125.1 Grebennikov's Flying Platform 

Mr. V.S. Grebennikov, having passed away, is still widely known in the so-called Russian scientific underground. As an Entomologist, by his own interest, he studied insect life on the steppes, in the Kamyshlovo valley, Russia. His story and book tells us of discoveries of an insect egg that has gravitic properties and Grebennikov's clever use of these eggs.

The Natural Phenomena of AntiGravitation and Invisibility in Insects due to the Grebennikov Cavity Structure Effect (CSE)

I analyzed his pages and began to understand what Mr. Grebennikov had found. In conversations with intelligent people on the TEM BBS, we began to ask intelligent questions about these discoveries:

What is the geometry?

Hexagonal cylinders with a hex cap which look like wasp nests, associated with the eggs of the parasite wasp, specifically.

What is the "energy" that is manifesting?

In our world the Tzolkin is said to be THE Code of Light (13 x 20 matrix, 20 = "This Side" and "Other Side.

13 - harmonic of 26, 52, 104, 208 etc.
The Fibonacci Series approaches Phi as the ratio numbers increase. 2/3 = .6667, 3/5 = .6, 5/8 = .625, 8/13 = .615384, 13/21 = .619047...
Phi seems to be the ratio of the "Other Side" of "This Side" (Fibonacci Series).
Phi seems to be the beat freq of two higher frequencies.

The conclusion is that the Fibonacci Series found in the myalin sheath of nerves is related to Phi, which is tuned to the "Other Side" and to the Mayan Tzolkin, which is THE Code of Light, within which Tzolkin is THE Code of Life, the I-Ching. As the myalin sheath Tzolkin grid causes the effects of chi, pyramid energy, prana, od, Life Force, all these being the same.

The eggs of the parasite wasp are the geometries of Phi gravity. I equate Phi gravity with the Life Force.

What mechanism blinds or blocks the gravity field?

Grebennikov's associate says it cannot be blocked. If the gravity field cannot be blocked, a layer of wasp eggs will have to be attached to a revolving sheet mechanism, within the platform, which mechanism is a flat sheet rolling around two rollers, one roller in the front and one roller in the back of the platform, so that the sheet moves by the roller control handle. Lift should occur when this sheet of eggs are pointing either up or down. Forward motion is achieved by the amount of eggs that are either pointing forward or backward in the area of each roller. The more eggs that are pointing either forward of backward, the faster the platform will move. For faster forward motion, the platform will have to be constructed more like a cube rather than a flat platform so that more area, forward or backward, is available.

What frequency do these systems work at?

The group frequencies it produces should be resonant with gravity or possibly diametrically dissonant. Gravity seems to be balanced energy..ie..of a multi-modal-toroid...tripartite or 12 part or infinite...neutral/neutralizing...positive/minus...opposed...phi beat freq..recursive spiraling sunflower tori, certainly resonant with Phi.

What's going on in that fairly thin platform?

What's inside, in a flat cavity, is a layer of the mentioned hexagonal, 1/2 wasp nests glued or fastened round-ended, onto a sheet which runs around two rollers. It continually produces a negated gravity effect and it cannot be shielded by any baffle to keep it on the ground or in the air so the sheet of eggs has to be top or bottom oriented using the control handle. Pack enough of the eggs, inside the platform, horizontally on the sheet, and it can lift you up. Depending upon which way the "gravity-like force" exits from these wasp eggs, so is their orientation upon the movable sheet. Under an assumed orientation having the elliptic end of each wasp egg touching and glued to the sheet: Move the wasp egg matrix forward to cover the top and forward roller, and you have lift and forward motion. Move the wasp egg matrix backward to cover the bottom and backward roller, and you have descent and reverse motion.

How does the platform return, from hovering, to the ground?

Use the control handle to roll the sheet of bio-eggs either to the top or bottom of the sheet depending upon which way the egg-sheet interface produces the gravity field.

Is there human thought involved?

According to the excerpt below, the cause of the gravity field is not biological.

Here is a portion of the article. Included is the phenomena Lethbridge found. You may see some similar phenomena between these two studies that do not affect electronic measuring devices.

"It turned out that the cause of all those unusual sensations was not a biological field, but the size, shape, number, and the arrangement of caverns formed by any solid objects. And as before, the organism felt it, while the instruments were silent. I called the discovery the Cavernous Structures Effect (CSE) and carried on with my experiments. Nature continued to reveal its innermost secrets one after another...

It turned out that the CSE zone inhibits the growth of saprophytic soil bacteria, of yeast and other cultures, as well as wheat grain germination. It also changes the behavior of microscopic algae chlamydospores. Leaf-cutting bee larvae begin to phosphoresce, while adult bees are much more active in this field and finish pollination two weeks earlier.

It turned out that the CSE, like gravitation, could not be shielded-it affected living organisms through walls, thick metal, and other screens.

It turned out that if a porous object were moved to another spot, the human would feel the CSE not immediately but in a few seconds or minutes, while the old spot would retain a "trace", or as I called it, a "phantom" (see "Lethbridge" above) perceivable by the hand for hours, and sometimes for months thereafter.

It turned out that the CSE field did not decrease evenly with distance, but surrounded the honeycomb with a system of invisible, yet sometimes clearly perceivable "shells".

It turned out that animals (white mice) and humans entering the zone of the CSE (even a very strong one) soon adapted to it. It couldn't be otherwise: we are everywhere surrounded by caverns large and small: by grids, cells of living and dead plants (as well as our own cells), by bubbles of foam-rubber, foam plastic, foam concrete, rooms, corridors, halls, roofing, spaces between machine parts, trees, furniture, buildings.

It turned out that the CSE "ray" had a stronger impact on living organisms when it was directed away from the sun, and also downwards, facing the Earth's center."

What do you think? Is it chi, pyramid energy, prana, od, Life Force or something else? Chi, pyramid energy, prana, od and Life Force are all the same.

Compare the Cadduceus and the wasp nest.

Here is another connection of the wasp nest spiraling with the Caduceus and the UFO Mercury Engine. A picture of the Caduceus Mercury Engine for UFO's at Coherent Plasma Field Propulsion Systems.

Grebennikov gives the exact name of the wasp and cocoon, and I might add, over his natural discretion of wanting to keep it to himself for good reason:

Parasite Wasp of the Alfalfa Weevil.

Pictures of the cocoon (correction: egg) and wasp: ichneumon Batiplectes anurus

Source: RexResearch

Time to search the alfalfa fields, collect and raise these parasite wasps, wasp eggs, cocoons and beetles before the beetles they prey upon, disappear.

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