10-18-97 - DREAM - I was seeing many squares. I knew they were book pages. Finally, I saw a white horse standing on his hind legs pawing at the air with his front feet. He was in the center of a white bordered square and there was a white archway over him and I knew that was the final page.

Then again I saw the white horse standing on his hind legs under the white archway and I knew I had been blessed. by Dee

10-19-97 - DREAM - I was in the same place it seemed as the night before. I effortlessly put  into place a garden meditation site and the voice told me it was dedicated to Vishnu.

Missing Time December 7, 1997

This is a strange dream the likes of which I  can’t recall. As it goes I found myself and my wife setting in the van in someone’s driveway near a lake. The driveway was steep and went down to the water like a boat ramp. It was a a gravel driveway but went to dirt after it passed the two buildings one on each side. The people’s house was to the left on stilts over the water and their boat dock was covered and right in front of us on the water.

I looked at my wife who was behind the wheel & with a rather surprised expression asked her where we were. She just looked around as did I for a few moments and she said we were on a trip around the gulf coast and we were headed home. I looked at my watch and it was the 10th. I suddenly looked in the back of the van for our squirrel August’s little cage and it wasn’t there. I asked my wife where August was and she said the last she remembered was that I gave him and something else to a widow women back down the road on the 3rd or 4th. I told her "It’s the 10th" and she just looked at me with a surprised expression. "It’s the 10th and we have several days missing time." Then I told her "I would never give August away to someone else I would rather turn him loose somewhere where I know where he is and that I can go see him sometimes." Then she said "none of this makes sense to me." As we talked little by little the memories just before the missing time came back to us. I  remembered the women, I remembered where she  lived and I remembered the last place we where as we drove down the highway just before the missing time.

The next thing I knew the van changed into my 1970 white Dodge Charger R/T. I got behind the wheel and noticed the people who lived in that place standing around looking at us and talking. They were older people and looked a bit confused as to who we were and why we were parked in their driveway. Instead of backing out I pulled forward to the right and was going to turn around and by the time I realized there wasn’t room to turn around I was in a fix where I had no other choice but to try. I was telling myself I should have just backed out but it was too late now. I had to try to turn around and drive out. All the while these old folk watched us from their porch. When I backed up toward the house to get pointed into the driveway again the car started to slide and I hit the brakes. It felt as if they were only working about half way but then again it also felt like the tires were sliding in mud or on the dirt. The next thing I knew we were sliding off into the water under these old people’s porch. When the water came up to my door I opened it and told my wife to bail out. I locked the brakes, killed the engine and put it in gear. Then I also bailed out and climbed up on the bank. There was my car setting there with it’s entire back half in and under water and the front engine half still on the land. The old man who lived there came up to me and asked what’s going on and I told him and asked him for help to get it out. He asked me what I had in mind and I said "get your tractor and we can pull it out." He looked around and some of his friends had gathered there and he talked to them. The next thing I knew they all got around it and we literally pushed the car out of the water and back up into the driveway.

My wife and I got in and we drove back up onto the highway. As time went by I recalled more of the events, I remembered the number 121 as if it was an address where August had been left, and told my wife what I could remember but that still didn’t explain where we had been for 3 or 4 days or how we ended up where we were or the events that lead up to these things. Like me giving my favorite pet away to a total stranger is not like me at all. Especially since people have already tried to buy him from me for money and I refused. It was only a few miles to the lady’s house and I sent my wife in to get August. The women gave him back and when my wife handed him to me he was smiling at me. I never saw a squirrel smile before but this little guy was so happy to see us that he was actually smiling.

As we pulled back out on the road I said "now  we have to find out what happened to us."


12-08-97: In the end we see the squirrel smiles at me. Now this symbol of August the squirrel is a personal symbol because it is a beloved pet. As with many dreams animals can be either good or bad symbols, but usually a loved personal pet is a good symbol. Like a dog or cat that someone owns or has owned is frequently symbolic of what we might call a guardian spirit. Squirrels in regular dreams to someone who has no pet squirrel can frequently represent warning symbols because of the nature of the animal and terms frequently related to the squirrel. Cats with bad luck, dogs with "it’s a real dog" and "bad dog" or "bad luck" and squirrels with being crazy along with  a few other things that squirrels are known for which apply to rodent symbols. These usually do not apply when talking about one’s own beloved pets.

And "White Charger" is also the same term used in days of Lore to describe the white stallion or white horse used by the knights. Recall the term "Knight on a White Charger". (snip)

               by Bryon


Dear Bryon,
Thanks for filling me in about the Charger. For some reason it slipped my mind that a 
Charger is also a horse. Now I am reminded of a vision Dee had about a month ago. She 
saw a white horse under an arch rearing up on its hind legs, and moving its front legs, 
like you see in the movies sometimes.

She heard, "This meditation garden is dedicated to Vishnu." 
I read her a few things from Blavatsky's "Isis Unveiled," vol. 2. I'll quote a little 
of it here, (page 237) with a few notes from me in brackets [ ] - 

         "Do we take up the "Avesta" [ancient Persian 
        Bible] - we find there the dual system so 
        prevalent in the Christian scheme. The struggle 
        between Ahriman [Satan], Darkness, and Ormazd, 
        Light, has been going on in the world
          continually since the beginning of time. When the
        worst arrives and Ahriman will seem to have
        conquered the world and corrupted all mankind,
        then will appear the Savior of mankind, Saoshyant.
        He will come seated upon a white horse and 
        followed by an army of good genii equally mounted
        on milk-white steeds. And this we find faithfully
        copied in Revelation: "I saw heaven opened,
          and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon 
        him was called faithful and true ... And the 
        armies which were in heaven followed him upon 
        white horses" 
        (Revelation xix, 11, 14). Saoshyant himself is 
        but a later Persian permutation of the Hindu 
        Vishnu. The figure of this god may be found unto 
        this day representing him as the Savior, the 
        "Preserver" (the preserving spirit of God), in 
        the temple of Rama. The picture shows him in his 
        tenth incarnation - the Kalki-avatara, which is 
        yet to come - as an armed warrior mounted upon
        a white horse. Waving over his head the sword of 
        destruction, he holds in his other hand a discus
        [also said to represent chakras], made up of rings
        encircled in one another, an emblem of the 
        revolving cycles of great ages,for Vishnu will 
        thus appear but at the end of the Kali-yuga, 
        answering to the end of the world expected by our
        Adventists. "And out of his mouth goeth a sharp 
        sword ... on his head were many crowns" 
        (Revelation xix, 12, 15).
          Vishnu is often represented with several crowns
        superimposed on his head. "And I saw an angel 
        standing in the Sun" (17). The white horse is the
        horse of the Sun. 
        Saoshyant, the Persian Savior, is also born of a 
        virgin, and at the end of days he will come as a 
        Redeemer to regenerate the world, but he will be 
        preceded by two prophets, who will come to 
        announce him. Hence the Jews who had Moses and 
        Elias, are now waiting for the Messiah. "Then come
        the general resurrection, when the good will 
        immediately enter into this happy abode - the 
        regenerated earth; and Ahriman and his angels 
       (the devils),and the wicked, be purified by 
        immersion in a lake of molten metal ... 
        Henceforward, all will enjoy unchangeable happiness,
        and, headed by Saoshyant,ever sing the praises of
        the Eternal One." The above is a perfect 
        repetition of Vishnu in his tenth avatara, for he
        will then throw the wicked into the infernal 
        abodes in which, after purifying themselves, they
        will be pardoned - even those devils which 
        rebelled against Brahma, and were hurled into the
          bottomless pit by Shiva; as also the "blessed ones"
        will go to dwell with the gods, over the Mount 

Personally, I do not agree with Blavatsky about the verses in Revelation being copies. 
I think much of religion came from dreams or dream-like visions, and we see similarities
because the messages have a symbolic validity. Dee's vision is a good example. Dee knows
very little about the Hindu tradition,and did not know that Vishnu is associated with 
a white horse. 
      To quote Blavatsky about Vishnu: "And now again 
     he re-enters into the golden egg of His Thought, 
     the germs of all that exist, as the divine Manu 
     tells us. During His peaceful rest, the animated 
     beings, endowed with the principles of action, 
     cate their functions, and all feeling (manas)
     becomes dormant. When they are all absorbed in 
     the SUPREME SOUL, this Soul of all the beings 
     sleeps in complete repose, till the day when 
     it resumes its form, and awakes again from its
     primitive darkness."

      If we now examine the ten mythical avataras of Vishnu
      we find them recorded in the following progression:
      1. Mataya-Avatara: as a fish. It will also be his
         tenth and last avatara, at the end of the Kali-Yuga.
      2. Kurma-Avatara: as a tortoise.
      3. Varaha: as a boar.
      4. Nara-Sinha: as a man-lion; last animal stage.
      5. Vamana: as a dwarf; first step toward the human form.
      6. Parasu-Rama: as a hero, but yet an imperfect man.
      7. Rama-Chandra: as the hero of Ramayana. Physically a
         perfect man; his next of kin, friend and ally Hanuman,
         the monkey-god. The monkey endowed with speech.
      8. Krishna-Avatara: the Son of the Virgin Devaki, one
         formed by God, or rather by the manifested Deity 
         Vishnu, who is identical with Adam-Kadmon. Krishna
         is also called Kaneya, the Son of the Virgin.
      9. Gautama Buddha, Siddhartha, or Sakyamuni. (The 
         Buddhists reject this doctrine of their buddha being
         an incarnation of Vishnu.)
      10.This avatara has not yet occurred. It is expected in
         the future like the Christian Advent, the idea of 
         which was undoubtedly copied from the Hindu. When
         Vishnu appears for the last time he will come as a
         "Savior." According to the opinion of some Brahmans
         he will appear himself under the form of the horse
         Kalki. Others maintain that he will be mounting it.
         This horse is the envelope of the spirit of evil,
         and Vishnu will mount it,invisible to all, till he
         has conquered it for the last time. The Kalki-Avatara,
         or the last incarnation, divides Brahmanism into two
         sects. That of the Vaishnava refuses to recognize the
         incarnations of their god Vishnu in animal forms
         literally. They claim that these must be understood
         to be allegorical.
It appears that your dream of the White Charger may be related to this, but the 
"aggressive" theme seems similar in the religious material. Vishnu is also said to be a 
"water-god," which may fit with the water in your dream. 
The "real" life things you spoke of are important too, I think. Symbolic,dream-related 
events happen all the time, in my view. 
Your squirrel August is an important symbol in Nordic mythology.

The great ash tree Yggdrasil unites all aspects of Nordic 
life, from the underworld through the world of men to the 
realm of Gods and heroes. Of its three mighty roots,one 
dips into the triple fountain that is the source of all 
being; another is the seat of the three Norns or fates, 
spinning the thread of life and the third root draws from 
the fount of wisdom, watched over by the giant man Mimir. 
Snakes and deer feed on the roots, bark, and leaves of the 
ash tree. In the top of the tree the cock, eagle, and hawk 
keep watch and warn the gods of the approach of their 
enemies. The goat Heidrun browses in the lower branches and 
gives milk for Odin's warriors; and a squirrel, Ratatoskr, 
scurries ceaselessly up and down the trunk from the eagle 
(light) to the dragon (darkness), fanning the feud between 

Looking at your dream again, I noticed that parts of it fit in with other significant 
symbols of the world changes.
Our web sites contain a great deal of material about 11:11.

In your dream, you remembered the number 121 as if it was the address where August the 
squirrel had been left. 121 is 11 squared or 11 times 11. Your missing times involved 3 
or 4 days. In my personal experiences involving 11:11 after a time it became focused on 
Rev. 11:11 where the two trees lie dead for 3 1/2 days and then stand up on their feet. 
The meaning seems to be related to Universal myths about the mid-point of the chakras, 
the point between the 3rd and 4th (the heart chakra). The suggestion is that humanity 
has been on a path that corresponds to the chakra levels we are near the 3 1/2 point 
and the leap to the heart chakra. 

I have written a series of articles about this 
at: http://www.greatdreams.com/plpath1.htm

Another possibility is that part of your dream is related to the solar eclipse on 
Aug. 11, 1999 at 11:11 a.m. In your dream, you told your wife, "It is the 10th, at which 
point you realized you had several days of missing time. A combination of the squirrel 
named August and the date of the 10th may suggest the date Aug. 11th, the day of the 
solar eclipse. The 121 as 11 times 11 may be related to the Rev. 11:11 message and the 
timing of the eclipse at 11:11 a.m. 

See the articles Dee and I have put together about these things at: 

Bill in the article below speaks of Pegasus the white horse in the heavens. He states, 
"His father is Poseidon, the God of the sea, which makes him a white sea-horse". Your 
white Charger vehicle in the dream was partly in the water.

In reviewing these pages I noticed another connection. The squirrel of the Yggdrasil 
tree, Ratatoskr, scurries up and down the tree trunk from the eagle representing light 
to the dragon representing darkness fanning the feud between them. 

In Blavatsky's comments above, she speaks of the struggle between Ahriman (Satan) 
representing darkness, and Ormazd (God) representing light.

Some of my own events in life are quite striking. 

Your squirrel named August ending up in your back yard under your satellite dish seems 
very significant. For one thing, the dish is like a "discus," which Vishnu holds in his 
hand. The dish is also a device that receives coded communication signals from a heavenly
body, so-to-speak. I have noted similar symbolism. I had a significant dream in 1990 
where I was given a yellow antenna. It was better than the one I was supposed to get, 
but it would cost me more. In the significant symbolic film, "2001:Space Odyssey, " the 
problems started when the dish antenna quit working, because HAL, the computer, zapped it. 
Sometimes I think of it this way - what if some of our dreams are speaking of big things 
about the world change, but people do not consider it, and see them as just personal
or meaningless? How would they know without looking closely at them with that view in 
mind? Makes sense to me to give it a try.
                      Joe Mason
Jan. 2 - 98} VISION

At about 8:15 PM CST tonight, I received a "vision" or "projection" in
my mind. I was awake at the time as I was watching the
Orange Bowl college football game on TV. Here is the "impression" I saw:

It was like a "prince" or somebody special just rode in on a horse for the first time
(in a long time) into this part of the galaxy (or maybe into our solar system area?). 
This event was taking place on a higher level (not physical or emotional, but at least
the mental level of existence at the lowest). May beings had been awaiting the arrival
of this entity (seemed  to be male) for quite a while, and they were "hailing" his 
arrival. This "vision" seemed to go on for some time, but I could not get a clearer 
picture in mind -
It was a WHITE horse. After the "prince" came in (from somewhere outside of our solar 
system or galaxy - seemed like galaxy?),he rode back and forth a number a times before
the gathered crowd of entities and beings as they were "hailing" his arrival while the 
horse was on its hind legs at times. 
by anonymous.
NOTE: "According to the literature at the Mt. Kurama temple, in 770 A.D. a priest named 
Gantei climbed Mount Kurama, led by a white horse. His soul was enlightened with the 
realization of Bishamon-ten, the protector of the northern quarter of the Buddhist heaven
and the spirit of the sun. Gantei founded the Buddhist temple on Mt. Kurama ... " 
Mt. Kurama is where Mikao Usui, the "deliverer" of the healing modality "Reiki" had his 
revelations that brought this practice into being ... late 1800's/Japan. 

Date: Tue, 24 Nov 1998 11:47:13 EST
Subject: Pegasus
From: Hidden Meanings
Even though this material is covered on the web site, I felt that it was extremely important
to go over because of the cosmic and human implications.

When you hear of activity in the constellation Pegasus why should you pay attention.?

Revelation 19:11 says that the change to a new earth is heralded by a sign. "Behold heaven
opened and I saw a white horse." Something would happen in the sign of the white horse
that never happened before. The white horse in the sky in Pegasus.

Around July 1995 Didier Queloz and Michael Mayor, astronomers in Switzerland discovered
a sun that was a twin of ours with a planet orbiting it. This had never been seen before.

The scripture in Rev 19:14 says and thousands followed on white horses. In 1995 the 
Associated Press from Washington reported,

"Hubble has discovered thousands of stars rushing toward a globular cluster. Like bees 
swarming to their hive. Spectra can tell if they are coming toward us or going away. They 
seem to be under the control of one giant central object, they are located in the 
constellation Pegasus."

As you know. Much more activity has taken place in Pegasus.
Now why is this important to you? 

1. It fulfills a Biblical prophecy of Jesus coming back on 
   a white horse. You may define Jesus as you wish.

2. Pegasus is a white horse. His father is Poseidon the God 
   of the sea which makes him a white sea horse. He is 
   sacred to the Muses. The word Muse means meditation. The 
   form of meditation in which the Kundalini energy goes up 
   the spine in a spiral motion. The Muses lived on Mt 
   Helicon. The word Helicon means spiral. The mother of the 
   Muses was Mnesoyme. She is the Goddess of Memory.

3. Now the connection. In your brain is an organ called The 
   Hippocampus. The word hippocampus means sea horse. 
   Stedmans medical dictionary says it is white in color. 
   It is a white sea horse. It is Pegasus within you.

The Hippocampus is reached in meditation through the 
   energy winding up the spine to the Pineal in a spiral 
   motion. In your brain the Hippocampus is responsible for 

This great event will culminate in electro magnetic 
    fields coming to the earth which will impact the Pineal 
   and Hippocampus of those who are watching (meditating). 
   This will restore your memory of who you really are, 
   what your purpose here is and where you are going.

One last thing. The words in Revelation say Jesus returns 
   on the white horse. In the center of the Hippocampus of 
   the Brain is an organ called Ammons Horn. Ammon is an 
   Egyptian Sun God who has another name. It is Amen. In 
   Revelation 3:14 Jesus is called The Amen. How appropriate.
   Riding the white horse is Amen. Returning to restore you 
   to the cosmic truth and  remembrance of your true self.

Keep your eyes and ears tuned to the white horse Pegasus.



11-4-98 - DREAM - I was at a school. There were discussions going on amongst the teachers for and against various subjects.  Nobody agreed on anything, but there were friendly discussions anyway.

I went outside and decided to ride my horse. It was a magnificent white animal. The discussions were still going on and someone said that farmer so 'n so didn't like lily pads.

At that point, I was on my horse riding on a causeway between two higher points of land. On either side of the causeway was wide expanses of water and I could see reddish-green lily pads coming up on both sides. These were still a little under the top of the water, but I knew they would have magnificent flowers when they were full  grown.

I was riding along the causeway which was very narrow - about 3 feet wide and this was also at the water level and the grass beneath me was greenish-white. I could see each individual blade of grass clearly. I sat astride my horse like a circus performer...sitting proudly and had my right arm up and over my head like I was holding unto a guide wire or something. (I could feel something above me with my hand . . . guiding me. It was soft like fur)

Someone called out . . . "Watch your balance." I did! We rode swiftly across the causeway. I had a big smile on my face.
We reached the other side and rose up on a long white porch of a house. I made gestures of, "Thank you, thank you, thank you! like I was being applauded as a circus performer and bowed to an imaginary audience in several directions, beaming ear to ear at my successful accomplishment of my feat. I felt so proud. I felt like there was nothing I couldn't accomplish.


12-24-98 - DREAM - I was driving a brand new car, driving east on Grange Ave. I knew I was dreaming and saw ahead of me a white horse galloping and a boy with his dog. I thought to myself, "I hope they aren't going to make me hit them." But I was in control and I made a right turn onto 111th St. I couldn't go far because there were two trees fallen into the road. I could have driven around the trees but called F11 for each of the trees on my cell phone. I made U turn and drove west on Grange Ave. I experienced the smooth bumpless ride and the great feel of being in this new car. I saw that the sun had gone down and all the busses and cars going east had their lights on. I turned on my lights as well, and saw the reflection of my  lights on those cars.  But, I was careful not to turn on the brights so I wouldn't blind the oncoming cars. by Dee
Here is Joe's Dream/OBE from 1982:

Lucid Visit to the Great Hall

I had this dream in 1982. I have had many dreams where I became lucid during the dream, but I have only had two where I retained my lucidity as I fell into sleep and maintained it. This dream was the first of the two. Years later, I learned that there is a Tibetan method of dreaming where one is taught to maintain one's lucidity in just such a manner.

As I began to drift off, I saw colors and images. Against a deep blue and purple patterned background, I saw white doves flying. I saw directly up into a dark blue nighttime sky filled with stars. A pair of eyes floated by, looking at me. I started to raise up into the sky. I saw scalloped white lines on the periphery of my vision. They were shaped in a pattern like fish scales, but I could see through them. It was like a force field. They formed a huge funnel or pyramid up into the sky, and I was being lifted up through the middle. After a time, I saw a ring of white, transparent figures above me. They looked like etchings on glass. I could see the sky and stars through them.

There were about 12 figures, and they were huge, about 40 feet high. I sensed that they were high entities. They were dressed in long robes with high collars, and wore caps on their heads, similar to those used by priests in the middle ages. As I passed through the ring, the great entities looked at me, and I was very aware of their presence, and that they were high conscious  beings.

Suddenly I was inside an immense building. It was like a gigantic cathedral with an arched ceiling some 150 feet high. I was near the top of the ceiling at one end. The room was so large, the other end seemed to fade in a mist. Another giant room abutted on the left. The place was very richly ornate, like a Gothic church. I heard a choir singing in the left wing of the building. The voices had such power and volume, it vibrated the atmosphere. I was awe struck at the sight and sound of this, and by the feelings that seemed to be in the air. It was feelings of love, power, glory, and religious feelings of great intensity, that would dwarf anything on earth. I felt the presence of high entities, as if I were getting near God.

Suddenly, I was outside the building, above it in the sky. A giant white Pegasus (winged horse), about 100 feet long, flew right by me. I was awe struck again, feeling the same overwhelming emotions.

"Revelation" by Myst (11/13/97) DREAM

God, in (male) human form, was going around the town telling everyone to meet at a specific time, at a certain place on the following day. We (my
family) gathered up food
(roasted chicken), clothes and whatever items we could fit into a small bag to take with us. The place we were to all meet at had stadium type seating built into a hillside, overlooking a lake or ocean. The next day arrived and we hurried to get into our seats. Far up in the sky, off to my right, the clouds began rolling furiously, turning this way and that and they were in beautiful colors of melon and gold. Amidst the clouds came God, riding in a white chariot, pulled by a white horse. There was a mermaid standing behind him wearing a green sequined mermaid type outfit. As we sat there waiting for God to pass above us and take us either to heaven or hell, I said to the people on either side of me, "I wonder if I'll go to heaven? I've never killed anybody and I'm truly sorry for anyone's feelings I've ever hurt."

Although I had already seen and heard God speak (in the flesh), I was afraid that I wasn't worthy enough to meet him face to face and by all rights, he should shun me. In an instant, people were gone from the stands, some to heaven (me) and some to hell. Others were left behind, like my sister, so that they could stay on earth and start a family before God came back for them in three years time.

6-15-99 - VISION - Two white horses came up out of a river. One was stepping smartly. The other was a warrior on a smaller horse but it was walking on it's hind legs . . . rearing up and he had a sword in his left hand, prepared to charge ahead.

The scene pulled back and they were actually inside a white toilet, coming up out of the water.

by Dee

6/17/1999 - DREAM - From: (LadyB of North Carolina)

I dreamed of a great battle on a planet much like ours . Lady Dee was leading the guards on a great white horse . AO was beside Lady Nan while Sir Jean was ahead in his plane clearing the way for us . We were on our way to the mountains . The battle had taken a toll on the planet and many people were lost . We were told that we must go to the hills and not to ask any questions. We were to only follow orders . We had to choose a mate to go with us . They said there was a new world coming and we were being chosen .

I looked up and there was a Man who held his hand out to me . When he touched me shivers ran all over my body. My mind was racing , I had lost all memories of a battle as he took my hand . We were caught up together in a sphere or a balloon of sorts. We were being lifted to the sky slowly and tenderly . The Love I felt was electrifying. I could not see my Lovers Face . I could feel the warmth of his sweet breath as he pulled me closer to him . The desire in me grew to such bounds  that I was afraid the sphere would burst . The sphere was luminous and it grew brighter and brighter the closer my Lover came to me . I looked through the walls of the fabric of the sphere and there were many of the same types of objects around us . The light that radiated from them was almost blinding me .

I was aware that my Lover had his hand on me and as he took me in his arms the world below us began to disappear . We were being prepared for the new world . I knew it would be some time before the new world was ready ; I was in my Lovers arms and I was safe .

11 Oct 1999 From: W.J. White horse dream

I was in a house (though not the house I live in), and a really strong wind, like a hurricane, was blowing outside. (I live in Minnesota -- no hurricanes here.) I was on the phone with some members of my family when a 4 x 6 plank was thrown end first through my plate glass window, narrowly missing me. Oddly, it didn't shatter the window, but only made a large, circular hole in it. My family member on the phone was very concerned for my safety. As I watched, my white horse (I don't own a horse) crawled out through the hole in the glass and escaped. (how could it do that? Why was it in my house? No idea.) I told my family member I had to get off the phone and go find my horse.

The rest gets blurry, but I do recall a diner at a town in the middle of nowhere, a child who had been crippled in the storm, and searching for my horse down a street lined with prostitutes.


6-9-2001 - Here is a dream that I had:

I'm in a forest. the trees are loving and friendly. they bend towards me pushing me along a path with their energy.

I glide and float and fly...up a rainbow.

I'm met by a flying horse who loves and loves me. It is large I see 11 others also flying up the rainbow with their white flying horses. The rainbow is wide and the beloved wind is blowing through it. We land in a meadow. Our horses form a circle. We are now aware that we are united in some common mission.

I try...hard...to see the others' faces, but cannot make out their features. We are determined in our mission and the wind makes noises as it blows our hair. My horse is suddenly gone and I see a tall many spired sort of nebulous castle-like structure made of ... something very soft.

I float to the castle door. The door opens and I gasp suddenly in total delight and melting love and begin crying. There is male energy whose form is mostly a ball of light. He is so so glad to see me. He enfolds me in perfect love and expresses it with beautiful undescribable gently sensations.

The name :Loran; comes to me. When I ask him if there is anything that I need to know there is no answer ... he only simply continues to LOVE me and enfold me with IT. I lay my head on him and allow. It is time to go and we come apart.

I am back in the meadow in the circle with the other 11 on our horses. We connect in unity once again and exchange loving looks, with a soft circular energy binding us together ... then go the way we came, only much faster. We go in all directions, with the knowledge that we will be working on a certain task ... I do not know what it is. I go back down the rainbow on my horse and we embrace as if we were one ... there is no harsh physical pressure as in a physical hug. I lay my head on his neck and then he is gone.

I am ecstatically happy ... joyous. I float for a minute, then go to a tall tree and rest on it, leaning back. It does not scratch, nor do the bark or twigs apply any pressure. The trees help me back from whence I came.

I'd love to have that dream again!

Many Blessings,


Hero on a white horse


From: mrzero@xxx

First let me say I don't even know why I am coming to you about this after all it was just a dream. I guess I wondered what you might think.

The morning of 7-25-01

I had a dream that I was a small boy being led by parents that were not my parents in the waking world. I was beside my brother and we were being led to a small keep because the Lord of the lands said that all sons must be brought to be trained in warfare. Everyone knew that to be led off to join the legion meant that you would never see home again. So most parents only consented under threat. That was the prevailing mood of the parents now leading us to this small keep where boys were made men, and would live out their lives in service of the legion. The armor of the soldiers was roman like though not totally. One got the feel that this was after the fall of a great nation, and now small war lords battled over the scraps of what still remained.

As the guards came out of the keep to take away the sons of the land, a person resisted and due to the mood of the people a melee broke out, my father grasping my hand ran from the fray calling forth a great white horse. I know almost nothing of horses but this, some how I knew to be a true white horse because of the pink skin under it's white hair, I could see it around it's nose. It also had pink/reddish eyes. Some how I knew it to be of the andalucia war horse breed. I don't even care for horse's, especially white ones, but I thought this was the most beautiful horse I had ever seen.

In the dream I told my father that I had never rode and would fall off seeing that it had no saddle. He told me it was a magic horse that would never deseat a rider no matter how unskilled. He placed me on the horse just before I saw him struck down by a solider. The horse was off like a bolt, over walls, brushing under trees, soaring across gullies. IT was so real but I have never rode in real life so how would I know. I mean I could feel the sweat of the horse , and I knew that you leaned forward into the neck going into a jump.

Then It flashed froward in time to a time of war where a much older man sat upon the same great horse. The man was thick with muscle and scar, he was a great warrior who brought the legion to it's knees. Then seeing this Great figure in all his warrior glory, sword in hand he smiled at me. And, I awoke with this vivid dream on my mind.

I am not one who often dreams so vivid or recalls it in great detail, any thoughts.


The white horse dream...


I am at a carnival waiting in a line to ride the white horses in the sky. With me is my toddler Timmy, a lady and her daughter under the age of 10. Our turn comes and I get on a white horse with wings together with Timmy. We ride up high and low and all over the sky, I could feel the motions of flying, turning, twisting, etc. A portion of the sky is dark, almost black purple in color. I saw a rainbow with a yellow sun at the end of it. I cannot remember seeing any other objects in the sky other than noticing the sky color and the rainbow/sun. EOD.

Love and blessings,


9-15-03 - DREAM - A dream of white horse....from freestone

I had a very very strange dream last night! One of those dreams that will stick with me for *quite* a while and one of those dreams that I cannot "digest" very well, yet, one day after!

I will try to describe it, now. The dream began ordinary enough, I was apparently a janitor in an office building, similarly to a job that I once had, years ago. I was standing with broom in hand by a door that looked out over the courtyard of a large office building. This courtyard was about 100 feet across and most of this space was taken up by a large pond, with a border of grass about ten feet wide, around the building side of the pond, enclosing this pond on three sides, another door on the far third side. I could also tell that the far fourth side was open, and that this pond was really a bay, a part of a far larger body of water. I watched the fish swimming in the depths. I noted that one of the fish was much larger than the others. It grew even larger as I watched it! Larger and larger, it grew. By now it was six feet long and it swam to the surface and emerged. It swam up to the bank next to the other office doors and then it crawled up onto the land, with stiff fins, a-like a six foot long 'walking catfish"!! It grew some more!!

As it swelled to near a cow or horse sized monster-fish, it crawled over to the doors and pushed itself into the hallway! I then walked out onto the grass border; I could hear yells and shrieks from the office girls inside!

Suddenly the double glass doors came flying open and a very very large WHITE HORSE came galloping out of those doors: this is what this "fish" metamorphosed into!

Then this horse came up to me and it put its head right up next to me. Somehow, in this dream, I sensed that this horse was "sentient", was much much more than just a "horse"! The horse seemed to be filled with an energy of vitality and there was an aura of Love and Intelligence, about this horse, that was very very powerful!

I seemed to "embrace" this seven-foot high horse, as much as physically possible: this horse seemed to "embrace' me also!

Then me and Horse, together, walked over the grass field, that this pond had turned into, walked far off from the office building, walked several hundred feet to what was the top of a high high hill. Then this office and myself, was thus apparent to be on top of a flat grassy plateau, a "mountaintop", really! I could look down this mountain to see a wide valley with towns, fields, houses all along it and up into the side-valleys, on the other side of this river, up into the other side of the plateau.

This horse: it did not "talk", but somehow, in my dream, I knew that if I talked to it, it would Understand me! I ten began to talk to it, a monologue, but the horse Knew....[something like this]

"All those people, down below us, on earth, and in the lower heavens above them, but below us two, here on the high-heaven mountaintop plateau.....They will need help in their progressions and soul-advancements, upwards to this level. This must be done, I want to be one of the Helpers....To help young souls grow and progress, to be able to live on the [plateau-top: symbol of the "highest heaven..."Home"...The Celestial heavens]"

As I spoke, I had the in-dream *distinct* impression that I was in the country of Japan, high on top of a plateau.

[I was stationed in Japan, in the Air Force, and while there, I would take day trips up into the 3000 foot mountains, mountain-park, near Tokyo. In all my dreams afterwards..."Japan" always symbolizes "heaven"..."The afterlife": where the Tokyo Plains represents the entry area into the afterlife, from the earthspheres.  The main valley up into the mountains would represent the levels of advancements that souls would then make, on the growth upwards to the Celestial heavens, as they spent "years", there.]

Yes, a feeling that I was in Japan. At this point, after I finished telling this horse of seemingly my "afterlife-soul-intents and hopes", I could actually see a Japanese family off in the distance, as *if* they were a family out on a "tourist' outing, with cameras and backpacks ... Husband, wife, and several other relatives and children. When the horse and I came up to them, they were all exited, they wanted to stand in a line as if they wanted me to take their picture, and the father passed a sheet of paper around to them all, like of a kind of "autograph memento" of the event. The last dream memory that I had, just before I awoke, was that I signed, myself, this sheet of paper.

so. I wonder just *what* it is that I "signed on the dotted line" for?!!!

Who and What...Is this horse?? the "Christ" probably!! --and what was it that I signed up for? ----an honor for an old old soul like me?!

A bit of a "Wince", I now do, as this means that I will have lots and lots and LOTS of r-e-s-p-o-n-s-i-b-i-l-i-t-i-e-s, in heaven, when I arrive there!!

WILL have lots of responsibilities, and will be one of the "helpers" to the Christ [the need IS great, many are called"], until probably ALL the youngest of souls are not only progressed until they get off of the cycle of Incarnations-reincarnations upon the earth, but also even after they ceased to incarnate to the earth at all, there are all of the other levels yet to advance through, before they all [WE ALL] come Home to the Celestial, the highest heavens, where the Christ Dwells.--- *this* will mean that I will spend ages and Eons and ages yet again, in the lower and middle heavens...long...long...long after most old souls have long Gone Home!  [unless they, too, "sign up"!]

Right away, as I leave this library computer and will shortly walk outside on the way to Lunch, I probably will pass a "ruined" homeless man, a high powered lawyer, a lady business woman who is a manager [with "manager-material-mind"], and yet another homeless person. Now, if it were not apparent before, now, after this dream, I will sense that I could spend a hundred heavenly years being a "roommate" to each and every one of these people, one hundred years PER person, so to speak! To live 10,000+ years with the 300-plus homeless people, in the Tallahassee Shelter! Spend another 12,000-plus years with "liberal-leftist" college professors from FSU, who, on earth, were "intellectual cynics", who perhaps had for their highest spiritual sights, the programs on Public NPR radio! Thus ... I will never ever have the "luxury" of "looking down" on anyone or of their belief systems, for their being "young souls"! Just think, I tell myself, as I sit here with my public computer ... ust think of the number of Taliban people that I could be "roomies"with, or Counsel in depth with, in the following thousands and thousands of years!! Why even Mr Laben or one of the Shaddams, themselves...Let alone people like of that Killer of the abortion doctor! Be with them all, to help them all , in some Spiritual manner, to climb the Mountain Home!







(1995) I was on vacation with my aunt Betty. It seems to me weíre in Florida or 
somewhere near an ocean. (I feel that Iím facing south and the ocean is to my left, 
thatís why Iím guessing Florida) Iím outside, walking along a sidewalk that runs between 
the hotel and the beach. The sun is  shining, the water sparkles like blue crystal and 
the white sandy beach is empty. 

Suddenly, out of nowhere I hear what sounds like thunder. Then I see a herd of eight or 
so horses; black and powerful, stampeding toward the hotel, headed toward me. I run 
inside the hotel. The horses follow. I run into one elevator, they run into another 

When you get off the elevator, there is really no floor, but a square walkway (next to
each of the four walls) that looks down over the lobby. There is also a walkway in the
middle of the larger square walkway. I get off on the second floor. The elevator door
door opens and I step out. I see my aunt is just getting off of another elevator and I
warn her to get back inside, that we are in danger. Before the door shuts on her elevator
the horses get off and start chasing her.
  4-14-99 - DREAM - I was aware that I was flying with the Black horse again . As I felt the wind in my hair and the force of the power that was
taking me along on a journey that was truly never-ending . I was holding on to the mane and the speed we were traveling at was breathtaking .

I loved the feel of the wind as we went higher and higher . I did not know when I climbed up on the Winged horse. All I can tell you is that I was there . We traveled to a special land . There were women there and they were singing songs and dancing and they had instruments in their hands that were making the most beautiful sounds. I wanted to ask them what they were doing but in my heart I knew that they were there celebrating the one most High. I was caught up in the glorious glow . I wanted to shout and sing and dance all at the same time . I felt as if there was a fountain inside of me that was going to go through the roof . I tried to hold back and keep it inside me .

There were small hills all around us and the Winged Horse looked at me and smiled and then I heard his laughter and I looked up and there was a women at the top of one of the hills and she was speaking about the comforter that she had and how wonderful he was. I wanted a comforter like that and I looked and there were many women that had the same glow on their faces. I did not want to be still and I could hardly stay in the same seat . I wanted to be able to have a view of everything. I did not want to miss one iota of this event. I heard a call of the trumpet and there was an Angel on one of the hills and I looked at the Winged horse and he just nodded his head at me. Then there was a mighty wind that came into the area that we were in and I felt as if I were being knocked off my feet .I was on my knees and there was a woman there that was holding my hands and speaking to me in another language . I could speak the same language and we were speaking the same words and I could not understand how I knew what words were coming from her mouth and how did she know the exact same words that I was going to say. All at the same time we were saying the same words that were in a different language that I have ever known. The joy I felt , I can not describe . And I heard a small voice say to me, "you will have a Ghost to write with."

I woke up then and still think I have that Ghost with me.            

                Lady Bee

  11-15-04 - 



I saw  a dream  last week:

   I saw a beautiful white divine horse in sitting position it has one horn and wings. when I try to go closer to it  horse standup and fly up to few feet up and again come down. I look around to see anybody is there I saw some peoples walking around, at that time the horse change its image to a beautiful woman and leaning in a building pillar. then I woke up. What is the meaning of that?


The Surrogate' by Myst (8/10/98)

I was with another person and a horse in a room (either a hotel or an office). The only piece of furniture in the room was a couch. I am there because I was chosen to be inseminated by the horse so as to bring another of its kind (mystical) into the world (actually, another person had been chosen before me, but they later declined the offer).

I think that there can only be one such horse at a time. As I sit there on the couch with the other person (who hasn’t spoken and who I can’t recall whether or not they’re male or female at this point), I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into. The horse is standing in front of us (brown in color). How will this be done, I wonder? Will the horse climb on the couch and stand over me?

I’m beginning to doubt my own part in this. Now I’m sitting on the floor, next to the horse. The procedure must take place at a certain time of day. Now it seems (more) like we’re in an office, in an office building.

There is some commotion going on in an office down the hall. I rush over to see what’s happening. I’m wearing a lime green suit (skirt and jacket) and I have a 10” screwdriver in my hand (the one I use to fix the water sprinklers). I have a matching scarf on my head which I rip off as I reach the other office. People are looking for Vanessa (I can’t remember her last name though it’s painted on the door). She’s blonde, in her 20’s and has long wavy hair. Apparently she’s killed her boss. I worry that people will think I did it with the screwdriver and hide it in my scarf.

Now I’m back with the other person and the horse. Our room has a glass wall. The (white) couch is next to the wall of glass. It overlooks the ocean. The time is getting nearer.  I ask the person (Roma Downey/Touched By An Angel) how I become inseminated, more importantly, where (for some reason, I keep thinking the top of my head' and imagine this goop dripping down my face). She says, I can’t tell you that. I demand to know. She says, “In your ears.” I say, “No way. I don’t think so.” Then I ask her, “will it improve my hearing?” I think at this point, Roma is the horse morphed into a person. Next she tells me that afterward, my feet will get larger. But I love my small feet, I think to myself. Then she shows me two horses hooves. One is normal size and the other a half size larger. First she shows me the bottom of the hooves. The smaller one has a V shaped groove in it from which she scrapes out some gelatinous type stuff, I believe this to be the insemination material. The larger hoof, that of the magical horse, she shows me the top of; it is brightly colored enamel (cloisonne) in a large abstract (but all rounded curves) design in shades of deep pink and passion purple. It’s beautiful. I would be honored to be decorated as such. Roma is now sitting on the couch. I’m standing behind her. There is one tiny area on her hair (like hair coloring) at the bottom, that is rubbing off on her skin. I wipe it away. It’s now 3:00 pm. She says, “It’s time. It’s getting dark.” She says ‘it’s getting dark’ twice. I look outside. It appears overcast, kind of like it gets on Good Friday (I think to myself). I’m not sure if I am to become this new magical horse or if I am just a conduit for its birth.



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