UFO Sightings
By Joseph E. Mason  

The following article tells of various UFO stories told to me by others. Some of the symbols in the stories are analyzed in the light of my own dream-coincidence experiences.


In mid-1991, I met Bill B___ in Big Sur, California. He is a sculpture artist and a friend of my nephew, John. I told him a little of my dream experiences. He was very interested and accepting of the ideas.

He told me that he saw a UFO in a dream in the 1970's. It was a lucid dream. There was a symbol on the craft like this:

A voice said, "This is your logo. Use it or change it as you wish."

The next day he saw a news broadcast about a UFO sighting in Turkey. A photograph had been taken. It was the same craft with the same logo he had seen in the dream.

Later, he knew the meaning of the symbol. The three bars in the middle meant "Learning, Doing, and Teaching." He changed the logo to this:

I guess he wanted to spend more time ' Doing '.

As Bill was leaving that day, he gave me a beautiful wood sculpture of a bird, with his logo on the bottom. When my nephew John heard of this, he couldn't believe it. "Bill NEVER gives his work away." he said.

I think we made quite an impression on each other.


In late June, 1991, I met the daughter of my next door neighbor. As usual, I directed the conversation to my favorite topic, my dream project. After a bit, she said she was going to tell me about an experience she seldom reveals to anyone. One night several years earlier, she, her husband, and children returned home to the remote area where they lived near Lake Don Pedro, California.

Something seemed strange. There was no sound from the various farm animals, and the dogs did not come to greet them as is usual. Suddenly, a giant UFO came around a hill and hovered. It was about 100 yards long and had lots of lights, some of which rotated. She drew a picture of it for me:

She called the authorities and reported the event. Needless to say, they were extremely frightened by this experience.


Not long after the June 1991 story, Randy C___, a co-worker, told me of a UFO sighting about 25 years ago, when he was a child. His family was traveling a highway in Colorado atop a plateau area. They saw a star that came closer and closer until it looked about 200 feet in size at a disance of about 100 yeards. It was shaped like this:

The object seemed to be traveling along with them, as it remained in the same relative position in their view. It remained visible for quite some time. As they drove along, trucks passed in the other lane. They could still see the star 'through' the trucks!

Randy's story was especially significant to me, because the star-shape was involved in a coincidence about nine month's prior.

I had noted this shape within the eight-pointed star formed by lines drawn between the feet of the four couples in the Navajo Sand Paintings. In this case, it is tilted on a diagonal, that is, rotated 45 degrees. About two days later, I saw very similar patterns in the Salvador Dali painting, "Animated Still Life". This painting made several important connections for me.

It seemed to illustrate the formation of matter from spiritual energy. My nephew John, told me that Dali painted from dreams. I felt this was very significant because I read the "Seth" books by Jane Roberts. Seth is a channeled entity who claims we are creating our reality by our beliefs quite literally. He says the thought energy fields are there first, and atoms and molecules coalesce around them.

About a week later, I asked my friend Jeff if he had ever drawn such a star. Jeff had been having significant dreams and was one of a few people that knew of my dream experiences. He opened a drawer to his desk and pulled out a drawing of the star! He said he drew it and a segmented hexagon about three weeks prior, when thinkng of a pyramid shape.

The shape returned in a significant way about three months ago. A long string of dream/coincidences led me to the theory of a quintuplet set of circles formed by four Barbury Castle shapes in a pyramid.

Sometime later, I drew in the "Ys" in each triangle, and realized the shape was similar to the Dali painting:




Four of the


 Y's Added  

My theory, based on a number of myths, dreams and Dali's art, is that these shapes have a subatomic scale of meaning. Dali's study drawings for "Christ of St. John of the Cross" are similar to the Barbury pictogram. It's based on a vision of St. John of the Cross and Dali's "Cosmic Dream". He said it represented the nucleus of the Atom and Unity.

I think the triangle represents the smallest particle of matter, or the "Consciousness Unit" in the Seth teachings.

In mid-1990, I dreamed of a "Y" unfolding the world.

I read of the ancient Chinese "Great Y", "Great Term", or "Great White", meaning all things with form come from that which has no form.

These shapes may be related to the Pythagorean Tetraktys and the "Tao Teh Ching" 42:

*  *
*  *  *
 *  *  *  *

The equivalent in the above shapes are:

1. Central circle

2. Two rings, one clockwise, the other counter-clockwise, as invisible dual, or mother/father aspects of the deity.

3. The three-part triangle. (Trinity of Mother/Father/Son)

4. Four of the triangles creating a pyramidal particle of matter.

Also significant, scholars say that dowsable energy is related to the number 1080. Three circles times 360 degrees each equal 1080. Early Christians said the dowsable energy was associated with the Holy Spirit.

Interestings, this is another meaning I found in the Barbury pictogram, that is, the Trinity. Also, 108 is said to be a Mother Goddess number, adding to 9.

In India, 108 is a litany of names of the Goddess.

4 x 108 = 432, is a cycle of time number.

When the four triangles are slid together to overlap, so that the creative centers are alligned, it forms "The New Jerusalem" pattern. This pattern, based on the vision of St. Joan is illustrated in "City of Revelation", by John Michell.

A similar pattern was detected by dowsing in crop circles and megalithic sites such as Stonehenge. The shape has 12 circles around a 12-pointed star.

12 x 360 = 4320, the cycle of time number.

This number is also related to the Pythagorean Tetraktys, being the bottom three rows in reverse order.

Several weeks after I came up with these ideas, a coincidence happened, as if to confirm it.

This is a constant pattern in my dream project. My wife showed me a Navajo Sand Painting, not realizing what I would see in it.  Four Gods of the directions are depicted around a shape that is similar to my drawings of the four triangles forming a quintuplet - pyramid. Dangling from each of their right arms is a "Y" shaped charm.

An additional weight of evidence about this theory comes from "The Keys of Enoch". It was written by scientist J.J. Hurtak in the early 1970's. He claims a light-being named Enoch appeared to him and transported him into star regions. He was told the "Keys". The book is difficult to understand, but I have had many coincidences with the concepts, so I feel he had valid information. He tells a lot about a "Three in One" or trinity relationship. He says on page 33 that each pyramid of light is energized with YHWH's eye in the center.

This seems to agree with Seth's teaching that all creation is "All-that-is", or God, manifestations. I found a number of myths that have a similar meaning, such as the Chinese Pan-ku, and the Oglala Sioux (Black Elk's Tribe) creation myth of Wakantaka.

Mr. Hurtak was told that a great evolutionary leap was ahead for mankind. It involves changes in electromagnetic radiations inside the subatomic particles. This changes the DNA-RNA and body chemistry.

A few months ago, I read an interview with Hunbatz Men, a Mayan scholar. He says a great change is coming and it involves a change in DNA.

My theory is that these changes involve a change in the duality balance, or male/female deity aspects within us. The north circle in the Barbury Castle pictogram represents the male, or father aspect. The southwest circle is the female, or mother aspect, also known as the Holy Spirit. The "Ratchet Spiral" in the southeast is the Son, or mankind, in a cycle of time, the end of which is a joining into the Triune, or Trinity relationship.


The ideas about the triangular shapes are greately expaned upon and updated in this article:

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