ALTERNATIVE and Complementary Medicine Center-A Guide to Understanding Alternative Medicine. Excelent site from which to begin your research.

APPLIED MEDITATION for the Healing Practice of Zazen Meditation- offers good tips and instructions for seated meditation. Its advice applies to beginners and experts alike.

Art As A Healing Force
Art As A Healing Force Web will immerse you in the field of art and healing. On this site we have information about how art heals, the history of the art and healing, and how each person can heal themselves with art, music, and dance.

Association of Network Chiropractic & Spinal Analysis
Although website is under construction, it contains valuable information relating to a relatively new and dynamic movement withing the chiropractic field.

ASSOCIATION for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback-to promote a new understanding of biofeedback and advance ."


Foundation for Homoeopathic Research
Articles, services.


HEALING TOUCH-a type of alternative healing using hands-on and energy-based techniques to balance and align the human energy field.

HERBS RESEARCH FOUNDATION-"Improving world health and well being through herbs".


Homeopathy in India - National Journal of Homeopathy
Homeopathich bi-monthly theme journal widely read by homeopaths & enthusiasts all over the world.

Index of /hrbmoore/ManualsMM/
"A careful perusal can give one hints about plant compound thermosensitivity," from the Alchemy Forum. And, HerbRep3.txt, a manual for primary care physicians/other health care practitioners wishing to integrate herbal therapy into their practice.

IRON OVERLOAD DISEASES-"The most unrecognized problem in American medicine"

KOMBUCHA HOME PAGE-a popular health promoting beverage which is usually made by fermenting common black tea and white sugar using a special Kombucha culture.

LEADING EDGE TECHNICAL INDEX- a vast source of information from food additives to the effects of viritual reality devices.

The Ancient Art of Natural Healing...REIKI Visual Meditative Art a new art form. Lightwords by Rev. Gail Dillen Packard Reiki Master Teacher Astrology, spiritual guidance, past life regression, and progression.

Loving Life
A site dedicated to self-help techniques to relieve learning disabilities, chronic pain, and stress.

Maharishi Vedic Health Center
This holistic health program for chronic diseases is the most comprehensive system of health care; it surpasses goals of alternative medicine; based on complete knowledge of natural law, herbs and techniques to restore the connection between the inner and outer.

Massage Therapy

Shiatsu Massage
From Your About.com Guide - Let Your Fingers Do the Healing. Using the fingertips and thumb in massage and manipulation.

From Your About.com Guide to Spas - Julie Register writes a series of articles on different types of massage therapy and bodywork.

Ancient Massage / Thai Massage
Method of aligning the energies of the body that originates from the time of the Buddha. Explore the techniques, visuals and benefits.

Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
Roll call of over 27,000 active members! Subscribe to their Bodywork and Massage Magazine. They can help you locate a massage therapist by filling out a simple Referral Request Form

The Backrubs FAQ
Disciplines of different types massage and their various techniques are explained. Basic information for the novice as well as a general resource for massage therapists

The Benefits of Massage - Southhampton University Massage Club
The benefits are many and all contribute to the definite feeling of well-being experienced by the person being massaged.

Research suggests massage therapy enhances immune function
Loretta Rogers' massage website includes information on a new study showing evidence that massage therapy bolsters immune function

Therapeutic Massage for Health and Fitness
Article by Elliot Greene addressing how to go about finding a massage therapist and what to expect.

MODERN MEDICINE Of the 21st Century-This is the first Indian homoeopathy web site.

Mystical Crystal, The
Crystals, healing, crystal healing layouts, gemstones, crystal tools, hands-on techniques. Lots of information. We sell Mr. Keyte's books, too. Also information on Atlantis.

Mystic Gateway Holistic Center
Providing information on Alternative & Complementary Medicine, personal healing & growth. Classes, On-line Articles, NJ Holistic Resource Guide, Links & more. Reflexology & Reiki programs available.

Natural Health Registry
Lots of products and good information. Yes, another competitive site in some areas, but so what?

New Bach Flower Therapies
A lot of useful information on the remedies, how they are made, info about Dr. Bach, astrogical diagnosis, body maps showing relationships to areas of the body and more. And we sell his book here, too.

New York Online Access to Health
Excellent resource for useful information.

NIH OFFICE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE-facilitates research and evaluation of unconventional medical practices and disseminates this information to the public. Established in 1993, through US Congressional mandate.

Northwinds Productions (Shirley Knapp)
"Shirley Knapp is a spiritual teacher and energy healer whose works are the result of ten years' worth of holistic private practice and guided teachings. Her site offers audio samples, information on her new book, and updates on classes, workshops..."

Nutrisionist Resource  UK


One Degree Beyond: A Reiki Journey Into Energy Medicine

Optimum Health Institutes

PENTAGON'S "HEALING HANDS" STUDY-funded study of an unusual medical treatment called "therapeutic touch".


Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases
Herbs: Excellent resource for students of alternative health and herbs. Very useful for students of Native American traditions.

PlanetLink Homepage
Alternative medicine, natural health, holistic therapies, herbs, vitamins, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic care, aromatherapy, consciousness transformation, metaphysics, and spirituality. They sell products, too.

Positive Co-Creation

Prosperity Place
"Information and products to help you live a happier, healthier and more productive life." Clearly bridging the gap between spirituality and commerce. Interesting, useful information and products.

REFLEXOLOGY-The ancient healing art of reflexology has been known to man for many thousands of years.

Reiki in Stockholm, Sweden.
Reiki healing info site. Links to Astrology Zone,Tarot, i-ching, runestones free readings. Reikimaster & Astrologer Anki Petersson Stockholm, Sweden.

REIKI MANUAL ONLINE-a Reiki Manual for those interested in Reiki through master level.

SELF-REGULATION of Mind & Body-Through Biofeedback, Visualization & Imagery-pioneers in the application of biofeedback to mental and physical problems.



St. Johns Wort - HYPERICUM & DEPRESSION- with complete text of the book "How To Heal Depression" online-free.

Sufi World Home Page, The
This project/page is sponsored & supported by Universal Biologics Enterprises, Inc. and "Better Ways" Direct Marketing.

Eastern Healing Practices: Tai Chi / Chi Gung

Oriental Medicine
This art form has developed into an exercise meant for relaxation and reduction of stress.

How to Find a Tai Chi Teacher
Choosing an instructor that will feed your internal cravings for spiritual involvement as well as direct you in acheiving the proper physical movements.

NIA - Tai Chi for Older People
Research text. This report comes from two articles published in the May 1996 issue of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

What is Tai Chi?
Webmaster jpurcell includes a brief history and philosophy of the Chinese martial art of Tai Chi". Offers links to additional Tai Chi sites.

The Astrology of Healing
Astrology: This site is dedicated to the dissemination of information on medical astrology and self-help using the principles of medical astrology and energetic healing.


THE HEALING EDGE-to push the envelope of accepted rules and treatment of life threatening diseases.

THE HERBAL ENCYCLOPEDIA-for everyone interested in the properties and uses of the various healing herbs, included are both the medicinal and the magickal uses of the herbs.

The Medical Acupuncture Web Page
Suggested by Charisios N. Karanikiotes M.D.,Dip.Ac., e-mail karanik@med.auth.gr. It takes a while to load, but some useful info there.

The Sanctuary
"The sole purpose of the The Sanctuary is to promote and enhance physical, mental, and spiritual growth and healing through counseling, study and meditation."

THINKTWICE-Global Vaccine Institute-offers the world's largest selection of uncensored information on childhood shots and other immunizations.
Tree of Life Raw Food Nutrition Center

University of Washington Medicinal Herb Garden Home Page
Lots of good pictures of the plants, which naturally helps when you want to gather your own in the wild.

Well of Being
Maintains a searchable database of holistic resources.

Wellness Zone
"An introduction to Santa Fe's alternative healing scene. Local massage, acupuncture, yoga, transpersonal psychology, hypnosis, and organizations. Links to alternative healing information." When you visit Santa Fe, you'll have some useful information.

WorldWide Wellness Master Directory & Professional Listings.
The advertisers in this directory are professionals who provide services and sell products with the intent to "help create health and wholeness in your life".


EarthSave International
John Robbins (Diet for a New Planet)
The WEBster: Vegetarian Resources
Vegetarian Pages


Nicholson Interview
Paleolithic Diet; Raw-Food Experiences
Fruitarian Site
Frutarian Universal Network
LIVING & RAW FOODS-dedicated to educating the world about the power of eating raw foods.
RAW-FOOD List Archives
Health & Beyond Online
Nature's First Law


Klamath Lake Alga
The New Leaf Home Page
Gourmet Greens, Chester,Vt.
Paradise Organic Farms

ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE DIGEST- A one-stop read for what's new and effective in alternative medicine.
ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE TOPICS-very comprehensive discussion of the overall field of alternative medicine.
ASPARTAME- detailed information on one of the suspected additives.

THE BITTER TRUTH ABOUT ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS-"aspartame is one of the most dangerous substances ever to
be foisted upon an unsuspecting public."

PATIENT'S GUIDE To Unconventional Therapies-from Canada-"Which treatment is right for you." ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE CONNECTION-world's first OnLine Information service dedicated to the scientific and political interests of the holistic health community.
WHAT IS NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE-It is as old as healing itself and as new as the latest discoveries in biochemical sciences. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIANS-Providers of comprehensive natural family health care.
HOMEOPATHY-explains classical homeopathy, types of problems it helps and refers you to classical homeopaths in the USA & Canada. AUSTIN HOLISTIC-contains lists of holistic health oriented practitioners, businesses and events in the Austin, Texas area.
ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE-The complete guide to the Alexander Technique.
EEG SPECTRUM-complete discussion of biofeedback-site is available in six languages. EEG BIOFEEDBACK-FAQ-a learning strategy that enables persons to alter their brain waves.
CHIROWEB.COM - The website of "Dynamic Chiropractic" (the most widely-read chiropractic publication in the world), with more than 7, 000 articles online. DOC PETE'S HOMEPAGE-information on Chiropractic care and healing, also various disease and disease states.
CHIROPRACTIC ONLINE-"Providing Chiropractic & Health Information since 1995."

CHIRO-WEB HOMEPAGE-"Chiropractic has come of age and now we have the research to prove it."

CHIROPRACTIC AMERICA-the nation's leading public relations program for the chiropractic profession.

ASSOCIATION FOR NETWORK CHIROPRACTIC-the official web site of the Association for Network Chiropractic.

KINESIOLOGY NET-the Internet service for all Applied and Specialized Kinesiology.
CLINICAL HERB MANUALS-all online for downloading-both text and Acrobat formats.
PSYCHOSPIRITUAL ASPECTS Of Herbal Medicine-A disease is of greater complexity according to the depth of neurological and emotional involvement.
HEALTH AND HEALING HERBAL REMEDIES-a comprehensive herbal remedies guide. HENA'S HERB GARDEN-excellent and comprehensive herbal guide.
MODERN HERBAL HOME PAGE-contains Medicinal, Culinary, Cosmetic and Economic Properties, Cultivation and Folk-Lore of Herbs. THE RAW GOURMET- information about Raw Food preparation and a Living Foods lifestyle with Online recipes.
HOMEOPATHY-an approach that utilizes medicines that stimulate the body's own immune and defense system to initiate the healing process. HOMEOPATHIC FAQ- answers 10 of the most asked questions concerning homeopathic medicine.
ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS-The offical web site of AA-some consider it an alternate therapy-others consider it the
"only" therapy. If you or someone you know is having trouble with alcohol, this is a place to start.

BIOFEEDBACK-Review, History and Application by Clinical psychologist Donald E. O'Hair
MASSAGE THERAPY-an uniquely personal experience of being touched in a positive, non-sexual, nurturing way.

THE WAY OF IMMUNITY-Master your Immune System with a simple and effective Holistic method. HEALTH INNOVATIONS-online magazine featuring a wide range of topics and features related to all aspects of health.

SUPER IONIZED WATER-is produced in Istanbul, Turkey by Perfect Science and has an extra three electrons in its atomic matrix.

OXYGEN THERAPIES-dedicated to the advancement of Oxygen Therapies.
FASCINATION OF KOMBUCHA-a return to healing measures that are close to nature; also remedies and foods of unnatural origin.
TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE-medical procedures and health/fitness exercises practiced for centuries in China. QIGONG ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA-bringing Chinese Soaring Crane Qigong and other types of Qigong to America.
QIGONG Master-an interview with a QiGong Master. ACUPUNCTURE.COM-a one-stop source of information on acupuncture.

AMERICAN ACADEMY OF MEDICAL ACUPUNCTURE-What's Acupuncture all about? - Frequently Asked Questions,
and much more.

HEALTH PYRAMID-An access to health information vital for achieving physical, spiritual, and emotional ease.
AMERICAN HEMOCHROMATOSIS SOCIETY-Approximately, 1.5 million persons in the United States are affected by iron overload diseases. MERCURY PAGE-discusses Mercury and its dangers-information on mercury in nature, culture, and the mouth.
ETHERIUM-alternative medicine, energy supplements, monoatomic gold, superfoods, colloids, homeopathics, and supplements for the spirit.
BIOENERGETIC FIELDS - Much of alternative medicine is grounded in the notion that living organisms possess some unique quality that gives them what we call life. THE HERBAL TRADITION-Plants, the oldest form of medicine, have the power to supply the bodies’ life force with the energies it needs to restore and maintain health.
HOMEOPATHY AND SCIENCE: A Closer Look-discussion as to whether homeopathic medications are an effective treatment of disease. HEALING LIGHT-designed for a general audience interested in learning more about many different types of herbal products and therapies.
COLLOIDAL SILVER-appears to be a powerful, natural antibiotic and preventative against infections. BIOWEB-Here you can find out what biorhythms really are and also view your own bio-cycle charts.
SHIATSU-Incorporating the therapeutic massage of Japan, and more recently embracing its original focus of meditation and self healing.

YOUR PERSONALITY-exploring "what makes us who we are." Very interesting site, well worth a visit.

CSPI-Center for the Public Interest Publisher of Nutrition Action Healthletter. WORLD WITHOUT CANCER-the 'Laetrile' or vitamin B-17 story.
AMAZING MAZE Of Natural Medicine-Because the stakes are so high we must learn to navigate this maze. SOMA Neuromuscular Integration-a type of body therapy that changes people physically and psychologically.
FLUORIDE JOURNAL-advancement of research and dissemination of knowledge, pertaining to the biological and other effects of fluoride on animal, plant and human life. CENTER FOR MIND-BODY MEDICINE-focuses on ways in which emotional, mental, social and spiritual factors can directly affect health.

http://www.bio.net/hypermail/CELL-BIOL OGY/9710/0015.html

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Ear Candling/Coning

Ear Candling - Healing
From your About.com Guide - Personal experience of an ear candling. Step by step instructions in doing a coning session.

Ancient Process of Ear Candling
Orignial ear cones were made of glazed pottery.

Ear Coning - Candling
Brief history, simple instructions and pictures!

Ear Candling - FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions.

Ear Candling--Removing a Lifetime of Debris
Article by Marian Brown. Reprinted from Holistic Health NEWS

Stick it in Your Ear
Investigator , Cecil Adams, concludes that ear candling is a sham.

What to Expect During and After an Ear Candling Session
A practical "read me" to help ease any jitters you might have before your first ear coning

.Sandy's Supreme Herbal Beeswax Candles And Supplies
These handmade candles are herbally treated with ten essential oils that aid in the extraction process.

T.C. Naturals Ear Candles
Leading manufacturer of all natural professional grade ear candles.

Free Daily Words of the Buddha
delivered right to your inbox. Books, tapes and more on Buddhism at Pariyatti.com

Alternative Healing Vacations At Rio Caliente spa
For rest,relaxation, alternative healing modalities, healthy low fat cuisine, making new friends, reconnect with nature, visit Rio Caliente Hot Springs spa retreat.

WellnessBooks.com - Books for Chronic Illness
Your comprehensive resource to health and wellness books on diseases, disorders, and chronic illness. Visit for informative book reviews and order online.

Visit the Online Hare Krishna Temple
Free books on bhakti yoga, daily lectures and devotional music, discussion, chat, free email and much more!

Ayurvedic Medicine

Three Doshas in Ayurvedic Medicine
Vatha - Pitta - Kapha -
Ayurvedic medicine is based on an individual's characteristics and body frame rather than oriented toward treating disease or sickness.

Ayurvedic Herbalism
From Your About.com Guide to Herbs For Health - Juli Kight

West Meets East: Ayurvedic Healing
CBSHealth Watch - Mainstream Western medical establishment in the United States listens to consumer interest in bind-body connection.

Basics of Ayurveda
Very detailed page of various charts and explanations

Sun Ayurveda Centre
Ayurveda - The healing system of the next millennium

Ayurveda -- Ayurvedic system of living
Article about Ayurvedic medicine and links to Auyrvedic centers in India

Color / Colour Therapy Charts/ Interpretations

Color at Your Fingertips
Feng Shui Color Comparison Chart.

Alternative Healing - Colour Properties
Click on 'color chart' to learn the properties of the basic colors

Aura Color Interpretations
Find out here what it means when someone tells you what your aura colors are.

Dictionary of Dream Symbols - Colors/Shapes
Interpretations given by Don Boulet of Dreamworks

Healing Power of Colour
This one page article includes a short paragraph describing the basic colours and their healing properties.

Introduction to Chromotherapy
From your About.com Guide to New Age - Chromo means color and therapy is healing.

Return to Color / Colour Therapy Link Index

Chakra Balancing

Learning about Chakras
From your About.com Guide - Introduction to a 7 feature series exploring the major chakras.

Chakra & Energy Work Bookshelf
Choice selections at the About.com Healing Bookstore.

Forgotten Chakras
These 2 forgotten chakras are in our hands and feet. Guest Speaker: Shaman67, Chat Moderatior: Stones HOST

Chakras and Yoga Postures
First Page of 7 Yoga Exercises aligned with the chakras.

Discusses chakras, energy felds, auras, color interpretations, and more.

The Earth Speaks - Ecotherapy Workshop
The TARA Process looks appealing - it uses the interacting potential of the chakras to connect the physical body and the body of Earth.

Colorful poster and colors associated with chakras.

Learning Meditation Chakra Page
Quick reference page - a click on the chakra image individual colors gives a sentence or two description.

Root Chakra
Begin your tour through the seven chakras here. One page is devoted to each energy center. The pages are loaded with colorful graphics by Anki which makes browsing a bit slow, but if you are visual oriented you'll enjoy them anyway.

Using the Labyrinth: Chakras and Labyrinths
There are seven paths -these paths correspond to the Seven Chakras.


Sleep Disorders
Can't get beyond the "yawns' into a complete and relaxing slumber? Read these resources for help.

Art Meets Science in Dream Exhibit
Rem Sleep Recall Study.

Ask the Dream Doctor
Lucid dreaming, interpretive techniques, sleep disorders, much more.

C. G. Jung, Analytical Psychology, and Culture
This has got to be the most massive Jungian presence on the Internet.

Dreamwork Bookshelf
Choice selections at the Healing Bookstore.

Dream Symbols - Color/Shapes
Dreamworks explores symbology of colors and shapes in our dreams.

Dream Themes
Share your dreams and/or interpret another person's dream at the Healing Forums.

A Dreamy Mugwort Page
Mugwort herb is used to promote lucid dreaming.

Electric Dreams - Dream Sharing Temple
Forum for sharing your dreams with other dream-conscious Internet users.

Free Download - Dream Interpretaion Tutorial
Tutorial and dream dictionary designed to help you understand the language of dreams (application for all versions of Windows).

Healing Dreams
Harry Bosma's (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patient) website discusses dreaming for processing healing.

Hip-Bone Game
Psychological game used by therapists and counselors in dreamwork.

Interactive Dreaming Multimedia CD
Intentional Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming, Dreamwork, Journaling........more!

The Intimate Knowledge of Dreams
"collective dreamsharing is often a satisfying, healing experience....."

No More Nightmares
Ann S. Klein discusses how we can alter our recurring nightmares with focus and intention by facing our sleeptime enemies.

REM Study
Basics of Sleep Behavior - laboratory research results on our dreams.

Remembering Your Dreams
Mythos Dreamwork webpage gives list of suggestons for before sleeping and after awakening to help your dream recall.


My About.com colleague Barbara Bianco, Your Guide to New Age, also keeps up a dreamwork net link library listing

Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini is raised usually activated by shaktipat from a competent guru and is raised to higher chakras mainly through rigorous meditation.

Flower Essences

Flower Essence Therapy
Vibrational remedies for our physical, etheric, astral, and spiritual bodies.

How to Make Flower Essences From Your Garden Posies
From your About.com Guide - Step by step instructions!

Flower Essence Bookshelf
Choice selections at the About.com Healing Bookstore.

Bach Flower Remedies
Excellent resource and reference page by Spirit Web introducing the Bach System.

Dr. Edward Bach
Originator of Healing Herb remedies now known as flower essences.

Armita Flower Essences
Different flower essences are chosen according to the tensions that you want to treat.

Flower Essences
Okay...I admit it.....this one is a plug for my very own flower essence formulas. Featured here is "Lotus Rainbow" a combination of seven essences intended for the opening of the chakras.

Flower Essences from Around the World
Alphebetical listing of Flower Essence Companies.

Heal it with Flowers
Rundown of the 38 Bach essences and their common uses.

How to Use Flower Essences
Centergee's Flower Essence Pharmacy gives various ways to take flower essences beyond the traditional oral method."

The Journal of Vibrational Flower Essences
Online Zine - collection of articles and portraits of individual essences, and much more.

New Bach Flower Body Maps
Topical applications of flower essences is talked about.

Practitioner Training and Certification Program
Comprehensive course covering the theory and practice of flower essence therapy taught by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz.

Preparation of the Flower Essences
Star Essence flower essences are made during auspicious moon cycles and planetary alignments.

Your Pet's Emotional Health
Flower remedies for our animal companions.