101.1 The Sun Tzolkin Structure.: 


Premise: To resolve the structure of the sun as magic square, discern which body: sun / earth / neptune is "center" and planet orbital relation.

Seemingly, this Author constructs the framework of the Mayan Tzolkin without realizing it. His methods validate planet placements and orbits as well as atomic electron orbitals and crystal harmonics. It should be noted that electrons, in reality, do not orbit the nucleus but reside at the north / south poles of the nucleus (as spherical surfaces); a toroidal-one-layer thick-electron-cloud full of individual electron-potential-domains upon this spherical surface, appearing and disappearing from the 3rd dimension at a rate of approx. 1300-3000 times a second.

The Author uses a grid of 7 x 7 squares upon which 7 planets orbit. The Mayan Tzolkin is a grid of 13 x 20 squares so the 7 x 7 should be expanded to 13 x 20. It should be found that the diagonals of the 13 x 20 grid will match the diagonal lines of the Tzolkin.

Postulate 1: All these structures are tori:

The Creator God: Two overlapping tori  The Vesica Piscus, (B. Fuller, 2 = Unity, File 83 Fuller Paraphrased).
Space: Almost infinite overlapping tori. (Kaufman, File 8 Neutrinos).
Electrons: At least 27 levels of tori. (Jerry Iuliano, File 99 Electrons and Mythologies and Jerry E. Bayles' ElectricMass link).
Sub-structures of Electrons: (Jerry Iuliano, File 99 Electrons and Mythologies).
Atoms: (Smart1234, File 55 Magic Squares and Levitation).
Sub-structures of atoms: (Deduced from sub-electron levels).
Human spiritual body: (Toroidal energy body, toroidal brain, alimentary tract and inner ear logarithmic spiral).
Earth: (Jose Arguelles' The Mayan Factor: Bibliography).
All Planets: (Inferred from Earth Mind of Arguelles).
All Moons: (Inferred from Earth Mind of Arguelles).
All Suns: (Inferred from Earth Mind of Arguelles).
All Galaxies: (Speculation: Galactic blackhole = center of torus).
Universe: (Speculation: Perfect toroidal sphere universe).

All these tori are not only conscious to various degrees (Consciousness Units, Joe Mason: Code Consortium) but are full of energy. There is only energy and consciousness, that produce universe, therefore we can call the CU's of (Wilcock),

ECU's- Energy and Consciousness Units.

ECU's are tori of energy and consciousness which, from the very beginning, have multiplied by division almost infinitely.


Postulate 2: Light is the source of all matter.
Postulate 3: Primordial light has an order; tetrahedral.
Postulate 4: The magic square orders the toroidal matrix.
Postulate 5: The toroidal matrix multiplies by division.
Postulate 6: Tetrahedra are the basic building blocks of platonic, archemedian and coexeter solids.
Postulate 7: All solids eventually form spherical-toroidal matter.
Postulate 8: All matter has a toroidal-geometric-magic square-order.
Postulate 9: All orbiting matter maintains its orbit upon the equator of its parent toroidal sphere.
Postulate 10: The electrons, being non-matter aggregations, do not maintain their orbits upon the equator of their parent toroidal sphere (atom).


Authors Article:

The True Structure of the Solar System   


(Note: The author constructs a grid of doubling squares within concentric circles. These doubling progressions progress by a factor of 2 times the first number, to 7 numbers representing 7 planets.

Number 7 is probably used as a representation of an octave, 7 being the "center" stable-node planet Jupiter, according to the author. There are 2 groups of 3 to each side of Jupiter.

These doublings represent Bodes Law based upon Plato's Tetraktys with its double / triple progressions. These doublings of Venus resonance are the same resonance numbers found by the Code Consortium and Michael Morton's work in File 99 Electrons and Mythologies, and are key gematric numbers).


From the Author: During a displacement representing a catastrophe,

"The planets move towards successive and immediate abscissas to the limits of 1/ 2 (Limit of half area)".

And again, "Two locations on the same scale, these go toward the extreme opposed inside the capacity of their location areas".

"We find other atomic analogies. When particles or packages of waves unfolded and move away toward opposed ends."

(C. Stroud and J. Yeazell. Rochester. 1991.- C. Monroe, D. J. Wineland. NIST. Boulder.1996).


(Note: The implication: This movement is 1 / 2 of 1 whole movement, seemingly split in 2 directions in the grid. Interpreted the only way it can be interpreted, thusly, we see what it really means: The 2 abscissa imply that this grid is specially folded. Knowing that the Mayan Tzolkin grid is also folded in a special manner, I folded this author's grid into the only universal shape that can integrate the 2 abscissa:

The torus shape, with the 7th column in the center axis of the torus, seemingly representing the axis of the sun, 3 planets to each side for a total of 7 bodies.

Now the 2 abscissa become one. In other words, the top / bottom, left / right edges of this grid are connected respectively, thus resolving the 2 abscissa problem.

So we are beginning to see what seems to be a plane of planetary orbits following about the equator of the sun, which sun holds the planets in a double proportion interval progressing from Mercury, Pluto's orbit not yet settled. Now this grid may extend into space, upon which torus-grid, the planets are held in double interval, or I suspect this torus-grid may "be" the suns surface as a Mayan Tzolkin magic square of appropriate number found in File 55, Magic Squares and Levitation.

I saw a picture of the suns vortex field, from another Author, whirling around the sun, being implosive and center seeking, meaning the vortex is pushing all matter into the center of the sun, the vortex being first cause of the suns matter, not the opposite, which is why fast rotating galaxies do not, and never will, fly apart. Nevertheless, upon this vortex with its imploding spiraling lines, was drawn an elliptical planet orbit. What this picture told me was that a planet of matter, in its own planet making vortex, will follow an elliptical path when its orbit is within a spiraling-torus-field-vortex of a sun.

So far, I will revise my postulate that there may be a Mayan Tzolkin between the sun and earth in a flat division of the two, and say that this author's grid may be the Mayan Tzolkin in the above mentioned configuration: a torus upon the surface of our sun, implying that our suns light core, which takes into it, a double and opposing spiral (Wright) of even higher dimension (density: Wilcock), which doubling frequencies apply not so much to 90 degrees to 3D nodes but simply to 3 more dimensions (4D) of higher-octave-frequency, resonant with lower 3D octave-frequencies, received from the galaxy's torus-core).


From the Author-

Aspects of the density and the planetary rotation in the diagram.

"The horizontal order of points of figure 5 corresponds to Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto".

"The vertical order from the base corresponds- Venus, Mars, Mercury (Inferior quadrant").

-"Neptune, Earth. (Central axis)".

-"Saturn, Uranus, Pluto (Superior quadrant: Among them, Venus and Pluto they are displaced and retrograde)".

-"Jupiter (Superior limit)".

"The belt of asteroids separates two groups of planetary masses in opposed direction. A group condenses and the other one expands. Clear relationships are not shown. In the diagram an action is distinguished for perpendicular axes (Earth, Neptune and Jupiter) and another action is on the axes 2 of the antagonistic quadrants".


(Note: This would revise my previous postulate that all planets are ingressing toward the sun if it were not for the fact that this authors flat diagram should be folded top / bottom, left / right. This being so in reality, we may still resolve this moving apart of 2 groups of planets into my original postulate that all planets ingress toward the sun. Maybe not. It remains to be seen as this concept of this author is difficult to decipher).


From the Author-

"Asteroseismology has recently discovered that the body of stars appears with stationary nodal structures".

Full nodes, empty nodes

"The analogy of phenomena would lead one to believe that networks formed by the distribution of atoms in crystals could be considered as consisting of atoms occupying nodes, with an individual structure of stationary waves whose separation is interatomic space".

"Nonetheless, inside atoms the interpretation of the function of the wave takes into account that it is the square of the magnitude of its loop that is the measure of probability in finding electrons. It is surprising that it is precisely over the nodes of these waves where particles should never be found!"

"In interatomic planes of a crystal, both parallel and successive - also known as Bragg's planes - radiation is reflected in the same way that a flat mirror reflects light".

"Crystallography shows us which planes need to be established between the locations of the different atoms in a crystal".

"The waves reflected by the crystals never do so from any of the arcs of the supposedly stationary waves which pre-exist amongst the crystal atom-nodes, but from above the planes formed by the nodal lines".

(Note: The Author's so called "particles" should never be found directly over the nodes because the nodes are the perfectly cancelled standing waves wherein no wave can exist. This implies that the so called "particles" that do appear where the nodes are not, are not particles at all, but interactions of frequencies called domains of potential).


From the Author-

The flawed Titius-Bode Law. Certain ideas from Kepler

"Using the well-known laws of Kepler (1) and Newton (2), one can show the relationships between planets, times, velocities and the force of gravity with squares and cubes of its distances from the centre of the Sun. They are unquestionable laws, but there are reasons for not clearly understanding why the decisive elements in representing a geometry of circular or spheroidal positions such as orbits, must precisely be squares and cubes, and not the number p (pi). By analogy, we can transfer this incomprehension to that of Coulomb's law, applied to the orbital electrons in the atom. (Unless nature itself wants to show us the solution to the so-called problem of quadrature of the circle)".

(Note: Quadratic logic: Nature has shown the 4D quadrature of the circle.

Is it called the torus or is it 2 overlapping tori (4D + 4D = exponent 8 of any correct gravity formula?).

Think about what this 8 means in relation the 8 x 8 I-Ching embedded in the middle of earth's Mayan Tzolkin of 13 x 20).

Quadrature of the Circle, Theoretical Definition by Panagiotis Stefanides 


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