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Date: 11/27/05 05:04:52
Subject: 2005/11/27 10:22 M 6.1 SOUTHERN IRAN Z= 35km 26.84N 55.83E

2005/11/27 10:22 M 6.1 SOUTHERN IRAN Z= 35km 26.84N  55.83E

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         National Earthquake Information Center.
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These parameters are preliminary and subject to revision.

A magnitude 6.1 earthquake IN SOUTHERN IRAN has occurred at:
26.84N  55.83E  Depth  35km  Sun Nov 27 10:22:23 2005 UTC

Time: Universal Time         (UTC) Sun Nov 27 10:22:23 2005
      Time Near Epicenter          Sun Nov 27 13:52:23 2005
Location with respect to nearby cities:
     60 km (35 miles) SW of Bandar-e Abbas, Iran (pop 273,000)
     80 km (50 miles) NNW of Al Khasab, Oman (pop 16,000)
     115 km (70 miles) N of Ra's al Khaymah, United Arab Emirates (pop 77 000)
     1065 km (660 miles) SSE of TEHRAN, Iran

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Flinn-Engdahl Region Number = 353

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EARTHQUAKE on 27/11/2005 at 11:13 (UTC)
SOUTHERN IRAN                     6 km E  Kavarzin


Data provided by: BRA  GFZ  IMP  INGV ISN  KAN  LDG  LJU  MAD  NEWS
                  NOR  SED  SKO  ZAMG                              

Latitude    =  26.82 N
Longitude   =  55.90 E
Origin Time =  11:13:10.9 (UTC)
Depth       =  30 Km (f)
RMS         =   1.02 sec
Gap         = 100 degrees
95% confidence ellipse: - Semi major = 11.6 Km
                        - Semi minor = 9.0 Km
                        - Azimuth of major axis =  34 degrees

Number of data used = 210

Preliminary location computed on Sun Nov 27 11:53:54 2005 (UTC)
Done by Gilles Mazet-Roux

Comments :Message number: 626

All magnitudes estimations :
mb5.2 (BRA)   mb5.3 (GFZ)   mb5.4 (INGV)  mb5.3 (LDG)  
mb5.2 (MAD)   mb4.7 (NEWS)  mb5.0 (NOR)  
mb5.7 (SED)   mb5.2 (SKO)   mb5.1 (ZAMG)               

P.S.: For additional information, please contact EMSC at:
             - Email: mazet[at]
             - Web  : (maps available)
             - Fax  : 33 1 69 26 70 00

EARTHQUAKE on 27/11/2005 at 16:30 (UTC)
SOUTHERN IRAN                     12 km NW Kavarzin


                  NOR  SED  ZAMG                                   

Latitude    =  26.90 N
Longitude   =  55.81 E
Origin Time =  16:30:38.9 (UTC)
Depth       =  30 Km (f)
RMS         =   1.20 sec
Gap         =  64 degrees
95% confidence ellipse: - Semi major = 12.3 Km
                        - Semi minor = 7.1 Km
                        - Azimuth of major axis =  11 degrees

Number of data used = 208

Preliminary location computed on Sun Nov 27 16:55:42 2005 (UTC)
Done by Gilles Mazet-Roux

Comments :Message number: 627

All magnitudes estimations :
mb5.5 (BRA)   Ms5.1 (BUC)   mb5.6 (GFZ)   mb5.6 (INGV) 
mb5.5 (LDG)   mb5.5 (NEIC)  mb5.0 (NEWS) 
mb5.3 (NOR)   mb5.7 (SED)   mb5.1 (ZAMG)               

P.S.: For additional information, please contact EMSC at:
             - Email: mazet[at]
             - Web  : (maps available)
             - Fax  : 33 1 69 26 70 00

Iran quake kills 10

A 5.9-magnitude earthquake levelled seven villages in southern Iran on Sunday, killing 10 people and injuring more than 50, provincial officials said, AP reports from Tehran. Iran’s seismologic centre said the epicentre was in the waters of the Persian Gulf between the port city of Bandar Abbas and Qeshm Island. The quake was felt in nearby Oman and the UAE.

12 kids drowned

About 12 children drowned in the river Munneru at Keesra in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh on Sunday, UNI reports from Vijayawada. The school children, numbering 450, were on their way to Keesra on a picnic. However, 12 kids, who had ventured into the river, were swept away in the swirling waters. Efforts were on to trace the bodies with the help of expert divers

Iran quake destroys 4 villages


Tehran, Iran: A 5.9-magnitude earthquake levelled four villages in southern Iran yesterday, killing five people and injuring dozens, a provincial official was quoted as saying.

Heidar Alishvandi, the governor of Qeshm Island, was quoted by state-run television as saying that rescue teams had been deployed to affected areas. He said four villages had been destroyed but people had been moved to safety.

Iran’s seismologic centre said the epicentre was in the waters of the Persian Gulf between the port city of Bandar Abbas and Qeshm Island. The quake was felt in nearby Oman and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The centre said the quake had a magnitude of 5.9. But the US Geological Survey said it had a magnitude of 6.1 and had its epicentre about 58 kilometers southwest of Bandar Abbas.

A magnitude-6.0 quake can cause severe damage.

Masoud Dalman, head of Hormozgan’s emergency affairs, said several buildings on Qeshm Island were damaged. The island, which has about 200,000 residents, is about 1,500 kilometers south of Tehran, the capital.

Shahram Alamdari, head of the rescue unit of the Iranian Red Crescent, said two helicopters were evacuating the injured from Qeshm to Bandar Abbas.

In Oman and the UAE, buildings were evacuated and people fled into the streets.

In Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the UAE, buildings were evacuated as people scrambled for safety.

"We’re all agreed that it lasted around 30 seconds or so — you could feel the building moving and the coffee cups shaking,” said Bina Mathews, a public relations executive.

Several buildings along Dubai's Sheik Zayed Road, the skyscraper-lined central business district, have been evacuated, including the twin Emirates Towers, the highest buildings on the street, where many international corporations and Dubai government institutions have offices.

Iran witnessed a 6.4 magnitude quake in February which killed 612 and injured more than 1,400, leaving thousands homeless.

Villagers shelter in tents after Iran quake
arhad Pouladi | Tehran, Iran
28 November 2005 05:21
Iranian rescue workers handed out blankets, food and water on Monday to survivors of a powerful earthquake on a Gulf island that killed 10 people and forced villagers to spend the night in tents.

Power was restored to the afflicted villages on the Gulf island of Qeshm after a blackout caused by the quake, which struck on Sunday with a force of about six on the Richter scale.

"We have distributed the needed tents, blankets, fresh water and food to survivors," the governor general of Hormouzgan province, Abdolreza Sheikholeslami, told state television.

He said 30 of the 80 wounded remained in hospital after the tremor, which destroyed or damaged an estimated 1 500 mud-brick houses in about 15 villages on the island and was felt across the Gulf in the United Arab Emirates.

"Most of the buildings in the villages are not safe to live in any more. However, by nightfall all those who need tents will be provided with one," the head of the provincial natural-disaster service, Massoud Dalman, said.

Qeshm island governor Heydar Alishbandi said 10 people were killed and that the death toll is not expected to rise further.

"Around 1 000 people are housed temporarily in tents and another 2 000 are waiting to be housed," he said, adding that the weather was warm with temperatures of about 28 degrees Celsius.

"We are not facing shortages and the relief operations are going smoothly."

Some panicked residents of the island, which is situated off the coast from the large port city of Bandar Abbas and is home to about 100 000 people, slept outside after a second quake jolted the area several hours later.

The rocky and barren island was hit almost two years after the south-eastern city of Bam -- situated 300km to the north -- was destroyed in a quake that killed tens of thousands of people.

State news agency Irna quoted the head of Qeshm's free-trade zone, Ali Rezapour, as saying the quake caused damage estimated at about $54-million, with 50 schools and about 1 500 houses rendered unsafe.

Qeshm, located 1 150km south-east of Tehran, has a busy commercial and fishing port and is a popular weekend sunshine getaway for Iranian tourists.

Airport chief Ali Naghavi was quoted by Irna as saying that operations had resumed after being halted on Sunday.

The island's main town, also called Qeshm, was not damaged. The most affected villages were identified as Gabardin, Tonban, Karvan, Tourian and Khaldin -- all situated in the less densely populated west of the island.

Iran sits astride several major faults in the earth's crust, and is prone to frequent earthquakes.

In February, a quake measuring 6,4 on the Richter scale hit the southern town of Zarand, killing 612 people and wounding about 1 400.

In December 2003, the south-eastern city of Bam was razed by a 6,7-degree quake that left more than 31 000 people dead.

Mehdi Zareh, the head of Iran's Seismic Research Centre, said there was no tsunami risk from the latest quake.

"Because the Persian Gulf is not very deep, a tsunami is not expected," he told the student news agency Isna. -- Sapa-AFP
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