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Universal Code: The Number of the numbers of the Mathematics
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Cells and Code 19
Number 19 and Pascal Triangle
Prime Numbers and The Quran

Cell-division as life-process



Here also leads the 19

Dr. Plichta German chemists and physicists begins slowly however reliably to understand that the Cosmos must be stringent decimally created, in order to be able to organize itself so consistently mathematically. With vehemence and relentlessness he slams on the desk to the astonishment of his colleague a new atom model developed by him. He discovered this spectacular new atom model, when he tried to come the prime number sequence on the track which mathematical law was unknown until there. (See the detailed representations in " the Prime number Cross " and " God secret formula ". differently than the mathematicians before him, Plichta considers the number 1 as prime number, whereas the numbers 2 and 3 not to the prime numbers belongs. We left out further implementations here in order to spare the mathematical layman.)

The computing genius had come to the conclusion that also the prime numbers themselves are subject to a 19-Code. Since he developed an atom model which is hair-exactly similar to his discovered " prime number cross " Plichta realized that also the causes of the atomic behavior are under the law of the number theory. The prime number frequency determines the atomic structure - and therefore it is determined also by the number 19.

The topic of this web would not be sufficient to relate all the Plichta discoveries, which all are based on the number 19 but you can for more informations, have a look to his web site : By following thoroughly the track of this number, Plichta had made the numbers 81 and 19 directly or indirectly responsible for the atomic rotation impulse, the Planck constant, and different natural constants. However the most important Plichta's knowledge is that all creation of God is dependent on this singular number. How very all alive happening is dependent on this number, Dr. Peter Plichta with a continuation book (book II) of its " prime number cross " wants to prove. He comes in this book on the biological cell division to speak, from which each life results.


Fertilization with calculation

  Almost everyone knows that biologically the procreation of humans result by the union of a male sperm cell with a female ovule. These form together a whole, which one calls fertilized ovum. From the fertilized ovum results by the cell division further cells. Dr. Peter Plichta starts to set up the mathematical sequence of numbers of this division.From the two half cells results the first (fertilized) cell. From this results two other cells.From these two cells, four cells are created by cell division process. From these four cells, eight other cells are resulting. This cell division continues in this manner till the complete number of the intended cells that require the human Physical constitution is reached. Plichta looks atthe mathematical sequence of numbers resulting from this this cell division :

  , 1 , 2 , 4 , 8 , 16 , 32 ....

  The fraction at the start annoys him. He converted the half cell fraction into a decimal-value: from 1/2 is 0,5

   ( 0,5) , 1 , 2 , 4 , 8, (16) , (32) , (64),...  

The Duesseldorfer thinker had the thought, that the cell-division can, from the point of view of mathematics, final, therefore from her end built. He turns the number sequence of the cell-division. For reasons of the easier use, he leaves out the comma:

..(64) (32) 16  8 4 2 1 0 5  

In order to make a genuine series from this sequence of numbers, the mathematician removes the temporary brackets:

... 64  32  16  8  4  2  1  0 5.

he corrected then the decimal estimation, - mathematically correct - from the different-digit numbers of this series and the result is :

Note: Decimal estimates occur in the sequence of numbers stated above by different decimal places. This is shown by the example of the number 16, which consists of two numbers with different places: the 6 is " unit digit ", the 1 is a " decimal number ". Decimally seen (is called regarding its decimal place) the 1 belongs to the number 16 into the same decimal category as the 2 of the number 32. Both numbers (6 and 2) belong to the same decimal place and are therefore summed up

← 64


          16 8 4 2 1 0 5  


+  16




+ 336

= 736


As a result of this position transfer we have the sequence:


If one continue the calculation, one gets a number-sequence, that begins to recur periodically with the nineteenth position,:

← ...05263157894736842105


 The reciprocal value of the sequence arouses a big astonishment:

  1 / 0.05263157894736842105... = 19.

Also here leads the 19. The computer of nature uses this loyal all-purpose number in the biological process of cell-division, by leaving the controlling of the cell-construction to its reversal value! Thus " it is finally cleared up why an organism " can be produced,only from two mathematically half cells, which merge into a cell ". Everything is an expression of mathematics! As also the ten fingers of humans do not mean coincidence, the anatomical mathematical structure  is too.The numbers 1 and 19 are in such a manner with perfection and "naturally " linked that they generate the life. Thus the mathematical prinzip of the universe is to a large extent discovered. With this insight into the mathematical backgrounds of the life, Plichta shows triumphantly and full of satisfaction one of the most revolting mistake of the current science, the attempt to explain that the formation of life of the human being is a coincidence, and finally unmasked.

  The 19 and its mirror-trick 

One of the questions was to which result it would lead to write, the numbers of the triangle of Pascal side by side - and not one below the other - therefore instead of


1      1

1     2    1

1      3     3      1

1     4     6      4     1


to write horizontally the number-rows (1) (11) (121) (1331) (14641) (15101051) (1615201561) one after the other? And what would happen, if we the rows of the triangle of Pascal are summed up







and these one after the other would write: 


1, 1+1, 1+2+1, 1+3+3+1, 1+4+6+4+1, 1+5+10+10+5+1,...


One calculate the sums, and a number-miracle emerges soon:


0, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256,...


I might assign only the decimal estimation of these numbers to the right positions, and after that to join the numbers:




The number-sequence, that appears, will definitely reveal the secret of the triangle of Pascal. It is about the serie




Have we met her already elsewhere? Of course, now it occurred me: in the mathematical construcion of the cells !

 One reads the row only on the reversal side:


and come out the well- known reversal-value of 19:


1 / 19 = 0,05263157894736842105.


The reversal-value of the mirrored, reversed line-sums of the fractal triangle is 19:


1 / 0,0526315789473842105 = 19.


If one reads the triangle " backwards "...

Now finally you understand what is about here: The line-structure of the arithmetic triangle corresponds exactly the cell-structure; and the identical construction of lines and cells is determined by the number of all numbers:








It is hid twice: Once in the reversal-value of the row of the added lines; the other through an ingenious mirror-trick. One must read the triangle backwards in order to discover it.

Since the triangle of Pascal, as order-matrix of the chaos and a probability-instrument, makes possible the creation of the universe, it can be stated that the 19 is the eternally valid world-mirror. Everyone who looks into the world of the phenomenon, will find him as the guardian - over the creation of heaven and earth. Over them are nineteen. Nineteen angels hold watch. Only this prime number, which is our life-code, protects the world from the annihilation and builds the whole cosmos. Who wants to blame the prophet Muhammad p.u.h that he has put exactly this number, which is the common heritage of the world-creation, as dominant code for that revealed book? The Koran says it, there can be no mightier miracle from God that this chosen prime number, the number of numbers, which is the encoding of the nature and of the human spirit.  And we have revealed the Book to you explaining clearly everything. Quran (16:89).

What formerly was a myth and an incomprehensible number, has become over thousand four hundred years later a scientifical sensation. And Mohammed, is indeed the prophet of a really mathematical God: is not his revelation an expression of greatest prophecy?

  Also the reversal-value of 19 is a Koran code :

  Simply all the evidences point to the fact that Mohammed in skilled manner integrated the structures of the fractal triangle in the Koran. That he the reversal-value of 19 (= 0,05263...) and with it the final order of the cell-construction and the fractal triangle must have very well known to him, an arithmetical circumstance, must necessarily be quoted: The question is, which possible measure would meet a skillful scientist, to put in his holy book a mathematical code, that the true deciphering ,for technical reasons, should be reserved to the coming generations after him? Which parts of the Koran would this scientist have equipped with a code number so that the message of his knowledge reaches his receiver? The answer lay on the hand: He would have surely chosen, the initialised chapters in order to codify his code.  

How would it be for example, to count the number of all verses - embedded between the first verse of the first initialised Sure, (Sure 2), and the first verse of the last initialised Sure, (Sure 68) -

A brilliant thought, may have come to Mohammed. Because the number of these implied verses is identical with the absolute value of the reversal-value of 19:  277 * 19 or 5.263!


See below:


2 Albaqara first initial ALM
  ' 1 /\
  ' 2 |
  ' ... |
  ' 285 |
3 Al Imran 286 |
  ' ... |
67 Al Mulk 5235 |
  ' ... |
  ... 5263 \/
68 Al Qalam last initial NuN
  total 5263  




  Extract from "Worldformula 19" by Stefan Makowski