January, 1999

1-1-99 - DREAM - (I can't remember how the dream started)  I was in a huge building with corridors and I wanted to find a bathroom. I ended up in a room where men were standing by their beds in almost full body casts and I knew I was in the wrong place.

I wanted to find my own apartment and I was with all these little short women. I finally found my own place and I wanted to change clothes and I was hunting and hunting for something to wear and couldn't find anything. In my memory I could remember having the clothes...pretty blouses and skirts and dress, etc. but they were all gone. Finally I realized that my husband had taken them all and I got so mad I went to find him. I don't remember seeing him, but there was a long lump in the bed which I assumed was him and I started accusing him of stealing my clothes. I was getting madder and madder and I finally said, "Why did you steal all my clothes?" He said, "I wanted you to know what it was like to be 'normal'!"  I said, "Since when is it 'normal' not to have more than one blouse and 1 bra (which I was wearing).  I was so angry I started slamming doors and knocking stuff off the counter in the kitchen. I opened the door to leave and I realized I didn't have my keys, my purse, or my shoes, and I almost went back to find them. Then I realized that as pissed off as I was, he would have me locked up in a mental hospital and given a shot to calm me down.

I woke up with my chest all hot feeling like I was going to have a heart attack and I was still SO angry. I was laying there in the dark, feeling all upset and Joe called out, "Honey! Honey! Wake me up!"  He was having a scary nightmare.  This was not the first time he had a lucid nightmare he couldn't get out of, so I bumped his elbow with mine and he woke up.

Joe was having a dream about Kali whom he was filming in a window frame and it was becoming more and more real and not in a window frame at all but in the room with him. Lights were flashing in the darkness. He woke up in the dream...and found he was still sleeping and lights were flashing by the foot of the bed in the dark. He was so scared he started yelling for me and I woke him up.

NOTE: Joe and I put a web page together about anger and Kali.


1-1-99 - DREAM - I was looking at a beautiful woman who wore only a wide golden ribbon that was wound down her body. Each turn of the ribbon was labeled with something that started with the letter "A".


1-1-99 - DREAM - Someone told me they were buying a 50 lb. beef brisket and they were going to wind it with a gold ribbon like in the 1st dream, each winding would be labeled with the letter "B" 'something'.


1-1-99 - DREAM - I was knitting a plain tube with no shape and an old man insisted I was knitting him a sweater.The thing wasn't for him at all and  I dawdled and dawdled, hoping he would leave to go home, but he didn't. I finally convinced him I couldn't finish knitting him a sweater in 20 minutes, so he may as well leave and I could send it to him later.

He left then and I asked a woman there why he would think I was knitting him a sweater when it was just a plain tube. She said, "Someone did that to me too because they could see in their imagination, the finished product like this and she showed me herself wearing a plain tube. When she stepped into it, the tube took on her body form so that it had HER shape.


1-1-99 - MEDITATION - I saw a whole long list of serious subjectS I could choose for a web page and I didn't want to take any of them.

I lay there in bed thinking about nothing in particular, waiting for another vision of worthy focus and the word 'Tamasisk' kept coming into my head ... exactly what both Joe and I dreamed last night. Tamasisk means anger and fury.


1-2-99 - LUCID DREAM - I was picking up pink and gray marbled rectangles labeled 'Tamasisk". There were 54 of them in a plaque 9 high by 6 wide panel on a wall. (I don't know the significance of the number yet). I got tired of moving the panels and quit before  did the last 4, not realizing there was any significance to what I was doing. A voice popped into my head and said, "Can't you even finish?" I came to the realization that this was a special project and even though I had rolled over in bed, I could still see the rectangular blocks and finished moving the last 4 even though I didn't feel like it. It felt like a duty at that point.


1-2-99 - DREAM - I was with my mother and took her to a house on a hill that belonged to a woman who looked like my Aunt Ida who was on vacation. My mother was supposed to be taking care of the place in the woman's absence. We had left for an hour, but left the kids playing there and in an hour they really made a big mess.

We were already cleaning it up with my Father's help when the woman (Ida) showed up. She was very upset but I was working hard.

My Father provided brooms and we were sweeping straw out of the foyer that belonged to the donkey's bedding outside.

Then too, the floor was very dusty around the edges and I used a small headed vacuum  cleaner want that picked up the dust and polished the red and black tile floor. It was very tedious but it was polishing up really well.

Kevin, from 'One Life to Live' showed up to help and he said he sued to be a sailor and he used a string mop and gave the floor an extra high polish.


1-2-99 - DREAM - I was cleaning my Father's mansion. It was a humongous U shaped building. It was actually like a left facing U. My apartment was at the bottom of the U spot and my daughter came to visit. I didn't want to open the door at the bottom of the U, so I went down the left arm of the building where there was a tall 9 foot tall door of heavy oak wood. I opened the door.There was a courtyard and instead of stairs there were like green-terraced steps down into the courtyard. That was the only door I felt I could open to her.


1-2-99 - MEDITATION - I was viewing the pink and gray panels of Tamasisk. At the top, the name COULTRANE appeared.  A voice said, "There are 19,000 co-creators."  Another voice said, "The co-creators are on the side like an island...and the island is Greek." Another voice said, "Joe and you are a good team and you are doing a good job."

That made me feel good even though we never figured out what 'Coultrane' meant.


1-2-99 - DREAM -

Last night I had 4 dreams, all the same, all symbolic. I was seeing a calendar. It was divided in 5 sections wide and 4 sections long.

In line one, in each of the spaces, President Clinton was named as marking time, 7 marks in each of the spaces, all very evenly spaced.

In line 2, I saw a peach named Impeachment. In space one it was large, in space two, it was smaller, in space three, it was yet smaller, in space 4, is was smaller yet. In space 5 it was again as large as space one.

In line 3, I saw the end of an orange sliced off in space one. It was rather smooth around the edges. In space 2, the orange sliced on the end was flattened out, and split in 5 parts, very deeply scored towards the middle. In space 3, the orange slice was again more even around the edges, smaller than in space 2. In space 4, the orange slice was smaller yet, even around the edges. There was nothing in space 5.

In line 4, in space 1 was a rather large mark named SILVER. In space 2, the mark named SILVER was larger. In space 3, the mark named SILVER was larger yet. In space 4, the mark named SILVER was larger yet, In space 5, the mark named SILVER was even larger.

So, what does this mean? My interpretation: Clinton in marking time until we get to the 1st week of February, when he will step down from his office. Why would he wait that long? So Gore can run for office twice. This can only happen if Clinton waits until February.

The impeachment process in the Senate looks less and less likely, However, in week 5, the first week of February, we will see that the impeachment will go forward and take it's full effect on President Clinton.

The orange slices? I can't quite say why, but I think it stands for Vice President Gore, and that he will have 4 years of service as President. The second year looms big, I don't know why it was scored in 5 sections, perhaps 5 big issues are at stake during that year. The other years look quite uneventful and mundane.

The 4th line seems to signify that the economy will continue to grow for the next 5 years and that we don't have to worry about it.

If anyone would like to take a crack at a different interpretation, I'll be happy to pass it along to others, and attach it to this dream and I'll make this a page of prophecy and see how it turns out.



1-2-99 - DREAM - I was sitting in a car between T.M. and E.R. I could see a darker green sky up ahead. I could not see left or right. T.M. asked me if I could look behind and tell him what traffic was coming from both the left and right. I said, "No!" He got mad. I said I could only see behind the car on both sides right by the window. He said, "Okay!," but was very angry with me. He was going to make a right turn and cut off a white car going to go out into the street.  Then a black car cut us off and skipped way ahead in the line with two really nasty swarthy looking men in it with moustaches.


1-2-99 - DREAM - (The beginning of this dream is missing from my memory) I was going to go out to buy lunch and thought I needed to go to the bank to get change for the machine but I looked in my purse and had plenty of silver coins including dozens of silver dimes. I was very happy.

I was then out in the country. The same color green sky was reflected in a river I was walking along. I met a friend with a trailer. She turned around to go the same way I was going.

The river turned blue like the clean water was flushing the green away. We knew there were fish up ahead up river if one wanted to fish. My friend Heidi came from up river and turned around and walked back up with us also.

I was walking with someone on my right named Mike O'Connell. His mother 'Cassie' from One Life to Live rode by on a bicycle hollering at him for being with me. But when the dream was over I was told that he would do very well in life.


1-3-99 - DREAM - I was downloading the entire Art Bell interview of the guy who killed an alien on my computer and saved it. I did this 3 times. It was 459 pages.

I then needed to save it. I needed a special key for my typewriter which was supposed to over on the right hand side which had a key slot in it. After some searching, I found it in the desk drawer and inserted the key in it's proper place. I could tell that it had never been used before because it was in pristine condition compared to the other keys.

We were expecting a visitor and the house was perfectly clean...ready for a visitor, but I was very tired and wanted to take a nap before the visitor arrived. I lay down on my back on the couch in the livingroom but that was not very comfortable. I was SO tired.

I still had to go to work and I didn't have a vehicle so I borrowed a big yellow school bus. There was nowhere to park it along the roadside so everywhere I stopped I made an X alongside the road.

I had just gone down a long decline and stopped but that isn't where I actually wanted to park it. At the same time I spotted a parking checker vehicle coming along the road. I knew I wasn't parking where I was supposed to and making my own permission marks and he called me on that. Then he watched as I got out of the bus and using the door turned the bus into like a cardboard cutout of a bus and steered the bus...pushing it back up hill. I had forgotten... actually had never pushed a bus up hill before all by myself and it was getting harder and harder. I was getting more and more out of breath. I finally had to stop and rest. I was only half way up the hill. Before I could continue I rolled the bus shape up into a can of Chili Beans including the label on the can, and continued to push the can of bean up hill.

I woke up feeling really sick by then, hard to breathe, and my stomach full of gas from eating Chili Beans for supper. My heart was pounding. I rolled over and began belching gas from my stomach. It took awhile to feel better.


1-4-99 - DREAM - I lay down to take a nap. I was dreaming about people who were deaf. I was told that if I would pray for deaf people, 7,000 people would be healed. I was then told that if I prayed for deaf people again, another 7,000 people would be healed.

NOTE: I did this, but I don't know who was healed, if any. I did a special meditation for a dear friend of mine who is deaf. I called her to a healing temple, and she came readily, carrying her two sons with her. She had a big smile on her face. I hope I was able to do some good for her. She hasn't said anything even though I told her I saw her in the astral.


1-4-99 - BIZARRE DREAM. that makes no sense. I lay down to pray for the deaf people. I obviously did not do very well because I fell asleep.

I was walking along National AVe. going East in New Berlin. It seemed very dark but I noticed the sun was shining in a rectangular patch on the ground on the westward bound edge of the road, so I hurried over there to stand in the light. I noticed R.R. was on that side of the road. He showed me another patch of road a few feet farther East so I hurried over into that one. It looked like there were little rectangles of light in the darkness so we just hurried along from patch to patch. Out in the darkness there were wild dogs and evil men but as long as we hurried from light patch to light patch, we were okay.

I got to my house in town and needed to change clothes and do some clean up work. I completed my work. It only needed dusting. I noted that the walls were bright blue and the dustpan and dustmop was the same color.

I went into another room to change clothes or something and all kinds of other people came in to fold their clothes. There was no privacy in that room. A tall, skinny girl in a bright blue dress with white lace stood in front of a mirror. I asked her what she was going to do that day. She looked in the mirror and stood there, visibly shaking, and said, "Nothing!" and continued to look in the mirror. I went over to the closet to find something else to wear because I was wearing short shorts and it seemed inappropriate. There were 3 garment bags stuffed with clothes in the closet. It seemed to be too much effort to change clothes so I left on what I had on.

I went out into the hallway and down to the door to go to work which was just around the corner. I looked out the front door and saw that it was dark and stormy outside. The rain was coming down in torrents.

People were sitting on benches under out building's canopy waiting for busses. I had a strange umbrella, it was more like a shield. I didn't need to put it over my head because I was under the canopy. The shield prevented the rain from blowing in on me as it blew sideways out of the storm under the canopy.

This was one of the worst storms I had ever seen. The sky was pitch black. Suddenly, the storm began to lift somewhat and it became somewhat lighter. It seemed I was looking out through binoculars. I was having trouble seeing. The storm raced off toward the southwest or I should say it retreated quickly in increments towards the southwest. This was no normal storm.

I was looking out towards the the river flowing by and thought I saw a huge airplane taxiing on the river. Now this didn't make sense and I thought I was seeing things. But then I saw it again and it lifted off the river and took to the air and flew. It was a huge plane. Then I saw others...many of them. Then I thought to myself, "Oh! All those planes came down and landed on the river to get out of the storm. I didn't think until after I woke up that planes can't land on water unless they have pontoons. None of these planes had pontoons. These were all normal looking planes with wheels.

The planes were taking off...all going east and flying up into the sky. This seemed normal until I noticed that the planes were getting progressively smaller and smaller, going every which way. I looked more carefully and saw people walking around amongst them. I looked again and the sky looked like pebbled carpet and all the planes were upsidedown walking and and running around like flies do on a ceiling. They were all that small. The carpet turned from blue to rose colored. I was so upset about how weird this was, I went into the building where I worked. As I walked down the hall, I went past a stairway, where a secretary dressed in blue sat at a desk at the top of the stairs.  She hollered down to me, "If anyone brings in any marijuana, make sure I get my fix!" and I woke up.


1-6-99 - DREAM - I dreamed twice of being on a web page where I came to a date which I clicked on. That took me to a page that listed numerous dates and anniversaries and their meanings.


1-7-99 - DREAM - I was dreaming about web pages about Robin Hood and wondering if I should do a web page like that.


1-7-99 - DREAM - I was in a school-like place. Peasant-like people were sitting around a long narrow table on benches. They wore heavy clothes and large scarves, the men wore cloth, checkered caps. They were seemingly old Europeans... perhaps Afghanistan or Croatian type people.

While I looked a them I was hearing a story in my head about their annihilation and the scene became a photograph in my hands and I had a razor-blade in my hand. And as I heard the story of their annihilation, I took a single blade razor-blade in my right hand and scraped their heads off and the heads all fell to the ground, but that wasn't good enough.

I went over and over the picture with the razor-blade and obliterated them. I could feel their flesh on my hand like old, cold cooked cabbage. I looked at the picture and felt revulsion and threw the picture on the ground with other museum-type memorabilia of these people. I thought to myself, "Maybe I shouldn't have done that. Maybe it would have been better to leave the picture as it was originally so people see their faces and know their pain."


1-7-99 - DREAM - I seemed to be the manager of an apartment building. I was walking in the hallway trying to decide if I wanted to go to the bank or the post office or both. It was a pretty long walk so I decided not to, but would wait until I had my car and drive there.

I had a small enamel white kettle with a red rim that some green vegetable had been soaked in. The food was eaten but the liquid was still in it. I was trying to figure out where I could set it down without taking it all the way back to my apartment.

I set it down by a stairway. I saw some old people leaving through a dark brown side door, but they slipped out the door before I could speak to them.

Another old couple was moving some antique furniture out of their crowded apartment. I thought I saw that they had an ironing board with a colorful orange cover on it. I needed an ironing board, so I spoke to them and said, "Are you getting rid of this stuff? I need one of those!"  I touched what I thought was the ironing board, and it turned into a Chinese lacquered cabinet of orange with black serpents painted all over it. I was disappointed that it wasn't an ironing board, but these people now though I had knowledge of ancient Chinese mythology and creation from the serpents and I heard the husband and wife saying to each other, "I'm really impressed with her, she has all this knowledge about the serpents.

They were taking their stuff outside to a rummage sale and they had a round table with piles of old magazines on it. I was interested in the magazines. They had green pages with piano music on some of the pages. They wanted me to have the magazines but they wanted $1.50 each for them. They didn't have that much value to me and there was a woman watching over the rummage area so I couldn't just take them.

I walked over further where there were clotheslines hung with clothing and colorful sheets hanging. I was looking for patterns of fabric I could use for quilts. I saw some I wanted but I didn't have my purse, so I went to get it. The purse was stuffed with cash and checks so I went back to buy the dresses and sheets I liked. Just as I got back there, other women were buying what  wanted.  I was just a moment too late. I was disappointed. Most everything had been sold before I came back with my money, so I bought nothing and started walking back home.

I came into my own building and saw some tall college-age men coming towards me. They were all about 9 feet tall and so handsome with booming bass voices. They were alternately reciting Shakespeare-type poetry and talking about how they wanted a friend who could be a non-sexual friend to just enjoy their company.

I didn't feel old, but figured they would see me as 60 years old and they wouldn't be interested in letting me be that person. I felt disappointed that I was too old to enjoy that relationship with them.

When they reached the door, they turned around and began coming along behind me. I walked through a large wooden door that had a black serpentine wooden handle in the center of the door. I pushed open the door and went through. Instantly I saw that my clothing was falling off. I clutched my bra to my body to cover myself. I knew these guys were right behind me and would be coming through that same door in a second and I didn't want them to see me this way. I saw some maintenance room doors on the right and quickly pushed open a rickety wooden door and rushed through it. As I did, I saw it was a stairway going up to the next floor. As I came to the stairway and began to go up it, a beautiful young, lithe dancing girl with long dark hair separated out of myself.

I was able to speak with her as she gracefully moved alongside of myself.She was totally naked and I saw that she had white sesame-like seeds hanging all over her body around the waist and up her body to her neck, and around her neck. I was rather grossed out and asked her what it was.She said, "These are seeds. If you take a few and put them on your livingroom table and sprinkle Folic Acid on them, they become human fetuses.

That made perfect sense to me and I knew I needed to pass that information along to a good friend of mine who wanted to be pregnant.

NOTE: When  I talked to my friend in the morning, she told me that her doctor had just recommended the same thing to her the day before.


1-8-99 - DREAM - I was working on a web page and came across one that had a border of the sun and the moon alternating. It was gorgeous so I borrowed the border and put it on my own web page. When I moved it, the sun and moon were mere words instead of pictures and no amount of work could make the words look like pictures, so I began to delete them again.

I was at my New Berlin house. My son Michael was given a pullover shirt of green, orange, and yellow. He was going to give it to someone else but it was a perfect fit for him. I told him he could keep it if he wanted to.

Then I went outside and was sitting in the back seat of a white car. I was helping somebody with a project and I washed some 'nuts' in water. My hand began to itch and then form huge blisters under the skin that got so big they burst and my hand ended up shredded mass of flesh. My hand was swollen to twice its size by that time and I was appalled.

I was then in a car driven by my mother. She drove so fast, she went right through a wire fence. I was shocked and expected to be sliced into a dozen pieces, but we didn't even feel it. I wouldn't try it myself though, and the next fence we came to, we went through an opening in a gate and not right through the wire.

I was then in a house with some teens. We were rather sitting around talking and there were dirty dishes around.. big pots with spaghetti sauce on the edges. It was nearing dinner time again. I asked if there were any potatoes, thinking I could start peeling them, but another woman was making spaghetti or Lasagna and potatoes weren't needed, so I began to wash dishes instead. One of the teenage girls just went to her room to wait for dinner while the other one pithed in with the work.  I told the girl who went to her room that she wouldn't get any dinner unless she worked. She acted like it was a racist statement because I was white and she was black, but another black man standing there who was a guidance counselor in a boys group told her I was perfectly right. He said, "If you don't work, you don't eat."


1-7-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were visiting his Mom who lived off of 70th and the freeway in West Allis, WI, like on 68th or 69th St.

It was a really nice cozy neighborhood, with nice houses and a little corner store, and drugstore, and bar around the corner. I was quit happy thinking about living there.

On the way there, we had left a place that was a little messy and crowded. My little kids were in the back seat of the car arguing about who was going to sit by the window. Finally, someone bodily moved and rearranged all the kids  in the car so they'd shut up and be happy.

On the way to Joe's Mom's house, we saw a little blue baby buggy in the road. It nearly got hit by a car, so we quickly picked it up and there it into our car.

We seemed to be moving into Joe's Mom's house. Joe's ex-wife debe and her husband Tom also lived there in another room. Debe said to Joe, "I somewhat believe in what you're doing so I understand why you're doing it. But it looks like you sure have your work cut out for you."

Joe was hanging his work shirts on a tall clothes tree. Joe sat by the window though with 6 indian feathers hanging on silver chains from his left ear like an earring.

I asked Joe what I was going to do for a car since he was going to use my car to go to work and I worked on 70th St. and I needed a car too.


1-9-99 - DREAM - The radio show was on and my dream was that the radio show was all laid out on paper and ready to be printed so I could read it in the morning.


1-9-99 - DREAM - The radio was still on. It seemed that life was predestined and people were 6 sided tables or lived on 6 sided tables. I went to a park with T.W. (my old boss) I thought we were just going to walk and enjoy the fresh air, but he had arranged for me to teach a bunch of girls to play golf.  I didn't even know how to play golf so I refused to do it. He didn't even ask me if I wanted to do it. I refused to even see the girls so he went by himself. I noticed the seams on my shorts were ripped open so I went into Tom's room and used his sewing machine to sew them up. I knew how to sew well and had everything all lined up ready to sew and needle went up and I saw there was no presser foot to hold the material tight and I couldn't sew without pressure on the material .

I was then with my small son and going to find R.R. a new home. There were two elevators to the 3rd floor and somehow they got on the elevator without me. I figured I'd know which apartment was his because there was a small tree by each door and an old person leaving too their tree with them. R.R. wouldn't have a tree yet so I'd just look for a place without a tree. When I got up there, instead of apartments, there were just 6 sided tables lined up with a tree by each one...seemed like small palm trees. I looked up and R.R. and my son were standing in the hallway so I had no trouble finding them.


1-10-99 - DREAM - I was in a place where I both worked and lived. One of the other girls was in charge of a program where there was one statement on a space. These were quite large and her job was to compress each one in a racheted type program.

There were only 52 left to go, and these had to be done before we could leave. However, she got called away. We could put the ratchets around the statements to enclose them, but we didn't know how to compress them.

I was packing to leave. I didn't have to take all my clothes with me. My mothers could store them, but I was taking three purses, empty or full, they went with me.

We were cleaning out the garage. It was pretty much done. I wasn't able to do that job because the machinery was too heavy, but one of the men was able to help out.

I heard a piano sound out the "A" note on the level below us and an older man sounded out the "A" note on an organ on our level. I had a piano and sounded the "A" note on it, and I heard two others on higher levels sound the "A" note. This was 'way cool' .


1-11-99 - DREAM - I was taking over as manager for a large apartment building. I was standing on the sidewalk meeting people I would be responsible for. Some were new tenants and some I had known before when I managed the building earlier. I befriended a tall blonde woman who looked much like myself. She was from apartment 301. She seemed angry at first, then a relative of hers came up to her on the left and I was on the right and her attitude completely changed and she became teary-eyed and sad.

Other people were coming along that looked familiar. They would walk up to me, touch foreheads with me and continue on their way.

A married couple asked me if I would like to go to the mall with them. Their car was very narrow, about half or less of a regular car. They wanted me to sit between them and there was only two inches of space there. He was really a bad driver and in turning around he locked his back bumper on the bumper of the other car. That was a bad sign to start with. He got the car turned around and told me to get in. The car was more like a golf cart now and very flexible. I told them I was not going to fit and just like I said, I didn't. The woman had to stand up and sit on my lap and there still wasn't room for me and the guy either and I told them it was illegal to drive with her on my lap, there was no seat belts and no windshield. I told them they'd have to go in my car instead.

 I went to get my car from the garage. There was a big blue car I normally used and a silver chevy wagon behind it. I realized that I didn't have the keys to it. The keys were in New Berlin and I would have to get them back.  So, I got in my car to go to New Berlin. I had to go east to a T intersection.  The road to the left was newly paved, but I needed to go right towards Greenfield Ave. and then west toward New Berlin which was also the direction of the mall.

I noted that the name of the street was "Schism Way". As soon as I turned that way, I knew there was something wrong. There were weeds and flowers growing up through the roadway pavement. The further I went I could see weeds encroaching along the edges. The road was getting narrower and narrower.The road began to go up a hill and made a curve to the left towards the east. It was beautiful to be in this wild country and I could see off to the right as the road got higher and higher up the hill. The view was beautiful. I came to some huge dark apartment buildings and this road curved up and around the back of them. The road got so narrow, it was not long drivable and a huge drop off was on the right. The road was now all sand and to continue, you would have to walk and it wound up behind the dark apartment building and ended there. I knew now this road was the wrong way to go, so I turned around to go back the way I had come. As soon as I turned around, I saw a huge sign that said, "Thanks for sightseeing at Schism Way."

My car was now like a round snow sled kids use that you sit on and slide down hills of snow. The road was deeply grooved sand from the other people going this way and weeds were all along the edge, but I got on my round sled and started sliding down the hill which wound around back down the hill towards the right and woke up.

I immediately had a vision of seeing a list of things I had yet to do in my life. There was a lot of them. About half way down the list was the word DEVIL. As soon as I saw it, it became animated and turned into a snake. I somehow stomped on it's head as soon as I recognized it. The black snake which was still on the line on the list, stretched out and began to sizzle like it was burning up and poofed out of existence. I had killed it.

I woke up feeling joyful.


1-11-99 - VISION - I closed my eyes again and a vision appeared The black background of a web page said, "Oldies but goodies."  The list of words all turned bright yellow like they were lighting up and I was going to be doing those too.



Within the past hour I had another vision of the quake we all know now is coming. This portends to be the BIG ONE.

In my vision I saw three photographs of Los Angeles, one on top of another. It was downtown and the city was aglow with fire between the tall buildings. It seems there will be 3 quakes in a row, one right after the other. And they are all going to be bad ones. This one is not going to be pretty. I wish everyone could take vacation and stay home.



1-12-99 - DREAM/VISIONS - These were numerous vignettes of various kinds...mostly about psychic phenomenon happening. I was feeding myself out in my dreams.


1-12-99 - VISIONS - MORE
                                   Slow doxology


1-13-99  - DREAM - I was taken to a huge garage type area where certain people were being gathered to be witnesses or sacrificed people to both handle the devastation or stave off the suffering for the 7 volcanoes that are going to blow up all at the same time. See link: below:

Date: 01/13/1999 8:13:05 AM Central Standard Time

This portent is for 7 mountains linked together to all blow up at the same time.

If you are interested in reading the whole dream, I typed it up and uploaded it here:



Subj: Earth Changes TV/Breaking News - "Escalating Weather"
Date: 05/12/1999 7:30:04 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Mitch Battros)

An Undeniable Pattern Of Escalating Weather...05/12/99

by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

It would be a difficult task to deny the "record breaking" weather we are now experiencing on a almost weekly basis. The largest tornado ever recorded. 1998, the warmest year "ever". The Larson ice shelf melting faster than expected. Seven volcanos currently active. Mudslides and avalanches killing more people in the last year than ever before. Record breaking snow fall in the northwest mountain range. More floods than previously recorded. Meteorologist forecasters are expecting the largest hurricane season we have ever experienced. This is not predictions or prophecy. This is now! Are you surprised?

When I started Earth Changes TV over four years ago, I did so after having a profound vision on January 3, 1995 (see "About Mitch Battros" on main menu) that showed me of the exceptional weather phenomena and earth changes that were to come. I had never had such an experience in my life. I was so moved by this and filled with a sense of purpose, I went to my local Red Cross and received training for the Disaster Team, mental health unit within weeks. Then I was trained to become a trainer for our local FEMA group, the King County Emergency Mgnt Office in Seattle.

I remember when I would talk to folks about what I thought would happen in the next few years to come, I would get that distant 1000 yard stare. It was as if they didn't hear a word I said. At best, I would receive a "that's nice". Or from family members "Well, we love you". haha Now, it appears I have gone from some wacko person who is cute and could be tolerated, to a visionary. Hasn't this happened to you? WE are all visionaries. If you are reading this email, I know you are also paying close attention to what's happening.

Folks, what you have read in the first paragraph, is not of the future, it is now. I have been very careful to remain in the sciences (facts) and gently bridge the gap to the "esoteric". Now more than ever, have they come so close. This is not millennium madness, it is a factual documentation of "Records" since the time they were maintained.

What is it all about? I believe it is about coming back to communities. Relying on each other once again. Having traveled the world, I noticed we had lost something, particularly in the United States, a sense of union, togetherness, community. A joining together of spirit, mind and soul. Most spiritual disciplines reflect such statements. I most like the Hopi's description of what they call "the great purification" It has also been called "The Transition".

I pledge to continue bringing the most current and breaking news information, so you can best be aware and prepare, as you choose.

Best Wishes,
Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV
Web Site:


1-13-99 - DREAM - I saw a special link about the 11:12. I saw my hand. Blood was coming out from under my ring and dripping down on the palm. (My ring fell off my finger and is lost in reality)


1-13-99 - VISION - I was given the dates 3/5, 3/8 and 3/10 for the big L.A. earthquakes.


1-13-99 - VISION - I heard Art Bell say: "You can talk about whatever you want, I'm teaching us truth here."


1-13-99 - DREAM - E.R. came to visit. He had lost a lot of weight. He didn't look very good. He had some mail for the guy in #205. I asked him why he kept getting mail and then it dawned on me, that the mailman delivers mail so fast, she gets careless and gets it in the wrong box. It was way to easy to do. I asked E.R. if he wanted to come to apartment to wait. He said, "Yes!"


1-13-99 - VISION - I immediately heard a singing voice. "Everything is going to be all right. On the 11th, the sun will be bright."


1-13-99 - VISION - I started to do the laundry and get upset because my husband was throwing stuff in the machine. Then I realized he was helping me and that was okay.


1-13-99 - VISION - I saw the date 3/5 and the voice said, "On 3/10, it'll be a record."

Then the voice said, "When you want signals and it means cities...and I heard a huge explosion.

NOTE:  There was a huge explosion near Detroit in a car plant. Many people were killed and injured there.

I heard a voice say,"When you see the rose bush...I saw a huge black thing like a giant sized coal scuttle. The voice said, "When you want effluent, you get "pretty" effluent.


1-13-99 - VISION - "They are still studying the house I'm in"  This seemed to be Joe speaking. "It's not?  A Mortgage apparently got?"

A female on my left says to the group which is around me shuffling papers, "At the outset, how do you feel about all this?"

This is a meeting and it was asked whether everybody wants copies of the meeting.

There is a discussion going on about whether video is necessary. One feels it would be good.

One asks if another is satisfied yet. Another says, " This isn't enough yet is it?"

NOTE: I was asking for more details.

I saw a man standing right in front of me. He was wondering if that is necessary. Someone said, "More details can help those prepare or avoid damage or death. "

Another says, "How about in 3 weeks then?" One said, "We don't have time today to get a lawyer."


1-14-99 - DREAM - Joe came to get me in Wisconsin. He brought me back to California and we moved into a really nice house. This house seemed to be on the 2nd floor of an apartment building and was really nice, and we had just moved into it, but the owner who lived on the first floor on the right next to the front door decided he was going to leave.

I seemed to be the manager of this building and I was involved in the showing of this apartment to a young man and his girlfriend. They were all excited about it, but it seemed to me that this young man's finances would be really stretched to take the owner's apartment.

The owner was with us at this point and we were all in our apartment. the owner was dark haired with a big dark moustache.

It dawned on me that Joe and I should move into the owners apartment which move into the owner's apartment which would make it really convenient to do my job from, not only for me but for those who was coming to look at apartments. I hadn't thought of it. I kept thinking that all our apartments were full of light at first because we had just moved into this apartment, but now that this opportunity came available, I looked at Joe to see if he was agreeable to move again and he nodded and we went with the owner to look at the apartment because the young man and his girlfriend had the choice of any other apartment in the building and this would be the only opportunity for me to take the front...right...apartment.

I woke up just as we went out the door.


1-14-99 - DREAM - I was laying on a bed with a man named David...side by side...just touching on the side and it felt like love.

The man got out of bed and I did too. I went around the corner of the room and this seemed to be an office-like building but each person had their own cubicle...all open...just divided into sections. In a cubicle I went into I saw that there was a radio and I really thought it was great to have a radio so I plugged it in. I immediately noticed that every cubicle had a radio and each one was different and I also discovered that I could have my pick of radios, I didn't have to take that first one, so I went from cubicle to cubicle looking at all the radios to pick which one I liked best.


1-14-99 - DREAM - I dreamed I was looking at a web page. I can't remember anything specific it said, but everything came in 3's and the letter C like California was very prominent and as I was waking up it seemed that I was responsible to tell others that the events coming would always come in 3's like so many other experiences people have with events.


1-14-99 - DREAM - I was outside and I saw a lost tiny grey kitten coming my way. I called to see it and it came running to me. I got all excited because none of my other lost cats will come near me, only expect to be fed and then run off.

But this little fluffy kitty came into the house with me and I gave it a dish of milk which it eagerly ate and he let me pet it and I saw that he was under a sheet of newspaper and I couldn't pet him with the newspaper over him.


1-14-99 - DREAM - I was on the phone with my friend Wendy and we were discussing shy people aren't successful and the two examples of people I had in my mind was because they didn't pay attention to details when opportunities came along and they missed them.


1-14-99 - VISION - I saw the words  ERFOL and the Golden Dawn.

ERFOL means 'eruption' in the Finnish language. It related to the 7 volcanoes in the previous dream.   The Golden Dawn refers to the time of day.

I heard, "Dates are not her choice. Is there anything you want to tell her Europe?"

"Our World" s imagination is into the track back".


1-14-99 - DREAM - I was at my New Berlin house. The telephone knocked out part of the dream.

Somebody named Richards parked out in front of the house and a black woman who was like a cop or detective wanted her arrested. Instantly there as help on the way. a guy said, "This woman was here last week and she needs help again."

I had some tiny new plants and I put some new ones in and I saw I was going to have to water them every day. I then saw two eggs that were going to hatch if I took care of them.

These are birds:  One was Ingo Swan - and the other was Joe McMoneagle."  Both remote viewers. That made sense to me.


1-15-99 - DREAM - My symbol was the star again and I was admonished by a young black girl for not moving my star to a different position when someone wanted to put their symbol (unremembered) where mine was.

We argued about it a bit, then I sat up all night while she struggled with some problems so she didn't have to experience it all alone.

My number at the end of this was 37.


1-15-99 - VOICE - I heard the number 229.

I then saw that my symbol the star was being held at 1100 until an explosion occurred over towards the right.


1-15-99 - MEDITATION - 10:00 a.m. I heard, "Thousands of earthchanges are waiting for the chance to go "boom!" Right?"

Me!  Yes!"

I heard, "Well then we are going to let them a little at a time so people aren't hurt so bad. This is necessary."

I heard, "Details! Details! You always want details!" (I heard laughter)

I saw a woman and her mother want to help, but not now. She said, "Buzz and I can't be back until 10:00 o'clock tonight."


1-15-99 - VISION - I heard, "You had your dreams about one authored male! Now follow up on it!"

I saw a man with lots of curly hair say, "He just came in from Europe to help." I could feel him touching my right arm as he threw his head back and laughed.

There were discussing getting me some heavy boots. I heard them laughing.

ROV said, "How many people do you have on this 'eat a little less' program?"  I answered, "8 to 10". He said, "Okay! We're going to help you."  I thanked him. He said, "We are going to make some thing distasteful and that will help you avoid them.  I said, "Okay!" Sarcastically I thought. "Yeah! That's what I need is more foods to avoid."  He said, "That's not so bad. It won't hurt!"

I then saw a man on a motorcycle just go whizzing by me on the left and I heard a loud explosion.  It was 10:37 a.m.


1-15-99 - DREAM - I was walking in an apartment building as manager. I was going around with my clipboard and pencil and paper making notes of things that weren't working.

Besides being a good dream symbol, I was looking for a working bathroom and only finding those that had no working toilets.

I heard some cops talking over a CB type radio that they were going to arrest someone for smoking out in front of the building. I thought that was a little extreme, but there was nothing I could do about it. That was the Law. As I walked outside, there were many people walking around the grounds...whole wedding parties. I didn't see a bride, but bridesmaids in shimmering watered silk gowns that actually glowed, walking alongside groomsmen in tuxedos.

I needed to get to another building and didn't see a sidewalk so took a shortcut along with many other people through a beautiful area of shimmering powdered white sand and then had to walk through huge wide beds of gorgeous flowers of white and pale yellow which were bordered by higher beds of flowers of rose colored flowers and greenery.  Only one problem here, there were canyons of green that went way down into the earth and I could hear continuous announcements over a loudspeaker to avoid those areas. It really was dangerous and I made a note to have that fixed.

I said to myself, "I never appreciated concrete." It was really difficult to walk through all those flowers no matter how beautiful they were because I was in such a hurry.

A woman commented to her friend, "Won't all these flowers be damaged by us walking through them?" I assured her that they wouldn't be harmed. They were there for that purpose.

I continued on, searching for a bathroom and heading towards my office which was on the 3rd floor was at the other end of the complex.

Because I was way at the north end, I decided to take the freight elevator which maintenance used. When  i got there, maintenance was working under the elevator in the pit and had light bulbs stacked up on the elevator to deliver to places where they had burned out.

I met several secretaries I know well from A-C and Simpson Electric. They were on their way to lunch break and there was a bank of food machines on this end of the building.

As I got on the elevator I had to really stretch to hit the large blue rectangular button for the 3rd floor. The girls told me that the 3rd floor had been remodeled. I was expecting nice...not what I found.

I was really in a hurry because I had to go to the bathroom so bad, so I was really rushing along. When I got off the elevator, the whole area had been remodeled into an area where people could gather, in a white cafeteria and get food. It had both little white tables and a counter area with stools. There were a lot of people up here.

It was past noon and I was anxious to get to my office. Past the cafeteria was a huge outdoor area with railings on the edges where you could look out tat the scenery. There was a huge fountain shooting up water in the center. Lots of people were up here sightseeing.

Where I was headed was the building left way at the south end. that was all that was left of this huge office building I worked in for so many years.

I finally got to it and opened the door. I hadn't realized it was so far. I must have dropped my clipboard or something. I put my hands down and my slacks dropped to my ankles. They were way too big for me. I pulled up my pants, feeling a little embarrassed but nobody saw me.

I was a little shocked at what this "remodeled" office area was. It was dark...stark...unpainted...poured concrete and a hard concrete floor.

The people I saw here were all 7 feet tall. One woman walking towards me was overheard to say, "I thought they said these were "finished offices." It was like the inside of a factory that has blast furnaces in it. It was really awful.

I still had to go to the bathroom so bad, so that when I met my old friend John DiTrappani who passed on in 1983 or so, I just said, "Hi John!" and hugged him quick and let go to move on quickly. He said, "I'm Christ!"  (He used to weight 400 pounds) I noted there was a smaller woman dressed in a light blue robe and light beige gown behind him. I didn't see his face. I said, "I've really been wanting to see you for a long time, but I've really gotta run." I hugged him lovingly, but quickly. He said, "That's what everyone says!" I laughed and quickly moved on, looking for the bathroom and woke up.

(I really had to go bad.)


1-15-99 - DREAM

There was a dog tied to the right side of the horse, also carefully harnessed. The woman was driving the car which seemed to be motorized but the horse and dog were pulling it too. I recalled the cliche, "Don't put the cart before the horse."

The dream started with me in the house with my husband who decided in mid-day that he wanted to make love. He got down on all fours on the floor like a dog, playfully.The timing was all wrong. There were glass doors on our room and the room across the way also had a glass door so my son Tom could see us.

Also, the maintenance man named Jim came and lay on the bed behind me to take a nap. Two other maintenance men were in the kitchen but there was no wall between the head of the bed and the kitchen so they could see in too. I squirmed out of my husband's clutches and went over to my dresser where I was trying to balance many little perfume bottles in a small container without knocked a box of lightbulbs off onto the floor.

I went outside to do an errand which I can't remember. As I was walking down the street, the cart I drew above came by. It had just come down from up north. The woman was driving the horse with reins and a whip. she was dark haired, peasant-like, and two children were in the cart with her. The cart was unique in that it had a triangular cage around the horse that went way out in front of the horse so that it was enclosed in the cage. Alongside the horse, a reddish colored dog was harnessed to its right side. The cage had a top on it like a surrey and there was a big wheel on top of the cage as well, with flags flying. It seemed like they actually lived in this horse drawn cage, but I could hear a motor running so it seemed like the cart was actually motor driven and th house was just for show.

The cart was very unstable, running down the left side of the road besides. There were many dogs in the street. I saw at least two dead dogs laying in the street with red leashes around their necks like they had run away. Other dogs were sniffing and eating on their bodies.

Three dogs were running alongside me on the left. One was black lab, one red Irish setter, one light tan Collie.  all three dogs wanted to be with me. The black labrador was closest and actually wrapped his body around behind my legs and when I put my hand down in front of his face and hollered, "Heel!" He sucked on my little finger. I continued to holler "Heel!" to control the dogs as I crossed the street to go home for lunch.

I only allowed the tan collie to go into the house with me. The other two had to stay outside. I ran up seven steps in the hallway up to the kitchen door. My little daughter was sitting on the floor cutting a picture out of a magazine or book. I said, "Did you start lunch without me?"  I picked her up and placed her on a high pedestal type structure. In her hands was the picture. It was a house, shaped with a triangle on the upper left. (There were some marks inside the picture similar to a stock chart like I had seen before I went to sleep) I thought of using the scissors to trim the picture more carefully than she had.

The dream voice message said, "Do you remember Poe and Hague?"  Poe appeared as a triangle and Hague appeared as a spoked wheel.


1-16-99 - DREAM - I seemed to need to know the name of an animal...a type of cat. There were supposed to be three of them. At the end of the dream, I was crossing the street to go home, which was the second time I had done this. Someone had turned ona sprinkler and the water was rising gradually in the street, not draining off. I met a woman on the street. She ignored me but then went across the street, saw a boy on the porch and asked the woman if she could go into her house. I went up on my porch and found a cloth flowered knitting bag on my porch. I didn't have the key to this house, but I turned the knob, it opened and I went in. I made sure the door was locked so the woman couldn't come in. I was cleaning the house but there were so many stools and chairs in the way, I couldn't actually put anything away. I couldn't only get it "close" to where it belonged.

I woke up knowing I still was missing the name of the cat I needed to do something.


1-16-99 - DREAM - (As I was watching TV, I suddenly had a flash vision which I knew was from a dream I had forgotten from last night.)

The vision was of myself and my distended stomach with a large baby kicking...about to be born.


1-17-99 - DREAM  - I was in a big school. In this school the women had a serious choir which sang serious music. We were having auditions and I was in charge of who got in the choir and who didn't.

While we were sitting there, some high school friends of mine with whom I had had a 6 person singing group with for talent shows got u on the stage and called themselves, "The Dare Devils" and sang a funny song. Though it was cute, it couldn't be part of a serious choir.

After school, I got mail and I was being bothered by some men who were attending classes, so I sneaked down the corridor and hit out in a back room where the men couldn't see where I was.

As luck would have it, the room I chose was by some mailboxes and had  bunch of windows in the opposite side, so in moments, the girls from my old singing group were after me to rename the choir "The Dare Devils" and let them be the choir. I couldn't do that, but I hated to be a spoil sport, so in spite of myself, I said that the group called The "Dare Devils" could do 1 song.

NOTE: Joe woke me up so that ended the dream.


1-17-99 - DREAM - The names of these women came up again in a subsequent dream and I decided again to let their names remain on the list.


1-17-99 - DREAM - I was shown a web page that was very simple...a plain yellow background titled "WORLD CHANGES".

There were only 7 links on it.Each went to a page that described dreams and information about that particular catastrophe.

As soon as I left the page,it would show it to me again, over and over and over, so I wouldn't forget it.


1-17-99 - DREAM - I was working in a huge company. I had to get the mail and packages which got delivered on the 8th floor. I went up to the 8th floor to get the mail, but I was carrying a box of crayons for a project of my own not connected to the company work.

I saw the boss up there. He looked like Mr. Bass, my old boss...really tall and imposing in demeanor. I avoided him seeing game because I had the crayons in my hand. I picked up several packages. One was for Fleishman on the 2nd floor and the other one for Flink(sp?) (this is not the right name. A computer guy I used to know) When I got down to the 3rd floor, I was in such a hurry, I dropped my crayons into some hanging files next to the aisle.

When I got to the stairway to go to the 2nd floor, I was stopped by a woman who said she was waiting for some information from me.She looked really sad. I didn't know what to say to her because I hadn't had time to look for her information psychically as I knew she wanted me to.

One of my supervisors named Mary somebody just at that awkward moment and gave me another assignment (unremembered) I then was easily able to tell the woman I would have to get back to her as soon as I could.

I turned to go down the stairs which was lined (stacked) with green hanging files all the way down the stairs. I had to actually crawl over them without falling in them. I got to the next level and found a huge box for Fleishman which hadn't been delivered. I asked two guys to help deliver that one because it took two people to deliver it.

I still had to go look for my crayons in those files. I knew they were in one of the files.

On the first floor, I met a maintenance man. He was in a room standing on a ladder...looking for a place to put in some air blowers on the ceiling. The ceiling had a false ceiling of wood so he was using a hammer to find an empty space to install the blowers and motor. I could see myself it would be easy because the studs weren't covered...the wood just barely covered the edges and there was a big gap over the stud before the next piece of wood started. He was bashing holes in the ceiling so he could get those motors up there. He said, "Hi Sweetie Pie." in a cute way and I flirted back and said "Hi Sweetie Pie." even though I knew there was another guy waiting for me. I asked him, "How big are these blower motors anyway? 4s?", already knowing they were.


1-17-99 - VISION - A man said, "You might want to check your records because your account here is accumulating at about $2,000 a month."

I heard someone say:  "When are you going to deliver it? Tonight?  Now? "

I saw an e-mail that said, "VOLCANOES - BIG DREAM


1-17-99 - DREAM -  I was laying in bed sleeping and dreaming. I heard someone come to the front door.Joe let two women into the house who were cops, but not in uniform.

He came in the bedroom to get me so I could meet them and they meet me. As I went through the bathroom, I stopped to comb my hair. As I looked my hair got fuller and longer and was a beautiful red color. I patted it and was very pleased. I could see though that it was a wig.

I went into the livingroom and said, "Hello!" then told them I had gone to bed as a blonde and got up as a redhead and laughed and patted my beautiful hair.

Joe told the woman I was a dreamer and told the future through my dreams. Joe told her a dream about himself which I had had. I closed my eyes and could see the journal. In the dream Joe had to make a choice between WZY and JKL. I did a very poor job of explaining the dream I thought, but the women were very interested.

We went outside then and people were arriving for a barbecue/picnic type event. People were bringing their own food like chips and soda. The woman told me that this was an 18th Century neighborhood but it was coming along slowly into the modern world.

A guy in a yellow triangle shaped 3 wheel motorcycle came up the driveway. I used him as an example. I said, "You might dream of a yellow motorcycle and know that its a test coming, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the physical test will involve a yellow motorcycle.

She was very busy controlling what her child was doing and I was sitting there doing nothing and gradually woke up, feeling very groggy like I shouldn't have woken up.

NOTE: Joe and I made dowsing rods after this dream to chose numbers and letters representing areas on a map where my community was supposed to be.


1-18-99 - DREAM - I and my family and some friends were all leaving town and going to the beaches of Florida. We went through our apartment building and school, hugging everyone, even my old enemy Suzi. I told her to pick out anything she wanted from our apartment. We weren't taking any furniture with us. Finally, we got to the door to go outside. It was dark, but our plane which looked like a silver streamlined bus waited on the street to take us away.

We waved at everyone as we ran across the street to the plane. But s soon as we got on the plane, we found out that two of the young men who were Joe's sons, were lost out in the dark somewhere and we couldn't leave without them. So we had to get back off the plane, deciding to leave the baby girl (toddler) sleeping on the plane and went back into the building.

I still had TV and radio equipment there which I needed to tell the future and I got help to set it up and turned in on the beaches of Florida. When that's all I could see was sand, I woke up.

NOTE: In February, I got very involved with making a web page about the Miami Circle ancient site that was uncovered.


1-18-99 - DREAM - I was looking at the screen of sand and two black snakes came up. They were label Gromyko and M________.


1-18-99 - DREAM - I went to visit my cousin Shirley to see her new baby. On the doorknob were baby cards shaped like babies. I took one of the cards and walked in because the door was ajar. There were a lot of women in the apartment. I walked to the back bedroom where the women were with the babies.

I saw my cousin Shirley. She was really thin and beautiful.  I handed her the baby card. Then I went over to where the baby cribs were. I seems that all the women who had babies in my family were all there with their babies.

I picked up a baby which belonged to my son Bob and his wife Karen. The baby weighed more than 9 pounds. I marveled at how big he was and decided to take him home with me. As I carried him he was getting bigger and bigger. He was at least 15 pounds by the time I got him home.

In my apartment, I found a stack of collapsed cardboard milk containers that were 1/2 gallon size. I uncollapsed them and stacked them. Each one had a plastic bag inside of it, so I stacked in one in each other. I thought to myself, "They took up less room in the original condition, maybe I should have left them that way.


1-18-99 - DREAM - (I was called to sleep to get a special message)

I was working on web pages. Everything was routine and going smoothly. There was a kind of tone to it that felt good. Then the doorbell rang and a man named Lee was at the door. He had a box of paper held on his left side which he presented to me. He said, "Here! I want you to post this."

NOTE:  'Lee" means "that side which is protected from the wind. I don't know what the project is. Maybe I'll find out in time.


1-18-99 - VISION - I had a great deal of trouble going to sleep so decided to meditate instead.  I worked on trying to replay the previous dream. I was successful in a replay of the end of the dream. I wanted to try to continue the dream but it ended in the same place. I worked on attempting to find out who Lee really is and all night, I kept seeing a shape like a big U with a great deal of white space around it. Each time I saw t, it was identical and always had the broad white space around it.


 1-18-99 - MEDITATION - I was shown I had a web page with a lot of links to sites about a very large man. I saw that twice, but I couldn't recognize the man, nor could I read any of the links. I wasn't getting it, so continued to mediate to try to get the man's name with no success.

I then had a vision of the front yard of a house. There was a colorful child's swing set there with two sings, a teetertotter-like two seater swing for two people and a slide on the side. What was more remarkable though as a round ball on the ground which I could see through. On the surface of the ball was a design similar to the continents of the world, but they were in red, white, and blue and all over the designs were twinkling white lights.

I came back from the vision thinking how beautiful that globe was, but with no meaning in mind.

I closed my eyes again and immediately found myself back in the yard, but now saw this beautiful ball twinkling on the stoop by the back door. (The Points of Light?)

I still found no meaning except a feeling of awe that the ball had moved by itself.

Then a voice said, "What about your boyfriend, Treya?"

Maybe it means Maitreya?  I started a page about Points of Light the last time I dreamed about it. I should finish it.



1-20-99 - DREAM/NIGHTMARE - I was at my Father's lake cottage. Though my Father had spent many years working on the cottage and the landscaping, it had never been completed before he got heart disease, was sick for several years and finally passed on.

There was so much work left to do , it seemed an impossible task, but even I pitched in to help with the landscaping, digging with a shovel, whatever there was to do, actually everyone pitched in.

Long before the work was done, a tragic accident occurred and a man who came to volunteer came sliding in, down the road, on his stomach. I couldn't bear to look at his injuries. His skin was shredded on the gravel. He had slid so far, all his clothes had shredded off. I expected an ambulance to be called, but he wouldn't give in, and he insisted on working right alongside the other two men who were there which was Joe the maintenance man and one other smaller man.

After the man shredded his skin and was injured, the other two men stayed with him while he was healing, they also took off their clothes and balanced themselves on the ground on their hands and feet sprawled out but not touching the ground like a turtle without shells.

There three men worked together as a team. What one would do, the others would try to outdo him. The camaraderies, the friendship, the work ethic, nothing was too good to sacrifice.

Finally, there was one task left to do. They had to balance the foundation of the porch before the last of the concrete could be poured to make it level. They had exhausted themselves, their tools were used up, they only had one tool left each to use and I saw each one reach in front of themselves to use their penis to balance the porch. One on each outside edge, the house itself being the 4th balance point.

I couldn't watch. I was shocked with disbelief that these men would give so much of themselves, of their energy, that they would sacrifice even their penises was too much and I ran away so I didn't have to see it happen.

However, then the cottage was complete, the landscaping was complete and I came back to look at this masterpiece those three men had sacrificed everything for.

I began to look through the house. It was perfect inside. The workmanship was far more outstanding than anything I had ever seen before. I went to the kitchen where new cabinets had been installed. Everything was perfect. Just like all women, we love a lot of cabinet space in the kitchen, so I began opening drawers and testing them. I saw a bread board which slid out from within the cabinet and saw that it was labeled "Masquerade". The label was beautifully and masterfully painted with flowers detailed around the letters. Even that was perfect. But something about the name terrified me. I became too frightened to open anymore cabinets, expecting that the sacrifice the men had made for my Father's house was so great that the man had even sacrificed their entire bodies and that I would find their bodies embedded in the cabinet wall or in the floor itself.

Then I saw the man who had slid in on his stomach and it appeared that his skin had healed. He was now fully dressed. I was admiring him and telling him how much I appreciated the sacrifices he and the other two men made. When I was talking to him, I noted that there was no bulge in the front of his pants, and their appeared to be scar tissue on his stomach over the area where his shirt gapped open. He said, "Let me show you how much I sacrificed for your Father's house, and reached for the zipper on his trousers.

I suddenly realized he had sacrificed even this treasured manhood for my Father's house, and I couldn't bear to look at it, so I turned and ran away. He insisted he wanted me to see his ultimate sacrifice and I wanted no part of that so I ran and ran and ran with him chasing me. I finally ran outside and was running down the street with him after me to show me his sacrifice. The dream turned surrealistic and alongside me were animals chasing each other...the larger ones chasing the smaller the order of the food chain. right alongside me was a brown dog chasing a squirrel. They were running so fast, I could see the outline of their speed delineated in the wind, then even a squirrel chased a mouse, on down to the smallest insect. All were running the same direction, seemingly East, all to devour their prey.

That's what I felt like now too, like I was the prey of the man. I ran as far as I could and came to the ocean's edge. There was nowhere left to run, so I jumped in the water and began to swim out to sea.

I turned over on my back, treading water and doing the back stroke, hoping I was safe, but I wasn't. The man jumped into the water after me and swam after me. There was nowhere left to go. I turned to see where I was and saw that I wasn't actually in an endless ocean, I was in an enclosed pool. But there was one more place I could hide. I saw that there was a doorway to a private enclosed pool that had brown wooden walls and I swam through the door into the last pool room. As I entered the pool, still swimming, I saw there was nowhere left to run, nowhere to hide and I would be forced to see the ultimate sacrifice of the man.

I was so terrified I forced my eyes open. I wasn't even breathing, my heart was pounding, the skin on my arms burned from the effort of the swimming. I just lay there in the dark, my eyes wide open, refusing to close them and go back into the dream. I finally calmed down, but there was no way I was going to close my eyes again.


1-20-99 - VISION IN DREAM -



1-21-99 - DREAM - (I can't remember why I had to move but I did. It's the circumstances that are strange.)

I was going to move my stuff to my New Berlin house but I found out that my husband had moved too. He had moved to a different house.

I decided to call ahead to make sure someone was home. My son Tom told me he'd make the call, but he ended up calling the Father's house whose name was Arthur who lived at 10002 when my husband had actually moved to 10004 with his girlfriend Ruth. I was shocked to hear it was the church on the corner where they were living.

I told my son Tom that I would just take a couple boxes on this trip and I'd drive myself because no one else was available to help. As we were driving along I discovered that the sky was fake and we were really in a big room and I proved it by taking a spoon and scraping it down the wall and sky peeled off the walls like creamy cake frosting.

When I got to my ex-husband's new "church' house, he wasn't there...he was back at the old New Berlin house, but my daughter was there and she let me in.


1-21-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were going to school together.We were on the 1st floor of the school sitting at desks just like in high school, but we looked like we do now. Noon came and class ended. He got up from his desk and went outside. I thought to myself, "Joe and I could have lunch with each other once a week, but he has errands to do and so do I, so it's better this way."

I had to go to the bathroom really bad, so I got up from my desk and went down some narrow stairs to the basement where the bathrooms were. I went past one bathroom because there was only a partial swinging door on it and you could see people's legs and heads when you walked by. I was going to go to a different bathroom around the corner where the stalls were way back in the room and nobody could see in.

I was now walking through an area where a huge pink safe was standing open. I heard someone behind me say, "Is this the AOL area?" There was a man in a grey suit standing by the safe door, and a little girl dressed like Orphan Annie (I named myself Annie when I lived in the State of Washington because it's my middle name and I was so taken by the song "Tomorrow" from the movie) She was wearing a little red dress, white socks, and black patent leather shoes. She was looking inside the safe which literally glowed. I acknowledged in my mind that was the AOL area and went through the door to another hallway leading to the bathroom.

As I went through the door, a little boy with dark hair, about age 5 or 6 came up to me and said a little poem about me having beautiful hair, and blue eyes and beautiful white teeth. He smiled at me while I thought to myself, "Who? Me?" but said to him, "You are the sweetest little boy." I wanted to make friends with him but there were so many people here I lost track of him in the crowd.

In a couple of moments I was walking on down the sunny street and suddenly noticed I had completely forgotten to go to the bathroom and had to turn around and go back into the building to do that.

I woke up really having to go to the bathroom.


1-22-99 - DREAM - I was working on web pages of links. They were Theldar vs non-Theldar. The non-Theldar was very short. The Theldar links were all about disaster.

NOTE: Theldar is the aka name of a woman I get disaster information from for my e-mail list.


1-22-99 - VISION - As I lay down I had a quick vision. This was a paperback book made up of these same links with pictures alongside many of the links showing what they represented.



This was a picture of ape evolving to man. Then there was a picture of fat man with a dark sun tan like the first ape.  It was really funny to see.


1-22-99 - DREAM The symbolism in this dream is very clear. I had this dream  three times in the same nap.

DREAM - 1-22-99 - I really enjoy gardening so when I had the  opportunity I went to a farm to help out. When the chores were done for the day, we were in the barn. There was a pile of dirt in the corner where the crops were kept fresh.

I started digging in the dirt pile and found some potatoes. I told the old woman farmer that I'd try to get enough potatoes for dinner. She said, "Okay!" and I started pulling potatoes out of the dirt. One potato was particularly large and when I pulled it out, a huge hole was left in the pile.

I decided to look down into the hole and saw a beautiful amber light fixture buried down there under the dirt. It was so pretty, to look at. While I was thinking about taking the light fixture out of the hole for the other people to see, the large potato fell back into the hole and broke one of the fluted light covers.

I was so upset, I apologized to the old woman who was now a withered old black woman. (KALI) I told her I was concerned about the broken glass, that someone might get cut on it.

She said, "Don't worry about it." She brought out a long green hose and began washing away the dirt pile. She washed away all the dirt, leaving a clean, concrete floor. I didn't know what to say. I didn't expect her to use so much water and wash ALL the dirt away.

Outside, I looked down into the valley and saw that the water in the river was rising. It rose higher and higher. The water felt warm, so I was wading in the water. I thought about strolling in the water from place to place, but it was getting higher and higher.

My brother told me he was going to go look at the river too, and I said, "Okay!" The water was getting up past my knees now and I started to get concerned about my own safety. I decided I was wrong to tell my brother to go ahead and look at the river with its fast rushing water and began to call him back.

I saw two cops tell my brother he could go no further and made him turn around and come back. By now, the water was thigh high and it looked like the entire valley was covered with water. I was getting more and more concerned for the safety of everyone, so I headed up the stairs into my apartment building where I felt safe.

When I got there, I went on the computer and began working on computer pages about disaster and preparing for survival.


1-23-99 DREAM -After an incredible nightmare the other night, Joe and I put our heads together so-to-speak and put together a couple of web pages about the Triple Male Trinity and the Triple Goddess symbolism.

These symbols are seen both in dreams and crop circles. The Triple Male Trinity and their consorts concept was  conceived as far back as the Hindu religion and is seen in other religions also. The Christian religion has adopted a form of it as well.

I must warn you ahead of time, there is graphic sexual detail on these pages and is not meant for children to read.



I must say, that dreaming about these symbols was at times extremely joyous, and other times extremely frightening. I hope you find time to sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy these little dream stories like Joe and I do.

Love, Light, and Joy



1-22-99 - VISIONS - A woman's voice said, "My name is Ne-us". She began to speak German which I cannot understand nor phonetically repeat. She tried to show me a blue map which I assumed was Germany. I told her I didn't understand German nor could I see what she was trying to get me to understand. Then she showed me some drawings.

Then she showed me some drawings. They were of villages...a dark blue background with stylized childlike houses and cars and trees and such on them. I saw one child on one picture. I don't know what she was trying to tell me unless it was "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child."


1-22-99 - DREAM - I had the beginning part of this dream 3 times. I really enjoyed gardening so when I had the opportunity I went to a farm to help out. When the chores were done for the day, we were in the barn and there was a pile of dirt in the corner where the old crops were still kept.

I started digging in the dirt pile and found some potatoes. I told the old lady farmer that I'd try to get enough potatoes for dinner.She said, "Okay!" and I started pulling potatoes out of the dirt. One potato was particularly large and when I pulled it out, a huge hole was left.

I decided to look down into the hole and saw an amber colored light fixture buried down there. It was so pretty to look at, but all of a sudden, while I was thinking about how to bring the light out for the other people to see, a potato fell back into the hole and broke one of the fluted light covers.

I was so upset, I apologized to the old woman who was now black, I told her I was concerned about the broken glass, that someone might get cut on it.

She said, "Don't worry about it," She brought out a long green hose and began washing away the dirt pile. She washed away all the dirt, leaving a clean, concrete floor. I didn't know what to say. I didn't expect her to use so much water.

I looked down into the valley and saw that the river was rising. It rose higher and higher. The water felt warm so I was wading in the water. I thought about wading through the water and enjoy a stroll through the neighborhood. My brother told me he was going to go look at the river too and I said, "Okay!" The water was getting up past my knees now and I started to get concerned for my own safety. I decided I was wrong to tell my brother to go ahead and look at the river and began to call him back. I saw two cops tell him he could go no farther and he turned around and came back. By now, it looked like the entire valley was covered with water and it was now thigh deep. So, I headed up the stairs into my apartment building where I was safe.

When I got there, I went on the computer and began working on computer pages about disaster and preparing for survival.


1-23-99 - DREAM - I was playing a board game. It started out with everyone trying to find space near Art Bell.  As we played the game, it got larger and larger until it was real life.we all moved on the board to our place of interest according to which disaster we believed in.


1-23-99 - DREAM - I and other people all lived in the same apartment. There was no privacy and  I needed to change clothes in a hallway.

There wasn't enough room for all our clothes either. I had 7 sweaters and there wasn't room for 7 sweaters. A huge man came through the hallway and apologized for taking up as much room. He said he had 9 hats in the closet. He said he'd pare them down. He didn't really need all 9 of them.


1-23-99 - DREAM - Joe and I had a beautiful blue truck. We loaned it to T.J. (Joe's younger son) to go on a trip. Joe and I were in another vehicle. We came up to the back end of a blue vehicle just like ours on the road and I wondered if it was T.J. We were going really fast and were driving only 3 inches behind the blue truck. I wasn't concerned about driving that close behind T.J. because he drove so fast.

While I was looking through the back window of the vehicle. A blonde woman moved over and held up a bald baby so I knew it wasn't T.J.


1-14-99 - DREAM - This was a totally sad dream. A job I had done for a woman was over and I was being let go. I actually don't know what I did there at this large company except that I made a web page. Everyone seemed to be angry at me for something I had said but nobody would tell me what I had said. The boss  I worked for never told me how much I was earning and I had no money. The room I spent the nights in was a bathroom that I was locked in. One woman who felt sorry for me slipped two dollar bills, some dimes and a small pile of used stamps under the door to try to help me out.

I managed to get out of the building at one point and went walking down the street. A farmer had left a small wagon with the last of his harvest by the side of the road for anyone to take. I looked in the one bag.Everything in it was unripe. I saw tomatoes, bananas, and corn, all so far from ripe they couldn't be eaten. Also in the cart were many watermelons which  I didn't bother to look at because I wouldn't eat it anyway.

As I was walking away again an old man I knew from Milwaukee picked up the bag to take it home. My daughter-in-law Becky came along and took it away from him. At that point I picked up the bag again and everything was hot like it had been on a barbecue.

I went back to the office to get whatever was there I could take with me. I saw two coats, one brown tweed and one brown fur. I left both of them there. I was looking at the desk to see if there was anything there and a young girl came up to me so angry at me for what I had said. She got so angry she started to cry. I went over to her and put my arm around her shoulder while she cried. I saw she was pregnant...maybe 4 or 5 months.  I had my hand on her stomach and her baby was kicking really hard. I asked her what was the matter. She said, "You told me he didn't love me."  She was speaking of the father of the baby. I said, "No! I never said he didn't love you. You ARE loved!" At this point her skin was very dark. I felt she represented another time and place. She said, "I thought I had nothing left to live for."  Just then her baby kicked her again really hard and she got a big smile on her face and she knew she could live for the baby.

I went over to a table and sat down to contemplate what I was going to do next.

A short swarthy man and his short swarthy cohort came over and asked if I had another job to go to. I said, "No!" He said, "What were you paid here?" I said I didn't know. He said, "That's what I figured. I have a job for you.!" I said, "Oh?" He said, "Yes! I'll pay you ____" (like lira or some other foreign currency) It sounded better than nothing to me. I agreed that it was okay. I said, "You want to give me your business card so I know where to go?" He handed me the card. It said, "Frank's Part Time Delivery Service."  The address was on it and I was trying to make it out but I knew then as I held the card that it was a cover for something else and I started having visions of what I was really up against. I saw LUXAN as the place I would work and that my job was SPY and I saw CD, and then the logos of hundreds of companies I would be expected to spy on.

I woke up as these logos continued to flash in front of me.


1-24-99 - VISIONS - The projects are all ended. It's time for all companies to check their buildings to see if they are earthquake proof.


1-25-99 - DREAM - I was seeing a web page about the stock market. At the top of the page was a picture with wavy lines on it at different levels, each line representing each stock.

I dreamed that same dream twice if not more. Again before I woke up I dreamed about the page again, but the picture didn't display and had little x at the top instead. (Web pages display a small x when the picture is not available on the server)

NOTE: I had been studying the stock market and had been planning to try DAYTRADING. As a result of this dream, all those plans stopped and I didn't do it.


1-25-99 - VISION - I was in the kitchen and the floor looked dirty and I saw ants crawling around. A voice said, "You should be ashamed of yourself."  Then I saw a grocery bag and two small bottles of clear liquor were taken out of the bag. Neither one could stand up by itself. They were set by side and they still both fell over away from each other.

(Liquor = spirits)


1-25-99 - VISION - I saw what looked like an e-mail and there were comments on a couple paragraphs from Bonnie. Then Bonnie came and put a black antenna contraption on the floor of the barn. She said, "Now we'll be able to communicate better."

A few moments went by and I saw another e-mail and each paragraph was commented on by Bonnie. Another moment went by again and I was at the barn and another woman took Bonnie's antenna contraption out. I then saw the paragraph page and there were no comments on them at all.


1-26-99 - VISION -

#1 - A man in a beige trench coat took a big step to the left over a sinking sidewalk plate.

#2 - The same man took a step forward to the right over the same plate. The plate was breaking up into gravel and sinking more.

#3 - VOICE - "Richard the Clone"

NOTE: Richard Hoagland had a massive heart attack on March 6th. I don't know what the "clone" reference means, but the symbols would certainly fit 'sinking health' as well as could mean 'sinking land'.


1-26-99 - DREAM - I was sitting in an office working. I heard my name called and ran into a back office where all the walls were white. There was no one there. I woke up to the phone ringing. The dream must have been a psychic wake up call.


1-26-99 - DREAMS/VISIONS This is strictly for the West Coast. Others needn't worry, but should send light to the situation if you can. I would ask that everyone pass this along to anyone you know on the West Coast. Last night, I had 6 identical dreams In the dream, I was staring at a control panel of indicators, buttons, and charts about disasters, especially earthquakes. When the earthquake hit, even the indicator that said 'earthquake' shook violently.

The fact that I had the dream 6 times is VERY important. That means it's highly likely to happen.

After I woke up this morning, I had a series of at least a dozen visions. Each one was about the types of quake disaster that is going to occur.

In one, a tectonic plate dropped slightly. In the next, the plate dropped and quivered, and what looked like solid rock, turned to gravel and rolled around. In another one, the tectonic plates turned on edge like this: /////. In another one, I saw cars on top of roadways, raise up in the air 50 feet or more. In another, everything got all jumbled up like jackstraws.

I was told that there will not only be a lot of damage, but many deaths. When the earthquakes hit, there will also be tidal waves which will kill many more people along the coastline.

For some reason, there is also going to be heavy cross winds which will cause damage to anything airborne at the time.

Let me tell you this also. Many people have been getting warnings from spirit to leave, and you haven't listened. Those of you who have gotten the warnings know who you are. NOW is the time to heed the  warnings while there is still time.

Not all types of quakes will hit the same place. These quakes will happen all along the west coast. A BIG shift is coming. Watch the little quakes now. That's where the indicators will show where the big ones are going to hit. We already know that Los Angeles will be one place. Little quakes are good. The are pressure relievers. It would be worse if there were none.

Also be aware that 7 volcanoes are going to go off all at once also. They will be devastating as well. These volcanoes are all linked underneath the surface of the earth. These also will be along the West Coast.

I already know that many people will hide their heads and not heed the warnings. I was shown that too, but those of you who have the awareness will know that this is the time to go. You have 6 weeks  to make the move. Make it less if you can.

Here are the visions:

#1 - I saw a man in a beige trench coat take a big step to the left over a sinking sidewalk plate.

#2 - I saw the same man in a beige coat take a step forward and to the right over the same sinking sidewalk plate, which was now deeper and the concrete had turned to shifting sand and gravel.


#4 - VOICE - There is a developing situation which CNN and a large magazine media will break. I saw numerous pictures on two side by side pages. There were 7 of them. Each page I turned over was developing the pictures as I went. I flipped them all back to look at them again, and they continued to develop. (Perhaps there are two situations developing)

#5 - VOICE - ZUCKO - (ZUKO) I saw a huge land mass rise over 50 feet with a car balanced on top of it.

#6 - VISION - I saw a full drawer of kitchen utensils slamming shut and all the utensils were jammed every which way out of alignment at the front of the drawer.

#7 - VISION - I saw the same drawer pulled as far out as it could go with all the same kitchen utensils still jammed way to the front. The back of the drawer was empty.  Then I saw a hand move a single large mixer beater to the left corner of the back of the drawer and a large mat on the right back corner which laid down on the empty space and draped over the top of the utensils.  A voice said, "If everyone is dead, what good is it?"

#7 - VOICE - "This is it"... sue market (Sue Marquette) (SUE MAR KET) ( I don't know what this means, but a man called up on the phone the same evening and threatened to sue us for publishing a derogatory paper about him on the web)  (We removed it)

#8 - VOICE - "The gentlemen in the Senate is hiding something. It'll be the gentlemen from San Francisco. The information is about to be released. What is the strategy?"

#9 - VOICE - When the wind current meet each other, the antique flyers in multiples. "

#10 - I could hear rock and roll music playing. A voice said, "Take the music away from the yard." I saw a stick raise up a whole pile of plates in a sink. All were tilted ////.

#11 - VOICE - "It's time to leave." I saw a man scrambling to get out of bed and out of his house. The voice said, "It's the water level."

#12 - I saw three men bend over way down, hiding their heads. Then I saw three other men with dark hair and dark moustaches. A voice said, "If you don't want to!  then "If you don't have to!" I assumed the sentences belonged to each type of men.

#13 - I saw like a pit forming in sand. It was circular. A voice said, "Can Arizona offer any darkening?"  This was a 5 pointed star but with rounded ends.

#14 - VOICE - "The timing is off."

#15 - VOICE - "The Kings with the contracts will lose."

#16 - VISION - I saw a black hand held radio communicator with the antenna broken off.  (I assumed that was the end of the communications and got up to write everything down.)



Hi: Here are last nights dreams and visions:

2-2-99 - (I had three dreams of web pages about Earthchanges)

#1 - A plain listing of the different kinds of earthchanges

#2 - The same list of words, placed in the order in which they were going to occur. Some were side by side in a row. Each one was etched into its own sized space in what looked like stone or concrete.

#3 - The same list of words on a brown page. It appeared to be an answer to a letter written by Joe Mason. It said:

"My name is Joe Mason. Zeus is my home county."


After the earthchange dreams were over, I had another brief dream where I was standing by the stairway of a large empty basement. It seemed we had all been gone on a vacation. Someone had painted the walls deep blue with white daisies all over it. The floor was painted brown and the maintenance man, "Joe" said he was going to paint the walls and then pour a new concrete floor. It appeared there was room for 6 to 9 inches of concrete on the floor up to where the new paint started. Joe said he was ready to pour the concrete. I asked him if he decided not to pain first so he wouldn't drip pain on the new concrete, but since it was all newly painted, he decided he would just go ahead to pour the concrete.

When that dream was over, I had a vision of seeing the end of another letter. It ended:






My Blue Heaven

day is ending

birds are wending

back to their shelter of

each little nest they love

nightshade's falling

lovebirds calling

what makes the world go round

nothing but love

when whipporwills call

and evening is night

i hurry to my blue heaven

i turn to the right

a little white light

will lead you to my blue heaven

you'll see a smiling face

a fireplace, a cozy room

a little nest

that's nestled where the roses bloom

just molly and me

and baby makes three

we're happy in my blue heaven

you'll see a smiling face

a fireplace, a cozy room

a little nest

that's nestled where the roses bloom

just molly and me

and baby makes three

we're happy in my blue heaven

we're happy in my blue heaven


1-26-99 - DREAM - (This dream occurred while I was watching TV. It began while Rep.Hutchinson was speaking about needing to speak to 3 witnesses about President Clinton and ended while President Clinton was giving a speech about Pope Paul coming to the U.S. and thanking them for 20 years of service.)

I was in an extremely large building which I managed. I had a very large ring of keys in my hand to open any locked door I would come to. There was a cleaning job I needed to do with a mop.

I was on the second floor. I was looking for the correct stairwy to the 3rd floor. Some of the stairways only went to the 1st flor or the basement.

I met some women I knew and at one point I saw out the window that there was wedding procession with the bride in white and bridal maids in pink with long veils blowing in the wind so that I only saw the veils, not the women.

I went past two elevators full of women and took the stairway next to it to the 3rd floor. I went to my apartment, got a mop, then went down to the other end of the building to mop the floor where a small accident of some kind had taken place.

I walked outside in order to go to another doorway to a hallway where the cleaning had to be done. I had a silver key in my hand, attached to the ring, ready to put it into the lock. However, when I got over there, there was an open door which I entered.

I mopped the puddle on the floor and then needed to find a place to put the wet mop. I found a place that had two drains and leaned the mop up against the wall so the fluid could fun down the drain. I was rather surprised to see that the mop was rather a black and red scotty dog sponge and much blood was running out of the sponge and donw both drains.

I then went back outside to go to the wedding. I had to cross a huge intersection to get to the church. On the other corner I hd a vision or a memory vision of the veils through the bride and 3 bridesmaids had already entered the church.

In the center of the intersection were large cardboard cutout of a ship like Christopher Columbus came to the Americas in and a dead utout horse laying on its side.

There was a man standing on the corner who couldn't cross all the way over the intersection by himself.  I offered my hand to the man to help him cross the street.

We got to the other side of the street and I entered the church. My mother was standing up on a landing up 7 steps. I climbed the steps as my mother began welcoming me. I put my arms around my mother while she praised me for sailing the seas of 20 years and serving the people. I began crying out of thankfulness and gratefulness and put my head on her shoulder still crying.

I woke up to realize President Clinton was greeting the Pope with the same words.


1-27-99 - DREAM - I was in a house and got some visitors, two men and a boy. I had a oak pedestal table in the middle of the table with a large square flat box that was gold on the outside and white on the inside. This box was seemingly a dishwasher that held liqid, and a salt and pepper shaker full of pepper. A voice told me, "If you want to see how good a dishwasher this is, close the lid and turn the box upsidedown and see how the pepper gets cleaned out."

In my mind's eye and imagination I could see the pepper swishing all over inside the box and didn't trust the box to be that self-cleaning, so I didn't do it.

I didn't see the men anymore and the dream became lucid and I was only concerned about the inside of the box and I was looking at the inside of the box with a tissue in my hand to make sure it was perfectly clean inside. I was concerned about the kittens outside the box and wanted to clean up after them but I couldn't seem to take my focus off the box which was more important.

The box scene now became a web page fully expanded and I wanted to minimize the screen so that I could clean up after the kittens outside the box but I couldn't do that and I started to get frustrated because I knew it wasn't enough to just focus on the box and I made myself wake up because I couldn't minimize the web page and do what I wanted to do.


1-27-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were just starting a new job as manager of a very large building. We lived in the front right corner apartment where everyone came in the front door. There was no door on our apartment.

There was one BIG problem. whenever a woman had a new baby, they put a cot in the corner of our apartment and ALL her relatives came in to visit the new mother and the baby.

Not only did all these people come in unannounced, they moved all our furniture around so they could sit around her bed. This particular women had at least 25 relatives and Joe and I got our own stuff pushed ot of the wa so they could see the baby.

I thought about asking for a different apartment but this annoyance went with the job so no matter what apartment we would take, the annoyance would go with us.

I got asked by a woman to come down to the basement because they had a new job for me. When I got down there they showed me a complicated machine. The machine made identification badges for everyone to wear. This consisted of placing an aluminum frame around a picture and address card and glue it into a card with a pin to attach to something.

They wanted me to do the gluing job which consisted of an opaque substance called 'crystal' which would turn clear when it dried. I told them  didn't know how to do that and they would have to train me. There were 5 women working on this job. They said they would have no problem training me and that I would have to make 10 a day. They showed me how to make one, then asked me to try the glue operation. I used way too much glue at first and the ytold me that I would have to learn just how much glue to use. I knew immediately I dind't want to do this job. I thanked them for showing me how to do the job and went back upstairs to our apartment. When I got there I sat down at my desk to make a card to insert the address into the identification holder below my picture which had to be hanging above my desk so everyone knew who I was.

I knew I didn't like this whole identification thing either.

I had to go to the bathroom next so I went to the bathroom which was a large public room. Instead of stalls, the toilets were like tall childrens potties used for training with a pot placed underneath a tall chair with arms and a hole to sit on. The chairs were very colorful, each one a different color, green, yellow, orange, blue, red, purple, all the secondary colors like in a child's crayon box. There was no black or white. This was so emotionally disturbing to me, I was going to tell Joe we HAD to change jobs and move somewhere else.

NOTE:  These colors are the colors of the chakras.


1-27-99 - VISION - A woman in a pink, blue, and white pants outfit who came along in a white golf cart came and collected several pudding cups like Joe eats. She threw them in the back of the golf carts and said snottily, "I will be with you long enough to make sure you miss."


1-27-99 - DREAM - Joe and another man appeared on page 12 in a magazine of black and white photographs. On page 13 was the title of a book PULP FICTION. A voice said, "There will be no 'PULP' or 'FICTION'. It might have been JOe who said it, or the other man. I don't know.


1-27-99 - DREAM - This dream started out showing me 5 littlel windows like on a slot machine. Each window had an animal in it. It went into search mode flipping over and over and came up with 5 J's.


1-27-99 - DREAM - I was in a large room with a ladder like firemen use with extra handholds on. There was a woman climbing the ladder which was straight up. She was climber 234 it was announed. "No! No! No!" she wailed. I want to be climber 235." So a giant hand plucked her off the ladder and brought her back to the bottom so she could begin again as climber 235.

I was standing there and started to laugh. I opened my right eye and saw a man standing in front of me with his eyes closed.

 I laughed, "hahahaha"! I'm still in the dreamstate."  The man slowly opened his right eye which opened like a camera lens, not like a person. A laughed again, "hahahaha" See! See! See!" and reached forward towards his face. I was going to poke him in the yeto prove I could see and decided I'd better not, just in case I was wrong and poked him in the cheek below his eye, saying, "See! See! See!"


1-27-99 - 9:30 p.m. EXPERIENCE - After I lay down, I got an electrical jolt from my left kidney up to my left ear which buzzed loudly. (I almost jumped out of bed because it was so shocking)

Later, as I thought about whether it might mean Mexico or Madrid Fault, I saw a bright light in my upper right forehead area as I thought the word, "Madrid".

NOTE: I put up a web page about this.


1-28-99 - DREAM - There was a web page with a logo I didn't like and I discovered that I could look at the back side of the page where it was broken up into separate lines and I could eliminate it from the page.

The logo was a flying ship similar to Christopher Columbus ship.

NOTE: The ship was in another dream the other day.


1-28-99 - DREAM - I was in a house that had a big field behind it. The kids were playing out in back, funning full tilt across the field. I discovered there were deep pits in the ground covered over by loose boards and I tried to figure out how to keep the kids safe from harm and still allow them to play but I couldn't.

I gave one of the kids some garbage to throw away. The garbage pail was at the back lot line up a hill. The kid threw the garbage bag towards the pail and missed and the garbage flew over into the next yard. I was really upset about it, but those people threw the garbage bag bakc into our yard, so I could throw it away properly myself.

I went into the house then where some people who lived in this house wanted to go away and left me to babysit their two pet wolves. They were laying down but I wa scared of them because they were wild animals.

Then after the people left, one of th ewolves got up and started walking around near me. It was not trying to attack me but I was still afraid. He actually seemed to be smiling like a human being. I managed to get it to the front door and I thought I would just dopen the door and let it outside and then call 911 but thought twice about that because then it would be a danger to the public.

So when I let it outside in the front yard I went with it. Somehow, when it was outside, it morphed intoa small animal like a weasel and the gate at the front sidewalk wasn't secure enough to hold it and it could get through the gate while I called 911, so I had to coax it back into the house again.

The alarm clock woke me up too fast to finish the dream.


1-27-99 - VISION - I was being showed by a fountain of lighted sparks.

VISION - I was seeing some paragraphs written in blue, but they were too high to read.

VISION - I was seeing some paragraphs of calculations and text about the transformation of dna. The chemical used was dym____athane.


1-27-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were driving in a white car and came to a huge Y intersection. He wanted to turn around and go back the way we came but there was oncoming traffic from two directions. He had to pull off the road to avoid it, so then we pulled back onto the road and we were going fast, but not fast enough and almost got hit.


1-27-99 - DREAM - Joe and I were driving in a white car. Joe was crossing traffic to get back on the road and almost got hit by a black car. He was going fast but not fast enough. This must have been a dream within a dream because then a woman asked me if using her method of dream interpretation was working for us. I told her we didn't use her method. She was all shocked and upset. I told her we used our own method using our own personal life symbols.

She said, "You don't know Faith Hillier do you?"

And I woke up.


1-28-99 - DREAM - I was on a web page for many hours clicking on files and making other pages on star exploring.


1-28-99 - DREAM - I was with a girl and a bunch of guys. NOne of othe guys seemed interested in taking her out so her and I planned to go out ourselves. A phone call came in for me from a girl who thought I looked like a celebrity. I can't remember the celebrities name though.


1-28-99 - DREAM - I was sitting on the couch in the livingroom of a house holding what I thought was a large reddish brown pillow on my lap and stroking the top edge. The pillow morphed into the shape of a horse which surprised me but I continued to stroke its head. Then I got the thought that the horse would be hungry and need some grass and a place to go potty so I put a leash on him like a dog and he led the wa ytowards the back of the house where the door to the backyard was.

He got way out ahead of me and kept going into some wrong rooms, and other people kept getting in the way and he, himself kept morphing into other people disguises so nobody would now who he was.

I ended up at a small park where people were gathering and I sat on a white lounge chair I was wearing shorts with my left leg crossed over the right.

One of my sons friends were there at a much younger age than they currently are. The kid was about 6, an ugly little twirp and a brat. His father 'Glen' sat next to me on the left in the same position I was, very close and I could feel love feelings then on that side coming from him. I wondered where his wife was.

His young son, the ugly one, had something white in his hands and was dressed all in white and he announced to the crowd, "If I was the saviour, this is what  I would do."  He had this white thing in his hands which he blew into and it expanded like a big triangular fan and he rose into the air over the crowd. I could see there were almost invisible boards and he was walking on them so it looked like he was floating in the air. Nobody else could see this but me. He began to speak to the crown about love and humanity.

Meanwhile a young woman sat on the ground facing away from him. She was wearing a yellow dress and crying. Her breasts were hanging out of her dress and her mother was trying to comfort her.

Glen started backing up. I assumed so that he wouldn't interfere with the situation or embarrass the girl. He kept backing up though the girl was calming down and her breasts were now covered.  Finally he backed up so far he was gone.

The little ugly son continued to preach to the crowd and old people were gathering. He asked them to sit in a circle which they did and an old woman asked to join the circle so they let her in. The words, "Let the circle be unbroken' came into my head. But the circle broke as soon as the old woman joined it and the ugly son came down from his eprch and disappeared like his father had.

A man wearing a black shirt came and sat on the ground to my right and began speaking in a loud voice. The voice was deep bass and pleasant to hear, but obviously was not saying what anyone wanted ot hear and people began to leave.

I was so distressed that when I hard thunder and saw dark clouds I used that as an excuse to get up from my chair and move way from him. I looked up at the sky along with another woman. There were dark, broken clouds overhead, but I could see there was another cloud layer up higher and from behind a hill which I could now see now that I was standing up, a huge storm cloud was coming and it was rumbling ominously as it slowly came towards us.

I turned around then and saw that there were 4 men in black sitting next to where I had been, two to the left, and two to the right, all smoking a cigarette and the ends of the cigarettes were glowing with na odd blue light.

The crowd had already dispersed and we left the men in black sitting there on the ground.

I decided to go to the bathroom in the pavilion before I went home and went inside. I had been here before so I knew where the ladies bathroom was, but when I got there, they had remodeled it, and nurses dressed in white were preparing for some kind of program where they were going to give everyone mass inoculations for something.

There was a sign there that said, "Happy Birthday December 18th" and I thought to myself. "Well, they are a little late." and the date was wrong because my birthday was Dec. 26th.  Nevertheless I went past the nurses to find the bathroom and saw that there was a line of young girls all dressed in white standing in line and I didn't want to wait. They all looked like patients in a hospital anyway and this place didn't seem like the place I wanted to be.

So, I headed back towards the exit which was now barricaded by a purple rope like they use to control crowds in a movie theatre. Antoerh young woman there got the same idea I did to leave and she held up the rope and I scooted under it. I said, "I think I can make it home and use the bathroom there."  she said the same thing and we headed out the door and I woke up.



I finished doing a white load of laundry for myself then all that was left was 6 yellow and white pillows and a girl dressed in yellow and white like the pillows.

I was going to have that load watched carefully so it didn't get overly wet nor overly dry. The girl I was going to have to wash seperately.

When I was down in the basement, a mother and her two children, a boy and a girl about 4 and 2 years old, came down and went with another woman to go get her laundry. She was going to elave her children with the other woman and they were going to haul her laundry while she went to work.  I thought that was a very big responsibility to leave with two little children. The laundry was brought down to the basement and I sorted it out for them. There was no childrn's or womens clothes, only mens work shirts (red, blue, and green) and mens work pants that were charcoal...greyish black.

Back upstairs when the laundry was done, we had to get dinner on the table. There were several people living here, none that I knew. One chubby woman was waiting for her boyfriend because he ahd to go out and perform on the piano somewhere.

Meanwhile, she didn't help with the chores, she went and sat outside while her boyfriend slept and I and some kids did all the work.

I was getting a little perturbed at her for doing that. The dinner table was all set and I saw a huge dead mouse laing on the table next to my plate. It was like a cute cartoon mouse. It lay on its side with it's tail curled up in the air like a big question mark ?

I was rather upset and poke it to make sure it was dead. It moved so I wasn't sure. I went to the other side of the room to get something to put it in and when I went back, I freaked out because it was gone. but one young boy told me he had thrown it awa for me and I was glad not to have to do it myself.

I had seven colored mostly used up crayons in my hand. I put them on the dinner table so they wouldn't get lost.

There was a tall man there, wearing work clothes. He got on the telephone, was rather whispering on the phone like this conversation was secret and his girlfriend was sitting on the other side of the room and that seemed rude, so I went over to him and playfully stomped on his toes and overheard him talking to his wife, begging her to sign the divorce papers. He kept saying, "When are you going to sign those divorce papers?"  I could hear her saying, "I don't know!" I felt sorry for his girlfriend.

I don't recall that we ever ate dinner but the girlfriend was again sitting outside while she waited for her boyfriend to wake up to go out to give his piano performance. It was 9 p.m and he was still sleeping. I was still perturbed at her for not participating in the work, so I picked up the music book and went to the piano with it. I began to play the music myself. It was all chords with whole notes in the beginning. It was simple to play. I knew she would think it was her boyfriend playing and she would get all mad and come running in, thinking it was her boyfriend. And the boyfriend would wake up and be all upset because he'd think someone was taking his place and playing his music.

I woke up playing the music, knowing I wasn't as good as the man, but I was playing it well.



I was at work at A-C. (I must explain to start with that A-C hs buildings on both sides of 70th St. both East and West)

I was at work, doing my regular job as secretary. the head secretary who worked for the President came through the office and gave us all a typing test. We had to type on a ribbon-like piece of paper 3" wide and about 6 or 7 feet long. I don't know what I typed but it wasn't hard and I turned mine in and went on with my regular work.

I had some paper to deliver in the other building so I went to the East side of the street to do that. While I was over there, someone told me I had a visitor over on the other side of the street and that he had been waiting for over an hour. When I asked who it was and the ytold me, I immediately became distressed because I knew the man was drunk and he was very unpleasant to be around when he was drunk.  I didn't want to face him. However, I headed in that direction but became waylayed by people I worked with who needed to talk business AND  I needed to go to the bathroom first.

I found a bathroom and it was disgusting. The last half waydecent stall was taken by a woman who ran in ahead of me. All that was left to use was a toilet that didn't flush and no door on the stall and another stall where stuff and paper was piled 3 feet high on top of it. A woman stood next to the pile, maybe hoping it would go down or something.

I decided I'd rather go find a different bathroom and left and went on down the hall to find a different bathroom. I was headed in the general direction of where my "gentleman" friend was waiting but needed to find another bathroom more ugently now.

I came to an elevator and thought I'd go to a higher floor, hopefully to find a cleaner bathroom, but the elevators were taken up by painters and I had to take the stairs instead.

I told the two painters of my plight and they said they would go talk to the 'gentleman' and keep him occupied until I got there.

I thanked them and went on my way to find a bathroom first. By now I was very anxious about the whole thing and was avoiding going to meet the 'gentleman' hoping he'd go away and I wouldn't have to face him.

Then I met another man, wearing a big trench coat and he again told me there was a "gentleman" waiting for me and that the man wasn't happy. Somehow I hard the man say in a totally drunken voice, "Where is she?" and I cringed, knowing how pissed he was already. I new I'd have to face him eventually and I was downright intimidated by the voice. The man said he would go tell the 'gentleman' I was on my way."  It was now an hour and a half.

So, I headed down the hall and had to go down one floor again and got stopped by the receptionist. She said, "The head secretary wants to see you."  So, the head secretary appeared and told me, "Remember you did that typing test?"  I said, "Yes!" She said, "Well! You did it perfectly. You didn't make a single mistake or error. The President was so pleased, especially because the secretary who was supposed to type the letter for Santa Claus has quit, so the President wants you to type the letter."  I said, "I can do that." She said, "It'll be particularly difficult because it's titled, "Thank you Milwaukee."

She assumed that composing a letter like that would be difficult, but I had lived there all my life. I began to tell her how much I loved Milwaukee and the beautiful buildings we had, etc. I told her that I hadn't even been able to see them all inside yet, there were so man. She told me I should make the effort to do so.

I thanked her for the opportunity to do the Thank You letter and went on my way.

I was still dreading meeting the 'gentleman' but was headed that way.

I went down another stairway to the basement, feeling VERY anxious now and when I got to the bottom of the stairs, there stood the two painters dressed in white and the man in the beige trench caot. The grabbed me by the arms and said, "Now! You ARE going to meet him!"  I know what I was in for but I knew these three guys would protect me too.

I was so scared, I forced my eyes open and wouldn't shut them again. I really didn't want to face the drunken 'gentleman'.


1-31-99 - DREAM - I was managing a very large building. It seemed to be more than an apartment building because there was a large public areas as well. I had several people working for me, and I heard from one of the women who was a cleaning woman that there was a problem with the key box.

Before I went to take care of the problem however, I met some people who looked lik they were shopping in a store-like area where boxes and boxes of food were. The man said something to his wife that I looked like some celebrity. She said, "No! She can't be because of her age."

Out of strong curiosty I had to ask him, "How old do you think I am?"

He hemmed and hawed a moment and said, "40!"   I laughed and said, "I'm 60!"  I felt really good at that moment.

I then went upstairs where the women were working in a big public kitchen. I saw that my old friend Dee who I was friends with in the early 80's had returned. I didn't make any special notice of it at that moment, but a couple minutes later, she came over to where I was and mentioned there was a problem with the key box. I began to walk over to where the key box was and another woman came by. (looked like what I think Judy Beebe looks like) She got into a cart that had 2 large wheels on it. Inside the cart was a huge of of maintenance tools and there were a 'coping' saw on top. There was also an empty laundry basket as the laundry was done. She indciated I shoud look at the tools. I said, "What! Are you telling me I have too many? I began to tell the two women about the man who thought I was 40 years old. I luaghed and told the women, "I've never been so happy since I turned 40."

I woke up laughing.