89.1 Who or what is the AntiChrist? 

The word definitely asserts that the AntiChrist, whatever it represents, is like positive is to negative, like light (luc, Lucifer, luck, conscious, good, God) is to darkness (also Lucifer, Satan, unconscious, evil, devil and God before light was manifested). Obviously, this attempt gets us nowhere. Luc is Spanish for light. And before light was "created" by an unseen entity or being in religion, that entity was resting in darkness because there was no light..This is even more confusing.

In 12,000 year old cosmology, the first emanation from the Absolute darkness (God) was light, luc, Lucifer, therefore making light good in the believing mind, and God is darkness. This wont do you say!. So what does Christ and AntiChrist represent.

Lets try again. The same cosmology plainly describes Lucifer, Satan as just radiation or radioactivity according to Quartum Organum. Now we are talking about physics here and not human personalities. The root word of personalities is persona and this word means "a mask over the truth" as in Greek Theater. A mask over the truth of cosmology, that God and Lucifer are just one side of the other. Deamon est Deus inversus, as the Romans once said. But, both are inherent in one. One principle, not one personality. So, back to confusing logic. If God, on the lower fallen planes of creation, is actually Lucifer, the opposite of what we consider God to be, then Lucifer, as we "know" the word, becomes the representative of God, after God became what we thought God was not, namely, Lucifer. Your confused again, I can tell.

Lets start again. This time we will substitute words. I found that:

89.2 These concepts almost describe God: 

  1. Principle, not personality, potential consciousness and energy.
  2. Light and darkness.
  3. No.thing, nothing, non.matter.
  4. The source of inflowing power.

89.3 These concepts describe Lucifer: 

  1. Principle, not personality, potential, energy.
  2. Light as first emanation.
  3. Some.thing, matter.
  4. Radiation, radioactivity. Elsewhere I have shown that the original Septeugint and Aramaic Bibles described Lucifer, not as being subtle which means evil, but, the correct word was subtile, which means ethereal and refining. What is being refined by radiation, is the coarse matter of earth, into refined higher levels (the ether) around the earth, by way of our human organs, actions and thought, with us being an integral part of this whole process. The ether consists of 4 levels of a future 7: mineral (biologic), plant (etheric), animal (astral), human (mental /psyche), all refined from gross matter by Lucifer (radiation). The ether moves with the earth and therefore cannot be detected from earth, but it exists. We call it the Van Allen Belts of science, the Psi bank and many more names listed elsewhere.

89.4 The previous discussion establishes that: 

A. Both God and Lucifer are principles.
B. Both concepts are contrary.
C. There is confusion as to which one is good and evil.
D. If God (no.thing) and Lucifer (some.thing) is the same as God (darkness) and Lucifer (light), which is the same as God (inflowing power) and Lucifer (outflowing radiation), then:
E. God's inflowing power from No.thing, hidden order, darkness, has the potential by way of light, some.thing, which irradiates all life and is returned by way of outflowing radiation, Lucifer or light, potential.
F. There is no good or evil ascribed to God or Lucifer here.

There is just Universal dynamics which requires no moral qualities.

The conclusion here is this: When mythological stories of cosmological principles began to represent these dynamics by using personalities to describe creation, and when religion forgot the underlying cosmological facts behind mythology, we have today, personalities representing God, Lucifer and all manner of other beings. Mythology is to be understood, not believed. All light beings of religion and mythology are identified with the original, first light being- Lucifer. Therefore, when religionists exhort you to "follow the light", or their personification of light, are they actually saying "follow Lucifer"? It makes you think.

Now you may think you are more confused than ever. Lucifer isn't what you thought it was and God isn't what you thought it was.

89.5 Here is what I think: 

It seems all are following Lucifer (radiation) in that all matter (your body, thoughts and actions) will radiate into what religion calls Spirit, eventually. Spirit is a very vague word but it means, here, that which isn't matter, or a highly refined form of matter. And where is the evil in this wholly natural process? There is none.

So now you may guess that the root of the problem is to examine the words "good and evil", moral human qualities, rather than God or Lucifer. After all, if you insist that good is God, I will show you the root word of El Shadai, a name for religions God, which means, in Sanskrit, shadim or devils and violent power, that power that makes a Universe, and I will also tell you about the corruption of the word Jagernath corrupted to Juggernaut corrupted to love. I will also point out that Lucifer or radiation is the light of the world, radiating out from matter, to which all light beings of mythology are identified, namely the saviors, which is the mythologists cosmologists way of saying that matter is being radiated into invisible Spirit again, which is what religionists know as "Ascention", but never connect these two facts as being one and the same.

After examining the words good and evil, you might say, we are getting closer to what is Christ and what is AntiChrist.

To understand good and evil you must know your cosmology, cosmogony, mythologies, religions, histories, biologies and what is good and what is evil or whether both even really exist. Good and evil is mans domain only, and it is humans who ascribe good and evil and it has no more authority than that, but that authority is sufficient. We will see a list of good and evil concepts, according to humans next, and you may say, yes!, that is certainly the way it is, now we know what is Christ which you equate with good and Lucifer which you equate with evil...But, it is not so.

Lets make a list of good qualities and its opposite concepts, according to Old World Order humans (established systems):

Good concepts

Evil concepts

Saving/respecting life

Taking/disrespecting life

Peace considered good

War considered evil

Cooperation considered good

Competition considered evil

Friendship considered good

Enmity is not good

Unity is good

Division is not good

Spirit/Soul (absence of
matter) is good

Matter (absence of
Spirit/Soul) is not good

We could go on forever, but you get the picture of the Old Order and how it names opposing qualities of humanity describing "good and evil', Christ-like and AntiChrist-like behaviors. Now we introduce the New World Order and its war with the Old Order behavior. Its been going on ever since the Church slew the people of those Orders and tried to scatter them. You may say the New World Order is totally evil here, but you must remember what religions dogma has contributed to the confusion and warfare of humanity. What the Old Order is using in its fight to maintain its power, the New World Order is also using to destroy the Old Order. You may want call both systems evil at this point but that is only falling back into the world of 2. Still, we cannot make up our mind as to who is Christ and who is AntiChrist, because according to the common labeling, we cannot see that both sides in this war of "polarities and extremes" are using the exact same tactics, therefore you may conclude the Old and New are like each other in ways, yet they fight.

The proper question to ask at this point is: Why do they fight? Because they are the poles, the polarities, and not in the center which represents, not an extreme, but the middle, or what I call "neutrality".

From the position of neutrality, therefore, we begin to see just what Christ and AntiChrist means. It seems to mean going to extremes in thought and action. It seems to mean that which religion and all historic convention has been doing throughout history, generating an automatic opposite response from the opposite polarity. This is karma at work. The only way to escape this is to understand 'neutrality' and do nothing that is not in the spirit of neutrality. It will take many, many years until we even become interested in practicing this concept.

We can see the whole world, in its extremity of thought and action, earnestly praying for their 'savior', be it Christ or AntiChrist, this pole or that pole, this extreme or that extreme, and,

we will always, eventually get, what we seek or pray for. That one being, that represents all we ever asked for. Christ or AntiChrist will appear, just as the prayers of the Greeks were answered by the body, so will the group prayers, or curses by the way, of factions be answered. And, since we cannot make up our minds as to which is which without the neutral view of the center, we will never be able to see clearly... A true hell on earth no matter which way we look. We may continue seeing others from extreme polarity and continue to make the error of it. Or we may become neutral and rise above it.

89.6 Consider this horror as an alternative Reality: 

We may not really be in our bodies at all. We may be consciousness, responding to a computer algorithm so fast, it looks real. There may be a computer algorithm (An explanation of all quantum paradoxes) playing through our brains from a computer Transmitter, looking like quanta which is programmed to let each of us see our life unfold before us like the holodeck of the starship Enterprise. We see what we experience but really don't realize it is just a film or movie in which we are that main actors (consciousness), which makes decisions. The movie is so real it is hellish. In fact, we are in hell, until we learn what is happening and how to get out.

Do you know how to get out? Do you think neutrality in thought and action has something to do with getting out of hell?

The Conclusion

It was calculated by others that the Aquarian Age, which should be the Leonine Age, started on Jan 4, 1962, the exact date that the alleged AntiChrist was supposed to have been born. This seemed very strange to me that both should happen on the same exact day. When I researched the differences between the Enlightened Aquarian Age, properly corrected to be the Tumultuous Leonine Age, in book, Quartum Organum, I began to see the tumultuous mental and physical war changes affecting us in the near future, not quite the enlightenment as envisioned, although profound changes can be enlightening to intelligent minds. The changes will be mostly mental, war erupting only in the places that people cannot resolve their extremities of thought and actions.

The conclusion, from knowing this bit of information, seems to say that the AntiChrist is the tumultuous mental, planetary changes of the Age of the Sun, Leo. AntiChrist / Christ are the world of 2 polarities creating karma.

89.7 Neutral Nation Charter 

No biased opinion allowed. The number 2 is not allowed.
There is no unit more unified than the individual, seeing that the individual being is 1 quantum.
Maintain balance, respect for all and act in the best interest of all.

Neutral Nation is a concept of the mind. Its inhabitants accept any ruling power who has decided to rule. It attempts to offer no resistance, knowing that any instruction or law, is good, and leads us to being the best citizens possible.

Neutral Nation adopts the Mayan saying, as follows, as a banner:

"I am another yourself".

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