108 The Sonic Torus Disc- 3rd Experiment 
Date: 01/28/03


This Merkabah Vehicle may cause a timely disappearance from the face of the earth. I suspect this Merkabah Vehicle is not really a disc but is a perfect octahedral crystal surrounded by a toroidal field, somewhere inside the human head, that will serve as the perfect ascension vehicle when the right time comes.

The Sonic Torus Disc

Levitation Using Sound and MusicThe Merkabah Vehicle of TranscendenceThe Now of 5th Dimensional Timelessness Levitation Using Sound and MusicThe Merkabah Vehicle of TranscendenceThe Now of 5th Dimensional Timelessness
Levitation Using Sound and Music
The Merkabah Vehicle of Transcendence
The Now of 5th Dimensional Timelessness

"The modulation of rotating tuned fields in a precise geometric layout can alter timespace flow." R.H. Ayana

Participating authors:
Christian Lange,Tom Chess, Robert Grace

There are three objectives:

1. Create a force that accelerates upward away from the surface of the earth at 9.8 meters/sec/sec or greater.
2. Tune to or counter each frequency of each element in the resonant chamber with a precise consonant or dissonant frequency.
3. Produce a negative mass system: (ng.pdf) The energy of the system is E=MC^2 as observed by a stationary observer regardless of the motion of the system. But from a non stationary observer, when the binary model attains the speed of light, it stops spinning. Is time standing still? No. The coulomb forces and the motional electric laws are active and balanced and there remains no need for tangential velocity to maintain stability. Because this system is no longer spinning, it no longer produces a magnetic moment and other such processes that matter performs (material processes) as a result of its spinning. Although time hasn't stopped, the rate at which this system used to perform its cyclical functions have ceased, thereby giving the appearance of being frozen in time.

If an observer were traveling with the above system (occupants of the disc) with the equipment designed to measure the tangential velocity of the system, the observer will always measure that the tangential velocity is C, the speed of light. This occurs because the observer and the equipment are composed of the same systems, as such they too will experience the same slowdown in material processes. Essentially the disc becomes a time machine.

The time change in the sonic disc is by simply increasing the potential of the 7 systems until matter turns into light, which then affects space and time. When perfect subsystems are integrated with perfect harmonics, using perfect timing and perfect shapes, the disc can't help but achieve perfect alteration of non-space and non-time. This is like going to sleep to travel from the past (we call this interval) to the present (the Now of suntime or gravitytime). When suntime is achieved, the traveler exists in all places at once, which is the mechanism for travel, and by merely willing to be here or there, the disc and operator travels. So we put the operator to sleep, yet keep the operator awake, for the ability to will ones self to another location.

There are seven perfect sub-systems involved:

1. The parabolic disc
2. The hyperbolic golden egg dynamics
3. The toroidal rotating ring
4. The atomic crystallography in the center

5. The golden ratio Phi of musical inputs
6. The EM counterwound toroidal ring
7. The Carr Utrons

There are three options for the toroidal ring or tube:

1. The toroidal flat ring. This is Petrus' gravifugal phenomena. 58
2. The toroidal counterwound ring. This is the creation of two rotating, doubly opposed harmonic EM fields.
3. The toroidal velocity tube. This is an accelerator tube generating FTL velocities. 66

If you feel like you don't understand it, that is the limit you imposed upon yourself, so you need to study until you understand at least each sub-system. Your lack of understanding does not affect those who do understand it and will use this technology as an ascension vehicle, at the right time, integrated with universe. This is a thought experiment in the form of a disc.

There are basic premises that lead to the shapes, the arrangements and the relationships and these cannot vary from real systems. It cannot be any other way if one attempts to copy the whole system of natures universe. It has to incorporate a toroidal shape, it has to have a focal center and it has to be harmonic. If you don't understand these simple universal parameters you do not understand reality, and hence, you cannot understand the disc.

The Physical Embodiment:

The embodiment of this invention consists of an hyperbolic egg 34, inner metallic hull curve, containing the torus ring, tuned as a sealed harmonic cavity, screened from the outside by a faraday cage, fitted with 34 equidistant sensor/transmitters of frequency about the inner parts of the hull, plus two at the egg poles, all encompassing the counter-wound torus ring, using magic square pulses 36, directing standing wave harmonics toward the center of the vehicle, which harmonics interact with the center which houses a Dodecahedral crystal 68 centered within a Transmitter/Receiver Octahedron 7, which Dodechedron has 12 sensor/transmitters affixed to its 12 faces .ie. 1/3 of 36 notes of a 36 note Phi scale 1, also receiving from the frequency generators its frequencies, both Dodeca and Octa being within the mirror-frequency 4-10 driven counter-wound torus concentrically within the center of the axial gravitic beam concentrically through the center of the vehicle. The system is driven by several electronic 20, biologic 27, atomic 31-32, and Phi based 1 frequency production methods using harmonics and mind / matter technology 27, having a 4th dimension power source configured by the rotation of dimension, fitted in an even number of rotating double cones about the periphery 23 The vehicles over-all configuration should be a copy of the function of the human mind. In fact, this technology is about the functioning human mind.

In summation there are four general locations from which tuned frequency is broadcast: The upper hull, the lower hull, the torus counter-wound windings and the center dodecahedron.

In summation Ref. 59 is a discussion of, and an accurate portrayal of, the nested platonic shapes in the discs center. This nested set of resonator platonic solids are both feedback sensors 69 of the process of the discs overall design which is focused on the very center of this nest of sensors, plus the nested resonator platonic shapes are also the focus of the mechanism for breaking down matter and reversing the accretion process of the outside forces.

The narrative generally drifts from the first tetrahedron emanating from Aether and how this shape progresses to the most complicated shapes making up matter.

If you will keep one thought in mind as you read about how Aether accretes into mass (Ayana calls this being "in-phase"), this will be it- Reverse accretion:

Reverse the accretion process and imagine how mass can be turned into Aether (I call this being "out-of-phase" with the existing phase). This is one way mass can be broken down along with matters forces. Once mass is broken down by reversing the accretion process, the forces of mass also disappear. So within the harmonic egg which encompasses the spiraling counter field of the harmonics driven torus, plus the frequency transmitters upon the inside of the outer hull, located within the egg and within the inner diameter of the torus, directing frequency toward the center, interacting harmonically with the frequencies generated from the center, there will exist a new human-made field impressed upon the outer fields of space, suited for bucking the gravity of ever contracting space. This should lead to mass becoming invisible and time travel while the levitation is mainly driven by disc rotation using escape velocity rotation.

In summation there are two listed methods of frequency control: Phi ratio input using a master frequency generator and scale-of-2 dividers and diatonic ratio input using a toroidal counter winding with equidistant sensor/transmitters of frequency.

In summation there are eight equidistant double cone, power generators in an outer ring outside the torus

The Configuration of the Disc

Courtesy GN

Input Mapping of 34 Sensors based upon Phi, upon a Counter-wound Torus.

34 notes of Phi 1 arranged in two groups above and below, upon the inner parts of the hull, within the hyperbolic egg, 17 sensor/transmitters per hull half, plus two more, one at each pole of the egg.

34 notes of Phi music based on the Golden Ration 1.618, serves as the metallic resonant cavity's unified field which can be phased in and out of Phi ratio with the ambient interior environment which sustains pr(e)cessional processes. Such pr(e)cessing spin waves can be used to phase shift 35 the pr(e)cessional motions of the atoms of the whole vehicle relative to the radiated standing waves to and from the pr(e)cessional motions of the external environment.

Slight adjustments in the number of notes may have to be made:

32 notes (68)
34 notes (1) (71)
36 notes (67)

(Note: The sound recordings of Billy Meier, made of a UFO, using only a cassette tape recorder, was analyzed and was found to have 32 simultaneous frequencies occurring, 24 in the audible range and eight in the inaudible range. To the present day, no synthesizer has been able to reproduce the total array of frequencies. If these frequencies are related to Phi, perhaps it can be reproduced.)

How Frequency Controls Lift:

Power off the Carr Utrons 23 operate the various options of electronic/atomic frequency control. A resonant frequency standing wave is set up in the interior, by phasing 21 38 39, controls the pr(e)cessional electrons of the interior mass, in a magnetic/electric field, in this vehicle, generated by the counter-wound toroidal ring windings. Generation of an independent and interior standing wave relative to the outside, is tantamount to generating a repulsive field to the outside. In an already moving disc, the pulsed toroidal coil-expanding bubble-electric field can then be repeatedly collapsed through switching to provide an acceleration or push from behind 19. This resonant interior standing field will be dissonant to the estimated frequency of the Cosmic Microwave Background Field, The Universal Frequency Fe = 1.236 x 10^20 Hz 72 and the zero-point field (ZPF), i.e., 53 GHz and 40.810 GHz 2 and the frequency of the electron core, 8.291 x 10^22 Hz 35 using a neutron beam- v = 743 KHz (10^30) to spin-flip neutrons 43, or by using Rydberg techniques 44 to expand atoms or Mirror Mode Box resonance principles 4-10 to counter the pr(e)cession. These frequencies can be resonated with or bucked with either consonant scale ratios or dissonant scale ratios depending upon the need to draw resonant power or disrupt atomic equilibrium with dissonance. To affect matter, the spectral frequencies 32-33 of the material must first be known, then the scales can be selected and the frequency of those scales can be selected. It make no sense to speculate upon frequencies, scales, interval, ratio or harmonics without first knowing the spectral frequencies of the material used, for only when the atomic frequencies are known, can any meaning of usefulness be assigned to any particular scale of ratios. Also, the biased against certain musical "wolves" and other disharmonic interval means nothing before the analysis of atomic spectra with musical interval. 32-33

Electronic Frequency Control:

First Frequency Scheme

Varying rhythm using the diatonic scale. A torus with sensors arranged every 30 degrees in azimuth and in three planes, say southern, equatorial, and northern; there is a total of 36 sensor signals. Let each longitude or azimuth be represented by a single note (pitch) of the 12 note diatonic scale with different octaves for the different planes; thus, a phenomena circulating in azimuth will continually run the full scale. Now how shall the signals (or functions of the signals) be displayed? If we try intensity, then we have essentially the situation presented above. Apparently, however, we are more sensitive to changes in rhythm than intensity. Thus, analogously to gray scales on visual images where multiple pixel cells are variably illuminated, we might consider sounding 16th notes but consider them grouped (by dynamic slurring) into quarter notes.
Now the signal is encoded by only sounding the 16th notes of each group with different intensities. That is each quarter note represents one hex-digit and we have a map 4-bits deep. The result may be a gray sound scale which might maximize auditory sensitivity. This is an analog of tonal languages, e.g., Cherokee. Several signals, e.g., ion data, electron data, electric field data, position, etc., might be presented simultaneously by using different pitches or different octaves for variable pitch. For example, chords could be used, possibly tritone intervals, with each note representing one data stream or with different themes (signals) played in different registers, essentially a counter point display. The resulting sound track with some rhythm or beat superposed should permit new correlations to be heard.
This counterpoint arrangement serves as the medium for Mirror Mode Box Music.

Electronic Frequency Control:

Second Frequency Scheme

This method uses a master frequency generator and 34 scale-of-2 frequency dividers and rewrites the frequencies into binary notation as 1's and 0's.


2. Atom/Space Frequencies (Hz)
3. Pyramid_1Freq.pdf, Bayles

"but until I was able to derive the 'quantum frequency' related to quantum electrogravitational energy that defined by the energy in the quantum gravitational action, it was an equation in two unknowns of time. I present below the solution to where we can expect to resonate the quantum action of gravity with the energy in the gravitational field at an arbitrary point vertically above the surface of the Earth. In equations 6, 7, 8, and 9, I relate the acoustic frequencies that correspond to the cross length distances of the corbelled Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid at Giza to physical distances along the gravitational gradient of the Earth.. Acoustic frequencies are those that vibrate atoms of air and thus are moving mass in a quantum sense. Then sound waves in air can be expected to interface with the gravitational quantum action for the purpose of resonance when coupled with an electric field in cross-product fashion. Thus, control of the correct acoustic as well as electrical frequencies will raise or lower a craft according to the the frequency employed."

"231.8690322580645 Hz
243.6589830508474 Hz
256.7121428571429 Hz
271.2430188679245 Hz
287.5176 Hz
305.8697872340426 Hz
326.7245454545455 Hz
350.6312195121951 Hz
Based on dimensions of the gallery width."

(Note: "I checked those pyramid frequencies and came up with a fairly close match, per Cousto, that they would be the pitches.....Bb, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, and interestingly the 350.6312195121951 hangs between f and f#..or F# 1/2 flat per the list of frequencies he gives on pg 108". T.Chess )

"The similarities of the above equations involving quantum particles to the equations involving standing waves of a transmission line above are quite apparent. Then, it is suggested that since the quantum and macro-electronic equations are so similar, it may be possible to cause movement of a macro-quantum craft simply by altering its phase or wavefunction. It is also suggested that quantum space is very similar to transmission line geometry as far as how the particles move through space. Then, if you can see it, it is real and has a standing wave that is real. This may be how the so-called UFO's may most likely appear and disappear so suddenly."

"Based on this analysis, it is predicted that a large scale system may also be constructed which will mimic the electron in a quantum sense, that is, tunnel through ordinary space to pop out somewhere else instantaneously. The energy required to do this 'jump' is not contained in the particle or structure, but simply gated in from energy space by controlling the particle or systems wave-function in a suitable fashion as described above."

4. TheTwoDs.pdf, Di Martino
5. thethreads.pdf, Di Martino
6. Dorianexplanation.pdf, Di Martino
7. ModpairsdistfromFs.pdf, Di Martino
8. 3_Dorianspregnancy.pdf, Di Martino
9. 4_innerandouterscales.pdf, Di Martino
10. Ichingconnotations.pdf, Di Martino
11. New Gravity by Robt J. Distinti (pdf)
12. UFO DESIGN 101 Steve Burns (pdf)
13. Podkletnov Impulse Gravity Generator Beam
14. Podkletnov Impulse Gravity Generator Beam
15. Podkletnov Impulse Gravity Generator
16. Podkletnov Impulse Gravity Generator Pictures
17. Podkletnov Impulse Gravity Generator Frequency Note
18. Superluminal Near-field Dipole Electromagnetic Fields, by William D. Walker (pdf)
19. Radio Wave Controlled Electric Field Drive System By Mike Competillo

20. First Frequency Scheme

The Configuration of the Disc, James Sillivan

Second Frequency Scheme

Simple Method of Generating All Musical Notes. (Equal Temperament) 

"On an electric keyboard, all notes can be played simultaneously and its tuning system can be varied at the touch of a switch... Each keyboard has a certain number of octaves. The frequencies of the highest and lowest notes of each octave are in the ratio 2:1, and for intermediate notes, somewhere between 2 and 1. For example, taking the relative frequency of the top note as 2, the tenth note can be written as 1.6818. The new method of generating the notes in an octave makes use of the relative frequencies rewritten in a binary scale. To achieve an accuracy of 0.05%, 11 binals are required to write these numbers (12 for the top note).These would be 100 000 000 000 and 11 010 111 010 for the top note and tenth intermediate, respectively.
The basic circuit consists of a master pulse generator of frequency f (the supposed frequency of the top note of the octave) followed by a series of 11 scale-of-two dividers. Pulses appearing at the output terminals of the 11 dividers, are staggered and never coincide in time. The relative values of the frequencies from the 11 dividers correspond to the relative values of the digits of the 11-digit binary number representing a note. For every "one" in the binary number representing an intermediate tone, the corresponding frequency divider's output is fed to a pulse combiner circuit. Therefore the number of pulses appearing at the output of the combiner circuit every second, corresponds with the frequency of that intermediate tone".
(Note: You may want to tune the frequencies to the matters spectral frequencies).
"As the pulses are irregularly spaced, the resulting tone sounds harsh".... This is remedied...(should we?)
(Note: You may wish to remember that certain discords sound harsh when used to interrupt the harmony of matter, but also be aware that equal temperament was after Bach, and well into "musical harmony", and perhaps not fit to influence matter anymore". Experiment will tell).
Scientific American.

21. Spinwaves
22. Using the pr(e)cession (spinwave) for levitation
23. The 4th Dimensional Power Source (Utron)

Otis Carr's Disc

Otis T Carr was a saucer builder. You might ask how he found a 4 dimensional shape in this dimension. His shape is called the Utron. The Utron is two cones attached base to base.

(Note: Here is what I see. If you begin with a point, we call it 0D. If a line is extended from that point, it is called 1D. If that line is rotated around the point it is called 2D disc or circular surface. If that surface is rotated around a 2D surface, that is called a 3D solid (See the pic of the dual cone rotations on a circle (Disc)). This can also be a torus but not in this application. At this point the conical Utron, if tipped just right, looks like a square, so circle becomes a square. If that dual 3D solid cone is tilted 45 degrees, which is the angle 3D has to tilt to be 90 degrees to 3D, then this is called a 4D object or gravity object. So, a simple solid double ended cone, tipped 45 degrees to the saucers plane, is a 4th dimensional power extractor from the power of 4D space. And if you measure the side angle of the first triangle which created the cone, you will find it is, or is very close to the same Kufhu pyramid slope angle, 51 deg, 51', 14.3".

In short, Carr is using hyper geometry maths and dimensional 90 rotations to mimic the structure of space....and when you do that mimic, the machine become the same source as space. It can't get any more simple than this.

The electromagnetic arms are just wire wound metal used to take power off the spinning cones. MetPhys).

24. The Binary Resonant System by Harvey Norris

"It is my conjecture that the correct phasing of an energy input has been entirely overlooked. The study of the nature of electrical resonance shows a ninety degree oscillation, yet no one has considered to copy this action of nature by using it as an input from a 90 degree phased generator to produce two phases of resonance; one with a full electric field drawing ZERO energy, simultaneous to one with a full magnetic field drawing FULL energy. Furthermore no one has thought to engineer a situation where these two fields can share the same SPACE at right angles, thereby producing a DC pulse at theoretical over unity from the Lorentz interaction. This method then lends itself as means to rectify,or change AC to DC, by field interaction alone without the use of diodes. The ramifications of this are that previously untapped high frequency processes could be made to interact to produce a more usable form of energy. HDN;{formative statement made AUG 98 extracted from defunct message board}"

25. Cosmology Note by Greg Hodowanec (1994)

"The scalar fields (potentials) can add or subtract algebraically, even in the directed vector form, such as the earth's gravity, provided the components lie in the same direction. For example, the earth's static electric field and gravitational field are both directed toward the center of the earth. In a small region near the earth's surface the fields may be considered parallel fields having a vertical orientation. Therefore, these fields can interact with locally created scalar fields and thus lead to new processes, energy sources, as well as levitation, or anti-gravity mechanisms."

(Note: The earths g-field is positive. If the local earth field is negative then + and - are attractive. If the local earth field or a disc field polarity is changed to positive, then it will be repulsive + and + to the earths g-field. Its a matter of changing polarity. MetPhys).

Experiment Premises

(1)The rim of the plastic element is charged negatively, either by induction or just the spinning action itself. The test assembly is mounted atop a sensitive, non-magnetic Hooke's Law type of scale.
(2)With a clockwise (CW) rotation of the plastic element, the electrons on the rim are carried around by the rim at high velocities and thus are, in effect, a strong electrical circuiting current which thus creates a very intense magnetic field (H-field) in the central region of the disc. The H-field flux is directed down, in the same direction as the g-fields and thus are "attracted" by the g-fields. Therefore, the rotating element's weight is apparently reduced.
(3)With counterclockwise (CCW) rotation, the rim "current" is reversed and thus the direction of the H-fields in the center region are now up and thus they oppose the g-fields. Therefore, the element's "weight" is now apparently increased.
(4)Such aspects have been noted by many earlier researchers, especially in experiments with electrostatic field generating devices. The more recent applications by researchers such as John Searl have resulted in levitation and high energy "extraction", and thus have been used to possibly explain "flying saucers" in a way. However, these experiments and the explanations were never received kindly by conventional science and thus have been largely ignored and even suppressed! The writer believes that many of these experiments are valid and will eventually lead to new transportation methods. Efforts in these aspects are increasing all the time.

26. Phase-Conjugated Vacuum Triode Floyd A. "Sparky" Sweet - June 24th, 1988


Electromagnetic induction with no measurable magnetic field is not new. It is well known that in the space surrounding a properly wound toroidal coil there is no magnetic field. This is due to the superposition of the fields. However, when alternating current is surging through a transformer an electric field surrounds it. When we apply the principle of ,superposition to the vacuum triode it becomes more obvious how the device is in fact operating.

The principle of superposition states that "In order to calculate the resultant intensity of superimposed fields, each field must be dealt with individually as though the other were not present". The resultant is obtained by vector addition of each field considered singularly. Consider for a moment the construction of the triode which includes the bifilar coils located within the fields of the two conditioned magnets. When the current in one half of the conductors in the coils (i.e., one of the bifilar elements in each coil) of the device is moving up, both the current and the magnetic field follow the right-hand rule. The resultant motional E-field would be vertical to both and inwardly directed. At the same time the current in the other half of the conductors in the coils is moving down and both the current and magnetic field follow the right- hand rule. The resulting motion E-field is again vertical to both and inwardly directed. Thus, the resultant field intensity is double the intensity attributable to either one of the set of coil conductors taken singularly.


"Conventional theory says that electric fields and magnetic fields are different things. Consider for a moment a charge with an electric field around it. If the charge is moved a magnetic field develops and the moving charge constitutes a current. If an observer were to move along with the charge, he would see no relative motion, no current, and no magnetic field. A stationary observer would see motion, current and a magnetic field. It would appear that a magnetic field is an electric field observed from a motional reference frame. Similarly, if we take a mass with a gravity field around it and we move the mass and create a mass current, a new field is also created. It is a different kind of gravity field with no source and no sink. It is called the Protational field also known as the "Lense-Thirring Effect". This field an its governing principles will form the basis for future anti-gravity devices."

(Note: Sooo... a rotating mass with a gravity field produces a mass current and a different kind of gravity. MetPhys).

27. Theodynamic (Biofield Frequency Controls)
28. Propagated High Frequency Wave Propulsion

"For current research suggests that the most efficient configuration is two power sources (of slightly different frequency), spaced a few wavelengths apart, so that the patterns of constructive and destructive interference work collectively to produce an electric field directional propulsion."

(Note: Counter-rotating toroidal field driven by a separation of ratio Phi. MetPhys).

29. Phi Physics
Phi Physics2
30. Phi Faster Than Light

"PHI is the only constant which can be divided by itself, to yield itself, and be multiplied by itself to yield itself, as occurs in the perfect heterodyning of toroidal waveforms. In other words when two coherent wave toroids make love, their children [heterodyning], are the sum of the two parental toroids multiplication and addition of themselves and each other, this renders the wavelength of their children).

"Apparent" Superluminal Velocity of Light Experiment "This article was written whilst I was trying to retrace one experiment that mentioned superluminal speeds of 4.3 or 4.32 (which at present I have not been able to retrieve, but suspect it is on the German 1998 television documentary on Dr. Chiao's work, which I am in the process of obtaining again from the source that gave me the initial copy. Why was the 4.32 so important. Actually any decimal harmonic of it, like 432 or 43,200 is of value. For this is another approach to PHI. We look here at the figures in geometry. The platonic solid the dodecahedron, is a perfect symmetrical object that can beautifully map PHI, and a dodecahdron can be constructed by 5 cubes. With the first cube tilted at -64 on its X axis, the next cube is tilted at 72 deg on the Y-axis, followed by 144; 216; and 288. Hence, 5 cubes at 72 deg on the Y-axis. What has 72 deg to do with PHI? A golden mean triangle is made by taking one horizontal line, any length, as base, and then extending two 72 deg lines vertically up until they kiss each other. Five of these golden triangles, with each respective base tilted at 36 deg renders the Pythagorean pentagramme within a pentagon, the perfect persona for PHI. 5 cubes at 72 deg; 5 golden triangles at 72 deg. The first a 3D object of 12 pentagon faces, the latter a 2D single face. 6 x 72 renders 432. When a dodecahedron's 12 pentagon faces are used to map number sequence degree's, then some astounding numbers emerge from this 3D PHI complex. Taking the first pentagon, it is comprised of 5 36 deg lines. Hence, 36; 72, 108; 144; 180. The next face then continues this sequence: 216; 252; 288; 324; 360, and so forth, now continuing on the next neighboring face: 396; 432...Hence, we now have traveled on a geometrical visual journey to discover the 432 connection to PHI, any decimal harmonic of this number can be utilized to construct the same geometrical PHI complex. Take for instance 43,200, the number of seconds in 12 hours, this is 600 times 72 deg. Hence, make a complex of 20 dodecahedrons."

My Analysis: Phi Experiments and The Code

31. Phi-waves and Forces, Caroline H Thompson, December 2000

The aether in open space does not do much except propagate phi-waves, but "solid matter" is also composed of aether. It is primarily within solid matter that phi-waves have their (indirect) interactions with each other, and it is here that fresh sets are generated. My hypothesis is that the aether is able to propagate waves only up to a certain maximum amplitude. Exceed that threshold and it is forced to change state. It sets up a "wave centre" that acquires a certain degree of autonomy. It starts pulsating (maybe in a smooth sinusoidal fashion but maybe in sharp pulses with pauses in between). Though the wave centre has at least temporarily some identity, the facts that motion in the vacuum is so easy, and that momentum tends to be conserved, seem to indicate that, as Lorentz thought, it is not tied to any particular "piece of aether" but is continually reforming from new aether as necessary. It continues pulsating so long as sufficient incoming phi-waves supply it with "phi-energy"."


"On the scale of wave-centres, gravity does not exist! (I forgot to mention that "mass" is not even defined!) Gravity is a macroscopic effect, a result of statistical imbalance. It follows from the fact that the phi-waves coming from a nearby mass will tend to have greater coherence than those from elsewhere, and, as explained above, wave-centres tend to move to the places where they can best get into resonance with incoming phi-waves.The basic wave-length involved is the very small one of the phi-waves themselves, but the phi-waves tend to be grouped - modulated - to form the "energy waves" with which we are familiar. It seems possible that coupling at any wavelength can contribute to "gravity"."

(Note: This is coherent implosion at Phi ratio. MetPhys).

32. Iron - Wave Numbers Set to Music, Dale Pond, 1995-1999
33. Periodic Table Set to Music, Dale Pond, 1995-1999
34. 99.65.2 "Anti-G The Ultimate Heist" (Christian) Egg Curve Diagrams (JPG)
35. The Elastic Continuum Theory of Nature

The Electron Structure & Column Interaction by G S Sandhu (PDF)
Download this PDF from this site.

"The characteristic frequency of oscillations of the electron/positron core as well as their wave fields, is given by ne = k.c/2p = 8.291 x 10^22 Hz. This frequency plays a unique role in all charged particle interactions. The electron/positron type strain bubbles will be able to interact only with those stable/unstable strain bubbles, whose characteristic oscillation frequency matches with ne . That means the nucleons and all other charged particles must also be oscillating with this characteristic frequency ne ."

36. Magic Squares and Levitation
37. Rudolf G. Zinsser: Kineto-Baric Force

..."it is convenient to make a very useful synthetic saw tooth from a good square wave. The technique is called "staircasing",...
The Electronic Musical Instrument Manual By Alan Douglas

38. Phase Space- Dynamical Quantum Tunneling
39. Phase Space Trajectory
40. On an Expression of the Electromagnetic Field Due to Electrons by Means of Two Scalar Potential Functions by Mr. E. T. Whittaker 1903 (PDF)
41. Great Pyramid (PDF)

"If we now consider the geometry of the natural spiral we find that every 90 degrees of rotation of a radial (having one end anchored at the locus) of arbitrary length around of the center of the spiral will increase or decrease the radius line by Phi or 1/Phi respectively. Every 180 degrees of rotation will increase or decrease the radial line by the natural number e or 1/e respectively I have discovered that a direct relationship of the geometry of the Great Pyramid, the natural golden spiral, the Fibonacci series and the electron coupling constant (also known as the fine structure constant) is expressed by the following formula involving the Golden Ratio Phi.

Note: Formula not copied.

thus, a = 7.294901687515768- 10^-3           5)

Note: The presently accepted value for (a)isa sub k := 7.297353080- 10^-3

It is obvious that the derived value of the fine structure constant (a) based on Phi and the related Great Pyramid value TP above is very close to the accepted value of a and this must then strongly suggest that the transformation of energy from the static geometry of the electron to its dynamic field energy geometry is related to the structure of the Great Pyramid as well as the natural spiral, the Fibonacci series and the golden ratio.

42. Mirrored Numbers Phase.
43. Inversions of Music Symmetry

Linking music with real, complex and quaternion numbers, also illustrates the 12 rhombic faces (the collapsed octahedron of the 24-cell) inside a rhombic dodecahedron...

1. Electrons are antimatter. Scientific American Magazine.
2. Extreme negative soft electrons (are) antigravity. Robert L. (Clark9.asc,
3. Frequency of Nitrogen- 23,870 Megacycles (10^6).
4. Frequency of a Neutron Beam- v = 743 KHz (10^30). To spin-flip a Neutron, tune the current and guide field for 100% flip. Dewey Decimal Number: QC 793.5 N4624, p. 101.

44. Rydberg Atoms

Analogy of Rydberg states and the Fibonacci series. Also, the technique of expanding atoms beyond their normal angstrom distances internally, to negate the internal Van Der Wall forces, using three lasers.

45. Quarks

The neutral center and the beginning of the "other side". The 12 ball around 1 or the Vector Equilibrium of B. Fuller, is discussed.

46. John Worrell Keely

"Sound annihilates atomic force".
"Sound subdivides atoms"...
"our atoms become Keely's molecules".
Scientific American
Oct. 11, 1884.

47. Vortex: Star Drive by John Gard
48. UFOs, Osborne Reynolds, and the One Wind: A New Look at an Old Theory By Bruce L. Rosenberg
49. Thrust and Electrical Power by Rectifying Aether/ZPE with Chaos Converters - 03/01/00
50. Chartres Music

Discussion of the embedded codes in the building called Chartres.

51. DDTC

The current state of the electron mass calculation indicates that gravity travels about 4.65E+34 times the speed of light!

52. The Sound of Mathematics
53. Resonant Frequency of the Aether
54. Gravitation and Distortion Systems By Joshua Gulick
55. Frequency and Wave Length Calculator
This document on my site: EARTH POWER SPECTRUM...
57. Vibrations that Split Molecules Produce Energy
58. Gravifugal (Antigravity) Flying Crafts (Site Down) Alternate Gravifugal Site
59. R.H.Ayana
60. Flammable Synapse: Spin-distributed awareness (PDF)
61. Observations of fractional revivals in the evolution of Rydberg atomic wave packets by John A. Yeazell and C.R.Stroud, Jr. (PDF)
62. Atom lithography with Indium and fabrication of III-V semiconductor nanostructures S. Sidorenko , J. Wang, U. Rasbach and D. Meschede (PDF)
63. Music and Physics, T. Smith
64. Microclusters and Platonic Solids
65. Application of Ether Longitudinal Waves for Telecommunication Systems, Alexander V. Frolov
66. Russian Physics Forum  Supralight Velocity by Petar Bosnic Petrus
67. Excerpt: 99.45.11 Re: Coral Castle (CodeUFO)

(9/29/01 Note: 13 pairs will be explained in a future File pertaining to the Sumerians base-12 as a counting system where the vibrations of the number 13 would represent an octave - the first counting unit on the next "level," just as 10 is the next "level" of the number 1 when using a base-10 system. The vibrations of the number 13 as an octave can be seen on a conventional piano if you were to play a "chromatic" scale, where you go from C to C playing both white and black keys. Each scale will have 12 notes before resolving to the Octave on the 13th. Also, 12 fifths spans 7 octaves and requires a 13th and the phenomenon of two different divisions of the year into two slightly different lengths of months strikes a very close parallel with Pythagoras' comma, with its two slightly different sets of twelve notes around the circle of an octave. Moreover, the File will explain the 13 semi-tone seperations pertaining to the intervals from a minor second to a major ninth, plus a particular 53 note scale of a "double helix" in the domain of the musical tone system...the "sharps" and "flats' furnishing helical formations, each separately split with the Pythagorean comma (Ptolemaic comma?). Furthermore, the 4 groups of 13 drums of the The Tibetan Hurling Stones total 72 = MAGNETIC, the reverse of 27 used to levitate the stones. 19 musical instruments were set in an arc of 90 degrees (144 - 54 = 90, the same as the sum of the ANVs of INCH and FOOT) at a distance of 63 metres from the stone slab. 19 being the sum of Leedskalnin's 7+1+2+9..., 63 being the reverse of 36 and 72 being the reverse of the sum of Leedskalnin's 6+1+0+5+1+9+5 = 27.

The following is an extrapolation of the number of drums and trumpets, in the 90 degree quarter-circle (jpg), extrapolated into a complete circle (360 degrees), totalling the number of musical instruments x 4 quarters. This will give a levitating disc by way of electrically generated tones, using harmonics, or perhaps, dissonance to disturb the harmonic matter of the disc.

Extrapolating to The Disc

To extend to a circle, place 19 tone generators in 1 / 4 circle, giving us 19.
To extend tone generators in the next quadrant requires subtracting 1 tone from the 2nd quadrant because there are already 2 tones at each 'end' of the first quadrant. Therefore the 2nd quadrant will only require 18 tones.
The 3rd quadrant will only require 18 again.
The 4th and last quadrant will require only 17 tones because the 1st quadrant has a tone at the beginning of its quadrant, as does the 3rd quadrant at its end.
A total of 19 + 18 + 18 +17 = 72 tone generators should levitate this disc with the proper diameter.

6 and 13

The drum and trumpet positions can be assumed to be alternated, 13 drum tones equally interspersed with 6 trumpet tones per quadrant. This implies that a total of 13 drum tones and 6 trumpet tones must occupy each 90 degree quadrant, not quite reaching the 90 degree divisions of the circle. 13 drum tones per quadrant gives 14 spaces for 6 trumpet tones between...Beginning with the 90 degree line, a trumpet tone can be placed there, then, skipping 3 spaces, place a trumpet tone there, skipping 3 more spaces, adding another trumpet tone, giving us 6 trumpet tones per quadrant, beginning and ending exactly on the 90 quadrant lines. To extend around the circle required that 2 trumpet tones are overlapping on each quadrant line. Beginning the count several other ways by counting spaces or drum positions only gives us 7 tones per quadrant...not acceptable.

Another acceptable arrangement of trumpet tones is to divide 90 degrees by 6 tones giving the spacing of tones per quadrant, in degrees, namely, every 15 degrees.

Having arranged our tone generators properly, and having found the proper frequencies to drive the tone generators, the disc should levitate. The proper frequencies should be Phi and its multiples operating the first and third quadrant and Phi and its multiples operating the second and forth quadrant, with control of the craft ranging from a perfectly tuned system between the two opposite quadrants or a de.tuning to a maximum of Phi (1.618) between the opposites to create the beat frequency often heard in levitating discs...the lub...lub...lub of Phi. The closer these two groups of two counter-frequencies or counter-rotating frequencies are to each other, I believe, the higher the disc should rise because the gravity field that is created around the disc cannot occupy the same gravity field that exists around the earth, therefore the earths gravity field will eject the disc out of the earths gravity field, which means it will shoot off into space. )

68. Article12 by Stephen M. Phillips (PDF) New Pythagorean Aspects of Music and Their Connection to Superstrings


"The tetrahedral generalisation of the Platonic lambda discussed in Article 11 is shown to generate the tone ratios of the diatonic scale. Godname numbers define properties of ten octaves, which conform to the pattern of the Tree of Life. The latter is exhibited also in the 32 notes above the fundamental up to the perfect fifth of the fifth octave, which has a tone ratio of 24. Being the tenth overtone and therefore corresponding to Malkuth explains why this number is central to the physics of the superstring. The numbers in the tetractys form of Plato's lambda are shown to be, individually or in combination, the numbers of the various musical sounds that can be played with ten notes arranged in a tetractys. The number of melodic intervals, chords and broken chords is found to be the number of charge sources of the unified, superstring force. The 72 broken chords and 168 melodic intervals and chords correlate with the 72:168 division of such charges encoded in the inner form of the Tree of Life and manifested in the distinction between the major and minor whorls of the superstring described by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater. The 90 musical sounds generated by a tetractys of ten notes correlate with the 90 edges of the five Platonic solids. Similarity between the root structure of the superstring symmetry group E8 and the intervals and chords of the octave suggests that superstrings share with music the universal mathematical pattern of the Tree of Life, the eight zero roots of E8 corresponding to the eight notes of the diatonic scale."

69. Longitudinal wave generation and time control experiments. (PDF) Alexander V. Frolov

Detection of focused longitudinal waves in the center of the system can be made by means of any radio-electronics element, for example it can be usual resistor of the balanced scheme, transistor or quartz oscillator. The wave should produce changes of its physical properties and it can be detected as changes in the frequency of oscillations. The element should be screened to avoid usual electromagnetic effects.

70. Subject: Lazar Technical Stuff Date: Fri, 4 Mar 1994 12:13:58 -0800 (PST)

"A lot of experiments that I was doing at Los Alamos essentially was along these same lines, but other exchange particles like the intermediate vector bozon, I don't believe that thing exists. I really don't. I think they're grabbing at straws and just coming up with excuses. Question: What about the small gravity, the Gravity "A"; how can you detect that one? What is the frequency of that? Lazar: Well, the frequency that the actual reactor operates at is like 7.46 Hertz. It's a very low frequency. Question: That's the frequency of Earth's gravity, or universally, all gravity? Lazar: That's the frequency the reactor operates at. Question: I can understand a reactor functioning - theoretically I can understand a reactor functioning at, say, (unintelligible word) 7.46 Hertz. There's a waveguide involved. I don't buy 7.46... Lazar: No, that's the basic... The frequency of the gravity wave that's produced, it has to be higher frequency, because you're in a microwave range to follow a conduit like that. Question: I understand from Lear's lecture that it had a tendency to conduct on the outside also of the reactor. Lazar: Right. Well, that's all... this was the electric field we were talking about. The basic frequency, I think, was the way the reactor's operating. The pulses that we detected out of it were probably, instead of a straight DC power supply, it was more along the lines of a pulse, as if we were getting a burst of particles coming out: An antimatter emission, then a reaction, a pulse of energy, and that would repeat. That's about seven and a half Hertz, something along those lines. Question: Bob, the microwave frequency going to the waveguide is electromagnetic, or that's gravitational? Lazar: They're one in the same. Question: I don't understand what you mean by that. Lazar: Gravity is... Unfortunately, physics hasn't gotten to that part yet, but gravity essentially is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Question: Then what frequency is it? Lazar: That's something I'm reserving for myself. Question: Something about the microwave range? Lazar: Something about the microwave range. Well, you can sort of figure it out by the dimensions of the waveguide itself, and that's about it. Question: Positive energy versus regular photon? Lazar: No, it's not photon. Question: Electromagnetic Energy? Lazar: Right. I'm not trying to be secret, but this is part of the equipment that I'm working on, and I want to get it operating before... Question: I hope we'll find out one day Lazar: Absolutely. "

71. Haarp vs The Sun

"So in order to duplicate nature, in the case of the tornado or hurricane, the source (the tetrahedrons) have to move counter-clockwise, and this is exactly what the Order of Melchizedek asks you to do, 34 counter-clockwise, and 21 clockwise giving a 13 counter-clockwise motion of the entire Mer-ka-Ba. (Those numbers pertain to Earth at this time moving into the 4th dimension.) The energy fields of the Mer-Ka-Ba do appear to be flowing outward in a clockwise direction (from above the head), but the tetrahedrons, the source, must move counter-clockwise in order to copy nature." Drunvalo Melchizedek

72. Identifying the Aether

Universal Frequency

"By dividing the speed of light by the Compton wavelength a frequency is obtained:"
"This is the universal frequency that applies to all the subatomic particles, light speed, permeability, permittivity, conductance, Coulomb's constant, the gravitational constant, and all primary frequency. It turns out that frequency squared times the inertia of an electron is equal to the energy of the Quantum Tshan-kha."

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