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Universal Code: The Number of the numbers of the Mathematics
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Universal Code: The Number of the numbers of the Mathematics
1Code 19 and Creation
2Code 19 and Creation
Cells and Code 19
Number 19 and Pascal Triangle
Prime Numbers and The Quran

The Number of the numbers of the Mathematics


A man alone, without research assignment and professorship, without any subventions, had discovered everywhere in the Nature   the most mysterious number of the Universe. Whether Dr. Peter Plichta examined the depths structure of the biology, the physics or chemistry, he came always across the number of the numbers, the majestic number 19. Like Yin and Yang, which are  eternally inseparable and belong to each other, he always found nearby its complementary number 81  . Although the brilliant german,(who one must place with the wellknown mathematicians like Pythagoras, Leibniz, Euler and Gauss), revealed the complex structure of the numbers 19 and 81 (read chapter "Holy Quran and chemistry"), a question remained unsolved : what is the peculiarity with this both numbers, which follow absolutely the Spirit (Mind) and the Nature ? The question should not remain unanswered.

The reciprocal value of 81 is the sequence of the natural numbers :

The unit of this world was nearly to be grasped. Everywhere, could the german thinker see the networked panorama of a World which multivarious fragments have been produced through a few factors. The most exciting in the researches of the lonely thinker was however undoubtedly the interaction between the numbers 81 and 19. It was apparent to him, that all other formulas and numbers are linked to these both poles of the mathematical Universe. Like a watermark, these numbers transfer the phenomena of the Nature with a sealed character - only if we held them on the light of their mathematical common properties.

I remembered a saying from Ibn al-'Arabi: " In the (material) appearance is somewhat "Translucent" from its concealed background in the observed foreground if one had the right view,(if sufficiently practiced) that is the view of the Mind. After the Plichta's discoveries, it seems to me that some phenomena, give the impression to be reborned - in any case  it seems to be till now an unknown wholeness of the Universe construction through them.

  The german scientist had the thought, that a purely abstract law, independent of chemistry and physics, determines the course of this Universe . Only the abstract science of the mathematics could bring him to the origin of his discoveries, if really the numbers 81 and 19 , on a level of the pure number theory, are the key for the Universe.

The doctor maximus already knew, that the Nature is co-ruled, by two numbers: 19 and 81. Not only the chemical periods system gave him proofs of that. As a result of his complementarity to 19 (19+81=100), the number 81 had  also something  specific .

note: the total sum of their digits is 19 : 

             1 + 9 + 8 + 1 = 19

Plichta began to analyse the ratio of the two numbers. If he could find a mathematical law from their ratio, perhaps even a mathematical axiom from this ratio, it would be sensational. Plichta has yet a better idea. He wants to deduce from 81  the natural sequence of the numbers . With this great genius, he would surpass the best mathematicians.

He wanted to know the exact reciprocal value of 19. What he discovered, was spectacular : the numbers 81 and 19 are by the reciprocal value of the 19 together connected! The reciprocal value of the number 19 is :

                    1 : 19 = 0,0526315789473684210526....

A periodical number, repeating himself after exactly 19 digits  after the comma, and its  sum (0 + 0 + 5 + 2 + 6 + 3 + 1 + 5 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 4 + 7 + 3 + 6 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 1) is wonderfully 81! The pulse of the researcher speeded.

Because  Dr. Plichta always used to calculate automatically the reciprocal value of each number, he decided to use the same principle : he calculated the reciprocal value of 81:

                   1 : 81 = 0,012345679.....

The numbers 012345679 repeat themselves periodically whereby the number seems to be 8 missing. The number sequence 12345679 interested  the german mathematician because it looks like to the sequence of the natural numbers. Yet he didn't like the missing 8 . Nevertheless he was very near to his objective . After short reflexion, Dr. Peter Plichta writes the result of his calculation in an other mathematical possible way :

                    1 : 81 = 1 / 9  x  1 / 9 = 0,111....x  0,111.... = 0,0(1)(1+1)(1+1+1)(1+1+1+1)....etc

                      = 0,123456789(10)(11)(12)(13)....( Cauchy product)

Here suddenly emerges the missing number 8  ! And that is really sensational: The reciprocal value of the number 81 (1:81) is the number sequence of the natural numbers - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13... The missing 8 was only an illusion! From the reciprocal value of the number 81 results mathematically the order of the numbers, in which are designed the mathematics and the Nature. With this Dr. Plichta has proved that the decimal system is contained in the Nature and is not at all an human invention. Or, like Plichta says: " if the Room is actually decimal designed, it is not impossible to assume, that the structure of the matter, namely the elements system and their arrangement in Isotopes, are also put in a calculation system ."(Read "Prime number Cross" band 2-page 9)

The need of research leads further the discoverer of the "Computing- Nature".He writes the magic number 81 as a reversal fraction  of the number 1 and the sequence of natural numbers that begin with two zeros. A zero that indicates the fraction and a second zero, which marks the start of the sequence of natural numbers:

                       1 / 81 = 0,012345678.....

With this shining formula, has Dr. Peter Plichta set up an eternal monument of the code-number 81 .

The Fifth dimension of the Physics

Nevertheless his mind was not satisfied. He had to search further, and he found what he sought. The actual highlight is not that from 1/81 are resulting the sequence of the natural numbers, but rather that 81 is the reciprocal value of the sequence of the natural numbers:

               1 / 0,123456789.... = 81

81 is the "back" of the natural numbers sequence. By multiplying the sequence of natural numbers with 81, the result  is 1:

                 0,0123456789 x 81 = 1.

"I felt like, as after a long operation the bandages would removed from my eyes". Like Darkness and Light, like Sky and Earth, the sequence of the whole numbers with 81 forms a "Dyad function". Both of them are the Couple of the couples, from where all the calculations-art comes. For all formulas of this world, they are like Adam and Eva. They form together the Tao of the mathematics! Only one number carries the endless progression of the entire natural numbers up to the Infinity...!

It became to me suddenly clear, what a powerful weight possesses the number 81, to be able to balance the counterweight of the sequence of all entire numbers. That it respectively 1 larger becoming sequence of natural numbers deriving of their reciprocal value, makes the nb. 81 to a singular number of the mathematics. It is however at the same time the great ladder in the sky of the physics.


Pioneer of this discovery was again Dr. Plichta. He discovered the number 81 in the famous equation Einsteins 

E = m * C2.

Einstein came, with this equation of energy and matter combination, to a closed formula: energy (E) is equal to the Mass (m) multiplied by the Speed (c) to the 2nd power. In the case of the light speed he comes on the approximate value of 3 * 1010 Cm per second, therefore 30 billions cm per second or 300.000 kilometer, that the light would cover in a second . Actually this formula must be :

               E2 = m2 x C4

 but usually she is used in the shortest form.

Plichta had simply had to square Einsteins original formula in order to make visible the factor 81 :

               E2 /  m2    =  81 x cm4 /  s4

Because 81 is the reciprocal value of the sequence of the whole numbers, then the formula is also written :

                  E2 /  m2    = 1 / 0,123456789....  x c m4 s4

One needs now only to "isolate" the reciprocal value of the whole sequence numbers : 

And we discover something remarkable. On the one side of the equation, stand all relevant physical parameters : energy and mass, room and time. On the other side of the equation oppose them solitarily and alone the reciprocal values of the sequence of natural numbers, like defined by Peter Plichta - and this reciprocal value is 81! Therewith  is stictly proved that the number 81 is the numeric connection link, which combine to an Unity the mass, energy, room and time. Who now believes that he can bring a more brilliant World construction  than his Creator, should better remain silent. The power of the Lord of this World places everything in the shadow, whose creature, the Man, brings into light .

Extract fron " WORLDFORMULA 19" : Stephan Makowski