by Dee Finney

Since I'm not a theologian and don't pretend to be, I am presenting a series of dreams and information received throughout the last 12 years which 'point' to the way God creates. Along with the dreams, I will present other information from scholars and 'other' intelligent beings which I cannot designate to show a similar plan.

These dreams also show that something went wrong in the creation of earth and mankind and that changes are coming.

This, of course is not the only way God creates. There are other links at the bottom of the page which also fit into this category. There were far too many to fit all on one page.

11-18-89 - DREAM - My friend G.H. was an electricity master. He pulled a copper wire and hooked it into the main system, then handed me the other end to carry it through the factory. It ended near an oil tank (not touching, but close) He had showed me the network of plans, which had changed but not shown me the changes. Then, by accident, he reversed the polarity of the electricity, thereby threatening to explode the oil tank. I would be blamed for placing the wire.

NOTE: This is showing an induction - part of creation. Something in the plans have changed. It suggests a gap and spark like lightening which created life.


In 1992 a crop circle formation at Winterbourne Stoke,
there were two elements with a space between, which
conveyed a sense of 'almost touching', almost making
contact with another world - like Michelangelo's
portrayal of the moment when Adam's finger reaching
to touch, but does not quite touch, the outstretched
finger of God.


All things in nature are mostly organized in patterns and maintained by electromagnetic (EM) fields. The process has been clarified following the discovery in 1986 of a hitherto unknown, low-energy, vorticeal, EM field. Identified as an expression of one fundamental field of formative energy often called 'ether', 'zero-point energy', 'tachyon field' or 'unified field', it contains the potential for the emergence of matter and acts as the responsible agent for form, growth, and behavioral patterns throughout nature (morphogenesis).

Dr. Sergei Barsamian, internationally known bio-physicist, has shown experimentally that this process is one of 'induction'. Energetic information held in the formative field effectively influences the energy field of another natural system when a state of coherence (sympathetic vibration) occurs. Charged, particles can be attracted and localized in space following the laws applicable to field charges and the laws of matter in physics. On the Earth, (which should be regarded as a living entity) such locations would form, e.g. the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic, the Dragon's Triangle in the Pacific and phenomenon such as powerful eddies of air (whirlwinds) and large oceanic whirlpools. These can be viewed as major centres of induction for EM vorticeal fields.

In any system, induced EM energy produces conduits, called meridians in the biophysical entity or telluric currents in the Earth, e.g. "Dragon Currents' in China and the 'Path of the Rainbow Serpent' in Australian Aboriginal lore. Ley Lines in britain are aligned to this principle.

Along these conduits, points of high EM activity have always distinguished 'sacred sights' and can be viewed as minor centres of induction. This universal activity, the inpouring of vitalizing energy into a natural system is a function essential to the processes of life.

EM fields align themselves to existing energetic field patterns in the Earth's telluric paths and a mutual modification of the patterns occurs through 'feedback'. The mind/body interaction in bio-feedback is a fitting corollary.

Conventional theoretical physics considerations prove singular vorticeal EM field activity in nature and accepts their interaction which produces all other geometrical patterns, e.g. those seen in crystal formations.

Dr. Barsamian's work experimentally proves these findings and brings new applications of the principles outlines to physics. Cornfields, by virtue of their properties and high polarity act as naturally occurring stencils that allow visual registration of energetic patterns during induction into the Earth.

The activity cannot be measured with conventional technology and anomalies often occur to such electronic equipment in use. The process is rapid with effects such as luminosity, crackling or humming often accompanying the discharge of the field in the medium.

Further field effects, according to Dr. Barsamian, may include stimulation of natural cell metabolism and possible altered states of consciousness when one is in close proximity. Many "UFO' experiences can be attributed to the above considerations.

He accepts the existence of such processes in any environment and thus a state of ionizaton or the presence of plasma medium is not necessitated.

REF: Journal of biological Physics, Stillwater, OK. USA. "A Morphogenic Process in Low-Energy Electromagnetic fields' S.T. and S.P. Barsamian., 1988

Suggested Reading: The Sign of the Serpent Ken to Creative Physics. Mark Balfour, Prism Press, UK, 1990.

For further information: Mark Balfour, Metavison Research Consultants, 1/1/ Richmond Avenue, Cremorne, Sydney2090, Australia. Tel: (02) 953-4660

Excerpted from The Cerealogist #6, Summer 1992 (The Journal for Crop Circle Studies.)


The Nature of Physical Reality - by Jane Roberts - Seth - 1970

"Because I say that you create physical matter by use of the inner vitality of the universe, in the same way that you form a pattern with your breath on a glass pane, I do not mean that you are the creators of the universe. I am saying that you are the creators of the physical world as you know it.

"Chemicals themselves will not give rise to consciousness or life. Your scientists will have to face the fact that consciousness comes first and evolves it own form . . . All the cells in the body have a separate consciousness. There is a conscious cooperation between the cells in all the organs,a nd between the organs themselves...

"Molecules and atoms and even smaller particles have a condensed consciousness. They form into cells and form an individual cellular consciousness. This combination results ina consciousness that is capable of much more experience and fulfillment than would be possible the isolated atom or molecule alone. This goes on ad infinitum  . . . to form the physical body mechanism. even the lowest particle retains its individuality and its abilities (through this cooperation) are multiplied a millionfold.

"matter is a medium for the manipulation and transformation of psychic energy into aspects that can then be used as building blocks . . . Matter is only cohesive enough to give the appearance or relative permanence to the senses that perceive it.

"Matter is continually created, but no particular object is in itself continuous. There is not, for example, one physical object that deteriorates with age. There are instead continuous creations of psychic energy into a physical pattern that appears to hold a more or less rigid appearance.

"No particular objects 'exists long enough' as an indivisible, rigid, or identical thing to change with age. The energy behind it weakens. The physical pattern therefore blurs. After a certain point each recreation becomes less perfect from your standpoint. AFter many such re-creations that have been unperceived by you, then you notice a difference and assume that a change . . . has occurred. The actual material that seems to make up the object has completely disappeared many times, and the pattern has been completely filled again with new matter.

"Physical matter makes consciousness effective within three-dimensional reality. AS individualized energy approaches your particular field, it expresses itself to the best of its ability within it. As energy approaches, it creates matter, first of all in an almost plastic fashion. But the creation is continuous like a beam or endless series of beams, at first weak as they are far off, then stronger , then weak again as they pass away.

"Physical objects cannot exist unless they exist in a definite perspective and space continuum. But each individual creates his own space continuum. . . each individual actually creates an entirely different object, which his own physical senses then perceive.

The Fundamental Foundation For Faith
If the Body is correctly wired up, and the Father in heaven turns the big master switch on, something's going to rise up. That's right. That's if the Body is... if the building is properly wired. And if it's properly taught and every fiber of our body, being lost in Christ and to His Word alone... Now if you got theology, if you got some doctrine, if you got some superstition, you got some unbelief, you got something that stops up somewhere, then that energy can never pull through you. But when you got to a place where you're perfectly wired, and the Master Electrician has okayed it by sealing it with the Holy Spirit, the only thing is just turn on the switch then, and there'll be a light show, and that's right.

12-29-89 - Meditation - I saw that I was working on a handicraft project of beaded work on wires ...multicolored on a black velvet background and the women surrounded the table and went crazy over it. They all loved it. It was a Japanese artform.

See this pattern:

12-4-89 Dream: I was in a class on the third floor. An energy was sent out in the form of an arrow. The arrow got stolen by the enemy. This was sexually oriented. I had to hide my feelings because my father was expected any moment. I decided to join in the hunt for the arrow. My cousin Paul was one of the searchers and I fell in love with him. We were dancing together and kissing. It felt so sweet to feel the love between us. But the music changed to rock and roll and Paul couldn't rock and roll and he fell down.

Then the energy came to the house and I decided I as going to be brave and try to get the arrow back that contained the sexual energy. I walked with the man to where the lockers were. He said that it was hidden in locker 15. He opened the locker with the key. He reached into the locker and laughed as he took out a steel case with another lock on it. He threw away the key to locker 15 into the grass. When he wasn't looking I picked up the key and hid it in the pocket of my blue robe I was wearing. We walked along together and we were noticing that we were attracted to each other. We stopped walking and stood looking into each other's eyes. I said that it seemed that we were very compatible and it was a shame that we couldn't be together because we were on opposite sides of the fence. (That meant that he was negative/magnetic and I was positive/electric)

1-14-90 - DREAM - I was on 20th St. in Milwaukee. My kids were grown and were house-sitting at a house on 20th St. It was snowing heavily. I came up the walk and the snow was about 4 inches deep with ice patches over it. I decided I would shovel it before it got worse. I went up on the porch. I knew I had been at this house before on the left side. Now the owners lived there and my kids were taking care of the right side. I went in and asked for a shovel. The owners came in and asked who I was and I was introduced as the Mother. The owners asked if there was anything that I needed, they would provide it. We requested a shovel, but they said they didn't have one. They said they would take care of the problem tomorrow. I knew that would be too late, that the situation would be way too out of hand to do it then.

I went upstairs where the TV's and antenna wires were. I was watching a huge color TV set, sitting only 3 feet from it. I said it was a 20" set, but the picture was more like the BIG SCREEN sets like 3 feet across.

I realized I was much too close to it for comfort and got up to look out the window to see how bad the snow was getting, knowing that a huge storm was coming and that a giant wave was going to wash all the people away that were unprepared for it.

As I looked out the window, I saw the ocean swells begin to grow huge, and then retreat like they do just before they come smashing back in. I grabbed a hold of the yellow wall at a place where I would be able to ride the house wall section when the wave hit and all those not holding onto a house at a point like this would be washed away. I knew that I was going to be fine, but the owners would be washed away.

I looked out the window again. It was dark out and all I could see whas a little snow on the ground, but I knew the waves were in full retreat, ready to come rolling back with full force.

2-21-90 - DREAM - I was playing a big brown organ, but no sound was coming out. Two men were working on it. The older man said that it should play because all the lights were on and they were all green and all the switches were on didn't mean that it was going to make a beautiful sound, that it had to be adjusted. Way down at the bass end, there were some loose boards with wires exposed.

2-5-90 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house getting ready for the day. It was 6:30 a.m. I was staying with a few other women. I was trying to decide which of 5 different yellow/green shirts I was going to wear for the day. I was currently wearing a yellow blouse and brown pants. I was going to cut off a strip from the bottom back of a shirt to make a matching ribbon for my hair.

First I had to iron the shirt and went to the kitchen to get the ironing board and iron. I turned up the heat just a smidge and we discussed the overuse of electricity with a man who was making toast, then I wondered if the house wiring could handle plugging in the iron. N.M. was there in the kitchen and made some kind of comment using the name 'Honey' and that pleased me.

I saw two photos of me taken from the left side of myself looking left and I thought I looked quite well. My mother was making sandwiches and was making a mess of bread crumbs, lettuce and green peppers on the table. I decided to throw the crumbs out into the yard for the birds.

First I had to go through 5 doors to get there and for each door my daughter had 5 different names starting with Arla, Ooorla, Orlain, Orvain and Jalah. She began opening each door and her name was on each doorknob. I came out onto the rickety back porch and the steps were old and dilapitated and falling down. I had both hands full of bread crumbs. I poured all the crumbs into my right hand to balance them and I tried desperately to hold on tightly to the railing and I knew I was going to be sorry I came this way.

3-22-90 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house. I was getting ready for a rummage sale and was gathering all the old things together that I wanted to get rid of. My son started to scream and cry. I asked him what was the matter. He said that he was afraid of the ant that was crawling on the table between him and his glass of milk. The phone rang. I picked it up expecting someone who wanted to buy something. Instead it was a woman who was also having a rummage sale...she was selling her son's clothing...all size 12, and she said her baby had been born in 1979. She heard my son screaming and told me to call an ambulance for my son.

I hung up and I could hear sirens in the distance of an ambulance. I was holding my son and he was holding his glass of milk. There was a phone on the garage wall and I began dialing for an ambulance. The phone consisted of 12 pink buttons set into the garage wall in two straight rows. I continued pushing them all in sequence from 1 thru 12 and the ambulance siren kept getting louder and louder. Suddenly, when it got really loud, I finished pushing the last button and peeked around the garage door to see where the ambulance was. I told my son, whom I was carrying to pretend that he was sick.

I walked up to the ambulance and saw that there was someone already in it. The blanket flipped off and my son Mike got up and rolled off the cot onto the driveway, standing up. He said, "I just got fired as Manager of Burger King." I asked "Why?" He said, "I can't tell you."

Just then the door to the house on my left opened and my son's girlfriend came out carrying a bowl of cereal, macaroni, and other foods made of wheat that I'm allergic to. My son turned and I went over to the electrical pole and retrieved a big green connector tool that was hanging there.

4-3-90 - DREAM - I was moving into a school. The man with me had a machete type knife. He sliced the school into 1/4 and 3/4 and the electric lines leading to it in 1/4 and 3/4.

8-16-90 Dream: This took place in the future on a farm. TH and some other people and I were getting ready for spring planting, but it was only January or February. There was no gasoline or oil to run machinery so we had to do it by hand. However, we had electricity and a television set.  Channel 4 came on with the weather and the woman said it was 78 degrees.

8-26-90 - DREAM - I went to dinner with some friends. We were served very little vegetables. I told my friends to be sure to eat them all.

I was walking down a road and came to a high hill. I began to walk up the hill and accidentally tripped a hidden wire which triggered an artificial torrent of water which would flood the area. My children and I hurriedly climbed the hill to the top and I noted that even the hill was artificial.

I was at work and went home for lunch. I closed my eyes for 5 minutes to nap and 4 hours went by. I was afraid I would be fired, so I decided to go look for a new job the first thing in the morning.

My daughter came home and we were discussing material things and I remarked that other women had nice apartments, clothes, hairdos, and makeup and I didn't have any of those things. She said that I should make up my mind what was most important to me and then do that.

As I was sitting there, there was a baby crawling at my feet. It was my daughter baby. The baby looked like female Indian. It was beautiful. I remarked that I hadn't even had a chance to see it yet because I was so busy working all the time and I wanted to get to know the baby.

I was in a taxi-cab, sharing a ride with two men. We headed up a steep hill and the driver stopped just short of the top. My destination was at the top and I planned to continue on to that house. But as soon as the men got out, the cab backed all the way back down to the bottom and I knew that if I wanted to reach my destination at the top, I would have to pay the price and do it all alone.

There was store window nearby and the manikin was wearing a beautiful shimmering light blue dress. I told my daughter that that was what I wanted. I had a box a potatoes and I was going to peel them, quarter them, and put them into another box. An elderly woman was watching me and I wanted to look proficient.

As I began, I saw that under the potatoes there was a dark grey rabbit multiplying and having babies and the baby rabbits were trying to escape out a crack at the bottom which I had to prevent. Then as I started to peel the potatoes, they became pears and were very squishy and I tried real hard to impress the woman with my proficiency and it was very difficult.

I was at my New Berlin house. My next door neighbor asked me about my husband because she had never met him. I knew that he had been in prison and was tough and mean, but I loved him and I wanted to be with him. She asked me to mail a letter for her. I saw the address on it. It ended in 33. I didn't want to give my husband my address directly which was 2821, so I thought if I sent him a letter using her address which was 2933, he would figure out where I was. That way I wouldn't have to feel guilty for being emotionally weak, wanting to see him and he could find me on his own.

1-5-91 - Dream: To make a long story shorter, I was going to the store, but having great difficulty, what with live wires laying on the ground I had to cross. I wanted to have a safe crossing. I also had to cross the railroad tracks , then go between 2 long buildings to get to the front of the store. A large man loomed behind me at the end of the passageway. I felt a little afraid and knew I could only go forward. There was no turning back now. I couldn't go any faster either. I tried and couldn't. I finally reached the store and went inside. I went down the first aisle and it must have been Easter time because the counter was stacked with potted Easter Lilies. A woman on my right who was a clerk, handed me a piece of paper with some writing and the initials LLM. She said that I had won a free Easter Lily. It was multiflowered. I wondered what the initials LLM stood for, and I had a vision of the numbers 445. That still didn't mean anything to me. Then I saw my husband. He took the Easter Lily and the piece of paper, knowing that the Easter Lily was valued at $5, went up to the check out clerk and said, "It's too bad we can't turn in the Easter Lily and get a $4 refund." I felt extremely embarrassed, retrieved my Lily and left him standing there.

1-2-92 - DREAM - I was in a house and a Master came to the door. He wanted to come in and rest. I invited him into the livingroom. He was elderly, with white hair, slightly rounded body, wearing a light blue shirt. I asked him if he would like to share lunch with me. He said, "Yes! But, what are you going to serve because I can't eat just anything." I said that I would make a tuna sandwich. That was all right with him. I went into the kitchen and there was no food in the refrigerator, nor in the freezer, nor in the cabinets and I had no money to buy any.

I had to swallow my pride and tell him that I had nothing to give him. He got up to leave and I told him that I was having dizzy spells today. He said that it was because there was an oscillation of energies today. The words he used were in some other language. Then he got a glazed look in his eyes and he put his right hand up against something that was coming up behind my left shoulder. Two of my children also did it. He said something to the "thing" behind me in another language, then put his hand down. The "thing" disappeared and so did my dizziness.

I again apologized for not being able to feed him and went back to the kitchen again to see why there was no food. I found only moldy sausage, and about a tablespoon of ice cream and that was it. Then I saw that the refrigerator needed defrosting and it was iced up all the way to the electric outlet where it was melting across the plug and arcing.

It was too dark to see good, so I went to turn on a light and the switch broke off, I couldn't turn it on.

I then went through the house and saw that my husband had been working on his woodworking projects in various places and left sawdust on the floor. Instead of hollering at him later and making him all upset, I decided that I would just clean it up and say nothing.

1-13-92 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. A tall man dressed in black came to the door. He said he was some kind of electrical inspector. He had a piece of metal like a thin lightening rod and he did something with it by an electrical plug. He left and then another man came to the door to warn me about a guy who was pretending to be a fake electrical inspector. I saw the tall man in black accompanied by a woman in black going from house to house. I didn't want to admit that he had already been to my house and that I had let him in.

1-18-92 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. The house next door was being remodeled. In the process, some of it had to be torn down in order to rebuild it. Some of it put pressure against my house in the process. I was afraid that my house wouldn't be able to withstand it, but I was assured by the workers that it would.

My own house, in the living room was being rewired to accommodate a whole new living quarters including a new kitchen. The workmen showed me where the plugs were to make sure that when I plugged things in that I didn't plug anything into the wrong outlets, especially the kitchen appliances. All the plugs were covered over with tape yet, but were ready to be used. I made sure that there was room for my computer and there was and I asked them to make sure there was a plug for the organ that I planned to buy and they said that there would be.

2-5-92 - DREAM - My boss Tom asked me to take his place temporarily, taking phone calls from customers while he took care of business elsewhere. I sat on the corner looking through invoices when a lady called to see if her car was ready yet. I couldn't find the invoice, so I told the lady that her car was still in the shop and we'd call her when it was done.

A foreign sounding woman came along and pointed to the books I was reading and said that she had always been interested in the tapes. I knew that the tapes were in purple binders, but that they were kept in the basement workshop. I told her that if she could wait a minute, I would get them for her. (In the dream, I assumed she was talking about Eckankar)

First, I had to unplug the electrical appliances. I looked at all the plugs and they were plugged in, but the wires were disconnected and burned off which was a dangerous situation, so I took the appliances to the workshop.

I then told the woman she could go with me. I had made the trip to the basement a thousand times in the last 100 years I thought, so it was easy for me just to run down the narrow steps at a fast clip. but, the other woman had to carefully watch every step she took. The way was very narrow and dusty. The door to the shop was extremely narrow and one had to sit down and squeeze through a narrow opening to get into the shop where the tapes were kept. It was hard for me even when I knew how, so I suggested to the woman that I take her by an easier way.

As I was leaving the narrow steps, there was a big white puff ball of fuzz hanging rom the doorway. She lifted me up by the head and stuck my face into it. It was very dusty.

I went around the corner then and was back outside. I saw two men dressed like clowns. One looked like Johnny Carson, but I didn't say anything. I went around the corner and all the people had misshapen features and I knew that I had to get back to my job quickly, because I was supposed to be watching the phones. So, I had to get back as fast as I could.

After I woke up, I realized that the only purple binders I have with tapes in them are for real estate. That left me feeling confused as to what this woman really had wanted.

2-6-92 - DREAM - I had been to a garage sale and picked up some craft items, one of which was a wire shaped into a cat and had a length of crocheted lace on it and sold for 10 cents. Everybody in the neighborhood was going there and I wanted to go back again and see what I missed. I thought I could copy the projects and sell them for a small income.

There were some Mexican people who came to the house and were buying our furniture because we had too much of it. All that was left was a a set of 4 brown bentwood chairs and I didn't want to let them go, but somebody said, "let them have them, you can always buy more." Another woman said not to bother.

I was on Center St. with this woman and she had a drawer of magazines and things on the outside of the building. I decided to go through the drawer and a couple magazines that had projects in them. The woman got upset that I was looking in the drawers and I told her what I was doing. Then at the bottom of the drawer I found a notebook where I had written a project and the edge of the pages had a whole row of colored rainbow ribbons of every imaginable color. I also found two other cardboards with colored ribbons attached to them. I and the woman talked about the project. We knew that someone else had done something similar but not exactly the same, but I was told that it would be a good idea to go ahead and do the project but on a more limited basis. There was no reason not to, that our project was as good as the other one and would sell also.

3-4-92 - DREAM - I was in a strange place, like a school warehouse. Boys were being taught there and the camp was breaking up. They boys didn't clean anything as they left, so I took it upon myself to wash the walls, removing traces of pink and yellow.

The head counselor was selling everything for a $1 to make sure it sold, even the refrigerator and furnace. We were taking nothing with us when we left.

The counselor then arranged for the beds for the next camp. He was using silver bed springs, big enough for 4 boys to bed down 1 boy. He took 3 away and asked me to hold onto one.

I was now in a store like K-Mart and I took the bedspring down 2 aisles and let it rest up against the section with yellow towels and wash cloths until he would need it.

I was then shown that one of the romper suits I was knitting for A.O's new grandchild was the wrong color. I had been using white with a silver stripes on the last one. They told me to use white with a blue stripe for a boy. The other two were white and pink, and white and blue.

The electric meter lady then came by to read the meters. I told her to make sure she read them for both furnace rooms, because she walked right by them, so she went back and did it.

3-9-92 - DREAM - I was in New Berlin and we had a tester in the house and the potentiometer had gotten weak. There was one on sale at the drug store for $1.40 and Edward (my husband) volunteered to go get it. Somehow I became Edward and as I went north on Calhoun Rd. to National Ave., I saw a huge 3 masted blue boat going east along the road. Lining the road were tall poles with extensions on them with flags waving and it sounded like gunfire.

The next thing I knew, I was laying alongside the road on National Ave. and the blue boat was east of Calhoun Rd. (172nd St.) being accompanied by hundreds of men. I didn't know how long I had been laying alongside the road or how I had gotten there, but I knew I had to get the potentiometer and get home.

There was an old woman who lived in a house where I was laying and she had a red blanket laying in a square covered up with plastic. I yanked the blanket out from under the plastic and rolled it up into a bedroll. She called the police to catch me, but I outsmarted them and headed cross fields instead of by road. I ran as fast as I could, going over, under, and through fences the best way I could. Every one of them had an electrified strand across the top, which was demonstrated by a dark haired woman who tested hers by spitting at it from yards away and delighting herself in her accuracy to see the spit fly up in a hissing stream when it hit the wire.

The cops were determined to catch me, but I eluded them and even when I crossed the roads between Racine Ave. and Calhoun Rd. (172nd) they couldn't catch me.

I was now Dolores again and I came to a finely plowed field just north of my house and met my neighbors from across the street.

I was using a ballpoint pen and writing my life story,using the rows of plants as lines like on a tablet. However, when I wanted to show my neighbors what I had written, it didn't show up. We looked closer and saw that when the dew glistened in sparkling droplets on the lines of lettering in the new sunlight, we could make out the lines, but I knew I'd have to write it out in longhand on yellow legal paper and then type it up on the computer for anyone to be able to read it. I finally got home then and a friend had been kind enough to loan me a potentiometer for my tester and it was working fine again.

3-20-92 - DREAM - I was in a place that was like a store and yet had qualities of home and work together. The people involved were some I went to high school with, some I have worked with, my kids when they were younger, my first husband, and his relatives and strangers.

I was offered an opportunity to play a game of cards with three men I worked with. A regular deck was used and shuffled. I found a 3 legged milk stool with a green top to sit on at the round table the game was to be played on. I had never played this game before and they were going to help me learn it. First, we had to put out our best cards to see who would go first. Each one laid out a King and an Ace or a King and a Queen, plus three pieces of candy, a big piece like a Chuckle (colored), a colored M & M, and another colored one, like an M & M. I looked through my cards and I had a King and an Ace so I knew I could play, but I didn't have any candy to bid with. My next highest card was a Jack and I saw a 6.

So, I ran back through the store, looking desperately for some candy. I would have to borrow it because I didn't have any of my own, but every aisle I went down, where there had been candy, it had already been eaten by someone. I finally ended up in a section that had all white bisque dolls and I knew that the girl who worked that department had bags of candy but she wasn't there to ask her for some. So, I quickly and quietly slipped in the back of the counter to see what kind of candy she had, hoping to be able to outbid the other players.

All I could find were little bags of square cake-like pieces kind of like coconut flavored squares. It took me so long, I thought to myself, "I could have gone home and baked brownies in this time span!" but I knew that brownies weren't candy and it wouldn't be acceptable as a game bid.

Then I had to bribe a little kid to keep his mouth shut so I could borrow two pieces of cake. I gave him a couple pieces of cake and I took a white square and one chocolate and white piece. She had bags of the stuff, so what I took wouldn't be missed.

I took my two pieces of cake/candy back to the game table, but they hadn't waited for me because I took too long and the game was already over by the time I got back.

Some other people were showing feats of bravery in rescue work and I admired them for being able to carry other people down ladders.

Then the next item on the agenda was music. There was some electric guitars there and some simple note patterns were being played. My oldest son was there (Michael) and he was interested in playing, but I thought it would be better to have him leave to play a regular string guitar because there won't be any electricity.

Then I noticed that even the young teenage boys from the farm had muscles because everyone would have to work, from young on. Everybody had to pitch in and do something whatever they were capable of.

3-21-92 - DREAM - I received a letter from J.S. It seemed to be written in response to one I wrote to him regarding our marital status and that I had mentioned my travels around the country and my interests in the future and UFOs.

His letter was written on very unusual paper. It was double thickness, with the top laying having green and blue sections in unusual patches and those patches looked like a jig saw puzzle put together.

He said that he had been married and divorced and was now blissfully pursuing a relationship with a nurse who worked a lot, that he had one daughter named Odessa.

He said that I should be sure to have a small TV with both AM and FM radio on it with a portable battery for use when there is no electricity and a portable sattelite dish to pick up stations that were transmitting from a distance.

He also gave me the name and address of a man named Clarence something Compressing Company on South 108th St. who put out a newsletter regarding UFOs in the local area.

He said that we definitely will experience electric travel in the next couple of years, meaning UFO, astral travel.

10-2-93 - DREAM - I was renting out apartments and came to put the final touches on one. The walls were to be painted two and yellow with a thin stripe of white between them. I put one item of housekeeping equipment in each closet as a free gift for the new tenant. I then opened the closet in the bedroom which was going to be for a little girl. I realized that I was in my 16th St. house and this was the room I had spent my own childhood in.

T.M. came in to do some rewiring in the apartment. I discovered that he person who had moved out hadn't removed any of the closet contents. It would be my job to sort it all out and dump it.

I started with the books. On one shelf were all children's books, "The Bobbsey Twins" and other child's books. I decided to leave those in place as a gift to the new little girl.

I pulled out a lot of men's things. I saw some envelopes that were pre-addressed. I cannot remember the name. It was Russian or foreign I didn't recognize. I kept the 1993 diaries which were nearly empty and a ledger of finance that was so lightly and sparsely written, I thought I could use it by writing in darker pen over the man's writing. There were some boy's toys like long steel carrier that was empty that I removed and all the rest of the men's and boy's things.

When the shelves were empty I saw that if I walked to the back of the closet, I was out in the country on a farm. It was harvest time and the mountains were on the horizon. I said to myself, "If the little girl uses her imagination, all this could be hers."

I went back to the closet proper. There was one last book way up in the air on a shelf of its own. On the shelf in a wire basket was a book titled, "DIAMONDS IN THE BIBLE".

I had to reach and stretch as far as I could to bring that book down as I knew it was the best treasure of the closet and I wanted it. At my highest reach, I finally managed to get my hands on the book and as I did, a woman began speaking and at the same time I saw quotations come down printed like a 'crawl' on a TV screen. They were rules of conduct for people. They were not the 10 Commandments but still on that order about things people shouldn't do towards each other.

I came out of the closet with the book and looked at the clock. It was 6:30 a.m. I knew I had to get home and go to work. I looked at the man's desk and saw that he had worked for Allis-Chalmers when it was merged with another company and was located in the city on the south side (Not 70th St.)

Two huge men who worked at A-C came in. The were both about 8 feet tall. They did maintenance and clean up. I was used to seeing them around but didn't work with them. The one in bib overalls came over to me, put his arm around my shoulder and hugged me. He said, "I see you've dyed your hair white." I grinned and said, "Yes! I did." knowing that the color was more natural than dyed.

I then left to go home and woke up.

11-19-94 - DREAM - I was with some people in a strange town and we had to travel from one place to another. There was a young man with us who seemed very negative and I felt apprehensive about him. He had a red sports car and he seemed like an angry young man. He drove ahead of us and crashed his car into something at a corner. His car turned into a million small particles like sand. He was told to clean up the mess so no one would get hurt. Immediately beyond where his car crashed were deep drifts of snow and it was extremely cold. The other men with us had to clear the snow so we could proceed forward. I decided to help also, but it was so cold and the snow as so deep that I was very ineffective with no tools. the other men had to work to clear an area that contained a drain of some kind and while they did, I went inside a large cave or garage that was behind them.

The young man followed me and I became even more apprehensive. I knew he was going to do something I was going to be afraid of.

He picked up what appeared to be a brick, but i didn't know for sure what it was. He came behind me and raised his hands over my head. He held the brick over my head with his right hand and held his left hand next to my left ear. An electrical field began running through me, paralyzing me, and at the same time changed the vibrations of my brain so I knew I was going to have a vision.

Immediately, 3 panels of glass came down in front of me and on them appeared writing that I knew was describing who I was in Biblical times.

I knew that this vision was for 'his' benefit because he wanted to know who I was. I began to read it, but it wasn't clear to me in memory respects. I saw my name. It was Mary ___ . I thought it was like NY ____ but I could be wrong. Seeing this information seemed to anger him and he said, "At least 'you' know what your last name is." At that moment I was aware that his anger stemmed from 'his' not knowing who he really was.

Then something appeared that referred to a job opportunity.

Then my friend Bonnie's face appeared and I knew it was her but at some other time period and she had short cropped light brown hair. she said "Sometimes a job is not 'just' a job." To emphasize what she said, it seemed the scene repeated itself like on Star Wars where Princess Leah keeps repeating the same thing in a hologram and she said again ... "Sometimes a job is 'not just' a job."

I knew that she meant that the job was the instrument to put me in a particular place at a particular time to do something for someone else.

And I woke up.

12-14-94 - This was one of those all white dreams.

DREAM - My friend Bonnie and I were brought together by the aliens in a huge house and shown that it was important for her and I and to increased the energy flow in two different areas of this house. The aliens were very tall, human appearing with white skin and wore all white robes and had long white flowing hair. They didn't come close, but stood at a distance from us ... seemingly glowing. There were at least 7 of them.

Then Bonnie and I separately went through all the other rooms in the house to make sure that the energy was flowing freely in all the rooms of the house. The rooms were all white and all the electrical outlets were open and not enclosed by plates like in a normal house. This entire house glowed white.

Later on, I saw Bonnie's daughter there just as they were ready to leave. They wanted me to go with them, but I had some other agenda to attend to.

Then an older friend of mine appeared (June) and she said she had to prepare to die and someone else she knew was very close to dying, but she didn't know how to go about this process.

I told her I would help her and touched her dress which was light brown and just barely held on by huge basting stitches. I took a needle and thread and took a couple of stitches in the dress at the waistline to make it a little more secure on her to help her.

She said that when I touched her, she could feel energy coming from me and that made her feel better. I told her that was good and she could take all the energy she wanted from me. That's why I was there. I told her to lay down on the couch and covered her with a light brown blanket. Then I sat by her to keep touch with her to continue to give her energy and told her that the first step in creating her heavenly home was to use her imagination and create the furniture for it, but to create it colorless so it didn't use so much of her energy, just to create the shapes first.

12-25-96 - DREAM - I was at work at my new job. It obviously was a high security secretarial position in the Purchasing Department.

At 5 minutes to 5 on a Friday. I was given a Purchase order to process to order a quantity of a paper form that was capable of an electrical charge which automatically changed it from an ordinary typewriteable personnel form to one that contained handwritten information about the person's mental history.

I made the discover of its properties by accident and the sample contained my bosses mental history in which he had written his mental experiences. I didn't have time to read it on the spot so I ran with it to the copier to stat it or personal reading at home. The problem was the copier broke down as I was copying the second page and I only got half of it. I ran back to my desk to call the copy machine service person but got interrupted and asked to go outside to watch a bicycle demonstration of a person who was so perfectly balanced he could do all kinds of tricks on the bike.

After watching for awhile, I determined it was 4 different people the same size who were doing the tricks and when they were done, the posed for applause. I went back to the office and was allowed to go into the building where people were streaming out through a door which was received and made special for the President who must have been somewhere around 10 feet tall from the size of the door and his name was something like Burgemeister.

I went to the elevator where a little boy was standing and I helped him get to the level which was G-2. Then I went to my own floor which was G-7.

When I worked with the electrically charged paper, the shape of the building complex was printed on the inner secret form. It was shaped similar to the U.S. as if it was separated by square states which enumerated the buildings and levels people worked in. I was G-7.

NOTE: In 1997, I was given a project by Joe's grandmother Zora Emelyn Henry and she called it GAP7. It was the Great American Plan... the New Jerusalem in the U.S. I did not even know Joe at this point. Joe and I didn't meet until July of 1997.

9-3-97 A man came to visit. He had a bag of bakery and offered me the chocolate frosting covered one off the top. I took it and ate it. It was the best donut I ever ate and it didn't bother me a bit. (I am allergic to wheat)

An older woman came to visit and then a young man came in and set up an electrical machine on the table. It looked like a Tesla coil to me. I was afraid it was going to start sparking so I hid behind a wall at a doorway. The older woman and the young boy set up an experiment. she lay down by this machine and they covered everything but her face with sand. I thought maybe the glow of the red coils was supposed to give her a suntan effect, but they told me that the machine was supposed to make her masculine. I didn't want to ask her why she wanted to look masculine, but I could see her face start to look younger.

9-16-97 - Dream: I was in a large apartment building. I was in charge of remodeling and a lot of work was going on. I was giving a woman a tour and asked her if she had the original apartments as they were before any remodeling had been done. She said, "No!" so I took her into one that the workmen were just starting. It was one large room. Two walls were brighter orange and two were hand painted with numerous colorful flowers. It had a really high ceiling. Now it was being modernized and painted all white. We went back into the hall when the president and his entourage were going by. I asked him if he could please sign the insurance papers today because two of my sons were about to do a daredevil stunt on top of a mountain. He assured me he would take care of it. I had seen my son Bob climb to the top of a mountain with his wife Karen and she dared him to jump his motorcycle to another peak nearby. He was about to do it.

We went down the hall and I had to go down in a sub-basement four steps and retrieve four small packages and take them up the elevator. A step vehicle was provided for me for easy descent into the sub-basement level and this same vehicle would be placed in the elevator to take it up to a higher level.

When I stepped down into the sub-basement level - T.M. and three other men came walking by. I asked him if he could help me lift the packages onto the step vehicle. He said, "No! I'm too busy planning some electrical switches." He walked right on by and I was determined to get these packages to a higher level. So, I vowed out loud to do it myself because the vehicle was already provided for me and the elevator was ready to take me up.

Oct. 5, 1997 - Dream - I was at a large stadium. There was going to be a program there of some kind but some mechanical problem with a valve was preventing it. While the men were trying to solve the problem, I started to clean underneath the seats of junk, old tires, big pieces of paper, etc. A young man named Paul called in the media to tell them about the bad treatment they were getting from the valve company. I told them I would intercede for them and carried the brazed or welded part up to where the executives were in the control room. One of the men there was black. I was astonished to find out that the part had been sitting around for 2 1/2 to 3 weeks without doing anything and were now demanding instant service. Now, I felt embarrassed to be involved at all. I heard D.L. (an old boss) tell the reporter that this company had invented the 1st wireless machine.

I then left them to the problem and took the elevator to the floor where I lived. There were two elevators and I believe one of the other women on the elevator was Princess Diana. One elevator went to the 11th floor and one only went to 9. Diana got on one elevator and I got on the other. We got to the 9th floor and then I was going to transfer to the other elevator. A black woman was sitting on the floor in the way of closing the door and I had to manipulate her body so the elevator door could close.

NOTE: Princess Diana was killed in a car accident at the end of October, 1997.

Oct. 5, 1997 DREAM: I went into the house which was the B blue house. I decided to take a nice shower. I turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. Just as I was going to get into the shower, an even more powerful shower came out of the ceiling and the water was ice cold. I got really upset because I couldn't take a shower in ice cold water. I shut off the shower and the other water stopped too. I then turned the shower back on again. The water was ice cold again. This time I was really angry and took a broom handle and began jabbing it at the ceiling where the cold water had come out. I made a hole in the ceiling but there was nothing in the hole where the water could have come from. I saw, however, electrical wiring connected to the regular shower and could tell it was a hot circuit because it glowed red around the wire.

12-3-97 - DREAM - I became infatuated with a hunk of a man. Every time I met with him I felt naked but when I'd look down at myself, I was wearing a pink dress. As I was waking up, he told me his name which I saw in a vision within the dream. It was printed out on a sheet of paper. It was DREAM MIND and CONTROL.

In the dream, he moved in with us. He had a butler, a maid, and a driver. He told me to hire a cleaning lady. I didn't want to pay more than $10 a week. The cleaning lady lived in the same building we did. She came in with 3 kids and a red cat.

In the basement of this building was a workshop where I found some electrical supplies. I found a box with 3 electrical testers and decided to keep them to use. I found a box marked transistors and decided they wouldn't be necessary and decided to sell them for $5.

The man told me he was buying me a dog which I had to keep in my own room.

I went into the living room or parlor which was empty of furniture but had a large window overlooking the street. I lay down on the floor and began to do leg exercises like a ballet dancer or Yoga. I decided I wanted full control over my metaphysical life and decided to go to the library to study it.

10-16-98 - NOTE: These two dreams began and ended the same. I don't know what this means but will study it.

DREAM - I saw a pad of pink paper in a corner of the classroom where I was teaching a class. I and a man named David R. (I met him once or twice 40 years ago) left the classroom and were walking down the street to go home. We had to cross a street at an intersection. The intersection was a 'T' sideways. A large red and white bus was going the same direction and tried to make a left turn onto the street we had to cross. We thought we could cross the street ahead of the bus but the bus seemed surrealistic at that point. The bus bent in the middle and rather swooped around the corner and we had to run and then back up to get out of it's way. This all happened in slow motion. Once the bus was past, we again cross the street and now were faced with a major construction site with huge yellow beams and cross bars all held together with guide wires \|/ from the sky. We realized we couldn't go that way until the construction was done. (It looked like it might be a bridge)

So we turned around and went back the way we had come to go home. When we got to the building we were going up the stairs and a young woman came up to us and apologized and asked permission to go up the stairs. We told here there was no need to ask permission to go up the stairs.

I can't recall what happened next except that when the dream was ending there was another pad of pink paper in the corner with the name MICHAEL on it.

Dream #2 - This dream also started with a pink pad of paper in the corner. I can't remember much of this dream except there had been a party. The party was over. I can recall picking up an iron from a pile of clothes and wrapping the cord around it because it wasn't going to be needed anymore.

I was then packing away the silverware. I can't remember any more details of the packing and putting away the party things but the dream ended again with the pink pad of paper in the corner but this time with silver clamps on the corners holding the sheets together.

The name MICHAEL was written on the top.

11-1-97 - DREAM - A man came to give me very important information. He dressed himself in black pants like Joe's pajamas to give it to me. It was number 6339 and consisted of printed words and music many pages long. The man fed it into my computer. It was VERY important.

After I received the information, I was to be arrested and taken somewhere. I escaped by saying I had to go to the bathroom, but I knew I'd have to return.

I left the building and walked downhill to a big store where they sold clothing and jewelry. In the first department they were selling dark blue clothing and a black woman was trying it on. I went to the next department where they sold jewelry and I wanted some I could wear with either dark blue or light blue.

The jewelry was beautiful ranging from silver to crystal to blown glass figures of Christ and the colors of jewelry ranged from dark blue, down through light blue to white to clear. I couldn't decide on one piece because it was all so beautiful. Many were crucifixes of Christ. The woman suggested that I buy a gold lame purse and she showed it to me. I told her I already had one like it. (I really do)

I left the store then to go back up hill to meet the man to go wherever I supposed to go. While I was climbing the hill someone kept telling me to hurry because something was going to blow up and it was almost time.

I had to get around a big trench in the ground surrounded by concrete and topped with a big wire fence.

I finally made it back up the hill. By now, I had forgotten the words and music the main black and white had given me, so he came to give it to me again. I saw the numbers 6339 and the scanning of the document began again. I began to wake up as it scanned and I knew I could read it out loud, but it was slipping away.

I woke up angry because I couldn't bring this beautiful piece of important information back with me.

12-12-97 - MEDITATION - I was meditating , successfully raising my vibrations, but then forgetting to do what I went to the other level to do. when I came down, I came down too fast and my heart would pound until I relaxed again. I went up and down several times.

I decided to ask for predictions, but I fell asleep instead.

In the dream, I was doing something in the hallway of my apartment building. I noticed I was being watched by someone outside. I put my hand up to the window of the door to show them I saw them. Then I opened the door to see what the man wanted.

The man nailed his old red indoor/outdoor carpet from his patio to the fence, telling me he was installing some plush green carpet in it's place. I knew he was going to ask the owner to reimburse him for the cost of the carpet, but since he had not asked permission, I told him I had to see the carpet and make a judgment call on the replacement necessity. He had even rolled up part of the sidewalk so I told him I was not going to walk thru the mud to go look at his carpet. So, he rolled the sidewalk back down.

His apartment was way down the block. To get there, if you followed the sidewalk, you had to walk up hill a block, across a block and back down a block. On the way up the block I met two girls who were delivering two mechanical remote controlled airplanes to a shop near where I was going. I saw other remote control planes of various sizes. I met the girls at the intersection of the first block up hill.

From there I could see that if I followed the sidewalk which I always did out of habit, I still had to go across one block to the big city then back down the hill to the building which I could see was on the blue ocean shore.

The girls were diagonally cutting across an empty parking lot to reach the same point I was going to. I saw they were going to get there a lot faster than I would. I was actually wasting time just out of habit.

As we got nearer to the remote control airplane shop, I saw some large planes which I admired. I saw that each girl had a remote control plane in her hand and that the large ones which were parked were VERY attractive to me. I was a little intimidated by the fact that those plane were remotely controlled by men behind the windows at the shop. I then noticed that I also had a remote control plane in my hand. I practiced throwing it up in the air a couple times and it would float gently back down. But then I came to a place where there were wires and beams overhead that I had to miss going up and coming down. Because of the obstructions I had to fling the plane upward faster than normal which caused it to come down faster and it crashed The more I tried to get past the obstructions the more I crashed. I finally gave up trying and woke up.

1-7-98 - DREAM - I was standing on the front porch of my 16th St. house arguing with my husband about the upkeep of my car. The brown car was parked on the porch. He said I was working too hard and neglecting the car.

I had a job as an apartment manager and I remembered that I had to go and inspect all the newly empty apartments so we could upgrade them and move new people in. When I told my husband that I had to go to work, he wrote in white on the asphalt on the street, "Do not neglect oil changes and electrical energy." I couldn't figure out how I was going to get the car off the porch.


1-30-98 - DREAM - I was talking with J.F. on the telephone and he was telling me that he was giving up his part-time job, and I knew that I could do it. He collected money from people for electrical services nights and weekends.

2-11-98 - DREAM - This dream was like a dream, yet not because before I feel asleep I was seeing light inside my head like when I was abducted last, but more so, and I saw a tall grey wearing a red, white, and black cowboy type shirt with blue jeans. He towered over my head like he was 7or 8 feet tall. I didn't see his face.

I was having trouble falling asleep because Joe's son T.J. had come over in the dark and knocked on the window and my heart was pounding hard because I was stressed out at the interruption just as I was falling asleep. So, I was praying like I do when I start meditating because it relaxes me real fast.

My heartbeat slowed down dramatically and suddenly I found myself outside in the dark, wearing my white granny nightgown and barefoot just like I was dressed in bed. In this whole dream, it was dark outside and I was dressed in my nightgown and barefoot and I walked from place to place.

It seems to me I was there as an unwilling witness to events that really happened.

When the dream started, I was outside in the dark and was feeling hungry, so I walked to this store-like place that had the lights on and went inside. I didn't have any money so I wouldn't have been able to buy anything, but I walked in and didn't see anyone. I walked up and down a couple aisles looking for something I could eat and not pay for. Suddenly the lights went out and it was really dark. I rather panicked and headed for the door at the end of the aisle. I knocked over a bag of potatoes that was on the floor leading against the counter. The bag must have been open because potatoes went rolling across the floor ahead of me towards the door. The door was wide open and there were still no people around. I kind of senses there were probably hidden cameras around and I didn't want to get arrested, so I started hollering, "Store Manager, Store Manager" as I went out the door. I saw a couple men in dark suits coming my direction and I was thinking, "Oh! Oh! They're going to arrest me for stealing something, so I continued to holler, "Store Manager, Store Manager". One of the guys got to me first, and he said, "What's going on?" I said, "I knocked over some potatoes in the store and the manager isn't there, so again I hollered, "Store Manager, Store Manager," and the guy just walked away. So, deciding I wasn't going to get arrested afterall, I shut up and walked around the building to my right.

I really got a shock, because I saw this big white jet airplane coming my direction, it's wings were folded up and it was taxiing slowly inbetween some large warehouses or hangars. I could see what looked like a cork in each of it's front air intakes, and I was thinking, "Those are silencers, otherwise the plane would be making a loud whining sound. "

The plane came to a stop and a door folded up at the back and a ramp came down. Suddenly a white car came rolling out of the plane and drove quickly across the tarmac to what looked like a warehouse or hangar in the distance.

This whole thing seemed rather ominous so I turned and went back the other way around the store and suddenly a young woman came running around the building from the other warehouse area, carrying a small blonde child in her arms.

I really felt nervous at this point because I knew I was seeing something that was supposed to be a secret.

Just as she passed, and went between two buildings, I again saw a dark suited man standing by the corner of a building. Again I feared arrest, so decided I'd pretend I was sneaking out in the dark to see my lover and hiked up my nightgown up to my knees and tiptoed quickly past the guy and went into the first open doorway I came to. I must have looked convincing because he didn't try to stop me.

I now found myself in a rather small room and there was a mattress on the floor along the wall. There was a young man standing on top of the mattress on a flat board the width of a bed slat. He looked familiar enough but I don't know for sure who he was. That was rather strange as there were other boards across the mattress but not evenly spaced.

He warned me, "Don't trip and fall", and helped me walk across the boards and then we went outside through another door into what looked like a backyard of a house.

In fact, it looked like the area where 4 yards would come together with a fence along each lot line like a + . The strange thing was that there were smashed hollow pumpkins strewn all along the fence like there had been a pumpkin war. Some of the pumpkins were green and some were orange and they weren't all the same size.

I knew I shouldn't be here either and I turned to go back inside the building and saw a young man by the doorway and guy upstairs. The guy upstairs dropped a barrel of water down on the other guy's head. I thought for sure he would be dead and I ran over there and felt that the water was warm and he seemed to be okay. The guy upstairs on the balcony said something to the guy below but I didn't catch what it was.

I again saw some guys in dark suits heading my way. I thought I was in trouble so I ducked down behind the slatted fence and hurried along towards a gate I saw. I could see too, along this area, there was a high cyclone fence right up against the wooden slatted fence, but I couldn't immediately determine if I was inside the fence looking out or outside the fence looking in.

I got to the gate just as the man in the dark suit got there and there was another man behind him. This gate was arched, all wire fencing like the cyclone fence.

I again feared arrest, but the front man in the blue suit was carrying two young girl children about ages three and five or four and six. I then saw the same blonde woman from before right behind him.

As we met at the gate, we had to pass each other closely and I tried to be really friendly and praised the little girl's beauty and said to the woman, "Little children are so precious". She beamed a smile back and agreed with me.

She nodded to some people I hadn't seen behind me, sitting on a bench. It looked like two women. They were bent over crying. The blonde woman said, "They just found out that they are losing their jobs. When we take over, they won't be managing this place anymore, we're going to be managing it from the city."

I didn't know where I was but since I had 11 years of management experience, I thought to myself, "Gee! I could have applied for the job if I'd known it was gong to be open."

I passed through the gate then and suddenly found myself laying in bed under the covers, still dressed the same.

2-19-98 - DREAM - I was moving out of an apartment and we had completely and perfectly cleaned and painted it when we left. The landlady tried to complain to the painter that we had put bookcases behind the couch by showing him a different apartment that there were electrical outlets and heat controls there. The painter looked at the wall and said, "There is nothing wrong with putting bookcases behind the couch."

3-1-98 - DREAM - (A bizarre dream with incredible symbolism) I was walking down 20th St. where I had gone to school. I was in the street like I was driving my car but not actually in a vehicle. A car was coming up behind me, but it didn't want to pass me. I wanted to let him get by me and began walking on sofa and sofa cushions along the curb. This went on for blocks, but the guy wouldn't pass me even then.

I came to a house then. It didn't feel like it was home, but I acted like it was. I was cleaning in the living room and saw that the rubber plant was dusty and had spider webs all over it. So, I took two green square rags and wiped all the dust and spider webs off the rubber plant. I then noticed that my rags had hundreds of spider eggs on them which must been under the large leaves and had been attached to the strands of the webs. These eggs were huge and it was apparent that these eggs were about to hatch. So, I told my little son to take the rags out onto the lawn and shake them so the spider eggs would be dispersed in the grass and the little spiders could go elsewhere and make new webs.

My son did that and brought the green rags back to me with no eggs on them. My son, on his own recognizance called the library and was told by them that these spiders were deadly. I got all panicky about that information, but I was at that point standing in a concrete box-like structure, head-high, which was just barely large enough to turn around in. Behind me, up on an electric pole was two electric lineman repairing the electric lines, wearing silver helmets. One of them said, "No! That's is not true. Spiders are helpful to mankind."

I went back into the house and a little boy came to the door. He asked me if I would pretend to be his mother. I said, "Yes!" and play acted being his mother and he was happy. Then his father came to the door and the little boy told his father that I was play acting to be his mother. The father went away and came back with a shotgun and while I was standing in the doorway he shot at me. I didn't get hit, but I play acted like I was shot dead and fell in the street like I had been killed. The little boy cried out, "Father! You killed my mother just like last time. The father threw himself down in the street with his shotgun in his hand, face down on the road, he pounded the ground and sobbed loudly.

I left there and met a very small woman waiting for a bus. she said her evil husband was after her. I agreed to help her get away from him. The bus came along and we got on. I was feeling safe and thought everything was all right. The woman was sitting about half way back in the bus and I was way in back.

Then I noticed that someone had placed two large boxes on a table right behind the small woman's seat. The boxes were about 3 feet in height x 1 1/2 feet x 1 1/2 feet. I thought at first they were large enough for a dwarf or small person to fit inside, but then thoughts suddenly that they could be bombs.

I told the woman frantically that we had to get off the bus because the boxes might contain bombs. She was very reluctant to get off the bus, but I convinced her it was best....just in case...and we got off. I heard someone say, "Oh! It's just a vampire and a ghoul." They had loosed them from the boxes on the bus. I was glad we got off the bus anyway. We saw the woman's evil husband coming down the street. He was a normal sized guy with really dark brown hair and wearing and brown suit.

There were three apartment buildings along the street and each one had a long glassed-in entrance in front. I told the woman, "Hurry! Let's go in here," and entered the 1st building. she followed me but was reluctant and moving very slowly. I could see that her husband would catch up to her if she didn't move faster. We went through that building and into the 2nd one. When we got through the building #2 and were coming back to the lobby, I could see her husband entering building #1. I kept urging her to move faster, but she showed no concern for her safety enough to move faster. We left building #2 and entered building #3. She was still moving so slowly. I was getting very frustrated. She had told me she wanted help but was doing nothing to help herself. Coming out in front of building #3, I could see her husband entering building #2. I kept encouraging her to move faster and she wouldn't and her husband was catching up to her.

I had already gone through all three buildings and I went back to her in the 3rd building and then came to the front the second time. By then, I was so frustrated, I said I would never try to help her again.

Instead of leaving the third building, I went up the elevator to the top floor. I don't know what number it was. From an apartment in the rear of the building, a huge gay man opened the door and asked me if I wanted to party with him. He was a huge, oversized man...not only taller than normal but big all around in a fat sort of way...not muscular. He used exaggerated feminine mannerisms and voice. I said, "No thanks! and went toward the front of the building with the man following me. The whole front of the building was glass. I could see it was nighttime and everyone could see inside the glass walls where we were. I said, "This is the typical way gay people are living now, so everyone can see them."

I met another gay man there. He was also very large like the 1st guy but with masculine mannerisms. So, I paired the two men up and they went to the back of the building to party together.

I went towards the elevator where I met some other gay couples I had known. I wished them well and got on the elevator, leaving them behind to party with each other and left the building for home.

3-19-98 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house. There were some outside contractors doing work on the house and in the yard and in the neighborhood. I was just about to go to the bathroom when one of the workmen came to the front door. He was dressed in green and blue work clothes - blue pants and green shirt. He aid that they were about done but wasn't quite sure how out lot lines were laid out; they wanted to make sure that when they inspect the land and made it perfect that they didn't extend into the neighbor's land. So, I showed him the lot lines on the north and showed him how they started at the NW corner and went all the way up the hill to the NE corner. That was the hardest line to determine. As I looked out the window with him, I could see that there were electrical and telephone poles and lines strung from the house all the way up to the NE corner. Some of the T shaped cross bars carried as many as 12 lines on them. 6 on each side.

He looked kind of amazed at how far the property line went. He said, "We may as well finish the papers now. He got a huge blue folder out that opened up towards the top. His name as contractor was way at the top. (I can't remember what it was.)On the bottom page were two places where I had to sign. I could see where my name "Dolores Bauer" (my first married name) was already on the top line and I signed my name "Dolores Finney" on the bottom line and on the top line to show who I really was. He signed it also. Then He closed the notebook and handed me my book of instructions. This book was like a calendar size that you carry with you. It was thick black leather.

His boss then came in and when I looked up, we were in my 16th St. house in the parlor by the stairway going upstairs. He said, "We are all done, the crew is just making the final touches to the living room". We opened up the sliding doors to the livingroom (they slid into pockets in the walls). There were two men standing on step ladders in the living room with lights in their left hand inspecting and ceiling and touching up the ceiling paint to make sure there were no imperfections.

They were just finishing up when Kevin from One Life to Live came in from the kitchen, saying, "Are we almost done? The women in the family would like to get the serving tables set up now." Many women in the family were bringing out trays of food to set up for a banquet. I walked to the front door with the workmen, the two bosses, clutching my book of instructions in my hand and waved goodbye to them as they drove up 16th St. to the north.

6-30-98 - VISIONS AND VOICES - "It is better to be prepared. You usually try to do everything alone. We keep talking about the widening gyre and you keep rejecting it. You're a mirror image of what's happening. Two days for a visit of truth." I then saw a woman dressed all in white jump down from a high perch. She tackled Superman (the typical). She also had a white cape which flowed behind her.

I went into a dream where I was caring for two small girls. I thought they were out in the street playing. Then I realized what I thought were the girls were just two pieces of trash paper laying on the highway. I looked again and thought I saw the girls too close to the ocean but that was two other girls. I looked again and my two girls were playing safely in a sandbox where I couldn't see them unless I leaned forward.

I then saw two little boys from the neighborhood. One of them had two black dog leashes and collars. The leashes were very short and strong. I felt that if I hadn't been there, they would have put them on the girls.

My presence kept my girls safe.

I heard the boy's mother call them home. I thought to myself, "they didn't need to play with the leashes in the first place."

I was sitting on a driveway writing in my notebook and I noticed that if it rained, the water would run downhill into the garage because there was a sharp drop off in the driveway to where the vehicles were kept at night.

When the boys left, I went into the house and in the dining room, I opened the bottom part of the buffet (a cabinet) and there I saw stored beer, Mellow Yellow, and water. I took the beer, decided I needed to calm down.

I had a long piece of paper in my hand on which was a long complicated recipe. I held it too near the blue flame on the stove and it burned to a crisp before I could pull it away. I thought, "Oh well! I didn't really need that anyway. "Then I noticed all the electric burners were red hot and glowing and it seemed ominous to me.


The Widening Gyre.
"by Yeats"
Turning and turning in the widening gyre,
The falcon cannot hear the falconer,
Things fall apart,
the center cannot hold,
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed,
and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned.

6-30-98 - VISION - As I closed my eyes for the night, I saw a spinning mass turning to the right and getting wider and wider as it spun. It began to look like a universe of stars as it spun.

7-24-98 - DREAM - I went to stay with a friend of my daughter-in-law. was laying in bed and the woman was laying to the right of me. All of a sudden I heard a baby cry. I said, "Oh! I didn't know you had a baby!" (I was actually shocked to find this out)

The baby grew really fast and appeared to be about 2 years old in mere moments. He had been newborn on the bed.

I took him with me everywhere in the house. I was surprised to see he wore one shoe on his right foot and what looked to be a sock over a hoof on his left foot. I saved his life at one point when he was trying to poke crayons and other objects into the stove electrical outlet.

Then I caught him going through my purse and my books and I had to tell him not to touch my stuff.

I have no memory of how the dream ended. I think it just faded.

8-28-98 - A BLACK VISION -



Then I saw a page written by me that looked like an interview with Dee777.





I saw a couple more sentences one of which said, "DOLORES' RECORD"

I slipped into a dream where I was managing an apartment building. I hadn't actually started work yet. I was wearing a dress and green jogging pants under it. I was attempting to tie something to my right thigh over the pants and not having any success with it. There was no door on the apartment and my dark haired female boss walked right tin. She had a couple of people with her.

She told me to call the phone company and have a phone installed right by the door so it would be handy and I wouldn't have to run all the way back into my apartment to answer the phone. I told her that was a good idea. (I had thought of that myself just before she walked in)

A blonde woman dressed in black, lingered behind after the boss left. She said "I think I would like to rent an apartment here."

I hadn't actually started work yet and didn't have any paperwork, so I didn't know which apartments were vacant.

I didn't have any keys with me, so I went back to my closet and found my keys which were laying right next to the pocket of the green jogging pants which I had taken off. I now only had the dress on. I had the key to the "key" box which had the key to the apartment key box. There were out in the hallway.

The key to the 'key box' was a tiny key which at first looked like a 't' then turned into a wire triangle. I thought it would never work, but when I stuck the triangle shaped wire into the slot of the 'key box', the cover flew off.

This box was very small and way up high on the wall. There was along couch-like thing along the wall with a white cover on it and I had to stand on top of it to reach the 'key box'.

I put my index finger into this tiny key box and could feel a tiny piece of metal in it. I carefully picked it up, afraid it would fall on the floor and I'd never find it. When I held it in my fingers, it looked like an old-fashioned record needle. I put my finger into the little key box to see if there was a real key in the box and again felt a small piece of metal I hoped was a real key.

This time it was a spiral piece of wire that was tightly wound. It was small on one end graduating to a larger spiral at the opposite end. I figured that you must stick the small end into the key hole while holding the large end. I looked at it again and now it looked like a carpenter's silver metal screw.

That I knew how to use, so I went over to the apartment key box to see which keys were hanging in it which would clue me in on which apartments were vacant.

I looked at this key box and it was huge. I had so many slots and levers on it, I had no idea which slot to put the screw in to open the door. I flipped one lever and a loud alarm bell began to ring. I said, "Oh my God! this is a fire alarm box."

The woman was dressed in black. (She had short blonde hair like my Black Lord ETs) She said, "I'm going to go look at 305. That's where I used to live.

She took off ahead of me and I couldn't stop her. We were on the 2nd floor it seemed and she ran up some stairs which I could hear her going up, but I couldn't see them. I ran to the end of the hall and found a green linoleum covered stairway. It was really wide with huge steps and it only went down. I didn't have much choice, so I went down to the 1st floor, hoping to find another stairway that would go to the 3rd floor.

I was still looking when I woke up.

9-10-98 - DREAM - I was in a house (city unknown) I was working on a television set that was like a computer screen. The pages had silver-grey pictures that looked like they were taped on around all 4 sides. When I saved and closed one page, the next one appeared and I saved that one separate, and then another. It seemed I saved the last one with the wrong name and would have to rename it so that it didn't save on top of the one with the same name and ruin that one. In order to do that though, I had to go to my 3rd floor apartment to make an adjustment on the TV there.

When I got to the 3rd floor, my family was watching football. I didn't want to interfere with the game, but there was a problem with the wiring. The wires were way too long and not hooked up properly so I reconnected the copper wires and wrapped them around each other. Then as I rolled the good wires toward the TV set, a professional technician arrived. There was a 3rd wire that was a thick green wire that was frayed badly and not connected to the TV. I was going to connect that wire to the TV set too but the technician said, I shouldn't connect that one because it would just cause interference so I didn't.

I then discovered that Edward (my 2nd ex-husband) had been released from prison because he was very , very, ill, and he was put into my custody.

I was very fearful and very cautious. He was very, very sick and weak, but it became apparent quite quickly that with good care, his health was improving and that he was getting stronger and stronger. Knowing he was a con-man I was even more cautious.

He started to act like he wanted sex, but knowing the humiliating game he liked to play, I watched and sure enough, he was prepared to keep me separate from himself with a divider of some kind. I refused to let it bother me because it was a clue that he hadn't changed at all and he would be the same as before.

He came out of the sick room when he was strong enough to stand up. I was still very cautious and didn't get near him, but I could see he was getting stronger and more self-willed.

I had to go back down to the 1st floor so he had to go with me. We no sooner got down there and a big butted older woman went by. He couldn't resist pretending like he was going to rape her because it was one of his perverted sex games. It was also part of the game that I had to watch.

She went outside quickly and signaled for help. The cop was a woman wearing all black leather. Edward feigned his illness and fell headlong on the lawn across the street. I ran across the street and indicated to him that he'd better stay that way if he knew what was good for him. I began to see his legs and instead of flesh and blood, his legs were made of steel shafts.

As the dream ended, I became aware that Edward used to be a Philistine and that another warrior had stabbed him in the rear of his foot with a shaft of metal and killed him.

9-14-98 - DREAM - I was at a University and was about 18 years old. I left the classroom at breaktime and went out into the hallway. Across the way was a shop and I noticed the word FREE on a sign so headed in that direction. I became aware of three men standing in the center of the hallway and I deliberately made myself walk with more purpose and even strided like a model hoping they would notice me. They did. I got across the hall and the place where I thought the door was, was only a window and I had to change direction and go left to where the door really was. Once inside, the whole scene was different than I had seen from outside and I ended up in the clothing department where everything was VERY expensive. I checked to see if they had TALL styles and they did. I was looking at winter jackets in light blue and white and finally told the salesclerk I'd have to come back after I saved my money, after considering the various ways of possible payment.

I then went into a classroom where I and my brother were asked to work at a particular project. In this project we had to use a tank of gas of some kind which was attached by a long skinny tube.

We took the tank of gas outside and my brother noticed a problem with the tubing. He took out his pocket knife to work on the tubing and cut the tubing in half. At that point the gas began escaping and the only way we had to prevent that was to stand there and hold our thumbs over the tube ending.

My brother said there was only one solution and he sat down in the street and cut his leg off below the knee to use the tube of skin to seal off the tubing. He needed to cut 4 slices of leg off to get the proper size ring for this. Meanwhile I and another guy were using huge stacks of paper toweling to staunch the bleeding because his blood was draining out of his body.

I had blood all over me at this time also. Having successfully stopped the flow of gas, we picked up the tank and began to run down the street to catch a bus. I saw none coming but there were other people driving slick looking race-type cars.

We hitched a ride with a guy and where he stopped I had to maneuver between wires that were going several different directions which couldn't be seen at a distance. I commented that I was going to have to tell people about this. It was like something way up high was being held up by these hidden guide wires.

We got to a mall-like area where older people were out protesting about things they didn't like. We got out of the car and went up to the protestors who were shaking their fingers at us.

I became very irate and started telling them off and telling them about how my brother was now legless because he had performed such a heroic act on their behalf and then I went up to the woman and grabbed her by the collar and started shaking her and said, "I just want to shake you until you begin to understand what the real 'TRUTH' is!!! and woke up.

9-30-98 - DREAM - I was in a huge building that was like work/home/school all in one place. I thought I was on 70th St., but my Father's house was across the street which was 16th St.

The starting scene was outside in the yard. I was looking at the beautiful rose bushes but there was a small animal laying on top of one of the branches. It was about 6" long, laying sprawled on top of the branch. There was a little white box there just big enough for the animal to fit in, so I thought I'd capture the animal and put him in a cage and keep him for a pet. I didn't get a real good look at his head, but it seemed he'd be kind of cute.

I slipped the box over him quickly but he squirmed out too fast, but he didn't run away. I thought he was the kind of animal that liked the dark, so I decided to try once more. So, I quickly shifted the box and the box kind of broke because the animal was trying to escape and I ended up sandwiching the box and the animal with his head and feet sticking out on every side and I was hanging on for dear life with my thumbs so hard, my thumbs were hurting from the pressure. I was surprised the animal wasn't screaming in pain from me squeezing him. I hollered to my son Tom to quickly go get me a bigger box or cage to put it in. Tom came back in a moment with a cage about 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 feet. I saw a couple holes that looked a little big between a couple of the wires and sure enough, when I released the animal into the cage, it immediately escaped and we couldn't find it again.

We went inside the building then and we were getting ready to go to school. I thought I would take a treat to class and was looking in the pantry for something really good, especially something I liked myself. I also needed a dish to put it in and found a rectangle-shaped platter about 6" across the long way that was a creamy color and had roses painted on it. I intended to take a selection of my favorite chocolates to school with me. I saw a huge bag of chocolates with white centers there on the shelf, but I knew they were chewy and I didn't want to take that kind, but the sweet, soft, melt in your hands kind.

As I was walking along the hallway of the building, the young boys there were going over different hobbies they were working on which they had said they got at a rummage sale down the hall. I found that I couldn't carry the platter with the chocolates without messing them up if I was going to go to the rummage sale, so I decided to take the chocolates across the street to my Fathers house and leave them there instead.

When I got across the street, my mother was in bed resting and my daughter was watching TV. It was a rather strange TV. The picture was like on slats that overlapped and reversed so you could flip a switch and watch the backside of the slats if you wanted and watch a different picture. The picture was rather dark, so I didn't spend much time with it. It was too hard to watch.

I noticed it was time to get to school anyway. My sons Tom and Michael were there too and we all went to different schools. I went to 20th St. school, Michael went to school on Center and 12th St., and Tom went to school by bus on 13th and Michigan (he said a different name that I knew was where Michigan St really is south of Wisconsin Ave. The name he said started with the letter F) My school was west, Michaels school was east, and Tom's school was south. We were all trying to find our proper winter coats because it was cold and snowy out.

I looked at the clock and it was 10 minutes past 9 a.m. I hollered, "Oh man! I was supposed to be there 10 minutes ago."

NOTE: Just then our alarm clock went off and I woke up. I asked Joe what time it was. It was 3:40 a.m. I asked him if it was supposed to have been set for 3:30 a.m. and he said,"Yes! so the amount of lateness was the same.

10-18-98 - DREAM - I was in a place like downtown Waterford. I was with a young girl like Taylar. We were walking down the street together and she was talking about borrowing some money like they advertise on TV. It just so happened there was an office for a place like 'Household Finance" right where we were standing, but they were closed. We talked about the foolishness of dealing with people all the way across country when you had an office close by you could with personally.

As we were talking about it, someone told us there was another office down the street and found their office open.

As we walked in, Taylar went in the door, jumped in the air and clicked her heels. Then she went and sat down to wait her turn. Then she went and sat down to wait her turn. Meanwhile I caught their attention and said to them, "Did you ever have anyone come to them, "Did you ever have anyone come in dancing?" They all laughed and then I sat down on a bench to wait for Taylar. It seemed a little chilly in there so I curled up on this bench and covered my legs with a green sweater.

It was a very casual office, nothing fancy at all. I quickly made friends with a woman there. She was super-friendly. After I went home, she was still friends, she was always around whether I wanted her to be or not. At one point I tried to turn off the light and close the door and she came running in and prevented me from closing the door. I protested and said I wanted to get dressed. She said, "I don't care, I just want to be your friend."

The situation began to feel very cloying and I found myself trying to avoid her because she was always there and it was feeling very awkward. There was nothing I could do alone. Finally she got mad at me because I was trying to do things by myself. She walked in with a big box of 3 x 5 cards or 5 x 7 cards she had been keeping track of everything I said or did. She threw the box on the desk where I was standing I was rather shocked to see this box of notes, but she yelled at me for being an ungrateful friend and slammed the door where she went out. I knew she expected me to come running after her, but I didn't. When the door slammed I felt grateful she was gone. (NOTE: P.S. I never had a friend like that)

I then went outside. I was in Waterford it seemed. I called on the phone to tell him I was on the way home. He said he was buying a new car and was going to go downtown because he had promised his old girlfriend Susan (Joe says he never had a girlfriend named Susan) he was going to sell her his old car. I was a little put off that he had been in contact with an old girlfriend and that she was going to get his old car. That seemed like it was too personal to me.

Joe told me she lived downtown and that's exactly where I was and I just happened to be right across the street from where she lived. As Joe was telling me he didn't know if she was home, I could see into her apartment all the way through to the back window. There was nobody walking around in the light.

There was a Spanish/Indian woman friend standing in the street right there too. She said she needed to use a telephone to call someone but she wanted to use a phone in that house so I used that as an excuse to go into the house and see what it was like.

We went inside and went upstairs. My friend couldn't find a phone at her friends apartment and as luck would have it, an older woman came walking out of the door of the other apartment. I asked her if her name happened to be Susan and she said, "Yes!" I was rather shocked to see that she walked with a cane. She looked kind of like Susan Hayward except her hair wasn't so red, but she was really pretty for an older woman. I stood there trying to think what it would have been like for Joe to be in bed with her making love when she was young and beautiful and I started to feel really uncomfortable thinking about it because I'm so tall and big in comparison. I forced myself to erase the thoughts from my mind. Then I saw she had many empty clothes hangars there on a rack. They were wire hangars in a triangle shape and they all had crystal or glass triangles glittering hanging on the hangars.

My Spanish/Indian friend was using her phone. I had already told her that Joe was going to call her and I wanted to tell her I was Mrs. Mason but I couldn't bring myself to tell her who I was.

Finally, my friend got off the phone. I asked Susan if I could use the phone for a second. I was going to call Joe and tell him to come on over while I was there. I called his phone number and then our other number. I let them both ring at least 5 times but there was no answer and I woke up feeing glad that Joe was not able to make the contact with his old girlfriend.

11-4-98 - I was at a school. There were discussions going on amongst the teachers for and against various subjects. Nobody agreed on anything, but there were friends discussions anyway.

I went outside and decided to ride my horse. It was a magnificent white animal. The discussions were still going on and someone said that farmer so-n-so didn't like lily pads. At that point, I was on my horse riding on a causeway between two higher points of land. On either side of the causeway was wide expanses of water and I could see reddish-green lily pads coming up on both sides. These were still a little under the top of the water, but I knew they would have magnificent flowers when they were full grown.

I was riding along the causeway which was very narrow - about 3 feet wide and this was also at the water level and the grass beneath me was greenish-white. I could see each individual blade of grass clearly. I sat astride my horse like a circus performer...sitting proudly and had my right arm up and over my head like I was holding unto a guide wire or something. (I could feel something above me with my hand...guiding me. It was soft like fur)

Someone called out..."Watch your balance." I did! We rode swiftly across the causeway. I had a big smile on my face.

We reached the other side and rose up on a long white porch of a house. I made gestures of "Thank you, thank you, thank you! like I was being applauded as a circus performer and bowed to an imaginary audience in several directions, beaming ear to ear at my successful accomplishment of my feat. I felt so proud. I felt like there was nothing I couldn't accomplish.

11-8-98 - DREAM - I was in a large apartment building. I've either been in the same place in the last couple of days or I dreamed this twice.

I went down to the basement garage. It had an electrically opening overhead door. Inside the garage it was extremely bright. I had the only key to get into this garage. I believe but other people had to work in the garage. What was neat was that beautiful music started playing when I opened the door. The lock for the door was too high to reach from the ground. So I had stood on top of something and standing up on my toes to get the key in the lock. The key was very tiny. It was gold and almost like a number 7 but with a small protrusion on the top of the 7. This key also fit a bright blue truck which was quite large and the lock was up by the window rather than by the door handle.

I opened the door for myself to make sure I knew how to do it, so later when a man and woman came to ask me to let them into the garage to work, as long as there was something to stand on, I had no problem to open the door.

After the door closed after them, I went to a big office where Susy was working along with a couple other women. Susy said she had been expecting Bob Scottsdale to visit her, she said she had been dating him for several years.

I had known her for 3 years and had never seen him but she insisted she had dated him for many years.

12-27-98 - DREAM - I was managing a building but also in charge of employees. I began to do employee reviews. The first one was Frank _______ whom I know is deceased. He was distressed that he was being checked on. His review sheet was plastic and peanuts were stuck inside of it when he folded it over. He tried sneaking a peek at what had written down, but my boss ( a female) reprimanded him and told him she had to look at it first and then would talk to him in private. That didn't make him feel any better.

In this dream, there were numerous black guys with power tools tapping into the electricity yon the ceiling. I don't know what they were going to make, but I didn't try to stop them.

I was waiting for the telephone company to come and install a new line for a new resident named Sarah. We were so full, we installed a 3 feet wall in the hallway to surround her stuff. I walked by and she was laying naked up against the wall. I wondered if she thought that we couldn't see her or if she thought it was okay.

It was then I noticed that I didn't have any pants on myself and everything showed beneath where my blouse and suitcoat came to. I did have shoes on but didn't see socks or stockings. Now I felt embarrassed because a young guy had made a pass at me and I wondered what he would want with an old lady like me.

I began to climb a ladder-like stairway. I t was very difficult because the stairs were very narrow and I had to put my purse up a few stairs, climb a few steps, put the purse up again, climb a few more stairs, etc. At the same time, I realized anyone who followed me would see I was naked from the waist down and I couldn't forget that.

Once I got upstairs and found that the computers and TVs were taped over with tape so nobody could see the screen, I saw the number 1052 on the tape. I don't know if that represented a date or time?

I then went outside to a park-like area. The kids were playing and having fun. A bunch of baby sized kids were hanging from the branches of a tree and I was watching them. a miniature sized convertible car came off the street and pulled up to the tree. The guy driving it was teenaged or young 20's. He began kissing and sucking on the babies' arms and enjoying it way too much. I went over to stop him and tell him to get away. The guy threatened to dump something on me. It was either oatmeal or cottage cheese-like. He threw it at me just as I grabbed him by the back of the collar and told him, "That's okay! I'm going to beat the crap out of you!"

I woke up with my heart pounding.

1-8-99 - DREAM - I was working on a web page and came across one that had a border of the sun and the moon alternating. It was gorgeous so I borrowed the border and put it on my own web page. When I moved it, the sun and moon were mere words instead of pictures and no amount of work could make the words look like pictures, so I began to delete them again.

I was at my New Berlin house. My son Michael was given a pullover shirt of green, orange, and yellow. He was going to give it to someone else but it was a perfect fit for him. I told him he could keep it if he wanted to.

Then I went outside and was sitting in the back seat of a white car. I was helping somebody with a project and I washed some 'nuts' in water. My hand began to itch and then form huge blisters under the skin that got so big they burst and my hand ended up shredded mass of flesh. My hand was swollen to twice its size by that time and I was appalled.

I was then in a car driven by my mother. She drove so fast, she went right through a wire fence. I was shocked and expected to be sliced into a dozen pieces, but we didn't even feel it. I wouldn't try it myself though, and the next fence we came to, we went through an opening in a gate and not right through the wire.

I was then in a house with some teens. We were rather sitting around talking and there were dirty dishes around.. big pots with spaghetti sauce on the edges. It was nearing dinner time again. I asked if there were any potatoes, thinking I could start peeling them, but another woman was making spaghetti or Lasagna and potatoes weren't needed, so I began to wash dishes instead. One of the teenage girls just went to her room to wait for dinner while the other one pithed in with the work. I told the girl who went to her room that she wouldn't get any dinner unless she worked. She acted like it was a racist statement because I was white and she was black, but another black man standing there who was a guidance counselor in a boys group told her I was perfectly right. He said, "If you don't work, you don't eat."

2-18-99 - END OF DREAM - The electric bill on my apartment hadn't been paid in 4 months. The electrician was there to cut it off. I told him I had enough money to pay the bill because I had just been paid. He said he didn't want to take the check but if I had a checkbook that made a carbon copy, he'd take the carbon copy while I mailed the check in. I didn't really want to do that because then I wouldn't have a record of having paid the bill, but I didn't have much choice in the matter.

NOTE: When I went on line, a friend of mine was very upset that she had written a check for a bill for $20.50 and the bank had entered the amount as $90.50. If she didn't have her own records, the bank wouldn't have made good on it and put the money back in the account plus make good on the bounced checks and charges.

2-20-99 - DREAM - I was manager of a large apartment building in a big city. I was told that the railroad was going to come through our yard with tracks for a switching station. I was standing outside when the work began. There were no people doing the work. It was done automatically. As I stood there three rails came shooting out of my building, across the alley, and through the next building. I was trying to figure out how that was done when three more rails came shooting through the space where I was standing and I saw then that wires went out ahead, leading the way, with rails following. More and more rails went across, always in sets of 3 wires/rails. Every set went through my apartment and I could see this was going to be a major switching yard. I saw that one set was only three feet off the ground so no cars would be able to go through anymore. Then too, I wondered how these rails could carry any weight and thought perhaps a trestle of some kind would have to be built under each set of rails.

Another woman came through trying to figure out what was going on and I walked with her explaining what was happening.

When we went into the building, we went up to the 2nd floor where new construction had been done while I was outside. The framework was all put in and I told the woman that cable television and telephone was being put in as well, though I knew that cable television was already in the building, perhaps it was being upgraded.

The woman said, "Maybe I'll have to move!" I laughed and said, "I could move to any apartment in the building, the entire railway switching station is going to go right through my apartment." (I lived in the right front corner of the building on the 1st floor.) As I walked back to my apartment, I saw white paint chips everywhere where the work had already been done. It was pretty exciting.

2-28-99 - VISION -

The gist of it was that the wires were stretching and communication would end when the wires came off in the center.

NOTE:  I had several problems with the computer which kept me off line for several days.

3-16-99 - DREAM - I was living and working in a big old apartment building/house. The landlord was a cheapskate, and when an old man moved into one of our larger apartments, I told him I would have it painted for him. Some of the closet doors, walls and ceiling had big old stains on them...I mean HUGE stains and the rest of the walls and ceilings were yellow from someone being a heavy smoker. It looked really bad. The landlord stood right there and stated that the old man was lucky to be living with us. I didn't doubt that was true, but I still wanted him to have a clean, painted apartment.

After the landlord left, I went about picking up toys and cleaning the floor after little kids, even while they were playing with them. I wanted everything to be perfect.

We were getting ready to move somewhere and one of the tenants (it felt like a relative) had finished another year of classes in college and was going to stack his books in the attic or worse yet, throw them away. He had them all in a brown suitcase. I looked at the books. The first one was on Ornithology and had pretty birds all over its cover. I instantly wanted that one for myself because of my bird totems. The other ones were all about electricity and circuits and how they worked. The side binding on the second one had a picture of superman with a U.S. flag behind him.

I was going to make sure that my son Michael got to read these books because that was his field of study. I also wondered where this man's previous books were and if they could be retrieved. I hoped they hadn't been thrown away.

There were a bunch of young girls playing out in the yard. I was told that one of them was born within two hours of my birthday and had been named after me. The young girl came into the house from the yard and as she came up to me, the voice said, "This is the young girl who was named after you." The girl walked right past my outstretched hand like she didn't see me. She was right next to me, and I reached over to take her hand. I said, "No! Over here! It's me!" As I took her limp hand, she began to fade into Violet colored print like on a book or e-mail.

(This reminded me of a person on-line who always types in that color print) (I asked Violet when her birthday was, but it wasn't even close to mine)

I seemed to be still trying to pick up toys outside as I woke up. I don't recall anymore.


3-16-99 - CHAKRA MEDITATION - (I started at the top per instructions from a person who said this makes sense to start at the top and unblock the chakras, rather than start at the bottom and try to force the energies up through blocked chakras)

CROWN - VOICE - "What do you want?" I said, "My intention is to clean out my chakras." I raised my vibrations to high astral. I pulled in the white light. I began to see 5 people on a ramp or platform. One was all the devil we picture. He was mostly hidden behind the other 4 and a big banner they held in front of them. They all walked to the right and the devil dove off the platform and he landed with a splash and a hiss. The other 4 said, "We preferred that you didn't know he was in the game."

THIRD EYE - I pulled the white light down through the crown to the 3rd eye chakra. A voice said, "Oops! It's a little bent." It was straightened out and began revolving fast with flashes of both white and dark blue alternating. It was pretty cool to see. A voice said, "We want to keep our brains sharp here."

THROAT CHAKRA - It was very dark blue almost black. A voice said, "It very gunky in here. We need hot water. A lot of hot water to clear this out. I had to pull the white light down into this chakra for about 5 minutes. When it broke free, there was a sense of freedom. I saw a flash of orange come into it before it broke free. Once it was free, I saw a youngish Mohawk Indian with a full fledged MOhawk haircut, and in full regalia. He was pounding a small drum in his hand. He said, "This should be kept a secret yet. The world is not to know I am here." I said, "I wish to tell Steffan this process." He said, " I "Okay! but no one else. I am not ready for anyone else to know yet."

(This fits in with the Native American instruction I got the past couple days which I'm currently working on. I know there is more to develop later. This is only the first step)

HEART CHAKRA - I pulled in the white light down through the crown into the heart and my whole chest area was white tinged with a slight green tone in flashes. A voice said, "This is exercise. It is the only exercise you need." I began to feel a sense of fullness in the chest. A voice said, "All the numbers are here." I began to feel a tightening across the forehead area like a major message was going to come in.

(I was interrupted by a truck pulling through the driveway. The landlord's son was coming to work on the orchard with his kids) I had to go back and start over.

HEART CHAKRA - Now there was a battle going on in my chest. An electrical jolt came down from my head and crossed my chest. A voice said, "I didn't want this to happen." A very deep voice said, "How can I save her Jusepka?"

Now a big Jewish smiling man leaned over me and hovered there. He continued smiling as I pulled in the white light.

Now a Jewish woman appeared wearing a rose colored shawl over her head. She leaned over and said, "Everything looks to be okay here. Goes back to Jewish millennia." She smiled.

SOLAR PLEXUS - I pulled the white light down through the crown chakra into the solar plexus area. There was a brilliant yellow - very large. I felt joy here. A voice said, "There are thousands of these things in here. People don't even know they exist." A man wearing a white turban appeared and said, "People don't know the loophole of Ophant."

There was a complete looseness felt in this area. No tension at all.

I didn't have time to complete the other chakras that day.

3-28-99- DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house. I and my siblings were in a bed together in the diningroom. I got a phone call from N.M. who wanted me to go to dinner with him at a cheap place. We discussed which drug store I preferred and I picked one on the east side of town on Center and Humboldt?

When he arrived I was still getting ready. He walked into the kitchen wearing a bright red dress with an overcoat over it. I was wearing a darker red dress with almost the same flowered pattern on it. I said to him, "Oh! Your dress is prettier than mine, but at least we both wore red."

I continued to get ready and sat on the bed to put on red socks. All of a sudden N.M.'s Father showed up. I was really surprised and slowly got up off the bed to shake hands with him politely. His hand felt hard, but his handshake was limp and weak.

I then sat down on the bed again and questioned the validity of N.M.'s Father's presence.

Both the Father and N.M. were gone from the house and the house was now pitch black inside except for where I was sitting. I began to have visions of electric blue triangles and even these I questioned their validity and was shown electric blue squares and triangles. Always the "doubting Thomas", I call N.M. on the phone to ask him when we were going to dinner. His nephew about age 2 answered the phone and I asked to speak to N.M. I said, "I thought we were going to dinner." He said, "I thought you weren't interested because when I got there none of the lights were on, and when I came in you went back to bed." I tried to explain that it was my Father's rule that we had to turn out the lights in the rooms we weren't actually in and that I had sat on the bed to put on my socks.

He didn't seem to believe me. He said, "Well! I thought different and took my sister instead."

I wanted to say more but I could tell he wasn't on the phone anymore.

4-9-99 - DREAM - Three Schools - I was in a city by a school. We were standing on a sidewalk when all of a sudden a whole parade of army troops came marching by. I was trying to think if today was Veteran's Day because they hadn't been expected. Nobody else seemed to have expected them either, but a whole lot of people were following along the street alongside of them.

After they went by, I walked over to another school and while I was standing on the sidewalk a strange secret airplane went by. I can't say that I even saw the plane and don't know what it looked like, but it was practicing and when it took off, it went faster than anything I've ever seen before with puffs of white within the contrails of which there were 4 side by side. What was even stranger was that at the end of the practice, a big silver fish with red, white, and blue stripes on it, swung around at the end of the contrails and almost hit us. If we wouldn't have ducked under a balcony, it would have landed on us because I heard it smack down on the balcony right above us.

Right after the plane left, three peasant-like people came along. They looked kind of scary to me. I didn't know what they wanted. I had four things with me and I dropped them and broke them so I threw them away. That made the peasant people all upset and they tried to get me to come back so they could show me something in the trashcan, but I wanted no part of it and wouldn't look and left.

I went to another building and wanted to go up to the next level, but the stairs was missing. I tried using an emergency ladder but it wouldn't hold my weight and was cutting into the soles of my shoes, so I had to find a different stairway. I went through a doorway where a stairway was coming up to my level. I saw that a nurse was teaching some kids some basic stuff and I went past them going down. There were two people with me at this point, but I don't know who they were because they were behind me and following me. As I was descending these steps I realized I was dreaming and I said so to the other people. The steps became just wire replicas of steps and I said to the others, "This is just a dream and we've got to figure out a way out of here." We were running down the steps with confidence even though it was just wire outlines. One of the other people said, "How far down do we have to go?"

Ahead, I saw where the janitor carried out the trash, so we went there and climbed up out of the wide window which wasn't easy because it was way above floor level. But we made it, and then went to another school.

Now my daughter-in-law Debe told me that the people on the East Coast wanted to fly out to see me in California CSID because something bad was going to occur there and they didn't want to be there. (I didn't know what CSID meant)

7-8-99 - DREAM - I had a bunch of machines in a large office that weren't working properly. I was told they should be in the order of the chakra stars and they weren't. I printed out a copy of the chakra stars and attempted to wire all these machines together in a series. The plug wouldn't stay in the working machine at the end of the series.

A large woman in charge of washing machines looked at it and said she could fix it and said she couldn't fix it until next week. I pointed out all the machines and told her it would be nice if we had all new ones.

I had that dream several times and I knew it wouldn't stop until I got up and wrote it down.

1-1-2000 - DREAM - I was in a school-like place and I was shown, by an older man to spin a red wire of considerable length so that it formed a series of loops and secured itself. I was so proud that I had accomplished that. Then I met a man who had a blue wire of considerable length which was looped together. He began to spin it very fast and it looped itself into a series of figure 8's all still connected with a loop around the outside to hold it together. I was astonished that he could do that, already forgetting that I had just accomplished a similar feat with the red wire.

We then went into the school proper and a woman was applying for a job in a blue dress...a young tall blonde woman. One of the teachers told me he had started to take some pills for some ailment that I was feeling the symptoms of. It made me feel kind of nervous about the ailment which had no name yet. I didn't know what exactly was wrong.

I sent the blonde woman to the secretary's office which was down at the far end of the school. There were some papers that had to be filled out. I had a series of forms myself but there was one kind missing which she went to get. Then my old boss Brian A. from AC came along and it seemed he was one of the teachers or the principal and he was looking for the woman in the blue dress. I told him where she went and he was reluctant to go all the way down to the secretary's office, so he sent one of the other girls who was standing nearby. I told him the office was on the other side of the auditorium.

8-23-99 - DREAM - I was living in a big city on a high floor in an apartment building. I received a phone call that my ex-husband Edward had gotten out of prison and was headed for where I was. So, I immediately called the police department to warn them that he was coming and that meant big trouble.

The telephone I had had little two inch screens like a TV set and was connected to the police department. When I was done talking, the office said, "Dolores! You've threatened that President Clinton is in trouble and since you called it in, we'll have to come and get you because you told on yourself!"

I hung up the phone, trying to remember the name Clinton in my conversation. I couldn't even remember the name Clinton. I got nervous that I would get hungry in jail, so I began eating the pages of my notebooks . . . (I was eating my own words. :-) )

I walked into another room. I heard the police at the door already but I didn't answer the door. I had laundry to do before I went anywhere. I was now in the laundry room and went over to the machine. It was the spinner type with a large washer and smaller spinner basket attached to it.

It was full of purple and blue clothes and both sides were full of water. People started to come into the room to help me, but the washer wouldn't work. I flipped the lever on both sides and neither one came on. The lids were missing too. I finally found the small one for the spinner basket but couldn't find the lid for the washer side. There were several men and women in the laundry room with me now.

I went over to the sink to hook the discharge hose on the sink and commented to someone that my laundry room was exactly like theirs except I had two sinks, one on the East wall and one on the South wall.

However, it was dark in the room and I said that we should turn ona light so we could see better. There were two bulbs hanging side by side over the double sink, one was half the size of the other. The large on wouldn't come on when I pulled the chain, but the small one came on with a very small light.

I then went to check to see if the washer was plugged in. I traced the cord to the ceiling and hidden behind a maze of copper pipes were eight wires with all black wire nuts on them. They were all hanging loose and not in a splice box. It was pretty high up, so I asked one of the men who knew about electricity to disengage the wires because without colored wire leads, I wouldn't know which ones to disengage safely.

Once he disengaged the first one, then I was able to disengage the rest myself.

At that point, we had taken all the clothes out of the washer and both side just had light blue water in them.

I then noticed that we weren't in the basement and that the whole outside walls were tall narrow windows that were washed perfectly clear and the room was considerable brighter than it had been before. The one back wall was all black pipes going every which way, but the rest of the room was perfectly clean and I thought it would be a great room to entertain guests in.

At that same moment, one of the men opened up a window by pushing it outward and got up on the sill like he was going to fly out. We were at least on the 2nd floor, if not on the 3rd floor.

11-24-99 - DREAM - I was studying the Hitler/guyana connection and had a web page p with just a few links ... about 5. One of the links on the age showed a circular object that had a numbers of dots on it.

To me, it looked like a crab apple cut in half, an odd brownish red color with a number of seeds in it ... not like an apple but evenly distributed. I was clueless as to what this meant, but on one of the links I saw the name of a local artist who I thought might help me. I made an appointment to go see him.

I got to the place and could see him sitting inside his room through the window. He was sitting at a table smoking a pipe and reading a book. I could see he had long hair like a girl and that reminded me that I hadn't combed my hair and my own was wild looking ... probably worse than his.

I had to climb up on a high platform that was yellow and square and from there ... go up a steep stairway which had a scissoring type gate at the bottom which I also had to clamber over.

I apologized for the state of my hair and he said it didn't matter. I then noticed that I had a yellow marker and a black marker in my right hand and that I had lost the caps off of both of them.

That was my undoing. I apologized and said I had to retrace my steps because I could not possibly go on and allow the markers to dry out. He said he understood and went with me back down the stairs and across the yard. The yellow cap was easy to see and I found it readily. I might not have seen the black cap, but I accidentally stepped on it. It seems that the lawnmower had hit it and flung the cap off the path but back to where I was now walking because I couldn't actually see the path I had taken across the green lawn. I picked up the black marker cap and to my surprise, the force of the spinning mower had embedded one of those crab apples inside the cap.

At the same time I spotted a huge walnut on the ground. It was as big around as my fist. It was cracked and thrown off the path by the mower too.

I began to pick the nut meats out of the walnut shell and the man grabbed it away from me, afraid I was going to eat it. I wouldn't have done it because I knew it had maggots in it from laying on the ground.

He picked some more nut meats out of the walnut shell and showed it to me. The maggots were brown and quite numerous. I said, "I'm not going to try to eat it, I just want to know where you got a tree that grows such big nuts.

He said, "Oh! I have a special chemical concoction I pour on the ground and they grow like this." I asked him if he would share the forumla with me. He said he would.

I thanked him and told him that I 'begged' other people for their growing forumlas and nobody had given it to me. By now I was acting like a silly school girl. I followed the man back up on the yellow platform which was at an unbelievable height for me to get up on without a step, but I managed to step on it with ease. We then got to the steps which I climbed up even easier. I said gleefully to the man, "I'm healing. I could never have done that 2 weeks ago."

I looked up and saw an engineer at the top of the stairs. He was talking on the phone just as fast as he could about 11 conn this and 11 conn that, using electrical terms I didn't know. The man I was with corrected him on his pronunciation. "It's 11 co-in, not 11 conn." Then I knew he was talking about our 11:11 coincidence project.

It seemed after a few more sentences that he was leaving his wife but I can't remember his exact words.

By now I was on the top level hallway, standing in front of a bureau of drawers tpe thing of dark wood and it had a big mirror on top. I could see how pretty I looked. I also saw 3 piles of light blue brochures about singing groups. I was especially attracted to the center on which had an unusual shape -- like 1/2 a house.

I began singing a song ... "Jeannie with the light brown hair" (my daughter's name)

The engineer now off the phone, came over and started making a pass at me and calling me, "My brown haired Jeannie with the light brown eyes."

I knew my eyes had changed color over the years but I didn't think they were light brown.

I rolled my eyes at his statement and said, "Oh! I'm sorry! I wasn't paying attention. I was singing." he looked at me and said, "Ha ha1 You did it without even me telling you to." like I was expected to do that.

He continued to make a pass at me and insinuated that I should join him now that his wife was gone. Somehow I knew this whole thing related to the "33 and 19.5" and I was going to have to continue researching to find that connection.

12-21-99 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house it seemed though it was a little different. I was finishing up the cleaning and the dishes. My daughter was helping. We were almost done. I looked up on a dusty shelf over the sink and found baby eating containers with nipples and sipper cups and decided we didn't need baby things anymore and threw them away. However, there were numerous circular glass ashtrays there about 3 inches across and I stacked them on the side of the shelf.

I went back to the living room and overheard my son Michael say to someone that he was going to solder something. I asked him if he could spare 10 minutes to help clean up like his sister had... "just 10 minutes," I said. I turned around and there were 3 other teenage boys sitting on the living room floor working on electrical projects with Michael... 4 boys altogether. I apologized to Michael and said, "Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't know you had guests.

My Father appeared then and brought numerous cushions for the boys to sit on, so then the livingroom floor was full of cushions and boys doing electronic work. Behind me, I saw that my daughter had brought out numerous pastel colored pajamas. They looked and felt clean, but they were all in a jumbled pile and I felt obligated to wash them again.

It seemed that the more I did, the more there was to do. I was getting more and more frustrated and started raising my voice about the need to clean the house and not being able to get done. I woke up very frustrated.

1-2-00 - DREAM - I was in a house that was newly constructed that still had some raw wood showing. I needed to go into the bathroom and Joe was sitting on a toilet in the bathroom, in a stall like space, but behind a plastic curtain so I couldn't really see anything except his knees and feet. I needed to go really bad so I began to pull the curtain across the opening so that we couldn't see each other while I was going. There didn't seem to be any door on this room, and there were several other people in the house as well. . . a young blonde woman and my mother who was very old, but who didn't look anything like my real life mother. There was also a problem with my being able to figure out how the house was wired because it appeared to be wired in series such that if one flipped a switch in the bedroom, a light appeared in the hallway and in the bathroom, or if you flipped the switch in the bathroom, the light came on in the hallway and bedroom also, so you couldn't lose your way in the dark and hurt yourself. I was just figuring this out when my mother appeared and told me that she was being interviewed about her UFO abductions. This made me very upset. Not only couldn't I remember any conscious abductions like she could, the house was a mess. My mother began folding a pile of socks in the hallway, and while she and I talked, and I thought about how messy the house was, I helped her match socks, some of which were very large and shiny white like silk (unlike any I've ever seen). Then she told me that NBC was coming to film, and while I was thinking that maybe I could hide out of sight while they interviewed her, I also thought perhaps I should get on the computer and tell everyone to watch us.

Suddenly, a memory popped into my head about seeing a humongous black flying craft over the neighborhood that defied description.... and while I thought about that memory... I woke up.

NOTE: My only sightings have been a large white craft, a white greenish white craft, and odd red and white lights high up in the sky.

1-5-00 - DREAM - I was on 16th St. sorting out esoteric magazines on the front porch. I stacked them up neatly and put them on the sidewalk and expected them to stay right where they were while I was up the street getting something I wanted. My children were playing on the sidewalk and on the porch and my son Wolf was whining he wanted a new bicycle. I told him he would get one when the time was right, but it wasn't now. While I was up the street, I remembered I needed to water the dog, so I continued on around the block through the alley though it would have been closer to go back along the sidewalk.

I walked into the alley and came up to the T intersection of the alley. I heard a car roaring it's engine and waited a moment while it came tearing out of the alley, making a right turn to where I was standing. It was a yellow car with a blonde older teen or young man at the wheel. The car was older, about an 69 Dodge/Pontiac like I used to have except mine was a used brown Sheriff's car. It was similar to that. The guy was kind of wild looking but when he saw me, he got out of his car and followed me down the alley.

It made me nervous to have him behind me, but I was walking fast. The alley was wet like it had rained and I was barefoot. Totally different than it had been on the street. We got to about the center of the block and one of our neighbors was having a moving out sale in the back yard. There was a large round table sticking way out into the alley, stacked with books that were covered with other stuff, but I knew I was going to have to stop and see what they were and probably buy them, but I hadn't brought any money with me.

As I stopped to see what the books were, the young man went into the yard and said, "Here is a bicycle for Wolf. This is just what he needs." The bicycle was adult size, colored like platinum silver, futuristic, such as one would expect in the year 3000. The handle bars were thick and shaped like a African Black Water Buffalo. He rolled the bicycle out into the alley right in front of me. It was so lightweight he could carry it in one hand. I was astonished at its appearance. It was so beautiful. The man said, "It's only $500.00 and they want a money order. They won't take a check." I was heading down the alley towards home to get some cash so I could buy the books which I never did stop to read the titles of. He said something like, "Even if it's not worth $500.00, they'll still take the money order." He was expecting me to come back with the money order without even considering the price.

I continued on down the alley and around the corner to the left where the other end of the T was ... it was another T intersection. Now there was a woman with me. She lived on the same street in another house. The street was not like before, but now it was like a street of huge apartment buildings made of old brick somewhat like you would expect in 18oo's England in the movie Oliver Twist. There was no sunshine at all. It was like being in a canyon and I told the woman so. She said that was to be expected. I came to my own steps and saw magazines strewn on the sidewalk instead of stacked, and up on the porch were more magazines strewn where someone had been going through them.

I was feeling rather angry about the magazines as I was going up the steps. I got up on the porch and tried to open the front door and found it tied shut with red electrical wire. My daughter was on the other side with her friends and they were hanging onto the wire for dear life to prevent anyone from getting into the house. I hollered at her to let me in and she opened the door reluctantly because I was spoiling her fun. I told her, "Let me in the house or you will soon be dead." She opened the door and inside the house, it was bright and sunny. The sun was coming from the West as it was going down. There was none on the east side of the house at all in the canyon on the street.

1-17-00 - NIGHTMARE - This dream started with me laying in bed in a house which seemed to be New Berlin, not my current house. As I was laying in bed, I was using a computer to type on. I must have fallen asleep for a moment and when I woke up, two men were coming into the room wanting to use the electrical outlet to plug in some test equipment. I think they were checking the lines. After they left, I got up and was typing a series of numbers that I was supposed to be duplicating and I thought the key pads were programmed to do that. . . there was a number keypad for the left hand and one for the right hand. I realized too late that instead of keying in the numbers in the order of the original computer printout, I was pressing the keys at random. I knew it would have to be done over, but there was no way to change it now... what was done was already done. It was too late to change it now.

Finally I went out into the main house and found that my husband was packing stuff up, and moving. He hadn't discussed this me at all. All the clothing was laying on the floor and had to be washed. I saw my own slacks on the floor. It appeared that I had probably pooped in them but didn't wash them immediately. They were actually inside-out, had red, white and blue stripes for legs and flowered underpants print was on the outside of the back. I tried washing this by hand but couldn't get the imprint off completely. I could still see the pattern there. I confronted my husband about the mess he was making and about what he was doing, and he said that if I wanted to talk I should put a pot of coffee on first.

I went to the kitchen to make the coffee and found two strange people there . . . a man and woman. They were living with us and I hadn't known it. The man was an alcoholic who was trying to quit and she didn't trust him and they were fighting over this.

When the coffee was done, I decided to give them some also, but instead of cups they wanted me to pour the coffee into two cake pans because cups were too small. The point being that I wouldn't be able to pour the coffee into a smaller cup because their hands were shaking so bad the cups would shake and I wouldn't get any coffee into it.

I went back to the living room with the coffee pot to pour some coffee for my husband and myself and the man followed me and asked me why I had poured the coffee into a cake pan for himself instead of a coffee cup and I explained what his wife had said about spilling it. He then got angry at me for not trusting him and there was no point to living there anymore.

It didn't much matter to me since I didn't know them, but I knew their relationship was in big trouble.

I found a large square piece of cardboard on the floor and decided to put it in the back of a green paisley overstuffed chair to stiffen the back. We still had some nice furniture in the living room but it was being moved. I was packing water glasses into a box without wrapping paper. I had no idea if this would save them or not.

I didn't see my husband again but my son talked about him and said that his job was to provide goods for the world that were not considered necessary, and I looked and he was providing child's colorful toys, like Big Wheels bikes and other child vehicles like that. Very small colored ones.

I went across the street where it seemed we were going to be moving and found a woman there who was making landscape changes. She moved a black wrought iron fence and put it right in the center of the lawn. The fence had a grapevine on it and that was nice, but it was right in the middle of the lawn and one had to walk around it. I thought it should have been in the garden.

In front of the house, the people who had lived there had let the shrubbery get overgrown and this woman was rearranging the shrubbery and we were finding old concrete and stone structures on the ground that were in squares. It was like it was an old temple or something. It had that feeling.

I went out on the road and found that my husband had packed everything into large black trash bags and threw them out on the road. A black cat ran across the road in front of me. I was distressed about this for two reasons, . . . number one that he had done this instead of moving this stuff properly and number two that all our ID would be inside of the bags and the authorities would know it came from our house.

I asked my son what was in those bags and he said that his father had gone through the house and put all the rubber boots from the attic into those bags. I was extremely distressed at this point.

I went back to the house across the street and found the green paisley chair in the yard. I was hearing music like a love song of goodbye. Some of the words were, "I wish we didn't have to say goodbye." At the same time, I was seeing a ballet of sorts being done by two very tiny people hanging on rubber strings in the center of the back of the chair that kept the chair covering on the chair foundation. They were no more than half an inch tall. The string of the woman had come undone and she was hanging by one thread, so I attempted to reattach her string and it had to be twisted together to keep her hanging on. It wasn't pretty but she was still attached. The man was hanging by a loop which she should have been also.

I then went further into the yard and came to the swimming pool. In the pool, floating upsidedown was a baby grand piano with it's four legs sticking up out of the water.

Next to the upsidedown piano was floating a very yellow skinned man with his chest bare. I was scared half to death and knew I had to get out of there and woke up.

NOTE: The position of the yellow man was like the crazy Pink Floyd floating in a crucified position in the bloody swimming pool in the movie "The Wall".

NOTE; EXPERIENCE THAT HAPPENED DURING THE NIGHT: I woke up and opened my eyes. I thought I heard Joe sneaking quietly out of the room to go make coffee and saw a shadow of a man walk in front of the light that shines in the front window from across the street in the living room. I didn't hear anything further. I waited for the kitchen light to turn on and it didn't and I didn't hear any more noise. I decided to check the other side of the bed and to my horror, when I reached over to my right... Joe was still laying in bed with me. Who then was the shadow man and the noise like feet walking on the floor?

1-20-00 - DREAM - My husband and I were leaving one place and moving to another but we weren't telling anyone. We each had a grocery shopping cart which we had parked side by side. We were laying on top of them so they had a wire grid on top as well as the sides and bottom. There was nothing inside the baskets.

When we left the place where we lived, we pretended we were just going shopping and didn't say goodbye to anyone so nobody would be sad. We left as though we would be right back. Then we pushed, pulled, and rode on the carts side by side down the road.

Part 2 or a second dream:

Joe was now the maintenance man and I had a gold mailbox key at the new place. I went inside the building to get the mail and found that the manager had opened up my apartment and was using it for her office to show people apartments from. She said that anyone who didn't check in every day was assumed to be gone. I didn't know that was a requirement.

I had apartment #6. She was showing apartment #7 to a woman and told the woman that if it was too big for her, it would be no problem to divide it in half for her.

I went into my apartment. The carpet was cocoa brown and there was plants everywhere almost like a jungle. (That's the way my apartments always were)

2-1-00 - VISION - This was a blue and yellow card I received in the mail. It said 'Electric Bill'. It was for $43.00

2-3-00 - DREAM - I was in a house that had pink flowered wallpaper on the walls. Two women came to visit... one blonde ... one dark haired. The blonde woman suggested that they help me paint the walls since the wall paper was old. I thought that was a good idea. However, the blonde and the dark haired woman had different ideas of how to go about this and so did I.

The blonde woman just wanted to paint over the wallpaper. The dark haired woman knew that the paper had to be pulled off first in order to paint. As we pulled the wall paper down I saw that there was silk flowered material under the wall paper and I insisted that I use that material to make some beautiful dresses with it. So, I started folding the material for future use. I also saw that the walls needed replastering now that the paper and material was removed. The women decided that was too much work so they left.

Then my old friend Sandy who I used to work with came in with her husband. She was showing me that she had a pattern which made three different pair of slacks. I swore up and down that I had just bought an identical pattern and wanted to prove it to them. However, when I got my pattern instructions out, they weren't the same at all. All the numbers on the instruction were two numbers off from hers. Where mine said 38, hers said 36. Where mine said 3, hers said 5, and so forth. Then I looked closer and mine wasn't for slacks at all, it was for a flowered dress. I was really surprised that I could be so wrong. l was certain that mine was for 3 pair of slacks also.

I then went to my desk where a radio was playing. It was playing two stations at once. One was Spanish and one was English. I couldn't listen to both at the same time. A young Mexican boy came up behind me so I knew what he would prefer and then his father showed up as well. But I couldn't speak Spanish, so I preferred the English which is all I knew how to speak.

Another woman came up and asked me if I knew how to change the station. I said I did, but when I looked for the button to change it, the radio didn't even look the same, and I ended up playing with every button to find the right one. I finally found the English station so it came in clear, but then the Spanish speaking people left the room.

She also asked me about some beautiful copper plates and wiring I had on the desk. I told her that was my computer and moved it aside. It looked like gold and was all wired together which I had done myself I told her. There was also a sewing machine case attached to it so it was multi-purpose. I was very proud of being able to do that.

I had a lot of work ahead of me in this place ... I don't recall how this dream ended since it just popped into my head when I sat down to type the one following....

2-14-00 - DREAM - I had just moved into an apartment building I had managed before. I went down to the maintenance room to check on what was going on. I found a stack of yellow receipts laying on the floor just inside the door. Maintenance had been required to go to every apartment and find out from the resident when they were going to do their laundry so a schedule could be set up in the laundry room on a chart. There were some duplicates which all had the name "A Bartz" on them. Nothing had to be done with those.

While I was in the office area, numerous people who had been living there a long time and who knew me came to see me and say 'Hi!" and welcome me back. It was quite a nice thing to have happen. It made me feel really good.

One man who came in who was older and partly bald had a huge sore on the left side of his head over the ear. It looked like a fresh scab on the wound like he had been picking on it recently.

I decided to go through the yellow receipts first to see what was written on them, and as I did, the scene changed to a moving web page and I was looking for the words 'wave sound'. There were other words relating to the subject of electricity and frequencies there and I was looking for those particular words to click on and go to that page.

2-24-00 - DREAM - I was inside of a special room with a man. I couldn't see the man as he was behind my right shoulder.

I was in possession of three keys, the largest of which was gold. I inserted it into a key slot on the wall which activated an electric door just to the left of it.

Nobody knew I had this key. There was a problem. In order to activate the door opening, a certain amount of leverage had to be placed on a blue card or plate surrounding the lock. The problem was that the card was gradually pulling away from a tiny pivot point to which it was fastened. Finally, on the last turn of the key, the blue card pulled up off of the pivot point exposing it, and rendering the key useless because no more leverage was available . The pivot point was so tiny, it could hardly be seen much less manipulated.

However, the man who was with me had an electric tool similar to a needle nose pliers. He was able to grasp the pivot point which was a tiny short square object attached to a bolt of some kind beneath it.

The electric tool spun causing a slotted screw to turn to the right which also pivoted a water pipe that was dripping so that it dripped into a pool-like area rather than on a surface where someone might hurt themselves. There was a sign on the dripping pipe warning people of the dripping water. Now, we, together, had rendered this dripping water pipe safe

NOTE: When Joe woke up I told him about this dream and he said that they had had a leaky hose at work the day before in a room just like this that his co-worker Jeff had fixed, but they had all been called to witness the leak because it was forming a tree-like pattern of lightening streaks from the water. It was very unusual as the water itself couldn't even be seen because of the water pressure... it was spraying rather than dripping until after it hit the plate where the water was hitting.

3-3-00 - NIGHTMARE FROM HELL!!!!!!!

I was at my New Berlin house. I had slept in late so my husband had already left for work. I went downstairs and into the living room and found that he had broken two lamps on the living room floor. They were smashed into so many unbelievable pieces, he would have had to jump up and down on them a jillion times to get them into so many small pieces.

I was not only upset, I was 'scared'. He had to have been violent to do this act. There was no other furniture in the living room, just the broken lamps.

I went out into the other room where the phone hookup was. I planned to call my new friend "Celeste". I couldn't remember her number, but I remembered that my white phone book was underneath the piano in the other room between where I was and the living room with the broken lamps.

So I went and crawled under the piano and retrieved my white phone book and went back to the telephone. I was paging through the book to find Celeste's numbers and found all kinds of other people with nice names but I hadn't met them yet obviously. I didn't know any of these people. I saw several names like Celeste, but not the one I was looking for. I decided to call my daughter Jeanne instead, and couldn't remember how to find her number though I knew her name started with B like my last name, but I couldn't remember what it was or how to spell it and I might have put her name under J for Jeanne. I was getting frantic to call someone about what my husband had done to the lamps.

Someone knocked on the inner door of the hallway. I started to freak out, because there was a lower door in the hallway and the person had come in and come up the stairs to the inner door. I hollered, "Who's there?" A man said, "I've come to deliver the logs for the fireplace!" We didn't even have a fireplace, but I figured, well maybe my husband was planning on putting one in. I was always working on remodeling ideas myself over the years.

So, I went to the door and let the man in. He looked young and handsome and I wasn't afraid of him. He said the bill would be $163.00. That was outrageous for a load of logs and I said so. The man said, "Well, we also brought along a couple other things that we thought he might like."

I wasn't going for this.

By now, there was a bunch of little kids in the house and a dog and her puppies which were really cute. They looked like chihauhaus. I asked if I could have one and they started to act like I wouldn't be a worthy person to have one of their puppies. I started to tell them what a great person I was and then I noticed that there were a couple women in the room also who looked like Gypsies.

I said, "What the heck is going on here?" Then I noticed that the women had brought all their laundry into my house and were doing the laundry in my kitchen in MY machines.

I said, "Hey!" You didn't ask if you could do your laundry in my house, and started pulling out all the clothes of the washer. None of them was wet, but man they were packed in there tight. I pulled out sheets, pillow cases, kids clothes, tons of socks, all sizes from mens to little tiny kids socks. The more I pulled out the more there was. I was yelling by now. "I didn't say you could come in here and take over my house!"

The women left but then I noticed that they had left behind several large empty piggy banks, then I saw a couple other things they had brought in. It was decorative stuff, but was junk ... looked worse than any Goodwill type stuff I had ever seen. It probably was good at one time, but this wasn't antique ... it was junk. The more I looked, the more I saw.

I wondered if this was part of the $163.00 bill or if this was extra they would charge me with on top of the $163.00. I went to the back door to tell them to take their stuff out and saw that the back hall was newly remodeled and the stairway went down a different direction. I liked it, but it wasn't what I was expecting. The door was now at the top of the landing instead of at the bottom, so I opened the door and there was a wooden porch out there with an overhang type of thing so I couldn't see the outside... just the wooden overhang part. So I was hanging onto the door and sticking my head out to see where the people were. I couldn't see past the wooden part so I stuck my head out farther and the wooden part seemed to inch farther out farther and farther so I would have to let go of the door and actually go outside to see outside. I thought to myself ... "Oh no! In dreams where you go outside, you can't get back in... I'm not letting go of the door". So I came back in and shut the door on whatever was out there.

I came back into the house and now I started to see other stuff all over the place. While I was looking out the door, they obviously had brought in more and more stuff ... junk I called it. There was some strange looking items too, all decorative, nothing really useful on a daily basis. None of it was in working condition either. I went back into the living room, and now there was water on the floor amongst the glass.

I went back to the other room where the phone was and saw my son Michael and my son Bob laying on the grass on top of a porch that hadn't been there before. I knocked on the window and told them to come inside and see what these people had done. So Michael rolled off the edge of the porch and I willed him not to fall and to come in the front door. I was afraid he was just going to fall off and hurt himself.

I went back to the living room and there was Michael vacuuming up the water and glass on the floor. I said to him, "No! I don't want you to clean this up. I want your Father to explain why he did it first. And why is there water on the floor anyway? "

I went farther into the room and found that the people had brought in an humidifier that was leaking water all over the place. I pulled the plug, madder than I was before, and hauled it back into the living room proper and started to see even more junk. There was now a hanging light plugged into the wall socket with a mile of wire from the lamp to the socket, all wound around the lamp. It was lit with a weak green glow. I didn't want it. I pulled out the plug, wound up the wire and started to haul the lamp towards the back door.

Now I saw even more junk, tables that were half broken, small organs with legs that were half coming off... the more I looked the more junk there was. I started to holler, "Get this junk out of here. I don't want it. I found a white Christmas tree shaped table that was so outrageously pathetically useless I couldn't believe it. It had a copper Christmas tree insert with 4 legs on it that I almost considered keeping that part, but then saw that you had to use the broken white part and changed my mind. I kept hollering, "Get this crap out of here" and the more I hollered, the more junk there was.

I told my sons to help me get the stuff out and they were helping move it to a pile near the back door so the people could take it away... then I noticed that their stuff and my stuff was mixed up together and I had to start to separate it, all the while hollering, "Get your stuff out of here!"

I went to a window in the living room that hadn't been there before. Outside the house I saw a man leading a donkey, a lion, a tiger, a pony, and some other animals. I knew this wasn't real life and had to be a dream so I said, "Oh no!" I'm not buying that one and shut the curtains and went back to getting rid of the junk in the house.

The more I moved, the more there was and I was getting hysterically angry. I kept screaming louder and louder, "Get this crap out of here."

Finally one of the women came back. I hadn't actually seen this one before. She was older and had a loose face ... like she had lost some weight and her skin was loose. I was so angry, I grabbed ahold of her cheeks to squeeze them like some parents do to kids and got right in her face and shouted into her yellow eyeballs, "Get your shit out of here before I do something drastic!"

She rolled her eyeballs at me like a scared cow does and I started to think to myself, "Oh! Oh! Maybe this is the beast from hell and she's going to turn into a horrible looking beast right in my face." But then I thought to myself, "So what, I'm ready for even that. If she turns into a beast, I'll know it's fake and I can take it!" So I took ahold of her face skin and pulled it all towards her nose and screamed into her yellow eyeballs, "GET YOUR SHIT OUT OF HERE!"

She didn't turn into a monster beast and just continued to roll her yellow eyeballs like she was scared. I dropped her face and went back to moving all the crap towards the back door. I started to see I was making progress. My own sons were helping and I was hoping all my own stuff didn't go out the door with the junk, but I was about to the point where I didn't much care anymore as long the junk was GONE! I continued to scream, "Get this junk out of here,... Get this crap out of here... Get this shit out of here!" and finally I woke up hardly realizing I was awake... I was still yelling.

3-19-00 - DREAM - I was in a school, going through the hallways to a classroom upstairs, but I started in the basement.

I noted I was wearing an awful shade of chartruesy-lime-green dress. The other people were dressed normally in shirts and jeans. As we went through the basement hallway, we came to a section that was the same color as my dress and the scene rather glowed like my dress recognized its counterpart in the walls or vice versa. The other woman behind me made a comment about how good she looked in green, so I know the others were reflecting this same green color while we walked through this area. It was an extremely odd feeling to have the air be glowing the same color as the walls.

We went up a stairway to the 1st floor, walking along the area where the band room was. The walls were transparent with strings of coils of wire lengthwise. The coils were about 4 inches across and there were numerous coils all the way from the floor to the ceiling. When we saw these walls from a distance the wall looked black and the man who was walking with me said it reminded him of black light.

However, when we got up to the wall and going past it, we could see that the coils were actually spinning and the wall was clear, then suddenly turned into a light I can't even explain. It was like the color was both black and white alternately, and rapidly, yet is was light at the same time and we glowed the same color. It was a shocking feeling and I accidentally bumped the wall with my elbow and a noise emanated like a loud electrical shock sounds like.

I felt like apologizing for causing the noise in the hallway, then as we climbed the stairs to the second floor and these walls all had the coils in them also, I commented that I can't be the only one ever to have bumped into the walls considering how rowdy kids can be when walking from classroom to classroom in a school.

3-19-00 - DREAM - I was at work. It was a Friday and it was my bosses last day. He was retiring. I didn't know him all that well as a boss, but had seen him around for years. I had just started this job. I wanted to learn a new task and he was showing me how to price parts for a big project out in the factory. The catalog I was using sold all kinds of stuff, not related to the factory, so I kept ripping out the pages that were for other things ... most were for outdoor furniture, and sporting equipment, camping sites, nothing related whatsoever. By the time I got down to the electrical parts I needed to price, there was only one sheet left. By then the boss said he had better things to do and said goodbye and left.

I had to go somewhere and I was driving half laying down in the front seat I realized after cars were going past on my right. I managed to sit up far enough so that I could see where I was and put on the brake with my left foot just enough so I didn't hit anyone while I was steering.

I ended up in the city where Mike and Lorna were marking off the high water mark when the city flooded . It marked the 9,000 foot mark. I made certain that I was standing on the right side of the mark so I didn't get my feet wet. They were going to test it first to make sure the high water mark was correct, so they connected a hose to the water system and turned it on.

I figured it was going to take a long time because they were living high on a hill and there was an entire valley below us that would be under water long before it got this high. Finally I decided I would go down to the end of the block and watch it fill the valley, but when I did I saw that there were people here that hadn't been told that the valley was going to be flooded.

There should have been plenty of time, but I decided to tell the people so at least they would know about it. So, I told the man sitting on the porch right next to where I was. He was talking on a cell phone. There were a lot of other people standing around too, so I just told the man politely that the valley was being flooded just so he would know. Instead of saying 'okay' or 'thanks' he started yelling at me for interrupting him on his business call.

All the other people just stood around and now I saw there were lots of children too. All of a sudden I saw the water come running up a hallway and it was already two inches deep. All these kids were just nonchalantly playing and nobody was paying attention. I don't know how the water got this high this fast. I hadn't seen it fill the valley first, but here was the water and we were all going to be trapped if we didn't hurry.

I helped the people get up the hill, mostly by grabbing the children by their clothing behind their necks and hurrying them along. I couldn't believe how fast the water came up. I didn't even have time to worry about the cats and dogs that were running around. They were going to have to swim for it. Those who didn't get warned were going to drown.

3-23-00 - DREAM - I can't remember much of the dream, except that I was working in an office and telling a woman that I liked the standup files in a square bucket next to my desk which made it easy to get at the purchase orders in the files.

At the end of this dream, I had a vision of what looked like electrical connections on the bottom of a radio or some other communication device.  The word  PKEA 4 was on the side of it.   (I recall seeing this word before)   (The lines below were solid, not disjointed. They were like liquid solder laid down in a path between the two large hexagons.)

              / /
             / /

   / /

  \ \

/ /

    \ \

|  |
|  |
|  |
|  |

4-10-99 - DREAM - (The fact that I had to go to the bathroom in the physical was very obvious in this dream)

I was living in a place that was like a home/school. I went into the closet and discovered some old writings I had done and put away into a 3 ring binder. One of them was about Mary Magdalen. I can't recall the titles of the other ones, but I knew I was supposed to get these out of the closet and publish them.

Other people were around who had needs which I was trying to address but kept having to go to the bathroom, which was in my 1st floor closet. I actually was peeing in the bathtub, not a toilet. Once I actually peed on my own clothes. One I peed on the floor because I couldn't wait any longer, and once I peed on the floor because there was an old man Father in the closet, laying in the bathtub, reading a newspaper and I didn't want him to be disturbed. He offered to leave the closet so I could have privacy. I told him, "'Nevermind', from where you are laying, you can't see me anyway."

I went back out to the room, and my daughter and her girlfriends were there were the girl's parents. They were really tall... like 7 feet. What had happened was that the girl had pointed her finger at someone and an electrical zap had come out of her finger, but had made red line on her own arm and on the side of her head. I told her I knew what had happened. I pointed my finger at her face and imagined the energy going towards her, then asked if she had felt it. She said, "Yes!" I told her I needed to talk to her in private about this use of energy because she didn't know how to control it and I didn't want everyone else to listen in on my lecture to her. Her parents came in the room also, but I had to leave them there and go back to the closet to pee and on the way was looking again for my writings that I needed to get out into the open.

When I came back, I gave them my lecture, which I don't recall now, then went back to look for my writings, and then back to the closet again.

I was happy to wake up because I had to go like every couple minutes by then.

5-1-00 - DREAM - I was in a house I've never been in before.

In the bedroom, over the bed was two rods with a curtain hanging off of them. The rods were at a approximately 37.5 degrees from each other, but were movable and the curtains were waving in the breeze. The were a blue-green color and hung from the rods which were ceiling height to the bed which was normal height for most people.

In my opinion, the rods were too short.  They were about 3 feet long and if they were meant to keep one private, they certainly were too short.  

A tall man came in and said he wanted to have a relationship with me. I recognized the man as the same one who usually represents Satan in other dreams. He was wearing black and red clothing.  I was kind of wishy-washy with my answer because he was so handsome.

I told him that there was no privacy in this room.  The windows went from floor to ceiling besides the curtains were too narrow for privacy.  I told him he should pull the shade down on the window.  He rather flew up to the ceiling and pulled the dark grey shade down.  

Then he flew to the ceiling and he and an old man were working on pulling the electrical plugs out of a length of plastic material like we use to plug in several things with one plug to the outlet.

I couldn't really see the old man, he was in in my peripheral vision, but I could see his arms helping the other man who represented Satan, who was now dressed all in white and walking on the ceiling like a fly would. It made me feel like I was the one upsidedown. It was a strange feeling.

I didn't know if there was an electric fan up there or what he was unplugging. There were 8 plugs in a row.  There seemed to be something between him and me that looked like a X or +

He finished unplugging all the plugs with the old man, then he came back down to lay on the bed with me and I told him I wasn't interested in having a close relationship with  him.  

He asked me if I would be willing to have a 'hugging' relationship with him, and at that point I couldn't hardly say ,"No!" since he had already grabbed me.

However, I got out of the bed and went back to the livingroom and sat on the couch where there were other people wandering in and out of the apartment.  The door to the hallway was open.  

The man who represented Satan was now dressed in a black top like a T shirt, with some kind of marks on the front which I could really see but they were red, and had orange flowered pants on.  Very strange for a man to wear.

5-13-00 - DREAM - I don't know where I was though it seemed similar to my 16th St. house, it wasn't exactly the same.

There were several people in this dream that I knew quite well, but never in this same circumstance.  We were all wearing night clothes, pajamas or long winter-type gowns with heavy robes. I also had on heavy white garden-type gloves with a narrow black band around the thumbs.

There was a scene in the kitchen and a short discussion held which I can't remember but that's okay.  It was the last scene that was so memorable.

I went into the 'parlor' which is what we called this room at home. Here there was a brown old-fashioned organ, with a bench, a small table with a lamp and a couple arm chairs for others to sit on.

Someone had brought some music in a manila colored folder, like it was being studied. I was wearing these heavy white gloves and yet when I sat down to play the music which was called 'Concerto ____' or a word like 'Concerto' the sound was so incredible that all thoughts of problems or worries were gone ... only the music reverberated through the air.  

The keyboard of the organ was rather short compared to a piano and for the left hand was a small gold organ that didn't have regular keys on it, there were thumb shaped tabs which when they were played the tones came out with glorious vibrato sounds in the bass level of sound.

After I was done playing the music the first time, an older man came in and sat on the bench with my on the right side. I was never comfortable playing for other people, though I've done it numerous times, but when this man sat down to listen so closely, the music went flying off to my left on the table, a young man grabbed the gold thumb keyed organ and ran outside with it, and the main organ seemed shorter than ever.

Now when I looked at the music again I couldn't figure out which sheet of paper I had played off of and I didn't have the gold organ, but I made an attempt to play the music from memory.  I could only remember the first page.  It began in the key of G, with the right hand playing middle C and the upper G next to it with the right hand four times and then both hands playing an octave of Gs four times.

Without the gold organ for the left hand, the music sounded so flat. I needed that vibrato gold organ for the sound to be correct.

So I got the young man back into the room with the gold organ and set it up on the organ, got the music back and again played the 'Concerto' in the key of G.  It was glorious.

After I woke up, I replayed this dream in my mind numerous times. I didn't want to get up.  Then I got out my Casio keyboard and played that first line of notes the best I could with the electronic vibrato in the organ sound.  It doesn't compare to the dream very well ... but it sounds wonderful to my ears.

NOTE:  I spent the day searching for the music. I think this is it:  Mozarts Piano Concerto No. 17 in G - andante.mid

Piano concerto No.17 in G, K.453 (Reduct.) (R.J.Fisher)

1.Allegro (74k); 2.Andante (30k); 3.Allegretto (64k).

Now I need to know why I dreamed that.

I meditated later in the day and saw several visions:

Electrical Connections

Electrical Connections

Electrical Connections

NASA Electrical Connections

And then I saw a page of math that came when I heard a noise. It was kind of a buzzing sound and the green page of math came up that was about the math of the electrical connections.

I still can't figure this out. I never studied much science, nor music theory, so I guess I need to do that now.

5-22-00 - DREAM - I was in my 16th St. house in the bathroom and decided to wash my hair in the sink.  I turned on the water, used a glass that was tall and narrow (not like a regular water glass) and use it to get my hair wet. I started to put the shampoo on my hair and got it thick with white lather.  

Now, I could still hear the water pressure in the pipes, but no water was coming out the pipes. I flipped the faucet lever up and down but nothing changed.  I heard my father waking up in the dark bedroom and I knew he was going to want to get into the bathroom shortly and here I was stuck at the sink with lather all over my hair.

I decided to go to my Father's bedroom door and ask him what to do. He told me to look in the fuse box on the wall and see if one of the fuses has blown. I didn't think that electricity had anything to do with the way the faucet was not running, but I did what he said anyway.

I opened the door on the fuse box and it had flip levers for fuses, not the old fashioned ones. I looked for one that might run the water system, but only saw several that said 'air' on them. The background of the fuse box was brown.

My Father then came into the bathroom, looked to see what I was doing and told me that I was looking in the wrong place. That rather relieved my mind because I wasn't seeing what I expected to see. Nothing said 'water'.  

I went back to the sink with my Father and he flipped the lever and the water ran perfectly again. What a relief ... that's always the way it is when you call the plumber or the repairman ... the problem has gone away before they get there.

Now, there was a box of clothing sitting on the floor in front of the toilet and I saw that there was a blue and white striped shirt in the box so the laundry wasn't all mine.  I moved it out of the way, took a yellow plastic glass to get water to rinse my hair with and proceeded to rinse my hair. I told my Father I would be out of his way in just a moment.

5-22-00 - DREAM - I was in my New Berlin house.  It seems like everyone was the same age like 18 to early 20's including myself and my children. There was no seeming age difference at all.

I was in the house and an old friend came to the house. He was acting like he wanted to get friendly but I knew he was married.  I had just been talking to his wife on the phone. She was talking to me but I realized her voice didn't seem normal but we continued talking. I was moving around while talking and I stepped on an electrical train track and broke connector between two track sections. I said, "Oh my gosh! My dream of this morning just came true."  She asked me what dream I was talking about. I said, "Well this morning I went to bed and dreamed that I was seeing the underside of some electrical connections with copper connectors.  I just stepped on this track here and it looks just the same underneath."  She said, "Oh!" and I ended the conversation because I had to go to the bathroom.

Then this young man came into the house and while we were talking he sidled up to the wall where the telephone connections were and started asking me about them. He wanted to know why there were two phone jacks ... a single and a double. There was a wire going into both.  I thought this was really strange and I started to think that perhaps he was intending on putting in a phone tap on my line to track what I talked about. He pulled one phone jack out and wanted to know if it would work in the other jack. I said, "Yes!" The reason it is like that is that the phone man said he couldn't put two single jacks in, so he put a double phone jack next to the single jack and ran a wire between the two. I was feeling really suspicious about his questions as he pulled the wire out of one jack and put it into the other phone jack to test it.

I broke off the conversation to go upstairs to go to the bathroom. He said he was going to go outside and wait. So I went up the stairs and tiptoed across the room across from the bathroom. This room was humongous and carpeted with green indoor and outdoor carpeting.

I looked out the window and saw the young man fooling around by the telephone wires. I didn't want him to see me, so I hid.  When I went to look out the window, my son Tom was standing there. I hid again and when I looked again, another man was standing there, not quite so tall as Tom who is 6' 6" tall, but stockier with dark hair and a dark mustache.

I didn't know who that guy was at all.  

I needed to go the bathroom still, so quickly tiptoed back across the green carpeting to the bathroom which was on the rooftop for some reason.  While I was moving fast, I was making a noise like I was inside of an 18 wheeler truck going downhill.  I knew this was strange and I was going so fast, I like stuck my feet out like I was putting on the brakes and stood there for a moment until the noise subsided.

I then tried to figure out how this toilet worked because it was like a kiddy toilet with a pullout bottom and loose lid.  There was a telephone there and it rang and it was my daughter-in-law Becky on the other end.

Becky started to ask me about something, then stopped herself and said, "Oh! I'm not supposed to talk about you!"  I said, "What? You mean to tell me you aren't allowed to talk about what you want to?"

NOTE: This might be family inferences because Tom and Becky are now divorced, and they don't want me talking to each other about them?

6-1-2000 - DREAM - - I don't know where I was, but it was somewhere where electrical equipment was stored. I was shown by a man that in order to be absolutely safe, each of these tools had two connections, one in which the connection was plugged into the wall, but on the front end of each tool, also were two holes. One hole was where the object was plugged in for use ... the other hole was strictly for safety so that the wire connector wasn't hanging loose and possibly stuck in the wrong hole by accident.

Each object had a different kind of wire and a different kind of plug-in type, but each object had these three connection points. Once I had all the tools safety plugged, I was shown other objects which worked the same way ... and I swear that some of them were human skulls. ((I could be wrong though)

6-5-00 - DREAM - I was going for a job interview in a brand new red truck. I had gone this way only once before but I was the passenger that time and hoped I'd remember how to get to this place.

I got to the intersection where the freeway started and had to make a right turn, go a block to the right, then the freeway started. I got to this spot, made the right turn and saw that a bunch of rescue vehicles were ahead of me with sirens and lights going so everyone else had to make way for them which we did. But, when we came to a stop as fast as we did, the truck in front of me had to stop really fast and as I came up behind him, I found that there was a huge green grass mower in front of my truck that wasn't attached and it swerved and ran into the back of the other truck.

The other truck was made of rubber so it didn't get scratched and it was a reminder to myself never to buy a truck made out of rubber. But, here I was with a loose grass mower on the front of my truck and would have to take it back home and miss the job interview.

As luck would have it, as I was standing there, trying to figure out what to do, my second husband Edward came along and I asked him if would mind taking the mower back home. He was walking, so it wouldn't be too difficult. I hadn't gone that far. He stood there and agreed to do this for me and smiled and said, "You know I dream about you a lot." I said, "Do you? That's nice!" Thanks for doing this for me." He said, "No problem!"

I then looked to see where my truck was and it had somehow gotten about a half a block ahead along the street and I would have to walk there.

There was an old man walking the same direction, with bent knees like an old man does. I started walking the same way ... with bent knees ... and stooped over. I thought to myself, "Oh no!... I don't have to walk like an old woman. Young woman walk with straight knees and not bent over and I made the effort to walk like a young woman. It took me a few more steps and I made myself walk straight with straight knees and springier step and I even felt younger when I did.

By then I was ahead of the old man and I don't know which way he went.

I got up to my truck which was now a van and when I got there, there were two women sitting in my truck and both of them looked exactly like me. The only problem was ... they were both dead. I shook them and shook them in case they were on drugs ... but neither of them moved.

I didn't know what to do at first. I couldn't just pull them out of my truck and go on my way. I was going to have to call the cops and deal with this.

I went up to the sidewalk and saw that several buildings in a row were burned out. Completely burned out inside. I was looking inside these houses along the street, looking to find someone home who could call the cops for me. Finally, a woman looked out the window and asked me if she could help. I told her my problem and that I would need to call the cops.

The woman said she would call and was trying to figure out what the number was to the police station. I said, "Just call 911. That will get them here the fastest." She said she would.

I then got into a conversation with the women and they invited me inside their building. It turned out to be a charity home of some kind and they were telling me how they needed money to remodel. They were showing me around and I saw that their basement floor needed repainting. It actually looked like a big contract written on the concrete with a fancy green edge and gold scrolling and the contract written on the concrete in the center of it. It looked pretty neat.

There were some workmen there and they told me that there was a problem with the electrical connections, so as a favor I decided I would help them because they were helping me and I got down on my knees to wash the floor for them and discovered all kinds of wire pieces and loose wire nuts and screws and other kinds of screw type connections that go on wires in buildings.

I got all the little pieces together and was picking them up with a paper towel and stood up with them to talk to a woman to show her what I found. Just then my first husband showed up and I thought maybe he could give me a ride to my job interview, but he just walked through and didn't want to hear about my problem. He rather looked at me like he was saying, "Don't tell me your problems, I have problems of my own."

He left and I was talking with the women who were now taking me into their confidences and telling me about the fires in the other buildings. I had managed large apartment complexes myself so I knew about the problems with loose wires and safety procedures and know how dangerous that can be.

One of the women said, "We would go to these other buildings when light bulbs went out and every time we did, a fire would start." And then she smiled. I thought to myself, "Oh oh! There is something wrong here. You don't get fires from loose or blown out light bulbs." I started to get the impression that the women who ran this place were scamming the insurance company for the money so they could remodel this building. That's why I was finding all these wires and screws on the floor when I washed it. They were about to do the same thing to this building.

I looked at the floor and their contract and knew that it would be easy to paint over the contract with white paint so someone else could get a contract. These women were just scam artists.

I went back out to my truck, hoping the cops were there by then and they hadn't arrived yet. However, I discovered that the two dead women weren't dead at all. They weren't even sitting in the same place as they had been when I looked in the truck the first time.

I grabbed one by the arm and dragged her out of the truck, asking her what they were doing, trying to pretend to be me. I was really angry that they were trying to use my truck to scam the insurance company just like they did with the buildings and the fires.

Now I was really angry. Not only did I find that these were women were scam artists and had to be dealt with, now I had to deal with the cops and prove who I was because these other women looked just like me and I was going to miss my job interview.

Bummer !!!!!

6-5-00 - I know this dream was effected by the radio show that was on, but it was so pretty, I wanted to write it down anyway.

DREAM - I was in a public building and I invited my friend Heidi to come to my apartment to see my parakeet. We entered the apartment and all along the hallway entrance, there was a row of pink glass objects j'art. They were all different sizes, like vases and other things. We turned to the left to go into the living room, and here again I had decorated the living room with all pink glass objects j'art.

My parakeet had a cage but he had the run of the house anyway. I didn't actually keep him in the cage all the time. The parakeet was a beautiful shade of bright green, and I attempted to catch him, by holding up a wire swing perch in front of him.

There was a baby laying on the floor who needed a diaper change. Heidi attempted to help me, but it was really a BIG mess.

Later on I went to visit Heidi's house. There was a man there and Heidi and I were talking with each other and I noticed that she and I both had decorated our own bodies with a series of sky blue gemstones. These were actually embedded in our skin rather than attached to a piece of clothing or hung on chains or wires, they were actually physically embedded like a person would have tattoos. They were so beautiful, but when I realized what we had done, I couldn't imagine the pain it must have caused to go through this surgery just for beauty's sake.

I went to two of her bedrooms in her apartment. The first one had naked black voodoo dolls that were quite lifelike, and in the other bedroom, on the bed were oversize magazines with the title of ' RACHEL'. As far as I know these were black oriented magazines, but I'm not sure.

6-22-00 - THE DREAM - I was in an apartment building. I opened the door to the hallway and there was an elevator directly across from my door. There were men moving furniture in and out of the elevator ... moving someone. There were other people in my apartment. I can't remember why I did this, but my son Ken and I walked up the stairs to the floor above to an apartment in the corner. The door seemed extra narrow but the woman who looked familiar let us in. Her husband was also home and he wanted to demonstrate a musical instrument that looked like an electric guitar. When he turned it on, blue flames like a blow torch were coming out the top end where the tuning is done. The blue flames were adjustable which he did when he tuned the instrument to play it. The blue flames could be adjusted wide and dispersed or small and more dangerous looking according to the tuning. The noise was what I expected from a badly played electric guitar so I put my fingers over my ears.

The woman who saw me put my fingers over my ears decided she would join her husband and brought out another electric guitar. She tuned her so that the blue flames were wide and dispersed, but she pointed them right at me. I just put my fingers tighter against my ears and tolerated the noise as long as I wanted to.

She finally quit playing and I told my son Ken that we were leaving. We went to the door, with me pushing Ken against his back. He was wearing a bright blue shirt. We got around the corner to where the door was and he disappeared right in front of my eyes. I started hollering his name, "Kenneth! Kenneth! Kenneth!" but he didn't show up and I couldn't stand around and wait for him.

I went out into the hallway and saw many men standing around in a lobby-like area. Many of them looked familiar but when I looked closer, they weren't who I thought they were. They were similar look-alikes, but not the people I thought.

NOTE: There was comment on TV later on in the day after the execution of Gary Graham in Texas that he was identified by only one woman in a line-up and five other witnesses had not been able to pick him out of the line-up. They said that nobody should be put to death on the word of one witness, that it's so easy to think it's one person when it's really not them when you take a closer look.

6-24-00 - DREAM - I was in a classroom taking a math test. It wasn't very difficult - somewhat like 5th grade math - like 3 number across addition or division (I'm speaking of how it was when I was in school in the 40s, not like the math of the year 2000)

Two of my classmates were from my real highschool. They looked like Roger M. and Nancy F. (now deceased and my best friend) (Roger M. is now married to the godmother of 3 of my sons. He wasn't at the time I had them baptized. That godfather passed away also many years ago.)

Roger and Nancy had a bottle of Whiteout and were painting over their bad grades. I asked them why they were doing that. Roger said that he hadn't gotten all the test pages so he couldn't complete the test, that he had asked for them 3 weeks earlier to be mailed to him and they had never arrived. I told him that I had the pages and would loan them to him so he could complete the test.

We then all left and I got on a bus to go home. The school must have been on 72nd street. The bus turned left on Greenfield Ave. and I immediately got up, pulled the cord to signal I needed to get off, and got off on 70th and Greenfield. (I used to work and bank on that same corner)

I was standing on the northeast corner of 70th and Greenfield when my boss from AC, (Brian) another boss from AC (Otto) with a woman I assume was his wife and another woman I didn't know came along. Ottos wife hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. My boss said they were headed for the school we were going to next. Otto and his wife said they had been searching for the street it was on but couldn't find it. They had been searching in the northwest section of the city. (The name was long and started with A - kind of like Adirondack or something like that)

My boss said that the school was 9 blocks west which would have put it on 79th St. I figured that was close enough to walk, but my other boss said he would drive me. However, I needed to stop at home and get those test pages for Roger. So I walked up to 72nd St. again and opened my mailbox. There was just one envelope in it ... addressed to Roger. I opened it and there were his missing test papers. The print was green and the pages were labeled A, A1, B, B1, C, C1, D, and D1. So, I put the pages back into the envelope for him.

I think I woke up at this point, but didn't feel like writing down the dream at that time and lay there and thought about it strongly so I wouldn't forget.

The dream then continued ... I went into the kitchen to do the dishes. There was a young woman in the kitchen. She had started the dishes but didn't seem to know how to handle the problems there. There was only one pan in the sink, but the water was full of pink foam and food and it looked like pink vomit ... thick and nasty.

I said I would rinse out the sink and put yellow rubber gloves on. I turned on the water and got a glass of water to rinse down the pink foam and it actually made the foam worse, not wash it down. So I got more water and rinsed the back of the sink and saw that the water sloshed over an open electrical outlet (bad place for one) There were no wires in it so it was okay. The pink foam went down along with the food so that was okay.

I then went to the washing machine and saw that there were some clothes in it starting to wash, but someone had put plates of food in it too and there were green bean slices, pieces of corn and raisins on the plates. So, I grabbed the plates and scooped the food off the plates so it wouldn't contaminate the clothes.

There was an old wizened woman in the room and it seemed that she was the one doing the laundry. She didn't seem to know how to do the laundry either.

I then noticed that it was my own clothes in the washer, some of every color and I decided to pull them all out because I don't throw all the colors in together either.

I then saw my own cats in the house. (My cats are strictly outdoor feral cats) I have one cat which is blue-eyed. Other than that she is quite odd looking. She brought to me a kitten that she had which was pretty ... a brown and black, long furred kitten. It was fat and healthy. The kitten let me pick it up and I held it, noting how heavy it was. I then saw the mother cat go into a shaking fit of some kind, it got skinnier and skinnier and I thought it was dying from giving birth to such a big kitten. (I'm not certain if it died or not though)

When that was done, I left for school and woke up.

6-28-00 - DREAM - I was in the kitchen of my house somewhere. I had a white portable mini-oven and put in a small piece of turkey to roast. It was not plugged in and I put it into the sink to wash it. (Everybody knows you can't put electrical appliances in the water) When I was done I wanted to let the water out of the sink, but the water wouldn't go down. It seemed to be plugged. I manipulated the plunger thingee at the back of the sink but the water still wouldn't go down. So I reached down into the water to pull the oven out of the water and saw that it had cracked in half.

I could see both halves of the electrical wiring on the bottom ... the copper tubing or whatever that was. I decided I would send it back to the company I purchased it from since it was still under warrantee. (The company is in Minnesota) While I thought of that, the ceramic bottom of the oven became black and crumbly. I figured that's what plugged up the sink. I attempted to open the oven and get the turkey out but that just broke up the ceramic which had changed from white to black.

I proceeded to carry the oven and blackened ceramic stuff to the bedroom to show my husband who was sleeping. The bedroom door was closed and just as I got there, an electronic screen dropped down which closed off the entire room just to the right of the bedroom door. It went all the way from wall to wall.

I attempted to knock on the door with my foot as I watched the screen, it appeared to be a map of an area where there was tremendous population growth. New streets and houses were appearing rapidly, moving towards the bottom which I assumed was south. I was attempting to read street names or a city name or something to identify what I was looking at.

Meanwhile I was still trying to knock on the door with my foot, but I never got my husband's attention.

As the screen moved downward towards the south, I saw several names on the map but nothing that would identify the city. I then saw a huge red section that seemed to be a bigger city and the name started with the letter "D".

NOTE: I was thinking maybe 'Duluth' but that's really far north.

7-4-00 - DREAM - My first memory in this dream was of being in a hospital, hanging upsidedown from the ceiling next to a man. They said he was freaking out because his head was over 'earth, wind, and fire'. I thought that was rather funny because there was a singing group by that name too. didn't know why we were upsidedown but I did know that I had had some female surgery and I was still bleeding rather badly. However, I knew I would be fine in a couple days, but I didn't know how the man would be with his problem.

They took me down and I spent some time sitting around while the bleeding slowed down. I needed to go to the bathroom rather frequently because I was getting blood spots on my slacks and I needed to change my protection pads often.

When I went to the bathroom the last time though, several young men got in there ahead of me because the men only had one bathroom and they couldn't wait. I was standing there waiting my turn and I saw that the two guys were peeing inside all the electrical outlets in the room, not just in the toilet.

When I was done there, I went outside and was moving really rapidly through a snowy scene like on a sled but then was walking in the deep snow faster than anyone I ever saw. I looked around and there were a couple older women doing equal speed to me so I didn't feel so special for being fast.

I ended up in a school then, standing in line to fill out paperwork for some classes I was going to take. I don't think it was for just a single subject, but rather for a 'college' education. I had to stand in line twice because I was in the wrong place at the beginning.

7-21-00 - DREAM - (This might be two separate dreams)

I was doing my daughter's laundry. She was about 8 to 10 years old. It was like doing the laundry of Orphan Annie ... all the dresses were red.

I came out of the laundry room which was a huge, long room, and went into the livingroom where there was a workman of some kind there. He said he had a daughter and wondered if it was too windy outside for her. He wanted to know if she would need to wear a hat.

I told him that that taking a workman's handkerchief which come both in red and blue, he could make a nice head scarf to tie over her head and protect the wind from her ears.

His eyes rather lit up and he said that he had picked up a pink one and that would work out just fine. I was pleased at that. I had seen a pink one also and actually had one in my dresser drawer and used it for that purpose myself.

I then turned to go back into the laundry room and he seemed to want to follow me in there, but I didn't want him to go in the laundry room with me, and I stood in the doorway, rehanging the finished dresses and moving them from one door rack to another door rack farther out in the room.

This is probably another dream

I was in a car with my ex-husband Jim. I don't know where we were going, but we were on 16th St. going north, just south of North Ave. (This is a one way street going north) Instead of going to the stoplight and turning right, he turned right into a narrow passageway right behind the building which fronted on North Ave.

Though there was a large grassy area to the right of the car, he was almost hitting the building on the left side of the car. Though I was a passenger in the right side of the car as we turned the corner, as we went along the narrow way, I was behind him in the back seat, so could easily judge how far we were from the building.

We had to stop however, because just before we got to 15th St., there were two trees in pots on the sidewalk and we had to stop rather than driving on the grassy area. Jim got out of the car to move the pots and as he did, a woman came out of the building doorway with a laundry basket full of dirty laundry and wanted to enter the laundry room which was a closed door behind the open door.

This was a problem and the car was in the way, so I got out of the car and moved it over so she could adjust the door situation and enter the laundryroom.

Now there were two open doors and a man came out of the first door to see what was going on. He was rather like a supervisor type person. He resembled Jimmy a shorter black man who worked for me on Highland Ave. earlier on.

More and more people began to appear and I realized that this was a large apartment building and many people were coming out to do their laundry and Jimmy the supervisor man was opening more and more laundry room doors along the "Way. "

Our car was now a bicycle and my husband Jim went around the corner onto 15th St. to scout the area as he wanted to show me some of the old buildings in the area.

Meanwhile, I had to wheel the bicycle after him and when I came to the 15th St. end of this "Way", there was a steep stairway going down to the street. (This is not normal for the area in real life) There was actually two stairways side by side, an 'up' stairway and a 'down' stairway. I had to duck under a huge pipe that was overhead and accidentally dropped the bicycle down the stairs ahead of me. It crashed loudly at the bottom of the stairs and I just knew it was probably broken.

At the bottom of the stairs, an old black woman picked up some of the pieces and brought them up the other stairway. She told me her name was Gertrude and that she would put the pieces of the broken bicycle in the hallway which the "Way' had now turned into. She said she had two rods and a hatchet and would lean them against the wall.

I thanked her and went to pick up what was left of the bicycle. I found a copper wire spring that was in a loose spiral (similar to a slinky), and I saw a structure that looked like a transit from which sightings are made by engineers to exactly measure distance and lines, and a couple of nondescript pieces of metal. But I needed the parts of the bicycle Gertrude had picked up to attach them to.

So I went back up the stairway and now found myself in a maze of hallways, all of which had open doors into laundry rooms which seemed to be everywhere. Jimmy, the supervisor was everywhere also ... doing his supervising, but Gertrude was nowhere to be found and I was finding metal and cloth pieces of 'things' laying against the walls everywhere. I told Jimmy about Gertrude and he said he would help me determine where my two rods and the hatchet were, but we weren't having much luck.

I thought I spotted two bicycle wheels but they turned out to be silver garbage can lids, so that didn't help. I put those aside and kept looking for my rods and hatchet.

Meanwhile, tables piled with old clothing appeared outside the laundry rooms and there was stuff everywhere. Jimmy was eyeing some blue cloth on one of the tables and I somehow felt that I owned it because of my lost bicycle pieces and I was accumulating 'stuff' to replace the lost bicycle parts.

I picked up as much as I could carry and went back down the stairs to where the rest of the broken bicycle parts were, which was now a more broken, and what had been the transit was now all in pieces and all I could see of it was the top pedestal on which the transit sits and four loose legs, and a pile of 'stuff'. It seems that my ex-husband Jim had gone home to get another car ... a station wagon ... to haul the 'stuff' home.

I went back and made another trip to find the lost bicycle parts and picked up more stuff and returned to where the car was on the last trip and discovered that Jim had moved the car farther away. So, the trip was longer this time, but I noted that he hadn't picked up all the 'stuff' from the first pile and laying on the ground was strewn a long line of toy cowboys and Indians, all laying on their sides like they were dead.

I deposited my 'stuff' on a long table that Jim had set up by the car to accumulate bicycle parts on. I don't know if he was trying to reassemble the bicycle, but he sure was accumulating 'stuff'.

I went back to the building to look for the rods and hatchet again, and when I went to the laundry rooms along the 'Way' I was now in the land of the giants. These guys were all wearing bluejeans and shirts but they were all 9 to 10 feet tall and could barely stand up in the laundry rooms.

In one laundry room, I was pleased to note that the people who lived in the building were writing down their favorite web site urls so others could go to them also. I seemed to recognize a couple of them. One particularly friends giant of a guy was expounding on themes that sounded like he might like my own web site, so I told him that I was the webmaster of Dreams of the Great Earthchanges and that the url was ''.

He was all smiles and thanked me for telling him. I went back out into the hallway and Jimmy was bringing out a new fresh batch of bluejeans and laying them down on a blue sheet in the 'Way' for others to choose from. Talk about giants ... the waist sizes on these jeans had to be at least 56 inches across and more. Guys coming along the 'Way' were thrilled to see that there was clothing to fit them too and were picking up these bluejeans and trying them on for size.

I woke up at this point ... feeling exhausted and thought I had been asleep so long it was probably about 4 p.m. I was surprised to look at the clock and see that it wasn't even 11 o'clock yet. But I was soooo tired.

NOTE: Gertrude is a myth name. I wasn't able to find out from what myth during a search of the internet.

7-23-00 - DREAM - I was in a house I had just moved into and wasn't familiar with it yet. I went to the stove and turned it on. The flame was blue but wasn't very high, so I made an adjustment to the gas gauge to get the flame higher. I then tested the gas and pushed a button and gasoline sprayed out all over the stove. Some people came to visit right then so I didn't do anything with it, but remembered that I'd better clean that up soon.

The people that came looked familiar like UFO researchers I've seen on TV, but I don't know their names ... They were examining my kitchen and one of them decided to turn on the stove.

I quickly said, "It's going to flame up!" and before I could get there, all the gasoline that had sprayed out was up in flames ... orange flames ... There was a metal protector around and above the stove, so nothing got burned, but I knew I was going to have to readjust the flame back down so that didn't happen again.

After the people left, I turned the gas adjustment gauge back down. One of the men said that you just barely have to turn it on. And I discovered that when it's turned on, there is a click and you don't have to turn it on any further ... the blue flame comes up right at the click.

Those people left and another man came in who used to live in this house. He was a giant sized guy ... about 7 feet tall, but huge. He said that he remembered that there was a gas pipe in the house he hadn't taken with him. He said that it was copper and it was like where the gas comes from the wall, one of those larger pipes.

I told him that I didn't remember seeing it, but that it might be in the basement yet. So, we went to the basement together. I was rather apprehensive having him in the house but he was a gentle giant it seemed. He started going through drawers in the basement as there was a huge kitchen down there. The pots were large enough to cook for 100 people easily and there were many pots on the stove and counters that size.

The first thing he found in one drawer was a gun. He said, "What do you have a gun for. You'd probably hurt yourself more than you'd protect yourself." I had to agree with him, and surprisingly, he didn't take the gun out of the drawer, but pulled out an iron without a cord and a huge electrical cable, copper wires with a rubber coating on it ... seemed larger than one would use for an electric stove with 220 wiring ... but it was about that length.

He handed the iron to me ... it was really heavy ... and the cable he laid on the table to take with him.

It must have been getting close to 1 p.m. and I was thinking to myself, I'm going to miss my television soap opera, "One Life to Live" and then countered myself with, "No! I'm not missing One Life to Live ... this is real Life.

The man was still looking for his gas pipe, and I said, "Would you like me to make you pot of coffee?"

He got a big smile on his face and said, "See! I really do need a lot of training yet. I wouldn't have thought of that." I said, "I wouldn't have done it if I was alone either." It seemed to be a rather pleasant thing to do ... to offer coffee to a guest. I felt much better about having the man in the house now ... he would be a friend rather than an enemy to be frightened of.




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