside the principal's office. I was trying to figure out why they were all standing around so strangely, when I saw the principal standing inside the office, crying softly.  Then I realized that something was wrong, and I slipped into the office, slammed the door and told the woman to call 911.

I woke up with my heart trying to leap out of my chest. I was so scared.

NOTE: this is the second hostage type situation I've seen in two days.  The news below is of a school shooting.

Chicago School Shooting Hurts 3
2-7-02 - CHICAGO -- Three 16-year-olds were wounded in a shooting outside a Chicago high school, police said.

The shooting, which left one boy in serious condition, occurred about 2:50 p.m. Thursday in between two dismissals at Roosevelt High School, said Sgt. Craig Cristoe of the Chicago Police Department's school patrol division.

A 16-year-old boy was being sought as the shooter, Cristoe said. The motive wasn't immediately known.

A boy who was shot in the back was in serious condition Thursday night at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago, a nursing supervisor said. The two other injured students -- a boy and a girl -- were treated and released.

None of the students was identified.

The girl was a student at Roosevelt, Cristoe said. The two boys who were wounded were students at Schurz High School, another nearby Chicago public school, Cristoe said.
Copyright 2002 Associated Press

2-8-02 - DREAM - I can't say I understand this. I was in an old house. There were other people with me, but I didn't see any of their faces. I guess their names and faces were unimportant. . It was just the ideas that were important.

Inside the house, people were throwing things away that were still usable.

I took a whole stack of small notepads and put them into my purse because I could still do a lot of writing on them.

I went outside then and saw that I was on the porch of an old dilapidated cabin and I was in Africa.

The people there were having a funeral for an old man and his dying chimp, but they weren't dead yet. They were laying on wooden sleds on the porch and the people had gathered to watch them die.

Then they were going to pull the sled into a funeral pyre and burn up the old man and the chimp - before they were even dead.

I'm not sure why they were doing this - to keep a disease from spreading - or to spare them from pain perhaps.

I was going to help the old man, when he got up off his death sled, picked up his beloved chimp who had worked for him for many years. He carried him into the funeral pyre himself and self-immolated themselves.

I didn't actually see the deaths - I just saw what they planned to do.

Following this I saw a huge black number 7 and what looked a newspaper article. I got a good look at the writing in the article and I'm sure the partial words I was seeing meant that this event hadn't yet happened.

The big black 7 perhaps means it will happen in  7 days or 7 years - perhaps it means the extermination of the chimp or the extinction of a program which studies the animals - then I remembered - Jane Goodall.

I was supposed to write an article about her program many months ago and haven't done it yet.



2-8-02 - DREAM - I was in a school in the evening, doing some writing. I left the schoolroom to go to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and saw I was wearing a BIG shirt which was hanging out in the back. It was red and black. I was hoping that nobody saw me walking back to the classroom. There were maintenance crew refurbishing a room on the east side of the hallway.

I hoped they didn't see me. But a young woman DID spot me and followed me into the room and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was writing.

She wanted to know where she could get a MAC program. I told her that I thought the only place you can get a MAC program is to get a MAC computer.

I remember getting a date of June 16, 1996 which I had to look up.

2-9-02 - DREAM - I was listening to the radio when I fell asleep. Barbara Simpson interviewed James Redfield about his new book about God and was talking to listeners.  I didn't hear any of the interview because I was sleeping.

The dream was about reading a book and seeing maggots crawling out of the pages which I flicked across the room with my left index finger. One of them landed in a small clear vase. There was also a black cat sitting there.

I then dreamed about seeing a window blind which was open only partially and I saw a single maggot crawling there too.


2-10-02 - DREAM - I was in a house in the livingroom. I was dressed casually and was wearing my Father's socks. My Father came in and sat on the sofa, and I was sitting on an overstuffed arm chair to his right, but facing his direction. My Father wasn't wearing shoes either. I saw that my Father was wearing plain maroon socks. I was wearing a pair of socks that was rather plaid or tri-color, black, white, and grey, but the pattern went in many different directions and thicknesses, some in squares, some in triangles, some in rectangles, and some lines all the way around .

My Father said, "I see you are wearing my socks."  I said, "yes!' and put my feet on top of his like I used to as a child.

He said, "Why are you wearing my socks instead of your own socks?"

In my mind, I was picturing chartreuse green socks, which is what I actually had on while I was napping. I said, "Because they seemed like they were too small for me."

He said, "Well then, see to it that you treat them with care."  I said, "I will!"

I then went to a restaurant which was where the kitchen was. A waitress who was brand new waited on me. She brought me a huge tray of food to eat, then said, "I guess I should write up your order."

I said, "Yes!" Here is a $10 bill to pay for it, but she stood there trying to figure out what was the cheapest, smallest items they had so I didn't have to pay the whole price for what she served to me which was an enormous amount of food.

I then went outside, still wearing my socks. I walked along the brick path next to he building, wearing extremely casual clothes, my short brown tweed coat which was more like a sweater. I was wearing slacks but I don't know what color.

I heard a business woman coming along the path  behind me. I could hear her high-heeled boots on the sidewalk and knew she was wearing a regular coat, short dress and stockings.

I rather slouched back to the door of the building where my father was, my hands in my pockets, hoping I could get into the building before she spoke to me.


2-11-02 - DREAM - I was with my friend Barbara. I was wearing a pendant on a chain with small turquoise colored crystals in the shape of                           with something above it, which I didn't see.

Barbara was going to buy matching earrings, each of which would have 1/2 of the symbol on it. But Barbara's mother ran out to the jewelry story herself to buy the earrings.

Barbara and and I were rather perturbed that her mother interfered like that, but then Barbara's mother interfered like that, but then Barb's mother called us together and said she was going to start a business based on the pendant and earrings.  Five women would each be part owner and the name of the business would be made up of 3 letters of each person's name like  Dee Lee Liz Bar and one other I think was Chr.

I was trying to figure out the name of the business when I woke up.


2-11-02 - DREAM - I was in a house/building. I was going to do the laundry. The washer and dryer were side by side next to a tall dark green old file cabinet.

I put the clothes into the washer and then went to turn it on and couldn't figure out how to do it. There were so many levers, switches, dials and color names on the section that faced me /the operator - I couldn't figure out what was ON & OFF.

Also there were 4 color combinations listed, black/silver, navy/white, grey/white, black/grey, which I had no clue what it meant.

I started to feel anxious, then hysterical, so much so that a man came running into the room to see what was wrong with me. Hysterically, I told him that I couldn't figure out how to turn on the washer so I must be losing my mind.

The man reached over the top of the washer, flipped a switch up and the washer started. (I didn't stop to think that I could have flipped all the switches one at a time until something happened) 

Promptly then, I saw a paper towel and water on the right side of the tub, while the agitation cycle was going on and I saw that this was happening with the lid UP which should never happen for safety reasons.

Then I saw a small hole way up high on the file cabinet and a stream of water was coming out of the hole and squirting over into the washer, but some water was running down the side of the file cabinet as well and flooding the side of the washer.

I stood there a moment trying to figure out why water would be coming out of the top of the file cabinet and the man said, 'Oh, there is an experiment going on where some men threaded a small hose up through the file cabinet to see if extra water would help get the clothes clean.

I then saw a little pink hose start to emerge from the hole that hadn't been apparent before that and as it emerged, I grabbed it and started to pull on it, because this experiment to me - was stupid, a waste of time, annoying, and bothering me. I pulled on the hose until I had pulled out about 10 or 12 feet and finally the whole thing came out.

There was a commotion behind me. I turned and there were two men, dressed all in black, struggling with a group of thin standpipes or tubes, trying to make them stable because I had just disrupted their experiment. I don't know where those standpipes/tubes went but they were obviously doing this experiment in more than one place at the same time.

I woke up and promptly forgot the dream. Annoyed, I was about to get up from bed, when I had a vision of little hand puppet dolls dancing side by side in the same color scheme as I saw on the washer front and the whole dream popped back into my memory all at once, like a thought packet.


2-12-02 - Before I fell asleep I heard a telephone ringing in my left ear. It was so loud that my eyes popped open. Then I realized what it was and I closed my eyes again and told spirit mentally that I was ready for a message. I actually thought I had spoiled it by opening my eyes, but gradually I started to see black and white movements of crowds of people and I started to try to figure out what I was seeing while the pictures continued to roll like a film of a place where there were a lot of people like the Olympics possibly. But then I was already worried that I was looking for a problem to occur when I saw a picture of an individual young boy and then my brother so I was concerned that something was going to happen to my brother.

I gradually slipped into a colored dream in which I was still thinking somewhat lucidly - looking for the problem and thinking rationally and logically - yet dreaming the scene and making conscious decision about what was going on.

In the first scene my brother came home from the Air Force in uniform, which actually happened many years ago.

Then my mother came home and something strange happened. There were screws and little sockets missing from various places in the house and my mother was walking around trying to put them back in and I was trying to help her.

(Now that I'm awake this cold reference that she has a screw loose and that's rather an unkind metaphor for her mental problems. She is 86 and has had several strokes and has perhaps Alzheimers now)

But I helped put the screws back where they belonged and that worked out okay.

A man came to the house and I didn't want to be impolite so I made him  some dinner on a plate. I was making mashed potatoes and gravy.  By the time I got the food served on the plate - it was too cool to serve, so I had to put it in the microwave oven, which strangely enough was across the alley from the house Unfortunately, as soon as I walked out the door, it close behind me and there was no knob so I couldn't get back in, so I would have to walk all the way around the house with these plates..

As soon as I got outside the door, two young men came up to me and immediately my neighbors came to their windows and asked if I was okay. I assured them that I was - and I knew that this wasn't the problem I was expecting to have happen.

Then a young woman came along who I knew - I'm going to call her Judy. I didn't think this was a problem because I knew her so well, but she was trying to get into my house through the door which even I couldn't open, so I pushed the door shut further to make sure she couldn't get in it.

Then it seemed that perhaps she was the problem and I started to watch her as I started to walk around the outside of my house.

I thought I would watch her cause a problem to someone else, but I then saw that she was actually out to stop me from making it back into my own house.

So I started to run across the yard and I started to hear a child's song being sung - can't remember what it is now, but it had something to do with the situation.

then I saw the names God and Babaji in the air and I knew that's where my help was.

By then I knew the problem was this woman and that I didn't need to look for strangers for problems to appear - the problem was this friend who I couldn't trust.


2-12-02 - DREAM - I was working in two apartment buildings on the same street a block apart. It seems that the men and young boys lived in one building and the women with very young children lived in the other one.

I was being paid to answer the phones to dispatch male workers in the men's building, but I kept running over to the women's building to see how things were going and to deliver books. Then I had to hurry back, hoping I didn't miss any phone calls.

In the women's building, I went into the laundry room where there were 4 washing machines in the center placed in a square. These washers were two arm spans wide - either 4 or 5 feet square. I saw that they had allowed the young children to make deep scratches on the tops of the washers because they let them draw on them with chalk. I was incredulous that they allowed the children to damage the washers like that.

Back in the men's building, they were cooking over a huge fire pit. There was a huge gas stove in the center of the pit with the gas turned all the way up with the blue flames burning. But they had a brick barbeque pit built around the stove about a foot away from it in each direction and some wood piled on top of the stove.

Then they cooked using long sticks and tongs over the walls of this pit. They were all excited about how big the fire was.

I also had chores to do here. I saw the "T" list of chores to be done. The list had number/scores accredited to each item on the list to be done. I couldn't actually read the list, but the top score which was a whole paragraph long was 750. The second time, whose paragraph was a little shorter was 700.

I didn't see what the chores were just one word were scored at but the number was smaller. the shorter the word the lower the score. I think the lowest core was 7. The list was rather long, but I don't know the exact number of them.


(I really don't know what it is, but I'm still thinking about it)

The apartment I was in seemed clean, except under the table and where the children played. The children asked me if it was necessary to have the colorful afghans on the sofa because they weren't folded up and I said, "Yes!" as I walked full length along the sofa and picked them up. I couldn't walk on the floor because there were too many toys there.

I pulled the chairs out from under the table and was astonished how much garbage was under it. The carpeting was like green grass so I was going to have to use a rake to clean out under the table. 

Everyone ate i the same place and people would pull up in their cars with their own utensils to eat. These I carried, one vehicles utensils at at time, went to the kitchen sink and washed them - the sink was so large - like the men's stove to cook on, I could actually stand inside the sink to wash the utensils and then retain them to the vehicle.

On my lunch  break, I took a walk. There were hundreds of people out on the sidewalks. It was the fall of the year. I saw colored leaves on the ground everywhere, but there seemed to be a lot of garbage strewn around on the streets here too. As I walked along, I met a tiny women who couldn't have been more than 2 feet tall though perfectly proportioned. All the other people were normal size 5 to 6 feet, though I was taller than anyone else.

I asked the tiny woman if she'd like to be carried to where she was going. She said, "Yes!" so I picked her up and began carrying her. Because I was taller and had longer legs, I was walking faster than anyone else.

The little woman got upset and asked me to slow down because I was going too fast, so I slowed down to her speed which seemd uncomfortably slow to me, but she wanted to enjoy the scenery along the way too, not get there as fast as possible.

I then had a vision of 3 beautiful trees, all perfectly trimmed like a ball, they were budding into leaf like it was the first day of spring.


2-13-02 - The radio was on with Art Bell and the topic was hydrogen.

DREAM - I went to a church with my husband and we listened  to a lecture by a couple of men who were looking for volunteers to take a copy of a packet of papers which were labeled SENATE.

My husband and I both decided to take a copy and make our decision at home.

Personally, I was quite taken with the subject and started passing the word amongst retired people to go listen to the next lecture.

One of the men, who was sitting in a rocking chair, had been the person who tried to get the Senate to listen to him many years ago and they wouldn't.

Now a program was gaining ground and finally becoming known.

Sometime in this process - I had a vision of this date:  September 6, 1988



2-14-02 - DREAM - T.J. was keeping me in a jail room. It was a large enough room. At first it had a window and it didn't seem so bad. But then the window disappeared and all I did was pace the floor. There was nothing to do. There were other people there but nobody talked to anyone so all I did was clean.

We had only one thing to eat - but didn't resemble a pill.

I made myself wake up when he came in the room with a whipping stick - like they used in Afghanistan.


2-14-02 - DREAM - It seemed like a continuation of the above dream but with more people and more work to do. More laundry.

Two men were fixing the dishwasher, but then I did the laundry in it, and it had too much yellow dishwashing liquid in one of the white towels that they had spilled it on and the water didn't rinse it out very well. 

I caught some of T.J.s friend learning a new dance from the Arabs. They picked up the women bodily and treated them like booms sweeping around the room with them. They all looked embarrassed to be caught and stopped. 

There was a young boy there who needed a nap so I covered him up on the sofa. I saw that he had 3 beautiful hand knit sweaters in brown shades of yarn.

I got a phone call from my  friend Lizz then. I've been worried about her. She said she was at her cousin Richelle's house. I saw the phone number on a Barnes and Noble bag receipt. It was in area code 707. She said she was okay - and I was bawling her out for not letting me know she was leaving home. (The area code is close to where she lives for real)


2-15-02 - DREAM - I don't know what city I was in, but it had to have been Wisconsin. I knew all the people and my kids were grown - like teens and older.

I was in process to rent an apartment for myself, and most of my kids were with me except for Bill - He had gone to rent a small apartment of his own. His older brothers thought this was a sign of his being mentally ill, but I said, "No! He just wanted to get away from his Father and stand on his own two feet and that's a GOOD thing!" Naturally I would say that because I was doing the same thing.

I started out in the courtyard of a huge apartment complex. These were huge buildings, but beautiful and ornate. I was looking to see what kind of people lived in these buildings. At first, I didn't see any white people and wondered if I would be accepted in a place like this - then I saw a woman who looked just like myself at the other end of the courtyard and knew that these buildings were well integrated.

I then was driving along the street and was almost got run into by my first boyfriend Roger and a buddy of his. They were driving along the street on some kind of bicycle - carrying a political sign, endorsing someone. I didn't pay attention to the name on the sign. 

I said laughingly - "Oh! I should have known it would be someone like you!"

He got off the bicycle and sat down to talk to me and my kids. He had grown a great deal since high school - he was rather giant size and had a deep suntan like he was outside all the time.

I walked into the building to pay the landlady and get the keys to my new apartment, which was number 33. 

Just as I was going to walk into the apartment, a Chinese woman pushed past me and walked into it ahead of me.  Someone said, "No! This isn't your apartment, this is 33 north, you will be in 33 south."

I felt confused, I didn't know there were two buildings. 

So, I, my kids and friends I had accumulated along the way started to leave the building and someone said, "Why don't you pay your rent to the landlady as long as you are here?

That was a good idea, so I stopped at a counter to write a check for the rent. It was going to be $175." That was really cheap for what I was going to be getting. The woman I was with was concerned that I had spent all my money, but I told her, "No! I made sure that I set aside enough to pay the rent."

I wrote the check - then we went out to the car and the parking lot was at the top of a hill with rolling hills and valleys al around us. It was a beautiful scene.

All of a sudden a storm was coming and a huge wind came up. The kids ran for the building to keep dry. They got way ahead of me. I saw a driving rain coming and the wind came, along with a whirlwind which came out of the north, they way my children had gone. I couldn't get to either building without getting soaking wet. 

I looked at that and someone behind me said, "If you close those windows and save the property, you will be known as the "Hero of ____ Hill" 

I couldn't just walk away and let the building be destroyed by the wind and rain, so I ran into the building. the painters/maintenance crew had gone home and left al the lights on and windows open, but on the hallway side, where people could get in, they had closed the door and put up a protective door - to keep out intruders. But I couldn't close the windows if I didn't go through this extra barrier door. The door had a small emergency knockout piece of wood in the center, which I easily kicked out, but the hole was low to the floor and small -- like for a large dog and I didn't want to get on my knees to get in there, so I moved the whole barrier door and walked around the side of it. 

Once inside the apartment, all my friends came in behind me. This apartment was huge and a duplicate of what I was going to be moving into.

The rooms were huge and there were room dividers over head made of glass or crystal which one could pull down.

I went to the kitchen where the windows were open and the floor was made of thick crystal - overlaying a colored underlayment. I was barefoot now and walking on the crystal floor was exquisite feeling. 

But the windows were up high and open and there were stained glass shutters to close over them with brilliant colors. I had to pull up a chair and stand on it to close the shutters.

Meanwhile, there were other people there now, watching me, including Seth from One Life to Live and he was standing there, twisting a elegantly carved wooden pillar. 

I was so upset, I had to stop him and I needed up taking an iron frying pan and slamming it into his nose like he was a pig.

"Golden SUN Crop Circle Anchors the
inner Christ, Awakens The Inner Child, Bridges Earth with the Heavens.
On the Mayan day 1 CIMI (May 4, 1998), between 2 and 4 am, a 33 petaled
crop circle appeared in a field of golden rape seed (Canola Oil), near Silbury
Hill in Sommerset, England. The circle, the first of the season, appeared the
very evening there was a powerful ceremony during the 3rd Annual Mayan
Dreamtime Festival in Glastonbury. This crop circle is intimately linked to the
Mayan Calendar by the frequency of 33. The master number 33 represents
Christ consciousness and the awakening kundalini. The 33 is the 13 numbers and the 20 Suns in the Tzolk’in, a
sacred calendar for the human being. The 13 numbers are our spirits and the 20 Suns are our bodies. When we
merge spirit with our body, we activate the sacred 33 within our 33 vertebrae and our kundalini. The Mayan day, 1 CIMI, represents energy flowing from the great creator creating a bridge between the worlds. Those who stood inside the circle could feel a powerful flow of energy from the cosmos entering the circle. Many felt childlike, charged, healed, healthy and strong. "

See 33 DREAM


2-15-02 -  VISION - September, 1993 - Buildings coming down due to #13


2-16-02 - DREAM - I was in a building somewhere - an old couple came in with a gift to say 'thank you - It was a huge bowl of beet borscht.

It seems we must have had a group prayer or meditation. A woman came forward and said she had a vision of a man whom we were concerned about. She said, "He's going to have a long, but lonely life."

We then saw Saddam Hussein come out of his house wearing only his underwear. A voice said, "Saddam wishes to show you what he has - that he has balls - and he showed us a close up of Saddam's underwear and instead of a penis, he had the head of a huge black dog - a Doberman or pit bull (known for killing people)  It came to me that he's going to fight like a junk yard dog.

Then we saw what else Saddam had - I saw red and gold condom packages - Ont he front they said, "ISRAELISM - 105" 

See Dreams and Visions of Iraq and Saddam Hussein


VISION -  These were humanoids - cartoonish -  


2-17-02 - DREAM - The 1st two beams weren't full pictured dreams - They were more like I was looking into a window and the action was taking place behind the window - more or less like live television but the two scenes were being shown to me on purpose so I could analyze them.

Both windows had dead people behind them - in Europe who had died in a mysterious way and it was still being investigated as to the means of death. 

The first one was female and cause of death was unknown. The second one was male and had died in bed. I was being shown various mattresses to see whether I thought he had had acid poured on him or not.


2-17-02 - DREAM - I was at work, laying on a bed in an ante-room. I could see everyone else going from place to place in the building from where I was laying. The husband of a friend of mine - name was David - came in and said they were getting ready to move to New York.. I found that interesting. So far they've lived in Wisconsin, Texas, and North Carolina. 

He wasn't thrilled about having to move to New York. He lay on the bed next to me and I put my left hand on top of his left hand and we lay side by side while we talked. He had to leave then and I watched him to to the elevator and get on it. 

I knew he'd be back - though because I still had his brown shoes under my bed and he'd have to come back for them. 


2-17-02 - DREAM - I was laying in bed in the children's room at my 16th St. house, though I was an adult. It was quarter to 8 in the morning and everyone else was still sleeping. I knew it was going to be a mad rush when everyone woke up at the same time at 8 a.m. so I thought about getting up to see the bathroom before everyone else needed to. 

But before I did, I was laying there - thinking about the past and planning the day out ahead of me.

I wondered if my co-workers would hold it against me because there were many days I didn't show up for work at all and I had been promoted to a new job upstairs that they might have wanted. 

I thought about walking to the mailbox to mail my mother a letter and taking the baby who had just started walking and letting the baby walk all the way, but I knew that would take a long time, - maybe too long. 

A friend of mine (J) who was already dressed and ready to go to work came and lay on the bed next to me. I was thinking I should just get up and go to the bathroom so I could be the first one in there. I heard my son Michael getting up and I wanted to get in there before he did.

I saw my green and white striped bathrobe laying on the bed and grabbed that to put on while I ran across the hall to the bathroom.

I got into the bathroom and J came with me and stood in the doorway and held the door so I couldn't close it. She was already dressed and had her makeup on and ready to go. So I struggled with her over control of the door to shut it - I told her, "You are wasting my time."

I got the door closed, but then there was a tall plastic black table with long legs right right in front of the toilet which was blocking my way too which I would have to move first.

(I also remember a scene where I was walking in the street, going to work and it was rather dark out, but people were smiling at me and greeting me, but it wasn't English -  the word was like Magrov or something like that. 

It made me feel good that I was welcome and liked.  


2-18-02 - DREAM - I was in a house somewhere, taking care of children - one woman had 10 identical babies, all cute blonde chubby babies - they were all out of their cribs but one and I was watching over the one which was still sleeping. 

We got a visitor which was supposed to be a young boy, but I knew he was an ET.  He was a cute boy with dark hair, but the long pants he wore clung to his thin legs and that gave him away. I was determined to prove he was an ET though he wouldn't admit it, so when he was close to me, I pinched his leg through his pants and found nothing but cloth between my fingers. I expected him to squeal in pain and he didn't but now he was onto me and my deception so I quickly pinched farther in and still didn't find any flesh beneath my fingers, but I could feel where his real leg was, it was barely more than just bone. 

Now he knew he had been  had and that I knew who he was and I knew for sure who he was, so I got him out of the house and locked the door.

After the mother came to get her baby, I went outside to work with some tree seedlings. They were very small yet. There were 12 of them and i had them all in a glass of water to sprout. They were too small to even plant yet. 

I looked at them   and saw that they were all growing, they all had the beginnings of new pink growth in their little twigs, but I wanted to show them how to grow, so I lay each one in turn on the ground and took a fine paintbrush and painted on each little twig and the ground beneath it, the branch it was supposed to become, so the branch would know which direction to grow in. It was pale pastel green and really pretty.

After I painted each one, I put them back into the glass of water to continue growing now that they knew what was expected of them. 



2-18-02 - DREAM - I can't recall if I was on vacation from my jog or had retired, but I wanted to keep in touch with my replacement by telephone so I could keep track of what was going on. 

I knew the woman well, but I didn't know what her direct phone number was.

I thought I would call while the boss was at lunch and she'd answer the bosses phone and then I'd ask her for the number. All I had to do was call the main Mining System number. 

So I dialed that number and the boss herself answered the phone. I apologized for bothering her and asked to speak to Alice. The boss was really sweet and told me that Alice was home with the flu and was very ill. 

While I was talking to her, my husband showed me that the new TV he bought, which was on top of the file cabinet, came with a stereo system which had been packed inside of it. He started to unpack it and hook it up, so I was excited that we had something new to look forward to. 


2-18-02 - I was doing a meditation tape to cleanse and work with the chakras of the body.

As usual, I was having visions while I was listening to the tape. 

When we were at the 2nd chakras, I saw a purple page listing the various vertebrae of the body by name. (I had seen a chart like the earlier in the day as well, while reading a book on healing)

A couple of chakras higher, I don't remember which one specifically, I started to feel a burning sensation in one of my lower vertebrae. A thought crossed my mind that I sit at the computer too many hours a day.  Instantly I had a vision of a young woman jumping into the air with her arms over her head, dressed like one of the ski racers at the winter Olympics. She had a look of joy on her face like she had just won the gold metal.  

By the time the tape was over, my whole lower back at this particular vertebrae was at, was burning so much, I had to roll over on my side until the burning went away. 

Earlier in the morning, I had read that this particular vertebrae governs the nerves and circulation of the blood in the ankles and feet and that is exactly where I have an infection on my left inner ankle, and a hug bruise from4 years ago on my right ankle. 


2-19-02 - DREAM - I don't know where I was. It was unfamiliar to me. I graduated from some kind of program and was given a diploma. 

I didn't look like real life either - about 20 to 30 years younger and had beautiful long curly hair.

I decided to take a shower before going to work. It seems I didn't get wet though and the shower was like in a glass cabinet made of wood and glass. 

After my shower, I starting opening doors for a huge party to celebrate the graduation. I opened many side by side doors of the wood and glass. in this huge room, along the walls were all the cabinets of wood and glass which had the serving dishes for the party and when the guests arrived, they were all wearing tuxedos and gowns and most of the women and men were wearing crowns like Kings, queens, princes, and princesses.

I then continued opening doors on different levels  but these doors were an odd shade of light to medium blue and were numbered.

I woke up because I was cold and all the blankets were on Joe's side of the bed. 

NOTE: The crowns on the people's heads might have represented the crown chakras.


2-19-02 - DREAM - I was working for a middle-aged couple a housekeeper and baby sitter for two children and I lived with them in apartment 307.

I hadn't gone downstairs to pick up my mail for a whole month - the entire time I had been there.

So, I put on my coat and went out into the hallway, where I discovered I didn't have an apartment key to get back in - though I had the mailbox key and a whole ring of other keys.

So, I ran back to the apartment before they shut me out and the baby - a boy about a year old was standing by the door, just about to shut it and he let me in. I went to my bedroom and got my apartment key from my brown coat. 

I attached the key to the large key ring with a separate smaller ring. 

I then went back through the livingroom where the family had just put up a Christmas tree and there was tinsel all over the floor which I would have to clean up I said, "Oh my God!" at the mess, but I had to go get my mail. 

I went back out into the hallway where I met a tall man about 7 feet tall who was going down the stairs at the same time.

He said, "You don't look very happy!' I didn't want to tell him anything about my life so I said, "I just woke up from a dream where I was having sex with this really great looking guy who I'll never get to see again - Who could be happy?"

The stairway wasn't normal - it had tiny little steps so I jumped and practically flew down the steps. 

On the 1st floor I met the maintenance man who made a comment that it was about time I came down for the mail because he had had to construct a separate mailbox for me.

I went out into the lobby and looked at the mailboxes and they weren't in the order i expected them to be. They weren't in order by apartment number. I wondered if they were in alphabetical order by person's name.  

But then I spotted my mailbox way over on the right at the bottom of a stack of glass boxes where you could see how much mail was in them.

I put my key into the lock and the whole glass side of the box came off. 

The mail was a mess. The packages were wrapped loosely like they had been looked at, there were scraps of old newspaper in the box, but there were no letters or even any junk mail. 

I complained to the maintenance man who had followed me to the lobby - his only comment was that may be it hadn't caught up to me by the forwarding process yet. 

I took my mail, but the glass side back on the box and noticed a dark haired young woman standing there waiting to get at her glass mailbox as well. (That could have been my friend Michelle - I didn't get a really good look at her face)

I then went back to the stairway to go back upstairs. There were several stairways and I couldn't help but notice that standing in front of the elevator door was a group of retarded Mongoloid people.  

I started to walk back upstairs and the 3rd floor stairway had several blind staircases that only went part way. one had to know the way to get there. 

So I was waking up, I was standing on a balcony overlooking the ocean and there was a young baby standing there who had been told that if he ever wet his pants he would be thrown off the balcony He was desperately trying to get his diaper off so he wouldn't wet it, when he fell down and almost fell off the balcony and I couldn't reach out to help him because my hands were stuck underneath the blankets on the bed. 


2-20-02 - 2-20- a.m.  DREAM - I was with a group of young adults at an archeological site. The bodies of an ancient woman and her twin infants was found in a river bed laying on a slab of blue and white glass portrait of an Egyptian type figure. The river water was starting to rise and we had to quickly move the woman, the infants, and the blue and white glass to higher dry ground before the rising water obliterated the evidence. 

At the same time, I saw a kitten being born which could run and scamper as soon as it was out of the womb. (It looked like that newly cloned kitten which was in the news recently)

SEE:  22002twins.htm


2-20-02 - DREAM - I was sitting in my car in a garage, having it checked out to see how it was running. The mechanic said that I was smart, that most people never bothered to do that. 

I looked around the huge garage. It was mostly empty. There were only 3 or 4 cars parked in there.

To check the car, he made the engine run faster and slower, faster and slower -  (I know my heart beat was doing this too)

He said I was doing one thing wrong - that the telephone I was using in the car was a right hand telephone and I was using it left-handed. 

I thought he was nuts because I've talked on the phone left-handed all my life - and I write right-handed.

I then went home and discovered that my office in the apartment building had been ransacked. My maintenance crew was sitting around my desk and one of the guys had rouge on his cheeks. I saw on the desk where he had been messing around with 4 rose colored rouge pads. I had with my makeup. He started acting defensive before I even accused him. I looked at the clock and it was almost 10:30 a.m. I told him that if he wanted to leave, I would clock him out at 10:30 a.m. He stood by the door a few minutes and then changed his mind and decided to stay. 

An older maintenance crew came in and they started pulling out a rectangular cart I kept by the right side of my desk where I kept my supplies on. They didn't even ask.

I grabbed it back and told them I needed it, that if they needed a cart, there were plenty of other carts around they could use. 

I then got a phone call from T.M. telling me he needed a 72 page book written and it had to have small pages - like a booklet you could tuck into a packet or purse. 

I visualized a piece of paper that folded out of a book so the paper was folded out into a 7 double sided pages - accordion style. The pages were colorful, but not too many words on each page. I knew I already had this written and I gave the plan to Alice to type up.

All of a sudden, a bunch of cops came into my office, acting all accusatory and questioning, "Did you see any blood spots or drips anywhere around this morning?"

I said, "No!" and with that, they dumped all my belongings on my desk. They had taken all my belongings out of my house and down to the station to check for blood spots because someone had been killed in a car accident on the corner that morning. 

I knew I had been in the garage with my car, but then my long-time friend Irv came in and started talking about having been out on the streets during the time when the accident happened. 

I didn't want to be accusatory, so I just let the cops do their own job.

When the cops were bringing in my stuff, they also brought in bags and bags of harvest fruit. There were dry leaves from the harvest all over the floor, so I started to sweep up the leaves and saw berry juice spots all over the floor. 

As I started to sweep, I also got two kinds of fruit mixed with the leaves, so I ended up putting the fruit branches back into the garden.

At the same time. I was explaining to the cops that they should eat plenty of fruit, especially blueberries, black berries and red grapes.

I said they should get enough to be the equivalent to a quart. 

They thanked me for the idea, and by then I had at least 5 bushels of black cherries or red grapes to process. Some was on bushes and part was on a long vine in a pot. 

The cops started to leave then and i went to close the folding doors of the office and hanging on the back side of the doors were 5 foot long sheets of paper with my name at the top listing every piece of information there was to know about me.

I said, "Don't you need these?" and they said, "We've read them already" and left.



I was about 17 years old, standing at the door of my house with one of my boyfriends. He said to me, "I can't see you anymore".

I asked, "Why not?"

He answered, "You're just too negative," and he walked off into the dark alone.

Not to be dismayed, the next day I went to see another one of my boyfriends. He was sitting in 1/2 darkness in a big closet when I got there. He was working on something at a desk, but I don't know what.

I stayed out in the light and said to him, "I got dumped yesterday by N." He said, "How come?" I answered, "He said I was too negative."

He asked, "How come?"

I said, "Because I've been talking about being self-sufficient for 10 years!"

J., who was a hunter said, "I don't see anything wrong with that."

That made me feel better.

The next day, J and I were out at a park. It was obvious we didn't go there together, because when I met him, he was pacing up and down along the bank of a river with a big thick rope in his hands, like they use to moor ocean-going vessels, which went across the river to something behind a big truck. He looked like he was in deep despair.

I asked him what was wrong. He said, "I really wanted to use my boat today, but the water is too rough."

I looked at the river and I have to admit it was really rough. There were waves on it about two feet high, but the water was perfectly clear and I could see the gravel bottom of the river. It was clean and not much more than two feet deep it seemed. I wondered why he didn't just wade across the river and go sit in the boat. It didn't appear like the water was going sideways along the bank. It was more like a lake. But I know rough water can be dangerous if you lose your footing, so I took the rope from J and walked over aways so I could actually see the boat which was hidden behind the big truck.

When I did that, I saw that the boat was actually a rubber raft, sitting in a smooth-watered pond, beyond the truck and if J had changed his perspective like I did, he could easily have let go of the rope, walked over to the road we had come in, crossed the bridge, and walked along the opposite bank of the river to where the truck was parked and sit in the raft on the pond all day.


I couldn't help but wonder why he didn't think of that.


2-22-02 - I didn't dream during the night at all. After Joe left for work, I had a dream about moving. It had nothing to do with a place, only with color and shapes.

DREAM - My kids and brother John were helping me move. We were all wearing pale yellow sweaters. I said it was warm enough to take them off, but they said, "No!"  But I pushed up my sleeves so I would be a little cooler, even if they didn't want to do so. 

I had to decide which long rugs to take and which to leave behind. The older - darker ones were left behind. 

I went for a walk on the downtown street later. Everyone was wearing flowered Hawaiian clothes and a I felt very out of place because I was wearing red and white checkered clothes. 

Then it seems I was tested because I was seeing a row of colored clothing go by - each of which was just a tad different color color - like looking at a rainbow going by, but numbered as well - there were 24. Each of the items was different as the colors were moved to the right just slightly as well - the color and a white shoulder triangular mark moved to the right also with the increasing numbers.

I was then shown a series of shapes - these were all black and white drawings - ranging from hearts to candlesticks to telephone stands - I was asked to remember them - as many as I could. 

I was then shown a pair of bicycle seats, which I believe was on a tandem bike. The seats were more or less bell shaped - made of silver - the woman's seat was 1/2 padded between the bars rung's with pearlescent white - the male seat had no padding at all between the silver rungs. It actually looked like it would be very uncomfortable to take a ride on that bicycle - (I only saw the seats - not the bicycle)

In another scene I was at work and called Florida accounting and nobody had the correct phone number. I went up a floor, figuring our own A-C accounting would have the phone number and nobody had any accounting phone numbers. 

NOTE: as I was waking up, I was told to make note of any sensations I was feeling. 

My ears were ringing.
My exposed skin felt like a cool breeze was blowing across it.
My hart was beating fast and steady.
I was hearing the woman's voice speaking to me.


2-23-02 - DREAM - I was living in New Berlin - down on the corner of Moorland and Small Rd., a man opened up a car-painting shop. It was a huge place. He didn't have any cars in it yet, but I found it exciting to think about having my car painted a different color.

The next day, I was at work at A-C, on 70th street, on the 4th floor. I looked out the window and a friend of mine was standing out on the sidewalk next to her newly painted purple van and her hair dyed black. She looked stunning and so did her van. 

I was going to go downstairs and take a closer look, but she was at a parking meter and didn't want to put any money in it, so she left to drive around the block and find another free spot that had time left on the meter.

Next day or next dream:

I was the wife of a doctor. We had a country cabin and we were there - sitting in the car. getting ready to go somewhere. My husband, the doctor - had surgeries to perform starting at 6:30 a.m. the next morning, but had forgotten his appointment book inside the cabin. He asked me if I would mind going inside the cabin and getting it for him. 

I did this. I took the silver key, got the appointment book, and then saw my husband going into the cabin by a different door. I didn't know why. He looked at me like he was sneaking in and I wasn't supposed to see him. 

While he was in the cabin, I had his appointment book and one of the pages flipped open and a yellow card fell otu with some notes about a female patient. It said towards the bottom "she was a good screw". 

I was astonished, but didn't say anything. 

Next scene:  I was with my doctor-husband and went into a bar that had several inner rooms and an outer lobby-sitting room sort of place.

Since I didn't drink, my husband went into the inner room with another doctor buddy to drink and I sat in the outer reading room to look at the newspaper. 

There was a television on in that room also and I saw a commercial where they sowed a big car inside and the voice said, "The husband bought a $30,000 cabin for himself, then gave the wife a $15,000 diamond ring, which they then showed and it was gorgeous. Then the ring was placed next to a dirty -cigarette ash try and the voice said, "Is this something you would do?"

It was a stunning display of beauty and evil side by side it seemed, which one would have to choose between. 

Then I looked down at the newspaper and there, in the upper right hand corner was a removable black plastic square box , which said, CNN in big black raised lettering and then below it, listed at least 15 events which were going to happen, similar to the commercial I had just seen. 

Just then, a couple came in with their two young boys. The wife and two boys were as blonde as could be, delicate looking. The husband was a big bruiser of a guy, handsome Italian-looking - with a mustache and darker skin. 

They all sat down, then the wife got back up and took the two boys down the street to go shopping while her husband had a drink or two. 

So she left and the man moved over close to me, and sat so close, his leg touched mine by the ankle. I knew he was making a pass at me. It was exciting and I didn't move my leg away. 

He then said, "I never wanted children!"

He didn't know I had 6 kids who were grown, but that statement told me an awful lot about him.

I was trying to ignore him, but that was hard to do, since he moved his leg again and touched mine. 

The bartender came out from an inner room and said he had found a bottle of B&B in the back room and asked if it was mine. I didn't remember being in there, but I said, "Yes!" and the bartender set the bottle of B&B on the little round table next to me.

The blond wife and the two boys came back in then, all excited. The boys had purchased 5 bags of crystals, each bag a different color. 

The wife said to me, the boys want to give you one of these new crystals. 

The smallest of the boys put the bags of crystals on the table and opened up the bag which had turquoise blue crystals. She said, "You can choose the whichever one you like, so I poked around in the bag and looked at all the different shapes and chose one that was a 5 pointed star with one fat end. It wasn't perfect, but that's the one I chose. 

I thanked the boys and gave each one a kiss on the cheek. The mother/wife sat there beaming at the boys and their generosity. 

Then the man showed me a crystal which was also turquoise blue and was a perfect 4 petaled wild rose. He aid, "This is the one I picked, and intimated that he would give it to me if I met him for wild sex later. 

A moment later, I was holding up my imperfect star crystal and the sunlight stuck it with a beam of light and I could see that the star was embedded in a perfect rectangle crystal and I could see magnified inside the large star all the little crystals it was made from. I was astonished and then knew that you could only see the perfection of creation when it's held up to the light. 

I was going to tell the couple and the boys that when I heard the woman tell the boys she had to get them home (it seemed that she wasn't the mother - only taking care of them for the day) and she no sooner said that, I heard her make an appointment/date with another man. He started instructing her how to find his house and go down Main St., turn on 3rd St. and then on Schlage St. (Schlage is a lock and key company)  and g down to the large lot that had the 5 deer out in front. 

At that point, I was surmising she was going alone and was leaving her husband at the bar, which gave him the freedom to do what he wanted.

I knew what he wanted to do, but what I do?????


 I then had a vision of the date  September 3, 1993

and buildings coming down due to #13.


2-23-02 - DREAM - I don't know what state this dream took place in because the house I was living in wasn't like any house I've ever lived in.

I was in a room of the house I can't describe, kind of like a huge sitting room. It was daylight and brightly lit by sunlight.

I had to go to the bathroom really bad and our bathroom was actually just a single toilet stall in the corner. The walls were only chest high, so you could be seen when you were standing up but not when you were sitting down. It had double doors that latched in the center. I was in the process of standing there. trying to latch the doors when my kids let a woman and two young girls into the room. So I had to see what she wanted before I could go potty.

The woman and the girls were thin, dressed in greenish clothes on the order of girl scout green, but not exactly uniformish. The woman had an old-fashioned flowered scarf on her head.

She said, "Ardon the intrusion, but your friend Robin started a foundation for the care of Marmuke cats. She's away on vacation now and I'm collecting money for her.

All she had in her hands was a piece of paper which I assumed was a list of names and addresses she was calling on. Since Robin was on vacation I couldn't call her and verify whether the woman was telling the truth.

So, I said, "Just for Marmuke cats?' I have had as many as 12 cats to house and feed."

She answered, "12? I've got 15 or 16 cats."

So I told the woman I would go get my purse and give her what little money I had.

She said, "Okay!" and stood there while I went to get my purse.

I assumed the woman had come in the back door, because she came in through a short hallway with double doors on it.

It was a long way through the house to get my purse because it was U shaped. There was a short-cut in the middle of the U, but I didn't think to use it. I went the long way.

While I was walking, I was thinking about the other rooms I wasn't using which were on the other side of the bedroom wall where there were no windows, like another whole house where my daughter could live if I opened it up. I knew that part of the house was brightly lit because thats where the windows were.

I finally found my purse. I was looking deep which was brightly lit inside like a refrigerator witha light at the back. But i didn't find any money just pens, pencils, and small pieces of paper. I figured the money was probably in a larger purse which I sometimes put this purse into when I went somewhere.

I hung the purse around my neck on a long chain so the women would know I had really looked for my money.

All of a sudden the woman and the two little girls came walking through the shortcut hallway and I told her, "I'm sorry, but I used up my last $3. I won't have any more money until the 1st of the month. I can send Robin a check for her Marmuke foundation after the 1st of the month. That's the best I can do."

The woman looked very disappointed that I didn't have any money to give her. The little girls were still smiling and hugged me.

I hated to disappoint her, but that was the best I could do.



2-24-02 - OH GOD! NOT AGAIN!

DREAM - My ex-husband Ed got out of prison, and found me. (It wasn't this house) He walked right in and went and sat on the bed, sitting up against the headboard.

While trying to have a normal conversation, my mind went through all the excercizes of how I would survive or escape if necessary.

I didn't stay in the same room with him the whole time, I tried to be normal and do normal things, but nothing could be normal.

I even showed him that free samples of food were sent through the house on a conveyor belt that he could sample if he wished, konwing that the man who did this service knew that people would be greedy and steal it wholesale, but even that was okay with him within reason.

At one point I even stood in front of him and showed him I wasn't afraid of death by holding my breath and smiling.

But at the same time, I was in survival mode and watching his every move.

All of a sudden, a young man walked in the door without knocking. He lived upstairs - a real nice helpful guy, but well known to be a heavy drinker.

Ed got a pretend, brilliant smile on his face and said, "STEVE!" Steve and he greeted half way across the room and immediately left together.

(Steve was thin and had blonde curly hair. He reminded me of several people, but it isn't anyone I really know)

Of course, when they left, I immediately went into fear mode of what Steve might be leading Ed to do - especially getting drunk.

At the same time, I started looking at what Ed had done while I wasn't in the room.

A paperback book he had been reading was in the trash. (I never looked at the title0 but this told me he didn't value books. A cell phone was laying upsidedown on the floor, as well as a stuffed rabbit which I've been collecting. I saw that he had been snooping in other rooms when I wasn't looking. Several notes I had with drug lists were laying out of place. A UFO book was ripped to shreds and laying all over.

Then I saw a photograph laying on the bed. I picked it up. It was a black and white photograph of Ed in prison. He was wearing white T shirt and boxer shorts, standing in front of a concrete wall that had carved workers on the upper half like scenes in Egyptian reliefs - he was humongously fat. I was astonished because he always made sure I was very slim when we were together.

All of a sudden, Ed walked into the apartment and I busied myself, pretending to make the bed, - even the mattress was off the bed half way.

Ed came into the room with two ice cream cones. He was eating one and he offered the other one to me to share if I wanted to.

I took it as a good will gesture. Inside the ice cream cone was a jellied - peach. He said to me, "The sign of my heart" - and offered me a bite of his own jellied peach. So I did the same with him and offered him a bite of my jellied peach and said, "A sign of my heart"!

I woke up and immediately thought, "Oh God!" Why now?"

NOTE: A family friend (who I thought the blonde guy was) died about this time. He wasn't found until 5 or 6 days later.


2-24-02 - DREAM - I was in a city and the whole dream consisted of waking around the block to get a drink of water and going back home.

Half way around the block, I found myself in a cemetery surrounded by mauseleum buildings. I was shoown that the size of the mauseleum depended on the size of the soul. I also heard a long speech on the affirmation of the soul (which I think was off the radio which was on while I was sleeping) I will listent o the archive of the show to see if I'm right)

Several names were given in the mauseleum which I won't give here as these people are alive.


2-25-02 - DREAM - x-rated - SEE: 133.HTM


2-25-02 - DREAM - I was with my brother in a car. He drove up the alley from 15th St. to 16th St. and pulled up to a stop, still in the alley, but right by the sidewalk on 16th St. He said to me, "As long as you have the key, you can go run and get what you need from the house."

So I got out of the car and walked across the street. The first thing I ran into was my brother's red bicycle parked on the sidewalk. It was rather in the way, so I took hold o fit, walked it a few feet and rather threw it on the lawn which was a few feet up from the lawn. It was so large, it covered the whole lawn.

I went upt he stairs to the porch and from there I could see that my Father was sitting in his easy chair talking on the phone with my Mom's cousin Helen. He was saying he didn't know where my Mom was. Next to him was a wicker basket with a stand up handle and was sorting magazines in it, decideing which to keep and which to throw away.

He indicated that I could go upstairs by myself and continued to talk on the phone.

I had to put on rubber boots t go upstairs.

In the kids bedroom, there was a game going on. It was a noisy kids game called Chinga Chinga Chango Cango. It kind of looked like fun. The emphasis of the game was to get up a big white mountain which was built in the southeast corner of the room. All the kids were jumping up and down while chanting these words. It was really funny.

But there was a man there who didn't want to do the chinga chinga changa changa thing and he rolled some kind of game piece up the mountain into the corner so that if it landed in the proper basket, he would get a free ticket to the top of the mountain. He was doing pretty good, but I didn't see if he won the ticket or not.

I started to go back downstairs, and saw my brother coming with a couple of black tough guys who looked like they belonged to some kind of gang.

I quickly made my way back up to the Master bedroom while my brother was assuring the guys there was no drug sales going on upstairs in our house.

I grabbed a magazine and followed them back down the stairs.

My brother and I were going to go up to 53rd street to visit my sister.


2-26-02 - DREAM - I was part of an investigative team, checking food containers in people's homes to make sure they weren't getting cheated.

I remembered having a dream where the labels read 13 and 14 ounces for peas and corn and that's not what was in the can.

In this case, the people were actually getting 30 and 40 ounces because the manufacturer was so concerned that he give the people more than what was offered.


Yesterday, Michelle dreamed this:

Michelle was working at a housekeeper for some very rich people she called 'Master'

She was in charge of the pantry where everything was kept.

There were 14 sexual practices

13 visceral emotions -which had to be pure

5 visceral directions - north/south/east/west/up and down

5 visceral foods groups - potatoes, cheese, meat ham/beef, butter, salt, tomatoes.

She was cleaning and that was important.


2-26-02 - DREAM - I was the manager of an apartment building. Someone knocked on my door. When I answered it, a brazen young man started chiding me to hire him and his friends to shovel the snow. He said, "Look at you - wearing a bright red dress that says, "I love you".

I pointed out to him a shoveling crew of 6 or 7 young men who were working across the street who were already working for me as shovelers.

While I was talking, other young people were gathering in the lobby, sitting on a short wall. It felt that they were there for my protection.

I was wearing a bright blue sweater over my red dress and it was rather fly-away thin. So I decided I would change into a heavy white sweater and join the young people out on the wall.

I needed make sure I had my silver apartment key in my pocket so I didn't lock myself out.

So I went into my bedroom to get my white sweater and when I opened the door, there was a man crawling out the window who looked like Robert Redford with a yellow mustache.

I told him to please watch out for some brash young men outside who might be up to no good. It never dawned on me to wonder why the man was in my bedroom. It was enough that he was leaving.

And as he crawled out, I could hear him groaning because he hadn't opened the window wide enough and he was struggling to get out.

NOTE: coincidentally, this e-mail came in my e-mail box the same day I had the dream:

Subj: [joycelist] Redford dances with nonsense
Date: 2/28/2002 3:08:38 AM Pacific Standard Time
Brent Bozell
February 27, 2002

Redford dances with nonsense

Actor, director, entrepreneur and liberal activist Robert Redford has weighed in on the horrific events of last Sept. 11. The good news is that
his remarks clearly weren't as aggressively obnoxious as those of, say, Bill Maher, Susan Sontag, Aaron Sorkin or Michael Moore. On the other hand, it's
proof positive that the mushy-headed maybe-we-brought-it-on-ourselves crowd is alive and well with their heads clearly set ... in the clouds.

Redford didn't choose the "Tonight Show," or GQ, or even the New York Times for his discourse. Oddly enough, he penned his message in his Sundance
company's spring catalog, meaning it probably went into the trash, the way most catalogs do.

Which is too bad, because "events of this past year seized us from behind like a mugging in a dark alley," wrote Redford. "Perhaps we were too closed,
too preoccupied to see it coming. Were we too closed in our own self-absorption and self-interest? Not open or interested in others -- other cultures, other views, other voices? We seemed closed in our own success and greed."

Don't you just love it when a multi-millionaire Hollywood heartthrob gives America lectures about being too closed in self-absorption and greed? But
wait; it gets better. Professor Redford thinks it's time for America to shape up and start caring about the world around her:

"Maybe we can open our minds now to new opportunities, to new realities, to change ... An open mind to other people's needs or suffering, other people's
beliefs and cultural traditions rather than just our own ... Perhaps in this season we can celebrate the importance of this openness. I believe we are
ready. I believe we can be the better for it."

Let's see ... In 1914, the world was thrown into war and civilization was saved by ... the United States of America. The fascists tried it again a
couple of decades later -- and the United States delivered the world from evil again. The Soviet Empire was defeated by a resolute West led by the
United States. In 1991, it was the United States again at the head of an international effort to stop Iraq's warmongering. And now, for the fifth
time in the past century, we're leading the free world in the struggle to rid the world of evil.

Yet, according to Mr. Redford, it's high time the United States showed "an open mind to other people's needs or suffering."

Eerily -- or, perhaps, predictably -- the Sundance catalog mailed at roughly the same time that Redford's partner in environmental extremism, Ted Turner,
told a Brown University gathering that the 9/11 mass murderers were "brave" and had been motivated by "abject poverty" in the Muslim world.

This isn't the first time Redford's shown sympathy for America's enemies. A decade ago, he produced and narrated the propagandistic documentary
"Incident at Oglala," his contribution to the effort to free Leonard Peltier, then, as now, a leftist cause celebre. Peltier, an American Indian,
was convicted of the 1975 terrorist killing of two FBI agents and is serving a life sentence in federal prison.

One expert on Indian issues, interviewed around the time that "Incident" was released, said it sounded "like the 'JFK' of Indian films." Redford, for his
part, said at a congressional hearing that while he couldn't prove Peltier's innocence, "no one ... has proven him guilty." (Memo to Redford: Oh, yes,
they did, which is why Peltier will rot in prison for the rest of his life.)

It's fascinating to follow the logic of left-wingers like Redford because you find yourself wondering if they really, truly believe a word they're
saying. He told USA Today in 1992 that both the Peltier case and the Rodney King case "have to be laid square at the feet of two (Republican)
administrations that have had neglectful and abusive attitudes about human rights."

And, of course, there just has to be an environmental angle to this, which he managed to weave into the catalog mini-essay: "Open lands; lands free ...
of man's intrusions and arrogance of corporate machine use." Somehow Redford always feels free to play with accusations against Republicans in the White
House, as when he charged in 1990, during Bush's term, "Never can I remember a time of such naked greed and profit at the expense of the environment as
the last decade."

If there were a Hall of Shame for embarrassingly stupid analysis pertaining to 9/11, I'm not sure whether or not Redford would be elected. On the other
hand, I'm confident that loudmouthed actress Sandra Bernhard would be voted in unanimously. In a Feb. 25 chat on the Washington Post's Web site, someone
asked Bernhard, "Who are the real terrorist threats?" She responded, "George W. Bush and his band of brown-shirted thugs."

Next to Bernhard, Redford is Alexis de Tocqueville.

Brent Bozell is President of Media Research Center, a member group. Contact Brent Bozell

2002 Creators Syndicate, Inc.

2-26-02 - DREAM - I was in a house with Cary Loose (a psychologist) and she told me there were going to be 20 storms coming one after another. She was dressed ina white shirt and white jeans. As she left, I noticed the back right pocket of her jeans was worn through. I thought she probably should be told about that so she could get new ones.

As soon as she left, I thought I'd better write down what she said and before I could, I saw a storm in the west. The sky looked wild with a big circular cloud and huge black spots with violent lightning in it.

I went over to the upright lamp stand and turned otu the light, then went back to the window to watch the lightning in the sky. It was wild.

I heard a noise on the other side of the house. I looked out that window and a young girl on a pinto pony was out there. All of a sudden, a drop of rain hit the ponies rear end and it spooked and got scared.

Immediately, behind me, in the house was another horse, with a boy on it and he looked like a statue with a light blue face.

My attention was drawn back outside again and I thought I heard Joe's car leaving for work. But when I looked out, I saw a big black van leaving the driveway, pulling a trailer with a big reddish maroon hot tub on it.

I couldn't figure out where that was stored in the basement. Then I saw all kinds of sofas out there. Someone was moving out. I figured it must be the end of the month and hoped the landlord was on top of his rental game and knew about this.

NOTE: It turned out that this dream was about my friend Michelle.

2-26-02 - DREAM - I heard a phone ring and thought I was awake but then I picked up a white phone in the bedroom and it was Becky, telling me they would be out to visit on December 29th.

I was planning on telling her it wasn't a good idea to come out, but I told her that was a good time to do it - it was farther away than I thought. She said she had lots of things to tell me, but would tell me later. (She called on Mar. 2nd) (She said she is coming to visit in June)

She hung up and I noticed there was a light blinking on the phone like I had tried to call someone and put them on hold. I pushed the button and it was a young boy. I asked him if I had just called him, he said, "No!" So I asked him if he had just called me. Again he said, "No!" so we just hung up. I couldn't remember who I had called.

2-26-02 - THE BOOTS - DREAM - I was in a city somewhere. I was walking along near a playground and a young man or older boy came up to me with his wheelchair. He never said anything. He was just sitting there behind me. I never even saw his face.

Somehow I got a phone call asking if the guy in the wheelchair was there. I said "Yes!" and all of a sudden a gang of thugs came, chased him into a corner and beat him to death a little ways from me.

Then some other people came and in the distance, I could hear them exclaiming over him. "Make sure he's got his boots on," when they were going to put him his casket.

Later on, I was going to go to bed and when I got there, Joe was laying the bed in the middle with the dead guy on his right on the edge of the bed.

I had just put perfume on my neck, so I could make 'nice nice' with him, and he jumped out of bed.

I said, "What's wrong?" and he said, "You've got your boots on."

NOTE: Reference the dream from 2-24-02 - where the young man (the drinker) came from upstairs and went away with my ex-husband.
A family friend died tragically and this might have been him. His body wasn't found until Mar. 3, 2002, and he had already been dead 5 or 6 days.


2-27-02 - DREAM - I was hired by the Jewish Judge to manage the apartment building on Jackson St. which I had managed in the early 90's.

When I got there, it seemed that the Jewish Judge had been managing the building himself.

I went down into the basement where the maintenance and laundry rooms were.

There was a dim light at each end of the hallway. It was so scary down there, I couldn't even walk on my feet, so I butt-walked all the way down the hall.

Three fourths of the way down the hall I came to a room where a young woman sat at a desk with a 7 watt bulb on and that's all the light she had, - not even enough to read by.

I was really upset by the lack of light down there, so I asked if a maintenance man was around.

The man came - it looked Dan who actually worked for me in that building.

I told him to put a light bulb in the light fixture in the middle and when he did, it looked like a crown lit up. It was brilliant.

I then followed the woman to lunch at a local diner. Hanging on hooks near where she sat, they had beaded purses decorated for Christmas. I stopped momentarily to admire them.

I then went up to the girl and gave her a new light bulb to use at her desk. It was a 40 watt bulb and was shaped like a bunch of grapes. I told her to use that bulb at her desk, then went back to work to confront the Jewish Judge for his denial of light to the people.