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From: Milamo@aol.com
Subject: Re: Great Serpent Mound Crop Circle of 1999 & Pythagoras Theorem
Date: 01/28/02

Sharon ...

Thanks very much .. and thanks to MetPhys, for forwarding the *excellent* work (see below link) of Ross Hamilton and Patricia Mason .. re: The Great Serpent Mound in Ohio .. and its awesome correlations to star-locations/and timings .. of importance.

Upon reading that article, linked below, I was able to ("spontaneously") .. involving uncanny synchronicity, to say the least .. I was able to "almost immediately" take pen and notebook, and pocket calculator .. and 'figure-out' an equation .. involving several "terms" *from their article* .. 36 .. 54 .. 'Alpha Draconis' .. 'Polaris' (Note William Romain's Polaris alignment, referenced in the article) .. along with .. the Cube of the Pi constant, which also "happens" to be the "ASM" GPV (Grid POINT Value) for .. 'Mintaka' of Jan.1, 2000, in the belt of Orion. When I refer to those stars by 'name' .. I mean the "ASM" numbers I found for them, as of Jan.1, 2000 .. 21.6 GPV for POLARIS, 1.181810286 GPV for Alpha Draconis, and 31.00627668 GPV for Mintaka .. though they don't actually mention Mintaka in that particular article. But they_do_cite 36, 54, Alpha Draconis, and Polaris .. of course. (Morton, 1999, 2000).

Anyway .. I "at least", at this time, want to get this "out there" to you folks .. at least to you people in particular, so you may see the remarkable synchronicity and also the stunning (apparent) precision and "specificity" involved, here. I'd prefer to write this up in detail and at length .. and I might do that later .. but; here's the "equation", at least .. and it's more than 'one' equation .. it's a 'series' of very-related equations .. which then has more possibilities inherent .. because it "connects perfectly" TO the "ASM".

(54 / 1.181810286 / 21.6) * 36 * (Pi^3) = 2361.263

2361.263 .. a very interesting number, IMO .. which 'connects' to all sorts of major "ASM" values.

(2 + 3 + 6 + 1 + 2 + 6 + 3) = 23 .. "I AM" .. Sharon ought to love that .. (-; .. and then .. 2 + 3 = 5 .. and/or .. 2 * 3 = 6. So you have the 5 and the 6 .. which "The D&M Pyramid" of Cydonia 'displays' in its geometry .. see the work of Erol Torun on that .. simultaneous "5-fold" and "6-fold" geometric symmetry exhibited in the design and structure of 'The D&M Pyramid' @ Cydonia (Mars).

2 * 3 * 6 * 1 * 2 * 6 * 3 = 1296

1296 is the decimal-harmonic of the_129600_generic Surface Area on a Torus .. assuming the 360 system, where radius = 57.29577951 value .. or .. (360 / 2Pi).

Now .. something very case-specifically remarkable;

Take the "5" from the above 'cross-addition' and 'reduction' .. along with the 'cross-multiplication' product from the above .. the "1296" ...

1296 / 5 = 259.2 .. and this is a precise imitation of the "ASM" numbers for the centered-location of "The Tholus" @ Cydonia (Mars) .. where .. 1296 North .. = 41(deg) * 03(min) * 10.53658537(sec) North.

5 E.Cydonia .. = 01(deg) * 05(min) E.Cydonia .. east of the "ASM" prime meridian.

GPV for "The Tholus" .. (1296 /5) = 259.2 .. a decimal-harmonic of the Earth precession cycle (25920) in years.

{Morton, 2000, Internet}.

I'll now use the Pi constant .. to an exponential power of "5" ..

(25920 / 2361.263) * (Pi^5) = 3359.232 ..

Notice how I'm using "feedback-loops" .. mathematically ? This is a process which "imitates" the form and structure of the "elements" involved here.

Here's another feedback-loop ..

(3359.232 * 2361.263) / [(Pi^2) * (10^2)] = 8036.826916

8036.826916 = (Mintaka * The Tholus) = (Pi^3) * 259.2

AND .. 8036.826916 = Grid LONG of The Washington Monument in D.C. .. its centered-location .. (Morton, 1998, Internet) .. 8036.826916 W.Giza .. = 108(deg) * 10(min) * 7.441506403(sec) W.Giza. [ W.Greenwich .. 77 deg 02 min 6.641506403 sec ].

This is_ALSO_the *identical* longitude of The Supreme Council 33rd Degree Temple in Washington, D.C. .. due north (precisely) of The Washington Monument. The exact-same centered-location in terms of longitude.

Please notice the decimal-fractional number of arc-seconds in that W.Giza longitude .. 7.441506403

That is a_very_important number in the "ASM".

For one .. it is the Jan.1, 2000 GPV of Betelgeuse in Orion.

(Morton, 2000, Internet).

It is also the_ratio_of Galactic Center to Galactic Anti-Center @ Jan.1, 2000 ..

(Morton, 2001, Internet) .. or .. (35.53057584 / 4.774648292) .. "ASM".

It is also a decimal-harmonic of the Area of the Sarsen Circle of Stonehenge .. (Munck, 1992, "The Code") .. in square regular ("British") feet .. 7441.506403 square feet .. (48.66934411)^2 * Pi = 7441.506403 sq. ft.

ADDITIONALLY .. 8036.826916 .. is the Grid LAT of the apparent centered- location of the "7-Pointed Star" crop formation of the year-2000 season .. (Morton, 2000, Internet). I have an article about this .. on-record, on The Internet. It is posted, I think (still) .. at Paul Vigay''s website ..

Paul Vigay

If it is not there .. it is posted in the archives of .. Matrix-Messenger

Look for an article entitled, "7-Pointed-Star 'Hoaxed' (?) .. Consider .. " .. where I go into considerable detail on this. No .. I really DO NOT think this formation was "hoaxed" .. AT LEAST in the true sense and spirit of that word !! In fact .. I think it is an extremely important formation.

Anyway .. my Grid LAT for that formation .. centered .. 51(deg) * 24(min) * 6.566035062(sec) North .. = 8036.826916 North.

My Grid LONG for it .. 32(deg) * 56(min) * 48.21428571(sec) W.Giza .. = 86400 W.Giza.

GPV .. "7-Pointed-Star" crop formation of 2000 A.D. .. (86400 / 8036.826916) = 10.75051148

The "86400" is a decimal-harmonic of the "gematria-like" ideal (mean) diameter of The Sun .. 864000 statute miles.

I suggest that the "7-Pointed-Star" may be a reference to .. Nibiru .. a brown-dwarf with 7 'planetoids' orbiting it .. one or more of which (planetoids) could be homeworld(s) to The Anunnaki. (Z.Sitchin, et al).

(See website of Andy Lloyd .. http://www.darkstar1.com Damon Elkins and I do not agree with Andy's interpretation/projection of the orbital path of Nibiru .. but; Andy's work contains some very good and very striking graphics of various symbols and icons which seem to depict or to represent this 10th planet of our Solar System).

Damon Elkins and I think the orbital path of Nibiru is "indicated" in various ways .. in the "ASM". One of these 'indications', we think .. is the Nibiru aphelion .. its *directional-location*, on line-of-sight from Earth .. the direction in_our_sky, observed *from Earth*, in which its aphelion is located .. SIRIUS .. yes .. the Earth-sky "directional-location" of SIRIUS as of .. Jan.1, 2000 A.D. .. as part of the "ASM".

I think the mean ("ideal") Earth precession and main ("ideal") obliquity cycles are also "prominently-figured"_into_this "ASM". And I think the_ratio_of Earth's main obliquity cycle (40000 years; full-cycle) and Earth's precession cycle .. is .. (25920 / 40000) = 0.648 .. again; a_major_number in the "ASM" .. "648".

Notice, please, the following ..

(8036.826916 / 0.648) = (24805.02134 / 2) .. precisely HALF of the Grid LONG of SIRIUS @ Jan.1, 2000 in the "ASM".

(Morton, 1999, Internet) ...

Grid LONG SIRIUS ... 19(deg) * 23(min) * 56.76206256(sec) E.ALNITAK .. = 24805.02134 E.ALNITAK. (This is about 19.5 degrees into Gemini .. the constellation .. and the_sidereal_zodiac sign .. NOT the "tropical" zodiac sign !!)

{Morton, 1999, Internet}.

Yes .. it's a decimal-harmonic of the_GPV_of The Great Pyramid of Giza .. 248.0502134 .. which is the Cube of (2Pi) .. (Munck, 1992, "The Code").

Additionally .. it is a decimal-harmonic of the GPV of the "Eltanin Antenna" .. (2.480502134) .. planted on the ocean-floor, southwest of the tip of South America, some 13,500 feet below the sea surface. (Bruce Cathie .. "The Harmonic Conquest of Space", page 12). Yes .. I think an actual antenna_was_planted .. deliberately, there .. to fit-in_precisely_with the very information we are now noticing and "putting-together".

Using the Jan.1, 2000 GPV of REGULUS ... (Morton, 1999, Internet; 19.7392088) ..

(2361.263 / 19.7392088) = (1 / Earth Precession Cycle) * MINTAKA * (10^5) .. = (1 / 25920) * (Pi^3) * (10^5).

-- Michael Lawrence Morton


99.51.2 Re: Prediction re: Nibiru's "crossing points" .. (Milamo) 

From: Milamo@aol.com
Subject: Re: Prediction re: Nibiru's "crossing points" ..
Date: 01/28/02

In a message dated 01/27/2002 2:50:34 PM Pacific Standard Time, ancient_vizier@yahoo.com writes:

<< BTW, one of my 2.22222... collection that I forgot to name is the Cydonia Face. Rather than generate that Grid Longitude as the "Pi Multiplex", I prefer to generate it 2.22222... x (Pi Cubed). Since I can't remember figure 6.89-something that is precisely how I get in entered in the calculator nowadays, 2.22222... x (Pi Cubed). So this is something the Face clearly knows about... >>

Robert ...

I'm glad you pointed this out, here. This really underscores, I think, the importance of the 2.2222222 .. 'repeating 2s' decimal-harmonic.

And .. the importance of the (Pi^3) factor .. which shows up a_lot_in my work. The 2.222222 .. is the (just to emphasize, again, because I think it is very important in the dates/timings of the Nibiru orbital path) .. it is 'apparently', IMO, the number of arc-degrees_remaining_in the "official" (indicated-by-"ASM") Age of Pisces. And it also "marks", IMO, the ecliptic crossing-points of the orbital path of Nibiru .. in the_constellations_of Pisces and Virgo .. in the_sidereal_zodiac, not the "tropical" zodiac. That is .. the ecliptic-crossing-points of Nibiru are apparently being indicated ("shown" and/or "marked", if you will) .. as .. 2.2222222 degrees Pisces and 2.2222222 deg Virgo .. *in the sky*, as_back-drop_to its observation-from-Earth .. Nibiru's line-of-sight directional sky-location .. as it goes through its perihelion phase. I think its ecliptic-crossing-points are_aligned_**now** .. (I mean circa 2000 A.D.) .. WITH .. our_equinox_points on the ecliptic. This is a special alignment .. happening as of 2000 A.D. .. which is part of the_reason_for the "Jan.1, 2000" sky-alignment of the "ASM".

Note .. using the 72 years of 'mean" length of time for one arc-degree of Earth precession .. it will take exactly 160 years to precess to the beginning of Aquarius .. at 2160 A.D. .. 160 years from 2000 A.D. It makes perfect sense via our current calendar .. another "marking" indicated. And the next perihelion of Nibiru would be due in 3600 A.D. .. matching, numerically, the orbital period of Nibiru itself.

-- Michael L.M.


99.51.3 Volume of torus = volume of cylinder = (cross-section area)(length) (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Volume of torus = volume of cylinder = (cross-section area)(length)
Date: 01/26/02

Volume of a Torus


99.51.4 "Code-2" Munck's 4D Maths (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: "Code-2" Munck's 4D Maths
Date: 01/27/02

Carl Munck - Resources on the Pyramid Matrix

To All,

Have you comprehended Mr. Munck's 3D spheric matrix?
Now we have to grasp the 4D toroidal gravity of "Code-2 Elevations", contracting / expanding 90 degrees to the 3D direction/center of the sphere? Who imagined that the Ancients considered 4D elevations as a building parameter?

As Robinson and his ever-hyper student, B.K. Parkette, reminds me emphatically, "There is no such thing as 3D!!".

Well, Carl is forcing book purchases on Code-2 and music, which we need to see. Anyone for a cooperative purchase thru an escrow account held by one of us? Read the book, pass it on around the circle? Perhaps the 'seperatist-elitist-dominate ego' still wont permit it?



99.51.5 Re: A prediction .. the 'general' line-of-sight orbital path of Nibiru .. (Milamo) 

From: Milamo@aol.com
Subject: Re: A prediction .. the 'general' line-of-sight orbital path of Nibiru ..
Date: 02/01/02

In a message dated 01/31/2002 1:55:39 PM Pacific Standard Time, Milamo writes:

<< Subj: A prediction .. the 'general' line-of-sight orbital path of Nibiru .. >>
Date: 01/31/2002 1:55:39 PM Pacific Standard Time
From: Milamo
To: dle33@swbell.net, Code UFO
To: ancient_vizier@yahoo.com, neil@neilfreer.com
To: Wdestiny44, palmerri@uwec.edu, Master I M
CC: T0Leo, arvic@southwest.com.au, JMason4557
CC: MetPhys, Milamo, ophi@greatserpentmound.org
CC: artemis@greatserpentmound.org, Romainwf
CC: williamjbarlock@hotmail.com, maryweav@hotmail.com

This prediction is made through the research of Damon Elkins and Michael Lawrence Morton.

This is intended as a 'general' description/prediction .. of the likely orbital path of Nibiru .. relative to_line-of-sight_observation-points in the sky, from Earth.

1.) Aphelion .. SIRIUS .. roughly 1800 A.D. @ most-recent aphelion.

2. RIGEL .. maybe just slighly to its north.

3. MIRA .. probably slightly to its north, and across the 'stem' of the tail of Cetus the Whale.

4. Crosses ecliptic at 2.2222222 .. (repeating 2s) degrees Pisces in the_sidereal_zodiac .. at Earth's Equinoxial point.

5. Across the Head of Pegasus.

6. Across Equus.

7. Across ALTAIR in Aquila .. where Nibiru's latitude ("altitude", relative to the celestial north pole) "levels-off". I call this Nibiru's "ecliptic-latitude perihelion". Then .. at the_ecliptic-longitude_of VEGA .. though not in proximity to Vega, itself .. Nibiru begins its descent, relative to the celestial north pole. I call this Nibiru's "ecliptic-longitude perihelion".

8. Across the Head of Ophiuchius.

9. Across the Shoulders of Hercules.

10. ARCTURUS .. very close.

11. Crosses ecliptic at 2.2222222 .. (repeating 2s) degrees Virgo in the_sidereal_zodiac .. @ Earth's Equinoxial point.

12. Across Sextans.

13. Across the 'lower-neck' of Hydra.


Assuming a cycle of 3600 Earth years .. (see works of Z.Sitchin).

-- Michael Lawrence Morton

Hello, Everyone ..

In follow-up to this .... I realize I should clarify something. Regarding # 4 and # 11, above .. I emphasize (and I clarify, at the same time) that the_sky-locations_of 2.2222222 degrees Pisces and 2.2222222 deg Virgo in the_sidereal_zodiac (NOT the tropical zodiac) .. as the crossing-points of the ecliptic_by_*Nibiru* .. in my prediction / description .. remain relatively *constant*, while the_equinoxial_points on Earth relative-to the stars' sky-locations .. are changing according to Earth's precession. Our equinoxial points, on_Earth's_(surface) horizon .. are always the same .. but the equinoxial points *relative-to the stars* on line-of-sight from Earth .. i.e. relative-to the *sidereal* zodiac (NOT the tropical zodiac) .. are changing by about one arc-degree per 72 years .. ideally 25920 years for one entire Earth precession wobble.

The emphasis being, here, that :

1.) The "ASM" sky-locations are aligned with Earth's equinox points_at_2.2222222 deg Pisces and_at_2.2222222 deg Virgo .. **ONLY AT** 2 times during a whole Earth precession cycle !!

2.) One of those 2_rare_times (in the precession cycle) .. which happens only twice during ideally 25920 years .. is **NOW** .. or, actually .. circa 2000 A.D. of_our_consensus *calendar*.

3.) The actual_number_2000 .. is important, too, here .. because .. 72 * 2.2222222 = 160 .. and 160 years + 2000 = 2160 .. not only our consensus_calendar_year that heralds the beginning of the Age of Aquarius according to the_sidereal_zodiac .. but 2160 is the_number_of "ideal" years in_any_given zodiac age. AND .. 5760 - 2160 = 3600 .. the ideal number of Earth years in one orbital-period of Nibiru .. where 5760 is the Hebrew (Nippurian) calendar year for 2000 A.D.

4.) The actual sky-locations of_Nibiru's_crossing-points of the *ecliptic* .. in its perihelion cycle .. have been apparently **timed** to deliberately align with our_equinoxial_points on Earth's *surface/horizon* .. according to_our_current consensus calendar_specifically_in the year 2000 A.D. at 2.222222 deg Pisces and at 2.2222222 deg Virgo of the_sidereal_zodiac. And the "sky-matrix" has been deliberately aligned, in *time* .. according to Jan.1, 2000 A.D. .. as SIRIUS "crossed the sky-meridian" at 33 degrees above the_horizon_in Washington, D.C. at midnight on New Year's Eve of 1999/2000.

-- Michael Lawrence Morton


99.51.6 Recovered Records (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Recovered Records
Date: 02/01/02

To Neil Freer,


The Genetic Evidence

"The recovered records place the location of the Anunnaki laboratory where the first humans were literally produced in east central Africa just above their gold mines.ĘThis falls precisely on the map where the mitochondrial DNA "search for Eve" places the first woman homo-sapiens sapiens and in the same time frame."

Show me where these recovered records are and the records where "Eve" was located. I want to read them.



99.51.7 Re: Re: MetPhys- Recovered Records (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Re: Re: MetPhys- Recovered Records
Date: 02/02/02
Sent To: neil@neilfreer.com, Code UFO, Milamo, Wdestiny44, ancient_vizier@yahoo.com (Chronos), dle33@swbell.net, JMason4557, palmerri@uwec.edu, T0Leo, arvic@southwest.com.au, andy3751@hotmail.com, Master I M, Marcio6067@skydome.net

In a message dated 2/2/2 1:04:46 AM, you wrote:

<< The best and easiest source is Sitchin's 12th Planet, starting around p 282 in the hardcover and around 315-6 on in the paperback. It's called the APSU, the "basement" , the "Lower World", etc. >>

(Note: How convenient that I have to purchase a book to get a response to my question. Personally I've seen enough of Mr. Sitchin's literalisms - MetPhys).



Here's a cool link to let you see more about what Eloheim and Anunnaki are, since Eloheim is equated with the number 3.14159 and Anunnaki is another word for Eloheim, you can begin to understand what an Eloheim really is when you understand more about Pi and the progression from 1 to 2 to 3 to 3.14159.

Source: BBS Posts on Sitchin's Anunnaki

If the Nefilim of the Bible are the Anunnaki, and they are the same, and if Nefilim are mentioned in Genesis only, and Genesis is Involution before the garden story and Exodus is Evolution after the garden story, it follows that since the Adam (and Eve) were the first visible people, the Anunnaki were invisible beings.

If the root word of Anunnaki is anu, then anu is defined as "an atom of the smallest unit". This is the creator of ancient cosmology.


Source: BBS Posts on Sitchin's Anunnaki

On the Elohim

Commentary: Here a singular Creator suddenly becomes plural- the Elohim. The word comes from Alheim and means a council, a council of the gods, the creative aspects of one power. It was here at this same point in the Greek myths that the Titans began creating Man. The Elohim were, inferentially, 12 in number, since there were 12 Titans and 12 powers of the zodiac. (It might be of interest to some to know that the numerical value of the word Alheim is 3.1415, the relation of a diameter to the circumference of a circle, here the zodiac.) If this be physical man, the Bible is saying that he was here from the very beginning of Evolution, which is contrary to both science and occult cosmology.


"Man" = the invisible Archetypes (level 4 Involution, Invisible Elohim / Alheim / Anunnaki, Invisible Archetype human).

"man of the garden story" = Level 7 Evolution (Visible Adam / Eve garden story).

"man" = the first solid, very physical humans LONG LONG AFTER the garden story, in Evolution (approx Level 4 Evolution).

Now..lets look at where the 12 Titans are which are equated with 12 Elohim. Here you will see that the 12 Titans begin on Level 4 of the Involutionary 7 of The Fall of God. Notice that Archetypal Man begins at Involution Level 4 also. This is NOT visible Adam / Eve LONG AFTER Level 4, nor is it historical physical man (small m) which was LONG LONG AFTER the garden story.

53 Evolution/Creation Click link 53.4 Answers, Scroll to "The Greek Mythological Order" THEN COME BACK TO HERE...

So now we will do some simple math: I divided the complete cycle of creation: Estimate from Indian cosmology- 311.40 trillion years into 14 levels (7) down then (7) up, ie, Involution and Evolution, each of the 14 is approximately

20,000,000,000,000 (20 trillion years)

Therefore, between the time of the Titans who are equated with Eloheim which are equated with Anunnaki, of which there were ONLY 12, which represent the zodiac and Pi, 3.1415....and the time of Adam and Eve in the garden, we have to multiply

20,000,000,000,000 x 4 (the difference in years between Level 4 (Titans) and Adam / Eve, Level 7 (visible beings in the garden), which =

80,000,000,000,000 (80 trillion years).

The difference between the Titans and human man is EVEN LONGER by some 80 more trillions of years.

160,000,000,000,000 years (160 trillion years)

Now...unless you are prepared to tell us all that Alheim / Elohim / Anunnaki lived for 80,000,000,000,000 years before creating garden beings (Adam / Eve), you best rethink your premises, and 160,000,000,000,000 years before creating humans of historical studies, you should reallly rethink your premises.

Moreover, these anu, being the invisible atom of occult cosmology, creator of all matter, existing from the beginning, ever self creating and the basis of all we see, identified with the diameter across the zodiacial circle, the 3.14159 relationship of the circle and its radius to the circle center, creating the 12 will-powers of the symbolic zodiac of Involutionary Level 4 (the Fall) approximately 160 trillion yrs ago.

Correct it if you can.


(Note: No answer from any at this time- 2/10/02)


99.51.8 Lorentz Transformations and 18 (Jerryiuliano) 

From: Jerryiuliano@aol.com
Subject: Lorentz Transformations and 18
Date: 02/03/02
Sent To: MetPhys@aol.com


Concerning the Lorentz transformation equation of rest mass , m(o), transformed to relative mass M as M's speed approaches light speed ,c, as the limit:

M = m(o)/sqrt[1-((v/c)^2)]

where v is velocity in meters ....distance (d) divided by time(t)..d/t=v

where m(o) = rest mass

where M = relative mass

What would happen to v if the equation is forced to a function of fine-structure unit measure (in meters)? The result is the Golden Section constant as metric distance with the electron energy (again in metric measure) as time elapsed during a certain energy task. 18 time-folds of the electron energy creates the unit measure:

Let e = electron energy = .510998775 Mev...(1998 NIST = .510998902 Mev)

Let g= golden section constant = 1.618033989..*(10^3)

then distance 1618.039989) divided by 18 time-folds of the electron divided by the limit of light speed ,c , (1998 NIST= 299793458 m/s) squared, minus the negative equals fourth root of fine-structure as the constant of relative mass:

sqrt[1-((d/t/c)^2)] = a(em)^(1/4)

a(em) = fine-structure constant = 1/137.03599976...1998 NIST

which means any mass at rest , measured in grams, traveling at the electronic speed of d/t = 286701640.5 meters/second , automatically creates a relativistic corrected mass energy as a function of the fourth root of fine-structure...a(em)^(1/4). The velocity 286701640.5 is the key variable to the TOE and the "collective unconscious" divisor (37* ISIS 18). If one lets the velocity be unitized by the elementary charge , ec = 1.602547778*(10^-19)..(NIST 1998 ec = 1.602176461*(10^-19)), or time divided by distance divided by a single elementary charge scaled by the ISIS (18) constant equals the densest mass allowed in quantum theory, the Planck mass...(NIST 1998 = 2.1766*(10^-8) kilograms: of course were talking about a radius of Planck length ...extremely small)

Let ec= elementary charge = 1.602547778*(10^-19)

Let velocity = v = 1618.039989/(.510998775^ISIS18) = d/t = 286701640.5

Planck mass = Mp = 1/v/ec/10^ISIS18 = 2.176500823*(10^8) kilograms

of which the gravitational constant can now be expressed as:

G(n) = (10^(ISIS18*2))*h*c*(v^2)*(ec^2)/2/Pi = 6.673890882*(10^-11) m/k/s

(University of Washington 2001...G(n) = 6.6739*(10^-11)

Once gravity is established the other four fundamental forces fall to the velocity..d/t... function


v*ec*(10^ISIS18)/666 = e^(Pi+8.00008)...e = natural log 2.71828...

STRONG FORCE(nuclear). ...14 = a(s)

(sqrt(v*ec*(10^ISIS18)/666/(10^(2*ht/bl)) = 14 = a(s)

ht=height Cheops pyramid = 486.256 ft
bl =base leg Cheops pyramid =763.81 ft..(Churchward/Ramsey...1910)

GRAVITATIONAL FORCE:= G(n) = 6.6739*(10^-11) newtons

(v^2)*(ec^2)*(10^(ISIS18*2))*h*c/2/Pi = 6.673890882*(10^-11)

ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE: fine-structure constant..a(em) = 1/137.03599976

using numerator strong force formula

(sqrt(v*ec*(10^(ISIS18))/666)*(1/57+1/37) = sqrt a(em)

ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE: fine-structure constant...a(em) = 1/137.03599976

using denominator strong force formula and Beta .37

(.37^2)/(10^(2*ht/bl)) = a(em) ht = 486.2560047...bl = 763.81


using harmonic mean from Fermat..(1/57+1/37)

(sqrt a(em))/(1/57+1/37)/(.37^2) = 13.99999697



99.51.9 288 hz Fibonacci (Jerryiuliano) 

Subject: 288 hz Fibonacci
Date: 02/10/02
Sent To: MetPhys@aol.com


D 'n A Tuning Forks Sacred Ration of 8:13 © 1999 by Jonathan Goldman

These aluminum tuning forks create the ratio of 8 to 13--a new sonic relationship to be found on the planet. These tuning forks express the phi ratio, which some believe to be the ratio of love. They represent an outer octave of the sacred spiral. When sounded together they have a most unique effect: some hear angels singing, others become aware of light being encoded in the physical and etheric. Others feel their consciousness spiraling. Still others feel a gateway opening. Health professionals who have experimented with these tuning forks have found they balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain and induce deep states of tranquility. Other professionals indicate they can balance and align the chakras. Still others believe that they actually create balance on a sub-atomic levels and can actual activate new aspects of the DNA helix.


This 8 to 13 ratio (8/13) can not be played on a piano, because a piano is an even tempered instrument, with the difference in notes based upon a logarithmatically related formula. In fact, this harmonically related ratio of 8 to 13 does not seem to be found anywhere in Western Music. It may exist in Eastern Music, although we have yet to find it. To our knowledge, the 8 to 13 ratio does not appear in any scales on the planet. This ratio was computed using 288 hz. (the note "D") as the fundamental frequency. The 13th harmonic of this fundamental was calculated and divided by 2 until its frequency (468 hz.) fell within the same octave as the fundamental of 288 hz.

The "phi" ratio is found in much of the sacred architecture of the world. This ratio is also found in the spirals of the Nautilus Shell and is called the "sacred spiral". The Fibonacci series represents one aspect of the phi ratio. This series goes 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 ,21, 34, 55, 89, 144 and so on, with the two proceeding numbers creating the next number. The further up the series one goes, the closer to the "irrational" number of phi (a never ending number abbreviated as .618) one approaches. The ratios of 1 to 1, 2 to 3, 3 to 5 and 5 to 8 are all be found in music today. However, 8 to 13 represents the first new "interval which is not found in music. This 8 to 13 ratio represents an outer octave of the sonic ratios inherent in the sacred spiral. It may represent a new level of listening for humanity.

Attunement to this interval may heighten evolution, as it expands our perceptions of sound. It may indeed alter the DNA and allow new encodements of light. We leave that up to you. NO MEDICAL CLAIMS ARE MADE WITH THESE TUNING FORKS. However, we're sure you'll enjoy them. Please let us know any more effects you may experience from them. We're collecting data even as this is being written.

Note: These tuning forks are not for everyone! The powerful energies that many experience through their resonance may not be in resonance with everyone. IF ANYONE EXPERIENCES ANY DISCOMFORT FROM THE USE OF THESE TUNING FORKS, STOP USING THE TUNING FORKS IMMEDIATELY.

When you first use these forks, find yourself a comfortable and safe space where you can immediately surrender to the energetics of the sounds. DO NOT USE WHILE DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY.

As with any sound, the intention of the user is extremely important. Understand that you are using sacred sonic tools that can generate extraordinary responses from those who receive the energy. In HEALING SOUNDS is the formula: "Frequency + Intent = Healing". This means that the intention of the person using the sound is of equal importance to the actual sound being created.

Be clear about your intention--what you would like to achieve as the result of using these tuning forks? The sacred ratio of 8 to 13 is quite important in regard to the effects of these tuning forks. However, the intention and desired outcome of their effects is equally important. Some believe this phi ratio expresses the ratio of love. Love is a wonderful intention to transmit and be received when using the tuning forks. From one perspective, all else, whether it be healing or higher consciousness is a result of the energy and the intent of love. Let this energy ride on the carrier wave of the sound!


99.51.10 Re: 288 hz Fibonacci (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Re: 288 hz Fibonacci
Date: 02/10/02
Sent To: Jerryiuliano@aol.com


Source: Helmholtz, Hermann von, Sensations of Tone, Longmans, Green, 1912,
Dewey Decimal Number: 781.1 H369

In Sensations of Tone, I found these related notes and frequencies attributable to the 8 / 13 ratio:

First, it is indeed, the 13th overtone of the complete octave and is noted to be a-flat (a)

String length: 8 / 13

Relative Vibration numbers:
1. In Decimal: 1,625
2. In Log base 10: 0,21085
3. In Log base 2: 0,70043

In Log base 2, System of 53 Degrees:
1. Between 0,69811 and 0,71698

In Log base 2, System of 12 Degrees Equal Temperament:
1. No entry

In Log on basis 12sq.rt 2:
1. 8,40516

It is also very near ratio 5 / 8 and also the quadruple 8 /9 ratio under column Log on basis 12sq.rt 2: 8,15640 (quad 8 /9 ratio)



99.51.11 NRL Plasma Formulary (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: NRL Plasma Formulary
Date: 02/7/02
Sent To: Jerryiuliano@aol.com

NRL Plasma Formulary


I found this list of various formulae that you may find convenient for further mathematical studies.




From: MetPhys@aol.com
Date: 02/07/02
Sent To: Jerryiuliano@aol.com


Pease resend your Email mathematics concerning the Lorentz Transformation. I would like to post it. AOL has emptied my "Received mail" bin.

Also, you might like reading this snip of Bearden's comments on Bedini's Battery. It discusses Lorentz, the Heaviside Field which is the massive field used in overunity, around a wire, within which is the smaller sheath Poynting Field close to the wire surface which present day engineers draw electrons from.

The quote also mentions the number 18 which you will find most interesting.

The Bedini Over-Unity Battery Explained By TOM BEARDEN

"The energy extracted by the source dipole from the vacuum sprays out of the terminals of the battery or generator, filling all space around the external conductors. A good illustration of this incredible energy flow is shown in Kraus, Electromagnetics, Fourth Edition. The magnitude of the energy flow extracted is so great as to boggle the imagination. In a simple little circuit, it's about 10^13 times as much as is intercepted in that little "sheath flow" by the circuit and diverged into the circuit to power it. Well, the enormity of that energy flow extracted from the vacuum by the source dipole is totally mystifying and embarrassing, or it was highly embarrassing back there in the 1880s.

And therein lies one of the greatest scientific faux pas of all time.

Energy flow through space was discovered independently by Heaviside and Poynting and at about the same time. Poynting only thought of, and accounted, the feeble little mcomponent of energy flow that actually entered the circuit -- in short, the energy in that "little sheath or strip" flow right down on the surface of the conductors. He never even imagined all that nondiverged, nonintercepted energy component missing the circuit entirely and just being wasted. But Poynting published prestigiously, while Heaviside published more obscurely, and the theory of EM energy flow was named after Poynting.

Heaviside realized the entire energy flow, including the huge nondiverged component that entirely misses the circuit -- the component that Poynting missed. Heaviside also corrected Poynting on the overall flow direction (Poynting missed it by 90 degrees). Note that Maxwell was already dead at the time.

Then the great Lorentz entered the energy flow picture, and confronted a massive problem. How was one to account for the inexplicably enormous nondiverged Heaviside energy flow that was pouring forth from those terminals? And why did the circuit catch such a feeble little Poynting fraction of the overall flow? That output is far more energy than even a host of power systems contained or were thought to output. At the time there was absolutely no conceivable way to account for the enormous magnitude of the nondiverging energy flow component.

So Lorentz hit upon a stratagem. He eliminated the problem rather than solving it. He reasoned that the nondiverged Heaviside component of the energy flow was "physically insignificant" because it was not used in the circuit and did not even enter it. So he integrated the energy flow vector itself around a closed surface surrounding any little volume of interest. Voila! That little trick discarded that bothersome huge nondiverged Heaviside component of the energy flow (it's physically still there around every circuit, but the circuit does not catch it and the electrodynamicists just ignore it.). Lorentz's trick retained the Poynting component, and since that is the energy that enters the circuit and is collected by it, then it will be the energy that the circuit dissipates in its losses and loads. So it will match our instrumental measurements, since we measure dissipation. I have a 1902 reference by Lorentz where he did that little integration trick, but it is in a book so he very probably did it earlier in a scientific paper which I have yet to locate.

Anyway, following Lorentz the electrodynamicists just arbitrarily threw away far more available EM energy associated with every circuit than they retained. All the electrodynamicists fell into line, and they are still in the same line after a century, marching along to Lorentz's cadence. The neglected Heaviside energy flow is still physically there as a special negentropic organization of the vacuum surrounding every circuit, just waiting to be used. E.g., if you retroreflect the passed Heaviside energy flow component, you can send it back across the circuit's surface charges again and catch some more of it. Do it iteratively lots of times -- as in intensely scattering optically active media -- and you will have asymmetrical self-regauging and what has been called "lasing without population inversion". Or just resonate an intercepting charge -- as per Letokhov and Bohren -- and it will sweep out a greater geometrical reaction cross section and collect additional energy from the Heaviside component (18 times as much more energy as an identical but static particle collects). Letokhov has been publishing in all sorts of journals on this subject since1957. In an article in Contemporary Physics he has freely called such excess energy collection and emission a process for a "Maxwell's demon" -- in other words, a special kind of negative resistor."



99.51.13 Cheops TOE (Jerry Iuliano) 

From: Jerryiuliano@aol.com
Subject: Cheops TOE
Date: 02/17/02
Sent To: MetPhys@aol.com


From the idea of the difference between the proton (NIST 1998..938.271998 Mev) and neutron (NIST 1998..939.56533 Mev):

NEUTRAL CHARGE...no spin = 939.56533 Mev= n

POSITIVE CHARGE....spin....= 938.271999231 Mev = p

n-p = q = 1.293330769 Mev

the twelfth iteration of this symbolic "spin" difference equals the "collective unconscious" constant:

q^q^q^q^q^q^q^q^q^q^q^q = 77.963543776 = C.U.

This constant is the hub of the mythological cosmic mind wheel that leads to the connection of sentient Being/Mind thought forms that bubble up as mathematical force field interactions between the four fundamental forces in the three dimensional block. That is the ratios of the four forces are:

Electromagnetic = a(em)= fine-structure constant = 1/137.03599976 (NIST 1998)

Stong force = a(s) = 14

Weak force = G(w) = Fermi coupling charge = .0000116639 Fm

Gravitational force = G(n) = 6.6728*(10^-11) mks

From the "collective unconscious" constant (C.U.) = 77.9625437724 divide the mythological number of the Egyptian primary deity ISIS (18) or ANU (18 -hydrogen) to get the dimensions of the Cheops pyramid (Churchward/Ramsey/Petrie..1887- 1910..height = 486.256 ft ; base leg = 763.81 ft):

log(C.U./ISIS(18) = ht/bl ht = 486.256009

From the "collective unconscious" constant (C.U.) the representation of the fine-structure constant [a(em)] can be derived through the trance/dream numbers of John of Patmos as the ratio of the "collective unconscious" constant: 144,37,1260,666...

[(10^(143.9999881/37))]/(10^2) = C.U.= 77.96354377

such that:

[[C.U.*(10^2)]/666]^2 = 137.036003514

The commonality of the ISIS/JOHN constant (18) reveals that the Cheops pyramid is a geometrically symbolic representation of the fine-structure constant when used with John's trance/dream number of the beast..37*18 = 666:

BETA FORM = (10^(2*ht/bl))/(.37^2) = 137.03599976

ISIS/JOHN FORM = (10^(ht/bl))*18 = C.U. = 77.96354275

ht = 486.2560047

The strong force a(s) =14 (Michio Kaku's book; QUANTUM THEORY: A Modern Introduction...page 6) can be directly related to the gravitational force G(n) through the "collective unconscious" constant (C.U.):

[[C.U./ISIS(18)]^2]*a(s) = m = Fermat form = 262.6432043..

such that the mass constituent (Plank mass...M(p) of the gravitational formula can be demonstrated as:

1/[(m^2)*37*ISIS(18)] = Planck mass =2.176674223*(10^-8) kilograms

NIST 1998--Plank mass = 2.17667*(10^-8) kilograms, where Gn) can be demonstrated as:

G(n) = h*c/2/Pi/(M(p)^2) = 6.672827599*(10^-11) mks

where h =Planck's constant = 6.62606876*(10^-34) J (NIST 1998)

where c = metric speed of light = 299792458 m (NIST 1998)

The weak force G(w).. Fermi-coupling charge =.0000116639 Fm the fourth and final field force is derived from the "collective unconscious" constant using the LEAHY/HEBREW(Sephira Malkuth number 288^2=82944 in its transformation to natural log e::

[[82944+(403/88)]^(1/Pi]/100 = 1/2.718281828 = 1/e

such that if a length of 400 divided by 403 times , producted C.U. squared divided by the strong force a(s) =14 equals the fermi coupling charge..G(w):

400/403/(C.U.^2)/a(s) = .00001166389944 = G(w)

There is a universal integer that bridges the electro/weak forces; G(w) and a(em) through the "collective unconscious" constant (C.U.):

[(sqrt25117)*11*(sqrt20)]/100 = C.U. = 77.96354276

which suggest a link to the ISIS/JOHN form through the fine-structure constant:

(666^2)/25117/(11^2)/20 = a(em) = 1/137.035999963

(Kinoshita;Cornell University 1998..1/137.035999935 =a(em)

Gravity can be derived from this integer (25117) by using the Fermat form with fine-structure:

(e^2)*(e^((2*Pi)+16))*25117*(11^2)*5/E/Pi = G(n) = 6.67282369*(10^-11)

where (e^2) = elementary charge squared = 2.566969412*(10^-38)

e= elementary charge = 1.602176461*(10^-19) C (NIST 1998)

E = electric constant = 8.8541878*(10^-12)

(e^(2*Pi))+16 uses natural log e = 2.718281828..

Interesting that the HEBREW)Sephira Malkuth..288)/CHRISTIAN/LEAHY(triple logic cube...82944)/EGYPTIAN(Cheops constructs...ht/bl) can be combined when using cosine in radians of the inverse fine-structure constant...1/a(em) =137.03599976..:

[288^(ht/bl)]/(10^2)] = COS 137.03599976 ht = 486.2560047

(10^(2*ht/bl))/(.37^2) = 137.035999931 ht = 486.2560047

These last two equations reveal the mystery of prof. Leahy's philosophy of the triple logic cube(surface area equals 82944) and the meaning behind his idea of "thinking now created 100" , a result of his analyzing the tetrahedrons of the triple logic cube. The equations show a transformation of constants (.37 and 10) in the non-cosine form (linear) for fine-structure to their cosine forms. The formula

(10^(2*ht/bl))/(.37^2) = 137.03599976

reveals that the height parameter of the Cheops constructs controls the transformation to the cosine form. Subtracting one height module from the formula transforms Beta squared (.37^2) into Leahy's philosophical 100 while concurrently 10 transforms into the square root of the surface area of the triple logic cube..288:

(288^(ht/bl))/(10^2) = COS 137.035999931

The cosine action keeps the numerical value of the fine-structure constant symbolicaly equivalent. Everything involved in the transformation depends on the action in the exponent ruled by the adding or subtracting of one height of the Cheops pyramid. One height means square root of the surface area of the triple logic cube..288 divided by the"thinking now created 100" creates the ANGULAR measure in radians of the fine-structure constant. Two heights means ten divided by Beta squared (.37^2) equals the LINEAR measure of the fine-structure constant. The secret of the numerical "tools" 100,.37 and 288 is that by using these values the angular and linear forms of the fine-structure constant become equivalent:

( 10^ ( 2 * ht / bl )) / ( .37^ 2 ) = linear

(288^ (1 * ht / bl )) / ( 10^ 2 ) = angular

In mathematics the only known equivalencies of angular to linear measurement is the radian or linear radius wrapped on the arc length ,180/Pi,, (straight line..180) divided by circle (Pi). Is the radian related to the fine-structure, Beta, Cheops constructs, etc.? The answer is yes because of the very definition of the radian straight line 180 (ISIS*10) brings the ISIS constant (18) into play.

Let radian = ISIS(18) * 10 / PI = 57.2957795131 = r

Then fine-structure constant can be expressed in linear inverse form:

(r^(2*ht/bl))*(37^2)/(5700^2) = a(em) = 1/137.03599996

ht = 486.25639693

in linear form:

(5700^2)/(r^(2*ht/bl))/(37^2) = 1/137.03599996

The radian form uses the Fermat constant 57 as divisor. The radian form links directly to the strong a(s)...14 and electromagnetic a(em)...1/137.03599976 forces in the Beta (.37) form through the Cheops constructs: 10^(ht/bl):

57/(r^(ht/bl) = [e^((Pi+8)/4)]/sqrt a(s) = .37/sqrt a(em)

57/(r^(ht/bl)) = 4.331313052...ht = 486.25639693

[e^((Pi+8)/4)]/sqrt a(s) = 4.331307928

.37/(sqrt a(em)) = 4.331307928

57 and 37 are used as harmonic means (1/57+1/37).......in the fine-structure constant that is of the Fermat form; e^(Pi+8):

(sqrt 137.03599976)/(1/57+1/37) = sqrt (e^(Pi+7.999999806)

such that the strong force a(s)...14 is:

(sqrt 137.03599996)/(1/57+1/37)/(10^2*ht/bl) = a(s) = 14

ht = 486.2559686

The 57---37 harmonic determines the Planck mass M(p) in one step:

1/[[137.03599996/(1/57+1/37)^2)]*666] = M(p) = 2.176685281*(10^-8)

Substituting 2*E*h*c/(e^2) for inverse fine-structure:

((h*c)^3)*(E^2)*2*(666^2/(e^4)/Pi/((1/57+1/37)^4) = G(n) = 6.67282109*(10^-11)

which is the gravitational constant. In the interplay of the Pi and natural log e forms the following was observed:

100/[(82944+(403/88))^(1/Pi)] = e = 2.71828182..

(403+(1/333))/88*666 = 3050

[sqrt(3050*.373737..)]*180/(a(s)^2) = 31.0062766838

Pi^3 = 31.0062766803 .

.3737373 = 37/99

The radian and 57 are connected to the Cheops constructs..ht/bl

57/(r^(ht/bl)) = 10^(ht/bl)

isolate the radian:

r = [57/(10^(ht/bl))]^(bl/ht)

isolate ISIS (18):

[[(57/(10^ht/bl))]^(bl/ht)]*Pi/10 = ISIS (18)

to reduce the radian to primitive form:

(57^(bl/ht))*Pi/10 = ISIS (18)

This is the source of the beast number 666, a multiple of 37 ,through 57, and the Cheops constructs using the radian:

(57^(bl/ht))*(37*Pi)/(10^2) = 666

ht = 486.25639693


The constructs of the Cheops pyramid contains all of the information necessary to calculate the condensation ratios of the four fundamental forces (a(em) ; a(s) ; G(w) ; G(n) ) using one measurement ratio, the Cheops constructs height = ht = 486.256 ft ....base leg = bl = 763.81 ft....Churchward/Ramsey 1910...


The Egyptian numerical value for ISIS is 18.The number of Egyptian deities is 37

Refthe Theomatic number of Christ is 37 (the book THEOMATICS by Jerry Lucas chpt 3).... the albedo of the earth is .37.... the human body temperature is exactly 37 degrees C...... the covalent radius of hydrogen is 37 pm.... John of Patmos numbers 37 and 18....etc.... The ratio form ISIS 18 divided by Pi ...180/Pi....can derive all four fundamental forces of Nature through the Cheops constructs.

Source for the values of the four fundamental forces...Quantum Theory: A Modern Introduction, by Michio Kaku, page 6, (Oxford Press..1993)

e(m) = fine-structure constant = 1/137.03599976...(1998 NIST)

a(s) = strong force = 14

G(w) = weak force = fermi-coupling charge = .0000116639 Fm...(1998 NIST)

G(n) = gravitational constant = 6.6739*(10^-11) mks(Univ. of Washington 2001)

These are their numerical relationship values.

Letting Cheops height = ht = 486.256...(486.25662 or 486.2560047)

Letting Cheops base leg = bl = 763.81 (unchanged)

radian = r = ISIS 18 *10/Pi = 57.29577951

ELECTROMAGNETIC FORCE....a(em) = 1/137.03599976

(r^(ht/bl)) / 37 / 5700 = sqrt (1/*137.03599976)....ht =486.25662

STRONG FORCE.... a(s) = 14

(r^(ht/bl)) / (.37+.57) = 13.999999696......ht = 486.25662

WEAK FORCE....G(w) = .0000116639

(r^(ht/bl)) * ((1/57+1/37)^3) / 37 / 2.7 = .00001166390915...ht = 486.25662

GRAVITATIONAL FORCE ... = G(n) = 6.6739*(10^-11)

(r^(ht/bl) * ((1/57+1/37)^9) / .37^2) = 6.672887632*(10^-11)..ht=486.25662

Amazingly these same values are derived using the log form and Cheops constructs:


(.37^2) / (10^(2*ht/bl)) = a(em) = 1/137.03599976...ht = 486.2560047


1 / (10^(ht/bl)) / (1/57+1/37) / .37 = a(s) = 13.999999696...ht = 486.2560047


[10^{8-(7*ht/bl)}] / c = G(w) = .000011663956...ht = 486.2560047..c = light


[10^((ht/2/bl) - 8.5)] / ((30010/23/137)^(1/4)) = G(n) = 6.673925178*(10^-11)

What is the meaning of the value 30010/23/137 ? ..It is the volume of the Cheops pyramid...inverted !!!

(bl^2) * ht /3 = volume pyramid.....ht = 486.2560002

(763.81^2) * 486.2560002 / 3 = 30010 * 23 * 137

Using the limit of vibration in the 3-dimensional fold (Planck scalar...10^-34):

[(10^(2*ht/bl)) / (10^34) / 30010 / 23 / 137)] ^ (1/4) = 6.673925178 * (10^-11)

Since the volume of the Cheops pyramid is expressible by height and base leg then the gravitational constant G(n) using the Planck scalar and Cheops constructs in the log and volume form can unify the electromagnetic and gravitational forces through one equality:

[(10^(2*ht/bl)) / (bl^2) / ht / (10^34) / * 3)] ^ (1/4) = G(n)

where ht = 486.2560047

where G(n) = 6.67391897 * (10^-11)(University Washington..6.67390 * (10^-11)


The symbolic meaning here is volume mass representing the equivalence of the gravitational constant which affects volume/mass = density to energies down to the Planck limit as scaled by the exact ratio of the tetrahedonal pyramidal structure (two pyramids base to base). The connection to the electromagnetic force, fine-structure constant probabilities, is through the numerator of the G(n) formula , 10^(2*ht/bl) . Substitute the denominator of the G(n) formula with Beta (.37) squared, the numerical second order phase transition constant of Nature and.....invert!!!; which results in a(em), the fine-structure constant

(.37^2) / (10^(2*ht/bl) = a(em) = 1/137.03599976


Beta .37 transforms the back to back pyramids into a dimensionless entity.

This produces the unification formula G(n)-----a(em); through dual Cheops tetrahedonal volume constructs , .37/a(em) morphs from the Cheops pyramids volume condition to a dimensionless structure:

[(.37^2)/a(em)) / (bl^2) / ht / (10^34) * 3 ] ^ (1/4) = G(n) = 6.673918978*(10^-11)


which means the form [.37/a(em)] is gravitationally modulo to the fourth root of Cheops pyramid volume. What are the Beta (.37) and fine- structure constant entities? Probably the two greatest mysteries of natural science.

Beta .37:

Phase Transitions..


fine-structure constant..a(em) = 1/137.03599976..(NIST 1998)


zero radius of convergence


the 1/57+1/37 harmonic


from the book QED by Richard Feynman...There is a most profound and beautiful question associated with the observed coupling constant e the amplitude for a real electron to emit or absorb a real photon.It is a simple number that has experimentally determined to be close to sqrta(em). My physicists friends won't recognize this number,because they like to remember it as the inverse of its square :about 137.035997... with an uncertainty of about 2 in the last decimal place. It has been a mystery ever since it was discovered more than fifty years ago and all good theoretical physicists put this number up on their wall and worry about it. Immediately you would like to know where this number for a coupling comes from: is it related to Pi or perhaps to the base of the natural log?(boy was he close here). Nobody knows. It's one of the greatest damn mysteries of physics: a magic number that comes to us with no understanding by man. You might say the " hand of God" wrote that number and "we don't know how He pushed His pencil". We know what kind of a dance to do experimentally to measure this number very accurately, but we don't know what kind of a dance to do on a computer to make this number come out---without putting it in secretly..."



99.51.14 Attempt on Stonehenge Phase I (part 1) (MetPhys) 

From: MetPhys@aol.com
Subject: Attempt on Stonehenge Phase I (part 1)
Date: 02/15/02
Sent To: Milamo@aol.com

At Grid Point I posed a question, to Michael and Chronos, after having received no answer from others. The question concerned the Ideal Fine Structure Constant, the laboratory Fine Structure Constant and the relationship to UFO dynamics. This is a duplication of that brief conversation.

Michael Lawrence Morton
"Ideal Fine Structure" ...
Fri Feb 15 01:19:59 2002

Chronos wrote ...

<< 3.079794677 Grid Point "Les Toustounes" x R x 10 = 1764.592367 1764.592367 x Pi^4 = 171887.3385 decimal harmonic "Ideal Fine Structure Constant" [Morton] .. >>

Whoa, there !!!! Where did that come from ?!!

My "Ideal Fine Structure Constant" is .. [72 / (Pi^2) / (10^3)].

That's .. 0.007295125222 Its reciprocal is .. (1 / 0.007295125222) .. = 137.0778389 .. and that's my "Ideal Fine Structure Constant Inverse".

The latest "clinical/laboratory" figure for the Fine Structure Inverse is .. 137.036 I am proposing that there is an "ideal limit" to the Fine Structure Constant (and to its Inverse) .. and I propose that it is 'as shown', above, here. I also think this "ideal limit" may be approachable .. or .. "relatively approachable" .. in "outer space" .. or in "free space", as Bruce Cathie uses the term. This would be 'away from' the net relative influence of the gravity-wells of celestial bodies, for example. Or .. this "ideal limit" could maybe be approached "inside" certain "UFOs".

In fact .. maybe some sort of "mastery" of this "Ideal Limit" for Fine Structure .. is needed, 'first' .. to 'enable' certain "advanced-propulsion" to manifest ? Just speculating.

But I HAVE noticed .. that the marker-star for the ecliptic prime meridian .. ALNITAK, in the belt of Orion .. really resonates big-time with the "Ideal Inverse" of the "Ideal Fine Structure Constant" .. (137.0778389 / 43.63323131) = 3.141592654

Wow !! Hey ... I'm excited .. what can I say ?!

-- Michael L.M.

P.S. That decimal harmonic Chronos has, there .. is that of The Royal Cubit in regular British feet .. another proposal of mine (Morton, 1998, Internet) .. 1.718873386 regular feet = 20.62648063 regular inches; true-and-originally-intended length of The Royal Cubit; sez me.


Ideal Space vs. Laboratory Fine Structure Constant
Sat Feb 16 15:57:47 2002

An archived post:

From Milamo:
99.28.2 BULLETIN .. Yonaguni, Marsface, Fine Structure, and e ..
(Michael Morton)

"In an email of at least a week or more, ago, I suggested that maybe an "ideal" Fine Structure Constant (discussed in atomic particle physics, etc.) exists .. which would be an elegant interaction of the number 72 with the Pi constant and powers of 10. I showed this formula in a simple equation .. (Morton, 2001, Internet) as ..

[(72 / Pi Squared) / (10 to the minus 3rd)] = Ideal Fine Structure Constant .. = (72 / 9.869604401) / 1000 .. = 7.295125222 / 1000 .. = 0.007295125222 Its reciprocal is .. (1 / 0.007295125222) =137.0778389


The Question:

In the immediately previous post Michael asked, in effect, Is the Lab FSC and the Ideal Space FSC the "leeway" used by UFO's? Immediately subsequent to Michaels above post at ( Ref ), I asked Jerry Iuliano and Tom Buoyed, based upon the irrational FSC appearing to be the beat frequency of two higher frequency rational whole numbers, if the universe was, in reality, using only whole numbers. Since I received no response to that question, I would like to ask it again. The point of this presentation is to verify the manipulation of two whole numbers used by a UFO operator, to fine tune or detune the Fine Structure "Constant" between the ranges of the Ideal Space FSC and the Lab FSC, for flight characteristics.



Michael Lawrence Morton
"Whole Numbers" .. with Pi and Phi ? ..
Sat Feb 16 22:01:52 2002

This may seem bizarre, or absurd .. but .. I'll go ahead and pose it ;

Is it possible that "Pi" is "taken-advantage-of" .. or .. could be .. by, in this case .. the numbers 72 and 10 .. well .. 72 and 'powers' of 10 ... to "create" an "Ideal Fine Structure" manifestation ?

You would be using "whole numbers" .. with "inherent" Pi constant .. to "resonate" with whatever your "objective" would be.

This would be .. "creating your own reality" .. in the sense of "traveling" .. as in a UFO, maybe ?

I don't know .. I'm just going into really esoteric mumbo-jumbo, here .. just vaguely speculating, you know.

Maybe the Phi constant can be resonated-with using "whole numbers", too .. to "create" certain manifestations. I don't know.

-- Michael L.M.


Pi and Phi
Sun Feb 17 01:37:48 2002

Vaguely speculating based upon a database of intelligent information is just what I do also. Speculation is very useful. I have been vaguely speculating upon the Email content that the Code Consortium sends to me. Some time ago I extrapolated the quarter circle used by Tibetans, in an article called "Levitating Stones" on the spiritweb.org site. I extended this quarter circle to a complete circle and calculated the total number of drum and trumpet positions and it resulted in the number 72.

So we begin to see the possibilities of two independent "vague speculations" resulting in possible advances, which is why I asked you about it.



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