JULY, 2002

7-1-02 - DREAM - I was with some young women at a huge gymnasium. First they carried me into the gymnasium while I was standing on a long yellow stick like a broomstick - (I could see myself from the lobby at a distance)

Then, my long-time friend Sandy came to the gymnasium and I and another young woman carried her into the gymnasium and raised her up high, while she stood on a long yellow stick. Again, I was watching myself do this from the lobby.

NOTE: Maybe I had a split personality or was watching my Divine KA?


7-1-02 - DREAM - I was in my West Allis house on 66th St. (I rarely dream of this house)

I was in the livingroom, vacuuming the floor edges with the wand extension as there were little things like pills, dice, and other small things that couldn't be reached with an upright vacuum cleaner and there would be a baby crawling on the floor later on.

all of a sudden, a teenage boy appeared in the front hallway by the door. At first I thought he was one of my own kids, but he wasn't.

I asked him what he wanted and he said he had come to rape me. I treated it like a joke and stuck the vacuum cleaner wand right his face and pushed it up against his nose and dared him to try to fight me and my vacuum cleaner wand.

At no time did he ever try to come near me. We started talking, even laughing about teenagers and the things they do.

All of a sudden, he popped up into the air and was standing in an equilateral triangle in the air.

We continued talking about a basketball team he was friends with. It seems that they weren't doing very well and he started talking about going there and possibly beating them up.

All of a sudden, we were in the locker-room of the gymnasium and the boys were getting ready to play and then they all popped up on top of equilateral triangles as well.

For some reason it seems like there were 32 players.

I also remember being with young girls and we all had equilateral triangles, but on an angle facing left or right.


7-1-02 - DREAM - I was in Waterford, CA. My father ran a gas station down on the Main St. (Highway 132) (Yosemite Rd)

I was walking across the parking lot when a vehicle like a van pulled in the driveway and the man in the back seat asked if I knew where a particular family lived.

I thought I knew which direction it was, but not the exact house and pointed towards the northeast. He didn't respond but drove up Bentley St. in that direction.

I walked around the corner and saw their van parked in the next driveway.

The people came over to the gas station parking lot and we sat around a card-table, talking and laughing about people in town and Joe was now there.

The two men were talking and laughing and I and the woman were talking and laughing together.

I don't know what the men were laughing about, but the woman and I were talking about the men.

Then I discovered that they had come to town to look for a woman named Johanna who used to be the Dentist's secretary.

Then I realized who this Johanna was and I told her, "Yes! I know who she is! - the day Joe and I got married - and I visualized myself and Joe as Indians in full wedding regalia - he was really in love with her, even while he was marrying me. All the men loved her. (Joanna-Johanna = 'God's gracious gift)

I was then sitting at a sewing machine, telling the woman that I was going to teach women how to sew. meanwhile I was  winding a bobbin for the machine with red thread. It then dawned on me that I only had two bobbins for this machine and that if the women wanted to learn to sew, they were going to have to provide their own bobbin and thread.


7-2-02 - DREAM - I was in the kitchen with some children and served them yellow cake in 4" square pieces with exactly 12 berries in each piece.

I had a small notebook there, in which there was a record of having tried other sizes of pieces of cake and different numbers of berries and the 4" square with 12 berries was considered to be perfect. I was told to record this in the book as well.

Then I saw the bottom of this sheet of paper where a statement was written in rainbow colored printing that started out with the words "the Piano". The colors were exquisitely beautiful, unlike earthly colors, the colors actually shimmered and glowed.

I was then working in an office and all the work was complete that was on to of the desk, but I remembered that there was a 3" stack of work to be done still hidden inside the desk that remained to be done.

I also spotted some dust balls and junk on the floor in the corner, which I promptly picked up.

NOTE:  Darn!  I thought I had finished that work in the desk drawer a long time ago. I used to dream about it all the time.


7-3-02 - DREAM - (I'm missing a lot of details)  I went down the street to visit a neighbor because of her big dog. I went inside. I can't describe it except it was dim and gaudy. I remember blue and red - but can't remember the furniture.

It seems her husband was Asa Buchanan from One Life to Live TV show. I had  short conversation with him but I can't remember what.  (It was about the house I think and how proud he was of it)

Before I left, the women and I decided to exchange business cards so we would have each other's phone numbers in case of any other neighborhood problems, but I hadn't brought mine with me.

She gave me hers, which i pocketed without looking at it. Then she gave me a sheet of paper like a letter or a contract that had a space at the top I could write in.

I wrote my address either as 1714 or some combination of those numbers. I think it was the first one because I had to fix the 1 because the pen didn't write too well and it wasn't the last number.

As I was waking up, I was thinking and worried that I had signed a contract for an oil well and or coal mine, but I'm pretty sure I didn't put my name on the paper. I had forgotten to do that.


7-3-02 - DREAM - I dreamed about this dinosaur three times.

In one dream, a man was chosen to play the part of this dinosaur and he looked like a long sausage.

Twice, the people were asked to vote either for him or for/or with coin money for something.

I also had a vision of the dinosaur in black and white.

NOTE: Seems like I looked up dinosaur politics, so maybe that's what it refers to.


7-5-02 - DREAM - I was working in a large company. Some of the secretaries were out of the office. I'm not sure if it was lunchtime or if it was after hours.

Someone came to the upper entrance door which was locked and there was no one there to let him in, so I went to the head secretary's desk to buzz open the door. I pressed a red button and a loud alarm went off. It was obviously the wrong button. Another secretary said the red button started the printers. I apologized and said I was sorry and she accepted my apology.

a man appeared then with a lot of hair on his head and somehow he was run over by a large piece of machinery. He wasn't killed but someone showed me that his hair was shorter and parted in the middle and it looked blonder too. He was going to work with me and expose the moon religions. I was shown a list of 5 or 6 of them and the only two I can recall are Damoisin and Mamism - the rest were longer names.




7-6-02 - LUCID DREAM - I was working on a genealogy files for the VanAltena family and putting them in my favorite places. I remember seeing Cora VanAltena and Ludwig Wilke. That would be my great aunt and great-great-grandfather.



7-6-02 - DREAM - I was in a house and my brother Marty was visiting. I asked him to stay for dinner, but all of a sudden, at 3:30 p.m., I remembered I had a doctor's appointment and had to leave.

The meat wasn't done so we couldn't eat right then, and he had work to do in the garage so couldn't stay in the house and watch the cooking, so we had to postpone the dinner.

The next day, again I was cooking dinner, finishing the cooking from the day before. The meat was now done, but I forgot to cook the potatoes. I had French fries in a frying pan, coated with huge gobs of butte. I put them into the oven to cook because they wouldn't take long and decided I'd better clean off the top of the stove because it was littered with colorful recipe cards I had to sort out so I could use them.

My husband was there then and he sat at the dinner table and I started to serve dinner but I got sidetracked by looking at my hands and arms which had a disease on them. I had large beautiful girl bed-dolls embedded on the backs of both hands and both arms and they were healing and starting to peel off.

So , I sat there and started to peel these thick growths off of my hands - this was gross - the skin was about 1/2 inch thick and peeled off easily, except I ended up with a rectangular grid-like things that looked like it was crocheted and woven of bright green thread and then pasted onto the backs of my hands.

I peeled these pads off, fascinated by the grid-like effect on the back and noticing that the girl dolls didn't come off my hands - they stayed behind like a decoration and the grid-like thing ended up with a round hole in the center. I decided I would save them to study them.

I also noted how thin and delicate my fingers looked and that there was a 1/4" gap all around, underneath my ring - my hands had gotten so thin.

all of a sudden I started to smell something burning and I remembered the French fries in the oven - they were burning.

I handed the baby to my husband and ran to the kitchen to save the French fries and woke up


7-6-02 - TIME OUT OF TIME - I was either dreaming someone elses life, or a book I'm supposed to write. I don't know which.

DREAM - I was walking along a hallway and came to a closet door, which I opened. Inside was a panel with a series of holes in it, lined up across and then down in similar rows. The holes were lined up in a pattern, small - large, small - large.  I thought that was strange, closed the door and went on my way down the hall.

I then met a man who seemed to own the building talking to a young maintenance man about a break-in and robbery down the way. The lock had been broken in the process and they were going to have to replace the lock.

I didn't think that was 'too' bad and I said to the maintenance man, "At least no one was killed," and he agreed with me that a robbery was of a much less crime than a murder.

It appears that  I had rented an apartment in this building but hadn't moved my furniture into it yet.

There were a series of room sin this apartment in a row, and there were bright red doors ajar from room to room. I just walked through the apartment, looking at the empty rooms and then walked back out.

I walked across the hall then and went into a large garage rea where there was a lot of stuff piled. This may have been my own stuff I hadn't moved in yet, but I don't really know right now.

I spotted a bright green bag with potato chips in it. I popped it open and sat down, half hidden behind the pile of stuff and munched down a couple of chips.

I saw a white man coming, so I hid the bag and stopping chewing. I stared ahead like I was watching something intently. I didn't even acknowledge his presence.

Then a little black girl walked by and I did the same - stopped chewing and just stared ahead, not acknowledging the girl's presence.

There was no way I was going to share these chips with anyone no matter who they were.

I then went back across the hall to my apartment. I had left the door open.

Then I remembered that my daughter-in-law Becky lived down the hall and she had gone shopping for shoes. So I went down the hall, knocked on her half opened door and said, "Hi! I know you're buys, I just wanted to check out your new shoes!"

There was a large closet door open right there by the front door of her apartment. I could see two stacks of shoe boxes - a stack of bright red boxes and a stack of dark brown boxes - there were 10 of each.

I was amazed by this - I just laughed about her shopping prowess for shoes - she chuckled too and I commented on the number of boxes but never looked at the shoes themselves. She acknowledge that she really liked shoes.

I left her apartment and met a middle-aged couple in the hallway. This had a feeling like I was observing the couple, but I was actually the woman myself - watching her from out of my body.

The man and the woman were obviously dating each other. He said to her,"Remember you told me once that if you know someone had tickets to the movie, "Time Out of Time," you'd kill them to get them?"

The woman nodded and the man reached in his pocket and pulled out two tickets to see the movie.

He was expecting a look of joy, appreciation, thanks or something - but I suddenly felt her rage and something else - a killing feeling and remembered the holes in the closet down the way - small - large, small-large - and knew that it had been people's noses that had been in those holes where they were killed and 'she/I" was the murderer.


7-6-02 - NAP DREAM - As I was waking up, I had the feeling like this dream was the continuation of the previous dream, but it wasn't. I also know that the first half of this dream is completely missing.

THE DREAM - I and other people had been riding in my Father's black car. He parked so close to the car to his right, there was just barely room to get out. I commented about that fact to the other riders, and someone responded, 'that's what happens when you are a chauffeur of your own life.''

That was impressive parking, for sure, though there was no cars o the other side and a person driving could have left 3 feet on that side considering there was no one parked on the other side of the car at all.

We started to walk across the yard to the house. (This was my own New Berlin house), but my mother and Father were living in, but I was living somewhere else.

As we walked across the yard, we had to walk past an apple tree. It was like my hands were tied behind my back and I took a bite of a small green apple and it was like biting into a sweet grape.

I said to the other people, "the only thing you have to worry about in life is that you can take a bite of your own apple."

I had the impression at that moment that I was surrounded by a group of family members.

One of the women said, "You are one of the most fabulous people I have ever met."

I smiled in gratitude and said, - like I was continuing my sentence - "I'm serious! At the end of time, all you have to worry about it that you have your own apple!" I looked across the valley to the west of the house, and I had a picture in my mind - that I was in a bubble. I said, "I feel that at the end of the world, you are in a bubble and this bubble IS the apple and you are all rolled into ONE."

I felt like a moment of total peace and sweetness.

By that time, we reached the door of the house.

I rang the bell and pushed the door open at the same time. The light went on inside the house at the same moment. As I pushed the door open, my Father was standing there, pulling the door open. He was wearing his outdoor clothes, dark cap, dark tweed jacket, and dark twill pants.

My mother was on the landing at the to of the stairs (There were 4 steps up to the next level of the house)

Inside the kitchen, was like a lunch counter type table - long and narrow. My brother Marty was sitting there - feeding my baby who was sitting in a high chair. My Father wasn't allowing me to raise my own child.

My brother said something to the baby and the baby said something very clever in return and when he said it, he made a hand gesture that looked very odd - waving his hand sideways. At the same time, I saw that his fingers were extraordinarily thin and jointed oddly AND when he waved his hand, the two outer fingers were separated from the two inner fingers.

(I remembered seeing aliens like that on a TV show in the 60's)

This moment of recognition was just about so overwhelming, I was going to say something about his hands being alien and when I looked again, they were regular baby hands so I didn't say anything.


7-7-02 - DREAM - I was at a hospital and they were treating my mother for a heart problem. They decided they wanted to run two new thin red wires all the way from her house to the hospital to attach them to her heart. They were digging up the street all the way - along the curb to get the wires there. They were successful and I praised them for it. I wondered what it would feel like if they attached those wires to me.

I then went outside and two guys with big red cars decided to race each other to see which one ran faster. One was older than the other of the same kind of car. One was just shinier and one was duller.

I want to get out of their way for doing something so dumb.

I was climbing 4 large stairways at a school without stopping and was a little out of breath. then I walked the length of the school and wanted to go to a stack of vending machines and buy lunch with a bunch of quarters I had in my purse.

But I met some people at the lunch room and ended up not getting anything to eat. I decided to walk home instead. There was another woman with me who was going to walk me home, but I was still finding excuses not to walk home just yet.

I crossed the street and was now on Teutonia Ave. at a shop that sold puppies and chickens and turtles, all kinds of pets including live and large stuffed men that acted real. They tried to convince me to buy something and then to buy one of the stuffed turtles and I kept saying, "No!" and they kept on trying to scare me with it.

I was still a little out of breath, so I stopped at the next store also that sold bric-a-brac and junk.  Here I told them that I had left a plaque that used to be in the back of my car that was blue on one side and white on the other and on the blue side there was a hand-held upright like it  was saying, "Stop! I need help". On the wall of the store was a picture of an upright hand that was very similar.

The woman owner said she remembered it and it was in the basement and would go get it.

As soon as she left the room, I made myself wake up and my heart was beating really weird and I was hot and sweaty. It took a few minutes of taking deep breaths, coughing and hitting myself in the chest before my heart beat right again.

It was really uncomfortable.

INSERT - This belongs in the dream above, but I can't remember where exactly.

There were two cars in my way - a green jeep and a big red car. The green jeep was parked on the sidewalk facing the store and the other was in the street, facing the wrong way.

Bother of them were going to back up momentarily and I wanted to get out of their way, so I ran across the street before they could back into each other with me in the middle.

One driver's name was Charlie - The men were talking to each other so it wasn't very likely they would crash, they just had to decide which one was going to back up first.

NOTE: After a couple weeks of some really uncomfortable heart-palpitations, I figured out I was having a hormonal crisis like I did when I first went into menopause. As soon as I started taking hormones (estrogen) again, the heart problem went away and hasn't come back.


7-6-02 - IAN'S DREAM (age 8) I went with Mom on a plane from Boston to Washington, DC, so she could give a message to President George W Bush.

As we flew across the city, I saw that mot of the white-house had been blown away by a nuclear bomb. All that was left was the bunker.

When the plane landed at the airport, Mom and I went to the white-house and met George Bush who survived because he had been in the bunker. The other people who survived the blast had been moved to New York City.

Mom gave George Bush the message in private, then we went back to the airport. We were supposed to fly to Boston, but we couldn't go that way for some reason.

So, we flew to LAX (Los Angeles)  from there we were going to fly to Boston.

We had to stand in line single file to get on the airplane. But Mom got on the airplane and they slammed the door in my face and I was stuck outside. I pounded on the door and they wouldn't let me in. They wouldn't let Mom back out either.

I had a dollar in my pocket,, so I bought a lottery ticket and won  $400 which I used to buy an airplane ticket to Boston.

I knew they wouldn't let a kid on a plane alone, so I dressed up like an adult to get on the plane.

The lane taxied out to the runway. I saw another plane there too and saw Mom in the window of the other plane. She saw me and we waved at each other. Then the planes took off and we flew side by side back to Boston.


7-7-02 - DREAM - I was working in an office and went home to change clothes. I looked in the mirror - My eyes were huge and round - they were brilliant deep aqua blue but had a brilliant black section at the bottom. I looked at that and wondered if that could be changed.

I also saw that my hair had pink and black strands of yarn braids in it and knew that it should be natural, whatever color it was so I started removing all the yarn, so my hair would henceforth just be its shiny clean self.

I was shown in a notebook a new church plan I was to start and that the preacher was to be a non-practicing gay black man, and that the church would be 'spirit-based'.

I had just had a conversation with the black man about being who you really are and he left to go back to his room to change clothes.

So he didn't know about the church revelation and that he was going to be the preacher.

It was about 2:00 a.m and I walked through the apartment to tell him the good news.

His door was closed so I continued to the kitchen.

The kitchen was remodeled to be twice as big as it had been to accommodate lots of people

I saw a ceramic vase - a bust of a white woman  She had the same pink fluffs of braids for hair stuck in the crown. So I pulled that out to throw away, which left silk lilies and green vine leaves for her crown.

There was a young blonde woman there. She was afraid I was going to throw away the lilies too, but I assured her that I wasn't going to.

Then I began to tell her about the new church we were going to start.

And it came to me that the church would be the basis for the end-times community as well.



7-9-02 - MEDITATION - About the church - It is a very wise to do your homework. You will find many fine examples of websites you can use as templates for the new website. You could put it on geocities. It would not cost much. You already have an account there.

Name it something simple. Church of the Holy Grail is fine. It is for looking within. It will take some time to drum up business, so start simple and it will grow. do not look for the black gay man - he will come to you. The right person will show up and fill in the empty space for you.

Joe will give you ideas in the meantime - about the feather and truth.

You've already done many web pages for ideas, and had many dreams for guidance.

I wish you much luck with this quest. It was meant to be.

I big you adieu!


7-10-02 - ( I didn't dream most of the night. This dream occurred 10 minutes before I got up)

DREAM - I was standing out in the yard of my New Berlin house, waiting for Joe to go to work and for my kids to get picked up by the schoolbus.

I heard the schoolbus go by, but the kids didn't get on it. I don't know if the bus went by too fast, but obviously the kids weren't standing where they were supposed to be to get on the bus.

It was exactly 8:00 a.m. when I first started telling Joe to wake up. He was dressed fork, ready to go, but was taking a nap on the porch. I kept calling him, first I called him Joe, then I started calling him by last names, none of which was his current last name. Some of the names sounded Italian. As soon I realized he wouldn't recognize those name, I stopped calling him, because all my noise wasn't waking him up anyway.

It was at that point that I noticed we had 3 flag poles in the yard. There was one pole that had 3 flags on it. A small American flag, a red, white and blue flag, and a red, green, and white flag of 3 triangles within a square.

I realized that the American flag should always be flown the highest on a flag pole when other flags were attached and it wasn't

But there were two other flag poles also with American flags on them. One was a rather smallish flag - the tallest pole had the biggest flag, but it was tilted and stiff and didn't move in the win like a real flag should. It looked really phony.

By now it was 8:20 a.m. and a car pulled into the driveway, with someone elses mother to take the kids to school.

She was really loud in calling the kids, but even that didn't wake Joe up.


7-10-02 - DREAM - THE CHURCH - I was living in an apartment with some other people. Some were black and some were white.

The black man was a gay preacher who was denouncing being gay. I told him, "You can't be anything that you are not - you have to be who you are." But he was going to be a non-practicing gay - in other words - celibate.

He left the room to go change clothes and I was sitting by myself with my notebook and writing began forming under my pen, putting down an outline of what the new church would be that I was to start.

5 Basic Beliefs
5 Basic Principles


Then it showed me - Chat rooms, forums, messages

Method of ________ - monthly, quarterly, half year, yearly


SPIRIT MESSAGE #20   Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child -   Speaking of Discipline


7-12-02 - DREAM - MOVING DAY - I went with my husband to get the moving van. It was the largest18 wheeler van they had. I told my husband I didn't want to ride with him as it was going to go over a narrow bridge, so I got out of the truck.

It was a Saturday and it was winter with a foot of fresh snow on the ground.

It seemed like most of the people I've ever known were helping me move.

My Father came to watch me move my vine tree. It was on a floor to ceiling pole and gold colored. It had a series of vines and baskets full of leaves with colorful birds in the bottom of the baskets. Rather than move the entire thing intact, I snipped each vine where it connected and separated them into long stems and stuck them into tall vases to root them fresh in the new place.

My Father had watched me do this before and wanted to watch me do this again. He was wearing the same dark winter cap and jacket and pants he was wearing the other day when he opened the door for me in the house with the ET baby.

I don't know how much warning I had of this move, but nothing was packed. Someone asked me what I needed and I said someone could go get boxes to pack stuff in.  A woman said that the PDQ grocery store would have some boxes on Monday. I got rather stern and said, "I can't wait until Monday. I have to get all of this out of here tonight.

Another person just walked around with me, just watching me stack things up for packing. I told her if she couldn't help, she should go home. When I turned around, there was a huge group of Arab people standing by the window, watching the activity. They had a blonde white woman with them who seemed to be leading them on a tour of other people's cultures. I was rather embarrassed that they had heard me be so stern, but it was a good lesson for them non-the-less.

I had stacks and stacks of 33 1/3 record albums. I told one woman that she could put those in the empty boxes that were in the hall.

I was restacking clothing on a table and putting jewelry into small boxes. There were 5 small open boxes for jewelry, each 4 to 5 inches square. In between them were loose cuff-links made of diamonds and a pink quartz crystal heart on a chain. I put those into the boxes.

I piled the clothing up. I was surprised to see that I had so many pairs of blue-stockings.

The white woman at the window asked me if I would mind giving her the dimension of the rooms. I told that was no problem. I told her the room we were in was 475 ft. x 475 ft. She seemed incredulous. That does sound rather large i know. I told her -  this is the kitchen-dining area combined - the livingroom is even larger.

When I turned around the other way, I was looking at cabinets and counters with a large pass-thru window to the livingroom.

I then went into the basement to test the furnace and made sure everything was working and safe.. My Father followed me down there as I turned the key knob and opened the doors to look inside the furnace. There was a sign on one furnace door that said, "Only yellow rubber coated men and fools opened that door."  It was the door to where the flames actually were.

There were racks and stacks of all kinds of supplies down in the basement like candles and glass vases - there were hundreds of those. I knew it was going to be hard work to get this all packed in time. I had to be out of there that same night.


7-12-02 - DREAM - I was living in my 16th St. house. We were shutting down the house and going to live at the lake cottage for two weeks. It seemed really sad. All the shades were pulled down and there were deep rose colored curtains on all the windows and across the doors.

All of a sudden my sister came down the stairs and told me not to worry, that she would watch the house while we were gone, but we should call her on her phone if we wanted to check on the house because she lived upstairs and couldn't run down the stairs to answer the phone.

I felt so relieved that she would be in the upstairs in the house while we were gone.

First though, I had to go get my mail before I left because I hadn't picked it up for several weeks.

A man carried the mail back from the post office. There were several armfuls of mail - in double stacks, bags, shoe boxes, packages, envelopes. He almost dropped one stack because it was so big and I still had to go back and get more. I also hadn't asked Mom if any mail had come to the house. I knew she would tell me if any did. (Yeah! Right! She used to hide my mail and never give it to me when she decided we shouldn't get some particular piece of mail. She did that to my sister too. She changed our whole lives because of what she did as it turned out and we didn't learn this until we were over 40 years old and discovered what she had done. It was too late then to go back and relive those years the way we had really wanted to live them. Those years were in the past. But one can't help wondering how different they might have been. )

My sister went out to wait on the porch. The stoop was like a big blue hassock. I jumped over to where she sat. It was a soft landing. I was surprised. While I stood there, she reached back to trip her kids with her foot twice.

I still had to go get the last load of mail - and woke up.


7-12-03 - DREAM - I was in a small town and went for a walk with an older woman.

We came to a street that was noted for rich people's homes, so we turned left to look at these houses. All these houses were large, but were duplex flats, not big brick homes like I expected to see.

We kept walking, getting near the end of the street where the farms began. In the right side of the street was a small octagonal white church with a gold cross embedded in the wood on the front.

There were people living in the building - it wasn't being used as a church.

I suddenly knew I wanted to buy that building, but it didn't have a 'FOR SALE' sign on it. I wanted to knock on the door and ask the people if the building was going to be for sale any time soon.


7-13-02 - DREAM - I was helping my young daughter do her homework prior to Christmas break.

She had a thin paperback book, which had both the information and the question listed at the end of the chapter.

I was helping her form the sentences that answered the questions, but she had to write them down in her own handwriting.

We got down to the end of the page which was a 8 1/2 x 11 yellow legal pad.

It said, " Get gifts for James Dunn before 6:30 p.m. Get ammunition."

I read that out loud and my young son who looked like a young brother Marty about age 10-12, jumped up and ran from the room. It was just past 6:30 p.m. and he was late.

Before I even had time to ask why he was supposed to get ammunition for someone, I saw the name "Miguel Equel" in a vision.



DREAM - My 2nd husband Ed and I were living in the rear house on a property out in the country. I admired the house that was at the front of property along the road and thought I might like to live in it. It was multi-storied with ad-on levels and the house was old, but there was something about it I liked. But I wanted to see what kind of basement it had to see if I really wanted to live there when it came u for rent.

It was a duplex flat kind of house and two familiar lived in it, but the upper two stores were smaller than the lower level. The upper two stories had pink shingle siding, and the lower level had green siding.

So, rather than bother anyone with our rosiness about the house, in the middle of the night in the moonlight, Ed and I slipped across the yard and entered the unlocked house, sneaked through the livingroom and went down into the basement to satisfy my curiosity.

The basement had a poured concrete floor and a nice new concrete block walls and f room looking at the old joists above, it was easy to see that the house had been put up on jacks and the basement added beneath it.

There was some furniture down there so we sat down to talk about renting the place and unfortunately, we both fell asleep.

I woke suddenly, realizing I was hearing voices upstairs and the sun was shining brightly. I also now knew we were in big trouble.

We put on our boots, they were large men's boots - dark brown with long dark strings like men's work shoes or boots. They were loosely laced so we just slipped them on our feet without tying them.

I could hear some kids upstairs talking about running out of jam and they wanted more, so their mother told them to go in the basement storage room and get some. (The basement storage room was on the other side of a concrete block wall from where we were and there was a wooden door between us as well.

So Ed and I tiptoed over to the wall and stood facing it so if the door opened, we'd be behind it and nobody would see us.

But, as luck would have it, the kids, instead of just getting the jam and going back upstairs, the kids came it not he room and went over and sat on the bed to look at something.

We stood there quietly, not saying anything toe each other, facing the wall, unmoving for some time, but the kids just kept playing with something on the bed.

There were so intent on playing, I thought we could sneak out, so we tiptoed towards the door quietly which was only a couple of feet away.

Again, as luck would have it, the mother came down the stairs to get her kids just as we got to the door. As she opened the door and saw me, I nonchalantly said, "Oh Hello!" and kept walking.

I knew the woman recognized me because we were neighbors.

I kept right on going quickly up the stairs and through the livingroom, where I was spotted by another neighbor who was outside watering the flowers and spotted me thought the window.

Now, I was running and came out of the house running just as the two men and their dogs from the front house were running up the driveway to catch the intruders.

They recognized me because we knew each other well and I pretended like I was looking for the intruders too, and yelled, "Look for a tall, thin, blonde woman, about my height," and ran for home which was the house behind the one I was leaving.

When I got back to my own house, which was quite large, I could hear the shower running and saw a bunch of brown dirt on the floor and knew that Ed had gotten there ahead of me.

I spotted my grown daughter sitting on a cot in another room as I ran through the house to the bathroom.

I opened the shower door and there stood Ed taking a shower, all wet. I asked him if he wanted me to go get him some clean clothes and all of a sudden, a 7 foot tall guy was standing gin the next shower stall over, handing Ed a white sweatshirt to put on.

Ed introduced us, "This is my brother," and I knew the tall guy was a cop and I was too late.

I was handed a white bathrobe, which i put on over my clothes and started walking to the livingroom.

Now I could hear the TV on, broadcasting the news from the nearest city, talking about the local scandal of the upstanding couple Sally and Ben Sayjak being arrested in someone elses home.

I was a little embarrassed to be sure but we hadn't stolen anything - we were just looking at how the basement was constructed.

I was sitting at a long table and Ed's Mom came through the room, followed by some reporters, and Ed followed them, dressed in his normal jean jacket and jeans and boots with the white sweatshirt underneath the jacket.

I think he was handcuffed, but I can't be sure. I was still wearing my white robe and there was a woman, dressed in white sitting across from me giving me a plate of food that was cut up and looked very much like scallops, white inside with a faint pink outer layer.

But then a reporter said as the cameras rolled, "and here we have Ben Sayjac and the camera panned over to show me - Sally Sayjack and I said, "No! That's not his name ... and the woman with the plate of food said to me, "The drugs will start to work in a moment and I started to feel a little woozy as the drugs in the food started to take effect ... and I woke up feeling the same way until I realized I was actually laying in bed.

NOTE: The whole dream took less than 45 minutes to dream, because I knew what time it was before I fell asleep.  3:20 a.m. and I woke up at 4:15 a.m.


7-16-02 - LUCID DREAM - I was working on a computer and looking at several generations of VanAltena names (my ancestors)  Yesterday I did the same thing with Wilke.


7-16-02 - DREAM - I don't remember exactly how this started, but I came home to my apartment to find out that thieves and vandals had been there. Most of my belongs had already been moved out so I wasn't too concerned, but I looked around to see what kind of damage had been done.

All the light bulbs from the ceiling light fixtures had been removed, but there were wires hanging from the light fixture to light fixture, and the strands of wire ended at a plug near the door where there were some rolls and hanks of wire, some yellow, some red. I saw an electrician demonstrate how to shut off the electricity in the apartment by snipping the wire with a wire cutters and then separating the ends by about 6 inches. The electrician told me to do this when I was ready to leave.

I was still inspecting the apartment and found small apples laying on the floor here and there which I picked up and kept with white tissue. I looked at the furniture - there was nothing out of place.

On a counter, I saw two very large boxes of crayons that had every possible color in them, and then on the floor under the counter was an open box of large child-size crayons which I picked up and put with the others on top of the counter.

I went into the bedroom and saw that my jewelry boxes had been moved around. They hadn't gotten my jewelry because that I had removed and move to my new house earlier. What was left were collections of knickknacks I had made over the years that were small - one box had all shelves of tiny sailing ships. Another box had drawers of things like eyeglass lenses and old corks.

I could only carry one of these treasure boxes at a time and take it with me, so I picked one of the boxes, put it into a white plastic bag so I wouldn't lose anything and carrie it.

It took me a few minutes to locate my purse which I had brought in with me and then I decided to change clothes. After rejecting several different pairs of men's slacks that were on a shelf, I chose a brown denim pair of women's slacks - size 16 was emphasized and I was thrilled to be able to slide them right up and zipper them, which I had not been able to do until I lose some weight which I obviously had done.

I then went to the door and picked up the wire cutters. As I went to cut the wire as I had been shown, the wires actually moved away from me several times so I had tobe aggressive towards cutting them. I didn't see the bare wire that the electrician had demonstrated with, so I clamped onto the yellow wire and tired to cut it, and I couldn't cut it -

I woke up as I was feeling the rubbery substance of the wires in the cutter.


7-16-02 - DREAM - I woke up briefly as Joe got up, then fell asleep again.

I was now in a car driven by a woman and had the treasure box from the previous dream with me like this was a continuation of the dream.

We pulled into the driveway of my New Berlin house.

The woman was familiar to me but I don't know her name. She was a well-known speaker. She started speaking to a crowd of people (which I couldn't see) and they began booing her. So she pulled the blue car into the garage and began quoting her famous father (God?) and they quieted down and listened to her.

I felt very groggy sitting in the car. I don't know why this was - it was like I was in a trance. So I sat in the car for quite some time.

I remember a Chinese woman coming to get me and she walked me to the house.

I woke up as the door was opened for me.


7-17-02 - DREAM (Too complicated to give all the details)

It seems I was in my 66th St. house with all my kids who were all teens. I was doig the dishes, throwing away garbage and doing laundry all at the same time and it was mixed together. I finally sent the boys upstairs to get their laundry from the bedroom and told my daughter that her job was to help me with the dishes.

Then my daughter went into labor to deliver a baby and I went into labor with her - like sympathy pains.

Right after that, I was standing in a closet-like area or small hallways - on one  side of the curtain were 3 tall dark-skinned guys who were singing some kind of ominous war song and in the next bedroom over were 3 guys who came up out of bed on first alert as soon as they heard the war-song waning.

Right at the end, the mailman delivered the mail and left 3 wrapped long sticks (like yard sticks) on top of the mailbox like  *  that.shape.

NOTE:  President George W Bush has been threatening war against Iraq for quite some months - the final date set while I type this is March 17, 2003.


7-18-02 - PARTIAL DREAM - I was outside in the country. On the lower level of a hill was a large cave. I was with some other people and we climbed the hill. Above the cave on the hill were several people building a rock wall.


Michelle's experience:  Michelle was picked up by the ETs and she and 3 other people (2 male - 2 female) were instructed to work on an experiment to see if they could get along together. they were taken into a room where they were instructed to build rock walls. Each person had their own rocks and their own wall to build. While they were doing this, each person was given their own illusion of where they were building their rock wall.


7-18-02 - DREAM - I was in a kitchen and doing some major cleaning. There was a large box there with some old things in it that were Michelle's grandfather had given her. Inside was a leather case about the size of a ring box. Inside the case was a small can of rouge. I opened the can, getting rouge on my fingers and saw that there was a roll or red string in the rouge soI close the can, and threw it away along with the leather case.

I noted when I looked in the grandfather's box, was a bottle of what looked like brilliantine like my mother used to use on my hair when I was a kid.


7-19-02 - LUCID DREAM - I spent a long time working on web pages - showing the genealogy of my cousin Shirley.


7-19-02 - DREAM - I had moved into a different apartment and I noticed that the door didn't latch - because it was not perfectly aligned.

I no sooner thought about needing a maintenance man to fix that and 3 young maintenance men came to do the work. I knew that my powers of thought creating reality was really working well.

While they were doing their work, I thought about having a window installed under water.

The word I looked for in the phone book was Excovert or Exocover - I wasn't certain what to call it, but I knew that the outline of the window was divided into 3.


7-19-02 NAP DREAM -  I was with Joe and he said he had to be in Canada by Labor Day. I didn't find that to be too unusual. He's had to go to school in different cities, though I don't recall that he said that that was the reason.

Then my daughter called on the phone and told me that she and her husband were going on vacation in Colorado for a week and then they had to hurry home because her husband had to be in Canada by Labor Day.

QUESTION: Is Labor Day symbolic - or a real date?


7-20-02 - DREAM - I was in a restaurant, waiting to eat dinner, when a tall, thin man came in. He had to have been at least 9 feet tall. He was good looking and young, wearing alight gray suit.

He went close by me so I saw him really well and saw how thin he was, then looked down at his shoes. They were light orangey brown.

I thought to myself, "Didn't anyone teach him that yu don't wear brown shoes with a gray suit?"  Then I figured everyone would think he was with me because I'm so tall, but I'm only near 6 feet - not 9 feet tall.

I also remember getting in the mail. There was a huge armful of it, including a large brown envelope with Earthchanges Bulletins in it from Marshall D.


7-20-02 - DREAM - I was living in a house with some important people. It seemed I worked for them. The women of the house was leaving on a trip and she asked if someone could fold her white dresses.

I volunteered just to be nice and get in her good graces because things weren't going too well in the world and she and her husband weren't very happy.

I went upstairs to fold her white dresses and saw that everything she had was white, including her car. I sat down inside the front seat f her car - it was made of soft leather and it was wonderful. I was told by someone else to get out of there so I got out and went back to my work.

There were some political events going on that was making the people in this household very unhappy.

When I went to sleep that night, I dreamed that this world had been seeded by some other people. I also dreamed that this country had had 4 opportunities for growth and we had ignored them.

In the morning, I saw a small portable white TV on a table. It had 4 thin wires plugged into it next to the screen on the right side.

I turned it on and there was a chart of 6 things that had happened in this country that had been ignored by the leadership over the years.

One was that this world had been seeded in 1941.

One was that there were 4 opportunities for growth after a war and we hadn't taken advantage of it.

I can't recall the other 4 but even these two coincidences to my dreams had to be told. I couldn't let them keep ignoring them.

So I pretended there was a fire to wake them up and let them know what was going on.

So I put a smoke alarm over a candle so the alarms would go off and called upstairs - Mr. Bush - FIRE, Mr. Bush - FIRE, Mr. Bush - FIRE.


7-21-02 - LUCID DREAM -  I was working on a genealogy program on a computer. There were blank spaces which I filled in and words I corrected. Since the program was on C.D., I wondered if I could really SAVE the changes on the C.D. (I doubt it)


7-21-02 - DREAM - My Father died and left me everything he had. I started going through the rooms. Every room was full of file cabinets, drawers, shelves, hanging hooks, on top of, under and over everything.  (Sounds like my own house  :-)  )  It was full of 'stuff'.

There were other women wandering around in the house and I was giving them things. Most of them wanted Christmas decorations - Christmas was months away.

I even found a dented plastic Easter egg, but I couldn't throw it away because it belonged to my Father.

Since i had moved into his house, al my own stuff was in some of these rooms too.

Two men from the fire department came to inspect the records for the community. I found the book that listed everything we had, but they wanted to see the actual certificates, licenses, etc. Those were filed alphabetically in one of these file cabinets, but which one?  I knew I was going to have to go through every drawer until I found them.

Meantime, the two men sat by the front door and waited for me.

I started opening drawers of the file cabinets and seeing what was in them. One whole file cabinet was full of files about the people who were in TV shows. I knew he didn't watch TV all that much, but he kept track of everything the people did.

There were knickknacks hanging everywhere there was never just one - there was always 12 of everything, including Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse who each stood on a pedestal with two little red candles on each side of them.

IN one file cabinet, on the side of the file was stuffed yellow plastic bags to put 'stuff' into when one moves. I pulled those all out to put used children's clothing in that nobody could wear anymore because they had outgrown it. That I could give to the Good Will store.

A young woman with kids was there in that room with me. Everything I held up was too small for her kids except that there as a black and white tweed coat in  size 11 that would fit her son. But when I looked at it, it was designed for a girl and fit my daughter.

I found some winter mittens that didn't have fingers in them and were stretchable so I gave 4 pair to her and told her to give them to the neighbor kids as well because it was going to be cold.

I opened a drawer and it was full of packages of candy bars that were like Tootsie roll type chocolate on sticks. There were 12 packages of 12 candy bars each individually wrapped within the wrapped package. She didn't want any candy, but I insisted she take it anyway and put it in the freezer to keep it until she wanted to give them to her kids.  12 x 12 = 144.

In another room on top of one file cabinet were packages with paintbrushes. In this room I saw MIchelle and her sister behind a file cabinet on the other side of the room. I knew Michelle was an artist so I thought I'd give her whatever paintbrushes she needed.

So I asked her what size she needed. She said "G", so I pulled out a package. Unfortunately, all the brushes were gone except "G", so I saved it for her.

I don't know why Michele and her sister were behind the file cabinets - what could you see from 'behind' them?

A little girl came up to em and said, "Remember a couple years ago, I gave you a gift of a little angel figurine? I've looked and looked and I don't see it anywhere?

I felt bad that she didn't find her angel. I said " "Well I'm sure its here somewhere - I now I didn't throw it away. It's probably in the bedroom or the bathroom."

So we set off through the maze of rooms again, some of which I hadn't even been in yet, to look for the little girl's angel.

Outside in the yard, all my kids and their friends were playing a hot summer game, slinging mud balls at each other. None of them had any real clothes on. They were all wearing leaves and flowers over their private parts.

They were having a good time so I just left them to their game.


7-23-02- "Contrary to popular belief, Being equal is NOT a good thing."

DREAM - I was in a large city somewhere. My friend Donna and I were close buddies for many years in real life. Other people thought we were twins, though we really didn't look like, but were the same height and similar weight, she was blonder than I.

In the dream, Todd from One Life to Live TV show, was struggling with a larger man for possession of a large size fire hose. The man was fighting Todd off so he could spray me with water.

While they were struggling for possession of the hose, I started to run as fast as I could to get away because I didn't want to get basted by the water that would come out of that hose.

I was about a block away and feeling pretty good about getting away when suddenly Donna was right behind me. That made me double my efforts to run even faster.

We kept running , with her right behind me until she stopped and hid in some tall bushes where Todd almost caught her, but I kept running. (This almost sounds like some snowball fights we had as kids on the way home from school)

I ended up near a large building which had a lot of offices in it. There was a short man, just outside the door whom I had known in highschool. He was dressed in a grey suit, so I hooked arms with him and he walked me inside the building like we were together.

As soon as we got inside the building we separated, but another man approached me and said, "I see you two are dating."

I was very upset by that remark, so I slapped his face really hard and the guy never flinched. But I decided I'd better get away from him and his judgments.

I was then approached by a larger man who said he needed a pre-construction asbestos suit for a demonstration he was going to put on.

So I went down into the basement of the building to look for an asbestos suit for the man.

I ran into a young woman who knew more about such things and asked her to help me.

She said that pre-construction asbestos suits were kept upstairs on 2:1.

I never heard of such a floor, but we started climbing the stairs from the basement. I figured that 2:1 must be like a balcony overlooking the second floor.

Then she said, "There is a problem though, the women who work u here don't start work until 12:30 p.m. while everyone else starts at 8 a.m., so I don't know if they'll be there or not.

So we finally got upstairs and started looking through racks and racks of clothing of all types looking for an asbestos suit. There were a lot of other people looking for clothing so it seemed like a department store.

All of a sudden, I saw Todd coming down an outer hallways, followed by 6 large men, all dressed in black.

I had to know what they were talking about, but I wasn't dressed appropriately to introduce myself to 6 men in front of my husband.

I realized I was wearing a thin nightgown and I needed to put on my long pink winter bathrobe. I knew it was in the closet so I quickly opened the door to find my robe. All I could find was a short pink jacket and I knew that wasn't appropriate. I kept looking through my clothing in this huge walk-in closet, but I knew that the robe I was looking for was hanging in Todd's closet and, I couldn't get to it without going past the 6 men first.

I started to wake up and a loud voice said, "Contrary to popular belief, Sociologist Edwin ________ says that Being equal is not necessarily a good thing."


7-24-02 - DREAM - I was a single woman living somewhere in a large city.

I was going to have a date with my old boyfriend Roger. I had a vision of him in a military uniform as though he was being honored.

I then heard a voice say, "Oh no! They didn't tell me he was dead."

I then had  two more visions of men in military uniforms from past wars like Civil War and Revolutionary War. These men were honored as well.

I walked over to an office building that had a big glass front on it. A guy was standing out front, waiting his turn to apply for a job, but he wasn't being let in.

I opened the big glass door and walked right in. There was a dark-haired receptionist sitting at a desk right there. She glowered at me and I said, "I know you are angry, so I won't even speak to you," and I walked past her and went upstairs.

Her anger had to do with the dead military man. I don't know what relationship she had with him. I know he didn't have a sister, but he had several step-daughters and other relatives.

Upstairs in an office I got on a telephone to talk with Michelle and a young man who was about 50 miles away. There was also a woman secretary on the phone who wasn't aware of the distance between the people on the phone conversation.

The young man said he was coming to town so I asked him if wanted to have lunch  with me.

Before I even finished the conversation about where he would like to meet because I would have to walk to wherever it was, he was already in town in the next office to me. The secretary on the phone wasn't even aware that he had been traveling while talking on the phone (obviously he talking on a cell phone)

I don't know where Michelle was at that moment. She didn't know he was traveling either.


7-25-02 - DREAM - I was doing laundry, separating heavy stuff into a dry-cleaning pile.

In the laundry room, one machine was labeled Juneau Village and they got all the money. All the rest of the machines - the money went to the laundry company. The people were encouraged to use the Juneau Village machine.

There was some garbage left laying under the kitchen table. It was swept onto a blue tarpaulin, then the dog was encouraged to eat it - it looked like cabbage and olive oil.

I was taking care of a baby - encouraging to eat something orange - (probably symbolic of beta-carotin) The baby was then choking on something and it was labeled 'cigarette smoke'.

I pulled him upright in his high chair  and he was able to clear his throat and cough it up.


7-25-02 - VISION - This name was uploaded twice onto a computer screen and underlined)  (I have no clue why I saw this)



I moved into my new apartment where I was Manager of 4 buildings. The apartment itself was on the 4th floor I believe, but it might have been the 5th. This apartment was so expensive, the rent was $12,600.00.

My boss was thin and elegant. She wore a dress-suit and high-heeled shoes. She had an underling who was short and dumpy appearing who rarely spoke.

The boss showed me to my apartment, then took care of some business with the people to the left of me who were having some kind of problem. She told them they could move to a different apartment.

I watched them through big glass doors as they moved an upright piano which had at least a dozen framed photographs on top and someone was sitting on the top as well. The piano was on wheels, as was all their other furniture, so they moved quickly to another apartment, but they moved the piano without taking the photographs off and they were all falling over like in a comedy sketch, they were trying to catch them as they fell.

The man who rented the apartment on my right came by and suggested i rent that apartment oo, so I could use the large hallway between the apartments for my own as there was a glass door with a curtain over it to close it off from the public.

I took a look at how large the apartment would be if I rented both of them.

There was a large sliding glass door with drapes over them, but these could be pulled aside and the glass door left open if I had both apartments. The hallway between them was about 12 feet wide and 40 feet long. I peeked out the window overlooking the city which had a balcony beyond. The city was so far below the lights were just pinpoints of lights, so not only was the building many stories, it was on top of a mountain.

The man who made the suggestion was the quiet type, short and studious and wore a brown suit and brown shoes.

His suggestion was such a good one, I seriously thought about it, so when my boss came back, I mentioned it to her. She said I could have the other apartment too at 60%. She also said it was the only vacant apartment and there was a waiting list.

While I choked silently on the amount of money this was, $12,600 + 60% -  which is $7,500, would equal $20,160.

What immediately came to mind was that I could offer that apartment to the mousy lawyer-type man from my right and he could easily move to my left and he'd be so quiet I'd never notice him and I'd have the benefit of both apartment and he'd have cheaper rent. We'd both benefit.

But I didn't make the decision. I decided to think about it for a bit while the boss showed me around the building a little more.

I was wearing a long white silk floor-length gown and long white opera gloves. The bottom of the dress folded out delicately as I walked.

The boss took care of some little details and discussions as we walked along the hallway of the building, so she wasn't always with me.

She said I'd never have to go hungry as there were 4 restaurants per floor and I saw them as we walked by. They weren't all the same, some were larger with seating at small square tables, with 4 chairs each, and two were places you could get a hot sandwich, chips and a soda where you sood up and ate or just took it with you.

It was about 10 p.m. and it was getting dark outside and people were going to their apartments. One restaurant which had tables was empty. I noticed that the chandelier which hung low over each table also had tiny oil lamps by each light bulb, so I blew out the flames for the night.

I asked the boss if there was someone in each building who would do this, or did I have to make nightly rounds to make sure this was done. She assured me that there was a maintenance crew in each building who would take care of this for me. I felt quite relieved to know this. Just blowing out the oil lams at each restaurant would be a big job, considering there were 4 flames per chandelier in each restaurant in 4 buildings.

If you figure there were 4 flames per chandelier and 4 chandeliers in each restaurant per floor (this is just an estimate because I am assuming each building and floor is the same). There would be 16 per restaurant - 32 per floor - x 5 floors (there might have been more floors per buildings (160). I am assuming from where I was) 80 per building x 4 buildings = 640. That's a lot of flames to blow out each night.

In the center archway on this floor was also a stage which had an opera going on. There was no audience there, but the performance went on anyway to entertain people with music as they walked by.

There was a woman singing on the stage and a man was hooked up on a harness to make him fly while singing. He looked really small flying through the air, but I don't know if he was that high, or he actually 'was smaller'.

I left him to his lonely job and followed the boss through the restaurant area where her sidekick said something to one of the patrons and the patron said, "Oh my! She's starting to speak up for herself."

The boss and her sidekick secretary left then to check something at another building and left me at the spiral staircase.

At the end of the building was a spiral staircase that went all the way from top to bottom. I met a man here who was wearing a black suit. He had a black mustache and black hair - not like Hitler, not quite like Mussolini, but with that general feeling.

I could see that the man in black wanted me to follow him down the stairs to the first floor, but I only wanted to go to the 4th floor and that had a separate stairway.

I looked over the balcony from the 5th floor and it was a long  way down to the 1st floor.  So I left him to find the stairway that went down to the 4th floor and then to find my apartment again. I don't know what number it was. I don't think I was told.


7-26-02 - DREAM - I had a baby that was growing so fast, he was getting heavy. So I put him down to walk on the floor. He wasn't steady enough on his feet to walk alone, so I gave him a small doll buggy to push and walk behind so it would help to steady him. Then we had to walk around the edge of a large swimming pool and I had to make sure he didn't fall in.


7-27-02 - STUPID NIGHT - I spent a lot of time cleaning.

My car was full of toys and kids and when it was so full of toys, I couldn't drive it anymore, I told my daughter and my granddaughter, "the noise has got to go", and I started removing all the toys and putting them in the back yard. One of the toys was a huge red, white  and blue plastic airplane.

At one point, I was sitting at a table with an English man. He was wearing a brown suit and brown shoes. He had a round face, was very , very nice to me and wanted to date me. He spoke with a gentle English accent. All I could think was, "I could never fall in love with a man like this."

I asked him if he'd like to play cards and he said, "Yes!", so we discussed what game we would play. All I could think of was Rummy, Aces High, Go Fish, Canasta, etc. That was fine with him, so I went to another room to get the cards from a box. In that room two little girls were playing and needed taking care of, so by the time I got back to the table with the cards, the man was sleeping - laying down on a couple of chairs. That was fine with me.


7-27-02 - NAP DREAM - I went to see a genealogist who showed me 3 older photographs.

My brother Marty was floating in an innertube in the lake with a young girl who was supposed to by my daughter.

He had written on the photograph - oops Sarah! Another little girl was supposedly his daughter, he labeled Mathilde or something like that.

My daughter name is Jeanne and his daughters name is Sarah?

Sarah is my granddaughter through my son Ken.

There is no Mathilde.


7-28-02 - STILL MOVING DREAM - I was in my old apartment, packing to move. There were 5 women in my apartment a nd i showed them I had 5 brown and yellow outfits - yellow blouses with an assortment of skirts, slacks, vests, jackets, and suits.

They were commenting on this for work purposes, when another woman - very large - wearing a lavender dress came in and had a fit and threatened to blow herself up and had a shotgun to wipe us all out.

 I ran out the door, slamming it shut behind me and hollered for help until cops came to take care of her.

Meanwhile, Irv R. (who passed on Dec. 3, 2002) who lived next door volunteered to take some stuff to the new place because I hadn't yet arranged for the moving van to take the big stuff. He was he was parked out front. I said, "Okay!" started to slide down the wooden stairs all the way to the basement and move the stuff from my locker first.

Sliding down the stairs was a simple matter since the stairs weren't like real stairs going down.

Down in the basement I had 5 lockers in which I found 5 white winter sweaters, 5 blankets, 2 of which were light blue and white like clouds in the sky. I also had 5 small tables (like end-tables) I started lining this stuff up in the hallway when 5 other women came along to help. I discussed taking one of the brooms from one locker. there were also 5 brooms down there.

NOTE:  The new Master number 555 started this year.

I was shown  the kitchen I was gong to move into. I was afraid I would have no drawers to put utensils in, but the cabinets had lots of drawers so that was not a concern any longer.

I heard a bell ringing which turned out to be another woman outside, trying to make a disturbance. She was leaning on the doorbell of a nunnery school which was on the 1st floor. I rather bawled her out for doing this. then I as presented with a large size baby ho was also upset that I was moving. I was able to calm the baby down and put her to sleep and a crib and told her, "No you are home. NOw you are home," and she went to sleep - happy.

I told the other women we might as well move my stuff out this door since it was so close to my lockers, which upset Irv because he was parked on the opposite side of the building, so he had to go get his car and bring it around the block to bring it to the nun's floor.

We went outside and I was going to take the drapes off the front of 5 stores along the way on the building but I couldn't figure out how to do this since the rods were permanently affixed to the buildings.


7-29-02 - DREAM - I drove my 5 sons to my new apartment and left them in the car while I went upstairs to make sure my apartment was ready. They were busy eating cereal with milk in large boxes when I left.

I took my gold keys in my coat pocket.

It was winter out and snow was on the ground. The kids were dressed appropriately for the weather.

I made a fast turn-around and headed back down the stairs to get the kids. I met a man on the stairs who worked in TV interviews. I don't know his name, but I was pleased that he lived there and that I might meet him again.

When I got outside, the snow and ice were melting fast and water was running down the gutter.

Three young boys were on the sidewalk behind me, singing a song about the melting snow.

When I turned the corner, there was woman reporter in the street giving a lecture to some young girls in the street. She had her hair cut short in a masculine way and I liked her and thought she would be good for my brother Marty.

When I got back to my car, which was just a few feet further, the boys were out of the car, building a fence and or bird cage for doves on top of the car.

The woman reporter from the corner showed up to watch this and it was apparent that she liked my youngest son Bill and that he liked her. Bill was now about a foot taller than me and no longer a child. (I must have been gone from the car much longer than I thought  :-)  

I was teasing Bill and telling him he was my favorite child, but told the woman we couldn't say that in front of the other boys.

Bill and the woman were obviously feeling a lot of good loving emotions with each other and it felt good to be standing there arm in arm, hugging them.

NOTE:  My son Bill married a wonderful woman around this same period of time I had the dream.


7-29-02 - THE TUNING - I was sitting in a car with another blonde woman and her daughter. A third dark-haired woman came along and was going to get in the back seat and the 3 of us were going to work together on a project.

But before we did this, the little girl, who we called Carl wanted to get out of the car and play for a bit.  Since she wasn't involved in a the project, we allowed her to put on play clothes and get out and enjoy herself for a bit.

Her formal dress and brand new red high-helled shoes were kept in the car to keep them clean.

The blonde woman and i looked over some of Carole's clothing which she was out-growing - a silver skirt and a brown shirt. We decided they would have to be replaced.

While I was still in the car, I was embroidering a picture of a river that was long. The picture was just of the river and I was working with pink thread taking stitches on a diagonal every 1/4" inch all the way up the river. These pink stitches represented the reflection of the sun as it set and shone on the waves of the water. I was thinking that it was like 'the path'.

While we sat in the car, there was a sudden chill in the air like fall was coming. An old woman came by who was taking her daily walk and she commented on the change in the weather. She said, "There is only 'two week's left to enjoy ourselves.

At that point, I was feeling a little chilled and thought about putting on a light blue sweater over my dress to keep my arms warm.

I got out of the car and went into a garage-like place where there were tow radio chassis side by side. I began working with two leads from one radio and touching them two wire connection son the other radio in order to produce the sound and worked on the tuning.  There was a tall man behind my right shoulder who was watching me to see that I was doing it correctly. It also seemed like he and I were the only two people who knew how to do this.

A phone call came in then asking about the bright red shoes that had been left in the car. The call came from a TV show which was trying to determine who they belonged to.

It seems that this call came from a higher level and I told the woman that the shoes belonged to Carol.  (Carol means 'song of happiness')

While I talked about the shoes, I could see them in my mind. They were sturdy high-helled shoes - held together with what seemed like an invisible wire and each shoe was facing in the opposite direction. It was improbably that Carol could wear these shoes any time soon.

I was supposed to go sing at a concert and if I didn't hurry I would be late, but this was just the rehearsal. I could hear the choir practicing in the background while I was getting ready to go there -each successive passage was on a higher note. They left certain parts blank where I was able to sing my solo. It was a beautiful song and  was anxious about doing it correctly, but that was MY part to do.



7-29-02 - DREAM - My Father came to visit and brought me 3 gifts. He brought 2 large boxes about 3 ft. long and 2 ft. tall and wide that looked like they were full  of wool yarn like I am using to crochet a sofa afghan. The third box was made of white foam and that had 12 sections inside with colorful things in but I didn't focus on that.

A vision as I woke up was of a woman hanging from a string or wire. She was dressed like an astronaut in a tight suit that was a light purple color. She was hanging over like a limp puppet.


7-30-02 - DREAM - I was very upset that 'THE LAW' was different for men and women so I made preparations to get the law changed legally.

First I applied for a job, working for the judges office so I would know the law and that the judge would know me.

Then i went home and prepared my case, making up examples to show the court what the difference were between man and women's law so he could see why they were unfair.

I took my examples to court and which I awaited my turn to present my case, I still had to obey the unfair law.

Court was in session, but  I had to watch the clock so that my case would be heard at the appropriate time, but I was conflicted because I still had to perform the duties I was going to complain about.

I knew this was going to be difficult because the judge was a man and he like the law the way it was.



7-31-02 - DREAM - The dream takes place somewhere in the country where they drive cattle on horseback.  I was observing this from a short distance. I wasn't really in the dream myself.

The woman of the house looks outside and sees the men driving the cattle home early.

I observe that they are bringing the cattle in through trees that look like an orchard of some kind.

The woman of the house quickly makes up a bed for the man of the house who is brought in on a stretcher. He is wounded and both hands and forearms are amputated.

He doesn't want to live this way but she assures him he will be fine and nurses him back to health. He is a tall, strong man, dressed in blue military clothing like Civil War style.

The house is under attack by some other men and even the woman of the house is wounded and she has a large bandage on her right hand. She pulls out a small photograph of Jesus from the bandage and someone says, "A Father is defenseless without His son."

The house is then successfully defended and they win the battle.