JULY, 2000

7-1-00 - The first two dreams are too vague to pay much attention to except that they lead up to the third dream which follows.  In dream  # I was cleaning.  In dream #2, I was living in the country and preparing a house for a honeymoon. I recall seeing fields with horses in them across the street from the house.

NOTE: The house I live in has a scene like that across the street, though the house in the dream was not the same house.


7-1-00 - DREAM - I was either living with a lot of other people, or a lot of people were visiting me.  I was working my butt off cleaning the house because by the time I finished cleaning one end of the house the other end was dirty, and by the time I finished the other end, the first end was dirty again. We were also expecting guests for an event I wasn't aware of.

In the kitchen I was trying to get everything put in their proper place, but it seemed like there were more tools for cooking than the drawer had room for but I managed to squeeze the last one in. It seemed like I was putting the tools for two people into a drawer meant for one.

I was then going to make the guest bed which was quite high ... with two mattresses piled on top of one another and I discovered that there was a kid sleeping way down under the blankets and when I went to pull the blankets up to the top, the kid woke up and scrambled out from under the blankets ... wearing green and white striped pajamas.

Then I went to another room where some women were discussing finances and I wanted to show my clutch purse of quarters to one of the women ... I had saved the quarters to do laundry. I pulled the clutch purse out of my larger purse and unzipped the top and to my surprise it was the wrong clutch purse .... this one was full of square crystals that were almost white but sparkled and flashed with every color of the rainbow. The woman reached into the clutch purse and pulled one of the crystals out and it continued to flash all the colors. It was truly beautiful and I had a whole purse full of them.

NOTE: I looked in a gem catalog to match the stones to the dream ... they rather resemble 'Rainbow Moonstones'.

I then got up to go to the kitchen to do some more cleaning and I was sidetracked by another old girlfriend who was visiting. She pulled me aside and said, "I want to give you this for not showing up last Saturday." I didn't even remember that she was supposed to show up but I looked at what she was handing me.  It was a white card with jewels attached to it. It was either a necklace pendant or a pin.  These also resembled 'Rainbow Moonstones' but were more pink than white.  The jewels were all 'vesica piscis' shaped (like a football) and were lined up like this.


There was also a scene where I was cleaning up magazines from under a coffee table and I wanted to keep certain ones because they were educational. I was being rather surreptitious about this. I didn't want one of the other women to know I as doing this.(I can't remember the subject) (Her name was Antigone. Antigone managed an apartment building next to mine on Port Washington Road) (Antigone, in mythology, was the daughter of Oedipus and guided him in his blindness. She was well liked by the people)

I then went into another room which had a long narrow table with chairs all around it. It was an unusual table in that it was divided in the center so that people could walk between them. It didn't seem like two tables because it was only open on one end.  There was a man sitting at the other end.  All these people were wearing large hats which seemed to glow greenish white. I couldn't see any of the faces of the people because the hats blocked the view.

These people were all facing the open end of the table where the bride and groom were going to enter.  The people were all facing the open end and waiting for the bride and groom. I saw the groom enter the open end of the table and it wasn't until that moment I realized that the bride was me.  

I had to squeeze past more of the crowd including my first husband Jim who was there in order to get to the open end of the table.

When I got to the table, all the people, including the groom were seated and were facing the center which now seemed like a round table.  I was standing behind the groom who had dark curly hair cut short. (I didn't even know who he was except that he was my best friends brother) (The friend who had given me the jewels) It seems that his name might have been David but I'm not certain) All the people put their right hands into the center in a hand pile to say a prayer.  I leaned over and placed my right hand on top of the pile. At this point some of the people on the far end who had to reach the farthest pulled their hands back but kept them on the table.  (I didn't understand this except that they had to reach so far and maybe it was uncomfortable)

Nothing was being said and I was focused on my hand and how it looked, whether it was pretty or not.  I had never touched the groom before, nor had we kissed, nor even spoke to each other before and here I was breathing down his neck and had my hand over his hand on the hand pile and we were going to be married and would be expected to sleep together.

The groom at that point whispered to me, "I hope you don't mind but my nephew (his name was said but I can't remember it) will be going with us on the honeymoon." I looked over at the little boy child who was sitting in a high chair on the right. He looked like he could have been one of my own. The child apologized and said he wouldn't go if it wasn't all right. The child looked to be about 3 years old but spoke like an adult.  I told him it was fine with me.

At that moment I realized that I was the mother of twins and I was nursing one of them and I pretty much ignored the other one. The other twin was female and I felt guilty for ignoring her.  I told the groom that it was okay for him to take his nephew because I was going to have to take one of my twins with me because I was nursing the one baby. The girl baby was being bottle fed. I had nursed the boy baby at 6 p.m., he was being bottle fed by someone else during the wedding at the 9 p.m. feeding, but I would have to nurse him again at the 12 o'clock feeding.

The dream ended with our hands all in a pile with mine on top.

NOTE: The Alchemical Marriage: According to the alchemists, life is created out of the fusion of two elements, mercury and sulphur, the first representing the receptive 'female' principle in nature which is animated by the second, the positive 'male' force. The two numbers corresponding to these in the old numerical philosophy were 1080 and 666, and the sum of these 1746, is represented by the 'grain of mustard seed' at the Pyramid's tip.

In this formula are expressed the nature and purpose of the forgotten science of which the Pyramid, like all temples and monuments int he ancient world, was designed as an instrument. The operations of the medieval alchemists were the last flickerings of a scientific tradition which flourished in prehistoric times, when the elements of sulphur and mercury were brought to fusion, not merely in an alchemists retort, but on a much grander scale within the great retort or womb of the earth itself. The element of mercury in this operation was represented by the spirit of the earth, which was ceremonially 'wedded' at certain seasons with the sulphurous element, radiating from the sun.

The marriage of heaven and earth took place at the Pyramid as a union between the terrestrial current, accumulated in its rocky mass, and the divine spark of celestial fire distilled from the ether at the point of its gold and crystal apex. From this union was born the life essence, the vitalists ' elan vital, formerly known by such phrases as the Spirit  of the World, whose number in the Greek cabala is 1746.

For more on the alchemical marriage ... see marriage.htm

For more on Greek cabala see ... gem1.htm


7-2-00 - DREAM - I was working on a computer screen on which there was a search engine to the site which was all about ETs and UFOs.  One could put in a term like ETs and "???" whatever you wanted and it would give you the number of results of facts and details of what was on the site.  The screen was plain gray. There were no photos ... just facts.


7-2-00 - NOTE: I was watching a 5 hour long anniversary show on TV about the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson. -  I went to sleep to take a nap during the show and dreamed I was making a web page about the biography of the Jackson 5.  As soon after I realized that the movie was still on when I woke up that I had dreamed what was still on TV, I decided to forget the dream and went back to sleep.

DREAM 2:  I dreamed I was making a web page about the biography of Art Bell.  I placed his name within a box and did a page about him. After I published the page I got a phone call from a woman who asked me how it was that I published Art Bell's phone number. I told her I only published what was already available to the public.

I then went across the street where Art Bell lived and when I knocked on the door and there was no answer, I opened the door and went inside and found George Burns and Art Bell laying on the floor ... dead drunk ... (passed out)

I woke them up and they thanked me for caring about them. They came home with me across the street and we talked a bit.  When they left together, George Burns was smoking his cigar and he was walking arm and arm around each other's shoulders with Art Bell. The last thing Art said to me was that I should come across the street again in the morning to make sure they were all right.  I agreed that I would come and check on them again.

I closed my door and saw that my front door was all glass and the curtains were pulled aside. I put the key into the lock and decided to leave the key in the door because then nobody can put a key in from the outside.  I walked back towards my computer and saw that the biography on Art Bell wasn't yet complete because his life wasn't yet over.

NOTE:  Joe reminded me that George Burns played the part of God in the movie 'OH GOD'.

Thanks for Making Me Laugh, Mr. Burns

Coast to Coast - (The Old Art Bell Site)


7-3-00 - VISION  - I was laying in bed, unable to sleep. I was thinking about Anna Hayes and the possibilities of a new web site for her and where it might be placed.

Suddenly I saw this:

--- --- ---


--- --- ---

--- --- ---

--- --- ---

and the voice said, "This is how a decoder works with glyphs to show the decracker  ....."


7-3-00 - VISION/VOICE - I was working on the above vision in my mind to come up with a good explanation for it and coming to a pretty good conclusion I thought and a voice said:

"The is the artful voice " ... and I saw  the words  'House of the Sun'!

What I was thinking was  three good examples put together make the proper answer - like putting 3 puzzle pieces together to equal ONE good picture


7-3-00 - VOICE/VISION - I was thinking about Adrian Gilbert's example of the Hunter Orion as being the Great Being at the beginning of the Book of Revelation who holds his arm up with the candlestick with the 7 stars over it and what the stars mean - 'The Pleiades'  - and my little brain was starting to come up with the idea that if the Being is actually part of the sky and constellations, then the stars would provide the meaning for the rest of the story the Book of Revelation tells as well.  

I then heard a voice say ... "we then come up with the pattern of ORPIDS" ....  

and I saw a  vision of a young woman dressed in white coming towards me

and the voice continued  ... "and she came in trying to be a being of youth" ....

I found this on a web search: Orchestrator Process and PID control

The PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) algorithm is used to drive a measured variable to a preset value or setpoint. A common form of such a closed loop system is temperature control of a process. More generically, the PID module provides control for analog outputs and for pulse-width and pulse-modulated digital outputs.

Euclidean algorithm (noun) First appeared circa 1955

: a method of finding the greatest common divisor of two numbers by dividing the larger by the smaller, the smaller by the remainder, the first remainder by the second remainder, and so on until exact division is obtained whence the greatest common divisor is the exact divisor -- called also Euclid's algorithm

al*go*rithm (noun) [alteration of Middle English algorisme, from Old French & Medieval Latin; Old French, from Medieval Latin algorismus, from Arabic al-khuwarizmi, from al-Khuwarizmi flourished A.D. 825 Arabian mathematician]

First appeared circa 1894 : a procedure for solving a mathematical problem (as of finding the greatest common divisor) in a finite number of steps that frequently involves repetition of an operation; broadly : a step-by-step procedure for solving a problem or accomplishing some end esp. by a computer

NOTE:  If you put all this together - ORPIDS described perfectly what the vision of the fish was trying to say and then the man talking about decoding the glyphs to come up with the decracker .... this is what I just did.  (smiling)  :-)  


7-3-00 - DREAM - I was working in an office which was on the 3rd floor of a building.  I lived in the same building on the 2nd floor and my mailbox was on the 1st floor ... all off off the same stairway.

I typed up a purchase order for castings made from a pattern that was numbered T65474 (this might be wrong but it's close to correct) These had to be ordered quite some time before they were needed because they were long leadtime parts. I should have ordered these much earlier.

As soon as I was finished typing these orders, I decided to go home because there was nothing further to do except mail them out and since it was late evening there was no point in doing it. The mailman wouldn't be back until the next day.

I told my boss that I would see him in the morning. He sarcastically, "Knowing how you are, I'll be lucky to see you by the 27th of the month!"

I didn't answer, but packed up my stuff and headed for the stairway. I wanted to get my mail from the 1st floor before I went home. Getting down the stairway wasn't an easy task because people used the stairway to stash things they didn't want to carry all the way home and back again. Other people would pick up things they were interested in and bring them back when they were done. So, it was an interesting walk down the stairs.  I was always having to put my own things down  to make my way around the other stuff, and then pick it up again. Since the things were all the way across the stairs, I would have to move stuff, walk past it, pick up my own stuff, then move it, replace the other stuff back where I found it, etc.  all the way down the stairs. I didn't find it annoying ... it was an interesting trip.

At some point along the way, I saw a sign that said, "There are three 8's in the pattern because ...... "  (I can't remember why, but it was an eye opening experience to see this)   Knowing this was going to change how I did things.  Then I saw a similar note with a series of numbers in which I saw the 8 + 8 + 8 plus other numbers, then again I saw the sign about using the three 8's in the pattern again.

I woke up trying to figure out what this meant.


7-3-00 - DREAM - I was working for Anna Hayes and when we sent something out, we sent out some information on letterhead that had her web site, address, phone number, etc. on it. The paper was a dark color ... like a dusky rose with a darker brownish print. It was really pretty.

I then went to church. I was carrying a huge hymnal that took two hand to hold up. It seemed I was singing in the choir, however, the song the pastor wanted sung was for men only. He threatened to kick out anyone that changed the song to a higher key.

I looked on page 40 and the music was written only in the bass cleff and the highest note I saw was a B.  I wanted to tell the pastor that my voice was low so I could sing too, but when the men started singing, I kept my mouth shut.

At that same moment, a high official of the church came to the door and opened it. I was sitting right by the door and the man would have had to practically climb over me to get farther into the church, so someone put a spare chair out in the narthex (the outer lobby) and the old man sat out there while the men continued singing.  The last two words of the music sequence are "Oh Christ!'

NOTE: When I woke up I played the music I remembered from the dream. The notes are all written below middle C.........  D - G - B - C - B - GGG  .  I'm pretty sure that these are the right notes that were sung.  I tried playing it in a lower key  with B as the highest note and it didn't sound right.


7-4-00 - DREAM - My first memory in this dream was of being in a hospital, hanging upsidedown from the ceiling next to a man.  They said he was freaking out because his head was over 'earth, wind, and fire'.  I thought that was rather funny because there was a singing group by that name too.   didn't know why we were upsidedown but I did know that I had had some female surgery and I was still bleeding rather badly.  However, I knew I would be fine in a couple days, but I didn't know how the man would be with his problem.

They took me down and I spent some time sitting around while the bleeding slowed down.  I needed to go to the bathroom rather frequently because I was getting blood spots on my slacks and I needed to change my protection pads often.

When I went to the bathroom the last time though, several young men got in there ahead of me because the men only had one bathroom and they couldn't wait.  I was standing there waiting my turn and I saw that the two guys were peeing inside all the electrical outlets in the room, not just in the toilet.

When I was done there, I went outside and was moving really rapidly through a snowy scene like on a sled but then was walking in the deep snow faster than anyone I ever saw.  I looked around and there were a couple older women doing equal speed to me so I didn't feel so special for being fast.

I ended up in a school then, standing in line to fill out paperwork for some classes I was going to take.  I don't think it was for just a single subject, but rather for a 'college' education. I had to stand in line twice because I was in the wrong place at the beginning.


7-4-00 - DREAM - I was cleaning out the freezer. I thawed some hamburger and began making patties on a large griddle which was the top of the stove. The first one looked good but the second one was more crumbly and I had to keep pushing it together. The grease that came out of it made it shrink way up.  I was also cooking something like shirred eggs ... more like a large pancake of beaten eggs.  When the top of the griddle was good and greasy, I then put blue polo shirts, which were folded up, into the grease to warm them up, turning them with the spatula just like I had done with the hamburgers and eggs.  There were about 6 or o7 shirts, all neatly folded. I planned to put them on when I was done. They didn't look greasy, but in the dream I was looking at them to see if they were. When I was done cooking, I rolled the hamburgers and eggs into a roll with plastic wrap to put them back into the freezer.

A woman friend from Milwaukee came to visit and we talked about the hamburgers and eggs and that they probably were not a good thing, especially if I expected to wear the shirts. (They were men's shirts also)  When I rolled up the hamburgers and eggs, they looked really pretty ... almost like a Spanish omelette.

Then my friend Lizz from California came to visit and she sat next to me on the bed and discussed my business ventures. We talked for some length and were still talking when I woke up.


7-4-00 - DREAM  - I was a writer and I wrote people's biographies on my computer. When I was done with a story, then I and some other people would go outside and act out the person's life, including going across country just like real.  We continued to do this until one of our group got killed during the acting.

At that point, I wanted to change clothes and I noticed that my shadow was against the window so people outside could see what I was doing inside.  I moved across the room but no matter where I stood, people could see what I was doing.

So, I decided I would act out my own biography and started to do a little dance on a couple CD's that were on the floor. As I danced on the CD's they made swishing noises and then I noticed that while I was dancing, the CD's were getting larger and larger and they finally got to record size by the time I got done.


7-5-00 - DREAM - I was in a school.  My friend Alyse called me on the telephone and told me she was in India at a place called the 'card sweeping center' or something like that. What the idea was, was to go to India to take your turn in the center which had a large 8-fold medallion in it, take a broom and sweep the loose paper out of the center. Each person in the world would have the opportunity to do this as part of their spiritual duty.

So, I went to India also, got a broom and took my turn sweeping the loose paper off of the 8-fold medallion.  

I then went back home and spent time recruiting others to take their turn to sweep the 8-fold medallion so they too could have the opportunity to do their spiritual duty.


7-6-00 - VISIONS - I just lay down and closed me eyes.

A somewhat young female voice said, " Did you know that ??? has 84 handles?"

Then she said, "That's across the ocean."

I didn't know what she was talking about because I didn't understand her first question as I missed that one word ....

Then I had a vision of a structure that looked like a steel building skeleton ... with pieces sticking out in every direction of different lengths ... and there was water running down and dripping off of it like it was either in the rain ... or in a fountain....


7-7-00 - DREAM - Joe and I were in a car at a drive-in food place. It was rather dark outside. I had a plate in my hand with ground hamburger and beans. I ate all of the beans but not the hamburger.

There was a car next to us where two guys were also eating and they mentioned that there was a scale behind the building which was just behind us.

As I finished eating, Joe said that he was full and asked how I was feeling. I hadn't eaten the hamburger, but I finished the last of the beans and said I was full also.

I decided I would go weigh myself on the scale as long as I was there, so I got out of the car and headed in the direction the other guys said to go.

I didn't get more than a few feet and it was pitch black outside, and I started yelling, "I can't see! I can't see!"

Joe came up behind me and pointed me in the right direction, said, "Take this sidewalk and then turn right behind the building."

I went the direction he went and it was getting brighter and brighter outside. When I came to the first right, it seemed rather narrow and like it went to the horse barns or something so I didn't turn right but continued on along a building and turned right at the next corner.

Obviously, I should have taken the first right because now I had to turn right again around this building and it was now raining. I decided to walk on the grass rather than on the wet sidewalk and it was like walking on the top of a feather bed quilt or something. It was really soft.  The building alongside of me was concrete block, but fancy concrete block so that it looked like it was sculptured somewhat. All the windows were lined with pink roses. It was really lovely.

However, I had walked a long way by now and was rather out of breath so I was walking slowly.  

I woke up and I was still out of breath....


7-7-00 - DREAM - Joe and I were in the country, on our way somewhere. We got to the top of the first hill and we got out of the car to take a break.  Joe lay on the grass and I  was standing up so I could see over the other side of the hill.  I looked over and saw that the whole world was covered with water that was blowing in the wind.  In every direction there was water ... covering everything. It wasn't all that deep because I could see what was below it, but the people down there must have been devastated to be going through that flood situation. I never was able to get Joe to get up and see that view though.

We met a blonde woman who was driving a red car. She looked familiar but I can't remember her name. She was going to the same place we were but drove a lot faster than we did. She promised she wouldn't drive 100 miles an hour anywhere except on the straitaways, but as soon as we started off again, she took off up hill faster than anyone I ever saw.  The only problem was, she passed everyone going uphill, driving on the left side of the road, going into the ditch on the left side of the road just as she came to the crest of the hill in case someone was coming the other way and would crash into her.

We were going up a hill that was even steeper than the mountain pass roads in Idaho, but our car went steady and strong up the hill. We reached the top only to find out that because she had pulled into the ditch, she couldn't get back on the road and pulled off about half way up. She was okay so we weren't going to worry about her detour.

When we got out of the car, I looked around a building and saw that about a block away was a temple I recall seeing before and found out that we were in Santa Rosa, CA.  I was wearing a long white dress, and Joe was wearing white pants and shirt.  We went into a building where there were a lot of drunk people hanging out and played the part of angels to them.  On the street also there were people who had mental problems and we played the part of angels to them also.

It was a good feeling to have other people come to the belief in angels.


7-7-00 - DREAM - I was at work in Milwaukee, WI.  I obviously had a bad working record in the past but at this point I had been there every day and felt good about that.  Joe was there in this dream too.

The dream started out in the basement where I was helping to move gloves that were hanging from gold hooks from the ceiling to more appropriate places for people to use. The male gloves and female gloves had to be kept separate.

I then went upstairs to the office I worked in.  It was time to get the mail which was part of my job.  I was looking at myself in a full length mirror. I was wearing a white dress with a tied self-belt, had blonde hair that looked really good. I appeared to be about 42 years old ... the period when I feel I looked my best as an adult. The shoes I was wearing were my tan indian moccasins like I wear now though.

As I went to get the mail, I saw myself in another mirror and saw that I was also wearing under the dress what looked like a black Chinese outfit that I've seen in movies, which hung about 3 feet lower than the white dress and beneath that I was wearing maroon colored slacks so I was wearing several layers of clothing.

I felt really beautiful and I said, "Hello!"  and smiled to all the men workers I remembered from back then also. They all acted surprised and happy to see me because I hadn't seen them in a long time. I went out of my way to show my old bosses that I was still around and still looked good.

I went down to the mailroom to get the mail and found that they were expanding into a printing place where they printed people's books, so all the mail had been moved to another area. I met one of the girls I used to know and she was happy to see me. She had a similar job to me and told me where the mail had been moved to ... to section 9.

I went to section 9 which was just down the hall, and the mailroom was now about three feet up from the hallway, so I knocked on the door and a midget tall woman came to the door. I asked her about the mail and she told me that there wasn't any that day, so I left and went back towards the office.

On the way back, I went past the area where new employees were talked to and trained. Here there were older woman training very young girls ... barely more than 16. They were all wearing flowered dresses of various colors. Nobody seemed to be doing anything, but the older women were very busy talking to these young girls and the young girls were very eager to learn what to do.

I had to go past a place where many men were having a conference and moved their chairs to the center of  the walkway. I knew a lot of these men ... engineers I used to work with over the years. They all had to move their chairs to let me go past so I got to say 'Hello" or "Hi!" to many of them.

I then reached the back hallway area where all the walls were a reddish-rose color which I've never seen before, but I felt like I'd been there before and it was a shortcut back to where I worked ...

and I woke up.


7-8-00 - DREAM - (I didn't write it down right away so lost some of the finer details)

I had had a vision of a page of words and the most important of which was 'cete ____"  which came to me later to mean "On the Beach" and I was assuming it was Italian though I haven't been able to translate the word 'cete' to English from any language I've come across.  The dream seemed related to the vision.

I don't know where I was, but I was in a house that was high up off the ground.  I had infant twin boys so I gave away my girl clothes which my daughter had outgrown. I recall that my boys were dressed in light green pajama outfits.  The girls clothes were all in shades of pink and I packed them into a suitcase or box to give them to a friend who would have a daughter and could use them.

I then went outside and saw my old friend David and his wife Marcella and their children coming across the street.  I was standing on top of a porch of some kind and didn't have a ladder to get down to the street level, so a man who lived in my building provided a ladder. It seemed that two ladders were available, a reddish colored one and a greenish colored one.  The green one was stronger and this is the one the man put up against the porch.

There was a lot of sand in this area to which my earlier vision now seems related.  David climbed the ladder to where I was and I showed my new babies, one of which I held by the hands so he could walk in the sand which was on the porch.  I thought he was doing really well for his infant age except that his head was a little wobbly yet.  

However, David said that my infant was inferior or too wobbly or something and didn't approve of the infant I was so proud of, like his were better or something.

NOTE:  I found the word 'cete' in the Russian language but don't know what it means. I also found this. (A cete of badgers)

I also found it in the French Language: it's the same in English and in french.  However, the AOL dictionary didn't find the word.


7-9-00 - DREAM - I don't know what city I was in.  I was with a man going somewhere along a sidewalk. There was two way traffic so we stayed to the right. We actually walked on the grass on the right and left the sidewalk to the people going the other way. I was telling the man that I could walk this way without even opening my eyes because the grass was so dark and the sidewalk was so white, I could tell where I was with my eyes closed.  I actually had my eyes open a tiny slit and was cheating but he didn't know that. However, we came to a wider place where it was all concrete and I had to open my eyes all the way or I couldn't see which way I was going.

On the road was a man riding a motorcycle with a baby on his back in a sling-type thing.  He had to cross a huge chasm to go to work. He was going the opposite direction than we were. The baby always sang while he drove, but when they came to the chasm, the baby would cry out, "Mama!". This day the baby was crying out, "Mama" really loud and he stopped the motorcycle so the baby would stop crying.

We were right there and he asked us if we would take care of the baby as he didn't feel right crossing the chasm and distressing the baby that much.  So, we agreed we would take the baby for him.

The man left then on his way to work, and we stopped at an Inn which was right there. We found out then that the baby sang songs at the Inn and his Mama came and asked us if we would stay so the baby could sing for us which would please him immensely.  We didn't want to take the time, however, we stayed, and the baby sang a pretty song about "Mary!"

As we left the building, there was some kind of deal where you couldn't get in unless you had a Master key but if you didn't have the key you could knock and they'd have to look to see who you were and then decide whether they wanted to let you in or not.  As we were leaving, we accidentally kicked the key out the door. It was a long silver key.  I really didn't want to take the Master key, but there was a man watching me and I tried kicking the key back into the door and not take it, but with the man watching me, I had to pick the key up and take it with me.

We then went on our way towards the city and I went to a huge building that had a high dome on top of it and people lived way up near the top of the building.  There, I met a Master key person who showed me a Master key blank  which was gold and in the shape of a large square at the bottom.  I compared it mentally with the Master keys I was in charge of in Milwaukee which we used in our building outside doors. When I looked closely at it, one could see that it was hinged and could bend back against itself so it wasn't as wide as it first appeared. The whole key blank was there in duplicate. I showed him that I knew how the Master key worked and showed him how the Master keys looked that I was familiar with.  They were only half as wide.

I then went on down the hallway inside the domed building to the other end where there was a maintenance worker sitting waiting for someone to come and inspect the building.

I was very impressed how beautiful it was outside the window where he was sitting; immense flower beds were right there. I couldn't see the door and assumed it was around a slight corner next to the window.

However, off to the side of this hallway, the floor of the dome went right on down to the bottom of the dome which was a mirror reflection so to speak of the dome overhead, it went down to almost a point on the bottom where I could see a small circle from which the dome walls went upward.  Inside the building was built like a ball and we were inside of it.  The people lived above that.

The inspector came and I was off to the side and could hear them speaking about the roof of the dome ... it had cracked.  The inspector told the maintenance man that the first crack had come and they had just watched it zip across the ceiling and it wasn't dangerous so they had just paid "Mary" the owner ... $3,000,000 for the damage.

However, a new crack had just opened up and he took a long stick and I saw him reach way up to the top of the dome and show the maintenance man that huge sections of the dome were now loose and he pushed against the concrete dome and it creaked ominously. I watched as huge portions of the dome pushed upward ... punky and soft like they could easily fall down ... like it was water soaked from above.

I felt really afraid that the dome would collapse at some point and all those people would die when they fell into the open space where we were now standing because they didn't know how to fix the domed ceiling.  When it cracked, there was no stopping it, and there was no way to stop the seeping of the water which was damaging the domed ceiling either.  The further cracking and falling in of the ceiling was inevitable.  

I tried to envision how it could be fixed perhaps in small sections, but with all those people living above the dome ... it was feat way beyond my imagination.


7-9-00 - VISION - I went back to bed and was thinking about the dream and a vision that was square like the master key I had been shown. On the key was written some words and I saw 6 o like I was being told that's where the crack in the dome was ... at 6 o latitude. I hope I'm wrong.


I was laying in bed, wondering if the above dream was related to a dream I had last year about a house that my Father had built that was hollow underneath and there was a crack in the floor and you could see down into the abyss below. Then when my Father went underneath the house I could see what a thin layer of dirt was underneath the floor and it was all hollow underneath.  I then fell asleep and had the following dream.

7-9-00 - DREAM - I was in a room where we were taking care of a vine that was on a pedestal.  But the vine fell off the pedestal and blew across the floor. There was like a drop off between where the floor linoleum ended and became wood and there was a white toilet there with no lid on it.  The dried up vine slid into the toilet.

I retrieved the dried up vine and put it back up on the pedestal, but it was obvious it was too late to save it.  It was dead, and the man whom we were taking care of it for was coming back.  I wouldn't know what to tell him.  The vine had died.


7-9-00 - VISION - I was looking at a newspaper that was green. At the bottom where the advertising was, there was 4 rectangular ads, all of which was Dreams of the Great Earthchanges at the top of each one. The fourth was said, "Dreams of the Vine." and I knew I had to look at those.

That vision was barely acknowledged when above the ads I saw a long rectangle which said, "Fenra the Second"  and I knew it was about the Fenris Wolf at Ragnarak. It was going to happen again.

NOTE:  See


7-10-00 - DREAM - I don't know where this took place.  I knew most of the people in the dream, but it was not in a real place that I've ever been in.

I and 4 other women were given service awards for work we had done in the past. We were given a silver/blue ribbon in the shape of a 5 pointed star, however it was not pinned on us, we were pinned to it on a huge slanted board like a wide ramp.  This was for work I had done with the airplanes.

After that we were in a tent encampment. There were thousands of people here in the encampment, both black and white but I saw thousands of black teen students it seemed.

All of my clothing and a Spanish woman friend named Mary were hung on pole rods in a large tent and the pole rod fell down so that all our clothes were laying on the ground.

There was a maintenance man in our group, but he took off at noon and said he'd be back in 3 days. Meanwhile we had to fend for ourselves.

There was a man there who looked like Beau from the TV show 'One Life to Live' and he asked what he could do.  I pointed to the clothing pile that belonged to Mary and myself. There were 3 piles of worms on top of the pile ... not earthworms ... these were furry worms. I didn't call them snakes though they were that size.  I asked the man to ask some of his black students to please remove the worms from our clothing piles.

A young girl walked up to me and showed me that she had a mother dog and her pups in the palm of her hand. They were micro-mini size.  They looked somewhat like an Irish setter but wasn't quite that red.  They were so tiny I told her they didn't have a chance to survive and that she had better not take them with her.

I walked around trying to manage these thousands of people none of whom seemed to have more than Mary or I.  I noted that off to the side seemed to be storefronts with glass windows in them, so it was modern times, and I was told that the maintenance man who had left us was seen to have been talking to my friend Diana and had been told off for going from one Dee to another Dee.

I then went to a hotel-type building which had apartments in it, which I managed, and our first guest was RoseAnn Barr and I put her in the first room on the second floor. The number was 1060.  We had reserved one other room which was behind 1060, it was on another corridor and it's number was 1080.  

I went up the wide stairway which had numerous tiny steps to the room I assigned RoseAnn Barr to.  I went inside to see how it was.  There were dressers in it and I opened the drawers and found that the previous tenants had left things behind. These were all Indian oriented type items, clothing, beadwork, but some things were in long boxes like you would buy in a craft shop that you put together yourself from a kit.  However, the drawers were full and she could do whatever she wanted with these things if she wanted to use them for herself.


7-11-00 - DREAM - (I went to bed really early because I was extremely tired. I had this dream within a couple minutes and it was more like a vision)

There were words dropping down from above like from the squares on my gameboy. The words accumulated on the bottom like a mountain.  Then something happened which caused this mountain to be destroyed. I was left with the feeling like it was set up this way to happen on purpose from some higher power.


7-11-00 - DREAM - I don't know where this was ... a place I've never been to before. It seems I was moving in and cleaning up other people's things, dustmopping the floor between and behind the legs of furniture.   I picked up a ceramic or wooden, perhaps even plastic statue of the Madonna which was about 3 feet tall. It had a small string of Christmas lights draped over it. I placed it into the closet which was huge ...more like an attic, since Christmas was past.

When I was done with that, I found a book list which had been hand written and planned to type it up so we had a nicer copy of the list.  I went to a room where there was a grand piano and for some reason planned to type the list on the grand piano like it was a typewriter ...

The man who had originally written the list was sleeping upstairs. He was a friend of my husband who then came into the room. My husband was like a composite guy, not exactly like anyone I've known before, yet he was my husband.  He asked me for a parts list which he had been working off of to build something on a car or machine. I had seen the list and found it underneath him. He had actually sat on it.  When I located it, I was acting like a 17 year old and teasing him to make him laugh because I was afraid he'd be angry. There was another guy standing there watching ... maybe a friend or relative of my husbands.

The a man walked in who actually owned this building and he acted like he might have left something behind and I told him I had found the statue of the Madonna, so I went to the closet/attic to get it.  This took a few minutes and when I came out with the Madonna, I was holding it head high and the room I went through was crowded with other Christian statues, like one sees in catalogs ... the tall, thin, colorful ceramic statues of Joseph, the angels, the wisemen, etc. but these were all as tall as I am.  They were people size and when I went past them with the statue of the Madonna, it was as if they came alive and bowed to each other. And I too bowed to them and pretended to have the statue of the Madonna bow to them in return.

I then gave the statue of the Madonna to the man who resembled the actor who played Whitley Strieber in the movie "Communion".

After that I went outside and saw that we had three cars, a yellow convertible, a green car, and a red car.  These were not like normal cars, but narrow and long, more like large replicas of old fashioned toys.

It was more like I was in toyland than in a real place. Yet everything worked and looked real.


7-11-00 - MEDITATION - I did an early morning mediation using Anna Hayes healing tapes after I discovered my mind was all disturbed by thoughts of events that occurred 15 years ago that were very distressing. I had told someone about them earlier today and the painful events still linger in my subconscious. I have noted recently that I react violently to sudden noise or close quick movement.

After I finished the meditation, I rolled over and closed my eyes. After a few moments, I had a vision of several black lines ... at the end of which lay cartoon-like white dead animals like mice and other rodents.  I then saw a brilliant colored necklace of gold wire wrapped Lapis Lazuli and a brilliant colored necklace of gold wire wrapped Emerald colored stones. Probably Malachite. They were more like large beads than rough stones.

This is the closest I found:

I can get the beads easily. Maybe I need to learn how to wire wrap them.


7-12-00 - DREAM - (This might be two dreams instead of just one)

I was seeing black helmets with empty eye holes and mouth holes. They were labeled D+ and G+. There were many more G+ helmets than D+ helmets.  I was told that there was a war going on between these two factions and that I was fighting on the wrong side.

The dream switched to a people dream in which 3 swashbuckling pirate type guys were going to fight each other. I decided I needed a bathroom break because I didn't want to participate.

However, I couldn't just walk out. I needed to make an excuse to leave and not participate.

(This might be another dream)

I was in a city with my husband and a young boy who might have been our son or it was just a lost child. The child was sitting on a street corner sitting down in that little grassy strip between the sidewalk and the street and there were numerous little trees trying to grow. My Father came along and yelled at the little boy for not taking better care of the trees.  I looked at the trees and they were just little sticks and some of them were burned off at the tops like they had been in a forest fire.

We took the little boy by the hand and took him across to street where we were going to find some water for him to drink. It seemed that there was a gas station or car repair shop everywhere, but I saw no place where we could just stop in and get a glass of water.

We walked into an office type place like a Real estate office but there was nobody there.  The offices were open but the people weren't there. I wanted to go into one of the back rooms and see if there was a bathroom where we could get some water for our little boy but was afraid someone would come and think we were doing something bad there.  

Our son then turned into a little mouse-like boy with clothes on and we could hold him in the palm of our hand. He was like the character Stuart Little.

Some girls came into the office and went into the back room. I followed them to see if there was water back there, but it was just an office with tables and chairs in it and that was all.

I came back out to the front where my husband was standing with our son, the mouse-like child in his hand. I was wearing a brown cloth coat like it was winter. I warned my husband to hide our son because someone might try to take him away from us.


7-12-00 -  DREAM - I was at 20th St. school (an elementary school where I grew up) I wasn't a child though, I was an adult an I was working there.  At first I was outside by the playground working on the landscaping.  It rather looked like a  place where one can buy plants of various kinds.  Some were in rows on the ground and some larger ones were in pots. I wouldn't be able to name any of these plants since I can't even identify them as real plants .  One of the trees had grown so tall, the branches were laying on the ground and growing like vines. In fact there were two of them like this. The branches were more like thorny cactuses. Similar to a Christmas cactus but with sharp thorns. I knew I would have to cut the branches back because I could hardly walk between them laying on the ground.

I went somewhere off the school property to get a scissors. I don't think I went as far as home, but just across the alley. When I got back with the scissors some men were setting up pianos on the playground to give a demonstration of playing ability.  There was a baby grand piano and a small upright piano.  A different man was going to play each one at the same time. The man who was going to play the baby grand piano was going to play my own music. He needed a piece of music that was for a video type game. I provided him with some music that was on a large sheet of blue paper and told him he could play that. He said that was fine.

Then I saw both men get down on the ground to make adjustments on the pedals and the sound boards.  I thought to myself, "I've never done anything like that. I wonder if that makes it sound better somehow."

While I was coming back I noted that other people were cleaning dumpsters which were full of water after a heavy rain. While the pianos were being readied to be played, I decided I would help out with the dumpster cleaning.

Lots of kids were streaming into the school at this time. I knew that students were allowed to watch at this time so they could learn how to do practical things, but I was in a hurry and just wanted to get the work done, not give demonstrations so when one of the older boys asked if he could watch me work, I told him that it wasn't a good idea.

I had had to put heavy work clothes on to do this job and the weather had gotten extremely cold after the rain, so I pulled on green snowpants over my brown slacks and started to pull heavy blue rubber gloves on over my hands, having seen that other people wore yellow rubber gloves when they did this job.

I lifted the first dumpster up and placed it in a washer type tub.  These dumpsters were about 4 feet by 5 feet wide and about 4 feet high, made of heavy metal.  I noted that there was garbage stuck on the sides of the dumpster, so I had to take a rag and scrub that off with water, then rinse the gunk off and dump all the water back out of the dumpster into the larger dumpster tub which was about a foot larger on each side and about a foot taller, so perhaps 5 x 6 x 5, rather than the 4 x 5 x 4 of the dumpster. The dumpsters were heavy, but I seemed to handle them rather easily even full of water. So, I was pretty strong.

The first dumpster I handled had thick ice on top of the water in it, and just by hitting it once it didn't break, so I took another one first, which also had ice on it, but that ice was floating and was about 1/4 thick.  I was able to scoop the ice out and throw it on the ground before picking up the dumpster and placing in the dumpster tub to scrub it.

I noted that the glove where  the third finger on my right hand had gone in had torn and I was hoping that no disease could hurt me while I was cleaning these dumpsters.

As I was waking up, I was hearing an announcement over the loudspeaker of the school. They were telling about a lecture about to start ... an author whom they named though I can't remember and they said that he wrote about rural life in Ohio.

I woke up thinking ... "Oooo Wheeee!" what a topic.  (smile)

But, I wonder who that was?


7-13-00 - DREAM - I dreamed a long time of reading a web page. I don't know if it was mine or not. I want to call it "People's Choice" for some reason. It was about something I had been working on earlier in the evening.  It was very hard to read because it was almost like white on white. I don't know what the real subject was.


7-13-00 - DREAM - I can't remember the whole dream.  It started out in my 16th St. house. I was sitting on the couch with my brother. We both had cards we had to send out. We eventually got them together to mail, but it was not an easy task to do for some reason.

Later on, I recall drawing with ink on a man's face who was laying on the ground. I was making a pattern across his face with both blue and brown. There was another woman standing next to me who couldn't believe what she was watching. (I can't remember why I did this)


7-13-00 - VISION -  As I was waking up, I saw the number 6/30 and some words. The voice said, "The wings fell off the plane and it fell into the ocean."


7-14-00 - DREAM - I don't know where this was for certain, but it looked like Wisconsin. We lived in the country and were very happy where we were but the government or someone official was moving us to another location because a foreign government was coming into our area with excavation equipment and other working type equipment and our government didn't want us to get into trouble by being too close to where they were going to go.

We were told that when the foreign government came in with their equipment, we were not to pay any attention to them when they came by ... it was better to pretend to ignore them like they weren't even there.  We were shown what this equipment looked like and it looked like excavating equipment ... like they were going to be looking for something that wasn't apparent on the surface.

Just before they were to arrive, the men of our group decided they were going to try to figure out what the foreign government was going to be looking for.  So we all went to the area and saw that there were the foundations of old buildings there .  We began to dig along these foundations ourselves to see if we could find what was hidden.

We had empty bags and boxes with us to put the debris in so we didn't make a mess, but there wasn't enough time and our government came to get us out of the way.

At one point, our car was stuck in the middle of the street and a policeman came and asked if he could help in some way. Our driver said that our wheels had a problem but we were ready to leave. The policeman praised our driver for taking care of the problem so that we were safe.  

We drove on down the street, following the tracks of a train or streetcar, knowing we were leaving just in time.  Sure enough, just as we pulled out, the foreign government came in with their equipment. We ignored them just as we had been told.


7-14-00 - DREAM - I moved into a new apartment. Within one day I had completely cleaned it, unpacked, put everything in it's place where it belonged, picked up all the toys from a woman and her child who were visiting. Another young boy came to visit and I told him he had better not strew his toys around.  I went into the livingroom where a guest was going to sleep over on a mattress I was going to put on the floor with a light blue pull over sheet. I had to move the furniture around to make room for it.

I had a laundry room that exactly matched the one directly across the hall from it. They were almost like mirror images of each other, except that the appliances were in reverse order ... so they were identical.  I went into my own laundry room because my guest said, "Don't forget to do the laundry."  I did it promptly after removing all the toys of the child of the guest.  There were a lot of Barbie doll figures and power ranger figures, etc. They were even in the sink.

I also swept the floor because there were Christmas needles on the floor from a tree that had been there and taken down.  

When everything was perfect I woke up amazed that I had completed the whole thing in one day. I had never been so quick before.

I know sooner woke up and was thinking about the dream when I had a vision.

I saw a letter, written in large print so it was easily readable.

It was written in purple ink and was from Charlotte King. It said, "This is your first spirit letter."  It said a couple other sentences, which I can't remember.

I then had another spirit letter. This was also written in large print in a light blue color.  It was from 'Jimmy Loughner'. It said, "This is the Jimmy Loughner web page."  It described the page which I can't remember.


7-14-00 - DREAM - This was like a series of visions of a web page. I recall 'Dolores (profile in time)', Apollo, Constellation, and a blueprint drawing of what looked like the German Iron Cross except that the end was different ... this had a beveled, fluted end ... drawing below.  The measurements were:  36 across the inner level and 37 1/2 across the outer beveled level.  I saw only the arm that was measured and it was on this angle as well.

NOTE: I got the impression that the Iron Cross was also a  representative symbol of the Grand Cross.

Web pages I found with information relating to this: The mythology of the God Apollo is mentioned on these pages

Draco the constellation

Scorpio the constellation

Dolphin the constellation

Orion - the winter constellation

How to find the constellations in the sky

The Astrology of the Astronomy

The Mythology

NOTE: I plan to do a web page on this subject as soon as I get all my information together.


7-15-00 - DREAM - (I can't remember the dream itself) but after I woke up, I was laying there thinking about what I dreamed about and had a lucid dream in which words which were blurry were appearing, blending with other words and disappearing again, over and over.  


7-15-00 - DREAM - I lived in the Milwaukee, WI and managed a large apartment building complex. It seemed like I was on Ogden St. at the East end of that particular building ... which was not the main building.

I was standing on the street watching several moving vans which had pulled up to the building and watched as an old woman was moving out.  I didn't know this particular woman as I recall, but her family was very friendly to me like they knew who I was.

I went inside the building on the West end and the old woman's daughter came inside right behind me. I was going to walk through the building towards the East through the hallway, but ended up getting on the elevator instead.  The old woman's daughter got on the elevator right behind me.

I realized my error and was going to get back off the elevator but I didn't want to inconvenience the woman, so decided to ride up the elevator with her to her floor and ride back down myself again. However, after we were in the elevator, the woman decided to have a conversation with me.  I can't remember what she said now but she made a couple reassuring statements to me of wise advice which made me feel quite a bit better about my state of affairs on earth.

She rode the elevator back down with me then and I got off the elevator to go get the mail. I hadn't been here for awhile so I knew the mailboxes would probably be full of mail I should answer. I had two mailboxes, ... one inside the building and one down the street at The Mailbox Place (this was true) . However, I didn't have the keys for some reason.  I had all kinds of keys to other people's apartments, but didn't have the mail box keys.

However, I looked up and hanging on the wall was a set a keys, which included several mailbox keys, and two apartment keys, and they were red tagged and interspersed with long spiked rods, one rod for each key it seemed, OR each key was separated from each other by a rod. They were about 6 to 8 inches long.

So, I took those keys with me.  I decided to go down to the basement to my husband's apartment. The stairway wasn't rickety, but was made out of wood like a painters' ladder and there was a drop off down into a lower level beyond that next to it.  Besides that, there were tools laying on the stairs which was really dangerous to do. I moved the tools over and began the descent on this ladder stairway, going down forward rather than like a ladder which you go down backwards.

A man who came in off the street came down behind me, being very patient as I carefully went down the stairs.  

I got to the bottom of the stairs and the apartment was right there. I realized I didn't have a key to this apartment. I had all kinds of keys but not to this one. A maintenance man arrived and we discussed the value of Master keys which are  long and thin with only one notch on them which hits the master cylinder in the lock as he explained to me. I already knew that having worked for a locksmith company for 7 years.  I also worked as a building manager in ever larger complexes for 11 years and always had access to Master keys ... (coincidence of the numbers?)

I turned around, looking at my keys to see if I had a key to this apartment and then realized the door was open and I didn't need a key to it. I opened the door and discovered that my husband had a son who was laying in a crib near the door.

I picked up the little boy who looked like my son Bill. (Bill is now 36 years old) He didn't have any underpants or slacks on so I had to get him dressed. A short woman appeared who had a large catalog and we went through the catalog showing the little boy the clothes he had grown out of which were grey and picked out some new clothes for him to wear which we dressed him in. (I can't remember the color now)

The woman left and I carried the boy with me. I heard a mewing sound and looked around for where the sound was coming from and saw what looked like a kitten's head beneath a grate in the floor. The grate was from the building's furnace.

I lifted up the grate in the floor and saw what looked like two kittens which was even more exciting. However, as I watched ... what I thought were two kittens were the ears of an even larger creature which had wide black and white stripes across it. It looked rather like a teddy bear at this point.  However, the creature grew as it came up out of the grate and as it reached the floor level, it was now so large it was man size and it's head was actually a tiny white gasoline pump (like at the gas station) I realized it was a costume. I don't know who the guy was, but he said a couple things to me which I can't remember and he left the apartment.

I began to call my husband's name but he didn't answer. I began to explore the apartment which was long and narrow.  I had to admire his housekeeping. There was nothing out of place and everything was shiny ... not dusty.  I got all the way to the other end of the apartment to another door which was an exit door. I assumed my husband had gone somewhere and turned around to walk back through the apartment.

As I turned, I heard a clear sounding bell chime in my head. I've long heard sounds in my head as long back as I can remember ... telephones, door bells, little bells, big bells, all kinds of tones.  However, at this point, I started to wonder if I was going psychotic.

As soon as I expressed that thought, a woman appeared who was either my long deceased friend Nancy or it was my friend Michelle. I'm not sure. I thought of both names as I talked to her. She assured me that 'they' were trying to make me feel like I was going psychotic when in actuality this is the beginning of 'walking in both worlds' where you can hear and see both in the physical world and the spiritual world.

Nancy/Michelle left then and I took the little boy with me to go to the Mailbox Place and the buildings mailboxes to get my mail.


7-16-00 - DREAM - I can't remember the beginning of the dream itself, but I was a teacher in a school. There were seven of us. I recall that RoseAnn Barr was one of the other teachers. At the end of the dream we were allowed to choose a sign of sorts which was like a symbol of us and the class we taught.  What we were shown was a white sign with flashing parts in a variety of patterns.  The flashing parts were not lights, but looked like flat gemstones in various shapes and sizes, all small, yet unique.  I decided which one I wanted as did each of the other teachers. At that point, the colored background was inserted into the sign, some were light blue, or brilliant black, whatever the color of the person and their class was. These signs were exquisitely beautiful and I felt very proud to be awarded this sign as a participant.


7-16-00 - DREAM - I seemed to be in Wisconsin, but I wouldn't be able to guarantee that by the scene I was in.  I was in the country, walking along the road.  I saw a red fox come scampering along out of a large hole in the ground as I came past and frightened him. He dashed out of the large hole and went nearby to his den where he hid.

I then went to a school where I was a teacher.  It seems that I couldn't have been there long because everything felt rather unfamiliar though the  people I met knew who I was.

In one scene, I met a person in a dining area, and I was sitting at a table and he pointed out that as a chef, he preferred one part of a piece of beef that was right next to him. It looked wonderful, so I took a fork and picked a piece off lower down on the slab he showed me. It peeled off like it had been cooked for many hours and I tasted it. It was one of the most fabulous pieces of beef I've ever eaten. Now I had to agree with the man about his taste in beef.

However, when I pulled this piece off, I saw that it revealed that there was something behind it and I was shocked to see that there was something standing there with a cloth over it painted like a horse. The cloth was shiny with paint. When I recognized it, the man pulled this something away very quickly, almost running over a cloth covered something laying on the ground by my feet.  The cloth covered something jumped to its feet and I saw that it was another horse, but smaller. This horse ran over towards a fence where there were sheep grazing in a meadow. It disappeared behind some trees and I didnt see it again. I figured it was better off there than living under a cloth in captivity.

I went into a school then where there were many maintenance workers, all dressed alike in faded blue shirts with darker blue flowers or leaves on them. The shirts had evidently been washed thousands of times.  I didn't see that any of these guys were working, but walking around in pairs.  I was being accompanied through this area by another man dressed in the maintenance type shirt ... like there was some kind of danger to being along as a female.

We went around a corner and two young men, also dressed in these shirts came by and turned around to say, "Hello!" Both men were friendly but one of them looked very familiar and he smiled. I asked him if he was happy in his work. He said that he was. I made the comment to him that it was good that he was happy in his work, not just pretending to be happy to get the paycheck.

We walked along the hallways and came to a room that was like a museum of Indian lore. The room was rather dark, only lit from the outside hallway.  I went inside to look around ... it was dim but I could still make out what everything was.  

The wall right by the door had a design on it, made of colored vegetable seeds of a variety of colors. The far wall had a mandala or design made of strips of colored fur of animals they had probably eaten. I touched the wall which was soft and silky fur. It was wonderful to behold.

Right outside the door, a black woman stood, peering inside. When I came out the door, she asked me if I thought I would be able to live like the Indians used to back in history. I remarked that I probably could as long as they were good cooks.

She remarked back that it wouldn't matter if they were good cooks or not, that if we lived like that, we would be happy if were to be able to eat at all.

Then she asked me where I was from. I said I was from New Berlin and asked her if she knew where New Berlin was. She said, "No!" I aid, "Do you know where Brookfield is?"  She looked vague and said, "Yes!"  I said, "Well, New Berlin is south of there." I began to tell her my story about the fox and woke up.


7-17-00 - (I love this dream. It is so cool)  DREAM - I was in New Berlin. It seemed like my house, but it was also like a shopping mall type place. I picked up some jewels ... similar to white Onyx ... similar shape to the jewels above, but white. There were 5 of them. Two of them actually belonged to a woman from church, but now that I had them, I was going to have them set into a ring for myself.  I was also shown some painting skills like in a video but this was just in the air in front of me. I wanted to do some painting and was shown closeups on women's long fingernails and how the fingernails could be painted with tiny paintings. They were so cool ... so I went to the store part of the house to buy some fingernail painting gloss and brushes and to find someone to set my gemstones into a ring.

When I got to the store part of the house, my friend Nadia was there. (Nadia lives in New Jersey and actually just moved to Long Island, NY yesterday to be with her fiance. I had been thinking about her yesterday, wondering how her move went) Nadia told me that she always bought my jewels.  I disagreed totally and told her I had my own credit card.

I left the store then, wanting to go to a drug store across town to buy some herbs to help me lose weight. (I had a discussion with another friend about this yesterday also) However, when I got outside I realized it was going to snow so it was better that I not go across town but just go to the New Berlin drug store and see if I could get the herbs there.

I was driving my first car ... a 1965 Ford. It was a large car, but when I got in it and started it, I found that the brakes didn't work very well.  I could get the car 'almost' to a stop, but not quite, so I couldn't stop, I could only slow down. I noted that the snow was so bad in drifts that even people on snowboards and toboggans couldn't make headway, so how was I going to do this.  I attempted to stop the car after I made the first right turn onto the road from the driveway, but I couldn't stop ... so I tried steering into the side of a small hill to stop myself.

This didn't work either. I managed to get the car slowed way down, but then it was like being in a boat on water in a river and when I bumped into the hill, the back end of the car started coming around and continued on down the road.  I got the car around the next right turn onto National Avenue and continued on down that road.  

Down the road aways, which was already past the New Berlin drug store and into West Allis, way out of control, I spotted an empty field with rocks on both sides.  I knew that the Vietnamese had been ousted from the United States by Treaty just the past Saturday, so there was nobody in this field.  I pulled my car into the field off the road, and got my car stopped by the rocks. Vietnamese had been removed from this field and placed on the other side of the road. I didn't actually see any of them ... I just knew this.

I thought I would be able to run back to the house and catch a ride with my husband but I knew it was too late, that he had already left the house. So, I walked quickly back through the field, and saw that men were standing on the edge of a precipice looking past the rocks like they were perhaps being thankful the Vietnamese had been removed ... but forgetting how it might have been if they had not.

I got back up on National Ave. and saw Joe. He was parked by the side of the road in a giant sized car that looked like a train engine from the 1930's. (He was born in 1939) He was having trouble driving it so had parked it by the side of the road. The train engine looked like it was in good condition ... almost like new ... shiny light green with a darker green roof.  There were a couple men with him discussing why the train wasn't running properly.

There was a placard type sign on the front of the engine that said it was either owned by or managed by a man named 'FUDGE'.  I knew that 'FUDGE' really meant ROV (He is an ET) But Joe said it was 'FUDGE' and I wasn't going to dissuade him from his beliefs.

I was told by someone that I was supposed to turn myself in to the Vietnamese camp but I knew that the Vietnamese had signed the treaty the Saturday before, and I was not about to turn myself into them now.

I pulled my credit card out of my pocket and it was like electronic and it clicked down to a credit balance of $750. ( I think it started with credit of $900)


7-19-00 - DREAM - I was walking down a hallway in  a hospital with an old white haired man who was to my left.  He had fallen several times and hurt his shoulder each time.  We were shocked this time to find that when they x-rayed the bone, it had broken this time even though it didn't hurt any worse than the other times.

He said that the doctor told him that if a bone isn't treated and set, it would be offset 1/4 to 3/4 inches if it self-healed.

As soon as he said it, a huge yellow chart flashed in the air to our right, showing a list of all the bones in the body and the measurement of the offset in untreated broken bones.


7-20-00 - DREAM - I was with a young woman who was a visiting dignitary who had done some really great work for humanity and she was being given an award and dinner party.  The award was called something like ' onto the 6th  ....   '  . There was about 8 different ways of expressing this statement I was shown.  

There was a man with us also who was helping to arrange for this dinner party and there were 4 men she could choose to have for her partner at the dinner.  One was Branch Ritchie, two  others were like President and Vice President ... (forgot who)  and the fourth one the man wanted to write down his own name but couldn't do that so he allowed her to write down who she wanted as the 4th choice.  

She wrote 'Prince Charles'.


7-21-00 - DREAM - I was in a huge building with many rooms and levels. I promised a woman I would take care of her baby while she was busy elsewhere.  The child who was a good size infant wore pajama type outfits of brightly colored squares, triangles, and other geometric shapes.  I took this child to each room and level with me as I went.

I think I saw his mother at the end, a blonde woman wearing a black and red tube-type dress. It had no shoulders on the dress, it was just like a knitted tube.

I was then working in an office and it was late on a Friday night. (The dream took place on a early Friday morning). I noticed that I had more work piled on my desk than anyone else and I felt guilty that I was so slow.  I finally finished the project I was working on and turned it over to my boss.

The work I did was a series of math problems for varying shapes of geometry for which I had to figure the cube roots volume of each one. There were numerous shapes on the paper ... like 12 to 15 on a line and numerous lines down the length of the paper.

My boss wanted to know what took me so long to do this, and he began rattling off math sequences verbally.  I apologized to him and said I was sorry but I couldn't do that kind of math in my head, I had to write it down on paper to do it.

(The boss was the same on I always have in dreams - I think he is negative ET - perhaps Reptilian)

When I was done with the project, a couple other young women were discussing who was going to be working on Saturday.  Two of the women were not only going to be working on Saturday, but were going to be going down into the basement of the factory.

I had never been down there. One had to go down a narrow, rickety wooden stairway to get there. I was curious but never tried it. However, I ironed a dress for the woman's daughter so she could wear it. It was rather a golden pink color ... a shade I can't recall ever seeing before. I hung it on a hangar that was black and a triangle shape that regular hangars aren't quite the same. I didn't want to hang it in the closet with all the other clothes because it would get wrinkled again, so I hung it on a rod from which a greenish drapery hung. For some reason, the rod was so close to the top of the doorway, I had to actually pry some wood out of the frame to fit the hangar handle into. I saw that others had done the same thing before me.


7-21-00 - I was sitting at the computer, testing links on my ancient sites page, and was getting tireder and tireder. Finally I gave up and went to lay down and close my eyes to rest them.

As I lay on the bed, I was hearing a variety of voices of people, some male, some female, none of whom was saying anything worthy of passing along, some were even unintelligible.

I then had a vision of a black leaf ....It was on the order of a marijuana leaf or a maple leaf perhaps ... like holding up your hand in front of your face.  The only problem with the leaf ... if you look at it like a hand, the second and fourth fingers would be cut off at the knuckles, so all I saw was like the thumb, middle finger, and little finger ... and the second and fourth finger cut off at the first knuckle.

I have yet to determine the meaning of this.


7-21-00  - DREAM - (This might be two separate dreams)

I was doing my daughter's laundry. She was about 8 to 10 years old.  It was like doing the laundry of Orphan Annie ... all the dresses were red.

I came out of the laundry room which was a huge, long room, and went into the livingroom where there was a workman of some kind there.  He said he had a daughter and wondered if it was too windy outside for her.  He wanted to know if she would need to wear a hat.

I told him that that taking a workman's handkerchief which come both in red and blue, he could make a nice head scarf to tie over her head and protect the wind from her ears.

His eyes rather lit up and he said that he had picked up a pink one and that would work out just fine.  I was pleased at that. I had seen a pink one also and actually had one in my dresser drawer and used it for that purpose myself.

I then turned to go back into the laundry room and he seemed to want to follow me in there, but I didn't want him to go in the laundry room with me, and I stood in the doorway, rehanging the finished dresses and moving them from one door rack to another door rack farther out in the room.

This is probably another dream

I was in a car with my ex-husband Jim. I don't know where we were going, but we were on 16th St. going north, just south of North Ave. (This is a one way street going north) Instead of going to the stoplight and turning right, he turned right into a narrow passageway right behind the building which fronted on North Ave.

Though there was a large grassy area to the right of the car, he was almost hitting the building on the left side of the car. Though I was a passenger in the right side of the car as we turned the corner, as we went along the narrow way, I was behind him in the back seat, so could easily judge how far we were from the building.

We had to stop however, because just before we got to 15th St., there were two trees in pots on the sidewalk and we had to stop rather than driving on the grassy area. Jim got out of the car to move the pots and as he did, a woman came out of the building doorway with a laundry basket full of dirty laundry and wanted to enter the laundry room which was a closed door behind the open door.

This was a problem and the car was in the way, so I got out of the car and moved it over so she could adjust the door situation and enter the laundryroom.

Now there were two open doors and a man came out of the first door to see what was going on. He was rather like a supervisor type person. He resembled Jimmy a shorter black man who worked for me on Highland Ave. earlier on.

More and more people began to appear and I realized that this was a large apartment building and many people were coming out to do their laundry and Jimmy the supervisor man was opening more and more laundry room doors along the "Way. "

Our car was now a bicycle and my husband Jim went around the corner onto 15th St. to scout the area as he wanted to show me some of the old buildings in the area.

Meanwhile, I had to wheel the bicycle after him and when I came to the 15th St. end of this "Way", there was a steep stairway going down to the street. (This is not normal for the area in real life)  There was actually two stairways side by side, an 'up' stairway and a 'down' stairway.  I had to duck under a huge pipe that was overhead and accidentally dropped the bicycle down the stairs ahead of me. It crashed loudly at the bottom of the stairs and I just knew it was probably broken.

At the bottom of the stairs, an old black woman picked up some of the pieces and brought them up the other stairway.  She told me her name was Gertrude and that she would put the pieces of the broken bicycle in the hallway which the "Way' had now turned into.  She said she had two rods and a hatchet and would lean them against the wall.

I thanked her and went to pick up what was left of the bicycle.  I found a copper wire spring that was in a loose spiral (similar to a slinky), and I saw a structure that looked like a transit from which sightings are made by engineers to exactly measure distance and lines,  and a couple of nondescript pieces of metal. But I needed the parts of the bicycle Gertrude had picked up to attach them to.

So I went back up the stairway and now found myself in a maze of hallways, all of which had open doors into laundry rooms which seemed to be everywhere. Jimmy, the supervisor was everywhere also ... doing his supervising, but Gertrude was nowhere to be found and I was finding metal and cloth pieces of 'things' laying against the walls everywhere.  I told Jimmy about Gertrude and he said he would help me determine where my two rods and the hatchet were, but we weren't having much luck.

I thought I spotted two bicycle wheels but they turned out to be silver garbage can lids, so that didn't help.  I put those aside and kept looking for my rods and hatchet.

Meanwhile, tables piled with old clothing appeared outside the laundry rooms and there was stuff everywhere.  Jimmy was eyeing some blue cloth on one of the tables and I somehow felt that I owned it because of my lost bicycle pieces and I was accumulating 'stuff' to replace the lost bicycle parts.

I picked up as much as I could carry and went back down the stairs to where the rest of the broken bicycle parts were, which was now a more broken, and what had been the transit was now all in pieces and all I could see of it was the top pedestal on which the transit sits and four loose legs, and a pile of 'stuff'.  It seems that my ex-husband Jim had gone home to get another car ... a station wagon ... to haul the 'stuff' home.

I went back and made another trip to find the lost bicycle parts and picked up more stuff and returned to where the car was on the last trip and discovered that Jim had moved the car farther away.  So, the trip was longer this time, but I noted that he hadn't picked up all the 'stuff' from the first pile and laying on the ground was strewn a long line of toy cowboys and Indians, all laying on their sides like they were dead.

I deposited my 'stuff' on a long table that Jim had set up by the car to accumulate bicycle parts on.  I don't know if he was trying to reassemble the bicycle, but he sure was accumulating 'stuff'.

I went back to the building to look for the rods and hatchet again, and when I went to the laundry rooms along the 'Way' I was now in the land of the giants.  These guys were all wearing bluejeans and shirts but they were all 9 to 10 feet tall and could barely stand up in the laundry rooms.

In one laundry room, I was pleased to note that the people who lived in the building were writing down their favorite web site urls so others could go to them also. I seemed to recognize a couple of them.  One particularly friends giant of a guy was expounding on themes that sounded like he might like my own web site, so I told him that I was the webmaster of Dreams of the Great Earthchanges and that the url was ''.

He was all smiles and thanked me for telling him.  I went back out into the hallway and Jimmy was bringing out a new fresh batch of bluejeans and laying them down on a blue sheet in the 'Way' for others to choose from.  Talk about giants ... the waist sizes on these jeans had to be at least 56 inches across and more.  Guys coming along the 'Way' were thrilled to see that there was clothing to fit them too and were picking up these bluejeans and trying them on for size.

I woke up at this point ... feeling exhausted and thought I had been asleep so long it was probably about 4 p.m.  I was surprised to look at the clock and see that it wasn't even 11 o'clock yet.  But I was soooo tired.

NOTE: Gertrude is a myth name. I wasn't able to find out from what myth during a search of the internet.


7-22-00- LUCID DREAM - I was working with two separate timelines of stars or star events. I was placing them on a white screen. This took a long time as I was putting them on either alphabetically or numerically by date... but there were two lists. I was thinking about merging the list and wondering if I should when I started to wake up.


7-22-00 - DREAM - I was with my family. The kids were young college age. I was moving to another house but the kids weren't going with me.  Michael and Kenneth, my sons, had to find somewhere else to live.

My Father came to visit and I told him I would give him some magazines to read while he was there. I can't remember what I gave him in particular, but it seems like they were picture magazines ... like Time or Life.

While I was getting ready to move, I discovered that there was some 'shit' smeared on the walls on the stairway. It seemed that my son Bob, who was young ... about 3 years old, did it, but I couldn't prove it.  I had to clean it off the walls and went to get a big rag to scrub it off before everyone who visited could smell it.

While I was going to go get a rag to do this, a huge truck went down the stairs. It made a tremendous noise. I watched it as it went down into the basement on a huge ramp into an underground garage.

I went into the bathroom to get water and soap on the rag to scrub the stairway walls and I heard the truck coming back up. I hid in the bathroom and listened to the noise as it came closer. I was waiting for the truck to go past but it didn't ... the noise came to a steady sound right outside the bathroom door.

I stood there, hiding behind the door, and I heard someone at the door. The truck driver appeared and I apologized for hiding in the bathroom and told him what I was going to do. I took my rag and went up the stairs to scrub the walls, letting the truck driver use the bathroom in the meantime.

I went up the stairs and it was dark up there. I hollered up the stairs for someone to turn the light on, but I could see there was no bulb in the light socket. My son Kenneth said he would bring a lightbulb. While I waited for someone to get a bulb to put in the socket, I scrubbed what I could reach. It was worse than I thought.

On the stairs, I found some rectangular packages the same size as the stairs. They were sitting on the stairs so it seemed like they were stairs themselves. But they were loose and there was a big drop off down the stairs further if I didn't remove them. I decided to look inside and see what it was. I opened the first package and it was a bag of rags. They were white, old and almost moldy. I was afraid I was going to find maggots in the bag. I said I wasn't taking those with me and intended to throw them in the trash when I got to the bottom of the steps.

I went back down to the bathroom to get more water and soap and this time I ran into Michael and Kenneth and they told me that they were going to move in with some friends of theirs who lived in the 100's housing project though their friends weren't aware they were coming there permanently.  They were laughing that their friends were in trouble for spraying some kind of anti-bacterial spray on the walls there.

I told them there was a lot worse that could be sprayed and I wouldn't get excited about that at all. As I scrubbed the walls more, two female friends of mine, one white and one black were discussing a timeline of sorts of things that they did or were concerned with and it seems like it had to do with something in the sky ... eclipses or star movements or something.

I then saw a tiny cup and inside the cup was a mark put on by the manufacturer. It said 'starmark 1791'.


7-23-00 - DREAM - I don't know where I was, but we were in the country. Someone drove by with a 1938 black car. (I don't know what brand) Someone made a comment that it was a pretty old car. That was the year I was born. I said that it looked really great to me, well kept up, shiny, almost like new.  The other person said that it was going to be sold to a dealer for $25. I said I would gladly pay $25 for it, in fact I would pay $500 for it gladly .

However, the car was getting farther and farther away so we decided to follow it so I could buy it.  We turned a corner to the left and found ourselves on a train instead of on the road, but the train was on the tracks and the cars were driving inside the train. Other people were heading the same direction I was and I didn't want them to get to the car before I did, so I started to run to get ahead of them.

The train was a lot longer than I thought it was, and I was running faster and faster to get to the car before the others. I heard someone say that there was a message relay system at the front of the train where morse code signals could be sent out.  I was getting pretty out of breath by this time. It was a long way to run.

I was almost up to the car when I started to wake up. I had to go to the bathroom really bad so jumped out of bed. When I came back to bed, my heart was beating really hard and faster than normal. It took quite awhile to slow down to normal and I discovered that my throat was full of gunk I was trying to breathe through.


7-23-00 - DREAM - I was in a house I had just moved into and wasn't familiar with it yet. I went to the stove and turned it on. The flame was blue but wasn't very high, so I made an adjustment to the gas gauge to get the flame higher.  I then tested the gas and pushed a button and gasoline sprayed out all over the stove.  Some people came to visit right then so I didn't do anything with it, but remembered that I'd better clean that up soon.

The people that came looked familiar like UFO researchers I've seen on TV, but I don't know their names ... They were examining my kitchen and one of them decided to turn on the stove.

I quickly said, "It's going to flame up!" and before I could get there, all the gasoline that had sprayed out was up in flames ... orange flames ...   There was a metal protector around and above the stove, so nothing got burned, but I knew I was going to have to readjust the flame back down so that didn't happen again.

After the people left, I turned the gas adjustment gauge back down. One of the men said that you just barely have to turn it on. And I discovered that when it's turned on, there is a click and you don't have to turn it on any further ... the blue flame comes up right at the click.

Those people left and another man came in who used to live in this house. He was a giant sized guy ... about 7 feet tall, but huge.  He said that he remembered that there was a gas pipe in the house he hadn't taken with him. He said that it was copper and it was like where the gas comes from the wall, one of those larger pipes.

I told him that I didn't remember seeing it, but that it might be in the basement yet.  So, we went to the basement together. I was rather apprehensive having him in the house but he was a gentle giant it seemed.  He started going through drawers in the basement as there was a huge kitchen down there. The pots were large enough to cook for 100 people easily and there were many pots on the stove and counters that size.

The first thing he found in one drawer was a gun. He said, "What do you have a gun for. You'd probably hurt yourself more than you'd protect yourself."  I had to agree with him, and surprisingly, he didn't take the gun out of the drawer, but pulled out an iron without a cord and a huge electrical cable, copper wires with a rubber coating on it ... seemed larger than one would use for an electric stove with 220 wiring ... but it was about that length.

He handed the iron to me ... it was really heavy ... and the cable he laid on the table to take with him.

It must have been getting close to 1 p.m. and I was thinking to myself, I'm going to miss my television soap opera, "One Life to Live" and then countered myself with, "No! I'm not missing One Life to Live ... this is real Life.

The man was still looking for his gas pipe, and I said, "Would you like me to make you pot of coffee?"

He got a big smile on his face and said, "See! I really do need a lot of training yet. I wouldn't have thought of that."  I said, "I wouldn't have done it if I was alone either."  It seemed to be a rather pleasant thing to do ... to offer coffee to a guest.  I felt much better about having the man in the house now ... he would be a friend rather than an enemy to be frightened of.


7-24-00 - DREAM - This was a white web page on a computer. It was about ETs and telephones. I wasn't particularly interested in reading it.

I then had a series of dreams and visions that seemingly were on the same subject matter, but very strange .

I was in a house I've never seen before. A very tall man was there who wanted to use the public bathroom, but I was cleaning it. There were other bathrooms in this building, but he wanted to use this one because he was looking for one that had a large grate in the floor. I was busy getting rid of some slightly bloody feminine napkins down the toilet and hoping it wouldn't get stuck. They weren't mine ... I don't know whose they were.

I finally allowed him in that bathroom and went to my own room and saw some people from Milwaukee outside the window, working in the garden.  I went outside to look at the garden which was green and lush. I saw 4 vine-like branches coming from 2 different trees which were soft cactus like a tree I dreamed about last week.  I've never actually seen branches like this on any physical tree.  They resemble some underwater plants I've seen in aquariums though.  They resemble long green soft spiky vines. I had my hand on one of the vines. It was prickly, yet soft and these long vines had grown across the yard in just one night. I didn't know what I was going to do with them.

I then had some bubble stuff and started to blow bubbles for the kids outside. However, there was a cat there with long claws and each bubble I blew, he would claw it to break it. These bubbles were more like balloons in that they took a long time to blow up like balloons do and when they broke, they broke into smaller bubbles of 7 different colors ... rather like a rainbow but the colors were brighter.  

The bubble stuff was all in one pipe and finally the stuff fizzled out. Nobody was rather particularly interested in it anyway but I found it interesting myself. It was rather unique.

I then started seeing visions which were also ET related.  These were supposedly messages. I saw three 'band' names which I can't remember, but the songs they sang were like, "Everything comes in puzzle form", and "We don't answer question." I can't recall the third one.  One of the band names I think was Hubbard ... the band names and songs faded so fast I almost couldn't remember them at all. I feel lucky I remember what I do. It seemed like the band names were short and easy to remember, but I think the messages were more important than the names.

I then saw a light blue check with the money amount as  '  m.mmm  '  I didn't see that it was made out to anyone and not signed either.

I then saw a bright sheet of paper like a brochure. The name Hubbard was on it twice and it seems that Hubbard was also one of the band names I had forgotten. This was one of the lines ' 78 words'.

NOTE:  The first e-mail of the day was a new crop circle of magnetic fields and it turned out that Hubbard is a physicist who discovered the magnetic bands of some kind.  See this: MAGNETIC FIELDS


7-25-00 - DREAM - I worked in an office.  My boss was caught doing some paper juggling in his records and some examiners came in to look at the records, but I had already found the alphabetical files and took them to my own desk.

I went to another office where other women were working and they were discussing what kind of clothing to wear ... I can't remember what I was wearing .  

I had to go outside with the maintenance man who was having trouble with the grass mower.  The engine was smoking and he was trying adjust it .  He wanted me to hold a part that was spewing gasoline and I told him I wasn't going to put my hands in gasoline.  So, we waited for some men to come along who would be willing to help.  Finally, a pair of twins came along. They were dressed in brown overcoats and looked possibly Italian or some other dark skinned ethnic group.  They wanted to know where the Father of the mower was.  I told him there was no Father, knowing that it was a company which owned the machine, not a person. They went away but said they would be back to fix it, so I stood there with this mower engine with a big pipe gasket on it ... about 3 inches across and 3 inches deep ... it was light brown.

I then had to go back into the office and found that someone was throwing away old shoes and purses. At first glance they looked really good and I saw that they had my size. I wanted dress sandals.  The first pair I picked up were gold.  They had clunky 5" high heels and just for the fun of it I stood on the right shoe and my head almost hit the chandelier.  I said that would not do. I couldn't walk down the hallways, having to avoid the chandeliers all day.  The other pair I looked at were exactly what I like, all straps, high heels, and these were bright red. I loved them, but when I flipped them over, I could see that the previous owner had worn the edges of the soles and heels down to the wood underlayer, so I threw them back into the pile.

My boss and some male examiners were behind me so I couldn't take time out to look for more shoes .  We were on the way to my office to get the alphabetical files so the examiners could look at them.  We got to the edge of where my office started and some professional gardeners had come in and completely overhauled the left side of the office into a garden. However, they had turned over all the soil, and we went in up to our knees in deep dark soil. The flowers were all brown and yellow Mums and other fall flowers, some dark red, some bright yellow.  I had to step with large steps to get over to a more paved area that was grassy and solid so we could get to my desk.

NOTE: Moments after I woke up, CNN announced that a huge Concorde plane had crashed in Paris. It hit a hotel on the way down and killed 4 more people on the ground. A total of 113 people were killed.  Flames were seen coming out of the left most engine. The fuel/gas exploded on impact.  Details are sketchy but it seems like the mower problem above is related to the events leading up to the plane crash in Paris.


7-25-00 - DREAM - I was in a city and went into a store ... like a fancy drug store and went to look at a glassed in cabinet with jars of perfume cremes inside boxes behind glass doors. I opened the glass door and began to look at the jars of perfume cremes, one of which was named 'avi' (I know that is a computer program extension name for a computer program for video.)

Behind me I heard someone say that the store was closed.  I turned around and saw that it was dark outside but I had to leave. It was too late to buy the perfume this day.

I opened a pair of glass doors and went outside into the dark. There was another woman behind me and we walked up the street together.  We somehow ended up in a car driven by my friend Dianne from work. She pulled up the hill at 92nd Street, but she wasn't in the street traffic, she was in a parking lot, and had to stop at the crosswalk and planned to turn right when the light changed to green from that direction.

I was then in a place that seemed like my high school, but I was working in the purchasing department. I had to send out some small size blueprints to get bids for a part my boss wanted to buy.  I sent it to Engineering to get a bid on it, and I wrote on the drawings, From Dee, need by 6/28.


7-26-00 - Most of the night I was seeing blue cubes coming down just like the game boy I had played in the evening. Eventually, it changed to words which I couldn't read. One last vision was a black and white photo ... like a newspaper clipping and it appeared to say "QUEEN GOD".  but I wasn't certain if that's what it said because it was blurry.


7-26-00 - DREAM - It seems I was in Milwaukee and giving someone who resembled Robin Williams (the actor) a tour of the city. It also seemed that he was my boyfriend or at least he was acting like he wanted to be that.  There was no transportation, so we were walking East on what seemed like North Ave.  (The juxtaposition of the street to the next scene doesn't make sense so it was more dream-like than real. )

The street was pretty much torn up so we were walking East towards the next intersection where I was assuming there was probably a bus that went north and south.  I pointed out to my 'friend' that they were building a bridge across the valley to the south ... there were huge green girders both on the bottom and the top of this bridge.  It seemed like the roadway of the bridge was partially finished but it would be quite some time before it was finished. The bridge would have been at approximately 3rd street.

Then we had to climb the hill up towards what would be Humboldt Ave.

North Ave., which we were walking on was also torn up and I could see a yellow ditch digger machine up the hill and there were mounds of sand and dirt to walk around. It seemed to get longer the farther we walked as I was getting out of breath and feeling some anxiety for the distance we had to walk and I hadn't had anything to eat.  (This was probably due to the lateness of this dream to the a.m. and needing to eat in the physical because of lowering blood sugar)

We were about half way up the hill when I saw two men coming down the hill towards us. One was a medium built size man and just walking. The other man was quite large, wearing a brown, yellow and black plaid coat that was blowing in the wind, somewhat like the main  character from the movie '76 Trombones'.  He was waving his arms, hollering at the workmen who were working on the road.  To me, it seemed he was the bus driver I needed to give my 'friend' and I a ride to where we were going.

As it was, I put out my arms wide and smiled broadly and hollered up at him, "I've been waiting for you."  He turned from his hollering at the men and saw me and that I was female (which is all he cared about it seemed) and followed my gesture with arms wide and welcoming and feeling welcomed and smiling broadly in return.

I knew immediately that his companion and my companion were wondering what I was up to because I didn't tell anyone what I was doing.

Somehow we quickly were transported to a place that was like a restaurant and lots of people were around and we were going to eat dinner.

One of the waitresses who seems like someone I know very well, but am not certain of her identify went by with an almost empty pie plate that was enormous about 6 feet across. Around the edges were smidges of leftover cheesecake and pumpkin pie which hadn't been served to the customers.  

As she went by, I said to her, "I wouldn't mind sampling the leftovers around the edges of that pan, so she turned and brought it back.  I and all the other people who were friends as well gathered around this huge pan and moved all the edge pieces of pie to a place that was easily accessible to everyone.

At the same time, I saw that there were some birthday cards to the woman who was the waitress. I stopped her and said, "Hey! This is all yours", and started gathering the cards together which seemed to be multiplying as I gathered them.  I could see that some of the cards were thicker than others and that they might have money in them, and then indeed, Is started seeing brand new dollar bills mixed in between the envelopes and started pulling the money out from between the envelopes and handing it to her.  The more money I pulled out and gave to her, the more there was, and there was now also what looked like newspaper clippings or something like that piled in the midst of the birthday cards and there was money stuffed between all these sheets of paper as well.  So I made certain that she got all this too. She was really surprised and happy.

When she took all her cards, money, etc. we then turned to sit down to eat dinner. I had a plate with a small amount of rice, a small piece of roast beef chunk and a teaspoon of salt which someone daubed into the middle of the plate. So I took my plate and went to sit down at a long table.  My 'friend' was on my right, and the mild mannered companion of our 'driver' wanted me to sit next to him.  However, there were 4 chairs in a row ... 3 at a table ... a table leg ... then 3 more chairs.  The companion guy sat at the first chair and indicated he wanted me to sit next to him on his right, but my 'friend' sat at the first chair of the second table and wanted me to sit to his immediate left.  I wanted to please him, but didn't want to disappoint the 'companion' guy either, so I eventually pulled one of the chairs away from the table so it was a compromise to both.   and woke up


7-27-00 - DREAM - The dream started out dream-like at a bank. It seemed that I owed $100 to an account I had. Someone else said she needed some money and hundreds of people flipped her 50 cent pieces through the air, so I thought if I asked for money like that, I might get some too and pay off my $100 account.

So, I said to the crowd standing around, "Would someone care to flip me a coin also?"  Nobody did except a tall Russian man. He tossed me a coin that in comparison to a quarter I saw in someone elses hand that was 10 times the size. I looked at it and it was a coin used in commemoration and it said '100 years' on it.

I told him I needed to give him something in return and handed him a gold pocket watch. I said, "It probably doesn't work", but when he took it in his hand, it was working perfectly.

The dream switched then to where my husband was driving me to work and he pulled over to the curb of an apartment building I used to work at. He pulled up in reverse direction ... against traffic ... and just sat there, saying nothing.  It was quarter to 8 in the morning and there was no one on the street. We sat there so long, I finally said, "I guess I may as well go inside and pick up my mail if there is any."  

I pulled my keys out of my right coat pocket and somehow, numerous other keys also flew out of my pocket onto the street.  There was a ring of gold Master keys, and a ring of mailbox keys.

As I got out of the car to pick up my keys and go to the mailbox, suddenly I felt like I was in a lucid dream and knew I was dreaming, yet this was a dream within a dream and I told my brother who was now parked at the opposite curb that I knew I was in a lucid dream because I felt like I was awake and actually doing what I was doing.

I entered the building lobby where other women were standing around waiting until time for the bus to arrive to take them to work as well. I put my mailbox key into a box that looked like an alarm box. I saw it was stuffed with paper, so I began to pull it out. The paper was all folded up inside the alarm box, but when I pulled it out, it straightened out perfectly without a crease.  I pulled out 6 purple brochures and a brochure folder which was used to hold them - 7 pieces total. Each one was light purple background with darker purple background and they all said, "WORLD PEACE 2000" on them, and the instructions inside said that 'everyone needs to participate' and ' you'll come to believe in the butterfly effect'.

The women standing there asked if they could have a brochure and I began to hand them out ... I gave out all six brochures to these women, who as they began to talk to me, turned out to be Russian immigrants who worked at the same place I did.

I turned the brochure over to see where it came from. The return address was Hershey, Pennsylvania.  (That's where the main Hershey chocolate factory is.  Chocolate is considered to be 'the food of the God's and has been well known since ancient Mayan times)

I then went farther into the building because I decided to rent an apartment there. It wasn't time for the office to open, so I went inside a vacant apartment that was open for viewing. It was a bright yellow apartment.  I decided to rent it for 3 months, just enough time to do this new project for WORLD PEACE 2000.

Immediately after I woke up, I began to see a vision of a woman with bright red frizzy curly hair, dressed like women in the 1920's did in the silent movies.


7-28-00 - DREAM - I was in an apartment building I had just moved into in a large city. I don't know what city. I don't know how many floors there were in this building, but it had to be a large building. What was unique is that the ceilings were at least 12 feet tall and some of the apartments were really big ... extraordinarily large.  

I went with an older woman to an apartment to show it, and while we were there, the whole building started to shake. I knew it was an earthquake ... and it shook for some time ... a little more ... a little less ... through out the time.  At least a minute or so.  We ran out of the apartment into the hallway and some people said to come down to the lobby and see the buildings across the street.

I went to the lobby stairway ... it was definitely not wheelchair accessible in this building. The stairs were wide and very steep ... probably about 30 steps down to the glass doorway at the bottom of the steps.  

I looked across the street and saw that the church across the street was tilted way over. While I was looking, a tanker truck went by that was crushed way in from something falling on it from the earthquake. However, there was lots of traffic on the streets ...

I went back upstairs to check the damage ... plaster had fallen in the hallways from the shaking. It seemed that the ceiling was hung in sections and the plaster in between the sections is what fell.  There was a lot of minor damage, but nothing major.

I went into apartment #9 which was the biggest apartment of all. I looked at it, thinking I'd like to live in that one myself, but even as a manager, I couldn't afford the rent on that one.

I then went to apartment #1 which the maintenance man and his wife lived in. I told him, "Even though it's Sunday, I'm going to have to ask you to work because there is so much damage done to the building." He and his wife agreed to help out.

I then went back to my own apartment ... (I don't know what the number was) The telephone rang and it was my boss (voice was Ralph from Milwaukee) He was calling to make certain we were all working, but he told me he was making a long trip elsewhere for a time. I told him we were on top of it.

NOTE:  If the numbers are any clue, this earthquake 'could' take place on 9/1/2000 which is a Sunday.


7-29-00 - The first dream I didn't remember. It ended with a lot of cartoon-like pastel colored mice.  Have no idea what the dream was about though.

DREAM #2 - This seemed more like an astral experience. I was visited by my old friend Barbara and her children who seemed to be of the right current age though I haven't seen her in 15 years.  

NOTE: I made an effort to find her on the internet.  I wrote a note to someone of the same name ... just in case he was related to her.


7-30-00 - (I am writing this with great reluctance. I didn't want to write it down.)

DREAM - I was in an apartment building.  A woman came to the door and said to me, "I think you can handle this."  (Obviously I'm not handling it very well :-( ... ) She brought two women into the building with her and asked me to give them a 'treatment'.  

I didn't touch the women at all, but I sat down on the bed and ran my index fingers along the edges of what looked like a colored T shirt ... the kind men wear with no sleeves and a large curve at the top edge.  It was rather like a fitted shape ... and didn't seem to be a real shirt ... just the shape of it.  

I was being paid $15 to do this and it seemed to me to be sexual and I was concerned about this ... that I was earning my living by charging women $15 to do treatments on them ... even though I wasn't touching them. It was the sexual part that is bothering me with this.

Each woman had to be in a separate bedroom. As I walked through the hallway with the women, I put each woman in a small bedroom. Each bedroom had a large TV set which was turned on loudly so no sounds could be heard from other rooms by the people being treated.

One of the rooms had a man in a wheelchair.  He didn't have any legs. He was asked to take care of the woman's children while she was getting a treatment, however, when the women were done, he wanted a treatment also and I noted that he got an orgasm and great pleasure from the treatment.

As I walked the women back to the entrance of the building, I noted that it was difficult even for me to take the right way back to the door as each room was wallpapered dark brown flowered and all looked alike.  Without me, they would never have found the door by themselves.

Before we got to the door, the youngest woman asked me if she could have another treatment before she left. I agreed with reluctance and made note that it was probably okay because I personally was not getting turned on sexually by giving them the treatments.

NOTE: After I woke, I felt quite distressed, remembering that the woman said I could handle it, I wasn't handling it well at all, even though I hadn't actually touched the women.

I lay back down, hoping to have another dream, but I was thinking about this dream, wondering what it was about and had a vision then which said, "This was the fingerseal."

I have no idea what that means either.  

NOTE: Through research I've found that fingersealing against evil and demons was done as far back as the time of Christ. I'm continuing to research this.  The Apostle Bartholomew is what I've found on this ... not in the Bible but in alternative writings of the time.

Rv 21:9-14/ Jn 1:45-51


7-31-00 - DREAM -  I was at a place that seemed like A-C and I was terminated from my job. I don't know if the work was done, or what the reason was. I didn't seem too unhappy about it, but I was telling everyone along the way in case someone else had a job to give me.

I got to the other end of the building and met three salesmen. I told them that I had lost my job, and that it had taken me two days to make my way through the building. Thats how large it was.

At the far end of the building where I was exiting was a strange restaurant. There was a beautiful golden-brown bird on a perch. It didn't seem like a parrot, more like a chicken, but it seemed to change shape as it moved around on the perch.  I then discovered that Joan Kennedy (ex-wife of Senator Edward Kennedy) was running the restaurant. She was running around at great speed doing her work and I had to admire her for that.

I then left the building and went to a warehouse where people were sorting through the possessions of a woman who lived in the 1700's.  They were packing it up to get rid of it. I was looking at each one of her linens and saw that they were hand woven so as to weave the pattern into the material ... not just print the pattern on top of the material like they do now.

While I did that, the other women had just shoved everything into boxes. I got very upset and demanded to know what they had done with her photo album. Fortunately, they knew better than to get rid of that, and they had put it on a round table in the corner.

I then had a vision and it said, '1795'.